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Author Topic: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Trapped [Mayuki] (08/08/21)  (Read 111062 times)

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Addictive Pain [wMatsui] - [07/09/14]
« Reply #140 on: July 11, 2014, 08:41:06 AM »
*gulp* your angst is just terribly great, even there's no such a word in dictionary XD
You got me goose bump there buddy ~

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Addictive Pain [wMatsui] - [07/09/14]
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Today, my close friend’s birthday is happening. Although I am not fond of writing this, I will make it an exception. (I am sure many of you are at least excited to see this type of OS be posted after one year.) Also, the time limit of three days to write this piece is but a great adventure! The number of times I've stared at my grammar books and thesaurus is ridiculous. :lol:

I would like to also give a big thank you to NJLlyloo for assisting me in this genre. She not only excels, but even provides ideas that will fit the bill in this story. Thank you for being the trustworthy and sadistic onee-sama that I need since I began writing!

As for the fiction, it loosely explores the infamous Stockholm Syndrome and potentially how much a person can change through time. I would like to also mention that it is, to an extent, loosely based off of MBLAQ's old MV concept, "This is War". () I apologize if there are errors on my part, but please enjoy this one shot. I can only hope it brings tremendous improvement in comparison to my previous projects and works. (I might go down on all four if it got progressively worse.)

If you have any question(s) pertaining to this piece, don’t be afraid to message me either through this forum or Facebook (if you know where to find me), or write a comment in this thread. I’ll do my best to answer your question(s) as soon as possible.

Now for the birthday message…

Happy Birthday, Kate! We may have not spoken for a long period of time since I've left the fandom, but I’m positively grateful that we’re finally able to catch up after so long. I doubt you need some tissue box, but I’m sure if you’re extremely paranoid like me, this fiction should be a breeze. Hope you have a pleasant day, and may our friendship remain throughout the years that is to come. Love you lots, girl!

P.S.: “Are you interested in beginning a collaboration project?” (I’m sure you know how to respond to this.)

-   LoyalFlutist

Change of Heart [Mayuki]

Assassination requires great length of skills, patience, and determination to achieve a satisfying result.

Like a game of chess, the pieces must work together to corner the white King. Every single planned move and every single thoughtless action can bring forth complexity that wires into the mission. Quick thinking is a necessity in the cruel and heartless puzzle.

As for the prize? It was simply money; nothing more, nothing less. In exchange for a life, the assassins are granted the right to earn some cold hard cash. No matter if it is a famous politician or a homeless child, they strive to severe their victim’s lifeline. People consider it evil, they consider it normal.

A rewarding occupation with little to no risk to their well-beings, it was a job fitting for the young woman.

Watanabe Mayu, age unknown, rested a leather gloved hand on top of the long, thick black suitcase. The bulky container was smoothed over, laying flat on its side of the concrete surface. Standing on top of the rooftop, the fairly short two story building was seen resting inside of the countless taller ones nearby.

In the city of Akihabara, the black hooded mouse gained the perfect vantage spot for any sniper. An assassination attempt with a pull of the trigger, this was going to be an easy job. (As a bonus, the time of the day allowed the sun to provide extra assistance.) All the woman had to do was point, aim, click, and wait for the perfect timing. Pedestrians that should’ve littered the sidewalks were all but here in this spacious hole in the city; a quiet premise only few would dare transverse.

However, if an error were to occur, she could potentially scare the victim to shelter. It would be a major lost, and Mayu would have to spend countless hours creating a new plan. She treated every given assignment a one-time chance.  There won’t always be a next time.

The mouse stuffed an envelope deep within her black skirt’s pocket. As its paper crumpled, her eyes narrowed.

Today, her victim was a young university student: Kashiwagi Yuki. At the age of 22, the woman was on the road to becoming a health profession at a prestigious medical school. She has a family, but had moved out of the household to reside in her college’s dormitory. Yuki is fully living her life as a citizen ready to integrate herself into the working force as a general surgeon. Hardships and obstacles difficult to overcome doesn’t seem to be a phrase that existed in her world.

So far, the information provided told a simple tale of an ordinary graduate student. The reason for her upcoming death sentence? No purpose was spoken nor noted of to the assassin. Mayu didn’t need to be concern about such useless information anyway. Her goal was to kill the woman. There was no reason to doubt oneself about the task. She overcame this fear long ago.

She then swiftly used both hands to click open the case.

Within the box, there laid a sniper rifle. Its model fully built to completion, only bullets needed to be inserted to provide the best weapon for assassination. Despite being capable of such destruction, its lash back is the ability to fire one bullet at a time. For every shot, the user must reload. A nuisance, it can determine the outcome of the given task. The amount of time between shots can give the target enough time to make their escape. Messing up should be the last thing on the assassin’s list.

She carefully took out the sniper rifle. As it was lifted, Mayu took the time to load it with a singular bullet. Extras left behind within the container, her fingers toyed and clicked the pieces of the equipment, preparation being made for the big event.

Now fully equipped, the young assassin tightened her hold on the weapon. Right eye closed, the left actively peered through the lenses. Its center point rested upon a lone female from the distant. From her observation, it appears that the graduate student has just exited out of the white building. Cell phone pressed against her face, Yuki seemed like she was speaking to another individual across the line. Giggles and smiles were plastered on her face during the verbal conversation.

The hooded female clicked her tongue. She knew that all of the positivity of the beautiful student will soon turn to ashes at a single pull of the trigger. If Mayu had any form of pity, she can only wish well that her death is instant.

Aim slowly perfecting itself, the assassin felt her index finger itching to curl inward. Make no mistake that the kneeling position she now has will lead to a precise, clean headshot. In just seconds, the person named Kashiwagi Yuki will no longer live.

So with a soft exhale, she then pulled the trigger—

An unexpected car was heard pulling up from afar. Mayu immediately retracted her finger, eyes diverted away from her target. Using the scoping lens of the sniping rifle, the young woman was able to observe from the rooftop.

There was a black automobile parked roughly a mile away from her position. A man cladded in a formal, black suit exited out of the passenger side of the vehicle. Sunglasses worn to conceal his eyes, the bald individual whipped out a silver revolver. Hands swiftly pulled back and cocked the firearm, prepared to go after his prey.

She watched the new stranger barge into the tensed atmosphere that formed between her and her target, shattering it with a whole new sensation. His gestures and posture showcased that he was no ordinary civilian. Rapid deduction and theories all point to the fact that this man is an assassin just like her.

The question was… Who is he after?

Brown pair of eyes continued to watch from afar as the suited middle-aged man hastily walked into the quiet and spacious vicinity. His feet that carried him hastily wandered over to Mayu’s left. She shot a glance over at the medical student, and felt a sense of dread loom over her head.

His potential target was also Kashiwagi Yuki.

It wasn’t uncommon to have more than one killing order on a lone target. At times, there were even up to five active requests to commit the sin. This led to the community full of assassins in the constant system of competition. Your friends one day may become your enemy the next. Trust was never a concept fully accepted in the job description. Whoever makes the first kill gets the payment.

She wasn’t going to let his hands be on her target. It was her target, and her target alone. If he steals the kill, then the mouse won’t be able to earn the desired sum she kept her eyes on.

Urgency blew up on the assassin’s face. Mayu then tore her gaze away from the young woman. The sniping gun that was in her grasp were now hastily thrown to the side; her entire posture immediately transitioned from kneeling to sprinting. (She didn’t have to worry about the weapon. She plans to call the cleaner, Matsui Jurina, to pick it up for her.)

Mayu slammed open the steel door, and dashed down the emergency staircases. She descended as fast as possible to ground level. By the time she got to the emergency exit, the young woman shoved her entire figure against the barrier.

It snapped open. There was no time to waste. Every second that ticks by is precious, and if used correctly, can bring the assassin one step closer to Yuki.

Then with all her might, she ran to the location that the raven haired female stood.

It didn’t take even a full minute to get there. Mayu saw the talking student still on her mobile device, oblivious to the danger that was soon closing in on her. The killer that was suppose to execute her order came to a complete halt at this moment in time. Instead, the opposite desire that she never wanted to see nor experience occurred.

“Yuki!” she exclaimed. “We have to go!”

Upon hearing her name called out, the taller of the two snapped her head towards the caller. However, she wasn’t granted the chance to even object nor react at the proclamation. A hand shot out from the stranger’s direction, reaching out and grabbing ahold of her free hand. The cell phone that Yuki pressed against her face earlier dropped, dragged away from the location.

It appears that the man after her came to a realization that Mayu was bringing her away to safety. His figure from the distance began to, at a dangerous rate, come into full view; his pace quickening in hopes of catching his prey.

Should the two be in his line of sight for too long, the hunter will certainly come into close approximation. Not only is Yuki’s life is on the line, but even the assassin’s. After all, due to interfering with the hunt, he will knock down anyone and anything that stands in between his stance and his goal. (Assassins are ruthless, and will even slaughter their friends to get what they want.)

A sharp turn was made to the left, forcing the dragging female to be caught off guard. More sharp directions were performed before they came to a complete stop. Yuki soon found out that both her and the stranger were hiding in a skinny alleyway, easily away from the public's eyes.

Backs pressed against the wall, they used this time to catch their breaths.

The graduate student was completely flustered. Everything was happening far too fast for the young lady. One moment she was talking on the phone with her friend, the next she’s pulled around by a hooded stranger. Questions that she wanted to ask were caught in her throat, unable to formulate any at the current situation. She simply acknowledges the fact that her life is in grave danger.

Mayu, on the other hand, felt the older woman tightened her grip. It was the first time that the mouse has ever felt someone desperately hold onto her hand. Instinctively she curled her fingers and enveloped Yuki’s hand. She didn’t want her target to stray from her sight nor from her grasp. Right now, the safety of Kashiwagi Yuki is of upmost importance.

A quick peek was made from the corner of the slim alleyway. Based on the mouse’s observation and study of the premise, the two should be able to scramble away scathe-free if they avoid running into the man.

However, there’s a risk to undertake in the escape plan. There is only one path, and that one path that they must trudge through will easily expose their presence. It wouldn’t be surprising if they easily become tangle with his fingers. Of course, the assassin hardly wanted the outcome to tip to his favor. She will do everything she can to keep Yuki safe.

Exhaling, the mouse then shot a glance at the other female. The piercing gaze almost made her flinch, yet carried a sense of security that one could somewhat find comfort in. As for Mayu, she couldn’t help but make an unintentional note of the beauty that radiates from Yuki. That dangerous thought, however, was quickly shaken off. Now was not the time to waste on making unnecessary mental remarks.

Though no words were uttered, the shorter of the two separated from the wall. At that same moment, the tugging sensation was felt through the grip of Mayu. Quickly, they slipped out of their cover and into the anxious zone.

The two hastily sped through the spacious premise. Buildings that towered around the running females blocked most of the sunlight rays, only allowing few to slip by. Sounds of their pants and wheezes echoed in the rather silent setting.

Every couple steps or so, the mouse would shoot a glance over her shoulder, and so far the result has been the same. The man that relentlessly pursued their target is nowhere to be seen. This should’ve brought a sense of relief the them. Instead, the stress that accumulated over time began to overfill, paranoia comfortably settling down in their skull.

Footsteps then entered into their eardrums. Yuki’s heart nearly skipped a beat, feeling a pang of horror strike her core. As clear as day, the shoes tapped in consistency with the contact of the ground. The source of the sound progressively increased its tempo, hastening to their direction.

Both the student and the assassin were alarmed at the incoming presence. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who’s closing the distance.

A loud bang has resonated in the air, cracking the anxiety that built up within the student. Then there was a sudden outcry coming from the woman Mayu was pulling. The grip that once held dearly to the her savior’s hand loosened till connection was lost; weight that she was pulling on disappeared in an instant. All leg motion came to a complete stop, halting in place.

Her head then twisted around to see the fallen figure. At the sight of Yuki, her eyes widen.

Small holes were riddled on the student’s right shoulder, dark crimson blood splattering on her trench coat. The student’s face twisted from agony, jaw gaped at the intense stinging. Short breaths rapidly came and go through the respiratory system. Her left hand grasped ahold of the affected arm, eyelids narrowed in hopes of bearing through the pain. Upon further examination, the residues and pattern of wound suggest that the cause was from a shotgun’s barrel.

However, the mouse knew that the man merely carried a revolver, not a long weapon.

Mayu couldn’t help but turn her entire figure around to face the culprit. A couple feet away from where she stood, the male assassin kept his firearm raised at their direction. However, the aim shifted its focus from Yuki to the hooded female. Fingers could be seen readjusting its grip in preparation for the next target. The mouse immediately deduced that as long as he disabled his prey, he could take down the obstruction that blocked his goal with as much time as possible.

Her eyes flickered over to the weapon in his grasp. Its identity was indeed a revolver, yet the wounds present on Yuki’s shoulder did not come from any normal penetrating bullet. Eyes squinted, she considered the hypothesis that he managed to tweak the instrument. To his liking, he could easily attach an equipment that would cause the firing weapon to extend and spread its range. If that were true, it would explain why the raven haired female was inflicted in such style.

However, there was no time to lose. This wasn’t the right time to be thinking any further. As an assassin with full experience, she was well trained and taught in the ways to handle similar crisis as this. She knew very well that a moment of hesitation nor inaction can lead to a fatal conclusion. Both of her gloved hands curled into fists, tightening them at the sight of his figure coming close. A fight between two experienced assassinators will put their life on the line to take the spoil.

Mayu grimaced at the situation. It will end in a bloody mess for one of the two, and she wasn’t planning to be the short stick. With the corner of her lips curled downward, her pupils dilated as she pounced forward.

The battle has begun, initiated by the sneaky mouse. Without hesitation, the bald man pulled the trigger once more, allowing the bullets to spread outward at her direction. Due to her quick feet, she was able to swiftly avoid the blow by ducking. Its fires barely grazing the tip of her hood. His shock was written all over his face when he realized the mistake of firing too soon.

Everything felt like it was slowed down. Yuki managed to divert her attention from the wound, eyes sliding over to the unfolding scenario. The student was unable to pick words that could describe the witnessing match as she experienced the pain-wrecking sensation.

Like a mouse, she closed in rapidly. A hand reaching from behind, Mayu immediately unsheathed the hunting knife that she always carries close by. The metal blade glimmered by the thin sun’s ray as it slickly came out from its case attached to her waist. Her fingers curled around the handle, thrusting the arm upward to his chin.

He lowered his gun in desperation. The metal device clanged together against the edges of the sharp weapon. She smirked, sensing the dread that fell upon the man’s composure. Potentially it can be a deadlock position the two were at, yet thanks to the huge momentum of swinging her arm in comparison to his, enough force was required to knock the revolver out of his hand.

The weapon flung into the air, twirling and spinning without its owner. At that same time, Mayu straightened her entire body, bringing down the already-raised knife to his shoulder forcefully. If the hit man was only fast enough, he could’ve dodged the incoming blow.

He went down with a thump. Back landing roughly against the concrete surface, his entire expression scrunched upon contact. The man’s hand reached over to the buried blade, fingers wrapping around its handle. Yet despite his attempts to tear off the weapon, this was the most crucial moment in a fight. In this position, his entire front body is exposed to the opponent. Nothing could shield him from the truth that loomed.

Mayu stepped forward with a hand stuck inside of her sweater. When she retracted, there was a black pistol in her grasp. Fully loaded, it was ready for its user to pull the trigger at any given time of the day.

