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[AtsuMinaUta] Nisemono 7 (4/8/16)
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Hey everyone, I know it's been awhile, but I'm still alive. I'll try my best to write all my fanfic.

@iLeo221: I know I have a lot of open endings, but you have to admit, it's better than giving it an official ending lol
@ ryu201 and black_maa: You guys are probably my biggest supporter on jphip, so I really want to thank you guys for always trying to get me back to writing :)

thank you everyone for supporting me and looking forward to my stories. I promise i'll do my best to have you guys satisfied.

Minami Otanjoubi to Sotsugyou Omedetou


Chapter 7

Third POV

“Atsuko… I still love you, but I can’t give you another chance… I just can’t… Who is to say that you won’t leave me again or go back to that jerk?”

“When I read in the papers that you gave him another chance after he cheated on you… I wasn’t sure of what to think about it… The first thing that came to mind was that you’re a baka for that. The second was ‘why’? Thirdly was if you really love him that much…”

“I’m sorry for being a coward Atsuko, but I think it’s best if we’re only friends… Akimoto-sensei wanted me to be happy again, and so does everyone else, so he found me a person who is similar to you.”

“Uta is really sweet, kind, and gentle. They remind me a lot of you, but there are also some things that are different. I feel happy with them. Uta treats me like a girl, you know? I like that a lot.”

“Anyway, our third date is coming up soon and I very much looking forward to it. I have to be honest; I’m really dreading the day that you and the others would finally get to meet them. I don’t know how you guys would react… especially yours. I don’t want to see that sad look on your face…” 


Everything that was confessed by Takamina last night, was all heard by Acchan. Even though the ex-ace was really exhausted and was about to fall asleep, since the captain was so comfortable. She was awake when her friend started talking. She listened and was very happy to hear that the girl still loves her.

She then became sad and feel guilty that the leader had decided to only be just friends because of the stupid mistake that she had made by going out with that stupid jerk, but that’s not what she wanted. She can’t lose the soukantoku again. She made a mistake and she will regret it for life, but she really want to get her girl back.

Sadness was easily consumed by anger as the actress heard her rival’s name. Uta. That is all she knows and she despises this person. How dare they try to steal the love of her life away! How dare they try to break the bond between her and Minami! She can’t believe that the third date between the rival and her girl is already in commence.

Anger was easily distinguish as she can hear the pain and possibility of hope when the older girl mentioned of not wanting to see the sad look on her face. The girl even called out to her name before succumbing to sleep. Atsuko took it as a sign that Takamina still has feelings for her, and she needs to make those feelings stronger. She needs to remind Minami of the great time that they had together before the break up.

The question is, how? How will she do this? How can she prove that she’s worth it for Minami and that she’s the right one?

Acchan stares at the adorable sleeping face of Takamina, while thinking of ways she can make the girl next to her happy.

“So cute…” She whispered as she strokes the other girl’s cheek, tracing each and every part of her face.

“You’ve gotten prettier…” She leant down to kiss the girl on the forehead.

“I really miss us, Minami. I can’t afford to lose someone so important to me again…” She went back to sleep by snuggling into the shorter girl.

What the ex-ace didn’t know was that her ex-captain was awake, and have also heard everything that she said, and felt every touch that she made.

The soukantoku laid still, not moving, while trying to maintain her normal breathing. She opened her eyes slowly to stare at the ceiling. She really doesn’t know what to think. It’s quite hard when your problem is sleeping and cuddling up to you. 

She check the time to see if she needs to get up for work, and the clock shows 8AM. She knows that Atsuko just fell back to sleep, so she tries to remove the girl’s arm slowly. As she hovers on top of the other girl to get off the bed, she was surprised to be pulled down on top of the ex-ace’s body.

“Where are you going?” The sleepy girl asked, not letting go.

“I’m getting ready for work.” Takamina tries to get off, but the hold on her was too strong. She gave up and settled comfortably.




“Ohayou~” The leader chuckles at how cute the other girl was.



“I really like waking up next to you~” If it was possible, Acchan hugged the girl even tighter.

“Me too…” The older girl smiled, pushing herself up to look at the girl below.

There was want showing in the eyes of the ex-ace. She wanted the girl above her. She wanted to kiss that soft lips until her heart is content, but she refrained from doing so.


“Yeah?” The soukantoku stare into the dark brown orbs of her friend’s, mesmerize by how bright it seems.

“I love you.” The actress caresses the older girl’s cheek, rubbing the soft skin and tracing the outline of said girl’s lips.

“Un…” Takamina blushes. She felt that she really needed to get up, which she did, otherwise things may happen without planning again.

“I have today off, Minami, can we possibly hang out?” Acchan, still in bed, resting on her hand as she looks over at the girl she loves.

“Um… I can’t…”

“Why not?”

“I already have plans…”

“With who?”

“You don’t know them…”

“Is it your boyfriend?”

“He is not my boyfriend yet.” Takamina once again said something that has more meaning than she had meant to.


“I see…” Maeda turns around in bed with her back facing the leader. She’s upset that even though it’s her day off she can’t spend it with the girl she adores.

Takahashi can sense that the mood in the room has gone down, so she turns over to face her best friend, but was greeted with the other girl’s back. She debated whether she should continue on with getting ready or if she should check up on her friend.

“Atsuko, what’s wrong?” The decision was made as she walks back towards the bed, sitting on the edge.

“Nothing…” The ex-ace says as normally as she can. She’s upset about the predicament, but she can’t be selfish and get mad at the leader for it.

“You know you can’t fool me, right?”

“I’ve no clue what you’re talking about.” Maeda continues to be stubborn.

“I know when you’re lying.” Takamina chuckles.

The younger girl turns over with a frustrated expression on her face. The only time being an actress and her skills doesn’t work is in front of her best friend.

“Don’t make that face Atsuko.” The older girl sounds amused.

“Mou~ you’re laughing at me…” The soft perfect lips immediately turns into a pout.

“I’m not laughing at you, just at how familiar this feels.”

“What do you mean?” The girl tilts her head to the side in confusion.

“Sometimes I forgot how cute you are…”

“You really think I’m cute?” Acchan quickly bounces back from being crushed earlier. There was hope in her eyes as she looks at the other girl.

“You’re always cute to- Oh my god, look at the time! I really got to get going.” The captain was in the middle of sharing her feelings when she quickly looks over at the clock. She freaked out, went to go grab her clothes from the closet, and rushes to the bathroom. Before leaving the room, she turns around to face the girl on the bed.

“I’ll try to come home early so we can watch movies and eat dinner together, okay?” She didn’t wait for the answer as she went ahead to get dressed.

The ex-center wasn’t sure if she heard correctly, but her girl already left the room and there was no one else in there to confirm what was behind the smile on her face. She couldn’t believe that Takamina would actually try to come home early to hang with her. She didn’t think the older girl would change her mind, but really happy that she did.

Maeda squeal quietly so that her friend wouldn’t hear her, and roll around on the bed. The smile on her face is as bright as when she stood center stage back in AKB.

She stops to get off the bed, and headed towards the kitchen. The least she could do while Takahashi was getting ready, is by making some tea for the shorter girl to take with.

As she was getting the drinks ready, she didn’t notice the soukantoku had already finished with everything and was now staring at her.

Takamina observes her best friend humming to one of the AKB songs. The song was none other than the duet that they had sung together in Tokyo Dome. It brought the good and the bad memories back to her, but she decided to focus on the happy moments than the sad ones.

She walked over to the actress and tapped her on the shoulder. What she didn’t know was that the action causes the ex-ace to jump, having a heart attack.

“Kyaa!” Acchan screamed, dropping the tea that she was holding into the sink, and quickly held onto the leader as soon as she saw her.

This would have been really funny to the shorter girl if her friend wasn’t really scared, but she looks like she had seen a ghost. The captain felt really bad for frightening the taller girl, so she apologizes profusely.

“I’m sorry Atsuko, I didn’t mean to scare you.” The captain rubs the other girl’s back to comfort her, hoping that it would ease the girl down.

“M-Minami…” Instead of being calmed down, the younger girl breaks into tears, slightly wetting the shirt of the other girl’s.

“Don’t cry. I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry Atsuko.” The leader pulled her friend into a tighter embrace, hoping that it would help.

“I w-was so scared… I thought it was him…” The taller girl whispered, remembering something that she wants to forget.

Takamina didn’t know what to think. She wasn’t sure what it meant, but she felt angry. The only person that came to mind after hearing ‘him’ is that jerk. What did he do to her friend?

He better not have done anything!

“Atsuko, what did you mean by you thought it was him?” The soukantoku asked, trying to contain her emotions, but all she can see is red.

“N-Nothing… Forget about it.” Acchan, pulled away and smiled. She really doesn’t want the other girl to know.

“Atsuko. Tell me.” The older girl wasn’t having any of that. She demands to know.

The hesitation was evident in the other girl. She wasn’t sure if she was being paranoid or if it really did happened. She’s afraid that her shorter friend won’t believe her and would just laugh at her.

No. Minami is not that kind of person.

“Onegai… Oshiete.” The captain wiped away the leftover tears with both hands. She caresses those soft cheeks that used to be fuller. Now that she has the time to observe closely, she notices that the other girl is thinner than she expected.

“M-Minami… you’re gonna be late for work…” Maeda tries one more time to get out of talking about her problem.

Takahashi check the time and if she really doesn’t leave now, she would be late and that is not a good thing for the soukantoku, but she can’t just leave her best friend alone. She’s torn with what to do.

“I don’t care about work right now! You’re more important!” Takamina didn’t mean to raise her voice, but she got frustrated with not knowing, and the fact that Acchan may have been harmed is clouding her mind.

The actress was tearing up from her friend’s loud voice, but she was very happy inside knowing that she comes before the girl’s work. She wants to jump on the girl and attack her with kisses, but doing so would only be a step back from what she’s been working hard for.

“Gomen Atsuko, I didn’t mean to yell at you.” The leader wiped away the new droplets and embraced the girl. For the many years that they have known each other, she can tell when her friend wanted something, and of course she’ll always oblige to them.

The ex-ace snuggle into her friend, enjoying the safety and warmth emitting from the other girl. They were totally in a world of their own right now.


Of course happiness doesn’t last long for the beloved ex-center girl, at least not in this case.

“Who is it?” The younger girl asked, seeing that the older girl immediately checking her phone.

“It’s Akimoto-sensei. He needed to see me…” The captain looks confused. What was there to talk about with the old man?

“You should go then, Minami, don’t keep him waiting.” Acchan ushered the shorter girl out of the door, grabbing said girl’s bag at the same time, giving it to her.

“Matte, Atsuko, we haven’t finish talking yet…”

“We can talk later.”


“No buts.”


“Go, go, you don’t want to be late.”

“I’m already late though…”

“Mou~ Minami!” Even though the actress wasn’t really mad, but she feign as so to scare her friend into going.

“Kissu shite.”

“H-hai?” The taller girl was caught by surprised. She wasn’t sure if what she heard was correct, but her face started to flush.

“You’re adorable when you blush.” Takamina laughs.


“That’s for teasing me.” The redness on the ex-ace’s face never subsided as she gave her friend a kiss on the lips. It was hard for her to resist when the soukantoku was asking for it even though it was in a playful manner.

“A-Atsuko…” It was the soukantoku’s turn to blush. She was speechless by the kiss as she touched her lips. Strangely, she didn’t feel offended like the other times when the ex-ace had stolen kisses from her.

“Ittarashai Minami.”

“U-un. Ittekimasu.” As the leader leaves her apartment, she turns around to tell her friend…

“I’ll really try to be home soon, okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be waiting. I love you.” Acchan smiled genuinely with her famous nose cringe. The sight in front of Takamina tugs a little at her heart. She doesn’t know what came over her, but she felt like reaching out and peck the actress on the cheek.

By the time she was aware of what she had done, the redness in her face increased. She was embarrassed with her action, so she hurriedly walked towards the elevator.

Maeda was left in the apartment, smiling like a fool in love, which she actually is. Anyone who looks at her right now would also feel infectious because of her happiness.

“Minami~ kyaaa~” The girl started to fangirl as she couldn’t hold her joy in anymore.

She sits on the couch hugging onto the resting pillow, but it wasn’t enough to calm her down, so she went into the bedroom and hug the pillow that her friend has been using.

“Hmm~ Minami~” Come back soon.


Minami POV

I was surprised that I initiated a kiss with Atsuko. I don’t know what has gotten into me. She was just looking so cute, and my favorite smile of hers just blew me away. The image kept replaying over and over in my head. From the point where I teased her to kiss me to the point where I left. It was just hazukashii.

I immediately hopped onto the first taxi and went to the theater, trying my best to stop thinking about it. I focus on the text that I received from Akimoto-sensei. I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong except for being really late today. My dates with Uta seems successful too, so I’m not sure what he wants to talk about.

I don’t know why, but my heart starts beating faster. I’m starting to feel nervous and maybe sick because of it. I know I am thinking too much, but I can’t help it since I’m a thinker. I constantly think… Maybe that is why I look so old and tired sometimes.

I’m amazed at myself for finding humors in things during these situations. I am a serious person, but I’m also a much laid back lazy person. It’s a wonder on how I even manage the position I have now. I would never speak out unless I have to, but ever since Ayunee graduated, I was handed this role. I step up and do something that I never thought I was capable of doing. Now, I’m thankful for it because I was able to develop what I’ve already had, but didn’t know.

