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Author Topic: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (MaYuki & WMatsui) - COMPLETED  (Read 86350 times)

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
« Reply #80 on: May 12, 2014, 07:20:22 PM »
Yeay!!! You comeback :otomerika: :yossi: :cow: 

Congratulation for your graduation!!! :twothumbs

Its really a nice update. Love the mayuki dates. And also wmatsui. Detective mayu so funny.

Cant wait for your next update   :fap

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
« Reply #81 on: May 12, 2014, 08:35:25 PM »
djqekewjdlwekjdkewjldkew I loved it!!!!!!!!!!|
I thought you wouldn't put a wmatsui part
but omg omg
 kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:
wmatsui is the best

Yuki is cuteeeee!! all hail ice cream  8)2

can't wait for the next update!  XD

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
« Reply #82 on: May 12, 2014, 11:54:08 PM »
Mayuki is on the date, Mayu is jealous

Wmatsui conciedence met

Update soon

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
« Reply #83 on: May 13, 2014, 03:13:42 AM »
Pfft..had a good laugh from the silly mayu rena XD
aww those not-yet-couple's date are cute~
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
« Reply #84 on: May 13, 2014, 05:48:04 AM »
wew ~~
this is hilarious!! xD
wmatsui nyaha ~! ♥
And lol the detective part xD
I could imagine that funny scene xD
thanks for updated this Author -san~ :D

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
« Reply #85 on: May 13, 2014, 09:10:28 AM »
Jurina is secretly noticing Rena's every movement? I swear she likes her, just that her pride doesn't allow her to realise it yet. Rena admires the bossy Matsui and will be easily swept off her feet if Jurina gives her more of her megawatt similes!

Gambatte to Mayu too since Yuki is sending all the positive signals. She's single and hot! Mayu please do your best!
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
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Playing until late night, being late the next morning, being scolded by their boss ...
I think some people will have fun when thoses two will be late :D :D :D

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
« Reply #87 on: May 13, 2014, 02:55:26 PM »
After a long time ~
The scenes are priceless!
I wonder when will you post the next part :v
Update soon (∩_∩)

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
« Reply #88 on: May 13, 2014, 03:01:33 PM »
yey~~! at last~~~!!!!!

next time a double date pls  :bow: :bow: :bow:

mayuki :inlove: :inlove:

mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
« Reply #89 on: May 18, 2014, 07:33:42 AM »
aww rena and mayu fight is so cute!!
please update soon!! :bow: I will be waiting

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
« Reply #90 on: May 20, 2014, 05:02:44 AM »
i love the friendship between rena and mayu so crazy....

continue soon!!!


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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
« Reply #91 on: May 21, 2014, 04:41:43 AM »
MayuRena and their antics! :fap Hilarious as always! Such strong friendship bond!

Finally! We got our wonderful moments here! :wub: :wub: :wub:

Hope to see more, yeah?

Thanks for the update and hardwork :bow:

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 6) UPDATE!
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Rena groaned like an old man as the light shone directly on her face. As she regain conscious, she felt something heavy on top of her, snoring loudly. “’s..sound..*YAWN*”

Rena rubbed her eyes to give her a clearer view of the object laying on top of her. It was Mayu. She was sleeping on top of Rena’s body while snoring like a pig. “Ugh- Get off me!”

Rena pushed Mayu off her body with all her strength, causing her to fly a few feet away. “Kya!!”

“You’re so heavy, Mayu.. Like a cow! Go sleep somewhere else, alright?” Rena hissed.

“Oh? So you kick me away, huh? Can’t you gently push me away, you uncivilized human!?”

“Pfft.. I believe ‘gently’ is not in my vocabulary.”

“It’s not in your vocaublary? How about I slap you with a dictionary right now? How does that sound?” Mayu was holding an imaginary book in her hand threatening to swing it at Rena.

“I’m not going to waste my time talking with you here. Im going to tae my shower.” Rena went into the toilet after that. After approximately half an hour, Rena came out from the toilet, and it was Mayu’s turn to take a shower.

Rena sat down on the bed, blowing her head and suddenly remembering back the scene from last night. She was smiling to herself the whole time till a certain memory popped back into her head.

“Remember, don’t come late for work tomorrow. Alright?” Jurina smiled at Rena.

For a moment, Rena was hypnotized by Jurina’s smile. “O-Of course!” Rena replied with confidence.

“Good then..” Jurina ruffled Rena’s hair lightly.

