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Author Topic: Samurai Princesses: No way out (Part 2) [ON HIATUS]  (Read 58027 times)

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Samurai Princesses: The Awakening (SAE - The Wind Samurai)
« Reply #20 on: May 18, 2014, 03:14:01 AM »
@Kirozoro: Actually, one more to go, and here it is.
@Yuki88: Sorry we're late. Comertez was on hiatus, cuz she was busy with personal stuff, and I've had my hands full with new fanfic projects(be sure to check 'em out and leave a comment. :heart: )

But, now we're back. So enjoy. :heart:

Prologue - The Awakening (Part 4)

SAE -- The Wind Samurai

A young girl born in the royal life, spoiled and pampered, but she was sweet to her core and couldn't be denied by anyone. Although sometimes stubborn and childish, she is loved by her large family, and most of all, her big brother.

Born with the appearance of a young teenage boy, given the thought of a prince at first, but by most means, she was the Samurai Princess of the Wind Element, "Kuu".

Holding beauty and charm, she was the heiress of the Hokkaido Palace and was the friendliest and most playful princess you would ever meet.

Nothing could rid her of that brightness in her eyes and the energetic smile that warmed Japan's heart. That happiness in her heart and pure, and even when she was sad, she found a way to make others feel better. And that made everyone love her more.

Her name; Sae Miyazawa.


Sae Miyazawa's POV


"Sae-sama! Please, you must let go!" I heard my maid yelling at me as she held my feet. She pulls on my ankles and knees hard as she tries to pull me off my bed, but I'm stronger with my arms hugging the matress and my hands holding the bed frame.

"No! I don't wanna do it!"

"Mou~, Sae-sama, you are a grown young lady, and you should act like one and behave better than this!"

"Exactly." I pouted, close to tears. "I'm still young. I just finished my Coming-of-Age Ceremony yesterday... but......"

Biting my lip, I can't hold my anger any longer and started a complete fit.


In my meltdown, more people were coming in and trying to calm me down, but I wasn't going to let them. I'm not going to go with this whole "arranged marriage" they have! Even if this helps stop the war, I'm not going through with it.

Love is something special, and it's not fair that my brother has to be engaged to someone he's known his whole life, and I'M the one getting married to a person I haven't even known a WHOLE DAY yet!!!

"Sae-sama, please calm down!"

"You have to get ready for the banquet tonight!"

"Yadayadayadayadayadayada!! YAAAAAADAAAAAAA!!!!!"

As I was screaming, I heard the door open and everything went silent.

"Hey!" I turned my head and saw my brother standing at the door. "Need some help here?"


Haru separated everyone from me, then let everyone leave to prepare for the banquet, leaving only the two of us in my room. He shut the door and turned to smile at me.

"Okay, what happened?" he asked as he sat down in front of me.

I pouted as I sat on the bed.

"C'mon, Sae-chan. I'm not gonna leave until you tell me what's going on."

"I just... hate this! The guy's are all being so strict, and they haven't considered how I feel at all."

"They understand how you're feeling, but this is for the benefit of our families. I know what it's like to go through this, I'm engaged to Yukirin."

"But you've known Yukirin since you were children!" I pouted louder, turning my head away. "I barely even know this guy."

He just chuckled at my pouting face and patted my head.

"Sometimes, things about life can surprise you."


"Like love. I never thought I'd become Yukirin's husband, and she already has a child, but slowly, I began to fell in love with her. And who knows? Maybe when you meet this person, you'll really like him."

As I thought about it, I did remember about how fate and destiny were so weird. My two older brothers are out at war somewhere, Haru's now engaged, and I'm about to get married to someone to help stop the war.

Yea, it's so weird...

But, maybe it'll turn out good, like Haru said. Perhaps I should just go along with this for now and see what happens.

I felt my smile come back as I looked at him. "Okay, Haru, I'll just go along with it for now."

"That's my girl," he said with that bright smile.

That smile came from our mother. I have it, too, so when people see us, they think we're twins, even though Haru's a few months older.

"Oh, I almost forgot." He reached into his pocket and got out something. "A late birthday present from your onii-chan~"

"Uwaa!!!" In his hand was a beautiful hairclip. It was a blue rose. "It's so pretty~" I happily took it and fixed it on the side of my head. Checking myself in the mirror, I fixed my hair and clipped it in securely. "How does it look?"

"It's cute."

I turned to him with a smirk, and a light blush. "How cute?"

"Really cute... No, super cute."

"Hrm~... I expected more."

"Oh? Like what?"

"How about...." I slowly creeped up to him and jumped on his back. "Calling me the CUTEST girl in the entire WORLD!!!"

"Hahaha! Sae-chan's the cutest girl in the ENITRE WORLD~! No one can beat her!!!"

"I am Sae!!! Hear me roar, face my wrath!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!"

This was... our usual play.


An hour later...

“Nee, Haru~” I prodded my brother’s shoulder. “I’m hungry. When is that person coming? I’m starving!”

“Please do wait for him, Sae-chan.” said Haru for probably the tenth time since the evening has settled down. “It’s rude to eat first before the guest arrive.”

“But don’t you think it’s much more rude to make the master of the house waits?” I pouted. “He’s late! How come I have to marry someone who can’t even be on time?!”

Haru rolled his eyes and sighed, “At least give him a chance, sis. This banquet is organized so that you can meet the guy and have a chance to know him before you know..” he coughed, “before you’re engaged to him.”

“But my stomach has already been on empty since tea time.” I growled lowly. “And it’s been an hour since the banquet meant to start!”

“Maybe he caught up with something,” commented Haru simply and pointed at an incoming guard. “What’s wrong?” he asked the guard after the middle age man stopped in front of him.

“A letter from General Takahashi of Okinawa, your highness.” Said the guard after he bowed and handed the letter to him.

“Hmm.. Okinawa is one of our allies.. I wonder what Takahashi-san has to say in this letter.” said Haru as he opened the letter.

He read it briefly and I watched him biting his lips as he went through the letter, as if something was bothering him. He bites his lip when he's worried or frustrated, like me, it was... our bad habit.

“What’s wrong?” I asked my brother as I tried to take a peek at the letter but was quickly shooed by my brother.

“Just some warnings about some security issues.” Sighed Haru. “General Takahashi is warned me to doubled up the security since there might be enemy’s spies lurking in the kingdom.”

“That’s creepy..” I shivered. “Oh Haru, do you think dad will be alright?” I asked him. My father is away right now to fight for our country in the endless war.

“He’ll be alright..” comforted Haruu. “Ryou and Shinjiro is with him, remember? And they are the perfectly cunning and skilled warrior of ours.”

“I just don’t want to lose any of them, Haru..” said Sae softly. “Dad, Ryou-kun, Shii-chan, you… You’re all my family left in this world...”

“I’m here, Sae-chan.” spoke Haru softly and placed his hand on my shoulder before he turned back to the soldier. “Tell the head of the guards to double up the security on the palace’s gate and corridors. Also tell them to double up the security on the city’s gate. This is an order from me.” He stated the last bit clearly to the guard.

“Yes Sir!” bowed the guard before heading out from the room.

Haru sighed and closed the letter before putting it into his pocket, “Handling this country isn’t easy you know, Sae-chan.”

“I know that.” I said as I smiled upon him and cling my arm to his elbow. “That’s why you have Yukirin as your wife now~ After all it’s her job as a wife to fill up your life.”

“Would you do that to the guy you’re about to meet soon?” asked Haruu suddenly.

I dropped my arm in an instant and pouted.

“Yadaaa!! I don’t want to marry!!!”

“Sae...” sighed Haruu with such an exasperation. “I am not having the same discussion with you over and over again.”

“Fine.” I stated. “Then I’ll just get some fresh air in the garden. Eating air might contain my stomach for now..”

“Need a friend, sis?” asked Haruu.

I shook my head, “Nah, stay here and then you can introduce me to him once he arrives.” I turned on my heels and start heading towards the garden. “I’m not running away!” I barked at the guards who decided to go with me as well.

“Leave her, she’ll be fine.” Haru sighed as he waved the guards away from me. I grinned to him and headed towards the garden.

The night sky was perfect scene for a romantic story just like in some scrolls I found in the library. But now, I have no interest in making one. Especially with someone who I never met and not knowing what he looks like.

“Stupid war, stupid marriage, stupid engagement, stupid banquet, stupid Haru..!” I cursed lowly as I walked through the garden. There’s no guards or maids around the garden, they all seemed to be pretty occupied by the banquet.

I turned sharply on a corner and hid behind the bushes. I concentrated on my ears to hear any noises getting closer to me, so far there aren’t any footsteps which mean there’s no one tailing me.

Cheering lowly, I slipped out of my hiding spot and headed to the nearest palace wall. Our palace was built in a forest area and surrounded by trees, whoever wanted to reach the castle needed to hike for a few miles or by horses.

The thing that I like the most about the area is that the forest was a place filled with many creatures such as beautiful butterflies, soft and bushy squirrels, some berries bushes, and bunches of flowers that are not displayed in the garden.

How do I know all of these? I sneaked out sometimes to the forest. It’s not that I hated the palace or something, it’s just that being in the palace especially as a princess is just boring. All you can do were some indoor stuff such as studying, playing music, or painting. I get tired of those things, I want to explore outside other than the garden.    

Yes, the garden is a pretty place but why can’t we see what’s more behind those gates?

Anyway, after a few jog in my troublesome clothing, I finally arrived at a gardening shed where the gardeners would store all the equipment there. I looked around one more time to make sure no one follows me, once I felt safer, I took off my clothes and revealed my black long trousers and a long sleeve plain old shirt.

“Now this is what I called the perfect attire.” I praised to myself. The clothes belongs to none other than Haru himself, at least I managed to stole it from his cupboard.

After busily trying my best to folded my thrown out clothes, I go around the shed towards the back where it nearly touches the palace’s gate. I managed to squeeze my way to the space and finally removed a wooden board, revealing a small hole on the gate.

I smiled to myself; I always use this hole to sneak out of the palace so I can visit the forest. My brother, Ryou-kun, told me once that he made the wall once so that he could what the world beyond the gate looks like. He told me that he saw many things that are not in the palace and I couldn’t agree more since I continued his tradition of visiting the forest.

After making sure that nobody is following me, I bent down and crawl through the hole. The forest air felt cool in my lungs as I sniffed the air. I got up to my feet and started walking through the trees. The calming night wind blew into my face and send a cooling sensation through the back of my neck.

As I was wondering what I shall do in the forest at night like this, I suddenly stopped on my track when I heard bunches of metal clanking. I dashed to the nearest tree and conceal myself, I set both of my ears sharply. Not just clanking of metals, but also some growls and men yellings.

Did the guards really followed me…? I thought to myself and quietly crawl low as towards the source of the voices. I stopped at one bush and peek behind it carefully, nearly unable to contain my gasp.

Even with only a moonlight to brightened the view, I could still see the grass seeped in deep red liquids, bodies lying on the ground motionless and wreckage of a carriage. But what made me gasped was a big creature with black furs growling in front of a pointed sword. 

The one pointing the sword was a man in robe, I could see his expression was glaring at the big creature. I turned my view to the big creature, it's eyes were blaring red and it's muzzle was black and covered in red liquids, blood.

I shut my mouth from the temptation to scream, but I couldn't hold it anymore once the man was slammed hard to a tree by the big creature.


The creature turned towards the bush I'm hiding in, it's eyes caught mine in instant. The red eyes were wild and hungry, and I knew I could be it's next target.

I turned back and ran, I could feel by the vibration of the earth that the creature was chasing me. My running was easier since I'm already dressed for scouting instead of a royal dinner, but still, being chased by a sig scary creature isn't in my schedule at all.

"Help!!!" I yelled through the forest. The creature howled behind me, it's howl were loud and high pitched, hurting my ear.

I ran back towards the hole with the creature still following me. I slipped in just in time before the creature's jaw snapped at me and ripped the back of my shirt. Overtaken by fear, I left the hole exposed and ran for the palace, towards my brother's room.

I panted as I closed the door behind me and leaned up against the wall, slowly sinking to the floor. I covered my face and started sobbing into my arms. I feel so awful; not only did I run away, but I ran away only to see a monster physically kill people right in front of my eyes. I don't want this to happen, I absolutely hate it. I want to help, but I'm too afraid.

I need something to make me brave. I need....


I'm not strong or brave at all. I was the only daughter; I was the one always protected by my father and brothers. I just want to finally see what it's like to fight for myself. I need courage to fight, but...

If it was now, it would've been too late....

I looked up and saw something coming from my room. It was a green light. I slowly got up and walked to my room. I found a small green orb glowing on my desk, and it was sitting on the center of my blue rose hairpiece.

I was curious, wondering why and what was making it glow, but I was also entranced by the glow. I was drawn to it, staring at the orb. Before I knew it, my fingers were inches away from touching it. I slowly touched the orb, then the light grew more and more intense. Soon, this giant wind surrounded me.

As I tried to keep my eyes open, I thought I saw a figure in front of me, reaching her hand out to me. I soon realized she was a spirit, and the very next second I realized it, all the wind surrounding me suddenly entered my lungs and the spirit girl entered my body completely.

My eyes slowly closed as everything around me grew dark.





"Mm... ten more... m-minutes..."

"C'mon, Sae-chan, please wake up..."

"...Huh?" My eyes hazily opened and I saw Haru sitting beside my bed. "Haru..."

"Are you okay, sis?" he asked as he gently stroked my forehead.

I slowly got up, clutching my head as it was throbbing slightly. What happened? I remember I was preparing for the banquet, and we had to wait because they didn't arrive yet, but... after that, nothing.

I don't remember much after that; I guess I must've fallen asleep. But, I did remember when I had snuck out and was almost attacked by a wolf, and then the hairpiece that Haru gave me...

"Ugh!" I winced a bit as another sharp pain hit my head. "H-how long was I out?"

"Three days. It seems that someone had drugged our tea without us realizing, and while we were knocked out, we were attacked by an enemy spy."

"You were the last one to wake up, Sae-sama. We're so glad you're okay."

"Your highness, pehaps it would be best if you not leave the castle for a while. It's become very dangerous outside the castle, and we don't want you getting hurt."

"But, what about the marriage?"

"It was cancelled. The family we were planning to meet were all killed by the enemy spy."

"Oh..." I sighed, a bit relived I didn't have to go through the marriage. Thankfully, that also means everything that happened was a dream.

"Nee, can I be alone, guys? I think I need to relax and take this in."

"Sure, Sae-chan."


Third Person POV

Later that night...

Haru went into his room, shutting the door behind him. He reached into his chest pocket in his yukata and pulled out a book. A brown leather book with the kanji for "Wind" written in gold.

He opened it up and saw the writing inside telling the legends from hundreds of years ago. The Legends of the Moon Goddess and Sun King, the Tiger warrior versus the Maou dragon, and the four Legendary Samurai princesses.

He bit his lip as he stared intensely at the Samurai girl with short hair, dressed in a green kimono with aqua green tints, a magenta pink ribbon tied around her waist over a white ribbon and strapped together with a golden thread. On the side of her head with a beautiful blue rose clip with small crystals dangling from it, and shining gold bells tying a small ponytail in her hair.

Haru closed the book and picked up an item from his dresser, an item he found the night when the palace was attacked. A red string...with golden bells.

He remember the look of the savior's face. The woman who saved him, wearing a beautiful green kimono with pink sakura flowers. A blue mask covered her face, but he could see the intensity of her eyes.

Haru knew exactly what had happened that night... He was the only one who knew.

"So... Sae is the reincarnation of the Samurai Princess of Wind..."

To Be Continued

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Re: Samurai Princesses: The Awakening (SAE - The Wind Samurai)
« Reply #21 on: May 18, 2014, 06:08:50 AM »
I didn't even notice the last update and now with four princesses should bring up their mission :nervous
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Samurai Princesses: Tsuki no uragawa (Part 1)
« Reply #22 on: May 20, 2014, 08:11:32 PM »
Finally, we got chapter one posted. This will also be divided into parts, and we introduce some new friends~. Enjoy! :heart:

Chapter 1

Tsuki no uragawa (Part 1)


Akimoto Sayaka’s POV

The water was streaming peacefully on that sunny afternoon, I could feel the cool water flows down between my legs and its surroundings. I could just throw myself down into the water and get rid of the heat in my body and cool it with the water.

But here I am standing still as stone for the past hour, barefoot.

I could tell my body was complaining on how long am I planning to stay as I was now under the blazing sun, but my stomach complained first before they do. Complaining about when is lunch time.

I kept my mouth shut and my breathing synchronized until I saw a moving creature swimming just under my feet.

Gripping my sword tightly that was raised for the past hours, I took aim and stab it.
“Nice catch, Sayaka.” I compliment myself as I raised the stabbed creature, a medium sized river fish. Looks like it could last for tonight.

I roasted the fish over the fire I set bellow a tree on the riverside. It’s been three days since General Takahashi told me that I’m part of a legendary group of Samurai, and so far I honestly have no idea on where to find the other Samurai Princesses.

I tossed aside my black hood and lowered my eye mask. Gathering a bit of water from the river, I splashed some of it to my face. The water works like magic, cooling my face from intense heat of waiting for the catch.


The name of my element sounded in my mind repeatedly, like echoes. Like an urge to try something with the element, an invitation to learn something from it.

I put my hands on the water’s surface, and slowly raised my hand upwards as I willed my hand to grab the water upwards too.

It worked. Two thin lines of clear water appeared under my palm as if I was pulling it.

But somehow my concentration broke when I smelt something burnt, causing the water to drop down instantly. I turned and saw my fish was getting black on the surface, I ran for it.

“Yabai!!” I yelped and get the fish out of the fire. It was scorched black, but the meat is well cooked. So I sat down and started eating it slowly. It tastes good, but a bit of salt would make it much more perfect.

As I continued to enjoy my lunch, I heard a rustling sound from the bushes nearby. I quickly gripped my sword for caution, just in case something like an enemy would approached.

To my surprise, a small black monkey came out of the bushes.

I lessened my grip on the sword and sighed in relieve.

It was just a monkey… I thought. It has black furs and small muzzle sniffing in the air. It probably smelt my fish.. I thought again.

I tossed a bit of my fish to the monkey, and the creature caught it on the first try and quickly nibbled on it. I smiled thinly as I continued eating and watched the monkey. The creature finished it quickly and stares at me as if wanting more.

I stared back at the monkey’s brown eyes as if I was playing a game of staring game. The monkey looks cute thanks to the plants nutrition from the forest..

Wait... Plants nutrition..?

Now I remembered, monkeys should only eat fruits and plants. Not meat…

The more I looked deeper into the monkey’s eyes, the more I realized that the irises weren’t brown.

They were red.

My instinct kicked in just in time to grab my sword and jumped out of where I was sitting before the monkey’s fang landed on me. I scrambled up and sliced it in instant. The black sizzling blood splashed to the river pebbles on the ground, melting them.

The monkey released a cry before I sliced off it’s throat, leaving it’s head and body separated from each other. I gasped for breath after the shocking ambush and sheathed back my sword. I grabbed my shoes and put it on with thoughts that I need to get out of here..

I ran to a field in the forest where I left my horse to eat some grass and rest. I cast aside the last bush that covers me from seeing the field…

Dozens of small balls of black furs were gathering up around my horse and mounted on it. I watched my horse trashed around wildly as a dozen pair of fangs plunged into it’s body, biting it mercilessly.

Shocked, I ran towards the other way into the deep part of the forest. I never seen such savage act in my whole life before, freaking me out to the maximum point. I knew those creatures were recognizable; Maou’s dark creatures.

How on earth did they found me?? I asked myself as I ran faster with the hope that none of the creature follows me.


I heard rustling noise on my side above the trees, I looked up and saw dozens of black blurs jumping from one tree to another. My eyes widened in shock, not realizing that a tree stood in my way.

“..ooff!!” I crashed hard to the tree and fell on my back. Groaning, I scrambled up, finding myself surrounded by the black monkeys.

I pulled out my sword in instant and stared intently to my surroundings. All of them bared their nasty looking fangs and blaring pairs of eyes towards me. I pictured myself in the battlefield, surrounded my enemies.

I roared a war cry before welcoming their ambush one by one.


Umeda Ayaka’s POV

I walked intently on the forest path as I scanned my surroundings. Leaves and sticks rustled under my feet as I walked on them, excluding them from my strange noise radar.

It’s been days since I left Master Noro and the Maeda sisters at the safe house. I’ve been experiencing some new things since then, like living outside the palace and started enjoying more of the forest. I slept under the stars, learned how to climb for harvest a fruit from trees, jumping to one tree to another, and how to master the art of controlling swords.

So far I’ve done my best training my sword skills with the scrolls Master Noro packed in, but I never tried to do it on living things. I just can’t bear to hurt something alive..

About yesterday afternoon though, I tried to do something that wasn’t on my mind before. I remembered about my coronation day which ended up with a huge hole in the middle of the palace’s field.


Since that day, I never tried out to summon my true element as an earth samurai. It wasn’t the fact that I’m afraid, but more like not feeling the urge to do so.

But then I felt it. Like the earth rumbled under each of my steps as if greeting me to start knowing each other and to depend on each other.

I picked up three pebbles on the ground and placed it on my palm. I took a deep breath and stared at it intently, putting all my wills into the rock.

It worked. The three rocks raised a bit from the surface of my palm, shaking up a bit as I willed it to rose higher.

I kept my breathing steady and my excitement down. Then, I willed it to move in a circular motion as I moved my fingers in it’s own circular motion.

One day later, I became an expert in doing so.

“Absorbing knowledge doesn’t comes easy, my Lady.” I remembered Master Noro’s words each time I felt that I failed in the daily test she gave. I knew the same principle would also apply in mastering elements like right now.

However, my footsteps stopped on the sight of a footprint on the ground. I knelt and investigate it, looks like some kind of paw with sharp nails. I touched it, freshly made.

With the thought of possibly a wild savage animal, I looked around to see any signs of it. None was in sight, however encountering it might means death.

The ground wouldn’t be safe anymore.. I thought. I looked up the trees, the branches looks strong and dense. I judged whether to take the trees or not. In the end I did with my confidence on my light weight.

I moved my sword straps to my back so it doesn’t disturb me as I climbed the trees, then I started jumping from one tree to another. Carefully avoiding spots where it might be slippery, I jumped from branches to another.

It took my energy quickly and ten minutes later I was already puffing and leaned on a good looking branch of a tree. I took out my water bottle and sipped the cool water.

Suddenly I heard a roar in my ears and before I knew it the water in my bottle splashed to face in huge amount, making my face and hair wet instantly.

I coughed as trying to get the water that went into my nose. I looked up my water bottle and found it empty dry. I curled my lips, how strange it is to find a water bottle instantly dried after just a usual splash.

I packed it back in and looked towards the source of the voice, sounded more like a human’s roar than an animal’s roar.
Maybe somebody is around… I thought. I prepared my feet again and start heading towards the source of the voice.

When I arrived, I saw dozens of black furry creatures surrounded  and attacking a figure.

To my surprise, a woman.

The way she dodged and sliced the black creatures shows how capable she was handling the sword in her hands. I watched how fearless she looked as she bared against the creatures that were attacking her.

I pinched my eyes when I saw a black looking substance where the creature’s blood splashed on one of the tree and sizzled it’s wood.


To my notice, I heard a purr to my right and found one of the creature just beside me and stared intensely into my eyes. My irises met it’s red irises, reminding me of the bear on my coronation day.

I was too late to avoid it when it jumped towards me and pinning me down on the branches. It made a voice as if telling their friends that they’ve got another victim. Realizing it, I kicked the creature and accidentally lost my balance on the branch.

Save me!!! I screamed on the back of my head. I closed my eyes and get myself ready for the hard impact.


I landed on my back, on something soft and damp. I sat up and looked at myself splattered in thick mud, I groaned.

The woman noticing me, gave me a look that could be described as asking who am I. But then her attention was stolen by another attack from the monkey. I got up and saw a monkey sneaked up behind the woman, baring it’s sharp teeth.

Gritting my teeth, I clenched my fist tightly and shot a medium sized rock just in time to the monkey’s head. Black liquid splashed onto the tree’s bark, and sizzled it.

Surprised, the woman gazed at me. “Who are you?”

“We’ll get along later.” I answered. Taking steps towards her and stood by her back, I clenched my fist and raised it ready to work with the earth.

“Let’s get these monkeys a lesson of their life.”


Masuda Yuka’s POV

Where do you think you’re going Yuka??!! Asked a voice in my head as I walked.

Finding my destiny. Got a problem? Asked another voice inside my head.

Sounds great. Samurai Princess of Fire? Don’t make me laugh. You? A part of legendary heroes of Samurai Princess? What kind of dream are you on now..? asked the first voice.

Don’t listen to her. She’s just not used to it… Said the second voice.

“Well I’m not used to any of these! So why don’t you both shut up?!” I growled to myself.

It’s been days since I left my town with al the cool things Misato-san packed in for me. Look at me, days ago I was a veggie seller. Now, a Samurai Princess wannabe?

To be honest, I have no confidence in what so ever that I am destined to be Samurai Princess of Fire.

I never got into a fight in my whole life before other than childish ones I did with Natsuki and the snake. I never heard the story before Misato-san told me about it and I never touched a sword before. And veggie daggers cannot  be counted as a sword.

I sighed as I continued walking with no directions. Misato-san only told me to find the rest of the gang and defeat Maou, the darkness before he rules the world.

I looked up at the sunny sky between the gaps of leafs on the trees, so far it seems to be so peaceful around here. No conflict, no wild scary animals, no…

Suddenly I heard a roar from deep inside the forest. I yelped in surprise and scrambled to a tree.

What was that..??!! I panicked. Could it be a bear looking for lunch? A tiger meets poachers? Or is it what happened when a bear and a tiger meets up with each other??

But then I thought more that the roar doesn’t sounded so wildly roar. More like a war cry or something rather human.

Maybe someone got ambushed by a bandit or something.. I thought. I have to save them…

Then I headed towards the source of the voice, not running but more like a jog. But then when I arrived, I wished I walked instead.

I cast aside a bush in front of me and found myself plunged in to a huge crowd of black furry balls. I saw two figure standing back to back with one holding a sword and the other one covered in brown mud with clenched fist and a medium sized rock floating in front of it.

It was awkward silence for a moment as three of us stared at each other, I was sure my mouth was open in awe.

But then one of the furry balls was revealed to be a monkey with nasty looking sets of teeth and a blazing red eyes. I knew instantly what it is.

“GYAAHHHH!!!!” I screamed and ran back to where I came from. But then I saw a monkey swinging down form one of the tree branches towards me. I knew it’s too late to avoid it, so I raised my hand ready to slap one of Maou’s minions and closed my eyes.

I slapped the monkey hard. I can feel the rough furs clashed with my palm and pushed it with all my powers. I opened my eyes and saw a black furry ball running around with it’s face on fire.


I looked at my hand that I just used to slap, it was covered with blue flames. Licking and dancing on my palm  with such warmness that made me relieve.

“Ah, it’s the fire..” I sighed.

My eyes widened, realizing what I just said. I turned back again and saw my hand still attached to the blue fire.


I ran aimlessly as I shook my hand hard, trying to get rid of the fire. I ignored the monkeys started ambushing me now as I freaked out, but I somehow manage to at least grab a held on each of them with my blazing hand.

“HELLPP!!! MY HAND’S ON FIREEE!!!” I screamed on top of my lungs, completely freaked out. I ran blindly as I swished my hand, whacking any incoming attacks from the bunches of monkeys. Not knowing a pile of flaming black furs were set on fire.

Then I heard a rumbling sound, reminding me of an incoming wave in beaches near the town.

Wait a sec.. A wave..?

Before I knew it , a ten feet tall wave are standing upon me. I pulled a breath just in time before it splashed down on me with such force. I gargled on the water as it pushed me with it’s amazing force, pinning me into a tree.

Once it calmed down, I coughed up the water that went into my nose and mouth. I opened my eyes and saw I wasn’t the only one soaking wet. The figure that was covered in mud before was also soaking wet but now it’s body weren’t covered in mud anymore.

“Sorry…” said the other figure with an apologetic tone. “It just went out of control..”

“Wait, you were controlling that wave?!” I asked in astonishment.  I looked at my hand which weren’t flaming anymore, not a burnt mark or any black scorched spot on my hand too.

“And you were controlling that rocks too before!” I pointed out to the soaking figure whose squeezing the water out from it’s soaked clothes.

“Just who are you people??!!”

Then I felt a sudden warmness on my chest, I looked down and saw my locket glowed in alight a never seen before. I also looked and saw one figure pull out a compact that had a glowing orange stone like mine. The second figure had one glowing attached to her sword.

What’s happening???? I thought in panic.

I suddenly felt a pain in my head as a vision flashed in my eyes. I was seeing the people in front of me, but they looked different from normal. I could also see myself, and one more person I didn't recognize.

We were all fighting each other. Not a spar, a real fight.

"You're good... but you're going to have to do a lot better to beat me."

Before I knew it, I got knocked down and had a tip of the person's sword near my throat.

"Please... I don't want to fight... Can't we all just get along?" the vision me said.


Silence ran throughout the area. We all looked at each other and saw one common thing. We needed each other.

Then, laughter rang.

After that, the vision stopped. When I looked up at the two figures, they were staring at me with the same shocked expression.

"Did we just...?"

"Share a vision?"

"It was a memory."

I slowly got up, staring at the two, and slowly removed my mask.

"What are you--?"

"We're allies, right? It's okay to do this," I said as I pulled the mask off and showed my full face. "I'm Yuka. Masuda Yuka."

Sayaka's POV

Masuda Yuka... I haven't heard of that name before. She doesn't look like anyone I could've seen before, either. She's not a royal... A commoner? Why would a peasant like her be chosen if she isn't even born in royal bloodline?

"Yuka. Well then..." I turned and saw the other woman take her mask off. "I'm Umeda Ayaka."


She's the princess of the Umeda family in Edo. She's the heir to the throne. I understand why she was chosen, but when I first met her back there, it didn't look like she had much training in fighting. She must be a pampered princess.

"And you are?"

"...A... akimoto... saya..ka..." I said quietly without removing my mask.

"Huh? Can't hear you." Said Yuka.

"Please take off your mask." Pleaded Ayaka.

"Let's see that pretty face of yours~."

"A-aki......Akimoto Sayaka! ...mou... you really are desperate." I slowly untied the mask and showed them my face. I could feel I was blushing.

"Woah... you're pretty~."

"And you're BLUSHING! That's so cute!"

"C-cute?!" I unseathed my sword out of impulse and aimed at Yuka's neck. "I... am the head samurai in the Imperial Palace on Okinawa. A samurai cannot be cute."

She froze up, staring at me as her body shook.

Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Sayaka-chan~, you should be nicer." Said Ayaka gently.


"Yeah, Sayaka-chan~." Yuka pushed away the sword with a finger and placed her hand on my shoulder. "Who knew she could be such a tsundere?"

"Maybe she likes being praised." Stated Ayaka simply.

"Ha~ Mecha tsundere!" scoffed Yuka.

"That is not true!!" I pushed off their hands and walked away from them grumpily.

"You sure~?"

"Shut up!" I gripped my sword tighter, but this time, I remembered not too act out on impulse. It was always a bad habit. "I can't kill you, since we're allies... So, please try to behave better."

The two just giggled as I sheathed my sword back onto my waist and brushed back some of my hair.

"Are? Wait a minute..." Yuka suddenly looked at us. "One, two, three... aren't we missing someone?"

"Oh, we are missing someone. I completely forgot."

"Perhaps she's further upward." Wondered Ayaka.

"But, if we go any further, we'll head up to Hokkaido."

"And it's c-c-c-cold up there." Complained Yuka instantly.

"You'll have to put up with it." I answered as I started walking. "If you can't stand the cold, you can walk back to your Mamas and Papas for all I care."

"Now that's cold." Ayaka pointed out.