The predator’s facial features darkened at the sight; his entire face pale in knowledge of the fate he was given. Not a single word nor sound was able to escape his voice box, unable to even verbally react properly to the woman. It baffled him how a young lady like her could have beaten him into submission. He has the strength and the cunning mind of a serial murderer. However, his overconfidence was his greatest flaw, leading him straight to his demise at the hands of someone so young.

Whatever thoughts he had afterward didn’t matter. The cold gaze that looked down upon her rival remained on his figure as a shot was fired. His entire body shook from the strike, the bullet now lodged deep within his chest. Blood splattered at the violent impact only to be faintly concealed by the dark colors of his suit. His entire expression had shock plastered, eyes kept its dead stares on the towering girl. All further body movements came to its end, internal organs and muscles shutting down.

Once the pistol was securely hooked within her sweater, Mayu then bent down with a hand outstretched towards the knife. In a swift motion, there was a slick noise as blades slid out of the fresh stab. The smell of blood reeked the air around the assassin and the man from below. Color of red painted the theme attached to the conclusion of a hitman’s life.

The deed was now complete. She has taken down the man that chased and hunted after Yuki.

Alas, this wasn’t the end. Now it was her time to seal the deal with her own two hands.

Mayu glanced over at Yuki. The student was down on her knees, watching the entire murder play out since the beginning. Shock, anger, horror, and sorrow could be some of the many emotions thrown in a turmoil. How she felt was none of the mouse’s concern, however. She was no savior; she was no hero. Mayu is the true definition of a ruthless murderer.

Knife still at hand, she walked over to the frightened woman. Blood slithered down the blade, gathering at the tip till droplets came to life. Drips of the crimson liquid fell upon the concrete ground that rested between the deceased assassin and the shrinking student.

Words didn’t need to be spent to give an explanation to Yuki. She knew exactly what was going to happen next.

As she closed the distance, the corner of her lips remained stiff. The tainted innocence that mixed throughly with fear floated from the older woman’s direction. Her knuckles became white from the tightening hold of her right arm. The fate that was about to descend upon the female has arrived, and the hooded female was to deliver it like a death reaper. 

Once close enough, Mayu gazed at the victim. Eyes with lack of emotion were spotted in Yuki’s perspective, automatically dubbing the young woman as a heartless killer. She wanted to get up and run as far away as possible from the place. However, terror was instilled into her body’s system, freezing up. Mental commands and screams were not enough to motivate the figure back into action. Sadly, all the student could do was become a sitting duck to the assassin’s doing.

’It’s time to end this.’

Knife was raised high above the woman’s head in a single fluid motion; it hovered a good distance away from the top of Yuki’s head.

A single strike to the head should dive the blade far enough to penetrate the skull and into the brain itself. No one should be able to survive a fatal encounter like this. Should she survive from the first round, Mayu could always plunge the blade back into it. Rinse and repeat the action till the death of Kashiwagi Yuki is confirmed.

Weapon at hand, the mouse then brought it down.

The sound of wind cut into two proclaimed, strength used in the swing publicly executed. Muscles went to work as it constricted, straining themselves to transfer the energy from the arm to the moving blade. Intensity was easily showcased as the speed increased from gravity.

Yet it completely missed.

Where Mayu had swung only came close to the vulnerable female. The blade literally came to a full stop near Yuki’s twisted face. As if her entire body disobeyed the commands, the wrist shifted to an angle where contact is impossible. The mouse couldn’t help but freeze up on the turn of event.

This entire situation literally made a fool out of the assassin. Should she raise the knife high up in the air once again, it is almost guaranteed that the result will be similar. Mayu didn’t need to try again to see if her prediction was right; she knew for sure that she won’t be able to land even the tip of the blade on the woman’s hair.

“Let me help you,” Mayu grumbled. “I’ll help treat your shoulder.”

She hastily sheathed the weapon, returning it back to its case. A soft exhale came out of her mouth as she bent down. Gestures and arm motions were made to assist the wounded to stand up on two feet.

Yuki, still in great anguish, allowed the assassin to do what was needed. Numbness spread throughout her body and mind, almost as if the student was watching her own figure move and perform actions.

At this point in time, she didn’t care where she was taken. She simply didn’t want to die. The will that many organisms carry throughout their entire life overrode any common sense in this particular moment. Yuki just didn't want to die, and she was willing to do just about anything to have her life spared.

Disappointment, on another hand, trickled in the midst of Mayu’s mind. The question of why she couldn’t end the older woman’s life would bother her to no end. To even think of sparing her victims is inexcusable, yet it happened. Facial features expressed various forms of emotions as the two hurried over to the mouse’s hideout in the nearby outskirt of Akihabara.


[3 hours later]

The wound that has been sustained on the raven haired female was bad. Consistency of bandaging and redressing came at the interval of every thirty minutes to prevent potential infections.

Yuki, on the other hand, has yet to fully awaken. Every single time the student cracked open her eyelids, she was washed over with the intense burning sensation that struck her shoulder and a migraine. Speeches became slurs, groans escaping through her trachea in desperate attempt to formulate words. A fever continues to ravage her entire figure, chills constantly running its course. Both sleeping and waking proves to be simply a world full of anguish.

Such sight is almost enough to earn pity points from the assassin. (Almost.)

She sat on a wooden stool nearby, overlooking the suffering female. In one hand, there was a wet white towel. In another, she twirled the pistol.

Within the bedroom of her puny hideout, there lies a collection of dust, weapons, papers, and small body bags filled with cash scattered throughout the room. Two desks (one near the bed, another near the furnitures), a single-seat sofa, a coffee table, and a boxed television barely manages to squeeze themselves in this tight space. Worst of all, no windows could be spotted anywhere; ventilations luckily operated through the filters and central A/C high on the walls. Otherwise, one could describe this area as the junkiest bedroom to stand in. The kitchen and bathroom laid outside of the bedroom’s door, steps away from where they rested. Yellow lights barely covered was mostly able to erase the darkness's presence from all three.

As cramped as it may be, Mayu finds solace in it. That is, until her victim is turning and groaning all over her bed mattress. She was automatically kicked to the side to sleep on the uncomfortable sofa for tonight and who knows how long. Irritation boiled from within her chest, yet kept it under control as she overlooked Yuki.

Mayu never understood what possessed her to keep the girl in her hideout. The only person that ever knew of its existence and location is the cash dealer, Shinoda Mariko. There was no point in bringing the target to a safe place. Not to mention what insanity infected the mouse from keeping her alive.

This was no joking matter. This woman had to die. The crumbled envelope tucked within her pockets clearly printed out the assignment. Another assassin attempted to exact the same result as she wanted earlier. If she wanted, she could just let Yuki bleed out in her hideout even, receive an infection from poor treatment, and succumb to the fate the medical student originally planned to have.

Yet maybe it was too much of a hassle.

No— that wasn’t right. Perhaps Mayu couldn’t kill Yuki right now. She didn’t like to admit it, but the hooded female found herself unable to bring down a hunting knife to the woman’s figure. Even with a fully loaded firearm at hand, she couldn’t raise it up, aim, and pull the trigger. This frustrated her greatly as a stream of questions were present to ponder upon. 

Could it be due to the injury the student has sustained?

That couldn’t be it. There were various times in previous assignments that the mouse shot down wounded individuals. No matter if they were sick or hurt, Mayu would be there to bring an end to it all.

Could it be how young Kashiwagi Yuki is?

Impossible. She’s struck down innocent children before their family, and have gotten away with the bloodshed. No one could be able to forget the cries of parents and guardians of a youngster’s death, and certainly no one but murderers like the mouse could forget the sensation of putting them down.

Could it be that she’s a woman?

Ridiculous. Men or women, gender never played a part in the deciding factor. Regardless of who the individual really is, if a death flag is raised, then so shall it publicly wave.

Mayu’s eyes kept watch over the slumbering figure. As personal examination ensued in silence, the girl couldn’t help but remark the beauty that was blessed to the medical student.

Could it be… her beauty?

Victims’ looks never were at the top of the list, never mind ever being branded as a priority on the list anywhere. However, Yuki’s striking looks had caused several instances where the assassin mentally complimented. It wasn’t the determining factor though. Fashion and exquisite body physiques was never one that finalized any choice for the mouse.

So what exactly brought her to this current predicament?

Could it be… she wanted someone?

It’s true that being an assassin meant isolation from the rest of the world. Contact was minimal, and the only person that she’s fully spoken to was Mariko. However, even with her dealer, a couple sentences were merely exchanged before she lurked back into the shadows. Mayu never thought twice about the status of being a loner.

Unexpectedly, that one moment when Yuki was desperately holding onto the short woman’s hand in the midst of a pursuer brought about a feeling that she never knew existed. The sweat and warmth that transmitted through her glove that time was a first for her. She never held anyone’s hand, and never had someone hold hers. A strange, fuzzy sensation built up deep within her chest at the initiation of Yuki’s earlier action. It stirred a new form of emotion that Mayu never knew she could possess.

This was a one-time thing though. It could just be a spur of the moment. It could be—

She snapped back to reality when she heard a moan coming out of the sleeping beauty’s parted mouth. Without thinking twice, the young woman got up from her seat. The weapon placed down on the nearby desk, Mayu proceeded to gently press the damp surface of the towel against her forehead. In a gentle pattern, she wiped off the sweat that overfilled the pores, spilling out in forms of sweat droplets.

Perhaps the mouse should give herself time to decide Yuki’s fate. She wasn’t thinking straight, and the target is on the road to recovery. A couple days should be more than enough time to settle down and think over the situation. Once the raven haired female becomes well, then Mayu should be able to severe her lifeline. 


It has been two weeks now, and the older female has, thankfully, healed for the most part.

Although scars cannot be avoided, Yuki was able to freely move her shoulder effortless. Meals that were provided by the assassin were eaten with ease compared to the past couple of days. The constant self-therapy session she had has increased the mobility and returned most of her strength back to its starting point. She was able to shuffle around from place to place, but due to the order of the stranger, Yuki was only allowed to stay under this roof.

So many questions bubbled inside of her head, all ready to pop at any given time. She wanted to clearly understand her circumstances, and divulge on who exactly her captor is. As a student, it was not surprising that her curiosity got the better of her. Like an innocent child, she awaits for the arrival of Mayu.

The college student sitting on the edge of her bed, she kept her eyes on the assassin as the young woman brought in a mug filled with herbal tea upon entering the room. A brief thanks was given before receiving the cup.

She brought the white edges of the object to her lips. Gently it pressed against the mouth, opening slightly as the liquid seeped through the small slit. A quiet sip provided warmth as the tea traveled down through the throat and into the stomach.

As she drank the substance, Mayu wandered over to the nearest sofa. There she plopped herself on the furniture, crossing her legs and ensued the stares on Yuki. Silence hung in the air excluding the sound produced from sipping. The assassin merely rested her hands on the arms of the sofa, unmoving; it was as if she were a hawk keeping a watchful eye out of her prey.

This didn’t bother the student. She was a bit concerned about the treatment, but regardless, brushed aside the doubts.

“I’ve… never gotten the chance to properly thank you,” Yuki spoke once she retracted the mug. “So… Thank you for saving my life.”

“You don’t need to,” the assassin coldly replied. “You shouldn’t even thank me.”

It was an unexpectedly response to the remark that she has uttered. A saying wasn’t required, but the way Mayu spat it out gave a negative connotation. Yuki wasn’t expecting anything from the captor, let alone a tone full of warning. She could only blink a few times before vocalizing herself once again.

“It still doesn’t feel right. You’ve saved my life from the hands of a man intent on killing me.”

“Is that so?”

Another apathetic answer. However, it didn’t stop the other from continuing to further compliment the female and even complicate the conversation.

“You’re a sweet person, you know that?”

A rare smile bloomed on the assassin’s face as the other female pointed out a trait that she never would’ve thought have possessed.

“I don’t know if I should be flattered.”

Sweet? Mayu was far from anything but sweet. If one should describe the cold-blooded killer, then bitterness or sourness would be the best fit. For Yuki to say such compliment, either she’s oblivious or too kind for her own good.

Yuki giggled at the distinguishable remark.

“I’m only speaking how I feel— Ah, that reminds me… I didn’t get your name.”

“Does it really matter?”

“Well, I can’t keep thinking of you as a nameless savior. Besides… you know my name.”

Silence was met. Perhaps it would be difficult to retrieve an answer from the mouse in regard to her identity.

“Watanabe Mayu.”

She spoke in a hasty pace, almost tricking Yuki into thinking she misheard the slayer speaking. It took a couple seconds for the student to realize that she wasn’t imagining it.

“That’s a nice name," she complimented once again. 

“I’ve never thought of it.”

“I think it’s perfect for a hero.”

It was time to cut the casual chatters. The treatment that she was receiving from the student almost made the assassin vomit on the spot. Sweet words slipping out of the older woman’s mouth could become poison to the young female. No matter if the person was generous and honest with her words, they meant nothing to Mayu. She learned that long ago, those same words transformed into venom. Besides, Yuki was a target. If she slashed her down, then this nonsense would all be over, and she would return to the quiet, tense life of a hit man.

“You don’t know me, Kashiwagi-san,” she said, standing up from her seat. The hooded female narrowed her eyes at the sitting female. “I’m an assassin. I kill for a living.”

“But you’ve saved me—“

“I didn’t save you. I simply saved you because I wanted to end your life with my own hands.”

The assassin didn’t hesitate to unfold and whip out her pocketknife. In a swift motion, she now stood before Yuki, positioning the blade against her throat. The mug that was once in the student’s hand immediately dropped to the ground, shattering upon impact; the tea that was once in the container flowed out and spread on the wooden floor.

It felt as though time has hit the pause button. The only movement that could be seen between the two individuals was their chest falling and rising. 

Hairs on the back of the target’s neck stood up as goosebumps began to makes its presence. Her eyes shakily dragged its gaze down to the weapon pressed against her vital spot. If sweat wasn’t building up from within her pores, it surely began. The sensation of the death reaper stood by her side once again, breathing down her neck as Yuki faced the slayer.

The envelope that crumpled from within her skirt’s pocket was immediately taken out. A folded paper was seen half in, half out of it. Mayu managed to shake the necessary piece in order to shove it at the other’s face. Its paper container slowly descending to the ground, the mouse roughly unfolded the file. Once properly held in her grasp, she raised it to her victim’s level; she even shook it to prove a point.

“You see this paper? It has all of your profile information on it. An anonymous requester sent in an order that you should die.”

Dread loomed over the female. She examined the file and noticed the abundant information on her profile. Photos taken without her permission were accompanied by the vast, detailed text. Descriptions ranging from her height and weight to the university that she attended sent a shudder down her spine. It wasn’t the matter of what the information provided, but rather who and how they have gotten it.

“H-How did you—“

“I exercise my right to remain silent in answering any of your questions, Kashiwagi-san,” she mumbled as her face was brought up close. Each word that spat out of her mouth was deliberately in staccato, putting an emphasize on the overall sentence; it was as if she was a cobra hissing at its victim before lashing out. “You’re going to die, and I will kill you.”

The file now dropped, the mouse refocused all of her attention on how fast she was going to end her life. Her victim bit the bottom of her lip, feeling a sweat drop slide down from the side of her head.

“Then… why don’t you kill me?” Yuki bravely pointed out. “Kill me, Mayu. Kill me right here, right now.”

She was baffled at the foolishness.

As for Yuki, she was actually terrified. For her to voice such a demand simply meant digging her own grave. The student knew somewhat that the assassin is hesitant in slitting her throat. Based on her observation, Mayu isn’t able to deliver the final strike. If she was wrong, however, then it would spell doom for the older woman. Only time, patience, and psychological luck could tell the aftermath of a courageous outburst.

