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Author Topic: Beyond Light-Years : Journey of the Flying Get (AU) - Prologue  (Read 2121 times)

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Beyond Light-Years : Journey of the Flying Get (AU) - Prologue
« on: November 26, 2017, 04:52:05 PM »
Hey guys, this is my first fanfic!  :)

Since I’m pretty much a newbie here, my first attempt might not be as good as intended  :nervous, but I’m having a lot of fun writing it, and I hope you’ll also enjoy reading it! (Now let’s hope I can keep up the pace…)

I’ve had this idea floating in my mind for a while now, and I’m finally able to actually pen it down (More like type it, but well…). To put it simply, it’s going to be a space AU, where I’ll showcase a lot (And I mean A LOT) of different members. Warning: it might be a pretty long-ass story, so…

As for the pairings, there's a few on which I'm really dead-set, although I will most probably accept requests  :P (If the story permits it, that is. But I most likely will).

So, yeah. That’s basically it for now! Thanks for reading, and do enjoy!  :heart:


   Year 3042X; the destruction of planet Earth.

   Wounded, Humanity had no choice but to turn towards the stars and search for a new planet to call home. Many colonies were established across the Universe, where man found an environment capable of satisfying his basic needs. A long sought peace finally came, as humans and extraterrestrials ended decades of terrible war and agreed to live in harmony with one another. Cities emerged from the ground, and small countries soon became Empires, spreading their territory to the limits of the Galaxy.

   One of them was the Nagae Empire, located in the East branch of the Galaxy of Jan-Hon. Nagae was ruled by righteous Emperor Nagachika, until a mortal disease took his life, leaving the entire country in mourning. His oldest daughter, who had barely crossed the age of adulthood, soon followed his footsteps and inherited the title of Empress. The young woman showed admirable patience and determination, despite her relatively young age. An era of peace and abundance was established  in Nagae.

   But none could have predicted the events that followed. People say it was all premeditated, others believe it was pure madness, but the innocence that once inhabited this young woman’s heart had been consumed by raging fire. Five years after inheriting her title, the Empress suddenly declared war on one of their closest allies; the Kingdom of Hakuoka. She sent her finest troops across the Galaxy and attacked the Capital, Fukuostar. The power of the Valkyries was destructive; an elite force under direct orders from the Crown, they were feared amongst foreign states for leaving only ashes, flames, and tears were they walked.
The council reprimanded her actions, especially the use of the Valkyries, and many demanded her destitution. But they were immediately silenced, sentenced to permanent exile, or simply disappeared. The Mad Empress now possessed all of the political power in the Empire, and ruled with an iron fist. No one dared to defy her authority. 

   Neighboring states soon cut all ties with the Nagae Empire, and the borders were closed, stopping the exchange of information with the rest of the Galaxy. Nobody could get in or out of the Empire without permission, and little was known of what had become of the Mad Empress. Rumours say she died, taken by the same disease that had been the end of her father. But others still live in fear that someday, she’ll strike again, and send the Galaxy in-


“How many  times are you going to tell the same story over and over again? ‘Send the Galaxy into darkness and oblivion’ we already know how it ends, and nobody actually believes that anyway…”

“That’s just for dramatic effect, midget. Try to read the mood once in a while!”

“You’re one to talk! And everybody knows the Mad Empress is still alive. You can’t make an epic legend of events that happened only last year” The small girl glared at her partner. The said partner threw her arms on the table where they were seated, resting her forehead between her elbows. “Huh…I’m just so bored on this ship. Nothing interesting is happening these days…” 

“Nyan-Nyan did slap you for stealing her panties yesterday…”

“But doesn’t that happen every day?”

“True” She nodded “Anyway. The asteroid belt is pretty close. If we’re lucky, we will land on Instastar in ten hours. Try not to get into trouble until then. The Captain seems preoccupied these days, she doesn’t need a reason to be more concerned …”

“Who do you think I am? ... Okay, you don’t have to answer that” She held her gaze, eyes boring into hers “…But you know better than anyone that I’d rather die than cause trouble for Acchan. That hasn’t changed”
It was rare for this irresponsible person to show this kind of expression. Her friend learned it after years of living and travelling together; only when this particular person was mentioned would she display her serious side.

The smaller girl smiled “I know…That’s why I don’t stand a chance” She exited the room, leaving her friend lost in thoughts.

“Maybe the Mad Empress was just having a bad day…” Yuko shrugged her shoulders.

To be continued...
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Re: Beyond Light-Years : Journey of the Flying Get (AU) - Prologue
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2017, 11:59:08 PM »
I like the premise of this so far actually. Quite interesting that humans are intertwined with the extraterrestrials.

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Re: Beyond Light-Years : Journey of the Flying Get (AU) - Prologue
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2017, 10:30:30 PM »
I like the premise of this so far actually. Quite interesting that humans are intertwined with the extraterrestrials.
I'm glad you like it! It might seem a little vague right now but I assure you it'll get clearer later on  :nervous. I'm almost done with chapter 1, so I think I'll post it during the week end

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Re: Beyond Light-Years : Journey of the Flying Get (AU) - Prologue
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Let's kill some Aliens!

Why? Dey took our fewd!!!

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