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Author Topic: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]  (Read 57318 times)

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 19 [Update 11/11/13]
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i like it when rena so agressive!!!


please i need more agressive yuki too,force in this stated is necessary


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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 19 [Update 11/11/13]
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 :bow: I want YUIPARU just YUIPARU!!  :cry:  :on speedy:

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 19 [Update 11/11/13]
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I miss this fic, like, a lot! CX ... please do update soon CX
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 19 [Update 11/11/13]
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Finally an update! Thanks!!
Aah a warning by rena then...and what paruru'll do about her new rival that was her friend..
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 19 [Update 11/11/13]
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update please

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 19 [Update 11/11/13]
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Please UPDATE SOOOON!!! :bow: :panic:

The story just got so interesting!! :wub:

HA! :w00t: I love the wmatsui moment! :thumbsup Rena is so brave!  :D :inlove:

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 19 [Update 11/11/13]
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@jell_o_jello: I'm glad to know you're happy with the update! And Rena really sure nailed it in Jurina about her feelings towards the younger girl, haha!

@Llyloo: I'm not surprised that you wanted to actually see some JuriMayu for this series, LOL. They have been well-developed considering the fact that they're friends for quite a while. And I'm glad you love my fictions! Hope this will meet your expectation!

@cisda83: I wonder what Paruru is going to do about it too! So much love complications written for the story, haha.

@Yuki88: I wonder about that, Yuki! Smashing people's heart are what I'm best at, LOL!

@mitsuhara_itsuko: And here's the next chapter! (After such a long wait, yes, haha.) Rena's past will be explained in future chapters! But in the meantime, enjoy this update!

@gek geki: Rena definitely is bold to speak up to Jurina about her feelings on the situation at hand, LOL! It's going to be a wonder how Jurina is going to react with this?

@Shinoki: Don't worry about your comments, haha. It's a cute reaction comment to read! And I'm glad you find the chapter to be awesome!

@bunny_rabbit: Trust me. I know how to make a ton of plot twist in a matter of seconds if it's needed, LOL. And let us see about that in regard to the last statement there, haha.

@kurogumi: Aggressive Rena, hm? Then there's Yukirin too, LOL. The aggressive duo much?

@deguchi: And here comes another update! It's a wonder too to how and what Paruru will do about Sayanee's confession there.

@River1721: Here's an update! Rena definitely is brave there to Jurina, haha!

Oh man, how long has it been since I last put up an update? Most recent I remembered was... Disappearance (Season 2), but that was probably a month or two ago. I apologize for the lack of updates for my life has been hectic with a current health ordeal and my graduation from high school is nearing! (One more month!) In the meantime, I will try my best to updating the fictions! I would also like to make note that I will now be updating the series in different orders. I came to a realization that a schedule of when to update them is only slowing myself down from it. So expect some spontaneous new chapters to appear!

Overall, I would like to thank the readers for being here and reading my work ever since I, well, started writing and posting them (whether by Tumblr or on this forum). I hope to continue meeting your expectations and hopefully exceeding them! (If not, I will work my hardest into improving!) Thank you so much. In return, here is an update that I finally got around to finishing.

P.S: Sorry for the lack of emoticons. I've been kinda lazy lately from using them in my posts, haha. So please take all of my comments and statements lightly! :)

[Chapter 20]

I have been brought to the dorm room of Kitahara Rie’s after my afternoon lunch. And I can rest assure that it wasn’t pleasant to gain an insight that the topic she wanted to speak about was about her and Sashihara Rino.

When we’ve entered, the two of us settled down in a comfortable position before the main event. As Rie talked a bit about wanting me to become comfy, I scanned and examined her entire room.

A single bed leaning against the light purple colored wall was littered with stuff animals. The entire mattress though had the sheets, pillows, and blankets neatly and orderly placed in their proper placement. Nearby the bed was a drawer that contained all of her clothing. And on the right side of it, there was a desk that had scattered notes and files all over the surface. Pens and pencils were on top of them, showcasing that Rie was either in a rush to finish the paperwork or she was simply multi-tasking on one of her jobs.

Either way, her room was kept simple including the bathroom that I have yet to visit. Anyone that would enter into this room would feel at ease. After all, it carried a fragrance and warm atmosphere that was close to home.