"Shut up! I am not--" I was interrupted by a sudden growling sound. I brought out my sword again. "Who's there?!"

Again, a growling sound.

Where is that coming from?

"Uhh, Sayaka-chan... that sound is your stomach."

"Eh?" I listened closer. I really was hungry.

"How long has it been since you've eaten?"

"I was going to eat some fish... but then it got burnt.... and then a demon monkey ate it........"

"How can you have all that muscle and still starve yourself?" Yuka said, feeling my muscles. "You need to nourish up."

"I'm fine! The muscles are just...a complex."

"Yeah, but you're bone thin."

"A-am not!"

As they laughed at my blushed face again, a sudden aroma caught my attention.

What is that... sweet smell?

Ayaka's POV

As I talked to Yuka, I suddenly looked over and saw Sayaka walking off somewhere, as if she was drunk.

"Sayaka-chan? Hey, you're going the wrong way!"

"Hokkaido's up north!" called Yuka loudly.


We followed Sayaka deeper into the forest, when we suddenly smelt something. It was the smell of cooking meat.


When we got closer, we saw Sayaka near a fire eating a fish. There was a girl near her, smiling.

"You like that?" she asked.

Sayaka didn't respond and just moaned as she bit off the fish, chewing the meat.

Clumsily, I stepped forward a bit and broke a branch, causing the girl to look up. Yuka panicked, trying to run off, which caused us to fall onto the ground and land in front of her.

Great, two secretly legendary samurai princesses made themselves look like clowns...

I sighed.

"...Oh, hey." She didn't seem to have a problem and held up some more fish she caught. "You want one, too?"

Yuka's POV

I stared at the fish for a long time. I could feel my stomach rumbling, roaring at me for food. So, I politely took one of the fish and started eating it.

"...Ah! Oishii!"

"Looks like you guys were travelling together. This one didn't even hesitate," she chuckled, pointing at Sayaka. "She instantly saw the fish and was like, 'Are you God?' I seriously cracked up. She must've been starving."

"So you were hungry, huh, Sayaka-chan?" asked Ayaka as she took a fish off the girl’s hand.

"Oishii~" She ignored us as she kept munching down her food.

"So, what's your name?" I asked the girl.

"Yuko." Answered the girl simply. “What’s yours?”

“I’m Yuka.” I introduced myself. “This is Ayaka and the one that’s hungry over there is Sayaka.”

“Ah, you must’ve been traveling for a long time..” guessed Yuko. “Are..?”

“What’s wrong?” asked Ayaka.

“I think your friend Sayaka just took the last fish..” said Yuko with an astonished face and looked at Sayaka with an amused look.

“Sayaka-chan!” I called the guilty girl with an ‘seriously?’ tone.

“Gomen, gomen..” she bowed an apology.

“Well, it seems like I arrived on the right time then..” said another voice from behind. I turned and saw another girl with a huge grin plastered on her face. Her smile seemed to look similar to a cat.

Hanging on her hand was a woven bag filled with freshly caught fish and some bottles of wine.

“Ah, Jurina-chan!!” exclaimed Yuko and signaled the girl to sit next to her. “Everyone, this is my friend Jurina. She just arrived from the town nearby to get some supplies.”

“And went a bit more for fishing. I knew we’ll gonna need more fish.” Said Jurina. “Ah, I’m Jurina by the way..”

“You’ve got what I want Jurina-chan?” asked Yuko as she stirs the bag.

“Yeah, took me a few minutes to get the store keeper believing that it wasn’t for me.” Answered Jurina in annoyance.

“Ah, bingo~” said Yuko pulling out a bag of wine. “Wine anyone?”


Third Person POV

An hour later...

Three people were lying on the ground around the fire. Their face was red from the alcohol that they shared together, and now they are snoring together.

“..Been a long time since Yuko got someone to drink with.” sighed Jurina.

“Ah, so you’re actually younger than me?” asked Ayaka with a thin smile as she watched Sayaka and Yuka mumbled between their snores.

Jurina nodded.

“People always looked at me like I’m way older than what my age actually is. I wonder why..?”

Ayaka didn’t answer to that. but, a little corner in her heart actually was yelling “BECAUSE YOU’RE TALL!!”

But then the reality of her being shorter than a girl that is like three years younger than her would be embarrassing.

“Uwa~ The stars looked so pretty tonight!!” gazed Jurina upwards. "The moon, too..."

"You like the moon?"

"Yea. It's beautiful..."

“Hmm..." Ayaka stretched out her arms and yawned. "Well, maybe I should get some sleep now..” she said. Bending the earth in the morning was actually tiresome.

“Sleep well~” said Jurina with a smile towards the princess. Ayaka smiled back and lied herself under a tree, then dozed off.

Jurina stared intently at the fire before then closed her eyes softly. Yuko who was snoring before groaned and sat up.

“Man, been a long time since I had fun drinking wine..” compliment Yuko as she snapped her neck.

“I actually never would thought that my brother’s daughter is quite a drunk ass.” chuckled Jurina in a different voice. She opened her eyes and revealed a pair of unusual silver irises.

“Gomenasai...” bowed Yuko a bit towards Jurina. ”So then, we finally found them, my Lady?”

“Well, they just came into our doorsteps.” Compliment Jurina. “Now we need to find the other one..”

“Where could she be?”
“Miles away, but I can still feel the last one. After all, I was the one that made it.”

“Then I guess we have to lead them there…Before Maou reaches her first.”

“Maou is faster now..” said Jurina carefully. “Who would’ve actually opened his seal..?”

“We need to find out about it.” Said Yuko. “But we need to keep an eye on them.” pointed out Yuko to the three sleeping figures.

Jurina closed her eyes again and produced three balls of light from her palm. Each of the ball went over to the girls and absorbed to the girl’s body.

"Is that...?"

“A protection spell.” said Jurina shortly. “I need to protect the warriors that will serve me from Maou. At least, until they’re all ready..”

Yuko smiled and yawned once again. "Well, the sun has set already, so my shift's ended."

"Alright, I'll go patrol the area." Jurina said, getting up. "You sleep well, okay?"

"Un. Night, Kaguya..." Yuko said before crawling back into her blanket and falling asleep.

Kaguya smiled at her sleeping face.

"The daughter of Amaterasu... energetic until the sun sets." she chuckled before heading out into the darkness.

To Be Continued
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Re: Samurai Princesses: Tsuki no uragawa (Part 1)
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This is gonna be a fun read just between the three princesses :lol:
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Samurai Princesses: Tsuki no uragawa (Part 2)
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Chapter 2

Tsuki no uragawa (Part 2)


Sayaka's POV

Argh... My head hurts... What happened to me?

"....ugh..." I slowly got up, holding my head as I groaned. It feels like my brain is being scraped up against a brick wall. "What was I...?"

"Morning, Sleeping Beauty." I heard a voice.

When I looked, I saw a girl eating a large loaf of bread.

"Want some?"


"Who are you?! What did you do to me?!"

She looked at me with a shocked expression, my blade at the tip of her nose as she held her hands up, one still gripping the loaf of bread I sliced.

"Sayaka-chan, are you not fully awake yet? Must be the hangover. It's me, Yuko, remember?"


My head throbbed a bit as I tried remembering what had happened last night.

I was with Yuka and Ayaka... then I smelled something good. I was so hungry, I had to follow it. Then... I met Yuko. That's right. She and Jurina gave me the meat. And then, we started drinking wine and I passed out after being drunk for some time.

"That explains it..." I muttered to myself. "Where's the other one?"

"She's out hunting for breakfast."


I looked and saw Ayaka was still peacefully asleep, clutching the locket in her hands. I noticed how she was so close to it, and wondered if it was important to her.

"Mm~ Takoyaki~"

"Eh?" I looked and saw Yuka, giggling in her sleep as her hands grasped the air.

"Gotta catch 'em... All the flying takoyaki..."

I shook Yuka awake, causing her to shoot up from her shock and grabbed my wrist. A few seconds after, her face suddenly changed expression.

"Sayaka-chan...?" she breathed out in a weak, shaky voice before covering her mouth. Then...



"BLEEEEEEEEEH" She puked in the river.

"There goes all the good fish," Yuko sighed as she prepared a towel and big wooden bucket for Yuka.

"Thanks.." said Yuka weakly when she comes back from the river. "Now I remembered that I'm bad with alcohol..."

"Everyone has theirs when they drank too much." said Yuko patting the girl's back. "Jurina should be here by now.."

"Ah, there she is.." I pointed to a walking figure coming towards our direction. It was Jurina carrying a basket of berries in her hand.

"Hey~ I found a bunch of berry bushes nearby." said Jurina offering the basket.

"Sweet.." I commented as I plopped one into my mouth. The berry juice swirled in my tongue perfectly after the wine last night.

"Un.. I also found a bar nearby with it's chimney on. Maybe they served breakfast there." said Jurina pointing down to the direction she was from.

"A bar in the middle of the forest?" I asked with a scrunched eyebrows.

"Well, it's kinda beside the main road. Probably like a stop over." shrugged Jurina.

"I guess it's not a problem if we check it out." said Yuko. "Let's get a decent breakfast there."

I pinched my eyes in suspicion, "Fine. Yuka, wake Ayaka up now."

She nodded, and walked towards the sleeping girl, kneeling down to her.

"Ayaka, wake up~" hummed Yuka as she shook the little figure under the tree shade. When she touched Ayaka's hand, the little girl suddenly sat up with no warning.

"GYAHH!!" yelped Ayaka with a shocked face. I could see her hand clutched the locket I saw earlier tightly as if her life depends on it, she was gasping for air.

"What's wrong?" I asked the girl.

Ayaka shook her head, "...just a nightmare.." she mumbled.

"Well, you're awake now." patted Yuka with a comforting smile. "Let's get something to eat.."


Ayaka's POV

I couldn't shake off that dream somehow...

I had a dream last night. An unknown girl, appeared in front of me. She was wearing a hooded robe, but I knew it was a girl.

She griped on my shoulders tightly and whispered into my ears. When she moved her face closer to me, I couldn't see her face at all, accept for a wide smile on her face.

"You will meet me one day, girl. And by the time we meet, it's either you or I that will plunged deep into the darkness.."

I tried to push her off, but she's not finish.

"That side of yours... Well hidden but so fragile. I shall crumble that easily.."

Then suddenly, I was thrown down into a deep hole that appeared under my feet. The air felt cold on my face as I felt it passing. I heard a laughter from above, the girl's laugh. She was laughing as if she was watching something funny.

"Father and daughter are pretty much the same, eh?"

That's when Yuka woke me up then.


"Ah, we're here." said Jurina breaking my thoughts.

We've been walking for a few minutes now, my previous thoughts went through as I kept on walking.

I looked up and saw a shack with a name board sticking on the roof.

"Warukki's Zipper." chanted Yuko. "I don't know why, it sounded a bit erotic somehow.."

"Let's just come in.." said Sayaka pushing the door followed by the others.

"Hello~ Anyone?" called Yuka out loud.

"Hai~" said a voice. A girl popped up from the counter excitedly. "May I help you, travelers?"

"Hello~" said Jurina cheerfully as she approached the counter and sat on the stool. "I saw your chimney working, I was hoping if you're making some breakfast."

"Ah, you got me nee~" said the girl cheerfully. She pulled out a menu sheet from the counter bellow, "we provide food of course for travelers that passes the forest and the road."

"Hmm..." said Sayaka as she observe the menu. "How long have you opened this bar?"

"Honestly, I don't know." answered the girl with a pout. "My master told me to stay here for the last two weeks, because he's dealing up with something. He's the owner of this place.."

"That's strange.." I said as I looked around. I could see the dust and the spiderwebs on the other seats and tables. "Do you actually get customers?"

"Of course we do!" said the girl pouting again. "They just like to sit on the counter as I talked to them."

"Hoo.." I nodded a bit. The girl looked cute after all, sweet smile and dazzling eyes. Man could definitely fall for her after all.

"What's your name?" asked Yuko to the girl.

"I'm Miyuki, but you can call me Milky." winked the girl to Yuko. I could see a grin spread across the girl's face as she welcomed the wink.

"Oi! No flirting!" said Jurina as she whacked Yuko's head. "Can I get this please.." she pointed at one of the menu on the sheet.

"Sure~" said Milky. "What about the others?"

"Make it the same for me." said Sayaka.

"Me too." said Yuka looking around the room.

"Nice oppai...~" said Yuko.


Jurina whacked the squirrel's head harder.

"I-I mean, I'll have the same too!!" said Yuko dreamily.

"And how about you..?" asked Milky too me with such a sweet smile.

"I'll have the same too." I replied. Milky nodded, but then she looked worried.

"What's wrong?" asked Jurina.

"You might have too wait nee~ The chef is out for a moment, probably to look for some ingredients." said Milky. "But she should be back by now.. Eh, there she is!" she pointed to the door.

A girl appeared from the door carrying a basket in her hands and a bow in her hand. A tube of arrows was slung over her shoulders and I could see some wild turkeys hanging on her waist, fresh hunted.

"Sayanee~ We have customers~" exclaimed Milky with a smile.

The girl called Sayanee looked at us happily as she went closer to the counter that connects to the kitchen.

"Hello, I'm Sayanee. The chef here." she introduced herself. "Ah, Milky... I found this creature injured by the forest, you think you can take care of them..?"

She went to her jacket pocket and pulled out a familiar looking ball of black furs.

Black fur...? I thought. Masaka...

"Oh darling..." said Milky with a duck face as she took the small ball slowly. "That looked badly burned up there.."

"Oooh~ Can I see?" asked Jurina edging closer. But then Yuka pulled her back.

"Don't..." said Yuka with a shaky tone. She looked over to me and Sayaka as if hoping we know what's going on.

"Who are you..?" glowered Sayaka to Sayanee. Her hand was already on the sword's handle, gripping it tightly.

"Nee, Sayanee..." said Milky as she tapped the small black fur with her hand. "She says that she knew these girls.. They hurt her and the others.."

"Oh really..?" asked Sayanee with raised eyebrows. "I wonder why did they..?" asked Sayanee with a sinister smile and it's eyes to us, especially me.

"They say, master ordered them to chase them down, but they fought them." said Miyuki with a sad pout.

I gritted my teeth, this is going to get ugly.

"Say, Miyuki..." began Sayanee putting down the basket on the table. "Don't you think we've got them now..?"

"Yes, Sayanee..." said Miyuki as she put the small ball of fur on her head. It suddenly turned to a curvy little horn on her left side. "Shall we kill them like master told us?"

"Let's do so." said Sayanee before clouds of darkness swirled around them.

"Yuko, Jurina, RUN!!" yelled Sayaka.

The two girls ran behind the counter where'd they be safe.

I turned and saw Sayanee looked at me with a strange look. She grinned, staring at me.

"W-why are you looking at me like that?"

"Because... you're insane."


"Umechan, don't listen to her!" Yuka reassured me. "She's just trying to psyche you out."

Milky put another fur in her hair and it became the matching horn on the other side of her head. Then, a tail swirled out of her backside.

A devil?

Sayaka unsheathed her sword and aimed at Milky's neck. "Listen, I'll give you two choices. You can either let us go or I can chop off your heads."

"Woah, brutal, Sayaka-chan."

"Now, now, let's not be so--"

"You wanna go, too?" Sayaka pointed the blade to Sayanee, who just grinned.

"I don't want you..." Sayanee pushed her sword away and walked towards me. "I want you."

Sayanee pulled out a dagger and attempted to slash me. She barely cut my cheek, but I was able to step back and avoid her attacks.

I touched my cheek and felt the blood run down my skin, hissing a bit at the pain.

"Umechan!" Yuka grabbed her sword and tried to help, but got grabbed by Milky and was hugged by her from behind.

"No, no, no, you're not allowed to interfere~."


Yuka's POV

"Hey, get off me!" I said as I struggled to release the demon girl's grip on me.

"Nope. I won't let you~," she giggled in my ear. She sounded a bit weird, it gave me a bad feeling. "Sayanee~... make her go crazy."

"Will do."

"Oh, no, you won't!"

The demon girl suddenly appeared in front of me. Does she have super speed or something?!

"Let her play with her toy. And I'll play with mine~."

I pulled out my sword, holding it towards her. "I-I'm not afraid to use this!"

"You don't even know how to hold it properly."

"Mou~ Sayaka-chan, help me!!!"

Milky rushed up once more to attack me, but then Sayaka came in just in time and slashed her sword, knocking her back and cutting her hand.


"Jeez, you're so hopeless."

"Hey! I'm new to this fighting thing!"

"No fair~" Milky whined. "I don't have a weapon! If you're a real warrior, you'll be nice to lil' ol' me and fight with your bare fists."

Without saying a word, Sayaka sheathed her sword and placed it on the table. Then, cracked her knuckles and neck a bit before taking a ready stance.


"Come at me." Milky clenched her fists and stared at Sayaka intensely.

Instead of fists, Sayaka's hands were open palms, meaning she must have some special plan to beat. She took in a deep breath before grinning at the demon girl.


Sayaka's POV

I ran forward and lunged towards the girl, swinging my arm forward to hit her, but she was able to grab my wrist and stop my attack. Only for a second, though, as I used my well-known strength to free myself and continue fighting.

Before coming to the Imperial Palace, I was trained in a dojo and practiced aikido for about 5 or 6 years. I can see she's having some trouble keeping up with my skill. All she does is dodge.

"Hey... what are you scared?"

I spun around and kicked my leg up to hit her, but she ducked once more and tried to attack me. However, as we were face-to-face, I saw her giggle.

"What's so funny?"

"I saw London, I saw France, I saw someone's underpants~" she teasingly giggled.

"Wait, what?!"

"Sayaka-chan, don't tell me... she..!"

I growled angrily and grabbed the demon girl's collar. "You did not!!!"

"I did. Who knew, a Samurai Princess who likes purple lace. And how sexy it was~. I could almost see your--"

"SHUT UP!!!!!" Anger filled within me and I prepared to punch the girl in the face. She raised her hand and ended up hitting my chest. Then, she gave a perverted grin.

"Dang. You're a chopping board."


Before I could move forward to attack, she speeded over to Yuka and grabbed her chest.


"You, however, really have a rack on you. Not quite like Sayanee's, but still impressive~"

"Hey, what was tha--?" Yuka was suddenly stopped when she was turned around to face Milky. I couldn't see her face, but I saw Milky looking at her, with... glowing pink eyes?

"You really are a baka~." she giggled while hugging Yuka. She looked at me and her eyes glowed pink again. "No one can resist my charm."

Instantly, I knew what was going on and use my sword to shield the pink light coming out of her eyes.

"Nee, Yuttan, this girl is being mean to me. Protect me~?"

When I uncovered my eyes, I saw Yuka with her sword in her hands, rushing over to attack me! I quickly blocked her attack, holding her sword. I looked at her eyes, they were pink!

"I won't let you hurt my Miyuki-sama!" She kept swinging her sword at me.

She's getting pretty close, though, too...

"Yuka, snap out of it!"


Meanwhile with Ayaka...

Ayaka's POV

I held the silver metal blade firmly, pressing against the small knives strongly pushing against me to try and break it and slice me. I was staring right into the eyes of the strange demon girl, who was grinning at me the entire time we fought.

"Why are you... so interested in me?"

"I just told you. It's because you're insane."

I pushed her away and started swinging my sword. As I stepped forward, she just gripped her knives and spun them, thrusting them forward to cut through me. She almost stabbed my shoulder, but I was able to grab her wrist and work my way around it to release her grip on the small knife.

I released it from her palm and took hold of it, the two of us engaging into a heated battle.

When I saw an advantage for me to strike her, I used my earth powers to shake the ground below her and knock the second knife out of her hand. Now, I put the blade near her neck, and she was cornered.

But, still, she smiled for some reason.

"Do you really believe you can stop me?" she said.

Then, her smile disappeared and she grabbed my head. I felt something weird. There was something in my brain, it felt like buzzing in my ear.

You're so weak... You cannot win...

"What...? What is this?"

"Can you hear that?"

"...w-what are you... doing..?"

"You're totally crazy. Don't resist that voice inside you. It is your true self."

She's right, Umeda Ayaka. Give in to me. Let your anger drive your action.


The screams of pain and agony, music to your ears. Your victims begging for mercy, such pitiful, hopeless pleas...

"No, I won't! I won't do it!"

Red... nothing but red... It's blood!

You've killed so many people in your past. It is your fate. Accept it.

"No!!! It's not true!!!"

Face it, you were born into this world, a monster. You are a killer, and you always will be.

"NOOO!!!" I grabbed my head and fell to the ground as I saw the awful visions play in my head. "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!"

Why? Why does this happen to me?

Hahahahaha! That's it, just break them! Every single one of them that hurt you!

I'll be a good girl... I'll be a good girl...

Don't worry, it won't hurt for a second.

Mama... Papa... I'm sorry...

Are~? They died already? Too bad... oh, well, another one bites the dust...

"N-no... please stop..."


"I knew it. You are crazy. You just needed a push, was all."


Sayaka’s POV

"GAAAH!!!" I keep dodging all of Yuka's attacks. She was a puppet under the little demon girl's spell, a completely mindless, empty shell.

"C'mon, Yuka! Time to wake up now~!" I tried to get her back to her senses, but she wouldn't listen.

She growled at me and tried to stab the sword through my chest. I blocked it and we came face-to-face, inches apart.

"I will not allow you to get close to Miyuki-sama!"

"Okay then..."

With one swift movement of my sword, I pushed her back and pinned her shirt to the wall. She struggled, trying to break free, the fabric ripping bit by bit. I tried to think of a way to wake her up...

Only one thing came to mind.

Forgive me for this...


Yuka's POV


I blinked my eyes a few times and saw Sayaka in front of me...

Why is my shirt sleeve pinned to the wall?

And... why does my cheek hurt?

"Itai~! Why did you punch me, Sayaka-chan~?!"

"That was your wake-up call."

"Aw~ my mind slave woke up from my charm."

I rubbed my cheek, still trying to process what happened. "Dang, Sayaka-chan. You're strength is about the same as a gorilla's."

"Shut up!"

"Ah! Anyways..." I looked over at Milky, who was sitting at the counter. "You! You're gonna pay for trying to control me... even if you kinda did, but I'm STILL gonna make you pay!"

“Kinda too late for that, nee~” smiled Milky before she snapped her fingers. The whole ground erupted in an explosion. I could feel the heat coming close to my face and the a huge mix of lava from the earth bursting out of the earth.

I closed my eyes and prayed my last wish.

“OH NO, YOU DON’T!” yelled a voice. I opened my eyes and saw a short figure standing between me and the hot lava.

“Yuko!!” yelled Sayaka still pinned down by one of Milky’s work of art. “Get away from there!!”

But the midget only smiled with her squirrel smile at us as she held her hands in front of her.

Milky’s expression froze just as Yuko clenched her fists. The lava suddenly curled up into a huge boiling ball before eventually disintegrated when Yuko’s hands sliced the air.


“I will not let you touch them, Demon.” said Yuko with such a fierce voice to Milky. “Tell your master that these girls are under my protection.”

Milky hissed as she crackled her fingers, showing her big demon claws. “Mou.. Master definitely wouldn’t be pleased, daughter of Ameratsu.”

“I guess I have no choice but to go against the so mighty warrior like you..” smiled Milky before she disappeared.

“Where did she go?!” I asked. Then before I knew it, Milky already stood in front of Yuko and gave a high kick to the girl.

Yuko blocked the attack and grab a hold of the demon’s sexy leg. I could see the girl’s grin before slamming the demon into the ground with face first.

“Mou…” groaned Milky as she snubbed her bloody nose. “You’re going to pay for that!!”

“Then come and ask for it.” Challenged Yuko and welcomed another on of Milky’s attack.

Meanwhile with Sayanee…

Third Person POV

You are weak.. Only depend on others, never can stand by your own self…

“No I am not…” Ayaka groaned with her empty eyes. Sayanee smiled widely as she kept her finger on the girl’s head.

"This girl… I never knew that she would own such power." thought Sayanee. "Master would be pleased if he knows…"

That’s why I live inside you.. I was born from your hatred. Your hated of losing.. Your hatred of being weak.. Your hatred from being dependent to people and ended up hurting them..

“Please…” pleaded Ayaka. “Leave me alone…”

Leave you alone..? How? I AM YOU, UMEDA AYAKA.

Ayaka screamed and trashed her head around. Sayanee cursed and grab a hold of her chin to steady it as she kept her victim still under her spell. The demon archer was just enjoying the show she just created by herself.

Before she suddenly felt a tip of a blade at the back of her head.

“Leave. Her. Alone.” said the voice with a steady controlled emotion.

Sayanee cursed and kept the finger on Ayaka’s forehead before she moved her head to the side and gave a spinning back kick to the one pointing the weapon.

Her kick was strong enough to make the figure pushed back for a couple of feet, she was impressed how brilliant the figure blocked it.

“No wonder I felt a bit of moon presence in this place.” Said Sayanee as she stood with her bows and arrow pointed at Jurina.

Ayaka quickly slumped down on the demon’s foot, gasping for air. She looked and saw the two facing off, but her vision was blurry as she was still recovering from the monstrous visions.

“So it was, the great Kaguya.” sneered Sayanee before releasing an arrow. The arrow flew in such incredible speed and covered with dark aura.

But Jurina with no expression, raised her sword and sliced the arrow in half. Fading the dark aura around the arrow and it splinters fell to the ground.

“Demon, I will not allow you to go further than that.” said Jurina clearly as she pointed her sword to the archer whom loaded her arrow automatically. Her silver irises stares deeply into the demon’s lucid purple eyes.

“She’s an interesting subject after all..” shrugged Sayanee. “I might be an archer, but I have great interest in coming to be a curious of knowledge freak.”

“How dare you used human beings like an experimental rats!” yelled Jurina.

“Humans? Oh please..” disgusted Sayanee. “Humans are nothing but a weak creature. They depend too much on others and leave what they so called ‘friends’ rotten once they’re done with them.”

“That is not true!” yelled Jurina. “You demons, never understand why and for what reasons we humans appreciated friendship! You demons will never understand!”

“'Friendship', you say?” asked Sayanee coldly. “That sounded nothing more than a bullshit in my ears, human.”

Jurina charged in and swung the blade towards the demon. The demon quickly parried the blade with her bow and pushed Jurina back with such an immense strength. Jurina took her stance and hold back Sayanee’s strength as their weapon clashed to each other.

“You don’t get it do you?” hissed Sayanee with her face close to Jurina’s. “Humans are weak and we demons were supposed to bow to them when they were first created? Never will, Humans.. We Demons have not only prides but also intelligence to know who’s the strongest among all!!”

"Ughh… She’s very strong and I can’t use my full power without the moon at this time of the day…" thought Jurina.

Sayanee growled and all the sudden her body was engulfed in dark auras. As if she just got herself a power boost, the Demon pushed Jurina and pinned her into a tree.

But then the two of them heard a sudden scream and a few trees crashed to the ground. Sayanee turned and saw Milky got thrown to a nearby rock with cuts and wounds all over her body.

“MILKY!!” yelled Sayanee. Jurina used this chance to kick Sayanee’s stomach hard and it pushed her for a few feet.

Sayanee groaned before she jumped back and knelt beside the wounded Milky.

“You’re okay..?” asked Sayanee.

Milky coughed up and nodded. Jurina could see flickering hatred on Milky’s eyes as another figure approached closer.

“Leave now.” growled Yuko as she clenched her weapon tightly as she stared intently at the two demons.

Milky threw a glance at Sayanee whom managed to curved her her arm around Milky’s waist to support her.

“...tch, fine.” Said Sayanee with an annoyed tone. “We will meet again. And by the time we do,-“ she looked at Ayaka with such interest and amusement.

“I shall have the Samurai of Earth as mine.” She smiled before clicking her fingers. Dark clouds swirled under the demon’s feet before swallowed them whole and disappeared.

“Did she just left, like that..?” asked Sayaka coming out of the bushes followed by Yuka.

Jurina nodded and walked towards the gasping Ayaka. The girl was still shaken of Sayanee’s mental torture; the shock was all across her eyes.

“I-I…” stammered the girl.

“It’s alright, you’re safe now..” said Jurina. She picked up Ayaka and carried her to a tree to lean on.


“You did well. For now, rest...” she touched Ayaka’s forehead with her finger and the shaken girl quickly slumped to slumber.

“What did you do to her?” asked Sayaka suspiciously.

“Recovery spell.” Said Jurina. “Only works when the casted one sleeps, so I combined them with slumber spell.”

“Sweet~ We’re not getting one too? We just faced Milky.” Said Yuka.

“Oi, in the end it was me who faced her.” said Yuko with an amused smile.

“She’s a bit different than any of you, I have to say…” said Jurina as she approached the other girls. “I did not expect fate would choose her as one of my warriors.”

“Who are you?” asked Sayaka to the two girls. She raised her katana towards the two of them when they stand close to each other.

“At ease, Akimoto Sayaka.” Said Yuko. “We are not your enemy.”


"Please, let me explain. I guess now would be a time for proper introduction. Well, my human name is Oshima Yuko. It was given to me by my father, the sun God, Amaterasu, meaning, I'm a demigod."

"Demigod?" Yuka scratched her head, a bit confused.

"It means half human, half God." Sayaka said as she retracted her sword. "Does that mean Jurina's a demigod, too?"

"Jurina's situation is different. She's actually a royal descendant in the Moon goddess, Kaguya's bloodline. So, Kaguya-sama has the tendency to possess her body and help us fighting or hunting at times. She's only strongest at night, though, and especially under the full moon."

"Ah, now it makes sense..."

"So, I'm guessing you both were sent to find us."

"That is correct, Akimoto-san."

“Now that you know who we are, it is time.” Said Jurina.

“Time for what?” asked Yuka.

“Prove me that you are worthy to become my warriors.” Said Jurina with her silver eyes stares deep into the Kansai girl. “Fight me.”


“I won’t use this blade of course.” Said Jurina as she handed Yuko the blade. “I will only use my fist, feet, and speed.”

"Wait, is this girl serious?!" Yuka's mouth remained pried open.

“Go on now.” Said Jurina signaling for the two girls. “Fight me.”

To Be Continued

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Tsuki no uragawa (Part 2)
« Reply #25 on: May 31, 2014, 05:22:26 AM »
They went into a fierce battle with two special beings on their side although the princesses in general are still raw but I guess not until they acquire a skill or power that they can defeat the tougher opponents
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Samurai Princesses: Fade Out (Part 1)
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Chapter 3

Fade Out (Part 1)


Yuka's POV

"Wait, what?!" I quickly hid behind Sayaka, shivering back as I saw Jurina cracking her neck and knuckles. "W-We have to fight you?!"

"Yes. Prove me that you are worthy of the gift I gave to each of you, Samurai Princess. I don't give that kind of power just to anyone!"

"Wait, we can't fight you!"

"Yeah, don't you think they've already been through enough, My Lady?" Yuko patted her shoulder.

Sayaka pushed me away a bit and stepped forward to Jurina.

"Look, Jurina, or Kaguya-hime, or whoever you are, we need some rest so we can be ready to fight you," she said in a stern tone.

Jurina gave her an intense glare with her sliver glowing eyes. I thought something was going to happen to Sayaka, but she didn't seem to be intimidated by her at all. She just stood there frozen, like a statue.

Is this... a stand-off?

There was no movement as the two were just in a stand still, staring each other off.

Then, Jurina made a move and proceeded to try and punch Sayaka. I covered my eyes, not wanting to see, but I didn't hear anything that sounded like a punch or groan of pain.

When I uncovered my eyes, I saw Sayaka, grabbing Jurina's fist and preventing it from hitting her.


Jurina chuckled lowly, "Looks like I've underestimated you, Akimoto Sayaka."

"Now, listen... you have absolutely NO idea what we've been through. We deserve a bit more respect, like the 'warriors' and 'princesses' you say we are."

