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Author Topic: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc](Multipairing) - Ch. 13-A (23/11/17)  (Read 137465 times)

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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/11/13] Chapter 3-A: Yoake Made
« Reply #40 on: April 12, 2013, 04:37:07 AM »
UNCLE! \o/
Your updates are awesome!
LOL. Good thing Kojiharu didn't back out in the tournament.

Pls update. m(_ _)m

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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/11/13] Chapter 3-A: Yoake Made
« Reply #41 on: April 12, 2013, 08:06:53 PM »
I wonder why Takamina asked Kojiharu to back-out of the Tournament?
I was Glad that she didn't agree to it
Acchan sure is powerful...
LoL! at Kojiharu being an airhead and all!!  :rofl:
i hope u can Update!!!
I'll be waiting!!!  :twothumbs
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Re: Souhoukou Kankei Kinshi [04/26/13] Chapter 3-A: Yoake Made
« Reply #42 on: April 26, 2013, 06:10:15 PM »
Sorry for my late updates.... HERE IT IS!!!!!


Phase B: Cloudy Sky (Kojima Haruna POV)

6:00 pm
As we watch the red illuminating ball, hiding from the sea, that the sky turns blacker, I saw Acchan stands from her seat, below in this Kinmokusei tree, where I was lying down. Then she raised her head and look at the blackened sky. I copied what she did, and I was amazed for what I saw. A beautiful blackish-blue night sky filled with many shining stars, that were continuously multiplied, and grayish clouds. The moon was finally showed up, from behind of us, illuminating the whole place.
Then Acchan walked toward in front of me, smiling, and mentally said.
Come on, let’s go home. It’s already dark now.” Then she went to her car and opens the driver’s door
I suddenly shake my head in amusement and smirk, I followed her afterwards.
After a while we arrive now to my apartment, a fire-storey building apartment, with a multi-security electronic gate in front of us. Then the AI of that gate talks to us.
‘Please input your required information to access’
“Kojima Haruna, No. 10798025” Then I put my thumb in the fingerprint scanner.
‘Colonel Kojima Haruna, confirmed. You may now proceed’ the AI said and opens the gate.
We arrived now in front of the garage of my apartment.
Acchan park her car beside to my Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition.
You still have your favourite ride, eh?” she chuckled. I just rolled my eye in frustation
We went to the elevator and I press the penthouse floor button and waiting for more than a minute.
After the elevator arrive now at the very top of this building, the elevator door opens, showing us a much decorated short hallway with the steel door, 5 meters in front of us.
I open now the steel door (the door has a multi-security system, I’m lazy to list it...Teeehee), revealing a multi-design room.
There are five peoples present in my penthouse; one of them was sitting on the sofa while reading a magazine, the two were playing PSP and the other two were on the kitchen…
“Tadaima” I said the girl heard it and look in our direction as we walk in the living room (the steel door automatically closed).
“Okaeri, Haruna-nee chan” the girl holding the magazine said to me. Then she look at my bestfriend. Her eyes widen in surprise.
“Ehhhh!!!! Acchan?” the girl said making the rest of the people widen also their eyes in amusement.
The girls running to Acchan and group hugging to her
I ca-can’t breathe
“Mou~..., Myao,  Kuumin, Yuria, Sayanee and Milky … Stop that, she’s suffocating right now you knows.” I glared at them
Finally, they loosen now their hug on her, Acchan breathe deeper like there is no tomorrow.
haa…haa~~,Thank you” Acchan said to me.
Well, these girls are actually my very close relatives. The two on her right, Watanabe Miyuki and Yamamoto Sayaka, are my cousin on mother’s side. The two on her left, Yagami Kumi and Kizaki Yuria, are my cousin on my father’s side. And the girl in front of her, Miyazaki Miho, is my only little sister.
“Nee~will you stay here? Will you stay here?” my little Myao repeatly asked Acchan with little exaggeration.
Acchan nod her head which makes the girls squealing in delight.
“Minna-san, how about we have a dinner. I and my bestfriend are actually tired because of that application and we are also very hungry. And will you please stop screaming around, and I don’t want my neighbours to complaint at me because of your goddamn disturbance.” And my cute but stupid relatives halt their doing and pout at me.
“Well, of course. You make it just in time. Milky and Sayanee are actually preparing our dinner for today.” Yuria said while smiling. That makes me feeling something creepy about her smile.
Milky and Sayanee get back to the kitchen and prepare the food while Yuria and Kuumin put some utensils on the table. Myao start running to me and hug me tightly.
“O-kae-ri~!!! Onee-chan….” Myao whispered to my ears.
“Tadaima!!! Myao-chan” I started also hugging and stroking her hair. She’s my very only sister since my parents died of plane crash accident.
10 minutes have past; they finished preparing the table as we start now to eat, then were having a conversation while Kuumin and Milky went to the kitchen to bring some desserts.
“How’s your school?” I asked to my cute little sister.
“It’s very fine; I actually pass on college entrance exam on a photography course.” Myao proudly said.
I knew that she will pursue photography, it’s her favourite hobby. Ever since in our childhood days, she always takes pictures anywhere. And also, she will improve her gift too. She has a Gift of Shutter Speed, an ability of vision that can visually capture high-fast objects that could cause blurry image by very long exposure to light in duration of time. Hmmm, looks like it is in our blood that we inherit from my ancestor of our highly enhanced eyesight.
“Nee~ nee~ nee~, Acchan… can you teach me how to use rifles?” I narrowed my eyes while looking to my sister, asking about that.
Acchan bobbed her head, agreeing my little sister’s request, which makes my eyes even narrower.
“Me too, me too, me too, please~~!!!!” Yuria and Sayanee butted in, pleading with their hand closed like praying.
Acchan brought out her signature markboard and her marker, and then she writes something on the board.
Ok, ok!!  One-by-one only, I agreeing, but please not now. I have something to do first.
“Oh, it’s all about that right? What happened? Did you pass?” It was Kuumin who began to ask.
Before we answer her question, we heard ringing somewhere, which is like our cellphone were ringing.
We have an eye contact with Acchan and I understand the situation, then we’re respectively stood up and said to my relatives.
“Excuse us, we’re receiving now a notification about our participation.” Then we went to the terrace and open our cellphone. We read the message that is said

