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Author Topic: Beats of Love [SayaMilky,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] - chapter 16 (18/07/17)  (Read 136666 times)

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 1)
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Update soon! I'm starting to like this! It rocks! :deco:

Update~!! :cathappy: :wub:

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Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 2)
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AND NOW~ CHAPTER 2 is here~ Hope you guys enjoy it. Please leave some comment and feedback.  :bow:

A/N from embee : Please excuse any grammar mistakes since I told Pokemon here to do the editing but since she's waaay too lazy...
A/N from Zhen : NYAHAHAHA  :D Please give some love to this fic and to the both of us too~ Don't forget to click THANK YOU~  :love: share the love~ :deco:


I rushed my way to the door, only to find a smiling Yui standing innocently at the hallway with a carton of beers in her hand.

“Can I come in?”


I wasn’t expecting to see my bestfriend that I haven’t seen for the past 6 months, appearing in front of my apartment. No wonder the knocking on my door. Only Yui would do that to annoy the heck out of me. I squeeze the hell out of her as I hug her tightly with my strong arms.

“Huuurk! C-can’t b-b-reathe!”

“Oppps! Sorry…”

“Looks like you miss me that much, huh? Even wanting to strangle me to death…”


“Well... if only you could stop embarrassing me in the hallway, I would gladly fill you with all the details!”

Yui scratches her head as she looked left and right, afraid if my outburst might catch the neighbors’ attention this late at night. With a grin, I pull the girl into my house.

“Ow ow OWW! Sayaka! Can’t you be more gentle to me?! You’re hurting me...”

“This is payback for ditching me for almost half a year! Your fault!”

“Owww! Okay! I’m sorry, alright! Geez...” Yui rubs her red wrist, resulted from my death grip.

“Just a few months I left you, this is what you have become?”

I give her the glare of the month with lasers shooting out from my eyes. But Yui just shrugged her shoulders like it’s not big of a deal for her. Damn… this is why bestfriends are so annoying. Thank god I love her too much to stop myself from kicking her ass out of my home. She roams around my apartment as I store some of the beers in the fridge for later.

“Oh, yeah… make yourself at home.”

“You live here alone?”

“Yup… I need some privacy for my work.”

She nods her head slowly as she continues observing my place when suddenly, she stops on my working table…

With my laptop on…

Showing the forum…

With unfinished message of Milky…

Hold on... Oh no!

"What are you doing, Sayanee?" As her eyes staring at my laptop screen, I tried to run my slow legs to keep Yui from reading the message, but...

"Milky? Who is that? Wait... Are you sending a message to her? Wow! The great YAMAMOTO SAYAKA is sending a message! That’s something new... What else?"

Aaaagh!!! Why do you hate me so much, Kami-sama?! Hmph! Well, better act normal than be obvious about it… Keep your cool, Sayaka!

“Yeah, yeah... I’m sending a message. Got a problem? Stop looking at my laptop.” I walk towards her calmly and close the laptop.

“Now I’m expecting you to tell me... Why did you leave?” I stare deep into her eyes but after a while she averts her eyes off of me while opening the bottle.
“Wellllllllll… You know...”

“Wellllllllll… Nope, I don’t. Spill it out!”

Yui heaved a sigh as she turns at me with a serious face.

“Just getting tired of your face. I wanted to make new friends so I went travel all around the world and backpacking. That’s all.” She said with a nonchalant face as she sits on the couch like a boss...

“Oh my God. Yui... Such good friend you are. Why didn’t you bring me?! You are so mean... I want to make new friendddddssss too.” I said it with the same indifferent face as Yui. Yep, I’m being sarcastic here.

“Tsk. I can’t hide anything from you, huh....”

“Duh! What do you think being 10 years of friends with you means? I KNOW EVERYTHING.”

“Really? Then you should have known where I have been then.” A smirk formed on her face.

I pause my action from seeing her smirk. She’s trying to break the limit of my patience here. Well done, Yui… Well done. I’ll ignore what you’re trying to do to me, Yui. I decided to give Yui the silent treatment. After about 1 minute of silence, my mind suddenly remembered something...


