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Author Topic: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi 8 (11/8/16)  (Read 110432 times)

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[AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi 8 (11/8/16)
« on: April 08, 2014, 09:31:15 AM »
Hey, everyone :D

This idea just came to me and so I decided to write it. I guess this will be a tribute to Minami's birthday, with my AtsuMina mv, even though this story had nothing to do with her birthday at all lol :P

ALSO, with all the Kai x Atsuko lately, I don't even know why there are such things... I decided to write more of the true Minami x Atsuko, AtsuMina/Takacchan, girl x girl  :heart:

This is still incomplete, but I want to post this as soon as I can, to go with 4/8  :love: I will post the rest when I'm done and it is a One-Shot... I think.

Lastly, Minami, Otanjoubi Omedetou  :wub:

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It was a typical day at the AKB Theater. Everyone was following the lead of Takahashi Minami to their new single, Ponytail to Shushu, two months after their TV drama Majisuka Gakuen.

“Alright, everyone, we can take a 15 minutes break.” Takamina said to the delights of others.

Yuko immediately ran over to Atsuko, pretending that they were still shooting one of the episodes for the drama.

“Neh, Maeda, majisuka?” Yuko spoke all yankee like.

“Majidayo” Atsuko also pretended.

They both start fake fighting with each other, ducking and punching, just like how they practiced.

“You guys, stop, playing around.” Minami warned, afraid that someone might get hurt.

Their friends were standing aside watching the two girls with skilled movements. Minami was also amazed by the maneuver that the two demonstrate. She had a few fight scenes before, but not as much as the two, even though her character was listed as one of the best fighter in the drama. Sadly, her character died before it was shown. She wonders what would happened if her character, with the same name, was still alive? How would the story play out? 

“We’re fine, Takamina, done this a million times.” Yuko waved her off. She then charges towards Acchan, who was in front of the leader, but said girl had ducked. The squirrel couldn’t stop, punched Minami in the face, knocking her off the stage hitting her head on the bleachers.

“Minami!” Atsuko yelled out, rushing towards her best friend immediately. The others also came forward to see if their leader was okay.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Takamina! Please tell me you’re okay.” Yuko was hysterical, but the captain remains unconscious.

“Minami! Wake up! Minami!” Atsuko kept calling out to her friend, but with no use.

“Should we move her?” Haruna wonders.

“What should we do guys? Should we bring her to the hospital?” Miichan asked.

“Should we tell Akimoto-sensei?” Sayaka concerns.

While, everyone was busy discussing with each other, Mariko came closer to Minami to check on her, noticing small movements coming from the short girl.

“Hey! She’s waking up.” Shinoda notifies the girls. The other members all leaned closer, especially Atsuko, who had tears in her eyes.

“Minami?” The leader heard her name being called by a familiar voice, opening up her light brown eyes.

“Atsuko?... Why does my head hurt?... Atsuko!” Takamina hugged the ace tightly, making the girl confused, but she hugged her back just the same.

“I’m glad you’re okay.” The captain sooths the girl’s back.

“Minami, are you okay?” Acchan still had tears in her eyes, looking at her best friend.

“Awww Atsuko, don’t cry, those punks can’t do much damage to me.” Takamina wiped the tears off of the ace.

Punks? Is she talking about Yuko?

“When did you change your hair?... I like it though, it really suits you.” The leader starts playing with Acchan’s hair, making the girl blushed.

“What are you saying, Minami, I’ve been having this hair for a while now.”

“Eh, hontou? Have I been wiped out for that long?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Takamina, are you sure you’re okay?” Mariko stepped in to ask.

“Eh, Sado-neechan, what are you doing here?” Minami then look around the room to notice more people.

“Yuko-neechan? Torigoya-neechan? Black-neechan? Shibuya-neechan? Where am I? Where is Gekikara-neechan? Who are these people?” The leader was confused.

“Why is she calling us by our character’s name?” Yuko asked.

“Takamina, what’s the last thing that you remembered?” Mariko asked, having a theory of what may be going on.

“Hmmm, these punks were looking for Atsuko and asking me to call her out, but I wanted to protect her so I fought with them… I don’t remember anything after that. Oh, and speaking of Atsuko.” Minami stood up, pulling Acchan up with her, holding onto the ace’s hand.

“Neechans, this is Maeda Atsuko, my girlfriend. The girl that I have been telling you guys about.” Takamina looked at her ‘sisters’ with cute innocent eyes.

“Atsuko, these are my sisters. They’re attending Majijo Gakuen, which we will be switching over to next year.” The leader looked at her ‘girlfriend’ excitedly.

“Eh!!! Girlfriend?” Everyone screamed out, even the girlfriend herself.

“Aren’t we a couple? I even gave you the bracelet I made…” Minami pouted, causing all the girls’ heart to flutter. She let go of Atsuko’s hand to stand in front of the girl.

“I guess I just have to remind you that you’re mine.” No one understood what the captain meant until they saw her leaned up to kiss their ace.

Acchan’s eyes were wide open due to shock, but Takamina’s closes hers.  The short girl became bolder by sucking on her girlfriends soft lips, causing said girl to moan slightly. The leader smirked, tracing her hands up and down the ace’s body, making the girl shiver.

People who were watching, felt tingly inside, but also flabbergasted to see their shy captain making a move.

Breaking away from the kiss, both of the girls’ eyes were glossy, but only one of them was super flushed.

“So do you remember being my girlfriend now, Atsuko?” Minami laughs slightly at the speechless girl who can only nod her head. Said girl didn’t want to say no, for she was afraid that Takamina might do something else.

“Ah, neechans, sorry you had to see that. Atsuko here is such a tsundere sometimes, but… um… will you guys accept us?” Minami looked at her sisters with pleading eyes.

“If our Minami is happy then I don’t see why not.” Mariko smiled, playing the role of Sado, even though she would truly be happy to see them get together for real.

