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Author Topic: Samurai Princesses: No way out (Part 2) [ON HIATUS]  (Read 44050 times)

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Blue Rose (Part 1)
« Reply #40 on: August 11, 2014, 08:15:54 PM »
So Sae has been awaken at last. Now problem left is HARU.
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Re: Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 2)
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As much as I like this fic because of the genre...

The thing that I like more is your signature.. REALLY NICE~!!!!  XD XD XD

Waiting for your next update...  :) :) :)

Hahahahaha, thank you!  :lol: :lol:

Is my signature that amusing? If it is, thank you~ Please be sure to tune in for our next incoming chapters~

So... Yukirin is...Someone's wife!?

(She forces me to comment again)

Yes. She's Haru's wife which is Sae's brother (who's very similar to Sae so consider it as SaeYuki a bit)

I should show you the capture screens of Ruka's chat and I at G+.. *whispers* She does that too on me.. *wink*

So Sae has been awaken at last. Now problem left is HARU.

Yes. Exciting, eh?

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 2)
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So... Yukirin is...Someone's wife!?

(She forces me to comment again)

Yes. She's Haru's wife which is Sae's brother (who's very similar to Sae so consider it as SaeYuki a bit)

I should show you the capture screens of Ruka's chat and I at G+.. *whispers* She does that too on me.. *wink*

I should show you the random conversations we have on Google Docs XD *Whispers* I have proof, a lot of proof *Smiles*
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Re: Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 2)
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So... Yukirin is...Someone's wife!?

(She forces me to comment again)

Yes. She's Haru's wife which is Sae's brother (who's very similar to Sae so consider it as SaeYuki a bit)

I should show you the capture screens of Ruka's chat and I at G+.. *whispers* She does that too on me.. *wink*

I should show you the random conversations we have on Google Docs XD *Whispers* I have proof, a lot of proof *Smiles*

Oi.......... *glare*

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 2)
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So... Yukirin is...Someone's wife!?

(She forces me to comment again)

Yes. She's Haru's wife which is Sae's brother (who's very similar to Sae so consider it as SaeYuki a bit)

I should show you the capture screens of Ruka's chat and I at G+.. *whispers* She does that too on me.. *wink*

I should show you the random conversations we have on Google Docs XD *Whispers* I have proof, a lot of proof *Smiles*

Oi.......... *glare*

Ah, she's here!!! *runs away*

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 2)
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So... Yukirin is...Someone's wife!?

(She forces me to comment again)

Yes. She's Haru's wife which is Sae's brother (who's very similar to Sae so consider it as SaeYuki a bit)

I should show you the capture screens of Ruka's chat and I at G+.. *whispers* She does that too on me.. *wink*

I should show you the random conversations we have on Google Docs XD *Whispers* I have proof, a lot of proof *Smiles*

Oi.......... *glare*

Ah, she's here!!! *runs away*

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Blue Rose (Part 1)
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*holds butt* I'm not sure what just happened..................... :grr:

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 2)
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As much as I like this fic because of the genre...

The thing that I like more is your signature.. REALLY NICE~!!!!  XD XD XD

Waiting for your next update...  :) :) :)

Hahahahaha, thank you!  :lol: :lol:

Is my signature that amusing? If it is, thank you~ Please be sure to tune in for our next incoming chapters~



 :lol: :lol: :lol:

*holds butt* I'm not sure what just happened..................... :grr:

Ruka-senpai being kancho-ed ehh...  XD XD XD
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Re: Samurai Princesses: Information (Part 2)
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*holds butt* I'm not sure what just happened..................... :grr:
Ruka-senpai being kancho-ed ehh...  XD XD XD

You are not a part of this!!! :scolding: :scolding: :scolding:

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Blue Rose (Part 1)
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Let's not get the kancho further, minna.. *pats everyone at the back*

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Blue Rose (Part 1)
« Reply #50 on: August 13, 2014, 01:26:11 AM »
Don't worry.. I will not do that..  :D :D :D

I'm very kind person... *insert halo on the head*

Back to the topic, when the next update...  XD XD XD
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Re: Samurai Princesses: Blue Rose (Part 1)
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Chapter 11 - Blue Rose (Part 2)

Sae's POV

Flashback, weeks ago...

"Wake up..."

Hm... what..?

"Wake up."

Huh? Who is that..?

I opened my eyes and saw a really pretty woman standing in front of me. As I woke up more, I soon realized she looked an awful lot like me.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Kuu. Listen to me, Miyazawa Sae. There is something very important that you must do."

"Eh? Me?"

"Yes. There is a dark evil rising in this world, and you must stop it. You must join with your allies and fight."

"Fight? I have to fight?"

"I know it sounds impossible, but there is a power living deep inside you. We need to hurry before--"

I suddenly heard a large crash and Kuu fell to her knees, clutching her chest. Her breath got rapid all the sudden as if she's having a seizure.

"Kuu-san! What's wrong?"

"Something's happening..." I watched as her body suddenly became incased in a black crystal. "I can't..."

"Kuu-san!" I tried to save her, but the crystal closed up around her before I could pull her out. I saw her banging on the crystal with her fist and trashing her legs as if she was being drowned inside the crystal.

Before I could even step and help her, I felt a strange force wash over me and I passed out...

Back to the present...

"So, that's what happened."

"Yes. When I came to, I completely forgot everything that happened. Even when I started remembering, the curse became stronger..."

"Obsidian Memory Curse.." spoke the young girl, Jurina. "It gets hardened and tougher to destroy each time it's casted repeatedly. Once it reached the final stage, the chains of rejections from the mind would appear and bind it until it crushed the crystal completely with Kuu if we were too late."

"But then you broke it first and saved Kuu." I said to Sayaka. "Thank you."

"It was not just me, Kai helped her too."


"My lover..." I heard Kuu spoke in my mind.

"Kuu!!" I exclaimed outloud, without realizing that everyone looks at me. I blushed. "Sorry, Kuu just spoke to me after a long time."

"It's okay." smiled Yuki patting my back. "Take your time."

I nodded and replied to her mentally.

Your lover..?

"She's another Samurai Princess just like I am, we were lovers in our past life. It seems like that girl there, Akimoto Sayaka is the vessel of Kai."
explained Kuu.

I nodded slowly, I imagined Kuu who seemed to be an easy going girl to be going out with someone who seemed tough and stiff just like Sayaka.

"She's not that stiff, you know..." said Kuu. She's actually cute when I bring her to festivals."

Hontouni..?! I asked with a grin and giggled slightly.

"She's alright, right?" I heard Sayaka asked Jurina.

"She's probably having fun with Kuu." smiled Jurina. "Kuu that I could remember is a very easy going girl and a complete mood maker."

"Ah, gomen ne.." I apologized. "I kinda ignored you guys."

Yuki laughed lightly, "It's okay. Now what matters is.."

"How to tell your brother that you've regained Kuu from the curse." finished Natsumi. "It was him who casted it in you so that Kuu wouldn't be awake and you'd be safe."

I bit my lips, I know Haru for my whole life. He's a gentle and a very fun guy to be hanging out with. I know he loved me so much as his little sister and would go that far to protect me. All that based on love...

"I'll confront him myself." I said. "I know Haru did it under the name of love to me. I'll tell him that if he really loves me at least he should accept the fact that I am destined for this and hiding it would just endangered me."

"Sae.." said Yukirin. "Then at least let me come with you."

"No, Yukirin." I rejected. "I think I have to do this my self. Like a private talk between brother and sister.."

I saw the rejected feelings in Yukirin's eyes before she eventually nodded. "I understand."

"We'll accompany you to his room and we'll wait outside. Is that okay?" asked Jurina. I stared at her silver eyes and got my self fascinated with the glow which reminds me of the moon itself.

I nodded before getting up slowly from Yukirin's arm. My body staggered a bit as I tried to walk but luckily, Sayaka caught me just in time.

"Thanks." I said to her.

"No problem." said Sayaka with a nod.

I opened the door and headed down towards his room with the others tailing me. I stopped in front of a big wooden door of my brother's chamber. I sighed before I knocked it lightly.

"Come on in." I heard Haru's voice from inside. I looked at the others for the last time before pushing the door and get in.

I shut the door behind me and saw him standing there. He turned to face me.

"Sae. What's wrong?"

"We need to talk."

"Okay." He sat down on his bed and looked up at me. "Is something wrong?"

"Haru... I remember."

"Remember what?"

"I know it was you who erased my memories."

His eyes widened and he quickly hid his shocked expression with a dry laugh.

"Sae, I don't know what you're talking abo--"

"Haru, I know everything. About the Samurai Princess, the Maou, everything. Kuu told me."

I saw his hand twitch a bit. "K-Kuu?"

"Don't lie, Haru. You're my brother, of all people, you should believe me. I know that you're faking, but what I don't know is why you sealed away my memories in the first place. Why don't you want me to do this?"


I held his hand gently. "I understand that you love me, and that you want to protect me forever. But, this is something I have to do."

He pushed me away suddenly and I looked to see his eyes were growing darker.


"Absolutely no. I won't allow it." he said in a different voice. He grabbed my collar and raised me up, pinning me to the wall. "I'm not letting you go through with any of this. You're going to be a good girl and stay with me. You will obey me and forget all about those worthless samurai."

"Haru, stop it!!" I struggled in his hand.

The door burst open and they all came in. Sayaka separated Haru from me and kicked him away. As I fell to the ground and caught my breath, I watched my brother acting like a wild animal as they fought. Even though Jurina was young, she seemed stronger than I expected. It was amazing.

"Sae, are you okay?"


"I feel a dark presence surrounding Haru. I think he's being controlled by someone."


"I don't know. But the presence is familiar."

I looked and saw Natsumi and Yuki standing behind Haru, pinning down his arms. Jurina placed her palm on Haru's chest and murmured a spell which then made her palm glowed. Haru screamed in pain loudly, making me cover my ears, and passed out.

Jurina and Natsumi laid him down on the bed and backed away from him. Yuki unravelled the bandage on his arm and I saw it was almost completely black.

"What happened?"

"It's another effect of the curse. Each time he uses it, it grows stronger and stronger inside him. It also forces out his kage, which is what was driving him to use it more frequently each time."


"It's a dark power that takes over a person's heart when fueled by negative emotions. Things like hatred, vengeance, jealousy..."

"But in Haru's case, it was lust."

"Lust? Not love?"

"Lust is more powerful and deeper than love itself. It's the most powerful kind, but also the darkest."

"It's obvious..." Natsumi rolled up her sleeves."Haru is in love with Kuu."

"Eh?!" I gulped. "How could her fall for Kuu? I mean, Kuu lived about 100 years ago!!"

"Whatever the reason is, we need to treat his arm first." said Natsumi glancing at Haru's arm. "Kanata's telling me that it's slowly rotting thanks to that curse."


"The previous Priest of Soul." answered Jurina quickly before she handed a clear looking vial. "Use it. We can always get some more later."

Natsumi nodded and applied some of the liquid in her hand before rubbing it carefully to Haru's arm.

"Will he be alright?" I whimpered. I felt Yuki's arm wrapped around me, soothing me slowly.

"Let Natsumi do her job, Sae..." said Yuki with a comforting tone. I know she's worrying about him too.

After Natsumi wrapped his arm with a fresh gauze she stood back. "Now we need to get him back or otherwise we'll have his Kage back in."

"You know how to do it?" asked Jurina. Natsumi nodded, "Good. Please do it carefully."

But just before Natsumi could touch Haru again, her face went slack and her arm stopped in midair.

"What's wrong?" asked Sayaka.

"I.. I saw a string.. Tugging at his soul and Kage as if..."

"They're a doll and someone's controlling it?" asked Jurina. Natsumi nodded.

Jurina looked around dangerously and pulled out her sword. Sayaka as if knowing what's going on also took out her sword.

"What's going on?!"

"Yuki, Sae, step back." said Sayaka. "This is going to be dangerous."

"Dangerous indeed." said a new voice from the shadows near the door. A figure then stepped out of the shadow with a light chuckle. She was wearing dark clothing and her black messy hair framed the square jaw. The other figure following her also wears the same with a long silky hair.

"No wonder there's a mark of Priest lurking earlier." said the other figure. "It seems like you are the hidden priest, Kashiwagi Yuki."

"Don't tell me they're all..." said Yuki extended her arm in front of me. I can feel her tensing up all the sudden.

"Demons." growled Jurina.


Sayaka's POV

"Well, now..." The masculine demon stepped forward and drew out her sword on me. "Isn't this interesting?"

"Who are you?"

"My name is Nakanishi. My partner over there is Mieko," she pointed to the woman behind her.

"Nakanishi... why have you come here?" Jurina said, aiming her sword at her neck.

"We knew this one could be a valuable use to us," Mieko said as she caressed Haru's face gently. "But, it seems that if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself."

"So, if you don't mind..." Nakanishi raised up her sword and clashed it against my blade. "We're just going to take care of you NOW."

I pushed her back with my katana as both of our swords clashed. She threw her sword in the air and started attacking me with her bare fists. I quickly blocked her hand and spun around to face her back. She caught her sword from the air again and charged at me, but then Jurina rushed in front and blocked her with her sword. She turned to me and I saw the silver glow in her eyes.


"Sayaka, you take care of Nakanishi. I will fight Mieko."

"Got it."

"Come at me, Samurai Princess!" Nakanishi ran down the hall, a demonic grin on her face.

I turned to Kashiwagi. "Yuki-san, protect Sae."


I sheathed my sword and ran towards Nakanishi. We both charged at each other and were fist to fist. I was able to kick her a few times and circled around her to get an advantage. I grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm before pinning her to the wall.

"That the best you got?" she said before breaking away and swinging her arm. I stopped it before she could hit my head.

"I'm not even warmed up yet."

I readied myself again and kicked at her legs, trying to catch her off balance. I punched her gut and sent her flying, rolling outside into the garden.

"Well now..." She got up and wiped the blood off her mouth. "You're really something else, aren't you, Samurai of Water?"

I unsheathed my sword and aimed it at her.

"Show me what you got." She pulled out her blade and ran towards me.


Our blades clashed once more and we were face to face with each other.

"You aren't going to win."

"We'll see about that."

Third Person POV

Meanwhile, with Jurina…

“It’s an honor to fight you again, Kaguya.” Snickered Mieko as she pulled out her weapon, a scythe, out of the thin air.

“Mieko, listen to me. I really don’t want to fight you at all.” Spoke Kaguya in Jurina’s voice.

Mieko laughed, “Too bad, Kaguya. Maou’s offer interest me more than yours or the Gods. I have no regrets of what I did in the past.”

“Even becoming a demon like what you are now? Mieko, I knew you better.. You were a kind person, so much bet-“

“Shut it, Kaguya. Ever since you decided to share your power to the first Samurai Princesses, I knew you trusted humans than your own lieutenant.” Scowled Mieko. “Those filthy humans doesn’t deserves any of your magic! They’re just a sweet faced ragged dolls with sinister minds hidden inside. They may look vulnerable, even know they are better killers than us.”

“How about Demons, Mieko? Aren’t they killers too? What makes them different than humans?”

“Interesting question, Kaguya. Demons are born with it. They don’t pretend to be weak so that they can be given any power and kill each other with it.” Said Mieko before she rushed to Jurina and swung the scythe in full power.

The dark iron clashed with Jurina’s sword and each of them putting their efforts to push away their opponents. Mieko’s dark eyes stared intensely to the silver irises, in betrayed.