“Ah! What time is it?” Yui suddenly asked me as I walk to my laptop.

“Ummm… Half past 11?” I look at my watch and said.

“Really? Hey! There’s a movie I wanted to see in TV. Let’s watch together!”

“WAIT!!!! Let me reply the message first.” I quickly rushed to my laptop.

“Hmm? Oh….. I want to meet that Milky-san~” Again! THAT SMIRK! SHE JUST HAD TO! 


“Hmmm? Why?”

“Just because!”

“Just because?”


“Hmmm. Do I look I care?” She keeps walking toward me.

“Yui… Don’t make me turn all gay on youuuu...” I said it with threatening voice.

“Heh? Umm…I don’t mind. But no, thanks..” She turns around and walk away. I swear I could see her face turned pale for a second there. Must be my imagination, though. Oh well…

I open my laptop again. Before I reply Milky message, I see a new unread message. Um? Being curious, I click on it.

Hey, Sayaka.
Are you still there? Well, it’s kinda late so maybe you’re asleep.
Just want to tell you it is nice meeting you… here. LOL
I hope we could talk again like this. You are funny and interesting.
But it is unlikely for me to continue writing so I hope you don’t mind that… 
Well, have a good sleep. Bye! :) Sweet dream~

Now I turn back to the unfinished message and start typing. I could feel Yui staring at me while sipping her beer from time to time.

Yo! Milky!
Haha… Is this better? :D
Em. True. I want to be famous! I think. Haha. Do you want to be?
I KNOW! I love her because of that too!
I didn’t think that there are people that thinks of her like that too! I’m so lucky to know you!
I love her guitar skill the most! I wish my skills were like hers. :/
I like... Of course Yamamoto-san!
So, from my cool deduction and instinct, the story really did happened?
If it is, then I’m so sorry. I didn't know.
Em…. If you don’t mind you could share with me. That is if you want to...
Don’t worry! I always keep secrets safe with me! Cross my heart!
Sorry for the late reply. My friend came over my house without notice so….. late reply.
I don’t mind talking with you at all! I hope that we could be friends too!
I guess you are heading to bed now. :O
See you again! Well... I mean, chat with you again? :P
Sweet dream to you too :) Good nite, Milky.

One click and send…I’m done!

“That is one quite long message you wrote there, Sayanee…”

“Yeah…” I nod my head slowly with a smile on my face… when Yui’s face appearing by my side caught me surprised.  “HEY!”

“I thought it was an essay about your LIFE since you were a baby...”

“What are you doing here?! I thought I told you to stay there!”

“I got bored… Besides, I’ve been thinking. Is a gay Sayaka hot?”

That’s it! With a smirk on my face and a motion of groping, I chased after Yui who’s laughing out loud while trying to run away from my pervert gay side… This scene reminded me of the time we had together during high school. Being stupid and crazy like there’s not even a care in the world. I didn’t realized we had passed out in the middle of the night as we lay on the couch with empty bottles as our pillows and the static television on without anyone to watch…

Just like old times…..

The next day...

I’m sleepy. This is all because of Yui. If only she hadn’t barged into my apartment last night, I wouldn’t be as sleepy as right now. AND THE SONG! GREAT…GOOD JOB Sayaka! After throwing away the bag of garbage together with Yui earlier that morning, I sit on the stool opposite of my guitar.…..

“Nee…” I caress my guitar gently. “Why can’t I make a new song like before…?”

It seems like I’m crazy, talking by myself with a guitar. But me and my guitar share a unique relationship. I always talk to my guitar whenever I’m feeling happy or sad. She’s like my bestfriend… Wait, screw that. Yui’s face came to my mind when I said bestfriend. Her face just ruined my mood. Well... I don’t know what she is, but I do know she is important in my life and I wouldn’t have been here if not for her. It’s like we’re connected with each other… 

“I owe you a lot, G.”



I turn to my laptop when a beep sound came from it. Moving away from my guitar, I sit on the chair of my working table.

