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Title: Last Wish (ON HIASTUS) - Announcement
Post by: Cometerz48 on July 11, 2013, 09:56:43 AM
Sorry for the bad English. I just felt like something crosses my mind when I saw the recent graduations, so I might want to give another serial fanfic a shot. Tell me anything, comments, critics, suggestions.. Please do tell me  :nervous

The sky was dark, thunders rolled in the sky as the rain kept on pouring the areas. My clothes was soaked with water, the rain drops has secretly washed away the red liquid that soaked it earlier. But I don't care, I kept on going to defend what I care the most. I refused fates to take it away from me.

Save her... said a voice at the back of my head. Without it urging me, I'm doing it. I pounded my fist to where her heart is and supplying as much as oxygen as I could to her lungs in the methodical way. I brought my mouth to hers and kept on pumping the oxygen as much as I can, but then I started to choke and my tears and struggling to breathe myself.
"Wake up, you damn it.." I exasperated. I've been doing this for a while now and I have no intention yet to gave in, "Please open your eyes!!"

"It's too late.." said a voice behind me. I can feel some hands pulling me back from her, I struggled hard and kept on pumping. Tears swelled up in my eyes before it pours out, joining the rain water dropped on her face.

"Her wound is too deep, she lost too much blood already." said another voice.

"No.." I gasped. "She's not dead yet!!" I yelled. I started to punch her chest in frustration and soon I can feel more hands and forces pulling me away. I kept on struggling but then they dragged me away from her. "NO!!" I yelled and burst into tears.

A pair of arm wrapped itself around me then, trying to calm the struggling body of mine. I sobbed into the flowing hair and saw the others gathered around the body and put her into a body bag. My memories flowed like the water stream of the mountains, the day we met for the first time, we laughed, we teased each other, we fought, we protect each others back..

"I'm glad that my last wish is fulfilled.."
her last words echoed in my ears, causing me too sobs more. And more arms wrapped around me, trying to calm me down with soothing words. But my soul would never calm down, they would always scream for Nito Moeno to come back..

Title: Re: Last Wish (Prologue)
Post by: Yuki88 on July 11, 2013, 10:01:19 AM
Mo-mo-mo-mo-MOENO?!?!?! XD

Seriously, you always surprised me with your choice of character. I really have no idea on the main character, though. Can't wait! :D
Title: Re: Last Wish (Prologue)
Post by: Kochiki on July 11, 2013, 10:02:46 AM
Oh! Dead? Who? Is that person really dead?! Oh no...
-This is gonna be interesting~
-Is this fic relate to death?! Kyaa!!~LOL
-Aw...I seriously wanna know what'll happen next!!
-No clue about the character at all~ Hahah~

Plz update soon, i'll be waiting for it!~ Nice prologue!!~
 :inlove: :oops: :twothumbs :bow:
Title: Re: Last Wish (Prologue)
Post by: kenjoy12 on July 11, 2013, 10:58:30 AM
Looking forward on your next up~! :fap

Can't wait :twothumbs
Title: Re: Last Wish (Prologue)
Post by: bunny_rabbit on July 11, 2013, 02:31:28 PM
hmm...the one that close to moeno and had her graduation recently...could it be tomochan :dunno: or could it be another 5th gen like harukyan,chikarina,uchii,myao :dunno:

Title: Re: Last Wish (Prologue)
Post by: Cometerz48 on July 12, 2013, 10:07:13 AM
@Yuki88: I have a habit to make surprises after all.. You'll be surprise on how I'm planning it. This place need a little Moe of Moeno.
@Kochiki: I guess so if you ask about this fic related to death. Being honest, this is my first time writting something about it, so please continue to wait for it.  :nervous
@kenjoy12: Coming, sir!!
@bunny_rabbit: I love the 5th gen being honest. Especially the ones you mentioned.

Thank you for the comments and the feedbacks!! Silent readers, thank you too! Presenting you, the first chapter!!

Sorry for the bad English and the short writing, just taking it slowly..