“You knew I was better than them.. I was your first ever lieutenant, Kaguya. And yet you decided to choose them.” Gritted Mieko. “Tell me, how am I supposed to decline Maou’s offer to destroy those creatures forever?”

“Mieko, open your eyes!!” yelled the half moon goddess. “Maou might accept you now to become a demon, but when he’s truly back, he’ll never accept you as his kind! In his eyes, you’re just the same as us with no pure demon’s blood in your veins!”

Mieko hesitated for a moment, giving a chance for Jurina to brought up their weapons and slammed her feet to the demon’s stomach. Mieko staggered back as she clenched her wounded stomach.

Mieko shook her head, “No Kaguya.. He will accept me as his kind, he understands me more than you are!!” yelled Mieko before she came charging towards Jurina.


Meanwhile with Sae...

The princess whimpered in Yuki’s arms the two watched the battles. From her first interaction with Kuu and now the two demons controlling her brother, she felt like needing a timeout for herself now.

“You know, if you’re not so busy cowering behind Kashiwagi-san, you can give me a hand.” Said Natsumi.

Sae turned at the healer and pinched her eyes, “Do you really have to speak that way?”

Natsumi shrugged, “Sorry, just the fact that a spoiled girl like you meant to be one of the Samurai Princesses is something that I’m struggling to get used to.”

“Matsubara-san..” whispered Yuki worriedly.

Sae clenched her fist, “Fine. What do you need help on?”

“Do you want to save your brother?” Sae nodded furiously, “Good. I need you to hold my hand and closed your eyes. As the Priest of Soul, I have an ability to get into anyone’s deepest heart where their souls stays. This time, I’ll get the two of us into your brother’s inner heart.”

It all sounded so crazy in Sae’s ears, but she willed herself to stay with it. “What do we do then?”

“There, we have to find your brother’s real soul. What we saw before was his Kage, which is his inner shadows where his dark side overpowers his real soul. Once we found it, we need to recover the soul and weakened the Kage so that it doesn’t get out again.” Explained Natsumi. “If I have enough power until then, maybe I can seal it forever.”

“Let’s do it then.” Nodded Sae as she accept Natsumi’s hand and closed her eyes.

“On the count of three. One.. Two.. Three!”

Sae felt a cold wind in her face and when she opened her eyes, she was in another place. A dark thick mist surrounded her and Natsumi who stood by her side.

“There.” Pointed Natsumi towards a faint silver string. “It’s the string I saw hat was controlling him and his Kage. In the other end of it we might find his real soul.”

“Or his Kage.” Said Sae.

Natsumi nodded, “It’s better to follow it before it’s too late. Let’s go!” And therefore, the two of them run into the thick mist.

After what felt like countless hours of running, they stopped their steps and stared beyond. Sae gasped by the sight of saw Haru’s pale figure trapped in a cage, unconscious.

"Haru!" Sae ran up and tried to reach her brother, but he remained unresponsive. She grasped the bars but then she jerked it back upon a shock from it. “Itte!”

Inside Haru's mind, there were a million voices whispering inside his head, filling his mind with commands controlling him.

"You will destroy the Samurai Princess."

"Obey. It is the only way to keep your sister safe."

"Follow my orders. Kill the Samurai Princess."

As she tried to shake off the pain, suddenly, something scratched her arm and she saw a dark figure beside her. The more she stared at it, the face area shifted to what looked like a demonic version of her brother.


"Miyazawa-san, stay back! That's his Kage!” said Natsumi as she ran to the space between Sae and the Kage. But then, the Kage swung it’s arm and threw Natsumi back.


Sae glanced at the Kage and saw the similar silver string at attached to it’s chest, she looked back to her brother and saw the similar one on his chest, while the other one ran to somewhere beyond the darkness.

She turned back and stare at the Kage, it was like staring at Haru in his gloomy mood with completely black eyes. Suddenly she saw a dark power building up in it’s hands before it generated chains and swung them in his hands before they wrapped tightly, painfully around Sae.

"Ahh!" Sae struggled upon the iron touching her skin. They were like tiny little spikes pressing into her at the same time on the surface of the chains, she squealed in pain as she felt some of them have reached her blood vessels.

"You are mine, Kuu."

She vaguely saw Natsumi back with a blinding light in her hands before it turned into a sword and brought it down upon the chains, trying to cut the bind. They were strong, like iron, and they tightened as Sae struggled more, making it hard for her to breath.

"Keep breathing. Keep breathing." She kept telling herself, but she felt her conscious slipping.

"Miyazawa-san, hang on!!" yelled the priest before she brought it down once more, creating a spark of light as the irons clashed.


"Out of my way, priestess!" Roared the Kage as it’s nails grew into a claw and grabbed Natsumi's neck, choking her. She weakly raised her sword and cut the Kage's hand, making it release both of them.

Sae fell unconscious, her breathing turned shallow as her pulse was slow and sluggish.


Despite after some having difficulties to breathe, Natsumi crawled towards the slumped princess and turned her on her back.

“Don’t you dare dying without fulfilling your fate.” Grumbled Natsumi as she tried listening to Sae’s heart beat. It was weak and the herbalist knew she only have one choice left. She leaned down and breathed out inside Sae’s mouth before she pulled back and pump Sae’s chest.

With her palm, she pounded the chest in rhythmic as how his grandfather had taught her. She does not expect to do this to anyone, but she has no choice. She had to revive this troublesome princess who happens to be the Samurai of Wind.

As for Haru, he felt something inside him, trying to fight, trying to free him from the voices.

"Keep her locked away."

"No. Let her go."

"Destroy her."

"I can't. I don't want to."

"Kill the Samurai Princess."

"NO! Leave me ALONE!!!"

"..ngh.." He slowly opened his eyes and saw his unconscious sister come into his hazy vision. "..Sa..e..."

Then he saw a dark figure hovering behind her sister, that shadow was familiar in his eyes. But his mind seemed to be fogged to recognize who it was.

Natsumi turned and saw the Kage back again in shock that she has no time to dodge a fist to the chest, knocking the air out of her. The priest palm crawled weakly towards Sae’s chest as she muttered a spell weakly.

Natsumi's palm glowed and a small orb came out of Sae. A figure emerged out in a blinding light and stood in front of the Kage. The lights gone down and revealed a glowing woman in dark green kimono and a sword hung on it’s back.

"Well, isn't this a surprise?"


"You're Ruka, right? You sure have changed. I didn't expect this from you." Spoke Kuu.

"Kuu, it's okay. This way, we can finally be together. Forever."

"No, Ruka! It's too late. That was 100 years ago. We will never, ever, be married." Answered Kuu sternly.

"But... GAH!!!" it suddenly groaned in pain and fell back under the control of the strings. "Absolutely not! You will be mine, Kuu, for ALL ETERNITY!!!"

The Kage rushed towards her, but then in a flash she pulled out her sword and cut the strings binding him on the chest.

"It's over, Ruka..."

The Kage fell to it’s knees and felt himself weakening as it’s source of energy was disconnected.

"I'm sorry, Ruka... Even though you lost Maria, I could no longer except your love. I have a very important job to do."

"Kuu... I'm sorry."

"I understand. But now, we have to move on. I have Kai, and you... You must let Haru live his life. He has a wife, a daughter..." Kuu turned and knelt down to Sae, caressing her forehead. "And a sister who must carry on my legacy."

With the snap of her fingers, Haru and his Kage switched places. Haru was free from the cage and his Kage was forever bound to his prison once more.


Kuu glanced down at the weak Natsumi, “If you still have enough power, you know what to do..”

The priest looked up and nodded weakly.

“Good. You are one strong successor of Kanata.” Smiled Kuu towards the girl, making her blush.

"Thank you."

“Well then, I have to go back.” She turned towards the Kage. “Goodbye, Ruka."

Then she disappeared in a glowing green mist and into the orb before the orb went back inside Sae. Natsumi smiled and raised her blade as she cut off the string attached to Haru's chest. She then snapped her fingers weakly and returned Sae and herself to their own bodies in the room.

"Matsubara-san, are you alright?” asked Yuki after the priest of soul felt a jerk back from the experience. She felt weak, but the priority was clear.

"Miayazawa-san.. is she..?”

Yuki  glanced and rushed over to the princess and shook her shoulders.

"Sae! Wake up!"

Sae's eyes fluttered open as she looked up at the ceiling and saw Yuki.


"Sae, are you okay?"

"Haru... Haru!" She shot up and saw Haru still lying on the table. "Haru, wake up. Please, please! Haru!"

Haru slowly got up, holding his head.

"Argh! What happened?"

"Haru, thank God!" She hugged her brother tight, leaving the young man confused.

"Sae, what's gotten into you?"

"He probably doesn't remember anything."

"Yuki? What's going on here?"

"It’s along story. But Maou has risen, Haru..”


"You remember the legend. The four Samurai Princess must unite to defeat him. And Sae is one of the four."

"Sae..." Haru looked at his sister. He gave a soft smile and hugged her. "I see..."

"Eh? Haru, you..."

"I get it. This is what you have to do. I knew that, even though I was under the influence of my Kage."

“Actually, to be a fact, it was more than just your Kage, sir...” Chimed in Natsumi weakly before she slumped in an unconsciousness.

“Matsubara-san!” Yuki rushed back to the priest.

Sae glanced at his brother, "So, that means..."

"Sae, I'll let you become a Samurai Princess."

"Oh, thank you!" Sae cried as she hugged her brother tighter, feeling him caress her hair softly.

"I’m sorry about everything… Listen, I'm proud of you, Sae. You've finally grown up."

Sayaka's POV

“You’re good.” Snickered Nakanishi before rushing towards me with her sword twirled in her hand. “But I’m better!”

“Think again!” I yelled as the two iron clashed. I deflected her next attack and spun my body around, attempting to slash her waist. But she simply leapt back before dropped herself down and slammed her foot to my legs, knocking my balance out.

I gritted my teeth as my eyes looked up to her sinister smile as she point down her sword to my neck. But before she could do anything, her expression change as she bit her lips as if holding down a pain.

“Don’t tell me..” she gasped as she dropped her sword and clutched her wrist. “How coul-“

I used the chance hoist myself up and slammed my foot to her stomach. She groaned in impact and was pushed back but still standing.

Despite being in pain, her look on me was in complete hatred.

“I’ll get you for this. All of you.” She pronounced before she blended into the darkness and disappeared.

“We’re not done here!” I called. I glanced around and saw Jurina still engaging with the other demon on the porch and from the looks of it, it was an even battle.

But then, I saw the other demon, Mieko, clashed her weapon with Jurina’s and hoist it into the air. Then, she slammed her knee to the girl’s chest which threw her back.


Third Person’s POV

Mieko caught her scythe back and twirled it in her hand as she watched her opponent catching her breath. She knew well that a mere human vessel cannot handle the maximum power of Kaguya, her speed might be fast for normal, but Mieko knew better.

“See? You’re slower in that body, Kaguya.” Said Mieko. “Still proud working with humans?”

“Mieko..” panted Jurina still under Kaguya’s control. “Mieko, listen to me. Switching sides isn’t going to get you anywhere. You know who Maou is and what would happen if he’s completely broke off the seal!”

“Don’t think I’m stupid, Kaguya!” spat Mieko. “Of course, I’ll be glad to serve him than siding with the humans.”

“Mieko! Remember why you exist.. You said to me before that you’ll keep peace and harmony in balance along my side. You know this isn’t it!”

“I will keep peace and harmony.” Said Mieko. “By destroying the ones that started it, the humans!”

“No!!” yelled Jurina. “Mieko, please let the lights shine your heart once more! You’re too blinded by the darkness..”

Mieko shook her head, “The light was no more remained inside my heart since that day, Kaguya.” She raised her sword, “So long.”


Before the tip of it can hurt anyone, Sayaka stepped in and parried it away. Mieko’s eyes widened as she pushed the samurai back and leapt back.


“Your partner left just then.” Answered Sayaka. “You’re on with me if you still willing to stay.”

“Tch..” clicked Mieko. “Don’t tell me it failed..”

“It’s over now, Demon.” said Sayaka before she pointed her sword to the demon. “Leave!”

“We will meet again.” Said Mieko shakily, eying Jurina. “Kaguya..”

She then vanished into the shadows, on the ground where she stood before, lied a single black feather.

“Mieko..” whispered Jurina.

Meanwhile in the Demons Hideout

Sayanee sighed as she leaned back on a seat, as a demon it was a nearly impossible thing to be exhausted unless they’re fighting. But for her, fighting is probably the second thing that can make her exhausted.

She was different after all, she wasn’t as agile Nakanishi, not as strong physically like Mariko or Sasshi, not as resourceful as Lovetan and Mieko with their own magic. But she has one thing that others except probably Mariko have; knowledge.

Back in the days, she would rather be reading scrolls of knowledge that was thrown down the hell. Hell was a house and a prison for her before Maou unleashed it’s shackle and freed the demons to the world. Once she was freed with the others, she learnt how eventually humans were much more interesting on the insides than the outsides.

The scrolls she read back then were containing dangerous, dark knowledge about any kind of dark spells, black magic. But the one that interest her more was about the darkness within minds. And when she was released, experimental rabbits were scattered everywhere for her to apply her knowledge.

Hundreds or maybe thousands have fallen for her traps and died under her so called “experiment”. The way they died was either by biting their own tongues and bleed to death or other horrifying ways to kill themselves, they’d rather die eventually than going through the mental tortures of Sayanee’s experiment.

Even demons kept their distances from her, Milky was the first demon to approach her. She was as knowledgeable as her and so it was kind of easy for Sayanee to talk to her and the two become friends before lover. From then, Maou himself approached Sayanee.

It was a dark night and the lord of Darkness approached the young demon himself with Mariko on his side. Sayanee remembered the displeased on Mariko’s face when they were there, but the lord himself was different. He took Sayanee in with the sweet words he spoke, his promise once the world is completely under the darkness. For the first time, he made Sayanee feel being a part of who she really is; a Demon.

Then there were the troublesome Samurai Princesses led by Kaguya herself that was willing defeat Maou and seal him and the Demons back in hell. Then the battle between demons and the four Samurai Princess broke out. Sayanee abandoned her experiments and positioned herself on the back line with the strategist, instructing demons some phrases which made some loss to Kaguya and Humanity’s side. Slowly, other demons respected her better and gets close to her.

Then after the long battles, as a tactic to break off the four, Sayanee went into the action herself by facing one of the four herself; Yamakawa Riku.

One thing she remembered was that she gotten her old self back and did pushed the Samurai to her limit of her insanity before she left and left her with her companions.

Then she met her again, this time Sayanee raised her weapon; The bows and arrows of Hell. Made from hell’s darkest irons and poisons that kills instantly upon impact. The two battled themselves to the maximum point until Riku managed to made a gaping hole on Sayanee’s chest.

The demon slumped down and was just steps away from death if it weren’t for the help of Milky and other Demon Healers around that time. Then, by the time she wakes up, Maou was already sealed and the Samurai Princesses were gone.

And now the history will repeat itself again, the Samurai Princesses are back. Sayanee found her enemy immediately among them, her one and eternal enemy; Yamakawa Riku. It doesn’t matter if she was dead already and her soul was in another form, whoever it was, it’s still the same person who made a gaping hole on her chest.

Sayanee smiled, she was however interested with her other enemy, the current Samurai of Earth, Umeda Ayaka. Since she met the former princess of Edo, Sayanee started reading more of her scrolls, her favorite ones.

