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Author Topic: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 25 [Update: 07/16/14]  (Read 59524 times)

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I'm here with another story.  :hee: (damn, I need to get my imagination under control. It's all over the place.)

Actually, truth be told, I was digging through my old files and saw this finished first chapter and unfinished second chapter. Though I might like to share it with you all. It's focused mainly on Mayuki pairings, but there will be other pairings that will make their appearances.

Based on the game Heavy Rain if that's easy enough to tell.  :sweat:

Who knows if I might continue this. This might be on a much slower update compared to my other two on-going fictions.  :on chew:

[Chapter 1]

"Mayu, where is Ayame?"

"Y-Yukirin... I-I don't actually know... I just saw her a moment ago right beside me while I bought her a toy-"

"Mayu! How could you not know where our daughter is?!"

"Yukirin, stay calm and stay with Jurina. I'm going to find her."






"Ayame-w-wait! Wait! WAIT! Don't come running-no!"




[1 hour ago]

"Wow, so you both got together, hm?"

"It was predictable, so don't act so surprised, Yuko."

My smile on my face just twitched just a teensy bit in the corner. Inside of the mall, I, Watanabe Mayu and with my wife, Watanabe Yuki, our two little daughters, Watanabe Jurina and Watanabe Ayame, came upon with our two long-time friends, Kojima Yuko and Kojima Haruna. My wife dragged us all out to go shopping this Sunday afternoon to buy some dresses for our daughters. With a coincidence on the second floor, we bumped into them.

"Ahhhhh, of course. My bad, my bad," Yuko exaggerated her words by waving her hand carelessly into the air. Her long, light brown hair swayed to the left and right. A dimpled smile she showed, she saw our two daughters and bent down so she was able to face them properly. "Are you two Mayuyu's and Yukirin's daughters?"

Our two little girls bobbed their head up and down slowly, 5 year old Ayame backing away to hide from behind my back. Jurina however returned a dimple smile of her own and the 9 year old girl extended her hand out to Yuko. "It's nice to meet you, miss!" she replied in a small, cute voice. Yuko let out a giggle and too extended her hand out. "It's nice to meet you too, uh..."

"Jurina! Watanabe Jurina!"

"Nice to meet you then, Jurina-chan!" Yuko said and shook her hand. Haruna from behind her couldn't help but also giggle at their exchanges. Yuki beside me took Ayame's left hand and gently pulled the child out from behind my back. "Ayame, why don't you meet Aunt Yuko?"

Ayame took little steps and stood right beside Yuki's side. A sigh left my lips. This young girl was never well with strangers ever since she was born. I'm sure that in the near future, I can picture her to be like Sawako Hata. Such a shy individual but when she's with us alone, boy she can become quite a little hyperactive girl. Except less than Jurina, of course. Much less. 

Yuko took this chance to take a better look at Ayame, Her eyes were roaming the young girl, smiling even wider. "Kawaii. You're very cute, Ayame-chan."

She simply gave a nod back, still staying silent. Smiling apoligetically, Yuki bent down to tuck a strand of loose black hair behind Ayame's ear. "Ayame's very shy as you can already tell. She's not comfortable with strangers just yet."

"Haha, that's okay, that's okay~ Little girls when young always start off shy~ Like you, Shiriri-chan!" Yuko pointed at my direction, causing my face to instantly heat up.


While my face was burning, Yuko was laughing her butts off, patting the solid white tiles of the mall beneath our feet. "You're so embarrassed now, huh? Oh come on Shiriri-chan!" Before I knew it, she disappeared from everyone's sight for a split second. The next moment, there was a squeeze on the area that I function on in order to sit. A yelp escaped my lips and a loud smack could be heard loud and clear to the point that the passing families threw curious glances over at our direction.

"O-Ouch! Damn, that hurts ya know!" she yelled, rubbing the top of her head in an exaggerating manner. Feeling as though steam is rising from my head, I crossed my arms and stayed silent. "But at least your butt is still in good shape just like when we first met in Akiharabara High-OW! What was that for now-O-Oh... Y-Yukirin..."

I didn't hit her this time. No. It was my Yuki, who whacked on the same exact spot previously inflicted by me. She rocked back and forth like a baby, tears welling up from the corner of her eyes. "Don't you dare touch my husband's butt, Oshima Yuko." There goes her black aura. Yuki back when she was in college was not only popular with both male and female, but was quite a fearsome beast to avoid angering too. I placed my hand on Yuki's shoulder, closing my eyes and ignoring my blush.

"Yukirin, we don't want our kids seeing your 'Black' side, right?.... andwhydidyoucallme'husband'there?"

Yuki paused momentarily before dropping her rigid stiff shoulders from being tensed. "You're right, Mayu.... And to answer your silly question, it was because you decided to dress in a men's suit when we got married a while ago."

I stopped for a moment to think and then quickly dropped the subject. 'Oh right. That was stupid of me' We were married after we finished our studies, both working in the same hospital as a nurse and doctor. Now a couple years later, we then came to become a family.

"A-Anyway, I still wonder why you still decided not to have kids, Kojiharu?" I asked.

"Hmm... Ettou... I wish we could have kids, demo... I feel like we're not ready for that kind of responsibility just yet..." Haruna put her finger on her chin, looking upward. "Besides... I think keeping both my job and this squirrel here under control is enough work for me at this time."

My 'oshiri sister' shot a glare at both Yuki and I as we cracked up. Our two kids looked up at us in confusion, the both tugging at our end of our shirts. "What are you talking about, mama and papa?" Jurina questioned, bouncing up and down energetically. I shook my head and leaned down just to pinch her cheeks lightly. "It's just a joke between us adults, Juri," I said.

Standing back up, I saw Yuki looking over at my direction. "Mayu, do you mind to take Ayame to the toy store for a bit while I take Jurina to shop in the sports section?" she requested. Without any hesitation, I did a salute and earned myself a giggle. "I'll take care of her, so no worries!"

Yuki then walked up to me and handed over Ayame, whom I took her hand from her mother and exchanged Jurina. "I won't be gone for long, 'kay?" she gave a quick peck on my cheek and walked off to the right side of the mall, entering into a nearby sports store.

"I guess both Nyan Nyan and I will be taking a quick stroll to the ice-cream shop right over~ THERE!" When I blinked, I saw the two figures vanish in thin air before my eyes. The sound of running feet could be heard from afar on my left, squeals coming from the squirrel's mouth easily picked up from the noisy surroundings.

