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Thank you so much for the thanks and comments on the Atsumina fiction! Hopefully I actually write something that isn't depressive pertaining to that pairing. :sweatdrop:

Anyway, I was on YouTube, surfing the site as usual when I stumbled upon this K-Pop song when in search of Bang Yong Guk videos. "Going Crazy" by Song Ji Eun featuring Bang Yong Guk seems to be interesting at first. When I finished listening, understanding the lyrics and watching the music video, I must say that I am impressed. :shocked:

Love can go in so many forms but the one that some unfortunate ones prove by obsession. And when I mean obsession, I don't mean like simple 'I'll text you every single day just to make sure you're alright, safe and probably start up a conversation if you're not busy.' No no. I meant in terms of full stalker status obsession. Texting/calling the person you love (or hell the person you yourself only love and the other person doesn't reciprocate their feelings to you) every single sparing minute until they respond back, watching them do their daily lifestyle, gathering photos of them and doing... crap or whatever with those photos that I don't want to know... :bleed eyes:

This doesn't really pertain to idols though since they are idols. But I meant-GAHHHHHHH, I hope you get the message. :panic: Being extremely possessive and obsessive over a person to the point you're literally living off from them acknowledging your presence is just too much. Let that be a little life lesson to give personal bubble and appropriate affections to people that you love. :thumbup

Going Crazy [wMatsui]

Clickity click click since this OS is based on the lyrics of this song:

"Jurina... Help me..."

The words that I never wanted to utter. Never wanted to utter from my very own mouth. Never wanted to utter to the person that I use to love...

Sitting on the wooden chair that creaked with every small movement with my muscle, the palm of my hands were pressed hard against my face. Tears welled from my eyes and fell from my face as I choked back my cries. My body was trembling violently as though I was slowly freezing up to die. Trembling violently from fear, horror, terror... The loose beige sweater I swore over my white strapless shirt didn't help along with my dark navy ripped skinny jeans.

Slowly I peeled off my left hand from my face, leaving me to stare at the other person who was seated in front of me on the same kind of chair as I with only one watery eye. My dried and cracked lips trembled as they parted slightly. The hand that was removed from my face instead slid up to my black bangs and soon to the top of my head. Fingers ran through each and every one of my disheveled hair particles. Each breath that left my respiratory system was difficult. It was as though I was slowly suffocating from such heavy weight from the situation I have at hand. I simply stared at Matsui Jurina with my pleading eyes.

"Please..." my voice was heard cracking as holding back my cries was becoming more and more difficult.

The other girl sitting in front of me was calm. In her white oxford shirt and black khakis pant, she was still dressed in her work attire from today. Her face was hard to decipher how she was feeling and what she was thinking about me as the light bulb over our heads was swinging gently back and forth. Shadows were brought to this isolated storage room of a company that I work for as a receptionist. Multiple boxes and technologies were seen scattered around.

Jurina had matured the last time I saw her. The last time I saw her two years ago... Ever since that break-up. Her childish personality were completely erased and was instead replaced with a more strict and serious aura. When one approaches to this girl, it's difficult not to respond back without formality. Of course, considering that she is the head boss of the sport clothing company she created with her very own hands, blood, sweat and tear, it's not hard to imagine why she has such a scary atmosphere. But honestly, it wasn't because of that. It was because of me. Ever since the last year of our university years, she proposed to me a marriage. Marriage on the very day we were graduating from our graduate school.

We both were in love with each other when we met in high school. Though the other Matsui was younger than me by three years, she was exceptionally smart to be on equal level with me. It was a little rocky when we started off thanks to the fact that she was flirty and drama always revolved around her. It worked out in the end though and we finally were considered a couple secretly without the public's knowledge on our third year of high school. We did everything that a couple would do. Go out on dates, show off our love to each other, sleepover for long periods of time and even made out on rare occasions.

I didn't accept the marriage though. I thought it was taboo for us to get married. No one knows that we were in love. Hell many of them view us having 'sisterly' kind of romance between the two of us instead. The people will shun us for falling in love. Two of the same genders falling in love is wrong on so many levels... But as much as I explained and tried to persuade, Jurina didn't believe me and told me that it was alright. She'll make sure we won't suffer from such actions. She'll protect me from such cruel society and give me whatever I wanted/needed.

I still didn't accept it. I shot her down simply put it. As much as my heart ached, I instead got married with another student that was the owner of a nearby restaurant, Tatsuya Himuro. He wasn't someone that I love as much as Jurina's level, but he was someone that I was able to get married to. Himuro wasn't a bad man. He was tall, handsome, smart and a little possessive. But overall a person that was tolerable to live and stay with. However, this was the final straw with the relationship between me and Jurina.

We never spoke to each other ever again. All of the memories that we made turned into ashes and buried away to the back of our mind; never to be heard of again. The multiple texts, mails and phone calls I've received from Jurina suddenly came to a halt. We cease communication. And whenever we saw each other, we would just breeze by as though we never existed to each other's eyes. It was painful. Oh so very painful that I thought that I was never going to recover.

But I did. And we both finally moved on. Even though haunting memories come every now and then, I would roughly push them aside and trend forward with my current life. Jurina probably did the same since we both only acted out of formality when forced to meet up with each other. She was deleted from my life and so was I from hers.

Everything went the way that a normal individual's life would go. I have a husband and a working job. I live under a roof and although we both don't usually see each other due to the schedule of our work, we at least have a mutual connection.

Or so I thought. My life was crumbling into pieces with every single day passing by.

My husband right now... Himuro... He was... more than just possessive over me. He was obsessed.

It's not love
This isn't love
It's just your obsession

Jurina's eyes widen from my vision when she heard me utter the words that my current husband has a terrible and terrifying obsession over me. Over everything I do, he's just there and watching me. Always wanting to be by my side despite my need to have some personal space every now and then. The younger girl had her hands gripping on opposite ends of the arms. Her grip was seen to tighten for her sleeves were crinkling. But she remained calm. Her composure remained calm and she stayed silent. I sense this cue for me to continue on.

Wherever I go
Whatever I do
It's frightening
The you who watches me

Now this time, she bit the bottom of her lip. At this moment, I couldn't help but let more tears flow down my face. Feeling the tear drops fall to the end of my chin and dripping down to the dusty ground beneath my white sneakers. For every drop that falls, I felt my head lower till I felt my own chin touching my chest. Trying to curl up while in my seated position and hide from the reality I'm faced with. The reality that the person that I'm married to is more than possessive. No... The word 'person' doesn't even describe him. A 'monster' deems fit for this.

"What has he done to you that makes you feel this uncomfortable?" Jurina asked in a firm, but at the same time, gentle tone.

When she asked me that specific question, all memories come running into my mind as quickly as someone pulling the trigger of a revolver. All the memories of the Himuro man that entered in my life.

I follow in your shadow
I make a phone call
I become thrilled at the
Sound of your shaking breath

My heart runs after your
Increasingly quick steps
I think I'll go crazy
The long night gets darker

Under the dead streetlamp
In front of your house
I'm watching you through
The crack of your window

Until the night ends
Come on and find me
You keep playing a suffocating
Game of hide-and-seek with me

"He then told me... I'm... I'm his only one. The only one that he will ever lay his eyes on and I'm the only person that will love him."

You, you, you,
You're inseparable from me

I bent forth and cried. The sound of my heart aching and throbbing in pain could be heard loud and clear through the cries that came exiting out of my mouth. My other hand that was gripping ahold of my hair tightened till I felt my senses within my fingers go slightly numb. Squeezing my eyes shut, I just let out all of my tears from the lacrimal glands in my eyes. My heart was pounding so loud that I could even hear it myself from my eardrums. Each beat slammed against the inside of my chst, hurting with every beat.

Have you gone crazy? Why are you like this?
Please just leave me alone now

"I-I made such a terrible choice to get married with that kind of man," I sobbed out loud.

I wanted to hide. I never wanted to come out of this room nor out of my seating position either. It was just too much for me. The man that I loved and got married to won't even give me the freedom to be who I am. He's so obsessed over me that he directs and commands all of my attention to be focused to him and only him. All of my friends weren't even able to see me at our house due to his threats. And any previous relationships that I have are all forcefully severed.

Himuro even has plethora pictures of me. Pictures of all kind from me being in the shower to going to work to even having a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe. I personally don't even know what he was doing with those photos, but it didn't take long for me to find them in his possession. Soon everything just went downhill from there.

"I don't want him in my life anymore."

Seeing you is suffocating
Please disappear from my sight

I felt something warm envelope around my frail, trembling body. The warmth instantly felt like heaven the moment it came to me. My eyes were still closed, but I tried so hard to press myself against this only warmth from within the room. This only warm feeling I've felt since two years ago.

This warmth came from Jurina herself as I could tell. Her arms wrapped around my body and pulled me in close. The side of my face rested against her chest as she protectively covered me with her own body. Her chin was touching and resting on the top of my left shoulder, squeezing me as tightly as she could. She had the familiar scent that would send just about anyone heads over heels. Then there was the rhythm of her breathing becoming irregular. Each inhale and exhale came out shaky. Shaky with fear and worries. From my position, I heard her heart pounding roughly against her chest. Pounding fast and hard. I felt her right hand come and rub the back of my head with care and affection.

"Oh God, why are you suffering like this? You don't deserve this," she whispered to me so quietly that it was barely audible to my ears. There was a few sniffles coming from her direction as she brought me even closer to her warm body. Her body bringing some comfort at this time. The crying that came out was now muffled since I pressed my face against her body.

I didn't understand why she said that. I probably do deserve this. Deserve this for rejecting the person that I truly loved so much that I would search the end of the earth for this girl. But either way, I wanted to undo my mistakes and get away from this man. Get away from this... 'monster' that's been all over me since the day we got married. And if possible, even go back to being in a relationship with the person that I loved previously...

"Can you stand?" she asked me in a small voice. "I'll take you to my place for tonight. I don't want you anywhere near that man of yours at least for today."

My eyes slowly reopened with difficulty thanks to the amount of tears that I've poured out. I could immediately tell that my eyes were swollen since I was barely able to open wide enough to see clearly in front of me. Not to mention how dry my eyes are, hinting that it was red from the lack of moisture. In a slow motion, I turned my gaze at the girl holding me in her arms. Jurina was gazing down at me with gentleness. The familiar gaze that brought all of the good memories into my mind. Just seeing the dark pair of eyes stare back at me makes me want to break down once more. But I didn't.

Instead I silently agreed to her support. Bobbing my head up and down in a slow motion, Jurina wiped her sneaky tear droplets with one motion of her shoulder against her cheeks. There was a small, faint chuckle that was barely audible coming from her. Then the next thing I knew, she was carrying me in a bridal style. Carrying me like we were just married and she was the groom as I was the bride.

Her hold on me was strong and firm. Keeping my body close to hers, she looked down at my face. "It's not going to take long to get into my car."

With that said, she climbed up the stairs that lead to the only exit out of this storage room. I could that many of my co-workers and managers were staring at the two of us with disbelief the moment we emerged from the room. However, Jurina didn't even batter her eyelids at them for she was too focused on getting me safely to her home. Her home that could just possibly be my only safe haven.

A couple minutes passed by as she rushed through the building. Thankfully we weren't too far from the parking lot. The warm night greeted us with open arms the moment the sliding door rushed all of the cold inside air out. From what I can see as she brought me over to her vehicle, she had bought herself a new car the last time I saw her. The red Jaguar F-Type sport car was seen just a few feet from where the entrance of the building. I could feel the younger girl fumbling to get her keys while keeping a hold on me with her other.

Although it took a good minute to balance keeping me close and getting the only object that would operate her car, she managed to unlock her car with a few clicks. The sound of the car unlocking echoed in the quiet parking lot filled with many other types of cars.

She gently slipped me into the passenger seat right next to the driver's. Jurina, after making sure that I was secure with my seatbelt and overall comfortable, closed the door shut on my side. From my view, I saw her dash over to her own side and clicked it opened. In one motion, she slammed it shut and adjusted her seat.

While she was busy starting the engine and fixing her rear mirror, I examined the inside of her car. On the outside may look slick but the inside speaks more than the exterior side can showcase. It shows off all of the current technological advancements that mankind has ever made at this time. Neon red lights outlined the many buttons and dialer in front of her. Even the steering wheel in front of her had the glow of red outlining the object and design. The seat that I was in surprisingly comfortable. So comfortable that I could just sleep on it and not have a single problem with my back.

The car vibrated while the engine began to do its job. Soon we were out on the streets and into the highway. Each passing streetlights illuminated their orange light; showing the road for any travelers out late in the night. Jurina's car headlights were turned on. Its bright, white light giving her additional aid for the darkness on the road.

My eyes trailed over to the digital clock of her car and saw the green numerical font show off that it was almost ten o' clock PM.

Silence came between the two of us and not a single one of us utter a word to each other. Though it was a little uncomfortable, it was bearable to be silent. Now wasn't the right time to start opening up and expressing what we have done with our life. Rather I sense that my safety is more important than a simple conversation between lost lovers over the years. Personally I'm a little startled that Jurina still hasn't found someone and gotten married like me. But that might prove to be a positive note.

From the corner of my vision I saw Jurina occasionally clenching her jaw and tightening her grip on the steering wheels. Tightening it till her knuckles turned chalky white. I could see her eyes training straight ahead on the road; so focused that my existence could hardly be felt from such intensity. However, I was proven wrong when she shoots a glance at my direction for a split second every now and then.

I sat in my seat and sniffed a few times. Everything just came crashing onto me... I never knew that I would break down so quickly and reach out to the only person that I never expected to ask help from. I've been bottling my problems and emotions about my relationship with Himuro. Everyone around me thought the two of us were perfect and found it lucky that I got married to him. They just didn't know the truth though. When they did, they usually didn't get close to me anymore due to the fact Himuro threaten to erase their existence with his power of being a man and strength of his intelligence. I didn't even tell Jurina my problem till now. I didn't want her to worry if she ever did worry about my safety and health with the man.

But now that it came out, I wouldn't be surprised if I returned back to my home with him and got into a huge fight. Hell the fights I've had with him always ended violently. Himuro would always apologize though and beg for my forgiveness of his actions. I just didn't understand why we always fought and kept going on like this for two years. Maybe because I was scared of him? Maybe I didn't want to involve any of my friends and family to my relationship crisis? Or maybe I pitied the man for his terrifying love towards me? Whatever the reason may be, it's too late to take back my words about the man to Jurina.

After fifteen minutes passed by silently, I saw Jurina drive right outside of her house. Her house wasn't enormous but it was definitely big for a normal person. Two stories high and a black gate in front to ward off any intruders into the entrance of the house, Jurina merely parked right outside of her garage that was nearby her house. Getting out of her seat, she did not hesitate to turn off the engine and rush over to my side.

Unlocking the door, she helped me take a step out by extending her left hand at my direction. Her right hand held onto the door, stabilizing her balance as she pulled me out of the inside of the car. Jurina slammed the door shut when I got out completely. Hearing the car beep once to ensure that it was locked properly, she dangled the keys with one hand. The younger girl shot a glance at my direction and rubbed the side of her head with the other hand. Fingers were brushing at her short hair that she rarely would tie up in a ponytail.

"You should be safe here. You live a great distance from where I am, I believe?"

I nodded my head slowly, knowing for sure that I love on the opposite direction of where she drove to her home. There was a relieved sigh coming from Jurina's direction. Her rubbing stopped and dropped the hand down on her side. She stared at my eyes deeply and took one of my hands with hers. The hold instantly warmed up my cold and shaky hand. Such a simple action caused my heart to slow its rapid, hectic pace of its beat for a bit. Her grip squeezed with comfort as our eyes still were at each other.

"You're going to be okay, Rena," she reassured to me. And for the first time in two long years, I've her say my name. And saying my name from herself, not for the sake of work. My eyes were felt to be watery once more. Dragging my eyes away from Jurina's, I lowered my head. "Rena, you could stay with me for tonight. Or even live with me if that husband of yours is too dangerous to even return to."

I could feel her being sincere. I could feel that Jurina was willing to keep me safe. And knowing that alone made me feel happy after so long. But alas, our little happy moments were crushed when the horrifying voice was heard from the side.

"What the hell do you think you're doing with my wife?"

All of my senses went haywire the moment those words entered into my eardrums. The tremble that I had become violent again. Scared, I managed to force my eyes into looking at the man that I got married.

Tatsuya Himuro was a handsome man. Good looks and great body structures, he could make any of the ladies fall for him. With his short, black hair greased back with plenty of hair gel, his smile could knock off any normal girls (and even boys possibly). The deep voice and remarkable intelligence that he carries around is a bonus. However, his mind was the fatal flaw of his character. His mind always obsessing the person that he loves to the point that he would be willing to trap them in a cage for his sake and pleasure.

"Keeping her away from filthy bastards like you," Jurina spat out without even thinking twice. She had her right hand that was just seconds ago holding her hand shove my figure behind her. Standing in front of me like a protective shield from any danger. I trembled from behind as my husband cocked his head to the side in amusement. "So I'm a 'filthy bastard' in your eyes? That's quite an excellent description to describe me in person."

Extending out his left hand at our direction, he then said, "Come now, Rena. Let's go back home-"

"Stop talking to her like she's your wife," Jurina growled.

"But she is my wife, silly girl," Himuro chortled. "We got married for a reason. She loves me and only me."

You can never break away from me
You have no one to love but me

"A-Aren't you supposed to be at home resting now?" I whispered in fear from behind. My hands were gripping the back of Jurina's white shirt as I nervously stared at the man in front of me. Himuro ran his hand through his hair and nodded once. "I am. I just miss you so much that I left the house to watch you work your job as a receptionist."

Try to escape, wherever you are
I can see you, you know deeply

Horror was written all over my face as Jurina's scowl only became louder. Taking one step forth, she then gave the man a reality check of the situation at hand.

"A man that loves his wife is to respect her own personal space. You don't fit that criteria really well. Hell, even I take better care of her when I was her girlfriend back then."


Upon hearing what Jurina had uttered out, Himuro backed away a few steps from shock. His pupils shrunk and were unstable. Shaking violently at such disturbing news to his ears. It took him a good while to make eye contact with mine.

"Don't tell me that's true... You only love me!"

You can never break away from me
You have no one to love but me

Tears soon were streaming down on his face from such news flash. And at the same time, there were tears running down on my face as well. The bottom of my lip trembled as we both screamed at each other in unison. "I don't want to cry no more!"

Look at me now
I don't wanna cry no more, more

"I can't breathe when you're always suffocating me," I cried once again tonight. Jurina kept her defensive stance in front of me as my grip tightened on her shirt. I resisted the urge to lean on the younger girl for support as I poured out how I felt ot he man that I married.

Get lost
Just back off
I really can't breathe

Wherever I go
Wherever I am
It's frightening
The you who follows me

It doesn't seem to surprise me when he didn't listen to a single word that came uttering out of my mouth. Stomping one foot on the ground beneath us, I saw the tears stop running from his glands. Rather he was becoming angry. Becoming violent. Corner of his head clearly showed the veins that pulsated the blood to his brain. His teeth bared at our direction as he clenched them to the point that the muscles being strained were easily seen.

"I've done everything for you! E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! I called you so many times every single day yet you don't pick up. L-Look! I even made a DAMN gift for you!"

He pulled out from within his black coat a small pink box. Red ribbons were seen to be tied to its perfect state. Tied as though someone had spent hours just making it symmetrical on the sides and keeping the laces in place without tap. I didn't know what was in it but he threw it on the ground below us. There was the sound of a slam resonating in the night atmosphere. Echoes was heard from the sound of the box coming into contact with the concrete ground.

"I've waited for you every single DAMN time when you came out of work. I even skipped my work just for the hell of meeting you when you walk to work!"

A hundred times
Tens of thousands of times
I've called you
But why, why is there no answer?

Did you forget? It's already been
A thousand days since we met
I prepared a gift you'd like

I sit on the street you frequently travel
I'm waiting for you, I know my love

"It's not obsession," Himuro lowered the volume of his voice to a small, but dangerous tone. "You don't know my love to you at all."

Don't call it obsession
You don't know love
Don't say I've gone crazy
You don't know my heart

Before I knew it, Jurina rushed forward and gave that man a punch at his face. I didn't even see it coming nor did Himuro. Giving a punch in order to either shut him up or to release her anger to the man that's been making me fearful physically. But if I only knew, I would've warned her earlier to NEVER get into a fight with my so-called 'husband.' Himuro didn't have good body structures for the sake of showing off his muscular and toned body. He was an expert at self-defense and knew how to turn the tide the way he wanted it to be.

Jurina's left fist was halted in midair thanks to Himuro catching it with one of his hand from fast reflexes. His eyebrows scrunched to the point creases were seen on his face when he delivered a counterattack at the younger girl. A gasp left her lips as his other hand that now formed into fist came into contact with her unprotected stomach. Her fist lost all strength as the left hand loosened its power. This gave Himuro a chance to grab her neck with the hand that caught her fist. His right hand did not hesitate to encircle around her neck. The man didn't lift her up but rather kept her standing in front of him.

"JURINA!" I cried out with emotional pain when I saw her struggle in his grasp. He tightened his hold the more she struggle,d thus making her produce these choking sound out of her trachea.

Himuro glanced over Jurina's shoulder and glared at my figure. A glare so dangerous and terrifying that it could freeze me in its spot without the use of a freeze ray gun.

"I will make you mine alone, no matter what measure I have to do in order to obtain that."

You, you, you,
You can never be separated from me

"Why are you doing this?" I felt the tears flowing down my face and my cries of helplessness leaving my opened mouth. I felt so scared and terrified. So scared that my bones itself is even shaken. "Have you gone CRAZY?! Why are you like this?!"

Have you gone crazy? Why are you like this?
Please just leave me alone now

Seeing you is suffocating
Please disappear from my sight

Himuro simply cocked his head, still keeping his hold firm on Jurina. I watched in horror when Jurina's movement cease to function in his grasp. Her head hanged forward, the short black hair covering up most of her face. I screamed out her name when the man threw the poor girl's body to the side. There was a painful sound of the body skidding on the concrete ground for a split second and rolling a couple times. When it soon came to a stop, Jurina didn't make any motion nor movement that she was conscious. Or even... alive.

I switched my attention and saw that Himuro was approaching at my direction slowly. Backing away with fear, I shook my head as my entire body shuddered. My legs felt like they were becoming jelly and instantly gave way. It looks like my body has betrayed me for I found myself landing on my back with a slam. A wince left my lips but I didn't heed any attention to it. Rather I have more to worry about than a simple fall on my back

"Please don't run away from me," he whispered to me in a soft tone in comparison to earlier.

You know you want me too
You know you love me
Don't run away from me

My eyes rapidly scanned the area around me. I had to do something. I had to find something that was going to help me escape from this man that was now taking his time to reaching his destination. His destination of Matsui Rena that's now laying on the ground; helpless.

Left and right I examined yet nothing has caught my eyes. Is this really the end already? My eyes fell upon Jurina's body and saw her still in the same position when he threw her. The tars then stopped. It just ceased forming from my eyes. Anger was bubbling within my body. Anger... The fear that has turned into one massive form of anger. Anger so great that I could make a volcano out of that one specific emotion alone.

I saw something glimmer in the night. Something with metal and it was on my left. My head turned to it and observed it. I wasn't able to pick out what exactly it was, but it was a bit farther from arms-reach. Not wasting any time, I quickly tried to reach out to it. As much as I forced my body to obey my command of crawling over to the object, it wouldn't. It was too shocked from both the pain and the situation at hand. Sweat ran down my face as I forced my hand to stretch and reach out.

Trying to reach out to it, I felt my fingers just touching it when I saw my husband standing right above me. He leaned down the instant I wrapped my fingers around the object. Then in one loud scream, I brought the object close to my body and right at Himuro's head.

There was the sickening sound of a sharp metal object stabbing into soft skin. Wet liquid was felt splattering all over my face and wielding arm the moment the object slammed into the side of his head. Metallic smell was sensed wafting into the air as Himuro above from me widen his eyes in surprise. His eyes still wide, there was a couple second delay before his body slumped to the right side. The sound of metal sliding right out of his head was heard. I glanced to my right and saw he laid on his left side. Himuro's body beside me was still.

Finally I regained my senses and crawled up to my two feet. Standing up straight with my heart pounding rapidly against my chest, I stared at the body below my feet. The body of my husband that was now dead. Within the dark night, I was still able to pick up traces of blood forming and spilling out from the wound I've created with the knife that I now have at hand. It felt like this was all a dream. A dream of killing my husband who was so obsessed to the point that it was psychologically driving me insane. My left hand trembled and dropped the metallic knife from my hand. It clanged against the concrete ground below followed by the sound of it also coming into contact with a puddle. A puddle possibly made from the blood of Himuro's.

I'm completely horrified at what I had down. Horrified and so out of it that I could faint from what was happening currently. But when I turned to look at my left on the street, I saw Jurina's body still from the side. All thoughts, worries, stress and shock about killing my husband flew out of my brain and into the back of my mind as I screamed out Jurina's name.

"JURINA!" I cried her name out as I leaned down to check her pulse. I checked her heart and pulse both on the wrist and neck. A few seconds passed by and a long, relieved sigh left my barely parted dried lips. "You're alive..."

I brought her head up with my clean hand of my right compared to my left. Propping her up on my legs after I had sat down, I examined her body if there were any serious injuries that needed to be tended. While I examined her body, I heard a groan coming from her direction.

"R-Rena..." she croaked out in a small, raspy weak voice.

"Don't speak Jurina. You're alright now."

