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Author Topic: My first, my last (KojiYuu, SaeYaka + others) UPDATE!!! Ch3 Part 2 10/06/13  (Read 11721 times)

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Yeah... Kai, Kuu, Tomo.... I like the way you make them as males here....

Eh.... Kai also a leader here... Yeah.... so great...

OMG... Miyazawa Ryo, Sae's and Jun's father... he was very scary guy...

He aimed his gun to his own son... why?

Angry because Sae didn't attend the meeting...?

It's too extreme.... SCARY SCARY....

What's going to happen next

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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This is getting interesting~

I want to see how Yuu make Haruna fall for him  :heart:

Sae's father.. did he shoot his son? kowai~!

Mayuki and Tomotomo are here too eh?  :wub:

Looking forward for the next chapter~  :yep:

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Yes, MaYuki and TomoTomo also!  :P


Thank you for reading  :)


Thank you!
Hehe, Kai is leader. Always  XD
Ryo is wery scary guy! I also scared by him  XD


Thank you!
I do not know what will happen, so ... Wait and see  :lol:

Minna-san, thank you for your feedbacks!  :bow:
Sou, it's the next psrt of third chapter! Enjoy~

Chapter 3. Part 2.

Three days before the events described in the prologue. 10:30 p.m.

It was late evening, and, besides, the air was quite cold. The girl, standing next to the entrance of one of the very expensive restaurants, shivered and adjusted jacket sleeves. She is putting sunglasses, put her hands in her pockets, trying to warm up a little.

It's her next mission, so she had to stand there and wait for the so-called "clients". According to information obtained by specially trained scouts, today she would be "have fun" with three other people. She was absolutely certain that these three will be weaklings, not even worth her ​​attention.

Finally, after 15 minutes the restaurant door opened and from there came out, merrily laughing, her today's "purpose". As it was reported, they went to one of the nearby parks, this time completely empty. The girl followed them. It was there that she was about to complete her mission, scheduled for tonight.

The guys noticed her only when straying deep into the park. Turning around, they saw only a black shadow standing behind them. The next moment, they fell and never got up. Their eyes, wide open because of the horror, looked into the dark sky.
She turned and, wiped the blood from her sword and from her face, headed for the exit of the park. Her face was as indifferent, and so remained.


Two days before the events described in the prologue. 08:00 p.m.

- What the hell are you doing!?

Tomomi hid behind Tomo's back; Jun dropped a textbook on biology, he was shaking; Yuu gulped nervously; Kuu and Kai apparently paralyzed; Mayu stood with a calm expression on his face, but his eyes were anxiety; Sae, frozen, staring at the barrel gun, no longer noticing anything around.

Yukirin was the only one who is not scared of any shot, nor the evil head of the clan. She, like before he came, sat on the carpet at the table and with enthusiasm doing homework for algebra. After a minute, she looked up at Sae's and Jun's father and calm, not even interested in the voice, she asked:

- Miyazawa-sama, is something wrong?

Apparently, her voice led all in a sense, because everyone sat down again on the sofa. Besides Sae. He continued to focus on the look of his father, even as it seemed, not breathing.

Boss dropped his gun and put it in a holster hanging on his belt. After that, he took swift steps to his workplace - a table by the window. He sat down on a chair and looked at all those in the room.

- Happened! - He banged his fist on the table. - Director of your school called me.

- Shi ... Shinoda-san?

- Kai, do you know another director!?

Takahashi soon wilted and this has become even smaller in size. Chiyuu, by looking at him, giggled in a cam, but, meet Tomo's eyes, immediately became serious.

- Jun!

- Yes! - Miyazawa Jr. again jumped up from the couch.

- What did I tell you about the school and your connection to the Yakuza? - The boss, after a pause, continued. - By the way, not only you.

- Etto ... None of the students and teachers do not have to know about my membership in a clan ...

- So ... Who saw you today brought guns to school?

- Eeee!?

Yuu saw that Jun lowered his eyes and stared at the floor; that Yuki dropped textbook to the floor, that Tomomi stuck with an uncomprehending look; that in Tomo's eyes awakened fury, and in the eyes of the Kuu and Kai - empathy; that Mayu looked first to the boss then at Jun, and grinned. Sae was still standing by the window and tried to gather his thoughts.

- No one, except for one student ... - the voice of Sae's younger brother was quiet and depressed.

- Who was that?

- Matsui Rena. From the class 3-4 ...

On Yukirin as if poured on a barrel of cold water. She sharply got up to his feet and ran to Jun and, swinging, slapped him in the face with full force. Jun's head jerked as he nearly fell over.

Yuki's eyes filled with tears.

- How dare you ...

June, stupid smiling and still holding on to the point of impact, he asked:

- Yuki ... Why are you so angry?