Now looking down at my daughter, Ayame looked up at me. "Papa, can we go to the toy place?" A smile crossed my face and bent down to her level. "Alright then. Just hop on my back and I'll bring you there, okay?"

Soon enough, I was acting like an idiot pretending that I am an airplane just for my daughter, holding onto her tightly as she spread her arms wide on both direction. 'Wheeeeeee' was all that came out of her mouth. Such a cute voice made me laugh in happiness, dodging the people that were now staring at us like we're crazy.

"Ahahaha...ha...ha... Alright then... We're here, whew!" I panted, gently lowering her down inside of the bright and colorful shop. Surrounded by many stuff animals, anime figures, posters and the happy-go-lucky music of AKB48 'Aitakatta' playing in the background made Ayame grin widely. She rushed off into the stuff animal section and immediately picked up a big stuff mouse. The grey mouse only had the body with no limbs, its light pink ears sticking out of its head and black whiskers accompanying with its black nose. There weas a silly pair of eyes on the mouse, making it both adorable and funny.

"I want this, papa!" she exclaimed, holding it up toward me as I made my way toward her.

"So you want to have this, Ayame?" I bent down and examined the price tags, my eyes almost bulging out of its socket at the high price. 'F-F-F-FIFTY BUCKS FOR JUST A STUFF ANIMAL?!' It's not a problem since I have enough money to pay for it, but I'm just startled at the crazy price. Then again, it shouldn't really surprise me since in a foreign store in the United States, there was a stuff animal with the price of a hundred dollar... "I'll get this for you, Ayame, but tell me... Why this mouse and not the other animals? There's a teddy bear, lion, tiger, fish..."

Ayame bounced up to retrieve the stuff mouse, instantly removed from my grasp. "This mousey reminds me of you, Papa!"

"U-Urk! R-Really?" I was speechless. Am I compared to a mouse from what my daughter had just said? Shaking my head and laughing nervously out loud, I placed my hand on her shoulder. "Alright then, I'll pay it for you. Let's go to the register."

Heading toward the cash register, I was greeted by the owner of the shop. "You're ready to pay, miss?" the young boy asked. I nodded and pointed at the mouse in Ayame's hands. "I'll be paying for this, sir."

"Okay then, that'll be fifty-one dollars and twenty-seven cents," he proclaimed after punching in a couple of keys from the cashier machine. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a wallet marked with designs from the anime 'AKB0048.' Pulling out a couple bills and changes, I received a receipt.

"Thank you for shopping here. Have a good day."

"Same here with you sir."

Payment now done, I was about to call out Ayame's name when I suddenly didn't feel any sort of presence nearby. "A-Ayame?" I said, rotating my heads around to observe my surroundings.

"If you're looking for the little girl that was with you, she walked out of the store, miss," the owner said.

I quickly thanked him and walked out of the shop, not seeing her waiting in front of the store. Panic mode turned on inside of my brain as I studied the busy area in front of me. 'Where could Ayame have gone? She's not one to walk away... unless she got excited, then that's a whole different story...' Suddenly, I was slapped with realization. 'Crap. She must've wandered off somewhere. God dammit, I'm sure she hasn't gone off too far since it's barely been a minute when I left my eyes off of her.'

"Mayuyu? I'm done with shopping." I snapped my head to my left and saw Yuki with Jurina. A bag filled with some sporty shorts and shirts were seen within the clear plastic bag branded with Nike. Her head tilting to the side, she then said, "Jurina surely likes a lot of these types of clothings. Mou, I can suddenly imagine her becoming some sort of Olympic participant."

I didn't respond back. My mind was still too loaded to even comprehend and place her jumbled words from within my head correctly into sentences. Then she asked that question.

"Mayu, where is Ayame?"

Gulping, I brought out my shaky voice.

"Y-Yukirin... I-I don't actually know... I just saw her a moment ago right beside me while I bought her a toy-"

"Mayu! How could you not know where our daughter is?!"

Yuki's eyes widen open in both fear and anger, almost dropping the bag she held at hand. Jurina merely switched her stares between me and the angry mother in front of her. I can't blame Yuki though. I too am enraged at myself for leaving Ayame unattended and unsupervised for a split yet crucial moment.

Hoping to keep the situation calm, I backed away slowly and motioned my hands downward.

"Yukirin, stay calm and stay with Jurina. I'm going to find her."

Then without further ado, I turned around and walked briskly away from the two stunned figures behind. "Ayame? Ayame! Ayame, where are you?!" I yelled as loud as I could possibly do, cupping my mouth with my hands to bring out the clear message. "AYAME!"

Panic mode overtook my system, soon becoming paranoid at my current failure of unable to locate my own daughter. "AYAME!"

Frantically looking around, I glanced downward from the second floor's edge and saw a gray mouse sticking out from the busy and crowded area from the main sector of the first floor. I then dashed right toward the escalator, quickly making my way downward and unintentionally shoving people both male and female aside.

Words and insults were thrown behind my back at my rash behavior, but I didn't notice it as I was far too concerned with my daughter's safety. 'I'm sure she's going to earn quite a long lecture not alone, but together with me from Yuki. I'm so going to be killed once I find her.'

The many people walking around me could make one think they're playing an 'I SPY' game, trying to pinpoint the location of their desired target. Pushing my way through the people in a straight line, I stretched my neck to my right and left, hoping to see above the busy crowd.

There was the exit and entrance of the mall, standing a couple feet away from where I was. I saw Ayame standing there with her recently bought stuff animal. She, however, didn't stay for long as I saw the golden door of the mall's open. 'Crap! She's going out! Agh, don't do that, Ayame!' I mentally screamed at Ayame, forcing myself to resort to force in order to move at a faster rate against the moving crowd.

It was funny how the crowd's direction was all coming against me, causing me to slow down despite using force. I barely made any faster progression. Instead, I earned a lot of angry remarks from them.

Finally out of that hellish group and screaming out Ayame's name multiple times, I bursted out of the entrance door and now stood on the pavement of the city. My throat is now dry from all the constant hollaring to catch Ayame's attention over the loud atmosphere. Coughing into my hand, I was breathing heavily in both exhaustion and panic. "Dammit! Just-dammit!"

Left and right I look, yet she was nowhere to be seen. Cars were running through the afternoon streets at such dangerous speed, making one wary and doubt themselves of jay walking to the otherside. I gulped, feeling my teeth chatter inside of my closed my mouth from fear. "My god, why is this happening?"