"W-What about your husband-"

"Don't worry about him. I've already taken care of him."

I shot a glance over to the dead body that laid near Jurina's car. The body was still laying without a single movement nor motion that hinted he was still alive. I didn't even bother to shed a tear for the husband that I had just lost by my own hand. Rather I cursed at the man and pray that he forgets about me when he reaches to whatever afterlife when a person loses their life on this planet.

Cut the crap
Get ahold of yourself
Let go of me now

This ain't right
This isn't love
This just hurts me
Don't be like this

I lvoed you
But I don't now
Erase me from your memory

I don't wanna cry no more more

JEEZ, I had to retype this 6,300+ word OS. It's like torture, but I wanted to upload this... Copy and paste doesn't seem to work this time. :bleed eyes:

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"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Going Crazy [wMatsui] - [07/16/13]
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Oh wow. That was so intense.

So I watched the vid link first before reading the fic. I thought Rena was going to kill J or the other way around, but definitely not her husband. XD

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Going Crazy [wMatsui] - [07/16/13]
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OH WOW! XD Your fanfics are always very fun and interesting and exciting and GAH! Can't describe this feeling!

Even it sounds a bit weird but I like the part that Rena finished Himuro's like the darkness inside her took over control of her body and finish the work instead. This fanfic is CRAZY! Just like it's name and it's crazily awesome!

Now I like your OS~! Since this is the first one I read...I shall go read more now  :inlove:

Thank you for your update LoyalFlutist-san! Also, retype 6,300+ words is just insane! D: I admire your effort to type it out and post it on here! Awesome WMatsui fanfic~  :thumbup :deco:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Going Crazy [wMatsui] - [07/16/13]
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awesome O.O!!!

1st I thought the same as Sherin but no xDDDDDDD

ahhh u need to make an epilogue pls >,<  :bow:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Going Crazy [wMatsui] - [07/16/13]
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Wow. Nice story.
Rena became so angry and killed her husband (total jerk) so cool.
By the way great song :thumbsup

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Going Crazy [wMatsui] - [07/16/13]
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Ugh. I was going to do a double update, but what the heck, I could only do one. Thanks to the stupid time restraint I have with typing up my fictions (as school starts in about 11 days from now), I'm only going to upload one fiction. :doh:

But hopefully to make it up, it's almost 15,000 OS (wow. First time writing THAT much ever) of fluffy wMatsui that I promised to my friend here, Kate, for her birthday. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to post it earlier! I think the last thing I want is to release out a rushed fiction that sounds crappy no matter how well it's read. Please forgive me about the delay. :bow:

Enjoy and Happy Birthday, Kate (katekyohit)! I hope your day goes by well! :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco:

Building Feelings [wMatsui]

Last year of high school.

It’s the biggest year for most everyone in the educational system. A year where not only do parents cry over at the amount of cash they have to empty out of their wallet for their child but a year where many events all center around the seniors. Ranging from Homecoming all the way to Graduation, this is a big year for them.

It’s also my last year to spending time with her. Spending time with the person that I have admired and loved from the distant ever since I entered into my freshman year at the school: Matsui Rena.

She’s one year older than me and a year ahead of me in terms of grade level. So I’m basically a junior and she’s a senior. Such little distant in terms of years yet such a big difference already made between the two. Everyone admires her; considered as one of the most popular female in her class year. Almost every single day she is being frolicked by both girls and boys. Frolicked as though a princess from a faraway kingdom has entered upon our school in a dramatic fashion. The long, straight black hair that flowed beautifully in the same direction as the wind with the wind always in her favor. Every move she makes with her limbs are scrawled all over with elegance. And the way she cocks her head to the side just slightly every once in a while during a conversation is simply adorable.

We did meet a few times; better yet she actually is in one of my classes: Chemistry Honor. Though to many of the students around us, we were only considered classmates. We sat near each other yet didn’t utter much words to each other aside from stray compliments of our fashion sense and the teacher’s lectures. It’s true that I have never made an attempt to even gain Rena’s attention and vice versa. But as the school year is coming to an end, I knew that I had to do something. I had to do something in order to grab the attention of someone that I looked up to ever since I entered into high school. It was our last year being together and last chance at actually getting close to her without much hassle.

I had to do something. And now that second semester had just started after Winter Break on December and part of January, time was running out.

“Oi, Baka Juri!”

The instant I heard someone calling me stupid, I merely turned my head to the right just a bit before coming into contact with a red notebook. Pain exploded upon my face, especially my nose from such brutal contact. A yelp left my now-opened mouth and the hands that were supporting my resting chin on the desk immediately covered my nose. The pair of eyes on my face closed for a brief moment from agony. When I reopened my teary eyes, I instantly saw who the culprit was.

“What was that for, Mayu!?”

The younger girl just one year older in terms of age was standing directly in front of my desk. Long black hair and signature perfect bangs swayed to the side on her clear forehead expressed this girl’s beauty. Dressed in a casual outfit due to our high school not requiring uniforms (since we’re studying in the United States), her usual pink hoodie was accompanied by her navy skirt matching with the same colored t-shirt. Beige winter boots worn despite the weather was heard to be tapping upon the hard white tiled floors most likely out of irritation or impatience. Mayu simply rolled her eyes and was seen to have the very notebook that hit upon my face roughly earlier; her left hand gripped on the spiral edges of the object. 

“Quit daydreaming, Jurina. Class is about to start in a few minutes.”

Is that all she has to say? The older girl simply turned around 180 degree from her spot and took her precious little time back to her desk. I couldn’t help but grumble quietly to myself. That girl… Although she is strict sometimes and sometimes even childish, she is my closest friend ever since we both entered this high school together. We were in the same class almost every single day and every single grade level we were in. Was it a coincidence or some sort of sorcery that put us two best friends in the same class at least four times a day? Either way, we both would always stay in close contact inside and outside of our hectic school life.

The first class for us students was able to start in five minutes. The class that I had as of right now is Pre-Calculus Honor. And to my dismay, there was a quiz that I had completely FORGOTTEN to study for the last couple of days. I was so busy with my clubs, sporting activities and planning out how I should approach to Rena that I basically had my studies for this class nonexistent in my brain. Thanks to Mayu snapping my attention about class starting, I was now rummaging in my white backpack; trying to find my notes for the current section of chapter six we were on. The last thing I want is to earn an F on the second week into second semester of my junior year.

But just when I manage to find the notes I needed from a blue notebook labeled ‘Pre-Calc Notes,’ the teacher walked into the classroom from the corner of my vision. My shaky fingers were hectically flipping through the inked pages filled with my print. Thankfully I manage to find a small section in regards to the assigned lesson. I skimmed over the scrawled notes I’ve hurriedly scribbled a few days ago on Friday as the teacher announced about a quiz passed out before school officially starts. All of the formulas and equations were forcefully crammed into my brain for a split minute.

‘Hopefully I manage to pass this quiz…’ I mentally stated as I stuffed the notes under my desk along with my backpack the instant our teacher stopped by my desk. There was a stack of paper in her right arm; using her left hand to grab ahold of a single sheet and placing it gently upon the surface of my wooden desk. I leaned back on my school’s green, plastic chair and sighed quietly under my breath. Biting the bottom of my lip, I stared at the questions typed upon the sheet of paper. Five typical questions for a quiz yet the questions weren’t as easy as 1-2-3. The equations all require at least three or more steps with a specific formula in order to solve it. ‘Oh boy… This isn’t going to be fun.’


“So Jurina! How did you think you did on the quiz?”

“Don’t talk to me about it, please…”

“Oh… So that means… You didn’t do so well?”

I shot a glare at my other friend, Yagami Kumi. The other girl immediately raised both of her hands in the air in full alarm at my action.

“Whoa! Sorry about that! You have to know that I’m most likely to flunk it, neh?”

“Oh please, Kumi,” I rolled my eyes and buried my face into the palm of my hands. I just didn’t want to see anyone at the moment in regards to the quiz we had just taken. All of the formulas and practice problems that I had skimmed over in mere seconds weren’t as helpful as I wanted them to be. Rather my own brain itself betrayed me. It left me in a state where I completely blanked out and before I manage to wrap my head around what was the formula, time was nearly running out for the twenty minute quiz. I was left with only five minutes at hand, so I speedily rushed through all of the problems. From my mental calculation, I would be very very VERY lucky to even earn a low C on that quiz. And now that Kumi is here right by my side, I swear to god she isn’t making me feel any better about the assessment. “You know that despite being lazy with your homework, you do know your material. You’re always passing the tests and quizzes no matter what. So don’t ever say you’ll flunk this quiz.”

Kumi… This older girl who was a grade higher than me though was another classmate and friend of mine. She is lazy and never does her homework. Always hanging out with her friends and plays video games so much. However, the long, black hair girl with a goofy smile always turns on her ‘Majisuka’ mode at such accurate and precise timing during exams. Kumi will just zip through the paper with the lead of her pencil possibly even imagined fuming with smoke from its trail at how fast she scratches her work. Even the teachers are always gawking at how intelligent she is despite sleeping during class and being such a lazy worker. Most everyone envies her for possessing such brain inside of her thick skull.

She brought her hands down by her sides and shrugged her shoulders with mild amusement. “Alright then… If you say so.”

I don’t want any pity from anyone about this. Especially when it comes from Kumi. But trying to push away thoughts about the possible horrendous score I might’ve earned from this quiz, I glanced over at the clock. The hands on the clock all point that we only have ten minutes before our next class start. And with five minute passing for a small bonus to us students and teachers. (It’s never enough time though for most of us though.) While I stay seated on my desk and collected all of the notebooks and papers I’ve scribbled with today’s lecture from this math class, I was not surprisingly met with Mayu again.

“What do you want?”

Mayu clicked her tongue in response to my sudden, but common, grumpy attitude when it comes to being unprepared for a certain class event. “Someone’s a little grouchy today. Is it about the quiz?”

“Don’t push my buttons. Not in the mood, Mayuyu.”

I could see the other girl peek over at Kumi’s direction. The other black haired girl exchanged glances with the shorter female and smiled nervously. “I think it’s wise not to speak to her in regards of the assessment today…”

“Oh. Okay then. Serves you right though for not studying last night, Juju.”

“Mou… You’re so mean, Mayu…”

A finger was felt poking at my casual white sporty t-shirt with the logo of Nike’s around my right shoulder. I was a bit annoyed by the action, but removed the hands that concealed my face. Rubbing my face for a short bit in order to wake myself up for the transition from the class of first period to the second (and forgetting about the quiz), I resisted the urge to smack away the very finger that was still on my clothing. From the corner of my blurry vision, I saw Mayu retract her hand and then motioned her right hand to drag my attention to my belongings laying under my seat. “Earth to Jurina, the bell is about to ring soon. You better get yourself ready.”

“H-Hai hai, Mayu,” I flashed her a fake smile while I used one of my arms to grab ahold of the backpack underneath my chair. After I dragged it out and plopped it on top of my desk, I took the time to get out of my seat. The black sporty shorts that also came from the company of Nike’s was clearly shown for the white stripes on both sides of the black coloring was a small logo located on the lower left. I threw my bag over my right shoulder. I glimpsed over at both Mayu and Kumi. Or right now, it’s just Mayu. It looks as though Kumi had rushed over to her own desk a good distant to my right in the classroom. She was seen to have gathered her own belongings herself. A few of her own friends approached the other girl and started up a conversation.

Once I was ready and all set, I see that Mayu has yet to move from her spot. Arms crossed, she was easily seen to be chewing gum without a single care in the world. (Although our school did warn about the ‘no gum’ policy, apparently most of the teachers just don’t really care at this point.) Mayu was watching me with every single movement I took action upon.

“Er… So our next class is… Chemistry Honor?”

“That’s right. You’ve done your homework, have you?”

I nodded my head, which was responded with a simple sigh from Mayu. Blowing out a small pink bubble, it popped the instant she decided to speak.

“Of course you would do the homework. Mr. Marge would KILL you and the entire table you reside with if you didn’t do it.”

Ouch… Such cold and harsh remark from the cyborg girl. (A nickname given from many of our classmates due to her lack of emotion and even if she did have any emotion, mostly they were cold. Truthfully she’s a tsundere if I wanted to be descriptive.) But she was right though. I shuddered just thinking about how our teacher would’ve reacted if I didn’t finish my homework. Chemistry was a difficult subject if one wasn’t thinking fast enough and learned quickly with precision. And Mr. Marge himself is one of the strictest teacher I have ever met in my entire educational life at this point.

The man had a black beard and haircut that might as well be almost a replica of J. Jonah Jameson from the Spiderman series. He always wore a tie, buttoned clad shirt whether short or long sleeve with black khakis. The man never wore any sort of jeans or denims in his career. Not to mention that he never wore a single tie more than once throughout a single school year. And the attitude the teacher possesses… Though he was not a bad teacher at all, he was just… strict.

I remember so well to what happened to the student that never did complete his homework. Boy did that guy ever regret not doing his work… Ever since that fateful day, he changed one hundred percent and dedicated doing his assignment for that class; staying on top of his game. Even just thinking about it sends the chills down my spine! I bet everyone is still horrified at that past event. Mayu herself too was a bit shocked when Mr. Marge’s anger erupted from his sarcastic, but calm and deadly personality.

My mind snapped back to reality when I realize the bell itself had just rung out loud. The bell wasn’t actually a real bell ringing in specific, patterned tone. Instead, an electronic, loud and annoying ‘beep’ resonated in the air for a good five seconds. (Most likely due to the school being cheap.) Upon hearing it, many of us students began to spill out of our classrooms and into the hallways and atrium.

Mayu was following close right by my side as we stepped upon the clean, white tiled floorings. Each step we took couldn’t be heard for the loud chatters filled up the entire inside school. Some students were seen to be leaving through the double doors leading to the outside world; whether it was to get to another building to reach to their class or for some of the naught ones, sneaking out of school. Whatever it was, I knew that I had to get to my class. And fast.

The older girl was constantly a good distant ahead of me from time to time. She wasn’t the type of person to wait on a slow pace walker, so there were multiple times that when I stopped to greet my other friends, she would be nowhere next to me in seconds. As expected of Mayu. She doesn’t like to be delayed getting to her class; even if that means she has to ditch her best friend in the process.

“You walk way too slow,” she sharply threw her remark at my direction after I finally manage to catch up with her. I flashed my teeth towards her while one can imagine a sweat drop running down the side of my face. “H-Hai… Gomenasai… You know how I am with crowds…”

I have a tendency to get lost in crowds no matter how big or small. Even if I were arms distance from someone, in mere seconds would we be a couple long feet instead from each other. This might play a factor into why Mayu doesn’t like waiting for me to catch up.

Mayu rolled her eyes at my response. “Right…”

As we trended through the noisy hallway filled with students of all ages and grade level, cliques and few individuals were lingering around certain areas. Without a single care of the world that they’re blocking many coming at their direction, they were heard gossiping about common rumors floating around this community. Others were, well… in their own romantic world with their other partner.

“Don’t they know that there’s a time and place for everything?” I heard Mayu on my left mumble in irritation. I shrugged my shoulders, unsure of what to say to her. The shorter girl from the corner of my view glanced over to her right and frowned. “Neh… Jurina, have you asked her out yet?”

“Asked who out?”

“Don’t you play dumb with me. Rena. Matsui Rena?”

If I were drinking or eating anything, I would’ve spat all of them out in surprise. Shocked at the sudden question Mayu had slapped me across the face with recklessly, I whipped my head around to her. One of my index fingers flew up and pressed against my lips. The cheeks of mine were felt to immediately heat up. This girl seriously doesn’t care how embarrassing it would be to talk out loud about this! “Shush! Why do you have to ask me that now!?”

“Well did you?”

Mayu completely ignored my startled response and shot back with the same cold treatment. I swore that there were others walking in the same direction as us were perking their ears up from our conversation if they were audible enough for them. Puffing my cheeks and lowering my hand down, I scooted close to the shorter girl. There was a small pause between the two of us. It was soon followed by a loud sigh. Bending down while we trended forth, I hesitantly whispered into her right ear, “I haven’t yet.”

“Why haven’t you? It’s already second semester and time’s running out for you.”

“I-I know that, Mayuyu! It’s just… It’s just…”

“It’s just…?”

“It’s…” I sucked in a deep breath before retracting my head and straightening my posture back to normal. Exhaling loudly, I then muttered, “It’s hard… I don’t know how to approach her.”

The shorter girl didn’t say anything in return. Instead though, she stopped abruptly in her spot and turned to her left. If it weren’t for my fast reaction, I would’ve continued walking forward right past the older girl. Stopping just a split second after Mayu has, I realized that we were already at our classroom for Chemistry. Not to mention that we made it with three minutes to spare before it actually starts.

A little embarrassed at how out of it I was today after Mayu had just disrupted my flow for the morning with such question, I entered into the room. I shifted my backpack so a single strap was resting on top of my right shoulder. I stared upon the classroom and instantly saw Mayu seating herself in her assigned spot; sitting right where our table was right in the far left within the back of the classroom. The tables weren’t those common tables that anybody could sit and drag around. Rather it was a black coated lab table fit for four to five individuals with stools to sit on. Sinks with two faucet (one for water and another for gas) was sticking on the outer end across from the seated students. Power outlets were on both ends of the table for powered equipment to be able to hook up and come to life. Underneath the table was a wooden cabinet filled with even more equipment (sadly it’s prohibited for a student to open it up).

I saw Mayu taking the time to seat herself on the metal stool with her backpack on top of the table. She was sitting on the left end of the table (closest to the window); seen to be digging for her notes and required items. Quickly I seated right next to my best friend on her right. I slipped off the last remaining strap that rested on top of my shoulder and gently threw it upon the smooth, black table. The sound of the light load resonated softly in the air as it collided on top of the surface. I too began to take out my belongings for the class; hands reaching into the white bag.

“Good morning Jurina-san.”

That voice. That one and only voice that sounds like the heaven has allowed me to hear in my lifespan. The hands that were inside of my bag jerked out with the things I need. Rapidly I perked my ears up and swiftly turned my head around to the female that formally greeted me. The source of her voice came from my right and it was none other than Matsui Rena. Dressed in an elegant white blouse with blue skinny jeans that matched well with her shirt, she brushed a stray lock of her perfect black hair aside from her forehead. The way Rena’s pale fingers touched upon every piece of black strand; watching her gently return them back with the rest of her hair… It was very memorizing.

I must’ve looked like an idiot for I was staring at her without saying a single word. Unconsciously my jaw was dropped slightly, easily seen by everyone except me alone. I didn’t realize it though until Rena shyly waved to me with her school’s handbag on her other arm. “A-Ano… J-Jurina-san?”


Oops. I didn’t mean for my voice box to reproduce the words that I wanted to reply a notch louder than expected. All of the students that resided in the room as of right now all shifted their focus of attention to the two of us; specifically at my direction. Right away my face heated up at such ridiculous temperature compared to earlier that if I weren’t turning into the bright red color of a tomato, then I don’t know what could describe my blush. My mouth sealed itself in hopes that I wouldn’t utter anymore nonsense. Rena immediately closed her eyes while smiling at me with politeness despite the random outburst I had created.

“Ohayou gozaimasu to you too, Jurina-san,” she smiled at me. Then flicking her eyelids open, she pulled out the stool from underneath the table with her left hand and gracefully took her seat. The pair of dark, brown eyes that laid upon my figure proceeded to look away. Rena then proceeded to pull out the homework that we were required to do yesterday.

It took me one single person that’s named Watanabe Mayu to bring my attention back to reality within the classroom. “Oi, Earth to Jurina for the nth time, don’t be eye candying Rena at this time.”

I swear to god that if we’re not in a classroom and Rena wasn’t with me, I would’ve tackled Mayu and told her to shut up. But I didn’t. Instead, I nervously glanced over at the senior sitting right next to me. When I was assured that she hasn’t heard of what Mayu had just uttered (or rather didn’t bother to respond back to us), I twisted my entire body towards the shorter mischevious girl.

“Mayuyu!” I harshly whispered back to her, hoping that Rena didn’t hear me next door. I sent dagger-like glares at Mayu’s direction with all of my might. The other girl brought both of her opened hands up into the air, shrugging her shoulders while shaking her head in the most dramatic fashion. “There was no other way to bring your attention back to the classroom, Jurina.”

“I’m sure there are other ways, Watanabe.”

She merely smirked at me. Remaining silent, Mayu’s mind shifted over to the notes and binder that rested on the table before her. It doesn’t look as though she’s bothering to speak to me anymore. Not to mention that move earlier was purposely stated bluntly just to mess around with me. How cold could that cyborg girl get…

Sighing loudly, I too returned my attention back to the homework that laid in front of me. Occasionally I would throw a glance now and then over at Rena’s direction. The girl was too focused on organizing her work for the teacher to check on them in the next minute or so. And from my view, I saw another girl enter and join our table.

“Oh, Yuki! You’re here!” Rena’s voice rang out with happiness. Both Mayu and I at the same time could be seen lifting our heads out of the homework papers and at both of the girls’ directions.

Kashiwagi Yuki, who was just as elegant and beautiful as Rena approached at our table. She was known to be the richest girl in our school. However, despite stereotypical thoughts on rich girl equal someone one doesn’t want to actually befriend, Yuki was a different story. This long, raven haired girl has a smile that could charm both the boys and girls. The personality and caring attitude she carries around is priceless compared to the cash she holds at hand from her family’s famous clothing company. But despite her parents working in such career, she herself wasn’t quite a, well… dresser. The older girl, who was in the same grade as Rena, doesn’t really know how to dress up with style. Many of us couldn’t help but try to brush off the awkward style Yuki carries around most of the time. (Rarely will she ever come and dress normally.) For today, she was dressed in denim shorts and gray t-shirt that shouts out ‘AKB48!’ idol logo on it. Accompanied by sneakers, it looks like Yuki had chosen the casual outfit for today. And for her luck, it was something that didn’t look out of place.

She flashed a smile at Rena before seating herself on the other end of the table; across from Mayu. Her focus then shifted over to us two.

“Morning, Jurina-san and Watanabe-san,” she politely greeted before turning her attention fully over to the girl right next to her. We mumbled our ‘good mornings’ to her as they chattered on in their own world.

I heard an unexpected loud sigh coming from the girl behind me. I flickered my eyes over to Mayu and saw her resting the bottom of her chin with the palm of her left hand. The facial features written all over her face at this moment showed that she was in deep thought. It was uncommon for the cyborg girl to be pondering over something unless it was related to classwork. And from the looks of the situation, her eyes were fully trained on the older girl, Yuki. Raising one of my eyebrows in confusion, I was about to ask her what’s up when the electronic bell rang clearly throughout the entire school and classrooms. I was forced to clamp my mouth shut when our male teacher came into view.

He shut the door closed behind him with a loud slam, making anyone cringe if taken by surprise. His dark pupils within his eyes stared upon the classroom filled with students at attentive stance in their seat. Silence filled up the air between us and the older adult in the room.

Just when we thought it would go on forever, Mr. Marge broke the silence by announcing that he’ll be checking the homework. The older teacher slowly made his way towards the front of the classroom with the whiteboard right next to him. As he spoke about the homework and our responsibility, I darted my eyes towards the clock above his head.

‘Fifty-five minutes to go before this class is over,’ I mentally stated with a hint of weariness. ‘If I’m lucky, I might get a chance to talk to Rena.’


Sadly, I never got the chance to talk to Rena yet. Our class stayed behind due to our teacher and was nearly late for the next class. The only chance to ever be close to Rena let alone be able to talk to her is now out of the distance of my grasp for today. Though I see her around in school between classes, she’s always being followed by like a huge group of girls and boys from behind. It’ll be near impossible to approach her without being trampled all over like deer in the woods. Oh well… There’s tomorrow if nothing works today.

“Jurina! Jurina! Did you hear about my girlfriend?”

“Let me guess… You guys finally went out on a date over the weekend?”

“How did you guess!?”

The hyperactive girl that’s named Oshima Yuko rapidly announced her excitement over an event that occurred over the weekend. Even with her status as a senior, she still acts like a younger girl that doesn’t exactly suit her physical image everyone has of her. She was smiling with her dimples clearly showing, showing how happy she’s feeling. I saw Mayu, who was seated right next to me, sigh for the millionth time as of today.

“It’s obvious, isn’t it?” She stated while using her forks to pick up a fruit from her plastic container. Popping a grape into her mouth, Mayu continued her statement from picking up where she had stopped. “You and Kojima-san had finally made it official over Winter Break. Everyone in school has heard about it.”

“Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh, does the news in school really transfer around THAT fast?!”

“It’s the school ground. What did you expect from us students?” I stuck my tongue out at her direction. She giggled with embarrassment as she scratched the back of her head.

It was the beginning of lunch after our fourth class and we were eating in the cafeteria. There were two places where the students are allowed reside in at this period: Outside or inside. Usually I was one to enjoy nature no matter how hot or cold it was, so many knew that I was someone that always sits outside with my friends. Sometimes the friends I would sit with migrate every now and then inside and out, many prefers to stay with me. And as of right now, it was just me, Mayu and Jurina in this eight-seated table. Yuko sitting across from me as Mayu on her left and my right; each of us sitting isolated on the double-seats. Our lunches resting on top of the tables; all of the foods seen to be brought from home.

Five minutes have passed while we sat and ate out here and only one additional person came to sit with us: Shinoda Mariko. She, in the same grade as Yuko, was like a parental guardian or something to me. This older girl was like a second mother to me aside from my actual real mother residing at home. Popular in terms of beauty, Mariko is infamously known for trolling on just about anybody. Even the teacher themselves. But she’s smart and knows when to get serious at times. We probably became friends when I first became a high school student on my first day. Such a nice, generous girl to hang around with.