Kashiwagi once again slapped him, but now on the other side.

- Idiot! Matsui Rena - my sister! - With these words Yuki ran out the door, automatically opened before her.

- Idiot ... - Mayu said through clenched teeth, and rushed after his girlfriend, but he was stopped by the voice of the boss:

- Watanabe! You're needed here, stay here.

- But Yuki ...

- She'll be fine.

Mayu, little thought, nodded uncertainly, and returned to the couch.

- This morning, near the center of Harajuku, in the park, were found three men of our clan. They were killed.

- How!? - were all shocked.

- Who did it!?

- Most likely, the Shimazaki clan. One of the victims were cut on the hand two letters - «S» and «z», - the boss cracked his knuckles. - I think that war breaks out between the clans. In this regard, tomorrow you will make the way to one of the abandoned bases and unload the weapons that are out there. Understand?

- Osu!

- Here are the coordinates of the base, - Ryo took out one of the desk drawers sheet of paper and handed it to Kai. - Be careful.

- Yes! - All got up and went to the door, when the boss said:

- Sae, Yuu, Jun, I will ask you to stay.

Sae and Yuu excitedly looked at each other - not often they are left for further discussion.

While all left the room, returned Yuki to pick up her things, and Mayu, who accompanied her everywhere. Kashiwagi, not even looking at Jun, took her school bag and said goodbye to everyone, went with Watanabe.

- And now ... - when they were four of them, Ryo left the table and went over to the guys, lined up in a row. - Jun!

- Yes, - the guy took a step forward.

- Do you understand what went wrong? And my trust in you shaken?

- Yes ... I apologize!

- You should not apologize to me, and before Yuki and Rena. Tomorrow, you will ask for forgiveness, you know?

- Yeah, okay.

- You can go.

As soon as the door closed behind Jun, Ryo hit Yuu in the face with his fist, and Sae in the stomach. Oshima strike bounced on one of the sofas, and Miyazawa bent and fell to the floor.

- Why the hell do not you watch your subordinates!? - The boss yelled at them. - While you're enjoying yourself, in a clan and out of the clan is not clear what is going on! I can not die with peace of mind, if I know that the clan is run by two dunce!

- Father ... - Sae was able to stand, despite the relentless pain.

- Uncle ... - Yuu, still resting on the couch, looked up.

- Understand ... War threatens to our clan, and you can not even keep yours younger brother from the stupid things! - Ryo sat back down at his desk. - You need to learn to be responsible for others. So I decided that tomorrow's operation will be headed by the two of you, not Kai.

- Eee!? But Kai...

- Leader, I know, - the boss sighed wearily. - I'll call him today. I think he will understand. So I'm counting on you tomorrow. Get it?

- Yes!

- And more ... About the murder. A few days ago found two more bodies, two weeks ago - three more.

- Do you think someone specifically destroys our clan?

- Handwriting of a murderer is always the same. He always acts in the late evening or at night and attack, where there are no witnesses. I think it's either assassins, or someone from the governing families of the clan. Chances are, of the Shimazaki family.

- It is hardly by the head of the family or his wife ... - Yuu thought. - Clan is in Fukuoka, right?

- Exactly! It is unlikely that they would go so far as to kill the small fry, - Sae too thoughtful. - The head of the family have children?

- Yes, I think, two sons and a daughter. Do you think any of them?

- Maybe. We need more information.

Sou, it was a second part of third chapter!
What's happend next? And who is a killer? Waa~ In my head is very much questions!  :panic:
Minna-san, how do you?
Please, tell me what you think!  :)

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Who was the killer....? Shimazaki clan... Erm...

Ryo really put scary atmosphere into the room...

Everyone of the teens there was scared out of their wits... from the exception Yuki...

Oh.. Jun got a very painful slap... over the gun incident because of Yuki's sister Rena being involved.

Ah.. Jun came out with every little trouble at all... just a small scold and advise at how to get into Rena and Yuki's good sides...

With lots of killing of Ryo's subordinates, Kai and other teens were asked to retrieve weapons in the bases.

Were they not too young to be involved in all these Yakuza business..?

Poor Yuu and Sae... got harder beating because they were the closed kins of the leader of the Miyazawa clan... nephew and son respectively.

Oh... they were asked to lead the operation... but what about Kai...?

Was Kai working for the Miyazawa clan... or he set up his own clan...?

If yes, then how could Kai be the leader... or Kai just some one that lead the operation normally...?

So Kai, Mayu, Jun, Yuki, WTomo were Sae and Yuu's subordinates?

Really... Kai and Yuki seem to be excellent student... prefect at school...

They could get good future... no need to get involved with this Yakuza business

Well can't wait to find out what's' going to happen next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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