First Memories

It was a cold winter night but warmth surrounded me even know I was outside, the warmth wasn't the one that I expected to be. Instead of being comfortable, I felt the heat snug into my bones and start to melt it. I sat there with my knees to my chin on the cold grass where the snow melted as my eyes watched the fire as it burns down the place that I call once "Home".  Everything I have, will soon turn to ashes.

My tears are already dried, along with the blotches of red on my clothes. I watched the fire and flashes of the recent memories played as if some movie clips. My mother's scream, my father's grasp, loud pops as if someone is holding a party, and blood..

Footsteps came closer from behind, and I have no fear to it. I was eight and for the first time, I learned about deaths on that day. Death comes slowly without any hint, if it's the right time, it will come and collect you.

"She must've been the last.." said a voice behind me.

"Take her. When she grows up, she can have her revenge." said another voice. I couldn't really understand what revenge really mean that time until I grow up, but my little heart felt a relieve that they're not here to kill me. I saw a figure standing in front of me, I ignored it until it gives out it's hand to me.

"Come. I'm Nito Moeno, what's yours?" said the figure. I could tell that it was a girl, possibly about the same age as I am. I looked up for the first time to her, but still hadn't take her hand yet. She was pretty but the thin eyes gave her a mischievous look to her face. The smile and how her brown hair followed the wind looks like the sly fox that I heard in my mother's bedtime story. Sly, mischievous, and mysterious.

"Nakatsuka Tomomi.." I said as I looked into the brown irises of hers. She smiled, without throwing away the mischievous look. Instead of me doing it, she took my hand and pull me up. I stood up and stood face to face with her. She grinned, and pull me towards the forest followed by other figures. I took my last glance at the ruins of my life, the sound of Sirene was closing by to the place where I just sat a while ago but we just kept walking away from it.   

What I don't know on that day was the fact that I'm just starting my destiny, planned by the unfair fate. The day I met Nito Moeno, was the day I took a step towards the dangerous destiny that fate has lay out for me..


Title: Re: Last Wish (Chapter 1: First Memories)
Post by: kuro808 on July 12, 2013, 11:21:53 AM
Interesting chapter with moeno and kurisu.
Title: Re: Last Wish (Chapter 1: First Memories)
Post by: Kochiki on July 12, 2013, 11:59:47 AM
Uwa!! I rarely read story about this two...or even one of them!!
-And now you gave me the chance!! Waa~ Ureshi desu!!~
-Again, i have no clue if Nito and Nakatsuka is a pair~ Haha.
-Maybe that, Nito is the supporting role? O-Or something else~~
-Wah...I can't wait for what'll happen next!! But juzt gonna wait~lol

>Plz update soon, looking forward for the next one~ Thanks!!~
 :w00t: :D :twothumbs :bow:
Title: Re: Last Wish (Chapter 1: First Memories)
Post by: bunny_rabbit on July 12, 2013, 12:28:42 PM
ahh,it's tomochan then...interesting :on GJ:

will this also involved a whole team like your other fic...yukirin's team b maybe :dunno:
Title: Re: Last Wish (Chapter 1: First Memories)
Post by: Yuki88 on July 12, 2013, 09:07:51 PM
Oh shiet kurisu XD

Now I really wonder about the other cast. I'm putting my bet on Akimoto team K since they were both part of it XD
Title: Re: Last Wish (Chapter 1: First Memories)
Post by: Cometerz48 on July 15, 2013, 11:19:04 AM
Hey!! I'm back and Chapter 2 is here!!

@Kurosawa87: Thank you, Kuro-san!  :nervous
@Kochiki: I never read a story about them too actually. But when I read translations of Moeno's blog, I noticed how close Kurisu actually is to her since she appeared a lot in the blog. So I decided to make a fic about them. I'm actually aiming Moeno to be one of the main characters because I'm trying to focus the story on Moerisu pair.
@bunny_rabbit: Thank you. Please do wait for further involvement of characters..
@Yuki88: Akimoto team K? hmm.. Maybe~

Sorry for the bad English by the way~

Robin Hood Association

“We’re here..” said Nito. We’ve been walking for a few miles away from the ruins of my house and finally stopped at a cave entrance in the middle of the forest. The moonlight shone down on the entrance, and for the first time I saw how she was dressed. A simple black dress along with a high collared black cape.