However, when I sat on her rolling office chair, I knew that she was ready to speak. I could see from my eyes the little details that showed Rie was ready to tell me what she wanted to, well, talk to me about; the little twitches from the corner of her mouth that unconsciously moved was easy to spot within my vision. So I leaned against the back of the chair, hoping to brace for this topic that was, unknown to her, sensitive to talk about for me.

When I had given her my entire focus, Rie had a small, thankful smile etched on her face.

“Thank you for allowing me to talk to you about this subject.”

I shook my head, faking a smile of my own.

“Iie. It’s no problem at all.”

Was it really no problem though?

Here I am, staring at the other girl as I sat on her black rolling chair. A huge amount of emotional turmoil was conflicted with my exterior action. Yet I remained calm and kept them at bay for the time being as I watched the other girl.

She was fidgeting in her spot. At the edge of the white mattress and blanket tucked neatly underneath her bottom, the dark haired girl was blinking one too many times. Fingers intertwined with each other, my heightened senses picked up the notion that Rie was tightening her grip every second or two. I heard a gulp from her direction, showing that she was either embarrassed or nervous to spill out the beans.

Not like it mattered much to me what she was going to say. I knew who and what she was about to ramble about.

The soldier, still in her green uniform, inhaled deeply. She held her breath for a few seconds before releasing the carbon dioxide that was building up within her lungs. Two of her hands reached up to cover her face for a brief moment. Then sliding them down to the end of her chin, Rie removed them for her face and allowed the eyelids briefly lowering themselves and cover her eyes. She finally began her talk. 

“I… I’m starting to fall for someone…”

I remained silent; attention focused and trained on her.

Rie noticed the silence that I’ve expressed. The female softly chuckled, reopening her eyelids. Her eyes also trained at my direction, she continued.

“I guess you already know who I’m talking about.”

I gave a single nod of my head. Of course I knew who it was. It was none other than…

“Sashihara Rino,” she finished my mental statement unintentionally.

Upon saying her name, I sensed her heart picking up its pace. The beating of the most powerful organ was increasing its heart rate, causing Rie to smile unconsciously. Her smile, from one end of her face to another, was plastered and looked as though it would become permanent if her mind ran on about the scientist. She even gave a small sigh; almost in a romantic notion that would occur in any shoujo manga.

The girl started bouncing on the edge of her bed, becoming excited. “I really hope to see her soon~”

“So…” I managed to verbally form my words through my state of silence. “How exactly did you both meet?”

“I met her while you were being stitched up by Kojima,” she explained. Then twirling one of her index fingers in the air, she added, “She was heading towards the cafeteria in the same direction as I was for lunch. Bumped into her by accident though since I was, you know, REALLY hungry!”

Mentally I couldn’t help but slightly let out a giggle from her cute action. Never knew that Rie would become desperate once her hunger mode switch flicks ‘on’. Despite who she was talking about, I still thought that she was acting cute. Even if she doesn’t know about it.

And now here she is in front of me, quickly jumping up to her two feet. Both hands were waving wildly in the air as if she was exaggerating the entire scenario.

“And she fell! I couldn’t just leave her like that, let alone knock her down like that by accident!” the fellow soldier frantically exclaimed her panic. (And the way she was expressing her emotion… You could have thought the ordeal happened mere minutes ago.) Exaggerated tears flowed down her face as the hands proceeded to fly up in the air with strange motions. “I apologized to her, but Sashihara-san was too nice to me! She told me that it was her fault instead! She’s too nice!”

“I bet.”

“After helping her get back up on her feet, we both then went off to grab some lunch.”


The hilarious over-reactive hand motion and exaggerated facial features were washed away with a sudden, calm feature. (Which startles me considering the fact her expression changed like night and day.) However, that smile was still glued stuck to her face. And it was the happiest smile I’ve ever seen in my life from Rie.

Slowly, she then said, “We both chatted normally at first. Casual conversation going on, but over time as I visited you… I kept on seeing her and got to know more about her.”

An ache just struck my heart when she uttered that statement; almost making me want to grab the center of my chest and relieve the painful pressure that was building up inside. But I resisted the wants, faintly smiling in return with an emotional mask on. Eyes closed, I used this chance to force any sort of tears that were beginning to take its form within the lacrimal glands. The feeling of having her fall in love with someone else has finally hit me. And it hit me real hard.

When I reopened them, I saw Rie sit back down on the mattress. Her hands by her sides, I couldn’t help but see a beautiful woman before my eyes.