From: Leo-rank General Takahashi Minami
To: All officers that participates
Subject: Nomination for the selection tournament

      Greetings to all officers, we finished now to process all of the documents you give to us. This is the list that will gonna participate in the First Challenge of the Selection Tournament. For the ones that didn’t include in the list, we’re very sorry.
   Here’s the officer who are listed:
  • Major General Takajo Aki
  • Brigadier General Kuramochi Asuka
  • Colonel Kitahara Rie
  • Lieutenant General Kasai Tomomi
  • Brigadier General Furukawa Airi
  • Lieutenant General Takayanagi Akane
  • Lieutenant Colonel Shimada Haruka
  • Colonel Oba Mina
  • Brigadier General Takeuchi Miyu
  • Major General Miyazawa Sae
  • Brigadier General Akimoto Sayaka
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ishida Anna
  • Colonel Kojima Haruna
  • Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko
For those who are listed, you must come same day and same place, at 9:00 am
Thank you and Good Luck

When we saw our names on the very last list, we’re joyfully squealing now and jumping all around the terrace. (Acchan has no voice, so imagine of voiceless squeal)
An hour had passed, after we finished our dinner, we went to the practicing room to prepare our equipments we will use as well as we prepare our strength. This is will gonna be exciting and I will enjoy this spectacular event.

To be continued.....


The long awaiting event will be seen in the next chapter
Please feel free to comment
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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/26/13] Chapter 3-B: Cloudy Sky
« Reply #43 on: April 26, 2013, 06:41:02 PM »
Well looking forward to the competition

And the girls hugging Acchan  :lol:
Random Thought:


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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/26/13] Chapter 3-B: Cloudy Sky
« Reply #44 on: April 27, 2013, 02:01:13 PM »
Ah... the children are so cute and so noisy....

Ah.. they passed their preliminary....

What's going to happen with the tournament next...

Can't wait to find out some action

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/26/13] Chapter 3-B: Cloudy Sky
« Reply #45 on: April 27, 2013, 04:34:14 PM »
Please update  soon :bow:

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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/26/13] Chapter 3-B: Cloudy Sky
« Reply #46 on: April 27, 2013, 05:11:28 PM »
Yay!! an Update!!!  :on woohoo:
Seeing the People who is going to be in the Tournament
this is going to be really Fun and Interesting!!!
can't wait for the Tournament to start!

I'll be waiting for the Next Chap.!
Thanks for the Chap. by the Way!! :D  :kneelbow:

Please Update Soon!!  :on cny2:
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BY THE WAY.... I change the Title of this fic....Because of that damn google translate....



Chapter 4: Kaze wa Fuiteru

Phase A: Calm Before the Storm

1 week later; Thursday, 6:00 am

As the very exciting event has finally come, we can see the two main heroines sleeping beautifully, that they hugging each other like couples. After their very tiring practice, they decide to sleep early to relax their body. But they been sleeping now for more than 20 hours.
Myao suddenly rush from the door, shouting at the two beautiful sleeping princesses
“Onee-chan!!!! Acchan!!!! Wake up now!!!!!” then throwing a two glass of water at the two girls.