From the corner of my eyes as I looked to my left, I saw her on the other side of the street, hugging that mouse of hers tightly. Relief ran across my face when I saw her.

"Ayame!" I called out to her, instantly grabbing her attention. A smile crossed my face when I saw her wave at me with her small hand.

"Papa!" she replied back.

"Ayame-w-wait! Wait! WAIT! Don't come running-no!"

To my surprise, I saw her running toward me and an incoming red sport car barely a mile away in such rapid speed. The sound of the tire burning rubber due to its brake was heard from the distance, alerting us that the person on the wheel was making an abrupt stop.

Behind me, I began to hear Yuko, Haruna, Yuki and Jurina approach. However, I had no time to waste and dashed blindly without thinking straight toward Ayame. 



Screaming her name out loudly, I knew that the both of us were going to be hit by the car that failed to stop sooner. I leapt to her, shielding her from the car behind us and protected her head and body from the fast moving vehicle. Hugging her tightly, I was prepared for what was coming. A slam was felt hitting my back just as though a bull had charged at my powerless and unprotected body. Pain overcame my senses and not even one second, I blacked out.
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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 1
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great fanfic :heart: :yep:
poor mayuyu :cry:
jurina and ayame are so cute :cathappy:
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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 1
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Waw!! I love it even if it is sad!!

Naaah! Mayu why!!! :cry:

Ayame and Jurina are so cute!!!!

Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 1
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E-eh? What happened to Mayu?

Ayame and Juri-chan :heart:

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 1
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Ow you posted it **

I want the next chapter. *w*

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 1
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you know when I read this chapter
I got goosebumps all over my body and tears sprang to my eyes.
I think I can't read the next chapter.
I have a mixed feeling
sadness shock and fear

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 1
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Oh my God, you must post the next chapter!

This is just too good!

Hope you update soon~ Though, I wonder what'll happen to Mayu now.
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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 1
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Oh no, please don't let anything happen to Mayu and Ayame  :cry:

By the way, is Ayame from Gouriki Ayame? She's one of my fav actresses at the moment. She's so pretty :wub:

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 1
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@mo-chan: Oh dear... Then this fiction isn't for the faintest heart I'm afraid. It's going to be like... 90%-95% sad/depressing/(insert all of the words that relates to sad) and 5% of other emotions put within this piece. *gives a tissue and a cookie* Please don't cry. *gives even moar cookies!?*

@jell_o_jello: Actually...... Ayame was just a name that popped into mind randomly when I'm trying to decide who Mayu's and Yuki's second daughter should be, LOL. I suppose yeah, Ayame from Gouriki Ayame or something. (Feel free to insert your own thoughts on who exactly 'Ayame' here is.) 

I guess I forgot to warn you readers that this fiction will mainly focus on sadness, loss, courage, trials, liars, cheaters, murders, bonds, relationships, yada yada yada realistic situation. (I'm a person fond of realistic-like genre.... type of stories)

SO. What I'm trying to say is that this fiction is purely based on sadness. So yeah. Make sure to keep a tissue box nearby just in case tears leak out (which I don't know since I'm obviously writing and planning the story, so I have no clue, LOL) 

Now this unfinished second chapter is complete, I shall forever delay this (or not. Depends on my motivation) and focus on my other two fictions. If I'm bored, I'll return to progressing with this fiction. If I feel sad, I'll come back. If I want to come back, I will come back.  :sweatdrop:

Enjoy it~ (or am I suppose to say: "Enjoy crying/becoming depressed over it"?)

*Note: This is NOT a genderbender fiction! All of the members will be female (yes yes, I'm sorry if you don't like that idea) and males... are usually just other random made-up characters.

*Note #2: I recommend listening to this on repeat for this chapter: (Painful Memories - Heavy Rain OST)

[2 years later]

Raindrops fell upon my small body, the sound of thunder storming through the sky from above. My black bangs were matted against my forehead and clumps of strands were attached to the side of my face tightly. Wearing a casual white t-shirt underneath the black jacket that Yuki long ago gave to me was accompanied with lousy blue torn jeans and sneakers. Standing outside of my car, I leaned against the compartment door with my back. I was soaked to the bone, shuddering at both the numbness and chilliness of the environment.

"You're finally here dad," the tomboyish girl Jurina grumbled. The tall, 11 year old figured girl that, surprisingly, became much taller than me approached from her school's entrance. Wearing her dull, brown colored backpack that doesn't spark any sort of girlish aura, she immediately passed by me without a second glance. She too was soaked through her black jacket over her blue t-shirt and I felt bad.

"Sumimasen," I replied in a quiet voice, knowing that she wouldn't forgive me anyway. The younger girl had waited for nearly a full hour for me to pick her up. All of the students had already left and possibly the teachers too. Tired, I took one more look at the depressing gray cloudy skies from above and opened the door for Jurina. She entered inside of the car and slammed the door shut just as fast as I had opened them. Silently, I slowly made my way to the front driver's door and got in.

I clicked on my seatbelt and adjusted the rear mirror. From the mirror, I saw Jurina looking down at her lap without much emotion. Water droplets dripped down from the ends of her black short hair. As much as my heart is pained from the loss two years ago, it pained me even more to see my other daughter be like this. Hoping to lighten up the mood just a teensy bit between the two of us, I offered a lame suggestion. "Jurina, we can stop by the gas station and pick up some snacks if you would like-"

"No thanks, dad," she replied in a cold tone. I ceased further talking and focused on the view in front of the car. Raindrops were pouring down and hard against the glass surface, causing difficulties for me. My hand inserted the key into the car and started the engine. Sound of rumbling and vibration from the engine was felt in the car. Then we were off and on the road.

Ever since that incident from two years ago, my life crumbled slowly and painfully as though God was enjoying me suffer through agony. To entertain him if I wanted to say more. Although I had attempted to lighten the damage to Ayame from the car crash, it was only I that survived the event. It wasn't... surprising. For a little 5 year old, that's just enough damage to severe her life line short. I was in a coma for three full months. And once I had awaken, I was slammed with the news that Ayame didn't make it. Diagnosed with brain damage and concussion afterward, I recently had major fainting episodes to the point I had to reduce my time at work and work in a different section of the hospital.

The relationship between me, Yuki and Jurina were now strained. It's so strained to the point that I even wonder to myself if I can ever fix the ties we had together. Or maybe it's already too late. Both Yuki and I broke up and divorced after a couple months from the incident, barely meeting each other. Even during work, we tend to avoid each other and only came to chat to each other about who's keeping Jurina for the month. We both live in separate household and had to take turns into caring for Jurina. As much as I still love the two of them, Yuki and Jurina placed the blame on me on the death of Ayame.