Such beautiful girl that I would give my heart to, and wouldn’t regret that sort of action. I would do anything for Rie to be happy even if it cost me my own life and happiness. But would this kind of happiness she wished to achieve be something that I must allow her to have? Would she be happy if I told her that I myself have fallen in love with her? Would she be shocked to hear that I was jealous and hurt when she spurted out everything about Rino?

A tiny choking sob that cannot be heard by the human’s range of hearing sensory erupted out of my closed lips. I kept the forged smile on my face, concealing my emotion from pouring out as much as it is needed. I can’t break down right now. Rie is happy talking about Rino right now, so why should I ruin the moment? She probably doesn’t love me back, right? She’s too focused about the other girl, so why should I be worried about what she thinks about how I feel?

As Rie spoke about how well and intelligent the scientist is, I’ve noticed that she was truly bursting with glee and pure joy. One single person called Sashihara Rino made her feel this way, and I know for a fact I will never be able to make her feel like this.

How did I come to that conclusion so fast and so quick? I’ve already lost my chance long before I knew it. Before I even get the chance to confess to Rie… It has now disappeared on me; vanished from my sight.

It made me feel so distressed yet here I am, listening to her words and praise about Rino. I licked my lips and clenched my jaw, trying hard not to burst out into tears from the anguish. It just hurts so much to have someone you love talk about someone else they love. Just how am I supposed to deal with that now? What exactly am I supposed to do and feel?

After five minutes, I got up from my seat. I wanted to get out of this room and cut the conversation short between the two of us. I have enough hearing about the scientist and how cute she is. It’s just too much of a reality slap that I’m earning at the moment. I just need a breather from such suffocating atmosphere.

I realized that Rie had ceased continuing her story, gazing up at me in confusion. When I glanced at her direction, not a single word came out of my mouth. Even if I tried to, no sound was being produced. She must’ve noticed that I haven’t uttered nor showed any sort of sign towards listening with her little story. Not to mention the sudden motion of rising up from my seat.

The emotion behind her eyes truly showed traits of wanting to help me out; the little shine in her eyes that showed she was willing to help me out.

She can’t help me out though. There was absolutely no way she could help me in this predicament that I’m being thrown into. After all, Rie herself is one of the playing part of the crisis that I suffer through. So biting the bottom of my lip, I immediately brainstormed an excuse.

“I… I just remembered that… I have to help Mocchi today…” I lied straight through my teeth.

It didn’t even take her a second to doubt the words that I have uttered. Rie immediately nodded her head in comprehension at my false statement.

“I understand. It’s rare for her to ask help, so it’s probably important. Sorry to have kept you in here for so long!”

“Iie, it’s nothing.”

There goes another lie coming out from my trachea; almost making it seem like I’m natural and a professional at this.

As I continue to hold back the tears, I flashed a smile at the other member and bowed down in respect. Mentally screaming at myself to be a storm trooper, I turned my back on Rie. Then I headed out of the room, opening the door and closing it behind me softly. Once I felt the click in, I walked away from her dorm and into her hallway in a dazed state.

How am I supposed to react to this situation? The same question that kept poking and probing at me that has yet to gain the answer I needed. It’s a painful slap on the face to know that Rie was in love with someone else.

Not much went through my head. My entire brain was revolved around the fact that Rie is in love with Rino. Personally I haven’t seen Rino much to know her well other than the one time she stopped by my hospital room in order to inform Haruna some data. Perhaps she really is better than me. Rie sees me as a friend; Rie sees Rino as a lover.

Did they reciprocate their feelings back? I don’t know for sure, but from what the other girl had spoken, she did hint that the two are still far from that destination. Yet it will come to a satisfying conclusion between the two girls soon instantly if all goes well.

That single thought alone crashed the rest of my concealed emotional barrier I tried so hard to hold up. One tear drop slid down the side of my face and then another followed from the other eye. Soon I was standing in front of the clear glassed windows of the dormitory floor of Rie, staring outside blankly. Tears streamed down my face endlessly; almost as if there was no limit behind them. Inside of my chest, my heart beat in an excruciating manner, hurting me both physically and mentally. Rapidly I turned my mind’s target from Rie to the scenario through the window.

From outside, I could spot a few members guarding the base standing in their appropriate and designated position. Others were walking around left and right with their rifles at hand, chatting loudly to each other thanks to my increased senses. The sky was beginning to cloud up as the sun was slowly making its way downward at the moment, marking its checkpoint that evening was approaching.