“Yay! Sado-neechan, Daisuki~.” Minami ran over to jump on Mariko, giving her kisses across the face. She then ran over to Yuko, Tomochin, Haruna and Yukirin to do the same thing.

Everyone laughed at Minami’s cuteness, but it was time to be serious.

“Takamina, so that was the last thing you remembered was being attacked by some yankees?”

“Yeah, they wanted to hurt my Atsuko, and I can’t let that happen. We promised to be serious together, right?” The leader then looks over to the ace.

“Un, you wanted to be a nurse…”

“Takamina…” Yuko started, but got smacked by Haruna, said girl pointed over to the group in the corner, huddling against each other to discuss the situation.

“We’ll be right back. You… have fun with your girlfriend.” Nyan nyan winked at Atsuko when she said that.

“Okay, I believe we all know what’s going with Takamina, right?” Everyone nodded.

“I thought this only happens in TV shows, not in real life too!” Yukirin was surprised.

“Also, when did they become a couple? That wasn’t in the script, was it?” Sayaka pointed over to the two. Minami was holding onto Atsuko’s hand, while leaning up to peck the girl on the lips.

“Also, when did we become her older sisters? I’m pretty sure that wasn’t in the script either.” Tomochin finally said something.

“I think, this may be the alternative result, if Minami’s character didn’t die by those yankee girls.” Mariko said what was in her mind.

“Should we tell Akimoto-sensei? It’s not easy to hide the fact that our leader doesn’t remember being in AKB!” Miichan is freaking out.

“We can’t hide the fact that they are girlfriends either…” Mayu input, as they look over at the couple. Minami was sitting on one of the bleachers, while Atsuko was sitting on her laps. Takamina’s arms were wrapped tightly around Acchan’s waist with the ace’s arm around the leader’s neck. They seem to be in their own world.

“Why don’t we try to make her our Minami again? Get her memories back.” Yuko suggested.

“Not a bad idea Yuko, but should we still tell Akimoto-sensei about it?” Sayaka wonders.

“Let’s asked Atsuko and see what she thinks.” Haruna said.

“Acchan, come here.” Miichan yelled out, startling the two girls.

“Dare? Atsuko?” Minami looked back and forth between her girlfriend and the girl unknown. The ace stood up to walk over, but was held back by Takamina.

“Who are you? What do you want with my girl?” Minami spoke, cracking her neck and knuckles, getting ready to fight. Even though she wants to stop fighting, the yankee blood in her was still there.

Miichan got scared, went to hide behind Mariko, signaling the older member to do something about it.

“Takamina, don’t hurt her, she’s my girlfriend.” Everyone’s eyes bulge out.

“What?” Miichan was dumbfounded.

“Sado-neechan’s girlfriend?” Minami tilts her head to the side then smile.

“Hajimemashite, Takahashi Minami desu, yoroshiku.”

“H-hai, yoroshiku…”

“Minami, while we’re at the subject of couples, let me tell you about the others.” Everyone just stood there, looking at Mariko with confusion.

“Torigoya is with Yuko-“

“Yeah, I already knew that.” The leader smirked.

“These two tall girls over here, Sae and Sayaka, are together.” Said girls waved at Takamina.

“Mayu here is Black’s.”

“Eh, how old is that girl?” The captain turns to look at Yukirin.

“Tomomi here is Shibuya’s girlfriend. Finally, that puppy girl over there is Gekikara’s.”

“Eh? Gekikara-neechan is into that young girl? I’m even more shocked.” Minami walked over to Jurina, circling the girl like a hawk.

“Minami, what are you doing?” Atsuko asked, pulling Takamina away from Jurina.

“Just checking her, and Sado-neechan, who are these other people?”

“They uh… they go to our school too.”

“Um, where are we?” The short girl looked around. She doesn’t recall the theater at all.

“Minami, we’re at the AKB Theater… We’re not yankees anymore… We’re Idols now.” Atsuko spoke up.

“I know we’re trying not to fight anymore, but AKB Theater? Idols? You’re joking.” Minami laughs, but no one joined her.

“We’re not joking Takamina. We are idols now, we can sing and dance. You can too, and you’re especially good at it.” Yuko said, confirming Acchan’s statement.

“Atsuko, show her something.” Mariko instructed.

“Eh, what should I do?”

“Do Baby Baby Baby! With our PV outfit too!” Miichan said with a hint of mischief.

The girls who weren’t the main characters in the drama, took Acchan backstage to change into her outfit, while the sisters stayed back to convince Takamina.

“We know you still don’t really believe us, but once you see Acchan, you’ll drool.” Yuko smirked.

“Just sit here with us and wait till they come out.” Mariko patted the leader on the head.

“Hai neechans.” Takamina answered cutely, making everyone want to just hug her.

The music started as Atsuko walked out in her yellow bikini. She started singing and dancing to the song.

“I love you, baby baby baby~”

Minami was dumbfounded, she never saw Atsuko in bikinis before, and the girl is goddamn gorgeous. The leader stood up, slowly walking over to her girlfriend, like she was being lured by a seductress. 

The sisters were watching Takamina with big grins on their faces. Who wouldn’t fall for the ace, or better yet, captivated by her when she’s in bikini? No one!

“A-Atsuko.” Minami took off her jacket to cover her girlfriend up. She blushes hard and couldn’t look the girl in the eyes.


“I believe you, but please cover yourself up.” The leader zipped up the jacket, finally looking at the ace.

“Arigatou.” Acchan leans down to kiss Takamina on the cheek. She smiled sweetly at the short girl. Even though Minami had become Majisuka Minami, she was still the same. Sweet, lovable, the perfect girl you could ask for.

“Un… but… what I couldn’t get is, how long was I knocked out for all this to happen? My girlfriend changes her hair and had now become an idol. My sisters had also become idols, and also seem to know my girlfriend. I have also become an idol, but I don’t remember this at all… What is my role in this?” The captain was super confused, she held onto her head as she tried to remember, but nothing came up.