Mayu, on another hand, was ready to kill this irritable woman. If it could shut her up for good, then it would do well to severe this all. All she had to do was violently flick her wrist. The amount of damage produced from the move was enough to complete her original goal.

Yet she found herself unable to. Her heart slammed against her chest painfully, watching the hand shake. It continuously shook in place regardless of the mental commands she snarled. Once again, her entire body disobeyed the organ in command. 

There was no explanation to why the assassin couldn’t even grant such wish. She had the knife planted against the vital throat, yet the mouse was unable to press it any further than now spill a thin line of blood. No matter how much will she applied, it never registered into her mind. 

A scowl was scrawled on the girl’s face. Retracting her arm, she then twirled the pocketknife to sheath it. She returned the piece of weapon back into her sweater, hooking it from within.

As for Yuki, the student let out a large exhale, noticing that she has been holding back her breath since the encounter. A hand reached up to touch her own neck, determining how deep the cut was. Frankly she was glad that the confrontation ended on a stale note as predicted. Should she be wrong, then— It wasn’t worth mentioning. It has passed, and the heated tension that hung in the air eroded.

There was no point in continuing this conversation anyway. It wasn’t pointless, but Mayu, shamefully, couldn’t even recreate a solid answer to the demands of her target. If she couldn’t show, then it would be wise to keep her mouth seal. Many believe in showing, not telling.

How silly. This assassin was beginning to become unsure of her place in the situation. She was suppose to be the one to pull the plug, yet it appears that the mouse could only watch onward in puzzlement. No matter how much she screams to rip it off, her body wouldn’t obey.

She turned her back to the female, hands tucked into her sweater’s pockets. Mayu then proceeded to walk out of the bedroom. Hand placed on the doorknob, she was ready to shut the door. However, the assassin came to a brief halt at the doorway. Without peering over her shoulders, she murmured a warning.

“Don’t follow me, Kashiwagi-san. I won’t kill you now, but remember this: I will have your head in a month.”


It’s now been a month since Mayu first met and saved Yuki, and the female has yet to take a step to the outside world.

Despite the disarray and uncomfortable space that she resided in, there was a fair amount of food and water to live off of for a couple months without taking a step out. Disorganization became organized as the student found time to push and shove objects around. Whether it would please the mouse, Yuki will never know; she only did it for her own comfort. At the same time, bit by bit, she would find clues and hints that point out to who Mayu really is.

Although she could’ve gotten out of the shelter, report to the police, and return to a life full of security and safety, the student was unable to find the desire to do so. Even though her life is on the line, Yuki couldn’t help but remain at the captor’s home. An explanation doesn’t warrant her decision (she doesn’t have a legitimate reason prepared), but the student has a gut feeling that she should stay; an instinct to keep herself in the home of the assassinator. There has to be a reason to why this individual shouldn’t leave, and why she couldn’t stop thinking about the assassin. The image of Mayu consistently flickered in her mind both day and night, concerning the target of her view on the predator.

Perhaps if Mayu came back soon, the two could resolve this strange issue. The student struggled to find a reason to why she was unable to not only leave, but to cease thinking about the assassin.

However, the presence of Mayu has yet to return.

Ever since that day, the hooded female hasn’t come back since then. Thanks to scouring through some of the assassin’s supplies in the desks, she found out that there was another task the woman must complete. Another assassination job; the life of Watanabe Mayu is filled with mystery. 

The more Yuki thinks about it, the more she realized how little she knew about the assassinator. Interactions the two had together were brief, but exposed so little of their personal stories. Books that were dying to be read were out of reach of for the medical student. Every chance that she had, she could only get near, fingertips brushing against the dusty surface of the cover.

Although she shouldn’t be bothered by such minor details, it bugged her from the back of her skull. Even if she didn’t want to think about it, it tickled her curiosity at her like an ant scuttling around. Information that she wanted to take in was anything but easy to achieve. Again, it requires the appearance of a certain hooded mouse to make it happen.

As the raven haired female reread the file that indicated the mention of the next victim, thumps and crashes were heard in the kitchen. It alarmed the medical student, perking her ears up in hopes of determining the source of the noises.

Could it be an intruder?

It couldn’t be. If she remembered what Mayu has told her earlier as she recovered from her injury, no one knows of their location other than Shinoda Mariko. She may have not taken a step to the outside world to observe the type of shelter she’s kept under, but she places faith on the words uttered by the assassin. This is her hideout, after all. The terminology isn’t loosely used for a location easily discoverable by outsiders.

Could it be the dealer then?

It could be a possibility. What would Yuki then say if she is confronted by the very person that assigned her death sentence? The sheer thought of facing the individual terrifies the student. However, she can’t falter now. It would be wise to remain silent, pretending she wasn’t here. There’s no need to hide, but if she could only grab ahold of a nearby object as a weapon—

Another crash erupted from within. However, it was much closer than it was from the previous. It struck a nerve within Yuki, causing her to leap. Sight fixated on the door, its knob began to shudder as it turned. Almost thirty whole seconds passed by before the barrier pushed open.

When she saw who it was, a sigh of relief got caught in her throat. Watanabe Mayu now stands present before her, but it froze Yuki to her spot.

The mouse weakly leaned against the door, hand gripping ahold of her left side. Her entire attire was in ruins; the cuts and tears that shouldn’t have existed were present on many areas of her clothes. Blood trickled out from the corner of his lips, bruises signifying that someone or something has beaten up her face. Rapid breaths ran through her respiratory system, bringing the dizzy spell to the woman’s head; her consciousness barely alive as it kept Mayu from fainting outdoor.

Yuki was startled at the assassin’s appearance. All she was able to do was stare in horror at the sight. Never did she expect the young girl to return back in this state.

A faint scoff came from the mouse’s direction.

“So… you’re still here…” she breathed out.

With that uttered, Mayu wasn’t able to keep her eyelids open any longer. Limbs began to drop their weight as a wave of blackness shrouded her vision. The girl was falling forward as the hood slipped off from her head, fainting from the injuries that burdened her entire body.

This snapped the graduate back to the reality of the situation.

“Mayu!” she screamed, running forth to catch the limp figure.

Upon having the wounded in her arms, Yuki came to a realization of how light she was. Warmth that normally would spread throughout a human’s body has been drastically reduced to a dangerously lower temperature. Panting was heard from the mouse as the body struggle to keep itself from shutting down.

Yuki couldn’t just leave the woman in this state. If Mayu dies right here and right now, then—

Then… what?

What was the point in saving as assassin that wanted her head for the bounty? It would be simple to leave the young lady alone in this state. With the injuries that she has received, it would not take long for her body to consequently take a heavy toll. Death may not come immediately, but a long, awaiting days full of suffering will play out. Once the murderer, Watanabe Mayu, meets her fate, then she is guaranteed a peaceful life free from threats for a bit longer.

Yet here she was, beginning to drag the mouse to the nearby bed. It was as if her body was in complete autopilot, only able to watch her hands carefully bring Mayu an area to lay. Why wasn’t she able to stop herself from doing what she’s doing? Why is she helping out her killer?

’It couldn’t be…’, she thought to herself, almost scaring herself. ’Could that really be it…?’

As the answer tumbled inside of her mind, she began the start of treatment.

Thankfully, the student was studying in the field of medicine. The rigorous study habits and late night sessions with the textbooks proves to be helpful. She should be able to treat the assassin from further complications. At the very least, she would able to prevent an infection due to negligence. 

She then rested the female down on the bed. Back laid against the soft mattress, the medical student glanced around for any signs of a first-aid kit. Since Yuki has cleaned most of the place up, it didn’t consume much time to seek for the container. In a quick pace, her thin fingers found themselves curling around the plastic handle of the box.

Now bringing the kit over, it was time to take out the required materials. Gauzes, cotton balls, alcoholic pads, band-aids, and tapes. She laid it all out on the empty part of the bed near Mayu. A soft groan was heard from the young assassin as the raven haired female placed the necessary supplies on a clear space.

By the time Yuki glanced up, she almost dropped the alcoholic swab packets. The fainted female was now seen to forcefully attempt to sit up. Both hands shakily fumbled around, a soft growl slipping past the corner of the assassin’s lips at the difficulty.

The student immediately came to push the weak female, but heard a much louder growl emit from the assassin. Unable to stop the woman, she could only assist in sitting her up and treating her wounds.

“You shouldn’t force yourself awake, Mayu,” she warned as she began to slip pieces of clothing were off from the woman’s upper body. “It’ll do more harm than good.”

There was a long time interval between the statement and a reply. When she responded, it was quivering. Breaths were sharply inhaled and exhaled as two measly words were uttered.

“I’m… fine…”

A gasp nearly left the medical student’s lips; the sight of the woman’s injury was potentially enough to leave a blank slate of mind behind.

Gashes and scratches scattered all over the smooth skin. Faint scars from previous wounds were seen, but they’ve mostly healed under the newer ones. Scabs and dried blood coated nearby areas of the mostly smooth skin, displaying that Mayu have been bearing it for a long period of time. Discoloration and purple colors splotched itself under the unbroken skin. The unruly scene that she has just witnessed caused brows to scrunch together.

There was no time to lose. The longer she gawks at the the girl’s body, the more she would endanger her life with a prone infection. 

The mouse leaned forward, feeling the cold air smack against the cuts that rested on her skin. Although most became scab, slight movement and contact with the atmosphere brought forth waves of stings. Teeth clenched, the female knew well that she won’t be able to fully use her mobility skills for at least a week.

She then grimaced at the start of dabbing the alcohol swab against her injured shoulder, flashes of white pain slapping against her body. Oh how much Mayu wanted to dive back into the unconscious world where all five of her senses were numbed. (Just because she was an experienced assassin doesn’t mean she was used to being harmed.)

As she bore the agony of cleaning her wounds, the mouse couldn’t help but find a question dying to be answered in the back of her mind. At first, she decided that it was not necessary to ask. It wasn’t a big deal nor was it important enough to open her mouth about. Yet there was this curiosity that bubbled within her core. In that same moment, a sensation of warmth and comfort has awaken. This was a new sensibility that she has yet to experience in the longest time possible.

“Why… are you helping me?” she finally questioned.

There was a short pause from the student upon hearing the question. However, it felt as though Yuki was prepared for the assassin to ask it. A faint smile ran across the woman’s lips as she removed the swab.

“I felt like I should repay you back for saving my life.”

“Kashiwagi-san, you—“



“Call me Yuki.”

The assassin felt irritated at the demands that she was forced to obey. She didn’t like to call Yuki by her first name, but if the older woman asked for it, she didn’t have much of a choice. Besides, the student was tending to her injuries. Perhaps this could be one of the easiest ways to repay back a debt. At least this thought comforted the mouse.

“Fine… Yuki.”

She heard a faint huff from behind. It appears that Yuki is pleased to have the young lady heed to her words. At least it would drop the stiffness that was always present in their conversation.

“Okay then, Mayu. I must ask you though… What exactly happened?”

So she was one of those type of people. Annoyance right until the end. They like to poke and probe at an incident, dying to know the answers. They’ll never give up until they achieve their desire. Mayu hated them, but it doesn’t look like she has much of a choice. In the end, Yuki could badger her till a satisfying response is made. If only the assassin wasn’t in a critical state, she would just shut the other female up by persuasive threats.

“My mission went badly. I put down the man as requested, but never did I expect to run into trouble.” She let out a small exhale, her breath hitching when the white pads began application to her cut shoulder blade. “He has security guards everywhere. I made too much of a commotion to kill him, so it was my fault.”

Yuki was unsure of how to take this all in. She wasn’t exactly fond of the woman’s drive and ability to slay her victim. The mindset of not just a medical profession, but any normal civilian would wish good health for others. Yet instead of pitying the now-deceased man, she found herself more worried about the health of his killer. That ever growing mindset was somewhat frightening for the student.

She didn't speak anymore, directing her attention back to bandaging the younger of the two up.

It took some time for the entire treatment to be complete. The last step involved a small band-aid to be placed on the corner of Mayu’s lips. A small ‘There!’ was heard from the healer as she retracted both hands from the assassin’s face. Then, in a swift motion, Yuki threw away the plastic wrappings of the band-aid to the nearby trash can. In that same moment, the mouse took the time to lower herself back on the white mattress. A new set of clothes covering her upper body, she knew there were words to express the tiny gratitude hidden within her heart. 

“Thanks, Yuki.”

“Hm? Did you say something, Mayu?”

“…It’s nothing.”

She didn’t like to repeat herself. An act of kindness; that was an extremely rare response that ever came out of the girl’s system. It gave her even more reason to keep her mouth seal.

As she laid on the bed, her eyes flickered over to the medical student. Yuki’s back was turned to her direction, cleaning up and putting away the supplies in the first-aid kit. Since she was simply resting, the unnecessary thoughts came trickling back into her skull. The silent atmosphere didn’t make it any better; her eardrums picked up the sound of her heart beating as she gazed at the slender figure.

“So… I finally realize the reason why you didn’t want me leaving your hideout," Yuki bluntly proclaimed.

Mayu felt an eyebrow raise in amusement.

“Oh? Why don’t you tell me then.”

“It’s because you wanted to keep me safe from other assassinations.”

A pregnant pause hung in the air.

“Ironic. You do understand that I too have an order to kill you, right?”

“But I’m still alive.” Yuki places a hand over her chest, proving a point. “You could’ve killed me, yet it’s been one month since we’ve met. If you truly followed your order, I shouldn’t even be brought here in the first place.”

The assassin’s heart nearly froze.

“Idiot. You would think of such thing? It is true that I’ve kept you off from the hands of others, but it doesn’t mean that it’s out of good will.”

She was about to say more, but the woman cut her off.

“I… also found out about something else.”

At this point, Mayu was irritated at the nosey female. Not only did she blabber ridiculous statements, but even dare to speak up more than one! If she could only shut her up by slitting her throat—

“You’re lonely, aren’t you?”


Her entire expression shifted; eyes widening and blinking blankly at the speaker. She didn’t know how to respond to that question. It should’ve been an easy question to answer, yet the assassin was unable to reproduce one.

The lack of any reply initiated the student into speaking more. Now turned around, her entire attention placed on the laying female as she walked over to the bed. Without warning, she crawled on top of the mattress and over the now-flustered assassin.

“Even with this cold act, you’re still someone that I truly owe my life to.”

Yuki allowed both of her hands to gently cup the assassin’s face. Thumbs softly caressing the bruised skin, she let out a quiet exhale at the sight of Mayu.

“I love you, Mayu. I’ve always loved you.”


There was more that has to be said. She definitely has more to say, and she wanted to lash out at the student. Yet the number of thoughts that fumbled in the mouse’s head, for once, came crumbling down in a heap of dust. All sort of witty and sarcastic replies stopped dead on its track as the beautiful woman came close. Her face closed the distance between the two, so close as to feel each other’s breaths. Every single inhale and exhale were felt faintly, tickling the mouse’s skin. Heat crept up on Mayu’s cheeks at the close approximation.

She’s never felt like this before in her life, and she demands to know what’s causing her to feel like this; what sort of sorcery Yuki has enchanted her with.

“W-What do you think you’re doing?” she managed to choke out.

An answer to her question turned out to be a surprise; the student’s lips crashed upon the woman from below without warning.  Mayu’s eyes widen as her first kiss was stolen. She didn’t expect anyone to initiate intimate contact, especially when it came from a target that was suppose to be dead.

If one despise and didn’t consent to this sort of action, it would be common practice to distance themselves from the cause. However, to Mayu’s dismay, her injuries hardly granted her a chance to choose that option. So she was stuck in the position for a long period of time. Meanwhile, that fuzzy sensation stirred from within her chest. The warmth that she felt since meeting Yuki grew at a rapid rate. Heart that only beat wildly in danger reacted in the same manner towards the push from the student.