"I understand." She let go of Sayaka's hand and smiled. "Perhaps you truly are worthy of your title. I understand you were the head Samurai of the Imperial Palace. I could see all that in your eyes."

"You read my mind, basically?"

"My main concern..." she looked past Sayaka and was staring straight at me. "Is you."


"You don't seem at all like a princess or a samurai warrior. I definitely will be putting my extra interest in you later."

"EEEEEEEHH?!?!?!" I fell to my knees, grabbing the younger girl's heels. "Why?! Why me?! You clearly have the advantage~!"

"Which is why I would like Akimoto to train you."


Sayaka looked down at me, and I made my puppy eyes that no one could resist. She sighed and pulled me up to my feet.

"You really are hopeless."

"We shall face off tomorrow."

"Y-yes ma'am..."


Sayaka's POV

"Alright, Masuda..." I sat the girl down in place, sitting in front of the calm river. "Are you ready for training?"

"Uh, maybe?"

"Look, I'm gonna be nice and let you start off slow, but don't expect anything. I'm still a warrior."

Yuka giggled, crossing her legs as she played with the water. I sat down beside her, crossing my legs.

"So, what's first, Miss Trainer sir? Er, ma'am. Ufu..."

"First part of training..."

I laid down my sword in front of me and took in a deep breath.

"A samurai must stay calm. If you let your emotions run wild, you'll put yourself at a disadvantage. Anger, excitement, leave it all behind."


"We're going to meditate. Just sit here and stay quiet for an hour. Let yourself wind down and find your inner peace." I closed my eyes and heard the silence being carried by the wind.

3 minutes later...

"Mou~ This is boring!"


I quickly hit her head without opening my eyes, making her sit back down.

"Jeez, Sayaka-chan, don't be so cruel..."

"Sit back down and be quiet."


I released a heavy sigh as I felt the wind blow against me. I was about to smile, seeing how well behaved she was acting...

But then...




My eyes creaked open as I looked at her sudden chanting. I felt my eyebrow twitch a bit.

"OO--" I pinched her lips together, shutting her up.

"What... are you doing?"

I let go of her lips and she scratched her head shyly.

"Uh... finding my center."

"Can you try and find your center silently?"

"Okay. Sorry, Sayaka-chan."

I groaned and reassembled myself, closing my eyes once more...

5 minutes later...


Peace... This is nice...






"....I'm hungry...."




10 minutes later...




"...I gotta pee..."



"I thought you were hungry!"

"I had to use the bathroom a long time ago, and it made me hungry."

"Just go real quick and be back here soon."


After a few minutes, she came back, now ready and more relaxed. We both sighed out, breathing in the fresh air...

15 minutes later...

"See, isn't this nice, Masuda?"


She's quiet...

A bit... too quiet...



"Hm?" My eyes snapped open and I saw her head hung back. She was peacefully asleep, drool slightly escaping her mouth as she snored loudly.

"Hehe... Yakiniku~..."

"Good grief, you're hopeless..." I pulled out a blanket and wrapped it around her, slowly laying her down as she dreamed away. "At least you found your inner peace this way."

"Mm~ oishii~..." She licked her lips, clutching the blanket. "Soy sauce rivers..."

What's with her and these weird food dreams?



Third Person POV

There were no dreams that Ayaka experienced from her sleep. Just total darkness until she smelt an aromatic fragrance similar like her mother’s.
She opened her eyes hazily with her eyes still blurry, she looked upon the shadow hovering above her and it does smelt like her mother.

“Mother…?” she spoke softly. The shadow turned it’s head towards her and put it’s hand on her forehead.

“You seemed to be in better condition.” said the figure, it’s voice weren’t her mother’s at all. Her eyes cleared off it’s mist and revealed the figure was no other than Yuko.

“Yuko..?” croaked Ayaka. “What..”

“Sayanee was messing with your head earlier.” Said Yuko as she helped the young girl sat up and leaned on the tree. “Jurina saved you from her going further.”

Yuko offered her a water skin.

“Here, drink it.”

Ayaka drank it all as if she hasn’t drink for her whole life, her throat felt dusty dry.

“You have a strong shadow, Ayaka.” Said Yuko as she watched the girl drank.

“I think everyone has a shadow, Yuko.” said Ayaka confusedly as she pointed to Yuko’s on the ground.

“Not that kind of Shadow.” Retorted Yuko before putting her finger on Ayaka’s chest. “This shadow.”


“Every human of course have shadows.” Said Yuko just as she saw the overly confused face. “But there’s a special shadow called Kage inside everybody’s inner self. These Kages are created by fears, contempt, lust, and all those bad things. Then it all piles up and created another side of it’s human, dark and dangerous side. Normal people’s kage were usually buried deep down and untouched, slumbered.”

“And mine is different.” Said Ayaka carefully.

Yuko nodded, “Yours is fully awake, Ayaka. And it’s just waiting to be triggered.”

“What made it triggered? I mean how come mine is fully awake while other people’s aren’t?”

Yuko tilted her head a little as if she was thinking,  but then another voice chimed in.

Your past.

Ayaka and looked up and saw someone else instead of Yuko. It’s long hair was messy and shadows hovered around it’s face, enabling Ayaka to see who it is. Her surroundings goes dark, leaving only her, the figure, and the tree.

“Who are you..?” she asked carefully. The presence of the figure made chills in her bones and Goosebumps to the back of the neck.

Don’t you remember Sagi?” asked the figure.

Ayaka’s memories flashed back as the name echoes in her ears. It was her first pet, Sagi the rabbit. White and fluffy as the winter snow, she always played with Sagi after each of Master Noro’s lessons. She was so soft and comforting each time she put the creature close to her cheek on the lonely days.

Until one day she went for a walk with her mother to the palace’s forest. It was snowy and the path was covered with snows thickly. Ayaka accidentally Sagi slipped from her hands and fell before then it ran off. Not hearing her mother’s voice, Ayaka ran chasing the rabbit deeper into the forest.

She was looking to any directions once she lost the rabbit’s track, before then she heard some sort a squeal coming from behind a bush. She approached it and saw the ground was red behind the bushes. She saw Sagi hanging aimlessly on a snake’s mouth by the head, she screamed.

The next thing she knew was Master Noro found her with the snake’s eyeballs crushed between her fingers and her clothes bathed in red.


Yes. I was the one that killed the snake.” Said the figure. “I am your Kage. I am yourself, Umeda Ayaka.

“And your session is over.” Said another voice from behind Ayaka. She looked back and saw Yuko glowing in an orange flickering aura.

A demigod of the sun.” said the shadow not in a pleased tone.

“Leave.” Commanded Yuko firmly and the shadow vanished into the air along with the darkness. The sun came back and Ayaka could see the forest ground back.


“Repetition of terrifying experiences can make Kages awakened fully." Said Yuko. “ You must learn how to control your own Kage. It wouldn't be nice if it came out when you guys fighting Jurina.”

“Fighting Jurina?” asked Ayaka much more confused now. “Why are we fighting Jurina? Where are the others by the way? Who are you two?”

“Whoa! Holds up the question while I explain.” Begged Yuko.

Then the girl told Ayaka everything from Jurina’s rescue to the challenge.

“So she’s practically going to test us? If we’re worthy or not?” asked Ayaka.

“More likely so. Kaguya understood your condition, so she asked me to train you.” Said Yuko.

“Train me..?” asked Ayaka.

“She decided that you actually are capable of using the element power than the other two and your sword technique is not so bad.” explained Yuko. “But you need to get a grip on that Kage of yours if you want to win.”

"And how do I do that?"

“Kage is weak with inner lights. I have my inner lights which surrounded me before from my power as the demigod of the sun, while Jurina has hers from Kaguya-hime’s power.” Said Yuko. “If that Kage came out during the fight with Jurina; even if she doesn’t activate her inner light at all, the presence of the moon could still weakened it and leave you also physically and mentally exhausted.”

“That’s why you’re the one training me.” Finished off Ayaka. “So that you can stop it if it goes overboard.”

“Correct.” Said Yuko.

“Then I’m in.” said Ayaka firmly. “Tell me what should I do.”

“First, you must face it again. This time you must keep it in mind that, you are visiting it as the main owner of your own body. So the Kage must respect that fully and not to defy that.”

“I am in control..” said Ayaka softly. “Kage are meant to be my visitors.”

Yuko nodded, “ready?”

Ayaka nodded and felt Yuko’s finger on her head, casting the spell which made her eyes in total dark like before.

“Good luck, Umeda Ayaka.” Said Yuko. “Don’t let your own Kage fade you out..”


Meanwhile in another place...

"Haru~" Sae ran across the hall as she searched for her brother, looking in each of the rooms. She was in desperate need of her brother, for something important came up, and she needed his help.

She then ran past one of the outdoor training grounds and saw him practicing his archery.

Sae watched from behind the wall as he stretched out the bow, then let go of the arrow. It flew speedily, cutting through the air, and then hitting the bullseye, passing through another arrow.


He wiped off his sweat with a towel as some of the servants applauded him.

Sae grinned as she slowly snuck behind her older brother and wrapped her arms around his neck.


"Ah!" The two siblings rolled on the ground playfully. Sae pinned her brother's wrists down and smiled as she laid on top of him like a blanket, giggling at his shocked face. "Sae..."


"What the heck are you doing?" Haru released the girl's grip from his wrists and slowly got up. "I was in the middle of something."

"I know, but there's someone here who wants to see you."

"Eh? Who?"

"A certain... Snow White."

Haru's eyes widened and a smile curved across his face.


The two ran down the halls, sharply turning each corner while holding their hands. Sae opened the door to the dining hall and sitting at the table was a beautiful young woman with long black hair and snow white skin.

Sitting beside her, eating some sweets happily, was a little girl who looked just as beautiful, with her hair tied in twin pigtails. She laid in the elder's lap while hugging an stuffed alpaca doll, all while the woman petted her hair softly.

"Yukirin! Mayuyu!" Sae ran to the girl and hugged her tight. "Hisashiburi~"

"Sae-chan. Hi."

"Sae~!" The younger girl, Mayuyu, hugged Sae tightly while lying her head on her chest.

"Hey, Mayuyu. You little rascal!" Sae proceeded to tickle the girl, the two wrestling together on the floor. Haru and Yuki watched as the two battled happily. "You aren't getting away from me~"

"I shall defeat you this time!"

"Come at me, Princess Knight Mayuyu~!"

"I shall have your heart, Dark Dragon Sae!!!"

"RAAAAAAAAAAAWR!!!!!" The two ran off in their fantasy battle, not aware of the two watching them. All as if they lived in their own world.

"It's always nice to see Sae-chan and Mayu getting along like that."

"Yeah. I've never seen Mayuyu happier with anyone else."

Yuki sighed as she turned around and faced Haru. He sat down in front of the girl and looked deep into her alluring black eyes.

"Now, why did you come over here?"

"There's something we need to talk about. I think you know very well, right, Haru?"

Haru puts up a confused face easily, and Yuki just sighed looking at her husband hopelessly.

“Leave us alone.” said Yukirin to the maids and guards around. As soon as they bowed off and closed the door, she turned back to Haru. “You suck at lying, Haru.”

“What are you talking about, Yukirin?” asked Haru.

“It’s about Sae.” Said Yukirin. “Do you really think you can lie to a priest like me, honestly?”

Haru tensed up, “Did you have an unusual dream again, Yuki?”

“Yes. And you should see it.” She sighed before leaning in her forehead to his, it is her power as a priest that she can share her memories with anyone.

Just as Haru’s eyes blinked, he was in a different place. In front of him was a high tower surrounded with dark clouds and lightning. What lies around were bodies of many creatures and men, all dwells on the ground in pools of blood.

“Stick to me.” Said Yuki’s voice from beside him. He felt her palm on his and just in another blink, they have reached the top of the tower.

Haru can feel such a chilly air surrounds the tower and got into him, “Yukirin what is this place?”

“There.” She pointed to what’s in front of them.

There were four figures standing with weakly surrounding a simple throne which seemed to be occupied. Haru could not see the face on the throne, but he could feel certain auras flickering around it, murderous ones.

“Maou! We’re here to seal you once and for all!!” yelled one of the figure. “You’ve torn apart many kingdoms in your hands and engulf them in total despair!”

“We shall not have you going further, Maou..” said another figure. “Not even millennia, not even centuries, not even decades, not even years, not even months, not even weeks, not even days, not even hours, and not even for seconds!!”

Then a chuckle was heard, it was deep and round voice as if it was a cliff with deathly depth.

“Do you really think you can stop me, Samurai of Kaguya?” said the voice before the figure on the throne swiped it’s arm to the air. The four weak figures screamed as they were thrown back and hit the wall.

But one past where Haru and Yuki were standing and broke the tower’s window glass before plunging down the heights. Even it was a split second, Haru could hear the voice of Sae from the figure’s scream.

“NO!!!” Haru screamed as he tried to reach down but he was too late.

The figure on the throne laughed cruelly, “Kaguya was a pathetic to send four wimps against me. I am Maou and I shall hold the world in Darkness!!”

“Even when the room got darkened, there’s always a light flickering somewhere..” said a figure weakly before throwing a huge ball of fire to the throne.

The figure on the throne sprang up and simply split the fireball in half by a swipe of his hands, shocking the one threw it.

“HO-“ it’s voice was cut off in a strangled on her neck. She struggled on the figure’s grasp as she was rose to the air by the neck.

“And when you play with certain lights, especially fires, you do get troubles.” Continued the figure simply. “You are one troublesome one I must say, Samurai of Fire. Unpredictable and yet uncontrollable.”

“Let go of her!!” yelled an incoming figure sliding on a frozen surface and rose a tidal wave to the figure. The dark figure simply clicked it’s fingers and the ground bellow the wave cracked open, plunging the wave down below the tower.

“How did-“

“You are a guest here, Samurai of Water. I am in control.” Said the deep voice before it shot a dark ball into the figure. The figure screamed as the dark ball engulfed her in a dark cocoon, choking her.

“Kai…” whimpered another figured crumpled on the ground, reaching out for the one in the cocoon.  “Hinata..”

“Oh dear, Samurai of Earth is down already?” asked the deep voice before approaching it and held her up by the chin. “My, my you are quite a beauty but..”

“You are nothing more than a ragged doll.” As soon as the figure said that, thin wires wrapped around her wrists and ankles, and hoisted her up into the air, unable to touch the floor.

“Is that it Kaguya?!” yelled the dark figure. “Is that all you got to stop me?!!”

“Like hell it was.” Said a calm voice. Haru turned behind him and saw the figure thrown out earlier riding a vortex of wind.

“Samurai of wind..” chuckled the dark figure. “Intertain me please.”

The one called released a war cry before shooting a vortex straight at the figure, so strong that the figure was thrown back slightly. She jumped back inside with the a circle of wind surrounding her. Haru watched her face and wonders trucked.

Her face was exact the same as his sister, only older and tougher face line than she has one now.

“Kaguya hime-sama send us for nothing but to seal you with this!!” she ripped out a pendant from her necklace. It was glowing in green fiercely as the wind grows bigger around her.

“As the wind blows, piercing the chains of darkness..”

Suddenly the dark vortex blew up in jet of water. The figure inside is now surrounded by swirling waters around her.

“And the water drowns the insanity of darkness…”

The thin wires snapped quickly and dropped the figure hanged by it, but then she quickly stood up with pebbles surrounding her.

“The earth shall rumble itself against the imbalance of darkness..”

Then the dark figure was thrown back by a fire swirling his hand which was choking on the Samurai of Fire. As the girl dropped, the fire hoisted her back up with fires dancing on her palms.

“Until the fire lit up the way to peace from despairs of darkness..”



Then the four of them produced massive jets of lights and released it to the dark figure, such blinding lights that Haru covered his eyes from it…

“Stop.” Said Yukirin’s voice. Haru opened his eyes and saw that they were back in the palace’s room.

Quizzically, Haru turned to Yuki who looked exhausted. He wrapped his arm around her and she leaned on his chest.

“You know it’s her, Haru..” whispered Yukirin weakly. “She have to awaken it before it’s too late..”

Haru gritted his teeth and slowly broke away from his wife.

"I can't allow that."

"Why not?"

"She's not ready. And besides, she doesn't need to live that life anymore."

Haru looked outside the open door and saw his little sister and his daughter playing together, smiles on their faces.

"She has no need to remember that life. All she ever needed was to be happy, and I won't let her know about the truth."

Yuki's eyes widened. "Don't tell me... did you..?"

"I had to!"

"Haru, you can't do that. It's a forbidden spell; dark magic."

"Even so... I won't let Sae become victim to that Maou... I'm not letting her die again!"


The two suddenly heard a scream from Mayu outside. The two quickly ran out and saw Mayu collapsed on the ground, coughing. Sae was trying to help her, picking her up in her arms.

"Guys, something's wrong with Mayuyu! We saw this black butterfly, but when it touched Mayuyu, she..."

"Where did it touch her?" Yuki asked.

"Um, the nose, I think."

Sae laid Mayu down and Yuki felt of her forehead.

"She's burning up."

"Maybe that butterfly poisoned her!"

"Calm down, Sae..." Haru held his sister close as she started crying into his chest. He looked up and saw Yuki give him a serious glare. "Get her to the infirmary! Hurry!"

To Be Continued

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Tsuki no uragawa (Part 2)
« Reply #27 on: June 18, 2014, 08:23:51 PM »
They seem to be slowly working their way to battle but Haru is hindering the dream and poor Mayu
Random Thought:


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Samurai Princesses: Fade out (Part 2)
« Reply #28 on: July 13, 2014, 12:02:05 AM »

Chapter 4 - Fade Out (Part 2)

Yuka's POV


I screamed at Sayaka as I tried to step on the stones, balancing the heavy boxes being carried in both my hands. I looked down anxiously as the water roared below me.


"A warrior must exceed her limits to become stronger. Now, show me your strength!"

But... I'm scared~!

I tried my best to keep the heavy boxes up and not fall into the river, but the cold water often splashed on my sensitive feet suddenly and caused me to jump from the sensation.

"Keep your ground, Yuka!"

"I know! I know already!"

Another splash hit me and a chill ran up my spine. I gripped onto the rope tighter, gritting my teeth as I felt it scrape and burn my raw skin. I jumped lightly from each rock to next, feeling the weights swing in the air. I twirled on one rock and jumped up, landing on the soft grass and letting go of the heavy boxes, sighing loudly in relief.

I looked up and received a smile from Sayaka.

"Well done."


"But don't think we're finished yet."

Oh crap...


Ayaka's POV

The darkness filled my eyes quickly just by a touch of Yuko’s finger. I was plunged in into a total darkness and felt cold air chilling me to the bones and my lungs, not knowing what could happen next.

“I see.. She’s training you, eh?” said a familiar voice.

I opened my eyes and there I was standing in front of high vertical bars. I could not see how tall it was or how long it was set across, the darkness surrounds everywhere across the horizon.

“Welcome, this is your first time to visit me.”

I turned to what’s beyond those bars and saw the same silhouette sitting lazily on a white couch as if it was her property.

“Oh don’t get it wrong. I know we’re both living in the same body, but this is my territory.” Said the silhouette

“Why are you here in the first place?” I asked. “Why do you have to haunt me all the time? Living inside me and freaking everyone out?!”

The ‘tsk’ sound was to be heard in the air, “Obviously, that is Kage’s true nature, my nature. I was born within your very own deepest mind, way before Sagi died. In fact, I was just when you were born.”

My eyes widened, “How could you?”

“You’re a different matter, darling.” Said the silhouette.  “People mostly have problems with their own Kage got theirs developed as they grow. In your case, you were already born with it. It was a curse given to your father for an unforgivable sin that he did when you were still in your mother’s womb.”

Shocked, I started shaking. I’m cursed

“What did he do..?” I asked huskily. “What did my father do ever do?! He was a kind man!!”

The silhouette raised it shoulders, “Don’t ask me. I was told to stay within you, that’s all.”

Then before I knew it, I felt an arm hooking my neck and a figure standing behind me.

“May I remind you, that there were no such thing as ‘kindness’, oh darling.” said the same voice in her ear. I can feel soft touch on my ear and felt it moving on the surface as if it was smiling. “Humans only seeks for power within themselves, for their own selfishness. It was no need for their shadows to rise up, they are already the shadows themselves..”

“Don’t say that!!” I yelled. I pushed off her arms and turned to her, “Not everyone was like that!!”

“I beg your pardon?” asked the voice icily. “You do realize that everything that you do, everything human does always invites us to laugh at you? Everything that you do, that you think were right, I would laugh at it nonchalantly. Such a naïve for humans to think that they were the strongest ones and would fight each other just to be known for that.”

“Just like your father.” said a new voice. I knew whose voice it was, I turned and saw my mother standing beyond the darkness. She looked the same as I saw when I visited her last time, thinly weak figure and paleness on her face.

“Mother..?” I asked. I turned back to my own Kage, but it wasn’t there anymore.

“Your father left her just because he thinks that he’s strong enough to unite everyone together. Such a naïve..”

“Mother, that’s not true right..?” I asked. I reached for her, but by the time my fingers touched her robe she vanished into a thick mist before it disappeared.

Confused, I looked around frantically and found Noro standing behind me.

“Master Noro..”

“You do realize that she’s the first to notice that you’re cursed for your father’s sin?” she asked nonchalantly. “She tried to lock me up all the time when you sleeps and ends up…”

Noro coughed up loudly and brought her hand to her own mouth. Worried, I approached and before I got myself close she showed up her hand covered in blood. My eyes widened in horror and looked at her face, I saw blood smeared all over her grin.

“Ends up… hurting herself all the time…” she continued. Then a cold wind gusted into my face, gagging me up badly. I opened my eyes and saw nobody.

“It was such a shock though that destiny finds you to be the next legend..” said a new voice. I turned and saw Jurina standing behind me in distance. “I would expect myself to be facing such a dangerous enemy that would make my very existence to disappear..”

“But then, I found a new ally to change it.” Said another new haunting voice. My eyes widened in horror realizing whose voice is it, I turned and saw Sayanee with a dagger pointed up to my neck.

Staring into the girl’s deep eyes, I see it all black just like the lips she curled into a victorious smile.

“You liked her better than me.” I said.

“I wouldn’t lie about that honestly.” Said Sayanee in the silhouette’s voice. “She gave me another chance to take over your mind, which comes very rarely for me.”

“I won’t let her do that again.” I said. “I won’t let you taking over me again!!”

Sayanee laughed, her laugh was a cross between metal’s screeching sound and surging winds. “Don’t make me laugh, you are too weak to do-“

I cut her words and gave a slap across her cheek. I never thought that I would slap a figure that looked like the first demon ever to torture me. It’s skin was cold and hard as concrete, I cursed lowly upon the pain made by the impact.

Noticing my pain, ‘Sayanee’ only smiled evilly as she caressed her red cheek. “See you only ends up hur-“

“Shut up!!” I yelled cutting her words again. This time I balled my fist and punched her straight in the nose, knocking her out to the ground.

“What the fu-“ before she continued further, I climbed on top of her and punched her cheek with all my might and repeated it again and again. Everything she said earlier made my heart ached in such a hatred. How she transformed into my mother, Noro, Jurina, and Sayanee and say all those things..

“Don’t ever mock my father again, you wretch!!” I yelled and kept punching ‘Sayanee’ ‘s face. I ignored the horrible pain it made to my fist and kept punching. “He’s the best man I can ever have in my life, and you have no rights to do so!!”

I kept punching and punching, watching how ‘Sayanee’ ‘s face started to wreck up in my hands. I kept going with no control until my hands started to ached badly that it’s hard to move them anymore.

“Well, keep going..” grinned Sayanee evilly when I stopped my bloody hands. Her face was so beaten up badly that it was ten times much more horrible than the last time she showed the same grin. “Kill me. Let all your hatred swallowed you and fade you away into total darkness towards me, princess.”

I raised my fist again, this time I curled it up harder that I felt nails digging into my palm. Putting all my emotions, all my despairs and hatred into one ball of fist.

“Don’t let your own Kage fade you out.”

I froze, it was Yuko’s voice this time. Noticing the same, ‘Sayanee’ was not pleased that she made another ‘tsk’ sound.

I lowered my fist and get off her. “I can’t.”

“Why not?” asked ‘Sayanee’ with a sheepish grin. “You can kill me and end all of these miserable burdens.”

“Like what you said, you’re a part of me. In fact, you are me. If I kill you, something would happen to me too right?” I asked. I offered her a hand, “You need me to survive while I also be needing you.”

‘Sayanee’ looked at my hand confusedly. “Why would you offer your hand to me? Are you stupid?”

“Maybe I am. But I’m smart enough to know you’re kind enough to help me out one day.” I answered. “Do we understand each other?”

‘Sayanee’ hesitated. “What do you expect from me?”

“I know you always want to take over, I’ll let you to do so. But, help me out on trying to fulfill my destiny. Help me out by being on my side all the time.” I said.

‘Sayanee’ looked at me in disbelieve before she giggled strangely.

“Why are you lau-“ before I could finish the question I felt her hand rested on my shoulder and standing next to me. “How did you get there?!”

‘Sayanee’ rolled her eyes, “Obviously because-“ her face shifted again then I saw a girl with wavy long hair in the same height of myself, it was a reflection of myself.

“I am you. And I’m always here.” She pointed her finger to my chest and smiled. “You got yourself a deal, Umeda Ayaka. I’ll help you out, in return you would let me take over when I wanted to.”

“Deal.” I smiled. Her smile wasn’t that bad, it was warm like how I would when I faced the mirror.

“Ah, one more thing..” she said. “Be careful of that daughter of Ameratsu.”

I looked at her confusedly, “Why?”

“You’ll see..” she said. “I’ll show you. But for now, I’ll contact you when it’s needed.”

 Then she snapped her finger, and darkness filled back my eyes.


The next thing I knew, I was breathing a scent of apples. I opened my eyes hazily and saw Yuko sitting beside me as she munched an apple.

“Welcome back.” She smiled. “I was about to jump in before you could finally stop yourself.”

“I guess so..” I said slowly. “We got ourselves a deal now.”

“That’s great then.” Nodded Yuko before throwing away the apple core. “I didn’t expect that Kage would agree on the first visit, but you seemed to be fine.”

I nodded, “I think I’ll start training with the others then..” I said.

“Sayaka and Yuka is already at the riverbank.” Pointed Yuko. “I heard Yuka’s been screaming her lungs out, so be prepared for whatever Sayaka’s  gonna throw at you.”

“I’ll take my leave now and report to Jurina. I’ll see you later.” Said Yuko before she stood and leave.

“Be careful of that daughter of Ameratsu.”

“Eh..?” I blurted out, making Yuko turned around.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I’ll show you.”

Then I saw a shadow hovering behind her, the same height and the same hair flows, but it was as dark as a silhouette. I could feel a stronger and darker aura hovering it.

“Nothing..” I lied realizing what my Kage showed me.

It showed Yuko’s Kage to me, a lot stronger than mine.


Yuka's POV

Sayaka raised her sword and pointed it towards me.

"Are you ready?"

I gulped, still a bit shaky as I tightened the grip on my katana slightly.


"Alright then..." The two of us stand in our ready positions. A moment of silence passes, and then, "Maeru!"

We charge at each other, our swords clashing. I could see the sparks flying every time my blade hit hers. Each time I strike, I felt something so good. It made me feel like I was strong and powerful. I couldn't help but smile like crazy on the inside.

I saw Sayaka grin and she used her powers to make some of the river water splash me in the face.

"Hey, no fair! You're gonna get it now!"

I lit up a ball of fire in my hand and threw it towards her, but she quickly dodged it on time.

"So that's how you wanna do it, huh?" Lighting up my hand once more, I touched my metal blade and set it ablaze with my bright red fire. She did the same and froze her sword into ice. "Come at me!"

Our swords clashed again and again, sparks and flames of red and blue flying. And it made me feel so alive inside. I saw the fire in Sayaka's eyes, too, and I could feel this intense heat burning through me that only made me grow stronger. With one slash, I was finally able to shatter the ice surrounding her sword and knocked it out of her hands. I pinned her to the ground with my sword at her neck and smiled.

She grinned at me and said, "Nice work."

I grabbed her hand and helped her stand back up.

"But you still got some work to do." she chuckled as I cracked my knuckles. "Next is hand-to-hand combat. You ready?"

"Of course!"

Hey, I don't feel scared anymore. Right now, I feel like I can do anything!


Meanwhile in another place...

Sae's POV

"Mayuyu..." I stared at Mayu as she slept in the infirmary bed, her face paler than normal and her head burning from the fever. I heard her shallow breaths as her body shivered and cold sweat ran down her forehead.

I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. I looked behind and saw Haru's worried expression.

"You should leave," he said with a sad smile. "Me and Yukirin will take care of Mayu."

"Oh... okay." I left the infirmary and went silently to my room, falling onto my bed. "Please be okay, Mayuyu..."

I hugged my pillow and sank into it, trying to fight my tears of frustration and worry. All I could do was think about Mayu and what I could do to save her. I don't know what I can do to help her, or if I can do anything at all. All I can do is pray right now.

I closed my eyes slowly and felt myself slowly drift into sleep.

"You want to help her, right?"

...Eh? That dream again...

"You want to save her. Don't you?"

Yes, but... I can't do anything. I don't know what else I can do. Besides, Haru and Yukirin are...

"Do you really think that butterfly was harmless?"


"That black butterfly's poison is very strong, anyone can succumb to it. Even though Mayu's a small child, there's only hope for a miracle if she'll survive."

I trust Haru... He'll save her. She'll be okay...

"No. The butterfly has not evolved into its true form yet. It's going to transform into a more terrifying and deadly form."

No… no way... Haru... If I don't do something, he'll...

"Yes. He'll be killed."

But, what could I possibly do? I don't have that sort of power...

"Yes, you do."

I... I do?

"More than you could imagine. You're stronger than you believe you truly are."

What..? What should I do?

"I'll show you. I will lend you my strength once again."


I slowly opened my eyes again and saw a strange light floating outside my room. It was a calm, green light that looked like a star burning in the sky. Somehow, I felt attracted to it... like it was calling to me.

My head was spinning and eventually, I fell asleep again. Although, this time, I didn't feel like I was asleep. It was like, I was awake, but not at all, really, as if I was drifting into a deep dream. A peaceful silence washed over as everything else inside me shut down.



Third Person POV

Yuki, dressed in her kimono outfit and a red ribbon with beautiful golden bells tied in her hair, waved her tamagushi stick over Mayu and softly chanted ancient prayers to purify the sleeping child of the butterfly's poison.

Haru watched silently, remembering Sae's sad eyes as she left. He knew very well she was worried about Mayu, but right now, he didn't want his sister to get involved with something this serious.

He bit his lip slightly, holding his head.

"I can't let her... I won't allow it."

As Yuki finished her prayer and put away her tamagushi stick, she walked towards Haru and dragged him to the end of the hall.


No answer came.

"Talk to me. Why did you do that Sae? How could you have gone so far as to.."

"I don't want to talk about this right now." Haru tried to walk off, but then Yuki grabbed his wrist.

"I do." He looked and saw a serious fire burning in her eyes. "I'm worried about you, Haru. You don't normally act like this, ever. I need to know what's going on."

"It's fine... Everything's fine." Haru made her let go and took his katana to his side.

"Haru... why did you use Black magic...? Of all things… that. Why THAT?"

Haru didn't answer her question and opened the door to the garden.

"I'm going on patrol."




“Just… let me be alone, Yukirin.” He stepped out into the garden without saying another word, leaving Yuki more worried than ever. Then, one of the servants walked up to her.

"Kashiwagi-san, where is Haru-dono?"

"He just went to patrol in the gardens."

"When he gets back, please tell him we need his help. Sae-ojou-sama has gone missing!"



Back at Yuko and Jurina's location...

Yuko and Jurina were both training in the forest that night, preparing their bodies for the battle tomorrow. Yuko swung her sword and clashed it against Jurina's, both blades gleaming in the moon's light.