“Minami, you need to calm down. We’ll tell you everything okay?” The ace hugged the leader from behind, trying to soothe the girl.

“Takamina, you are the captain, the leader of AKB48.” Mariko started.

“You are the best dancer here, aside from Yuko and Shibuya.” Yukirin answered.

“You are also one of the main vocal singers with Acchan for our songs.” Yuko added in.

“What do you mean by captain and leader of AKB48?”

“Just like what the titles said. You are the captain of Team A, Sayaka over there is captain of Team K, and Black is captain of Team B-“ Mariko tries to explain.

 “Sugoi Black-neechan!” Takamina was really proud of Yukirin.

“Leader means you are in charge of the whole AKB48 and the sister’s group.” Mariko continues.

“This means, there are about 150 girls that you look after, including us.” Sayaka finally joined in the explanation.

“Oh, and Acchan is your partner.” Yuko grins.

They all feel weird that they had to explain the basics to Takamina when she was practically there from the beginning.

“Minami, are you getting all of this?” Atsuko looked at her girlfriend with concerned eyes.

“I’ll manage somehow?”

“Well you need to fast, because you’ll be leading everybody in about… 30 minutes.” Mariko surprised the girl with the new info.


“We will be practicing with everybody for our upcoming performances.”

Takamina squat down, sitting like the yankee she is, trying to digest all of this in. She scratches her head, planning her next move.

Her friends and girlfriend watches her. They look at each other, seeing if they could figure out what the leader had in mind. They wonder if the Majisuka Minami will get the dancing and singing as fast as their Minami.

“Alright!” Minami jumped up from her squatting position, startling the girls there.

“Teach me the dance moves and the songs that we’ll be practicing with the others.” Takamina said with determination.

“We only have 30 minutes. Majisuka?” Yuko asked.

“Majidayo.” The captain’s way of answering reminded them of Acchan. Atsuko’s character probably got it from Minami’s character.


I thought this was a good place to stop and post. I have already continued this, since its an OS after all.

Don't worry, I'm also working on my Shiroi x Kuroi, but I've been busy with this, the video, and the fanfic contest... so I don't think I'll be updating soon  :?

Comments are appreciated ^_^
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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete)
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2014, 10:09:31 AM »
Ioo thaTs interesting cant wait fr the next one niw!! 8)

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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete)
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interesting story on how minami character change into majisuka gakuen character when she lost memory for who she really is :twothumbs
i wonder if she will able to perform well with that kind of memory but this minami that we talking about so for sure she will after all :D
looking forward wht will happen next  XD
and i wonder wht minami reaction when she got her memory back  :lol:

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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete)
« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2014, 10:56:29 AM »
Interesting... Interesting...

How is this minami cope with dancing and singing?

Would she success?

What's going to happen next?

Would majisuka minami be able to turn back into idol Minami?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the lovely story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete)
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Interesting... Interesting...

How is this minami cope with dancing and singing?

Would she success?

What's going to happen next?

Would majisuka minami be able to turn back into idol Minami?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the lovely story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
please update again  :twothumbs

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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete)
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Cool . I can't wait for the next part.

Also, I can't help to think of the possiblity that Takamina might be acting. But naaahhhh. Don't mind me.  :nervous

I'll be waiting for the Shiroi x Kuroi too. Thanksss.

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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete)
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That's crazy Hahahahaha but really interesting...continue soon !!!

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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete)
« Reply #7 on: April 11, 2014, 09:14:05 AM »
One word Awesome!   :bow:
I like it alot.. gonna wait for next update :thumbsup

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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete)
« Reply #8 on: April 15, 2014, 06:51:16 AM »
I really like this idea and it should be interesting to see what happens next ^_^

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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete)
« Reply #9 on: April 16, 2014, 06:23:37 PM »
:lol: Takamina soo cute..., since this is an os, i don't expecting too much for the ending, good luck for the contest senpai :jphip:

aand dont forget to update k..

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AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete part 2 updated 5/6/14)
« Reply #10 on: May 06, 2014, 06:54:43 PM »
Here is part 2 :)

I apologize that my writing skills has gone downhill since I've exhausted it in Shiroi x Kuroi and the fanfic contest X3
I hope to win, but so does a lot of people *sigh*

Anyway, there will be part 3 and I think that will end this OS since I don't really have any idea with what I'm doing anymore...

and thank you for all your comments XD


Maji? part 2

Within those 30 minutes, they all practiced hard, showing Takamina the dance moves and the lyrics to the songs that they’ll be performing. To their amazement, Minami got the hang of it really quick.

“Wow, Takamina, you basically got it all down.” Haruna was impressed, for she still hasn’t gotten the moves down yet.

“We’re really proud of you, Takamina.” Mariko patted the girl on the back, earning nods from the other members.

“Thanks, neechans.” The captain grinned at her sisters, and then she finally turns to Acchan.


“Do I get something from you too?” Takamina uses her puppy dog eyes to win the ace over.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Mou~ such a tsundere.” She pouted at her girlfriend, and was about to do something, when Mariko notified them it was time to go meet the other girls.

Everyone grabbed their stuff to go to their destination, but stopped to look at Takamina. Said girl was the last to leave, for she didn’t know which bag was hers. She figured it was the pink duffel bag with a purse lay nearby since no one had grabbed it. She then follows after them.

“Neh, Takamina, just be yourself and you should be fine.” Yuko told the girl.

“Yeah, just say something if you don’t think it’s right.” Miichan added.

“But I’m not even sure if I’m right…”

“You’re fine. Don’t worry too much about it. Sayaka and Black got your back. Your sisters are here too, to support you.” Mariko tries to motivate the girl.

“Hai, Ganbarimasu!”

They finally reach the location and stepped into the main doors. There, standing around, were about 130 girls. They all stopped mingling with each other as they saw the main AKB girls walked in. They all bowed their heads to greet their leader.

“Are they bowing at us?” Takamina whispered over to Mariko.

“No, they are bowing at you.” The tall girl said with a smirk.