Morning! Sorry I fell asleep yesterday night after sending you the message.
I just read it. Ummm… you don’t have to feel sorry about it.
I mean, everyone has their own sad story, right? Mine is just as unfortunate...
It’s nothing much actually. I just… got dumped by my boyfriend.
Well, actually… I was the one who dumped him. Cause he have another girlfriend behind my back.
And guess who?
It’s my BESTFRIEND. Sucks, isn’t it… I mean, I trusted them both but…
Sorry I got carried away… haha. Ummm… nevermind.

Wow… to be treated with a sad story first thing in the morning. You shouldn’t be sad early in the morning. Looks like I need to do something here. Mission Making-Milky-Cheered-Up commencing… now!

Morning Milky. :)
Umm. True everyone have their own story. Hey…. Cheer up.
I don’t want to see a pretty girl like you to get sad.
Maybe the starting of your story is unfortunate
But that doesn’t mean the ending will be the same too..
I’m sure you will meet someone worth of you. :)
Maybe someone like... me? Haha. Joking. :P
It’s okay. From now on! I’ll be your bestfriend! :)
I’ll be a person that listen to all your worries and problem :)
You can trust me. Cross my heart! (I’m DEAD XD)


Now, it’s time for practice!

In the studio…

“Hey! Get your hands off my guitar!”

“Ugh... It was an accident! I didn’t even touch it like… touch it!”

I was about to enter the studio when a commotion happened inside. Oh! If it isn’t Jurina and her arc nemesis...

“Like I care! Move aside!”

“Geez… Chill, will you? I was just about to talk with Rena-senpai.”

Ooookay… wrong move, Tani. You just pour oil to a small fire. This is gonna turn out very ugly… Jurina taps Tani’s shoulder, trying to get the girl’s attention to face her wrath.

“That…” Jurina points at her guitar, “... is my precious guitar! No one touches it except me and ME only!”

“Pssh. It’s just a guitar…”

“What did you say…?”

Greaaaat… She did not just said that!

Jurina slowly approaches Tani in a threatening manner. She holds the girl’s collar, pulling Tani’s face closer to hers as she whispered a death threat. Wait… isn’t there someone who’s going to stop these two?! I see Rena sitting at the couch silently, watching them fight with worried face. I walk towards her and motion for her to stop them before the fourth world war happens.

“Why you…”


Both of them turn their heads and look at the person who said that. It was Rena who’s walking towards them right now..

“Can’t both of you get along?”

“No way!”

“Never!” Both of them shouted.

Rena just sigh, “Jurina... why are you being so sensitive about your guitar?”

Jurina gave a quick glance at Rena with sadness in her eyes.

“You don’t understand… None of you will understand.” After that, she just storms out of the room, leaving us dumbfounded with her outburst.

“Eh? Did I say something wrong?” Rena points at herself as she asked us..

I mentally facepalm. Rena doesn’t remember that she bought the guitar together with Jurina… Things just got worst. However, Yuki abruptly hit the cymbal loudly, catching everyone’s attention to face her gloom feature.

“Tani... You shouldn’t have said that to Jurina. That guitar means a lot to her. Every instrument we play plays an important role in our lives. Like my drum kit, it’s a symbol of independence for me as I bought it with my own pocket money. Each one has a story of it’s own, including Jurina’s precious guitar. I don’t think you would understand, but at least try to respect that… okay?”

Just after Yuki finished with her unusual philosophy way of explaining things, Rena run out of the room.

Jurina’s POV

That girl! How could she had forgotten about it? Maybe it’s only important to me... Why did I even fall for her! That stupid dense egg head…

I punch the wall, unconsciously making a small dent on the innocent surface. Well… not that I care. My fist starts to become painful from the impact of the punch but I ignore it. This pain is nothing compared to the feeling I have in my heart. However, a hoarse but subtle voice of someone from behind had made my heart beat wildly, making it more painful than ever...

“Jurina...” Why did she have to chase after me?