Why is she feeling this way?

Many weeks has passed by for the mouse to analyze her tossing emotions. Answers potentially standing in front of her face were in her reach. Yet there was only one that she could grab with ease:

Love and affection. She desperately wanted these two things in her life. At first, Mayu rejected the ideas, claiming that it was nothing but foolishness. The more she thought about it, however, the more it became clear that this was the dreaded answer she’s avoided for so long. Ever since she became an hit man, many privileged concepts were only given to those that carried on a normal life. The female never had a normal life to begin with. Her past muddled, she only remembered that she started this occupation at the earliest memory possible. The lack of love and kind treatments caused the young lady to grow up into a cold-blood killer.

Then there was the presence of Kashiwagi Yuki. Since the day they’ve met, it must’ve been fate. Everything that the mouse thought was normal became unclear, disrupting the daily activity that she has gone by.

’I love her.’

That was why she acted so strangely. The beauty and the vibe of a kind soul emitting from the student halted the student in her spot. Why this has never happened to others before her, Mayu will never know; a magical spell must’ve been sprinkled upon Yuki to label her as special.

As for Yuki, she’s solved the mystery before beginning the treatment of this girl’s injuries. She finally came to a realization to why she couldn’t bear to leave this shelter. It was an answer that fully cleared her doubts and confusion of the endless wonders her relationship with Watanabe Mayu.

A passionate kiss that intertwine with the dominance of Yuki, they separated to relieve some air into their lungs. A tear unconsciously sprung forth from the corner of Mayu’s lacrimal glands, streaming downward as she stared lovingly at the hovering female.

“I… I love you too… Yuki,” she whispered. “I love you and I need you.”

Just hearing the assassin speak of the confession brought about a sincere smile on Yuki’s face. The hands still resting on her face, she used a thumb to wipe away the tear that slid down to the side.

“I need you too, Mayu,” she tenderly spoke, leaning in to give one more kiss.

Although shorter than the previous round, it exchanged an emotional connection that the two were finally able to acknowledge. It was an extremely special event that ever happened to the two females.

Afterward, she then proceeded to slide off of the woman’s frail body. Her head resting nearby, they laid side-by-side from each other. The blush that colored their cheeks remained as their eyes remained fixated on one another. A vibe never known to the slayer floated into the atmosphere, tainting it. Unlike her usual attitude of brushing it to the side, Mayu found comfort in the graduate’s presence.

Perhaps… Perhaps she was just a little girl, after all. She truly didn’t know the concept of love and affection. Now that she has Yuki, perhaps it was the start of a romantic relationship that she is proud to call it her first. There really was no reason to kill someone that she loves, and she is willing to fight against any future death orders of the woman named Kashiwagi Yuki.

She will protect her girlfriend, and she will love her girlfriend as a whole.


It was time for the confession.

Almost half a year since the incident passed by the two individuals, and so much has been going on. The feelings that the two shared since that fated day brought forth a blooming flower full of blessings and romance. Although Mayu was an assassin that once targeted Yuki, they both lived under the same roof for half a year till this date. Not a single attempt was made to her life, and the attitude that the young woman once had eroded away at the presence of her girlfriend despite the ensuing missions she undertook.

The heart that continuously pumped blood throughout her body ran at full speed. Their relationship status is at a level many would admire, but Yuki wanted something more. She wanted to raise it up to where they can seal their bond. The life that two separate individuals carry will bind to one, detailing that together they will move forward.

She wandered out of the bedroom, trying to find the assassin in the hideout. A couple minutes of searching resulted in nothing but a faucet left running on accident in the kitchen’s sink. (To which Yuki turned it off.) Another round of searching in the small space yielded the same exact result as previous attempt.

With a huff, the medical student decided to leave the place.

When she opened the door, she found herself blinded by the bright light of the sun. Eyes squinted, Yuki had a hand brought up to provide some shade against the rays. The heat that accompanied the day was accompanied by the gentle breeze that soothed the unbearable temperature.

Her eyes gazed upon the heaps of trash that countlessly stood on the recycled land. The shelter that housed the two, on the outside, looks like it was in shamble. Wooden boards and flimsy steel pieces kept the roof above their heads. Pipes filled with filters and water barely stuck out of the crumbled, concrete ground from nearby; its starting point from a nearby financial district and ending here in the outskirts.

At the location they could be found, it was not rocket science to how the mouse was able to coop in her hideout without issue. Not only were there lack of visitors in the outskirts, but there was always a huge number of waste building up in piles nearby. It’s highly unlikely that anyone would walk around the premise in their spare time.

A couple more minutes progressed by as the female resume her search for Mayu. Although time shouldn’t be an issue, the number of obstacles that represented barriers ate up seconds that could’ve been used to seek the assassin.

Yuki let out a sigh of relief when she finally sought the hooded figure.

The shorter of the two stood a couple feet away. Hands in her sweater’s pockets, the young lady blew a pink bubblegum out of her mouth. It popped, prompting her to chew the material once again before blowing it; rinse and repeat. From where Yuki stood, it appears that Mayu was staring at the city of bustling city of Akihabara. Curiosity perked the graduate. Questions began to formulate as she proceeded to walk over.

“What are you doing here, Mayuyu?”


It appears that the older woman brought surprise to the mouse. By the time Mayu glanced over her shoulder, Yuki’s arms were placed on her two shoulders.

“I didn’t expect you to come out here,” she added after spitting out the gum to the side.

A giggle was heard from Yuki’s direction at the spoken words.

“You should be though. I’ve been cooped up in your house for a long time.”

Upon hearing that, the assassin felt the corner of her mouth perk upward.

“I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.”

Yuki leaned down to plant a peck on the girl’s cheek.

“Hey... Do you remember that day when you called me by my first name?”

"This is rather sudden."

"Just answer my question, silly," she said as another smooch was landed on the same cheek.

“When I came back from my mission, yes?”

She shook her head.

“Not exactly, Mayuyu. It was actually before that.”

This puzzled the assassin.

“I… don’t remember calling you by your first name before that time.”

A sigh then escaped the raven haired lips. Her hands retracted from Mayu’s shoulders, the smile still shown on her face.

“It was when we first met; when you first saved me from the gunman.”

“Where are you going with this, Yukirin?”

She knew very well that this conversation was going in circles, avoiding the main point of the unknown topic. The mouse would be lying if she stated that it didn’t touch her nerves. Impatiently she awaited for the woman to get to it, furrowing her brows.

“Mayu, I… really want to solidify our relationship,” she proclaimed, taking the girl’s hand into hers. “I want us to be more than just girlfriends…”

What could she mean by that?

It took a bit of time for the mouse to digest the spoken statement that left Yuki’s lips. Then, she raised both eyebrows with concern. The hand that was in the older woman’s grasp pulled away with force.

“It’s impossible,” Mayu bluntly shot down the request. “I’m an assassin and you’re a normal civilian—“

“Then you can always quit your job.”

Her eyes widen at the suggestion. Yuki passionately spoke those words, hoping that her girlfriend could agree. Both hands clasping together, her fingers intertwined as she desperately persuaded the female.

“For me, Mayu, please… I want to build a future where we can be happy.”


The name of the other female was uttered as the assassin extended a gloved hand out. Palm resting against Yuki’s cheek, warmth seeped through the clothed material. A slow, yet gentle, caressing motion brought a fuzzy sensation to the student, slightly pressing herself against the moving hand. Then without hesitating, she leaned forward to capture Mayu’s lips.

All of her emotions poured into that one kiss. She wanted to showcase how serious she was with Mayu. She wanted to show how much she wanted to by by the woman’s side. She just wanted to show how much she loves her.

Although Yuki has surprised the assassin, the female, hesitantly, reciprocated in a similar manner. The gloved hand that rested against her cheek cease moving any further, attention fully heeded to the simple, yet powerful, gesture of expressing one’s feelings.

They retracted, but only briefly before making connection once again. On the second round, it was much deeper, pressing onward to the soft delicacy that could be bitten and licked in lust. Eyelids closed, the two felt heat rising from their cheeks at the arousing stimulation that two lips could possess.

Movement was seen from Mayu’s mouth after they separated to catch some air.

“…You’re so naïve and innocent, aren’t you?”

Tone drastically changed, the raven haired female snapped open her eyelids. At that same moment, a pressure was felt against her abdomen; it was followed by the sensation of a solid object resting from within.

Yuki felt a gasp leave her gaped mouth. She stumbled backward, a couple steps taken to distance herself from the mouse. Pair of brown eyes shakily gazed downward to the affected area.

From her observation, the student was able to see a pocketknife puncture her abdomen. Residing deep within her body, its wooden handle made contact with her outer skin. The color red painted the cloth that surrounded the weapon. Thick substance by the name of blood slowly seeped out of the stab, soaking the white blouse that Mayu has bought for her.

The mouse took a couple steps towards the confused woman. A hand shot out, instantly taking ahold of the handle. In a single motion, blood poured out of the hole that used to hold the sharp blade. A choking gasp left her lips from the sudden transition. Once the knowledge of the received injury finally soaked into her brain, pain signals shot out wildly throughout her body.

Yuki succumbed to the sensation, crumbling down to her knees before falling flat on the concrete surface. Two of her hands pressed against the injury in dire hopes of slowing down the bleeding. Yet it wasn’t enough; the wound was deep and it would eventually kill her. No matter how much she attempted to keep it from flowing, she knew very well that death was going to overwhelm her desire. She truly felt like the death reaper is standing by her side once more. This time, he— no, that wasn’t it; she brought down the scythe to Yuki’s lifeline.

“You know that I can’t quit my job,” Mayu spat out.

Physical pain from the newly created injury was nothing compared to the emotional wreck that the student now suffered. Her hands pressing against the wound, Yuki’s fallen figure trembled. A bundle of indescribable feelings tumbled everywhere in her mind like a chicken without a head.

Words that were meant to spill out of her mouth got caught in her throat. Communication became difficult as shock could hardly be registered in her mind; her eyes continuously watching her girlfriend examine the blade that she tore away earlier.

“W-Why…?” she finally croaked out after so much struggle.

The assassin paused; the blade slowly twirled so it sheathed itself automatically.

Now that the weapon of interest was gone from her sight, a cold-hearted gaze was shot down at the young woman.

Then there was a grin. It was, however, easy to distinguish from the earlier ones presented to the victim. With the combination of penetrating pair of eyes and a wicked smile, ominous vibe came from the expression, sending shudders to anyone that dare witness it.

Mayu began to bend down at Yuki’s level. Once she was at a reasonable point, she answered the student’s burning question.

“Please don’t take it the hard way, Yukirin,” she answered. “You’ve brought in love and security that I never knew was needed.”

Then there was a short pause.

“However… the reward for killing you is something far greater than that.”

The same hand that shed the woman’s blood used its fingers to gently push aside the stray strands that fell out of place. Although such action was meant to provide warmth, it only served its purpose to intensify the irony.

Mayu was—no, she has always been an assassin. Although she felt a bond develop between her and the ex-target, the hooded mouse was relighted by a new offer. The old offer that she had forgotten was brought back to life. This time, it was with at an even grander number, surpassing the triple digits that plagued the previous. Upon the notice by Mariko, the younger female was reminded of her occupation.

Love was nothing but a concept to toy and play with. Individuals that fell for the disease was guaranteed a life of foolishness. Its best role it played was a stepping stone to the next level. After all, Yuki was simply the unfortunate victim that needed some stomping before putting the foot down. It was a sacrifice that she was willing to make for the prize. Money could always buy her love if she so desired.

There was no need to have Kashiwagi Yuki in her life anymore. A pact once made to the female, Mayu can now be free from it. After all, currency rule society till this day. Money holds a higher importance to the silly concepts that two individuals spark up.

On another hand, Yuki couldn’t accept all of this. All of the laughters, happiness, and love they’ve created together was all a lie in the end. One huge bloody lie that led to the demise of her life. As compensation for extinguishing the woman’s lifeline, the assassin will soon receive a large sum by the next payment date. A sensitive and pure life that was swapped for money infuriated the dying individual.

Yet there was nothing she could do. Strength trickled out of her body, internal systems failing to keep her consciousness alive; the color black shrouded her entire vision. Yuki then gave her last exhale at the sight of the mouse walking away from the zone.

L-Look at the time! I think I've... got to go before I'm corrupted by Satan himself!

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Change of Heart [Mayuki] - [08/08/15]
« Reply #142 on: August 09, 2015, 01:58:31 PM »


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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Change of Heart [Mayuki] - [08/08/15]
« Reply #143 on: April 07, 2016, 01:18:38 AM »
I thought of it to be a great drabble to flex my writing skills once again. As for why I’m writing in this thread… I’ll make my explanation short: I came to find my comfort zone and peace with my previous issue. Perhaps not writing these things for a while allowed me to think.

As for this type of story, I actually wanted to expand it into a series. (But I can't, because I need to finish the others, lol.) It has been sitting in my mind for years, so I would like to have my readers tell me what pairing they prefer with this kind of concept. A poll will go up after this post, but I will NOT use it as an immediate deciding factor. It should help me with future planning.

Without further ado, please enjoy this Yamamoto Sayaka x Yokoyama Yui drabble!

Unexpected Savior [Yokoyama Yui x Yamamoto Sayaka]

“Did you hear about that superhero, Yuihan?”


“Oh come on… You don’t live under a rock, do you?”

Yokoyama Yui raised an eyebrow at her co-worker. In the lab within a university, her fellow colleague, Yamamoto Sayaka, waved a hand in the air. They were on a short break from an experiment that involved testing and analyzing the identity of a bacterial strain, both seen standing by one of the two windows. Since they were located on the first floor, the most they were able to sightsee was students wandering nearby to their next class. A few bushes and patches of flower did alleviate the rather bland surroundings.

“Of course I don’t, Sayanee,” she replied. 

“Then… you should’ve at least heard about the crime fighting hero!”

“What about this hero, though?”

Yui had zero idea on where this conversation is going. She knew what a hero meant, let alone a ‘superhero’. She’s not an avid comic book reader, but the female knew the general concept of who they are. So why would Sayaka bring up this sudden topic?

“To be frank, he saved me last night.”

Oh. That was why. Yui felt the corner of her lip twitched. “He did? What happened?”

“Remember when I had to stay behind to finish cleaning up our lab?” Sayaka began as she leaned the side of her body against the window. Both arms crossed, the professor let out a soft sigh. “It took a lot more time than I thought since I accidentally dropped one of the chemical bottles. So I headed out past midnight to my apartment.”

“You could’ve just called me,” Yui stated. “I would’ve picked you up and drove you home with my car.”

“Well… That wasn’t the case. I didn’t want to bother you. You didn’t look well even after getting some rest.”

True. Yui haven’t felt well yesterday. Despite the rest that she received, the aches and pain that throbbed and shot throughout her figure was barely bearable. Advil and Tylenol did very little. Only the strongest Ibuprofen would ease them, but it would come at a cost of an inevitable sleeping spell that would weaken her body. It was a surprise that she was able to stay for, at least, a couple hours in the lab with her colleague. Thankfully, Yui did very little that day.

When there was no further objection or response coming from her friend, Sayaka coughed into her fist.

“So,” she continued. “I was walking home when, suddenly, a creepy man started following me! I tried to shrug it off, thinking it was a pedestrian walking the same direction as me.”

“I assume he was the one that went after your wallet or something?”

“H-How did you know?”