The girls who just arrived, went to settle their stuff down, and walked to the middle. The members surrounding them were staring anxiously at the AKB senbatsu members. They all stood there silently, not understanding why their leader hasn’t spoken yet.

“What are they waiting for?” The captain whispered over to her sister again.

“Normally, you would say something encouraging and tell them to go practice.”

“I do that?”

“Yep, now say something.” Mariko pushed the small girl to the front. Said girl glared back at her sister, but only to receive a big fat grin.

“Konnichiwa minna-san.” Takamina bows at the members.


“You guys have probably heard the same thing from me all the time, so I’m going to cut it short. If you don’t know something, asked. If you need help, asked. Encourage each other and strive for the best. We want to show our fans that we appreciate them by giving them our best performance. Now go!”


The girls all went into their units, groups, and teams to start practicing. Some of them stayed with the senbatsu members to learn the new single.

“You did a good job there, Takamina.” Sayaka gave her a thumb up.

“Sasuga leader.” Sae also commented.

The girls themselves started to get into their position for the Ponytail to Shushu dance. Of course the senbatsu members already knew them, but some of the new girls still haven’t gotten them down. One of the girls, Yui, went to Takamina for help.

“T-Takamina-san, can you help me with the moves, please.” The girl stutters and blushes hard. She was so burning up; she couldn’t feel the extra heat burning on her backside by a pair of dark eyes.

“You might want to tone the glaring down a bit, Acchan.” Mariko laughs at the ace.

“I know that kenkyuusei girl likes Minami!”

“If I remember correctly, someone didn’t want to give the leader some love when she learns everything in a short amount of time.” Yuko teased.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Atsuko… are you really okay being with this Minami?” Mariko became serious.

“Minami is still Minami. Akimoto-sensei wrote the character after us. The only difference is our characters can fight, while we don’t.”

“Even though that is true… are you really satisfied with not telling each other how you feel? I don’t know how maji Atsuko and maji Minami got together, but I think you two deserve some story of your own too.”

“Mariko is right, Acchan, but I do agree that Minami is still Minami.”

“You guys might want to take a look over there.” Miichan came up, pointing over at Takamina.

Yui was blushing non-stop. Her dancing was uncoordinated, which made the leader stand behind the girl to guide her. The short girl took hold of Yui’s hand and showed her how to do the gestures.

Acchan was fuming, fire was very evident in her eyes, and death-like aura was emitting off her.

“Woh woh, Acchan, don’t kill her now just because she’s cute. She’s our kenkyuusei.” Yuko was making it worst. She got smacked by her Nyan Nyan.

Before the ace could walk over to step in between, Takamina had stopped the lesson. The leader had noticed some girls were slacking off, and that pisses her off.

“OI, OMAERA!” Minami yelled out in her yankee tone, making everyone stop and frighten.

 “If you’re gonna slack off, then get the hell out of here!” Many girls flinch at the harsh words.

“We don’t need such members in our group!” Some girls started to cry.

“You don’t have to come back if you step out of that door!” The leader pointed towards the entrance.

“You can’t do that! You can’t just kick us out.” Some girl wishes to die today.

“You wanna bet?” Minami smirked in a scary way, sending shivers up a lot of girls’ spine. She cracked her head and knuckles, walking towards the girl who challenged her.

“Acchan, do something!” Miichan called out to her friend.

The ace quickly ran over to her captain to stop the girl, but said girl was too strong for her.

“Minami, yamete yo.” Acchan pushed against the leader, but the short girl just continued walking with the added weight.

“She asked for it Atsuko.”

“Minami, onegai, I don’t want you to have any scandal.” The taller girl jumped on Takamina’s back, hoping that will be enough to stop her, but said girl acted like it was nothing.

“Atsuko, please move out of the way, I need to beat the sense into this girl.”

The senbatsu members watch with amusement, wanting to know how their absolute ace will stop their yankee leader.

“I thought you said no more fighting?” Acchan tries to remind Takamina of their promise.

“This is different”

The ace turns to look at her friends for help, but only got shrugs in return.

The captain finally reaches the girl. She raised her first, about to hit the insolent buffoon, when Acchan jumped in front. In a blink of an eye, Takamina was on the ground, holding her own face with her hand. Shock was clearly expressed through her and other members. They couldn’t believe their absolute ace had knocked their leader down.

“Y-you punched me?” Takamina was still dumbfounded.

“M-Minami… I-I didn’t mean to…” Acchan was surprised herself.

“You’re lucky little girl, or else, you would be the one on the ground with many bruises on your face.” The leader stood back up, glaring at the girl, whose knees became weak. She walked away, back to the senbatsu members.

“A-arigatou Maeda-san.” The little girl thanked her savior, but said savior felt horrible for punching her girlfriend.

“Takamina, are you okay?” Mariko was concerned even though she was also giggling at the same time.

“Yeah, yeah.” The captain answered grumpily, still rubbing on her left cheek.

“Your girlfriend is walking over.” Yuko notifies Takamina, but said girl didn’t look at her girl’s direction.

“Alright, everyone lets continue practicing.” Minami commanded, getting everyone back to their position, leaving Atsuko no room to talk to her.

After rehearsing the song three times, the leader finally let everyone take a 10 minutes break. The ace took this opportunity to engage with her captain.

“Minami…” Atsuko walked over to Takamina, pulling on her sweater, but said girl wasn’t talking back.

“Are you mad?” Acchan was cutely pouting at her girlfriend, but the girl still didn’t give her any attention.

“Forgive me?” The ace leaned in to peck her captain’s cheek, making the small girl blushed, though still no answer.

“Neh, Sado-neechan, when can we eat lunch?” The leader walked over to Mariko, with an adorable girl attached to her right arm.

“Minami, don’t ignore me~” Acchan starts kissing her all over the face, making the short girl giggled.

“Lunch can be now, if you want. You call the shots here.” Mariko answered.