I can't blame them though. I too hate myself for causing the death of our daughter.

We soon came upon my house and once we entered in, took off our wet jackets and hung them on a nearby holder. Jurina quickly dashed off to the living room, leaving me behind in the entrance all alone. Sighing quietly, I took off my shoes and neatly placed them near Jurina's. Stepping out of the entrance and into my small house, I saw Jurina from across me laying on the sofa as the television screen brightened the somewhat dark room.

Squeezing the ends of my hair in order to rid of any excessive water from the rain, I took a step into the main room. To my left was a staircase leading to three rooms: The bathroom we both share, her room and mine. Then to the right, there was the kitchen connected with a dining room. Well, not really since there’s the cheap dining table located right in the center of the kitchen. The entire house didn’t need to have the lights turned on at the moment. With the glassed windows drizzled with rain droplets and the heavily cloudy sky outside, there was enough light to shine inside. It provided enough light for another depressing afternoon with Jurina. 

An exhale left my lips as I entered into the same occupied room as my daughter. "Jurina," I spoke. "Do you want some snacks or dinner? I can make you some."

"No dad, I don't want any," she sharply replied back to me, her eyes still glued on the television screen. Flashes of soccer players ran across the screen, a cheer barely heard from the system. One of the players seemed to have made a goal, the soccer ball heading right into the net.

Jurina still retained her love for sports. I’m glad it didn’t die away just as her love towards me or her emotions in general. Though she was in middle school where sport opportunites soon began, Jurina didn’t participate in any. She chose not to. Maybe because she too was too sad other than watching others play in the games. After staring at the screen for a couple minutes in silence, I sighed gently under my breath for the third time. “If you don’t want to eat, don’t you want to start on your homework?”

“Can I do them after this show?” Jurina didn’t bat her eyes away from the screen as her mouth moved. “Just give me fifteen more minutes. It’s almost over.”

Not the type of person who wants to push their kids with what they don't want, I respected her wish. Then leaving her alone, I then walked over to the kitchen. I’m somewhat hungry. From what I have remembered, I only had half a bottle of beer for breakfast.

I was never an alcoholic. No, not at all. Until Ayame’s death that is. Ever since she left this earth, I fell into depression and just drank my emotions away. I know drinking excessively is bad for my health. But it would only give me a small sense of numbness to my emotions in order to escape from reality. Just for one moment. One small part of the day. Being surrounded by a daughter who will always blame you and a use-to-be wife never forgiving you along with your deceased daughter’s death hanging over your head doesn’t seem to leave me with any choice.

I also always had the thought of killing myself. Suicide could be my answer. I could be free from this pain. This torture and nightmare I have to live through. But I love my daughter, Jurina and now-Kashiwagi Yuki so much. What would they say or do if I were to leave them? How can they cope with it? They already have enough on their plate, so why should I add more?

The small white fridge’s door opened to show some leftover pizza and pasta we ordered from the restaurant last night. There were also a pack of beer bottle; three brown glass bottle still standing upright in the cold compartment. Apple and orange juice boxes were seen standing in packs near a pack of Pepsi soda cans. Overall, there was nothing that was special to be made.

‘I wonder what I should eat? Honestly, I don’t feel that hungry and have the urge to drink some more beer again…’ No. I resisted that temptation to grab another beer bottle and drink from it. Jurina and Yuki always hated me for becoming alcoholic, so I should try to keep it to a minimum. At least while Jurina is awake.

I decided to go ahead and take out one of the five slices of leftover pizza from the fridge. Quietly closing the white door into its place, I turned back around to see an empty table with four wooden chairs standing in the middle of the kitchen. Four chairs. Four chairs meant for four family members. Four family members. Instead of being filled with tears, I felt nothing and walked on toward the microwave on the kitchen’s clean counter. The silver sink on the right side was filled with a plate and two cups that I have yet to have cleaned from this morning. Dried yolks and some grains of white rice were seen stuck against the surface of the white plate. Orange juice remains and some beer were seen on the tall glass cups.

‘I should clean it up once I reheat and eat this pizza,’ I thought to myself and opened the microwave with a push of a button. The inside of the microwave greeted me with emptiness as I placed the cheese pizza inside. I closed it shut and pressed about a minute. While waiting, I crossed my arms. My eyes slowly trailed itself from the green digital timer slowly ticking away on the microwave to the white cold floor beneath my two feet. A long depressing sigh came out of my system.

More thoughts entered through my mind while I had time to wait for the food.

I honestly wanted to stay close to Jurina but I made myself unable to. Why? Because she viewed me like a murderer. Of course. Siblings have a much stronger bond than even the parents themselves. I knew exactly how it feels when my sister, Watanabe Miyuki, was with me before she moved out of the country with her ‘husband,’ Yamamoto Sayaka. ‘Speaking of Miyuki, I wonder how she is doing right now?’

I haven’t heard from her in two years. No, that wasn’t right. I forcibly haven’t heard from her in two years due to avoiding her. The last contact I had with her was over the phone when she was informed of the death of her niece (my daughter) and I was in the hospital with a fatal head condition. She wasn’t angry at me. Rather, she was upset at the sudden turn of events that happened right after Ayame’s death. Miyuki wasn’t able to come back to Japan due to her job, so she promised me that she would be emailing, mailing, texting and calling me monthly just to check on my status.

Truth be told, I didn’t want to talk to her. My younger sister. My only sister in the whole world and here I am, ignoring all of her phone calls and messages. Was it because of my selfishness? The need to punish myself for such situation I am being placed in right now? I probably was hurting her too. I heard it from Yuki herself before we had the divorce that Miyuki was worried to death about me. Worried so much that even Sayanee by her side was worried that I would drive my sister; her wife, insane.

Then there was both Haruna and Yuko.

They were devastated when they saw exactly what had happened at the scene with their own eyes on that very cursed day. Both were very sympathetic. It was as though they had completely understood the situation and never placed the blame on me just like my wife and my only remaining daughter. Haruna always stopped by Yuki’s home and Yuko with mine when we both had our divorce. It was a very rough time for the two girls also. Yuko especially. She was worried about me just as much as Miyuki did. Maybe because she cared for me just as I am her younger sibling. Either way, I didn’t feel comfortable with her around. I never felt comfortable when I received help. I don’t deserve this at all. I never will. So I pushed her help away, irritated at how resistant she can be.