Yui shrugged her shoulders. “Just a guess. A lot of stories like these usually end up with thieves trying to threaten and steal money from another, especially from a beautiful person like you.”

“I, uh… T-Thank you for the compliment,” Sayaka murmured as heat rose from her cheeks. Her eyes flickered away as she pushed her body off of the window. One hand scratching the back of her head, the professor proceeded onward with her story. “A-Anyway, I began to ran away and to the nearest convenient store. It didn’t work since he brought his friends along…”


“They managed to corner me into an alley.”

“Sounds like you’re in a pinch. Didn’t you learn Karate for a reason?”

“O-Of course I did, and of course I’m in a pinch, Yuihan! I tried to fight back, but there was just too many of them! At least… until he came.”

“You keep mentioning this superhero guy, but you never told me who he was.”

“I-I don’t know. He looks like Ironman, but he’s not. He… wears a metal mask and metal bodysuit. Could fly, but with those jetpacks and boosters on his feet. Can’t forget he fights really well and shoot bullets from his hands!”

“…sounds like a fairytale.”

Sayaka scoffed. “If it didn’t happen in front of my face, I would think so too! He saved my life from out of nowhere!”


Sayaka tried to fend the thugs off, but found it to be useless. They were not clean fighters like the professor. Weapons ranging from pocketknives to baseball bats were in their hands. One wrong move on her end would result in a lifetime damage. That was the last thing she wanted to happen. The sheer terror that ran through her vein was enough to give her a heart attack.

A loud crash shook the ground before the group. Sayaka instinctively raised her arms and squeezed her eyes shut to protect herself from the debris the object that dropped in front of her created. A couple seconds passed by before she lowered her arms and reopened her eyelids. The researcher felt her jaw drop at the sight.

The metal figure had one fist on the ground and the one knee on the concrete ground. He raised his head and stood up on his two feet. Cladded in metal, the mask that was donned on the unknown person bore a single white line. Its light shined a ray of hope to Sayaka. His back faced to the researcher, he spoke in a robotic voice.

“Are you okay, miss?”

Sayaka was taken aback by the electric tone. She almost forgot how to speak! She slowly nodded her head. “I-I guess…” the female managed to stutter. She didn’t know what else to say nor feel. Could this really be the unnamed superhero that was rumored to be protecting Akihabara? Was this really him?

No answers were given just yet, but the situation that unfolded before her eye eventually gave it to her. He shot forward and took them all down. A punch flew out and came into contact with one of the thug’s face. Another one of the assaulters tried to smack this unknown vigilante on the back with his baseball bat. It failed when the object bounced right back to the striker, consequently smacking himself on the face. The fighter ducked immediately after the failed attempt, allowing two thugs who were aiming to punch his face to, instead, each hit a friendly foe.

Knives, bats, lead pipes… It was nothing. Taking them all down was too easy for this fighter. All Sayaka could do was watch in awe. Everything that occurred was like straight out of a live action film. There was so much to take in and too much to register.

A couple minutes passed by before complete silence fell upon the alleyway. Surrounding the two was a scattered mess of unconscious criminals. He who had saved her stood directly in the middle of his knocked out foes. The figure turned around to face Sayaka. Just having him face towards her direction nearly gave her a heart attack. Then, the lower part of his helmet slid apart to reveal his mouth. Two black microphones were barely seen pressing against his lower jaw. A soft exhale left his barely parted lips.

“You’ll be okay now, young lady,” he spoke once more in the same robotic tone. “You best be on your way before the police arrives.”

He turned his back towards her. When the male was about to use his boosters to fly away from the area, he felt a strong grip hold his arm. His eyes underneath the mask widen as he turned his head. The unexpected occurred. His lips crashed onto hers—no, it was more like Sayaka initiated the kiss. He didn’t want this to happen, but it came so much of a shock that he was frozen in his spot. It was brief, but long enough for the two to barely savor the taste on their lips.

They then retracted from each other. The helmeted hero faced her, his mouth slightly agape. If he had not worn his mask, Sayaka swore he might stare at her in disbelief.

“…why?” he merely asked.

“It’s a way for me to say thank you to you, mister,” Sayaka admitted. “To be honest, I really admired you ever since I’ve heard the rumors and theories. Now that you’ve saved me… I just feel this sense of… comfort that I only feel with my colleague and family. They’re people that I love, but you… You’re someone that I really want to know more about.”

“...Aren’t you an unusual woman.”

She shrugged. “People say that all the time about me. Though… I hope we can see each other again soon.” 

A smirk was his reply. “We’ll see about that.” Still facing towards Sayaka, he began to lift up into the air with the mask beginning to conceal his lower face. “Tell me… What is your name?”

“Sayaka. Yamamoto Sayaka.”

“…I will remember your name very well, Yamamoto-san.”


“...and that’s what happened—Y-Yui? Yui, are you okay?”

A faint blush ran across Yui’s face as she bit the bottom of her lip. Sayaka waved both hands in the air as she tried to find a solution to the problem.

“D-Do you have a fever?”

“Sayanee, I’m okay,” the female finally replied. She brushed aside her colleague’s hands that now-rested on her shoulders. “Anyway, why did you suddenly give him a kiss?”

“Because… Because I think I like him.”

“So you would kiss a random stranger who saved you, huh.” Yui rolled her eyes. “You really are strange, you know that?”

“Oi! I know people say that all the time about me, but hearing that from you is more painful than usual!” the professor whined as her body posed in a ridiculous fashion. When her eyes laid upon the clock on the wall, the pair widen. “O-Oh no! I’m going to be late for my meeting with the other professors!”

The female began to jog her way towards the door of the lab. As she opened the door, she glanced over her shoulder. “Wish I can talk to you more about him, but I might as well be fired if I get there late!”

“Well… I hope that hero of yours can save you again if you’re ever in danger,” Yui chuckled with her arms crossed.

Sayaka nodded. “It would be great… Wait! I want to meet him without endangering my life! Without the mask!”

“Right right~ Don’t be late to your meeting, doc.”

Her colleague waved to her as she proceeded out the lab’s room. “Sorry to leave you here alone! You’re free to leave early for the day if you want.” Those were the last words spoken before Yui heard the door click.

After Sayaka left, Yui felt her watch vibrate on her wrist. She glanced down at the electronic device and saw it blinking red a couple times. The assistant professor briefly closed her eyelids. A soft sigh escaped past her lips. When she reopened her eyelids, Yui walked into their shared lab-office room and towards her desk.

Two desktops, a laptop, and a thin stack of papers were seen resting on the wooden surface. The Kyoto female did not choose to use any of them. Instead, she reached under the table with her left hand. Her index finger pressed against a square, smooth, metallic black surface. A couple seconds passed by till a loud beep echoed in the silent atmosphere.

The door to the office room automatically closed itself as the white lights above her head dimmed. As Yui removed her finger from under the table as the wall with the bulletin board trembled. Loud banging sound erupted from the wall as it slowly lowered into the ground. There was an empty pod with gentle, white lights glowing from the secret room. Computers and spare firearms were hooked to the walls nearby.

Yui bit the bottom of her lip as she walked into the glass pod. She correctly positioned herself on the device. Arms outstretched on both sides, a couple of robotic arms unfolded from the pod nearby. Each having a piece of metal, they began to place it directly on the female’s body.


In a matter of seconds, Yokoyama Yui was not a research assistant to Yamamoto Sayaka, her colleague and mentor. She stepped out of the pod and glanced to the side of the secret room. From the ground, a silver stool rose up with the metal helmet placed on its surface. Yui reached out to the object. As she picked it up, her armored fingers smoothed against the scarred surface. Vivid memories from her encounter with the other female danced within her skull.

That’s right, Yui saved Sayaka last night.

The female had gone home early because she wasn’t feeling well. She usually stayed behind with her colleague to clean up their belongings and lab equipment. However, the assistant professor was injured from a fight against a formidable foe beyond thugs and thieves.

Memories of the metal armor unable to absorb the shock of the damages brought suffering to the woman. Yui, however, emerged victorious and allowed the police to handle the rest. She spent the rest of her days recovering from the attack. She resumed her activity as a vigilante once again just yesterday evening. It was pure luck the assistant professor had mostly recovered. Who knew what would happen to her friend if she wasn’t there?

Yui donned the helmet. Bright white labels flickered around the screen overlaying her sight as she let out an exhale.

“It looks like it’s time for me to save the day again…” a robotic, masculine voice erupted from her helmet.

Though it may be shocking at first, Yui believed it was best to keep her real identity safer by changing the gender of this ‘superhero’ she is role playing as. The Kyoto female then clenched her armored hands into fists. Thoughts on Sayaka’s confession and lustful desire towards this hero made Yui’s cheek burn slightly. The sensation of her friend's lips on hers lingered. Yui momentarily squeezed her eyes shut within the mask.

’Stupid Sayanee… Will you be disappointed if you realize it was a female all along, let alone your colleague?’

The burning question would be answered in the near future. But for now, there is a more pressing matter to attend to: saving Akihabara from a danger against another metal armored warrior.

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Unexpected Savior [SayaYui] - [04/06/16]
« Reply #144 on: April 07, 2016, 09:16:06 PM »
Awwww girl this is sooooooo adorable and godammit Yui's embarrassed state when she heard about herself from Sayaka XD
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Unexpected Savior [SayaYui] - [04/06/16]
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I like this drabble, Furuyanagi for it maybe?

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Unexpected Savior [SayaYui] - [04/06/16]
« Reply #146 on: October 04, 2016, 02:26:18 AM »
Whether this is suitable material for the audience or not, I do not care. Sue me, burn me, report me, I'm going to upload this still. This is a quick drabble out of the blue that I wish to test the extent of how far my readers are willing to read. This is not meant to make you puke, but it is meant to inform about a crucial message of tragedy and a powerful ability. Since I typed this entire thing on my mobile device, I apologize for the random typos/mistakes.

Also, as a bonus, we get two point of views! Thanks for sticking with me, my readers. (I've been so busy with work, role playing on Tumblr, studies, and life, sob.)

Immortality [YukiRena]

Immortality, a concept that has been romanticized by many. Just imagine the possibility of being able to live forever. Any dreams you wish to achieve can be done in your lifetime. Any relationships you want to pursue can be granted every generation. Any worldwide events you wish to be a witness of be available to you. Immortality is something many desires.

Kashiwagi Yuki barely found her voice erupting out of her throat as a sharp pain spiked within the palms of her hands. Mouth wide open, an airy wheeze emitted from where her voice box used to be. Both of her eyes concealed with the tight bindings of white bandages, only imagination gave her a sense of what was going on.

She couldn't move.... so that meant she's held down. She struggled against the hold, but was unable to rip through a cold, metallic object from each of her limbs... so that meant she was held down by a metal band. She couldn't scream... so that meant her voice box was gone. She barely heard a feminine voice... so that meant her ears were partially covered. She barely heard metallic objects shuffling in the background... so that meant there was foreign objects at play--

Ah, another sharp pain. This time, it was on her chest. A sharp object penetrated the exposed flesh. The process was slow, almost as if the strangers that surrounded her laid figure were dissecting. Drool leaked from the corner of her mouth. Tears flowed uncontrollable from her forcefully shut eyelids. Agony only intensified the more she pulled against the chilling grasps of her metal captors.

Pain... pain... pain...

Finally, what seemed like forever with the procedure came to a halt. Exposed wound being tainted with the cool atmosphere... It stings. It stung so bad, it made any description of Hell from a Protestant sound like a lullaby.

Pain.... pain... pain--

Ah, what's this? What is this foreign rubber latex rubbing and gripping her heart? Gentle caressing as if the culprit was apologizing for the anguish. Then, a strong squeeze. Remember when you felt like you want to pop when someone gives you a bear hug? Yeah, she felt like her heart was going to burst all of its blood unto the source.

Another airy scream. Pain... pain... pain...

Life as an immortal is something many desires. Kashiwagi Yuki once wished for it. Now, she wanted nothing more than to die.


Watching a person writhe in agony on the metal bench... Doesn't it just remind you of a fish flopping around without water?

Matsui Rena gazed at the raven haired female, scalpel left plunged in the young girl's palms. Ah, her frustration got to the best of her. She can't have the victim faint right away. This surgeon shook her head, brown eyes flickered over to the equipment that were neatly organized on the steel tray. Bloodied gloved fingers curled around another scalpel.

Kashiwagi Yuki... Oh, how much she loves the girl.

She approached the silently screaming student, eyes remain fixated on the individual. How helpless. The last time she made her scream like this was on bed. Only contrast was the sensation of pain and pleasure.

The sharp object neared the woman's exposed chest. It was rapidly rising and falling, making it slightly difficult to keep her precision. Her eyes narrowed. Right... She made the same exact movement as this when they were together. Her eyebrow twitched. Then, the blade slowly dipped into the soft exterior.

Huh... Her skin remained the same ever since they first met. Soft, fragile, easily broken... Her skin is still the same as ever. Another twitch of her eyebrow as she moved the object downward.

How old was she again...? Was she 21? No... 30? That's not right either.... Perhaps the right answer would be 60. Yes, that's how old the older Matsui is. Yet looking down at the young girl that she used to care for... Ah, how did she remain so young? The blade departed from its contact, exposing the bones, flesh, and visible organs in the premise.

That heart. The strongest organ in a human body is seen beating in attempt to keep its owner alive. Yuki is still human, isn't she? This is proof that she is just as alive and human as the surgeon herself. Rena gently placed down the tainted scalpel and reached out to the heart.

Gently she caressed it. She caressed it with a faint smile under her mask. Tears welled up from her eyes as she whispered, "I've always loved you..."

But she remembered. The crinkly skin that was even more fragile than she remembered. The voice that croaked like a frog. She remembered that she's old, and the person she passionately loved both physically and spiritually is as young as when they first met each other.

How did Yuki become immortal...? The countless experiments in order to discover the secret that would keep the two together forever is so close, yet so far. Rena felt her own heart thump harshly against her chest. She blinked her tears away. Then, she roughly squeezed the girl's heart.

'I will find out how you became immortal so we can be together forever...'

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Immortality [YukiRena] - [10/03/16]
« Reply #147 on: October 04, 2016, 03:00:04 AM »

Holy cow.... this is simply amazing.

Words cannot describe how amazing this is.

No one realizes how truly tragic immortality is...

Until they see it for themselves.


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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Immortality [YukiRena] - [10/03/16]
« Reply #148 on: March 22, 2017, 06:40:42 PM »
Hah... I'm slightly irritated with my online Organic Chemistry textbook not loading, so I decided to destress with a quick drabble based off on the beautiful song called "WEight of the World" from NieR: Automata. (If you saw me on Facebook and/or Twitter, I was geeking out SO HARD from it after finishing the entire game.) Please, give this a (you do NOT have to watch the video because... I suppose spoilers if you're extremely nit-picky about credits... I recommend just LISTENING to it the whole way through. It's a beautiful experience.)

Otherwise, the main point of this drabble is to express the ability to go against your destiny. Warning to those who are extremely religious and detest the word "God" being used or integrated in a gritty one shot. However, you are free to debate with me about it.

Enjoy this one shot. I think it was time I take a brief break from writing UmiMakis everywhere, lol. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please let me know ASAP!

Fun fact: The encouragements are from real people all over the world that were sent to my direction for a specific reason. (Without going into spoiler-territory.)

Weight of the World [SayaYui]

It was impossible. There was too many enemies. A lone individual, who proudly ran out for a solo suicide mission, was staring at the enormous crowd of foes that showed no mercy.