As much as the sight was relaxing, it still didn’t ease my internal conflict. And the thought of Rie came crashing back into me.

I squeezed both of my eyes closed, hiccupping quietly to myself. My shoulders were hitched up, stiffening from the silent sob that I could only hear. Members from the background might’ve sensed that something was wrong with me, but none bothered to approach. It’s no surprise after all. The moment I had become a dark vampire was the moment most everyone wanted to stay at a great distant away.

My eyelids reopened to be met with a blurry version of my vision. Hastily I brought my arm up to wipe away the tears, streaking them across my cheeks messily; a few sniffles heard afterward.


I heard my name being called by a familiar individual.

Thankfully I have wiped away the tears that could still be running down my face. It didn’t really do much though when it left a messy, wet aftermath of my intense crying. I’m not surprised if the person would see my red eyes and constant sniffling. So when I turned my head around just enough to see who it was, I spotted someone that I haven’t seen before.

The short haired ikemen girl that stood proud and strong. It was all accompanied by a smile that could brighten most people’s day if they took a moment to view it. And from the clothing the female wore, she almost had the type of clothing that Haruka had worn before exchanging the villager’s clothing for the Akihabara Elimination Force military uniform; only the color was white.

Confusion was scrawled all over my mind as I continue to observe the girl. Just who is she?

Almost as if she had read my mind, she nervously chuckled and scratched the back of her head.

“Ah, sorry sorry, Yokoyama-san! It’s me, Yamamoto Sayaka!”

I widen my eyes at her response. So this is her human form? She seems rather… fitting for the personality that she carried around in her wolf form.

When I didn’t say anything nor reacted, Sayanee waved both of her hands in the air. “A-Are you angry at me for not telling you ahead of time or something…?” she flashed her teeth in a tensed fashion.

I gave a soft sigh before returning my gaze at the base’s ground level through the windows. “No, I’m not at all.”

“Then what’s wrong, Yokoyama-san?”

“Nothing’s wrong, Yamamoto-san.”

“Why aren’t you looking over at me then?”

She has a point. Sayanee must be suspicious of my action to why I didn’t want to face her. It’s not that I despise her or anything. Rather I wanted to hide my face that possibly showed signs of having cried minutes ago.

Another sniffle left my nose as I tried my best to rubbing off the remaining tears smeared from my cheeks. The palm of my hand was rigorously applying pressure against my skin, wiping off most of its traces.

With hesitation, I glanced over my shoulders to see her. To my surprise, Sayanee had approached up to my side, having closed the distance between the two of us. Startled, I backed away from her a few steps. Both of my hands were up in mid-air by instinct.

When our eyes met each other, I could tell that Sayanee saw what I was trying to hide. Her brows scrunched together as she loudly exhaled. Arms crossed across her chest, she shook her head. The entire aura of being the happy-go-lucky werewolf she was earlier that I’ve known had disappeared entirely. It was replaced with concern and worries.

“Yokoyama-san…” she spoke. “Did something happen?”

I didn’t want to tell her exactly what had happened. Rather, I made it as vague as possible without losing my point and lying. Bitterly I chuckled. I brought my gaze downward before raising them, meeting with Sayanee’s. My hands balled into fists, clenching tightly together.

“Sometimes it’s about the things we were too late on achieving,” I breathed out.

There was a brief silence hanging in the air before Sayanee spoke up.

“Ah, I don’t exactly know what the problem is since you’re not being specific, but…” the other girl approached up to my figure. Then she did not hesitate to place one of her hands on top of my shoulder, allowing the other arm to reside back down on her side. With a few pats, she stated, “It’s rare to say something is too late to get. You can always redeem yourself or try again.”

I blinked a few times. When I opened my mouth, nothing came out of my throat. Speechless was what the state I was in.

The other female looked away from my face for a bit. Then looking back, Sayanee’s hand reached up to ruffle with my hair; almost as if I was a little child. Unconsciously my head lowered down a bit from the touch. Tears were still lingering from the corner of my eyes.

Yet an idea popped to mind. It was like a lightbulb had finally come to life in that instant. My eyes lifted from the floor to stare into the dark eyes of hers. After hearing her words, I knew there was something that I needed to do.

Unless I interfere and interrupt that flow. I could maybe… Maybe have a chance with Rie.

I could always try again, right?