Yuko's ear twitched and she froze a bit as she heard a rustling in the bushes somewhere. They immediately stopped and looked around, trying to find the source. A gust of wind blew and then, Yuko saw a shadowy figure staring at them, hiding in the dark trees.

"Who's there?!" She pointed her sword and ran towards he figure. But then it faded away and Yuko saw the shadow jump up into the trees and start to escape. "Come back here!"

The two ran towards the figure, following its trail. They ended up in another empty part of the forest and couldn't see the shadow anymore.

Yuko looked around, furious.

"Where are you?! Come out!"

Jurina looked up and sighed. Seeing that the mysterious figure was gone, she tapped Yuko's shoulder and got her attention.

"We should head back. We don't want to get lost and make the others worry when they wake up tomorrow."

Yuko groaned and sheathed her sword. "Alright..."

As they started to leave, another gust of wind blew and sent a chill through Yuko's spine. The moon shone down on them once more and a strong feeling shook Yuko's core. Jurina froze in her tracks and her eyes gently closed, her head dropping to have her chin rest on the base of her chest.

Yuko looked up at the moon. The strong feeling had suddenly left, but she still remembered the strange presence she had just felt.

"Jurina, did you feel that?"

"I felt it. A strong presence..." She looked back and saw Jurina turn to look at her with a familiar pair of glowing silver eyes.

"It was just for a second... but I felt it. It's gone now."

"Whoever was watching us, they left. Quite in a hurry, too."

"Do you think it was one of the Maou's servants, my Lady?"

"No. Their aura was different, it wasn't evil. It was most likely someone else, but who, I'm not quite sure right now."

She turned and head back to the their previous location, Yuko following behind. Kaguya put out the fire and let the moon become their light. Seeing Kaguya's eyes, Yuko suddenly realized the meaning of her expression.

"You don't think..."

"We'll find them later. Surely, they wanted something. They'll probably come back."

Yuko nodded her head, gulping.

Kaguya took out her sword once more. "For now, let's continue training."

"H-hai, Kaguya-sama."

To Be Continued

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Fade out (Part 2)
« Reply #29 on: July 13, 2014, 08:20:14 AM »
interesting development in the story

Sae is being left in the dark about her past and power

Would Sae be able to get her brother agreement to be samurai princess?

Would they be able to get together and defeat the maou?

What's going to happen to Mayu?

What kind of effect did the dark spell that Haru did do to the world?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Samurai Princesses: Fade out (Part 3)
« Reply #30 on: July 14, 2014, 02:04:29 AM »

Chapter 5 - Fade out (Part 3)

Akimoto Sayaka’s POV

A slight noise woke me up on early dawn on the next day. I opened my eyes briefly while still lying on my back, facing the slight dark sky upwards. I decided to sat up on my sheets spread on the ground and found two piles of the similar sheets empty with another pile of clothing.

They actually have already woke up..? I thought. I looked around to see any of the two, but there was no one else. I strapped my sword to my waist and stood up before walking to the river bank for a quick splash of water.

Just before casting aside a bush in front of me, I heard quick fast steps on the pebble ground. I stopped and knelt behind the bushes. Between the leaves, I saw two shadowy figures moving as if they were fighting.

One of the figure punched towards the other, but it wasn’t just a regular punches. I saw fire breaking on the fist followed by a fiery spinning kick. The other figure dodged by falling back and brought two of it’s legs up and clamped the punching arm together before punching up a block of the earth towards the captured figure’s stomach. But then, a burst of fire broke out the figure’s feet and hoisted the body up and somersaulted above the other figure, avoiding the block of earth.

With a loud thud, the figure landed on it’s knee and growled in pain, “I need to work on how I land, I suppose.”

“You’ll be fine Yuka.” said the other figure slumping on the pebbles. “You’ll get use to it.”

“How can you be so agile there, Ayaka.? I mean, you’re a princess aren’t you? You’re meant to stay low and pretty much not to ‘act’ around like that.”

“One of the lesson that my master taught me is gymnastic. It’s like dancing but you let your body flows in what you need to do.” Answered the figure on the ground sounded a bit tired by it’s breathing. “You’re doing good too with the basics there, Yuka.”

“But she definitely need to learn how to control her fire.” I chimed in an approached the two of them.


“I told you to stop calling me Sayaka-chan.” I scowled at the two girls. Despite in darkness, I could see the two of them smiling sheepishly, “But you guys really improved well.. Especially you, Yuka.”

“Then are we ready to face her?” asked Ayaka. I looked at Yuka and we both nodded at the same time.


After a quick splash in the river, we headed back to Jurina and Yuko’s campsite. The three of us left our colorful kimono robes folded neatly in our bags and was left with simple tank tops and cotton pants.

Jurina was waiting for us, she was sitting on top of a branch a few feet in the air smiling down as we headed closer. Yuko was standing under the tree, and gazed upon us as we approached closer.

“So I guess you guys are ready, right?” asked Jurina as she jumped down from the branch. Despite the tall height she landed smoothly on the ground with a soft thud.

Well she’s part of Moon Goddess no matter what… I thought.

“Well then, I’ll tell you the rules again then.” began Yuko. “You guys are allowed to use anything including hand combat, swords, and elements of your own. As for Jurina, she’s only allowed to use her hand, feet, and speed.”

“Are we clear about this?” asked Yuko to the four of us.

“How will the fight end?” asked Yuka.

“It will only end when I say so.” Said Jurina as she handed her sword to Yuko for safekeeping before then tossing her clothes aside, leaving her with a set of white cotton jumpsuit like ninja would use.

“I guess you’re only going to stop if we pushed you or you pushed us to the limit…” I said before tossing aside my kimono and leaving me with only cotton tank top, pants and the sword on my waist.

“Let’s do this then.” Said Jurina before suddenly disappeared into the thin air.

“Where did she go?!” asked Yuka looking around vigorously. But then she was taken back by Jurina’s appearance right in front of her and landed her fist on the girl’s stomach. “GAAHH!!”

“Yuka!!” yelled Ayaka as Yuka got thrown back from the punch to a nearby tree. She flicked a rock towards Jurina but then the girl dodged easily to the side and run towards Ayaka in such an intense speed.

“Show what you got, Princess of Edo.” Smiled Jurina. The young girl aimed a kick towards Ayaka’s head, but the shorter girl ducked just in time and I parried the kick just in time with my incoming leg.

“I see you got some teamwork going already.” nodded Jurina. “I wonder if…” she looked back at where Yuka was before.

“Don’t leave me out!!” yelled Yuka before running towards Jurina and jumped high before slaming her foot to the girl’s head. Jurina dodged to the side just in time and so does Ayaka and I, it was such a close one since I felt a bit of heat from the slammed feet.

“I see.. You’ve been combining your element with body combats.” grinned Jurina. “I am surprised that you’ve improved from the last time.”

“She’s not the only one though.” I said before I pulled out some water from my water skin and created a thin water line in the air, I willed the line to whip around towards Jurina. The young girl rolled up to the side to avoid it, but then she stumbled upon trying to get back up.

“Gotcha.” I grinned when I tugged the water line that’s tying around her left ankle. I admit, it was hard at first to control water and bending it. My stiff muscle was having a great time just to adjust to the smooth movement of the technique, luckily Ayaka was capable in teaching me a bit of that.

On the other end of the line, Jurina was tugging on it too. I could see her being distressed of the water line around her ankle. However, I pulled it along with Jurina to the side and slammed her to one of the trees.

“That’s rough, Sayaka.” commented Yuka, I shot her a look and let go off Jurina.

Yuka smiled sheepishly before running towards Jurina, she did another foot slam to where Jurina was recovering from the impact. But once again, Jurina dodged it to the side just in time and before Yuka knew it, the girl was already standing behind her.

“How di-“ her words were cut off by Jurina’s punches which landed on both of her shoulders. It was like how normal person would punch, but somehow Yuka was screaming as soon as she’s knocked to the ground.

“Yuka!!” yelled Ayaka. She stomped the ground and kicked the risen rock towards Jurina once again, but the girl was so agilled that she managed to dodged it like a pro.

“I-I.. c-can-‘t.. mov-ve my han-ds!!” trembled Yuka. Both of her hands were lying limply against the ground on her sides as her feet were struggling to get her up.

I looked at Jurina in disbelieve and the girl just showed her trademark cat smile formed from her lips. I’ve seen that technique before once a long time ago… Could it be that Jurina actually using..

“Ayaka be careful of her punches!!” I yelled. I knew Jurina’s techniques aren’t using magic this time, no… This one doesn’t need any magic at all…

“What do yo-“ this time Jurina lunges at Ayaka and karate chopped her left forearm. Ayaka yelped in pain and punched a spike towards Jurina with her right hand. Jurina jumped in time and kicked the spike’s end off as well as kicking Ayaka in the cheek.

“Ayaka!!” I yelled as I watched the small girl hit a tree with a loud thud. I ran towards her and saw her cheek was in deep red shade of color and her pain expression.

“That really hurts..” she whined. I saw her left hand hanging aimlessly on her side and her right hand caressing her swollen cheek. “I can’t move my left arm but my right one is fine..”

“I knew it..” I mumbed. I turned to Jurina who was standing  far in the distance, “You’re using Chi Blocking techniques aren’t you?”

“As expected of a high military ranked officer.” smiled Jurina excitedly. “Yes, I did use that technique just to get those elements out of the way for a moment.”

“What’s Chi Blocking?!” yelled Yuka still trying to get on her feet without her hands.

“It literally shuts off you energy flows to the part of the body which was hit.” I explained. “Including energy just to move your body normally. Don’t worry, it’ll be back in time.”

“And mean while it does..” said Jurina cracking her fist. “You’re mine, Akimoto.”

I kicked just in time to parry Jurina’s kick heading towards my head in a flash. Her speed was indeed incredible for someone that doesn’t use her full potential power, we were indeed lucky to go against her in daytime..

Despite in great pain, Ayaka still joins the fight. Jurina’s feet stumbled upon getting back to the ground after the kick thanks to Ayaka’s anticipation to grab a hold of her ankle with a hole she made in the earth. She dragged the hole away once the girl’s feet landed on the hole, making Jurina fell on her chin.

“Itte!!” yelled Jurina feeling the whole earth impact on her chin.

I pulled the waterline again and wrapped it around her ankle once more. But before I could tug on it, Jurina karate chopped my ankle just in time. I groaned in pain and stumbled back, releasing the water line and her ankle.

Jurina stood back up in victory, her smile was already triumpful. She knew that she’s going to win this fight.

“I SAID DON’T LEFT ME OUT!!” yelled Yuka running towards Jurina’s back. He hands was still hanging aimlessly  but her feet was running in such an intense speed before it jumped and somersaulted in the air. “TAKE THIS!!” she yelled as she tried to do another foot slam, only this time her foot was surround in blue flame.

It was too late for me to dodge that and I knew I could get hit by the fire because my ankle refused to move after Jurina’s karate chop. I did not dare to look and shut my eyes instead.

I didn’t hear anything else like Jurina’s screaming or maybe the sound of any blazing fire, as if nothing eventually happened.

I opened my eyes and saw another person has joined in. Only this time, Yuko was standing between Jurina and Yuka as she grab a hold of Yuka’s flaming foot just with her hand. But it wasn’t just a bare hand, I could see an orange aura coating it against the blue flame and eventually swallowed the blue flame and disappeared.

“That is a dangerous flame you got there, Yuka.” said Yuko before turning back to Jurina. “You’re okay, Jurina?” she asked worriedly.

Jurina was frozen in awe, but the she shook her head and nodded slowly. I didn’t see her face but I’m sure she has something to do with the blue flame.

“We’re done.” announced Jurina before turning towards me. “You proved me well, the three of you..”

“Yokatta!!” jumped Yuka happily.

Ayaka sighed in relieve, but I was staring at Jurina questionably. “Wait, but you haven’t pushed us to the limit yet!”

“But you already did that to me I have to say.” sighed Jurina. Now I can see the weariness of the young girl. “I don’t have much power in day light, Kaguya lends me hers at night. That’s why I can’t use magic in daylight at all and uses hand combats and speed I gained from trainings.”

“ I’m going to the river bank to get some water..” said Jurina wearily. “No need to follow me, Yuko. I’m fine.” She added just when Yuko’s about to go with her.

Jurina passed Yuka and stopped to stare at her. She put a hand on the older girl’s shoulder and gave a little squeeze, “You did great.” She said shortly before leaving to the river bank.

I stared at the distance in wonder as Jurina’s back disappeared into the bushes. Yuko started treating Ayaka’s swollen cheek by dabbing some cream on it and massaged my ankle lightly.

“Okay, hang on a bit this is gonna hurt.” She warned before she hit a point on my ankle lightly. I yelped loudly in reflex before shutting my mouth in embarrassment.

Yuka laughed as she pointed to my face, enough to make me scowled and flicked some water to her face. Then it was my turn to laugh at Yuka when she had hers on both of her shoulder.

“Yuko..?” asked Ayaka as the girl sips in some water. “Why did you jumped in by the time Yuka’s about to land her foot?”

“Yeah why did you?” pouted Yuka. “It could have been awesome if I could hit Jurina for getting my arms blocked.”

“To answer that question, I have to stop that flame.” Said Yuko as she nibbled on an orange she got from her pocket. “That fire wasn’t a normal one. It’s called Blue Flame and it is one level above normal ones.”

“Cool!!” said Yuka happily. “That means that I have improved right?”

Yuko shook her head, “To be ‘improved’ means that you can control your power, Yuka. Blue Flames are meant to come out after the wielder can master the normal ones fully and how you control your ones wasn’t enough. If Blue Flames came out at that time, it means that you still have no control of it yet and it can hurt others badly.”

“That was lucky for you to jump in then..” nodded Ayaka. “But why is Jurina frozen at that time, she could have just move.”

Yuko pursed her lips, I could tell Ayaka hit a spot there. A secret maybe that only Yuko and Jurina knows..

“Maybe she’s already tired out.” Said Yuko. “She’s basically normal human in day time without Kaguya’s power at night.”

“I suppose you’re right..” nodded Yuka. “Ah speaking of which, Sayaka-chan that was awesome water bending!!” she praised.

“Thanks.” I said with a thin smile. I turned and watch Yuko stares to the horizon where Jurina disappeared among the bushes, I knew she’s keeping something away.. Something between her and Jurina.


Meanwhile in another place...

Third Person POV

Everyone in the palace checked every inch of the grounds, trying to look for Sae. The guards were sent out to the farther ends of the forest to search while the other servants looked over the palace gardens. Yuki walked into one of the gardens, carrying an azusayumi bow. She kept it close to her chest, along with a necklace dangling around her neck. It was a handmade necklace made by Haru years ago, before they married, with a wooden cross tied together by a small rope.

In the distance, she saw a figure standing in the garden, looking around. Nervous, she knelt down and head in the bushes so she could get a closer look. She soon realized it was Haru, still patrolling the garden.

"Everything's fine..."

Yuki knew what he said wasn't true. Haru was hiding something, and she intended to find out what it was and why he's keeping it such a secret. She continued to follow Haru as he walked into a different part of the garden.

Haru held his sword firmly in his hand, looking around for any intruders. Something caught his eyes and he saw a black butterfly fluttering on the ground. Its movements were weak and it seemed to be twitching as it tried to rise back into the air. It eventually stopped and both wings fell to its side. Seeing as it was dead, he turned its back to it and started walking.

However, he was interrupted by a strange cracking noise. It sounded like something being ripped and torn apart, along with what seemed like squishing and gushing. When he listened closer, it sounded more and more like... a caterpillar emerging from its pupa! When he looked back, he saw the back of the butterfly seemed to have something crawling inside it. The skin and flesh was slowly ripped apart and something emerged from the bloody meat. It was a moth, bigger in size than before, and very demonic and evil. It had glowing red eyes and bloody fangs, letting out a loud screech at Haru.

He quickly raised his sword and started attacking the giant moth monster. However, it seemed strong and was attacking back, swinging and clawing at Haru. He got a scratch on his arm and was knocked down, losing his sword. Yuki was about to get up, but then the monster screeched again and flew towards him for a final attack. They quickly closed their eyes, waiting for the worst.

Haru didn't feel anything come. Yuki didn't hear screams in agony.

"What's going on?"

They opened their eyes and saw a masked figure standing in front of the moth, blocking its long arms with her katana blade. The figure was wearing a green kimono with a dragon and pink water lily flowers on it, one of the shoulders exposed and her chest wrapped in gauze. The samurai figure turned to look at Haru. Although a mask covered her face, he could see the light in her eyes and a small tinge of sadness tugged his heart.


The samurai swung her sword and started slicing the moth's abdomen. Her blade slashed the monster and caused it to roar in pain, black blood staining the silver katana. With one final thrust, she stabbed the sword into the moth's chest, killing it. It slowly turned into black dust and blew away in the wind, still leaving behind the black blood stains.

After it was all over, the girl knelt towards Haru and wrapped his injured arm in gauze.

"Th-thank you."

She smiled before standing up and handing something to Haru. It was a crystal vial with clear, sparkling water, dangling by a black thread tied around it.

"What is this?"

"Water from the ancient Moon springs."

"Of Kaguya's palace?"

She nodded and took Haru's hand, placing the vial in his palm.

"It has extraordinary healing powers. Let your daughter drink it to cleanse the poison. There's still time."

"Thank you."

The samurai unsheathed her sword and walked away. Haru was about to say something, but when he looked, she had already disappeared.

Yuki left silently, not noticed by the dazed Haru.

"I knew it. Sae really is one of the Samurai Princesses."

Haru hurried down the hall to the infirmary and saw Mayu, still unconscious, and very carefully poured the crystal spring water into her mouth. He heard a weak gulp and slowly saw the color return to Mayu's small pink lips and rosy cheeks.


He took the empty vial into his room, when suddenly one of the servants burst in.

"Haru-dono! Please, come help! Sae-sama has gone missing!"

Haru looked with a confused face and smiled, patting the girl's head.

"Now, you must be getting under the weather. Sae-chan is fine. She's sleeping in her room."

"No! Please, look!" She grabbed Haru's wrists and dragged him into Sae's room, opening the door. "See! She's..."

When they looked, they both saw Sae asleep on her bed, peacefully dreaming as she hugged her pillow. She sighed as her mouth curved in a smile.

"Haru~, your cakes are the best..."

The flustered servant didn't know what to say or do, but watched as the girl slept before she felt Haru's hand at her shoulder.

"I told you. Sae-chan's perfectly alright."

"B-but... I..."

"You've had a long day. You should probably take an early rest."

The girl just nodded and held her head as she dismissed herself to her room. Haru looked back and pulled a blanket over Sae, kissing her forehead.


He smiled sadly and moved closer to her ear. He whispered something softly that only Sae could hear it.

"Nothing is wrong. Mayu's okay. Everything's fine. Nothing bad is going to happen."

"Nothing bad is going to happen..."

He heard someone's footsteps and broke away from his sister, stepping out of the room. He saw Yuki standing outside, looking at him with serious eyes.

"Haru." She closed the door of Sae's bedroom and pulled him close. "It's time."

Haru's eyes narrowed as he broke away from his wife.

"No. I won't let Sae become involved with this."

"She's a Samurai Princess. It's her destiny, and she can't escape it."


"You can't make her run away from this fate. One day, she will have to awaken. She is going to realize her true identity and YOU are going to be the one who'll let her go. She's not a little girl anymore."

"But she's still my sister..."

Silence ran through the hall, no one seemed to notice their argument, as if it were all part of another world only they existed in.

"Remember this, Haru. If you do not allow Sae to awaken, a dark evil will fall upon not only your family, but the whole world."

Yuki walked away, leaving Haru silent.

Then, he approached her from behind and placed two fingers at the back of her neck. Everything suddenly froze around them. Yuki had stopped walking as something strange entered her mind and started taking over. She could hear Haru speaking, but it all processed as nonsense. Her entire body went weak and she felt her consciousness fading. She heard Haru's distant voice still speaking, softly and lowly. Almost hypnotically.

"There is nothing wrong. Sae is not a Samurai Princess. Everything is okay. The Maou is not coming."

He repeated those words until Yuki's mind finally gave way and she collapsed to the ground. Haru lowered his arm as he stared at the black symbol on his hand slowly fade.

He remembered the first time he used this spell. Sae was slowly starting to awaken, and desperate to keep his younger sister safe, he used it to alter and erase her memory.

Haru couldn't accept fate. He wouldn't let Sae go so easily, and he intends to keep everything just as it was; the way he wanted it.

"I'm not letting her go a second time." He clenched his fist tightly, remembering her face. "Kuu... I'll never let Sae become the Wind Samurai Princess..."


Back in Sayaka and the other's location....

Sayaka's POV

I woke up that next morning, flinching as I felt my foot twitch. I saw the bandages wrapping around it and remembered what had happened the other day. Ayaka was still sleeping. She looked more peaceful than before. Yuka and Yuko were both up, cooking breakfast together while Jurina was watching them excitedly.

"Ohayou~, Sayaka-chan!"


"Does your ankle feel any better?"

I held my foot a bit, feeling it still throbbing. "It's still a bit sore, but not as bad as before."

"I know." Jurina got up and walked over to her blanket, looking through her bag. "I have something that will help heal your ankle."

As she was looking through her bag, I heard Ayaka yawn and saw her rubbing her eyes sleepily.

"Good morning everyone..."

"How you feeling, Ayaka?"

"Better. My arm's finally awake," she said giggling.

I looked up at the sky. The sun shining brightly, not a cloud to be seen... I think this is going to be a good day.


We all looked and saw Jurina worriedly looking through her bag. Yuko came over and started looking with her, but the worried look on their faces grew.

"What's wrong, Jurina-chan?" Yuka said.

"My water..."


"I had a vial of ancient healing water from the Moon springs of Kaguya's palace... but now it's gone!"

To Be Continued

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Fade out (Part 3)
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Eh... Kuu went and stole Jurina's vail

Ah... so it had been sometimes that Sae was supposed to be awaken

But Haru kept erasing her memory...

What's happening in the past?

Did the samurai princesses need to over their lives to use their power to seal the maou?

What's going on with Yuki...?

Why did Yuki lose her conscious?

What will happen next?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Fade out (Part 3)
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Chapter 6 - Information (Part 1)

Third Person POV

A horse walked steadily on a small path through the forest with a lone passenger on it’s back. She’s been traveling a few miles with her horse passing through many towns and villages. Her hood managed to give some protections from the blazing sun and rains. Her beautiful white dress flowed in the summer breeze and revealed a bit of her legs as the horse moved. The horse stopped upon a luxurious wooden gate standing on it’s way, the woman smiled. She has arrived at her destination.

Knocking on the wood, she waited a few seconds before someone finally opened the door and smiled.

"Ah, Kojiharu. Hisahiburi."

The woman smiled and lowered her hood, revealing her beautiful face to the man.

"Hey, Haru-kun. It’s been a long time since we met~ May I come in?" she asked politely.

"Of course." Smiled the man before he opened the gate wider for her to come in.

Haruna walked into the palace’s garden and took off her robe, handing it to one of the servants before following Haru inside the palace. As they walked in, Haruna looked around with a bit of frown on her face.

“What’s wrong?” asked Haru looking at his acquaintance’s expression.

“Ah, it’s nothing~” answered Haruna with a smile. “This palace has change somehow since I came here last time.”

“We did have a few renovations.” Grinned Haru before leading her again.

Haruna sighed in relieve that Haru took her fake answer. She lessened her head movements even though she felt cautious about something in this place. She can feel something strong, like a presence of something being kept down..
She felt a tug at her dress and looked down to see a small black haired girl walking beside her, her small hands clutching her dress.

"Well, hello. You must be Mayu-chan." Greet Haruna to the small girl. “My, my.. You really do looks like your mother..”

"Un! Nice to meet you, onee-chan." bowed the one called Mayu.

"I've heard a lot about you. Like, you love to play pretend don’t you?” asked Haruna.

"Yeah! Let's play, let's play! You're the princess!" urged Mayu happily. Her eyes sparkled brightly, making Haruna unconsciously smiled wider.

"OK~. And what are you?"

"I'm the knight who saves you from the evil dragon!"

Haru giggled, seeing the two playing together so well. He decided to join in and picked up Mayu, spinning her around.

"I'm the evil wizard!"

"Kyaa! Help me~"

The three ran down the hall into a large room with toys and pillows set all over the floor. Mayu told them to step on the pillows because the floor was lava, and they needed to get across to find the dragon. They happily played, until Haruna almost tripped and fell on Haru and Mayu. They all laugh and giggled, throwing pillows at each other.

"Pillow fight!" yelled Mayu happily to the two adults.
Haruna and Haru smiled to each other before started throwing pillows at each other’s face. Eventually, it became an all-out battle between the three, pillows flying all over the place. Their laughs echoed throughout the whole house, even the servants could hear their happy roars and fun cheers.

They all fell to the ground, out of breath and still giggling. When they had finally calmed down and sat back up, they saw the door was open and two people were watching them.

"Well, isn't this a sight." said a familiar voice. Haruna turned and saw her old friend standing at the door with another girl with short hair.

“Yukirin!” smiled Haruna.

"Mayuyu, are you playing without me?"pouted the other girl to the child.

"Sae!" Mayu ran and hugged Sae tightly, more full of energy than ever. "I got you~"

"Uh-oh. You're going to get attacked. By the tickle monster!" yelled Sae before attacking Mayu’s stomach with her fingers.


Haruna watched the two play as Yuki walked over and helped her up.

"It's nice seeing you're already getting along with Mayu." said Yuki.

"Hisashiburi, Yukirin." Said Haruna before embracing her old friend.

Haru got up and stretched, going over to the other two young girls.

"Look out! Here comes the evil wizard!" yelped Mau as she pointed at her father.


“Well, shall we let them play together? We can have some tea in the garden if you’d like.” Asked Yuki.

“Sure~” answed Haruna cheerfully before following Yuki to the garden and sat on the chairs provided. Haruna accepted the tea cup from one of the servants and then asked, "So, tell me, Yukirin. That girl who was playing with Haru-kun and Mayu-chan. Was that Sae?"

"Yup, Haru's younger twin sister." Answered Yuki before sipping her own tea.

"She seems like a nice person. She really knows how to take care of Mayu-chan." Said Haruna.

"Every time we come over here, whenever she's not with Haru or being tended by me or the servants, she's off playing with Mayu. She's great with kids."

"Yeah. I'm sure she'll make a great mom in the future." Haruna heard that she was getting married from Haru. She could just imagine Sae and her future husband together, in love, and playing with their child.

But then she saw Yuki's confused look.

"What's wrong?" asked Haruna with a concerned tone.

"Haru never told me about this. When did they decide she was getting married?" asked Yuki confusedly.

Haruna frowned at her friend, "Not too long ago, remember? Well, the marriage was postponed because they were attacked a few days before they could meet, but..."

She then felt a chill up her spine. She still felt a strong, familiar presence around her. She knew now, there was only one thing it could be…

"Yuki, you're a priestess. Have you been... seeing things? Like strange dreams?"

"No." shook Yuki.

"Hm... has Haru told you anything? Have he or Sae been acting differently?"

"Not really. They're acting the same as always if you ask me." answered Yuki. "Why? What's wrong?"

Yuki touched Haruna’s hand, suddenly she felt a sudden shock go through her. A dark energy started to appear in her eyes, surrounding Yuki. Now, she knew something was wrong. Something was affecting Yuki, and she needed to stop it.

"Yuki... Do you know the legend of the four Samurai Princesses? The four chosen warriors of Princess Kaguya who defeated the Maou hundreds of years ago."

"Yes, I've heard of it."

"You do know that Maou rising again, you saw it right? It's happening! We need to find the others and stopit taking over the world."

"Eh? Haruna, what are you talking about? Nothing's happening, everything is just fine." Said Yuki with even more confused face.

Haruna scrunched her eyebrows, the dark energy still surrounds her friend.

"Can't you feel it? That presence.."

Yuki narrowed her eyes as she looked at Haruna confusedly. The fortune teller grabbed both of her hands and looked into Yuki's eyes.

"I can feel one of them is here. The presence is strong. How can you not feel it?"


"Yuki, have you really forgotten our duty? We were chosen under Kaguya-hime-sama's watch to find the four Samurai and stop Maou."

"Haruna, you're acting strange. There's no Maou, there's no Samurai Princesses, and nothing bad is going to happen to us. We're perfectly safe." Then Yuki stood up, “I’m calling Haru, okay?”

Before Yuki could leave, Haruna pulled her closer and held her neck. Instantly, Haruna felt some coldness just on Yuki’s nape. The older girl then moved the black hair covering it and saw two black circles on Yuki’s nape.

This…. Thought Haruna.

“Yuki, what happened to you?! Who did this?”

“What are you talking about?! Nothing happened to me! Let go off me, Haruna!!” struggled Yuki as tried to break away, but the fortune teller's grip on her was strong.

Tsk.. I got no choice.. cursed Haruna.

“Sorry Yuki, this is going to hurt a bit.” She said before putting her index and middle finger on the black circles. “Release.” whispered Haruna as she pulled her finger from the circle, she pulled out two thin dark lines out of the circles.

“Urgh..” grunted Yuki feeling sharp pains from the two points. She closed her eyes and saw visions filling her mind, playing in front of her eyes like a movie. She felt herself grow weak as her arms dropped then followed by her body, luckily Haruna was there to caught her on time.

“Yuki, don’t you remember everything that happened 100 years ago? Remember how we were both chosen by Kaguya to do this."

"I..." whimpered Yuki softly with sweats started to break off her forehead.

"You had a dream a few nights ago, didn't you? I know; I had a similar vision. Maou's seal has already become weaker and his servants have risen. Takamina and I, we’ve already sent one of the Samurai out. Akimoto Sayaka, the reincarnation of Kai."

"Kai...?" muttered Yuki in a weak tone.

"Yes, remember. Kai, Riku, Hinata, Kuu! All of them!" exclaimed Haruna.

"I... I am..."

All of it hit her in a flash and the two broke away. Yuki's eyes snapped open as she held her head.

"I remember now... I remember everything." gasped Yuki as she tried to catch her breath.

"Thank goodness." Haruna sat Yuki back down as she started to take everything in once again. "What happened to you? Why did you forget?"

"Something... No, someone made me. I remember. It's Sae. She’s the next one for Kuu. But, last night... I suddenly forgotten everything. Like it was all a bad dream..."

"Who erased your memory? That memory curse was dangerous."

Yuki rubbed her temple once more, until she could make out her final memory. A face.

"Haru. It’s him.."

Haruna frowned, "Haru-kun? But why?"

"I don't know. I.. I don’t think he wants Sae to become the Samurai Princess... but I never thought he would go so far as to altering his own sister’s memory. And even, erasing mine..."

Haruna sat down, picking up her tea cup again and sipping some of the warm tea.

"We need to stop him. If he keeps up, Sae will never realize her destiny then it’ll be a matter of time before Maou take over the world..” said Haruna. Yuki nodded and took her cup too with a shaky hand.

The fortune teller set down her cup and got up. "I have to hurry and report this to Takamina then. She will know what to do..”

“But you’ve just arrive, Haruna.” said Yuki. “You can’t just go after hours on horse just to get here and leave in less than an hour.”

“I know.” Smiled Haruna drily. “But the world needs these girls, and the girls need us to realize their destiny to save the world..”

“Take care, Haruna. It was nice seeing you again after such a long time.” said Yuki as she embraced her old friend. “I’ll keep an eye on Haru and pretend that I’m still under the curse’s influence.”

“Good, I’ll figure something out with Takamina.” Said Haruna. “I’ll send you letter from my hawk, when I got something figured out. Tell me the situations too, okay?”

“Alright..” nodded Yuki they bowed to each other and Haruna take her leave.