“So how are you, Jurina and Mayu?” she questioned the both of us. We merely replied with a single reply of ‘good’ and ‘alright.’ Fingers running through her short, dark brown hair, the other girl waved her other hand in the air. “Neh neh, do you three want to hang out with me this weekend? I have tickets for a movie that I think you might like~”

“Pacific Rim?” I threw in my guess.

“No, not that. Take another guess.”

“Safe Haven?” Mayu tossed in her own guess.


“50 Shades of Gr-ITAI!”

“NOT THAT AT ALL,” Mariko spoke through her gritted teeth as she retracted the fist that smacked the top of the hentai squirrel’s head. Yuko had both of her hands gripping the top of her head, complaining about how much it hurts. I couldn’t help but blush madly at such movie Yuko thought we were going to be watching with Mariko. Thank GOD we aren’t going to be watching that movie. I personally don’t know if I’ll be able to live through the first thirty minutes! Coughing into her hand, Mariko chuckled when we ran out of guesses to throw at her. “Alright alright, we’re going to be watching a Korean horror film, Death Bell!”

“NANI!?!?” all three of us exclaimed with surprise when Mariko proclaimed what film she was planning to watch for this weekend. I’m not so surprised that we’re reacting like this though. Mariko isn’t weak against horror but rather has a strong fond towards the genre. However, the rest of us aren’t so thrilled to hear the kind of flick we’re about to watch. Just what was Mariko thinking that we’ll like about it!? Many of the students that had already given it a watch stated that it was terrifying and gory! I shuddered the more I think about how the film will play out in theater. Better yet who will be surviving at the very end of the movie…

The oldest girl out of the four was showing off her smile that technically isn’t considered a smile of consideration. Rather it was a smile that expresses the hidden pleasure of watching us suffer through such terrifying scenario. Since we can’t technically reject her offer since she had already bought the tickets, then we have no choice but to go along with her plan for the weekend. What a bully Mariko is sometimes.


‘Oh crap! I completely forgot that I have tennis to attend to!’

The pace quickened instantly when that sudden slap of realization came upon my brain. Standing right next to me was none other than Mayu herself, who was, only at this time of the day in school, patiently waited for me. I could easily tell that the other girl was slightly confused at my actions speeding up in such short notice.

“Did you forget something-Be careful, Jurina.” If it weren’t for Mayu’s quick reflexes, then I would’ve dropped one textbook on my foot. And despite wearing white sneakers to cover a pair of feet, the contact of such heavy object wouldn’t be pleasant either way. Gasping out a thanks, I took back the book from Mayu’s extended grasp. I tried to balance it with the other textbook for Chemistry in my arm. “Anyway, like I was saying, you seem like you have forgotten something?”

“Tennis!” I breathed out tiredly from rushing through my packing. “I completely forgot that I have tennis practice today!”

“Baka…” Mayu rolled her eyes at my explanation. “How could you ever forget a sport’s practice for crying out loud!”

“I wish I could give you a better explanation, but my brain really is losing some of its screws.”

Once I manage to get everything I needed for tonight, I slammed the green locker close. A loud ‘BAM!’ resonated in the air along with other students roughly closing their lockers in the same fashion as I. The end of the school day means time for students to go home or students to attend practice, club meetings and study in the school’s library peacefully. While many of the students are going home like Mayu, I did not have the luxury for today. Tennis practice is my main priority afterschool and if I’m going to miss it, I would be in HUGE trouble.

“I’ll text you when I get home from practice,” I waved to Mayu. Then before even giving her a chance to reply back, I dashed away from the current atrium I’m standing in and out into the outside world. Thankfully I was close to the tennis and basketball court outside, so it only takes at the most five minutes to reach to my targeted destination.

Left and right my legs are extended out in front of my body. I hurried over to the court as fast as possible. Another plus to the factor was the clothing I was wearing right now. I’m glad I was in the mood to wear some sort of sporting outfit… Saves me even more time from changing in the restroom stalls. All of my other equipment are with the coach, so I don’t have to worry about lugging around plenty of tennis balls and a rack.

I just hope I could get there on time… Because if I’m late…


And… that’s what exactly happens when one is late to tennis practice. Or any sports in general at least under Coach Liz. I stood like a deer in headlights the moment I laid foot on the court. It did not take long for the coach to immediately realize that I was late. I guess taking my time earlier with my locker and conversing happily with Mayu made me lose track of time. In the end, despite being all prepared through luck and close to the tennis court, I wasn’t able to be on time.

After I had dropped off my backpack within a small pile filled with other bags of everyone else, the American, blonde female coach glared at me with great intensity. An intensity so great that she could make even the principle himself fear her. Coach Liz has obtained such frightening skills to persuade others and make them tremble before her. Dressed in the school’s sporting outfit with the color blue, white and black, she was ready to pound the hammer down on what needs to be done. She exhaled loudly when I answered back to her in a loud, but squeaky voice.


Without further ado, I was forced into running around the court as other members stared at me with either sympathy or pity. I could even hear some of them shouting ‘ganbatte!’ and ‘good luck!’ at my direction. The coach herself ignored me the entire time as she focused on the other players. While she announced some news that I might have to obtain through someone later during practice, I sprinted around as fast as possible. I wanted to get this over quickly so I would have enough energy and time to practice playing a match or two with a fellow player.

But under the burning heat of the sun’s rays up ahead and considering how HUGE the courts combined are in terms of distance, the third lap seems to be the only lap that I can fully use all of my stamina. Fatigue easily came over me, legs slowing down dramatically into a slow jogging pace. My breaths were becoming rapid and it was becoming difficult to breathe unless I come to a complete stop. But just when I just crossed through my fourth lap, I stumbled forth a couple steps. Then I just stopped. Bending down with the palm of my hands placed upon the top of my knees, I tried to keep my pounding heart from breaking my chest into multiple pieces. Weariness fell upon me while sweat rapidly streamed down both sides of my face.

I didn’t want to run anymore, but I know that I’ll be forced to do even more laps if I stop right now. ‘It’s just one more lap anyway, right?’

Groaning out loud with frustration and expressing how exhausted I was from being on the move nonstop, I dragged my body through the green surface with occasional white chalky lines marked below my shoes once more. Each step forward just made all of the muscles within my legs and sides scream from aching agony. But I pushed onward though.

One step forward. Another step forward. Now that’s the third step. Fourth step… Fifth step…

I tried to even my rapid breathing entering and exiting my respiratory system. But as I ran mindlessly, I soon came upon the fifth and final lap that I had completed.

‘VICTORY!!!’ Screaming out in joy mentally, I plopped myself on the burning surface of the court. Down with my back facing upward, I panted from the lack of oxygen sent into my two lungs. One side of my face rested against the burning ground as I stared to my left side. I was too tired to bother grabbing a drink in a nearby water fountain better yet even get up from my spot. ‘Never knew that running that much… Could burn so much of my energy today…’

From my blurry view, I saw some tennis players performing swinging techniques at the air while others were competing with each other in a practice match. The coach herself was watching over the entire courts that had students reside at the moment. My eyes lazily stared at the fit figures bouncing around right and left, up and down in order to smack the tennis ball back to the other swinger over the black nets.

Soon I saw a familiar figure in the distant, yet unfamiliar on the court. The long haired female stopped practicing her swings in the air when her eyes came into contact with my laying worn out body. Carrying her rack with her, the girl was seen to run up to where I laid. The more she ran, the clearer I could see who it was. And when I saw who it was, I nearly wanted to jump back up on my two feet and yelp out with surprise. But in my current state, all I was able to do was raise my eyebrows weakly when she approached. Finally in front of my view, she bent down on her knees to my level.

“Jurina-san… Are you okay?”

Rena was in front of me. The girl that I admired and loved ever since I laid my eyes on her is now finally before my eyes! She was dressed in the same sporting outfit as mine excluding the fact that her shirt was pink instead. The older girl was seen to be sweating profusely from the heat the sun beat down upon all of us that dared stand out in the outdoor. Black bangs were matted against her forehead, making one want to toss her a towel to dry it from how wet it was.

“Yeah… Just… tired…” I spoke in a raspy, soft voice.

“Okay then… I’ll get you some water then. I’ll be right back.” She got up on her two feet and straightened her back. Leaving her pink tennis rack right next to my laying body, she motioned to me that I should shouldn’t move. It only took her a few minutes for Rena to return back with a pink plastic water container; the lid opened for me.

When I finally manage to sit up with some minor difficulty, I stared at the other girl. Rena doesn’t understand why I wasn’t initiating anything, so she brought the item a bit closer towards my direction; urging me to drink the water in it. Hesitantly I took her container and took a small sip.

Okay, I lied. I drank it as if it was my last time drinking water in my life. Gulping as much as I can, I felt the cool, refreshing water run down my trachea and into the pit of my stomach. My body that once felt like it would overheat at any second was now cooling down thanks to the cold liquid.

“Thank you so much, Rena-san!” I bowed my head down in thanks. It resulted with Rena giggling quietly at my reaction. “I’m glad I could help you, Jurina-san.”

I returned the container back to her, my eyes caught sight of her first name scrawled in black permanent marker on the surface. It took a couple good seconds to realize who it was and what I was doing. Dramatically I leaned my upper body back with one arm crossing in front of my body as the other above my head. Hands were opened as my face expressed shock. “E-EH!? I d-d-drank all of your water! Oh my God, I’m so sorry-“

I was silenced instantly when I felt Rena motioned one of her hand in the air; fingers that were spread out now clamped together to all touch the one and only thumb. “It’s okay, Jurina. I’m going to be refilling it at the nearest water fountain.” Gently smiling at me, I saw her get up on her two feet. “You should head back to practice before the coach yells at you-“

“I-I… er… Can I come with… you… I mean?”

That didn’t sound confident at all. Sounds more like a shy individual who was given a chance to speak her desire for the first time ever. I stared up at her as my arms lowered back down to my sides; hoping that she accepts my request. ‘Wait, what? Accept my request? The question that I had just asked her is going to make me look like a weirdo! What if Rena thinks of me like that?! NOOOOOOOOO!’ All I wanted to do was spend time with her yet here I am, acting like a complete idiot. It surely isn’t helping my image right now if one were to judge. 

There was a small pause between the two of us. Rena had her slender index finger from her right hand touch the bottom of her chin. A small hum escaped her closed lips before answering my question. “Sure. I don’t see why you have to ask.”

If this was a cartoon and death was a concept that never was true, my heart would’ve exploded from sheer joy and excitement from a simple stated answer from the person I looked up to. Bubbles full of hearts would spill out endlessly. Maybe even hearts could be replacing my pupils and popping out like those in comic books for comedic purposes.

Scrambling up on my two feet with sudden newfound strength, I swore that my imaginary puppy tail was wagging rapidly left and right from behind. The older girl was a little startled to how fast I had gotten up, raising both of her eyebrows with concern. “Don’t stand up too fast. You’ll get dizzy and even faint!”

“Ah, gomen gomen~” I chuckled with embarrassment at how hyperactive I was acting. Once I manage to maintain my balance and felt like I could walk without much trouble (aside from the incredible soreness), we both walked along side-by-side towards the water fountain a good distant away. As we trended forth, I had a burning question that lingered in the back of my mind when I first saw Rena. It was hiding while I was busy exchanging with Rena, so now was the right time to ask. Pulling it out now that my exhausted state was rubbed off the list, I glanced over at the equal height girl.

“Ah, Rena-san?”


“It might just be me not paying attention, but I don’t quite remember you being in tennis before… Did you just join today?”

“Mmm… You could say that.” Her face turned over at my direction. “I had a fascination with this sport, but due to my poor health in the past, I wasn’t able to play in a sport that I enjoy. Now that I had gotten better, I was grateful to be given a chance to play in tennis.”

I nodded my head up and down in a slow motion, comprehending the reason why this girl showed up out of the blue in today’s practice. And seeing that the coach hasn't gone all haywire and psycho over Rena, it most likely means she'll be doing just fine with the school's tennis team. Then turning her attention back to the front, silence returned in the air. It wasn’t until we reached to our destination when I decided to break the quietness.

“You know… It’s the first time that we both had conversed with each other…”


“I mean… We’re both in the same class this year yet we never had spoken to each other in a conversation like this till now.”

Rena turned her head at me while her hands were on their own; refilling the bottle with fresh cold water. Tilting her head to one side, her eyes were seen to look up for a brief moment before returning their focus on my figure. There was a small curve forming on both corners of her lips. It soon produced a small, amusing chuckle at my statement.

“I guess you’re right, Jurina-san. I’m glad to be speaking with you then.”


Ever since that day, we managed to get a bit closer than before. Whenever we see each other in school, we would wave and exchange greetings as well as spark up a short-lived conversation in the classroom. Not to mention that now Rena is a full-time tennis player, we’re now able to exchange to each other and even partner up together for a match or two for our three day practices in each week. (Maybe due to the fact that she knows absolutely no one except me.) The steps to preparing for a proper confession is slowly coming and picking up its pace. I just hope that we’ll have enough time before she graduates. That was all that stuck to the back of my brain like a leech. It simply kept on reminding me the short number of days I’m limited to in order to make my wish come true.

Friday rolled around the corner and it was already the end of school. As usual, Mayu waited patiently with me as I got my belongings. She leaned against the green locker on her right side as she watched my every movement. Hands within her pants pockets, boredom was written all over her facial feature.

“You’re not going to tennis practice today?” she questioned me.

I shook my head right before I threw a notebook into my locker. Rough landing of the notebook was heard to smack right against the back of the compartment. “Nope. Today’s practice was cancelled this morning, so it’s a free day.”

“I see then.” Mayu then poked my on the shoulder when I closed my locker with a loud slam. “Don’t forget about tomorrow’s plan.”

“What plan?”

“Oh please. Don’t tell me you had completely forgotten?”

“What if I told you I have?”

“Argh, what can I do with you?” The shorter girl rubbed her foreheads with one hand; fingers massaging the temple of her skull. Frustration was scrawled boldly through all of her actions. “It’s going to the movie theater with Mari-chan and Yuko.”

“Oh……… Right.”

An imaginary sweat drop could be mentally seen rolling down behind my head at the event tomorrow. I was so focused with Rena and school in general that I forgot all about the weekend plan with my friends. And from the looks of things, it doesn’t look like Mayu was pleasant to hear that I didn’t remember anything about it.

“Er… I, um… Sorry about forgetting it…”

“You better go to it then, Juju.”

‘I think I would rather be watching a marathon of horror films in comparison to being glared consistently by Mayuyu!’ I mentally groaned as the shorter girl planted dagger-like glares at my poor figure. “Fine fine…”

From the corner of my vision, behind Mayu’s left shoulder was Rena along with Yuki walking side by side with each other. Books hugged against their chest, they walked with elegance and in a timely manner. (Maybe the marching band instructor would be impressed?) There steps were silent in the loud atmosphere that we were within. Without warning, I tore my attention away from my friend and waved at Rena’s direction. In response I saw Yuki flash a polite smile as Rena herself shyly waved back at me.

Then there was this sudden urge. This urge coming from deep within my gut feeling. The urge to ask something to Rena… To ask her something that I probably would regret later if it doesn’t work out in the end. Though I wanted to blurt it out, I clamped my mouth shut tightly. I gulped nervously when the figures were right by our sides. But after holding it in for only a couple seconds, I spurted out the words that I wanted to ask Rena the instant she passed right by the two of us.

“Rena-san! Do you want to go to the movie with me tomorrow?”

‘Oh crap. What the hell did I get myself into this time?’ I felt like I had just dug my own grave once I had finished running my mouth. Covering my mouth in an exaggerated fashion with both of my hands, I mentally beat myself for asking such silly request. ‘Oh of course. I had just started speaking and getting to know her a few days ago yet now I’m asking such-‘

“I would love to.”

‘Wait, what?’

I was standing in my spot frozen, unsure of what she had just uttered from her mouth. Staring at the girl that was now halted from going any further, Yuki too was right next to her; waiting for her friend to finish conversing with me. All of my heat senses were activated internally for I felt like it was getting hot in the atrium. ‘Did I hear that right or… am I just imaging things?’

Staring at her with disbelief, Rena chuckled when I didn’t say a single word back. “Didn’t you hear me? I said I would love to.”

My body tensed up from its spot and made myself possibly look like a fool before her. Saluting like a soldier with my left hand opened and resting its side upon my forehead, I spoke loudly, “H-HAI!”

Laughter erupted from Rena and even Yuki had to stifle a giggle.

“Haha, what time and where should we meet up?”

“I-I have my other friends with me, so it’s at the Theater Plaza not far from the school. And around… six in the evening.”

“Ah, I know where that is and I see.” Her eyes darted over towards Mayu, who was standing from behind me. “Are you coming too?”

“She i-“

“No I’m not.”

‘Mayuyu… Did you betray me or something?’ I stared at her with a shocked expression as the other girl kept a cool exterior. Mayu didn’t even bat an eyelid at my direction nor showed any signs of emotions that expresses displeasure; speaking at the other two older girls as though the plan had never changed in the first place. “I’m sure Mariko wouldn’t mind having another person come along since she has an extra ticket for one more person.”

“I understand.”

Then shifting her focus back at me, Rena giggled for a bit. “Then I look forward to meeting up with you tomorrow then.”


[Phone Call]


“Oi, Baka Jurina. Calm down and listen to me. I’m doing it for the sake of building your relationship with Matsui Rena.”

“But how could you just leave me like that!?”

“Jurina. You know that I’m always standing right by your side, so there’s a reason that I’m not coming tomorrow. Besides… Isn’t this actually YOUR fault since YOU’RE the one that asked Rena-san out in the first place?”

“U-Urk… Hit me right in the spot…”

“Exactly. Now have fun tomorrow. I on the other hand am hanging out with my family.”

“You’re hanging out with your sister, Miyuki, again?”

“Yeah and this time, she’s bringing in her girlfriend, so that’s going to be fun.”

“Yamamoto Sayaka was it?”

“Yep. Sayanee is going to be with Milky. God forbids that I’ll won't be ignored during the entire day…”

“Oh... Good luck with that.”

“Haha, I don’t need luck. But I’m sure you need it.”

“Thanks. I might need that.”


It was a decent, cool night despite the month of January. Weather wasn’t too bad and barely any clouds floated up in the atmosphere. The moon clearly shining its gentle, white rays down upon earth. Surprisingly bugs weren’t a nuisance as usual, but it might be thanks to the winter season. I met up with Mariko a good couple minutes before six. The older girl greeted me warmly with a few of her teasing remarks when we got together. However, Mariko was real shocked to find another person that she hasn’t technically known very well for a long time also appear right by my side.

“So you’re Matsui Rena?” she questioned with her eyes thoroughly examining Rena as though she was some sort of suspicious being. There was a few moments when Mariko squinted her eyes at the other girl, but remained calm and cool on the outside.

Rena wasn’t bothered at all with her actions though. “Hai. And I take it that you’re Shinoda Mariko…?”

“Yep yep.” Mariko then flashed her smile at the other girl’s direction; making it look as though she had approved this girl’s company. “So I see that you’re invited by Juju here, hm~”

“Mou, Mari-chan… Stop it,” I mumbled in a low, but harsh tone at the older girl. When Mariko earlier wondered who Rena was, aside from her name, she also asked what Rena was doing with us. So when she answered that I invited her out, Mariko grinned like a parent watching her kid getting married or something. Right now, she was laughing in response and I had earned a few good playful smack on my back.

“Haha, that’s so like you, Juri-chan! But anyway!” The short-haired girl glanced at her watch residing on her right wrist. “I hope our other guest would come too. I think missing the movie just from this single person is a waste!”

We only had ten minutes left before the film starts. And seeing huge crowds go into the assigned theater room that showed ‘Death Bell,’ it would be highly likely we won’t get the preferred seating if we don’t hurry. Not to mention that this other person so-called ‘Oshima Yuko’ needs to hurry up. Mariko is ruthless when it comes to being on time. And she isn’t afraid to leave someone behind in the process.

So while we waited, I would shoot a glance at Rena. The beautiful girl was silent the entire time, light blue dress covered with a beige colored jacket over her clothing. Compared to the clothing that I had on, it made her look like she had a sense of style unlike I. Her hands were dug deep into the pockets for warmth. Every now and then she’ll examine the outside portion of the movie theater. But when she noticed that I was looking at her direction, she would too shoot a look back at me with a small smile. And when Rena does, I would immediately break our connection and pretend that I didn’t see her. My actions obviously expressed that I was a little bit shyer in comparison to my actual personality from this person alone. Truthfully, no one had ever made me feel like this. It’s just Matsui Rena that makes my heart go wild when my sight catches even a glimpse of her figure.

At this time, almost ten whole minutes have passed by and we have yet to see Oshima Yuko.

“Well, time’s up for the squirrel of ours.” Throwing her hands up in the air with some irritation noted, Mariko then motioned for us to get inside and into the assigned room of the film.

Darkness welcomed us and gave us a short term instance of being unable to see right when we took a few steps into the theater. Many chatters and murmurs were heard from all around in the room; stating that there were many individuals wanting to watch the movie along with us. Blindly walking forward, I felt myself bump into Mariko from behind when she halted so quickly. The moment that I crashed into the older girl, Rena herself too crashed from behind.

“I’m sorry!” I whispered over to her and whipped around so I was able to face her. Despite the lack of lights in this room, I was able to see the dark outlines and basic structures of where her face and body parts are. The other girl took both of her hands out of the pockets and waved them in the air wildly. “No no, I should be the one apologizing.”

“Rena-san, I said-“

“Jurina. It’s my fault and I will stand by my point that I am at fault with this.”

Just when I wanted to argue with her about how it was actually my fault, I actually paused. I paused to ponder and think carefully about the sentence structure that she had uttered. I swear that I heard Rena drop the honorifics and instead called me by my first name and first name only by itself. Was it just my imagination or was it real? Because if it’s from my imagination, then I must be delusional with all these thoughts that blends in well with reality!

I sighed loudly and without even thinking twice, took her hand with my own. Left hand reaching out to grab her right hand. Instantly I felt the warmth and gentleness of her skin, making me want to use my other hand to grasp ahold of it. To hold it and protect it as if it was a protective layer of armor around such delicate part. But I resisted my personal urges and used this action in order to drag the older girl around. Including the fact that she not only won’t be likely to bump into me again but won’t be lost in this darkness our eyes were slowly its time adjusting to.

As I held her hand, I felt her fingers wrap around my own fingers. The hold was tight enough to assure that Rena too won’t be letting go if I ever did.

My heart just did a little backflip the instant I felt her fingers encircle around mine. Trying hard not to release my emotions and hug the older girl to death with affection, I trained my entire attention to Mariko before me. I focused following closely behind her in order to keep both me and Rena from losing track of where she is.

We turned to the right and scaled up the stairs when had gotten through the crowded line. In an orderly fashioned, all of us filed through one of the many red comfortable seating rows and sat down on one once we came to a stop. Upon seating, I couldn’t help but sigh out loud with relief.

“Whew, I guess the view here isn’t too bad,” I commented as the black movie screen then lighted up with the logo of the filming company. Rena sitting on my left side bobbed her head as Mariko on my right merely grumbled to herself about Yuko’s absence of the planned event. “Indeed…”

The lights up over our heads brightened up for a split second before dying down again, even darker than when we had entered into the huge theater. Hushes and silences filled up the tensed yet excited atmosphere of what was to come with this movie. And considering that it’s a horror genre, some dark figures from my view were seen to be cuddling and huddling close to each other.

To my surprise, I felt a gentle squeeze from my left hand. Swiftly I shot a surprised glance over at Rena to see only see her staring straight ahead at the screen. Her hand… was still with mine. I’m not sure if she knew that our hands were together, but I for sure didn’t at all! I nearly wanted to retract it from embarrassment but felt her grip tightened just slightly when she felt my hand move. Looking down at my hand and back up at her, I still see her focused on the bright screen; not batting an eye over at my direction.

Unsure of what I needed or wanted to say, I remained silent and too tightened my grip with her hand; fingers still intertwined with each other. For sure my heart will be restless throughout the entire movie.

Time then passes by rapidly throughout the entire film. And before I knew it, it was finished.

The end of the movie was something that I didn’t expect. It was gory. It was scary. It was like the other movie I’ve heard from everyone called “Saw” except in Korean! When the credits rolled down, I found myself to be leaning my entire body against Rena’s straight posture. My right arm was hugging the girl as my left hand was still held tightly with assurance. Trembles and instances of when I buried my face into Rena’s shoulder when terrifying scenes showed up happened far more than once. But now that I’m still having the aftermath effect of such horrifying flick, I still clung onto the older girl for dear life.

“Ju~ ri~ na~ I think your lovey dovey time with Rena-chan here is about time~”

A loud, startled yelp left my opened mouth as I released my hold on Rena. However, her hand was still gripping ahold of my left. Rapidly I twisted my body around so I was faced with the guilty suspect of a ridiculous statement. And of course, it’s none other than Oshima Yuko herself. Grinning like an idiot, her dimple smile deepened when she saw my reaction. “Your reaction, haha!” she laughed out loud despite such atmosphere the theater had once the film was over.

“So you were sitting right behind us the entire time!” Mariko exclaimed as many individuals took their time to leave the theater. She was shocked to see the midget squirrel reside right behind the three of us without leaving clues that it was Yuko. Her eyes widen but then returned to their original size followed by a chuckle. “Very sneaky, Yuko.”