In her mind, knowledge and strategy were combining into different ways as to make her enemy suffer mentally when they met again. She was sure that they will meet again and by the time she did, she would end both of them.

“Sayanee, so how is she?” asked a voice. The jet black haired demon turned and saw Tomochin looking up towards an object that Sayanee has been focusing for the last hours.

“She’s quite stabile now. I delayed her soul from breaking the seal inside her so that the seal will goes off as the crystal breaks.” explained Sayanee to the human.

Among the other demons except Mariko and Mieko who seemed to distasted Tomochin, Sayanee was completely fine having the girl around. Tomochin might be a human but her dark magic and techniques were considerable enough for Sayanee to accept her.

Why bother getting rid of something that’s useful like her? Tomochin’s ability allows them to do things that demons can’t like the fact that they can heal others faster than demons healing themselves.

Tomochin nodded before touching the giant object, the rough surface of the crystal were cold. “Sayanee, how come you’re different than the others?”

Sayanee raised her eyebrows, “Different in a good way I hope.”

“I mean, why didn’t you distaste me? I fell for Mariko and so does the way around which your friends say that it’s forbidden for demons to fell for humans, but why aren’t you against our relationship?”

Sayanee chuckled, “Don’t get me wrong, Tomochin. I’m neutral about your relationship, I think anyone deserves to love and to be loved by anyone no matter who they are. Besides, why bother wasting energy on hating something that’s useful?”

Tomochin smiled and a dark power emerged on her palm, the crystal infront of her becomes darker and darker. But her eyes could still see a figure trapped inside the crystal, frozen still but yet she could feel dark aura twirls around the figure faintly.

“I tightened the molecules of the crystal so that it’s harder for the aura to break it.” Said Tomocin.

“Nicely done.” Stood Sayanee from her seat . “Now I nee-“

“SAYANEE!!” roared an incoming voice. And before Sayanee knew, Nakanishi has clenched her rob by the collar. The cold purple eyes met the dark green eyes in a heated stare.

“Hello, Nakanishi.” spoke Sayanee coolly. “Back so soon?”

“The spell that you gave me failed!!” spat Nakanishi before slamming the demon to the crystal. The force was strong but luckily it’s not strong enough to make a crack to it.

“Nakanishi, stop it!” yelled Tomochin grabbing the demon’s arm. “You’ll break the crystal if you keep continuing this!”

“Don’t get involve in this, Tomochin!” yanked Nakanishi off the human before staring intensely at Sayanee. “Explain this!”

“Get off me, Nakanishi. Didn’t I told you that the spell is still under my experiment? I never said that it will be a success.” Said Sayanee. “Tell me what happened.”

So then, Nakanishi let go off her and told her what happened including how her wrist ended up in pain. Sayanee listen to it closely before put her hands up to stop Nakanishi’s explanations.

“Wakatta. Tomochin, would you mind looking at Nakanishi’s wrist for me?” asked Sayanee.

Tomochin nodded and a faint dark power appeared on her palms as she whispered a spell. She put her palms just above Nakanishi’s wrist as she stared at it intently before it finally reduced down.

“Her energy lines on her wrist connecting to her hand were been cut off so some of her energy spilled out and messing up her vessels. I healed the cut but it will take a while for the energy to stream back to her hand.” Explained Tomochin.

“Hmm..”  mumbled Sayanee. “There must have been something that cuts off the line controlling Miyazawa Haru’s soul and Kage because those lines connects straight to your energy line inside your wrist. But to do that they have to get inside his deepest mind and whoever cuts it has an ability to enter someone’s mind and heart.”

“There was one girl who noticed your spell before Nakanishi and I walked in.” chimed in an incoming Mieko. “It seems like she has the same ability as yours to enter people’s mind and hearts. Could she be-“

“The Priest of Soul.” cuts off Sayanee. “It has to be her.”

“So she was the one that cuts off the line?” asked Nakanishi.

Sayanee nodded and shifted her hand in the air. A scroll appeared out of nowhere along with a brush, the demon quickly scribbled the piece of information into the scroll.

“Nerd.” muttered Nakanishi. Mieko’s elbow was faster than Sayanee’s eyes set on to Nakanishi. “Itte!”

“I’ll pretend not to hear that.” Eyed Sayanee. “I will report this to Mariko-sama. The Samurai Princesses has truly got their ace on their sleeves.”

“How about her?” asked Mieko as she looked up to the crystal. “Is she-”

“She’s stabile.” Said Sayanee. “When the time comes, she will be ready to be Master’s vessel.”

Nakanishi grinned. "Perfect."

The next day, over at the others' location...

"Ha!" Yuka threw out a punch and the Blue flame completely engulfed her arm. The two applauded in amazement as they saw how much she improved on her technique.


"So, you finally mastered control on the Blue flame, eh? How did that happen?"

"Hm..." Yuka looked at her hand, clenching and unclenching her fist again and again. "I'm not sure, really. I just had a dream about one of Hinata's memories. I met this really HUGE dragon who lent me his powers to control the Blue flame."

"Ao?! Yuka, that was MORE than just a memory."


"After that day, Ao and Hinata had a special link. When she finally reached her full potential, the souls of both Ao and Kou created the Dragon Stone and entered a contract with Hinata. Ever since then, the two have been loyal to her and gave her power from the stone when she most needed it."

"So... when I reach my full potential, I'll be able to do MORE than just blue fire. That sounds AWESOME!!!"

"It's the same with all of you. I remember when Riku reached her full potential, she made a gigantic tree come to life and turn into a massive soldier to protect her."

"Really?" exclaimed Ayaka. "That does sound amazing."

"Yeah, but, you guys still need training so until then, Ayaka, the only plant soldiers you can make are probably flowers."

"Eh~?" Both of them harmonized as Yuko was left chuckling.

They then saw a horse coming their way, Sayaka, Jurina, and Natsumi riding on it. They also noticed an unfamiliar girl on the back, hugging Sayaka's waist cutely. Yuko smiled; she knew.

The horse stopped as the four got off gently.

"Welcome back, you three."

Yuka and Ayaka couldn't help but notice how the unknown girl was holding onto Sayaka's hand and hugging her the entire time, making her blush.

"Ch-chotto... this is awkward..." she said whilst laughing.

"Haha, gomen ne, Sayaka."

"So~" Yuka spoke up, placing her arm on Sayaka's shoulder.

"Uh, who's your new friend, Sayaka?"


"Hajimemashite." The girl suddenly bowed down, shocking the two of them. "My name is Miyazawa Sae, princess of the Miyazawa household. As of today, I shall accompany you three as a fellow Samurai Princess. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu."


"Hm?" Sae scrunched her eyebrows as she got no response out of anyone.

"Uh, Sae-chan... You don't have to be so formal with us."

"Ah... souka. Alright then..." Sae straightened herself up and her voice went back to normal. "Konnichiwa! Miyazawa Sae desu, yoroshiku~"

"Haha, now that's more like it."

"I'm not very experienced in training, but I'll do my best! Now, when do we start?"

"Actually, there's something I wanna do tonight." Yuko said before pulling out a sheet of paper. "This..."

"The Sun and Moon Festival?"

"What about it?"

"This is a festival where they honor us."


To Be Continued
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Re: Samurai Princesses: Blue Rose (Part 2)
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"No wonder there's a mark of Priest lurking earlier." said the other figure. "It seems like you are the hidden priest, Kashiwagi Yuki."

Umm... Seems fishy~ From the sounds of it Yukirin's keeping a secret~

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Blue Rose (Part 2)
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ruka~ ganbette~~~ ^^
sae is cute when she having fun with kuu haha
let out more of her boyish side when she is with sayaka =P
you know what I want to see heehee ^^

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Blue Rose (Part 2)
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Chapter 12 - Kingyo Hanabi

Third Person POV

“They actually have one to honor us?” asked Sayaka.

“Actually it’s for Kaguya and my dad, Amaterasu.” Said Yuko. “Since they were Gods and so on..”

“Well there’s still time, right?” asked Natsumi. “In the mean time then, I need a good sleep for a couple of hours. Like seriously I need one..” she added before she slumped herself to her bed.

“She deserves that.” Said Jurina. Her eyes were no longer silver and were shade of brown. “She hasn’t been taking any rest since she pushed her limit, last night.”

“What happened, last night?” asked Ayaka settling down to a chair.

So then, Sayaka and Jurina explained what happened. From the memory curse that was set on Sae so that she could not regain Kuu easily, meeting Nakanishi and Mieko, and Haru’s Kage.

“Mieko?” asked Yuko. “She’s still on their side, eh?”

“Who is Mieko actually?” asked Sayaka. “How come she sounded like she knew Kaguya a lot.”

“Mieko was one of Kaguya’s maiden hundreds of years ago.” Said Jurina. “But then she changed side when Kaguya gave her powers to the first Samurai Princesses. She had a horrible past with humans once and that made her dislike them very much.”

“Then when Kaguya chose the first Samurai Princesses, she can’t stand it anymore.” Finished off Yuka. “She left.”

Jurina nodded, “Maou’s voice whispered in her ears. Even if he was being sealed away, his voices and commands can still be heard by those he wishes to hear. He could feel every presence of hatred and would eventually take anyone who has evil intensions lurking inside their heart, including Mieko.”

“But of course, we knew Maou would not accept anyone except his kind once he fully restored his power and break off the seal.” said Yuko.

“Speaking of evil..” wondered Sae. “Natsumi-san said that was taking over his mind wasn’t just his Kage. What was the other thing?”

“Natsumi told me before we left the Miyazawa Household that it was an incarnation.” Said Jurina. “You guys might have incarnations of the past Samurai Princesses inside you and the priestess also have theirs . The one that Haru has was actually one person from their time too, Iwagami Ruka.”

"That guy creeps me out..." said Hinata with an eerie tone inside Yuka’s head. "And he gets reborn too?!"

"Who is he?" asked Yuka. "Is he your lover or something?"

"Like hell he is! Not in a million years! Ask your friend Sae. Kuu knew him."

Yuka gulped, “So, Sae-chan.. Hinata said that you might know who is this Iwagami Ruka, so..” she raised her brows. “Who is he?”

Sae’s POV

I raised my brows upon the question. I honestly have no idea who is this Iwagami Ruka, but then just like Yuka said; Kuu knew better.

"He’s a guy that I broke my engagement with after I met Kai."

“WHAT?!” I yelped upon the answer before covering my mouth in embarrassment as everyone stares at me. “Sorry. Kuu’s answer just shocks me.”

Yuko gave a haughty laugh, “Man, I like your reaction!” she laughed off before everyone joins her. Even Sayaka giggled a bit.

I started explaining then to them as Kuu speaks on my mind, “Ruka was a son of a land lord, he said that he had a lover named Maria who was a witch. They both were happy to be a couple even in secret since Ruka’s parents didn’t agree with their relationship. But then Maria left all the sudden with no goodbyes and that made Ruka fell into such a shock that he becomes quite insane. He breaks stuff around the town and scared off little kids and women.”

Yuka shrugged, “I guess Hinata was right.. Ruka is indeed a creepy man.”

“Don’t be.” I said. “I’m sure anyone would go like that if they lose their loved ones.”

“So then how did Ruka met Kuu and got engaged with her?” asked Ayaka.

“Kuu was his cousin. Her family went to visit him once to ensure the engagement that has been arrange since they were little. Kuu was a kind girl and wasn’t afraid to spoke to Ruka and interact with him, she respected her parent’s wish for her to marry him. Slowly Ruka went back to normal and developed feelings for Kuu.”

“But then Kaguya came and told Kuu that she was the next Samurai of Wind.” Chimed in Sayaka. “Sorry, Kai’s been bugging me to cut in for some reasons.”

I smiled, “It’s alright. So then, Kuu left her family and Ruka with just a letter to explain all the reasons on why she has to leave. But then one day she met Ruka again, this time it was different.”

“What happened to him?” asked Ayaka.

“Maou.” Said Jurina. “Maou whispered in Ruka’s ears and letting his obsessions for Kuu overpowers him, controlling him. He saw Kuu and Kai being together and that pushes his patience and attacks the group with no stopping.”

“Kuu can’t bear to counter Ruka’s attacks so she asked everyone to escape. They did escaped, but Ruka used his power as the new land lord replacing his father to hunt everyone down.” I went on. “In the end, Kuu didn’t get to meet Ruka again. She died before she gets the chance to.”

After a moment of silence, Yuka commented, “That is super creepy obsession. Man, love is such a scary power.”

Yuko nudged Yuka’s elbow, “But, without love, there would be nothing in this world except darkness, Yuka.”

“She’s right.” nodded Jurina. “You’re talking like you never fell for anyone, Yuka~”

“I have!” blushed Yuka. “Just once..”

“Believe it or not, Yuka’s actually cute when she blushed like that.” Pointed out Yuko with a grin.

“Mou~ Yada!!”

Everyone laughed then including Sayaka. I took a chance to look at her as she laughed. She might look stiff but she’s very cute when she laughed, her smile and the sound of her voice were just perfect.

Is this my real feelings..? Or is it just Kuu’s feelings for Kai..?

Ayaka’s POV

After we finished teasing Yuka, we decided to split up to get some lunch since nobody seemed to have one yet. Sayaka, Sae and Yuko volunteered to go hunting in the forest while Yuka, Jurina and I decided to stay and get some herbs from Natsumi’s garden.

“Would it be alright if we pick up some from her garden?” asked Yuka before getting a basket out.

“How did you survived while we were away?” asked Jurina.

“Yuko went to the market and brought in some food.” I explained. “I’ll go ask Natsumi then.”

So I left them in the kitchen and knocked Natsumi’s door. I opened it slightly and carefully as not to make any noise. I saw her lying on her bed carelessly with her blankets on the ground. I sighed and picked it up before throwing it over her and tucked her in.

I shake her hands a little, “Hey, can we use some of your herbs?”

A quick ‘un’ escaped from her lips. I turned to leave, but then I felt a tug on my hand and found her hand clenched tightly on my wrist.

“N-no..” she mumbled. “D-don’t l-leave me..”

Confused, I gently tried to let go off her hand but she clenched me tighter. I saw her expression, her breath was rapid and she bit her lips as if she was just having a bad dream.

“Hush..” I hushed into her ear, “It’s okay.. It’s just a dream..” I comforted her as I tried letting go but her hand was seriously strong. Slowly, I saw a tear coming out of the corner of her eyes and gently traveled to her cheek.

“N-no..” she whined lowly still with her eyes shut. “Please.. Don’t leave me alone, Riku.. I love you.”


"I guess I can’t hide it anymore, eh..?" sighed Riku.

What on earth is going on? I asked. Explain this, Riku!

Riku sighed, "You know what Kai and Kuu relationship was like right?"


"Well, that goes the same with me and the Priest of Soul before her, Kanata."


"Let me show you."

After that, I felt like the world just went up side down. I was expecting my self to fall hard on the wooden floor, but instead I felt a soft patch of grass easing my fall.

I sat up and looked around, I was no longer in the room. I was in the middle at a huge grass field with each of the grasses was tall enough to cover me as I lied down.

The wind blew and I felt a bit of cool breeze struck me, cooling my neck and my short hair.

Wait... Short hair? I thought. I quickly grabbed my hair and felt it different than my hair was. Wondering  my self on how on earth did I cut it in instant.

"Don’t worry, Ayaka. It’s not real, it’s just a memory of mine." I heard Riku’s voice in my mind.

Memory? Oi, don’t tell me that I’m–

“Dozing off again, Riku?” I heard a voice from behind. I turned and saw a girl standing behind me with a smile on her face. She carried a case full of arrows and a bow strapped on her back.