Rena flinched a little from Jurina’s action. She felt a little weird that time. “What is this feeling? It feels....warm.”

“Gosh, why am I remembering that scene...” Rena’s face became red in an instant upon remembering the scene. She then touched the top of her head where Jurina ruffled her hair and smiled on her own. “It’s warm..”

“Want warmer?” Mayu aimed the hair dryer directly at Rena’s face at full blast.

“Hey, that’s hot!!” Rena used her pillow to block against the hot air blast from Mayu.

“You’re being weird smiling all by yourself and saying things like ‘It’s warm’ randomly. So I thought I could bring you back to Earth by blowing some hot air on your face. Look at you. Your face is all red. Like a baboon’s ass.” Mayu mocked.

“My face is red because you blew hot air right at it!” Rena scolded Mayu back.

“I don’t think so.. I think it was something that happened yesterday that made you blush, isn’t it?” Mayu was right on.

Once again, the scene flashed through Rena’s head, causing her to blush for another time.

“Look at you! Look at you!! Baboon’s ass appeared once again! Gotcha you little liar.. Something really did happen yesterday, didn’t it? Come one.. Tell me..”

“It’s nothing. Stop asking, Mayu.”

“I’m not going to stop asking till you tell me what happened yesterday. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me...” Mayu continued spamming the words without stopping. It was as if she does not need to breathe at all.

Rena literally had to cover her ears from the annoyance. “STOP! STOP! I will tell you! My god, you’re annoying like hell!”

Mayu let out a satisfied smile and sat down. “Alright.. Entertain me.”

“She kinda...r-ruffled my hair..right here...” Rena was smiling with herself while touching the top of her head.

“That’s all? Tch- Feeling so high just from a single touch.. Second-rate human..”

“Just shut up and leave me alone, alright? And get dressed up quick. We’re going to be late for work.”

AKB Hotel Front Desk, 11:55am (Almost lunch time)

“It’s a quiet morning, isn’t it..” Mayu stretched her body and yawned.

“Yea.. Strange.” Rena nodded.

“Yea, strange.. But not as strange as your face, though.” Mayu giggled.

“What the hell is with that random insult, huh? You’re the one with the strange face!” Rena argued back.

“Pfft... Who was the one making weird faces while saying ‘It’s warm’ this morning, huh?” Mayu was literally imitating Rena’s action from this morning.

“Oh yeah? Who’s the one-” Rena was about to argue back with Mayu till a slam is heard on the front desk.


The loud slam startled both Mayu and Rena as they stopped arguing and looked up at the person. “You know you both shouldn’t be playing around in the front desk, right? I know I’ve warned you two before.”

“W-We’re sorry, Jurina..” Rena blinked her eyes and smiled guiltily at her.

Jurina then shifted her eyes towards Rena. It looked completely different with the ones Rena saw last night. These eyes were cold, very cold. “There is no Jurina here, Rena. It’s Miss Matsui. Understood?” She did not blink her eyes at all. That made Jurina’s face scarier than it usually was. ‘Miss Matsui’ is completely different than ‘Jurina’. It’s like having double personalities, just like Jekyll and Hyde.

“S-Sorry, Miss Matsui..” Rena felt the intimidating aura from Jurina all over again.

“One more thing..” Jurina continued as she looked on at Rena.


“I was wondering if you’re free for lunch today. Yuki isn’t free for lunch today for some reason.”


“Huh? L-Lunch?” Rena was stunned for a moment.

Noticing this, Mayu decided to play a little game that she suddenly thought about just one second ago. She clinged onto Rena’s arm and smiled back at Jurina. “Sorry, but I already booked Rena for lunch today..”

“I see... Well, that’s too bad then..” Jurina said.

“Nononononono wait! Wait! I am free.. So free..” Rena immediately voiced out.

“No you aren-” Mayu couldn’t finish her sentence as Rena covered Mayu’s mouth with her hand at that time.

“Yes, of course I would love to have lunch with you, Miss Matsui..” Rena smiled brightly.

Unsure of this, Jurina asked once again. “You sure? Your friend over here doesn’t seem to agree with this plan at all.”

“Of course she agrees.. Right, Mayu?” Rena smiles at Mayu.

“Mmmmmm mm mmmm mmmmm!!” Mayu’s words were completely muffled and indecipherable under Rena’s hand.

“See? She agrees to it.. So, I’ll meet you at the poolside in 5 minutes time?” Rena smiled sweetly at Jurina.