While the two were conversing, Rena herself embraced me in a hug. “You were so cute when you were scared,” she admitted with a giggle. I couldn’t help but groan in response. “Mou… Stop teasing me, Rena!”


[Phone Call]

“So how was your night, Juju?”

“Terrible. I’m going to get so many nightmares from the film-“

“I meant how was your night being with Rena-san.”

“Oh. It’s actually not too bad. We’ve developed our relationship a good amount.”

“I could tell the moment your tone went from being depressively terrified to excited and bouncy when we talk about her.”

“Ha. Very funny, Mayu.”

“I’m not joking.”

“E-Er… A-ANYWAY, guess what?”

“Do I need to ask?”

“No… But I wanted to tell you that I had gotten Rena’s phone number!”

“Hmm… That’s good to hear.”

“Ehhhh… Why aren’t you excited?”

“Am I supposed to be?”

“Um… YES. But whatever. We exchanged number and we’re most likely going to hang out within this month if we’re both not too busy.”

“Nice progress you got there. Not to mention the honorifics of her name has dropped.”

“I-I noticed! S-So what about you? How’s your day with your sister and her girlfriend?”


“Oh… Um… Did anything particular that you are amused and surprised come up?”

“Aside from seeing Kashiwagi Yuki in the same café as us, no.”

“Was she with someone?”

“No… Just her and some books.”

“I see then. Did you approach up to her?”


“Sat with her?”


“Ate with her?”


“Speak with-“

“Enough about her; yes, I did sit and eat with her. We didn’t converse much though since she was deeply engrossed with some cooking books about healthy diet.”

“That sounds boring~ Nothing else happened?”


“Man, there should be more!”

“I wish.”

“Yeah yeah, but anyway, I gotta head to bed now. I’m sleepy and need my snoozes.”

“Same here.”

“Just don’t be surprised if I end up giving you a call in the middle of the night-“

“No. Go call Rena-san for crying out loud or Mari-chan if you’re really having that much difficulty with sleep tonight.”

“Mou… Stop being such a tsundere, Mayu!”


Days passed by us. Soon it transformed into weeks. And before I knew it, there was only a month left for the seniors in our school before they take their final leave. Their leave to step into adulthood and what life has in store for them. Whether it was to go directly into the working field or to focus more in education, the students didn’t have much time to spend in high school. Graduation already in view for their sight… I know for a fact that my time with Rena was running thin.

Despite us being together even more to the point that our time spent with each other rivaled against Yuki’s, (Yuki didn’t have any sort of ill-intention nor feelings about that) I wasn’t able to express my feelings to her about how I felt. I have to do it. If I was ever going to get my feelings across to the girl that I loved long ago, then I might as well do it now than never.

“Jurina? Are you going to prom?” Kumi questioned me as we both practiced our dances in the gym’s practice room. Currently in our dance class for the third year, we were just starting off with a few warm-ups as our teacher left to grab the school’s copy of a CD. After stretching my right arm high up in the air and leaning my body as much as possible to the left, I hesitated to answer. “I-I’m… not sure.”

“Not sure? Man, you should make up your mind,” another student, Takahashi Minami, expressed her opinion. “You have already bought the tickets, right?”

“Yes… I pre-ordered them-“

“Then you should go!”

‘…for Mayuyu…’

Unable to fully explain why I had bought the tickets, it seems that I gave the wrong impression about the ticket payment. They all thought that because I wanted to go earlier, I paid for them. It isn’t that at all! I simply bought it with Mayu’s money and for Mayu alone! But before I opened my mouth to explain, I heard Yuko from across the room shout, “Yeah Jurina! You should definitely go with Rena!”

‘…What did Yuko just say to me?’ There was a loud gasp followed by an awkward silence that extended longer than it should have in the first place. So quiet that if someone dropped a pin, every single one of us would hear it loud and clear upon contacting with the smooth flooring. And this kind of silence was something that I didn’t want to be a part of. Nervously scratching the back of my head with my cheeks heating up uncontrollably, I mumbled my response to the older squirrel.

“E-Er… I’ll have… to think about… that…”


[Phone Call]


“Oh for crying out loud, don’t say my name that long!”

“But Mayu! It’s an emergency!”

“If it’s an emergency, then please get straight to the point.”

“Everyone in school now believes that not only am I going to prom but I should also ask Rena out!”


“In the first place, I bought the tickets for you since you wanted to go with a couple of your friends. But now everyone thinks I’m going instead of you!”

“I don’t see a problem with that.”

“But Mayu, I used your money to pay for your ticket while you were out sick that one day.”

“I know that, but you need to understand that this is your chance to ask Rena out.”

“Um… But how do I do that?”

“…Have you in your entire life ever read any sort of romantic fiction or comic? A tale even like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty?”

“I have, but-“

“Then I trust you know what to do.”



“…She hanged up on me…”


The day right before prom begins! On a Friday afternoon, I stood by my locker. Only this time I was alone. Mayu wasn’t able to accompany me today for she was far too busy tonight with her family once more. The tension building up from inside my body was becoming to be a bit unbearable for I was ready to ditch my attempt to asking Rena out about being my date for the fancy event tomorrow. I honestly never knew that asking someone out on such special event is much harder than I had expected. As I shuffled my feet left and right over each other, I stared down at on the white tiled floors. Reflections of the white lights above our heads were somewhat visible. Familiar and common sounds of multiple conversations crashing into each other to form one huge pile of noise flew up in the atmosphere of school ending. And since tomorrow is prom, it means the air was filled with more excitement than ever before.

Mayu, Mariko and Yuko all got together to get me a long, white dress that showed off a rare feminine side of mine. White heels that fit perfect with the dress, they were booking everything in the hair salon and make-up artist for tomorrow in order to make me look more than perfect. They wanted me to look astonishing. And not just for the sake of showing off my beauty but rather to stand almost at equal level with Rena’s. They wanted me to look good along with Rena. Last thing they want is for me to be looking like a hobo when Rena herself is dressed like royalty.

Left, right, left right. My feet were shifting yet I still haven’t seen Rena around. Looking down for a couple seconds, I lifted my head once more to be faced with the older girl.

“Jurina,” she said my name in the cutest way possible. There was this smile on her face that always makes my heart skip a beat.

“R-Rena! I see that you’re here!” I stuttered with my words.

Rena cocked her head to the left slightly when she noticed that I was standing alone by my locker for today. “Mayu isn’t with you today?”

“Yeah… She’s got some family business to attend to, so I’m hanging out here all alone.”

“Then maybe I can fill in that void for you then. Yuki herself is in a rush too to get back home.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Maybe because of prom?”


We both exchanged glances at each other. Then before we knew it, we burst into a short-lived laughter.

“N-Neh, I have to ask you something, Rena-“

“Would you like to be my date for prom?”



[Phone Call]

“Oh… So Rena asked you to be her date instead of you for the prom tomorrow?”

“Yes! I-I honestly don’t know what to say! What could this mean?!”

“Slow down and calm yourself, Juju. It just means that Rena wants to be with you for prom. And given the circumstances you girls are in, it’s a great chance to be able to confess your feelings towards her.”


“Just take it easy and have fun tomorrow.”

“W-What about you? Didn’t you say you wanted to go to prom?”

“I actually… got extra tickets myself to go to prom.”

“Ah-So you’re going to prom with me then after all?!”


“Yatta! Can I like give you a kiss or something?”

“No way. Save that for Rena, you kissing monster.”

“I only do that with my friends~”

“I think you do that mainly with me alone. You should stop that bad habit or you’re going to get someone jealous of you.”

“Rena technically isn’t my girlfriend yet.”

“Officially you both aren’t. But from a third-person’s perspective, you both are easily named the next couple that everyone will be gossiping about in school.”


My parents were notified that it was Rena that will be picking me up with her own limo. A group of her friends will also be packed in the vehicle, so there will be some lively atmosphere within it. So all I can do right now is… wait patiently for my ride to come around the corner.

Sitting inside of my house with my straight, black hair all done (the ends of my hair wavy and tied into a bun), accessories of silver studs pierced into the bud of my ears and a white flower stuck within my bun, it was complete with my dress and heels. As fancy as it looks, it was comfortable and I was more than happy to be wearing something that isn’t going to make me want to take it off just for some pain relief.

“Our daughter looks so beautiful~”

“I couldn’t agree anymore, honey. We’re so proud of you, Jurina.”

My parents were smiling the widest smile they possibly ever had. Even the point that I could just imagine sparkles in their eyes and holy light radiating from behind their heads as if they were a Buddha. I couldn’t help but chuckle at their comments.

“You both make it sound like I’m getting married or something.”

“Haha! We’ll have to see about that!” My father laughed out loud with his rough, firm hand running through his short, black hair. Retracting it, it looked as though he wanted to reach out and ruffle me by the top of my head. But my mother saved me from having to say or do anything for her hand dashed out and blocked his hand from getting any closer to my hair. “Honey! Her hair has been done!”

“Oh right right~ Forgive me about that, Jurina,” he scratched the back of his neck with a shy smile as my mother scolded him about not understanding how important fashion is to a girl. But while they exchanging with each other, I heard a loud, high pitch honk of a car right outside of our home. My parents cease speaking anymore. Quickly my mom walked over to the front entrance door and opened it up with a pull. There from our sight was a fancy, long white limo on the side of the street closest to my house.

I used this chance to glance over at my parents.

“I’ll be home before midnight, mom and dad.”

“Alright then. You have fun then with your friends! Especially with Rena, your girlfriend!”


My face probably was as red as a tomato now as my mom laughed with her heart’s content, who was joined by my dad. Mother shooed me out while motioning her hand out.

“Go go now!”

I grumbled a few incoherent words but I couldn’t stay mad at them. Rather I was smiling like a doofus with their words. Waving back at them, it only took me a minute or two to reach over the now-opened door of the vehicle. 

“Looks like you and your parents have a good relationship,” Rena stated to me as she extended her hand out to help me get inside. When I took her hand, I noticed that it was a white gloved hand. And I know for sure that it wasn't a common white gloved design and layout that anyone in a dress would be wearing. Alarmed, I shifted my gaze over to her clothing and nearly dropped my jaw. The feminine Rena that I knew was now dressed in a black tuxedo with black bow on top of her white, buttoned shirt. Its collar was bent perfectly without a single hint of uneven folding nor debris on it. Black shoes accompanied by her suit with long black hair flowing down on her back; strays managing to sneak right over her shoulders. I nearly wasn’t aware that I halted moving in order to stare at Rena with surprise.

“H-Hai… Y-Y-You look… handsome…?”

“Haha, handsome is a term that would fit me as of right now, yes.” Rena broke out a huge grin from hearing my shy compliment. Not offended at all but rather rejoicing from hearing such words from me, she helped me take a seat right next to hers. The moment I got in, she safely closed the door with a slam that was barely heard.

While she returned back to my side, I stared at everything in the vehicle. The interior decorations and table that laid up between the two long rows of red velvet cushions of the seats extended till the front. On top of the table’s surface was littered with snacks and soft drinks that were covered in case it ever toppled over by accident. From what I’ve seen, many students both I know and don’t were residing inside of the vehicle. To my surprise, there was Kumi, Mayu, Mariko, Yuko and Minami that I know of in the same breathing space.

“Oh hey Jurina!” Kumi exclaimed with surprise as she waved at my direction. To my shock, she was wearing a tuxedo-like clothing like Rena; only with a blue both accompanying her white underclothing. Right next to her was a younger girl dressed in a pink dress. She was adorable and I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t a senior or even a junior from her physical appearance. The older girl flashed a thumbs up towards me. “You look beautiful!”

A blush was felt creeping up on my face as murmurs of my other friends agreed to the statement. Right next to me Rena giggled and wrapped her right arm around my body, bringing it close to hers. “You truly are remarkably beautiful,” she whispered into my left ear, rubbing her gloved hand affectionately on my arm. “We’re going to have an amazing night.”

When I heard her comments about tonight, I giggled and felt like I was going to be up in heaven. Or maybe I’m already at heaven?

“Oi! Cut out the lovey dovey romantic scenario back there!” Yuko’s voice was heard from the front, shaking her right fist in the air within her white dress. Kojima Haruna was seen to be seating right next to her, classed out with a purple dress also. From the distant, I could see her bonk the top head of the squirrel with her fist. There was an ‘ITAI!’ heard from her direction followed by the sound of wincing. Amusing chuckles were heard from Kumi’s direction.

“She deserved it,” she mumbled with a smirk formed on her face. The younger girl seating right next to her was looking up at her with mouth opened barely apart. “Kumi…”

“Ah-Kanon-chan! Gomen gomen~ Kumi doesn’t really have a good sense of humor, does she?”

“More like being random is the right word,” Kanon showed her dimpled smile at Kumi’s direction. In the meantime, there was Takahashi Minami with the one and only ace of our school, Maeda Atsuko. The most popular yet biggest eater ever in our high school, it’s a wonder to how she isn’t… chubby? But whatever her secret may be, the two of them were silently side-by-side. Until Atsuko whispered something into Minami’s right ear that made the shorter girl burn red with even imaginary steam escaping the top of her head like a kettle. Her shoulders hunched up even higher within her tuxedo as the other girl in smooth, red dress leaned in closer to the girl.

My eyes trained over at my senior Mariko and it surprised me that she was the one dressed in a tuxedo along with another unknown female in my book. It only took her a few seconds to realize that I was staring at their direction with curiosity. Mariko waved her right hand in the air while flashing her teeth at me. “You haven’t met, Mii-chan here, have you?” I shook my head in response. Which then leads to the older girl motioning over to the other female dressed just as classy as she was in the black suit. “Minegishi Minami is my fellow side-kick here.”

“Yosh! Jurina-san, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” the female also named Minami aside from Takahashi greeted. I in return gave her my polite greetings also in comparison to her cheery one. 

“You look like you’re having fun, Juju.” That only voice and cold personality could only come from the one and only Watanabe Mayu. Snapping my gaze at the shorter girl, I nearly bulged my eyes when I saw the dress that she was in. Light blue that easily could calm one’s soul if they stared at it; easily memorized by the color itself. The same colored glove was accompanied with her clothing, making her entire outfit complete. And right next to her was Kashiwagi Yuki, who was dressed in the tuxedo in the same style and fashion just like Rena nearby.

When I saw the two girls together, something clicked into my mind. ‘Yuki + Mayu = Mayuki? Mayuki = Couple = Girlfriends!?’ I dropped my jaw and pointed dramatically my index finger at Mayu; pointing as though I was accusing her of a huge crime. “W-When did you and Yuki get together!?”

“Mmm… It’s recent,” Mayu muttered her answer as one hand rested under her chin, pondering over the time with Yuki. “Yuki actually confessed to me yesterday.”

“I guess that explains the sudden disappearance and rush of Yuki and Mayu,” Rena chuckled under her breath. The two girls shot a glare at her direction with such statement. And from their faces, we could easily see their pair of cheeks turning pink with embarrassment.

“I-I guess after we spent time with each other while you two Matsuis were off in your LaLa Land, we felt like we could secure our relationship into a much deeper level. Mayu actually wanted to confess to me, but... I beat her to it,” Yuki explained while slowly shifting her gaze over to Mayu’s. Mayu herself had done the same action as though the two girls had this entire act planned out from the very beginning. The two figures stared at each other for a brief moment before bursting into laughter; their noses rubbing against each other with affection.

I sighed out loud and leaned against Rena. The two of them really do look like they were meant for each other. I’ve never heard Mayu talk to me about Yuki and how she was doing, but I guess sometimes a female has to walk down the path on her own. While I watched them, I felt Rena whisper into my left ear once more.

“Jurina… I hope that tonight, I’ll be able to show you how much I love you.”

I was shocked. Simply and purely full of shock. My pair of eyes widen with the words that were taking its beautiful time soaking into my consciousness. The words that now sputtered out of my opened mouth were all a jumbled mess. “I-I-I’ll show you t-that I l-l-love you t-t-too!”

Instantly I was met with Rena’s laughter, completely erasing all existence of shyness that I had judged her from the very beginning. Then her left hand trailing over to my face, she cupped the bottom of my chin. Taking me by surprise, she twisted my face so I was facing hers. I was immediately met with a kiss from Rena. Our lips came together, but was short-lived to even know that it happened; a quick peck to be exact. We retracted from each other, staring at each other’s eyes deeply. Then without even thinking twice, I this time engaged the kiss by launching forward at hers; completely ignoring the other bystanders around us.

The kiss was much longer than the previous one and how deeply we pressed our sensitive part of our face against each other. My eyes were closed at this point and I could tell that Rena’s eyes were doing the same thing. Her left hand that cupped my chin now trailed to behind my head to keep it still as the right hand held my body close.

We separated in order to catch our breath and reopened our eyes. Our eyes were connected once more to each other. The bold actions that Rena first started off now made me go even bolder. Cuddling close to her, I saw the older girl pinch me lightly on the cheek. “I love you so much, Jurina. I’m glad that you came into my life.”

“I love you too, Rena,” I smiled with my heart pounding against my chest from joy.


I don't know if I write fluffs well and when I write them, I don't know if it's good, so gomenasai if it's crappy! ;_; :panic:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Building Feelings [wMatsui] - [08/08/13]
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That was a great os.  Jurina had to balance out her life to get the person she loved
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Building Feelings [wMatsui] - [08/08/13]
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Eh~ I was sure they were gonna confess during the prom and not in the limo.

But still~ kya~ my Wmatui. :inlove:

Though I was taken a back when Rena was wearing a tex. XD

Such an awesome OS for Kate's Bday. I really love slow pace but long OS like this.  :twothumbs

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Building Feelings [wMatsui] - [08/08/13]
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I didn't expecte the final (rena handsome wbdjkwende)



Thanks  :bow:
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Building Feelings [wMatsui] - [08/08/13]
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wow this is awesome! XD I LOVE IT SO MUCH~ THANK YOU LOYALFLUTIST~  :deco:

A great day with a great fanfic! Couldn't ask for anything more than that~ Now I felt like wanting to draw Rena-chan and Yukirin in their tuxedo~ XD

My heart went doki doki when I know Rena and Yuki are in tuxedo for from. I was like...OMG HELL YES! XD They definitely look IKEMEN~!  :cathappy:

A long but awesome OS! XD Thank you so much for your wonderful birthday gift~! :cow:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Building Feelings [wMatsui] - [08/08/13]
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This is so sweet. :luvluv1: :mon inluv:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Building Feelings [wMatsui] - [08/08/13]
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waaaa i like...

Wmatsui they are so cute.....


Update soon!

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Building Feelings [wMatsui] - [08/08/13]
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that was so great... that I felt like I was going to explode with happiness...
Hehe~ smart Kumi~~

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Building Feelings [wMatsui] - [08/08/13]
« Reply #93 on: August 12, 2013, 08:28:42 PM »
Okay, this goes out to Sayuki's birthday this time! (GOD, so many birthdays on the last couple months of the year. XD) This is another lyrical fiction with the pairing of Mayuki. Word count is a good 8,000+ word in total.

I write OSs way too long at this time and period. I can just never write a short couple hundred word drabble anymore. *flips table* :bleed eyes:

Anyway, you don't know how difficult it was to cut up the lyrics and make a decent story out of it. I mean, the lyrics itself is easy to understand but... It's sorta hard to recreate a story that flows with the lyrics smoothly. I hope this is okay... I felt like it was just okay... But that might be because I'm too hard on myself. :bow:

But Happy Birthday Sayuki!!! :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco:

P.S.: You better update your fictions soon! I'll be waiting for them! :grin:

Clickity click click on the link for the music

The Shadow and The Light [Mayuki]

This world is brought to life and lighted up with energy all thanks to the sun. Without the sun, Earth wouldn’t thrive.

Animals will suffer and humans will soon adapt to living in pure darkness. The sky will be constantly filled with blackness and dark clouds that only the moon and the stars can ever hope to brighten just a mere portion. But even that alone isn’t enough just like the sun. And the ones suffering the most are those humans who are simply shadows. Shadows that wander the world freely thanks to the sunshine’s ray of light.

The atmosphere had slightly changed within Earth, creating shadows that aren’t always following behind any object nor creature. Rather we manifested into the same type of creatures as them; except we live in our own community. Families and friends were formed throughout time. Though we simply look like shadows that are untouchable nor easy to see without light shining upon something to normal human eyes, we shadows are able to see each other as if we never were shadows in the first place. However, when seen, the normal humans merely see us as two dimensional shadows, not actual figures. We’re able to see everyone and everything the way we want to view as a normal human being on the contrast. And how we were created in the first place is something that I always wonder about. No one knows how we shadows now have the ability to gather our senses and make a community of our own all over the world. We don’t age nor do we die from age; almost immortal-like as a form of shadow.

So without the sun, we would only end up trapped in the world full of darkness; nonexistent to others.

Shadow, shadow, because I’m a shadow, shadow, shadow

“Kashiwagi Yuki… The sunshine hasn’t returned for a week.”

“I know…”

The person standing in front of me was a young girl by the name Miyazawa Sae. Short hair that followed greatly with her ikemen appearance, she stood with her casual clothing that mainly consisted of a simple farm outfit (since she works within the farm here in the countryside of Japan just like me). Despite the technological improvement over the past thousand years, we still reside out in the quiet, peaceful land; away from any sort of noise. Her firm hands were on top of each other; crossed directly in front of her chest. Dark eyes connected with my own between the two of us. She’s my closest friend aside from one other person. This girl has helped me through the life, living normally aside from the fact that we can live infinitely in peace.

However, the atmosphere around us was much different from usual. And it was related to what Sae here had gravely stated: The sun was out.

No one knows for sure what the cause was and why it has happened, but the world was covered with darkness beginning a week ago. Many citizens both shadows and non are living under consistent blackness that require manual lightings to brighten their day for a few hours. Us shadows were completely invisible and rarely would have other beings recognize that we linger around in certain parts of the area.

The worse news coming up to date was the amount of time the natural light has disappeared. It’s not surprising that it would be out within a day or two, but for a full week is abnormal. Only storms and dark clouds take up the entire sky; ruling the planet with unshakable lightning. And for me, it ached to know that the person that I know, am close friends with and love slip without a single trace of word or sound.

‘Watanabe Mayu… Where could you have possibly gone?’

Rainy, cloudy, no light, darkness, day and night
Ever since you left, maybe my existence itself disappeared

The two of us were close. I’m unsure of how we have met, but maybe it was because I was drawn to the light that Mayu had produce every single time she wakes up upon this land. Though she was a figure like us shadows, unable for mere humans to see that she truly has a form, she was here for a different reason. And that reason is a heavy responsibility that the younger girl is forced to carry. Every time she wakes up, sunrise slowly eases its way into the highest part of our sky. And when Mayu is tired, she’ll let the individual in charge of the moon take her job and shift position; sleeping for the rest of the night. No one knows for sure how she was put in charge of the entire ordeal of sunshine and bringing energy upon the world. A mystery that as much as one ponders, more theories and questions arises rather than answered.

I closed my eyes, relieving the past glory that we both took the time to enjoy.

Mayu was always standing on top of the highest green hill that overlooked the entire village of Japan. During this time era, technologies were slowly improving and getting better for gathering food; thus villagers and farmers mainly consisted of Japan’s population. Not a single building was in sight but instead, it was filled with the luxurious sight of nature. Lush forests and crystal clear lakes and rivers were easily spotted from the top of the hill. Dogs and cats accompanied the humans while they gathered the rice from the paddies and wheat from the crops. Other animals like chickens and cows were scattered around; some in their pen and others on the dirt paved road. Wooden carts of all sizes passed through the pathway to deliver and retrieve equipment and items that are needed. Such sight is rare and it’s the favorite spot the sun girl here always visits.

Today, since I had nothing to do thanks to Sae and I rapidly cleaning up the farmhouse, I decided to give the girl a surprising visit.

“Y-Yukirin! You’re here again!” the short girl exclaimed with a mixture of surprise and excitement. She was dressed in her usual white and yellow kimono, designed in way that expressed her lively personality. Long black hair tied two small portions to recreate pigtails swung left and right when Mayu ran over to my direction. I dug the sole of my shoes into the deepest part of the green grassy ground below as I braced myself for impact of the younger girl. In a split second, I nearly tumbled backward from such force that Mayu slammed into. Trying hard not to fall and land on my back, I felt her arms wrap around my body and squeeze it tightly. “I’m so glad to see you again!”

A small smile formed on my face as I too brought my pair of arms around her small body after regaining balance of gravity. We stayed in that position for a brief moment before separating. And when we separated, the younger girl took one step at a time backward in an almost hop-like style. Her hands were behind her back; eyes closed and teeth flashed at my direction. “Wanna join me?”

I didn’t hesitate to nod my head once in reply. Silently I followed her to the top of the hill. Mayu reopened her eyelids and twisted her body around so she would be able to the face the scenario. Plopping herself down, I too did the same action; seating myself comfortably right next to the girl on her right. Her legs kicking up and down in the air one leg at a time, she turned her head towards me.

“So how was your morning?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Meh. It’s alright so far. Finished all of my farm chores along with Sae, so we got some free time.”

“I see then. So where is Sae right now?”

“She’s hanging out with her girlfriend, Sayaka.”

“That gorilla again?!”

The instant she uttered that word out loud, I couldn’t help but break out into a fit of laughter. Unable to speak out a single word that doesn’t sound incomprehensible, I covered my mouth with both of my hands and leaned forward. Tears were then felt to be forming from the corner of my eyes due to laughing so hard at Mayu’s statement.

“M-My goodness, M-Mayuyu!”

