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Author Topic: ~My boyfriend n my fiance~ CH.9  (Read 2057 times)

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~My boyfriend n my fiance~ CH.9
« on: October 16, 2013, 05:45:29 AM »
                                                       Chapter 9

After that awkward moment the teenagers went to the beach to have a good time. Mayu continuously was being stalked by her cousins while Yuki was watching and losing his temper to make it worse Karin was holding his arm.
"Your muscles are well defined!" She says clinging on his arm tighter.
Yuki looked at her "This girl.." he thought mad while Mayu kept walking ahead of them ignoring them.
Once at the beach, everyone dropped their things and started to get comfortable.
"Yuki kun take off your shirt!!" Karin says over excited while Mayu only turned her face away.
Yuki sighed "There's no way in hell.." he answered then looked at Mayu's cousins waiting for her to take off her dress.
"Uh ah.." He said and grabbed the three boys on his arms squeezing them and taking them away with him.
Mayu started to take off her dress and showed a pretty white bikini that catched many surfers attention, Karin also started to take off her big shirt.
"Yuki.. we haven't done anything" The three said with their face a few inches away from the sand, Yuki was furious "I know what we're you thinking!" He shouted red.
Mayu looked at the boys with Yuki "I wonder what's the commotion?" She thought oblivious at the situation.
Yuki looked at the three begging for their lives and sighed "I'm going to get you three girls and you guys will stop stalking Mayu.." he said serious with a cool vibe around him.
"Really?" One of them look at Yuki excited.
"Yeah get up let's get going" He said as he walks. The three boys followed him.
May and Karin were laying on their towels then Karin sat to look for Yuki and found him "Look Mayu Chan, Yuki kun is flirting with those girls!" She said pointing at him surrounded by girls.
Mayu pouted a little then got up "Wanna play some ball?" She asked ignoring the situation in front of her, Karin blinked a few times "Yeah.. Why not?" She said as she gets up.
The two pretty girls with curvy body started to play.
Yuki smiled at the girls jokes even though it wasn't funny "Hey girls I think my boys here has good jokes too.. right?" He asked faking a smile and taping the closest one's back hard.
"Mmm.. huh.. well.. " He said nervous looking at the good looking girls around them.
Yuki face palmed himself "Got to be kidding me.." he thought angrily.
Suddenly a ball hit Yuki on his face.
"Yuki kun!!" All the girls around them reacted.
"WHAT THE HELL?!?!??!" He shouted and fast Sat to look at the culprit once he saw the culprit' s  face, he controlled himself and calmed down.
"Sorry my bad!" A smiling Mayu says as she grabs the ball then gets back to Karin and the other boys waiting for her.
Mayu's cousins tried to help Yuki who was looking at the guys with Mayu "DON'T TOUCH ME!" He shouted irritated and got up. Everyone around them were confused and wondered why Yuki is acting this way?
He cleaned the sand from his hand and walked determinate to Mayu ignoring everyone as he is going to grab Mayu's hand someone talked to him.
"Hey why don't you play with us?" One of the guys asked him and distracted him from his main purpose.
Yuki looked at the two "Yeah.. yeah.." he answered with an odd face.
The two guys smiled at eachother "Some football?" The taller one asked still with a smile plastered on his face. Mayu looked carefully at Yuki "What's wrong with him?" She thought.
"Totally!" He replied still with the same odd face and picked his mates for the match which were Mayu's cousins.
Mayu sighed while Karin was smiling "SHIRT OFF!!" She shouted excited, Yuki turned to look at her "She's insane.." he whispered to himself.
The match started...
"If this doesn't get you girls then don't know what else.." Yuki thought as he runs with ball dodging the others while Mayu and Karin were looking at him.
"Yuki kun is so good at football.." Karin says with a smile and impressed while Mayu sighed "I know.." she thought "He's just doing it to look cool to those girls!!" She shouted supporting the other team.
Yuki heard that then lost focus and other snatched him the ball and made him fall.
As the time passes Yuki is more confused "Does she want me to lose?" He thought.The other team started scoring 1 by 1.
After a while the match ended.
"We're never going to have girlfriends!" One of Mayu's cousins shouts as he sees the girls going with the guys who won the match.  The other two were asking them to not leave.
Karin looked at her cousins "C'mon you'll find some girls eventually!" She said while Yuki looked at  the three "C'mon tomorrow is another day.. I'll get you better girls I promise."He said feeling guilty
Mayu was shocked "Now I see, he was trying to get them some girls.. " she thought.
Soon the five were at home Mayu was concerned it was already 3 hours after signing home and Yuki haven't bothered her or anything.She's so used to it that she misses it.
Before going to bed Mayu looked for Yuki around the house and found him outside.
"It's cold.. what are you doing out here?" Mayu asked as she sits next to him.
 "Nothing.." he said carelessly not looking at her.
 "You know it was nice that you were trying to get my cousins some girlfriends" Mayu said looking down.
Yuki turned to look at her "This is what you came? To tell me something like that.." he asked serious while Mayu was confused and somehow some heat got to her cheeks.
"What.. What.. else..." she asked nervous as Yuki gets closer to her face.
 Mayu can see Yuki coming closer to her face in slow motion, she knows what's next and she's anticipating it.
Yuki gulped for one last time before..

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Re: ~My boyfriend n my fiance~ CH.9
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that karen needs to leave yuki alone :smhid
mayuyu and yuki are about to kiss nyahaa~  :cathappy:
thanx for this an_93-san :cow: :bow:
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