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Author Topic: anakpanti's OS Collection - Last fic: Regret (SaeYuki - COMPLETED)  (Read 146206 times)

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] SaeYuki - Regret (Part 3.2) #4
« Reply #220 on: January 13, 2017, 01:22:35 AM »
OMG Just follow your hear Yuki.. #TeamSaeboy

I'm waiting for the next chapter is so interesting.. I just love Saeyuki pair..

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] SaeYuki - Regret (Part 3.2) #4
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Lol  :lol: i hope the next one will be the last too. Then i gotta agree sometimes when writing something it take longer and longer  :(

Hahahaha i thought J has a thing too for Sae, apparently no?

Wowow..... I can sense tense chapter for next? Is it okay to end it in next chapter? For me i'd be happy hahahaha

I hope you don't punish yuki too hard (though she deserves it, lying to her girlfriend, started another relationship, pick up a nonsense quarrel)

Poor Sae......  But most important poor Mayu. I feel bad for her :< then again i am on other side ship.

Thanks for the chapter

Ps. Kinda missing saeyuki 'lover-spat'   :P
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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] SaeYuki - Regret (Part 3.2) #4
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First of all... thank you for 50K views!!!!  :cool1:
Even though probably most of them only passed by for seconds.  :lol:
For all of you... thank you for reading my fanfics until now.  :ptam-wub:

@love angel: thank you for reading. I hope you read part 3.2 as well

@haruko: I often see you everywhere.  :lol:
Thank you for always reading my fanfics, commenting, reblogging it, etc. I really appreciate it.

@buciq: yeah... it happened to me a lot, especially on the last chap... suddenly everything got longer than usual. Haha.
I save Jurina for the best (since she's my kami-oshi) lol.
I'll definitely end this in the next chap. Haha.

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] SaeYuki - Regret (Part 3.2) #4
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I really pity Mayu here, not only Yuki forgot their anniversary, she also forgot her birthday and when Mayu came she heard that Yuki is Sae's girlfriend, it must be very hard.

Thanks for your story.
Usually a silent reader.

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] SaeYuki - Regret (Last Part) #4
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If you want to read from the 1st chap, just look at my fanfic list in the 1st page of this post.
Or... you can see it in my own site: here.

#4 SaeYuki - Regret

Last Part

Yuki unlocking her apartment and then she walk into the room while her eyes keep looking at the ground. She sits on the couch and then she grabs her hair with both of her hands. What should I say to Sae? What should I say to Mayu? Argh!! She looks really frustrated.

"You're going to lose your hair if you keep pulling it like that."

Yuki gasp. "W-well..." She let go of her hair. It looked like she was forgot for a moment that Mayu was with her. Maybe it's because they didn't talk at all during their way home. She had so much things in her mind and she almost couldn't handle it anymore. "D-do you want to drink something?" She tried to ease the tension between them.

"No need." Mayu is still standing near the door. "I'll just go to xxx hotel. I left my suitcase there before I went to your university."

"Ah." Yuki feel more guilty as she remember that Mayu doesn't have any relative in Japan. Even before Mayu was born, all of Mayu's families were already settled in Paris for years. That's why she perfectly knows that the only reason Mayu go to Japan is because of her. "I'll go with you." She stands up. "Let's just take your suitcase and check-out right away. You can sleep here as long as you want."

"Stop right there!!" Mayu raised her voice when Yuki was about to walk toward her. "I'll just sleep at the hotel... or at least for tonight. I need to clear my mind first because right now... I want to punch your face so bad." She clenched her hands. "The only reason I come with you now is to make sure that you're safely arrived at home." She has been knew from long time ago that if Yuki had a problem, even the smallest one, Yuki will always overthinking it and make Yuki ignoring everything else. It could be dangerous for Yuki to drive alone with a chaotic mind like that.

"But Mayu I-"

"Let's talk again later." Mayu turn around and quickly open the door. She wants to get Yuki out of her sight as soon as possible before her rage become uncontrollable. "Bye." She closes the door.

"She's still worried about me even after all the things that happened." Yuki let out a loud sigh after Mayu completely close the door, and then she throws her body back onto the couch. She closes her eyes while trying to calm her mind. No matter what decision that I make in the future, it will be useless... because every step that I take from now on will surely going to hurt three of us.