“What?” I tried to sound as cold as I can despite the fast beating of my heart at the moment.

“I’m sorry...” She said in a slow voice.

“For what? You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“But…I forgo-” I cut her words before she could finish it. I can’t bear to hear those words from her.

“Just go back. Tani must be worried…” I turn around and walk pass her without a care on shown on my face.



I yelled out unconsciously as I turn back at her. I can see her flinched from my action. Her body is trembling with fear as she ducks her head low to the ground. Oh great… Don’t tell me she’s gonna cry? I was about to walk away but something in the back of my mind is telling me to not leave Rena here…

Dude… what are you doing? Can’t you see she’s sad?

Eeh… Just walk away, kiddo. She doesn’t need your sympathy.

A kind heart with a kind soul won’t leave a helpless person like that, Jurina.

Don’t listen to that damn Angie, Kiddo. She’s been breaking your heart every second and every day… That CryBaby deserves it!

Hey, Devi! Shut up for a second! I’m trying to save Jurina’s heart here!

Eh~ like it works everytime. PLEASEEEEE.

At least I’m trying! Not like you, lazy ass…


Heaving a deep sigh, I blow air to both sides of my shoulders, blowing away the Devil and Angel of mine. Feeling a weight being lifted from my shoulders, I took a deep breath before walking towards Rena.

“Come on. Let’s go.”

I said without facing her with both hands in hidden in the pockets of my pants. I take some glances at her direction, but that stupid girl won’t even budge from her spot.

“Are you deaf?”

“Huh?” She whimpers slightly from my question.

“I said, let’s go.”

“Ummm… w-where?” I could hear her voice cracked, trying to control herself from crying I guess.

Oh, damn. She’s not just deaf, but an absolute baka too. Letting out an exasperated sigh, I grab whatever I can reach from her and drags her back to the studio. I don’t know what came to me but this thing happened out of my will. I mean… I never have any intention to help her or anything but we have a comeback to deal with and our time for practice is limited. I don’t want to face a barking angry Mayu if something bad happens to the group because of our petty fights.

We soon reach the room after having a long and deafening travel of silence back to the room. I slam the door open, casually making my way inside. But the scrutinizing eyes of everyone makes me feel conscious of myself.


I asked with irritation obvious in my voice but they continue to look at the direction of my hands. I followed their gaze and found out that my left hand is somehow connected to Rena’s right wrist. I was about to release my grip but someone had already snatched my hand away with a strong force.

“What are you doing?!”

Tani had came to Rena’s side, exchanging my hold on Rena with her own hand. I could only watch helplessly as Tani protectively holds Rena’s hands that was in mine earlier. A sudden rush of emptiness could be felt in my hand.

“Why are you doing this to Rena?!”

Tani’s annoying loud voice is seriously making my anger rising up to another level. I take a step forward towards the punk, overshadowing her with my height and stature.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, don’t act like you know nothing! You just hurt Rena, didn’t you?



My day just can’t be any worst. Helping Rena brings nothing but trouble to me.

“Em… T-tani...” Rena calls her with a soft and cracked voice which resulted in Tani turning around to face her senpai.

“Rena-senpai! Did she make you cry too?”

“Umm… Actua-”

“That’s it! Let’s go, Rena-senpai... We don’t have time to face a selfish and arrogant person like her.”

“Hey! Where are you guys going?! We have practice to do!” Sayaka shouted.

“Sorry, Sayanee-san… not today.”

Both of them left the studio, leaving us speechless with the unexpected turns of events. For the first time, I don’t have any comebacks for that annoying brat. For the first time, my mind is on a blank state. And for the first time, I suddenly feel lonely for the loss of warmth as I stare at my hand...

Sayaka’s POV

Yuki had asked for Mayu’s permission to end the practice session early today due to the scene that had happened earlier. I felt sorry for Jurina. I can see her feeling a bit down after the commotion. It’s like she’s out of spirit, unlike the other two… Somehow, I can sense Mayu being a little bit giddy after giving us the permission to leave early. Wonder if she’s been seeing someone in secret… Hmm… Nah! It can’t be! I shake my thoughts away… She’s a scary person, no one can stand her attitude.