The number of wounds that were inflicted on Yokoyama Yui's body generated a tally higher than the number of fingers on her hands. An infantry soldier down on one knee, her battered figure desperately clung to whatever remaining strength is left in its system. Her black gloved hand resting on top of her tainted assault rifle, Yui panted. Beads of sweat ran down to her eyebrows, and eventually to her pair of brown eyes. The warrior growrled from the stinging of the salty and oily substance coming into contact with one of the few sensitive regions of her anatomy, forcefully squeezing her eyes shut.

A battle against GOD. The number of SOLDIERS He rained upon the Rising Sun's Land with foes that progressively got harder the more Yui pushed on. She was destined to FAIL this mission. An impossible task given to her by the Japanese government in desperate hope of saving humanity from the AMAZING POWER that rivals next to nothing. She was the only one fit for this mission, but she had NO ONE to support her. Yui is ONLY A YOUNG GIRL.


"I saw this through the end. So never give up the struggle!"

They had mocked her for falling forward after getting shot blank range from her shoulder. Yokoyama didn't give up. She pulled out one of the many syringes from the bag attached to her waist. There were no hesitation upon jamming the energy booster into her system, kicking aside the pain receptors' alarm and giving her the strength to push herself back up.

Then, she propped the assault rifle back up to its offensive position and pulled the trigger.


"I've walked the same road as you. Don't make excuses; never surrender!"

Yui felt another shot on the same shoulder. A blinding white light flashed over her vision as she tumbled backward, tears sprouting and a scream exiting out of her mouth upon contact with the blood-splattered pavement. Weapon dropped on her side, she gripped her injury and let out another bellow in agony. Yet she did not admit defeat. Teeth gritted, she forcefully tore her crimson-soaked hand away from the shoulder and injected another booster into her system. The infantry soldier groaned as she scrambled back up with the wooden firearm in her grasp.

Then, she propped the assault rifle back up to its offensive position and pulled the trigger.


"It was hard for me as well. But... you're not the only one."

The Kyoto female collasped on one knee as she felt a searing pain lash out on one of her ankles. She howled and slammed face first against the gray pavement. Yui raised her head, and a bead of metallic liquid seeped down from one of the nostrils. Even more tears spurted out from the lacrimal glands, blurrying her vision from the torture she is bearing. Yet this battle was not silly. There was a reason why she is still fighting for her country. After slamming the needle for the third time into her thigh, Yui stood back to her two feet.

Then, she propped the assault rifle back up to its offensive position and pulled the trigger.


"We're not that different, you and I. And thus we can say, keep going for now."

She widen her eyes upon seeing one of the enemies slam the butt of its firearm against her temple. The whole world shook temporarily, and Yokoyama fell down to her side. Right when the soldier was about to flip his weapon and aim the tip towards her direction, Yui acted fast and, with a lucky shot, allowed a bullet to pierce through its body. As it collapsed, the poor Japanese female struggled to regain her composure. She found it difficult to raise her head up, but she managed to do so anyway. Syringe smashed on her other thigh, the woman forced her entire body to stand back up on the battlefield.

Then, she propped the assault rifle back up to its offensive position and pulled the trigger.


It was the same question proposed to her, and it is the question that is now proposed to her currently. Yui couldn't do it anymore. Her entire body worn down from the inflictions, the Kyoto could not salvage any more strength from the booster shots. Reopening her eyes, she was still faced with the reality of the situation. Then, a forced smirk ran across her face.

How... predictable. Yokoyama Yui knew how this would end, yet she still kept pushing onward. Was it her desire to SAVE EVERYONE from the dreaded fate that GOD bestowed upon them? But... she is ONLY A YOUNG GIRL.


A hand was gently placed on top of her disheveled black hair. It was warm, and eased the coldness that seeped into her figure. The infantry soldier struggled to see who attempted comfort.

There she was... Yamamoto Sayaka, another infantry soldier like her. A fighter... A friend... A lover.

The Japanese female turned to look at Yui. At that same moment, other members, comrades Yui knew, comrades Yui hated, comrades Yui has never seen before, and comrades Yui would die to stand by their side all rushed out towards the injured military member. All had their weapons propped up, they surrounded the couple as a protective guard against all resilience.

It was a miracle. How... Why... When... What... All of the questions Yui wanted to ask all faded away when she felt her girlfriend gently rubbed the top of her head. Then, getting down to the Kyoto female's level, Sayaka took one of Yui's arm and slung it over her shoulder. The two now standing back up, she flashed a grin at Yokoyama.

"I thought it would never end... But, let's just keep on going a biiiit longer!"

Yui blinked. Eventually, she lowered her head and chuckled at the remark.

"It... It felt like I was CARRYING THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD."

Adjusting her hold on the wounded, Yamamoto still kept her facial expression the same as everyone around them rested their index finger on the trigger, the SOLDIERS of GOD advancing forward.

"I bet... But we'll help you. After all, we're carrying the weight of the world... TOGETHER."

It was at that moment when both GOD and His SOLDIERS waged war against HUMANITY. Will FATE win or will RESISTANCE prevail?

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Weight of the World [SayaYui] - [03/22/17]
« Reply #149 on: March 22, 2017, 11:03:21 PM »
tsk... this is the 2nd times YOU :on thumb: tell ME nothing about this Ly... :grr:

how dare you :on voodoo: :on voodoo: :on kimbo: :on chew:

but you're forgiven for this is GREAT... :on GJ: their bond was real, is real, and will always real... though in reality, it's Yui who gave Sayanee more support since Sayanee is the more fragile one--even she may looks tough on the outside...

there's a real version for that last lines "You are too stoic and selfless. You always took all the burden for yourself. Whenever you feel tired, you know you can always come at me. I'll carry your burden with you." -Yui to Sayanee-

and Sayanee's response was "Well, Yui is my other half. She's been a great support for me just like Nana. Amore (lol)"

now go update your other fics :onionwhip:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Weight of the World [SayaYui] - [03/22/17]
« Reply #150 on: March 23, 2017, 12:21:22 AM »
asDFGHJK SO GOOD!! >{_}< I want a continuation but it's not going to happen.

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Weight of the World [SayaYui] - [03/22/17]
« Reply #151 on: April 18, 2017, 06:18:07 AM »

I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I thought you would know about it! I promise I'll mention you whenever I upload a SayaYui piece! (It's beginning to be more frequent than YuiParu or YuiRie, uh oh...) And NO WAY. They seriously said that!?!? DANG, please don't initiate too much of my shipper's heart... Those two are meant to be with each other.

Lol, sadly, if there is a continuation, I think it would destroy the intentional cliffhanger! :rofl:

To Saku,

Happy Super Extremely Terribly Horribly-Timed B-lated Birthday, my friend. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to update the Phantom Pain as a gift (unless you're willing to see half of the product uploaded). If it were to be updated, it would last much longer than. It’s not helpful that I’m now those writers who start on projects but take their entire life to finish them. So, allow me to write you a OS. You know me, so have fun with this!

A/N: This is loosely based on a true event that occurred during a call to the emergency hotline service.

20 Minutes [YukoRena]

Imagine being abducted. Imagine disappearing from your apartment. Imagine being tied up. Imagine being in the same bed as your captor. Imagine the horror of not knowing what might happen to you the next day.

Well, that wasn't how the cop felt. That was her girlfriend's predicament.

Keys were heard, rapidly pressing on the keyboard from nearby. Arms crossed, Oshima Yuko stood by and watched an operator, Takahashi Minami, scan for nearby areas at her booth. A police department in Osaka, they were one of the few groups that become highly active after midnight. Usually, there would only be a small handful present. This base was the complete opposite. Just as if it was the start of the day, almost everyone was ready to go out when trouble arrives. Phones ringing, frantic yells, conversations with witnesses and victims, criminals brought into the interrogation room, and mad dashes were seen everywhere. A glance at the workplace's wall clock told the squirrel that it was 12:30 AM. It has been almost four hours since Matsui Rena's kidnap.

Yuko had gone out to purchase ingredients for tonight. It was roughly 7:00 PM when she headed out from their shared apartment. A promise that the couple would recreate a cuisine they've seen on television just yesterday was made between the two. Thus she left the older Matsui behind. Once 9:00 PM rolled around the corner, that was when she stood in front of the door. Yet there was an oddity.

Door opened. Doorknob damaged. Interiors disheveled. Girlfriend nowhere to be seen. Oh, the panic the officer had to go through! Desperation overrode her sanity as she ran throughout their apartment, screaming for Rena’s name. Half an hour was spent. Yuko was unable to get anything out of this situation. The only conclusion she came to was that she was kidnapped by someone.

Why would they steal Rena away? Why would they choose her? Why abduction? What are they planning to do with her? So many questions, not a single answer provided. Detectives are still trying to decipher the crime scene. Answers will be given sometime tomorrow. It’s just so frustrating being unable to do anything other than wait for clues.

“Yuko... “

A gentle nudge was felt on her arm. The cop in black glanced over at the source. Matsui Jurina extended a filled coffee mug towards her. Although it was a simple gesture, Yuko appreciated the young lawyer’s kindness.

“Thank you…” she softly said, receiving the caffeinated product.

Jurina remained standing by her colleague’s side. Holding her own cup of coffee, she took a sip from it. “Rena doesn’t deserve this. Once you guys capture the kidnapper, I’m going to make sure they get the punishment they deserve.”

“If only the law was more lenient, I would’ve murdered the person myself.”

“Try that, and I won’t hesitate to see you in court too,” the puppy playfully smirked, brown eyes shifted and focused on the operator. “Just a heads up, I won’t be defending you.”

Had this been a light-hearted atmosphere, Yuko wouldn’t hesitate to laugh. However, she grimaced and stared down at her coffee. “Of course, prosecutor. You help press the charges onto the guilty.”

“You know me well--”

There was a sudden ringing of the phone on one of the operator’s desk. That came from Minami’s. The short female ceased further typing and activated her black headset.

"110, what's the address of your emergency?" she spoke into the mic.

"Right across a shrine in Joto Ward..."

That soft voice. That soft, sweet, gentle voice whispering on the other line. Her eyes widen. Minami knew this voice all too well. She immediately used her two-way radio to connect on the line with the active police. Information about the current call expanded to six randomly chosen officers, prompting them to do their job. Yuko didn’t hesitate to jump into action once the brown-haired woman mouthed, ‘It’s Rena.’ before running out of the room.

Several more followed suit. As she listened in to the telephone conversation through her earpiece, the cop rushed out and into the parking lot where all of the cars are located. Her most trusted partner, Maeda Atsuko, sat in the driver seat with a novel in one hand. A single glance up caused the black-haired female to tuck the book back inside her jacket.

Yuko slammed the passenger door shut as Atsuko switched the siren on. “What’s the case this time?” she asked.

“It’s my girlfriend.”

“All the more reason to hurry.”

They were the first to leave the basement’s garage. About two more vehicles accompanied the wailing vehicle. A nearby security guard was able to lift the metal barrier upward, allowing the three cars to burst out into the road. The darkness that clouded their surroundings were broken through by headlights and flashing colors of red and blue. What could’ve been a silent, peaceful night shattered?

Oshima Yuko clicked the police radio on within their car. Voices from the operator were switched from her earpiece to the vehicle’s device.

At that same moment, the brown-haired female rapidly clicked on the keyboards, her eyes darting left and right on the bright screen. "What is it?" Minami questioned again, unable to hear the location very well.

A soft, shaky sigh came from the older Matsui. "Shrine... Joto... Joto Ward..."

Perfect. It was close from where their police department building was located. The only bad news was that it might take at least 15 minutes to arrive at the location. Five minutes would easily be eaten up searching throughout the premise. A shrine did allow the police and operator to narrow the search, but it’s still too vague. Was she inside it? Was she nearby? What happened to Rena? Is she still in captivity or was she free, wandering about in confusion? Whatever it may be, following Minami’s protocol, she continued the recorded conversation.

"Okay, what’s the problem?” 

"I've been abducted."

This confirmed the fact that Rena has been taken away by someone.

"Are you at the shrine?"

"No... I'm in a house… In a bedroom with him."

Another confirmation made. This time, it proved that she was still in captivity. Back in the police car, Yuko roughly rubbed the side of her head as Atsuko sped through the quiet road. The man who kidnapped her girlfriend is still by her side. What the heck is going on?! When the older Matsui mentioned the terminology ‘bedroom’, it infuriated the officer.

“I swear, if I see this motherfucker lay one dirty hand on her, I’m going to murder him,” she ground her teeth.

Her partner shot a glance at the squirrel. “Yuko, it’s too soon to assume. If you lose your cool right now, you won’t be able to save Rena.”

Static emitted from the radio device once again as the conversation between caller and receiver continued.

"Do you know what color the house is?"

"No." A pause. "Please... hurry."

Takahashi Minami felt the side of her face became moist as she frantically searched in the database. So little information, so little time. Pinpointing a location is difficult when it’s reached by a cellular device. Not receiving anything more on the older Matsui’s end increased its difficulty. She needs to gather information from satellites and signal towers, and that would easily eat up ten minutes just to get a rough approximation.

An operator’s job on the police line is also to keep the victim as calm as possible. Thus, the young woman asked again.

"Does he have a weapon?"

"He's got a taser."

"And are you injured?"

"A little."

A little injury. Any more than that and the uniformed officer would’ve gone berserk. How out of character for someone who always played the role of a clown. Another glare was shot at her from the driver’s seat as Atsuko made a sharp turn, avoiding a speeding truck.

"Is there any way you can get out of the building?"

"I don't know without waking him, and I'm scared."

"Is there a bathroom in the house?"

"His bedroom is closed, and he made it so it would make noise."

"So if you told him you had to go to the bathroom, he would do something to you?"

"Yeah, because he had me tied up."

This criminal is smarter than any average culprit. Minami’s brows furrowed.

"So are you tied up now?"

"Well, I... yeah, but I kind of freed myself--" A faint gasp was heard on the other line. "Shit, I woke him up."

Yuko felt her heart rate increase by two-fold. The adrenaline of fury was immediately joined by one of terror. The palms of her hands became clammy. She curled her hands into fists, eyes trained on the radio. Faintly, the two police officers could hear shuffling of the bedsheets in the line’s background. Minami was quick to make a decision for everyone’s sake.

"Just set the phone down."

Then, complete silence. Not a single noise emitted from Rena’s side. The weight of the tension grew heavier by every passing second, the most burden resting on top of Yuko’s shoulders. She couldn’t even squeak a response out of her own mouth, terrified that she might be the one to dig her girlfriend’s grave even deeper… even though she knew nothing would happen if the officer spoke. Atsuko glanced at her partner. She too didn’t utter a word.

What seems like an hour ticked by once a minute passed. Nervously, Minami readjusted her headset back in the office.

"Are you still there?" the operator called out.

"How much longer?"

Ah, an answer from Rena. That means her captor is still asleep. Yet her shaky, quiet voice made it difficult to comprehend what was mumbled.


"How much longer?" A little bit louder this time.

"Can you get out of the house?"

"It's locked."

"It's locked? Are you at the door?"

"Yeah, I am."

Progression. It looks like the older Matsui was able to carefully sneak her way past the bedroom and remain near an exit. Faint traces of relief washed over those who were listening as Minami proclaimed, “She’s at the door!”

Just a little more to go till they were able to save her. However, this could mean life or death for the caller. If her kidnapper wakes up right now, then it’s over for everyone, especially for Rena.

"Is there a window then?"

"Yeah, I'm looking out of it. Tell them to come back."

"She said--"

"Hurry, hurry!"

"She said to hurry up and come back."

That was their cue to retrace their steps. With the added tone of desperation sprinkled in, Yuko cursed that they had just passed by their location at this time of the day. Atsuko, on the other hand, didn’t appreciate her partner losing control of her cool. As an officer, maintaining a calm composure is their utmost priority to performing their job.