She walked through one of the main hallways again and saw Sae happily playing with Mayu, not a care in the world. Haruna could now see a much strong dark energy surrounding her, the same one that surrounded Yuki earlier. She didn't even bother to say anything to Haru and left, pulling her hood up over her head again before climbing her horse.

"Miyazawa Sae... I pray you'll awaken soon."


Sayaka's POV

"OK, so you mind explain to us what's going on?" I said as Jurina sat down, holding her head.

"In Kaguya's palace, there's an ancient spring with very special water. This water was created from the Moon springs long ago, and is considered very holy and sacred. It's known for it's extraordinary healing abilities. It can even save someone from dying."

"Woah... magic water, huh?" Yuka said with her legs crossed.

"But, it was stolen? By who?"

"We're not sure. We saw someone watching us a few nights ago, but we couldn't see the culprit's face." said Yuko.

"Whoever they were, they had a strong aura. I was still weak that night, so I couldn't tell who it was. I just hope it wasn't one of the Maou. If they had that, they'd be invincible." added Jurina.

That's bad... I thought. If they have that in their hands, they can pretty much be considered immortal.

"Don't worry, Jurina-chan," Yuko said, patting the younger girl's back. "We'll deal with that jerk when we find them. For now, I saw a village market close by, so let's go shopping!"

"We could use some more food." Yuka said as she finished her breakfast plate.

"And maybe some clothes..."

I looked at my current outfit. I would love to see what clothes they might be selling. Something cute and stylish, but also cheap. Something I'm able to afford.

"Eh~? I didn't think a samurai cared so much about her looks!" Yuka said teasingly.

"Shut up!"

"Come on," Yuko grabbed her bag and started walking. "Let's go~."

We all got up and started following Yuko until we finally reached the village market by that noon. We all split up and started looking through individual stores and booths. From what I could see, Yuko and Yuka were both looking at all the food, getting a few free samples once in a while, and Jurina was looking through all mystic related booths.

Meanwhile, Ayaka was with me, looking at clothes. Ayaka was pretty much loaded. She even had bags of gold coins to pay for everything since she’s a princess after all. I'm the exact opposite, not rich at all, even after I joined the Imperial Palace's army.

I can remember how hard it was, living in poverty. We only had so much to eat, and we had to work all day to get enough money. I had to work the hardest out of everyone when my father or younger brother were unable to. Dad always told me I was strong woman, like my mother. It broke my heart to leave when I joined the Imperial palace guards.

"Sayaka-chan?" Ayaka's voice brought me back into reality.


"Don't hold back; buy whatever you want. I'll help pay for it."

"Ayaka, you don't have to do that." I said with a forced smile. Actually, I wanna sell out this whole booth. They're all so cheap, but so cute, too~.

I looked and saw Ayaka smiling, strangely.


"Come on!" Ayaka suddenly took my hand. "Let's find you some clothes!"



Yuka's POV

I tried out a few free samples being offered by the sellers, including a steamy hot takoyaki at the booth just around the corner. I felt like flying to cloud nine when the ball landed on my mouth smoothly and Jurina would have to drag me away from the booth before I could demand a box of it.

"Come on, Yuka! We need to go!"

“Nee, but I’m hungry!” I pouted to the half moon Goddess. “And I missed eating Takoyaki..”

“I know.. I know..” comforted Yuko as she pat my back. “Jurina said she needs to check out something at the edge of the street there. She heard that there’s someone who sells mythical things over there.”

“Fine.” I scowled and followed the two. Man, I wished that I stick up with Ayaka and Sayaka instead of the two others. But I dared not to defy any of the two especially Jurina if I don’t want my arms to be blocked again.

We finally stopped in front of a small stall with strange items displayed on a thin mat and a figure sitting on the ground with her hand picking up a familiar ball of dough by a small wooden prick.

"She’s eating Takoyaki!!!" Exclaimed the other part of me. "Grab them and run for it!!!"

Shut up.. I replied to my own thought. My stomach clenched in supporting the excited statement which made me glowered at my own stomach.

Jurina scowled at me when she heard my stomach, but then she turned to smile at the figure. “Erm, you must be Matsubara-san, right?”

She looked up to Jurina and smiled, “Ah, a customer~ Yes I am Matsubara, how can I help you?”

“I was wondering if you have some..” Jurina looked around to make sure no one is close before whispering, “Holy water from Kaguya’s Palace.”

The girl raised her eyebrows in interest before putting in another takoyaki. “How much are you willing for it?”

Jurina gritted her teeth. “Need to make sure that it’s real first. How did you get it? I heard it’s a sacred place and no one knows where it is.”

The girl fell silent as she munched her food, “I just found the place.. I followed rumors.”

Yuko raised her eyebrow this time, “Rumors?”

Matsubara nodded, “My grandfather used to be a treasure hunter for some reasons and was interested in sacred places. When he fell sick, he asked me to look for something that could save his life or anyone’s life and told me about Kaguya’s Palace which has a healing water or some sort of it..”

She put her wood prick down and stared up at us, “It took me a month to seek for the rumors, going through my grandfather’s notes and exploring for it. Then when I found it, I was being tested.”

“Tested?” I asked. “By what and why?”

Matsubara shook her head slowly, “I don’t want to remember any of it, it was horrible. But once I passed it and got a bottle of it, my grandfather was already dead.”

Yuko and Jurina looked at each other as if asking for an agreement on Matsubara’s story.

“Show me the water.” Said Jurina. “I swear I won’t steal it from you.”

Matsubara paused for a moment before reaching up for her leather bag and pulled out a bottle of pure liquid. It looked like normal water, but the more I look through the glass bottle, the more I can feel some woozy feelings from it.”

Jurina received the bottle and opened the lid. She sniffed it carefully and handed it to Yuko to sniff it too.

“It’s real.” Nodded Yuko as she put down the bottle. “Name your price, you deserve it kid.”

Matsubara scrunched her eyebrows, “That was strange. I thought that you’ll gonna get me through such difficult bargains or something.”

“You deserve it.” Stated Jurina clearly. “M-I mean Kaguya’s Palace was not an easy place to find. Once you do, you’ll be tested by the guardians of the palace. Only a few humans could pass it well enough.”

“You sounded like you’re not human.” Said Matsubara with an observing look to the tree of us.

I turned to Jurina and saw her eyes. Despite it’s still noon, her eyes were glowing in faint silver already.

“Let’s just say that I know the place better than you.” Said Jurina.

“Fine.” Said Matsubara still looking at Jurina strangely. “Five hundreds of gold.”

“Two hundred.” Bargained Yuko with a crazed look. “That’s just one insane price there, young lady.”

“Four fifty.”

“Two fifty.”

“Four hundred.”

“Three hundred.” Gritted Yuko.

“Four hundred.” Stated Matsubara again. “Take it or leave it.”

“Hey, what’s going on?” asked a new voice. “Yuko’s doing a bargain?”

I turned and saw Ayaka and Sayaka coming behind with bags of new things. What caught the attention the most was Sayaka in a new kimono with red leaves pattern on it, while Ayaka was wearing a normal ninja suit under a black hooded cape. They both carried a sling bag each and a backpack too.

Oh yeah, we got the princess of Edo here.. I thought.

“Yeah, we found what we’re looking for but..”

Ayaka turned to Matsubara, “How much you want?”

“Four hundred pieces of Gold and all of you to leave immediately after this.” she said with a careful tone.

“That’s a bit rough.” I commented. “You didn’t say anything about leaving before.”

“I say it now.” said Matsubara avoiding to look at Jurina and Yuko for some reasons and started doing the same with Ayaka too.

Ayaka threw a bag of gold to the ground in front of the girl, “That’s about three hundred in there and that’s it. Take it or we’ll take it back.” She said sternly. I’ve never seen Ayaka with such a stern look as she looked down at Matsubara.

“I know you need money, and that’s how much we’re going to offer.”

“Ayaka, that’s a bit too mu-“ Yuko’s voice was cut off by Jurina’s hand on her mouth.

“Just look.” Pointed Jurina to the two.

Matsubara looked up at Ayaka and the other girl also did the same to the girl bellow. The two of them stared at each other for a while before eventually Matsubara cast her face aside.

“Fine. I’ll take it.” She grumbled and grab the money bag.

“Pleasure to have a business with you.” said Ayaka drily.

Man, where on earth did that happy young girl gone to and replaced by such a nasty looking girl all the sudden? I thought.

Just before we left, an applause was heard from the back. I turned and saw a girl and a woman clapping at us with such an amused face.

“That was such a good show! I never seen anyone bargained that intensely.” Nodded the woman to Matsubara and Ayaka.

“Well at least you got yourself something to be amused about.” scowled Matsubara as she packed her things to her own bag.

“Are, are..? Are you leaving? Mou, Rabutan says that she wants something from you though.” Pouted the woman to the girl beside her. “Right Rabutan?”

“Un..” nodded the girl. “Maybe that auntie should stay just in case she can ask for a bargain.” She pointed at Ayaka.

“Well, look at you..I think you suited more to be an old merchant than a princess.” I teased Ayaka softly before being elbowed by Sayaka and Ayaka at the same time. “Ouch!”

“Shut up, Yuka.” Scowled Ayaka. “Ano.. I really have to leave now with my friends here so lik-“

“Pretty please, auntie!!” begged the girl.

“Pretty pretty please old auntie!!” begged the woman this time following the girl.

“Who the hell are you calling an old auntie??!!” yelled Ayaka. “I’m still 18!!”

Jurina and Yuko looked at each other with such an amused face and I knew they were forcing themselves not to laugh at the acts.

“No.” said Matsubara firmly.

“Those guys need to leave, now.” She looked at us. The look on her face was confusing somehow, there’s a tinge of fear, anger, but also as if she was begging to us to really leave.

“Mweh..” said Rabutan looked pretty sad. “I was actually wondering if..” she suddenly grabbed a hold of Matsubara’s collar and pulled her close to her face with such speed.

“I can have your head for my master.” Grinned Rabutan to the girl.

Matsubara’s eyes widened in total fear, and I was taken back with the sudden announcement. Only Jurina, Yuko, and Sayaka that are in total alert, the three of them pulled out their weapons.

“Who are you?!” yelled Sayaka.

The woman giggled a bit before a dark thick fog surrounded her and vanished, revealing two horns on her head and a whip in her hand. Her eyes glowed in hunger as her lips curled into a sinister smile.

“Demons..” glowered Yuko.

“Ping Pong!! You get yourself correct~” said the woman happily. “Man, I didn’t expect that we’ll be getting like about six fishes in one catch~”

Rabutan whom also has turned to her demon form sighed, “Sasshi, why do you really have to be my partner?”

“Hey that was mean!!” said the one called Sasshi and pouted at Rabutan. “Mou.. We’re meant to be together right?”

“Honestly, I’d rather be with the others than you.” Said Rabutan as she traced a bit of Natsumi’s face with her claws. “And what do we have here?” she asked as she looked at us.

“Let go off her!!” I yelled as I took out my sword which somehow gone shaky in my hands.

Rabutan smiled in amusement at me, “Are, are… You must be the one that Milky talking about..”

Crap.. I cursed by the name of that certain demon.

Sayaka’s POV

“Let’s cut the chit chats shall we?” asked Sasshi before she rushed towards us. Her eyes were flickering lucid purple as she approached. Not only that, her body also started being engulfed in dark auras.

“Show me what you got!” yelled Jurina welcoming Sasshi’s punch with an opened palm.

“My lady, it’s no-“

“Hmm… I recognized you, I think..” hummed Sasshi before she backed out to dodged Jurina’s sudden kick.

“We never met before, demon..” gritted Jurina without lowering her guard.

“Really?” asked Sasshi with a wide grin. “Then perhaps you might recognize this!”

The demon suddenly sprang in high speed and jumped high, the dark aura surrounding her was now focused on her right leg. The more I watched the leg, the more I realized that the aura was flickering like fire. Purple fire..

Jurina’s face went slack as if she just saw Yuka’s blue flame before, she was standing frozen. I knew she wouldn’t make it to dodge the attack so I sprinted and pushed her just in time before Sasshi’s leg hit where Jurina was standing before.

“My Lady!”

“You okay?” I asked the young girl. She didn’t answer, instead she was shaking hard and her face showed complete fear as if she just saw something that terrifies her..


“Ara, ara… I missed.” Grunted Sasshi. “But I guess you remembered me then, don’t you?”

Jurina looked at Sasshi in various expression as I can read. There was anger and hatred, but there’s also a complete fear directed towards the lady.

“You…” glowered Yuko. “You’re a controller of Demon Fire, aren’t you?”

“Ah, you must be my far, far, far, far, far cousin of fire right? Daugther of Ameratsu!” said Sasshi.

“I have no relatives of demons, thank you.” Gritted Yuko as she pulled out her sword from her waist.

“Chh, we could actually get along you know.” Pouted Sasshi. “Since we’re both a fire user.”

“Sorry, but the only difference between us is that you use fire with evil for evil while I don’t.” said Yuko before she attempted to slash her but missed.

“Sayaka, take care of Jurina.” Said Yuko to me. “I’ll take care of this demon.”

“Hmm.. I guess I should get going then~” said Rabutan. She pulled Matsubara close to her lips and kissed her right on the forehead, “Sleep tight~ Master wants to see you by the time you wake up~”

“Ugghh..” grunted Matsubara before she slumped down on Rabutan’s feet.

“Demon’s kiss…” said Yuko with gritted teeth. “Makes you sleep with thousands of nightmare haunting as minutes passed..”

“Glad you know it~” said Rabutan with puckered lips towards us. Black smokes came out of her clenched fist, and when she opened it the smoke flows out and gets bigger and bigger until eventually revealing a ten foot tall black furred bear with a familiar pair of angry red eyes.

“You..” I heard another person’s growl. I turned and saw Ayaka staring at the bear with rapid breath and tightened jaw.

“You like it?” asked Rabutan as she hoped on the bear’s back with just a simple jump. “That was my special gift for you remember?”

“That thing murdered almost murdered my cousin you, little wretch!!” yelled Ayaka angrily.

“Then I guess you’ll stay away from it if you don’t want this little baby to kill you.” Grinned Rabutan. “Sasshi, I’ll take my leave now. I got what we need, and if you think you want to take Sayanee and Milky’s job, do it fast.”

“Roger that!” said Sasshi as she fired a fireball towards Yuko, the girl somehow managed to slice the ball in half with her sword. But then to her surprise, Sasshi appeared just in time at the gap between the two halves of purple flames.

“What th-“ before Yuko can finishe her words, Sasshi kicked her right on the chest and send her flying towards one of the concrete walls.

“Yuko!!” yelled Yuka before she rushed to the girl. “You’re okay?”

“Ughh…” Yuko’s voice sounded hazy, the blood flowing from the side of her lips worries me. From far I could see a black scorching mark on her chest, which most likely came from Sasshi’s flaming kick.

Sasshi looked at the sky and smiled, “Man.. No wonder you’re so weak. Looks like you and your dad is in bad terms..”

I looked at the sky, it was cloudy all the sudden and the clouds were quickly starting to darkened as if a storm was coming soon. Now I remembered that Yuko’s power was based on the sun, no sun means no power..

“Shut up..” said Yuko pushing off Yuka’s arm. “Like hell I-“ she tried to stand up but quickly slumped again as she clutched her chest.

“Shit.. My ribs..” grunted Yuko weakly.

Sasshi smiled in victory, “How lucky I am to be able to defeat a demigod in this kind of day..”

Rabutan smiled smugly, “Looks like you got things under control then, I’ll see you later..” she quickly kicked the bear’s side and the creature ran towards the forest, bringing Rabutan on it’s back and Matsubara hanging in it’s mouth.

“You’re not going anywhere!” yelled Ayaka as she ran chasing them towards the forest. Before she could get far, Sasshi was already standing infront of her in jet of darkness and throw the princess towards a wooden crate. The wooden crate broke in impact and Ayaka yelped as her body wrecked the wooden crate.

“Nobody is going anywhere.” Said Sasshi coolly. “I’m gonna prove that I am way better than Sayanee!”

“We’ll see about that!” yelled Ayaka before she threw blocks of rock towards Sasshi. Sasshi dodged it swiftly as if she was an acrobatic performer, then she started slicing the rocks with her legs which made a clean cut on the rocks.

“My turn.” Said Sasshi before she released a jet of fire with just a kick of her leg. Ayaka produced a wall just in time before it hits her.

“Uh-uh-uh~” hummed Sasshi happily. Confused, I saw Sasshi kicked another jet of fire and this time it was bigger and stronger that it actually break the wall and threw Ayaka back.

“Ayaka!!” I yelled. I shot a jet of water from the river at the back towards Sasshi, but she quickly cuts it through with her pointed arms. I dashed and nearly sliced her shoulder if she didn’t jumped back.

“Ayaka, chase Rabutan.” I instructed the girl. I pointed my sword towards Sasshi, “You’re on with me, demon.”

“Wakatta.” Nodded Ayaka before she dashed towards the forest. I saw Sasshi moving slightly to stop the girl, but I quickly round up her ankle with a thin water thread.

She looked at me in annoyance but in the same time amused, “Very well..”

She dashed towards me and we clashed, sword and leg. I felt a tremendous weight and heat coming from the raised leg, the purple flame must’ve been a special type of flame. I pushed her back and managed to quickly slice a part of her clothes. The piece of material disintegrated instantly as it touched the ground.

“Agghh! My sadistic boss is going to get pissed of me if she knows you ruined my clothes!” screamed Sasshi. “You are so gonna pay for THAT!!”

The darkened clouds started to drizzle some of it’s droplets as we clashed more. I realized her flames were indeed different than any type of flames. Despite raining and water was everywhere, there were no signs of the purple flame fading away from her. In fact it just keep on getting stronger and hotter.

“You realized it eh?” asked Sasshi. “Let me tell you, Samurai of Water.. This flame is called Demon Flame, the strongest of all type of flame. It cannot be killed off easily with rain like this since it's produced and controlled by us Demons when we were in depths of Hell a long time ago where there were no certainties of terrains there. Now, there aren’t much Demons left controlling it anymore since..” she looked at Yuko in pure hatred. “Ameratsu been hunting them off one by one.”

“That was because your kind was making ruckus in hell and attacked the guardians of the hell’s gate!!” yelled Yuko through the rain as she still in Yuka’s arms.

“That’s because we were not meant to be in there.” Said Sasshi coldly. “Do you think we don’t know that you made our elders fallen to your dirty traps so you could have the Earth? No.. My Master was clever enough to realized it and that’s why he can turn the odds against you soon, humans..”

“The Samurai Princess stopped him once, and they will do it again!” yelled Yuko.

“Really?” asked Sasshi amusedly. “Look, even Kaguya is cowering there..” she jerked her head towards Jurina whom still in a state of shock.

“You..” glowered Yuko struggling to get up. “It was you who burned her everything thirteen years ago!! Her house, her family, her entire world!!”

“Hmm..?” hummed Sasshi. “I guess she’s not the only one that recognize me then. Were you there, daughter of Ameratsu?”

“No.. But my father told me to find her, and by the time I was there I watched her watching your flame burning her entire thing into ashes!”

“You humans should experience some bits of misery, you know.” Said Sasshi. “We demons always experience a misery much more powerful then you all. We watched you enviously as if you’re the only creature allowed to have happiness.”

“And does that makes you think that you have the rights to kill anyone?” I asked. “You killed a little girl’s family just because you think humans deserves a bit of misery? YOU THINK A LITTLE GIRL LIKE THAT DESERVES IT ALL?!”

“Oh.. That thing that she experienced wasn’t a misery..” spoke Sasshi dangerously. “You humans have no idea what true misery feels like, do you?”

“You..” I remembered my own misery then.. My parent’s death when I was little.. My brother’s fate at the war there, not knowing whether he’ll be back alive or not.

“ARGH!!” I yelled angrily as I raised my sword.


I felt a huge energy shook me all the sudden and my eyes were blinded in huge amounts of lights. Unable to feel pain or anything, I felt my fingers lost it grip and my self blinded in lihts before it just fade away into darkness..

Yuka’s POV

My eyes widened in shock as I watched the lightning struck right on Sayaka’s sword. I watched her body trembled in impact before finally slumped in the rain.

“SAYAKA!!” I yelled and ran towards her body. I saw her clothes was slightly scorched in black, her hands was luckily wearing a pair of gloves but when I touched it the material crumbled like ashes. She wasn’t breathing at all is what panics me.

No way.. She can’t die yet!
I yelled on my head.

“Hohoho.. I guess today was my lucky day after all..” I heard Sasshi sighed in relieve. “Sayanee, look at me! I’m way better than you!” she yelled to the stormy sky.

“You…” I lied down Sayaka’s body and stand up facing the demon. “I’ll never ever forgive you..”

“Ara, ara..” smiled Sasshi. “I see another fire within you.. Are you perhaps the Samurai of Fire?”

“Yes I am, demon..” my chest grew warms somehow as if like what she said, there was a fire within me.

“Hinata, right? I see you choose your vessel cleverly..” said Sasshi as she licked her lips.

“Hinata?” I asked.

“That’s me.”

“Eeh?” I looked around looking for the source of the voice but there was nobody else except us.

“I’m here within you, Yuka. I’m always here inside you, watching the whole time..” said the same voice. “For now, I shall lend you my power once more.. Let’s defeat this demon.”

I felt my hands gripped the sword handle warmly and I breathed in carefully before breathing the air out. My sword grew warm before eventually I saw auras covering the my sword like how fire flickered around Sasshi, only the fact that the auras were red like flames. But it wasn't like how I did it last time, I could feel the flame was stronger and firmer this time as if something holds it all together.

“Hinata.. I have been waiting for years to fight you again!” screamed Sasshi happily before dashing towards me.

“Brace yourself, Masuda Yuka..” I heard Hinata’s voice fading away but not with the flames. My chest grew warmer and warmer by a comforting heat.

“Hiyaaa!!” I screamed and dashed forward towards Sasshi in that stormy day.

To Be Continued
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Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 2)
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Samurai Princess - Information (Part 2)

Sae's POV


"KYAA!!" Mayu wrapped herself under the covers tightly as the thunder boomed. I hugged her as we both laid there under the blanket and watched the storm outside. Mayu just kept her ears covered and eyes shut as the lightning and thunder raged on. "Kowai..."

"Don't be afraid, Mayuyu." I patted her head reassuringly.


"KYAAA!!" Mayu hugged me tight as she cried into my chest.

I caressed her back slowly, stroking her hair as I tried to calm her down.

"Don't worry. You'll be okay."

"..hic.. ..Really?" she sniffed as I wiped away her tears.

"Of course. As long as you're right here with me, that scary lightning monster won't hurt you. I'll protect you, okay?"

She smiled as she wiped off the rest of her tears. "Un..."


"Uu..." She clutched onto me and shut her eyes as the flash of the lightning faded away. "Sae-chan... will you sing me a song? That one you always sing..."

I petted her head and held her closer.

"Of course."

Chiicha na tenohira wa
Pukkuri hoppeta ha
ERICA no tsubomi
Atatakai haru no
Soyokaze mitai na matsuge

Saa oyasumi no jikan da yo
Suteki na LADY ni naru
Yume wo mite hosii yo

Suyasuya ude no naka
Kawaii negao
Mamoritai zutto
LUPINUS no hana no you ni sotto

I smiled as I saw her cute sleeping face. She looked so peaceful now that she's asleep. Not worried about the storm. I tucked her into the covers and laid her favorite teddy bear to replace me in her small arms.

Closing the door behind me, I looked out and saw the rain pounding onto the ground. The sky was so dark and gloomy, you couldn't tell if it was night or day anymore. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my blue rose burette. Haru's been acting a bit strange lately. Not his regular self. I feel like something's bothering him and we won't tell me.

I hope everything will be okay...



I jolted up as a bright flash suddenly blinded me. I saw something as I found myself surrounded by light, my vision slowly fading. There was a figure in front of me, but I couldn't see her face. I heard a voice calling out for me.

Something inside me felt warm. Everything else suddenly grew weak as I tried to call out to her. Before I knew it, everything else became blank and my world turned black.

Third Person POV

"Goodness, it's a major downpour..." Yuki said as she watched the rain from her room window.

She sighed as she wondered what could be happening with everyone. Only God knows where the others are and what they're doing, but right now, her concern was Haru. She needed to stop Haru from whatever he was doing, which again, only God or even the Devil knows, and allow Sae to awaken.

She closed her eyes and prayed for a while. "I hope you can hear me, Kaguya-sama. Please, hurry and find the others. We could use all the help we can get."

"Yuki-sama!" A maid burst through the door and interrupted her prayer. "It's terrible! Sae-sama's fainted!"


Yuki ran down the hall with the maid and found Sae collapsed on the ground. Haru was already there, trying to wake her up. Apparently, she was almost struck by lightning because she had gotten too close. The maid picked her up and carried her to her room to check up on her. When she was finished, she told them Sae was alright, but the shock from the event made her pass out.

The two dismissed the maid and slowly opened the door to Sae's room. They saw her asleep on her bed, a peaceful expression on her face. Her chest was slowly bobbing along with her breaths, like ripples in a pond. Haru sat down at her bedside and moved away her bangs so he could see more of her face.

"You really care about Sae-chan, don't you?" Yuki said to break the silence.

Haru chuckled. "Of course I do. She's my little sister."

"I know how you feel. Since you're here having to look after Sae, I'm all by myself taking care of Mayu."

"It's hard, isn't it?"


Yuki could see the look on Haru's face. Even if he tried to hide it, there was a look of worry on his face. But it wasn't worry of Sae's safety; it was worry of Sae awakening and regaining her memories. And Yuki knew, for whatever reason, Haru didn't want that.

Haru slowly got up and was about to leave, but then Yuki tapped his shoulder.

"I'm really worried about her..."

"Eh? About what?"

"Sae. What's going to happen if she finds what she's going to do with her life?" Yuki looked back at Sae, not gazing up at Haru. "She's all grown up, and soon, she won't have to rely on everyone. She may still rely on one person, but when it's time for her to move on..."

A dark look formed in Haru's eyes. He quickly hid it as Yuki looked back at him.

"What's all this coming from?"

"Well, what if she gets married? Or finds something she wants to do in the future?"

"Then, that's what she wants. I'll gladly let her do it; anything."

"But, what if it's something you don't want?"

"Eh..." Haru realized something and backed away some. "Is she telling you something weird? I know Sae... She wouldn't keep secrets from me."

Right now, the two of them were looking at each other and reading their inner thoughts like a book. For Yuki, it was so easy to see Haru was hiding his true intentions, but it was so shrouded in darkness, she couldn't figure out what it was. With Haru, he was growing suspicious of his wife that either of them could have regained their memories and were conversing in secret.

Yuki sighed and said, "Sorry. I guess I'm just too worried. Call it a woman's intuition."

Haru sighed heavily, leaning against the wall.

"A mother, as well as a brother, has to feel that way when their 'little girl' is finally becoming an adult."

"Yeah..." Haru gripped his tightly behind his back, trying to hold back the dark powers sealed within him. He smiled and said, "I'm gonna go. Will you look after Sae?"

"Something wrong?"

"No, I just need to get something. I'll be right back."

Haru left Yuki alone with Sae, feeling the veins in his hand pulsing as the curse was reacting.

Yuki broke her act and slowly walked over to Sae. She checked the back of her neck, but there were no markings that indicated a curse. Sae stirred in her sleep a bit and her position made it harder for Yuki to look, so she decided to let the girl be.

However, as she was leaving, she suddenly felt a tight grip at her wrist. She looked and saw Sae's hand holding onto her wrist, grasping it firmly and not letting go. Yuki tried to wake Sae from her sleep, but she wasn't responding. She only held on, tighter and tighter, until...



Yuki saw a bright flash and before she knew it, she was somewhere else. The vision she saw showed Kai and Kuu battling in the forest as the heavy rain poured on. Thunder and lightning roaring in the clouds as swords clashed and the battle raged on.

"Do you think you can defeat me, Samurai Princess of Water?" A girl with short hair said as she stopped Kai's sword and held it in her hands. She threw her aside and started attacking her, Kai blocking it with her long blade.

Behind her, there was a different girl with longer hair fighting Kuu. She was using small knives to try and cut Kuu, but all of them were knocked away by her sword.

"That the best you got?" Kuu said with a smirk.

"Oh, I've got much more up my sleeve, Samurai Princess of Wind."

The girl created a small orb of dark energy and threw it at Kuu. She sliced it with her sword and caused a small explosion. She came closer to her and started attacking with her knives, but was blown away by her strong wind.

The two battles raged on as Kai and Kuu eventually faced their backs to each other, their enemies circling them.

"Kai..." Kuu turned her head to look at her partner, meeting her gave from the corner of her eyes. "Will you be okay?"

Kai knew, it was just like Kuu to worry about her best friend, and the one she loved most, before anyone else. Including herself.

"Of course I will."

The two smiled at each other before engaging in their battles once more. While Kai used her sword to fight the slightly taller demon, Kuu put her blade away and used her barehands to combat against the demon girl. The shorter girl coated herself in a dark aura and enhanced her strength.

"You're mine now!"

The two entered a heated battle, both of their auras clashing and mixing together, dark and light. The storm raged above them as the demon girl summoned black lightning and started striking it down. She gathered up her energy and hit Kuu in the stomach with a strong blast of lightning. Kuu was taken aback and crashed into a tree.

"Kuu!" Kai hurried and held Kuu in her arms, protecting her from the demon's attacks. She took her sword and slashed the girl's arm, pushing her away. Dropping her sword to the ground, she looked back at the younger Samurai and held her close. "Kuu... please wake up..."

Kuu opened her eyes weakly and saw Kai in her blurry vision.

"Kai... Are you.. okay..?" she said in a shaky voice as she felt her consciousness slipping.

"Yeah... I'm okay." Kai felt tears running down her cheeks along with the rain. She took Kuu's hand and reached it up to touch her cheek. "Everything's going to be okay. Don't worry..."

"Kai... your hand is... so warm...." Kuu smiled as her eyes closed and she blacked out.

Kai slowly set her down and bit her lip as she tried to fight the rest of her tears. A strong blue aura surrounded her and suddenly, the rain seemed to grow harder. The wind also picked up and it seemed the water was circling her as her aura grew and grew.

She took her sword and stood up, her eyes glowing a bright blue as she looked at the short haired demon.

"I shall defeat you... Each and every one of you..."

"Hahaha! Don't get cocky!"

"You and your master shall fall..."

The demon glared at her as she coated herself in a dark aura and created a black sword.


“With pleasure.” replied the demon before the two swords clashed, black and blue.

This time, Yuki widened her eyes seeing the difference on the amount of powers were increasing all the sudden from the two. She watched how the demon managed to push Kai and pinned the blue to a tree with each of their aura still colliding with each other.

“Oi! Gachapin! You alright there?” yelled the demon to her partner. Yuki turned towards where the shorter girl was kneeling as she clenched her wounded arm.

“I’m alright!” yelled the girl through the storm, I could vaguely see her pained expression and her hatred all over her eyes.

As if knowing what to do, the girl then summoned another lightning and pointed it at the tree close to the two figure. When the lightning touches the ground near it, the ground exploded and threw the two off. The demon landed on the ground beside her while Kai ended up being thrown into an overflowing river.

“Okay now that was way to close!” yelled the demon to the one she called Gachapin earlier. “Start having target practicing or something!”

“Oh, I would if it weren’t for your annoying trolls that always follows me everywhere!” pouted the shorter demon. “And the way you turn into things and interested in only bothering my life was very well indeed.” Said her sarcastically.

“Wait, I neve-“ her voice then was cut off by a sudden sound of rushing waters. The two rises their head as they saw a big water vortex appeared from the river where Kai was thrown earlier. The blue aura managed to lit the whole thing and stood out the most under the darkness of the stormy night. The two saw Kai standing over the vortex looking down at them with such an intense sight. She pointed to the two and two water cannons burst to the two with thousands of water gallon running towards them.