It’s really all thanks to Atsuko for helping me speak up. She always knew when I would have troubles or when I wanted to comment on something, but wasn’t courageous enough to say it out loud. She’s my best friend, my first love, and my partner…


“My partner…”

“Sumimasen, but we’re here.”

“Ah, hai, doumo.” I paid the taxi driver and headed up.

As I get closer and closer to Akimoto-sensei’s office, I could feel sweat slowly dripping on the side of my forehead. I don’t know why I feel this nervous. It’s not like I’ve done anything wrong… have I?

*knock knock*

“Come in.”

“Sorry to intrude.”

“Have a seat, Takamina.”

“Hai.” I sat down facing my producer, feeling a bit uncomfortable.



“How has your relationship been?”

Did I heard him right? Did he really just asked me about my relationship? But with who? I looked at him like he grew another head. I wasn’t sure on how to answer his question because I don’t want to reveal anything.

“It’s been going well. Thank you for asking.” I settled with being vague and if he wants to know more, then he can ask.

“That’s good to hear.” He said, smiling at me, but I can see some kind of mischievous twinkle behind his glasses.



This silences makes me want to stand up and leave, but I can’t be rude like that. Especially when I don’t know what he wants to talk to me about yet, but I do have something that I want to bring up with him.

“Akimoto-sensei, I have a request to make, and I hope that you could make it happen.” I stared at him seriously.

“What is it?”

“I was hoping you could somehow give Atsuko some work relating to AKB. Anything is fine as long as she gets to work with us a lot. Onegaishimasu!” I bow in respect, waiting for his answer.

“Is there any reason for this request, Takahashi-san?”

I do have a reason, but I don’t have proof or evidence of it. It’s only a thought process until Atsuko confirm it to me, but I think the jerk ex-boyfriend has been stalking her. I don’t know if I can bring this up to him, but maybe it’s better to be honest and get help than try to be strong.

“Honestly… I think Atsuko has been stalked by her ex-boyfriend, and I’m afraid of what can happen if this continues…” I don’t know why, but I can’t look at him in the eyes. Maybe I’m afraid that he thinks I’m crazy for even thinking of this.

“Do you have proof of this, Takamina?” He was still calm as ever.

“No… I don’t. It’s a feeling I got from how Atsuko reacted… Is it bad that I assume so?” I finally look at him, wanting to know what he thinks and what advice he could give.

“I’m sorry I can’t help you with anything regarding to Acchan’s personal life, but I can help by asking for her to work with us.” He smiled at me hoping that what he offer was good enough, and yes, it was.

“Thank you very much, Akimoto-sensei.” I bow at him.

“Now that we got your worries taken care of, let’s move onto another topic, shall we?”

I knew the conversation that I had with him before wasn’t just about how my relationship goes, but probably deeper about it.

“What do you have in mind, sensei?” I don’t know what to expect when it comes to the man in front of me.

“I heard that your date has chosen the place this time, and that it’ll be tomorrow. How do you feel about it?”

“I trust that I’ll enjoy whatever she picked. She wouldn’t tell me where it is though,” but I bet you know.

“I’ve heard of it, and quite frankly, I think you’ll enjoy it too.” He seems satisfied, so that must be a good sign.

“Sensei… what’s the point of the program?” If he wanted to find someone for me and hook me up, then he could have done that without the show. I don’t understand why we’re even shooting it.

“I do have a purpose to this, Takamina, please trust me.” That was all he said to me, and since he put it that way, I have no choice but to believe him.

 “Okay… was there anything else you needed to discuss with me?”

“No, thank you for your hard work.”

I stood up and bow at him, wanting to leave as soon as possible since I’m tired of all the things that happened so far today. I just hope everything else will go smoothly.

I went to meet up with the other members to see how practice was going and it seems everyone was doing fine, helping each other out.

Looking at them makes me think of the old times when AKB had just first started. We were all miserable since no one came to see us, but these girls have it better now that AKB is popular. Such easiness for these new gens makes me cringe sometimes. They have things handed to them, not knowing what it’s like to work from scratch. It’s not to say that I don’t like them because they are adorable, but not knowing what it feels like to have your career gone at any moment, wouldn’t drive them to their potentials.

I went back to my office, chastising myself for feeling bitter. Sometimes, I don’t know what I feel because being Takahashi Minami, Takamina, from AKB is different from being just Minami. Being the leader of the group makes me indifferent and makes me strive for AKB’s greatness. It gets tiring and very time consuming, but sometimes it was worth all the hassle because of my dream and goals. The downside to all this is that Minami doesn’t get time to herself, doesn’t get to take care of herself, and doesn’t get to do what she wants.


I’m just so tired.


To: Minami~
From: Utan
Subject: I miss you
How is work today?
I hope you’re not too busy with it XP
I can’t wait to see you later!
- Utan <3

I chuckle at the message that I got. This girl is just too cute sometimes too. I wonder what it would be like if we’re actually dating each other? Would we continue the same way as we are? I mean, I know when you’re dating and after becoming a couple, you would do more intimate things… but I don’t know if I’m ready for that…

What am I saying? What would I be ready for? I’m not even interested in it. What is ‘it’? What am I thinking? Kissing? Well, of course there would be kissing when you’re dating. Why am I thinking about kissing? Because you like kissing… It is one way of showing affection.

Why are you always tsundere with Takamina?

Eh? It’s just one way of showing affection.

Showing affection is a funny thing. I remember that one episode where Atsuko was being questioned to why she’s always being mean to me. I find it amusing at first, but I really did wonder about it.

Atsuko has such a different way of showing affection compared to Uta. One is tsundere and the other is just deredere. So much contrast between the two, it’s quite fascinating, but I don’t know which personality I would prefer more. What am I saying? They’re both people with feelings, not some subject to be messed around with.

“God, I need some alone time…”

“No, I need to work out to clear my mind.”


Third POV

Hmm… is this enough?

She bought enough ingredients for dinner later, and it’s a good thing that she didn’t need to go far since a market was nearby. She picked up a few snacks too for dessert.

As she went to go check out, she can’t help, but feel someone is staring at her. She looked up and around, but she can’t really pinpoint the location. She reached into her pocket to pull the exact change, and paid for the items.

Suddenly, the person she doesn’t want to see, appears across the street. Said person continues to look at the girl paying for her food. There was darkness seeping out of this person as they notate and observe every move that the young girl made. This person felt disgusted, betrayed, but mostly anger.

The girl grabs her purchases to go back home, but she was stumped. She was frozen in her spot, not being able to move due to fear. She wants to get away, but she doesn’t want to lead him back home. She’s at a lost with what to do. She wants to call her friend, but she doesn’t want to put her friend in danger. She desperately needs to be somewhere safe, so she hopped onto the next taxi that she saw, and went to the only destination she has in mind.

She got off, still carrying her grocery bags, continue to march forward into the building. She headed straight to the office, but no one was there.

She feels a little better for being in a safe environment, so she drops her grocery bags on the table before marching out with determination to find her friend.

She went towards the place where her guts told her. She passes by the first room, seeing that it was filled with many members, but none matching the description that she’s looking for.

She hopes that the next room would be it, and thanked her gut for being right. She stood at the door, watching her friend dance to a song that they both know and done so many times. Seeing the girl moving with precise steps brings back good and fun memories.

The young girl slowly walks into the dance room, trying to keep herself as quiet as possible to not disturb her friend, but she already caught attention of the other.

“Atsuko?... What are you doing here?” The older girls topped her music to see her best friend.

“I…I…” Acchan wasn’t sure of what to say or how to say it.

How do you tell the girl you love that you are being stalked by your ex-boyfriend and that he really scares the living daylights out of you? How can you do that without seeming crazy?

“Atsuko, what’s wrong?” Takamina touched the girl’s forehead to see if she’s burning up, but her temperature seems normal. She can tell from the look of the other girl’s face that there is something big going on. She’ll wait patiently until her friend opens up because forcing her never worked out.

“I’m… I’m scared, Minami. I’m really scared.” The ex-ace is on the verge of hyperventilating from thinking too much of the negativity.

“Atsuko, calm down, breathe. It’s okay. You’re safe now… I’m here, breathe slowly.” The soukantoku rubs the other girl’s back in circles, trying to regulate her friend.

“I…I…He…” Maeda starts to breathe faster, not fully taking any air into her lungs as she breakes down.


The leader knew exactly what her friend meant. She probably saw the guy and it frightens her. She knew the guy was messed up, but how can she fix this? She has already requested more work for Acchan, so that she can keep her eyes on her, but how would she prevent them from meeting in the streets, or worst, from them working together?

“Atsuko, shhh, breathe. Please breathe.” Takahashi cupped her first love’s face, showing her how to inhale and exhale slowly.

The younger girl focus on syncing her breathing with Takamina. It helps as she stares into the other’s eyes and see the concerned in them. She felt thumbs wiping her sweat away, and slowly, all she can see and feel is the girl she loves.

She was brought back to earth and stay grounded. She can feel hands moving away from her face, but she reached out holding them still, not wanting them to go away. The hands continues to pull back, making her instinct to reach out and grabbing onto the life line much more pronounced, and as soon as she was about to jump for that connection, she felt safe and protected within seconds.

The older girl pulled her friend into an embrace, glad that Acchan has finally calmed down. She held onto the other girl, not wanting to let her go.

“Minami…” The ex-center girl snuggles into the captain’s neck. She felt so relax and free that she can fall asleep at any moment. She doesn’t feel scared anymore because her princess in shinny armor is here to protect her.

“Are you okay, Atsuko? Are you hurt anywhere?” The leader pulled back to observe and to check if there was any wound. She reached out and pats her friend, gauging to see if there’s any pain. She trails up to the jawline and inspect them, finally stopping at the tear stained face.

“I’m fine, Minami. I’m okay now.”

They both stood up, helping one another to stand, but one of them was still skeptical. She wanted to open her mouth and asked her ex-ace what happened, but she’s afraid that she’ll trigger another attack.

Time went by so quickly that the soukantoku didn’t realized that it was already tie to leave work and meet up with her other friend. She doesn’t want to cancel last minute, but with the state that the actress is in, she doesn’t feel right to leave the girl alone.

She feels conflicted, and she’s not sure on what to do, both girls are important, but Acchan needs her right now. She hopes that Uta would understands.

“Atsuko, let’s go home. I just need to get my stuff from the office and then we can leave.” The older girl hoped to get a few minutes to herself to text Kohaku and apologize for cancelling today.

“I actually have a few things that I left in your office too. We can go together.” The actress smiled, taking hold of her friend’s right hand.

They both walk towards their destination hands in each other’s. One girl was thinking of how nice it was to get some normalcy back into her life, while the other was thinking of how to communicate with her other friend. Both girls were lost in thought until their names was being called by Haruna and Miichan.

“Acchan? What are you doing here?”

“Um… I came to see Minami.”

“Yeah, I promised Atsuko that we’ll hang out today because it’s her day off.” The leader quickly explained to defuse any more questions that they might have for their ex-teammate. She can tell that her best friend wanted to keep it private and just between them, at least for now.

“Ohoho, so you guys are going on a date, eh?” Minegishi teased.

“I-It’s not a date.”

“We’re just hanging out, Miichan.” It was Maeda’s turn to defend her love one. She smacked the gachapin in the arm for not knowing better.

“Itai, waifu, how can you hit your husband like that?” The other Minami continues to tease.

“Atsuko is not your wife. She’s m-…” Takamina was able to stop herself in time from saying what her normal response would be.

Even though the young actress have heard this a million of times, and knew that the typical response would be “she’s my best friend,” but she hoped that this time, it was just ‘mine’. 

“She’s… what?” Minegishi challenged with a hint of smugness. She wants to help her friend win back their absolute leader, but she wasn’t sure if that’s an ideal thing.

“She… um…. She’s not your wife, okay?” The soukantoku didn’t know what else to say, but to repeat her former sentence. She didn’t understand why she even stuttered, for she had said the same thing a bunch of times.

“Alright, Miichan, stop teasing or you’ll get another hit.” The ex-ace, once again, came to the rescue.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop. So where are you guys going?” The gachapin finally relented.

“We’re just going home to eat and watch movies.” The captain explained, not realizing that she had just referred to her apartment as their home.

“Okay, well you guys go have fun.” Haruna quickly pulls Miichan away to give them space.

“That was weird…” The older girl said.

“Let’s go, Minami.” The ex-center drags her love one to the office.

As they both reach the office, Takamina was surprised to see all the plastic bags sitting around.

“What are all of these things?” She looks through the bags.

“Um… I planned on making our dinner…” Acchan blushes.

“Atsuko… I really look forward to it.” The shorter girl gave her friend a hug.

As they pick up their things, they were all ready to leave. The general manager lock up her door and left, hand in hand, with her best friend to go home. They’ll spend a great time with each other and enjoying each other’s company.

It’ll be just a little sad for one girl who didn’t get to have her fair share of our beloved soukantoku's time, but she’ll be able to spend time with them another day, and it cannot be sooner than what she's hoped for.