Home sweet home! I quickly rush to my laptop and turn it on. I really need to work on our new single right now. Ugh... It’s been like forever! If only I have Aki-P’s brain in my head, I won’t be struggling like this for a simple, short, 3-minutes length song!

LOADING…….(very slow internet….again)

Great….. can’t my internet be any fast? Even my grandma can move faster than this!

As I wait for the computer to load, I reach for my guitar and started to strum some random patterns of chords just for the fun of it. My mind starts to swirl into another world filled with sadness and sorrows as I play a sad tune. However, I can’t seem to put my feeling into the random song as I lost my concentration in less than a minute. Usually I would play any songs till the end but right now I’m stuck in the middle. It’s like there’s something missing in the tune… Something that can be related to me...

One unread message.

Finally! I carefully put down my guitar and face the computer. A smile unconsciously formed on my face as a new message pops out on the screen.

You really know how to cheer me up. But how do you know I’m pretty?
Are you perhaps… been stalking me? ( O////O)
Well, I don’t think I want to experience love anymore…
If all I’m going to get is pain, then I’d rather not fall in love at all.
But perhaps… Maybe, just maybe…
If someone can open up my heart again, I might give love a chance one more time. ;)
Perhaps, a bestfriend...maybe?
Do you really want to be my bestfriend?
I’m a girl that’s really hard to handle… and a bit picky. XD

Somehow I’m looking forward to every message Milky sent to me. I wonder why... I’ve never been into these forums sites of idols or artists made by fans. It’s a waste of time for me and I’m pretty much preoccupied with my band’s work so got no time for it. This Milky, though… this person had captured my attention. Well, I’m really hooked up with her story cause she is such a talented writer but I never imagined us messaging every day like this. It’s a new thing for me. I don’t mind having a cyber friend like Milky. I just hope it won’t get me into trouble in the future…


Without turning away my attention from the screen, I reach blindly for my ringing phone. I answer the call without checking for the caller’s name.


“Hey, Sayanee. Where are you?”

“At home…”

“Ah, good. I need you to come to the studio this evening. I need to discuss something with you guys.”

“Ehh? I just got back and you want me to go there in...” I took a quick glance at the clock, “... 2 hours?”

“Yes. Got a problem?”

“A-aah… No. I’ll be there.”

“Good. Don’t be late!”

“Fine, fine. I won’t! Wait… who’s this?”

“*sigh* You just had to ask at the end of the phone call, huh? It’s YOUR MANAGER!”


I quickly end the call, afraid to face Mayu’s wrath in the phone. I once again look at the clock hung on my apartment’s wall. Well, I still have two hours of free time. I should take a short nap to replenish my energy… but before that. I should reply Milky’s message. Just in case she’s online right now. Just ONE message… and then I’ll sleep!

Hey, Milky. :)
Em…. Maybe I did stalk you? Haha. Are you afraid of me now?
Well, to tell you the truth I never been in love before. (。・//ε//・。)
But I know that true love will come to you one day.
You just need to be patient with Cupid’s way of making people fall in love.
Ah, talking about Cupid…
Today, things have been a bit unpleasant.
Actually, my friends been fighting, that’s why I got off early today.
It’s quite sad seeing them both. I know they have feelings for each other but they are both morons so they don’t realize it yet.
If only they know of each other’s feelings, I don’t think they will always fight.
I mean, one of them has a secret admirer? No… more like a fanatic junior who likes to cling on her senpai.
And that junior reallly annoys the other one.
Okaaaay… I don’t think you understand the whole picture cause it’s…
full of words? I’m bad at telling story T_T
Not like you, though…I’m just a reader >.<”
Sooo…. does this mean I’m already your best friend?
Wait! Picky about what? (」゜ロ゜)」

After 2 hours and a half...



“You’re late… AGAIN.”