The taller one managed to dodge to the side and to Yuki’s surprise, her body shift into something else. Her facial was getting longer and wider as her arms and legs grew into a tonned muscles covered in thick black fur. Before she knew it, she watched how the transformation ended and managed to jump very high and pounce on Kai who was standing on the high vortex.  The two of them rolled on the muddy ground nearby. Kai was empty handed now with only her hands which are coated in water like tentacles, she watched the creature circling her and followed it’s eyes.

When the thunder clapped, the two attacked on the same time. The wolf rushed and tried to attack, but then Kai sent one of the arms of her water tentacles flying and hit the wolf hard. She spun the water around them and created a giant whirlpool, drowning the wolf. The demon found it hard to breathe and reverted back to her human form. Kai crashed the water onto the ground and when the water was finally gone, she was on the ground, coughing up water.

Kai took her sword, the aura still surrounding her like fire. She raised her sword and was about to finish the demon.

"Die, demon..."


Yuki shut her eyes as she heard a loud scream fill the air, followed by a crash of thunder. However, when she opened her eyes, she saw that the longer haired demon, which the taller and seemingly younger one called Gachapin, protected the other demon and had Kai's blade stabbed through her chest.

"Thank goodness.. ..Y-you're safe..."

The taller demon's eyes widened in shock, "Stupid Gachapin! Why would you do this?!"


Kai took the blade out and made the Gachapin demon collapse into Mariko's arms.

"You idiot! You can't do this!!"

"Mariko... Just this once... call me by my name..."

Mariko couldn't fight her tears anymore as she saw the girl dying in her arms.


Miichan smiled weakly before she finally felt her heart stop and her soul left the world. Her body turned to black dust and stained the grass, as well as Mariko's hands. The dark aura surrounding the demon became more evil and she started shedding tears of blood. She screamed out as large black wings suddenly burst out her back. She looked up at Kai with glowing red eyes and stood up.

"I'll never forgive you... Never in a million years," she said in a low tone to Kai before turning around and disappearing into darkness.

When it was all over and the rain stopped, Kai's body went weak and she fell to her knees. The aura around her disappeared and the intensity in her eyes was calmed, returning them to their normal dark brown irises. She turned back to her partner who was laying unconscious on the grass, soaking wet from the rain.

"Kuu..." She caressed her dear partner's cheek and kissed her lips softly as she slept. "I love you. I wish I can really say that to you sometime..."

She took out her amulet and traced out a pentagram on her chest.

"I call on the lords of Fate, give me your power..."

She drew out a line of red light from her chest and carefully attached it to Kuu. The light slowly entered Kuu's body and was attached to her heart, connecting it with Kai's.

Yuki recognized that spell. It was a spell that could bind two lover's souls forever, so even if they separated, they would meet and find each other again. It was both a blessing and a curse, because if one person dies, the other attached to the red "thread" would also die. Only their souls would survive and they would be reincarnated into the next life, eventually finding each other once more. It was an endless cycle.

"I don't care what happens to me anymore. If it means I can be with Kuu for the rest of eternity, I will gladly give up my soul to this spell."

As she watched the scene, Yuki eventually felt herself become pulled back into reality. She looked and saw Sae was no longer holding her wrist, but there was now cold sweat on her forehead and she was mumbling Kai's name in her sleep. This obviously meant her memories were resurfacing, so Yuki had to act fast. She took out her healing bell and was about to cast the spell, but then she heard footsteps and quickly hid somewhere so she wouldn't get caught.

"Yukirin, I..." She watched as Haru walked into the room, unaware she was watching.

He saw Sae still tossing and turning in her bed, trapped in her dream.

"Kai..! Kai..!"

A dark look formed on Haru's face that shook Yuki a bit. She saw a strange black mark form on Haru's hand as he moved back Sae's hair and revealed a strange, cross-like symbol behind Sae's right ear.

"So that's where it is..." Yuki said as she saw the mark glow as Haru touched it.

"Kai..! Kai! KAI!" Sae screamed louder as she felt the pain of the curse surging through her.

"There is no Kai. There is only Haru. There's no one else. Nothing to worry about. No reason to be afraid. Kai does not exist. Everything is okay." Haru repeated those words into Sae's ear, the black mark on his hand growing stronger and wrapping around his arm more.

Sae finally gave into the spell and calmed down, no longer repeating Kai's name.

When Yuki looked at Haru, he now had glowing red eyes and the mark on his arm was emitting a dark aura.

He knelt over and whispered in Sae's ear again. "Nothing is wrong. There is no Kai. Only Haru. Only Haru..." He repeated those words until Sae spoke again.


He smiled as the mark on him stopped glowing and the redness in his eyes disappeared, returning to their normal brown. However, they seemed darker than normal, almost black. Seeing that the mark wasn't going away, he took some gauze and wrapped it around his arm, completely covering the black mark. He readjusted the covers on Sae and left, never noticing Yuki's presence.

She got out from her hiding place and looked at the mark behind Sae's ear. She took out her bell once more and said a few prayers before she rung the bells and slowly touched Sae's mark. However, black lightning emitted out of it and shocked her, cutting off the spell. The curse had grown too strong and now there was only one known person left who could remove it. Kaguya herself.

She called her egret with a little bird song and gave the small white bird a scroll.

"Send this to Kaguya-sama. Hurry."

The bird nodded her head and flew off, taking the small scroll.

Yuki quickly left the room and pretended to "run into" Haru in the hall.

"Oh, there you are, Yukirin. I thought you were watching Sae."

"I was, but something came up. Mayu needed help laying a game, and she's bored out of her mind now that Sae's resting." Yuki pretended to just notice Haru's arm. "What happened with your arm?"

"Oh, little accident with sword fighting practice today. I'll be okay, don't worry."

"Yokatta. I'll pray for you," she giggled while touching her head, chest, and shoulders. Haru chuckled, too, kissing his wife's cheek before leaving. He had no idea, which was good.

Yuki gave a sad look to Haru as he walked off.

"Haru... I pray this curse will be lifted off you. I don't want to lose both you and Sae."


Meanwhile in another place..

Ayaka’s POV

I rushed through the forest as quick as I can, ignoring how my back was hurting after that Sasshi threw me back. As I ran, I ran my fingers through my arm and winched at a slight touch on some areas. I stopped and saw a bit of brunt marks on my arm which must’ve been from the fire that Sasshi lashed at me.

Biting my lips, I poured bit of water to the wound. Realizing how it was a big mistake after a wave of pain comes after it. I managed to clamp my mouth shut and held down my scream deep down, the pain was so great that it nearly blinds me out.

“You’re okay?” I heard my Kage’s voice in my mind.

“I’ll managed..” I replied weakly.

“You know, I can take over if you mind.”

“Not now, maybe later..” I said closing my bottle and start running again.

“She almost did it didn’t she? She almost got me out.”

“How on Earth did she done it?” I asked. “Who is she?”

Ten Minutes ago.

“That’s about three hundred in there and that’s it. Take it or we’ll take it back.” I said sternly. “I know you need money, and that’s how much we’re going to offer.”

She looked at me in the eyes with those hazelnut eyes, the more I stared at it the more I felt something wrong with her. As if the world was frozen, I was pulled back into a total darkness and the next thing I found was her standing in front of the bars where it kept my kage inside.

“Well, well.. Another person that can get in here.” Spoke my kage. I can see the shilouete sitting on the usual couch behind the bars. “What have you been doing, honestly?” she asked.

“I-..”unable to speak, I turned to her. “What are you doing here? How did you get in here?!”

The girl didn’t answer and instead just stared beyond the bars with empty eyes as if she was jinxed. She held out her hand and touched one of the bar. Immediately, the bars disappeared just under her touch.

“What the-“ I suddenly heard a pleased chuckled that’s definitely from my own kage.

“Oh, I guess that’s my cue to take over.”

Finding my voice back, I ran towards the sofa and held down the silhouette roughly. “You are not getting out until I say so!”

“Hmm.. But wouldn’t it be much fun if I came out?”

“I won’t let you!” I yelled holding the figure down, fighting back a sudden headache that came out of nowhere.

“Let’s just cut it there would you both?”

I froze hearing the new voice, and saw another figure approaching. I could not see the figure clearly, not it’s face or whether it’s a male or female. It was tall and some flickering auras surrounding it, as it gets closer the whole place brights up a little from the aura.

“Oh, I was wondering when are you planning to approach her yourself.” Said my Kage in an annoyed tone.

“Who are you?” I asked the figure.

“At ease, Umeda Ayaka. I guess you must be confused now that you’re seeing too much going on inside you.” Said the voice again.  “I don’t blame you. You’re probably the first one to have to experience being a Samurai Princess as well as having a Kage inside.”

“I-I..” unable to speak, the voice chuckled.

“It’s alright. You’ll get use to it soon enough.” Said the voice. “If that girl isn’t here, I don’t think I would ever meet you.” Pointed the figure at Matsubara.

“Her?” I asked. “Who is she? How did yo-“

“I said you’ll know her soon enough. Just message though, take a good care of her.” Advised the voice. Before my eyes snapped back to the market where she was staring at me.

My eyes widened just in time when she turned her head to the side, avoiding my eyes.

Who are you…?


“And who was that?” I asked as I jumped over a growing old vine. “You knew who it was don’t you?”

“Sigh.. I guess it’s time I tell you something interesting.”Said my kage. “That was Riku, your past life of Earth Samurai Princess.”

“What?!” I yelled. “And you just told me now?!”

“Hey, we don’t talk much until that girl came and unlock me.”

I almost reached the end of the forest now because I could see the trees are starting to get thinner. “What we were you both talking about?” I asked patiently.

“Well.. To start with, what you’re about to face is a five hundred year old demon that resembles like a fifteen year old.”

“Wonderful. She also creates those minions just with a palm filled with dark thick smokes..” I muttered.

“Second, you wouldn’t want to touch those smokes. Those smokes are pure acids of Hell that they created themselves from pure misery and hatreds, not only will it wounds you it’ll also damaged your mentality if that thing reached your lungs.”

“Great and why are you telling me this? Why not Riku?” I asked after finally out of the bushes and start running on a decent road. I glanced down and saw a footsteps shaped like a huge claw which indicates me that I’m on the right track.

“Don’t know Riku said it wasn’t the time yet.”

I gritted my teeth and saw a wooden gate in front of me as well as a black fur sticking on the wood, I ran past the gate and finally stopped by the sight of Rabutan standing on top of the bear.

“Well, you managed to catch up.” Smiled Rabutan.

“You..” I growled. I saw Matsubara lied down on the bear’s feet with such a pale face that she looked like she’s very ill and she looked like struggling in her own dream.

“What’s your business with this girl?” I asked dangerously as I pulled out my sword.

Rabutan smiled, “She’s the ultimate shortcut to awaken my master, you know..”

My eyes widened, “Shortcut?”

Rabutan nodded with such wicked eyes, “Don’t you know who she is? She’s one of your priest you know?”


Rabutan rolled her eyes, “Ah, it’ll be a waste of time if I have to explain it to you all over. So why don’t you just..” she jumped down from the bear and tapped the bear on the arm.

“have some fun with my baby again.” She grinned and the bear roared loudly in agreement before rushing towards me.

I lunged to the side just moments before the creature run over where I was standing before. I can feel such a strong energy rushing past me before it turned and growled. I punched a spike bellow the bear’s stomach and made it yelped as it was thrown back. The red eyes were unforgiving towards me as it gets up and raked it’s claw to my head. I parried the claw in time with my sword and clashed with the other claw. I gritted my teeth as the strong claw pushes my sword.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see Matsubara’s eyes opened up a little bit. Her face was still as pale as before and she was breathing rapidly. Her eyes stared deep into me and..

“My turn.”

Before I could do anything I felt my hands moving by itself and pushed of the claw. Expertly, my foot jumped and pushes of the bear’s bicep and slashed it’s muzzle. Black blood splattered on to my new robe, sizzling it.

It was like still being there but I have no control of my own body. I can feel a tinge of pain from the black blood splattered to my shoulder which was enough to convince me that it was the same liquid as before.

I willed myself to get back in control but as if there was something pushing me down to stay in the same position; I realized that it was my own kage.

“Stay down. I’ll show you what’s your true potential.” Said my kage with a sadistic tone.

I watched how my body dodged the incoming attacks expertly as it constantly giving deep cuts to the creature’s body. The bear roared angrily and nearly swooped my head off if the sword weren’t raised in time to slice of the claw.

The bear roared louder as the claw touches the ground like a piece of meat. I felt my lips tugged into a wide grin as  I raked the creature’s stomach with the sword. The black blood oozes out in no time and sizzling everything surrounding us like the grasses.

I felt my mouth released a sadistic laugh, a laugh that would chill me right to the bone. My eyes then widened in horror when my hands took a chance and stabbed the bear right on it’s left eye.

The bear roared in pain was slashing everywhere with it’s one claw. I felt my own mouth laughed hysterically as I slashed another on of it’s claw clean.

“NO!!” I heard Rabutan yelled as she watched her creation in such agony. I laughed and without knowing anything, my hand raised the blade and threw the sword right to the demon and got her right in the stomach.

Rabutan screamed in pain as slumped with the blade stuck in her stomach. I could see vaguely her eyes were unforgiving as she screamed in pain.

Stop it!! I urged to take back my body but it was no use.

My foot walks up to the slumped Rabutan and kicked her right in the chest to make her lied on her back. Her expression was beyond in pain as she yelped when I pulled the sword out of her stomach.

“Let’s see if we can do this!” yelled my kage before stomping on the demon’s stomach where it bleeds.

“AARRGGGHH!!” screamed Rabutan and started sobbing. Blood trickled from her mouth as my foot twisted the wound.



Yuka’s POV

Our fire clashed, red and purple flames burned all the surroundings. For a few times already we clashes together and stare at each other’s eyes with absolute heat.

“It’s been a long time since I have such fun, Hinata!” laughed Sasshi as she surged a fire ball towards me. Her laughs now sounded more like a crazy maniac ones than a normal lady ones.

“Demons that re too much possessed with it’s own power can be dangerous. Be careful..” said Hinata as I sliced through the flame and gave a spiny kick of flames towards her.

Sasshi laughed and propelled herself up into the air and puffed her cheeks. Soon enough, I saw her producing the purple fire from her mouth towards me. Good enough to recover from the shock, I rolled to the side to avoid it.

“You can breathe fire?!” I yelled.

Sasshi grinned, “We demons have our own techniques in controlling Demon flames.”

“I have a plan. Do you think you’re ready for it?” asked Hinata.

I gulped, as long as it’s not that dangerously dangerous..

I followed Hinata’s instructions carefully, I rushed towards Sasshi and threw my sword towards her. As expected, she caught it easily but she didn’t realized that I was already standing beside her.

I propelled myself up and slammed my leg to her shoulder, she screamed and threw me back as she clutched her shoulder.

I hit the a tree on my back and grinned at the angry demon, I glanced at my leg and found it coated with the red aura to maximize the damage.

Nice work, I think she’s gonna kill me now..

“She’s been trying to do so and she won’t.” said Hinata pleased. “You got her chi blocked.”

I grinned remembering what Jurina did to me on the previous day. It wasn’t a pleasing experience at all to not be able to move my whole arm or even feel anything from it.

“You..” she growled and grab a hold of my blade. She spun the handle expertly in her hand before rushing towards me with it.

Her speed this time was terrifying, she nearly sliced my head if I didn’t move and cut a bit of my hair instead. I blocked her raised arm just when she raised the blade and kicked her straight in the chest.

Sasshi was thrown back into a concrete wall. The materials cracked on the impact as she gritted her teeth fiercely towards me.

I plant my feet firmly to the ground and spun a fire towards her followed by an intense rounds of fire bullets. It rained over Sasshi instantly as she was struggling to maintain her flame. After the smokes all down, I saw her panting with many wounds all over her figure.


I turned towards the forest hearing the loud scream. I saw Sasshi’s face went slack before she managed to get up.

“RABUTAN!!” she yelled, I could tell she was in panic. Maybe Ayaka did something there and get caught up  with her.

I felt a sudden heat passing me, and realized it was Sasshi heading towards the forest. But because of her wounded up body, the speed wasn’t that fast anymore and before I knew it she was thrown back into the wall. I turned and saw Yuko standing up with her hands forward, she looked like way more than pissed.

“You are not getting away!!” yelled Yuko. Before she rushed forward and slammed her foot to Sasshi’s stomach. The demon spit some blood and slumped back in agony as she eyed us with pure hatred.

“Yuko, your ribs..”

“It’ll be fine.” Said Yuko sharply. “I have a score to settle with this demon.”

Sasshi sneered, showing her teeth caked with blood. “That’s more like it, daughter of Ameratsu. Show me if you still fighting in your father’s name.”

“Don’t talk about my father that way!” yelled yuko before she punched the demon’s face.

Sasshi laughed despite the bloody mouth she has, “I have fun. But I really should go..”

Suddenly the purple auras came back to her, this time it was thicker and darker. With no further moments wasted, she put her arm out and blast the two of us back. Yuko and I hit the wall at the same time and before we could land to the ground, I felt the demon’s knee slammed right into my stomach and pinned me to the wall by the hair.

I could taste the iron blood in my mouth as I looked into the purple eyes of her, my body goes limp all the sudden. I managed to turn my head and saw Yuko was already unconscious on the ground.

“That’s what you get for messing with me.” Said Sasshi before she kicked me to the side. I struggled to stand up, but Sasshi’s foot was already on my chest and twisted her heel.

I screamed, the pain was amazing. The heat of purple flames and how much force she puts in felt like digging a hole through my chest. I could vaguely hear Hinata begging me to stay awake but my body seemed to be doing the opposite.

Before my eyes closed, I saw a blinding light of blue from where I lied Sayaka’s body down. I tried to work out what is it but my minds was already shuts down to the darkness..


Sayaka’s POV

“Wake up..” urged a voice.

I opened my eyes, but all I see was white landscape with no end. I looked around to seek for somebody, but there was none.

“Where are you? Who ar-“

“Listen to me, Akimoto Sayaka. Your friend is in great danger and so is mine right now.”

I scrunched my eyebrows, “What are you on abo-“

“I give you options now, one we can work together like how we are supposed to be. Or otherwise, you can continue lying down there and watch Maou fall despair to the world.”

I didn’t reply, there’s no need to. The answer was obvious, I choose the first.

As if it can read my mind, the voice spoke; “Reach up, take my hand and let’s do it together.”

I reached up to the white sky and felt an invisible delicate hand grasped it. The touch was gentle and felt cool which soothed my burnt hand from the lightning strike earlier.

“That’s it.. Listen, before we do this let me tell you my name. My name is Kai..”


Third Person’s POV

Sasshi turned as she saw a faint blue glow coming from the back. She turned and saw the body of Sayaka rose up into the air with water circling around her in smooth current.

Just by the time she saw the two eyes opened, she was taken back with the glows coming from the eyes. And before she knew it, she was blasted of with thousands of gallons of water to another concrete wall. The demon fire protected her on the hard impact but before it could help more, Sasshi saw the rain water started gathering up around her before then trapping her in a vortex of water.

The vortex insides were circling fast like a tornado, bringing the demon’s body circling round and round as being trapped inside. Sasshi felt water started gurgling her, making her unable to summon more of her Demon Fire verbally. By the time the motions stopped, her eyes were blurry and before she realized she saw the girl was already standing in front of her with her sword rose to the side of the vortex.

“Farewell.. Demon.” Mouthed the girl before slicing the vortex from the side.

The sword tip managed to slash the demon on her waist and cut thinly across her stomach, the blood spit out of her mouth easily mixed with the water that filled her lungs. She eyed the girl’s blue eyes with a pained expression and absolute hatred, but somehow her mouth formed a grin smeared with blood.

“S-sam-ur-ai of w-wat-er..” she croaked weakly. “Mari..ko s-sam-a will.. b-be thr-illed..”

After widening her lips, she slumped down face first to the ground.

Eying the demon on her feet, Sayaka raised her sword high and aimed the demon’s neck. But before she could stab it, the blade stopped in mid air and was caught in a grasp.

“S-sayaka..” she turned to the voice and saw the wounded demigod clenching on the blade. “That’s en-nou-gh..”

Just after she heard the gentle plea, Sayaka’s body slumped down forward into Yuko’s arm, unconscious and gently breathing. The faint glow left and only the blue orb was left to glow on her sword.

Yuko caressed the girl’s hair softly as she felt the rain has stopped and leaving them with dark clouds. She saw a black thick mist swirling from the corner of her eyes and watched a figure stepped out of it. Aware of who it was, Yuko widened her eyes and gritted her teeth towards the figure. The figure was tall and her short cropped hair framed her face perfectly as it was combined with smart looking thin eyes and lips.

“If you want to kill these girls right now, you better do it over my body!” yelled Yuko to the demon.

The demon sighed and ignore the short girl, instead she walked over to Sasshi and stopped on top of her.

“Oi, are you alive?” asked the demon looking down to Sasshi’s body.

Sasshi’s head rose a bit, enough to see the demon’s face and smiled weakly.


“Ch, I just made that outfit of yours and you ruined it?” asked the demon called Mariko with hands on her hips. “I expected a good maintenance of it, you know.”

“Sorry, Mariko-sama..” chuckled Sasshi weakly. “I got carried away.”

Mariko sighed and wrapped her arm on Sasshi’s waist as well as putting the wounded demon’s arms around her head before bringing her up to stand.

Sasshi glanced at the unconscious body of Yuka on the side and smiled triumphfuly , “Samurai of Fire.. We will meet again. Next time we met, I shall send you to the depths of Hell burning in Demon Fire..”

Mariko turned and saw Yuko was eying her dangerously. It was obvious to her that the girl was easy enough to kill in this condition, and there is no fun to her killing something that’s not worthy to fight back. However, her eyes caught the faint radiance from Sayaka’s sword. Her eyes widened slightly in realizing the familiar glow in her eyes.

“Samurai of Water..” she spoke shortly as she eyed the figure holding on to the sword. It was indeed different but she could see how the girl could be potentially strong based on strong shape she gives out.

Mariko turned and clicked her fingers, making the dark mist to gather again and swallow Sasshi and her before it all completely disappears to nowhere.

While in another place…

The grunts and low swearing still coming out of Rabutan’s mouth followed with blood, splattering the grasses around as Ayaka continued stepping on her stomach for the last minutes. The shape of her creation was already far away from perfect after having two of it’s front claws sliced off, the creature just lied there trashing and roaring around as it’s master’s tortured voice rung in the air.

Had enough hearing the roar, Ayaka walked over to the bear’s side and eyed it dangerously.

“Do you want to kill this thing or should I do it for you?” asked her Kage.

Ayaka didn’t reply to that, she knew that her bitter memories involved this bear or at least the same type of it. Lady Maeda’s death, her ruined coronation, and her new fate..

“Forget it, I’ll just do it for you.”

Before she could find my voice, my blade was already cuts through the throat and sliced the head off with one swift slash. The bear grunted and struggling before the slash stopped it’s misery and disintegrate it away as it stained the grass surrounding it.

“N-no..” she heard her low groan. But she fell silence when Ayaka’s hazel eyes met her gray dangerously.

“Interested to be the next?” asked her Kage as she walked over to the poor demon as she swings her sword playfully. Rabutan eyed the sword swings in complete fear as she can’t move nor to avoid anymore.

“N-No.. Pl-ple-ase d-do-nt..” she begged with tears of blood starting to trickled from the corner of her eyes.

Ayaka felt her mouth released another chilling laugh that was none other than her kage’s. But she stopped completely and eyed the young demon in such amusement.

“No.” answered the Kage before rising the blade high above Rabutan’s chest. The demon’s breath turned rapid as she watched the blade held high and aiming for her chest, she closed her eyes and screamed in fear after she watched it coming down and…

“Ayaka, that’s enough.”

Rabutan opened her eyes and saw the blade being gripped by Jurina bare handedly. The red blood freshly tickled from her hand as it gripped the sword tightly. Rabutan widened her eyes and thought how stupid this girl must be to do such thing for her, but then she saw an aura emitted from the girl which wasn’t a normal one. In fact, it was strong and blinding her as she spend her moments watching it.

“You..” growled Ayaka trying to budge the sword off but it was no use.

Jurina sighed and before anyone knew anything, the young girl rose up and slammed her foot right on Ayaka’s chest and send her away to crash onto a nearby tree. Ayaka felt her back hurts for several times of the day already. But before she or her kage could recover from it quickly, she felt her shoulder being rained with many punches. The punches were as painful as she felt on her forearm yesterday, only this time it was folded hundred times by the amount of she’s getting. Screaming was useless as she felt the pain started cutting her off the nerves connecting to her arm, her sword dropped to the ground in process.

Jurina stopped the punches and watched Ayaka’s body slumped down with her arm limped on her sides. She felt thankful to follow her when she couldn’t bear to see the demon fire that’s burning in the back of her mind and leaves a trauma forever there. She knelt infront of the girl and hugged the girl tightly in her arms.

Her kage growled in the actions as Ayaka felt it slowly being drifted back by Jurina’s inner aura, she pulled back just in time when Ayaka felt her body back under her control again but leaving her purely exhausted due being used by her own Kage. It was like how Yuko said it before, her kage was weak against strong lights from inner auras like Yuko’s and Jurina’s and so it left her completely exhausted when it left because of it.

Ayaka slumped forward to be just caught by Jurina again and with her eyes weakly closing soon,  she saw a black mist gathering and thickened near Rabutan. She saw Sasshi came out of it and rushed over to the young demon.

Realizing the same, Jurina turned and saw Sasshi’s pained expression as she knelt beside Rabutan’s body. She noted some of Sasshi’s wounds that most likely to be from the fight with the others and saw it healing slightly. However, her eyes caught another figure coming out from the mist which made her frozen.

“She’s in a bad shape already. Let’s get her back.” Said the other figure to Sasshi.

The younger of the two nodded and carried the youngest demon in her arms. Sasshi gazed towards half awake Ayaka in pure hatred but she had it under control. Rabutan tilted her head slightly and reached up to Sasshi’s cheek and caressed it.

“Hey, you’re still alive.. I was expecting to get a new partner if you’re dead…” spoke Rabutan softly.

Sasshi chuckled, “Too bad you’re staying with me for another moments, Tsundere.”

Even know she dazed towards the two, but Jurina wasn’t looking at them. In fact, she’s staring into the figure behind them who was doing the same to her. A painful memories played again as she remembers the demon clearly on the day of her burnt life, the day she lost everything..

The demon’s face was difficult to read, she only eyed her and spoke with a decent tone.

“You’ve grown.”

Sasshi gazed up to Jurina and smiled dangerously as if she remembers the same thing too. She felt Mariko’s hand on her shoulder, signaling it’s time to go. Before the black mist swallowed them again, Sasshi mouthed to Jurina.

“Be aware of her wrath.” She mouthed before the mist swallowed her into total darkness.

Jurina was stunned and tried to work out what the demon meant. She looked at the sky and realized that the rain has stopped but still leaving the dark clouds and rumbling sky. She glanced to Matsubara who seemed to regaining her consciousness as she sat up and holding her head.

Jurina lied Ayaka down and approached the girl. The girl eyes widened when she finds Jurina’s hand rested on her shoulder and looked at the younger girl in fear.

“Please don’t be afraid of me.” Said Jurina. “You are one of my priest, Matsubara Natsumi.”

“What? I don-“ her voice was cut off by an instant images flashing before her eyes by the time Jurina’s eyes met hers.

Once it’s over, she breathed rapidly and met Jurina’s eyes again. Only this time, Matsubara’s eyes were a bit different as if a new power just surged into her and refreshing her a little.

“My lady.. Kaguya hime –sama..” she spoke softly. “I remembered now..”

Jurina smiled in relieve, “Welcome back, Priest of Soul.”

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 2)
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As much as I like this fic because of the genre...

The thing that I like more is your signature.. REALLY NICE~!!!!  XD XD XD

Waiting for your next update...  :) :) :)
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Re: Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 2)
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Chapter 8 - Information (Part 3)

Sayaka's POV


I woke up somewhere I've never seen before. I found myself lying on the ground, the soft green grass wavering in the calm breeze. I looked up and saw two people, walking off somewhere together, holding hands.

Taking my sword, I followed them as a stone path appeared, leading the pair into a beautiful hideaway. The moon was full and shining under the two as the stars glimmered and shined. The reflection bounced off the lake as the river trickled down the path. They went under a large waterfall and looked up at the starry sky together from the dark cave.

Coming closer, I could hear some of their conversation. One girl brushed her long hair back as the other girl with shorter hair smiled and spoke to her. She mouthed something that made the other blush and turn her head away.

Did she... confess? I thought.

Seeing how this situation was playing out, it seemed perfect for a confession. It's night, the moon is out, and these two... they're both beautiful. They act like a couple in love, too.

Something I always admired. Who knew I was actually watching it in front of my eyes.

I saw the shorter haired girl held the other's chin and turned her face to look at her. She stared deep into her eyes before leaning closer and...

Oh my... I blushed madly and turned my face away for a bit as I saw them kiss. Calming myself, I turned back, but...

They were gone.



I turned and saw a woman standing behind me. I recognized her. She was the girl with the long hair, the one who...

"You... Are you Kai?"


"And, that girl who was with you... Is she..?"

"Yes." A straightforward answer! "Don't worry. This is only a memory. MY memory."

Oh... That's it. I must be dreaming. And yet, I could feel my heart pounding, still.

"You must listen to me. That girl, Kuu, she is in danger."


"She is being held down by a curse. Her current life is unable to reawaken. If she stays like this, Kuu will disappear forever."

"Where is she? Tell me where she is."

Instead of answering, Kai came closer to me and held my chest. I felt something grow warm as she whispered a few words silently. Slowly, she drew her hand out, and I saw a faint red line appear.

"This is what connected me to Kuu. And it is also connecting you with her current life."

"What should I do when I find her?"

"You must find her, Sayaka. And give her what I couldn't, 100 years ago."

"Wait, what? What do I need to--"

"Don't worry, she'll help you." said Kai pointing behind me. I turned and saw Matsubara standing with a shocked expression.

I couldn't help not to hung my mouth open, "What are you doing here? H-how..?"

"I..." she looked up to Kai as if asking for help.

Kai smiled, "Just start slow, Priest of Soul."


A few minutes ago...

Yuka's POV

The smell of burnt woke me up with a wrinkled nose due to the authentic smell. I groaned by the sharp pain on my chest after just moving a bit of my body.


"I wouldn't move more than that if I were you."

I opened my eyes and saw Jurina smiled down at me beside the bed with a burnt plant in her hand, my guess was that it was the smell of that thing. I glanced to the side and saw Matsubara leaning against the wall as she dabbed her sweaty forehead with a small towel.

"What happened?" I croaked weakly. I touched my chest and found it bare except with gauze covering it, exactly where Sasshi stepped on me.

"The demons left after another fight takes place." grunted Yuko from a hammock hanging beside the window. "Matsubara got us here to her hut and took care of the wounds with Jurina."

"I never knew that Holy Water would be such a marvelous healing substance." mumbled Matsubara before she sips a glass of water.

"Sayaka..." I mumbled. "What happened to her..? I remembered that she didn't breathe at a-"

"She's alive." pointed Jurina to a couch in the middle of the room. I could vaguely see her lying there with sweats pouring on her face.

"My lady, I felt something from Kai.." said Matsubara with a worried expression. "Do you think that she might be-"

"Kuu... No please don't.. don't leave me..." mumbled Sayaka while her eyes are still shut. Confused, I turned to Jurina and Matsubara whom nodded in agreement.

"Go for it. You can do it." said Jurina reassuringly. Matsubara looked at her nervously and uncertain.

"What's Matsuba-"

"Just watch." said Jurina. She nods again to the girl and watched her approaching Sayaka. Matsubara grasped the bandaged up hands of the former officer and closed her eyes. As if someone opened the window and let the air in, her hair blew in the air gently as she mumbled a few prayers.