I'm really sorry that you guys always have to wait long for my updates. I hope you guys will continue to support me ^_^

I also feel bad that this chapter isn't as long as the others... gomen ne.
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u really update like u said ne?
and u coming back with nisemono.
ah~ i love you so much!!!
this chapter so great,atsumina really cute there.
sasuga from atsumina shipper  :on asmo:
anyway! i reaaaaalllyyyy happy that u coming back but please dont disappear again,i beg u   :mon waterworks:

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How can he do that to Acchan!! :angry: How can he make Acchan trauma!! What the hellaven had he done to Acchan!! :angry: somehow I want to kill that Onoe jerk :angry:

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Uh.. It was already some while when you updated something and it made me little bit forget about what was this story and how ended previously chapter..  :huhuh .. but anyaway.. thank you for not disappearing and updating something.. more even, especially with this story.  :roll:
So, about this chapter - Hmmmmmmm...... ye~ah. Acchan really have some problems with "him".. that's bad.  :shocked  But about lovely morning moment between Minami and Atsuko -  :D .. sounds nice and cute, but.. it would be too easy to get back just like that..  8)

Waiting next one.  8)

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Welcome back! Thank you for the update.
Atsumina in this fic has a lot of hardships.
I do hope that you'll alsk update Shiroi.
Thanks again.  :twothumbs
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What a pleasant surprise ^_^ Atsuko and Minami are so cute together~ But that jerk better leave poor Atsuko alone!
Looking forward to the next chapter. Take your time, but not too long, 'kay?

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A A A A A A A ! ! ! Lezperv-san, you're back!
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A A A A A A A ! ! ! A new chapter!
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A A A A A A A ! ! ! So ... Takamina not called Utan ?!
A A A A A A A ! ! ! Onoe asshole, ruined everything!
A A A A A A A ! ! ! Poor Minami. She needs to master the technique of shadow clone!

I agree with the comment above. Too easy Takamina succumbed to charms Atsuko.

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welcome back  :tama-lotsaluv: :tama-lotsaluv:

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You gave up again? You will not post? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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[AtsuMina, YuiParu, TakaYuu] Naze (9/7/16)
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So this story is the one that won the Fanfic Contest for 2015 and I'm just putting my story here so that people can search it more easily.

I know that there are some mistakes, but thanks for voting for it anyway people  :nervous

This included the YuiParu drabble, TakaYuu flash, and Naze as my main story for AtsuMina


She was standing there looking at her partner. It seems the other girl haven’t notice her yet since the girl’s eyes is still close in a relaxing manner.

She continues to observe the older girl, memorizing each and every detail of the girl’s body. She especially paid close attention to the girl’s serene face.

She was taken aback by the eyes staring back at her. She wonders when the taller girl’s bright eyes has laid upon her.

“Am I interrupting you?” Paruru asked. It’s her form of permission to come in.

“No, never think that you would.” Yui smiled, entwining her fingers with her girlfriend as said girl reaches her.

No more words was needed between them as their existence was enough for each other.



I never thought I would ever fall in love with her. She doesn’t seem to be my type at all. Don’t get me wrong. She’s amazing. She’s adorable, kind, loving, and nice. I could basically go on all day about her.

Our fandom ships us together sometimes, but our own pairing beats the relationship between me and her.

I’m always paired with the sexy Kojima Haruna and she’s always paired up with the pretty tsundere Maeda Atsuko.

How has this come to be? Well, I’ve always been clinging to Haruna, and love her well-endowed body. She on the other hand, has always been showered with Acchan’s affection, and they’ve shared a really close bond from being in the same generation.

I honestly don’t know when I fell for her, but by the time I realized it, I wasn’t sure if we could happen.

We started to hang out more after Acchan had graduated. There are moments where it feels like we’re dating, but I’m not sure if she sees it like that.

I really hope that she feels the same way for me as I feel for her. This may be my only chance to chase after her and confess to her.

“Yuu-chan, where did you come from?” Takamina asked me as I walk towards her.

Instead of answering her, I was being tsundere and pointed over to the direction that I came from.

She held out her hand for me to grasp, announcing that this will be our first date ever, and I was really happy. I wanted to take hold of her hand immediately, but I don’t want people to know that she’s special to me.

We did everything a normal couple that goes on a date would do. I can’t wipe the smile off my face at all because being next to Minami is fun and relaxing. When I’m next to her, I don’t feel the burden of being an ace that Acchan had left behind, even though we talked about AKB all the time.

We went into the hot spring place, dipping only of our feet, but it was still very soothing.

There was this one scene where Takamina plays as the guy, getting a confession from the girl who was me, but I felt embarrass doing so. I want to tell her about my feelings with just the two of us. I don’t want to pretend for Mujack when I actually don’t have to act.

Finally, our date ended with an emotional scene where Minami read me a letter that she wrote. It brought tears to my eyes as this only made me realized that I have little time left with her. I look at her, wanting to wipe those droplets away, but that would expose my feelings for her on TV.

I smiled as I thanked for this fun date. We parted our ways with our hands still intertwined with each other. As our distant grew, our holding became loose.

I can’t let our date end like this, but I have to for Mujack. Even if we would see each other afterwards, pretending in front of the TV show still seem real to me.

“Hai, otsukaresamadeshita.” The Mujack people announced.

I look around to see if I can spot Takamina, but I couldn’t find her. I feel a little down because I was hoping to go eat with her. I was deep in thought while I was packing my bags.

“Ne Yuuchan, let’s go out and eat together.”

I was surprised to hear her sultry voice. My heart was beating so fast for not only did she caught me by surprise, but she also called me Yuuchan. There is just something about that nickname that comes from her mouth that makes me blush like no other.

“Un, ikou.” We both left the area, walking side by side. I really want to reach out to hold her hand, but I’m scared to. I’m afraid of how she would react to that, but also, because it isn’t something Oshima Yuko would do.

We reached a restaurant, sitting in a two seat area for couples, but she doesn’t seem to mind. To her, this was just a normal friendly date, colleagues going out to eat together.

We both agreed on ordering sukiyaki to share, and while we wait, I was contemplating on telling her my feelings.

“Yuko? Doushita?” Takamina asked, seeming that she could sense something off of me.

“Iie, nandemonai.” I smiled, waving my hand.

She looks at me like she doesn’t believe me. I can tell that she wants to ask more questions, but decided to let it go. Time like this, I’m glad that she’s very understanding. It’s not to say that she isn’t always, but I love how she can tell when she shouldn’t pursue more.

We both ate as the food was already delivered. We chat animatedly about AKB. There are many things that I will regret leaving behind after I graduated, actually, there is only one thing…

She will be the person I regret leaving behind the most. I wish I could take her with me, but I know her heart still remains with AKB.

“I can’t wait to see Yuko in a lot of dramas.” She smiled at me.

I blushed a little for thinking that she’ll be keeping an eye on me.

After finishing up our dinner, we both decided to go home, but I insisted on seeing her home first. We reached her apartment and she was trying to say her byes, but I got off the car.

“Eh? Yuko?” She looks confused and very adorable.

“I’ll walk you up to your door.” I told her simply.

“You don’t have to.” She shakes both her hand, but I took the opportunity to hold one of them and drag her with me to the elevator.

“I want to, Minami.” I called her name for the first time, and it left a butterfly feeling in my belly. I used these few seconds to calm my fast beating heart.

We reached her floor, walking towards her apartment, standing at the doorway. She pulled out her key and insert it into the lock, turning it before putting them away into her purse. She turned around to look at me.

“Thanks, Yuko, I had a lot of fun. Good night.”

I have to tell her now. I can’t wait any longer. I stopped her before she reaches the handle.

“Minami, wait.”

“Nani, Yu-“

I kissed her with all my might, hoping that she could understand my feelings, and wishing that she wouldn’t push me away.

“W-what are you doing?” She blushes a shade of red that only happened a few times.

“I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can recall, Minami…” I confessed, but was too scared to look at her in the eyes.

“Please tell me you feel the same way…” I finally managed to stare at her into those orbs.

“Yu-“ Before she could even say my name, we both heard hers being called.


“Eh? Atsuko?” It seems Takamina didn’t expect her here.


“A-Acchan…” I wondered how much she has seen and heard…

“What are you doing here, Atsuko?” Minami asked with a hint of… fear in her voice.

“Looking for you, silly.” Acchan laughs like it was the funniest thing asked.

“Well, I’ll be on my way now.” I tried to leave the two, since she always seem to pick her, but I was held back by a hand on my wrist.

“No, Yuko, stay…” I was surprise to see the pleading in her eyes. Did she not want to be alone with Acchan?

“Are you sure?” I placed my other hand on hers, trying to ease any negative feelings that she may have.

“Yeah, it’s fine, right Atsuko?” We both turn to look at her. Acchan smiles and nodded okay, but I can’t help to feel that it was all an act.

Takamina turns to reopen the door to her apartment when I saw a quick flash of hatred in our ex-ace’s eyes. It was baring me down, and for a moment, I was kind of scared. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her looking at me that way or anyone else before.

“Come in guys.” Minami looks over at the two of us. She smiled over at Acchan before she looks at me.

“It’s been a long time since I came in here.” I said as I walked in, trying to feel normal.




Why can’t she just leave me alone?

Why can’t she find someone else to mess with?

Why does it have to be me?

Why am I trapped in her spun web?

Why do I keep coming back?


“You’re mine.” She said seductively.

“I don’t want to be played with anymore!”

“You can never escape.”

“Watch me. I will!” I tried to run.

“You’ll always be with me…”

“Forever~” She chuckled.

*song playing*

I woke up from my daily dream. I don’t even know if I should call it a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. I lied on my bed with two hands beneath my head supporting me. I look up at the ceiling, sighing to myself.

“When will this end?...”

I got up to get ready to go to the theater. Today is like any other day. Sleep, dream, wake up, getting ready, leave apartment, get to theater, and then practice. 

“How many years has it been?...” I wondered.

I think it’s been three years since I’ve been stuck in this situation. I don’t think I even tried to get out, but I’m tired of playing games. I really need to be set free. I really can’t take it when she saw someone else more interesting and ignore me, while when I found someone else to be close with, she’ll come back to me and make me fall for her again. She have me wrapped around her finger and I don’t like it one bit. Sure there are times where she’ll be really sweet with me, and then there are times where she’ll just make me sad and angry.

I fell in and out of love with this demon that can never set me free. I felt like I have signed a contract with the devil without my consent. I’m forever trapped in the world that she sees and play around with, and by the end of this game, my soul would be all hers if I don’t get out.

How can I get out?

I know don’t. She is too smart and too skilled at this game. I never realized that I was in the palm of her hands until it was too late. She had put a claimed on me without me noticing. Whenever members would try to get close, she somehow scared them away. I have not witness the things she did to those members, but all I can see were the look of death in their eyes and when I turned around to face her, she’ll give me the sweetest smile that only I get to see. That devilish smile disguised by an angel’s face. I wonder if god knew one of his creations is not as pure as he thinks.

She had completely taken over my life. Whatever I’m surrounded myself with, it’ll be a constant reminder of her, for she had set it all up. My alarm tone this morning was of her solo song. My ring tone is also another of her solo song. My text tone is her voice. My phone screen is a picture of us. Even the phone itself was a gift from her. My favorite perfume is what she likes to smell on me, hence why she is always around my neck. My friends are also her friends, and the AKB48 group that I work for, has her in it too. Whenever I walk around the streets, I’ll see our poster hanging around, and I’ll see her angelic face smiling at me.

I just can’t escape…

I’ve finally reached the theater, and as always, I’m there first practicing on my own. Slowly, members start coming in. It started with the senbatsu members then the regular members, but she was still not here. I can tell that this will be another one of our phases, where she’ll put me aside and play with another member, while I’ll be trying to get out of her grasp. I wonder who will be her target this time and how long it’ll be before she comes back to me. I know that we’re in this phase because she’s not here with me. Usually, she’ll either arrive before me, at the same time as me, or just a little after me. She’ll always be late when she gets tired of me. I don’t even know if she’s tired of me or if she’s comparing me with the others.  She can’t be tired of me because she always come back, right?

Do I even want to escape?

I heard the door to our theater opened, and there she is, walking in like she owns the place. I have no clue if she’s even looking at me with those big sunglasses covering her face.

“You’re late.” I told her, but she just continued walking to her spot.

I was right. She’s in that phase, and since she’s the one who started it, she can’t blame me for getting close with other members. Since I’ve played this game many times, I know by doing that, she’ll come back immediately. What if I don’t get close with others? Would she stop coming back?

Our friends seem to know that it’s that time of… month?... stage?... occasion?... I don’t even know what to call it. Though, whenever we’re in this phase, no one seems to be happy. Was she even happy? I couldn’t tell you, but if she wasn’t, then she’s very good at putting up a front.

I’m tired…

“Alright, we’re all practicing for Everyday Kachuusha, who still doesn’t know the steps?”

A few of them raised their hands, and those few are the same people that I’m getting closed with. I’m surprised that my devilish girlfriend, I’m not even sure if she is my girl, didn’t scare them all away. I have to give credits to these girls, but because of their stubbornness, I’m also attracted to them. Though, some of the others that I’m attracted to didn’t raise their hands.

Ah ah my girlfriend doesn’t seem too happy with those few members. I giggled in the inside knowing that she is probably jealous. Well, it wasn’t my fault that she chose to play this game. I don’t even understand why she’s playing these games. Why can’t she just tell me what she wants? Why does she always do this?

“Okay, those who already know the steps, please continue practicing. Those who doesn’t, please come here, and I’ll show you how.”