My mouth just went open and pronounced her name without I knew it.


“Come on~ We’ll ran out of food if you keep dozing off like this!” she grabbed my hand and pull me up before she started dragging me in the grass.

The previous Priest of Soul was totally the opposite of Natsumi. She was very cheerful and energetic, while Nastumi was a pretty moody and has a quiet personality. The two us finally stopped under a tree with the other previous Samurai Princesses gathering around a campfire.

“Ah, Riku-chan!” said one with long braided hair. “Just in time before Kuu eats you part of stew.”

“Hey! She eats very little you know, I’m just helping so that it’s not wasted.” Retorted one with a shorter hair than mine. “Itte!”

“Kuu, stop being greedy.” Eyed another one after she landed a knock on Kuu’s head. “Kanata and Riku, Hinata just got an info from Osamu-kun that there’s a festival around here tonight.”

“Cool~” cooed Kanata energetically. “Osamu-kun is the kid that helped you, right Hinata?” she asked to the girl with long braid hair.

“Yup.” Nodded Hinata. “He said he’ll meet me there tonight with his mother.”

“Huaa~ It’s been a long time since I went to a festival!” exclaimed Kanata. Then she leaned to my shoulder and looked at my face, “Right, Riku?”

My head nodded and hummed an ‘un’ awkwardly. Instead of pouting of the so-so reaction, Kanata just giggled and snuggled her coat.

“Where’s Kaguya?” asked Kuu after she put down her stew bowl.

“She’s gone to the town then she said she’ll meet us back at the festival.” Explained Hinata as she picked up the bowls and headed down to the water stream.

I looked at Kuu looking at Kai in a happy expression before the two of them started talking and laughing with each other. I guess it was true that they were a couple and their bonds are strongly hanging on to each other. I wondered however if the same effect would happen to Sayaka and Sae.

"It would." Answered Riku’s voice. "Ever heard of the legend of red thread?"

An invisible string that connects a true couple and only visible by the two that were connected by it? Of course I do.

"Well, those strings maybe constructed by fate that decides our love. However, in their case, they constructed it by themselves."


"A spell, a strong one that would keep them together for eternity. Even after death."

I gasped softly. I glanced down and saw Kanata’s sleeping face lying on my lap, her face was peaceful like a kid.

"Kanata was my best friend. I was born as a farmer’s daughter with a job to take care of my younger brothers and do some sewing. Meanwhile, she was a lord’s daughter, completely the opposite of me. But she was a rebel, she likes to run away a lot and we met each other for the first time when she come across me in the market when she was little. I still could remember her asking me not to tell the guards where she’s hiding behind crates of cabbages."

Now, that’s one very outgoing girl...

"Indeed. We both then made friends as my mother was employed to work as a servant at the lord’s household. We both grew up and eventually started going out for a hunt in the forest for food supplies. She was good with her arrows and bows as I was too, we became hunting mates."

You can do archery? That’s amazing!

"Anyhow, then we met Kaguya and she told the two of us our fate. I was as the new Samurai of Earth and Kanata as the new Priest of Soul. She was happy for me and agreed to left the household secretly to join the group."

Then how did you two-

"You’ll see later."
Answered Riku. I can tell she was smiling at me secretly.

“Hey, I think you should wake Kanata up now.” Said Hinata coming back with a pile of cleaned bowl. “We should head down to the village now.”

“I’m awake~” yawned Kanata as soon as Hinata finished her word before she shots up. “Let’s go~”

I couldn’t help not to smile at her gimmick and I don’t blame the others for laughing at it. Kanata is just an adorable girl with a child personality.

When we arrived at the festival, there were many people with so many different colors of their clothing. There were kids and adults wearing painted masks strolling around the festivals, waiting in front of food vendors, and even playing games.

“Kai, let’s check that out!” pointed Kuu to one of the game stall and dragged her there. Kai signaled us that she’ll meet us back later as she let Kuu dragged her away.

“I’ll be looking for Kaguya and Osamu.” Said Hinata before waving off to the two of us. Now there’s just her and I. I saw her looking around the festival looking for something.

“So what do you want to do, Kanata?” I asked her.

She still looks around until she stopped and squealed in excitement.

“Kyaa! There it is, let’s go!!” she grabbed my hand and dragged me into the crowds and passing out a few shops along the way, heading down to one certain stall.


“I told you I’ll catch at least one~” said Kanata happily.

The two of us are now sitting down on the steps of the temple above the festival, it was only the two of us with the well lit temple standing behind us. I looked at her happy face as she focused on a bowl in her hand where two small fishes swimming in the water. Believe it or not, she dragged me towards a fish catching stall and got herself two of it.

“Kanata, what are you going to do with it?” I asked her. “I mean, we’re travelers. We can’t keep that kind of pet without a certain place to stay.”

“I know.” She sighed sadly. “But I just like catching fishes on festivals, remember?”

“Un..” I watched her standing up and saw her walking over to the temple’s koi pond. “Are you putting them in there?”

“Un.” She nodded and let the fish in to the pond. The two of us watched the two fishes swimming in circles. It was odd to watch the two fish that was one in white and the other one was black, swimming in circles. It was almost hypnotizing.

“Nee, Riku..” I heard Kanata’s soft voice. “Do you remember about that tale form the land of Ming that my dad told me?”

“About the two fishes right? One black and the other was white.”

Kanata nodded, “He said that they are called the Yin and Yang. The two of them are meant to be together so that the world can maintain it’s balance with darkness and light together as one.”

“But then it wasn’t just the symbol of balance wasn’t it? It was also the symbol of-“

“Love.” She whispered.

I looked at her in question, but she cast her face aside. I can see a small teardrop on her cheek for no reasons.


“Riku.” she stepped closer to me. “I love you. You’ve always been my friend, my closest one and only now I realized that I love you since the very first time we met.. Only now I finally able to say it to you. Yes, I love you Yamakawa Riku.”

I saw her smile in tears, I didn’t knew what to say except it was too late for me to say anything with her lips brushed mine softly. She pulled back but I caressed her cheek and pulled it closer that so our lips touched again.

“Riku...” she whispered on my lips.

“I’m sorry.” I mumbled before I pulled back.

“Rik-“ her eyes were shocked and disappointed. But before she gets to finish her words, I pulled her closer and let our lips collide again.

“I’m sorry for being such a stupid person.” I said slowly. The words just shot out from my mouth. “I’m sorry I never realized my true feelings all these times. My feelings for you, Kanata.”

“Riku...” she burst into tears of happiness and hugged me tight.

We were about to lean back in again when suddenly the voice of screams rung in our ears.

I pulled back instantly, “What’s going on?”

Kanata shook her head and looked down to the festival. “Look!”

I saw where she pointed at, a huge flame has erupted in the crowds. It wasn’t just a usual fire, it was in a dark shade of purple and soon I saw a recognizable blue fire erupted too from the crowds.

I heard more screams of terrified and fears, “That’s Hinata! There must’ve been something happening here! Could it be d-“

“Demons?” asked a voice. We both looked at the temple and saw a girl sitting at the offering place with her legs crossed. The girl was smiling oddly with such dark aura radiating around her. The short hair and her thin lips was sculptured perfectly with her medium figure.

I pulled out my sword, “What are you doing here, demons?”

“Obviously for her, of course.” Pointed the demon to Kanata who stood behind me. “The Priest of Soul.”

“You are not going anywhere near her.” I pronounced before rushing towards the demon. She simply leapt off the offering place before my blade landed there. She smiled and whispered some kind of spell before her hands radiated in a darker aura.

She shot out her hand towards Kanata and I saw a strange power coming out of it. My body moved instantly towards it before it can reach Kanata, my mind knew I was too late to deflect it and I..


I stood weakly facing Kanata and saw her face horrified. My body felt the iron pierced the blood vessels and it’s dark aura touching my flesh. I vaguely heard Kanata’s scream and the demon’s voice of pleasure. I slumped down as soon as the weapon was pulled out of me and stare up.

“Riku.. Please…” I heard Kanata’s plead before I saw her beautiful face in tears. “Don’t die..”

“Kanata..” I weakly replied. “It hurts..”

“Riku.. Please…” she shook her head and cried desperately. “Don’t leave me…”

I saw her face slowly fading away and all I could see then was white.


I opened my eyes weakly and saw Natsumi’s face close to me. Her forehead on mine, so close..

“Your body temperature is not normal.” She said pulling back. “You can’t possibly go to the festival in this condition.”


“Listen, you have to stay because you’re sick, Ayaka.” Pronounced Natsumi as she got out of her bed.


“I’ll tell the others that I’ll be staying to take care of you, no complaining princess.” She said before she left the room.

I took a breath and sat up. My chest felt heavy somehow as if the iron did pierced through than just in the memories.

Riku.. Was that..?

"Sayanee." Answered Riku. "Ayaka, I’m not asking you to follow my way of loving Kanata. But please, protect Natsumi from the demons. Especially Sayanee..."

Why does Sayanee targets the Priest of Soul so badly? I asked. I mean, the demons like Sasshi and Rabutan to before...

"Because, Sayanee has the same ability as the Priest of Soul. The two of them are able to enter someone’s deepest mind and seek for the deepest soul hidden inside anyone’s heart. They can either break it or strengthen it. Not only that, Priest of Soul also holds out a strong key."

Strong key..? What key?

"When the four Samurai Princesses sealed Maou, the one that holds all the four life lines into a strong seal together was the Priest of Soul herself. It was all up to her for the sealing to be successful or not. And she would be the last person to cut the life lines to complete the sealing. If the demons got their hands on her, especially Sayanee, they would force her to at least get half of the seal strength to wear off."

No wonder Rabutan said that she was the shortcut to revive Maou...

"Yes. And remember, the seal that Maou was sealed with is wearing off. He’s been breaking it from the inside by absorbing the souls of hell and turned it into energy to break the seal. It’s possible if Natsumi was forced to erase half of the seal strength, Maou’s seal can completely be erased."

We can’t let that happen!

"I know..."
said Riku. "So please, you and the other samurai must protect her until you can tightened the seal again."

Wait a moment.. You said that the four Samurai must use their life line to seal Maou, right? If life lines were cut, doesn’t that mean..

"Yes. That’s what happened to all of us, the four previous Samurai Princess."


Later, that night...

Sayaka’s POV

Standing at the temple, I leaned against the entrance gate, looking at my kimono. I still don't understand why they made me wear pink, I look incredibly girly, and people are going to stare.

I looked up and saw some of them already having fun at the festival. Yuko, Yuka, and Jurina already went up while I waited for Sae. Apparently, they quoted, "We'll leave her to you."

I sighed... What's going to happen?

"Sayaka~" I saw Sae run up to me in her light blue kimono. With the blue rose in her hair, she looked so beautiful. "Sorry. Did the guys already go on?"

"Uh, yeah, it's just the two of us..."

"Ah, souka. Alright, well, we've only got tonight, so let's have some fun!"


"Let's go, Sayaka!" Sae grabbed my hand and held onto it as she started running towards the festival.

I've never seen someone more excited for this kind of event. I always used to go to festivals with my grandparents and little brother when we were younger. Sae reminded me of how excited I was running through the festival and watching everything.

One summer, we went to a festival outside of Japan, just the four of us. My dad didn't have much of a family. Only grandma and grandpa. I never knew much about my mom, but I heard she had a big family on her side. Whenever I was there, with them, I was in a whole other world. It had a unique beauty different from Japan, but I loved it.

And now, being here with Sae...

"Nee, Sayaka, look! They're selling cotton candy~ I'm going to buy some!"

I don't even know what to say. I could feel how much my heart was pounding, when she touched my hand, when she turned to smile at me. The first time it was like that, I thought I was going crazy, but now... I don't now what to do.

"Sayaka, you want some?"


"They have odango! You want some?"

"Sae... I..."

"Lemme guess, cuz we're samurai princesses, you wanna keep your body in tip top shape, right?"

"Well... I have to. I've always been on a strict diet. I needed my strength..."

"Mou~ you should loosen up more," she giggled before taking my hand and walking up to the stand. "Odango please~"


"Don't worry, I'll pay. You just relax and enjoy the festival."


She smiled and patted my head.

"Leave everything to me, Sayaka."

"Eh..." Her hand... it's warm on my head.

"Ah! The odango's here!" She cheered as the small round dumplings were placed out in front of us. She didn't hesitate to start eating them. She didn't even care about etiquette, like what I was doing. But I could tell she was too happy right now and just wanted to enjoy.

"Is it good?"

"Oishii desu~"

In the light of the lanterns, her smile was bright. I felt my heart skip a beat every time she laughed. I remember Kai telling me she and Kuu were lovers long ago when they were alive, but... I still can't imagine myself being with Sae like that.

"Nee, Sayaka, I heard that they're doing fireworks later after the dance ceremony! I always used to come here during the festivals and know a really great spot to watch them."

"Ah... sou?"

"Yup. It's on a really high hill where you can see everything from the top. It's almost as if you could touch the sky."


"Let's go together, Sayaka!"

"Uh... B-but, the others.. what if they don't find us... B-besides, I--"

"Sayaka, I told you not to worry. It'll be fun."


But... more than anything... I'm.. I'm scared of heights!


Yuka's POV


"Mou~, you're loud, Yuka," Yuko said as she rubbed her ear slightly.

"Sorry, but... I just love takoyaki~." I grinned at the demigod before receiving the steamy balls from the seller. “Itadakimasu!”

“It’s a pity that Ayaka and Natsumi can’t join us though.” Said Jurina before she bit into her fish cake filled with red beans. I noticed her iris was silver, indicating that it was Kaguya speaking.

“You can unless you can win an argument with Natsumi.” Said Yuko. “Man, she’s one tough girl for real!”

“Why do you really want to come to this festival, anyway?” I asked with bits of seaweeds on my lips.

“I told you, it’s a festival where they honor us and the Samurai Princesses.” Said Kaguya. “The fire work will also be very pretty. It was already since a hundred years ago.”

“Wait a sec! You were here a hundred years ago?” I gawked at her.

Kaguya nodded, “I was. But the last time was…”

“What happened?”

Before Kaguya can answer it, Yuko suddenly jumped up and down as she pointed to a direction.

“That’s got to be the dance! Come on!” she pulled our hands towards the direction.

Third Person POV

As the three walked over to the stage, they managed to stand close beside Sayaka and Sae then sat on the available seats.

"Guys, it's starting!" The girls watched as the lanterns lit up and music started playing. It started with two people, made to represent Kaguya and Amaterasu, both of them dancing together beautifully on stage.

Then, a person in dark clothing came up and took away Amaterasu. After a few spins, his kimono melted away and revealed a different outfit underneath, along with gaining what looked like a wolf hat on his head.

"What was that about?" Yuka asked silently.

"It tells a story of me and my brother." Kaguya spoke up. "He was cursed by the Maou and became a wolf."

"After that, he summoned the Tiger King to protect Kaguya for him."

"See, that's him..." Kaguya pointed at a man wearing a tiger striped costume with a tiger mask on.

He and the Maou danced, representing fighting, with Kaguya and Amaterasu assisting them at times. With one move, all three of them fell and the Maou was left standing. Kaguya did a few moves and four new dancers appeared, each wearing a different colored kimono. Blue, red, yellow, and green.

"Is that... us?" Sae said amazed.

Yuko and Kaguya nodded.