The beeping of the microwave signaling that it has completed its destined heated time. I snapped my consciousness back to the present time. Without thinking twice, I popped open the microwave’s door and took out the now-hot pizza. Juggling it with both of my hands due to the heat emitting from the plate, I managed to place it on top of the table. Then pulling out one of the brown chairs, I seated myself on it. I soon found myself staring at the piece of food in front of my face. Just staring at it.

Staring… Staring… Staring…

I didn’t make an attempt to reach out to touch my lunch. Didn’t even lift up a finger. My eyes just kept on staring straight at the pizza. Steam lazily wafted up into the air from my heated lunch. Suddenly, I didn’t become hungry. No. I lost my appetite. Instead of eating, I got up from my seat. Taking the plate with the food, I walked over to where Jurina was once more.

“Jurina? I reheated some cheese pizza for you.” My words didn’t seem to have reached into her ears for she didn’t even flick a glance at my direction. I tried again. “Jurina, you know you should try to eat even if it’s just a little bit. Best to gain some energy to do your homework later.”

As though my words finally made sense to her, she turned her attention to my figure. Standing to the right side of the sofa where she sat with the food at hand like a father that spoils their kids too much. The look in her eyes. There was a flash of emotion behind her eyes before it returned back to becoming emotionless. She heeded to my advice and took the pizza from my hand, thanking me in a mumbled voice.

Glad to see that she finally is eating, I wanted to sit by my daughter’s side. But I resisted it. Instead, I reached out hesitantly to touch her right shoulder. Upon contact with my finger and the surface of the shirt she’s wearing, she flinched. Her shoulder retracted away from my hand and it tensed. Pain hit within my heart when I saw her reaction but stayed quiet.

Silently I moved away from her till we both were at a good distance away from each other. It still seems that Jurina has yet to accept my care. The hatred must be strong towards me. After all, the two of us are distant now. Closing my eyes, I tried hard to keep my heart from aching any more than it is right now.

‘Maybe I should go upstairs and prepare the bathtub for my daughter… She can take a bath before doing her homework.’

And so I did. Leaving Jurina alone, I made my way to the front of the small house and up the flight of stairs. One step, two step, three step, four step. Each and every step I took had the wooden board creak due to its oldness. The sound.... It's awful to my eardrums.

Once I reached to the top of the staircase, I walked forward in a straight direction till I came upon a brown door. Turning the golden knob, I pushed the door forth to be met with a somewhat medium-sized bathroom. The cold, blue and white colored tiles beneath my feet and the just-turned on lights gently illuminated the room with a yellow color. The color that would remind one of home. A bathtub was seen on the left with the sprinkler hovering above the area. Blue background with fishes designed curtain and was bunched on the far left of the white tub. If it were to be unraveled neatly, it would calm a child's nerve with their first time bathing in such foreign object by themselves.

As I walked over to the tub, I saw the sink that resided in between the tub and toilet against the wall. It was accompanied with two toothbrushes; one red and one blue in two small rinsing cups. Two toothpaste was in the cups also, noting that both Jurina and I have our own personal cleaning toiletries. Then there was the square-shaped mirror that reflected my tired face.

The face that once always had a smile was now exhausted. My lips was in a straight line. A stiff straight line as though someone had drawn a line with a pen horizontally below my nose. No matter how much I wanted to curve it up, the most it can do is form a curve downward; the opposite direction to where I wanted it to go. Though I must admit, my hair surprisingly still retained its usual perfect shape despite the mess I've been through. Shadows were seen underneath my pair of dark eyes, warning my body that I'm not sustaining enough rest. I felt bad. Not at me, no. I felt bad about the girl in the mirror staring back at me. Such physical state is a pity.

Shaking my head, I turned my attention back to the tub and began filling it up with warm water. Steam and heat rise from the water. It began to make the bathroom’s atmosphere much more warming that it already is. As the water level rise, sudden dizziness attacked my head. The world around my small body was slowly tilting counterclockwise through my vision. My eyes squinted as I reached my hand out to the edge of the bathtub. I unconsciously bent forward, leaning all of my body's weight onto the tub. The dizziness then stopped.

"I don't want another episode please..." I whispered to myself. Then ignoring the small event that just happened, I reached over to the faucet's handle and turned it to the left till the running water coming from the object cease to continue. The drain from below was seen covered in order to keep the water from escaping sneakily by a slip into the drain.

I stood up in a careful and slow motion, hoping that I wouldn't slip into another dizzy spell caused by my own head and possibly faint. The eyebrows on my face scrunched together as the right hand of my reached out to touch the cold, white tiled wall nearby. My left hand came up to the side of my head and just stood on my spot without moving; just staring at the ground beneath my feet. It took nearly half a minute to reassure myself that I'm mentally stable at the moment.

"Jurina?" I called out to my daughter as I stepped right outside of the bathroom. "Jurina."

"What, dad?" Her voice, which sounded like it was being stuffed with food, was heard from down stair in the living room. The television static could be heard along with her voice, telling me that she was still watching TV. "The bath is ready."

"One moment!" The static sound was cut off within seconds following after her sentence. Footsteps entered into the kitchen and the sound of plate colliding together loudly. Oh. Her action had just reminded me to clean up the plates. I forgot to do that. Jurina soon came into my view from the bottom of the stairs. She looked up at my direction but immediately lowered her head afterward. My heart noticeably began to beat painfully against my chest when I saw her avoiding contact with my eyes.

"You know," she began to speak to me again once she reached up to the top of the stairs and standing right by my side. "I'll handle the dishes if you can't dad. The dishes have been there since this morning, so don't push yourself."

That was it. That was all she said before entering into the warm atmospheric room where one would wash and cleanse themselves. I turned my body around to face her as she entered in.

"I can help wash you up, Juri-"

"I don't need it, dad." She noticed my silence right away and quickly added a couple extra words to soften her harsh statement. "Thanks for the offer though. I can take care of myself."

'No you can't. I know how vulnerable you can be.' But I nodded. "I understand. I'll clean up the dishes then."

The door that was once opened now closed between the two of us. It was like a barrier. A barrier that blocked off our physically connection with each other. Another sigh. How many times had I sighed? I lost track of it once I've reached to about fifty-seven since I woke up this morning. Funny how I even passed the time by counting the number of exhales I have made in order to relieve my lungs from the slow activity.

I decided to follow through with my words and was just about to walk away from the door when I heard sniffles. Those sniffles; they belonged to the one and only other household member. Jurina.