"First off, you might be wondering who on earth is Kai and Kuu, correct?" asked Jurina. I nodded and payed my attention to the younger girl. "Kai and Kuu are the previous Samurai Princess along with Riku and Hinata."

Hinata..? I remembered the voice inside my head when I fought Sasshi.

"She was the Samurai of Fire wasn't she? She's the voice I kept hearing inside my head."

Jurina nodded, "The four sacrificed their lives 100 years ago when they sealed Maou. Their powers and parts of their soul are locked inside the element orbs like this one." she pointed at my locket where the red gem was attached there from the first time I fought one of Maou's minions.

"Oh, is that what they are..."

"Since you managed to absorb some of the powers from the orb, you'll also need to be able to cooperate with the souls that comes along with it." continued Jurina. "From what I heard from Yuko, it seemed that your fight with Sasshi was the first time Hinata made a contact with you directly, right?"

"Yes it was." I answered. "She helped me maintaining my power and kept the fire surrounding me steady."

"The souls can help you maintain your power since they have experienced controlling it better than any of you." chimed in Yuko as she tried getting down from the hammock. "But that's not the only thing that they would be sharing with you."

"Fragments of memories from the previous Samurai Princess would also comes occasionally, like what Sayaka is experiencing now." said Jurina. "Not only Kai helped her controlling her power, she took over her consciousness completely."

My eyes widened, "Taking over completely? Like controlling every single thing?"

Yuko nodded and grunted as she settled to an empty chair, "Mind and body and power, the souls of the previous ones can take over completely over an agreement they made with the owner of the body. And it seemed like Sayaka had it after she passed out from the lightning strike."

"Then what's Matsubara got to do with it all?" I pointed out. "How come you seemed to trust her and how come she suddenly did the same to towards us?"

Jurina smiled, "She's one of my priests. From the first Samurai Princesses, I always pointed out five chosen females to be my priests. Their job are to find and support the Samurai Princess that are scattered across the land."

"The memories of previous priests would appear in each of their dreams, pronouncing that they would become the next priests. After that, memories would appear again occasionally, telling and teaching them how to realize their duties."

"As for Matsubara, she is called The Priest of Soul. Her duty is specialized in helping the souls in cooperating with the new Samurai Princess, it gives her power to enter someone's inner heart to seek the deepest part of someone's soul and helped them."

"Like what she's doing now here." pointed Yuko. "She's seeking for Kai and Sayaka."

I nodded in understandment.

"Then where is Ayaka?"

Jurina sighed, "She's outside. She recovered first than anybody else, she said she needed time for herself."

"What happened to her?" I asked. "Is it got to do with her soul too?"

"Remember when I said that she's a special case?" asked Jurina. "Her special case is the problem."


Meanwhile, in another place...

Third Person POV

As the full moon shined over the Miyazawa palace, in the darkness, a figure slipped by and hid in pitch black shadows as Haru returned from his nightly duties and was dismissed to his room. Her feet moved light and delicately across the wooden floor. She moved swiftly, like the wind, not being noticed by the young man. As he closed the door to his room, Yuki stepped out and walked closer to her husband's door.

After following him, she silently reached his bedroom door and opened it slightly to look inside. She saw Haru unraveling the gauze on his arm, revealing the black markings edged in his skin. He stared at himself in the mirror, his eyes darker than normal. Yuki was worried that the curse was changing him, and she would eventually lose her beloved husband, or worse, Kuu could disappear and Sae will never realize her destiny.

"Haru... why would you go this far?"

"Argh!" She heard a sudden groan in pain and a loud bang.

She looked back and saw Haru had fallen to his knees, banging the table as he held his head, screaming in agony.

Yuki didn't know what else to do and quickly ran to her room.

Meanwhile, Haru continued fighting the pain in his head, moaning and groaning as he felt something trying to invade his mind. It felt like someone was controlling him, and it hurt like Hell as he fought back the mysterious force.

"Quit fighting. Just let yourself go."

"Wh... what... a-are you..?!"

"Don't resist it, Miyazawa Haru. Release that darkness within you."

"N-no! Show yourself!"

Haru began seeing things. He was seeing dark, evil things and started attacking them, turning his room into a complete mess. When Yuki got back, she saw what was going on with him and started panicking. She tried to cover up her act and knocked on his door.

"Haru, are you okay?"

"Go away!" he roared angrily, along with an almost demonic voice.

Yuki began feeling scared and didn't want to confront Haru in this state. She hurried to another part of the palace and went into Sae's room. She saw Sae was still sleeping and found her blue rose burette on her bedside desk.

She took out a special ofuda scroll and said a few prayers over it before releasing a strong burst of energy. The orb reacted and shined brightly, accepting the energy. It was an anti-kage spell, that would protect her from any dark magic or kages. Of course, this was still ineffective to the memory spell, since it was too strong.

Yuki looked back at the now peacefully sleeping Sae. She frowned as she pulled back her bangs and kissed her forehead.

"Kuu, if you can hear me, please. Help Sae wake up." begged Yuki.

Back with Haru...

"You cannot win against your inner demons. You won't be able to hide for too long."

Haru slowly got up, looking at himself in the mirror as he felt himself grow weak. He saw a shadow in his mirror grinning at him evilly.

"What the hell... are you supposed to be?"

"Why don't I show you?"

The shadow reached out and Haru was taken aback by darkness. The next second, he felt an intense pain throughout his whole body and screamed loudly. He collapsed on the floor as his body spasmed and his mind slowly started slipping out of control.

"You've been holding me back for too long. It's MY turn now!"



A figure snapped her fingers as she appeared from the room and Haru finally lost consciousness. The young woman, although her looks and outfit were very masculine, she was very much a girl, walked over to Haru and whispered in his ear.

"Ohayou~. We got rid of the nuisance." she said in a low tone. "Come out, come out~."

Haru opened his eyes and slowly rose up. However, it was not Haru inside, but a different person, taken over his body completely. He looked at his reflection. Haru's face, Haru's body... but his eyes were pitch black and an evil grin on his face as he let out a sinister chuckle.

"Finally, I'm free."


Back at Matsubara's hut

Ayaka glanced up the sky and watched the millions of bright stars scattered across the horizon. Kaguya's Holy Water did well with her shoulder since it saved her broken nerves connecting to her arms thanks to the rapid chi blocking from Jurina. Although, her arm still felt a little rigid, it's still better than the time she woke up.

Jurina told her everything, Matsubara's involvements, the system of the priests, and her problem.

Ayaka closed her eyes and sighed. She willed herself to be brought to the place where her Kage and Riku stayed. By the time she opened her eyes, she arrived once more in front of the bars and saw the couch attended as usual with a dark silhouette.

"You mad at me? I saved your life, y'know." said her Kage to begin with.

Ayaka fell silence since part of that was true. She wasn't sure if she's actually mad at her Kage, all she knew is that she needed to discuss something.

"Where is Riku?" asked the young girl. "I wish to talk with her."

"I'm right here." She turned around and saw Riku standing behind me.

"Riku.. So you're the previous Samurai of Earth."

"Yes I am, Ayaka." she smiled and approached her. "I have been watching for sometime. Your inner shadow concealed me enough not to be discovered by that certain demon."


"Sayanee." answered her Kage. "Sayanee has a similar ability as what Matsubara has. She looked deep inside to seek for the previous souls of the Samurai Princess and what makes her different is that she would destroy it first by breaking your mind so that it will be extremely difficult to work with the previous souls."

"Like earlier..."

"Yup. And when that happens, there will be a point where the previous souls would fade away in trying to work with your mind. Fade until it disappeared completely."

"It almost happened to me." sighed Riku. "I encountered Sayanee before I knew much of my previous soul. She messed up my mind easily and fell into the edge of insanity, it goes till it reached the point where Kaguya-hime nearly decided to extract my power and what's left of my previous soul forcefully from my body."

"What happened then..?" asked Ayaka.

"Do you remember feeling the Earth for the first time?" asked Riku. "The tug in your guts when you plunged the bear to that deep hole? That's the Earth helping you."

Ayaka's eyes widened, "The Earth's alive?"

"Of course it is!" exclaimed Riku. "How would it gives lives to plants? How would volcanoes erupt if it weren't for the Earth's impulses?"

"Huh... I guess that makes sense."

"The Earth helped me, it absorb my insanity and neutralized it. Not only that, it tells me the remains of the previous Samurai Princess before me." said Riku slowly.

"How can the Earth do that?"

"What makes Earth special is that it remembers." smiled Riku. "The previous Samurai of Earth spend time mostly with the Earth, feeling the Earth's rumbles in her feet, being one with it as they fight side to side."

"It's alive then." Concluded Ayaka. "Like a partner."

"More like a trio actually if you add the previous soul too." shrugged Riku. "Now, you do realize why this is going to adds up to your problem, right?"

Ayaka's eyes widened in reply before nodding.

"Yes I do.."


"She has too many things inside her head."

"What?!" asked Yuka in awe.

"As I explained to you before about her Kage, it just adds up to number of inner connections she would have in her head." stated Yuko simply. "It was bad enough for her to actually owns a Kage, what's worse she has Riku starting to awakened and the thoughts of The Earth itself."

"So she has a total of four things going on in her head at once?!"

"Yes." said Jurina. "That's when Matsubara comes in handy. As the priest of soul, her job is also to maintain the inner connections so it stayed clear and smooth. Having these inner connections aren't easy, Yuka. You will experience tons of headaches occasionally."

"I think I already had." said Yuka caressing her head. "Wow, then I guess Ayaka will be the ones having more headaches than us.."

"Not only headaches." chimed in Yuko. "There is a possibility she'd go insane if Matsubara can't help her at all and this time, nothing can regain it back."

"We can't let that happen!"

"We know. That's why we have Matsubara here."

Meanwhile, in Sayaka's mind...

Sayaka's POV

"So, that's how it is..." The two nodded at my answer. "I understand."

"Eh? That was fast." Matsubara said, a bit shocked.

"I've been through a lot the past few days, so I'm pretty much used to it now."

Kai smiled and placed her hand on my shoulder.

"You know what to do now, right?"


"We're counting on you girls."

"Things have only just begun..."

I nodded simply. There's no other way to answer; it is my destiny after all.

"Jaa..." The two started to leave, but then...

"Wait, Kai." I held her hand and stopped her. "You didn't tell me... what do I need to give to Kuu? I don't have anything."

She smiled sadly and pulled me in for a hug.


"You do. The both of us have it. You will know when you meet her..."


I saw something bright in my eyes and felt myself being pulled back. When I opened my eyes back up, I saw in a strange house. Matsubara was there, breathing heavily as Yuko and Jurina supported her.

"Sayaka, you're back!" exclaimed Yuka from a bed. Wow, she looked pretty beaten up..

"Yuka..." That's weird. She didn't add the '-chan' part. She just called me Sayaka. She looks so serious, I bet something really bad is happening.

"Glad you're okay, Sayaka."

"Matsubara, how do you feel right now?"

"Call me Natsumi. I'm tired, but... I think..."

"You wore yourself out, Natsumi-chan. Just rest for a bit." Yuka said, patting her shoulder.


"She's right. You'll need the energy." Jurina said. "We'll deal with Ayaka later."

The three walked off, leaving me and Yuka alone in the room.

"What's wrong with Ayaka?"

"She's got too many connections going on inside her, or something, and they need Natsumi-chan to save her, or she might go...." explained Yuka as she jerked her thumb to the outside.

"Insane." finished Yuko up.

"Oh..." I bit my lip, looking back at the door. I turned and saw Ayaka standing out there, her eyes shut.

I hope she'll be okay...


Meanwhile, in another place...

Deep hidden in a forest, the ruins of what once to be a castle lied silently. Despite of it's silence, it is not forgotten nor unattended. Mortals who came too close to the castle would disintegrate instantly by the curses set up around it.

Underneath the castle, lied a deep, deep hole. If you can listen very closely, you would hear horrible screams of thousands of soul. If you're wondering what was inside the hole, I'll tell you. It is the Hell it self, torturing thousands and millions of evil souls of humans or the devils. Those souls can never get out from the hole, it is sealed close by a powerful spell created from thousands of lights.

However, despite it has been holding on for years, the seal has slowly weakened. And the voices of the tortured gets louder and louder due something else, they have been absorb by something else and now screaming louder for help.

Whatever it is, it is big and most importantly; Evil.

A demon watched the hole closely from the edge of the hole. She can feel the Hell was pulling her mentally back in, but from hundreds of years of experience she is strong enough to resist it.

"They're slowly healing up." said a voice. The demon turned and saw a woman walking in to the room. The woman was surprisingly a mortal but she is no ordinary ones, the demon could feel a dark aura of black magic surrounding it.

"Thank you, Tomochin." said the demon. "I bet Sasshi was screaming herself out."

"Nah, she pretended to be strong since Rabutan is beside her." said the one called Tomochin. She glanced at the hole with curled lips.

"He's rising isn't he?"

The demon nodded, "Soon he will be awakened completely. And when that happens, you'll definitely be rewarded."

"How about if I be awarded by you instead..?" asked Tomochin with a smile. "Mariko, I don't care if it's wrong. I know you love me."

Mariko smiled in reply and approached the witch. She bent down to caressed the soft cheek with her delicate fingers and whispered in her ear.

"Maybe later. I have to check out the others first."

"You're always delaying things, Mariko." said Tomochin. "But I'm glad that I summoned you all in the first place."

"You are one nasty human, Itano Tomomi." said Mariko. "Which is why I like you and I'll save you for later. In the meantime, have you check our special friend yet? I am disappointed that Sasshi and Rabutan failed to retrieve the thing we need."

"She's perfectly still in the same condition after 13 years." answered Tomochin. "The freeze curse you casted did well."

"Marvelous." grinned Mariko. "Well then, I'll see you again.. for your reward." then the demon disappeared.

Mariko landed on stone floor with a thud and black mist swirled around her before revealing her to a young demon playing with her pets.

"Ah, Mariko-sama!" straightened up the young demon.

"At ease, Milky." said Mariko with a smile. "Where's Sayanee? I wish to talk to her."

"She's away at the moment, I'm afraid." pouted Milky. "She said she's pursuing her interest right now."

"She is one curious demon." sighed Mariko. "If she's back, tell her to check on our special friend."

"What's happening with her?" asked Milky.

"Something that only Sayanee can do and something that Tomochin can't." said Mariko.

Milky nodded, "Speaking of Tomochin.. How long are you planning to accept her?"

Mariko's lips curled in instant and in no time she already has Milky's neck in her hand. The young demon widened her eyes in shock before it flashed a great fear towards the older demon.

"You do not speak of her that way, understood? Next time you're asking the same type of thing, I'll snap this neck of yours and threw you back in that hole." she spoke coldly to Milky with a very dark aura surrounding her.

Milky gulped and nodded furiously before Mariko released her.

"Now where is your partner, Mieko?" asked Mariko with an unusual bright tone to a shadow hidden behind a pillar.

"She's on her way back." said a voice before the shadow transformed into a woman with long silky black hair. "She should be here by no-"

Her voice was cut off by a sudden weight on her back and made her fall forward in surprise. Mieko sighed as she turned her head and gave a dark look on the new figure.

"Nishishi.. GET OFF ME!!" yelled Mieko loudly. The new figure smiled in amusement as she blocked her ears to protect her from Mieko's scream.

"My my.. Baba's scream is sure scary~" cooed Nishishi with a grin. She could see Meiko's vein popped a little in the corner of her forehead.

"Oi! I'm as old as Mariko! If you're calling me a baba then you're calling her one too!" retorted Mieko.

Nishishi glanced at a pissed looking Mariko and smiled apologetically. Mariko sighed, the issue of her being the oldest along with Mieko has been bothersome for years, But thankfully, she's getting used to it.

"Where have you been, Nishishi?" asked Mariko patiently.

"I did what you asked, Mariko-sama." bowed Nishishi like a gentleman. "I am glad to have consulted with Sayanee for your order. She is one smart demon."

"Very well." said Mariko. "Did you have any problems?"

"I am not sure yet of my deduction, Mariko-sama." said Nishishi. "I'll go with Mieko tomorrow to make sure about it first before resolving it."

"Perfect." said Mariko with a triumphant smile. "We'll be counting back now for our Lord's awakening. Soon enough, the Demons will have their rights back in this world."

"Yes, Mariko-sama!" said the other three demons together in sync.

To Be Continued

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 3)
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It's getting interesting. Haru finally overwhelmed by his Kage. And then the princesses.... SAYAKA GONNA SAVE SAE HAHA
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Re: Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 3)
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Chapter 9 -- Information (Part 4)

Third Person POV

A pair of eyes was watching through the thick bushes of the forest. The sounds of footsteps she produced was close to none as she was an expert in terms of staying low. The lucid dark blue eyes of hers watch closely of her target, a girl in her middle teenage year.

The stalker leapt one tree to another as she followed the horses that carries her and her companions. The stalker was one hell of a devil after all, but superbly she has a big curiosity over things that ordinary demons won't have interest in. She smiled thinly as she watched the girl kept glancing behind anxiously as if she knew she was being followed. But of course she doesn't know who.

"Is there anything wrong, Ami-san?" asked an older woman riding a horse beside her. From the look she has, the demon guess she was at the end of her twenties.

The girl shook her head awkwardly. The demon knew it was just a cover of something lied deep inside the girl, something she has an interest on lately since her encounter with The Samurai of Earth, Umeda Ayaka.

"Noro-san, where are we going?" asked another girl who seems to be her older sister.

"I know you're tired, Atsuko-san, Ami-san. But we'll reach our destination soon, we'll be safe under their hospitality."

"Actually you have, Noro-san." said a new voice coming from the bushes not far from Sayanee.

Sayanee blends into the darkness and saw a figure riding it's horse coming out of the bushes before lowering her black hood.

"Long time no see, Takamina-san.. Oh, pardon me. I mean, General Takahashi-san.." smirked the one called Noro.

"You can still call me Takamina if you want, Noro," smiled the approaching woman. "Are these the girls you were talking about?" she looked around to see the other two girls.

"Yes." said Noro getting down from her horse. "Maeda Atsuko-san, Maeda Ami-san please let me introduce you to General Takahashi Minami."

"Pleasure to meet you." said Takamina approaching and took Atsuko's hand and kissed it. Even under the faint moonlight, Sayanee could see the girl blushed after such action.

"Alright then.." said Noro. "Ladies, please follow General Takahashi for now. She will offer you protections for the time being at her place."

"Where are you going then, Noro-san?" asked Ami. "Are you leaving us?"

Noro smiled grimly at the young girl, "I have to Ami-san.. I have.." she glanced at Takamina. "Something to do."

"What is it, Noro?" asked Atsuko. "You better tell us since our mother is dead now with no explanations coming from you and all the sudden we're wanted in Edo!"

"Lady Maeda, I-" Noro glanced at Takamina for help.

"Lady Maeda, Noro has her reasons. She needs to do something very important and I'm afraid we cannot tell you any about it." said the General as she put her hand on the girl's shoulder.

"Great, another secret.." grumbled Atsuko.

"Does it got to do something I did back there..?" asked Ami slowly. "It does isn't it?"

"Lady Maeda I-" Noro's words somehow caught in mid air just as Sayanee pulled out her blade. The sound of metal grazed her clothes material gave away her hiding spot.

Takamina shot a dagger and landed just beside Sayanee's cheek, the metal managed to scratch her cheek.

"Come out! I know you've been following us since we left the border!" yelled Noro.

Cursing, Sayanee walked out of her hiding spot in her human form. Her eyes finally met her target as the younger one looked horrified.


"You know her, Aamin?" asked Atsuko embracing the girl.

"I.. I saw her on Ayaka's coronation. She's the one I saw before I blacked out."

Sayanee smirked, "Ara ara.. I guess my spell was accurate then. For the fact, the one you saw was my clone and it was there to accompany the gift that my friend sent for your cousin."

"A gift?!" spat Atsuko. She angrily started approaching the demon. "That thing killed our Mother!!"

"Now, now..." Milky stepped out from behind and blocked her path. "Let's not get a hot head."

"Why you!" Atsuko grabbed Milky by her collar and was about to make her move, but then she felt something inside shut down as she stared into Milky's eyes.

Milky made her let go of her collar, letting Atsuko's hands dropped to their side as she silently stepped back from her.

"Good girl~"

"Lady Maeda!" yelled Takamina before she rushed to Milky with her sword out. Only to be clashed by Sayanee's bow.

"Not a chance, human." smirked Sayanee before she brings the blade upwards and kicked the general's stomach.

The general was thrown back to Noro who managed to catch her. Ami screamed in fear as she watched her sister being caressed by Milky.


"Nee, you do know that we need your sister, right?" whispered Milky to Atsuko's ear.

"Yes." answered Atsuko shortly before she grabbed Ami's wrist a flash.

"Sis! Let go!! You're hurting me!!" yelled Ami as she tried to struggle from her sister's steel grasp.

Noro took the action and managed to separate both of them. She held on Ami while Takamina grasped on Atsuko's wrist.

"Maeda-san!! Snap out of it!!" yelled Takamina to Atsuko's blank eyes.

"Hmm.. This is delaying time." said Sayanee watching the ruckus.

"Mariko-sama is expecting you, Sayanee." said Milky. "She doesn't seemed to be happy and she's urging to see you."

"Did somebody offended her or something?"

"I did."


Milky sighed, "Tomochin."

Sayanee gave the look 'figures' to her partner, but Takamina was strangely glanced at Milky by the name she just spoke.

"T-Tomo.. chin?"

The two demons glanced at the general in surprise. The general was so stunned by Milky's words that she did not have time to dodge Atsuko's headbutt. The short General fell to her knees as she clutched her forehead.

"Takamina!" yelled Noro before she knelt beside her friend.

"Ouch, that's gotta hurt." winced Sayanee. "Say, you knew our friend Tomochin, midget."

"Don't call me a midget!!" yelled Takamina before she threw a knife towards Sayanee and only to be caught by Milky.

"Sayanee.. I'd love to know more about Tomochin from her, but we really need to go now." said Milky.

"Alright. Command the girl there then." pointed Sayanee to Atsuko.

"Go grab your lil sis." smirked Milky. Atsuko once again grasped her sister's wrist hardly that Ami thinks that it's definitely going to leave a bruise.

"Dang it.." gritted Noro. She pulled back Atsuko once more and stood between the Maeda's. She pushed her sleeve and pointed a pentagram drawn on her palm and pointed it towards Atsuko.

The pentagram glowed in orange before it pushed Atsuko back and crashed to a tree. Sayanee curled her lips in displeased realizing the pentagram. It was a special one to protect from dark magic and evils.

"A Kaguya Priest, eh?" said Sayanee hastily. "I have no time to handle you, now."

"But I'll definitely return for my interesting object there." she pointed up at the terrified Ami.

"Be gone, demons." said Noro before the two demons vanished in a thick black mists.

Takamina ran up to Atsuko who seemed to be unconscious from the force. Ami knelt beside her and started sobbing.

"Lady Maeda, please follow my instructions for you and your sister's sake." pleaded Noro as she hugged the young girl. "stay with Takahashi-san and your sister. That people you just saw are demons.. They are now the enemy of your cousin, Umeda Ayaka."

"Ayaka..? But wh-"

"Your cousin is a part of a legend, you can find out more from Takahashi-san . But I really need to go now." said Noro before she mounted her horse.

"Noro before you go." cut off Takamina. "Please find out about Tomochin.."

Noro's eyes widened in hearing the name, "Takamina, you realized that she's alre-"

"Please! " exclaimed Takamina. "There's got to be a reason."

Noro nodded, "very well. I'll see you all later if we all were to survive. Takamina, don't forget to tell Haruna that-"

"I know. Take care." said Takamina before nods back at the lady and watched her left the scene.


The next day came quickly, the count down in Mariko's mind has started to getting closer of her master's rebirth. She knew soon enough her master will bring glory back to the demon beings.

She watched the deep hole again and sat by the chains hung up above the hole. She remembered it clearly a hundred years ago when the previous Samurai Princesses used the chains to bound her master before sealing him into the hole.

Kai, Kuu, Hinata, Riku...

The four names she could not forget nor to forgive for the things they did one hundred years ago. Mariko lost her precious friends, families, students.. Even her beloved one died in her hand after Kai's blade pierced her right in front of her eyes.

The chains rattled due to the tremendous dark aura the Demon produced just from remembering it all. All the demons knew that the demon that goes by the call Mariko-sama, only has one eternal grudge against. It was none other than The Samurai of Water herself, Kai.

The only time she felt the cursed presence was just after she picked up Sasshi after her hasty actions of disobeying with her command. It was no doubt it was Kai inside that girl lying in the hands of Ameratsu's daughter, just from the figure Mariko can tell how Kai chose her next one well..

"Remember my wrath, Samurai of Water.. I shall never forgive you." spoke Mariko dangerously and broke a part of the chain in her hand.

"Mariko-sama seemed to be in a dangerous mood, eh?" chimed a voice.

Mariko looked bellow and saw Nishishi sitting on a rock bellow with Mieko by her side.

"How did it go? Did you managed to find out about the problem?" asked Mariko.

Nishishi sighed, "Mieko, tell her about it."


An hour ago...

Haru's kage chuckled as he looked at himself in the mirror. Taking over his host's body after being locked up for so long, he finally felt like he was alive. He took in a deep breath and chuckled.

"It feels good to be free."

"You should thank me," Nishishi said as she stared in success at her work. "I was finally able to make that guy snap."

"Haru deserved a wake up call. He's been lying to himself for far too long."

A small giggle came from behind as Mieko appeared. "But still, you can't deny him."


"It was his feelings for his lil' sister that drove him to this, along with the love he has for Kuu. Plus, he's hot~" grinned Mieko.

Nishishi face palmed as the older girl was grinning like an idiot.

"It's all that damned girl's fault, y'know. She'd always say, 'I love Haru-kun~!', and that REALLY put down pressure on us. Still, it's such a huge gap between her personality and Kuu's."

"Kuu, huh... That bastard thinks he can act like that to try and bind her." Nishishi growled.

Her partner looked up and clung to her arm.

"But, now, we can finally get our hands on that girl and destroy her once and for all."

"We've got her right in the palm of our hands."

The handsome girl laughed as she faced the mirror along with him.

"Now, we gotta take care of those other girls. Or else, they'll get in the way."

"The priestess? No problem. She's completely under our control. And that daughter of hers doesn't even suspect the thing."

"So, all that's left is the sister."

Mieko smirked, "Leave that to me."

She snapped her fingers and instantly became a mirror image of Haru. She giggled as she looked at herself in the mirror.

"Uwaa~ Truly, this man is perfect! I wish he had married me instead of that priestess~."

"Focus, Mieko. Go find that sister of his and put her out of her misery."

"Roger doger!"

Meanwhile with Sae...

Sae woke up from her sleep and saw it was already night time. She was very surprised that she had slept through most of the day, but then again, when the storm was coming, nobody could tell what time it was. She was probably the only one awake, she thought.

Just then, the door opened and Haru walked in.


"Haru? You're still up? It's the middle of the night."

"I was worried about you when you almost got hit by lightning, Sae-chan. I can't rest knowing my imouto was almost hurt~."

Even though she noticed Haru's strange behavior, she could still see he was very worried about her safety. She brushed off the weird vocal pattern and got up.

"Well, thank you, Haru. That's very sweet of you," she said with a smile. She slowly stood up from the bed and sat down beside her brother. "I'm wide awake now. So..."

"Yeah, I don't feel tired either. But, you're still young, Sae-chan. You should get to sleep."

"Eh? But I don't even..."

When she looked up at Haru, she saw a red glow coming from his eyes and suddenly felt the world slow down. There was a buzzing in her head as she tried to keep her eyes open, but as she grew stronger, a strange wave of drowsiness washed over her.

"That's weird... I suddenly feel... so.. sleepy..." Sae's eyes fluttered closed as her whole body collapsed into Haru's arms and she fell deep asleep.

Mieko smiled and separated the girl from her.

"Good girl~. Now then..."

She coated her arm in a dark aura and put her hand on Sae's head.

"Time to get rid of that bothersome Samurai Princess."

But right as she felt her powers enter Sae's mind.

"..I won't.. do it..."

She felt a great shock hit her hand and made her retract her hand from Sae's head.

"Ackkhh!!" yelped Mieko shaking her hand. She looked at her palm and found it scorched up a little after the shock hit her. "What the hell..."

"N-no... I won't do it. I won't hurt Haru..." mumbled Sae in her sleep.

Mieko looked around and saw the blue rose burette near her. There was a familiar pentagram glowing inside the green orb. Mieko's eyes widened, it's been a hundred years since she saw the pentagram.

"A mark of Kaguya's Priest!" Mieko stood up in anger and reverted back to her old self. "Darn it! Almost had her, too.. Mariko is not gonna like this."

Mieko was about to leave but then she sensed a movement coming close to the door, she jumped behind a pillar just in time to hear Mayu's footsteps approaching Sae's bed.

"Sae-chan~ Let's play~" she wailed as she approached the bed and shook the princess's body. "Mou~ Sae-chan!!"

Mieko sighed, it was just Haru's daughter. She quickly sneaked out to the door and closed it very silently.

Sae's eyes opened slightly and she shook off the rest of her drowsiness. "Eh..."

"Sae-chan, wake up~! I wanna play!"

"Mayuyu...? How long was I asleep?" said the older girl as she rubbed her eyes sleepily.

"You were sleeping in here ALL day, Sae-chan. The moon's out now!"

Sae opened her door and saw the moon was already high in the sky. She and Mayu sat down, looking at the stars. She heard the younger girl singing a song as she swung her feet.

"Usagi-chan~ Bunny rabbit on the moon~ Is he making mocchi mocchi Mocchi~ tonight as well? Kawaii usagi-chan~ I wanna meet you~ Let's go to the moon and eat Mocchi with him!"

"You sure you're not tired, Mayuyu?"

"Nope. I wanna stay up ALL~~~ night with you, Sae-chan!"

"Alright then." Sae stood up and smiled. "We've got the whole garden to ourselves. Let's play."


Mayu and Sae ran off together, playing without a care in the world as Mieko came back to Nishishi's side. The two demons then watched the two mortal played peacefully with no idea what is going on.


"Honestly..." Mariko scoffed. "I'd have an easier time with that task."

"Sure you can if you're not too busy flirting with that filthy human."

Mariko's ear twitched and she turned to Nishishi with a dark glare.

"Nishishi!" hissed Mieko dangerously.

"What did you just say?"

"Just saying maybe you can do better if you're not too busy to make out with that hum-"


The sound roared loudly in the area, leaving an echo as it all went silent. Mieko covered her mouth in horror as she stared at the new shade of red on the handsome demon's cheek. Nishishi looked back and saw Mariko's eyes were pitch black.

"Don't you dare call her that... Don't you ever, ever, use her name in vein like that, Nishishi. Got it?"

Nishishi stared at the older demon's eyes dangerously. Despite being the third oldest after Mariko and Mieko, Nishishi is possibly the strongest hardheaded among them. It was not a surprise to see her eyes flickered with some fear but also hatreds.

"Nishishi..." said Mieko putting her hand on her shoulder. "Stop it."

But the handsome demon just stared at the the tall demon dangerously and so does the opposite, until the three of them heard a clap.

"Well, well.. I guess I came on the wrong time then.." said an amused voice that could be none other from Sayanee herself. "Go on, please continue. I'd like to see Mariko-sama's wrath for sometimes.."

"Where have you been?" asked Mariko.

"Chasing my recent interest." answered Sayanee. "Just common research."

"If you're looking for an interest, check our 13 years old freezed friend." said Mariko. "I believe you would find yourself occupied with her from now."

"Ooh~ Is she waking up?" cooed Sayanee. "I guess I should go now then~"

"Let me leave first, Sayanee." growled Nishishi. "I have no interest in being in the same place as someone who swallowed their own saliva."