“Well, if you say so.. I’ll see you in 5 minutes then. And stop doing that to Mayu. You’re in the front desk. Alright?” Jurina then made her way back to her office.

Mayu cursed as soon as Rena let go of her hand. “What the hell, Rena? Why did you agree to meet up at the poolside!?”

“Huh? What’s wrong with the poolside?” Rena didn’t know why Mayu was overreacting.

“I agreed to meet up with Yuki for lunch at the poolside as well! You better make sure we don’t end up in the same restaurant and what more the same table, Rena. If you ruin this lunch date for me, I swear I will bitch slap you back to Mars.” Mayu then licked her lips and showed a disgusting expression at Rena. “Yuck! Your palms were sweating, you disgusting little monkey!”

“I was nervous, alright!” Rena declared.

“You’re not nervous, you’re in love.”

“No, I’m not! I was nervous!”

“In love!”


“In love!”

“You know what? Forget it. I’m wasting my breath talking to you. I’m going to meet Miss Matsui now.” Rena stood up.

“Alright, let’s go! Yuki must be waiting for me now.” Mayu stood up as well.

“It’s Miss Kashiwagi while you’re still working. Not Yuki.” Rena corrected Mayu.

“Pfft... It’s lunchtime. And don’t be jealous, Rena.. Just because your precious Miss Matsui doesn’t allow you to call her Jurina during working hours, you can’t pull me along. Don’t put myself on your level, alright? She allows me to call her Yuki.”

“Man, whatever...” Rena couldn’t win over Mayu’s argument. They then made their way to the elevator.

At that time, Minami walked over to them. “Hey, guys.. Did Atsuko drop by the lobby or something?”

“Atsuko? In the lobby? Why would she be doing in the lobby. She does not want to be seen.” Mayu answered.

“She’s not in her room. Not in the lobby as well. So I was wondering where she went.” Minami seemed worried that Atsuko had gone missing from her room.

“Have you checked the poolside?” Rena asked.

“Oh right! I have yet to check the poolside.” Minami, Rena and Mayu rushed into the elevator as soon as Minami thought of it.

They made their way to the poolside and they found no one but a person sitting on the chair nearby. That person was wearing a cap, a pair of sunglasses and a scarf around the neck that covered the mouth and nose as well.

“Yup, that’s definitely Atsuko.” Mayu almost laughed out loud.

Minami walked over to her slowly and tilted her head a little. “Atsuko?”

The girl looked up at Minami and answered in a muffled voice. “What are you doing here, Minami.. Just leave me alone.”

As soon as Minami heard the muffled voice, she giggled. “You look like a mummy like this.”

“Why won’t you just go away, Minami...”

“I am not going to go away, Atsuko. Not until you agree to go back with me. I’m going to sit down here with you.” Minami sat down on the chair beside Atsuko.

“Jeez.. Must you be everywhere I go!?”

“I’m here to protect you, Atsuko.”

“Why did you come and protect me? You should go protect HER. She has a huge crush on you after all.” Atsuko was frustrated, but it’s not like Minami could see Atsuko’s expressions right now.

As soon as Minami heard that, she smiled. Minami knew who Atsuko was talking about. “I see now.. You’re jealous of her. You couldn’t stand looking at her sticking at me like a glue. So you ran away, didn’t you?”

“NO! STOP ASKING!” Atsuko slammed herself back on the seat hard. Atsuko’s behaviour was way too obvious.

“Atsuko.. You should understand, I have no other choice.. She’s the President’s daughter after all.” Minami tried to explain.

At this time, Rena and Mayu looked at each other. “The President’s daughter?? Isn’t that..”

Mayu shut Rena up. “Shh-shh!! I want to listen more..”

“Oh, both of you are already here..” Jurina and Yuki reached the poolside as well. Without hesitation, Mayu pulled Yuki and Rena pulled Jurina to the corner and continue eavesdropping on their conversation.

“What’s going on??” Jurina was completely confused.

“Something interesting..” Rena answered.

“Aren’t we going for lunch now?” Yuki asked.

“Lunch can wait. I can sense it. Something epic is about to happen.” Mayu stated.

It seems like Atsuko did not want to hear any excuses from Minami. “Of course you don’t. President’s daughter... I get it. Now leave my sight. I realize the more I look at you, the angrier I become.”

“Atsuko, please listen to me.”