“Kyaaaaa~~!!!!!” the two sleeping girls scream and jump from the bed.
“Mou~!!! Myao!!!!!!” Harunyan cutely pouting and shouting at her cute stupid sister.
“Get down now, take a bath and eat a breakfast now. You will need a full energy for your full-scale war. And your hugging each other like couples” Myao seriously said. Afterwards, she running out now of her sister’s room while laughing.
‘Full-scale war? Wait a sec, couples’ the two girls thought, trying to understand what Myao was said.
The two realize now that their hugging with each other, quickly getting up from the bed...
Uhmm~~… M-m-maybe your taking bath first, I will just wait in here” Acchan said while blushing madly.
“Uhhmmm, ye-yeah sure. I-i-I go first..” Kojinyan reply with her face completely in red.
Kojinyan went now to the bathroom with her things, as Acchan sitting on the bed trying to erase that memory.
‘Ahhh, what I’m thinking something pervert. She’s my friend!!!! Acchan stop thinking anything!!!!’ Acchan shake her head and sighing.
While Acchan was in the deep thought state, Kojinyan was inside of the bathroom and also in a deep thought state.
‘What is wrong with me, I’m starting now to imagine her in a naked. No, no, no, I will not gonna do that to my friend.’ Kojima started to blush madly. She prepare now to bath while shaking her head to remove her perverted imagination.
30 minutes have passed after their mindbreaking imagination; they start now to prepare their wearing: Acchan wears white blouse with red, checkered short-sleeve unbuttoned polo, blue short jeans, combat boots and flower hairclip on the right side; Kojinyan wearing black shirt with blue and white hooded vest, brown checkered mini skirt, snickers and hairband.
They went now to the dining room as their eyes catch the objects on the table, their stomach growling furiously.
Myao then suddenly laugh from the kitchen while holding food. Yuria and Kuumin followed her with bringing drinks.
“Now I know that you’re hungry, so we prepared this food. And also, you will need energy more than you will expect” Myao giggled.
“Now don’t be shy, dig in.” Myao said.
“Itadakimasu!!!!” and they started to eat now.
After they finish now their heavy breakfast, Acchan and Kojinyan are preparing bring their things. Before they walk toward the door, they heard rapid footsteps. They saw Myao running toward to them.
“Nyan-nyan nee-chan!!! I have bring a bento lunch enough for the two of you”
“Goodluck one-chan, I miss you” Myao hugging her sister tightly.
“I will, I miss you too” Kojinyan hug her in return.
The two went to their respective rides, Acchan on black Koenigsegg CCXR Edition and Kojinyan on aqua blue Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition
Nee~, are you ready?” Acchan asked
“Uhmmm, let’s go” and they went off.

Entrance Gateway, Southeastern zone;  Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; 8:00 am[/i]   
As the two cars arrive now at the front of base, they saw the place has been crowded by now.
Kojinyan and Acchan had park their ride near the entrance where Captain Sashihara Rino was there with 2nd Lieutenant Oota Aika, along with several girls wearing military uniforms
As the two girls came out of their ride, they are being greeted by the said person.
“Good morning, ma’am. Congratulations to become chosen in the preliminaries” Captain Sashihara greeted to the girls.
“You’re the one who in charge in guarding our rides?” Kojinyan asked.
“Yes ma’am, I will be also the one who will manage take care your rides too.”
Captain Sashihara flicked her finger, the two sentry girls went to her. Then the captain orders the two to guard Acchan’s and Kojinyan’s car.
“You can now proceed to the Shooting Practice hall in the Middle East zone for your preparation, the tournament starts at 9:00 am, you must be at the circular arena in the Central Core zone at exactly that time. By the way, you can call me Sasshi”
“Thank you Captain Sasshi, we will be going now”
“Good luck to all of you” Captain Sasshi bow down in 75 degrees.

Shooting Practice hall, Middle Eastern zone; Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; 8:10 am
Kojinyan and Acchan bring their things to the nearest bench. As they prepare now their things, three girls coming toward to them.
“Hello, I’m Major General Takajo Aki, Akicha in short this is Brigadier General Kuramochi Asuka, or call her Mocchi and Lieutenant General Kasai Tomomi, also call her Chiyuu, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” The three bow in greeting.
“Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” Kojinyan and Acchan also bow in greeting
“I’m Colonel Kojima Haruna, you can call me Haruna and this is Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko, you can call her Acchan”
“So, you’re the person that has been rumored as the niece of Sagittarius-rank General Urano Kazumi, chiyuu?” Chiyuu said. Haruna nodded.
“That was really cool!!!” the girl named Mocchi shout making everyone in the hall were looking at her.
“The way that you move, it was awesome!!! How did you make that very fast?”
Acchan was only just tilting her head.
“Uhmm, is Maeda-san always silent? She’s not talking even now.” Akicha asked.
“Acchan is really silent because she is mute” Kojinyan chuckled.
“EHHHHH~~!!!!!” The three girls surprised
“Then how do you understand her? You said she is muted right?” it was Chiyuu who asked.
“Uhmm, she’s using sign language, see?” Kojinyan was pointing at her friend. Acchan make some sign language that Kojinyan only understands it.
‘We must hurry now; its 30 minutes have been passed.’
“Ohh, ok Acchan. Sorry girls but we must hurry now to prepare.” Kojinyan said.
“Ohh, that’s right. It’s only 30 minutes left. Well good luck to all of you.” Akicha said
“Good luck too you also” Then Akicha, Mocchi and Chiyuu went to their place.
And I thought you will say that I can able to talk someone in mind” Acchan chuckled. She opens now her bag revealing many guns and bladed arms and also, her grandmother’s gift. She take two IMI Desert Eagle, two MAC-10 with suppressor, two M9 Bayonet and her most favorite, modified Heckler & Koch G3A3A1. She also put magazine pouch on her waist. ‘Oops, safety first’ Acchan thought, and then insert her two fingerless leather gloves in both of her hands.
“Nope, It’s not in my head” Kojinyan smiled. She opens her slingbag and put out the folded black bow, she start now to assemble its pieces. Then she put the cylindrical pouch in her left belt, which reveals the quiver with many silver-colored arrows. Then she inserts the two fingerless leather gloves in both of her hands. “I’m ready” Kojinyan said
Me too” Acchan pull the G3A3A1’s cocking handle and releasing it.
“Let’s go” Kojinyan said.