The members start scattering to their spot. I went to get my water bottle while waiting for the others to come to me. To my surprise, my girlfriend was also there, standing and crossing her arms. I can’t help, but chuckle at this girl.

“I’m pretty sure you know all the steps to Everyday Kachuusha, so why are you here?” I asked, wanting to know her excuse.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I’m well aware of what I know and what I don’t know.” She answered angrily. I’m confident that she does know it, but she just wants to be here to keep an eye on the other members, or maybe an eye on me to keep me within her grasp.

Even though it makes me happy knowing that she still wants me or at least still interested in me, I really don’t like how cold she’s being towards me. I get that it is part of her personality, but the way she answered me just now, hurts. I thought she was jealous and would come back to me in that cute lovey dovey way that she would normally do, but I guess this time was different. Maybe everything will be different?

“Anyway, what part don’t you guys get?” I asked the girls that I’m somewhat attracted to, minus her.

“We don’t get the timing for the part where we have to lean on the others during the beginning of the song.” They all answered in unison. I bet they’ve planned this, but what’s so important about it?

I noticed she didn’t say anything. She continues to have that annoyed look on her face. If you don’t like something, you should speak up, but she doesn’t. She only shows through her expressions and actions. Though, right now, she’s just standing there observing.

“Okay? Well, let’s turn on the song and then I’ll show you guys.” I turned to look at her, but she was still standing there with her arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed. I went to pump up the music and went back to the position.

“Get ready.” I signaled the others to the leaning part, but there were only one person standing in front of me and behind me. The others that said they didn’t know the part stood aside with my girl. I was confused, but continued on with the lesson.

“Okay… now.” I told them as we’re all leaning towards each other. I felt really weird with the closeness between us three. I blushed as I noticed Shichan’s pelvis was against my rear end and mine was against Mocchi’s.

I turned to look at her, witnessing for the first time in my life the deadly look that she gave other members, making me shivered. It seems my quick shiver made the two girls move even closer to my body.

“Um… that’s the timing… does anyone else not understand?”

“Hai. We don’t get it.”

“I’ll start the music again then.” I went over to rewind the song, and when I got back, Shichan and Mocchi was switched with Jurina and Yui.

I smiled to them, thinking that they truly wanted to learn the right timing for the part. Especially Yui, she reminds me of me, and we both like to get everything right.

“Alright, it’s getting there…” The three of us stood in the same position as the previous one.

“Lean…” We all bend forward, but I felt my butt being touched again. I turned to look at Jurina who was behind me, giving me an innocent smile. I switch to the front, seeing Yui blushed. I gaze to the side, watching her face which is still expressionless, but those eyes seem to be even darker. I gulped, worrying for my friends’ lives.

“Ah… we all get it now, right?...”

“Nope, there are still us two, and…” We all look at my devil of a girlfriend, understanding who the two was hinting at.

I sighed. At least these two will be the last ones because I know she won’t be coming near me with this phase we’re in.

“Last group I guess…” I went over to start the song all over again. I’m really hoping that these two will be normal than the others. Knowing Milky, she’s really warui, so I think something will happen. Though, Sayanee is serious like me, I hope she isn’t like the others.

 “On your mark…” I wait till we get to that specific part.

“Here!” We all tilt towards the front, and again, I was in the same situation as I was before. Sayanee’s was against my bottom and mine was against Milky’s. I don’t even have to look at their expressions because they’re probably wearing the same one as the pair before them.

My only concern was the she-devil who was observing us. Her looks told me everything. The darkening of her eyes which held murderess intent. The emotionless poker face, that doesn’t led anyone to know how she feels, and the tightening of her fists to restrain herself from jumping forward. This is my first time witnessing her like this, and I’m scared.

I’m not sure if I’m scared for myself or for my members, but I think it is more of the latter. She has never once laid a hand on me, at least not intentionally, but even then it wasn’t something that would make me run away.

Looking at her, makes me want to hug her, to whisper sweet nothing into her ears. I want to calm her down so she can remain the angel that she is, in front of everyone else’s eyes, even though a succubus in disguised. I want to walk over there immediately to reassure her that I’m no one else’s, but hers…
The only thing that is stopping me from going over is, once I do that, I’ll be back into the palm of her hands. Just like how it was before, and I don’t want that. I want to be free… I want her to stop messing with me… I want her to stop looking at others… I just… want her to be with only me…

“Alright… I guess that is it… Please remember the tim-“

“I haven’t gotten my turn yet.” I turned to look at her, surprised by her interruption.

“W-what do you mean?”

“I. Haven’t. Gotten. My. Turn. Yet.” She emphasizes each word, making me sweat.

Why does she want to participate all of a sudden? I thought for sure she wasn’t going to, especially in this phase that we’re in, because she was ignoring me earlier.

I’m confused…

“Y-you already know the dance though…” I was slightly afraid of the fact that she may do something bold. All I can feel at ease about is that she won’t hurt me.

“If I did, I wouldn’t raise my hand, would I?” She challenged me, and I can’t argue with that.

“O-o-okay… I’ll get the song to start again…”

I walked back to her, standing behind where our usual spot supposed to be, but she suddenly switches out position. Now, I’m in front of her with her body sticking close behind.

“Relax, Mi-na-mi~” She wrapped her arms around my waist, making me shiver from our close contact.
Now I am beyond confuse. What is happening? What is going on? Why is she being all cute again? Are we back to normal?

“W-what are you doing?”

“Learning the timing of the song~” She answered me like It was the most obvious thing in the world.

“B-but I’m supposed to be behind you…”

“Hmm~ I wanna switch it up a bit~ dame ka?” She pouts, hugging me even more tightly, laying her head on my right shoulder.

“U-un, I guess its o-okay…” I can’t seem to say no to her when she pouts and being affectionate with me. I hate it, I hate that she has control over me. All she has to do is just one tiny little thing, and I’m swayed.

“Hmm~ arigatou~” She snuggled to my neck, making me stunned. I have a bad feeling about this. I need to get further away from her, but her grip was too strong.

“You smell so good~” She said to me, making me blush.

“C-can we s-start now?” I asked, as Everyday Kachuusha was still playing the intro.

“If you say so, Mi~na~mi~” Why did she say that? Why do I feel that there’s another meaning behind what she just said?


Third POV

The moment the ace wanted to participate in learning the moves that she already knew, every member kept an eye on her. They know that this center girl can be very dangerous when it comes to a certain leader of theirs.

“3…2…1… Ah” The captain started to count down, getting ready to lean, but felt a hand caressing her belly inside the shirt. She turned to look at her girlfriend with wide eyes, but the girl’s face remains the same with the cute smile that she always wears. Though, behind that smile, there was something dark inside. Takamina can’t put her hands on what it is, but she hope that darkness is not towards her.

“W-what are you doing?” The shorter girl stuttered. She was really embarrassed since they’re in front of the other members as well.

“Hmmm~ practicing~,” was the nonchalant response.

 “T-This isn’t p-practicing…” The leader tried to pry the hand out, but they just continue to massage her smooth skin.

“You don’t like it?” The taller girl pouts.

Gah! Why does she have to pout at me? I can’t stand how adorable she is. I think I’m losing my mind because of this girl. Actually, scratch that, I AM losing my mind because of this girl.

“I-it’s not that… w-we can’t… n-not here…” Takamina was at a loss for words, she doesn’t even know what she’s saying.

“Then let’s go back to the changing room~” A hand was lying at her chest, cupping her asset.

Has her hand always been there?

The captain needs help. She can’t get away alone. She will be consumed alive if someone doesn’t step in.

“Please stop. We’re in the middle of practicing…” The short girl tried her best to convince the she-devil, but it just wouldn’t go through. Why did she change all of a sudden? I thought she was ignoring me?

God why are you doing this to me? Have I done something wrong in my past life?

The captain was in the midst of her thoughts when she heard the center whisper something sweet, yet dangerous into her ear.

“You’re mine. Mi~na~mi~” The ace said which such seriousness that it scares the leader, making her shiver, and giving her goose bumps.

“Wha-“ Takamina didn’t get to finish her question when the actress leant in to capture her lips. At this point, she was beyond shock. She tried to push the other girl away, but her skillful lips make the captain wants more. This is such a dangerous situation for the two of them. What if someone of the higher up walked in?

 “Acchan, yamete.” Shinoda Mariko walked over to pull the ace off of their leader.

“Mari-chan~” Even though the voice sounded really cute, but the eyes said otherwise.

“You’re not one of them too, are you?” The black aura coming off of Maeda was creepily strong. It was stronger than the known black Yukirin.

“W-What? No! Of course I’m not. You know I have Miichan.” The oldest member reassured to calm down the ace.

“I know~ Ma-ri-chan~” The actress smiled playfully. Of course she knew that there was no way any of her friends would steal her Minami away from her, but that doesn’t mean she can’t always make them confirm it.

“Maeda-san, Takahashi-san, Mariko-sa-“ Togasaki came into a sight with bunches of girls standing around.

Acchan was clingy on to Takamina, which is not abnormal at all to the manager. Nor are the positons of the other girls, but it was just something about the atmosphere that seems strange to him. Anyway, he couldn’t bother himself with that right now since he got a task on hand.

“Would you three come with me please? You girls are scheduled for an interview.” The man left knowing that the three would follow him.

The ace pulled her leader with her like nothing had happened with Shinoda following behind.

“You six better be careful. Even though you guys aren’t scared of her, but you don’t know what she’s capable of…” Miichan advise the same six who was trying to get Takamina’s attention.

The six swallows hard as it doesn’t seem that their sempai is joking around. None of the other first gen members smiled either. Everything was dead serious…


Thanks for re-reading this again if you did lol
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[AtsuMina] Futari 1c (9/7/16)
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Uhh Hey everyone... I know it's been a while again  :nervous
I know I tend to disappear a lot, but I can't help it if I have no motivation to write... so I'm really sorry about that.
I can't promise that I won't disappear again after this update, but I promise to try and finish all my stories.
It seems that I'm losing my readers haha  :banghead:


Chapter 1c

The sun was coming up slowly, shining bright lights into tiny crevices of a certain window. Through this window were a couple of friends sleeping together on one bed.

A girl with shoulder length hair was lying on the shoulder of the girl with a longer length. She was snuggling comfortably into the warm body of her friend’s, arm wrapping around the other’s waist. The older girl’s head was leaning towards her companion, nose digging into the smooth black hair.

Both were still very sound asleep as it was still very early in the morning. They planned on hanging out in the afternoon, so they are using the time to get the sleep that they needed.

Hours passed as it was hitting twelve in the afternoon. The girls wake up slowly as their body couldn’t handle being asleep anymore.

Acchan woke up first, realizing that she was holding onto Takamina, and blushes. As she was lying there, she thought that sleeping on her friend was really comfortable.

Even when you’re sleeping, you’re still perfect…

“Hmmm.” It was Takahashi’s turn to wake up, not noticing that her friend was fake sleeping.

“A-Atsuko, okite.” The shorter girl tries to wake the taller one up, but was responded with a whine.

“Yada~ Minami is comfortable. You make a good pillow.”

“Mou~ Atsuko it’s noon already.” She shakes the girl a bit, but the girl didn’t budge, so she gave up. She continues to lie in her bed, but instead of sleeping, she’s wide awake.

Maeda open one eye to sneak a peek at her friend since the girl didn’t make any more moves. She got up a bit to look down at her companion. A smile was adorned on her face as she was really thankful for the girl below her.

“Minami~” She pokes the other girl’s cheek.

“Nani?” Instead of any answers, the younger girl lean in closer to her friend’s face, making the other girl blush.

The redness on the older girl’s cheeks is hard to miss. She subconsciously reaches a hand out to touch her face, remembering how it got the attention from her taller friend’s lips from last night.

“What are you thinking of?” Acchan continues to lean in closer, while squinting her eyes.

“N-n-nothing…” Takamina tries to look away, but was held by the other girl’s hand.

“Minami, you’re burning hot, are you okay?” The shoulder length hair girl pushes her friend’s bangs up to put her own forehead against it, trying to feel the temperature.

“Hmm… you don’t seem to have a fever, but your face is getting hotter…”

“I-I’m fine. Genki dayo… hahaha...” The long hair girl was acting a bit strange, but who wouldn’t be with such a close proximity?



“I never knew you have such light brown eyes… kirei na…” Acchan was really captivated by the round orbs below her. She literally can’t take her eyes off the other girl.

Takamina can only blush and look to the side as she was being stared at. She really wants to get up and off the bed now, and start spending time with the other girl by going out. Not that there is something wrong with spending time in the current moment, but they both were really looking forward to going to the movies and eating together, so the shorter girl really wants to do them.

“A-Atsuko, let’s go get ready, okay?”


“We can go get sushi first before going to the movies.” The older girl suggested, hoping that mentioning the other girl’s favorite food would make her agree to go.

“Okay~” Maeda continues to stare at her friend in the eyes for another few seconds before she got off and drag the owner of the room with her to the bathroom.

They both brushes their teeth and putting on a little of make-up. The girls headed back into the room to change their clothes, but Takahashi grabbed her clothes to go back into the bathroom.

“Minami, where are you going?”

“Gonna go change?”

“You can change here, you know?” The younger girl didn’t understand why her friend had to go somewhere else when the room was big enough for the both of them.

“Yeah, but that’s embarrassing…” Takamina has always been shy when it comes to showing her body. It’s something private, and she likes to keep it that way.