“Listen?” Atsuko looked at Minami and stood up, causing Minami to stand up as well. “Did you listen when I told you to stay away from Itano Tomomi? You didn’t. Fine, I don’t care about that. Then did you listen when I told you to come home to eat dinner that I personally prepared for you? You still didn’t. Instead, you went out for dinner with her. She’s the President’s daughter. I get it. You chose her, Minami. You chose her over me. Just who do you think I am, treating me like this? You used to care for me a lot, Minami.. But that girl shows up and you changed. I am really disappointed in you..”

“You don’t understand, Atsuko.. I did all that to-”

“Minami!? Is that you!?” A random girl’s voice called out to Minami.

Rena blinked her eyes at a girl wearing a pair of sunglasses and a nice dress walking towards Minami. “Oh, shit.. Is that....”

Mayu shook her head. “Ho... This is going to get really ugly...”

“Isn’t that President Itano’s daughter, Itano Tomomi??” Yuki and Jurina looked on at the extremely good fashioned lady.

“Tomochin.. What’re you doing here?” Minami wanted to curse herself so much for the bad timing. Why did she even come here in the first place?

Tomochin reached straight for Minami and gave her a hug. “I’m on a vacation, of course.. I missed you, Minami. I don’t believe you’re here as well.. This is destiny, isn’t it?”

Minami had no time to react to the hug as her arms were still floating in mid air. “Erm.. It’s good to see you too, Tomochin.”

Tomochin tilted her head to look at the weird looking Atsuko sitting on the chair. “So... Who’s this weird person over here?”

“She’s not a weird person, Tomochin. She’s my good friend.”

“Oh, it’s a she? Sorry I didn’t know. She was all covered up like a mummy.” Tomochin let out a laughter, mocking Atsuko. Good thing as a celebrity, Atsuko had a very high tolerance towards annoying mocks like this. She never loses her cool except for that one time, that one time which drove her away from everything and ended up here in AKB Hotel. Atsuko didn’t like Tomochin one slight bit. Being a celebrity, Atsuko had definitely met with the President of Japan before, what more her daughter. She knows very well what kind of girl she is. Being an incredibly tolerant person, there are still some things that Atsuko couldn’t hold in.

Minami was about to introduce them. “Emm... Tomochin, I would like you to meet my friend, -”

Atsuko stopped Minami. “There’s no need for introducing.”

Tomochin let out a laugh at Atsuko’s muffled voice. Atsuko was not disturbed by that at all. She then looked right at Minami’s eyes. “Moment of truth, Minami. This is the last chance I’m giving you. Come with me and I will follow you home right away. If you choose to stay here with her, I will wish you two the best of luck and walk away from here.”

“Atsuko...” Minami was about to reach for Atsuko’s hand when Tomochin clinged onto Minami’s arm.

“Where are you going, Minami? Who is she?” Tomochin tightened her grip on Minami’s arm.

That was when Minami let out a heavy breath and closed her eyes. “I....I can’t.. I’m sorry..” Minami’s face was full of regret when she was saying this.

Atsuko let out a really annoyed snicker and shook her head a little. “Wow, Minami... I can’t even...” She then nodded her head and said in a soft tone. “I get it.. So, that’s it, huh? I get it.... Good luck to you two..”

Atsuko was about to turn around when Minami grabbed onto Atsuko’s arm. As soon as Minami grabbed Atsuko’s arm, she immediately turned around and released a tight slap on Minami’s face.


“Oh my god!!” The four ladies standing at the corner were surprised from the scene. They covered their mouth in shock.

Tears could be seen rolling down Atsuko’s cheeks as she warned Minami of her action. “DON’T.YOU.EVER.TOUCH.ME.AGAIN.” Every single word coming out of Atsuko’s mouth was full of anger and sadness. She then dashed her way towards the elevator while wiping off her tears. Minami was too shocked to react to anything as she just looked on at Atsuko running away from the scene.

“What!? She doesn’t even want to chase after Atsuko!? That’s it! I can’t stand this anymore!” Mayu stood up and walked over to Minami. “You’re a bitch!” Mayu gave Minami a tight slap on her face before chasing after Atsuko.


Rena walked over to Minami as well. “I didn’t know you were this low!” Rena slapped Minami as well.


Minami’s guilty expression after that was devastating. Jurina walked over to Minami after that. Minami flinched a little as she was exoecting another slap, but instead, Jurina placed her hand on Minami’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I am not going to slap you. I’m the CEO of this hotel, Matsui Jurina. I know you’re a hotel guest here. I’m not sure of the details nor should I be saying this, but my guts tell me that you really deserve that slap just now.”