There was a faint smile that crossed my face. Why didn't I think of that earlier? Of course it was too soon to give up. Without thinking twice, I reached out to give the girl a hug. I could feel her body stiffen underneath my embrace, but I didn’t heed any attention. Instead, I held out our hug for a brief moment. When we separated, I widen my smile as my eyelids closed.

“Arigatou, Yamamoto-san.”

I reopened my eyes to be met with a blushing werewolf. The girl scratching the back of her head wildly, Sayanee mumbled incomprehensibly under her breath. Her gaze diverted away from my attention, she managed to say, “You can drop the –san, Yokoyama-san…”

A giggle left my lips.

“Then call me Yui, Sayaka.”

“Nah, call me Sayanee,” she waved her other hand in the air, still keeping her eyes away from my direction. “And I’ll call you Yuihan!”

“Okay then… Sayanee.”


Shimazaki Haruka was glancing up at the huge, attached digital clock on the base that expressed its time in 24-hour setting.

At the moment, it clearly stating that it was evening; the time when the sun soon will trade its place with the moon. And here the neutral vampire is walking around the AEF base in her own interest to keeping her emotions stable. The weather was perfect aside from the fact that it was cloudy. But with the setting sun and the rays coming into contact with the floating clouds, it’s truly a sight to be seen. Her mood that she carried around though greatly contradicted with the environment’s atmosphere.

Within the newly put uniform earlier today, the girl clomped her brown boots hard on the ground with each step.

‘I can’t believe Sayanee loves Yui too…’

It’s a huge shock factor to the poor girl. After having her eyes set on Yui for the longest time possible, her best friend too has fallen for the girl’s charm and beauty. It’s a curse that Haruka prayed that she wouldn’t get herself tangled into. A conflict that pits two close friends into that one person they wish to love and gain the attention of. To be able to take care of Yui and be spoiled in return… That was something the both have to fight to receive.

A sad, unexpected fate played in their hands, possibly straining their relationship once they openly express their concern about the two girl’s love with one person. And as all fights end, there can only be one winner. There will be a loser walking away with nothing but a broken heart and an empty hand.

Haruka bit the bottom of her lip, hastening her walking pace. Frustration and confusion coursed through her veins. Just what exactly was she supposed to do in a situation like this? Is this how it feels to be in a love triangle relationship? It didn’t help for a fact that Yui doesn’t know how Haruka feels towards her, let alone Sayanee. (Since Sayanee didn’t tell Yui that she has loved her yet either.)

“Baka, baka, baka!” she yelled out. Right afterward, the young vampire kicked a nearby rock in anger.

It flew off not too far from where she stood, bouncing a few times once it came into contact with land. Her breathing was increasing its respiration rate, causing her blood pressure to rise. The brown haired girl quickly tucked a stray strand of her bangs behind her ear. Dark eyes were staring from the distant over the wired fences with uneasiness.

‘What can I do in a situation like this?’

Her mind circulated and ran around the one burning question that most desperately needed an answer. Yet the answer won’t present itself unless Haruka finally sorts out her thoughts. And as of right now, that won’t be anytime soon.

The female resumed her outdoor walk, mindlessly throwing out her legs in front of her. From the state of her mind she was currently residing in, it felt as though she watched her body move in third person, standing above her moving figure and watching it.

From the corner of her eyes as she rounded the corner, there was Itano Tomomi. Haruka froze in her spot and watched what the other girl was doing.

In her spot, the girl saw the beautiful gardener patting the soil from below. Green gloves that had traces of the dirt were seen as Itano made sure the ground was firm enough to hold the seed she placed seconds ago. The older girl’s eyes was focused on her work, ignoring everything and everyone around her.

It was only when she lifted her head that she saw Haruka. With a single glance to her left, Itano waved over to the other girl to come over. Hesitant, the vampire was pondering and conflicted with whether to dash off or to follow Itano’s motion.

After a couple seconds, she had made her choice to approach the minor member of the force. No harm into talking with one of your friends anyway, right?

When the distant was closed between the two, the older girl was firmly patting the soil in place. Her eyes having returned back to her work, Itano greeted her.

“It’s nice to see you out here, Shimazaki-san.”

“Nice to see you out here too, Itano-san.”

There was a chuckle heard from Itano. Both of her gloved hands halted in place, glancing up at the young girl. The infamous smile with the small fang sticking out from her closed lips were seen.