“How is it embarrassing when we’re both girls?” Maeda has a valid point, but it’s hard for her friend to explain it to her.

“I-It just is…” The older girl left to the bathroom, leaving no room for her friend to say anything else.

Acchan watches as the shorter girl left the room. She wasn’t sure what she’s feeling inside. Was it hurt? Is her friend not comfortable with her? Has she been too touchy? Should she stop herself? She feels sad all of a sudden with all the questions in her mind.

Takahashi came back, all changed in a nice cute clothing, but the younger girl was still sitting on the bed spacing out.

“Atsuko?” Takamina bent down and leans in, looking at the other girl in the eye.

“Minami…” Maeda looks like she has some questions to ask, but wasn’t sure on how to bring it across.

“Doushita?” The older girl scrunches her eyebrows, being worried as usual as she sit down next to her companion.

“A-are you uncomfortable around me?” The puppy dog eyes not only show the cuteness of the girl, but also shows the fear and the sadness. She’s afraid of being rejected.

“What makes you think that?” Takahashi was surprised by the sudden question.

Acchan felt foolish for feeling such a way, for being insecure, and for doubting the honesty of the girl’s friendship.

“You avoid my looks and touch sometimes. You won’t even change in front of me…” The younger girl shared her thoughts.

Takamina was surprised. She didn’t know her friend felt this way. She thinks to herself, wondering if she ever purposely avoid the other girl’s affection, but nothing came to mind.

She didn’t know that her habit had cause the other girl doubts. She really wants to jump right ahead and tell her friend that it was her problem and that it’s her own fault, but no words was able to form.

“Forget it, I’m gonna go change in the bathroom…” Maeda stood up to leave, but was shock by the sudden pull on her arm as she lay on top of her friend.

The older girl didn’t want her companion to leave without an explanation and as she watch the girl walks away, without a thought, she yank the other girl as hard as she can to prevent her from leaving.

She didn’t know her strength, so now she was face to face with her best friend in close proximity. Only an inch was between them, and if either of them were to move, they could accidently brush each other’s lips.

“Minami?” Acchan blushes, heart racing, not really knowing why.

“I…I… It’s not you, it’s me.” Takamina blurted out the first thing that came to mind, and it came out like a typical break up line.


“I mean… It’s not you that I’m uncomfortable with. It’s just I don’t like changing in front of people and it’s my body… that I don’t want people to see.” The older girl shared one of her insecurities, feeling quite silly.


“I’ve made a fool of myself, huh? You don’t want to-“

“I’m not people.”

“I’m sorry?”

“I’m not people. I’m not just anyone. I’m me… and that counts for something, right?” The taller girl didn’t really know how to explain herself, but the fact that they’re best friends should exempt her from the other girl’s rules.

Sometimes best friend knows each other’s secrets, insecurities, and favorites. Even though the two girls have known each other for about a year, there are still many things that they haven’t know about each other yet. They are still discovering their friendship and there are times where it will be hard, and there are times when sharing comes easily.

Takamina took a big step today in sharing one of hers, and maybe this will further bring the two girls even closer. She was quite glad that she was able to explain herself, even if it was poorly to her companion.

Acchan felt a new road has opened, and she just couldn’t fathom why such a nice girl like Minami would have insecurities. For the year that she has known her friend, she never knew that the shorter girl carries a lot of weight. She aims to learn everything about her, be there for her, and be a comfort person for her.

“You’re my best friend in AKB, Atsuko… and that does mean something to me…”

“Then let me help you. Let me show you that there is nothing for you to be a shame of.” The younger girl reaches out to stroke her friend’s cheek.

“I… I don’t know…” Takahashi wasn’t sure with what to say. She’s grateful that her friend is supporting her, but she feels so bare at the moment, like a fish on a platform.

Sensing the hesitation, the taller girl knew she needed to share something about herself that no one else knows about too. She understands what it feels like to be vulnerable, and she definitely doesn’t want her companion to feel that way alone.

“I feel that I’m useless in AKB all the time, and that I don’t deserve to be the center girl. I’m not good at singing or dancing like you. All I have is my smile…” Maeda sits up, avoiding contact with the girl below her, and stares at her hands instead.

“You’re not useless at all, Atsuko, don’t think that! Also, everyone loves your smile, it cheers people up.” The older girl was quick to sit up and reassures her friend by grabbing hold of the other girl’s hand.

“Only you would say that… others…” Acchan still couldn’t get over the words that she had heard before.

Even though the two girls doesn’t get as much attention as before, but there are still things being said here and there that lingers on. Especially for the young center girl.

“Don’t listen to the others. Do you trust me? Do you believe me?”

“Of course I do, Minami, you know that.” The younger girl was astounded by the questions. If she doesn’t trust and believe her best friend, who else would she give those to?

“Then trust me when I say you’re not useless at all. Believe me when I say you’re a talented girl with many skills.” Takamina tries to convey her feelings through her eyes. She hopes that the other girl could see how sincere she is, and that she would always fight any doubts that her companion would have.

“You should also trust me and believe me when I say you have nothing to worry about when you’re with me.” The taller girl closes her eyes and leans her forehead against her companion.

The two friends relaxes themselves against each other, just feeling the other’s presence, because that was enough to calm them down.

“I do, Atsuko.” Takamina opens her eyes and smiled, which was quickly reciprocated by the other.

Maeda stood up from the bed to leave, but was pulled back again.

“Where are you going?”

“To close the door…”


“To change?”

“I’ll leave you to it then…” Takahashi stood up to leave, but got held back by a hand on her wrist.

“What did we just discuss earlier?” The younger girl reprimanded. She couldn’t believe that the other girl was already back to the normal routine even after their heart to heart talk.

“Helping me?” Takamina tilts her head to the side.

“Yes, so why are you looking confuse?”

“How do you plan on helping me?”

“You said that you’re uncomfortable letting people see your body, right?” She earned a nod from the older girl.

“What about looking at someone else’s body?” This earned a blush from her best friend.

“U-um… No, that’s embarrassing too.”

“Then we can start there. We’ll take it a step at a time.” Acchan stood up, taking off her shirt as she walks over to her companion.

“W-what are you doing?” The shorter girl immediately covers up her eyes and turn towards the door.

“Onee-chan, ohayou.” Both of the girls jumped slightly as they heard Ryo’s voice. They panicked because one of them is half naked behind the other.

“Kya!” Maeda squeaks, quickly inches up against Minami’s back to cover herself.

“R-Ryo! Didn’t you have practice today?” Takahashi wraps her left arm behind Atsuko to keep her safe, not realizing that she’s touching her friend’s bare skin. Her main goal right now was to protect the girl from her brother’s seeing eyes.

“It got cancelled… Maeda-san! Ohayou!” He greeted his crush as soon as he saw her. He was about to step forward when Takamina pushes him back.

“Hey! What’s that for?” The little brother got annoyed at his sister for being in the way.

“Atsuko needs to change, so go see if mom needs help with anything.” The older sister was irritated by her brother insistent interaction with her companion. When will he learn that the girl behind her is off limit? She doesn’t want to hurt her brother’s feelings, but she doesn’t like this crush he got one bit.

“Ryo.” The little boy wanted to fight back, but the tone in his sister’s voice was a warning. He knows that his sister doesn’t get angry easily, but she’s scary when she’s pissed, and he definitely doesn’t want to pick a fight with her when she’s borderline getting there.

Maeda has been observing the interaction between the two siblings, and have noticed that her partner can be a little frightening, but she tuck the information aside for later usage.

“Okay, I’ll go.” Ryo shoots his puppy eyes at the girl behind his sister before he leaves.

Takamina quickly shuts the door and lock it. She sigh a breath of relief, turning over to talk to her friend when she’s come to face with a half-naked girl.

“A-Atsuko! Cover up.”

“Wait, Minami, look at me.” Acchan reaches out to take hold of the shorter girl’s face.

“I don’t bite, and I’m your best friend. It’s okay.” The younger girl steps back slowly, so that her body would be in full view, but Takahashi turns away the moment she saw past the neck. It’s not like the girl was naked, but to see someone so bare was not ordinary to the shorter girl.

“Minami, small steps-“

“I can’t…”

“What if you hug me instead?” Maeda took a few steps towards her companion and gently wraps her arm around the girl’s neck. Slowly she felt arms wrapped around her back. She can sense the hesitation since said arms kept pulling back as they came closer, but it’s the fact that they are there now.

“You did it, Minami, I’m proud of you.” She smiles at their accomplishment. She can feel the nod on her shoulder as the other agrees.

“Come on Atsuko, get dressed and then we’ll go have lunch, okay?” Takamina step back, but was quick to turn away to give the girl her privacy.

Acchan didn’t reprimand her best friend since she knows that they’ve already took the first step, and she felt that, it was enough for now.

As the two girls was getting ready to leave the house, Taka-mama came to wish them have fun, while Ryo was behind sulking at the fact that he can’t come along and that he won’t see his crush until later.

The duo walks towards the train station, happily talking about anything and everything. They ascend up to the platform, picking a slot with less people to wait for the next ride.

Along the slot was two guys who were checking them out. The boys walked over to them, asking to hang out together.

“Hey, where you girls heading?”

“Yeah, let’s all go out together.”

The guys were creepy, frightening the younger girl, making her hide behind her best friend.

“No thanks, we’re fine by ourselves.” Takamina answered for them, shielding Acchan away from prying eyes.

“Come on, don’t be like that. Let’s go have fun.”

“Don’t make me call for security.” Takahashi spoke firmly, scaring the guys a bit.

“Tch, you girls are ugly anyway.”

“Yeah, nobody would want you.”

Nobody wants me…

The older girl watches as those guys retreated to where they came from with Maeda watching from behind.

Hey, Atsuko, are you okay?” Is she sad because of what those jerks said?

“Wah~ Minami is so brave.” The center girl wrapped herself around her companion’s arm, trying to hide the hurt.

“Eh? It was nothing, but how are you feeling?”

“Un~ with Minami protecting me, I’ll always be fine.” Acchan grins with her nose crinkled.

“Silly girl, but hey, don’t listen to those jerks.”


“You’re a cute and a pretty girl. People out there would be lucky to have you.”


“Un~ I’m lucky to have you, Atsuko.” Takamina grins, but you can clearly see the blush on her face.

Acchan looks at her friend with an unrecognized twinkle in her eyes. Her heart was beating fast, yet it felt very light and warm.

“The train is here.” The older girl announced, leading them to one of the open doors.

Lucky for the girls, the train wasn’t pack as usual, so there were seats for them to sit on that puts a distance between them and other people.. The ride takes about 30 minutes to the destination, so they relaxes, leaning on each other.

The younger girl places her head on her best friend and thought of how to approach the topic without seeming too forceful. She can’t really think of any way around it, but to directly ask.

“Minami…” Atsuko looks up.


“Why… why are you uncomfortable with your body?”

Takamina was taken back by the question, so she looks away from the taller girl and stare straight. She needed a moment to think of how to form her answer. She wonders if she should share her story or if she should wait for another time.

Maeda took the action as rejection, so she brood silently, unhappy with herself for feeling this way. She knows that if the older girl didn’t want to share, she would have said something, but she can’t help to always be jumping into conclusion that her own mind had trained herself to do.

“When I was younger… I’m usually alone or by myself because other kids wouldn’t want to hang with me…” Takahashi continues to stare straight as she shares her past, surprising Acchan, for said girl didn’t think to hear her friend’s voice anytime soon.

“They picked on me because I couldn’t eat tomatoes. I know it sounds silly, but I always get sick after eating them…” The younger girl intertwine their fingers together and squeeze her companion’s hand to continue.

“The kids would always make the puking gesture because I threw up one time… This lasted for a while, and the teacher didn’t do anything at the time…”

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that, Minami…” The taller girl teared up a bit. She didn’t expect her best friend to be bullied when she was younger. It’s no wonder why she’s so strong and able to ignore what other people say about her.

“Well, it’s part of life, it can’t be helped… So anyway, because of that, I started to feel insecure about myself…” Takamina finally look down at her friend and smile. She’s glad that she was able to share a part of herself with Atsuko.

“Minami… Thank you for sharing, and I hope you would believe me when I say that I would accept all of you, so please don’t turn away from me.” Maeda pleaded with her eyes. She wants to help her companion be more confident.

“I’ll try, but no promises, okay?”


The girls reached their stops and got off. They quickly went to the sushi restaurant for Atsuko to have her filling. Even though Takahashi doesn’t like sushi much, she’s willing to make her friend happy.

“Hello ladies, what can I get you?”

“All types of Sashimi please~” The center girl answered happily.

“I would like cooked sushi please.”

“Anything to drink?”

“We both would like cola, thank you.” The older girl ordered which her friend agreed to.

“Ne, Minami, you don’t like sushi?” Atsuko had noticed the weird ordering from her companion.

“I just can’t eat the raw ones…” Takamina blushed.

“Eh? Then why did you suggest this place?” Maeda immediately stood up, getting ready to leave if her friend were to ask of so.

“It’s okay because you like them, and I promised to treat you to it.”

“Minami~” Acchan sit next to her friend instead of being across from her, and hugged her tightly.

The waitress brought their food and drinks, wishing them a nice meal. The girls immediately dug into what they ordered.

“Oishii~” The younger girl voiced. She continues to stuff her face happily. It was an adorable sight that makes the shorter girl feels good about her decision.