Vehicles with lights of blue and red flashed in the darkness next to their destination. Officer Maeda and Oshima hurried out from their car and rushed towards the front entrance. Soon they were joined by Yokoyama Yui, Yamamoto Sayaka, Akimoto Sayaka, and Miyazawa Sae, all standing right behind them. Sayanee had both hands on her hips with a stern expression as her partner, Yui, pulled out her handgun. Sayaka followed Yui’s action, fluidly sliding the firing weapon out of its holster. Sae, her comrade, allowed a faint smile to run across her face as she crossed her arms. The six strongest members of the station’s night shift were ready to tackle this urgent case. The possibility of failure was extremely slim with these folks.

“Let’s get this rescue underway,” Sae remarked, uncrossing her arms… only to get hit on the side of the head by her partner. “Ouch! Why the Hell did you hit me--”

“Sae, stop fooling around and help me and Acchan get this door down.” One of the two tallest duos laid her eyes upon Yuko. “Didn’t Rena mention that she’s near a window?”

Yuko nodded. Then, brown eyes skimming the front windows, it didn’t take 30 seconds to find her girlfriend.

Standing with an expression that was never seen by Yuko herself. Like a kitten who has been frightened by her surrounding, Rena trembled as tears began to trickle down her cheeks. The cellular device that was used to call for help slipped out of her grasp. As it loudly thumped on the old wooden floorboards, the female pressed her hands against the glass surface. Her lips moved, but no one from the outside could hear her cry for help. Seeing Rena in this state both infuriated and broke Yuko’s spirit.

“I found her!”

She blindly rushed forward. Oh, the sight of her girlfriend made her heart race even faster than ever! If it prolonged in this state, it might lead to a case of a fatal heart condition! Yuko felt the corner of her eyes become moist as she frantically searched for an opening of the closed window.

“Shit…. Shit shit shit! Where the hell is an opening when you need it?!”

Her leathered fingers fumbled around, eyes rapidly flickering around for any clue. Time was of importance. Being calm was pushed to the back burner as the thought of her girlfriend being caught again by the criminal psychological tormented the officer. That is until Atsuko’s voice rang out.

“YUKO! Stop freaking out, and CALM DOWN.”

God, Oshima wanted to snap back at her comrade-in-arm. Who was she to tell her what to do in this predicament? It’s her girlfriend, for crying out loud! How would Atsuko feel if it were Takahashi Minami?! Right when she opened her mouth, Officer Yokoyama placed a hand on the panicking member’s shoulder.

“Yuko, you’re going to scare Rena if you continue to act this way.”

A pause. Yuko stared directly at Yui, who proceeded to stand by her side and slip her own fingers underneath the window. Then, with a grunt, the Kyoto female pulled it upward. Muscles from within her exposed wrists and lower arm tightened as the object opened a pathway inch by inch. It was finally up all the way. A loud sigh came from the officer as she backed away from Officer Oshima. Then, she flashed a weak smile at her direction.

“After all, you’re scaring your partner too. I don’t think this will go well if we have our leader panic.”

That was right… Oshima Yuko is the head of this group. As the head officer of the station’s night shift, having her lose her composure strained the atmosphere into a whole new level of discomfort. The squirrel returned her gaze back to the now-opened window. There stood Matsui Rena. She currently has both hands pressed against her own chest, breathing rapidly with tears still streaming down her face. Yuko’s eyes widen. Yui wasn’t wrong. She was absolutely correct. How could she lose control of herself like this?

She closed her eyelids, sucked in a deep breath, exhaled all of the carbon dioxides, and reopened her eyes. What was once a facial expression filled with despair and terror was washed over with calmness and seriousness.

As Atsuko, Sayaka, and Sae worked on breaking down the door, Yuko extended both of her gloved hands towards her girlfriend. In a clear voice, she exclaimed, “Hurry, come to me!”

When she saw her girlfriend remain cool and collected, she wasn’t as frightened as she was before. Still, there wasn’t a moment of hesitation.

Rena scrambled to get through the parted window. Shaky hands gripped ahold of the edges as the woman made an attempt to traverse to safety. Her girlfriend took a step closer, the leather material from her gloves brushing on Rena’s shoulders the further the victim got out. Finally, Yuko managed to pull the terrified woman out of the house. Arms protectively wrapped around the older Matsui as the officer distanced themselves away from the premise.

“Officer Oshima got her,” Sayanee radioed into their station. The black box representing the communication device were close to her mouth as she continued. “Officer Maeda, Akimoto, and Miyazawa are attempting break-in of the culprit’s hideout.”

Minami immediately replied into her team's earpiece and communication device. "Okay, they got her."

Finally, confirmation about the safety of Rena in the record. Though Yuko may not need it since her girlfriend was in her arms, it was great news for her teammates who were unaware. A gentle kiss was placed on the female’s head as they retracted. Both of her hands reached out to tenderly caress the tall woman’s face, thumbs wiping away the wet smears from Rena’s tears.

She examined her girlfriend’s disheveled figure. Minor injuries were planted on some parts of her body. The wrists for being tied up. The light bruise on her forehead, possibly from either being intentionally hit or accidentally bumping against something. Nothing severe enough to call for an ambulance.

Yuko’s eyes resumed to looking straight at Rena’s. She leaned forward to give another soothing smooch to the tip of her nose before asking an important question.

“Where is he?”

“Bedroom, sleeping.”

“Still sleeping?” She couldn’t help but chuckle. “I don’t know if I should praise you for being the sneakiest ninja alive or if I should thank God for dosing him with some ridiculous sleeping spell.”

Then, not letting her girl respond to the remark, she lowered her gloved hands. When one of the two was raised, a revolver was in her grasp. Yuko deactivated the safety lock as she flashed another grin. “Don’t you worry anymore. You’re now safe with us… with me.”

A command was given out that Yokoyama Yui and Yamamoto Sayaka stay put with Rena. Leaving her alone was far too risky, and everyone agreed that she needed to have two guards by her side. As she sat in one of the police vehicles, all the older Matsui could do was watch the other four members break into the house.

Front door finally smashed in, Yuko and Atsuko were in the frontline as Sayaka and Sae followed from behind. All readied in an offensive stance, their weapons aimed at every nook and cranny as they progressed towards the bedroom. Flashlights from their chest had been clicked on, beaming brightly in the musty inside. The abandoned shelter barely had anything in it. Not to mention the creepy atmosphere that surrounded the dark home. Perfect for a criminal hideout.

Up the stairs, they went… and at the doorway of the only bedroom in the house. The door already slightly jarred thanks to Rena’s action from earlier, they were able to peer in. Based on their observation, the man was… still asleep? The sleeping fairy must’ve blessed them well to be able to catch a criminal this easily…

Yuko glanced at her teammates. Two fingers up in the air, she motioned them all towards the door with a nod. It immediately became loud and noisy.

The door slammed open, guns aimed at the kidnapper, and lights from their device illuminated the entire room. The slumbering man is no more.

"This is the police!” Atsuko proclaimed as she took a step towards the now-startled man. Tip pointed directly at his face, index finger ready at the trigger as a sign of threat, Yuko added to her statement. “Show us your hands. Put up your fucking hands! Right now. Do it!"

Hesitation. He hesitated, but considering his predicament, he has no choice but to oblige to their request. Had he not been defenseless nor dizzy from being forcefully woken, this might’ve gone differently. Both of his hands slowly raised in the air. Sae instantly used this chance to lower her weapon and handcuff him.

Everything afterward came as a blur to Yuko. The arrest process. The man being stuffed into one of her comrades’ vehicles to the police station for interrogation. Returning back to the station for recovery… It all flashed forward.

Rena sat next to Yuko, her arms wrapped around one of the squirrel’s arm as she was draped in a blanket thanks to a certain attorney. They were in an empty meeting room. Originally, no civilians are permitted to enter the premise, but… for tonight, since the boss wasn’t in the house, this is an exception.

Silence filled the atmosphere. A bandage was patched on the older Matsui’s forehead as gauzes protected her bruised wrists from further damages. She laid her head on top of Yuko’s shoulder, brown eyes staring straight at the empty white wall. They haven’t interacted with each other since the arrest. Yuko nervously glanced at the raven-haired female. As an officer, she was prepared for anything in this line of work. It comes with being a part of serving the public. However, for an ordinary civilian like Matsui Rena, this was life-changing.

“...neh, Yuko-chan…”


She tightened her grip on Yuko’s arm. “I’m… really scared…”

“Even when I’m around?”

“No… It’s just… when you’re not around… I’m scared something bad like today… would happen again.”

Yuko let out a soft sigh. She would want to proclaim that she won’t let it happen again. She sincerely didn’t want it to happen anymore, but it was a lie if she were to utter such promises. The Japanese knew very well that she can’t be around her girlfriend 24/7. If such a thing were to occur, things might’ve not gone as smoothly as this night. An exhausted exhale shakily exited out of her lips as she turned her body, adjusting Rena’s figure so she was able to properly embrace the woman. Eyelids lowered, she tightened her hold.

“I see… In that case, I want you to know that no matter what, if anything like this happens, I will come and save you.”

Rena raised her head. There it is again. The tears that were beginning to sprout from the lacrimal glands. Officer Oshima became speechless at the sight. She really was terrified… and there was nothing the authoritative figure could do. When Rena noticed that the squirrel remained silent, she pressed her face against the police’s chest.

“But I don’t want this to ever happen again…”



“Rena, please… can you look at me?”

It took some time till she finally heeded to her request. When she positioned herself so she was facing the squirrel directly, Rena… just realized how close they were. Their breaths easily felt with each exhale… It tickled her skin a little bit. Yuko decided to use this chance to reach up and cup her lover’s face with her hands.

“I know you don’t want it to happen again, babe…” Oshima leaned forward. Lips pressed against the others, Yuko didn’t hesitate to close her eyes and give it her all with this interaction. Matsui was taken aback from the authority’s action but too closed her eyelids. A single tear fell from her left eye as they parted briefly, only to come together for another round. They panted after retracting from each other once again. Foreheads lightly touching, Yuko whispered, “That’s why I’m going to protect you. Even when I’m not there, I’ll always come for you. Can you trust me with that?”


Her answer was interrupted by an appearance of another individual in the room. With a new presence, their conversation came to an abrupt halt as the lawyer held two cups of green tea. Jurina, however smart she was, clearly couldn’t read the situation. It didn’t help that she initiated a totally different topic by talking about the kidnapping case and how it will be handled in court for the next week or so.

The answer that Yuko wanted to hear… whether Rena could trust her or not… Oh well, she could ask again later. Hopefully, it’s a response that would implement the young female’s trust in the older officer....

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - 20 Minutes [YukoRena] (04/18/17)
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"人間みんな変態だから" - 古川愛李, SKE48 新高柳チームKII 「シアターの女神」千秋楽公演, 2014.04.18 <"Because all people are perverts." - Furukawa Airi, SKE48 New Takayanagi Team KII [Theater no Megami] Last Stage, 2014.04.18>

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - 20 Minutes [YukoRena] (04/18/17)
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BOO PUPPY BOO... :grr: :on kimbo: :temper: :on chew: WHY YOU RUIN THEIR MOMENT?! :on voodoo:

as for that YokoYamamoto's pledge--though it's not exactly like what I wrote word by word--it's a REAL THING...

Yui''s line was from Geinin 2 final episode, while Sayanee's was from Yui's "Jounetsu Tairiku SP" response--was on youtube before, but can't find it anymore :cool2:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - 20 Minutes [YukoRena] (04/18/17)
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - 20 Minutes [YukoRena] (04/18/17)
« Reply #155 on: August 21, 2017, 08:01:05 AM »
I honestly got an inspiration from one of the bad endings in a certain otome game. Since I wrote this out longer than I expected within the forum's post (I had hoped it was only about 10-15 paragraphs), this needs to be split up into two parts. Possibly three if needed. I would've stuck this on a new thread, but... I still consider this short... And doesn't necessarily need a thread of its own.

Hope you all enjoy it! The second part should hopefully come within this week.

Manmade Killer [Mayuki, minor SayaYui & AtsuYuu] - Part I

It was Christmas. Snow fell down within the city of Shinjuku and friends, families, and couples come together to celebrate the occasion. The night sparkled from decorations. Blue, red, green, white... all kinds of colors brighten the city. Tranquility makes it difficult for much negativity to taint anyone during this holiday. However, Oshima Yuko couldn't celebrate it.

In one of the many buildings, on the third floor, the squirrel sat in one of the many desks. An ex-detective that originally came from the Metropolitan Police Department years ago, she came to an early retirement due to a past issue. But nevermind that, the young woman in her mid-20s clicked away on her laptop. Each keystroke was notable in the barely lit premise, a desk lamp the only source of light. Exhaustion. Fatigue. And alone. She desires to sleep, yet won't allow her body to feel the relief. Yuko has to keep on working. Work... work... work... work. The saying "sleep is for the weak" is horribly applicable to the ex-inspector. She furrowed her brows and resisted the temptation to rub her weary eyes. A loud exhale as she continued to tap away on the keyboard.

"Yuko? You're still awake?"

Thanks to Yuko's mental and physical state, hypersensitivity is prominent. She nearly leaped off from her black rolling chair. Thankfully, the person that called out for her is none other than Special Police Officer Yokoyama Yui. The tall raven-haired woman rested an arm against the doorway between the main work room and the nap room, her sharp gaze aimed at the squirrel. In comparison to the ex-detective, not a hint of fatigue was shown on her face and body language. Donned with a white collared shirt, black pants, and uniformed blue jacket, the medal "SP" clung to her shirt as a sign of her prestigious position. Although her duty is that to protect VIP figures such as politicians and CEOs, the Kyoto-originated female personally requested to be Yuko's bodyguard. Yui's reason for doing so? Well, it wasn't a difficult question to answer.

A faint exhale escaped from her partially parted lips. "You should be sleeping."

Yuko shook her head. "I can't. Shouldn't you be sleeping in the nap room here?"

Another sigh came from Yui's lips when she saw the other female reach towards her cup of coffee. It wasn't necessarily the caffeinated product that concerned her so much. Instead, it was more so with how OLD the coffee is. When the SP Officer checked in for the morning, Yuko was sipping from the same container and drinking the God-knows-how-long-it's-been-made black coffee. It wasn't like the squirrel to forget how to operate normally on daily necessities. Then again, it's not surprising considering the month-long predicament that ate at them. Endlessly taunting them... especially Oshima Yuko. No grave sins were committed to sending her to Hell, but she's experiencing one right now. Rest did not bring any alleviation, agitation gnawing at her nerve.

"Yuko..." she said. Yuko readjusted her seat as Yui waltzed over to the clear-glassed window from behind the inspector. Hands in her jacket's pockets, the Kyoto woman stared out to the city view. If it weren't for the heavy atmosphere that weighed on their shoulders, they would've not only celebrated the holiday but share wine with each other just like old times. Maybe even played out in the snow with their teammates. "I know you're trying your best to search for your sister, but I can't protect you from diseases."

A scoff. Then, Yuko clicked on the laptop a few times to close all of the web browsers. Whether she was closing them to actually take a break or closing them out of obligation to shut Yui up is up for speculations. Thanks to the brightness of the screen, it somewhat reflected on the window's surface. The SP Officer didn't have to look over her shoulders to see what was on the device. Nevertheless, her eyebrows slightly raised at the sight of a group photo.

Oshima Yuko. Yokoyama Yui. Yamamoto Sayaka. Kashiwagi Yuki. Watanabe Mayu. Maeda Atsuko. Matsui Rena.