Meeting Room, Northern zone; Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; 8:45 am
While everything is ready, the generals are here to have a meeting.
“I have been deciding that the first round is the elimination phase” Takamina explained.
“Yeah, and what will happen?” Mariko asked
“In this phase the selected officers will be eliminated by throwing them out in the 25 meter radius circular arena in the Central Core zone”
“And to make it more exciting and interesting the one who will eliminating them and throwing them out…..Are us” Yuko said
“Ohhhh” all of the generals smiled about that
“The generals who will join in the first round are-“
“Scorpio-rank General Kashiwagi Yuki” Yukirin smiled in an evil manner
“Don’t make that smile Yukirin” Mayuyu warning to her bestfriend
“Pisces-rank General Matsui Jurina”
“YESS!!!! I will gonna make them into ice cream” Jurina shout. Suddenly Rena smacked her head. “Itaaii!!! What was that for Rena-chan” Rena only ignored her.
“Cancer-rank General Shimazaki Haruka” Paruru only just nodding silently.
“Lastly, Taurus-rank General Shinoda Mariko” Mariko put her smile in a sadistic mode
“Wait!!! Of all of us, why her? Do you really want to directly send them to hospital?” Tomochin said.
“I know that Mariko’s way of fighting is likely, sadistic, but it will be enjoyable if I put her, right?” Takamina respond with sadistic smile.
“You’re a more sadistic than her” Tomochin just rolled her eyes
“We will finished this tournament in three days” Takamina said
“And I hope they make us a wonderful, memorable event”
“Now dismiss”

To be continued


Sorry for the inconvenient  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
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Takamina u sadistic!  :on lol: hahahaha and wait...why didn't Kojiharu say that Acchan can communicate by talking to someone's mid...or did i miss something? @_@ oh well.... great chapter! xD can't wait to see the "battle"  :kekeke: hehehehe waiting for the next chapter... eagerly  :ding:

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Takamina u sadistic!  :on lol: hahahaha and wait...why didn't Kojiharu say that Acchan can communicate by talking to someone's mid...or did i miss something? @_@ oh well.... great chapter! xD can't wait to see the "battle"  :kekeke: hehehehe waiting for the next chapter... eagerly  :ding:

Kojinyan keep Acchan's telepathic ability secret...only Acchan's close ones know her ability...  XD XD XD
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The title gave away the situation and now the tension builds over everyone
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Takamina such a Sadist!  XD

Can't wait!!!

wait... Acchan and Kojiharu...
Imagining each other...  :shocked:

Thanks for the Update!!!!  :D
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i feel like you want to kill me
im a fan of action stuff.....
omg....... sado........
takamina...... is sadist?
acchan... yosha!!!
mochi! chiyuu~~ shima-chan~~~
yuiparu ftw!!!! (for the win)
its interesting how they have disabilities.... paru and acchan....
like an ace?

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Haruna and Atsuko are attracted to each other... so cute

Wah.. Everyone seems to be heavily equip...

Elimination stage... Interesting

Takamina is sadistic... even more than the ones that she chose...

Going to be interesting tournament... the 1st round...

Yeah... This round is very good option... very fast was to get to the people who actually have the strengths and abilities comparable to the General class.

Since they are really looking people to fill up for General class positions.

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the lovely update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Because the next part was very long to write..... I will post some appetizers before the first main event

I mentioned some of our girls' rides... I will show some of them

1. Takahashi Minami - Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa 2nd Generation

2. Maeda Atsuko - Koenigsegg CCXR Edition

3. Kojima Haruna - Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition

4. Kashiwagi Yuki - Pagani Huayra

Its in incomplete list... but I will post it later  XD XD XD
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Thank you for the pictures of the vehicles

They are cool looking rides...

Would be nice to have one of them....

Well...Can't wait to see the next update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Souhoukou Kankei Kinshi [05/02/13] Chapter 4-B: Against all Odds
« Reply #56 on: May 09, 2013, 02:26:29 PM »


Phase B: Against all Odds

Kojinyan and Acchan are walking now while their equipments are on their back, ready to use. They saw the other participants passing to them along with some soldiers.

“They are such in hurry. Maybe this event was having a something.” Acchan touch her chin.

“Hmmm. Maybe, come on lets’s find out” and they running now to the coliseum-liked structure.