“Minami~” The ace wrapped her arms around her captain’s neck, pouting her kissable lips.

“I can never be mad or ignore you for long, Atsuko.” Takamina wrapped her arms around Acchan’s waist, pulling their body closer. She smiled lovingly before tiptoeing to capture her girlfriend’s soft marshmallow lips. It was sweet, gentle, and tender. So much emotion showed in this tiny kiss, making both of them swoon.

The two girls were so into their own world that they forgot there are 100 of girls watching them.

Everyone had always known that there was something between their leader and their absolute ace, but never did they ever think to witness their love in the front row seat. All the girls’ heart melts at the sight in front of them. The couple is just too cute and adorable, they couldn’t help, but to hold onto their own partner’s hand.

“Not trying to ruin you guy’s moment, but you guys have an audi-.” Mariko started.

“At-chu!” A girl with a big hairdo ran over with her friends behind.

“Eh? Nachu?”

“Atsuko, dare?” Takamina eyed the girl named Nachu, up and down with a cringe on her face. She steps in front of her girlfriend with one arm wrapped backwards around Acchan’s waist.

“Um… s-she is… she’s from our sister’s group, SDN48.” The ace wasn’t even sure what to call Nachu since Minami wasn’t aware of her roles in the drama.

“I still don’t see what you see in this chibi, At-chu.”

“What did you say?!” The leader was pissed. Who does this girl think she is to talk to her like that?

“Minami.” Acchan held onto her captain’s waist, stopping her from punching the crap out of Nachu.

Mariko stood back to watch, as this was amusing to her. She’s not the only one who was observing them. Majority of the girls there are watching the scene as well. They first witnessed their leader’s scary side, then their absolute ace being kissed by their leader. Finally, they will see a battle between the leader and the big hairdo girl wanting their ace’s affection. No one in their right mind would miss this.

“I said I don’t see what she sees in you.” Nachu repeated, poking her index finger onto Takamina’s chest.

Everyone gasp, even Acchan herself.

They all wondered if the girl had a death wish to be challenging their fierce leader, but the girls who knew about the captain’s condition was even more worried, for Takamina is not herself.

“Touch me again, and I’ll break that finger off.” The short girl said, while smiling creepily.

Everyone shivered from the intense killing aura emitting off of Minami, even Atsuko, and the girl in question got scared.

“N-Nachu, if I were you, I would run away as fast as I can.” Yuko advised.

The senbatsu members from the new single all nodded their head to do what the squirrel had said. Some of them even did the slit throat motion as a warning, wondering if the girl was dumb enough to decide to stay.

The big hairdo girl took the hint and back off slowly, back to her SDN members. She felt that there was something different with Takamina and from the looks of the small girl, it is best not to continue playing around.

“Minami, calm down, she’s gone.” Acchan soothes the captain’s back, bringing her down from her temper.

“Who was she, Atsuko?”

“I told you, she’s from our sister group.”

“What aren’t you telling me?” The leader asked her girlfriend with little irritation. She felt there was something that Acchan and the other members are keeping from her.

The ace was a little taken back by Takamina’s tone. Never had the short girl look at her that way, and it saddens her. She doesn’t know what to do anymore. She wants her Minami back, the captain and leader of AKB that she fell in love with.

“I-I’m sorry, Atsuko, I didn’t mean to snap at you…” The short girl realized that she had just made her girlfriend sad. She tiptoed to wrap her arms around the taller girl’s neck.

“Forgive me?” The captain pulled back to look her Acchan’s face, said girl still looked sad and doesn’t seem to be listening at all.

If many kisses can cheer Minami up, then, surely many kisses can also cheer Atsuko up. The leader starts planting them around the ace’s face. Even though it seems like her affection isn’t working, the hint of blush on her girlfriend’s told her otherwise.

“Forgive me~” Takamina pouts cutely, making her girlfriend giggled.

“Yatta~” The short girl leaned in for another peck, but this time on the lips.

“Mou~ Minami~”

“Sado-nee, when does practice end?” The leader wanted to relax and spend her time with her girlfriend and family.

“Whenever you want.” Mariko said shrugging. It has always been Takamina that decided on what they do and when they do it.

“I didn’t know I have that much power in this group. I thought I was just a leader and that’s it…”

“You’re more than just a leader, Minami, everyone loves and respects you.” Acchan told her girlfriend.

“Then why did that girl challenged me?”

“Um… some girls don’t know how things works yet… let their manager deal with it…” Honestly, the girls didn’t know why such thing even happened, but then it’s probably a new member.

“Oh, I see... Ne, I want to stop practicing today to hang out with my family and my girlfriend, is that okay?” Takamina asked with puppy dog eyes.

“Whatever you want, Takamina, you just have to announce it.” Mariko shrugged like it was nothing, but in the inside, she was happy that the leader wanted to spend time with them.

“OI, OMEARA!” The captain yelled out, making all the girls freeze. The last time Takamina had yelled out, some girl was about to be beaten up. They are afraid for their lives and their friends’. They are too young to feel the wrath of the short girl.

“Practice is done for the day. We’ll continue tomorrow, you’re dismissed.”

No one moves a muscle. They weren’t sure if they had heard it right. Are they really done for the day or is it a test to see who should be kicked out?

“Why are they just standing there?” Takamina went to get her bag and Atsuko’s with her sisters, so they can go eat.

“I don’t know, normally they would rushed out by now.” Miichan commented.

“Whatever, let’s go eat, I’m hungry.” Minami took hold of Atsuko’s hand and lead the group out of the place, leaving many girls standing with surprised look on their face.

The Kamis had walked out of the front door, making everyone realized that they are really done for the day. Some of the girls slipped down to sit on the ground, thinking that they have survived the day.