After finishing, they went to the theater and picked out a movie together. Atsuko went to save their seats, while Takamina got snacks.
They reunited as the preview for other movies started playing. Instead of talking to each other, they’re focusing on eating and watching what was being shown.

Halfway through the movie, they both finished with their snacks, and started to feel tired. Both girls leaned against each other and fell asleep.  Acchan with her head snuggled against Takamina, and her arms wrapped against the other’s body.



Takahashi was the first to wake up. She looks up to see an employee with no one else in the room except for the three of them.

“Hai, we’ll leave soon, sorry.” The older girl apologizes, but it was not needed as the worker said it was okay and took their leave.

“Atsuko, okite.” The shorter girl shook her friend, but no reply was returned.

“Atsuko, we have to go now.” She shook the girl with a little more strength.

“Uhn, Minami, what happened?” Acchan rubs her eyes in a child-like manner.

“The movie is over, it’s time to leave.” Takamina helped her friend up and walked out of the theater. It was a shame that they both fell asleep during the movie, but it didn’t matter because they were together.

“Where should we go now?” Maeda asked, still sleepy as she couldn’t really keep her eyes open.

“We could go home and rest, you seem tired…”

“Yada~ I want to spend more time with Minami.” Even though the girl whines, her friend could tell that her energy was already exhausted, and that she wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

“How about we get something sweet and then head home?” The older girl tried to compromise and it was successful. Her friend agreed, and so they kept walking towards the train station and dropped by a taiyaki place.

The girls quickly ordered 5 with red bean fillings and went home. On the way, Atsuko kept on tripping because she was so tired, so Takamina held the girl by her waist and continue on.

They finally reaches the house and got their shoes off. The girl who lives there shout out to her mom that they’re home and went straight to her room. She helps her friend out of the jacket and tuck her into bed. She tries to leave the room and go see her mom, but was held back by a hand on her wrist.

“Minami… don’t go…” Acchan mumbles, only half awake.

“I have to see mom real quick and give her the taiyaki.”

“Hmm… I’ll go with you…” The younger girl tries to get up, but was pushed back by her companion.

“No no, just sleep, okay? I’ll be right back.”


“I promise. Sleep tight.” The older girl fast walk out of her room and into the living’s. She gave the bag of treats to her mom and announced that she and her friend will retire for the night.

“Isn’t it a bit early to go to bed?” Taka-mama questioned, finding it weird that her child isn’t staying up late like most people her age.

“Atsuko is tired and I’m pretty exhausted too. We won’t be coming out for dinner. Good night mom.” She walks back into her room and changes into her pajama. She’s not shy about it because she had already checked to see if the other girl was asleep.

As soon as she climbs into bed, Acchan rolled over and snuggle up to her. She smiled contently, and slowly drifts off to dreamland.

For the next day, instead of going out like they did previously, they spent it indoors instead. They’re happy with just having each other’s company and sleep.


I know this is very short, but I needed to end chapter 1 to this story before starting on 2.
Sorry for all the grammars... and I know this part 1c is a bit weird, but I think it helps build Minami and Atsuko's character...
Anyway, please continue to be patient with me.

@Mina: Thanks for always reading my stories. I'm not giving up, it just takes a long time for me to write.

So which stories would you guys want to see next? I'll let you guys vote for that ^_^
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Oohh how I miss this story to be in the first page...
Their small date is so cute

*p.s I'm waiting for Maji and Nisemono

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you are alive!!! *hug*  :farofflook: :farofflook:
where have you been? it's been awhile i thought you got kidnapped by alien! LOL!!!
but im happy you back,seriously.
i really hope you back with nisemono but its okay.
seeing back is enough for me.
please dont give up on your story and dont worry,i will always be your loyal reader ^^
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Lezperv-san!!!  :thumbsup
Thank you for coming back and updating!
I wish the fic is really happening in reality.
I do hope you'll continue to update.
Thank youfor the update!  :cathappy:
Keep it up and good luck!
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Finally,  some simple Atsumina story (well, more like next part)!  :D
Some while I was loosing interest to read anything, but thank you for making me read again (little bit).  :)
About what to update next - hmm.. Probably, I am okay with all your stories, so.. next is depend from your imagination..  8)

Any way, Thank you for still updating them!  :peace:
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Re: [AtsuMina] Futari 1c (9/7/16)
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Hi!!! I'm new here and it has only been a month when I found out about akb48 and it has also been a month since I've been crying my hearts out because of atsumina. 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭 so addicted to them now. 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶 these fics make me happy. I almost lost hope when the fandom seems inactive so thank you!!!!😆😆😆😆😆

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Re: [AtsuMina] Futari 1c (9/7/16)
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TakaYuu Ah, nostalgie!!!
Lezperv-san we remember you and look forward to.

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[AtsuMinaUta] Nisemono 8 (9/30/16)
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Hey everyone! Since only two people actually told me which fic they wanted to see next, it will be Nisemono.

I'm kinda low key angry that Minami is now dating this older guy out of nowhere. First it's Atsuko, now it's Minami... my AtsuMina heart is breaking constantly  :err:

@Genkikid: Thanks for reading ^_^, not a lot of people read AtsuMina anymore so mine got buried lol
@ryu201: Arigatou ne~ :deco: I'm alive and well. Please continue reading my story  :love:
@phoenix0i: I wish the fics are real too. I'm hoping the thing that Atsuko said about marrying Minami when they're 40 is still true :inlove:
@black_maa: Lol what do you mean by "finally simple AtsuMina story"? Are there weird stories out there? Please don't stop reading, ne?
@~roxas~: HIIII!!!! Welcome to the fandom! I'm really surprised that you're into AtsuMina since new people tends to like the newer couple. Thanks for reading  :heart:
@Drakon: I plan on continuing the TakaYuu story and give it an official name, but idk yet.


Chapter 8

Minami POV

Today’s the day. The third date that I’ve been looking forward to. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the time I spent with Atsuko last night, but I also want to see what Uta has cooked up for me. She’s always so thoughtful, and spoils me crazy, but I kind of like that change.

I’ve always been the one to do whatever someone else wants, but that’s mostly friends, though it’s especially so for Atsuko. Whenever she pouts and whines, I just give in. Her smile is the death of me, so I’ve always spoiled her.

It was already 10AM by the time I got ready. Atsuko was still asleep since we stayed up pretty late last night watching some of the old movies that we’ve seen before. I know the car was already parked below my apartment to pick me up, but I feel that it wouldn’t be right if I left without a note.

I’ve already made breakfast and put it in the microwave.
I’ll be going out and won’t come home till later today.
Don’t wait up for me, okay?

I quickly grab my bag and head out the door, going towards the taxi below. As I got inside, the driver greeted me, but said nothing else. I guess I really won’t find out until I get there.

The car ride was quiet, so I had a lot of time to think. What is really the point of this program? Is it even real? I mean, all the camera man is there and so are the staff people, so it doesn’t seem fake. Also, the time for my friends to meet Uta is coming up. I’m really nervous about that because no one is supposed to know who she is yet.

Since all the others think my date is a boy, maybe Uta could dresses up like one? What am I saying? I can’t ask her to do that. This isn’t some segment from AKBingo.

I think I just need to breathe and calm down. Try and think about the date instead of what’s to come, but if I delay this, who knows what’ll happen.

What I’m worrying about the most is how Atsuko would react to my date being a girl instead of a boy. We have such a good thing going on right now that I don’t want to ruin it.

I know she’s pursuing me as a love interest and a part of me still loves her, but I can’t go through her leaving me again. I think best friends like we’re used to be is the only option right now.

Best friend cooks for each other, snuggling up to each other while sleeping, and kisses each other on the cheeks, right? They hold each other’s hand and hug each other a lot too, right?

That’s what Atsuko and I did yesterday after we left the building to go home. I still can’t believe she was out grocery shopping for our dinner, and was stalked by that jerk face.

I’m just glad she felt better and that she came to me for help. I really wouldn’t know what to do had I heard this information from someone else. I think I would go ballistic.

Throughout the night, Atsuko has really been behaving herself. She only touches me or kisses me when I’ve given her permission. Never once has she strayed and do anything more than what she had asked for. Though I appreciate the effort, I feel that it’s not very Atsuko-like, and it’s kind of bugging me a bit. I don’t want her to change herself for me if it constricts her or makes her feel trap.

What if that was the problem with her last relationship? Did the guy want Atsuko to change? There’s nothing wrong with Atsuko at all, except for a few minor things, but that’s not enough to change at all.

Am I making Atsuko feel that way? I hope I’m not, and we still haven’t discuss what had happened yesterday at all. I’m frustrated with not knowing when it comes to her safety. I need to call her right now and see if she’s okay.

“Takahashi-san, we’ve arrived.”

Damn it.

I didn’t think we would be here already. Alright, I have to put it in the back of my mind and enjoy this hang out with Uta since I didn’t get to see her yesterday.

“Thank you.” I replied to the driver before stepping out.

I can see the camera man rolling, but I kept walking, looking for my friend. When you’re in AKB for eight and half years, you’re used to the tech following you around.

I spotted Uta waiting for me on a bench. She saw me and waves enthusiastically. I chuckle at how adorable she looks.

“Minami~ I missed you.” She stood up and gave me a hug, which I happily reciprocated.

“Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday.” I still felt bad for cancelling last minute on her.

“It’s okay, I understand, but I’ll have you all to myself today, right? She smiled widely at me. How can I refuse that?

“Yes, so where are we going?” I looked around, seeing many stores, so I couldn’t figure which one would be it.

“Right here, come on.” Uta pulled me with her to a manga store. Correction, it’s a manga café. We were immediately placed in a corner, I assume for privacy, which I’m really okay with.

“I heard they make some really good food that’s based off of manga characters. There’s one that has Luffy in it, and since I know that you like One Piece, I hope you’ll like this place. She said it so fast that I could barely caught all of it. I think it’s quite cute that she’s nervous because I speak fast when I’m nervous too.

“Uta, I really like it so far, relax okay?” She nodded, breathing in and out slowly.

“You’re really thoughtful for remembering that I like One Piece and for bringing me here.” I grabbed her hand and squeeze them, showing her my appreciation.

“How could I forget?” I still have our couple’s phone charm, see?” Uta showed me her cell, and true to her word, it was still dangling there.

“I still have mine too.” I smiled, showing mine as well.

We’re both grinning at each other like we’re idiots, as the waiter came by to get our orders. Though we asked for a few more minutes since we didn’t look at the menu.

“Hmm, what are you having?” She asked me over the top of the list.

“I think I’ll get… the gummu omurice. What about you?”

“I’m getting naru ramen, How about drinks?”

“Um… caramel miruku tea with tapioca. You?”

“That sounds really good. I’m gonna try the thai miruku tea with tapioca as well.”

We wave the waiter down and gave him our order. In the meantime, Uta told me that she had used my name a few times to get out of her work. I already told her that it’s fine, but she still feel the needs to tell me about it. I told her that I’ve completed most of my paperwork and had a few private dance lesson to myself to get into shape.

“Minami you’re already in good shape, you’re a bit too thin if anything else.” She laughs, but I know there was no harm behind it.

I couldn’t exactly tell her that my dancing was due to thinking too much. That would make me seem weird. Out of all the things that I could use to distract me, it would be putting my body into physical strain. I mean, who does that? You…

Our drinks came by which tasted really good. We traded sips to try the others’ and both are equally as tasty.

“Ne~ after this, I’ll be taking you somewhere else, if you don’t mind.” This girl is unbelievable. This is her date, so whatever she wants to do is fine with me, and yet, she still wants to see if I’m up for it.

“Yeah, I don’t mind at all, and I kind of figure we’ll go to many places.” She seems surprised that I knew there were multiple destinations. It’s not that hard to assume so, was it?

“You don’t happen to already know the next spot, do you?”

“I don’t.” I reassure her. She looks like she was going to freak out.

“Okay good.” She sigh a breath of relieve, but I can’t help to find it all amusing.

“Hai, sorry to kept you waiting. Here is gummu omurice and naru ramen. Please let me know if there is anything else that you may need. Enjoy.”

I look down at my plate and can see why it’s named after the devil’s fruit. The omelet rice was shaped into it, with ketchup outlining its bite mark. I glance over at her order and it was just a typical ramen bowl, but it included all the fillings and extra pieces of what Naruto would have. They both look too good to eat. We both quickly took a picture of the presentation before savoring the unique piece.

“Itadakimasu~” She digs into hers with mouth full, but I can still see her smile through it.

“It’s pretty good Minami, wanna try?” She put some noodles onto the spoon with beef on it and scoop up some soup before bringing it over to me.

“Ah~” She fed me and I have to agree, the ramen and the stock is quite tasty. The broth was thick and fatty. The noodles was firm, but also soft.

I look down at my food again before using a sppon to get a portion. The inside is pretty red, but I’m okay with that because I like ketchup.

The taste is pretty similar to other omurices that I’ve tried before, but it was still good nonetheless. I got another portion and brought it forth for Uta to try a piece. She smiled at me before taking the bite. She looks really adorable enjoying all these food.

Another similarity between Atsuko and Uta is definitely food. Their love for food is so great, I wonder if I would come first before the meals sometimes. Of course I’m only joking, but hey, you never know.

We both just finishes with our lunch when she’s already hyped about going to the next destination. We paid for our meals before she leads me upstairs. I was confused to why we’re going up there until she pushes me into a booth. Apparently the manga café has a resting place for people to relax and read manga or to go online using the provided computers.