Circular Arena, Central Core zone; Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; 9:00 am
This 50 meter radius wide and 45 meter high highly-advanced roofless building was the perfect place for this extravagant event. It just likes a Roman Coloseum in the interior view. The grassy circular arena is 25 meter radius wide and the ouside layer is 15 meter radius for safety measures. The remaning 10 meter radius wide is the spectator seats. The frontal area of the spectator seats, near the arena, has equip of a psionic force field technology, with energy shield multi-layered magic circle all-around of it, to protect the spectators from any unnecessary projectile hits from the arena that being thrown out during tournament. They were also have a several two-dimensional holographic monitors from the above the arena for those sitting in the far seats and to exterior area of the arena for those who can’t able to watch the event.
As Kojinyan and Acchan running inside now to the arena, they are amazed on the surroundings they saw.
“Hmmm, looks like this structure is more highly advanced from the inside than to its exterior.” Acchan commented .
“Not only that, it also equips with highly dense magic circle to whole area.” Kojinyan
“Not only this building, I saw that the whole base and the headquarters are really heavily equipped with very high-dense magic circle. It looks like some sort of protection against some unnecessary invasions.”
“Ohh, I see” Kojinyan nodded. Then the two walk nearer to the central arena where the girl with general uniform waiting for them.
“Hello and congratulations for making up to this next stage. I’m Gemini-rank General Oshima Yuko desu. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” then she bows to Kojinyan and Acchan.
“Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” then the two bowed also.
“So you’re Kojima Haruna that was being rumoured about, such a beauty.” Yuko bows her head to kiss the back of Kojinyan’s hand which makes Kojinyan blush.
“And you’re Maeda Atsuko, the friend of this beautiful girl, right? You’re also having the same beauty also.” Yuko doing it the same that Acchan also blush.
“It will such a waste to let these beautiful creatures scratch their skin” Yuko chuckled.
“Thank you for your compliment, but we need to do this because it’s my aunt’s wish”
“Ahh, you’re right. You may now proceed. Good luck, may you survive for this day” Yuko’s final words before leaving as the two girls walk inside of the center arena with confused face.