I guess thats the end of part 2... hope you guys enjoyed it ^_^

Comments are appreciated <3
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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete part 2 updated 5/6/14)
« Reply #11 on: May 07, 2014, 01:38:10 AM »
Lovey dovey at middle of practice haha~~ :heart: :)

Thanks for update author-san :grin:

Please update soon :thumbsup

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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete part 2 updated 5/6/14)
« Reply #12 on: May 07, 2014, 06:55:27 AM »
finally an update,

Poor Takamina, Acchan shouldnt punch her, just give her a warm hugg Acchan..

anyway thanks for the update ne.. :heart:

waiting for the final part.

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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete part 2 updated 5/6/14)
« Reply #13 on: May 07, 2014, 01:09:37 PM »
Love this update, as epic as the one before !
It looks like some members wont have a sweet time with the maji Takamina leading akb :)

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Re: AtsuMina: Maji? (One-Shot Incomplete part 2 updated 5/6/14)
« Reply #14 on: May 07, 2014, 03:50:41 PM »
OMG! OMG! I want moraaarrre!!!!!
I love your story!!! pls continue!!!! pretty please!
Your story is f*** awsome!!!!

Thx u so much! This is really a great story! I can't wait for the next update from you!!!
thx u so muuuuuch! :)

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[AtsuMina] Kowai! (One-Shot Incomplete 6/23/14)
« Reply #15 on: June 23, 2014, 11:13:27 AM »
Hey everyone :D

I know its been a long long long time since I updated anything >_> but I have a new fanfic for you guys ^_^
I'll be spliting this into many small pieces so, bare with it >_<
If I can't write another fanfic before/on Atsuko's birthday, then this story is my tribute to her  :wub:

Anyway, please enjoy  :twothumbs



“She rejected me, Atsuko.” She said to me while crying into my arms.

“It’s okay Minami, I’m here, and I’ll always be with you.” I comforted her. I can’t help, but be sad with her.

“Atsuko…” She called out to me, making me wonder what she’ll say.


“I really wanted Yuko’s friendship…” She said to me. I frowned slightly, thinking that maybe Minami likes her, and wanted to leave me.

“Do you really want it, Minami?” I asked her without showing my true feelings.

“It’s not like that… You know I love you Atsuko, and that will never change… I just thought Yuko and I can be closer than just comrades, you know?” She hugged me, reassuring me that what she said was real. That her love really only belongs to me.

“I’ll talk to Yuko about it then.” I smiled lovingly at her, knowing that she is still mine, and that she only just wanted friendship with the ungrateful squirrel.

“What?” She asked me confusedly. I chuckled at her cuteness.

“Yuko will beg to be your friend. Okay? Minami~” I told her because I must do something about it, to cheer her up.

“Ah, u-un.” She just nodded her head, agreeing with what I said. I like how she doesn't question me, and just supports me.

“Don’t worry about it too much. Let’s go to bed now, Minami~” I dragged her to the bedroom, and push her down on the bed. I don’t want her to think about it anymore.

“Eh? Atsu-“ She didn’t get to finish as I got on top and kissed her. She responded immediately, bringing a smile to my lips.

“Shhh, don’t talk… just… love me, okay?” I told her, but she was just staring at me. Her eyes are so serious and so full of love that I had to look away.

“Atsuko, look at me…” She held onto my face, making me look at her.

“I love you.” She smiled at me genuinely, the smile that only I get to see. I blushed, making her laugh.

“Mou~ don’t laugh.” I said, hitting her chest playfully, making her laugh even harder.

“Itai” I heard her said. I stopped immediately to check on her.

“Minami, I’m sorry, did I hit too hard?” I lean down to look at her.

“Got ya.” She held on to me and spun us around before I realized that I was now underneath.

“How could you? I thought I really hurt you.” I pouted, and turned to the side, feigning mad.

“Gomen ne, Atsuko, I didn’t mean to scare you.” She intertwines her left hand with my right, tracing my face with her other.

“Kirei desu. I’m so lucky to have you.” She said to me, but really, I’m the one who is lucky to have her.

She’s the only one who can make my heart beat, make me blush, make me have butterflies, and make me want to do things to her that I would never imagine I would do. She’s my everything, and only a fool would make this girl sad.

Speaking of the fool, I need to do something about the squirrel. How dare she reject my Minami’s friendship! She won’t see what’s coming to her.

“What are you thinking about?” She snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Hmm, nothing.” I told her, but she just kept staring at me. She leant down, giving me a kiss, and looked at me again.

“Whatever is troubling you, I’ll make it go away.” She kisses me on the lips, on my cheeks, my forehead, my eyes, then back to my lips. She starts unbuttoning the top of my blouse, but I held her hands still.

“What are you doing?” I whispered. She’s quiet again, just watching me with her gentle eyes.

“I’m just loving you.” She smiled down at me, bringing the redness back to my face. She continues to unbutton my shirt, but this time I let her.

She finishes with my button, lifted me up to take off the blouse. She puts me back down slowly, unhooking my bra at the same time. I covered my asset for suddenly I feel shy. I look up at her wondering why she has stopped moving.

“You’re so beautiful, Atsuko.” She has answered me without me asking the question. I swear she can read my mind sometimes.

“I can’t read your mind Atsuko, but I can read you.” She did it again. It’s hard to believe she’s not reading my thoughts.

“I can look at your eyes, your face, your expression, your body, and understand what you’re feeling or what you’re trying to say.” She came close to my face, caressing my cheek, and nuzzles my nose. I smiled while crinkling them, loving how affectionate she is.

“Hontou ni?” I asked her, biting the bottom of my lip.

“Un, like right now, you’re worrying…” She suddenly took my right hand and places it on her chest.

“Do you feel my heart, Atsuko?” She asked me with such gentle tones. I nodded my head as an answer to her question.

“Only you make me feel like this.” She stares into my eyes, and I can see through them. Her eyes didn’t waver at all. She was honest with her feelings, and I felt bad for doubting her.

“Gomen ne, Minami…” I pulled her down to a tight embrace, hoping that she can understand that I really felt guilty.