“Let’s go, Jurina. We should go check on the lady as well.” Yuki called out to Jurina.

Jurina dusted Minami’s shoulder and patted her. “Enjoy your stay here, ma’am.”

Jurina and Yuki made their way as fast as possible and followed up with Rena and Mayu.

“What is wrong with those people here, Minami? You should sue them!” Tomochin did not seem happy one slight bit.

“Please don’t, Tomochin.. Not now.” Minami

“But they insulted and slapped you!”

“I said enough!” Minami shouted at Tomochin, causing her to flinch a little.

“........” Tomochin pouted her mouth like a little girl for a moment before voicing out. “That was Maeda Atsuko, wasn’t it??”

Minami did not answer. She merely looked on at Tomochin.

“I knew it... There’s no way you would shout at me for any reason... Only her...”

“That’s enough! I don’t want to talk about that! I’m not in the mood to talk now, Tomochin..” Minami sat herself back down on the chair.

Tomochini sat beside Minami and clinged onto her arm. “I’m sorry, Minami.. You know I’ll always be here for you, right?”

Minami did not know how to reply. She just remained silent and closed her eyes. She then looked at the elevator for a long time before standing up once again.

“Minami? Where are you going?” Tomochin asked.

“Somewhere...” Minami walked towards the elevator after that.

Outside Atsuko’s room


“Hey, Atsuko are you in there?” Mayu knocked the door after that.

Yuki and Jurina looked at each other and blinked. “Atsuko?”


“Atsuko, open up!!” Rena spammed the door bell.


“That.....sounds like something just broke....” This made all four of them panic.

“OPEN THE DOOR, ATSUKO!!!!” Mayu shouted and banged the door.

“There’s no use shouting and banging the door! Move!” Jurina pushed Rena and Mayu away and took out her Master Card Key. She swiped it at the door lock and it beeped green.

As soon as Jurina pushed open the door, Atsuko was seen kneeling on the ground with her fingers in the left arm bleeding while her right arm holding a piece of broken glass.

“NO! STOP!!!!!!!!” Mayu literally flew across the room towards Atsuko and snatched the broken glass away from Atsuko.

“Yuki... It’s really Maeda Atsuko....” Jurina told. Yuki nodded her head.

Rena and Jurina helped Atsuko up and sat her on the bed while Yuki called for some help. Atsuko blinked her eyes blankly at them.

“I know there are things that you’re not satisfied with life, Atsuko... But you can’t solve your problems by........taking your own life.” Mayu explained.

“What?? Wait wait wait...... You thought I was trying to take my own life? Of course not! I was just making some coffee and the glass fell. Look.. It’s a mess..” Atsuko pointed at the floor full of glass pieces and coffee powder everywhere.

“The cut on your fingers....” Rena pointed at Atsuko’s fingers.

“I got the cut when I was trying to clean the glasses. I am not that stupid to take my own life just because of some little argument with Minami. The thought of suiciding is childish. And I’m a grown woman. I know the taking my own life will never solve anything. Alright? Believe me now?” Atsuko described.

“Then why didn’t you hear us knocking and spamming the door bell!? You made us worry sick!” Mayu voiced out.

“Oh, you did? Sorry I didn’t hear that. My headphone volume was turned to maximum. I do that everytime I’m stressed out about something. Full blast music and coffee always does it.” Atsuko explained.

Now only did they realize that Atsuko was wearing headphones.

“Oh...... So, you’re fine with what just happened?”

“I didn’t say I was fine... I’m feeling devastated right now.” Atsuko answered with a sad face. At the same time, Rena was bandaging her hand.

Jurina voiced out to Atsuko. “You know what you need, ma’am? A holiday..”

“But I am on a holiday right now...” Atsuko shrugged.

“No.. Not a holiday from your job. A holiday for your mind... A holiday to let your mind run free just once. Do things you have never done before.. It’s good to have these kind of holidays once in a while. To release all of your stresses.” Jurina explained.

“Oh? Where can I get a holiday like that?” Atsuko was interested in joining.

“Yuki and I are going to Hawaii next week for a business meeting and also to ‘let ourselves go’. I guess you could join us in that trip.. You know.. To ease your mind..” Jurina suggested.

“Sounds fun. But can I really join?” Atsuko smiled brightly.