"Nishishi!!" gritted Mieko. But the male looking demon already vanished into thick dark mist. "Mou..!"

Mieko sighed before doing the same.

Mariko's fist are still clenched tightly and Sayanee could see the anger being kept down  by the older demon. As a smart being, Sayanee knew it's not the right time to bother her.

"Very well, leave and do your job, Sayanee." dismissed Mariko. The short haired raven girl nodded before the thick dark mist swallowed her.


The next morning...

Sayaka's POV

Early that morning, the smell of cooking managed to pull me up into a consciousness. I opened my eyes with the drowsy feeling which I guess was from a sleeping potion Natsumi gave last night. I looked around Yuka was still snoring on the bed while Yuko's on a hammock.

I narrowed my eyes to look for the other three people, so I got up from the couch and looked around.  There was no one in the kitchen so I presumed that it was from outside. I went out and saw Natsumi was stirring a pot on a stove outside.

"Ohayou." she greeted warmly. "The sleeping potions seemed to be doing it's job well enough."

"I guess it did." I said cracking my neck. "Where's Jurina and Ayaka?"

"Ayaka's up there." pointed Natsumi up on a tree. I looked up and saw the former princess of Edo was standing at the very top of the tree.

"What is she doing up there?"

Natsumi shrugged, "Beat me. She's been there whole morning or maybe the whole night."

Just as I about to open my mouth and yell her to come down, the princess jumped off and landed safely on the ground with her knees bent.

I found her smiling at my gaping mouth and says "Ohayou~"

"How did you do that?!"

"Practice and a little help from Riku." she smiled sheepishly.

"Trying out to cooperate together, I see.." said a new voice that could only be Jurina. The girl came out of the side of the house with an egret in her arm.

"You like birds?" I asked her.

"Not really, but it is good in delivering messages." said Jurina. "We have a lead on where the last of Samurai Princess is."


Jurina nodded and pointed the egret, "It was sent to me by another one of my priestesses, Priest of Wind, Kashiwagi." She opened it up and showed it to me.

"Priest of Wind?" asked Ayaka. "Then she knew where Kuu might be."

"Yes. But there is a problem, someone put a memory curse on her and is preventing her from going through the first stage of the awakening."
"Wait, you mean all this time she hasn't been conscious of her fate as a samurai princess?!" asked Sayaka.

"Yes." said Jurina grimly. "We have to get to her as soon as we can."

"Hang on a sec!" said Natsumi. "Yuka and Yuko still in a situation far away from being fine, Jurina. And Ayaka's arm still in a bad condition too."

Ayaka narrowed her eyes she accepted a bowl from Natsumi. "What are you talking about, I'm fi-" she dropped the bowl to the ground as she winched in pain.

"Ayaka, are you okay?" I asked the girl who's gritting her teeth in pain.

"I told you. Even with Kaguya's water, you still need at least a few more days to get your nerves mended back." sighed Natsumi.

"Fine." said Jurina. "But Sayaka seemed to be capable. Sayaka, would you go with me?"

I nodded instantly without Kai have to say it for me, "Of course. Kai has been telling me to get to Kuu as soon as possible. She said Kuu is in danger."

"Very well.." said Jurina. "Natsumi, I need you too on this trip. The problem with this one will be involving inner connections with the girl's soul and Kuu's, we need you."

"Kashiwagi-san is residing in the Miyazawa palace. SO that has to be where Kuu's current life is."

"She's married to the prince of the Miyazawa family. Besides the servants, the only other ones with them is their daughter and the prince's twin sister." continued Jurina.

"What are their names?"

"Haru and Sae. I think it's very possible for Sae to be Kuu's current life."

"Hang on a sec! I'll come with you guys, but then who's gonna take care of them?" asked Natsumi.

"I think I'm well enough to defend myself and my friend, thank you." said a new voice from the hut. I turned and saw Yuko leaning to the door.

"Is your ribs healed up completely yet?" asked Natsumi suspiciously.

"It's good as new." grinned Yuko before swinging her body around before approaching the stove. "That stew smells good, Natsumi."

The healer sighed, "Okay. Then I guess I'm coming then.. I'll prepare the horses."

"Good." said Jurina before slurping her stew. "We leave this afternoon with the hope reaching the palace by dusk."

We packed the stuff we need quickly and in a few minutes the three of us were ready with each wearing black cape with hood before climbing on the saddle.

"I'll send you a letter when we need you." said Jurina.

"We'll be okay." said Yuko.

"Please don't mess up my house, you guys.." pleaded Natsumi.

"We won't." retorted Ayaka. "Good luck and come back in one piece."

I nodded before bracing my horse to chase Jurina and Natsumi towards our destination.

To Be Continued

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 4)
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Chapter 10 -- Blue Rose (Part 1)

Yuka's POV


Hm... whose voice is that?

"Nee-chan! Wake up!"

"No~! Give me a little longer. I wanna sleep~..." I grumbled silently.

"Nee-chan! Hey, nee-chan, are you alive?!”

Wait... who is this, anyway..?

I opened my eyes and saw a young boy in front of me. I sat up and looked around my surroundings, an open ground with scraps of wooden crates and ropes lying around littering the ground. I saw a black scorched mark on the ground s if there was a fire camp set there.

"Nee-chan, are you okay?" asked the boy. He seemed to be quite young, around nine or ten.

"Huh... how long was I asleep for? What happened?” I grunted. My head felt a little hazy but slowly fading out.

"You saved me, Nee-chan.. You saved me from those poachers. I heard they’ve been kidnapping kids all over the land and sell them as slaves. And I fall for their traps when I was looking for herbs for my mother. But then, you saved me..” explained the boy before he hugged me. “Thank you, Nee-chan..”

I was still in a state of shock to have a kid hugging me all the sudden like that, but then I smiled and caressed his messy hair. “It’s alright, kid. Say, what’s your name?”

“Osamu.. What’s yours, Nee-chan?”

"Oh, it's..." I was about to say my name, but a force inside me changed it and made me say, "...Hinata."

"Hinata-nee. Nice to meet you, Hinata-nee!"

Hinata... so this is one of Hinata's memories?

Suddenly, I felt a flash in my head and I started speaking on my own.

"My friends are sick. They are going to die if I do not get the proper ingredients. There's a special plant up that mountain..." My finger pointed to a cave on top of a tall mountain. "I'm the only one left who can do it."

"I'll help you!" exclaimed Osamu excitedly.

"You can't! It's too dangerous!"

"I'm strong. I may only be 10, but you'd be surprised. I'll take on ANY challenge! Besides, I think I might know which plant you’re looking for. My mother is a herbalist and also a healer!"

“A herbalist and a healer?” I asked. Osamu nodded.

I felt myself come back and I looked at the boy's face.

I guess he’s not lying then…

"Just tell me what I need to do. I'll DO it!"

I smiled and stood up. "You really up for the challenge?"

"You bet!"

"Alright..." I stood up and walked towards the edge of the mountain’s forest. “Let’s go then~”

After about an hour of marching up the mountain, the both of us took a break under a tree. I have to say, the boy seemed to be strong since the time we start walking up. I offered him my water skin which he gulped it furiously.

“So, what are you looking for? I might know which is it..” offered the boy as her returned my water skin.

“I’m looking for the Moon Lily. My friend said that I can find it in this mountain range.”

The boy’s face went slack just by hearing the name, “You can’t!!”

“Why can’t I?” I furrowed my eyebrows.

The boy shook his head, “It’s too dangerous, Hinata-nee!! My mother said that there’s a dragon that guards the ancient field where that plant grows. Many people that comes for it never returns!!”


He nodded. He was serious.

Dang... so, what should I do..?

"Hinata-nee, I'll go by myself and get it!"

"Eh?! But you just said--"

"I'll be okay. I'm small enough that the dragon won't notice me. Plus..." he knelt to the ground and put his ear near the entrance to the cave. "The dragon's asleep."

"You really think you can do it?"

"Leave it to me, Hinata-nee!"

He walked into the cave, leaving me to wait silently.

"I remember this..." I heard Hinata's voice in my head.


"That Osamu kid, he was really something."

"I know..."

"Ano~ Yuka..."

"Hm? What? Is something wrong?"

"Well... you may wanna be careful."


"Hinata-nee! I got it!" I saw Osamu running out with a Lily flower in his hand. But, behind him, I saw...

"Osamu, behind you!"

Osamu turned his head around and I could tell his eyes widened in horror before he screamed at a ten foot tall dragon standing just behind him. The snarling eyes was enough to make him stunned and loosened the grip on the plant.

"Osamu, RUN!!" I yelled.

Osamu dropped the plant and run for his life. I let him passed me first before chasing behind him. I heard the dragon's loud roar behind me as we running down the forest.

Thanks for the heads up! I growled silently to Hinata.

Then I saw Osamu tripped over a rock and fell forward, face first. I stopped and knelt beside him, his face looked a little swollen.

"Osamu, are you okay?" the boy nodded unsurely before getting up and yelped in pain.

"My ankle.. I think I sprained it.." he croaked with such a pained expression.


Osamu screamed and hugged me tight. I turned and saw the dragon was just a few feet away, staring at us with those eyes and before I knew it, it opened it's mouth and breathed out such an intense heat encased in blue.

Gods, please save us...! I prayed as I closed my eyes desperately and held put my palm.

I felt a warmth swirling around me, I opened my eyes and saw my palm deflecting the blue flame so it swirled around us in blue vortex. I was wonder struck by the beauty of the blue flame, swirling around us without touching a single material of our clothes. Not a single pain I felt either from my palm nor from anywhere else.

Osamu looked up too and whispered, "It's amazing.."

Then the fire died down, leaving the dragon staring down at the two of us intensely. I pulled out my sword and pointed it towards the creature.

"At ease, Samurai of Fire... "said a new voice sounded heavy like old men.

Hinata, who is-?

"Ao..." said Hinata's voice. "Yes, I remembered now.. He's the guardian of the Sacred Cave where the Moon Lilies grows."

"What does the child seek? So intense that he dared to slipped passed me?" he asked as he stares down at the scared Osamu.

"Please forgive him.." I pleaded. "It was I who was seeking for the Moon Lilies. He's just trying to help me."

"Hinata-nee..." whimpered Osamu has he clutched my clothes tighter.

"Very well.. "said Ao. "Why are you seeking for the ancient plant?"

"My friends and Kaguya-sama are sick and we have run out of our supplies of Holy water. Somebody told us we can get Moon Lilies as the alternative medicine." I answered.

"Hmm.. Kaguya Hime of The Moon?"


"Follow me.." said the dragon before heading back to the cave. The two of us then walked silently beside the creature.

"For many years, Human has been seeking for the ancient Moon Lilies. They only bloomed once every ten years at full moon and lasted for a month before it withers away. Many humans has come for it with dangerous weapons they brought and attacked me even when I was sleeping. You have to excuse me for my act earlier, Child.."

"It's alright. I understand." nodded Osamu.

We followed the dragon into the cave. After passing the dark narrow road inside with only a spot of light in the front where we headed. Once we reached it, I saw a huge field of plants with silvery flower bloomed on each of their tops.

"You are lucky to have come just before it withers tomorrow." said Ao.

"It's beautiful..." I gapped.

"Take as much as you need, Samurai of Fire. You have a long way to go once you get your friends healed up."

"You can see the future?" I asked.

"Dragons have a slight vision of it. I foresee a sacrifice will be made when the time comes, a sacrifice that leads to either peace or despairs..."

"Is that my future?" I asked nervously.

"Visions are never clear. They are pieces of mysteries you have to unravel. But another thing I foresee is you'd be surprise that friendship cannot be seperated by time."

"What do you mean?" I asked again. The dragon nodded towards Osamu and I swear I could tell his lips was like smiling.

Suddenly something dropped out of Ao's mouth and landed on Osamu's hand who caught it just in time. My eyes widened to see a small white triangle on his palm.

"Dragon's tooth. Another ultimate medicine after Kaguya's holy water and Moon Lilies. Use it wisely, child,"

"Thank you." said Osamu looking up at Ao.

"And one last thing.." Ao turned towards me. "I see a bright fire inside you, Kono Hinata. Indeed you deserved the name of Samurai of Fire. One day you will meet an enemy that will push you to the limit, flame clashed with flame."

"Does that mean my enemy will be someone who's able to use fire?" I asked.

Ao nodded, "I will give you one last gift, Samurai of Fire. Step forward and closed your eyes."

I let go of Osamu's hands and stepped forward. I closed my eyes and felt the same warmth surrounding me again, I looked up and saw the blue flame swirling around me as if I was standing in the middle of the vortex.

"I grant you the Flame of Sky, a flame which only I, Ao of the Sky owns."


I opened my eyes slowly and saw the sunlights lightning up the room. I saw nobody around but I heard a faint noise that must be Yuko from outside, so I assumed everyone was outside.

"Hinata..." I croaked "Is that..?"

"My memories? Yes." said Hinata. "Ao shared me his power and I used it against my enemy."

"It was Sasshi wasn't it? Your enemy? Ao said it."

"It is yours and mine now." said Hinata. "Try it."

At first I wasn't sure what to do, I simply pulled my hand out of the blanket and held it out before clicked my finger. I found my self once again wonderstruck by the sight of dancing blue flame at tips of my fingers.

"Congratulation, you are now a wielder of Blue Flame."


Sayaka's POV

It took us almost the whole day to reach Miyazawa's palace as what Jurina said. We took some short breaks occasionally as our horses stops for a drink in the water streams. Not only that, it seemed like Natsumi is also doing something else.

"What are you doing?" I asked her once when I caught her lurking round the bushes.

"Just looking for some herbs." answered the girl before she approached a plant and picked it.

"So what do you exactly do, may I ask? how come you look for Kaguya's holy water?"

"I was born in a healers family." she placed the plant into her bag. "We healed people by the herbs we collect and turned it into remedies and potions. My grandfather told me that Kaguya's holy water is the ultimate substance since it can cure anything, even the impossible ones."

"You said there was some kind of a test when you went to get it. What was the test?"

Natsumi's face went pale at once before she threw her head to the side, "I don't want to talk about it."

"Why don't you?"

"Just don't want to and DON'T make me." she said. I can hear a tinge of fear in her tone.

"Don't force her, Sayaka." I heard Kai's voice in my head.


"Sometimes, painful memories isn't something people want to share."

I guess you're right...


We finally stopped again once we reached a forest just before dusk. From the type of trees surrounding us now, I could tell it was different than the ones we've been passing. Telling us that we've been traveling far.

"I sent her the egret back to her just before we left, we should be meeting her right around here.." said Jurina getting down from her horse.

"Ano..." a voice was heard from behind a tree before us. I get down from my horse too and saw a figure coming out from behind. "Are you, Kaguya-sama...?"

"I'm here." said Jurina. Her silver iris showed up indicating Kaguya has taken over, she gave out her arm to the priest. "Are you Kashiwagi Yuki of the Wind?"

The figure took the hand and all the sudden, a faint glow appeared by the two connected hands. The glow stopped and the figure pulled down her hood.

"Kaguya-sama..." bowed the figure. When she raised up again, I saw a beautiful face framed by raven silky hair and gentle eyes.
"Tell me, where is Kuu?" asked Jurina in Kaguya's voice.

"I believe she was inside my sister in law, Miyazawa Sae. She is inside the palace where she, her brother, and I live."

"Then we should get to her as soon as possible." said Natsumi.

"But there is a problem, my Lady." said Kashiwagi. "As I told you before, the memory curse that I told you about was casted by her own brother, Haru."

"Why would he do that to his own sister?" I asked.

Kashiwagi shook her head, "I believe he was trying to protect her sister from the fate, but somehow he's using a dark curse.."

"Dark curse?"

"Black Magic." said Jurina. "It's power are mostly from hatred constructed deep inside the heart and turning it into a negative energy that anything that got cast by it becomes extremely dangerous."

"Then we have to get to her!"

"I will get the three of you in secretly. There is a side gate a few meters from here, once inside please follow me quietly." said Kashiwagi pointing to deep forest.

"Show us the way." said Jurina before following Kashiwagi's steps.


After introducing ourselves to her, we started to know each other a little better. Kashiwagi was married to Lord Haru and has a daughter goes by the name Mayu. Haru's sister, Sae was a playful girl with fun attitude especially around his brother.

"She's very close to her brother, I guess it's no wonder if the two of them loved each other so much that they would do anything to protect each other." sighed Kashiwagi.

Once we managed to slipped in to the palace, Kashiwagi led us inside to a room.

"Please make yourself comfortable, I told one of my maid to get Sae that she has some visitors wishing to visit her."

"Ano..." I whispered. Kashiwagi raised her brow, "Is there any toilet around?"

"It's very close. Just go out a little and turned to the left, it's second door on the right. Be careful of my husband, He should be in his chamber at this kind time."

Just a little far from them...

Sae's POV

Oh my god. I can't believe we have a guest. And look at me, I'm a mess. I gotta get ready real quick. Hurrying into my room, I quickly stripped out of my clothes and looked for my kimono. I tried on absolutely everything on to try and see what looked best, but I couldn't find my favorite kimono. It was beautiful, and it went so well with my blue rose burette.

As I saw all my clothes laid down on the floor, I knew I just couldn't go out in something old and ragged. Then, deep in my closet, I found a white box hidden in the far corner. When I opened it up, I found a gorgeous green kimono with pink lotus flowers and lilies on it. Slipping it on, I fitted around me so well and it was so soft, like velvet.

Looking through the box, I found a magenta silk ribbon and tied it to my waist to hold the kimono. I put in my burette and looked at myself in the mirror.


I couldn't believe it when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I looked beautiful, like a real princess. I almost didn't recognize myself. Still, looking closely, I felt like something was missing. I thought maybe I needed something like a necklace, so I decided to see Yukirin about the matter.

As I opened my door, I accidentally tripped and started falling forward. I felt someone catch me and I feel hard.


Sayaka's POV

As I walked through the palace halls, I thought a heard someone's footsteps farther ahead. With my sword still strapped at my waist, I composed myself and slowly walked towards the corner of the hallway. Sticking my head out, I looked farther and saw no one else was down the hall. Sighing, I was about to leave, but then I heard something in one of the rooms. I slid open the door and someone fell forward and ran into me.


"Ah, I'm so sorry..." I heard the voice say.

When I looked, I saw someone in a kimono in my arms. My first instinct was, "It's the lord..."

He looked up and instantly, our eyes met. Something inside me clicked and I felt a force inside my body taking over. I couldn't do anything and it seemed as if timed stopped. Everything else faded around me as we continued staring into each other's eyes.

I snapped back into reality and noticed his kimono had fallen slightly and revealing his bare shoulders and chest. My cheeks blushed madly and I quickly looked away.

"Excuse me!" I got up and bowed before him before walking off.

As I leaned up against the wall, I held my chest and tried to calm my breathing. But, for some reason, my heart was still pounding madly. I could still see prince Haru's face in my mind, and his eyes stared at me, like they were invading my soul. My face was hot as I closed my eyes and sighed heavily, falling to the ground.

Why... why is it pounding this much?

Sae's POV

While I was walking to Yukirin's room, for some reason I couldn't get that girl off my mind. She was so beautiful, the most beautiful person I've ever seen before in my life. I thought I looked like a princess, but... she looked even more so. More than Yukirin...

I leaned against the wall and looked up at the sky, holding my chest. I could still feel it pounding, even after she suddenly left.

But why? I only just met her...

"Sae-chan~" I saw Mayu tugging on my kimono, smiling at me happily. "Uwaa~ you look so pretty! Where did you get this kimono?"

"I just found it in my room."

"You look beautiful! Like a princess!"

Haha. Mayu-chan, so cute.

But still, I couldn't get that girl out of my head. I still followed Mayu as we ran down the hall, but the thought of her completely took over me...

I wonder who she was. I didn't even get her name...

Sayaka's POV

This is so wrong... He's married already!! I kept telling myself even after minutes passed.

Then I heard a certain chuckle that could only be from Kai.


As if Kai was shaking her head and smiling, I could feel the amused tone in her voice. "My, my, Sayaka... That is called 'Love at first sight'."


I heard a laugh now from her, it sounded so crisp and toasty. "You'll get used to it. I know it's hard to switch into gentle woman from once someone who beats her male underlings hard."

It's called training! I defended myself. Anyway, do you feel any presence coming from Kuu?

"I'm not really sure.. I felt she was being contained somewhere, and banging for help.. we have to find her quickly."


Just before I turned back to the corner, I heard a voice approaching closer. I quickly took my stance and about to swing my fist for precaution. Before it can hit the target, I felt it being deflected by something else. I turned my back and saw another figure standing there in the hallway, I could not see the face properly however due to the poor lightning.

"Who are you?" asked the figure who sounded like a male. I gulped, it could be a guard!

Before I could think of good answer, I heard a door opened and lights came out of it.

"Haru, is that you?" asked Kashiwagi's voice followed by some quick footsteps and rustling of her clothes.

"Yukirin, stay back! There is an intruder!" said the male. But then I heard a flicking noise "Itte!"

"It's not an intruder. She's one my guest!" said Kashiwagi. "Haru, meet my friend Akimoto Sayaka."

"Lord Haru." I addressed him and bowed swiftly. "I'm sorry for the sudden reaction before, it's my reflex."

"Ah, I should be the one apologizing." bowed the young lord too. "I didn't know we had a visitor at this kind of the day. Speaking of one, how come you didn't tell me?" he asked Kashiwagi.

"Gomen.. Her visit was a sudden and it was a quick business." said Kashiwagi.

"What's the business on about?" asked the lord suspiciously.

"Just a meeting with an old friend of mine."

"Ah, sou..."

I could still feel my heart pounding. Composing myself, I stood in front of him and bowed down low.

"I'm so sorry for earlier!"

"Eh? Earlier?"

"When we ran into each other, I didn't expect you to be changing... And I didn't mean to see..." I felt my cheeks blush heavily and I looked away. "NO! I didn't see ANYTHING! But, please, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!"

"Uh, what are you talking about? This is the first I've ever seen you."

Wait, what?

I took a closer look at him. I understood his clothes were different if he was changing, but... his voice, his face, his hair... They all look different.

"Wait, if it wasn't you, then who..."

"Haru~" I heard a voice coming this way as the figure ran towards us. "Sorry I'm late! I was in a rush to get changed, and then..."

She stopped as she looked at me, her eyes wide. I stared at her for a long time, too.



"IT'S YOU!!!!!!!!"

"Would anyone please tell me what's going on?" asked Lord Haru sounded a little irritated.


Third person's POV

After some explanations and some lies, Sayaka and Yuki managed to slip from Haru. The lord was somehow still a bit irritated, but a little smile and a kiss on the cheek from his wife managed to calm him down.

"Well, I guess the three of us should really go now.." said Yuki.

"Where are you three going?" asked Haru holding to his wife's hand.

"Girls talk." winked Yuki with a sly grin. Haru smiled and let go off her hand.

"Don't take too long, okay?" he asked. Yuki nodded before watching him leave towards his chamber.

Yuki and Sayaka both sighed in relief once they heard Haru's door closed. The two of them looked at each other in agreement before they looked at the princess.

"So what's this 'Girls Talk' we're going to be doing?" asked Sae.

"Sae, we should get into my room first." said Yuki before pushing the princess in and Sayaka tagging along behind.

"What took you two so long?" asked Jurina after Yuki shut the door. "Ah, is that..?"

"Sae, I'd like you to meet Akimoto Sayaka, Matsui Jurina, and Matsubara Natsumi." introduced Yuki. Sae still dazed by the new figures that she bowed a bit stiffly towards them.

"Who are they, Yukirin? Why are they here?" asked Sae settling on to a chair.

"Sae, we don't have much time so listen to Jurina closely." instructed Yuki before she gave us each a cup of tea.

"What? What are you on about, Yukirin?" asked Sae before sipping her tea.

"Miyazawa-san, the truth is..." began Jurina. "You are one of the legendary Samurai Princess."

There was a silence for a moment before eventually the young princess laughed out loud. The other four was quiet as they watched her laughed.

"Yukirin, since when you're into story tellers?" asked Sae between her laughs.

Yuki stared at the girl sadly and shook her head, "Stop it, Sae. She's not lying, none of us are.."

"Eh..? Wha... what do you mean?"

"If you think this is a joke, think again. We don't come far riding horse from dawn to dusk just to be laughed at." said Natsumi a little coldly.

"Natsumi, at ease." said Jurina before she looked at the princess with her silver eyes. "Listen to me, Miyazawa Sae. I don't choose anyone to be my samurai for nothing nor a joke. The master of darkness Maou is slowly rising, he was the one who started the chaos of wars until now. It's up to the Samurai Princess to stop him or else the world is going to a deep despair."

"Hang on a sec! There's got to be a mistake!" exclaimed Sae rising from her chair. "There's no way I am a samurai and with this 'Maou' thing going.. Who are you to choose me anyway, kid?!"

"Sae, sit down." said Yuki. "Jurina is currently the vessel of the Moon Goddess, Kaguya Hime-sama. She is the one giving powers and memories for the samurai."

Sae shook her head and looked at her sister in law in disbelieve. "Yukirin, I can't believe you brought a bunch a jokers coming here and tell me all these nonsense!"

"Funny if you call something that can end up the world as nonsense." said Natsumi expressionless.

"You got some attitude, there." eyed the princess dangerously towards Natsumi.

"You two, stop it!" Sayaka stopped the fight and grabbed Sae's wrist. "Miyazawa-san, listen! I didn't believe it at first too, but it's all true. Please, you've got to believe in us!"

The princess shook her head and yanked Sayaka's hand off her, "I'm telling Haru." she said, headed for the door.

"No!! Please, do-" Yuki's voice was cut of when she saw her fell forward just before she could reach the handle.

Sayaka caught her in instant, "Miyazawa-san!"

"She's just a little dazed." said Yuki kneeling next to her. "I asked Matsubara-san to slipped a bit of potion into her tea just in case this happens."

"I knew I'd be needing those berries." sighed Natsumi.

"Well, we have to hurry then." said Jurina. "Show me the mark, Kashiwagi-san."

Yuki pulled the girl's hair slightly to the side and showed a little mark at the back of the girl's ear. Jurina gritted her teeth once she saw it.

"This is one dangerous memory curse.." she whispered. "Natsumi, hold my hand. We need to do this together since this one is attached directly to her soul. One false move and we could lose her forever."

Natsumi knelt beside Jurina and hold her hand, the two of them then touched the mark with a finger.

"On the count of three. One, two, three!" a faint glow appeared from their fingers and the mark, blinding the room.

The next thing that happened was Jurina and Natsumi was standing in the middle of nowhere, in total darkness.

"My lady, is this..?"

"We have to find Kuu as fast as we can." said Jurina before rushing towards the unknown darkness. Despite seeing nothing, Jurina can feel Kuu's soul was somewhere trapped inside the cursed heart.

"There!" pointed Jurina towards a tall pole. The two of them stopped in front of the pole, when they looked up Natsumi's eyes widened.

"My lady.."

"We have to release her." said Jurina releasing a faint glow in her hand and revealed a long staff topped with a sharp arrowhead to make it look like a spear.

They saw a figure incased inside some kind of dark crystal on top of the pole. Not only that, the crystal was also chained and protected by a dark aura.

"Here I go..."

Jurina jumped up high into the air and flew to the top of the pole, facing the dark crystal. Muttering a few chants to herself, she took out a small scroll and threw it at the crystal. She then took her long staff and aimed the top of the spear at it.

She thrusted it forward with all her might and a large explosion of dark and light energy came out. The spear was being held back by some mysterious force, but the crystal itself was slowly shattering.

The figure inside, unconscious, had a pained expression on her face as the chains tightened and some of the dark aura pushed Jurina back.

"It's become too strong. Kaguya's power alone won't be able to handle it..."

"My lady!" Natsumi jumped up and took hold of the long staff with her. "I'll lend you my power, too."


"Ready, and..." The two thrust the sword together and now the force was stronger. As they pushed it harder, the crystal was slowly shattering, but the chains tightened harder. They started expanding and enraveled the crystal more, almost completely covering it.

"No, this can't be happening!"

Sayaka's POV

I held Sae in my arms as she tried to break from the memory curse. She had a pain expression on her face as her body spasmed every so often and the mark near her ear pulsated a few times. She kept mumbling incoherent words as cold sweat dropped on her forehead.

I couldn't help but feel sorry. She's been kept from her destiny for too long, and now it's come to this. She clutched onto me tighter as her breathing became heavier.


Her eyes slowly opened and looked up at me hazily. I knew she wasn't all there, staring into her empty eyes. She was looking at me, yet she was also looking past me, and there seemed to be no light being able to enter.

"Who are you...?"

"Miyazawa-san, it's me. Sayaka..."

"Sayaka..? Where are you...? I can't.. see you... You sound so far away...."

"I'm right here." I took hold of her hand unconsciously. It was so warm, my heart was pounding again...

Could it be... I really am in love?

"Sayaka... you're so nice..."

"Eh?" I could see her sweet smile as her eyes were slowly closing again.

"I wonder... have we ever... met somewhere before... It feels so familiar... this feeling..."



Suddenly I felt a warmth growing on my chest as the room got darkened. I looked down and saw a faint red thin line appeared on my chest and ended on Sae's chest, just above her heart.

"It's the spell.." whispered Kashiwagi.

I closed my eyes, feeling the warmth spread across my chest. When I opened it again, I was in a different place. It was dark and all I could see was a tall pole standing in front of me.

What is that..?

"Kuu!!" I heard Kai's voice. I turned to her and saw her standing just beside me as she looked up. "Kuu!! Please wake up!!"

I saw the similar red thin line on Kai's chest and heading upwards towards the pole's top. There, I saw some kind of cocoon wrapped in dark chains.

"Sayaka!" I heard Jurina's voice from the side. I glanced and saw her standing beside Natsumi with a spear in their hands.

"How did you get here?" asked Natsumi then she glanced at Kai. "Is that..?"

"Kai." I answered. "Tell me, is Kuu up there?"

Jurina nodded, "The curse is now close to the last stage. We have to get her out of there or the chains will entangle Kuu and Miyazawa forever!!"

"Sayaka!" I heard Kai's plead. I saw her eyes started to get glassy, "Please.. I need you. We have to save her!"

I was awestruck for a moment, I didn't know what to do. But then I remembered Kashiwagi's words. How cheerful she was, how lovable, cherished and how she loved everyone so much including her brother.

Those feelings, I imagined her being like that beside me and around everyone. My heart pounds faster and harder as the feelings and warmth overflowed in my chest...

I felt my hand grew warm by the hold of Kai's hand and I saw a blue light appeared on the entangled hands. The next thing we knew was that my sword appeared in our hands with the blue orb glowing brighter than ever and covered the sword with a massive a blue aura.

I looked at Kai just at the same moment she stared at me. The both of us stared at each other's eyes in agreement to the same feelings we felt on each of our heart, rhyming into one sentence.

"Let's do this." we said to each other in unison.

We rushed towards the pole and leapt at the same time. We were high above the air and over the cocoon, the split moment we were there was used to speak the same prayer.

"Please let this work.. Please save her."

Then we struck down the cocoon at the same time. The steel blade met the dark chains of the cocoon in one loud noise and I could see bright lights appeared between the crack we made and.....


Third person's POV

Sayaka, Jurina, and Natsumi jerked back at the same time, surprising Yuki. The three of them was gasping breaths as if they've been running for miles with no breaks. Sweats broke from each of their foreheads as they puffed out.

"My Lady!" exclaimed Yuki as she caressed Jurina's forehead. "Are you okay?"

"I'm.. fine.." said Jurina between her breaths. "Is she...?"

Sayaka scrambled towards the princess and take a look at the dark mark. The mark faded away before leaving a reddened patch of skin where the mark was printed before.


The princess coughed a little before slowly opening her eyes, meeting the dark brown iris of the former officer.

"Sayaka... I remember now."

To Be Continued

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