There are a lot of things inside Yuki's mind... anger at herself, guilt at Mayu and Sae, confuse at her own feeling toward each Mayu and Sae, and the thing that exhaust her mind the most is fear... the fear of losing both of the dearest persons in her life at the same time forever.


= Sae =

After the chaos that happened yesterday, Yuki have no choice except keep attending her classes even though she's prefer to stay at home rather than facing Sae today. She is already skipped the classes for two weeks before, there is no way her university will tolerate any reason from her anymore to skip the class again.

During the classes, Sae is completely ignoring Yuki. Sae is even avoiding Yuki's eyes since this morning. Yuki, somehow, feel a bit relieved because she doesn't have to explain anything to Sae so soon. After the last class of her is over for today, Yuki let out a sigh. I think it's better to talk about everything with Mayu first. She feels more comfortable to solve the problem with Mayu first because they are already knew each other for long. Even if they end up with a big quarrel, at least she is already knew how to calm Mayu for a bit. In the other hand, she knows nothing about Sae.

"So... is this how you handle your problem? By keep running away?"

Yuki flinched as she heard Sae's face. She lift her head slowly to see Sae who is already stood in front of her table, but she can't say anything to answer Sae's question.

"It happened before as well, right? You avoided me for two weeks without any explanation."


Sae feels irritated as Yuki doesn't say anything, so she hits the table with both of her hands as a sign of anger and frustration in facing Yuki's silence. "Say something!!!"

Yuki is taken aback by Sae's action. Not only her, the whole students who are still not leaving the classroom are also shocked. She looks around and then she looks at Sae again. "Let's talk somewhere else."

Sae clench her teeth, looks like she wants to express her anger more. But after she looks all students are looking at her, she holds it back. She turns around and walks out of the classroom.

Yuki quickly grab her bag and then she follows Sae from behind. After they are already far enough from the crow, she grabs Sae's hand. "I'm sorry." She tried to stop Sae by holding Sae's hand firmly.

Sae stop as Yuki hold her from moving any further and then she turn around to face Yuki. "Why did you hide the fact that you've had a girlfriend?! You know that I love you!!! Even the whole students here know how much I love you!!! I never fooling around with other girls anymore since I start to date you! I'm not even take a glance at them anymore because you're already so deep in my heart."

Yuki tighten her grip to Sae's hand. "I love you. I love you as well, Sae. It just... I don't know how or when the right time to tell you everything since I-"

"Liar!!! You've made me look like the bad guy here, you know?!" Sae forcefully release her hand from Yuki's grip.

"Can you please let me explain something????" Yuki don't want to give up, not yet. "Please... calm down for a bit." She nearly have to idea how to make Sae's anger reduced since it's their first quarrel. "I know that I have no right to give you any excuse, but at least let me talk for a moment."

Sae nearly want to rage her anger again, but as soon as she sees Yuki's desperation face... she closes her eyes. She tries really hard to calm down by taking some deep breaths. I'm really stupid. Even after all that happened, her sad face defeat me like this.

After seeing Sae become calmer, Yuki try to explain everything. "Her name is Mayu. I've knew her for 6 years, and 4 years of it I spend my life as her girlfriend." She sits on the bench near them and then she looks at the ground. "We were both live in Paris ever since our birth. I even didn't imagine that I could go to Japan for study out of nowhere. When I told my parents that I want to become a designer, they and even Mayu forced me to study in Japan because they said Japan's fashion is one of the best in the world. So even though I had some arguments with my parents and Mayu, I did as they said. I only planned to stay in Japan for 2 years and then go back to Paris and continue my school there. But..."

Yuki stop for a moment while resting her back comfortably against the the bench and looking at the bright sky. "But then... you came into my life all of a sudden. Made me angry and irritated in every minute. I even hate you more because I thought that you were a guy. Silly me." She chuckle a bit while remembering their memories in a few months ago.

Sae is also showing a little smile because Yuki make her remembering those love-spat moments of them.