“It is okay, Atsuko, I understand.” She pulls away, leaning in to kiss my lips. I am always amazed by how soft her lips are. I can’t get enough of them. I want more. I grabbed on to her, and immediately she understood. She really wasn’t lying when she said she can read me.

“I love you, Atsuko.” She continues to strip me away from my clothes, including her own.

“I love you too, Minami.” I blushed after saying those words, but she was just smiling at me. Her smile told me that she appreciates me, even though I have a hard time of telling her my feelings, she still accepts me.

I truly am lucky to have Minami by my side, and I will never let her go. I definitely will not let anyone make her unhappy. Those who do, needs to be punish for making god’s most perfect creation sad.

I was in my train of thoughts, when she starts kissing and sucking on my neck, making whatever I had in mind gone. The feeling was too good to be ignored, especially since Minami knows what she’s doing, and she definitely knows my body well.

As she starts melting me and consuming me with her love, I had one last thought in mind.

Wasn’t I supposed to make her feel better?


Yes, that is the end of the first part...

I'm still working on Maji part 3, Shiroi x Kuroi, and Devil Wears Prada, so no worries. I don't know when I'll be able to update them, but hope this new fic would take your minds off it hehe

Btw, what happened to the 20 AtsuMina OS that we were promised? I don't think I even see 1 of them yet  :smhid

Comments are appreciated ^_^
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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! (One-Shot Incomplete 6/23/14)
« Reply #16 on: June 23, 2014, 10:01:29 PM »
new fic? good story for atsumina  XD
hwaaaaa i love it, lovey dovey story (maybe will continue to perv scene? lol)
it's been awhile to see you author-san  :yep: glad you still working on your another fic
i'll always waiting for your update  :twothumbs
anyway, congrats for won the fanfics contest. i just managed to congrats you after all this time  :nervous
yokai .. thank you for the OS, keep your hard work author-san  :twothumbs

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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! (One-Shot Incomplete 6/23/14)
« Reply #17 on: June 25, 2014, 07:47:16 AM »
How could I missed to leave a feedback for this fanfic, gomen ne.. :nervous

fyi I always waiting for your new and ongoing fic.

such a heartwarming story..and sexy at the same time XD

I want to know moore about this, please continue it lezperv-chan (or maji maybe...)

don't let your fans disappointed :cathappy:

looking forward to your update :wub: :twothumbs :twothumbs

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[AtsuMina] Kowai! part 2 with Yuko (One-Shot Incomplete 6/26/14)
« Reply #18 on: June 26, 2014, 10:45:59 AM »
@Justqle: Glad you're always supporting and waiting for my update :D and thanks, but you could of always pm me to congratulate me :P
@dearacchan: LOL to you because I know you know why  :lol:

So here is part 2 to my fic and it has Yuko in it.
Before reading it, make sure you have an open mind about it hahaha

Okay, go read now, go go XD


Kowai! part 2

Third POV

*ding dong*

“Eh who would come here at this time of hour?”

*ding dong*

“Hai, hai, I’m coming.”

As the girl opened the door, the ex-ace of AKB was standing there smiling weirdly at her, making her shiver slightly.


“Can I come in?”

The owner of the apartment let the actress in, but still wearing a confuse look on her face. She wonders why Atsuko came to her and disturb her sleep, but whatever it was, it must have been important.

“Um, what’s wrong, Acchan?” They both sit on the couch, with the girl staring at her friend.

“Why did you reject her friendship?” Atsuko asked straight to the point with no hint of amusement in her tone.

“Eh? You came here at this time of night just to talk to me about that?” The squirrel laughs hard, but seeing the dangerous look on the ex-ace’s face made her shut up.

“I already explained it, Acchan, I don’t want a best friend and Minami is better suited as my comrade.” Yuko explained, but the answer was not satisfactory to the actress.

“Not good enough.” Atsuko said coldly, scrunching her eyebrows as she stood up quickly, making the newly graduated girl flinch.

“W-what do you m-mean?” The girl asked as she was being dragged to her bedroom, and thrown to her bed roughly. By the time she snapped out of being surprised, she was already handcuffed to the bed post.

“I’m flattered, Acchan, but I only love Haruna. I find you attractive and all, but don’t you have Taka-“ One look from the actress, and she immediately shut up again. The eyes were shooting daggers at her, making her fear for her life. 

She struggled to let herself loose from the cuff, but they were too tight against her wrist. She looks at Atsuko, seeing the girl getting some things out of the bag. What she saw made her pale, made her want to scream, but no voice could come out of her.

She continues to yank the cuff to get away from the crazy girl in front of her, but it was no use. She then opens her mouth, getting ready to scream, but a rag was shoved into her. She looks up at the ex-center, starting to cry, but only cold silent darkness reflected from the dark orbs of her friend.

“You will regret rejecting Minami… Yuko.” The way Atsuko said Yuko’s name is like the way the shinigami come to rid you of your life, rid you of happiness, and rid you of your love ones.

The squirrel had already started to regret her decision of making things lighter in that last stage performance. How she wish she could of turn back time, but of course there was no such thing.

Acchan pulled out a handy air pumper, bags of deflated balloons, and a short thick whip. She smiled down at the girl below, but the smile was evil, it was full of ill-intention that will be bestowed upon the girl.

“You know you brought this upon yourself, right, Yuko?” The ex-ace said while filling the balloons with air.

“I don’t want to do this at all, but what you did to Minami was unforgivable.” The actress said the last word with conviction.

Atsuko continues to fill up all the balloons as Yuko look back on her life. The girl didn’t expect herself to be in this predicament at all. She wonders if she knew about this event beforehand, would she still have rejected Takamina’s friendship? She would probably not to save herself from dying.

She turns to look at her friend. She would have never guessed the girl in front of her would be so demonic over her love for the short comrade. When people say ‘loves make you do crazy things,’ they were damn right. She never imagined that she would be the receiving end of this ‘crazy things’ though.

As the actress finishes up pumping the last balloon, Yuko sent a mental message to her girlfriend, as she doesn’t know if she’ll survive the torture.