Two of the dancers, representing Kai and Hinata, had ribbons to dance with like they were fire and water. The other two, representing Riku and Kuu, had fans, each styled different to look like earth and wind. The five girls "fought" the Maou together, spinning and turning so beautifully.

At the end of the dance, the Maou was knocked away and disappeared, supposedly being sealed away forever. The four Samurai Princess slowly knelt down to their knees and fell, "dead."

"Wait, so..." Sae looked at Kaguya in wide eyes.

"This is what must happen every 100 years."

"Our powers are not enough to kill the Maou, so we must seal him away and make him gradually weaker. The only way to do that is to give up your souls and wait to be reborn in your next life to fight."

"So... this just keeps going on forever? Again and again?" Yuka dropped her last Takoyaki in shock.

"I'm afraid so..."

"No way..."

As the crowd cheered at the end of the performance, the girls looked at each other nervously, knowing that their fate was something unescapable and unchangeable.


Sayaka's POV

"Sayaka..." Sae spoke up after walking a long while. We both sat down on the benches, remembering what Kaguya told us. "So... that's it?"

"I guess... I should have known something was going to happen to us."

"Now I know why Haru was afraid of letting me go."

As I gripped my fists, I heard Sae start crying and she hugged me tight. My heart skipped a beat once again, so strong, I was afraid it would burst out of my chest.

"Sayaka... hic.. I don't wanna die..! I wanna stay... hic.. with you..."


"Sayaka... I wanna be with you.. hic.. forever..."

"Sae...." I wiped off her tears and slowly got up. "It'll be okay. I promise. We'll find some way to get through this."


"Yes. I'll absolutely make sure that we'll stay together somehow."

She smiled and wiped off the rest of her tears.


She stood up and took my hand, taking me somewhere.

"Wh-where are we going?" I asked.

"It's almost time for the fireworks, right? We're going to the top of the hill to watch them."

"Eh?" We started climbing on the slope of the hill, the path becoming steeper and hard to climb. I couldn't help but keep looking back at the ground, checking how high we were from the ground. "Uh, S-Sae... How high do we have to go up?"

"Don't worry, it's just a little more to the top."

"Th-the top?!"

As Sae giggled as we ran up the hill, I held up my kimono and tried not to look down.

"Uh, Sae, do you really think we need to go to the VERY top, right?! I mean, there should be a perfectly good view halfway up or so. So don't you think--"

"Look!" She suddenly stopped, and when I turned around, I saw an amazing view of the entire festival. Everyone looked so small and the lights seemed to be dancing.


I don't feel scared. With Sae's arm wrapped around mine, I felt safe.

"Ah! They're about to start!" she pointed up and a small light shot up into the sky and faded...




"Isn't it beautiful, Sayaka?"

"Eh? Uh, yes..."


"Sayaka..." She took my hand and turned to look at me. "What do you... think of me?"



"Sae, what are you talking about?"

"I want to know what you feel about me."

"Wh.." I felt my cheeks flush and I looked away. "What is that supposed to mean? Did Kuu tell you something?"


"Sae, I...."


We stared at each other a long time, her cheeks blushing, too.



"Do you... love me?"


I felt her grip on my hand tighter, she slowly got closer, her faces inches away from me. She grabbed both of my shoulders and closed her eyes. Her forehead pressed against mine and I closed my eyes as I felt her breath against my lips.


"...pfffft, hahahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" She laid her hand against my shoulder and started cracking up, stopping the kiss.


"Hahaha, sorry... I just couldn't help myself..!"

"Sae, that seriously scared me! Don't do that!"

"Alright, alright. Come on, let's just watch the fireworks."

The both of us sat down as the fireworks continued, each one lighting up the sky brighter than ever. It reminded me of when I first saw fireworks as a small child, me and my brother being carried on top of grandma and grandpa's shoulders. I used to cover my ears from the loud sound before I got used to it.

When I looked at Sae, I saw her asleep, her head on my shoulder. I chuckled at her cute sleeping face and picked her up, carrying her carefully down the hill as the light of the final firework faded. I carried her in my arms all the way back to the front of the temple, feeling her clutch onto my kimono gently every so often.

"Sayaka~" I turned my head and saw Yuka and the others staring at me holding Sae. "Well, isn't this a sight."

"That's so kawaii~" cooed Yuko, grinning.

"You really are a sweetheart, huh?" asked Kaguya with a pleasant smile.

"G-guys! She... she just fell asleep, that's all."

"Sure." Yuka said before she and Yuko giggled.

"Come on, let's say one last prayer and head back."


I slowly set Sae down before Yuko threw in some coins and rang the bell. We silently said our prayers as the sound of the crickets rang. I slowly opened my eyes and stared at Sae, remembering the moment we shared under the fireworks light.

Could it be... she's in love with me?

"Okay." Kaguya spoke up and everyone started walking again. "Sayaka, let's go."


Sae's POV


Sayaka.... I love you... I love you. I love you, I really love you...

I don't understand... But, it's true. Ever since I saw her, something inside me changed...

Whenever I looked in her eyes, my heart skips a beat... When I hold her hand, it's so warm, I never want to let go...

I wanted to know... if what I felt was real...

But I couldn't kiss her. What if when I kiss her, she'll hate me?

I can still remember it... We were so close. I wanted to kiss her for the first time, to finally feel what it was like.

But I just can't do that to her. Not until I find out how she feels...

So, Sayaka... please wait... When the moment comes...

It will be my moment... Our moment.

To Be Continued

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Re: Samurai Princesses: Kingyo Hanabi
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yeah~ yeah~~~ thank you for all the saeyaka's moment... and ayaka-natsumi?'s(riku-kanata) moment ^^
it's sweet yet a little bit bitten
so they four will dead for just seal maou w/o killing it and reincarnation again after 100 years.....
what a sad story!!!
for the demon side, will they become good again and help the princess to kill maou afterward? I really hope so, just a little bit cannot believe the bad side are act by the members also XD

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Samurai Princesses:Ryuuou
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Chapter 13 - Ryuuou

Yuka’s POV

“You know, maybe we should buy those two something.” I suggested referring to Ayaka and Natsumi as we walked through the festival.

“I suppose so.” Said Yuko. “What should we buy them?”

“How about those?” asked Sae pointing to a stall selling masks. “We could get one for ourselves too!”

“Sou! A visit to festival wouldn’t be complete without eventually wearing one.” Grinned Kaguya.

So then the five of us approach the masks stall. The seller was a woman in black yukata, wearing a mask that resembles like an oni.

“Hello, we’re looking for some masks to celebrate the festival.” Greeted Yuko.

The woman pointed out the displayed masks behind the stall and signaled us to choose any of her collections. I chose one that resembles like an old chubby lady (okame), Yuko picked one that resembles like a fool (Hyottoko), Sae picked one that resembles like a monkey (saru), Kaguya picked one that resembles like a fox (kitsune). What surprised me was that Sayaka picked  one that resembled like a blue devil.

“Sayaka, are you sure you want that one?” asked Sae with a risen eyebrow.

Sayak shrugged, “I don’t know. I like it better since I think it suited my element, water.”

“Nice reason. It really does suites you, Akimoto Sayaka.”

My eyes widened upon hearing the voice, I looked at the seller as she removed her mask and revealed the familiar grin of the Demon’s Fire user, Sasshi.

We quickly tensed up and pulled our sword in instant and pointed towards her neck.

“Whoa! I’m not here to fight, you people!” she exclaimed putting her hands up.

“Then what are you doing here?” gritted Yuko fiercely as if she was itching to slash the demon’s neck.

“Just enjoying the festival of course.” Shrugged Sasshi. “This is the only moment of each year where we demons are acknowledged well enough. I mean look at those who wears devil masks!” she pointed up some other visitors wearing the mask.

“Last time we met in this festival, you unleashed your fire and killed a lot of innocent lives!” spat Kaguya. “Tell me how are we supposed to believe that.”

“Wait, when was the last time we met?” asked Sasshi as she tried to think.”Ah! It’s one hundred years ago, right?”

So that’s what happened one hundred years ago… I thought.

"She killed Osamu’s mother". I heard Hinata’s voice. "She’s a murderer!"

Maji?! I looked at Sasshi’s foolish face.

“What’s wrong, Masuda?” mocked Sasshi. “Hinata giving you an info about what happened a hundred years ago?”

I gritted my teeth. If Sasshi really was meant to be my enemy, I’d take her on. Those playful face she showed was hiding a psychotic personality of a murderer, I knew she was blinded by her power..

“Speaking of which…” Sasshi looked around. “Where’s that old auntie friend of yours?”

“Old auntie?” asked Sae.

“She means Ayaka.” Explained Sayaka quickly.

Sae looked back at Sasshi, “Ayaka doesn’t resemble like an old auntie!” she retorted.

“She does in my eyes.” Shrugged Sasshi. “So she’s not with you guys, and so does the Priest of Soul I suppose?”

“They’re not here for a reason.” Said Kaguya. “Tell me, demon, what business you have here?”

“I told you already!” pouted Sasshi. “I’m here for a fun occasion! So I guess she’s with the Priest of Soul?”

“Why do you want to know so bad where she is?” I asked suspiciously.

Sasshi sighed, “That’s a pity then.. I guess Lovetan and Milky would have a rather difficult time to kidnap her then~” then she grin, “Oopsie~”

“Oh shit.” Cursed Yuko as her face went slack. “We’ve got to go back now! They’re in danger!”

But before we could turned back, a purple fire erupted behind us. A wall of fire stand in front of us and started to freaked everyone around.

“What is that?!”

“There’s a fire! Save yourself!”


I looked back at Sasshi who just smile as she supported her chin with the back of her hand on the stall. Her eyes went flickering purple as dark as her fire as her grin grew wider. A thick black mist swirled around her and turned the black Yukata into her demon outfit.

“Well, one of the fun occasions is that I get to make you guys busy while the others do their job.”

“You…” gritted Kaguya.

“Come on, show me what you got~” she cracked her knuckles.”I’ll go on a one versus five if you’d like~”

Ayaka’s POV

I guess Natsumi was right… I don’t feel so good..

I lied still on the bed, feeling my chest heaved up a bit. I saw Natsumi coming in with a tray of food before she sat on the edge of the bed next to me.

“Come on now.” She helped me sat up on the bed with the pillows on my back. “You must’ve been eating something bad for the last days. What did you eat while I was away?”

“Yuko’s been bringing in some food she bought in the market.” I said as I took a glass of water from the tray.

“What’s wrong? Princess of Edo can’t handle peasant’s food?” smiled Natsumi. “Just joking, don’t take it seriously.”

“Sharp tongue you have there, Natsumi.” I cooed. “I wonder what will happen if demons find you first before us.”

She froze and bit her lips upon the words I said. Then I realized that I said the wrong thing.

“Natsumi, I-“

“I never ask you all to protect me.” She mumbled. Her face went red and shaking, “I can pretty much take care of myself!”

Then she left the room and slammed the door. I sighed, I shouldn’t said those words..

Riku, don’t lecture me.. I pleaded.

"Not planning to." Answered Riku. "But you do need to apologize to her."

"Nice work~" I heard my Kage chimed in.

"Not helping, you stupid Kage."

"Oi! I’m not stu-"

Just shut up you two! I yelled mentally to the two voices. They immediately went shut up.

I sighed and tried to get off the bed. I have to hold on to the wall and the bed post for a couple of steps before I finally made it out of the room then eventually out of the house.

I saw a figure sitting on the front porch and the sound of soft sobbing. I sat next to the figure which I knew it’s got to be Natsumi.

“Natsumi, listen I-“

“What is it?!” she muttered between her tears. “Forget it, princess I am not interested! If you don’t want to protect me, then I’ll happily leave you guys alone!” she spat as she gets up and started to leave again. But I held her wrist tight.

“Let go off me!”

“Listen! I’m sorry what I said before okay..” I said. “I know it’s been hard for you late-“

“Don’t you dare telling me that you knew how it felt.” Eyed Natsumi. “You never knew how it feels to be a poor huh? You never knew how it felt when you lost your one and only family you have left in this world and being kicked around from one place to another alone!”


“You never feel what it’s like to have these sadness filled you in the insides even know nothing happened and therefore I should be happy. And you most certainly don’t know what it feels like to see yourself will kill the friends you would hold into dearly for the rest of your life!”

“Is that it Natsumi?” I asked. “Is this why you chose this sharp tongue of yours to cover your sufferings? You knew you were suffering but you chose to close all the ways we can help you?”

“I don’t need anyone’s help!” she yelled. “I’m-“

I stopped her words and pulled her into my arms, “Listen to me! Riku asked me to protect you at any cost from those demons and anything else. I’m sorry if I couldn’t make it in time to ease your sufferings all these times.”


“You’re not alone Natsumi, not anymore. I swear, I’ll stand by your side no matter what.” I pronounced. “Just promise me not to close your heart from all of us. Jurina, Kaguya, Yuko, Yuka, Sae, Sayaka, and I…  It’s alright for to share your suffers with us all. We’re here for you, we’re a family now, Natsumi.”

Then Natsumi sobbed hard in my arms, I caressed her hair as she hugged me tight and let my clothes drenched in her tears.

“You knew what would happen right by the time comes? I’ll have to ki-“

“We’ll figure another way out.” I cut her. “Even if it’s written as our fate, I won’t let it happen. I won’t make you suffer again like how Kanata felt when she lost Riku in her own hands..”

“You promised..?” she whispered through her sobs.

“I swear across my heart.” I answered.

she fell silence, “Thank you..” she whispered softly.

I let go off her once she seemed to calm down. She went back inside and brought the food tray out to the porch and set it down between us. We enjoyed our dinner as we saw the colorful firework from distant.

“That must’ve been from the festival.” I whistled.

“Un.” Natsumi nodded. Then she eyed the bushes in front of her, “Hang on.. I sensed someone getting closer..”

I glanced to the bush, soon enough I heard a rustling sound followed by a figure running by. It was a girl with such a strange hair color, golden. Her figure was small but she’s such a beauty.

“Save yourself!” urged the girl when she reached us. “They’re coming!”

“Who are you and who’s coming?” asked Natsumi giving a strange look to the girl.

“It’s not important, we have to leave now if-“

“We’re here~” chimed in a cute voice. I froze and saw the familiar figure of Milky and Lovetan stood by shade of a nearby tree.

“Well well well.. Look who’s betraying us now..” cooed Lovetan. “Naughty Tomochin~”

“Oh shit they’re here.” Cursed the girl. “Save yourself, Priest of Soul!”

“What are you demons doing here?” I asked loudly as I stand between the two and the demons.

“Obviously,” Milky rolled her eyes. “We’re here for her of course~” she pointed towards Natsumi.

“You are not going anywhere near her as long as I’m alive.” I pronounced. And clenched my fist.

"Ayaka, you can’t take on them! Your condition-"

"Kid, don’t be stupid.You can’t possibly-" my kage tried to persuade me.

Shut up. I told the two of them then I glanced back to Natsumi.

“I swear I’ll protect you, Natsumi. With my life..”


I turned to the two demons, “Come at me, demons.”

Sayaka’s POV

"Prepare yourselves!" Sasshi said before stomping the ground and creating a large fire barrier circling us. "Let's see how can go out first!"

I pulled out my sword and stood in front of the demon. She stood at the center, grinning as we circled her.

"This'll be fun!"


I charged first, meeting her sword and seeing sparks fly. Yuka charged behind her, but she surprised her with a second blade and the two fires met.