"It's so much hard for my heart to handle your rudeness and kindness at the same time, you know? I hate you yet I also touched by your kindness. I tried to lock my heart and keep believing that Mayu was the only one for me, but soon after I knew the truth that you're actually a girl... the hesitation come. It came continuously until I couldn't deny my love for you anymore." The tears rolled down onto her beautiful cheeks. "Falling in love with you make me completely blind because of the happiness." She smiled at Sae. "It made me forget the fact that there is another girl, who stay 5,963 miles away from me, patiently waiting for me to come back." She couldn't hold the tears anymore as she fells sorry towards Mayu.

Slowly... by hearing Yuki's words, Sae come to understand Yuko's struggle. She sits on Yuki's left and then she holds Yuki's shoulder using her right arm. She caress it gently. "Then the moment you realized all was the time you didn't contact me for two weeks?" She tried to take a guess even though the answer was so obvious.

Yuki nod her head. "At time... even until now, I'm too afraid to tell the truth to both of you. I feel really sorry toward both you and Mayu." She rested her head on Sae's right shoulder. "I'm unforgivable. I know."

Sae let out a sigh. "I'm not sure myself about how to face this problem. The only thing I sure about is I deeply falling in love with you and I don't want to lose you." She looks at Yuki and Yuki look at her back. "This is silly, but right now... I even don't care anymore if you have 2 girls in your life, as long as I'm still part of your life."

Yuki's eyes widened as she utterly shocked in hearing Sae's statement. "W-what?!" She lift up her head from Sae's shoulder and look at the handsome girl who sit beside her. "I won't be able to hurt you that much! Are you crazy?!"

Sae give a sincerely smile at Yuki. "Maybe it sounds crazy. Well... It IS crazy, but..." She caress Yuki's cheek. "I hate seeing you blame yourself and suffering because you have to accept the reality that you're going to lose either me or Mayu. That's the reason why you locked yourself from everyone for 2 weeks, right?"

"..." Yuki didn't know how to respond Sae's question.

"Mark my words." Sae reaching both of Yuki's hands and then she kneeling in front of Yuki. "I'm not going to leave you. Never. I will accept whatever your heart desired. Maybe I'm going to hurt, but it's still much better for me rather than seeing you, my beloved one, enduring the great pain of losing someone. I love you." Her smile still gluing on her face.

Yuki smile back at Sae. "Thank you so much for not pushing me away. I love you too." She pulls Sae into the hug and then she cries that lead to sob. But most of her tears is not the sadness, but the tears of relief.

"Let's go." Sae release the hug. "I'll drive you home. Try to take some rest before you talk about this problem with Mayu."

"Okay." Yuki is sure that solving this problem with Mayu will be tough since they have been together for so long. "You're right. I need some rest."

============================= *** =============================

= Mayu =

Yuki press the dial button on Mayu's name. When she hears the dial tone, her heart beats crazily. She never been this nervous in waiting to talk with Mayu before, it even surpassing the day she confessed her love toward the younger girl 4 years ago. "Please check out and stay in my place instead, Mayuyu." She said it as soon as Mayu answered the call. She wants to prevent any break-up word come out form Mayu's lips, especially through the phone. The last argument on the phone with Mayu was not a pleasant thing to happen again. "I'll pick you up."

"..." Mayu didn't say anything for a moment, but then... "Okay. Meet me at the lobby in 2 hours." She immediately hang up the call after finishing the sentences.

As their conversation before, Yuki pick Mayu up at xxx hotel and she waits Mayu at the lobby hotel. She calmly take the magazine and then reading it while sitting at the lobby. It feel so strange for her to not feeling as nervous as 2 days ago in facing Mayu. Is it maybe because I already solved the problem with Sae? Well... not really solved, but at least I've told her everything.

In about 10 minutes later, Yuki put away the magazine as she sees Mayu walk out of the elevator. She stand up and then walks fast toward Mayu to help Mayu bringing the suitcase. "Let me."

Mayu's hesitate at first, but then she lets Yuki to help her. She let Yuki take the suitcase from her hand. "I'm still mad." She doesn't want to let Yuki think that they're already made it up.

Yuki smile a little. "I know." She reaches Mayu's hand and hold it gently. "Let's just go home first." She pulls Mayu's hand along with her while walking toward the parking area.

As soon as they reach Yuki's car, Yuki let go of Mayu's hand and walk faster toward the door. She opens the door to let Mayu comfortably sit on the passenger seat. After taking care of Mayu and the suitcase, she also entering her car and ready to drive home.