Alarmed, I returned my attention to the door. I wanted to open the door, but I can't. Well, one, I knew Jurina wouldn't allow me to be inside the same room with her aside from assisting her with her homework and school projects. And two, the door was locked either way. So there was no way for me to enter in other than slamming the door down with what little and useless strength I have been decreased to over the harsh two years.

I knew Jurina was crying. She would always cry to herself when there was no one or in private. My daughter is a strong girl. Always putting up a cool, emotionless expression on the exterior surface. But deep inside, I knew she was a gentle, tender and sensitive girl that wanted to be free from the pain. I would do anything to get rid of her pain and make her happy just like two years ago. Yet I couldn't do anything. And I felt useless. So very, very, very useless.

My so-called 'cyborg' face became my mask now as I tried hard to hide the emotional pain that was beating against my chest. My heart. My scarred and torn heart. I swallowed, now resting my forehead against the cool wall. My hands reached up to the center of my t-shirt and gripped it tightly. I bit the bottom of my lip to hold in my cry of anguish and frustration.

God really likes to torment me and those remotely close.

I could feel my eyes becoming watery. Becoming wet and the need to shed the liquids out of my eyes' sockets. But I couldn't and can't.

'I should clean up the dishes. I shouldn't make Jurina clean it up since she just got home from school.'

With that thought pounding inside of my mind, I then removed my forehead that has grown attached to the wall from the weight I've placed on it. I could feel that it might leave a red mark from pressing against the wall for a long period of time, but I didn't care. When Jurina's sniffle died down, I then turned my back to the room and descended down to the first floor.

Into the kitchen I went and saw the dirty dishes and cups where I had last seen them. Except there was an additional plate of course added to the pile. Squeezing my eyes shut for one moment and opening them the next, I soon got to work with the objects that sat on the bottom of the metal sink.

Fifteen minutes has passed and I’m on the last dish. They were all on the right side of the sink, all sitting in the now-wet rack. Water droplets seen sliding down on a couple and showed proudly their cleanliness. Cold water from the faucet ran down my skin as I rubbed a yellow sponge against the white surface of the plate. Squeaky sound effects were produced. A squeak with every scrubbing movement. A squeak with the pressure between the sponge and the plate. Remains of soap covered the object at hand once I neatly put aside the cleaner. Water then washed the remaining off; the white bubbles and substance circulating downward to the filtered drain. Once finished, I inserted the last of the dishes with its fellow companions.

After cleaning my hands, I rubbed my left eye. ‘I’m so tired.’ The thought just kept bouncing around inside of my skull. “Maybe I should just rest…” I was planning to go lay on the couch in the living room and take a short nap. Maybe. Or if I have enough strength, I can go walk up the stairs and sleep inside of my room.

I shook my head. Too lazy. I guess the sofa might do it then. But just when I made my way into the living room, the room began tilting to the right. Confused, I squinted my eyes only to find myself suddenly down on the ground with my knees. Then on my right side, the side of my head coming into contact with the carpeted floor. The fatigue was catching up to me as my eyelids slowly covered my two eyeballs. Once my eyelids has closed, my mind immediately ran away from reality and into the familiar darkness.

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 2
« Reply #9 on: January 26, 2013, 06:05:36 AM »
This story turned into sad story..   

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Good job anyway..  :)
Your fic made me teary..  :cry:

And please make them become family again..  :cry:

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 2
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... Wow. Poor Family. Poor Mayu and Jurina çwç ( And Yuki, and Yuko, and Haruna, and Miyuki, and Sayanee xD, and Ayame ? xD)

çwç I feel sad for the day now ~~

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 2
« Reply #11 on: January 26, 2013, 03:01:35 PM »
This is soo sad  :cry:

Please update soon!
Can't wait

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 2
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Poor family... and the most suffering one is mayu. Yuki & Jurina should get over the sad past and start to cherish their ex-husband/ dad. No point living in hatred and grief. Silly.  :cry:
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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 2
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This is so sad. But I like it. As long as it's good drama and good writing and yours is ticked on both counts  :inlove:

Poor Ayame  :cry:
I thought you based her on the real Ayame cos it's not a usual Japanese name for me so I thought you had someone in mind lol.

Keep it coming please :cow:

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 2
« Reply #14 on: January 27, 2013, 02:17:45 AM »
T_T Poor Mayuyu

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 2
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Its really depressing, (T^T)

I would love if mayu just die when the accident happen,yuki and jurina is too mean,i hate them..

Please dont make me hate my yuki,i really like yuki, i want mayuki together again~waaa

Ah thank for the update,great chapter


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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 2
« Reply #16 on: January 31, 2013, 08:36:27 AM »
so sad  :cry:

i want mayuki

update soon  :bow:

Love AKB

Love this Pairing
                                And more ^^

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 2
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Where is the Mayuki good couple!! You are so mean Yuki!!! :banghead:
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 2
« Reply #18 on: January 31, 2013, 09:07:07 PM »
@DC2805: Some people react differently to grief, so it's not too surprising that Yuki would act like this. Even though it would frustrate many others, depression and sadness can be only healed by the individual's own pacing. Ahhh, don't want to turn this into a mini-lecture, so I'll stop. :shock:

@jell_o_jello: Probably might be because I watch too much anime and Japanese drama back a couple years ago. :bigdeal:

I'm posting this chapter while I'm in the school's library, haha... (flash drive for the win!) :sweat:

Thank you so much for the comments! I feel extremely happy reading them (and the amount of hate Yuki is getting at the moment, oh dear). I hope to keep on posting chapters that meets all of your expectations.

For those who are hoping to see Mayuki again... You'll have to wait for a while. Forgive me but le plot must play its part before it comes. SO... I'm sorry you all have to be faced with hating Yukirin right now. Please bare with it. 

By the way, there's going to be three other main characters. One of them will be Shelby Scott from the Heavy Rain game and two others are the AKB members. It's not really shocking to know who they are, but they'll play a vital role in the story. (Especially once the plot thickens)

[Chapter 3]

‘Where am I?’

I wish I could answer that question myself. Or have someone answer it for me. I found myself standing outside in the middle of the streets. Rain from the cloudy dark night sky above was pouring down heavily. Each drop landing on top of my skin felt like liquid-version of rocks. Streetlights were shining their white-ish lights down upon the road; equal distance between each other. My breath was rapid. To be more precise, I was out of breath as though I had run a marathon. The heart within my chest pounded hard and loud. Inhaling and exhaling at a fast rate, I swallowed nervously. I’m alone. Not a single car was seen neither pedestrian.