Seven members. A mixture of active and retired officers. A melting pot for the roles they each played. A group primarily focused on stopping a terrorist organization outside of police jurisdiction and limitations.

They were after Adrestia.

A faceless Japanese terrorist organization bent on taking revenge and delivering retribution to those seemingly "evil" to justice. They were meant to be upheld as a holy figure that would topple the police force. Those victims who died were murmured and whispered amongst the civilians to be truly terrible in society. For the government to lack efficiency in handling these small, but severe problems became a devastating blow to their reputation. Fewer people trusted the police and more on Adrestria. It's almost as if a superhero arose from the crowd and stood up for what is right and what is wrong.

However, what made them God? What made them decide what's just and unjust for everyone? Not many were able to perceive this fatal flaw as their criminal acts... might not be so criminal at first glance. 

It has been six months since their existence came to light. Their first appearance was no minor introduction. The death of a man who is labeled as a stalker to an idol from AKB48 was their first case. Gunned down by a security guard protecting Team K when they were out on tour around Japan, the man immediately killed himself before he explained why he chose to murder the fan. Either way, Team K have been protected thanks to him. Adrestia made a big note of who they are when they uploaded a video on the Internet about the fan's crimes.

He had stalked them, taken photos of them, and sent them Anonymous videos of the dirty actions he did with those pictures.

Idols filed a report many times in the past.

The police came to protect them but did a lackluster job.

He still came to bother them. Over... and over... and over again.

One idol even committed suicide because of it.

Adrestia took action and protected the group in the police's stead.

We are Adrestia and we strive to take revenge on the evils that outlived their days compared to their victims.

The Cleansing Day will come when New Year Eve arrives.

All in a distorted voice. Eventually, exactly a month after that, another death came to light. Instead of just one victim, there was a total of a whopping twenty. To make matters worse, they were all young adolescents. Their crimes?

Bullying hurts but cyberbullying hurts even more.

You have no way to distinguish who they are and if they really meant what they said.

These twenty students, all between the age of 12 and 22, committed a grave sin.

They bullied others on Facebook.

Many victims called for help, but no one came to their aid.

Police officers and therapists mocked them for their sensitivity.

Adrestia did not take this lightly. We took action and protected the bullied users in the police's stead.

We are Adrestia and we strive to take revenge on the evils that outlived their days compared to their victims.

The Cleansing Day will come when New Year Eve arrives.

A more feminine distorted voice, distinguishing itself from the previous video. And so it went on. Month by month, their crimes became horrific. Murders of rapists, child molesters, corrupted government officials, bribers, murderers, stalkers, corrupted officers... It went on. The crimes committed by them were atrocious. Police forces throughout Japan, especially Shinjuku, went haywire. Everyone in the organization used as much force as possible to search for the culprits. Some overexerted and abused their authoritative powers, making innocent civilians go to jail as a way to pat down one of the monthly cases. Lives were at stakes, reputations were at stakes, and most importantly, answers were desperately needed.

The group that Yuko had formed alongside with her stepsister, Mayu, had kicked into gear. Beginning the day after the first month's murder, Yuko and everyone spread out to do their research. They were possibly the only ones able to stop Adrestia given their resources and experiences. But every single time they came close to an answer, it slipped through their fingers. In its place, another murder pops up in the name of the terrorist. It was a frustrating cycle. Loads of responsibilities and trouble began to accumulate as the months ticked by. Clues were gathered, but not enough to catch up on the latest events. By the time the ex-detective found an answer, the worst-case scenario unfolded before her eyes. That day, on November 25th...

Yuko's thumb ran across Mayu's face on the screened photo. "I have to find my sister."

Missing. Mayu is missing-- Er, well, it wasn't to say that she's missing like those found in the missing person poster. Actually, the Special Regions Crime Prevention Office (SRCPO) member is plastered on the bulletin board of this investigative's room as a wanted individual. Alongside, Kashiwagi Yuki went missing. Whether she was found with Mayu or not currently is not clear. Same goes for Matsui Rena. She disappeared the same day as Yuki. Then there's also the other two members--

"I can't forgive her. She murdered Sayanee."

Yuko snapped out of her trance-like state at the sharp proclamation from Yui. She turned to look at the officer, her baggy eyes staring straight at the fierce woman. As if to showcase how serious she is with her statement, Yokoyama took the gun out from her holster and toyed with it. She unloaded all of the bullets into her other hand and immediately stuck them back into the cylinder. One-by-one, the gold metallic ammunition went into its original spot. Silence hung in between the two figures. Figuring that Yuko would object to her perspectives, the Special Police Officer raised her chin slightly.

"Did you also forget that she murdered your parents?"

They may not have been related to each other, but they were adopted together under the two kind parents. They were raised to be an outstanding citizen for society. Yuko and Mayu wished to serve in the police department as a way to give back to the community. Of course, thanks to a mishap, Yuko took an early retirement (more like quit) from her position and became independent. Mayu, on the other hand, remains as a counselor and listens in to people's worries during times of emergencies. Regardless of their roles and what they did with their life, they loved their adopted parents dearly. So the cold-blooded slaughtering of their parents was the last straw for Oshima.

She vividly remembers their death. It was exactly one week after the disappearance of Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki, and Matsui Rena. Yuko returned home with her parents to have dinner with them. There wasn't much to discuss, but the least she could do is bring them comfort during this turbulent time. It was likely that the three were kidnapped by Adrestia, but it's also possible that the trio's disappearances didn't correlate with each other. The independent detective does admit that it was too much of a coincidence to have such scenario occur though... Regardless, the doorbell rang during their quiet mealtime. Yuko went to open the door. A loud gasp came from her direction from the sight of who it was.

There stood Watanabe Mayu in the doorway. Her eyes dead. A black collar snapped around her neck as if she were an animal. A handgun held within her two hands. The white police uniform she donned disheveled and dirtied. Yuko didn't even have a chance to register a dialogue before Mayu shoved her way into the house. Two fires came from the weapon. Two screams. Then, silence. Complete and eerie silence. It wasn't long till Mayu walked right out the same doorway as she had entered, ignoring the older female. Darkness from the dimly lit streets engulfed the gunner once she was far enough. Yuko was still standing in awe.

Oshima Yuko always wondered why she wasn't able to stop her sister at that time. Was it because of her lingering attachment to Mayu? Was it because she hesitated to pull out her own revolver and shoot Mayu? Was it because she was shocked to think that her sister would return after a week of disappearing? Whatever it was, their parents are dead. A single bullet straight to their forehead. It was a direct hit to their brain. Death is certain for their fates.

Still... it was all too strange. How could someone like Mayu not only go off to hurt their teammates, but their very own parents? Sure, they weren't related by blood, but it doesn't excuse the abrupt and violent end they were met with. Something must've caused her younger sibling to react this way. Yuko parted her thumb from the screen and bit the bottom of her lip. Besides, Watanabe harmed someone that she too cared for greatly... Someone that Yuko couldn't understand why either.

"There's also Acchan too..." she cracked.

Yui nodded in the background.

That was right. Not only was Sayaka the victim in this betrayal, but Maeda Atsuko was at the brunt end of it. This didn't happen all in one day. The first victim was Yamamoto Sayaka. Yuko remembered the video that Mayu had personally sent to them, stating that another teammate would be next on her hit list. Her lifeless voice... Her bone-chilling message... Was this really the sister she knew since they were children? Atsuko... oh, Atsuko is someone Oshima loved so much. The ex-detective and a profiler from the Crime Lab at the Metropolitan Police Department. The unlikely duo that became tragically separated by a murderer no one expected. Yuko's hands curled into fists as she shakily exhaled.

"Yuihan, I want to talk to her before I bring down her judgment. Even if you want to take revenge on behalf of your lover, I... I can't allow that. She's my sister."

The Special Police Officer shifted her attention back to the scenery. She narrowed her eyes. "Well, you better be ready for it. I have a feeling we're going to find her before January 1st."


The sooner, the better. Yuko wanted nothing more than to get this nightmare over with.


In another location, Kashiwagi Yuki, a hacker at the Cyber Crimes Division, felt so useless. It wasn't the useless kind of sensation where one stands on the sideline. At least she could be cheering for someone or something. She could become an influence thanks to those encouraging words. This was literal uselessness. Physically and mentally.

She was stuck in a bright metallic room with nothing but herself. Steel wall surrounds her figure as she huddled in the corner of the mostly dried blood-splattered room. She hugged herself. Comfort was nowhere to be seen... She wasn't safe in isolation from her mind. The terrorist organization has her confined to this premise. No matter how much she screams or pounds at the only exit, no one would respond. Well, she tried to scream, that is. Not a single sound came out of her voice box. The tattered and bruised Yuki that was once kind, gentle, and a good listener to everyone around her is reduced to a silent wreck thanks to Adrestia. Whatever poison or surgical techniques they performed on the unconscious woman... She won't be able to vocalize her thoughts, her concerns, her love, her sorrow... anything anymore. Yuki gave up.

The woman's ears perked up when the door creaked open. Her brown eyes peeked over her crossed arms.

Watanabe Mayu came back. The door immediately clicked close by another individual once Mayu had taken a step into the confinement. Partially bathed in another person's blood on her clothes, Mayu truly painted an image of a psychopath. A black collar around her neck, the woman barely blinked when she saw Yuki extend her arms out. She acted almost like a baby in need of a mother. Ironic considering the fact that Mayu had a hand solidly gripping a loaded revolver. However, everyone knew that the two would never wish harm upon one another. They've loved each other and still do. Watanabe just doesn't know if she's alive or dead in this state.

'Mayuyu... Oh Mayuyu...'

Mayu was the only person who could bring some sense of peace to the hacker. However, the guilt that weighed on Yuki's shoulders were heavy as she littered long kisses on her lover's cheeks. The raven-haired desperately tried to give as much warmth as possible to the present day Mayu. Usually, the officer would be annoyed by the close treatment as it's reserved for privacy, but it hurts that Mayu isn't flinching or reacting to this at all. Tears streamed down Yuki's face as she wrapped her arms around the armed woman. Both of their brown eyes had no life... A lifeless duo that barely clung onto reality.

'Why did it become like this?'

Of course, Mayu has no way of knowing. She's not human anymore... A police officer who once specialized in the Special Regions Crime Prevention Office is now a murderer. She not only raised her revolver at innocent civilians, but she assassinated their comrades. Yamamoto Sayaka and Maeda Atsuko... Someone they once called their allies, their friends... it all went away weeks ago with a bullet to their chest. Mayu may have given them a quick death, but the fact that they're not in this world anymore destroyed Yuki.

It wasn't Mayu's fault though.

"Neh... Yukirin..."

That tone. That voice. Unlike Kashiwagi, Mayu didn't lose the ability to speak. This was a chance for her to tell the official what's on her mind. She was given free reign on what to say. Freedom of speech isn't exactly one hundred percent true in the hands of this terrorist organization though.

"I killed our captain."

Yuki knew Mayu had pride and conviction to remain true to her ways. Yet the collar that Adrestia's leader snapped around her neck served as a torturing device. Poison contaminated the metallic band. Every single time the girl would raise objections to their beliefs, to the orders they shoved down her throat, to their harsh treatment and abuse with Yuki, the leader allowed the collar to release its chemicals into the officer. The excruciating agony that paralyzed the victim ran on till Mayu sobbed for death to relieve her. Of course, they weren't so kind. A quick antidote brought her to good health within an hour. Then, they shoved their idealisms... their moralistic values... and assassination orders upon the woman once again. If she were to object once again, she would be subjected to the same treatment.

"I'm okay... I'm fine."

The hacker saw it all since day one of their kidnappings. A date out in broad daylight at a park to take a break from their work turned into a living nightmare. Since Yuki holds no value to the terrorist organization, they simply used her as their pawn to keep Mayu in check. With the police officer's strict outlook on what justice means and why revenge can be justified, their eyes have rested on Mayu. Her ability to use the gun is a bonus to them as she can play the role of an "Executioner". Of course, knowing the ponytailed female, she outright rejected their offer only to undergo horrific treatments. Yuki was there to witness it all in her mute cries and sobs.

It's as if Adrestia is training a pet... Like a broken pet to order and reward. Yuki tightened her hold around the crimson stained girlfriend. When the wet cheeks pressed against her lover, Mayu expressed her opinion in a monotone voice.

"You're crying? Are you hurt anywhere?"

Hurt... Pain. Oh, Yuki felt pain much worse than the abuse she's been submitted to by the hooded terrorist leader. It's the crushing anguish of her heart being squished to oblivion by an invisible force. The sight of her lover succumbing to cruel punishments for staying true to her ideals and not aligning with the enemies'. The horror of losing her ability to speak. The urge to scream in terror as she frantically and desperately provided as much useless care to Mayu as possible. She buried her face into the gunner's shoulder.

'If only I was strong...'

Yuki wasn't trained in the art of firearms like Mayu. Thoughts ran through her head about taking up lessons from her girlfriend. However, Mayu urged that it wasn't necessary. If only the hacker held her stance much stronger back then... Then she might've protected Mayu rather than become dependent on her. More tears ran down her face as she leaned forward, lips close to Watanabe's ear. Just like every single day, Yuki tried her best to formalize words that can be audible rather than incoherent airy whispers.

"I'm... sorry..."

Did Mayu hear that? Or was that just a figment of Yuki's hallucinations she's constantly had in this confined room that she was able to utter words to her lover? Either way, the curtain will soon descend upon the stage as Adrestia makes their final move. After all, it won't be long till New Year Eve comes around the corner.

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Manmade Killer [Mayuki] (08/21/17)
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Oh my god, I am so angry right now, because I cannot read the rest of this story!!! :temper: :tantrum: :on cloudeye:

This story, oh boy, shachou, you never disappoint!  :mon waterworks: :mon misch:

First, let me just say sorry for not editing my comment on the previous story, but it is hard to gather my words about it even today...


Gosh, poor Mayuyu and Yuki and Yuuko-sama and Yuiham...

To think of what pains they are going through, it is unimaginable...  :fainted:

Is any 48G member behind the organization or you made them nameless? I'm curious, that's all

Sayanee killed, that must make our Yui want to go berserk on anyone who dared to be at least 0,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% responsible for her dear beloved Sayaka's death...

And then they dared to kill Acchan too... poor Yuuko-sama

This story, god, I have a lot of questions and emotions boiling in me...

As always, shachou brings the best works out for us and I cannot wait for you to update other parts, MAKE SURE RENA-SAMA APPEARS!!!  :mon psst:

"人間みんな変態だから" - 古川愛李, SKE48 新高柳チームKII 「シアターの女神」千秋楽公演, 2014.04.18 <"Because all people are perverts." - Furukawa Airi, SKE48 New Takayanagi Team KII [Theater no Megami] Last Stage, 2014.04.18>

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Manmade Killer [Mayuki] (08/21/17)
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thanksss haha love urs update xDD
imma here for mayuki but yeap still sad about those poor souls.its too sad I cant handle em " criesss
TAT ur the best "thumbsthefire

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Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Manmade Killer [Mayuki] (08/21/17)
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Sasuga LF-chan "Queen of Angst" I freakin love your fics as always dear niece!! ;)

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Manmade Killer [Mayuki] (08/21/17)
« Reply #159 on: August 21, 2017, 10:00:34 PM »
*Still waiting on the Hidden Truth update*

Once again, I'm impressed by the way you've constructed this part of the multishot.

Sad that Sayanee had to go first, and Acchan's gone.... but I hope MaYuki can pull through

And Yuko and Yuihan can find the organisation's leader and kill him!

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