It's already halfway to Yuki's house but Mayu did not speak at all. Yuki let out a sigh. It's never been this quiet when we're together before, especially after not meeting each other for a long time. "I miss you, Mayu." Finally, she had a little courage to said it. It had been on her mind ever since the day she decided to seclude herself for 2 weeks.

It looks like Mayu don't intend to respond Yuki's words. She just looking at the street through the window without making any eye-contact with Yuki.

After 30 minutes driving in silence, they arrive at Yuki's apartment. Yuki put the suitcase inside her bedroom and then she approaches Mayu. "What do you want to drink?"

Mayu walk slowly around Yuki's apartment to look around a little since it's her first time to really go inside Yuki's place. Last time... she only stood until near the front door. She's definitely ignoring Yuki's question, but she says "Your new girlfriend... I bet she visited you a lot" instead.

Yuki is taken aback by Mayu's sudden statement. "No. She's never entered this place." She tried to answer it calmly even though she heard a bit of sharp tease on Mayu's tone. "She's only pick me up or take me home up to the front door."

Mayu snorted. "You weren't even denied her as your girlfriend." She turned her head toward Yuki. "Who I am then? Your ex? So... we really were broke up by phone."

*THUMP* Yuki realize that she made a mistake with her answer. "No, Mayu please..." She walked slowly toward Mayu. "Do we have to talk about it as soon as we arrived? I miss you so much... at least let me hug you even for a moment."

Mayu step back, avoiding Yuki's hands that want to pull her into a hug. "A hug? Are you kidding me?!" Her anger start to become uncontrollable. "Don't you even dare to touch me!!!" She pointed her index finger at Yuki's face.

Yuki pulling back her hand and trying to remain calm. She's fully aware that everything that happened is her mistake, so she restrains herself to not being provoked by Mayu's anger. "It all happened so fast. When I realized it, it's already too late. I'm really sorry Mayu."

Mayu let out her laugh as a sign of her frustration. "Are you so desperately needy for love?! After all these 6 years between you and me, you even can't handle a mere long distance relationship?! It's only been some months out of 2 years, Yuki!! Do you think it's not hard for me to let you go so far away??! I did it so you can reach your dream as a professional designer! But... look at what I get now, a betrayal."

"I know... I know, Mayu. It's my fault. But please understand me for a bit. It's not like I did it on purpose. I love you, Mayu. I do still love you the same way like before. Trust me, I've tried my best to avoid this feelings toward Sae. It's just too much for me to handle."

Hearing Yuki said Sae's name and even compared Sae with her, make her mad even more. "Too much for you to handle?!! Oh WOW!! Do you even know how many boys and girls out there who has been trying to steal me from you?! I rejected them all easily because I know that I love you." She can't hold her tears anymore. She sits on the couch as she's covering her face with both of her hands. "I guess... your love is not as big as mine." Her voice cracked.

Seeing her dearest Mayu crying like that, make Yuki want to touch Mayu. She wants to hug Mayu and caressing Mayu's back to calm her down. However, she's afraid that if she does that, Mayu will be mad at her even more. "It's not like that, Mayu. Please hear my explanation first, so you can understand what I've been through as well. You're not the only one who's hurt in this case... I'm as miserable as you." She hopes that if she's explaining everything like she did to Sae, Mayu will be able to calm down and solve this problem with a cool head.

Mayu lift her head and throw a sharp glare at Yuki. "Understand you?! Just put yourself in my position!!! If you go back to Paris because you're worrying me, but only to find me two-timing you, will you let me explain anything?!" Suddenly she's remembering something. "Besides that... I don't even need to hear any of your excuse. You lied to me. You said that Sae is a guy. How many times again you went to her place 'for study' as you said? Everyday?" She snorted again.

At this point, Yuki know that she's never going to win this argument with Mayu. "Maybe you think I lied to you the whole time, but I really thought she was a guy at first."

"Then when you found out that she is actually a girl, you're dating her instead of tell me about it? From what I see how she act when she saw me 2 days ago, she even doesn't know that you already had a girlfriend." Mayu keep bombarding Yuki with questions that Yuki can't deny. "You lied to both me and her. Wah, you really are a trash." She showing a mocking smile at Yuki.