“I’m always out here, silly,” she bluntly stated as her focus transition to grabbing some more soil from a nearby bag. 

Haruka wanted to face palm herself physically for uttering such words. Of course! Itano is a gardener! She was supposed to be outdoor in the first place! How could she be such an idiot? But she shook off the random probing thought and tilted her head slightly to the left.

“A while ago, you were running out of the cafeteria with Kasai-san. Did something happen?”

A brief pause before being answered with a shake of her head.

“Nope. Just needed to tell Tomo~mi that Acchan wanted to see her.”

“Oh? I see then.”

Silence fell between the two figures; one standing and one heeding attention to her job. And the atmosphere than hung in the air was surprisingly comfortable to the two. Though after a few minutes of Haruka watching her, she then blurted out a question without a second’s hesitation.

“Doesn’t it hurt when you have a best friend wanting the same thing as what you want?”

It didn’t even take a second for the brown haired girl to whip her head towards Haruka. She blinked a few times, raising a single eyebrow in confusion.

“I don’t see any issue. You both can have the same thing,” she answered.

However, she was met with the neutral vampire shaking her head. “I understand that, but there’s only one of it.”

When the gardener didn’t say anything, Haruka continued.

“There’s someone that I like… That my friend also like…” her voice began to trail off, struggling to finish her sentence with a firm stance. The neutral vampire lowered her head as her eyes gazed downward at the ground. Tears were threatening to escape her eyes. Quickly she squeezed them in hopes of preventing a sob scene in front of the gardener. Faintly she managed to whisper out, “I don’t know what to do.”

The sound of shuffling was heard in front of Haruka’s figure. In a matter of seconds, she felt a warm hand placed on top of her shoulder. Slowly the vampire raised her head. She saw Itano stare deep into her eyes with confidence. A few pats on the shoulder were made as the older girl told her an important fact.

“Sometimes… you have to be a little greedy. Being greedy is not being bad to your friend, but rather doing a favor for yourself.” A faint giggle was heard from the spoken girl. “After all, isn’t it all worth trying rather than doing absolutely nothing?”


My face was instantly met with the cold water. Hands moved on an upward and downward motion in order to apply friction during the procedure of cleaning. After a good minute or two, I retracted my hands away from my face.

I was inside of my room’s bathroom; faced with the mirror. Lights from above gently shined its yellow lights within the small, condensed space fit at the most two individuals. And standing before me was a reflection of a female physically looking exactly like me. Unconsciously due to curiosity, I leaned forward as the water from the faucet ran on.

The girl by the name of Yokoyama Yui stared back at me. Despite the number of days that passed by me, it finally hit me with the features I now bear. (To finally have a chance to stare at yourself can be a shocking moment.) Her dark, brown eyes retained the same color as she had previously had. However, her skin was paler than normal. The light skin that she had worn was brutally erased off and replaced with the same color as a white chalk.

Without thinking twice, I opened my mouth to examine my teeth.

Sure enough, I saw the four familiar fangs that I hated. Sharp as a snake’s fangs yet annoying to keep them inside of my mouth. If only there was a way to tear them out of my mouth (the outcome would not be pleasant though).

A small sigh escaped past my barely parted lips as I backed away from the mirror. I saw the figure mirror my action; her green jacket uniform off from her body and proudly showing off the white t-shirt underneath accompanying the pant. And from the edge of the shirt from the top, there were traces of the seal that Haruka had placed on my figure. Just the sight alone sent chills down my spine; a pang of sadness felt.

My left hand instinctively reached out to the reflective object. I touched the cool surface with a grim expression plastered onto my face.

Kami-sama surely is toying around with my fate. All I wanted was to be with Rie and return back to normal. But alas, this is reality. The best I can do so far is to cope with it.

While I watched and drown myself in my thoughts, I heard, right outside of my bedroom door, someone running right past the door. A couple hollers thrown back and forth was noticed. From the voices alone, I could perceive that it was both Jurina and Minegishi.

Dialogues were exchanged in regard to Mariko’s health and statuses from the emergency room. The last statement I heard from them was to check in on the surviving member before disappearing completely on this floor. I was then left with the usual silence at this time and day.

There was another sigh that left my figure. I noticed that I need to check in on the girl. I haven’t been able to check in ever since she was admitted into the emergency room. My heart was beating louder than usual, but I could sense that she was going to be okay. The gut instincts of mine are reassuring me that it was going to be alright.