52 meters from the two, northwest side of central arena; same time

On that area, we can see now the chosen generals are step in of the central arena. They are heavily equipped and emit a distractive aura. On the 5 meters away from them, General Itano Tomomi is there along with several medics. She has a Gift of healing and elemental power of Chlorokinesis (Plant manipulation) and Xylokinesis (Wood Manipulation). They are there in case of severe injuries and some emergency matters.
Between those two mentioned, there are General Takahashi Minami, General Watanabe Mayu, General Matsui Rena, General Yokoyama Yui and the newly arrived General Oshima Yuko. It looks like they are here to watch the event.
“Mayuyu and Rena, prepare now to analyzation process, we need information and profile to all of the officers here”
Takamina look to her left flank, seeing that her friends are ready now to rage on combat. She’s very confident on their abilities and strengths that’s why she chose them.
General Kashiwagi Yuki has a Gift of Stealth, capable to erase their presence and hide their existence to move in disguised without any organic and artificial things noticed; and elemental power of Umbrakinesis (Darkness Manipulation) and Particle Beam Manipulation. Her weapon is a 5.5 feet double-bladed, pickaxe-like ultra-high carbon/titanium alloy scythe. She’s super adept of using bladed polearm weapons and she could use it without her speed reduced despite of its weight and highly master at Naginatajutsu, Taiwanese Bājíquán and Chinese Xingyiquan. She can be on par with Yuko, Takamina and Paruru in term of melee combat.
General Shimazaki Haruka has a Gift of Clairaudience, capable to clearly retrieve any information without using human sense and can able to hear anything; and elemental power of Seismokinesis (Vibration Manipulation/Soundless waves Manipulation) and Ferrokinesis (Metal Manipulation, either pure/impure and magnetic/non-magnetic metals).Her weapon is a 5 feet uranium/stainless alloy Japanese staff Bō and can be turn into Hanbō (half-staff) by releasing the lock in the middle and dividing it into two. She’s super adept at using this weapon and highly master Bōjutsu(black belt), Hanbōjutsu(black belt) and all of Philippine Eskrima and Arnis martial arts. She can be on par with Yuko, Takamina and Yukirin in terms of melee combat.
General Matsui Jurina, the youngest general, has a Gift of Reflection, capable of creating invisible shield to deflect any projectile and blunt attacks away from the user and reflecting it; and elemental power of Cryokinesis (Ice Manipulation) and Hydrokinesis (Water Manipulation). Her weapon is a twin 7 meter nickel/manganese alloy chains.  She’s super adept of using rope/chain weapons and she could use it without her speed reduced despite of its weight and length at a young age and highly master of any chain weapon martial arts.
General Shinoda Mariko, the current oldest general, has a Gift of Colossus, capable to block and absorb any physical damage she takes; and elemental power of Geokinesis (Earth Manipulation) and Lithokinesis (Rock Manipulation). Her weapon is twin spiky metal leather gloves. She’s highly master American Kickboxing, Western Boxing and Street Brawling.
Takamina walk inside of grassy arena, bringing a megaphone.
“Listen up, officer!!!” Takamina said which makes all the officers, including Kojinyan and Acchan, focused their eyes on her.
“Welcome to the First Shoushin Senbatsu Taikai (Promotion Selection Tournament). We congratulate for those who have been chosen and able to set foot in this stage”
“We will make this tournament finish it fast in three days, so we will require you a better understanding of this”
“Now for today’s first round is the elimination phase. We’re having a fourteen selected officers and the vacant seats are only two. So in this round we will having to eliminate through by surviving on this 25 meter radius grassy arena by fighting for 30 minutes.”
“You must not able to your body to contact on the land outside of the arena. Any officers who’ve been thrown out of the said area and touch the ground will be totally disqualified. The ones who survive for the given amount of time will reach the next round.”
“To make this more exciting and more enjoyable, the ones that you will fight are not on yourselves”
“Uhmmm, then who we will fight at?” Mocchi asked.
“You’re asking a very good question, the ones that you will fight are the generals that I’ve been chosen”
This makes all of the people in this arena shocked and surprised, except Kojinyan and Acchan who are amuzed and excited.
“The generals I’ve been chose are General Kashwagi Yuki, General Shimazaki Haruka, General Matsui Jurina and General Shinoda Mariko” the whole area are suddenly become noisier, then Takamina coughed out which makes all of them quiet down.
“It just keeps getting better and better” Kojinyan said while Acchan only nodding.
“Ok girl, you know what to do” Acchan took her dual Desert Eagle while Kojinyan one arrow on her quiver.
“Thank you, now the First Shoushin Senbatsu Taikai: Elimination Round starts!!!!!” then Takamina went away now from the war zone as the four selected generals walk inside.
“So who shall move first?” Jurina asked, dropping the remaining chain she holds.
“Shall we have a partial share on them?” Paruru requested on them, revolving her staff in high-speed.
“Ok, we can take three of them each and Mariko, don’t be so greedy” Yukirin said, holding her scythe in her back.
“That’s a deal” Mariko replied, tightly securing and locking her gloves.
“Oh no, get ready now” Acchan warned to her friend as she rotate her dual gun to her finger.
“I know about that, I sense something not so really good” Kojinyan singing.
Then in just blink of an eye, Yukirin was disappeared in front of them. In just a second, she appeared behind of Sae, Sayaka and Mocchi. Kojinyan know what it is happening and fastly respond.
“Minna!!!  Behind you!!!” Kojinyan shout.
Sae look behind and saw Yukirin prepare now her scythe and trying to slash her. As the point of the scythe reaches to her face, it only stops only an inch. Yukirin narrow her eyes and look at the person who dares to block her attack. She saw Sayaka using her silver-colored saber, trying to hold the movement of Yukirin’s weapon. Sae drop her knees in fear and thought she’s almost dead if her friend didn’t block that assault. Then Mocchi shoot her green camouflaged M4A1 at Yukirin. But to Mocchi’s dismay, Yukirin just jump backward and subdues all the bullets that coming to her, then Sae getting back her feet and charge at Yukirin with her knives. She attack very fast but all of her efforts are useless as Yukirin evading all of them with no sweat. Then Sayaka jump forward and upper slashing on Yukirin which she block it with her scythe. Yukirin kick Sae that sending her 5 meters away, and then she pushes back Sayaka. Yukirin put her scythe to her left side; a black energy was shown on the blade, readying to use her technique.