That's it. Yuki is already on her limit. She is realizing that there is no way for Mayu to forgive her, to accept the reality that she makes a mistake for falling in love with 2 girls at the same time. Mayu is not Sae. "I'm fully understand how you feel regarding this matter between us. If I'm in your position right now, I'm surely will act more upset than you do now." If someone try to take Mayu away from me, I'm sure that I'll rage and beat that person to death. She's amazed at Mayu for holding back her anger a lot in front of her and for not attacking Sae.

Yuki take a really deep breath, trying to make herself ready for whatever that will be happen between them near in the future. "Then... what do you want me to do."

"You already knew the answer." Mayu turned her head away.

"..." Yuki paused for a moment. "Will you try to keep me remain on your side?" There was a begging tone in it. "You know that I still love you even after all of this."

"You already knew the answer."

Yuki's resting her back at the wall while looking at the ceilings. Yeah... she knows the answer because she knows Mayu too well.

============================= *** =============================

= Closure =

Sae walks back and forth in front of her car. Should I go to her place or not? That question keep repeating in her mind. It's been 2 days since Yuki skip the class and it makes her worried.

The moment she decided to go to Yuki's place, her phone is ringing. It's a message from Jurina.

From: J

Can you take me to the airport tomorrow?

Sae frowned. "Airport? Where do you want to go?" She replied it to Jurina.

From: J

It's a secret. (^_^)
You'll eventually know it tomorrow.

Sae smiled. This kid is always been unnecessarily secretive. I wonder where she wants to go for holiday this time.  She simply send an OK to Jurina. After that, she turn on the engine and start driving toward Yuki's apartment.

*DING DONG* Sae pressed the bell.

Not long after that, the door opened. It's Mayu. Sae's eyes widened and her feet get weaker all of a sudden. She's using the wall to prop her body. "U-uh... ummmm...." She scratches her head. "W-well... I'll just go." She turned her her body, wanting to leave as soon as possible.

Mayu rolled her eyes because of Sae's clumsiness. "Just get in. Yuki is still buying meals outside." She opens the door wider for Sae.

"T-thank you and sorry to intrude." Sae bowed her head even though she didn't know Mayu's age.

Mayu sit on the couch and continue to watch the TV.

Sae's awkwardly look around. She doesn't sure where to place herself and she even doesn't know where to look. She feels like trapped inside the cage with the tiger who ready to chew her anytime.

Mayu sigh. "So it's really the first time you get in here, huh?" She looks at Sae, not believing that Yuki's words are actually the truth. "Just sit there." She's pointing another couch beside her.

Sae's bowing her head again before walk toward the couch. "Thank you."

"Stop bowing your head, dickhead! I'm younger than you." Mayu said it without hesitation.

Oh. In the normal situation, Sae would be extremely angry if someone saying something rude at her. However, in their current complicated situation, it's impossible for her to get angry at Mayu.

Mayu is staring at Sae from the head to the toe, and then she's turn her eyes at the TV again. "I can't believe that Yuki were mistaken you as a guy. Her smart brain can be idiot sometimes."

Sae shrug her shoulders. She was also found it silly, but then she thought that it's a cute mistake.

"Should we fight each other or what?" Mayu let out a sigh. "It's so strange to sit side by side with my girlfriend's new girlfriend." She reach out the TV remote and change the channel to the anime one. "Well... I guess fighting is useless since I know the fact that both of us are actually the victims of this drama. I don't really hate you."

"You're so calm and wise in facing this problem, despite your young age. I'm not sure that I can be as calm as you if it's happening to me." Sae showed her admiration toward Mayu.

"I'm acting all calm only on the outside." Mayu smirked at Sae. "In the inside... I really want to kill both of you."

Sae chuckled a little. "Trust me. I also desperately want to kill myself after you show up out of nowhere." She looked at the ceilings. "But well... even if I knew that Yuki was already had a girlfriend, I would keep trying to make her be mine. I love her so much, you know?"

Mayu clench her fist. "Do not try to put the salt into my wound, Miyazawa Sae-san. I'm trying really hard to keep my head cool here. Instead of picking a fight with me, just make me understand why Yuki loves you."

"I'm sorry." Sae sighed. "I know it's hard for you. I won't say anything again."