‘Where exactly am I?’

My hands. One of them was balled up into a fist. I brought my right fisted hand up into the air and slowly opened it. An origami. To be specific, it was a dog figured origami. The black ears and white body folded neatly was seen in my hand, crumpled slightly and wet due to my grip and the rain.

‘What… Why am I holding this?’

More questions came into my mind as I returned my attention back to the streets. I squinted my eyes to get a better look at the distance up ahead. Then without thinking twice, I had one foot step in front of my body. Another step with my other foot. Back to my first foot. And repeat. I soon found myself walking very slow. So slow that even an average old person in a wheelchair could wheel themselves much faster than my pace right now.

Head hanging low, I trended forward with the questions filling up my mind….


Consciousness came back. And when I came back, I began to notice that I am staring into the darkness. And I felt a presence nearby. My eyes snapped open and dragged them to my right. I saw what the presence was. A person to be exact. Mentally awake, I groggily pushed my upper body up from the carpeted ground of my home with difficulty. The palms of my hands pushed against the soft, uneven upper portion of the ground. There were bits of dizziness lingering within my mind as I slowly grasped what exactly happened.

"Dad? Are you okay?" I blinked a couple of times and felt a pair of small, but strong, arms reach out to support my weak body. Soon I found myself staring at Jurina, who was kneeled down on the ground by my right side with her now-dry black hair. Her eyes were filled with worries and sadness. The only other emotion aside from anger she has shown to this very day.

Though my daughter doesn't seem to accept me and emotionless for the most part doesn't mean that she isn't concerned about my well-being. She knew how bad my head wound was, how many stitches it took to at least keep my head in one piece, and the aftermath of the incident towards my health. She's smart to realize that I faint constantly at unpredictable times. Thank god for her knowledge on my health, but I don't want to worry her. So I hide my blackout episodes and pray that if it did ever happen it wouldn't happen with her presence.

I gave her a nod to her question. A small grunt came out of my mouth as I now sat up on the floor properly; my bottom actually resting on top of the soft, light brown carpeted surface. My upper body leaned forward with my legs bent so my knees were touching my chest. Hands on both sides of my body were touching the ground. Jurina's hands could still be felt on my back. "I-I'm okay, Jurina. Maybe fatigue must be getting to me lately... Looks like my body wanted me to just drop and sleep, ha."

My dry humor doesn't seem to be working for the both of us didn't even crack a smile. Feeling slightly ashamed of what had just happened, I grasped full control of my body and soon stood on two of my feet with the help of Jurina. I then gave her my thanks.

"Dad, I think you should rest. You also don't need to help me with my homework. I can do it on my own."

I shook my head. "I'm going to help you Jurina. Just give me a couple minutes."

She understood my message and knowing that I was a stubborn individual (thus where Jurina had inherited that trait for also being a stubborn girl), she didn't push the matter at hand. Being an obedient girl, she walked away from the room where I stood. The younger girl turned to her right and disappeared from my sight; the sound of her footsteps landing on each step creaking in the quiet atmosphere of the house. I then walked shook my head to clear my mind as I made my way to the front entrance of the house.

“I need to pick up some mail.” I walked through the hallway with my left hand up on the side of my head. Dizziness still followed me after awakening, so I carefully came over to the front of the house. Once I arrived, I turned my head over to my left. On the left side is a small table and a single drawer. The single drawer only contained a couple of clean notebooks in all different sizes accompanied with some pens and pencils. Top of the table’s brown, wooden surface were some mails that I had collected this morning. I didn’t bother checking them at that time so I might as well get it over with now.

Taking off my hand from my head, I reached out and grabbed the small pile. My fingers felt the side of the pile, counting that there were five mails and a daily newspaper from today. I looked at the one on top of the pile at hand.

There was mail from Watanabe Miyuki. Her cursive handwriting is neat, cleanly showing the house address of mine in black ink. She most likely was sending me some regards and wanted to check in on me. So I decided to check it out later and threw it back on the table. Or not. I don’t want to respond back to her anyway. She probably knows that by now but still sends me letters. How kind of a sister I have and how cruel of a sister I am.

Three in a row of the mails were ads, also tossing them on the table as a new pile. It annoys me when there are ads. Especially those ads providing information about how to be a good parent or showing pictures of a smiling parent with their family. I hated that. It’s like those ad providers are trying to mock me of my situation. A frown crossed my face when I thought about it as I saw an unfamiliar letter with no return address. That’s strange. Usually one would write a return address so one could be able to identify who the sender was. What if I had to return a response to the sender? How will I be able to do that?

I neatly tore open the sealed lid of the envelope. In one movement, I now was fumbling to open up a single folded sheet of paper. Once I managed to unfold it, I saw that it was a note. It wasn’t handwritten at all. No. The words seem as though they came from an old typewriter back in the old days. And the message was both short and brief.

When the parents came home from church, all their children were gone.

They searched and called for them, they cried and begged, but it was all to no avail.

The children have never been seen again.

“What the hell is this supposed to mean?” I grumbled my thoughts out loud when I had finished reading it. My eyes darted back to the very first word and reread the message the second time. And the third time. “Did they get the wrong address?”

This letter… This… message. What was it trying to hint? What was the sender trying to tell me?

‘…all their children were gone….. The children have never been seen again.’ Is this a poem or something? I shook my head. I don’t understand this at all and I don’t want to know what it’s supposed to mean.

I then placed the letter on top of Miyuki’s sent envelope. Now looking over at the newspaper, I saw the front headline news.

ORIGAMI KILLER STRIKES AGAIN: SEVENTH VICTIM IDENTIFIED The police have confirmed that the modus operandis is indeed that of the Origami Killer.

Origami Killer? Seventh victim? I’ve heard of the killer before. He was all over the news and media in general. Polices and detectives were trying to solve who exactly the killer’s identity is, but to no avail, weren’t able to find any clues that would lead to the answer. All they knew is that the killer drowns his victim. Drowns his victim in a remote location during heavy rainy fall season. The news has been going on for the past three years.

Biting the bottom of my lip, I didn’t bother to read the story and left it on top of both Miyuki’s and the foreign letter.

‘I think I should go upstair and check for something in my room first before coming over to check with Jurina.’ With that thought in mind, I left the entranceway and focused on going up on the second floor. To my left was Jurina’s room, where I saw the door left slightly open. Just a crack opened. And to my right was none other than my room. Scratching the back of my head, I twisted the knob on the door and pushed it forth.