"Interesting. Did you really think you learned EVERYTHING about me since our last battle?" she said before grinning and pushing Yuka back. She swung her sword and attempted to stab her, fire flaming up every time she trusted it. "You should know, I've changed since we last met."

"Well, YOU should know..." Yuka clenched her fist and I saw a blue flame engulf her hand. "I have, too!"

She swung a few punches at her, the blue and purple flames mixing together.

"Yuko, Kaguya... That..."

"Apparently, she was able to control and master the Blue flame. She's able to contain it better."

"But, what about the last time when..?"

I turned to look at Kaguya, who just gritted her teeth and raised her sword.

"I'll explain later. For now, we must assist Yuka."


Yuka's POV

"Keep your breath steady and maintain your stance. The key to keep your fire bending steady is to get those two correctly."

I listen to Hinata’s instruction to keep the blue fire steady under my control. I can feel how it actually drained my energy faster than normal fire, but I tried to keep my mind cool as I kept firing and dodging Sasshi’s attack.

“I see you seemed to master that old man Ao’s fire.” Smirked Sasshi before firing a wheel of fire towards me. I dodged it just in time before it crashes to one of the pillars. I widened my eyes when I saw the pole went down to the scared crowds, luckily no one got buried underneath it.

It’s too dangerous to fight here. I might injured the crowds.. I thought. I glanced around and saw a staircase leading up towards a lonely temple ground. That’s it!

I kept dodging Sasshi’s fire as firing some to her too as I lead her towards the staircase. I run up the steps with the demon laughing hysterically behind my back.

"Keep going, she’s right behind you." I heard Hinata’s voice.

I know. I don’t want her to get anyone killed like last time you were here.. I answered.

Hinata fell silence, I knew she has a certain guilt after that night.

I reached the temple ground and turned around just in time to welcome her blade and the killer aura she produced. Her fire was intense and so was mine.

“You know… You missed a lot of things, Kono Hinata.” Said Sasshi. “Since you died, I’ve been looking for many of your remained allies. Including your beloved Osamu-kun.”

My eyes widened in instant, “What did you do to him?!”

“I did what you’ve done to me.” Smiled Sasshi. “I pushed him off...  The Cliff of Darkness.

"YOU WHAT?!!!" I heard Hinata’s mental yell. I can hear the anger in her voice and the sadness. "YOU MURDERER!!!!"

Sasshi somersaulted back and smirked, “Ara-ara.. I guess I did offend you after all. It doesn’t matter because..” she loosened her collar and showed a slight darker line across  the base of her neck. “I still keep this scar as a trophy even after surviving from the fall on that cliff, Hinata.”

“Let’s see if I can make the same scar on your neck or maybe…” she charged and our blade clashed again. “I’ll try to make a deeper one on yours.”

"AS IF!!!" I heard Hinata’s mental yell again. I can tell she was furious, the blue fire somehow grew under my control. I parried another of Sasshi’s slash and gave a spin kick towards her chest.

Sasshi staggered back but smiled evilly, “That’s it Hinata, fight me for real just like we used to when Maou was banging on his seal on the last seconds of his release.”

“Stop it!” I yelled. “My name is Masuda Yuka, not Hinata!”

“Still the same.” Laughed Sasshi. “The two of you are still the Samurai of Fire, my enemy.”

"THAT’S IT!" Hinata yelled.

Suddenly, my feet moved by itself, running towards Sasshi in an incredible speed and my arm slashed down to her. Sasshi smirked as she dodged my slash and parried my blade with hers engulfed in Demon Fire.

The blue Fire grew on my blade and the next time we clashed our blades again, the two fire created a huge explosion. The force threw me back strongly and I felt my back crashed into a tree before eventually my head banged into the tree as well. I felt a million bricks on my head and my vision suddenly goes blurry.

I could vaguely the sword in my hand is still engulfed in blue and a bright red light came out of nowhere. I looked down to my chest and saw the gem on my locket shining brightly in red.

I felt a sudden warmness spread on my chest, so warm that it comforts me to close my eyes and hear Hinata’s voice.

"I will never forgive you, demon..."

Before I could reply to her, I blacked out.

Sayaka’s POV

When I looked up at the sky, I saw blue fire starting to fill the sky. It seemed to form the shape of a dragon, a loud roar filling the sky.

"Kaguya!" I turned and saw Yuko knelt down to Kaguya's side. She was on her knees, covering her ears. Her eyes were widened as she was mumbling something under her breath. Yuko turned to me, "Go find Yuka!"

"Got it." I ran as fast as I could toward the path of the blue fire. When I arrived, I saw Sasshi and Yuka standing in a ring of fire, and Yuka’s eyes were glowing red along with her pendant. “Yuka!”

“Whoa!” yelped Sae arriving next to me. “Is this Yuka’s ultimate form or something?”

“AAAAARGH!!!” She ran up to Sasshi and swung her sword full force. She kept trying to attack, and every time she was knocked down or even injured, it seemed to rile her anger more.

“You can’t be me, weakling!”


Her sword was covered in fire. The flames seemed to wrap around her the most, creating the image of a large blue dragon. Each time she screamed, a loud roar was released and echoed from the dragon’s throat.

”It’s Hinata!”


"Sasshi must've angered her! I've only seen her like this once before, when the demons killed everyone from her home village."

Yuka yelled out once more and the dragon roared once more.

What's with the dragon?!

"Probably the spirit of Ao, the dragon who gave her possession of the first half of the Dragon Soul Stone."

The WHAT?!

Before she could answer, there was a loud crash as the flames grew stronger and began to engulf Yuka.


Instead of being intense, I saw Sasshi’s lips curled up into a wider smirk. Her Demon fire grew stronger around her as the two clashed again and again. Each time they collide, a huge fire explosion grew between them, blue and purple created a crater.

“Sayaka, look!” pointed Sae.

I glanced and saw some of the trees in the temple ground were on fire due to the fight. I saw a pond nearby and willed the water upwards towards the fire before sending it back again to the pond.

This is dangerous! They can burn down this place if this keeps on going!

I looked at Yuka, the fire was getting bigger and bigger and I can feel it was impossible for the water in the pond to calm her down.

What can I do…?

“Sayaka, do you remember what the demon said?” asked Sae. “She said that she’s only here to play with us. I think the real target is Natsumi!”

“Shit, I guess you’re right.” I replied. “Ayaka’s with Natsumi though, but she’s not in a good condition. I’m afraid something bad will happen to them.”

“But first, we need to get Yuka to snap out of it.” I added before dashing towards the battle.

I willed the water once again to cover my hands and turned it into tentacles. When I saw Sasshi being pushed away by Yuka, I quickly grasped her shoulder in my hands. Since her whole body was on fire, the tentacles did a good job of protecting my skin from the intense heat. Still, I knew it’s not going to be long.

“Yuka, snap out of it!!” I yelled to the girl as I look into the blazing eyes. “You’ll burn everything if you keep this going!”

“No.” voiced out Yuka. I widened my eyes, recognizing it weren’t just her voice. There was another voice talking at the same time with her in sync. “Stay back, this is my fight.”

Before I could even talk again, Yuka took a grasp at the tentacles and swing it towards a tree. My body hit the trees around it hard.

“Sayaka!” yelled Sae as she ran towards me. “Are you okay?”

“I’m good.” I replied upon feeling my bleeding lips.

"She’s not though." Said Kai. "Hinata has taken over her completely this time. Yuka hasn’t got total contract with her and if this keeps on continue, Yuka is going to fade away!"

Contract? Fade away?

Kai sighed, "Remember when I talked to you for the first time? When you reached my invisible hand, that’s our contract done."

That's right. I remember.

"A contract must be done to sustain the balance between the vessel’s soul and the other soul, so that both can take control equally. But with your friend here, she released Hinata’s highest level of power all the sudden. For someone who has done the contract it’ll take time for them to get it out, but for her it must’ve been from Hinata herself. And if this continue, Yuka’s soul is going to fade away and replaced by Hinata herself!"

That’s crazy! We can’t let that happen!

"I know, the only time someone can calm Hinata down that time was either Kanata, the previous Priest of Soul, and Kaguya herself."

Then where’s Kaguya- I looked around and suddenly I saw Kaguya engulfed in a strong silver light, dashing towards Yuka.

“Sayaka, Sae! Get out of there!” yelled Yuko pointing bellow us. I glanced down and saw a part of huge pentagram started glowing in silver underneath us, forming a circular pentagram around Yuka.

Sae brought me away quickly in her hands just in time before I felt a sudden force pushing us back strongly.

"What's going on out there?!" Sae said as we looked back at the current situation.

The strong red aura around Yuka faded and she passed out as the silver pentagram stopped glowing too. Yuko came out and pulled out some kind of scroll. It started glowing rapidly as a strong wind blew and circled the area, blowing out the fire. I coughed a bit as the scent of smoke was strong.

As the wind calmed down, we slowly walked back to Yuko's side. I felt a pain in my back and stopped, holding my shoulder. Sae pulled down my yukata and I saw some of the splinters from the tree were sticking into my skin.

"Sayaka, you're bleeding!"

"Don't worry, Sae. I'll be okay."


"Don't get your hopes up." Sasshi raised her sword and was about to strike, but then Kaguya came in and blocked her, their eyes meeting. They gazed at each other strongly before Sasshi chuckled and released her sword.

"Kaguya-sama." We all went up to her side, keeping guard.

"I'm surprised you were able to stay alive for this long, kid."


Kid? Is she talking about Jurina? Did something happen...

She turned and her sword disappeared from her hands. I saw a smile as she looked at us one last time.

"Just wait. I have a little present for you now~"

"What are you planning, demon?" growled Yuko.

"Let's just say... we have big plans for Jurina's dear onee-chan."

That instant, Kaguya rushed up and prepared to swing her sword, but Sasshi disappeared in a large mass of smoke. When she turned, I saw her eyes were brown.


"Onee-chan..." whispered Jurina softly before she slumped down to her knees, her face was awestruck.

"It can't be.." said Yuko. "I thought all of the Matsui were.."

Jurina punched the ground angrily. "What are they doing to my onee-chan?!"

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Cometerz48-san~~~ look like you are back~~!!!! =P
Please continue the DiVA project and yuko's graduation fanfic ^^
I also miss them very much ^^

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Chapter 14 - Cry

Ayaka's POV

"Come at me, demons!"

“Sure will~” smiled Milky before she dashed towards me. A whip appeared in her grasp all the sudden and I dodged just in time from the first swipe of it.

I dust off my clothes with a bit of a woozy feeling inside my head.

"Don’t force yourself, kid."

I know.. I felt the Earth in my very own toes as I kept leaping from one place to another, avoiding Milky’s whip.

“Coward.” Called Milky as she kept swishing her whip. Not realizing that each time I leapt avoiding her, I get closer to her.

When I was close enough, I swiped her feet off the ground and willed some small mounds to gave a rough massage session as soon as she touched the ground. Milky groaned as the earth mounds pounding on her back repeatedly in a great strength. I hopped back away from her as soon as I think she received enough.

Milky sat up with a displeased face before eventually started swishing her whip again. This time, she was much more determined to set at least one hit on me. She did after a few minutes to my shoulder. I yelped in pain upon the touch, it was like a being pierced by a very sharp iron before it quickly pulled back up.

“Ayaka!” yelled Natsumi.

“Oh shit, that’s going to hurt.” I heard the mysterious girl grumbled.

Milky released a chilly laugh, “Just an information, this whip is made from parts of monster skins that you can only find in hell. Of course, some modifications are made by Rabutan just for me~”

I bit down my lips, the pain was sharp and still stays there. I can feel the sweats running down my forehead as I tried to keep on avoiding the dangerous whip.

Riku, a small help would be great here. I thought.

"Get close and punch some parts that I will tell you soon once you did it."

I followed her directions and once I was close enough to the demon, I hand chopped her shoulder and the side of her chest once she raised her arm to whip. Milky’s eyes widened as she felt the strength upon the arm and released a pained yell before she slumped to her knees.

“You…. Wretch..” she growled eying me in hatred.

Chi blocking? I asked. Like what Jurina did?

"Yep. Works with Demon’s human forms all the time."

I saw Rabutan sighed and took some steps towards Milky before standing between her and I. She took off her glasses and her lips curled into a smile.

“Last time you did some terrible things to me.” She began before zipping down her clothes and showed a wrinkly scar on her chest. “This time, it’s my turn.”

Mists started to appeared in her hands and took forms of small furry balls that I saw when I met Sayanee and Milky for the first time. They eyes glared red into me before eventually hopping down from Rabutan’s hand. What made me stepped back was the fact that not only one or two that came out from the mist, in fact there was tens and hundreds of it.

"Kid, I think you better run now." Encouraged my Kage.

I won’t. I refused

Rabutan snapped her fingers and all the monsters charged towards me. I willed some small holes to appear and swallowed the monsters. But one was fast enough to land it’s teeth on my leg. I crumpled in instant upon feeling the small bone pierced into my vessels. I could not help to release a cry each time one sets its teeth on me.

“Ayaka!” I heard Natsumi. She ran towards me from the porch, her hand glowed in bright light before it formed a small pentagram and released a beam to one of the monster. The monster disintegrate upon the impact, but before she could release more, I saw her arm got tangled up with Milky’s whip.

Natsumi screamed in pain as she tried to tug on the bind. But each time she did, I knew she felt the immense pain from the whip. Milky came to stand in front of her and smack her right on the cheek hard enough to produce such sound.


“It’s no use to struggle, Priest.” Pronounced Milky. “Cooperate or otherwise..” she nodded to Rabutan.

Rabutan clicked her finger once again and this time the monster bit harder to my skin. I screamed as one land it’s teeth at the base of my neck, so close to veins.

“Humans have approximately 4.7 to 5.5 liters of blood in their body.” Spoke Milky. “I wonder how much it takes for one to be drained out completely.”

“Stop it!!!” yelled Natsumi in tears. "Don't hurt her!!"

“You’re not going to get away with this, demon!” I heard the mysterious girl yelled before dashing forward. But Milky simply landed a kick to her head and threw her away.

“I’ve always want to do that to you, traitor.” Smiled Milky.

“Nice hit.” Said Rabutan.

Milky turned back, “So it’s your choice then. I know Rabutan is aching to get the samurai a piece of her pain before.”

“But unfortunately, our order is only to get you and not to kill the Samurai Princess.” Continued Rabutan eying me in pleased.

I can feel the sudden nausea from the red liquids flowing out of the small holes on my skin. My lungs felt so weak all the sudden..

"Ayaka, hang on! Please…"

"Come on kid, stay awake!"

I can’t… I pleaded mentally. I vaguely saw Natsumi pleading silently at me with those tears, pleading me to stay alive.

"I’m sorry..." I mouthed.

She shook her head and yelled to me to keep my eyes open, I can’t hear her voice anymore somehow nor Riku’s or my Kage.

I guess it’s just me in the end.. I sighed. My eyelids are feeling so heavy that I knew I have to give in to the weight.

Don’t you dare giving up here, Samurai of Earth. You have not ask me, have you?

My eyes were already in the verge of closing but the new voice struck me frozen.

Who are you…? Please just let me-

Black out and let Maou take over me? Think again.

Take over you..? Masaka…

Yes. I am the Earth, Umeda Ayaka. And I have seen enough, now we shall work together as one.

I smiled weakly and let go off my last strength at the moment.

As one.



Sayaka's POV

"I wonder if Jurina-san will be okay..." Sae said as she and me sat down on the steps of the temple.