Not long after that, both Mayu and Sae turn their heads toward the front door as they hear that someone is unlocking the door. Well... so obvious that it's Yuki.

Yuki's eyes widened as soon as the door was open. The plastic bag fell from Yuki's grip as she gasped while covering her mouth with both of her hands. "S-Sae?!!!! W-what?!! H-how..." She couldn't believe that both of her lovers sit side by side. She looked at Mayu's direction, trying to make sure that Mayu wouldn't go crazy because of this. She only found Mayu's straight face... emotionless.

Sae stand up and then she walks toward Yuki to take the plastic back that fell before. "Is this your meal?" She asked Yuki.

Yuki's brain is still blank. She can't say anything. She's still opening her eyes widely, as if her eyeballs are going to pop out anytime. Her mouth is also opened widely.

Looking at Yuki's shocked face make Sae want to laugh. It's funny as hell. She tries really hard to hold her laugh by quickly turning her head toward Mayu. "Is it?" She shows the plastic bag to Mayu.

"Yeah." Mayu simply answered it. She's throwing a sharp glare at Sae, because she sees that Sae is about to laugh out loud. Don't you dare to laugh in the situation like this!! It also make her aware that there are a lot of fascinating things that Sae have yet to know about Yuki.

Sae shut her lips, still trying to hold her laugh. "I... I'm sorry. W-where's the toilet?"

Mayu pointed her finger at the kitchen. "On the left."

Hearing that, Sae quickly walk toward the toilet after putting the plastic bag onto the table. "BUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my God!!! Look at her face!!! Hahahahaha."

Mayu let out a soft chuckle because of Sae's laugh. Both her and Yuki could still hearing Sae's laugh inside the toilet even though the door was already closed.

Ignoring Sae's laugh, Yuki walk toward Mayu and kneel in front of Mayu. "A-are you okay? I'm sorry because I put you into this situation." She's holding Mayu's hands while showing her guilt. She's so worried about Mayu.

Mayu releasing her hands from Yuki's grip. "You better attend your classes tomorrow. It's not good to keep skipping your classes because of me." She turns her head away from Yuki, avoiding an eye contact. "I'm sure that it's the reason why she's coming here."


"You don't have to keep worrying me."

Sae's looking at the scene between Mayu and Yuki silently. It's awkward for me to keep being here. I have to let them solve their own problem. She walks toward the front door.

"Sae?" Yuki stand up. It's confuse her to keep acting neutral when 3 of them are in the same place like that.

"As she said," Sae referring at Mayu. "I'm here to let you know that our professors are taking notes of you. If you keep skipping the class, they will make you repeat their classes next year." She hold back herself to not tell Yuki how she misses Yuki and worrying Yuki, only to appreciate Mayu's feeling. She holds the knob and opens the door. "See you tomorrow."

Mayu hate to admit it by herself, but she has to accept the fact that Sae's is a nice girl after all. "I lost my appetite. I'll just go to sleep. Goodnight, Yuki." She turn off the TV and go to the bedroom.

Yuki throw herself onto the couch. I'm going to be crazy soon.

========================== The Next Day ==========================


Yuki turn her head toward the voice. "Sae." She walks toward Sae and then she hugs her. "It's really hard, even for me. I can't imagine how hard the days for you and Mayu because of me. It must be much worse than mine."

Sae patted Yuki's back gently. "It's okay. I'm good." She tried to make Yuki calm down. "It's better to keep going on like this rather than ending our relationships recklessly and make three of us regret in the future."

Yuki nodded. She let go of the hug after she feels calmer. "Where are you going?" She's noticing that Sae is holding the car key.

"Oh. I forgot to tell you." Sae grinned. "I'm going to take Jurina to the airport."

"Matsui-san? Does she want to go somewhere?" Yuki frowned.

Sae shrugs her shoulders. "I guess so. She has yet to tell me where she's going to." She laughs. "Are you going to go home?"

Yuki shake her head. "I still have two more classes."

"Well then... Say hello to Mayu from me later when you're home, just in case she wants to accept it. See you tomorrow. I love you." Sae give a light kiss on Yuki's lips and then she's waving her hand at Yuki while heading to her own car.

Yuki's waving her hand as well. When Sae's car is already out of her sight, she walks toward the classroom.