“You can get her in first. We have another business to settle down first.” Said the tall figure behind us, the younger girl nodded before they disappeared into the trees. The night breeze suddenly blew from the side, making her brown reddish hair blew to the side, reminding me of the fire that I just witnessed. The fire that took away everything I have…

I was scared of course. My tears might be dried, but the insides of my body still screaming in fear after the event. My heart pounded hard as flashes of memories played again in my eyes, my little body was shaking all the sudden.

She must’ve realized that my hand was shaking, she pull me close to her before wrapping her arms around me. For the first time I felt this kind of interaction from anyone around my age, making my eyes widened but a tinge of sudden calmness dropped into my heart.

“It’s okay.. You’re save with us..” she whispered into my ear, calming me down all the sudden. She pulled back and looked at me in the eyes with those thin eyes of hers. Amber brown as the red woods in the forest. The way she smelt was like Lavenders that grew on the hills, soothing yet dangerous for insects. She touched my forehead with her own, bringing both of us to feel each other’s breath.

“You’re save..” she whispered again. Suddenly my knees buckled by itself and the world goes darker and darker…


“You brought a dead person here? What a wonderful person you are, Moeno.”

“Of course not, you baka! She’ll be awake soon anyway..”

 My ears caught the conversations as I hazily fluttered my eyes open. The lights bore into my eyes, forcing me to pinch my eyes just so it doesn’t hurt my eyes. I vaguely saw the two figures who were arguing, one was the brown haired girl while the other one was black haired with a strange face. I don’t mean to be rude, but her face reminds me of the picture of an eel that shows up in animal cyclopedia.

The brown haired one noticed my presence; her eyes looked at mine gently yet in a mysterious way. She gave a toothy grin to me before jerking her head towards the black haired girl, “See? I told you she’ll be awake.” she said.

The black haired girl turned towards me and I can see her eyes widened in excitement. The way her eyes sparkle was like a kid meeting Santa Clause, happy and hopeful. She was kneeling beside me, but I can see that she was dressed in a simple winter pajama with candies pattern in multiple colors.

“You’re awake!!” she beamed and hugged me suddenly. “Guys! She’s awake!!” called her to across the room.   When I sat up, I noticed that the room was small and cramped with bunk beds placed in a circle.  In the middle of the circle was an iron heater with coals burning inside them, giving the warm and cozy feelings. But before I could enjoy more of it, more figures came in. All around my age and they’re all wearing pajamas, reminding me of a regular kids sleepover party.

“Kitarie, is she really awake?” asked one girl. She was looked older than the others but not as old as the one called Kitarie. She was wearing an earpiece on her ear and a framed glasses, despite her eye catching pajama. She popped herself down beside Kitarie and checked me out. The other figures, one was short and slightly plumpy but in a cute way. Her brown hair was short and trimmed, framing her round face perfectly. Her hand was clutching a thick book with some fairytales drawing on the cover, the glasses propped on her nose indicates how much book worm she is. The other figure reminds me of a rabbit, not because of the tooth. But her face looked so cheeky, especially with the same thin eye that I saw earlier.

Kitarie must’ve noticed my confusement of being surrounded, she offered her hand to me and smiled. “I’m Kitahara Rie, call me Kitarie.” She said, I shook her hand and smiled weakly. I noticed that despite the childish eyes, her smile looked so motherly than the other girls. Sharp memories of the similar smile from my mother pierced my little mind, making me unconsciously spill out my tears.

"Don't make her cry, Kitarie!" said the black haired girl with glasses. She smacked Kitarie's head easily, making the girl whined.

"Ittai!! I didn't do anything!" yelped Kitarie. Moeno rolled her eyes while the other girls giggled as they watch the view.

"Never mind about it.." said the girl who just smacked Kitarie. "I'm Sashihara Rino by the way. Call me Sasshi.." she introduced herself. "Welcome to our family!!" she yelled happily and suddenly threw a hug around me.

"Sasshi! Stop doing your Sashiharassment!!" yelled Kitarie as she smacked Sashi's head.

"Ittai.. I'm just welcoming her.." pouted Sashi as she released her hug. "What's your name?"