Automatically feeling my fingers comb through my bangs, I backed away from the bathroom mirror and exited the room. Soon I turned around, grabbing the jacket that laid on top of my tidy bed. The moment I got my hands on the clothing, I threw them on as I left the area.

I clicked the door closed from behind. Left and right I shot a glance around, seeing who was around me. It’s not surprising to see that there was no one on this floor other than me myself.

When I made my way out of the dorm’s hallway, as I neared the window from the end of the hall, there was a sudden slam of fear striking my body. Instinctively, my body froze. All actions cease to further continue for danger was sensed.

Ears perked upward, I rapidly scanned the area around me.

I didn’t like this feeling at all and neither do I want to ignore it. Just what exactly is causing my body to raise all of its alarms and red flags?

“Yokoyama Yui... You seem to be doing well, little girl.”

The hairs on the back of my neck immediately stood up when I heard the voice that I never wanted to hear ever again. I became rigid and stiff. When I twisted my head around to see who had spoken mechanically, I widen my eyes in horror. Heart picking up its pace, it was racing as I stared at the figure on the opposite end of the hallway.

His arms crossed, a crooked smile was painted on his facial features cruelly.

“Yuzi…” I shakily breathed out. “Why…”

The man that is the older brother of Yuki widen his grin.

“I want to kill you with my bare hands.”

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]
« Reply #167 on: April 18, 2014, 04:16:48 AM »
Yuzi........wah....he has appeared!!
Wow, this love triangle has suddenly appeared~
Or rather, these love triangles have appeared...
Poor Yui... (and those fangs sound troublesome...)
Tomochin~~~ Advice!! Yay~~
*thumbs up*

Anyways, this should've come sooner but~
Banzai update!!~~~
:D truthfully I don't mind waiting because I can still keep track of the plot, somehow~
It's not been tooooooo long I don't think~~
Anyways, yea.... (such an unproductive sentence)

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]
« Reply #168 on: April 18, 2014, 04:56:18 AM »
Great chapter!
So Yui will fight for her love (Rie) humm..still want YuiParu..
An advice from Tomochin~ go Paruru!!
That Yuzi vampire, Yui in danger
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]
« Reply #169 on: April 18, 2014, 05:31:11 AM »
Ah~ When will Paru tell Yui her true feelings?! :farofflook:
Will Tomochins advice help Paru with her feelings? :tama-uhh:
This chapter was awesome~ :on GJ:
Hm~ Love triangles always and somehow end up making one person feel pain and sadness!  :scared: :imdead:
And Yuzi appears!! :shock: :on blackhole: :on freeze:
Will he succeed on killing Yui?! ( I hope not!! ) :mon wtfmm: OR will Yui go berserk, break the seal and end up killing Yuzi?! :mon wtf:
I'll wait for your next update ~ :mon thumb:

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]
« Reply #170 on: April 18, 2014, 06:42:43 AM »
ahhh~ ... sad that Kitarie has already someone she like TT w TT ... oh well, there's still Paru anyway CX

so Yuzi appeared? ... GO KILL HER YUI~ 8D I WILL HELP EVEN IF I HAVE TO 8D

thanks for the update btw~ TT w TT ... so happy this fic got updated CX
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]
« Reply #171 on: June 14, 2014, 01:39:15 PM »
Yuzi's sudden apperance! Whats gonna happen to Yui? :bingo: :ding:

What happen to Yui's werewolf gene? how come it has not surfaced?

can't wait for the next update! thank you for your hard work!! :deco: :drool: :bow:

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]
« Reply #172 on: August 16, 2014, 04:58:32 AM »
Missed this so much!!!



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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]
« Reply #173 on: August 25, 2014, 06:43:48 AM »

What happen to Yui's werewolf gene? how come it has not surfaced?

not everyone who gets bit by a werewolf becomes one ... that was mentioned in the previous chappies~ ouo)/

a Hybrid Yui would definitely rock tho~ *u*)
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]
« Reply #174 on: November 19, 2014, 05:21:46 AM »
Thanks for creating this fic m(_ _)m

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]
« Reply #175 on: November 24, 2015, 02:27:56 PM »
thank you author-san for making good love complication for yuihan :inlove:
yui's harem is the best ^_^ I support yuiparu, go paru. :inlove: :inlove:
waiting for next update ^_^.
on-going ? right
please continue this fanfic  :(
I'm in love with your fanfic.

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