“Nyan Nyan, I love you. I hope I’ll get to see you again in my next life.”

“Don’t look so sad, Yuko, you won’t die from this.” The girl chuckled, covering the squirrel’s body with the blanket. She then sets the balloon all around them, making the girl underneath flinch each time she comes into contact with them.

“Let this lesson begin, ne?” Acchan settles on Yuko’s belly, holding a sharp needle in one hand, and the balloon in the other. She puts it near the girl’s ear and…


Soft cries can be heard from the girl below, but the ex-ace gave it no mind. In fact, she grins each time the girl would struggle or cries even harder.

The girl on top went through a dozen more of balloons, but she didn’t pop them immediately. She rubs the rubber on Yuko before deflating them. Each time she does that, it was in a different rhythm. She pops the balloon at random times so that the squirrel couldn’t brace herself. Sometimes she does it near the girl below ears, sometime she does it right near the face, and sometimes she pops more than one consecutively.

“Awww, don’t cry, Yuko.” Acchan wipes the tears away, but they just kept coming out.

“There are more things to do, but let’s take a break, okay?” The girl hopped off of her victim and went into the kitchen to find food. She came back to the room with a bag of chips and started eating them.

“These are good, Yuko, I need Minami to buy me some.” Whenever the ex-center would mention her girlfriend’s name, light can be seen in her eyes. Her kind and gentleness would come back, but then it’ll quickly switch over to emptiness as she remembers how upset Takamina was.

The newly graduated girl wonders if the leader knows about this side of her girlfriend. She wants to know if her comrade would still love the ex-face, if she knows the girl is insane. Knowing the soukantoku, she probably still loves her forever ace, and that will only encourage Acchan to be even more destructive.

The short girl was getting tired.  She was exhausted from her performances, and this torture. She starts drifting off to sleep as her mind was not occupied with anything except for her girlfriend’s smiling face.


The sound that the girl dreaded the most came back and snapped her out of dream land. She really can’t take another hour of balloon rubbing and popping around her. She thinks she’ll go crazy like the ex-ace of AKB by the time her friend is done with her.

She tries to speak, to beg for forgiveness, but her mouth is still clogged.

“What was that? I can’t hear you, Yuko~” The actress giggled as she took the rag out of the squirrel’s mouth.

“Please, Acchan, I’m sorry. Please let me go… I already regretted Acchan.” Tears continued to stream down the girl’s face.

“Hmmm, dame~ I don’t think you’ve fully learned your lesson yet, Yuko~” Before the girl below could utter more apologies, more balloons were being deflated by Atsuko, causing the girl to cry harder.

“You need to be quiet, or else I have to stick the rag in again~” The girl look at her torturer’s eyes, there were no hints of it being a joke. It reflected seriousness like when Takamina was in charge of the full group. The girl swallowed hard, and nodded her head in agreement.

“Good girl~ and don’t worry, I’ll be done in no time. I have to get back to my Minami after all~” The actress smiled cutely. She gathered what’s left of the balloon that didn’t get a chance to be deflated, and put it near Yuko again.

The squirrel continues to whimper and cry silently as the thing she hates the most and scared of the most is next to her, making that awful sound that will haunt her forever.




This time the ex-center just stabbed them all continuously instead of the playful manner that she had before. She was getting tired of Yuko, and she had stayed too long away from her Minami. She needs to get the idea across, and make sure that the girl would do what she is told.

“Ne, I’m getting bored of you and all the balloons are gone, so I’ll just tell it to you straight.” The girl beneath was thanking god that the torture is over, and she can’t wait to get away from her crazy friend to tell Takamina about it.

“First, don’t think just because I’m done with you, you can just go and tell my Minami about it.” Acchan hold onto the whip that she brought and played with it, smiling wickedly at the newly graduated girl. The girl swallows the lump in her throat, and continued listening.

“Second, do you understand why I am doing this?” There was a few seconds of silence before it hit the girl that she needed to answer her friend.

“B-because I rejected T-Takamina?” Yuko doesn’t have a clear mind to think anymore, but she’s confident that it has something to do with the soukantoku.

“Well yes, but more importantly, you hurt her. Did you know she was crying into my arms, feeling sad that you decline her offer of friendship? I don’t even understand why she wanted a friendship from you! No offense…”

“None taken?”

“She doesn’t need you. She got me! I’m the only one who won’t hurt her… but if it makes her happy then I’m willing to accept it.” There was a small hint of sadness in the ex-ace’s eyes, making Yuko feel bad and touched by what she said.

“Which bring us to third. I want you to beg Minami for the friendship she offered.”


“I’m sorry, what?” The squirrel asked, confused by what her friend had said, earning a death glare by the beautiful girl.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, Yuko.” The actress got off the bed, holding the whip in hand, and started swinging it in a practice manner.

“A-Acchan, you’re not g-gonna do that, a-are you?” Sweats formed and dripped down the girl’s face.

“Hmmm, I’ve been wanting to try this though, dame ka?” Atsuko pouted those perfect lips of hers, giving Yuko her puppy eyes, though, those puppy eyes are dead and emotionless. She approaches the handcuffed girl, raising her hand to get the force she needed, and…


“Ah! Itai!”


“Acchan yamete!”


The short girl cried again, but the death angel paid no mind. She continued to unleash her wrath on the poor girl, embedding her point across.

After several minutes being under the whip, the squirrel’s body became numb, and exhaustion has finally taking a toll on the girl. She tries to get a hold of herself, but her eyes began to close. Before she retires to the safe comfort of blacking out, she heard the most frightening words from Maeda Atsuko…

Don’t disappoint me, Yuko, or I’ll be back… with more…


So yeah, what do you guys think? lol
Shock? Surprised? Mixed Emotions?

Comments are appreciated ^_^
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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 2 with Yuko (One-Shot Incomplete 6/26/14)
« Reply #19 on: June 26, 2014, 11:28:29 AM »
Acchan so scary  :shocked

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