After we were able to calm down Yuka, Yuko took Jurina and Yuka somewhere to rest, I don't know where. But something must've happened with Jurina that she got angered by what Sasshi said.

"You think Jurina-san has a sister?"

"Probably. But, then again, Yuko said all the Matsui were killed by demons."

"So, what do you think..?"

"I don't know. But it seems serious, so we should leave them be for a while."

After a few seconds, I turned and looked to see Sae staring at me intensely. She took my yukata and pulled it down gently, revealing more of the wounds on my back. She took out something from her pocket and placed it in her palm.

"Wait, is that..?" It was a small glass bottle, filled with some kind of liquid.

"Kaguya's healing water. I found it back at the palace. I think she meant for me, too."

She opened it up and used some of her wind magic to release it from the bottle and form an orb.

"I can't control water like you can, but..." I felt the cool water spread out on my back and seeped into the wounds. "This should help."

"Thank you..."

Sae helped me up and we started walking back. I think now would be a good time to rest.

"Nee, Sae..."


"How was today? Was it... nice? Casting aside that a demon just appeared a while ago."

"Of course. Today was a lot of fun! Especially with you, Sayaka!"

"Yeah..." I looked over and saw her smile, my heart skipped a beat. "What you said... about me liking you and all... were you serious about that?"

She stopped and looked at me. "Eh..?"

"Sae... I want to know."


Things were silent... it was perfect to me. It seemed to hurt, but also comforted me.

"Sae, do you--?"


"What the--?!"

"Earthquake!!!" I yelped, struggling to stand still despite the shaking ground.

"What could be causing this?!"yelled Sae. Then I saw her gawking behind me, “Oh my….”

I turned back and saw a pillar of orange light climbing to the sky from far. Before I knew it, Kai already said it.


My eyes widened, "Ayaka! We need to find her! Something could be happening to her!" I started running towards the light.

"Let's hurry!"

Meanwhile in another place...

Third Person POV

Yuka's eyes opened as she saw Yuko standing over her. She quickly jumped up and saw she was deep somewhere in the forest. Jurina was standing at some kind of shrine, praying silently by herself.

Yuko held her shoulder, "Leave her be. She's going through a lot."

"What happened? I can't remember..."

"It's my fault, Yuka."


"I let my anger get to me. I'm sorry."

"You were crazy out there, y'know," Yuko said. "I had to bind Hinata inside of you so nothing bad would happen to you."

"So, where are Sayaka and Sae?"

"They're headed home. Sayaka got injured."

I cover my mouth "Was that my fault? Oh God, I'm so sorry, Yuko! I didn't mean--"

"It's okay. You only lost control because you haven’t made a full contract with Hinata's soul. The contract between you needs to be strong before you can form one being. It was like that with Sayaka. After she was hit with lightning, she made a contract that binded her and Kai's soul together."

"So that light I saw around her before I blacked out..."

"That was both of their auras. It creates a powerful light that strengthens their powers."

"I thought I saw something when I felt Hinata taking over. Was that... my aura?"

"Yes. Each of us have one, and we alone have the power to unlock the true power hidden within them. Me, the other Samurai Princesses, the Priests..."

"Even Jurina?" The two looked and saw Jurina stand up from her kneeling position. She leaned against one of the trees and looked up at the moon. "How did they meet, anyways? Her and Kaguya..."

Yuko's expression became a sad one. "It's a tragic story..."

"I still wanna know."

Yuko looked over and saw Jurina's eyes were closed. She was talking to Kaguya, most likely.


Flashback, 13 years ago...

Jurina and her sister hid alone in their room. Jurina clutched onto the older girl tightly and softly cried into her chest as she felt her pat her head. Her hand was so warm, it comforted her, but she still felt afraid.

"Don't worry," she said. "It will be okay."

"Onee-chan..." whimpered Jurina softly.

She kissed Jurina's forehead and handed her a necklace. It was a protection charm, so that she would always be with her.

"I'm going to stop them. Wait here for me, I promise I'll be right back."



After that, she left and Jurina was alone, crawled up in her closet so that the "monsters" wouldn't find her. She held the necklace tightly in her hands, shutting her eyes as she waited for her sister to call her.

Minutes passed, but they all seemed like hours to Jurina. She slowly opened the closet door and saw the room was still empty.


She walked out of her and her sister's room and walked down the hall.


When she turned, she was shocked to see all of her family was scattered across the floor, dead. The house was almost covered in blood, something Jurina never wanted to see.

She ran outside, calling for her sister, then saw two dark figure standing in the center of the field.

“Man, she’s one troublesome human.” Growled one of them. “Almost opened up the wound that stupid Samurai gave me ages ago.”

“Then that clearly states that she’s the perfect one.” replied the other one. In her arm was Jurina's sister, unconscious.


One of the dark figure turned her head towards Jurina, “Ara, ara… That must be her little sister.”

The other figure turned her head to towards little Jurina, her irises were gray and very cold. A dagger quickly appeared in her hand before she threw it at Jurina that hit her chest, sending pain throughout her body.

Jurina screamed in pain and slumped to her knees, tears formed in her eyes. Pained, fear, hurt…

"Sorry, child. This one is going to be a valuable item for my Master." the figure said before she started surrounding herself in black smoke. “Sasshi, don’t forget to destroy this place.” She said before she disappeared.

“Roger that.” Spoke the other figure before she clicked her fingers. Burst of purple flames appeared from the houses, slowly burning down the house along with it’s inside.

“Goodbye, little one.” waved the dark figure before she also vanished into the darkness of the night. “If fates allows, we shall see each other again.”

Jurina felt her chest was in total pain as it started bleeding out and her vision was blurring. She reached out her hand to her sister as the fire started to surround her and burning down everything.

"O-onee... ch-chan...."

She was surrounded by silence, falling into an abyss of eternity.

Then, she felt something warm in her chest, wrapping around her body. She opened her eyes and saw someone facing her, she didn't know who she was, but she looked exactly like her.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Kaguya."

"Kaguya... Am I dead..?"

"No. I'm here to save you."

"Onee-chan... they took onee-chan..!"

"Calm down, Jurina. It will be okay."

"I promised her... We both promised to be together... She said she would never die and would always protect me... I wanna save her... I wanna save onee-chan!"


Kaguya placed her hand on Jurina's chest and her spirit entered her body. The two became one being, a strong silver aura surrounding Jurina's body. Her eyes glowed silver as she rose up and created a sword of light in her hand.

"Wait for me... onee-chan."

End of Flashback

Yuka's POV

“No wonder Sasshi seemed to recognized Jurina..” I gulped, “She was there that night.”

Yuko nodded, “I was sent by my father that night to retrieve Kaguya. But then I only saw Jurina watching the Demon’s fire burnt down the house. She has fulfilled her contract with Kaguya at such young age.”

“Then you’ve been taking care of her ever since?”

“Jurina was herself in the day and Kaguya at night. I’ve been taking care of her, teaching her ways to live, I taught her everything I knew.” Explained Yuko.

“Sasshi said you’re in bad term with your dad.” I began carefully. “What happened?”

Yuko looked at me, I knew I touched a touchy subject to her.

“I mean, it’s alright if you don’t want to tell.” I stepped back. “I’m not forcing you to.”

Yuko sighed, “I guess I can tell you now, Yuka. The thing is being a demigod is not that easy. Gods doesn’t take care of their children, their human parents are. Amateratsu was never on my side since I was little, all I knew was my mother.”

“Lucky you, my mother died when she gave birth to my youngest sister when I was five. Can’t remember much about her though.” I said.

Yuko smiled, “The lucky ones are those that have both of their parents by their side."

"I guess you're right."

"Anyway, I didn’t knew anything about Amateratsu nor that the fact that I’m a demigod. All we do was move from one village to another, trying to find anyone that would accept us. I was angry each time I heard someone dissed us. The next thing I knew was that each village we left would always be struck by draught and each time I got mad even in secret, a fire exploded off somewhere in the village.”

“Wow, that’s some need of anger management control.” I commented.

“My mother was the only one that can calmed me down. I remembered her saying to me that they were wrong to disses her and I, she told me I was special…” Yuko’s tone started to trailed off. I saw tears forming in her eyes.

“What happened then?”

Yuko sniffed, “I was special not just because I’m a demigod. I also have something that many people and even Gods feared. A kage just like Ayaka’s..”

My eyes widened, I just can’t believe the cheerful girl I knew have such thing inside of her.

“The kage must have formed from years of moving and being dissed by others. That time, my inner light from being Amateratsu’s daughter has not fully awakened but it still enough to keep my kage down for the time being until…”


“Until I killed my mother.”

Yuko’s tears travelled to her cheek, but she continued. “I was too angry that time. She came home late and I saw her skirt bleeding out. I was ten but I knew what she did was dangerous, she told me she was trying to gain some money for the two of us. But then…”

"Yuko, you don't have to..."

Yuko shook her head, “Hatred and darkness overcome me, pushing my kage forward. I hated everyone, especially Amateratsu for leaving us. The next time I opened my eyes was my mother’s caressing my cheek with a dagger struck to her stomach.”

Oh God...

“She told me it was okay for me to be mad at her, for giving birth to me from Amateratsu. She told me she was always proud of me no matter how many kids got beaten up by me from dissing her and I. She told me she was proud of me all the way. I told her to stay alive, but she bleed out fast and she smiled weakly at me before she closed her eyes and sighed for the last time..”

I instantly round my arms around the little girl and felt her tears drenched my yukata. Her sobs in my ears as I caressed her hair softly.

“I’m sorry..” I whispered. “But it’s alright now right? You have us and Kaguya..”

“Yea..” pulled back Yuko. “Only later then Amateratsu finally had the guts to appeared in front of me as I watched the fire I set to my house, burning everything I have left and my mother’s body.”

“What did he say?”

“He said he was sorry for being a jerk and asked me to come to his place. There, I met my other brothers and sisters and all of us gets along together.”

“But you always had that hatred do you? For your dad.” I asked.

“I’d be lying if I said no to that.” Said Yuko wiping her tears. “Sometimes I couldn’t help to yelled at the sun and told him how much he was a jerk.”

“He never gets angry?”

“He said he deserves it and thus he never gets mad to me for hating him. But I still run errands for him, including now. Protecting Kaguya and the Samurai Princess.”


Third Person POV

As the two talked, Jurina conversed with Kaguya inside her mind.

"You heard what she said, didn't you? They still have onee-chan. She's alive!"

"Did I say anything?"

"No, that's the point! You didn't do anything! We should've followed them, they would take us to onee-chan!"

"And what do you think would happen next? They would've killed us."

"We still would've had a chance--"

"That's not the point! Besides, we would be too late. Your sister's soul isn't connected to her physical body anymore. If we did save her, you would've had nothing more than an empty shell!"

"But... But I..!"


Kaguya opened her eyes and felt the world shaking around her. She held onto the shrine pole as she tried to stand up, looking over and seeing Yuko and Yuka panicking in the current situation.

She looked up and saw a pillar of bright orange light in the sky.



Sayaka's POV

"Sayaka! Hurry!" Sae held onto my hand tightly as we both ran towards the source of the bright orange light.

We finally stopped and saw Ayaka was floating with the Earth crumbled under her and the two demons, Rabutan and Milky, who had spread their wings and were flying.

My eyes widened upon Ayaka’s glowing eyes, so intense…

"This is not Riku’s… It’s not Riku taking control of her." Kai spoke in my mind.

Then who is it?

"You wouldn’t want to believe it, Sayaka. Trust me."

"Well, this is interesting." Smirked Lovetan.

"Let's see what you got, Samurai Princess!" Yelled Milky.

Ayaka didn't say a thing and raised a large boulder above her head just by a point of her hand, before throwing it at the demons. Milky threw a punch and it shattered to pieces.

"You think you're so good."

The ground crumbled again and suddenly a loud voice boomed.

"I am the guardian of the Earth. Your reign of terror shall end here."

"Woah. Did THAT just come out of Ayaka?!" Sae blurted out.

"Yes it did." I heard a pained voice not far from us. I glanced and saw Natsumi holding her wrist, from the look of her expression she looked as if she just cried.

“What happened here? How did-“

“The demons arrived just a while ago. Ayaka was in no condition to fight them but she still stand against them, but then she was about to overcome by them..”


Natsumi shook her head, “She has these lights bursting out of her in the last minutes then I heard Kanata screaming at me to take cover.”

"Sayaka! Sae! Natsumi-san!"

We suddenly turned and saw Kaguya, Yuko, and Yuka standing behind us.

"It's quite obvious she's become one with the Earth. I didn't think she was able to unlock that ability so quickly." Said Kaguya watching the battle between Ayaka and the demons.

"This is FREAKING CRAZY!!!" yelped Yuka with widened eyes. “I thought I’m the only one that can go crazy..”

"What should we do?" asked Sae.

"We need to try and call to her. If we can reach her now, we can calm her down." Said Yuko.

We ran up and stepped on one of the rising stone slabs and yelled out to her.






She turned to look at us with glowing orange eyes. With just a finger point, she casted us away as we crashed to the ground.

"It's no use... Her soul's been completely overtaken by the Earth's core."


"The Earth's core is the source of all of the Earth Samurai Princess' full power. I don't know if Ayaka will be able to handle it once she reaches its peak."

"What will happen if she does?" I asked.

"Is she gonna EXPLODE?!" panicked Yuka.

"I highly doubt that." Retorted Yuko. “But if she keeps on going, I’m worried she’ll damage surroundings.”

"And she may go into a power overload and become fatally injured. We have to try and stop her before the core reaches its peak!" said Kaguya.

We watched as Ayaka kept her attacks at a tempo towards the demons. Rabutan produced a giant wolf from her dark mist and sent it out to Ayaka. With a quick swipe of her hand, a giant spike pierced it’s chest before it has a chance to set it’s teeth on Ayaka. The dark creature howled in pain before it vanished in dark smoke.

Milky produced another set of whip in her hand and passed it to Rabutan, “I have a plan!”

The two of them swished the whip at the same time and broke a stone wall that appeared suddenly. The swished it again, this time rounding each of Ayaka’s wrist.

“AYAKA!!” yelled Natsumi.

Despite the dark aura I saw surrounding the whip, Ayaka seemed to be fine. Instead, she strongly tugs her arms along with the demons.


The two demons crashed to each other when Ayaka brought her arm across. Before they have time to regain, two blunt spike of earth hits them on the chest and sent them flying.


The two then crashed into a giant wall that appeared in instant, before they reached the ground and slumped, Ayaka was already there to grab a hold of each of their neck and pinned to the wall.

“Ayaka!!” Kaguya yelled.

I saw the look on Ayaka’s face as the two demons struggling at the grasp on their necks and being raised in the air.

“Let go off us!!!!”

“You are not getting away with this!”

Neither you are, Demons.” spoke Ayaka before she started to tightened her grip.

“At this moment, she’s going to kill them..” said Yuko.

“Isn’t there anyway to stop her?” asked Sae. “How about that spell that you used for Yuka?”

Kaguya shook her head, “That spell takes a long time to recharge. She can’t use it twice in a day, even a month!”

“What do we do?!”

“We’ve got no choice to attack her.” Said Kaguya pulling out her weapon.

“No!” yelled Natsumi holding down Kaguya’s weapon. “There must be another way!”

“I agree with Kaguya, Priest.” Said a new voice. I turned my head and saw a petite girl with golden hair, so odd.. “She has turned dangerous with the earth’s core under her control.”

“Who are you?”