I was met with the aura of a depressive atmosphere upon coming in. The layout was simple. A simple, double bed was on the left of the room near a coffee table that held an unlit lamp. On the right corner of the room held a small television. A DVD and VCR player was seen right under the TV. Discs and cassettes were scattered all around that area. Not thinking twice, I came over to the area and saw a remote on top of the black-screened machine. My hand grabbed the black TV remote and pressed the ‘on’ button.

I wished I hadn’t done that. The screen brightened in less than a second and soon, I was facing a video from two years ago.

“Daddy! Look at me!” Jurina’s small, 9-year old kid voice was heard coming from the poor quality speaker of the electronic machine. The screen showed our old home. Both of my daughters, Jurina and Ayame, were backyard with the camera focused on them. It was a bright and sunny day. Happiness was seen. It could be the perfect day for the parents. Jurina was swinging her plastic toy saber around in the air, making sound effects come out of her mouth. Ayame simply stayed in the background, watching her older sister’s small little made-up show. “Hiya! No bad guys can come at me!”

“Now now, Juri. Why don’t you let Ayame come and play with you too?” The Mayu from two years ago could be heard chuckling when she saw Jurina stop and wave over to Ayame. “Come Ayame-chan! Let’s become teammates and beat up some bad guys together!”

“But I don’t wanna be a fighter, Juri-onee-san!” Ayame in the video was puffing her cheeks. She looked so adorable and would want to make one just jump into the scene just to give her a hug. “Okay then, Ayame. What do you want to be then?”

“I want to be a doctor just like you daddy!” Her smile. My heart ached when I saw her smile at the camera’s direction. Her smile at the viewers. Her smile at me. I exhaled softly when I saw my past self pat the top of her head. “You’re so cute. I’m sure you’ll be able to make it.”

“Mayuyu? Are you recording right now?”

The camera switched its view from the children and over to my now-ex-wife, Yuki. She approached from behind the Mayu there, standing with her hands on her hips. Wearing a white apron above her casual clothing choice of a t-shirt and sweat pant, it looked as though she was just cooking. Splatters of sauce and seasonings seen all over the surface. Snickering was heard from the user of the camera who had failed to hide it. “Of course I am Yukirin and what’s with that get up? You cooking?”

“Yes I am. I’m making curry for the kids and you as lunch. You wanted something else?”

“….Nah~ Curry sounds good… eventhoughwemightbepoisonedbythembutIdon’twanttohaveyouturnintoyourBlacksidesoI’llkeepmyselffromsayinganythingcrucial.”

It looked as though the figure in front of the camera wanted to say more but stopped herself. My ending statement was spoken at a rapid pace, so it wasn’t surprising that she won’t be able to grasp the words. Or the main points at least. Instead, she sighed and smiled. That angelic smile of hers. It could make any person, even the devil himself, stop their heart from beating for just one split second. Then before I knew it, the camera was abruptly facing upward at the clear blue sky as an ‘oof!’ was heard from the background.

“Y-Yukirin!” Giggling, I could see the camera slowly flip around to record the two couples laying on the grassy ground. Yuki was resting the side of her head on top of my arm. The both of them were smiling at the camera and laughing with joy. She then quickly went in and gave the other girl in the video a peck on the cheek. “Mayuyu, I really love you-“

I flicked off the screen before Yuki could finish her statement. The television facing me now had the black screen.

I had enough. My heart that was once aching might as well be described to tearing itself apart in a painfully, agonizing way. Unable to hold my tears, they leaked out from my eyes. Immediately my hand reached up to cover my eyes, crying silently in the room. My stuttered breaths being exhaled at uneven timing. The pain inside of my chest. Why does it all have to end like this? Why? Ayame had a future and she will never ever get a chance at it anymore. Never get a chance to go to school. Never get a chance to become a doctor. Never to get married with a loved one and build a family. Never. 

After a couple minutes of sobbing to myself, I gained my composure and sniffled. I don’t want to look like I just cried to my daughter. It would most likely be distracting and make me look weak to her eyes. A father is supposed to be strong and hold in their negative emotions from those around them. And I don’t fit in that criteria right now if she were to see me. So wiping the corner of my wet eyes with the back of my arm, I prayed that my red eyes won’t give off signs about my condition.

I walked out of my room and straight into Jurina’s room. I found the small, young girl laying on top of her bed from across where I stood. It looks like she has fallen asleep. Had I really taken that long before coming to her room?

The room was decorated with a couple of posters, lightening the depressing atmosphere just a tad bit. Posters of all kinds, mostly sport teams and this idol group, AKB48, were hanged around the room. A clear glassed window with rain gently pounding against it from outside stood near her bed, right in front of the desk. And on her desk was her completed homework. One would be embarrassed to invite their friends over to their room if it was in a state like this. And I felt bad. Felt bad that she didn’t have a normal life like most other children do.

I came over to her desk and let my hand touch her math workbook. Fingers brushed against the edges of the pages before I flipped it open. Jurina left her mechanical pencil within the page that she was assigned, so it didn’t take long for me to find the page she worked on. My eyes skimmed through her work, raising my eyebrows when I found that they were all done correctly. For once, a small smile crossed through my lips for a split moment before they dropped back into a stiff straight line.

Sighing, I closed the book and turned to look over at Jurina again. My daughter. She was still sleeping soundly. The blue blanket and her brown pillow that she always hug was with her. Her breathing could be heard thanks to the room being silent aside from the pattering rain outside. I then came to sit at the end of the bed. I twisted my body to the right and glanced over at her.

She has a gentle, baby look on her face. Despite having a mature facial feature at such a young age (probably she got that from Yuki), she is still a kid. An 11 year old kid. My hand hesitantly reached out and tucked a stray piece of black hair behind her right ear. Upon closer observation, her mouth was slightly open. Jurina looks very peaceful in her sleep.

“Jurina… If only I can fix this all… If only this didn’t happen…” I whispered. I didn’t care if she heard me or not. I just wanted to say what I feel deep inside of my heart. Wanted to say it out loud. My hand then brushed against her cheek, hoping to comfort whether her consciousness is in her dreamland or here in reality. “Dad here isn’t happy with himself but is even more upset about how much he has hurt both your mother and you.”

Silence. I tore my gaze away from the younger girl and looked up at the ceiling, trying to keep even more tears from leaking out of my eyes. I gulped, biting the bottom of my lip.

“I’m so sorry Jurina.”

Next chapter will focus on the viewpoint of another character. \o

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