“Colmillo Noche (Night fang)” then she swings now her scythe, creating a wide black crescent shaped slash wave and then it flies toward to Sayaka, Sae and Mocchi. Sayaka trying to block the slash but to no avail, the slash was to strong for her that it continues to move forward and pushing her back. The slash continues to Sae and Mocchi and explodes. Because of huge explosion Sae, Sayaka and Mocchi we’re being thrown out of the arena.
“Hmmm, that was easy” Yukirin said.
On the far side, Mayuyu smirked. ‘That’s my girlfriend, don’t mess with her’ she thought.
Jurina move her feet and run toward Airin, Churi and Anna (Ishida Anna). She swings her chain very fast, but the three can manage to avoid it and jump higher. But Jurina hasn’t finished yet as she swing her both of her hands upward, the chain also moving upward. The chains revolve around Airin and Churi’s foot and Jurina pulling her chain,dragging them down to the ground, but Anna shot her dual Glock 9 to Jurina to save her companions but it’s too late as they are falling very fast and crash down to the ground. Jurina, by activating Gift of Reflection, the bullets are suddenly stop in air and reflected back to Anna in just a split-second. Anna was trying to evade, but realizing she’s on the air and the bullets are very fast, she has no chance to avoid that attacks. Anna points her gun from the side that makes Jurina confused.
‘What is she doing now?’ Jurina thought.
Anna charge now her energy to her gun and sudden shoot a blasting shot. Because of that blast, Anna suddenly recoiled back and able to dodge her own bullets.
Then Churi and Airin appeared from the smoke where they crash, attacking now the distracted Jurina. Jurina was surprised to their quickly rising from their fall, putting herself in defensive position. Airin attacks Jurina with her repeating crossbow. While Jurina was busying blocking all of the shot, Airin suddenly appear behind of her and swing her ringblade. Luckily, Jurina move her chain to block Airin’s attack, but the attack only blocks her back but her feet are exposed to damage. Jurina move back when her back feet are injured and smirked at them.
“Not bad, you manage to touch me.” Jurina congratulate them and laugh very loud. Then her expression turn into serious one.
‘But I think the playing time is over” Jurina prepare now her weapon. Then the three saw the dancing liquid around the chain
“Приливной Волной [Prilivnoy Volnoy (Tidal wave)]” Jurina swing her hand downward and the chain moving flow like a wave. The fluid surround the chain became the real giant wave.
Anna, who was on the above, watching down as her companions have been wash up by the wave. But the wave is very large that it reaches her, she joined the splash. Because the wave is large, the three we’re suddenly wash up outside the arena.
“Thank you, I enjoyed the fight” Jurina said.
Paruru was now readying her weapon and charging very fast at Minarun, Haruu and Miyu. Minarun and Miyu trying to shoot Paruru in fast succession, but Paruru blocking all of them with her metallic staff. Haruu use her beam cannon on Paruru, making a large explosion.
“Yosha~!!! We did it” Haruu shout as the smoke was coming out after the explosion.
‘I don’t think so’ Yuihan smirked
The smoke was suddenly dissipated as the air wave coming out of the source. Paruru was suddenly appeared of the smoke, standing and completely uninjured.
“No way!!!!” Minarun surprised.
“Impossible, she’s completely not hurt?” Miyu said.
“I can hear it, every beat of their heart. I can hear also their footstep.” Paruru said. She held her staff upward.
“Scossa dell’impulso (Shock impulse)” Paruru slam the point of her staff to the floor, releasing a focused massive shockwave. The shockwave was moving toward on Haruu, Miyu and Minarun at high speed. They didn’t have a chance to escape because it is moving fast and very large, so they trying to hold their position as the wave hitting on them. But the wave was very strong to hold them that they are thrown out of the line and hit their back on the wall of force field, which doubles their damage.
“Oohhhh~!!! That was really painful” Yuko flinched.
“Nine down, five to go” Tomochin said. She ordered her medics to bring them in here for medical treatment.
Mariko was the last person to move. She raises her fist now to the air, and then her eyes were set on Chiyuu, Kitarie and Akicha. She has a sadistic smile platered on her face as she punches her fist to the ground.
“Obélisque Roquettes (Obelisk rockets)” then two giant earth spears sudden appear on the side of the three and directly launch on them.
Akicha shoot her dual FGM-148 Javelin on each earth spear. The spear and missile contact, causing explosion. Then Akicha reload her weapon very fast. Then she points it at Mariko, activating its tracking mode. After the tracking mode has set, she directly fires it at her. Mariko then punches on the ground.
“Paroi en Béton (Concrete wall)” then the earth wall rise from the ground and block Akicha’s missiles which the wall destroys but Mariko is not injured.
“Nice try, but not this time” Then Mariko charge now at them which the three charge also at her.
Chiyuu swing her axe on Mariko, but she punches it which it recoils back. Kitarie attack her with a flurry of roundhouse kicks but she only blocks all of that. When Kitarie spinning kick on her, Mariko catch her feet and holding it very tightly causing Kitarie scream in pain. Then Mariko lift her and slamming Kitarie on the ground. Because Kitarie’s back was the first to crash on ground, she coughed out blood. Seeing this, Chiyuu was in rage mode, swing her axe at the point that she could cleave a mountain, but to her dismay Mariko catches the blade with a little force felt at her. Mariko smiled at her with a sadistic nature. Then she lifts the axe along with Chiyuu and swinging her hand in 720 degree, throwing Chiyuu along the way to the arena and slamming her back to the force field shield, making her to scream so loudly and coughed a blood.
“Ouch, that was really, really hurt” Jurina said.
Then she holds Kitarie’s feet and lifts her then throwing her to very far. When Kitarie touches the ground, she’s rolling several times and crash on the walls. Then Mariko’s was focused now on the Akicha, who finished reloading her weapon. When Akicha was trying to shoot her weapon, Mariko was readying her next technique now.
“Cercueil de Pierre (Stone coffin)” Mariko punches the ground. Then Akicha widened her eye, she’s being surrounded by wall of earth, that she’s trying to holding her shot back but it was too late. The missile warhead was seen on the hole of her weapon and make a contact on the wall then it explode inside of the cubic structure also destroys the wall and the smoke was show on the destroyed earth cubic structure. When the smoke was gone, a injured Akicha was appeared, standing weakly and holding her scratch weapons.