Yuki is half-heartedly attending her classes. Her mind is too busy thinking about her problem with Sae and Mayu. After three hours, the classes are finally over and she's heading home. She's still feeling uneasy to leave Mayu alone.

"Mayu?" Yuki called Mayu's name right after she opened the door because her apartment is pitch black. Her hand carefully reach out the switch to turn on the lights. She's looking out for Mayu in every room but she doesn't find Mayu. Right after she's entering the bedroom, she's gasping. Her suitcase is not in the room.

She quickly take her phone and then she's calling Sae. "Sae!!! Mayu.... she leaves me!!!" She's crying out loud.

"What?!" Sae sounded shock as well. "Wait me at your place! I'm still on my way home  from the airport."

Yuki ended the call with Sae. She slumped on the floor while sobbing.

*At The Airport*

Jurina is reading the magazine inside the waiting room of boarding gate. She calmly waits for the boarding time, it's about 10 minutes later. She keep smiling by herself, as she feels so happy. She gets a job contact for 2 years at one of the famous fashion magazine in Paris... it's the magazine she's holding. Kyaaaa~ I'm going to appear in this magazine!!! She looks so excited. She's turning every pages of the magazine until the boarding time.

Finally, it's boarding time.

Jurina walk quickly toward the stewardess who will checking the passenger's ticket. But in the middle of her way....


"Ouch! It's hurt!!" Jurina hold her right shoulder.

"I-I'm sorry." A girl bowing her head at Jurina.

Jurina is taken aback as she sees the girl's eyes. She's crying?! She helps the other girl to stand up. "Is it hurt that bad? Enough to make you cry?"

"No." The girl shake her head.

Jurina help the girl to pick up the girl's sunglasses, ticket, and the passport from the floor.

The girl reach the sunglasses first. She wears it to cover her red eyes. "Thank you."

Jurina take a pick of the girl's ticket. Name: Watanabe Mayu. Seat: 12B. The girl take the documents from her hand. She's smiling when the girl bowing her head.

After bowing her head once more, Mayu quickly reach the gate to enter the plane faster. After the stewardess let her in, she's looking out her seat. 10, 11, 12A, 12B, here! She take a seat and after that she take her phone from the handbag. She wants to turn off the phone, but she looks hesitate.

Then... Mayu decided to send a message to Yuki:

To: Yukirin

Hi. I'm so sorry to leave you so sudden like this.
It's because I realize that I'll never be able to let you go if I'm still on your side.

I cannot say that we could remain friends because you've made a scar so deep inside my heart, but I cannot say the opposite either.
I don't know what will happen to us in the future.
People said that time will heal the wound, so... let's just see later in the future.

I'm sorry to give up on you so soon, maybe it's because I'm weak.
I know it's hard for you to leave me, that's why I'm willingly to leave you first. If the guilty feeling come in the future, only me who will bear it. So, be happy with your new life.

I'm going back to Paris.
Take care of yourself. Bye.


After the message is successfully sent to Yuki, Mayu turn off the phone. She closes her eyes again as she feels that she's going to cry again.

"Sorry. Can you move a bit? My seat is 12A, near the window."

The voice make Mayu open her eyes again. She find a bright smile that appear on the other girl's face.

"Hi. We meet again." Jurina keep her grin plastered on her face. "It seems will be stuck with each other for the next 12 hours."

Jurina doesn't know herself why she's so attracted to the new girl so easily. Is it because of the girl bumped at her? Is it because the girl's crying? Is it because of the girl's cute face? Is it because of love at the first sight? She'll trying to find out about it within 12 hours of flight.

===========================  THE END =========================

Finally!!!!! After restrained myself so much for days from posting an uncompleted chapter for the 3rd time, I successfully finish this fic with over 5,5K words! Yeay~

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waiting this fanfic for a year is very something  :angry: .. thanks to finishing this :twothumbs.

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Oh my God  :w00t:
It's been 3 years since the last time I visited this site.

I'm in shock when I see "Read 79422 times"
I can't thank you more to you guys who keep reading my fics even though I'm on my hiatus.  :bow:

I wish that someday I will be able to continue to finish some my on-going fics.  :love:

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I would love for you to keep going!

There's never too many akb fics!

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Same if you decide to come back!! I'm gonnna hope for more awesome fics

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