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Author Topic: menamarco96's OS Collection | WMatsui  (Read 15459 times)

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Re: Be With You -WMatsui- (One-Shot)
« Reply #20 on: November 04, 2014, 11:20:57 PM »
Wah, happy ending for WMatsui  :farofflook:

great story as always :ding:
Kami Oshi is Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena and Jurina

WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: Be With You -WMatsui- (One-Shot)
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SO CUTE!!!! I can't! It's just too adorable  :dizzy:

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Re: Be With You -WMatsui- (One-Shot)
« Reply #22 on: November 06, 2014, 05:02:22 PM »
I trully love it

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Under Stars (WMatsui OS) - COMPLETED
« Reply #23 on: August 20, 2015, 03:47:04 AM »
The inspiration came to me around 12.13am after listening to a song called Under Stars by Aurora all day long. It really is a hectic week for me, but I just need to type and pour my imagination upon the song last night hehe :doh: Sorry if the OS is abrupt or like quick-paced or so  :lol: And do check out the song. It's amazing ! ( to me )


Beads of sweat trickled down her face as she finished lifting up the hays, putting it inside the horse barn. Wiping the sweat forming at her forehead, she pushed back her slightly messed bangs on one side and heaved a sigh. She went to the edge of the barn and pats her favourite horse, Tenshi. White in colour, with almost golden-like mare, the horse was definitely an angel, just like its name.
She smiled as she remembered the person who named the horse. Wondering the latter’s whereabouts dreamily, but soon came to reality as she heard a yelled coming from the small household, calling for her. She immediately dashed fast towards the door opening wide, straightaway seeing her mother rumbling.

        “…Pots and plates to be washed young lady and have you fed the horses?!” her mother sternly asked while pointing a ladle in front of her face, “If you ever, leave the horses like you did the other day, scrambling off with that woodcutter’s daughter, you, Matsui Rena, you would wish you’ve never been born.”

She, Rena, merely nodded and pursued her slave-like daily life, washing the pots and plates.  It was almost sunset and soon, her drunkard of a father would soon arrive in this so called home with a couple of his other liquored up friends, nagging about the tiring life working at town. But the best part about this is, when they got drunk, it’s either they slumped into a deep sleep on the table or they would sing hoarsely to some old-folk songs. Either way, sometimes she could slip unnoticed either by the drunkards or her mother, and ran to a not-so far open-field, her secret spot.
As predicted, a couple chug of cold beer and a few hiccups here and there, her father and three other men were in dreamland for good. Her mother’s small room looks dark and quiet, a hint that she probably had fell asleep too. Rena who slept in an almost cupboard size room, gently pushed the wooden door opened, tiptoe here and there, and alas, she is out.

        “Shh, there, there Tenshi,” Rena gently patted her favourite horse as she walk it out from the barn, heading quite a distance from their house, before mounting it. “Let’s go to the same place and meet her.”

There was only one enormous willow tree at the open field. A field that can captivate Rena’s eyes as she sat down under the tree staring upwards at the scattering stars over the borderless skies. Rena tied Tenshi so that he would not run astray and sat, leaning on the tree trunk. She soon suddenly yelped when the girl of her dreams jumped down from one of the branches.

   “Did I scare you?” the girl with a cheshire cat smile asked, as she sat down beside her. “You really did not notice me didn’t you?”

   “Of course not Jurina, or else I would have scolded you at instance to come down from that branch,”Rena answered with a gentle smile.

Matsui Jurina. The girl who shared the same surname as her. The woodcutter’s charming and intelligent daughter whom had managed to captivate Rena’s heart with her quick wits and her addictive smile. They just sat side by side and gaze at each other’s eye, not daring to blink as they both would miss one another, because lately, having to meet each other in secret has become quite a risky trip for both of them. As both of their family are not in a good relationship with each other, especially both of their respective father, hence, making it hard for the both of them.

Breaking the silence, Jurina suddenly stood up and went behind a small path, picking up something from the ground and sat once more. “I’ve got something for you. I know you love to draw, so I managed to smuggle these out for you.”

Four pieces of fine made paper was placed in Rena’s lap. A small red sealed holding the papers together with a cop, marking Jurina’s family. Like her mother said, Jurina, is or should she say, was a woodcutter’s daughter. But Jurina’s father became prominent as he soon finally produced fine papers from the wood he cuts. Thus, making the Lord of their town gain an interest and finally he had a beneficial deal with Jurina’s father on producing papers for the use of the Lords and his artists.