I’ve heard of this type of establishment before, but never have I been to one or seen one. It is actually pretty cool, and I’m glad to experience it with Uta.

“I’ll be right back, okay? Don’t go anywhere else.” She told me. I won’t be leaving the booth anyway, but it’s still quite funny for her to have to tell me that. I won’t just ditch her. Is that what she’s afraid of?

I look around the small room. It’s actually nice looking and seems very homey. There’s a sofa for couples or friends. There’s two headset so that other people won’t hear it and you won’t hear them when you’re watching something on the computer.

“Alright, I’m back.” She brought in drinks and snacks, and settle it on the desk.

“So, what do you want to do?” I turned to her as she took a seat beside me.

“I thought maybe we could watch some anime that you haven’t seen before, but are interested in.” I believe she’s blushing under my eyes. I don’t think anyone has ever been this great with me, spoil me nonstop. It was really refreshing to be the girl in the relationship.

“I would like that.” I smiled, reaching out to hold her hand.

She picked up the remote for the computer screen and turned on Netflix. She went to the anime section, and turned to look at me.

“What do you have in mind?” She handed me the device.

“Hmm, how about Detective Conan? The new movie came out about a month ago.”

“Yeah, anything you want.”

I clicked play, and we waited for the screen to load. She handed me a bag of chips before scooting closer to me. I looked over at her, but she weren’t looking my way at all. I chuckle seeing the pink shades on her cheeks.

For the next 30 minutes, we were solely focused on the movie playing. It was just so good. The mystery, the solving, and the murder are always interesting.

We went through a few more bags of chips before Conan was over. I turned to look at her to see her reaction, but she was already looking at me.

“What did you think of it?”

“Your taste in anime and manga are spot on.” She smiled and looked down.

I eyed what she was looking at, and it was our hands entwining with one another. I wonder when we started holding hands. I gave it a squeeze so she can look back up at me.

“if you ever need any recommendation, don’t hesitate to ask me.”

“Thanks Minami. Are you ready to go somewhere else with me?” She smiled with her nose crinkled. It reminds me of Atsuko’s special smile.

“Hmm, where are you taking me now, Kohaku-san?” I chuckled as she looks affronted. It really is fun to tease people.

“Hi-mi-tsu Takahashi-san” I laugh at her playfulness as she pulled me with her.

I continue to follow her without any question because I know the next place will be equally as enjoyable. I’m glad she picked out relaxing places. I don’t think I would like crowded area too much, unless it’s for shopping.

She led me into a tall building and we took the elevator up to the top floor. I read the sign that said beauty on it. Now, I’m aware of what activity is up next. I think it’ll be fun to get some treatment done and just chatting with one another.

“Hi there, I have an appointment for two under Kohaku.” While she checked us in, I skim through the area. I seems very mellow and quiet. A good place to let go and enjoy.

We were shown to the back room where we could slip into something different than our own clothing. We headed out and was asked to sit on a chair that sets our head over the sink

The massages that I’m getting on my head felt amazing. They’re shampooing my hair and conditioning them, but it has a cooling sensation afterwards, which I really like. I can really fall asleep right now if I wanted to.


“Hmm, yes?”

“I booked us for the whole treatment, so there are more to come.”

I looked up at her as my lady finishes up drying my hair. I don’t know how much they charged here, but I know a full service is quite costly, and I would not like it if she paid for everything.

“Let me pay my half, Uta.” I was lead towards a cushion table to lay on top of it face up.

“Actually, the program offer to pay this, so you don’t have to worry.” She reaches out to pat my hand in assurance.

We continued to lay and relax as the ladies put cream on our faces. I picked the aloe one and she picked the green tea. It smells quite good. I think you can actually taste these if you wanted to.

After our face, they moved down to our arms and legs. They put some kind of scented oil on and massages us. I don’t think Uta and I were talking at all since we both were just enjoying the services.

I think I even fell asleep for a bit. By the time I reopened my eyes, it was already five in the afternoon. I looked around to see Uta asleep as well. I gently tried to wake her up, but she whines just like Atsuko. I wondered why the staff member didn’t wake us up.

“Uta, it’s already five, we’re leaving soon.” I shook her gently, hoping that would be enough, but it wasn’t.

“Uta, wake up.” I tried a little harder, and she finally opens her eyes.

“Hmm, Minami…” She got up and rubs her eyes. She looks around to see only the two of us in the room.

“Come on, the shooting is almost over, we have to change.” I got into the changing room and put my clothes on. I took my time, wanting to look good for myself and for the camera.

We both met at the exit of the shop and walk down towards the street. We headed towards a park where there isn’t a lot of people, and sat on one of the benches.

I felt a warm hand sliding into mine. By now, I’m pretty used to holding hands with her. Even though her hands are bigger than mine, I kinda feel safe in them.

“Neh, Minami…”

“Nani?” I wonder why she seems so serious.

“What… what would you say if I retire from my career?” She turns to look at me, but I don’t have any answer for her. I was too surprised to form any coherent words.

“It’s okay Minami, take your time…”

I smiled at her to show my gratefulness. I like how she understood that I needed some time to tell her what I think, instead of jumping into conclusion, which is what Atsuko would have done. I’m really amaze by how quickly Uta knows me, when we’ve only known each other for about a month.

“What lead you to this thought?” I want to know if there was anything to do with this decision of hers.

“I… I would be lying if I say you didn’t have anything to do with it, but I also want to retire for my own self. I want to try other careers and see if I’ll do well.”

“I think it’s really admirable that you want to try something else, and of course I’m willing to help you, if you need it… I just don’t understand what I have to do with it…” I was genuinely confuse.

She laughs, and I think it’s at me, but there was no mal intent behind it.

“Well, if I were to date AKB48 no Takahashi Minami, I have to be respectable too.”

Now, I understood what she meant, but I don’t feel the same way. She doesn’t have to be famous or rich to date me. She just need to be herself, and that’s enough for me.


“I want to be clean, and I know my past can’t be erased, but… I don’t want people saying Takahashi Minami is dating a JAV Idol. I feel you deserve to date someone you can be proud of… and I want to be that person…”

“Please shut up.” The more she talks about how people would react and how she thinks she doesn’t deserve me, the angrier I get.

“I don’t care what people say, Uta. I only care about me and you. Please don’t think that I’m a pedestal that you can’t reach because I’m not.” Can’t she see that I’m just a normal human being?


“I’m not done.” I cut her off, and I know it sounds like I’m scolding her, but it’s for our benefit.


“If we were to date, it’ll be Takahashi Minami dating Kohaku Uta with no title attached, but it may be difficult because of the industry we’re in. I get that… Just, keep in mind that it’s us in the relationship, not other people.” I know I sound like I’m giving a member advice, but being straightforward seems to be the only way to get through to people.

“Sumimasen…” A staff-san gave me a card and told me to read it out loud.

“I wonder what it says.” Both Uta and I are curious.

“Takahashi-san and Kohaku-san, thank you for your hard work for the past few shootings. We have a few surprise guest that we’ll be bringing into the show, so please look forward to it.” I finished reading, and normally I look forward to having guest on the program, but I can’t help to have a bad feeling about it.

“Hai, owari desu. Otsukaresamadeshita” A staff-san shout out. Everyone collected their material and started packing up. We both stood and started walking towards the company cars.

“Takahashi-san, Kohaku-san, the show will on be TV tomorrow. Please continue to keep this quiet until then.”

“Wakarimasu.” We both bow and continue on.

“Minami, thank you for telling me off, and I’m sorry for making you feel that way.” She apologizes to me in a puppy dog manner, even though I wasn’t really mad.

“It’s fine. I know it’s hard for people to think Idols are normal girls sometimes…”

“Well, I’ll stop doing that then.”

I was about to reply back, but a kiss on my cheek had stopped me from doing so.


“Since I’m treating you like a normal girl, I should be able to kiss you whenever I want.” She grins widely.

“…” I’m too flabbergasted to say anything. I didn’t expect for this turn of event.

“I’m just joking Minami. I’m still waiting for you to tell me to kiss you.” She teases me by doing kissy faces at me.

“Hmm, I don’t think I’ll ask for one any time soon.”

“Eh? Minami hidoi~” She pouts, and continue to do so even after we reached my car. I chuckle at this girl’s tactics.

“Now stop pouting. We have to talk about tomorrow…”

“What’s tomorrow?”

“You’re meeting my friends, remember?” The look on her face is like she had seen a ghost. It was quite hilarious if it weren’t for the situation.

“So what’s the plan?”

“I’ll meet you somewhere before we go and see them.” I don’t really have any plans because there’s nothing we could really do to delay it since they are stubborn people.

“We’re not supposed to tell anyone though…” She has a point, but since the episode will be airing on the same day, it should be okay right?

“You could dress up as a boy and hope they don’t find out.”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll do it.” She smiled widely.

“Uh… I was just joking…” She knows that I was just playing, right?”

“I know hehe~” I detect something suspicious behind that laugh, but I’m too tired to find out.

“Alright, well good night Uta, I’ll text you about tomorrow.” I opened the door to my car, but before I got in, I gave her a quick hug.

“Oyasumi Minami.” She held me longer than what a quick hug should be, but I didn’t mind.

“Un, mata.”

The door was closed and we waved. I sit back and close my eyes. Even though today was relaxing, it was also tiring. I just can’t wait to go home.

I wonder what Atsuko has been doing all day…


Third POV

“Hmm, Minami?” Acchan woke up from her sleep, but she didn’t know that Takamina has already left for her date.

“Minami?” She sit up from the bed, not feeling the other girl’s presence made her look around. She found a note sitting by the bedside table.                                                                                                   

I’ve already made breakfast and put it in the microwave.
I’ll be going out and won’t come home till later today.
Don’t wait up for me, okay?

Still holding the note, she walks out to the kitchen and heat up the food. She smiles, knowing that the shorter girl had made an effort to make her breakfast before leaving.

Where did she go? How late is she going to be?

While brushing her teeth, she assumes Takamina had headed to the AKB Theater since that is the girl’s job after all, but she has this nagging feeling inside, and she doesn’t know why.

After finishing the delicious food, she went to change and head out to her company. They wanted her to do some photoshoot for some upcoming magazine, which she didn’t mind at all.

“Maeda-san, please tilt your head upward.”

“Yes, yes, that’s good.”

“Okay, one more, please smile brightly.” Acchan did as she was told, but the effect wasn’t satisfying to the photographer.

“Hmmm, not yet, one more like you’re seeing a love one.” Seeing a love one?



That was the end of the photoshoot, the end of work for Atsuko today. It was still midafternoon when she finishes, so she decided to drop by the Theater to see her friend, and hopefully to grab lunch together.

The distance between her work and AKB isn’t far away, so she decided to take a walk, but what she didn’t know is that someone is trailing behind her.


She heard her name being called by a familiar voice. A voice that makes her go pale within seconds. A voice that held the power to make her frozen in place. A voice that she never wants to ever hear again. A voice coming from none other than her ex-boyfriend.

“Can we talk?”

She didn’t know what to do. All she knows is that she’s in public and he can’t lay a hand on her. She kept walking, but he guy wouldn’t let her go.

“Just listen to me, please.” He tried to stop her by holding her arms, but she yanked it away as soon as she felt him.

“I’ve been trying to get a hold of you at your apartment, but I always missed you.” He didn’t know that Atsuko has been living with Minami, or he did, but he can’t seem to locate it.

“I just want to apologize for the way I’ve treated you. I’m really sorry, Acchan, please give me another chance.” He pleaded with sincerity, but he’s an actor.

“We’re done, Matsuya-san, please give up on me.” Atsuko said her final words and left as quickly as possible.

She fast walk towards the Theater, knowing that he’s following her, but aware that he wouldn’t dare to step into the place.

She quickly went to find Minami, but the girl was nowhere to be found. She went to Haruna and Miichan, hoping they could give her an answer.

“Hey guys-“

“Acchan!” Minegishi rush to give her longtime friend a hug.

“What you doing here Acchan?” Nyan Nyan asked, also giving the girl a squeeze.

“Have you guys seen Takamina?”

“No, she doesn’t do practice with us today, even though it’s our upcoming single… Did you know she’ll be wearing a traditional two piece bikini?” Miichan tries to rouse the girl up, fully aware that her friend would love to see it.


“Yeah, I was really surprised too.” Haruna chimed in with the fun.

“What does it look like?” For a moment, the ex-ace forgotten about the creeper outside, and just fully focusing on what her love one would look like.

“It’s a lilac color with small polka dots. There’s a big ribbon that sits in front of her chest piece, and I think a smaller one on her butt.” Minegishi was really trying to recall the details.

“I want to see her in it…” Acchan blushes as she told them her inner desire.

“Of course you do.” The two No3b girls laugh.

“So anyway, if Takamina is not here, then do you guys know where she is?” The duo shakes their head to her dismay.

The girls didn’t have a clue either, but they think the soukantoku may be busy with her new segment, and they didn’t want to upset their ex-ace.

“Well, do you guys mind if I hang here for a bit? Maybe I could dance with you guys. It’s been a while.” Maeda has the urge to just dance again, it’s a good way to keep oneself fit, and it’s good to be near friends who can protect you while a creeper is outside stalking.