“It’s time now to ease your pain” Mariko said with her sadistic smile.
“Obélisque Roquettes” then a giant earth spear appear in front of Akicha and directly launch at her. It stabs on Akicha’s abdomen and continuing to launch until it contacts on the far roof side of the stadium, then it explodes. Akicha was seen falling now and crash her body on the outside of the arena.
Wow, they are monster. No wonder they are generals.” Acchan said on her mind.
“You’re right, they are not general just for nothing” Kojinyan said.
“Hmmm, it seems we have two left, ehhh….” Jurina said.
Oh my god, we are now in disadvantage now and we are only two left” Acchan holding now her gun on her hip holster.
“Let’s finish this fast, they are no fun now” Yukirin mocked.
“I will finish it” Mariko said. She’s raise now her two fist.
“Explosion de Terre (Earth blast)” then she punches the ground with full force.
Then Acchan and Kojinyan suddenly rise up with the ground they where stand was totally uplift and thrown out of the arena.
“Hmmm, I’m just wasting my time here for nothing” Takamina said and trying to walk out.
Before Acchan and Kojinyan touches the outside line of the arena….
FUZAKENAI!!!!! (Don’t joke with me!!!!!)” Acchan shout on her mind, unaware that her telepathy is on disarray, hearing the entire people inside of the arena, including the generals and Takamina who stop her track and look behind.
“Mayuyu who was shouting in my mind?” Takamina running now to the cyborg girl.
“It was that short-hair girl who was being on air, not only you but to all of the people around here” Mayuyu pointing her finger on Acchan.
“Acchan, get ready now!!!” Kojinyan draw her bow with arrow ready.
“I know what I’m going to do” then Acchan lift her hand in fist mode on both side. When she reaching 10 meters on the floor, Acchan put her hand in front of her.
Στολιδάκι Σατανικών!!! [Stolidaki Satanikon (Infernal geyser)]” then an intense wide-radius column of blue flame released on Acchan’s fist to the ground, trying to slowing down her fall. The launching of her flame from the floor is so highly intense that it creates widespread sea of flames. Her doing creates the attention to the eyes of spectators, including the generals which their jaw dropping in surprised.
“That girl releasing a massive flame” Yuihan commented.
“But that not just a normal flame” Mayuyu said while her eye focused now on the computer.
“What do you mean?” Takamina ask confusedly.
“Her flame that she releasing was color blue so her power was now in the advanced stage. And it’s not just an ordinary fire that only being seen on firecamp. Her fire was really intense when she releasing it, that whoever comes near to the vicinity will be burn into nothing. Not ash but nothing. But it looks like she could control her power that she could create a miniature flame.” Mayuyu commented.
“I already calculate now the temperature of her flame. It was hot enough to melt the metal that has a highest melting point, which is short carbon that has a melting point of 3500 degree celsius, and can able to boil even the sea.”
“WHAT??!!!!” Takamina, Yuihan, and Rena surprised.
While Acchan was trying to slowing her fall down, Kojinyan preparing now shoots her arrow. Her eyes were trying to find coordinates to where her arrow lands looking for spot with her eagle eye. When she saw now her landing point she drew her bow with more force as she precisely looking at that spot.
“Blinken Streik (Flash strike)” Kojinyan release now the draw, with the little shockwave released from the recoil. The arrow was moving at the 1/4 of the speed of sound passing on Jurina and Yukirin, almost hitting their hair. When the arrow touches the ground, in split-second, Kojinyan disappear on air and appear on where the arrow stabs and getting the arrow. This also caught the attention to all of the generals.
“That was fast, faster than Takamidget” Yuko said with her eyes widened.
“Nope, she was just using one of the ‘Transport’ skills” Mayuyu said.
“What?” Rena exclaimed.
“‘Transport’ is a skill that moving from one space to another in different time without moving its body. That technique was categorized as ‘Transport’ skill” Mayuyu explained
Finally Acchan was moving upward now, propelling herself. When she’s on 25 meters up, she stop her technique and perform a upward diagonal dropkick, then the kick release an blast of flame that recoils to her back to the arena where Kojinyan stands. After she touch the ground, she saw her fist was covered with blue flame, then she blows the flame that extinguished it.
“Ne~ Kojinyan how many minutes have been passed?” Acchan asked. Kojinyan activate her glass, reveals many calculations.
“Hmm it’s 15 minutes from now to when we start.” Kojinyan said and turn of her glass.
“So, we have another 15 minutes left to survive this. We can take in on.” Acchan said.
“Hmmm, it seems they are not weak. I would like to fight them” Yukirin said, readying her scythe.
“Finally, we’re having now a formidable opponent, I want to challenge that short-hair girl.” Paruru hold her staff in two hands on her back.
“Wow, that girl releases much of fire that it almost burns my hair. And that long-hair girl almost cut my hair.” Jurina commented.
“Hmm, this catlike girl was very fast and that short-hair girl is powerful. I’d like to take them all” Mariko readies her gloves.
When the four generals are ready their weapons, Acchan pulls her dual Desert Eagle to its holster while Kojinyan rotate her arrow in high speed.
Takamina check her watch and saw its 15 minutes have been passed. She then walks toward to Mayuyu and order that continue to record the fight in which Mayuyu only nod. Takamina look at her right side and saw Tomochin mend the officers who are injured and thrown out of the arena.
“Looks like I will enjoy this event now” Takamina smiled.
The real battle has just begun.


To be Continued
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Twelve go down, six are left with Takamina joining the party.

The action unfolded into a melee of knocking everyone around with their elemental powers :)
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This is really awesome !!!

The Generals are strong
but Acchan and Kojinyan are strong as well

Can't wait to see what's going to happen in the battle

Please update soon

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Yuko is such a flirt... And great one too... She can make both Haruna and Atsuko blush...  :inlove:

'may you survive for this day' - very funny for me... but confusing for Haruna and Atsuko  :lol:

Great actions there... all the generals are so good and strong... but Mariko is too sadist... everyone else didn't get that much damages as her opponents...

What's going to happen in the battle between the 4 generals, Haruna and Atsuko?

Can they survive the rest of the 15 mins?

Would there be any injuries...?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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