“The famous Maeda Atsuko joining us for a vacation, are you kidding me?? Can we even say no to that?” Yuki giggled.

“Can’t we join as well?” Mayu pouted.

“Yeah! I’ve always wanted to go Hawaii...” Rena got excited.

“No! You have to work.” Jurina raised her voice.

Mayu’s face at that time was like a cute and sad puppy as she looked at Yuki. This made Yuki’s heart melt right away. Yuki sighed and clinged onto Jurina’s arm. “Maybe they can come along too, Jurina? Don’t you think so?”

“Give me one good reason why they should come. They have a job to do here in AKB Hotel. They have no business in Hawaii. A no is a no!” Jurina was solid on her statement. It seems like they have to put in a lot more effort to convince Jurina to let them come along.

“Assistants... They could be our assistants during the trip, Jurina.” Yuki continued to convince Jurina

Jurina shook her head. “Don’t you think of more ideas, Yuki. We don’t need assistants there. We’re good all by ourselves.”

Yuki then whispered into Jurina’s ear. “Think about it, Jurina.. We could make them do things for us.. You know.. Like slaves.. Carry luggage or files.. Those things are bulky, you know?”

Mayu involuntarily grabbed onto Rena’s collar. “Why is Yuki whispering into Miss Matsui’s ears for.......”

“Let go, Mayu..” Rena smacked Mayu’s arm away.

Jurina actually contemplated about what Yuki just said and looked at the two girls standing in front of her. She finally sighed. “Alright. Consider it a business trip, you two.”

Yuki winked at Mayu who replied with a bright smile. All Atsuko could do was giggle at them.

“YES!!!” Rena and Mayu high fived each other. “Hawaii, here we come!!!!”

Chapter 7
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 7) UPDATE!
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Whoaaaa, you update it!
I was a bit surprised, I thought Jurina would scold them but she invited Rena for a lunch instead XD
Waiting for the trip part! Update soon (∩_∩)

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 7) UPDATE!
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Lol. I just said the line from the movie i watched. :banghead: :lol:
Got carried away about the AtsuMina scene. :nervous

Do something Minami! I know you love Atsuko so much! :cry:

Atsuko, you have such great friends. I mean MayuRena slapped Minami.
Then followed you to your room and thought you'll take your own life. :nervous
Idk, but that scenes made me laughed. :nervous
Still, such great friends. :)

Ooooohhh~ Hawaii! :wub:
Yuki said to Jurina that MayuRena can be the slaves. XD
Uh ohw~ It'll be interesting holiday for everyone. Ho ho ho~ :fap
Can't wait for MaYuki and WMatsui progress. :wub: :wub: :wub:

Rena, congratulations! You're in LOVE! :wub: Lol. That fast. :nervous

I just can't get enough of MayuRena's antics.  :twothumbs
kevin-san! You're making me fall in love with MayuRena even more. Even though they are bestfriends. :wub: :banghead:
Wonder if there's going to be a friendship drama between MayuRena? :?

Yey! More to come! :hip smile:

Thanks for the update and hardwork. :kneelbow:
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 7) UPDATE!
« Reply #95 on: May 22, 2014, 11:55:16 AM »
I bet Yuki just want to spent more time with mayu.. Hohoho
I cant wait for their moment..
Evil Jurina please be gentle with Rena

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 7) UPDATE!
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Poor Minami~

Go to Hawaii? Sounds interesting :3

And.... being slave? NOOOO  :panic:

I willl wait you~

Please don't make me wait too long  :cow:

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 7) UPDATE!
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I dear Mayu and Rena is goong to ne their slaves

Omg Takamina how dare you!!!!

Cant wait for hawaii

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 7) UPDATE!
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 :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
AND MINAMI!! WHY YOU NO CHASE AFTER ATSUKO?!!  :angry1: :angry1: :angry1:
AND ANYWAY~ OHO~ RENA ISH IN LOVE~~  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
HIHIHHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI~~  :grin: :grin: :grin:
I HOPE TAKATSUKO WILL SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM SOON~  :prayers: :prayers: :prayers: :prayers:
CAN'T WAIT FOR HAWAII VACATION~!!!!!!  :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Management Affairs (Chapter 7) UPDATE!
« Reply #99 on: May 22, 2014, 11:50:45 PM »
Minami's feeling for Atsuko is real but why didn't she choose Atsuko?

What would happen to them at the holiday?

What Tomochin has on Minami?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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