   “Jurina, these papers are for the use of Lord Akimoto. You’ll be in trouble with your father if he finds out!” worried Rena exclaims, as she knew how Jurina’s father is now one of the newly starter, rising to the 2nd class reign, whereas Rena and her family are in the 3rd class clan, which was not a bother to her, but it was to her parents.

   “Can’t you at least be happy that I could actually manage to grasp this for you? ” Jurina crossed her arms and puffed her cheeks like a little kid. “I don’t like to see a person like you hiding your talent from the world.”
Seeing her beloved looking slightly dejected, Rena encircled Jurina’s waist, and lay her head on Jurina’s shoulder. She felt a small shudder from the latter but soon calmed down. “Thank you Jurina. I love these papers. I was just worried about you and your father.”

   “You shouldn’t be,”Jurina spoke softly as she embraced Rena’s shoulder, “And I have a small request if you would please.”

   “What is it?”

   “To sketch this. This beautiful sight that we are seeing in front of our eyes right now. The ground, the uneven yet calming grass, the stars, this tree, the love that is bestowed between you and me, us.”

Rena lifts her head to see Jurina staring intently at the wide space in front of them. A hint of escapade and admiration bore deep in her eyes. “Don’t you want Tenshi to be included.”

   “Oh yes, he must,”Jurina turned to look at her, “Tenshi has been a great help of our dodgy interesting meetings. It was also Tenshi who brought us together.”
Rena nodded and hesitates for a moment before reaching out her velvet to touch upon the others. Their lips moved apart as they tenderly relish the sweet sensation between each other. Stopping to gaze at each other’s eyes lovingly and continue to embrace one another.

After a few moments, Jurina pulled back and look straight to Rena’s brown orbs. Jurina’s eyes were searching deep, trying to form words to be spilled. “Rena, we should run away from this place. You and I, together.”

Rena had a lot of mixed feelings on wanting to go, and staying behind. But there was no use of staying behind in this dreadful place if Jurina was not here with her. “I would love too. I really do, but what about our family?”

   “Our family? Rena, do you seriously think our family would even care? My father who’s been chasing the Lord’s gold wouldn’t even care less about my disappearance. And your family, I’m sorry to say this, but you’ve been living like a slave all your life and constantly harassed by those bastards drunkards. Why are you still thinking twice?” Jurina pointed out.

What Jurina said was true. Rena had constantly been dreaming to get out of this horrendous town and starting a new life where no one would knew her. She is a grown up lady of 20 years and it is now time for her to think things thoroughly.

   “But where are we going? I don’t have any gold with me right now, and if I do, there’s only 3 gold coins I received from an old lady that I helped at the market last month.”

   “Tomorrow. We shall run away tomorrow. I shall come and hid at your barn as the sun sets and when all is clear, you would come to me and we would take Tenshi and another horse with us.” Jurina explained determinedly as she gripped Rena’s shoulders.

   “Another horse?”

   “We’re running to another town, Rena. I know a town called Gunma, and if we lived an hour after sunset, I believe we could arrive at the town after sunrise. And we could also sell the extra horse and have a starter.  I also have a friend who could help us out over there. How’s the plan?”

   “Favourable, but what if you get caught by your father?” Rena sounded bothered again. “What if we get caught? We would never, be able to meet each other again, I would be certain of that.”

   “Nothing is certain. By hook or by crook, I will, be at your barn waiting for you.”


“So she died?” Sakura asked her grandmother curiously as they looked at the framed sketch on the wall, “they didn’t manage to run away?”

   “They almost made it, but they were caught by both of Rena’s parents who ambushed and chased them at the field. Rena’s father who was holding a shot gun, accidentally shot Jurina who got injured severely.”

   “So they didn’t manage to run away after all. Poor them. Poor great grandma,” sulked Sakura, “but in the end, Rena did managed to run away right? Or else, gran wouldn’t be here.”

   “Yes, Rena, my mother, did run away. After her father was convicted of murder, her mother fell bedridden ill and soon past away. Rena decided there was already nothing left for her in that dreadful place and left it for good with a sorrowful heart.”

   “That’s quite a tragic story indeed. But at least, she did get to start a new life at that new town. And boom -- ! She became a renowned artist and poet!” Sakura clasped her hands together in amazement.  Beneath the infamous sketch, of two lovers embracing one another under a tree with twinkle like stars, there were scribbles from the artist.

        “Under stars, you have fallen asleep and give yourself to harmony. Underneath the stars we were together and apart.”


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Re: Under Stars - (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #24 on: August 21, 2015, 12:46:10 PM »
Aaah... What a drama... Great job as always menamarco-san (・∀・)

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