Mayu stared at me with a silly expression and raised both of her hands up in the air in defeat. “Hey, I’m just stating the fact!”

Even more laughter came bursting out of my opened mouth. I swear that if I wasn’t paying attention, I could’ve fallen off the cliff and that would be terrible if it happens!

After my giggles and laughing died down to a minimum, I wiped the sneaky tears full of silliness with the back of my left hand. “You’re so blunt sometimes, haha.”

The shorter girl placed both of her hands on her sides, sitting up as straight as possible with a proud expression scrawled all over her face. “I’m not afraid to say what I want to say!”

I immediately reached out to ruffle the top of her head like she was a little puppy. Mayu instantly upon contact lowered her head and grumbled a few incoherent words that wasn’t audible enough for me to hear. Then before she knew it, I pulled her close to my body. Mayu looked a little surprise at my sudden action, but she smiled and snuggled close to me. Keeping my right arm around her upper body, I lowered my face so I was able to be on equal level with hers. She glanced over at me when she saw that I got close to her. A little closer than normal.

Mayu wasn’t dumb for what I wanted. And this girl was willing to give it to me. Eyes slowly closing, she turned to her left and leaned forward, meeting our lips together. My eyes too closed when we came into contact with each other. Our kiss was tender and poured all emotions that will never be able to be effective if spoken as words. The raw feelings that we feel for each other; it was strong that it rivals even most romantic tales. I deepened it after a couple seconds into the kiss by pushing against her, trailing my right hand behind her head. Mayu’s hand was felt to be gripping the edge of my beige farmer’s shirt, tugging at gently with the lust to want more. There was a small whimper escaping from her when I softly brushed my top teeth on her bottom lip. Smirking, I kept on going till I felt that my lungs were going to explode from lack of oxygen. And despite wanting to continue even if I lost the ability to breathe, I could sense that the girl in front of me wanted to separate for the same reason.

“I want… to stay by your side… forever,” I panted out when we broke apart our connection. Leaning our forwards against each other, our eyelids flickered opened to only be staring into each other’s dark pupils. Mayu softly smiled and giggled with joy. “I wish… for the same, Yukirin.”

Because of her existence came the existence of shadows; the existence of me. Without her, I would be at lost and dive into the world of endless darkness that will render me invisible to many. There would be no hope and lose my meaning to go on.

Where there’s light, there’s always shadows right by their side.

Back in the day, there were sunny days, there were flashing lights
I was always by your side, I was there
Cause I’m shadow, shadow, shadow

I snapped my attention back to reality to find myself still with my eyes closed. Shaking my head, I reopened my eyelids to find myself still in the dark environment and Sae standing before me. She was staring at me with one eyebrow lifted high up. I had to flash her a reassuring, but stiff smile that I’ve snapped out of my daydreaming sequence.

“I guess we’ll have to turn in for today… There’s nothing we can do but wait and see how the future will hold for us,” she mumbled with a hint of sadness behind each spoken word. And with that said, she stated that she’ll be going back to her home despite the time of the day; even if it isn’t technically called a ‘day’ thanks to the lack of sunlight.

I weakly waved my farewells to Sae. Watching the taller girl leave from my sight, I decided that rather than stand right outside of my house, I should head over to the very hill that I had met Mayu.

As I trended through the dying, stiff grasses that turned brown, crunching sound was heard underneath my sandals with every step on the poor organism. Every snap resonating in the air nearly makes me cringe from such awful noise. The noise that represents harming another when it comes to living beings. Around me, lights of some houses and cars that pass through the worn out, dirt road were powered mainly by electricity and fire from automatic ignition. Sounds of night owls and animals came out despite it only being the afternoon at this time of day. Crickets heard chirping in the distant softly within the woods. And all over the farming crops, food was beginning to run low in this part of the country.

A small sigh escaped my lips when I soon found myself staring at the rising slope before me. Stepping in that direction, it led me into the once-lush forest that was filled with many living organisms ranging from birds and lizards to wolves and deer. Right now however, all of the creatures that showed up mainly in the day hid away; only to be replaced with the night folks. Trees that had branches sticking out were mainly bare; not a single leaves to be seen on them. (It looks as though the leaves didn’t have enough energy to cling onto them.)

When I reached my desired destination, I was met with the hill again. It was deserted thanks to the fact that the familiar figure of a young sun girl wasn’t felt. Approaching slowly up to it, I could easily visualize Mayu standing or sitting in her usual spot; staring out into the scenario of the village before her. The younger girl’s hair could be easily seen flowing in the same direction as the wind with the sun shining from high above thanks to her. Rays of the sun could be felt beating down against her, making her look more stunning. And when Mayu turns around, she would always run over to my direction to greet me. Other times she would motion that I join her in the great view.

But for the past week, we never got that chance. She’s now gone and no one knows of her location. No one knows where she is and no one knows what became of her. Whether she was in danger or merely running away, no one knows for sure. And considering the fact that in order for sunlight to reach up the sky, the girl needs to be awake no matter where she is. So without even catching a glimpse of the sun high up above, everyone continued to spread rumors about her disappearance. This ached my heart, each beat pounding against my chest painfully having the knowledge that Mayu is no longer by my side. I was unable to accept the fact that the worst could happen to the younger girl.

Dropping down on my knees, I lowered my head till my black bangs covered my eyes. Wet droplets fell upon the dry grass from below; tears streaming down the sides of my face uncontrollably. When I brought my hands to wipe them off of my face, only more came. The more I wiped, the more my cheeks became wet. Small whimpers left my trembling lips as I now brought my hands to cover my entire face. My breathing rapidly entered and exited my respiratory system from the crying. Huge waves of sadness came crashing upon my internal universe and shook it violently with mixture of frustration, anger and despair. I know there was nothing I could do to get her back.

I only wanted Mayu back. I want my light back.

Give me the light light light
You are my my my sunrise
Without you, I’m nothing

When the sobbing died down, I was still left isolated and alone in the same position. Hiccups left my lips as I sniffled. Hands lifted away from hiding my face, I stared directly at the palm of my two hands. My vision was blurry thanks to how much tears I shed and how heavy my eyelids felt. Blankly just looking at my hands, I felt numb. Felt like there was nothing I could do at this point. I just want to curl up into a ball and hide from the rest of the world; reside in my happy fantasy world rather than the bleak reality.

Gathering enough strength to stand up, I got up on my two feet. Exhausted from the amount of energy poured into crying and unsure of what to do next, I was about to return back to my lonesome home when I felt a huge gust of wind blow at my direction. Feeling it come towards my direction, I began to suspect that a storm is brewing in the distant; possibly heading over to our way. This made me make up my mind to come home at a faster rate since sticking out in such terrible weather is no good.

But when I walked on, something else came flying at my direction from behind. A papery sound was heard from being blown roughly by the wind. It came to a sudden stop by crashing into my very back. Immediately I reached my right hand from behind and felt its fingers managing to grab the edges of the paper. When I brought it to the front of my body where I was able to see what it was, it was simply a small part of a newspaper stating about an old architecture. Right below the address was a description explaining about the abandoned shrine that use to be full of priests back in the old samurai era. The only abnormal fact to note is how neat this portion of the newspaper was taken out despite being torn out of its original spot.

‘Huh… What’s this doing flying around?’

Not sure of why this was flying around, I was about to let the wind pick it back up and send it to another location further from where I am when I realized something. The instant I flipped the newspaper clip around, I saw scribbles in black, permanent markers from the back. My attention was caught, quickly bringing it up close with my other hand keeping the wrinkled paper straight.

‘Yukirin… Gomen ne…’

Those were the words that were written on the paper. And from the handwriting and style that it was in, it seems like that the writer was in a rush, yet oddly familiar. But that wasn’t what I focused entirely on. Rather I was intently staring at the message itself. Knowing that Mayu is the only person that has ever called me ‘Yukirin,’ then for sure I know this came from the younger girl herself. What could this message mean though? And why is she apologizing? So many burning questions that flare up within every passing second yet not a single one of them answered.

‘Could this mean she’s in trouble?!’

The neatly torn newspaper clipping of the old shrine with its description and address intact… The message Mayu has scribbled on the back… The paper coming towards my direction… This is more than just a mere coincidence.

I dropped my right hand to my side as my left still kept ahold of the paper. The paper in my grip trembled and shook as a new feeling overrode my numbness. There’s this feeling of both curiosity and concern for Mayu. If she could possibly have passed this message along to me, then what could this mean? This apologetic message… I felt like Mayu had reasons to be away for a long period of time. But it doesn’t exactly explain why the sun is out and when exactly the message was written.

I feel like I want to see Mayu. Just one more time is good enough. I want to see her and ask the plethora amount of questions that is coming from my head. Though I don’t have a known set location, I knew that the first place to search is the location of the shrine stated by the address on the newspaper. I know I’m not going to be guaranteed that it is the destination that Mayu is residing. Hell, this could mean that she was visiting the place or worse of all, never did in the first place. However, this is the only clue I got at hand. And I’m going to be using this once chance to see the person that I loved so dearly.

You’re my last, you’re my last, until always, you’re my last
Even if you’re a path of fire, I’ll jump into you

I ran home with the paper tightly gripped in my left hand. Running with my legs traveling left and right in front of my body, I felt the rain fall down from the dark clouds up above my head. Citizens both shadows and non-shadows were running for cover in the countryside here as very few stood outdoors in the darkness. Each water droplet landed against my bare skin and farm clothing, making the outfit cling onto my skin. The black bangs and stray hair from the side of my face were matted against my forehead and cheeks. My heart was beating wildly from both the energy spent on sprinting and the number of worries building over each other like Lego blocks within my skull. I hurried home, knowing that I have to examine the newspaper clipping more for caution. 

As silly as I know that I might run into danger (we shadows aren’t as immortal as I stated! We could get murdered and die!) by rashly and blindly heading towards this shrine without much knowledge gained other than the fact that Mayu had definitely written this message, if this gives me a chance of hope to bring the sun back to the world… Then I’ll do everything in my power to bring it back. The only person I know that has that power is Mayu herself. Without her, not only will the entire planet be in disarray but I myself will be a puddle of mess. 

Hurry and erase the goodbyes that have smeared black onto the sky
I want to stay by your side so I can’t get any closer, so I can’t even look at you
Because I’m a shadow, shadow, shadow

After I manage to reach home and dry myself, I stared carefully at the small paper laying on top of my desk located next to my bed. A white towel partially wet rested over my shoulders along with my new pair of clothing. The lighted lamp that was ignited from an automatic fire brought support to my vision in the darkness of my small home.

The home I own isn’t quite luxurious. It was abandoned by the humans, but I used this chance to make myself comfortable. A single wooden table accompanied by at least four chairs were right next to the kitchen. Sinks could be seen filled with a couple dirty white plates and bowls that I didn’t bother to clean. A fridge stood right next door on the right, merely containing some water bottles and fruits (especially strawberries). By the dining area and kitchen is a single bathroom. And aside from the bathroom, there’s a bed and desk that I now stand out here in the same area as the kitchen and dining. As little as it sounds, it was more than enough for me to live in.

While staring at the paper with great intensity, I couldn’t help but be dwelling within my past; dwelling in the past with Mayu by my side. A faint smile crossed my face when I pictured the shorter girl always cooking for me. Even when I told her I wanted to cook, she would always shake her head and boot me out of the kitchen. (The only time I cooked for her was once.) The food that the younger girl create can’t be described by the word ‘delicious’ alone. Oh how much I miss her…

I quickly snapped myself back to the situation at hand right now. I knew better than to linger in the past and completely ignore what was going on right now. I have to focus on finding Mayu and bringing her back if possible. And I would be more than glad to have her back.

I really want to go back to the dazzling times
The beautiful days when we were always together like a shadow, when your smile shined on me
Because I’m a shadow, shadow, shadow

Before I knew it, the next day came. And when I say the next day, the sun hasn’t risen up at all yet for another day. Another day without nature’s natural light beating gently upon our world. Another day filled with nothing but darkness and manual lights to guide one’s action upon the day.

My eyes flickered left and right as I stood outside in front of my door. The newspaper clipping that I had gotten yesterday was residing deep in my pants’ pocket; the only belonging that I will be carrying around. Dressed in a bit more of a modern clothing than my usual farmer’s outfit, I was decked out with my black sneakers, black shorts and white t-shirt underneath of my black and white jacket. When I checked out the address carefully last night, I realized that it wasn’t far from where I was. What was shocking though was how deep the shrine was located within the forests next to the hill that the two of us would always hang around during the day.

Biting the bottom of my lip, I glanced over my shoulder. I stared at the small paper I snuck in between the door and wall for Sae. The message itself simply stated that I’m going to be out to visit a nearby city. It also included that I might not be back until a day or two later at the most, so she shouldn’t be worried if I didn’t come back today. Although it was rude and bad to leave a lie behind, the last thing I want to deal with is mother hen Sae forbidding me from going just about anywhere in general; scolding me with her paranoid reasons. As much as I understand why she would be worried, now is not the time. This is for everyone’s sake and both Mayu’s and I.

Assured that I had everything done, I prompted walking by taking one step forward. I took a couple more steps forward before coming upon the engraved dirt road splitting left and right. Already knowing where I need to head, I turned sharply to the right; walking straight on ahead afterward. 

The ground below me was full of dead grasses and soon transformed into dead leaves that crunched loudly with every single step of my sneakers. The familiar forest littered with trees surrounded my lone figure; dark clouds residing and floating above our heads. I then squinted my eyes as I trended forth, trying to hurry to my targeted destination.

Early in the morning, again today, the sun is hiding
The light has disappeared, it took you and went far away
Cause I’m shadow shadow shadow

Walking by foot was taking a little bit longer than I had expected. Not to mention draining. Each step that I took felt like lead and from the lack of light, it was easy for me to crash into the nearest tree (embarrassing enough). I was unable to see the rocks and pebbles that laid scattered in places that I would’ve never though they would be located, tripping and almost bashing the frontal section of my skull open. After constantly crashing, tripping and nearly falling flat on my face, I finally caught a glimpse of the shrine from the distant.

“Finally!” I breathed out loudly with relief. “Took long enough!”

From the distance, I could see the entire front side of the shrine. Or at least the dark outlines of it. Shrouded with darkness, I was almost double-guessing myself if I had gotten the right address; nervous to entering such building. But when I checked the clipping in one motion with my right hand, to my dismay it was the correct location. ‘Out of all places…’ Grumbling with distaste, I deposited the paper back into my pocket and rebelled against the red flags my brain was raising.

The closer I had gotten to the front entrance of the shrine, the more nervous I became. Multiple thoughts ran through my head, trying to warn me to U-turn around and forget this entire ordeal. Mayu can just come out of her hiding spot and find me if she wants to, right?

I wish it was that easy.

Now standing directly in front of the entrance, I immediately noticed that the double door that leads one straight into the stretched darkness from inside is closed. Not surprising, of course. I reached out both my left and right hand out to push open the door. Obviously I wasn’t some Supergirl that doesn’t have any sort of fear. Despite being a shadow myself, this area felt… ominious. If we consider the fact that the shrine was located deep within the forest with absolutely no contact of any community, it’s completely isolated from civilization outside of the forest. So if I was ever in any sort of danger, then I would have to face it alone without any form of support; basically throwing myself into danger recklessly.

My breaths were shaky and heart pounding hard against my chest; hearing them loud and clear from my eardrums alone thanks to how silent the surrounding was here. Fingers were trembling as the tips just barely touched against the surface of the doors. When they brushed against the surface, the feeling of ancient wood built before technology of electronics was even thought upon flashed across my mind. And waiting for a few seconds, I was reassured that no booby traps or any sort of strange object is going to jump out at me. Both palms now resting on the wooden surface, I gave it one push forward hesitantly.

I flinched when I heard the loud sound of the two doors pushed forward; sounding like the doors opened up for the first time ever in such long periods of time. I made a strange expression automatically when the doors finally came to a stop.


There was no use just waiting out here and doing nothing. I got to get inside! But… I honestly feel like it’s a bad idea if I took one step in. My gut feeling is urging me to avoid this shrine let alone go inside of it! One step was taken backward, a little unsure of how to proceed. I will admit, I’m terrified of going inside a place that’s not only dusty but so dark that it’s even darker than the night sky up above our heads. But with my lover crossing my mind, I have no choice.

Sucking in a deep breath, I exhaled slowly and loudly out through my nose. I remained in my position for a couple seconds, praying that I don’t regret my actions. Squeezing my eyes shut, I reopened my eyes when my first step was taken.

One step at a time going forward, I felt like I was a walking robot. So mechanical and forced. But at least I was progressing to my destination.

Few steps into the shrine and still no sign of Mayu. No matter how much I looked, I couldn’t see her. It doesn’t help that I can’t see through this darkness either. When I made note that I couldn’t sense her either, a thought crossed my mind about her not being here in the first place.

‘I should just leave then… She might’ve not been here.’ It was ridiculous of me to come here. Of course she couldn’t have been here! Maybe Mayu didn’t intentionally state that she was located in the shrine. She might’ve torn that section off in a neat fashion without thinking twice of what was on the ripped section. Disappointment came to me, feeling foolish for running out here in search of her. ‘I don’t have any other clue, so maybe I should just go…’

The moment I twisted my neck to the right, from the corner of my eyes, I saw a single flame burst to life. Alarmed, I instantly shifted my gaze towards the fire’s direction.

I was met with a huge flame that was ignited in the golden Buddha’s statue palms. The flames came up high and then diminished itself to its calm state; the flames flickering its tip left and right gently. Right in front of the fire was a figure dressed in pure black kimono that blended well with the surrounding setting. Legs were positioned with the person sitting on top of their back legs; knees facing forward. Long black hair ran down and perfect bangs rested against the forehead. Familiar pair of dark eyes staring straight at my figure. The smile that could make just about anyone’s heart stop beating upon glancing at it.

That individual before me was none other than Watanabe Mayu.

Give me the light light light
You are my my my sunrise
Without you, I’m nothing
You’re my last, you’re my last, until always, you’re my last
Even if you’re a path of fire, I’ll jump into you

I ran up to her and wanted to give her a big hug; cry with tears full of relief and happiness. But my feet quickly came to a sudden stop, skidding for a split second. The need and wants to shed tears of joy halted. In the dark room with a gentle flickering flames of fire from behind Mayu, I noticed that two figures emerged from the shadows right next to her. And the two figures were male; merely painted fully with the color black and white blocky patterns imprinted all over their upper body and face as black robes covered their entire lower body. Swords were sheathed by their sides; dominant hands resting on top of the dangerous weapon. I was alarmed at their actions and backed away.

“M-Mayuyu…?” I croaked out her name in a soft voice.

The other girl sighed silently under her breath and closed her eyes. When she reopened the pair, her pupils color has changed. They were white and glowed in the darkness surrounding all of us; almost ghostly and spooky. Mayu stared intently at my direction, instantly sending shivers down my spine. All of the hairs on my neck stood up with fright when this girl wasn’t the same person that I knew from before.

“What do you want from me?” her words rang out loud and clear in the room; echoing for a good few seconds in the quiet space.

“M-Mayu! I wish for you to return to us!” It took me a while to gain my voice back into my voice box and out of my trachea. And once it was out, I expressed the urgency of my request. I took one step forward with my left hand touching the center of my chest; the other hand whipped outward. “We are in need of the sun and… I wish for you to come back to me…” Another step was taken forth, feeling like I could persuade the younger girl to come back with me; to come back to the village that we reside in; to simply be together once more. “Please!”

Her eyes widen with my statement reaching into her eardrums. The pupils of her eyes faded from white and leaked the color of dark brown into it. However, it vanished and kept the ghostly white color overall. Eyes returning back to its original size, Mayu smirked. “I would rather for darkness to reign control over the entire world.”

“Why are you like this? The Mayu I knew never would agree to this at all!”

“Ha! You amuse me, Yuki!” Standing up from her spot, she brought her hands together to produce a loud clapping sound. The two figures by her side unsheathed their swords; letting the black metal blade stick out from the silver hinges of the dangerous weapon. Knees bent in a horse stance and both hands now gripped the handles of the weapon. They both transformed their stances into an offensive mode; hinting heavily of the danger they possess.

Whipping my attention over to Mayu, I see that she was grinning maliciously. I backed away when I realized this wasn’t the same girl that I knew and loved back then. This person was different. The personality that she would wear was the complete opposite! “Mayu! What are you doing?!”

The girl didn’t respond back to my question; remaining silent. My eyes laid upon the blades of the warriors and shuddered to think what would happen. I was horrified at what was to come if those two warriors came and swung that blade upon my body. My entire life would be severed easily in less than a minute! I couldn’t believe that Mayu would order these men to undergo their offensive tactics.

Terrified at what was to come, I saw another figure aside from the three appear. The figure emerged from the shadows right behind Mayu as though he was part of the darkness. Painted in the same fashion as the warriors, the only difference was the imprints on his faces signified that his entire head was a skull. A thin, black cloak was in his right arms as though he was a butler; ready to serve the shorter mistress in front of me. The dark pair of eyes his sockets hold glared at my direction. A hint of amusement was seen glimmering behind the two.

I could see the other girl realize that his presence was near. The white pupils in her eyes once again tried to revert back to its original color. Pure brown color washed over the glowing white, replacing them with Mayu’s original eyes that she wore previously.

“Yukirin…” she whispered my name as her hands that still clasped each other separated. The dark persona that she wielded was erased and put in its stead the girl I knew. Mayu extended out her left hand at my direction, reaching out for help. The eyes that she kept on were brimming with tears as her lips trembled with despair. “I’m so sorry… I was weak to let the darkness corrupt over my physical and spiritual self…”

“Mayu…” So that was the reason why she was gone. Darkness had clouded her heart and overtook her entire existence, transforming the very person I knew into someone that I don’t. And she secluded herself in a dark building where no one would bother to look for.

Before I knew it, the male standing behind her left arm wrapped around Mayu’s upper body; bringing her body close to his. The tattooed white prints clearly showed with pride from his arms. The expression that he wore along with the action he had taken told me that he was protecting the younger girl from me; eyes still glaring at me with intensity. I instantly was angered when he touched my girl in that fashion. Even worse, the cloak that he carried in the other arm swiftly passed by Mayu’s face. Although it was only a few seconds for the object to progress right pass her face, the girl’s pupils was in the process of returning back to its white state.

Mayu scrunched her face as she tried to overcome the desire to return back to her darkest state. Tears that were held within her sockets now leaked out from the corner of her eyes; running down on her cheeks. The hand that she extended out shook as it had difficulty reaching out to me. “Get out of here…” she urged as the dark pupils was being washed away. “Save yourself!”

I saw the male figure behind her smirk with pleasure as he nodded once. That nod though wasn’t directed at my safety but instead, towards the two other male figures right by Mayu’s sides. Both did not hesitate to waste any time, rushing straight at my direction.

Hurry and erase the goodbyes that have smeared black onto the sky
I want to stay by your side so I can’t get any closer, so I can’t even look at you
Because I’m a shadow, shadow, shadow

“Mayu!” I cried out in pain as I covered my freshly created wound with my bare hand. The two warriors now stood behind my body. I was lucky to only barely avoid being sliced at my vital points thanks to my fast reflexes. But from where my hand was located, I felt warm liquid seep out of my right shoulder. The metal blade barely touched my shoulder yet imprinted a deep wound through two layers of my clothing. Down on the ground with my knees and staring up at her with disbelief, the younger girl merely shook her head. There was a pained expression written all over her face. “I told you to leave, Yukirin… I… don’t want to do this.”

“You’re being manipulated by the darkness! Snap out of it!”

“Please Yukirin…” she pleaded with me, sounding strain through her struggle in keeping her sanity. The man behind her pressed her closer against him, watching the two of us silently. “I don’t want to see you hurt…”

“But Mayu-“

“Erase me from your memories.”

The words that I never would expect to be heard from this person came uttering out of her barely parted mouth. When I heard her statement, it felt as though time had just froze between the two of us. My eyes widen with shock at such confession from Mayu.

“N-No… Don’t say that, please…”

“Yuki… Please leave… I don’t deserve your love when I’m like this…”


Standing up with difficulty through what remaining strength I have, I panted when I trembled on my two feet. The inhales and exhales that left my respiratory system was rapid and hard, pushing my lungs past its limit. The eyes of mine remained glued on the girl standing before me. Grimacing at the sharp, stinging pain from my wound, I spoke through my gritted teeth.

“I want us to be together again! I want to be with you again, Mayu!”

Erase, erase, forget it, erase it, I don’t like this anymore, I hate it
Fall, fall, fallin’ down, faded, faded, faded
I’m not a vampire, not a night ghost
I cry in the darkness as I call out your name
I wait for you to be together again
Cause a shadow shadow shadow

“Forgetting you is like erasing myself from this world! I love you too much that I won’t be able to live without you!”

Oh, forgetting you is like erasing myself

Mayu watched with horror when she realized the confession slap her straight across the face. She already knew the fact that we both were together. But for a reminder to come along and give her a message that I still love her seem to shake her back into the reality of our situation. The male behind her was seen to tighten his grip around her, shaking his head with disapproval. Upon that action he had created, the two other figures was heard to be coming closer to where I stood. The sound of the metal blade slowly being raised up in the air hinted that my time was about to come.

Closing my eyes, I prepared myself for the worse that was to come. Even if I wasn’t able to save Mayu from the darkness, at least I tried, right? At least I was able to see her again. At least… I was able to remind her how much I have loved her.

There was the sound of the two blades striking down and cutting through air downward.