"Nakatsuka Tomomi.." I said quitely, earning my self another hug from Sasshi.

"Tomomi~ Such a cute name!!" she exclaimed before getting herself more whacks from the figure.

"Sasshi, she needs to rest you know!" said Moeno annoyed. Her eyes turned to mine suddenly, "You're okay? Feeling dizzy?" she asked. I shook my head weakly before suddenly my stomach made a loud noise to the room.

"You must've been hungry." said Sasshi. "I'll get something from the kitchen!!" she said happily before skipping out of the room.

The bookworm girl sighed before she stood up, "I better help her with the soup.. Before she drops the entire pot like yesterday." she said before walking out. A few minutes later both of them came back to the room. The bookworm was carrying a tray with a steamy soup and a glass of cocoa carefully, while Sasshi was skipping around her carrying a basket of bread sticks.

"Nee, Uchii~ Can I carry it?" asked Sasshi childishly to the bookworm before she pouted when the bookworm settle down the tray on my lap.

"Sasshi, I'm not risking another plate for you to drop again." she said sharply to Sasshi, shutting her up. I released a muffled giggle after hearing them, the bookworm turned to me and smile shyly.

"Here you go.." she said handing me the spoon. "I'm Uchida Mayumi, you can call me Uchii."

"Thanks Uchii.." I said before spooning the soup. The soup was creamy and full of flavors, it warmed my stomach immediately. The girls just watch me eat awkwardly as they munched on bread sticks that Sasshi brought.

"Where am I..?" I asked them after I put down my spoon beside the empty plate.

"Come on, we'll show you Tomomi!" said Sasshi getting up and running across the room followed by Uchii and the other girl. I looked at Moeno and Kitarie, they both stretched their arm for me to take. I grasped both of them and walked in middle of them ot of the room. Once we got out I gawked at the view in front of my eyes.

This place is huge... I thought to my self.

The place was filled with many machines in different ranges of size, monitors each showing different channels, a black board at the side of the room filled with many chalk drawings, a working bench like my father have in his garage with tools lying motionlessly on it, bookshelf stood tall at the side of the room filled with many thick books that Uchii holds, sofas and cushions lying around the room waiting to be sprawled on, and a big candy machine stood in the middle of the room with millions of chewing gums ready to be eaten.

"Wow.." I didn't realize my mouth was widely open until Moeno's hand shut my jaw gently. She smiled to me happily before putting in a gum into her mouth.

"Welcome to the Robin Hood Association." she said warmly as she gently lead me to one of the sofa.

"Robin Hood? like the one in story books?" I asked. I've heard of it before, Robin Hood an outlaws who steal from the rich and give to the poor. Mother told me the story once, she told me that stealing was bad and will punished badly no matter what. But being honest, I admire the way Robin Hood acts. The time where he lived was bad and many poor people was treated badly by the rich. He did it to equalize the society if I were to say. "You steal then?"

Moeno nodded. "We're a part of it.." she said, earning nods from the other girls who sat around us. "We all suffered about the same thing. Abandoned, abused, orphaned, treated badly in the society.." she continued.

"Then someone then gave her hand to us, helping us to stand on our own. Showing us what's the meanings of life and how to use it wisely.." said Sasshi quietly. I can see a small tear trickled in the corner of her eyes, and so does Kitarie. "She helped us to grow our potentials, show us what we really value.."

"Showing us that we're not just rubbishes.." said Uchii.

"What do you steal..?" I asked to them.

"Various things." said Moeno. "Diamonds once but we mostly pick pockets.."

"Diamonds??" I asked with my eyes widened in surprise, Moeno nodded. She cast her hair aside, revealing her right ear pierced with something shinning. I just gawked at it.

"Moeno's a genius when it comes to stealing.." said Sasshi. "But when it comes to hacking, I am." she smirked.

"Hacking computers?" I asked, I've heard about some things like hacking from my parents conversations before..

"Various. Alarms, computers, even electric cars.." said Sasshi as if all of it a piece of cake, I just nodded in awe. Suddenly I heard some footsteps coming closer, I look behind and saw another figure coming in.