“Yeah, it’ll be like old times.” Even though Kojima isn’t the greatest dancer out there and she’s always forgetful of the moves, she did miss the times she and Acchan chatted about the latest fashion or just hanging around with original Team A before the shuffle in 2009. She had missed Tomochin and Miichan too because of it.

“Mina, look who’s here?” Miichan announced to the remaining members.


“Hey, everyone, hope you guys don’t mind me joining in.” The ex-center girl drops her bag on one of the bleachers and join them on stage.

“Wah~ to dance with Maeda-san.”

Everyone was pretty much okay with having Atsuko join them. To some of them, it’s like the old days and to the others, they get to dance with ex-face of AKB.

“Come on, you can dance Takamina’s part for us.” Minegishi suggested, glad everything went well, but she did noticed the urge to see their captain when Maeda first came in. She decided to send the chibi girl a text before showing Acchan the steps.

To: Takamina
From: Miichan
Subject: Acchan
Hey Leader,
I don’t know what you’re doing, but our eternal Ace is here.
She’s looking for you, and it seems like something happened…
Acchan is staying with us, so drop by or something when you get this.

The message was sent and it was received a few seconds later in the leader’s phone, but she wasn’t aware of it for she was on her third date.

Finally, having some times to herself, she checked her phone to see the message. Instantly, she’s worried, and told the driver to go to the AKB Theater.

Why didn’t Atsuko text me?

Even if the taller girl did text the soukantoku, said girl wouldn’t have seen it in time anyway. What matters is the safety of her friend right now.

“We’re he-“

Before the driver could finish his sentence, the leader has already busted out of the car, and ran inside. She didn’t notice a pair of eyes was watching her. She immediately went to the stage room, and the sight in front of her was indescribable.

Atsuko was dancing gracefully with the other members. She has this smile on that reminds the shorter girl of the ex-center's time in AKB. She was really the epitome of the eternal ace of AKB. No one can take that title away from her is how the captain felt.

Minami continues to watch on as she was mesmerize. None of the members seem to notice their soukantoku standing their like a brick, but eventually the no3b girls did.

The tall and short duo on stage nudge their ace. Maeda look at them and where they were pointing at, she immediately blushed as she finally took notice of her ex-leader.

The chibi captain turns red for being found out. She looks down and started kicking around like a child would.

The duo on stage shook their head while looking at the baka couple. They thought they should give them a hand, so they gently push Atsuko forward.

That’s all it was needed for Maeda to make the first move.


As other members heard the nickname, they stopped what they were doing and stood to take a peek at their soukantoku.

Maeda got off the stage quickly and rush in for a hug. She squeezes tightly and lay her head on the girl’s right shoulder.

“I’ve missed you.” She whispered.

“I’ve missed you too.” Takahashi circled her arms around her ace’s waist, and fully return the embrace.

“Alright love birds, break it up.” Miichan being the variety queen that she is, had to cut in and embarrass her friends.

“What have you been doing here, Acchan?” After giving Minegishi the glare, she was curious to why the taller girl was on stage dancing.

“I… I was looking for you, but then I decided to stay and join them.” The captain can tell that her companion was hiding something, but she decided not to push the girl in front of the other members.

“Ah sou? Tanoshii?”


“Why don’t we dance together to one of our song?”

Takamina suggested as she took off her coat and place her things on the same bench as the other girl’s.


“I hope you remember which one it is, so put it on.” The leader grins, teasing her ex-ace, but she knows for sure that the other girl feels the same way and would pick the right song.

Everyone else continues to watch the duo. They’re curious to see how well the ex-face of AKB and their captain coordinate with each other. To some, they would like to see the magic that was the old generation members, while others want to see if Maeda can actually pick the one that Takahashi has mentioned.

“Mou~ I’ll get you later.” Acchan went to the playlist and scrolled to the song. She clicks start and quickly ran over into her position.

Right on cue.



While the girls were doing the difficult stomp, Takamina couldn’t help but to laugh. The actress joins in because it was too confusing and contagious at the same time.

Atsuko didn’t miss any beat. She kept up with the chibi girl easily, and shines brightly. To the senbatsu members, it makes them feel nostalgic to see Acchan dancing with their leader again, while the others can feel the center aura from the eternal ace and understood why there can never be another one like her.

The song ended and none of them seem to break a sweat, applauds can be heard around the room, making the two girls blush.

“Sasuga leader and ace.” Miichan went up to them and put her arms around each.

“It’s been a while since we see you two dance together.” Kojima commented.

“Maybe Acchan should just join AKB again.” Sasshi jokes, earning a laugh from everyone.

“Anyway, where have you been Takamina-san?” Sayaka asked, earning a quick look from the no3b duo to leave it alone, but it was too late.

“Minami?” Now Maeda was inquiring about it too.

“I was at the shooting for the upcoming program…” Takahashi was never the one to lie, so she told the truth.

“I see…”

Now the tension in the room isn’t happy and warm anymore. It was quite cold and gloomy. No one knows what to do or where it came from, except for four people on stage.

“Well it’s time for me to go, thanks everyone, I had fun today.” Acchan quickly grabs her stuff and leave. 

“Oi, Taka-“

Before the gachapin finish with wanting to tell her leader to chase after the actress, the soukantoku already grabbed her stuff and did so.

“Atsuko matte!”

Hearing the voice of the girl she loves, she slowed down a bit, but still continue on walking. She was surprised that the other girl chased after her. The Takamina from back then would have been clueless and let her leave, thinking that she was busy with another work. This Takamina is different, she has grown up a bit more since her eternal ace has left AKB, and has understood what it really meant.

“Atsuko, don’t leave…” The captain caught up to the girl and held onto her wrist.




“Atsuko, what made you came to AKB and stay here?” The leader knows that part of the problem was that she went on the third date and Acchan didn’t know about it, but she has a feeling that the other one was a bigger issue.

“I… I wanted to have lunch with you after work…”

Takahashi pulled Maeda to the back staircase and sat them both down. She held onto the girl’s hand to encourage her to speak.

“On the way here… he was there, wanting to talk to me. He said he stopped by my apartment a few times, but I wasn’t there… He didn’t know that we’re living together. He apologized and asked for another chance…”

“Atsuko, please tell me you didn’t…” For some odd reason Takamina’s heart started beating really fast, it felt like it might break, depending on the answer.

“Of course I didn’t! I told you, you’re the only one for-“

Acchan was immediately being embraced by the other girl. She felt really warm and safe within those arms.


Hearing how relieve the other girl sounds, Maeda was really happy. She continues to hug the shorter girl until she remembered something that made her stay with the AKB girls. 



“I believe he’s still outside waiting for me…”

“What?!” Takamina was angry for sure. She’s frustrated because she doesn’t know what else to do.

“M-Minami… can we just go home please?” Of course Acchan can sense the change in her friend since they’ve known each other when they were 14. She didn’t want to cause any more problems and would just like to go back to their sanctuary.

The pleading coming from the actress was hard to say no to, so the soukantoku agreed. She took them down the staircase and out the back door to avoid being followed.

From there, they walk towards another street and wave for a taxi to take them home. They know they won’t feel content until they walk into their apartment.

Once the door was unlocked and was locked again, that’s when the girls felt completely safe and at ease. They both went into their room to change into something comfortable.

Midway through changing, Maeda came up from behind and wrap her arms around Takahashi’s waist. Said girl jump slightly for being surprise.


“Let me stay like this for a bit?” Acchan laid her head down on the other girl’s right shoulder and closes her eyes. She likes to be in this position because it relaxes her and makes her calm. She can fall asleep standing up sometimes with how comfortable Takamina feels.

“Mou~ if you’re gonna sleep, let’s sleep on the bed instead.”

“Yada~ I want to spend more waking moments with Minami.” The younger holds on tighter, not ever wanting to let go of this person that is important to her.

“Fine, fine, what do you want to do?”

“Hmm, let’s watch a movie together~” The actress suggested, she always like to see films and she’s happy that she gets to spend one of her favorite things to do with her companion.

“Alright, let’s get into our pajama, and I’ll make some snacks.” The leader quickly puts on her pants and went to the kitchen.

While she opened up her cabinets for snacks, she remembered that it’s pretty much dinner time, so she decided to make food instead. She went for the fridge to see what she can make that would be quick, but also good.

With a quick decision, she pulled out some ground beef, an onion, and some vegetables. She got out her cutting board and a two pans for frying. She peeled the onion with carrots and started chopping them into small sizes.

She then mixes the onions with the beef and added some seasoning. She was too focused on the food that she didn’t notice Acchan had already finished dressing up and was watching her.

“I thought you were getting snacks?” The ex-ace walked up behind the older girl and looked over her shoulder.

“I was going to, but I figured you haven’t had any food since the breakfast I made.” Takamina started getting half of the meat, throwing it back and forth between her hands.

“It was delicious, thanks Minami.” The younger girl kisses her friend on the cheek in appreciation, causing the other girl to blush.

“Un, glad you like it.”

“Ah matte, can you make it into a heart shape? Please.”  The actress voiced out before the leader could place the meat onto the pan.

“Mou~ kodomo ka?” Even though the soukantoku teases her companion, she happily made the hamburger into a heart shape and placed it on the pan. She quickly make the other half the same way and throw it on the pan as well.

“Hehehe~” Maeda laughs with her nose crinkled as she wraps her arm around the other girl’s waist.

“Atsuko, I’m trying to make food here.” Both the girls know that Takahashi was only fake scolding. The chibi girl continue on with chopping up the other vegetables and throw it into the other pan with the already cut carrots. She added salt and pepper for flavoring as she stirred them.

“Hmm, ii nioi~” Acchan feels hungry from the smell of the food. She didn’t even think about the food, but glad Takamina knows her well to make her some. She went to pull out the dishes and utensils, setting them on the counter.

“Almost done. I just have to make the sauce.” She moves the burger onto the plates and places the stirred vegetables on it as well.

“I want to marry you someday.” The actress speak softly and quietly as she took the plates to the dining table.

“Huh? Did you say something?” The captain called back as she mixes the sauce with the grease from the burgers.

“I said I can’t wait to eat it.” The younger girl turns red, but quickly fans her face to cool off.

“Dekita~” The soukantoku brought the pan over and pour the sauces over their plates. She put all the dirty things she used into the sink and joined her friend at the table.

“Se no, itadakimasu~”

“Hmm, Minami, oishii~” Acchan cuts more of the burger into bite sizes and eats them with the vegetables.

Takamina ate her own food as she watches her companion. She loves watching Atsuko eat because the girl could make something simple seems great.

“So were you able to keep up with everyone today?”

“Un~ I just need a few reminders. I know it’s been 2 years since I’ve graduated, but we’ve been in AKB for longer.”

We both finished up with our dinner and brought it over to the sink. The chibi girl started washing her dishes because she doesn’t want to leave it for tomorrow.

“Ne, Minami?” Maeda took the just finished dish, dried it, and stack it up.

“Hmm? Nani?” She continue washing.

“I really want to dance with you again…” The actress reach out for the next dish and grab it, but it was still being held by the other girl. She looks up to her friend who was wearing a serious expression.

“I would like that a lot… to dance with you on the same stage again.” The leader meant what she said because she feels that both of them belong together under the same AKB lights. It wasn’t the same when she was paired up with Yuko as the face of the group. It’s not to say that Yuko wasn’t doing a great job as the center girl, but to Takamina, her ace can never be replaced. No one can be like Atsuko.


“Come on, lets finish this, and then we can go watch a movie.”

The ex-center girl complies and did her part of drying the two pans that was leftover. She would love to see a film with her companion, but she feels like sleeping in the other’s arms instead. Maybe she can do both.

Right after putting everything away, the actress pulled her friend into the bathroom without an explanation, causing the other girl confusion.

“Let’s brush our teeth.” Acchan took both of their toothbrush and put paste on it. She dips them under the running water and handed one to Takamina. Said girl oblige, but continue to have the confusion on her face.

They both finished with their daily routine of washing up, and before the older girl could ask anything, the younger one pulled said girl into their bedroom.

The soukantoku got pushed down onto the bed, with the other girl grabbing for the tv remote, before she hopped on too.


“I want to lay in your arms and watch it together… dame ka?” Acchan pouted with her puppy dog eyes.

The actress was too cute for words. Even if she hadn’t pulled the adorable face, Takamina would have still complied with the girl’s wishes.

There was never a time where the leader had deny her ace anything, except for during practice, when the center girl disagree with her dance movements. Even though they had their fair share of argument, nothing really last long between them because once they started dancing again, they look to each other for confirmation that everything is fine.

“Come here.” The captain open her arms wide for the girl to dive in.

“Minami~” Maeda happily wrap around the older girl’s waist, and lay her head on the other's chest.

“Kodomo ka?”


“Alright, what do you want to watch?”

“Hmm… how about some AKBingo episodes? You recorded them, right?” The question was rhetorical because Acchan knew that Takamina did save them. Before playing the videos, she set the timer on the tv to turn off in 2 hours.

They both watched a couple of the episodes that night, embracing each other tight, and falling asleep together. The girls were so comfortable with each other that a smile is apparent on their slumbering faces, but because they were so at ease with one another, they forgot that the very next day is the same day they both dreaded.


Alright, I hope everyone likes that chapter.

So I haven't been reading any AtsuMina lately... Does anyone have any recommendation? Please no genderbender or sadness or out of character.

Also... would you guys be opposed to me writing TakaYuu fanfics?

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