A good couple seconds passed by after the noise the weapon has recreated and nothing has happened. A little nervous to opening my eye, I forced myself to keep them closed for another brief moment. Through the darkness behind my closed eyelids, I shifted my eyeballs left and right. Tension was building up from the inside, unsure of what was to come. But then a bright light came into view despite my eyes hiding behind the other layer of skin on the outside. I immediately fluttered my eyelids opened to see what was causing such blinding light.

I had to squint my eyes and bring my left arm up so I was able to shield some of the rays coming at my direction. It was difficulty to see and it all came from a single individual. And that individual was none other than Watanabe Mayu. It took my eyes a while to adjust to the sudden glowing and burst of light from the girl. From my vision, I saw the man standing right behind her took a few steps behind, opening his mouth yet not a single sound escaped through his throat. The other two warriors’ presence were now gone, feeling all sense of danger disappear from the air.

Mayu’s kimono changed completely into its white state as the pupils within her eyes returned back to its normal state; all of the existence of the color white removed. When the light at her area died down, there was another form of light created from behind my figure. From down on the wooden boards, light from outside of the shrine sneaked inside and shined on where I stood. Sunlight finally was raised high up in the sky and brightening the deathly ground of earth.

“M-Mayu…” The moment I speak of her name, the younger girl blinked her eyes at my direction. There was a soft glow surrounding her body as the other three beings that once surrounded us were now gone for good. It seems as though Mayu had snapped her mind back where it was meant to be: away and out of the darkness. She stood a good distance across from where I am; looking exactly like a Goddess from a tale. Now that it was just the two of us alone, I felt a huge surge of relief wash over my body. On its own my body fell forward from exhaustion with today’s event. The other girl was alert with my reaction and rushed over to me; catching me before I could fall flat on my face.

“Yuki! Are you okay? Does your shoulder hurt? Oh goodness, that wound is deep! Ahhhhh, I’m so sorry, Yuki-“

“I’m more than okay right now,” I chuckled weakly at her concern over my health. “I’m just so glad that you’re back.”

Hurry and erase the goodbyes that have smeared black onto the sky
I want to stay by your side so I can’t get any closer, so I can’t even look at you
Because I’m a shadow, shadow, shadow

“Let’s go back to the time when none of this happened…” I breathed out with relief as I laid my head on top of Mayu’s shoulder. The limp body of mine was supported by the younger girl, who was trying so hard not to cry over the turn of event. Every once in a while I could hear the sniffles of her running nose from trying to hold in the tears. In a slow motion she eased our body downward so our knees were touching the ground below. Mayu used her other hands to separate our bodies just far enough so she was able to observe the wound residing on my shoulder.

She bobbed her head up and down like a turtle while frowning with disgust. “If I weren’t so weak… Then I wouldn’t have you be hurt like this…”

I rolled my eyes at ridiculous theories that comes to her mind. In order to shut her running mouth, I fell forth and landed my lips on hers. I had taken her by surprise greatly for she was turning the color of a red tomato when I retracted from her.

“Y-YUKI!” she squeaked out in a mouse-like voice. I stuck my tongue out at her lazily and raised one of my eyebrows. “It’s not your fault at all. I’m just glad to be able to save you.”

“…Then I’m glad you came to my rescue then… Yukirin.”

The two of us exchanged our stares deeply at each other before smiling like a doofus.

I really want to go back to the dazzling times
The beautiful days when we were always together like a shadow, when your smile shined on me
Because I’m a shadow, shadow, shadow
Because I’m a shadow shadow, shadow

Let me just go cry in the corner. Gomen ne if it's sucky and stuff... :bow:

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - The Shadow and The Light [Mayuki] - [08/12/13]
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i love it!!!! :cathappy: :deco:
lol yukirin shut mayuyu up with a kiss :lol: :inlove:
this is so sweet, thanx for this :cow: :bow:
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - The Shadow and The Light [Mayuki] - [08/12/13]
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Such a beautiful story ~~ I love it.

You know ~~ My birthday is everyday, can I have an OS everyday ? -run away-

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - The Shadow and The Light [Mayuki] - [08/12/13]
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I am so sorry for the person that requested this on Tumblr to be delayed for like... a couple long weeks. I decided to make this Kojiyuu story based on a horror genre. Hopefully it's not too scary, but... I guess that would ruin the entire story itself if it isn't scary? :nervous

Since this is one of the two requests that I have to complete, I'm going to focus on my on-going series and resume posting up chapters and stuff after this one shot is posted. :) (Wandering Ship should be the first one to be worked on)

Anyway, enjoy it, thanks for the 'thank you's and comments! I'm not responsible for any nightmares created from this fiction. :sweatdrop:

One night... [Kojiyuu]

So often are we guided by our devotion, our love, our affection.

A bond that pulls us down paths not bargained.

And when you find yourself alone as HE casts out that bedeviling gaze.

How far will it carry you?



“I keep seeing Slenderman in my dreams.”


“Yuko-chan, I said I keep on seeing Slenderman in my dreams-”

“Oh come on… Have you been playing too much of that horror game online? You know that paranoia most of the time comes from a scary film or something, Nyan Nyan.”

I rolled my eyes as I drove my best friend, Kojima Haruna, back to her house in the countryside of Japan. The two of us had just hung out with our other friends for the morning till evening in the city of Akihabara. The engines of the simple silver Toyota car that can be bought just about anywhere rumbled as it brought life upon the vehicle. Glass windows were rolled up to avoid getting any sort of derbies from outside inside of the running car. Doors were securely locked in its position from all four sides. Not to mention I had the air conditioner turned on to full blast due to the hot weather outside thanks to the sun up above this planet. From outside the window, one could see the dirt road and on the left side full of tall grasses in the prairies. On the other hand, the right side was the complete opposite. A lush forest full of greeneries and trees were easily seen. Nearby where my hands are gripping the wheel of the car was the radio currently playing the song “Smile” by Avril Lavigne. While the female singer’s voice sang out within the attached portable device, my eyes flickered to the right to see my friend.

The older girl was a real beauty. Kojima Haruna is my best friend since childhood back when we first knew each other in elementary school. Known to be a real air-head and a klutz, she actually isn’t a complete idiot. More like she decides to choose when to activate her brain power and spurt out wise advice. (Trust me. She’s given me advice in regards to my problems when I’m in a crisis and know what to do.) Long straight brown hair stretching down to the middle portion of her back rested in between her body and the passenger seat; her dark brown eyes staring straight at the dusty, empty road. Every now and then I could see the taller girl sigh out. Whether the sigh was from frustration or simply the need to exhale the carbon dioxide, who knows.

We both attend the university within the city of Akihabara, Tokyo. Both of us are in the same grade and sometimes if we’re lucky, attend the same class together. She wanted to work towards her future of becoming a vet as I towards a neurologist. Since all of the students are on a break from school due to a short-lived summer vacation at the moment, I decided to return back to living in my apartment alone as Haruna herself returned to the home where her family once use to own. The only fact to keep in mind is that the older girl had no one to greet her when she returns.

From what I remembered, her family had all passed away a long time ago. Some died from unfortunate accidents. Others died from old age and natural causes. Whatever the reason may be, it’s terrible for the one and only living individual in the Kojima family to bear it all. And that single living person was none other than Kojima Haruna. Although she hasn’t uttered a single word about feeling despair when I was with her, she seems to be coping with the grief well. She’s a strong girl.

“Yuko, can you just please listen to me?” she pleaded to me as I kept my eyes trained on the road. “I keep on having nightmares in regards to that tall white man in a black suit-“

“Haruna, please, I’m begging of you that you’re probably just playing too much of that… um… Slendy… Slander… Slun-whatever that game name is on the PC.” I turned my head to the right to get a good look at her while keeping my hands on the wheel. The other girl by my side is also known to be one huge gamer, so I wouldn’t be surprised that she started getting nightmares from playing that game non-stop. Ever since that game came out and multiple producers kept on remaking it with new stories and improved graphics, Haruna has been playing all of it the moment it releases out to the public. At first, I was alarmed about her nightmares. But she kept on repeating about the nightmares of that so-called ‘Slenderman’ or something every single day since last week. I would’ve been worried to death about it if the nightmares kept on progressing. However, when you consider the fact that she plays the game despite the dreams, maybe it was sort of her fault for getting them. “Maybe you should give that game a break.”

“But I have. The last time I played it was about a week ago.”

“Look, maybe you should let your mind settle down. Maybe go watch some comedy movies or read some romantic novel. You know… to get your mind off of that entire man or something.”

I’m the type of person to believe in logical, hardcore proof before my eyes. Supernatural and the likes don’t interest me much better yet is harder to be believable. Ghost stories aren’t particularly something I’m into but rather just an excuse to scare everyone who even believes in the slightest clue that ghosts do exist. So it’s not too surprising that I’m reacting carelessly without much thought to Haruna.

Upon hearing my advice, my friend cease any further arguments with me. Silence hanged in the air for a brief moment before she managed to utter a couple words from her closed lips.

“…Maybe you’re right, Yuko.”

And by the time she finished exchanging me her last statement, we reached upon a gap wide enough for a car to enter in between the white fences. The fences were stretched both left and right at long distance; multiple trees seen before our eyes. There was a dirt road naturally engraved on the grassy setting. The road kept on extending past my view; hinting greatly that Haruna’s home was buried deep within the woods, isolated from any sort of society in this countryside. (The nearest gas station is about a few good miles away from where we are right now.) It’s a wonder to how her family lived her for a long period of time with her or how she got to school before her high school year.

Stopping my car right next to the gap, I parked it so the older girl was able to unlock her side of the door. There was a clicking sound followed by a quick, firm slam to close the passenger door. I did not hesitate to roll down the window on Haruna’s side in order to give her a farewell along with a few more words within my spot.

“Look, Nyan Nyan…” I motioned my right hand in the air as my other arm lazily rested on top of the wheel. Looking over at her, I gave her a small smile. “How about I pick you up tomorrow and we’ll go watch some movies at the theater with just the two of us? Then we could either sleep over at your house or sleep at my apartment if you want.”

“Ah, that sounds like a lovely idea!” she clasped her hands together, a smile quickly erasing any presence of worries from her face; seeming as though Haruna’s silly worries over her nightmares never existed. “Can’t wait for tomorrow then!”

The smile on my face unconsciously stretched even wider than usual. Happiness bubbled inside of my body as I tried so hard not to squeal out in joy. But keeping my childish personality down to a minimum level, I flashed her my teeth. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning at around ten. That cool with you?”

She bobbed her head up and down rapidly with excitement. It looks like Haruna is more than excited to go out with me. Just with me alone… My heart nearly skipped a beat when she showed the joy of tomorrow’s plan. I too felt excited with hanging out with my best and closest friend. One on one hangout session. And is it just me or is it getting really hot in here? It might be just the weather, but I feel like my cheeks are lighting up. Ignoring whatever reaction my body automatically produced, I coughed into my hand.

“Are you sure you’re going to be alright staying here alone? I mean, I could stay over with you tonight-“

“Yuko, I’m alright. Besides… I need some time alone with myself and the house.”

I felt concerned for this girl. Not to mention she kept talking about that ‘Slenderman’ creature or some silly concept. But I didn’t want to push her button. Haruna wanted to stay here by herself for tonight at least, so I might as well respect her wish. I simply kept the doubts to myself.

Then forming my right hand into a cell phone-like figure with the thumb and pinky extended out, I waved it in the air.

“Just give me a call when you need me for anything. I know we live a good distant from each other, but I’ll rush over here as fast as possible.”

There was a giggle coming from Haruna’s direction. The older girl soon ran over to where I sat in the car and knocked playfully on the door with her left hand. I knew what she wanted the moment she ran to my side. Smirking, I opened up the driver’s door. Immediately I took off my seatbelt in order to give her a hug. Warmth was immediately felt upon our body touching each other. My arms wrapped around her tall body as hers around my short stature. The two of us were together for a short while before retracting our bodies from each other. Upon separating, we were smiling like a doofus with our eyes closed.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” Haruna cheerfully stated. I nodded my head in agreement. “Same here, Nyan Nyan.”





The beeping sound slowly trickled into my unconscious state as I groaned in annoyance. Though half awake and half asleep, I noticed how cold it was. It took me a while to realize that I don’t have my blanket covering my body. With my eyelids still closed, I grumbled some incoherent words while fumbling to grab the edge of my blanket with one hand. When my left had managed to find it, I pulled it up in one motion. Now feeling cozy with another layer warming up my body, I tried hard to ignore the annoying beeping sound while slipping back into my dreamland.




It still has yet to cease even after the sixth beeping. The god awful sound brought my mind back out from the dream. And this time, I was wide awake mentally. Frustrated, I forced my body (which, mind you, was in a very comfortable position on the bed) to sit up as my left hand slipped out of the blanket. More grumbles left my mouth followed by one very loud yawn; the tip of my fingers just barely touched the edge of the table. Slowly I lifted my eyes and allowed my eyesight to adjust to the dark environment of my bedroom while I felt for my mobile device. Upon touching the object, I sluggishly retracted my hand. When I brought it over so I was able to face it, I nearly winced at how bright the screen was.

‘What… time is it…?’ I mentally asked myself as I glanced over at the digital time on my iPhone with squinted eyes. It took the pair of eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness, but I soon was able to read the time. The phone was shown to be two in the morning. Far too early for someone to text another! I grimaced and shortly was followed by a loud sigh to see who it was texting me at such foolish time. When Haruna’s name popped up, I raised one of my eyebrows up lazily.

‘She has a bad nightmare or what?’

Assumptions flew through my head as I stared at the bright screen. Opening up the text with one swipe of my finger, I stared at the multiple texts she had sent me.

First five of the texts merely stated the name ‘Slenderman’ and the message ‘HELP!’ At first, one could see this as a mean prank or some sort of Halloween joke (that actually is two months too late). This was beginning to become abnormal when I stared at the last text she had sent me, which was a dark photo. Clicking it, I stared with disbelief when it took me a while to figure that it was a photo of inside her bedroom. You could easily tell since I had been in her room before within the house of her family. She was taking it while she was on top of her bed with the outlines of nearby desk and drawers were seen.

Just when I was about to close it and give her a call, something caught my attention. The moment I tore my eyes away from the picture, there was something off from the picture. Something that wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place.

There was a white head. A white head without a single facial feature seen blurry in the background; mainly peeking from the corner of the bedroom’s barely opened door. Despite the darkness, the camera managed to catch the white head from such distant where Haruna was. Once I laid my eyes on the white thing, I was instantly startled with fright; feeling as though my heart had ceased functioning for a split second. All sort of fear ran through my mental state when I realized that the white figure was permanently stuck in the picture. My hands that were holding onto my phone was trembling. Terror suddenly struck a chord inside of my body with all sorts of fear and worries.

“Is that a kidnapper or murderer or something?!” I whispered harshly to myself. I didn’t know if the texts of Haruna is related to the image, but the most I could pull out from a logical standpoint is some sort of intruder came into her home at this time. And considering the time of the text, it was recent. And it was wrong on so many levels.

Biting the bottom of my lip, I decided to give her a call. I just want to make sure that this isn’t some sort of dirty joke that she’s playing or whatever. I myself didn’t even know what sort of thing that was peeking behind her door.

The ringing progressed through my ear and into my eardrums.

It rang for one round. Then two… Three… Four…

And after the fifth time, it stated that the receiver isn’t available or able to pick up the call. Though I had called her only once, knowing for a fact that she has her phone with her recently to send me a text and isn’t able to pick up is serious. Without twice, I threw on my light brown jacket laying on the nearest office rolling chair and brought both thinking my flashlight (for she lived deep within the forest and there is no other form of lights) and mobile device. I didn’t know what sort of trouble she was in, but she’s someone that I care and love to death. Someone that even if there was absolutely nothing wrong, I would do anything to be there and comfort her.

All of the lights in my apartment room was turned on as I rushed out of my living space. Through the small hallway and out into the cold night. Upon exiting my room, I double checked to make sure that the door was locked from the outside. Once I knew it was securely closed and locked in place, I rushed out with my blue pajama slippers slapping upon the hard ground. The dark night sky greeted me the instant I came out from my safe haven. The atmosphere was marked to be quiet and peaceful aside from the occasional cars and trucks honking through the streets. Sound of the tires rolling through the quiet night echoed through the night.

Down the flight of stairs I went from the second floor and out into the parking lot. Digging the keys of my car out from my jacket’s pockets that I had deposited in right before I left, I felt the tip of my fingers brush against the small, metal object accompanied by a plastic small device. I didn’t waste any time to wrapping my grasp around it and pulling it out. Once it came out from its safety of my pockets, I pressed my index finger against the button that unlocked the car. I reached out to grab the handle of the driver’s door and whipped it opened. Rapidly I threw myself into my seat without my seatbelt followed by the door closing.

In one motion, I slammed the metal key into its appropriate place before twisting it with the flick of my right wrist. The engine immediately rumbled to life as the lights from inside the vehicle flashed on before my eyes. Dialers and important buttons were shown brightly within as the car shuddered gently. Air conditioners were defaulted at full blast, quickly making me reach out my other hand to turn them off. My right hand then retracted from inserting the key in and transferred up to the sides of the wheel.

My hands gripped onto the mechanical object tightly; holding it tight till my knuckles were seen to turn chalky white. I scanned left and right from within my surroundings.

‘I have to hurry to Haruna!’

I knew that I have to hurry to Haruna. My heart is pounding wildly against my chest with each beat with multiple emotions mashed together. The emotions that can’t be explained and described with words alone. At the best I could say is it was a mixture of fear and concern. Sweat began to form from the top of my foreheads and fingers from my hand shaking with fright. My throat was completely parched; knowing for sure that water alone won’t be able to ease the dryness. Breath was becoming shaky and inconsistent with each inhale and exhale.

Without a second thought, I backed my car out of its parking zone and into the street; driving towards the location of Haruna’s home.

As I drove down the street, the streetlights dimly glowed yellow just enough for the street to be in view a couple feet away from where I am. I squinted my eyes as I sped through the quiet road. I didn’t know what overcame me, but it was natural for my reaction to immediately panic upon having the knowledge that something was just not right in the house of Haruna’s. When my friend didn’t pick up her phone along with the weird text messages she had sent me, this was urgent. I had no time to go the police station since she lived a good distant away from where I live. And even if I did get help, if this was a prank, then it’ll just cause more trouble for everyone. Not to mention that we might arrive too late…

I know I had to do this alone. If I don’t hurry, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it in time. Afraid that I won’t be able to save Kojima Haruna.

“God dammit, what’s going on?” I growled to myself as I heard the engine roar louder from the increasing speed I’ve been traveling.

The vehicle I was in continue to run as fast as possible through the quiet street. I forced the poor machine to push pass its limit. Soon the familiar lights that shined in front of me thanks to the streetlights faded over time. The smooth black road the wheels traveled upon transformed into dirt. Sound of dirt being driven upon was heard clearly despite the window being tightly sealed and rolled up; making the car tremble every now and then from the surface the tires ran over. The only lights that I was able to rely on was the pair of headlights and taillights from my car.

I cursed quietly to myself as I felt my heartbeat quicken. I was so nervous. So nervous about what I was about to be faced with. What if this intruder had weapons? What if he or she had goons with them? I only have a flashlight and my cell phone at my disposal… Oh great. I just can't believe I didn't think twice of how dangerous this person could be! I didn't even come prepared!

Before I knew it, my car slowed down when I came near upon the gaping entrance of the white fence that stretched endlessly on both directions to my right. Dark outlines of the tall, skinny trees and bushes brought upon eerie feelings. Not a single wind was heard brushing against the leaves of the greeneries.

When I took a step out of my car, I almost regretted leaving the vehicle. My senses of being terrified increased a notch followed by the number of red flags being raised from my instincts. Something was telling me that danger lies within the forest alone. Of course, when you consider the fact that Oshima Yuko here is alone with only her flashlight to defend herself and to find her friend deep within, this sounds like something from a horror flick. I shuddered and in a slow motion, took out my flashlight. My left index finger fumbled around to press the ‘on’ switch. I was instantly greeted with an isolated beam of yellow light that traveled only a few good feet from where I stood. It shone against the nearest tree bark.

I bit the bottom of my lip and scanned the area. No sound, no animals nor insects howling or making some sort of noise; no help if I ever needed one. ‘Great… This better be worth it…’ I mentally complained as I forced one of my legs to move forward. I was hesitant and it nearly took me a full minute to just plant one step ahead of my body. But as much as I was scared of entering a dark forest, I knew I had to save Haruna and check in on her. My friend needs me and I have to be there for her. I can’t just abandon her!

With that thought in mind, I gathered just a slim ray of courage from what’s left of my remaining sanity to get my body moving forth. It took a lot of strength, but I could see my legs operating mechanically to bring me walking. I left my running vehicle behind since the wood wasn’t large and spacious enough to fit my car. As much as I want to drive right up to Haruna’s home, I wouldn’t want to crash my vehicle into a tree!

As I shone my light ahead on the paved dirt pathway, I noticed how abnormally quiet this forest was. Usually it would have creatures making all sorts of noise, but there was nothing. Nothing was heard aside from my slippers crunching on dead leaves.

‘Just keep moving forward… Just keep moving forward…’ I mentally beat myself for not calling for back-up with my other friends. Oh, why the hell did I not call them?! And even if I did… I doubt they would actually want to step foot in this sort of setting. When I pondered on about my foolish decision, I pulled out my iPhone and checked the screen. I couldn’t help but groan out loud when I saw what I least wanted to see in a million years. ‘No connection!?’

The bars representing the signal seen on the bright screen had disappeared. My eyes snapped around the screen; desperate to think that I’m just seeing things. And when I attempted to connect to any sort of wi-fi, nothing came up. I didn’t understand how it was possible to lose connection from out here. Previously it was working even when I was down on this path multiple times. Maybe the radio tower nearby might’ve been down at the moment?

‘Ugh… Guess I really am in deep shit…’

I just can’t believe I dug my own grave.

Now trending forth with increased tension hanging in the air, I tried to suppress all sorts of imagination my mind decides to play on me. Even though I didn’t believe in ghosts and supernatural, it doesn’t mean that they won’t poke around with my sanity.

Inhaling in and out loudly, I was beginning to suspect how long the walk was. It was a little… too long for a simple walk from where I had entered from and onward to Haruna’s home. From before, I was able to walk to her home without breaking too much of a sweat. But then again… I was with her and it was during the day after all. Not all isolated in the darkest time of the day with the dreaded silence other than the crunching of dead leaves underneath my feet; startling me every good minute or so. (I’m personally surprised I haven’t fainted from a heart attack from nearly jumping at the sharp, clear loud sound in this atmosphere.)

‘I swear to god I have walked for about a good ten minutes-‘

My thought was cut off when I saw something in the distant. It was from the corner of my vision on the right. The lights shining from the object at hand managed to catch it from the corner. I couldn’t see very clearly, but it was… white. When that thought came to mind, I immediately pieced the connection of the image Haruna had sent me not too long ago with what I’m facing with right now. It was a white head seen in between the two trees. It was sticking out sorely from the environment I was in; startling me greatly when I realized it was staring at my direction.

‘Who’s there!?’ I yelped out in fear as I froze in my spot.

The moment I uttered out my words and shone my lights’ attention on the white head, it was gone. Disappeared as though it was never there in the first place. My eyebrows were raised up high on my face as I tried to think logically about what I had just seen. ‘Maybe it was hallucination… Yeah… Out in the woods at three in the morning is crazy… So maybe I’m just seeing things…’ But despite trying to convince myself from the situation not too long ago, the image of the white figure’s head was burnt into my memory. I can almost guarantee that it will be impossible to eradicate such terrifying image from my brain.

Trying to comfort myself and as much as I wanted to just scream ‘SCREW THIS’ and ditch my poor friend behind, I resumed walking forth on the road.

A good minute as passed by and I felt something… Something or someone was watching me. All of the hair from the back of my neck stood up as I hunched my shoulders up. My mind was fumbling around inside of my skull as my gut instincts warned me to hurry; to hurry over to Haruna’s house. I gulped despite having a parched throat and now mouth at this time and tried to hasten my pace. Left and right my foot came in front of each other, I began to understand how much I’m scared. I could now emphasize the main character of a movie being paranoid about a stalker coming from behind. I didn’t know who or what was watching me and I didn’t want to know. I’m afraid that if I know who or what it was, I might as well die from fright.

I then heard footsteps.

The sound of the footsteps from… behind me.

The sound was distant at first. Sounds as though it was a good distance from where I was. But as time rapidly progressed, the sound was getting closer. Closer… and closer… and closer till the point it felt as though the person or thing was right behind me. Right behind my heels.

I was afraid to look behind me. Rather I rushed forward. I didn’t want to think about it, yet the only sound I hear aside from my own pair of feet are those from behind. Nothing else broke the sound that I was hearing. My breathing was becoming fast, making it slightly difficult to take in oxygen fully to my lungs. The vision began to blur and blend in with the surrounding as every single paranoid thoughts flashed across my brain like a slideshow being fast-forwarded. Heart pounding against my chest and thundering in my eardrums. Everything from my body was just screaming to move as fast as possible and to never look over my shoulder. Telling me that the last thing I would want to do is glance over my shoulder.

The footsteps from behind suddenly cease to continue. Although it took me a while, when I realized that I could only hear my own, I slowed down my pace to a simple, slow walk. The breaths exiting out of my respiratory system accelerated from the amount of stress I had just experienced not too long ago. The high tension was still lingering in the air despite the mysterious footsteps disappearing from the scene.

‘I think my mind is playing tricks on me… It’s like I’m becoming a lunatic!’