“The name is Itano Tomomi, I used to work for the demons until I realized what were they up to.” She answered. I was about to ask again, but she cut my words. “Save the questions for later, you guys have a situation here.”

I looked around and saw a well. There were still some water inside it, I can use it for bending..

“What if we constraint her? You think it’ll work?” I asked.

“We can.” Said Yuko. “But you’ll need more strength than you have now.”

Kai… I thought. Would you help me on this?

"Of course. We are one, Sayaka."

"I'll stop her!" I said before jumping on one of the slabs again.

"Wait, Sayaka!" Sae grabbed my hand. It was so warm.

I turned to her and smiled, making her let go.

"I'll be fine."

I rose up and faced Ayaka once again. Focusing my energy, I summoned some waves of water to my side and aimed them at Ayaka. She just blocked them off and kept going, but I wasn't giving up either.


"On it!"

I felt my body move on its own, with her thoughts, and the water around me changed from before. It moved differently with Kai in control, as if she could speak to them. There were moments they became sharp like blades and cut at the rock slabs, and then flowed easily and washed over the air. It was captivating and powerful at the same time.

However, Ayaka was incredibly strong with the power of the Earth in her hands. There were times when she's got me off guard and even try to crush me. I keep trying to call her as we fight, but she's too far to hear me...

What should I do?

"Sayaka!" I looked and saw Yuko and Kaguya standing on another rock slab and raised up beside me.

"If you keep going at this, both of you will be killed."

"But, Ayaka--"

Yuko quickly created an aura sphere and threw it towards an incoming boulder.

"Please, don't hurt her..." I said under my breath as the two faced her.

Kaguya pierced through the rocks Ayaka threw and managed to swiped Ayaka’s feet off the ground. But then Ayaka put her hands on Kaguya’s stomach and simply pushes her back, so strong that Kaguya hits the tree a few meters hard.

“My lady!” yelled Yuko. Distracted, Yuko didn’t realized that Ayaka moved fast to her front and did the same to her. Only, that Yuko was pushed off towards a giant slab of rock.

“Yuko!!” I watched the girl slumped to her knees.

“Darn it..”

Do not stop me unless you wish to die, Kaguya.

Kaguya struggled to stand up on her feet, “But she’s not ready, yet!”

Ready or not, her destiny awaits in my hand. And I decided it now.

“You can’t!!”

Watch me, Kaguya.” Ayaka approached the two demons still trying to regain themselves after the choking. But then, her hands were already on their necks again.

“Let go!!!!”

Good bye demons.

I closed my eyes, could not bear to watch further. But just as I thought that Ayaka crushed those demon’s neck, I felt a sudden tense out of nowhere. When I opened my eyes, I saw a round of black mist appeared out of nowhere and a hand shot out of it, gasping Ayaka’s arm.

“Pick on someone your own size, Samurai.”

My eyes widened upon the sight of Sayanee stepping out of the mist, her lips was curled into dissatisfaction.


“Miss me?” asked Sayanee before she punched Ayaka right on her face, so strong that it threw her back against trees.

“Woah!” yelped Sae. “Now that’s a punch.”

Sayanee smiled in confidence before stepping in front of Milky who’s trying to gasp for some air. “You’re okay?”

“I’m good, now.” Replied Milky shakily.

“You better be..” said Sayaka as she stretched her neck. “Or otherwise I have to kill her now.”

Ayaka roared and Sayanee took her fighting stance steadily.

"Never underestimate Sayanee, Sayaka… I heard Kai. She may seemed weak, but…"

Sayanee dodged swiftly the spikes, rocks, mounds, and walls that Ayaka threw. She was surprisingly agile and strong. She busted a wall just by her strength and kicked Ayaka in the guts.

“Wimp.” Scoffed Sayanee. “Taking cover behind the earth are we?”

Ayaka roared again, this time her attack becomes faster and much more ferocious.

But Sayanee kept on dodging before eventually she yelled, “Nakanishi!”

“Right here!!” I saw Nakanishi charging straight at Ayaka, coming from under Sayanee’s summersault. The strong demon grasped palms with Ayaka as they battle the strength out. “So this is how strong the earth is, eh? Why didn’t you tell me years ago?”

“I thought you’re too busy taking revenges so I kept the fun till then.” Laughed Sayanee. But then suddenly she became serious and looked at me. “Oi, do you want her back or not?”

“Of course I do!”

Sayanee straightened her lips, “Temporary alliance, human. The earthquake she’s causing is disturbing our master’s plan, we demons have to stop it.”

“Why on earth would we want to make an alliance with you?!” yelled Sae.

“Simple, I have a plan and you don’t.” smirked Sayanee. “How about it?”

I looked at Kaguya for help, she looked doubtful about the offer. Yuko looked the same too, in fact she’s wrinkled her eyebrows upon the idea.

“Hurry, it won’t take long until she’s ruining this land.” Said Sayanee with raised eyebrows.

I bit my lips hard, I don’t know what to choose. If we stop Ayaka, it’ll eventually made Maou easier to do his plan but if we don’t stop her…

“I’ll take it.” Said Natsumi all the sudden. She looked at Sayanee with a tinge of fear. “You’re Sayanee right? Kanata said if there is anyone to trust regarding souls other than herself, it is you.”

Sayanee smiled, “Well, well, well… The new Priest of Soul. And so I’ve heard some of your work.. Including cutting some parts off Nakanishi’s life line..”

“I had no choice.” Said Natsumi. “I have a job as the priest of soul and it’s my duty.”

“Very well..” said Sayanee. “I’ll consider her words as yours as well, okay?” I nodded.

“Nakanishi constructed a pentagram just a while ago as I was busy taking her attention. What we need to do now is that we need to bring her to neutral by getting rid of the earth’s effect by eventually getting inside her mind.” Explained Sayanee, “Now I know, there’s no way you’re gonna let me in her heart, so I’ll be directing you guys what you need to do in there.” She added to Natsumi.

"Got it. Then what?"

“The pentagram is a freezing spell pentagram where anything or anyone caught inside the pentagram when it operates will be freezed but in her case it may only work for a few moments. I need you to work with Nakanishi while I made this pentagram work, to get your friend there to stay still inside the pentagram.”

“Once she is freezed, you have a time to get inside her and wake her up from inside. If you met her kage or perhaps Riku, get them to help you.” Instructed Sayanee to Natsumi.

“Then what will you be doing?” asked Yuko suspiciously.

Sayanee shrugged, “Well someone has to operate this pentagram which I will.”

“I’ll help on the pentagram.” Stepped up Itano. “I can do magic just a little though.”

“I know you would offer, Tomo.” Smiled Sayanee grimly. “But once we’re done with this, you have the demons verging on you for your betrayal.”

Itano gulped nervously but she kept her fear down, “Let’s just get this ruckus done with.”

I stepped inside the pentagram and willed my water to coat my arms and turned it into tentacles. I wrapped it around Ayaka’s waist and held her down.

“Ayaka, calm down already!!” I yelled pulling on the tentacles.

Third Person’s POV

“Sayanee, any moment would be great you know!” yelled Nakanishi who seemed to grew tired already.

“Get ready.” Said Sayanee putting her arms down on the pentagram followed by Itano. “1.. 2.. 3!”

The pentagram shone in a bright white glow, Ayaka, Nakanishi, and Sayaka freezed in instant as to the magic pentagram.

“Hurry, it won’t be long until the earth started tearing down this pentagram.” Said Sayanee.

Natsumi dashed towards the middle of the pentagram, whispering a few prayers, she put her hands on Ayaka’s chest and lights came out of her palm.

Watching the view, Yuko glanced down at the demon working on the pentagram.

“How would I know that you won’t attack us once this is over and done with?” she asked suspiciously.

“I won’t attack anyone that’s not in the same condition as I am.” Stated Sayanee. “My enemy will always be Samurai of Earth and I bet she’ll be extremely tired after this. So I won’t attack her, at least you have my words.”

Kaguya approached, “Then can we ask what you actually plan with the Matsui you have?”

Sayanee rised her eyebrows, “Sasshi told you, eh? Sou nee…”

“What do you plan with Jurina’s sister?” asked Yuka.

“That’s a secret.” Replied Sayanee simply with a smirk.

“You…..” growled Yuko.

“Dare to disturb me and this pentagram might turned off.” Warned Sayanee. “We don’t have much time anymore, my energy is going to run out soon..”

“Mine too.” Said Itano.

“Let me try, then.” Stepped Kaguya in and put her hands on the pentagram. Suddenly, it shone brighter than ever.


“As expected of Kaguya-hime of the moon.” Said Sayanee. “Now let’s see if your Priest of Soul can do her job well..”

Suddenly the ground shook hard, another earthquake. Crumbling the earth.

“Sayanee!” yelled Rabutan. “The earth realized it!”

“Dang, so it figures out our plan already..” cursed Sayanee.

“What do we do??!!” yelled Sae.

“Start praying and hope that your Priest of Soul will succeed.”

As soon as Natsumi touched Ayaka, her surroundings shifted to thick bamboo forest. So unsual that she thought that the spell must’ve made a mistake.

“What the…”

“Finally you’re here, Priest of Soul.” Natsumi turned her head to the voice and saw a slight darker version of Ayaka leaning on a tree.

“Ayaka’s Kage..”

“She managed to made a contract with Earth itself before making a full contract with Riku, causing this place turned into bamboo forest.” Complained the kage. “She’s somewhere in this place along with Riku, we have to find them both.”

“How do we do that?”

The kage smirked, “Have you forgotten the concept of souls and it’s attachment? You have a lot to learn from the previous one I suppose.”

“Just tell me how!”

“Fine. Ayaka’s main soul is attached to Riku’s as her previous and myself as her kage, then-“

“There should be the soul line connecting it all!” exclaimed Natsumi.

The kage tapped it’s head lightly with it’s finger and that annoying smirk, “Finally you used your brain.”

“I wonder how Ayaka actually bear to stand your annoyingness.” Grunted Natsumi. She concentrated her powers quietly before she opened her eyes again. “I see it.”

“Lead the way then~”

Natsumi dashed, following the thin silver line she saw with the kage behind her. They came to a stop when they saw a giant tree in front of them. It looked like those trees you found in the swamp that’s hundreds of years old.

“There’s our princess.” Pointed the kage. Natsumi looked up and saw Ayaka wrapped in thick vines, hanging above the branches but still visible. She looked unconscious with her eyes closed.


“The tree seems to be the earth itself, taking control of her.” Said the kage.

Natsumi produced a spear engulfed in lights from her hand, “Then we have to cut the vines.”

She leapt up high and slashed the vines, she kept doing it until Ayaka was left hanging upside down on her ankle. But just then she was about to slash the last vines, the tree lashed out a vine towards Natsumi. Being too late to dodged it, Natsumi was forced to drop her spear and felt the vine wrapping her waist.


More vines wrapped itself around Natsumi as she struggled on the vines, but those vines were strong that it felt hard for her to breathe.



“Tsk.. Everyone move away!!”

All jumped back as the pentagram crumbles up to the shaking ground. Nakanishi, Sayaka, and Ayaka unfroze in instant.

Confused, Sayaka yelled, “What happened?!”

“The Earth broke the pentagram, causing failures on the freezing spell!!” yelled Kaguya back. “Sayaka, save Natsumi!”

Sayaka looked and saw Natsumi frozen with her eyes closed not far from the slowly waking Ayaka. She saw a pentagram glowing in her hand, pointing at Ayaka’s chest.

"She’s inside Ayaka?!"

"Yes she is.."

Just as Ayaka about to slash down on Natsumi, Sayaka pulled her sword out in instant to parry it.

“AYAKA WAKE UP!!” yelled Sayaka loudly. “CAN’T YOU SEE WE’RE TRYING TO HELP YOU?!”

Nakanishi grabs a hold of Ayaka and slammed her to ground on to her back. Sayaka grimance upon the action, but it was a right thing to do. Just as Ayaka was about to stand up, a chain suddenly appeared out of nowhere, wrapping around the wrist. Followed by more chains until it wraps around Ayaka’s wrist and ankles.

“Need some help, I see, Sayanee..”

Sayaka turned towards the voice and saw a new figure standing beside one of the giant poles where the chains were bounded to. Her hair was short, very short with a pair of cold gray eyes..

"Mariko…" whispered Kai.


“Nice timing, Mariko-sama.” Sighed Sayanee. “I was about to kill that girl if nothing else can stop her.”

“The chains will buy some time for the Priest.” Said Mariko shortly. Her eyes were fixiated on Sayaka, “I see you chose your vessels well, Shizaki Kai.”

Wait she knew you?

"Of course.. If Sayanee’s eternal enemy is Riku, mine is her, Mariko."

Sayaka’s eyes widened upon the words Kai just said. Her enemy would be the woman in front of her.

As if she can read Sayaka’s mind, she smiled leisurely, “I don’t fight until it’s time for us to do so.”

“But I would start doing it if your priest won’t hurry and awakened the real soul.”


Natsumi was in the verge of breathing difficulties. At this stage, she would be completely engulfed by the vines and lost herself.

"I can’t die here…. Yet.."

Just as she’s about to give in, she felt her self falling down but someone caught her. She opened her eyes and saw Riku holding her in her hands.


“Are you alright?” she asked the priest anxiously. Natsumi nodded as Riku settled the priest down.

“Yamakawa Riku.. Tell me why you have to stop her.” Boomed a voice.

“Please, she’s not ready yet!” begged Riku. “You can’t possibly control her, she’ll destroy everything!”

“But she will be working with me one day, why should it be held out much longer?”

“Because she hasn’t master the whole thing about you, yet! She needs to make a contract with me first before working with you! Like what I did one hundred years ago!!! Please, I’m begging you… Give me time for me to guide her until she deserves your power entirely..”

“Very well.”
The last vine on Ayaka’s ankle unwrapped it self, releasing the girl to fall. But Riku caught her in time.

“Ayaka..” caressed Natsumi to her the unconscious girl’s hair.

“Thank you.” Said Riku. Suddenly the whole tree fell in to dust to the ground, in fact the whole bamboo forest scene was turned to dust all the sudden.

“Well that’s her mind back to normal... For the most part.” Whistled the kage.

Natsumi smiled before she pulled back to the real world where she left before. She jerked back in instant upon the arrival to her body, but Yuka and Yuko caught her just fine.

“You did it.” Smiled Kaguya. The priest turned her attention to Ayaka and saw her stopped struggling and lied unconscious with chains bounding her.

“That took you long enough.” Said Sayanee being supported by Milky as she tried to walk close.

“We decided to make a few arrangement in the end.” Said Natsumi.

“Then that cuts off the alliance then.” Said Nakanishi standing behind Sayanee. “We’re over and done here.”

Mariko buried down the poles with her strength along with the chains after it released Ayaka. But her eyes were intimidatingly watching Sayaka as she stood infront of the other demons.

“We’ll meet again when the time comes then..” she spoke.

“Wait!!” yelled Kaguya. Her eyes has turned to brown, indicating Jurina has taken over.

Mariko rised her eyebrows, “Yes?”

“What did you do my Onee-chan?!!” yelled Jurina.


Mariko arrogantly smiled at Jurina, looking at her amusedly, “Something extraordinary.”

Before any can get close to the demons, Lovetan swirled black mist around them. Engulfed in darkness, they disappeared.


"Hey." The girls all turned around and saw Tomomi was still standing there.


"I thought you were with--"

"Not anymore." she said, bluntly. "I refused to assist with their plans."

"So, what your saying is..."

"If you would let me, I would like to join your side."

To Be Continued
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