"Yuko nee-san~" yelled Sasshi happily before she came running to the figure. She hugged her happily, followed by Kitarie and the others. Only Moeno stayed by my side..

"Tadaima~" said the one called Yuko. She was only a few inches taller than Sasshi, her brown hair falls easily on her back. I noticed that her front teeth was slightly crooked, making her look like a squirrel somehow. She noticed my look to her, she smiled and walk towards me.

"Hey.." she greeted. "You must've been Tomomi.." she said before brushing her hand on my cheek. He hand was surprisingly cold as ice, but I managed to keep my chattering teeth down. The way her eyes looked at me was the opposite of her hand, it was warm and comforting.

"Yuko nee-san.." said Sasshi propping herself on the adult's lap. "I think we should gave her a nickname~"

"That's a great idea, Sasshi!" she replied happily. She turned her eyes to me, "what would you like to call yourself?"

"Erm..." I wasn't sure what to call myself. I never been in this situations before, surrounded by kids around my age. My parents never let me out of the house before, they said that the world out there was dangerous. But so far, I haven't seen anything dangerous of the outside world..

"Well, we'll figure it out later.." said Yuko. "But now, you all need sleep because it's already late!!" she eyed all the girls. "Now go to your room and don't forget to brush your teeth!' commanded her to the groaning girls.

"Come on.." said Moeno holding my hand, pulling me out of the room. Her hands were warm unlike Yuko's, I wish I can put it gently on my cheek..

"Good night, girls!!" yelled Yuko before we went to our room, her short figure happily waving her hand to us as we leave the room.
"Mou~ I still want to play that shooting game that I just got today!!" said Sasshi as she propped herself on her bed.

"Sasshi, you've been in front of the computer for twelve hours straight!" said Kitarie covering her body with blankets. "It's not good for your eyes."

"She's right, Sasshi." said Uchii as she took off her glasses and quickly snored to sleep.

"Hey, Uchii is snoring again.." said Sasshi. "Let's record it!"

"SASSHII!!" yelled the girls to Sasshi.

"I'm joking!!" she yelled back. I smiled hearing the joy in the room, my first time being surrounded by kids around my age.

"You're happy?" asked Moeno who sat on her bed next to mine. I nodded shyly, she just smiled and put her warm hand on my hair. "That's good to hear. Now, sleep tight, Tomomi.." she whispered to my ear. My mind just obeyed and soon I was falling into the darkness of sleep..


"Yeah, I've got her." said Yuko on the phone. She was lying on the couch as the monitor in front of her saw the recent news, displaying big fire destroying a big mansion and everything inside it. Fire fighters struggling to control the blaze down as black smokes rose higher into the air.

"I can't leave now! These kids.." her voice trailed off. "They need me. I can't just leave them yet."

"Okay, I know I've got her already but that kid is still little. She haven't learned about her bloodline!" said Yuko with a gritted teeth.

"Yes, I have to stay. It's my job to teach the last legendary Nakatsuka family.." 


Title: Re: Last Wish (Chapter 2: Robin Hood Association)
Post by: kuro808 on July 15, 2013, 11:37:13 AM
Interesting chapter and using my akb oshi hoho

I want to see more!
Title: Re: Last Wish (Chapter 2: Robin Hood Association)
Post by: bunny_rabbit on July 15, 2013, 11:47:13 AM
almost all gen5 appear :ding: but where is myao and harukyan :dunno:

yay for bakauple RinoRie :on woohoo:

yuuchan is here too... :ding: add yui-hime and we have not yet on the role :ding:

the last survivor from the legendary nakatsuka family eh...interesting :hehehe:
Title: Last Wish (Hiastus) - Announcement!
Post by: Cometerz48 on October 14, 2013, 12:05:42 PM
Okay, basically this fic is on hiatus until I got to a point in my other fic which is Rival Forever?

I have a good plan where the story is going and hopefully I will start updating this fic again before Christmas.. Please do wait patiently for the next chapter of the gen 5 story  :bow: :bow:

Can't reveal more except the fact that this fic will be related to the Rival Forever?  :) :)

So please do wait patiently! Otanoshimini~