The sounds that I’m hearing and the mysterious yet creepy white face with not a single facial feature written anywhere seen… Just telling anyone that I’m experiencing this would easily make anyone think I’ve gone insane.

A soft, shaky chuckle left my barely parted lips as I saw light in the distance. Light and dark outlines of a house. The house of Haruna’s was finally in my sight. The instant I saw it in my view, I thank the lord quietly and hurried (or more like ran for my life) over to its location. Just seeing the lights alone brought a huge surge of relief over my entire body.

Haruna’s house was seen to be two story high. Though it was a little old, it was in good care ever since then. So it plainly was just a modern house sitting out in the middle of the woods. Windows were seen to be lighting up in certain rooms; hinting that there was someone still in the house. The front entrance had its white door closed and sealed tightly; warding off any sort of intruders that manage to pound on the very wooden object.

When I reached to the front door, I gave it a few knocks with the back of my right hand. Knocking it once and twice, there was no answer from anyone or anything inside. I was immediately slapped in the face with concern when I remembered exactly why I had come here. It was to check on Haruna, not to run in and lock myself out of fear. Sucking in a deep breath and exhaling it all out in a shaky, but slow manner, I felt my heart racing. I was still trembling just a bit from the earlier situation as I knocked my hand against the door again. Upon making contact once more, the wooden door was pushed forth.

It startled me greatly when I saw the entire house greet me with warm, yellow lights. However, that wasn’t what concerned me. I was more concerned with the door itself. Just why was it unlocked and easily opened in the first place with a few knocks?

I most likely won’t be able to get my answers immediately. And honestly, I have a gut feeling that it’s a good idea to not know the reason why the house is in its current state. Stepping into the house, I instinctively clicked my flashlight off. Waves of relief ran through my body when I absorbed in the fact that I’m in a household. A household of my close friend. I twisted my body around so I was able to close the door. Using my right hand, I reached out and pushed the palm against the surface. Pushing it enough to hear a soft click.

Assured that the door is completely closed, I focused my attention on the house itself.

Standing right in front of me were the stairs that stretched all the way up to the second floor. It leads straight towards a single bathroom along with two bedrooms. On the first floor of where I was located though, to my left was a dining room. Hints of a kitchen sharing the same room was seen as pots and pans were hung up on the walls near the draped curtain windows. And to my right, there was the living room with modern television sets and radio sitting around on the tables. From what I’m seeing, nothing seems to be out of place on this floor. No marks of disarray was to be seen or made.

“Nyan Nyan! It’s me, Yuko! I’m here!”

I called out to her only to earn silence. I waited for a couple seconds, hoping for an answer to be heard. However, the silence still lingered on with amount of seconds I had given her. A little irritated, I decided to trend up the stairs in a steady pace as I try to grab the attention of my best friend once more.

“Oi, Haruna! You sent me a text not too long ago at such a ridiculous time of the day! I hope you have an explanation for me when I find you!”

Again, not a single response nor sound even to reply. I bit the bottom of my lip as my pace quickened. Each step I took made a creaking sound, but not as loud as the loud beating of my heart heard within my eardrums. Despite scolding out loud to Haruna, something didn’t feel right. I didn’t receive a single answer from the other girl through calling, knocking on the door and now the calling of her name. Something was just not right yet I can’t put my finger on it… Did it have something to do with the text she had sent to me earlier? It can’t be though. It’s just not logically possible… Or does it not have to be the reasons of logic to explain why Haruna pleaded help from me?

Whatever the reason was, I found myself on the second floor. I paused for a brief moment, glancing at my surroundings. Left and right there was no one and absolutely nothing in my sight. A small ‘hm’ left my closed lips as I resumed moving to the right. To the right where Haruna’s bedroom was located. It merely took only a good dozen or two steps in order to reach the destination I desired.

Her bedroom from afar was seen to be lit with a warm, yellow light from a lamp near her bed. Upon entering inside of the room, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing aside from the fact that Kojima Haruna is nowhere to be found. Her presence was erased completely from the inside of this house and even if she did hide from me, I couldn’t sense her at all.

“What’s the meaning of this?” I questioned to absolutely no one out loud as I examined my surroundings. The setting inside of the room was left the way it was always left; her bed wasn’t tucked as though the taller girl had slept in it before disappearing from the house. Closets and drawers were closed and all items inside of this bedroom were in its appropriate spots. If there’s nothing out of the ordinary, then where exactly could the girl have gone? “Haruna! Where are you?”

No answer yet again. And this frustrates me to no end. Exhaling loudly out through my nose and puffing up my chest a little bit, I was ready to give that girl one heck of a scolding when I felt a presence from behind my back.

Now this presence wasn’t warm and fuzzy as Haruna’s. Rather there’s a hint of coldness and terror hiding from my view till I turn around to see who or what it was. Red flags all raised up and waved wildly in attempt to signal my brain that something was very very VERY wrong. I gulped and froze in my spot. As much as I hate to glance over my shoulder, I knew I had to see who it was. All of my nerves were going haywire; unable to contain their alarm at the danger that might be posing before me. Squeezing my eyes shut, I barely lifted my eyelids as I looked over to my right.

A gasp came out of my mouth when I saw who it was; dropping my flashlight.

It’s him. It was that stupid figure’s white head again. Only this time he was decked out in its full black tuxedo suit; standing a good distant away from where I was on the other side of the hallway. The figure didn’t have any eyes from what I’ve seen yet I felt like dagger-like stares were stabbing into my vulnerable, bare body. This creature... That Haruna has been worrying about for countless days... S-Slenderman... My eyes widen from horror. And at such perfect timing, the lights went out in the room. It flickered with hiccups, trying to gather all of its energy to power up the bulb and bring support to my vision in the sudden darkness. When it brightened the room up gently again, I ended up becoming frozen with fear temporarily.

The creature that I had seen on the other side of the hallway was now towering right above me. His white, claw-like hands were on its side as it stared at me… with the expressionless, white, male mannequin face. He simply stood on his ground, looking down upon my figure. Not a single sound was coming from it yet his entire existence before me was enough to kill me with fright. Everything was just so surreal knowing that such rumored horror tale that blew up on the internet came true.

My body instinctively reeled itself backward from such startling fright. Jerking myself away from the foul creature, I felt the lower portion of my back bumping against the bed of Haruna’s.

“S-STAY AWAY!” I screamed out at the top of my lungs when I fumbled wildly to climb while being unable to tear my eyes away from the man. This person-no, monster, cocked his head to the side; almost with amusement at my reaction. Before I knew it, there were black slithering forms coming from behind his back. And there wasn’t just one or two but a total of six at first glance in numbers. This only made me panic even more; driving me to find an escape route and quick!

From the situation at hand, I know for a fact that if I ever did try to rush right past this Slenderman creature, he would most likely take it as an advantage and reel me in like a fish caught on the end of a hook. When my body finally got on top of the bed, I whipped my head to the left so I was able to see over my shoulder. And to my luck, there was a window. Plans of breaking out of the window seems like the only choice, but the consequences could end up with a fatal result. Either way, I have to risk it. This was definitely no time to ponder upon my escape.

I scrambled on all four of my limbs and twisted my body around. Using my left shoulder, I rammed into the clear glassed window with the curtains neatly drawn aside. Due to the house being in its old state, the glass was very easy to shatter without using too much force. But I threw my entire body out of the window and down into the dark, grassy patch below my falling body.


That was some landing I got myself into. The roughest one ever. I landed on the left side of my body; luckily avoiding any parts of my head coming into contact with the ground below. The instant I landed though, there was a loud crack resonating out in the air followed by a few rolls before coming to a complete stop. Now I know that pain was supposed to come and deliver its worse signals at my body, but due to being in danger, my danger senses forcefully overrode the pain operators and numbed it. Glasses that I had shattered were scattered all over on the area around my body, but luckily I didn’t land on any sharp shards. Though it was a little difficult, I manage to get back up on my two feet with a few push of my two hands.

Though the pain may have been nullified doesn’t mean that I wasn’t feeling any sort of sharp pain. A flash of sharp jabs came at my left ankle, nearly making me tumble forward and down at the ground again. Saving myself from planting my face at the ground, I realized that I had either fractured or cleanly broken the bones within my ankle. And considering the fact that I have to be moving at this point, it’s not going to be easy.

I could sense that Slenderman creature watching at me. I’m unsure of his locations right now but I could tell that he was close. Not wanting to be seeing such creature again, I made a run for it; blindly dashing into the forest again without any sense of direction.

As I dashed through the woods with all of my strength focused on dragging my left leg behind, I constantly called out for Haruna. I was unsure to where she could have been now, but I wouldn’t be surprise that she’s on the run from such nightmare. Now I will have to be rethinking twice about ghosts and supernatural being real or not.

From the corner of my vision in the darkness, I saw the outline of a tall figure to my right. He wasn’t moving but instead stood his ground; watching me intensely. And I didn’t like that one bit at all. I sped up and went towards the opposite direction of him. My callings for Haruna still hasn’t cease, giving hope that the taller girl would be found somewhere around here.

My heart was racing so badly right now that it could easily beat the Olympic winners of a 100 meter race. The blood being pumped in and out of its valves were working hard as the oxygen being brought into my lungs were less than the carbon dioxide exiting out of my respiratory system. My hands were shaking violently; unable to stay still for even half a second. Dizziness and fatigue soon caught up with me despite being in the fearful motion. My pacing has dramatically slowed down to a slow, painful jog. Intense agony fired up from my ankle as the numbness wore off from the amount of time passing by.

‘I just… want to drop dead any second now… So… tired…’

I knew better than to stop though. That tall monster was coming closer and closer with every glimpse I catch of him in the dark. It’s as though he’s gaining on me despite running away from him; playing with me like a toy before catching the victim. I didn’t like it at all but there was no choice but to play into his trap.

My body instantly collided with a fast moving dark tall object coming at my direction, making me nearly fall backward. A yelp left my opened mouth as I threw out my arms on both sides of my body without control. But when my left hand flew straight ahead of my body, I felt fingers gripping around my wrist. It was circling around it and securely keeping its hold. A hand to be exact. My heart almost came to a full stop; dying internally from such fright. I almost wanted to jerk it away and run the other direction when I heard a familiar voice from the owner.

“Yuko!” The voice that I had heard was raspy, yet weak and desperate. Though I wasn’t able to see the individual well, I was able to make out the dark outlines of the figure. Seeing that it was a female due to the long hair, I instantly connected one and one with the voice and person standing before me. And that person was none other than Kojima Haruna.


‘Oh my God. I’m so happy to finally meet up with her! It’s like meeting a savior in this surreal nightmare I’m living in!’

Just when I wanted to leap at her direction and cling to her like a Koala bear, Haruna shushed me with her other index finger flying up in front of her closed lips. “He’ll hear you!” she warned me. Then without any hesitation, we were on the move again. I could tell that she was leading me not deeper into the forest but the complete opposite direction of where I was previously running at blindly without her by my side. The girl was dragging me along with as much strength as possible, trying to urge me to move as fast as possible. When I shot a glance over at her, I could tell that she was tired; panting and out of breath loudly.



“I-I have my car in the front entrance of the fenced area-“

“Good. We need to get there fast.”

Haruna didn’t bother to let me finish my sentence. Quickly she shot down it with her firm, yet at the same time, trembling voice. She didn’t seem like wanting to speak anymore; entirely focused on the entire ordeal of getting the hell out of this mess. As much as I wanted my burning questions to be answered, I understood that this was definitely the wrong timing to ask. Our main priority is to get the hell out of this place and far away from that inhumane creature.

As much as we ran, we still haven’t gotten away from that foul creature. Occasionally spotting him every now at then in between the dark trees or even on the corner of our visions. And sometimes to our worse luck, he would be directly in front of me a couple good feet away from where we are. Of course, we would scream our lungs out and make a mad rush to circling around him. It was unsure of how he got around when he did nothing other than stand in one spot, staring at us with his terrifying empty face. Teleportation might be the answer?

“Are we almost there?” I loudly whispered over to the older girl. Ahead of me the girl hesitated before answering with a nod of her head. “I know where I’m going…” Of course, considering that Haruna has lived here ever since her childhood, that’s not surprising.

Rushing through the woods, I felt every ounce of my strength wasted away from trying to get out of here. And the instant we caught sight of the lights shining from the distant thanks to the car’s headlights, my injured foot slipped its grasp on the earth below. Falling forward, Haruna’s grip was immediately lost from my hand. The palm of my hands roughly slammed against the earth’s surface as the rest of my body followed after it. Skidding forward for a split second, I grimaced at the pain that shot up not just from the landing but from my ankle; nearly wanting to scream out in agony.

“Yuko!” she called out for me while the footsteps of hers shuffled back a couple steps. “Are you okay?” She didn’t even let me answer her question in regards to my being when I saw the older girl bend down and hastily motioned me to get on her back. A little hesitant, I knew that I have no choice but to listen to the other girl. Haruna had already bent down at a level where I was able to throw my arms around her neck loosely. In one swift motion, I was on her back; piggyback riding her. There was a short pause before we were on the move again.

As light as I was, it did slow down Haruna’s pacing speed; slowing our estimated time to reaching our safety of the car.

Another scream left our mouth when that man appeared on our left side; standing close by without any hesitation or sound produced. The older girl almost accidentally threw me backward from stumbling a couple steps from such shock. But Haruna quickly regained her gravitational balance with a slam of her feet deeply into the ground. Then using one of her legs, she pushed herself forward. It was as though God has granted her divine power or some sort of miracle to move at a faster pace. (Most likely it was only due to being in terror that our instincts kick in.) My hold on her tightened as I clung myself as close as possible; feeling my chest press against her back. Head slightly raised in order to view above her shoulder, I saw us progressing rapidly straight ahead; not looking back at the figure that was right next to us seconds ago.

To our surprise, the closer we had gotten to the vehicle, the less that terrifying creature showed up within our sight.

Haruna slowed down once she has reached my car. She didn’t hesitate to reach one arm out and use the hand to grab ahold of the handle; swinging the passenger door open. Gently, but in a haste motion, she deposited me right into the seat before slamming it shut. As I adjust in my seat, I saw the other girl run around till she got to the opposite side from where I am. Swiftly I saw Haruna threw herself into the soft seat the instant she clicked the door opened. Now secured on the inside of the car, I could see Haruna mouth a ‘Thank God’ for the car to already be running in the first place. Hands on the wheel, her foot pressed against the gas petal roughly.

The car did a three point turn in order to return back to the city where many of us reside in. I felt my heart slamming against my chest from such fear I had just experienced not too long ago. The trembling did not cease for it only diminished down to a bare minimum; the shaking still evident from my scraped hands resting on top of my legs. Everything was just so… unreal. Like it came out of a terrible nightmare that I can’t wake up from. It took a while for my head to wrap around the fact that this was reality for there was no reason to wake up. I’m already awake after all.

When I came to a slow realization that we were finally out of the ordeal, I let out a shaky exhale from my mouth. In return, I earned myself a flashing pain within my left ankle; wincing from such sharp jabs.

“We need to get to the hospital,” Haruna muttered quietly under her breath as her eyes glanced quickly over at my direction. "Doesn't sound like you're doing so well there..." The pair then returned to the front as we drove through the dark road. I could only reply back with a single nod of my head.

The two of us remained silent the entire ride. Not a single one of us wanted to utter a word to each other not because out of hatred but rather we were far too scared to say anything. The situation was burning a hole through our brain; the horror of being faced with such faceless monster that toyed with our sanity. A shudder ran down my spine when I recollected the image of his face. I wanted to squeeze my eyes shut and pretend that it was all just a bad dream, but I didn’t want to close my eyes. I don’t want to see his face appear the split moment I close my eyelids.

I glanced over at Haruna’s direction and still saw her trained on the road up ahead. The older girl, despite trying to remain cool at such rare instances, was terribly shaken. Her knuckles turned chalky white from the death grip she has on the wheel. The expression she wore on her face was scrawled all over with mixture of unknown emotions. A couple good minutes has passed by as I stared at the girl. Lights soon entered into our field of vision as the familiar, welcoming lights of the Tokyo city flashed around the car. Buildings, some cars and very few civilians were trending through their night as though nothing special had ever happened. It was the usual night for many of them.

Relief washed over my mental state as I finally slumped in my seat; completely ignoring the pressure I’ve accidentally pressed against on my ankle. Biting back a stifled ‘ouch!’ I saw the car park right near the closest hospital we could find. Not many cars aside from the paramedics and ambulances were seen through the entire parking lot. Isolated streetlights were located a good distance from each other.

Still sitting inside of the car despite the engine shut off, we both tried to gather our senses that the worst was over. We are now finally safe from the nightmare that had chased us back in the forest. I nearly flinched away when I felt her hand touch my shoulder. Relaxing my tense body part, I twisted my head so I was able to get a good look at her.

To my dismay, she still had her hands by her sides; too busy examining her surroundings. When she realized that I was staring at her, Haruna shifted her attention over to me. Her eyes immediately fell upon the hand that touched my left shoulder. Eyes widen with shock when we both slowly brought the pieces of the puzzle together. Nervously we both glanced over our shoulders and saw something that we didn’t want to see in a million years.

He sat there. He sat there as though… he was waiting for us to turn around. His white face stared at us and once more, tilted his head to the side as we continued to stare at each other. We both then were smacked on the face with the fact that no matter how much we run or where we hide... He'll always be... Finding us. I didn't know how it came to this point, but the predator has now found his victims. There we both shrieked out in fear as the creature leaned forth with his hand still resting on top of my shoulder.

I leave the ending up to your imaginations! :panic:

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - One Night... [Kojiyuu] - [08/15/13]
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So I'm here with a very... very... very... VERY B-lated fiction to sakura_drop_! Sorry for the delay. :sweatdrop:

Now a little life update, but I've been getting ill... Round 2 of getting sick just after a few days from getting better last week... And now it's progressing to get worse in terms of how long it's prolonged. I probably should start heading to the doctor if the second week rolls around the corner. :catglare: On the plus side, I've finished taking my ACT today! (or technically yesterday since it's past midnight) SAT, college applications and I'll be all set for seeing if I've been accepted to the dream school that I wish to attend. :cathappy:

Anyway, enough about my blabber, I have other OSs requested and being collaborated/worked on, so please bear with me. I'm most likely going to focus solely on Wandering Ship for a bit before working on my next OS on my own. :sweatdrop:

Unexpected Love [YukoRena]

The most unexpected love could come from the most unexpected places on earth.

And I’m honestly glad it did.


“NYAN NYAN~! Why you no let me give you a kiss?”

“A no is a no, you perverted squirrel!”

“But! But!”

“No ‘buts’!”

Ah, the usual enjoyment and pleasure of messing around with the girl that I love to frolick around with… Kojima Haruna. Inside of the break room from one of our handshakes event for today, it was just me, this girl and a few other junior members that didn’t really pay much attention to the two of us. It might just be because of her big oppais and oshiri-er, I mean, her reaction towards my teasing advances made her the top victim list of being harassed by the Great Oshima Yuko here. (Following right behind her is Takahashi Minami, Shinoda Mariko and my fellow Oshiri Sister, Watanabe Mayu.) And seeing her wear such clothing that does show off her chest boldly with that sexy office clothing… I feel like the luckiest person to witness such scenario.

At first, everyone was startled to see such side from me. This girl, who always spoke wise words as if she had went through her entire idol career in AKB48 for a long period of time and wore such serious expression, would ever have such personality relating close to an old uncle. But over time, not only did the members accept this part of me but even the fans themselves. I’m glad I’m able to show this side of mine out to the public. Part of it was due to the fact this idol group that I participate in didn’t require certain speech and image construction being fed to the media. And boy am I thankful for that.

Puffing my cheeks, I lunged forward once more in order to grab Haruna’s boobs; the two bouncy oppais my opened hands were more than hungry to grab ahold of. I felt as though time had slowed at this moment of time. The tip of my fingers were just brushing on the end of her white blouse’s surface; on the area where the two mountains were residing underneath. However, this older girl was far too fast for me. With one swift motion, Haruna side-stepped and dodged my attempt. Successful at avoiding the harassment I had in store for her. But right when she moved did I realize there was another person walking right behind the tsundere girl. My eyes immediately widen when I saw who it was.

Matsui Rena was truly at a bad timing. Such an unfortunate girl to not only witness but actually become my victim instead. I tried to stop my body, but it was already too late. My hands cupped around the two spots where one of the few womanly parts were located. And to only add even more flames to this scenario, my short body flew forward; tripping while in the process of trying to brake myself from crashing my two perverted hands.

Of course, you all know what happens next, yes? Ah~ It was SO AWKWARD. Literally. Out of all the people, it had to be THE Matsui Rena.

I found myself at a daze for a couple seconds; trying to comprehend what had exactly happened. Slowly I gathered my thoughts and pieced them together in my head. Shaking my head left and right, I mentally expressed the situation at hand.

‘Okay… So I’m… I’m on top of er… Rena here… And… My hands… are resting on top of her chest… Not good… Body position between the two of us…!!!’

Alright alright, I didn’t intentionally mean this, okay!? From our positioning, we both looked like I was going to have some sort of damn intercourse with Rena right below me. Legs residing near on both sides of the pale, slim figure below and hands still resting on top of her bouncy pair. Our body and face so close that we were able to feel each other’s breaths. Poor Rena! The junior member within SKE48 could only stare at me up above with mouth gaping. Eyes were beyond wide. Not to mention her face was bright red to the point that it could even rival the sun! (Okay, maybe not the sun but you get what I mean.) When I tried to get up, I accidentally squeezed my hands in desperate attempt to scrambling up on my two feet. A sharp gasp left Rena’s lips from such action. Now I feel even worse! Even my own face is blushing up a notch in terms of the heat!

Around me I saw everyone in this very room now stare at us two. My intended target, Haruna, could only dumbly watch with amazement at the situation unfolding. The entire room was in silence; an awkward atmosphere rapidly filling up the air. And knowing that I was the center of the attention along with Rena. Now on my two feet, I tried to find the words out of my now-dry throat.

“G-G-GOMENASAI!!!” I stuttered loudly to the junior member.

Hoping that I would at least wouldn’t rub it off on Rena that I am truly a Hentai girl that is now making her on my list of harassment, I leaned forth. Hands extending out, I urged the still-laying girl on the ground to grab ahold of it. Though it took a little while, Rena at least grabbed them hesitantly. Propping her up on her own two feet, I looked up to her. “S-Sorry… about that…” I spoke in a small, puny voice. (Just how pathetic could I get!?) 

The taller girl only blushed harder. Her eyes not meeting with mine, she dragged them to the side and soon to the ground beneath us. “I-It’s just an accident… I-It’s okay…” she mumbled quietly. Mumbled so quietly that I swore to God if I didn’t pay attention to her, I would’ve missed what she said. Then glancing up, Rena looked directly at my eyes.

BOY, did I ever mention how beautiful she is? Though my eyes were all trained equally with each of the girls within the groups, I couldn’t help but… feel memorized about her appearance. The perfect, beautiful clean hime that any boy and girl would want to fawn over. Dark brown eyes reflecting the shyness of her personality as her slender figure fidgeted in spot. Straight, long black hair stretching down to her upper back as its bangs hovered right above her eyebrows. Fingers bumping against each other in embarrassment. Just... wow. I don't really have much words to say about this girl's beauty. With a gulp, this moment of being able to examine the other girl with a perfect view was gone when Rena tore her eyes away.

“I-I need to… go find Jurina…”

It was only when she left that I snapped my entire consciousness back into reality. Just… wow. I never really went into that state of trance aside from Haruna and Atsuko. Blinking a few times, I could only watch in silence of the SKE48 newly appointed Team E captain leave the break room. The door was seen to be opened and closed shortly afterward. Silence still hanging in the air despite Rena’s presence absent. The awkward stares continue to train at my isolated figure for a couple more long agonizing seconds before finally, soft chatters filled up the air once again. A long, shaky sigh left my opened mouth; eyelids closing with disbelief. I simply couldn’t believe what had just happened! Though at least I’ve used that accidental moment to take a closer look at the hime of SKE48 everyone’s blabbering about. (Hell, even Mayu’s girlfriend, Yuki, keeps on blabbering about her and Rena being paired as ‘The Princess Duo’ or whatever by some fans.) Maybe it was actually a lucky thing it happened?

A gentle hand was placed on my left shoulder unexpectedly. Nearly startled out of my wits, I almost found myself leaping up a foot in the air when I saw it was just Haruna. “Oh… It’s just you, Nyan Nyan.”

The brown haired girl bluntly spoke her mind, “I hope this teaches a lesson to stop lunging and groping the members.” A frown crosses her face when my eyelids open; right hand waving wildly at her direction. I twisted my neck around so I could forcefully smile at her. The corner of my lips twitching with hints dropping about my lack of honesty. “Yeah yeah~ I promise I won’t do that again.”


I yawned out loud when the entire handshake event is over. Squeezing my eyes closed tightly, I brought my hands high up above my head; stretching them as far as they can possibly go. Palms of my hands were facing high up towards the clear afternoon sky. When I reopened my eyes, I had thoughts running through my head of what to do for the rest of the day. Since I’m free, I was wondering if I should go ask the other midget, Minami, and her girlfriend, Atsuko. But… I wouldn’t be surprised if they answered back with a no. Why? Well... I'm sure when we see those two together, they're at least 99.9% BUSY. It's always a wonder to what they do when they're alone...

Leaving my post, I passed through the many staffs that were cleaning up the area in the huge auditorium. Many members that were in the mood to help out was seen rushing around with supplies at their hands. Dodging and swiveling around the girls, I finally found my targets from the distance.

“Yo!” I approached them with a single, sharp raise of my left opened hand in the air. Catching their attention, I saw both Minami and Atsuko cease their exchanges. They instantly returned the same greeting towards me. When I stood in front of their face, Minami then asked, “You doing alright, Yuko? It’s been quite a tiring day for everyone.”

“Yeah, I’m doing alright so far. A little tired, but overall still energetic~”

“Man, I don’t even know how you can do it…” the General Manager muttered. Atsuko, who was not a member yet previously the biggest ace and rival of mine in the group, nudged the shorter girl next to her. “The ace of the idol group has to have the most stamina in order to lead the group,” she politely explained.

A faint ‘I see’ was heard from the midget’s direction. But aside from that, I wanted to ask them something. “Neh neh, are you both free for this afternoon? We can hang out together if you both want.”

“Gomen Yuko, but we’re both already have plans for the afternoon together,” Atsuko flashed a worried glance. “Since Takamina has been extremely busy thanks to being the General Manager, we haven’t been able to have a one-on-one date.”

“Ah, I understand~ You don’t need to apologize!” I then gave them a wink. “I’m sure Bakamina here would love to have some alone time with you anyway~”

“O-Oi! You squirrel!” Oh, that Minami. She immediately turned into the color of red with an imaginary steam rising above the very top of her head. A chuckle left my closed mouth. Such a sensitive and embarrassed girl she can be. Waving both of my hands to them, I gave them my farewells before running to another person that was second on my list to hang out with. None other than Kojima Haruna.

“Nyan… NYAN!”


Haha! I got her this time! I managed to toss my entire body onto her back; latching to her like a Koala bear. Legs crossed around her waist at my arms rested upon her shoulders. The older girl stumbled forward; rudely interrupted by my interference with Shinoda Mariko. If it weren’t for her surprising incredible strength, this girl would easily be landing flat on her face. Her entire body could be felt trembling from trying to keep herself and myself from falling.

“Y-YUKO!” her words squeaked out; breathless. Oxygen ran into her respiratory system rapidly and out as carbon dioxide while maintaining balance with the earth’s gravitational force below. Still clinging onto her, I rested the bottom of my chin on her shoulder. “Do you wanna go hang out with me this afternoon?”

“She’s already gotten plans with me, you Hentai squirrel,” Mariko’s voice came to respond instead of Haruna’s. Glancing away from the girl’s face, I saw the oldest member cross her arms with a small smile. Even though she had just graduated not too long ago, she, like Atsuko here, came to visit us every once in a while. And today was the day to visit; especially with her girlfriend, Haruna here. I puffed my cheeks and bounced off of the other girl. I could easily see Haruna thankful for my action for a sharp exhale left her figure. Straightening her back, Haruna joined Mariko by her side. “Sorry, Yuu-chan. Maybe next time?”

I flashed a cheesy smile at their direction. “Okay then! Sounds good~ I’ll just go ask someone then~” With another farewell given, I left the two girls.

Again… I’ve been rejected. Then there’s Sae and Sayaka… Who are both at Shanghai, China. Ever since Sayaka had graduated, she flew over to China in order to be with Sae. Which would be literally impossible to invite them out on a hangout session. (Too far away!) And I know for sure that earlier today, Mayu was talking to me about going to Disneyland with Yuki… So those two are out of the list… Who else am I to ask? I would’ve asked Jurina, but she left to head home early today due to feeling unwell. Then there's my Not Yet members, but Yokoyama Yui is spending time with her NMB48 folks and both Sashihara Rino and Kitahara Rie are way too busy goofing around to the point they're ignoring reality. Ahhhhhh! Just WHO do I ask!? I expressed my sullen mood with head hanging down as though my favorite football team had lost a seasonal game. Today truly is a sad day after all…

“Yuko-san? Do you mind if you can move?”

That soft, faint yet beautiful voice. It was heard coming from behind my figure. Quickly whipping my entire body around, I saw that it was Matsui Rena. Carrying a cardboard box filled with equipment from today, she was helping out with the staffs. And boy am I glad to see her! Desperate, I extended both of my hands on both sides of my body.

“Rena! Are you free this afternoon?”

“E-Eh?” That sudden question seem to have thrown her off balance. I couldn’t blame her though since she did have a busy day like the rest of us. Not to mention worried that one of the many ace in SKE48 were forced to be sent home by her. A little hesitant, Rena then answered, “E-Er… Not really…”

“Great! Do you want to head to this one café right after we leave this place? It’s really good, but it’s my first time there. So… I kinda need someone.”

The taller girl merely blinked at my direction. I could easily see in her eyes that she was unsure of how to answer my question. She tilted her head at a slight angle; trying to think of a response. Just when I was going to tell her never mind from the amount of time that has passed by, she then said, “Sure. I don’t see why not.”

“Perfect! I’ll help you out then with the staffs so we can go together!”

Trying to resist pumping my fist up in the air as though I had won the lottery, I followed right by her side with the equipment at hand. The smile on my face still plastered on. I could tell that Rena was a little shocked of my reaction, but who cares! I’m glad I finally got someone! Though it was someone that was unexpected, I’m glad that I got someone to hang out with for this afternoon!


I was waiting right outside of the building; waiting for the other girl to exit out of it. Leaning my back against the gray painted bricks, I inhaled and exhaled loudly. It was slightly chilly thanks to the winter season outside of the stadium. Hands covered warmly with gloves as they dug deep into my white jacket’s pockets; red scarf wrapped around my neck snuggily. Skirt switched out into a more comfortable denim jeans, I watched my breaths transform into mist for a split second before disappearing before my eyes.

Many of the members were still inside; some seen to be waving me farewell and taking their leave. Sounds of their boots and shoes clomped on the pavement with light layers of snow. When glancing up to the sky, not only was the sun still out but snowflakes gently descended upon the land. One even managed to touch the tip of my nose before melting; almost disappearing with minor traces of its existence. After ten or so members took their leave, I glanced down at my watch. Five minutes have just passed by yet they seem FOREVER. Maybe because I’m impatient and when I wait, the time progresses slowly around my world. Closing my eyes, a small bubble in regards to my train of thoughts floated above my head.

‘Hm… Now that I think about it, I haven’t really gotten a chance to talk to Rena…’

The more the name ‘Matsui Rena’ comes up, the more I felt like I haven’t known her enough. Maybe because we both haven’t really engaged in a conversation; only to exchange polite greetings when in variety shows or work in general. Or maybe it’s because she’s a fully committed member towards SKE48 as I to AKB48. Although we both are in the same idol company led by Aki-P, we lived in different parts of Japan. One in Sakae and another in Akihabara. And it wasn’t like we always would come together to practice our newest single or run through our concert performances. Burrowing the lower half of my face into my scarf, I mentally blamed myself for forgetting earmuffs at home. That was when Rena came from the corner of my vision.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, senpai!” her voice rang out in the quiet atmosphere compared to the inside of the building. Rotating in my position as though I was some sort of robot, I lifted my face out of the warm scarf. Mouth nearly dropping, I could only stare at this girl’s beauty.

The uniform she had on representing the SKE48 group when it was first created was now replaced with a more casual outfit. White blouse underneath the comfortable, yet thick, black sweater. Black mittens accompanied her along with a black sweat pant marked with white stripes on its side. Ear muffs colored with whiteness were cupping her red ears. It may looked as though this style is easily pointed out as one who is lazy. Yet when it’s on Rena, boy does she look great in it! My heart almost stopped beating from such sight!

I could see her head tilt to the side; confusion written all over her face. “Yuko-san…? Um… H-Hello?”

“A-AH-“ I randomly blurted out of my mouth when I heard her voice once more. I soon came to a realization that the other girl was waiting for me to respond about her appearance. Shaking my head left and right followed by a light slap on my cheeks with my hands, I flashed an embarrassed grin at her direction. “G-Gomen ne~ I kinda got lost with your beauty-I-I MEAN, I was just daydreaming!”

Whew! That was WAY too close there! Nearly expressed my thoughts on the other girl there! Nothing wrong with it, of course. But I didn’t want to be marked as the perverted girl hitting upon even the most unexpected member (even though I’m already labeled it…). Besides… Making an acquaintance uncomfortable is the last thing on my list.

Rena was seen to be pausing. Looking as though she has heard something yet was unsure of it. I bit the bottom of my lip; prepared to throw out another excuse with my earlier statement. The taller girl though shrugged her shoulders and gently smiled back at me. Ohhhh… If I weren’t careful again, I not only would have my heart stop beating for a second but actually gain a heart attack! What’s up with this girl’s charm!? No wonder why the fans all go so crazy for her!

“Should we go to that one café you were talking about?”


Digging my hands into my pockets, I took a few steps ahead of the standing figure. Then glancing over my shoulder while in motion, I motioned her with my head to follow after me. It didn’t take long for Rena to soon catch up and walk right by my side. Standing side by side… Like old buddies back in high school. I threw a curious glance at Rena when the junior whipped out her phone. She looked like she was updating her Twitter and Google+ statuses. I might have to check it out later when I get home… For now, I’m more focused on getting something warm in this freezing atmosphere.

After walking for ten good minutes or so, we finally reached upon the place that I wanted to head into. And lucky for us, the café isn’t very packed like usual. Probably because it’s a Wednesday afternoon and that’s when many individuals are still at work. Few regular customers were seen through the glassed window either sitting alone or with another person. Some had coffees, some had tea, some had hot chocolate, and some had sweets along the road of ordering off the menu.

Gently pushing the entrance door, we both were greeted with a blast of warm, safe atmosphere coming from the environment. A small bell rang about three times up above our heads upon the door opening. When I closed the door after Rena came in, we were immediately led to our seating. Lucky for us, we got the seat up on the second floor. And close to the large, glassed windows too!

From sitting on the comfortable red cushion seats, I sighed happily when my back finally found something soft to rest upon. While Rena was getting into her own seat across from mine, I took this chance to look out from the windows. Snow was seen to drift downward lazily as pedestrians were taking their time reaching their location. Cars and trucks passed through the road with a few honks every now and then. Shops surrounding the Tokyo city were all open for business; ready to welcome both new and old customers.

“What a great view,” I heard Rena state her opinion. Shooting a glance at her direction, I could see that the raven haired girl was too looking at the same area as I was. An angelic smile ran across her face as she observed from high up on this floor. I gulped. Oh boy… The more I see Rena, the more I get so… flustered just looking at her! It’s like… looking at a Goddess, oh my God! A GODDESS ON PLANET EARTH! Restraining my jumbled emotions and feelings within my internal world, I slowly bobbed my head in agreement to her statement with a cool facade. “It is…”

That was when she turned her attention around. And around to me. I nearly choked on air when our eyes connected with each other’s. A quick skip of my heart and face somewhat feeling a slight rise in its temperature, I raised my eyebrows up into the air. “So we’ve never gotten a chance to speak to each other.”

“Ah… You’re right.” And indeed she is right. Leaning forward a bit, I then asked her, “Since this is our first time hanging out… Mind to tell me a bit about yourself? Maybe… what kind of food or sweets you like?”

There was a tinge of pink glowing from her cheeks; her eyes wandering away from my face. Darting around anything but where my figure is, Rena mumbled in a soft voice, “Melon… pan…”

“Huh? I didn’t catch you there.” I wasn’t trying to troll on her or anything. I seriously couldn’t hear what she was saying. Unless I had supersonic hearings, I barely managed to grasp a single synonym ‘pan’ in the word.

The blush on her cheeks darkened slightly before she repeated her answer once more. “I like… melon pan.”

“Sou desu ne~ Now why are you so embarrassed about it?”

“I like to eat… them every single day…”

“Um, I eat certain types of food every single day… Like crackers and chips!”

“I kinda… live off on it.”

“What? Literally?”

“H-Hai… I kind of need one melon pan a day or… I’ll be in an extremely grumpy or exhausted mode till I receive it…”

Rena snapped her eyes back up at my face. An embarrassed giggle emitted from the figure before my eyes. Her shoulders were shown to be stiff; physically telling me that she was shy about one part of her personality. Hands on the tables clearly showed her thumbs toying with each other. “I-It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? For me to have that bad habit-“

“It isn’t a bad habit at all!” I shook my head and chuckled. “That’s very cute actually!”

AH-Was it something that I had just said that made the girl go even redder? I’m surprised that her cheeks didn’t burst into flames from how red she is! Watching Rena bring up a hand so she could (fail to) hide her embarrassment by scratching her cheek. That, I admit, is simply adorable. Again, her eyes tore their gaze away. And right at that point did the waiter approach up to our table. We skimmed over the menu and gave him our orders.

Silence hanged in air once again when the waiter took his leave. Footsteps from his black work shoes clapped softly against the rug’s exterior surface heard clearly as a bell. Although it’s normal for one to experience the silence, lasting longer than two full minutes just felt awkward. I wanted to speak up, but suddenly couldn’t find the courage to. My mouth parted a few centimeters before clamping shut; not bothering to progress further. Left hand came up to touch the back of my head and scratched in attempt to make it look as though I’m not nervous in such situation.

‘Come on Yuko! Think! Think of something to talk about with Rena here!’

I mentally beat myself over this when I heard the other girl speak up first instead. “A-Ano… Y-Yuko-san?”


My focus snapped back into its senses with reality; gazing upon Rena before me. I saw the taller girl cough into her right fisted hand lightly a few times. Eyes were fully trained upon my pair. The kind of aura that filled up the air was… a little bit different than before.

“I… Do you mind if I ask you something? I need some advice…”

“Ask away my dear junior~”

A deep breath. A single inhale followed by an exhale with the same length as the inhalation. She briefly closed her eyes (with elegance) and reopened them. “What… do you do when there’s someone that you first met, but you love them?”

“Hm? Ah, sou desu ne… You don’t have a boyfriend nor a girlfriend, right?”

“E-Er… Hai… You can say that…”

“Sorry about asking it, but just to let you know on my side, I don’t have anyone either, haha,” I scratched the back of my head in embarrassment from blurting out such a fact from my life. I didn’t really think Rena needed to know that anyway… But for some reason, I did see… her facial muscle loosen just a slight bit? The other girl in front of me even… sighed as if a form of relief? Or was that just my imagination? Brushing aside the curiosity of such actions, I focused on her question. As a senpai, I can’t let my juniors down! “So what’s up?”

“How… How do you… ask someone out?”

“Ehhhhh… Don’t you read some sort of romance novel or something?”

“Manga, yes.”

“Er… Right. Same thing. But anyway, you just confess your feelings to them just like how the characters do in the book.”

“H-How though?”

“Do I REALLY need to spell it out? It’s kinda simple-“

“It’s to a person that I’ve recently talked to though.”

Oh. Well that took me a bit by surprise. I surely wasn’t expecting that kind of situation to pop up. My running mouth halted for a second; mouth parted without any more sound emitting from it. Hands that were motioning in the air came to a complete stop and hanged in midair. I raised both of my eyebrows as high as possible. “H-Hah?”

Rena sucked in another deep breath. Then with an exhale, she explained, “You see… She’s someone… That I’ve actually admire a long time ago in the 48 Group… But I never got the chance to talk to her till now…”

“Are you talking about certain new members in your SKE48 group?”

She shook her head. “No no no. It’s more like a senpai I actually look up to.”

I dropped my hands back down on the surface of the table. Squinting my eyes, I leaned forth slightly with curiosity. And I hope it’s just me, but Rena did seem to grow a little brighter when I decreased the distance between the both of us. “Then I’m guessing this person comes from AKB48 instead, yes?”


“Please don’t tell me it’s Yukirin. Mayuyu has already taken her-“

There was a faint chuckle from her. A chuckle that represented amusement from my speculation. Her hand flew up to cover her mouth as with elegance. “No, this person actually is someone that hasn’t… gotten in a relationship yet.”

“Hm… I see then.” I tried to run through the list mentally about members that might be possible candidates. And so far, from the names that I’ve come up with, I highly doubt Rena actually watched them from afar. I scratched the back of my head; slightly irritated to how I can’t seem to find the one person that this raven haired girl might be trying to ask out. But the more I think, the more dead ends I end up. Just when I was about to ask Rena who it was, the waiter returned back to our table with the drinks and light meals at hand.

Giving him our thanks, I returned my attention back to the younger junior. She was seen to reach out her pale, slim hands out to the hot chocolate. Bringing it up to her lips, Rena inhaled deeply the scent. Then with an exhale, took a sip from the edge. A soft voice came from the figure to express her pleasure with the drink at hand. I couldn’t help but giggle. ‘Cute’ was all that crossed through my mind as I watched her.

Quickly I decided to add something for the girl. A single, white marshmallow plopped into the brown liquid. Rena glanced upward from the cup to see me pointing at the nearby bowl filled with the food. “You should add them. They make the hot chocolate more delicious,” I smiled.

She bobbed her head slowly in understanding as though she had never tried the drink with such method. Taking a few in her hands, I observed the younger girl drop the marshmallows gently into the steamy cup. While I sipped from my coffee, I saw her too take a sip. Her eyes widen the instant she got the taste on her tongue’s taste buds. “Oishii~” she spoke happily as another sip was taken. The grin on my face just stretched a bit wider when I heard her statement. “Good to hear that then, Rena.”

As we both chatted away, I realized that I have yet to answer her previous question she had asked me. So I pulled that up once we were finished talking about becoming an actress as a career.

“Neh, Rena? I completely forgot to answer your question about the love crisis you’re having.”

This seem to have taken the taller girl slightly by surprise for she paused momentarily upon hearing my words. Blinking a couple times, Rena was seen to be attentive as I continue to speak.

“So… If I were you, I would go up to that senpai and you know… Tell her how you truly feel and all of that good stuff.”

“Sou desu ne…” Rena lowered her face a bit. Looking down at her lap before shifting her head back to its original position. “I understand now. Thank you, Yuko-san-“

“You should drop the ‘san’ you know,” I stuck my tongue out at her playfully. “Just call me Yuko!”


It’s only been a couple hours yet the moment I got back into my apartment for the evening, I… couldn’t help but think more and more about Matsui Rena. Strange though since I’ve actually used this day to get to know the girl more (whose much more of an otaku than I believed). I've checked what Rena also posted on the social networking programs and noticed that she not only talked about the event and thanking her fans for supporting her but also a quick statement about hanging out with me. Not to mention a photo that unknowingly was taken with me and her walking alongside in the cold winter atmosphere. Having changed into my pajamas and resting on my bed, I waited for sleep to occur. Yet the thought of the younger girl flash into my brain.

The perfect hair… The perfect smile… The perfect personality… The perfect figure… The perfect everything…

My heart began to pick up its pace when I thought about the girl’s traits. Hell it even made my cheeks feel slightly heated. It took me a full minute to realize what I was doing. Shaking my head, I snapped out of it and wondered to myself why I had felt like this.

Just… what is this new feeling I’ve never experienced before?


I’m nervous. I’m seriously nervous and never before in my life have I ever been this nervous. Even the Janken Tournament or Senbatsu Election wouldn’t rival with this amount of worries shaking my internal world.

It has been a decent month or so ever since Rena has asked me such question. Yet ever since the day I asked her out after the handshake event, she has been… trying to avoid me lately. There were formal exchanges here and there, but… for some reason… My heart seems to ache. At first, I was confused to why I have felt like this. I’ve never felt like this for anyone in my life honestly. And the only time I’ve felt like I was madly in love was with oshiris and oppais. But jokes aside, my heart would suddenly beat rapidly to life every instant my gaze crosses over with Rena. Even just a glance from the corner of my eyes sends my mind into haywire mode. Just… what exactly is going on? It’s not like I love her or anything from first sight and neither does she to me… Or is it?

Standing right outside of the hotel room where both Rena and I were assigned to for today’s trip in Japan, I was tormented with the decision of either going inside of the room or staying out. The presence of the other girl was sensed within the room. And I was torn to knock on the white surface of the closed door. The barrier that stood between me and the person that hasn’t spoken to me properly since a month ago. I took in a deep breath, then exhaled it all out. Closing my eyes for a brief moment, I reopened them again with some confidence of my choice. ‘Let’s do this.’

My left hand reached out; almost as if it was on automatic piloting. It formed into a fist and came into contact with the door a few times. Knocking loudly, I heard a ‘coming!’ from within the room. It didn’t take before I saw Matsui Rena standing before my figure once more.

Rena was standing in her pajamas compared to my casual outdoor outfit; straight hair still wet as though she had just gotten out of the shower. Droplets of water ran down each strand and hanged desperately on the tip. She seemed a little startled when she saw it was me. “Y-Yuko-san!”

“I told you to drop the ‘san’, Rena,” I raised a single eyebrow high up and placed both hands on my hips; exaggerating the effect of my playful scolding. “Anyway, mind if I come in if you don’t mind? It is our room for tonight after all~”

There was a giggle from Rena at the lame joke. Then pulling open the door a bit wider, she then told me to come in. I entered in without a second’s hesitation. Coming into a hotel room that contained two twin bed, sofa, television, bathroom and patio, this was perfect for two individuals residing in a single bedroom. My luggage were stuffed to the side messily against the wall. Rena’s on the other hand is much much much neater than mine. I bet the inside of it is organized well also! Once I found myself in the center of the room, I turned around to see Rena close the door shut behind her figure.

‘Alright. I guess it’s time I confront her about this entire awkward atmosphere I’m feeling from the both of us…’

Just when I opened my mouth, Rena opened hers first. “Y-Yuko… I want to tell you something…”


Something felt a little different from today. The Rena now standing directly in front of me had this air of confidence yet shyness at the same time accompanying the girl. Eyes were staring straight into mine as minor parts of her bodies fidgeted in spot. Hesitation was seen in that eyes of hers. But the words did eventually come out of her mouth.

“Senpai… I wanted to… tell you how much I love you.”

‘N… N… N… NANI!?!?!?’

I could only stand frozen in my stead; staring at her with huge, wide eyes. And I swear to God that if I weren’t careful for keeping my mouth closed, I would’ve dropped it all the way down to the ground beneath our feet. Did I just hear right from this girl? Did she really confess to me that… she loves me? That this Matsui Rena girl loves me!? My heart is just beating crazy right about now! Continuing to stare at her, Rena resumed her confession.

“Ever since you beat Acchan from the Senbatsu Election, I’ve grown to be fond of you. I loved how optimistic you are even when the situation is grave. You make the atmosphere and mood about just anybody happier no matter what. And you’re funny too. Beautiful… Cute… Funny… Those are just some of the traits that I really like about you.”

She took another step forward. And in a matter of seconds, we both were at close proximity. Our face was close to each other; her looking down thanks to my short stature. The younger junior gulped before stating the final words. “Will you… be my girlfriend, Yuko?”

I didn’t know what to say. I wish I had some time to answer her question. Maybe I should ask for some time. Raise my hand like one of those students in the classroom requesting to delay the homework; hoping it would actually work… Nah. I don’t think I have much of a choice other than answer it right here and now. Besides, if I were to hold it off, I won’t be able to see this girl again till the next time all of the sister groups come together. Which most likely means months and months to come.

Deeply staring at Rena for a brief moment, I closed my eyes. I thought deeply. Deeply and buried my consciousness into a sea full of decisions and options. Did I really love Rena? Were those feelings earlier when I wasn’t able to speak to Rena scream out love? I reopened my eyes when I finally made my choice after analyzing closely at the options. Looking up at Rena once more, I then said, “Sure. I would love to be your girlfriend... as you would be my girlfriend,” with a smile plastered on my face.

Instantly I was met with a gentle hug from the taller girl. Her skinny arms wrapped around my short body and bringing it close to her warm body. I couldn’t help but too embrace her into my own hug; only it was a little bit more secure than she had on me. When we separated, our hands were still on each other's arms. Again, our eyes were fixated upon one another. “I… I guess that question you had spoken earlier pertains to me, yes?” I asked, curious about the answer.

Rena had redness spread across her cheeks while giving a single nod. “H-Hai…”

I landed a quick peck on her lips. The priceless reaction Rena gave afterward… It truly is priceless! The wide eyes and shocked expression as though I had stolen her first kiss (she actually had hers stolen by the flirting puppy Jurina). I merely shot a grin at her direction. “Well I’m glad know that you love me for who I am. I do too love you for who you are. Got one of the best, most beautiful girlfriend ever in the entire face of planet!”

I'm sorry if it's sucky. Fluffy writings is something that I must continue to improve upon! :panic:

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OMG I have no words for this LOOONG OS, (well that's a lie) in fact I have lots to say but I'm afraid I might forget everything as I type my reaction now. But at least, I wanted you to know, I'm truly pleased with this OS, okay it's not like it's for me but congratulations sakura_drop_ you got an amazing story for your birthday!  XD

Well, that's indeed an awkward scene to kick off the OS, as per Yuko's usual aggressiveness, somehow I couldn't help but stop shipping Kojiyuu and go YukoRena all the way (haha this, a bit true) Well, I don't know how, why, since when but one day, when I opened my eyes I realized I love YukoRena, (AM I ALONE HERE? oh yeah, I know already lower your hand sakura_drop_)  :cry: I just find YukoRena rare  :bleed eyes:

oh well, THE GREAT Yuko is in luuub,  XD I LOLed at SasshiRie totally ignoring reality wth?! I love Sasshi  XD and I'm totally buying our delusions MaYuki going out! FIVE STARS on that! I really curse the time when I wasn't aware of the existence of this thread. UGH.

So yeah, I highly doubt there's gonna be another YukoRena any soon, so I'm keeping this OS as a treasure, I'll bury this thread deep inside my lungs...heart I mean.

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