I could only bow my head low enough to hide my face from Mayu’s killing glare. I screwed up again this time. I did said I was gonna take a short nap before coming here, right? Nooo… It’s not that I overslept. The thing is, that didn’t happen…at all! I was too engrossed in exchanging messages with Milky, I had lost count of the time. I’m not blaming Milky in this. The girl is just so much fun to talk with I can’t stop replying her message every time a new message pops up. I scratch my head timidly, trying to think of some excuses but Yuki had saved my butt this time.

“Don’t worry, Mayu. I’ll take care of Sayanee…” Yuki give a glance at me which I replied with a grateful smile.

“Well, if you said so…” Oh? Mayu is letting me go? Well this is new… Not that I mind, though.

Mayu ordered the five of us to take our seats on the old couch… Wait, five? Since when did we have another member in our group? That’s when I realized the tension going on inside the room. I can feel the dark air emanating from Jurina as she took some threatening steps towards Tani.

“What are you doing here?” Jurina asked as she forcefully nudged Tani’s shoulder with a finger.

“Hey! Watch it! You shouldn’t do that to your new member…” Tani said with a smirk as she slaps Jurina’s hand’s away.

“You? New member? Hah… you’ve got to be kidding me.” Jurina snorts in disbelief before Mayu interrupts her.

“It’s true. She is now one of your band members, Jurina.”

All of us, excluding Tani and Rena, were surprised with the sudden revelation. Jurina stepped forward to Mayu and yells at her face.

“Her...?! That annoying brat?! What the hell...”

“Hey! Watch your mouth!”

“Shut up! I’m not talking to you!”

“But you’re obviously talking about me!”

“What does it matter-”

Before things got worse, Mayu calmly raised a hand and clamps Jurina’s mouth.

“Both of you calm down or I swear I will disband this group and scout other members that are more favourable and obedient than you guys.”

The threat accompanied by Mayu’s cyborg face had made everyone gulps in fear. In silence, they both obediently walk back to their place. Jurina walk passed me to a lone stool beside the couch, away from the usual place she always occupy; on the couch’s hand rest beside Rena. Out of concern, I nudge Jurina to ask if she’s okay. I was expecting a yell or something harsh coming from her…but instead, she just raised a brow at me, making me respond with the same action too.

“You okay?”

“Yeah...” I can see her eyes sadly looking at the opposite side of the couch for a brief second before her face turns back to the usual cold front. “...just peachy.”

Shrugging my shoulders, I turn my attention back to Mayu.

“As you all have heard before, we’re having another member in our band and that is Tani. Don’t ask me why but this is a request by the Director. Tani is good with keyboard and you guys really need her in your band. Besides, she’s a good entertainer, I think fans would love her. This way, we can have more chances to appear in variety shows and expand our publicity.”

“Yup. And she will be our joker… A stupid joker.” Jurina mumbles softly, but everyone could still hear it.

“What did you just say?!” Tani shouts loudly as she stands up from the couch.

“I’m talking to myself… idiot.” Jurina is really pushing her limit here cause I can hear she whispered that “idiot”. I hope Tani knows what horror she will face when Jurina is pissed off.

“Tani... Calm down will you?” Rena pull Tani’s wrist to calm her down.

“Yeah… go save your lovely junior. What a bunch of morons…”

“Jurina, I expect you to at least keep your calm… or else...”

“Right… If only you hadn’t put her in this group, I would have easily calm down by now, Mayu.”


Uh-oh… I can feel dark storm about to fly by as Yuki calls Jurina’s name with her trademark Black aura.

“I was just kidding, okay?” Jurina said with a defeated sigh before stepping… or more like slamming her boot on my foot on purpose.


“What? What’s wrong, Sayanee?” Yuki ask in concern.

“N-n-nothing… Ahaha…”  I quickly glance at Jurina but she just gave me a cold shoulder and stares deadly at Tani with squinted eyes. Okay. She’s mad. Better keep quiet and hold your pain to yourself, Sayaka...

“I have good news. Your comeback will be in 2 month.”





Everyone turns to the duck sound. It was Yuki, who is at the moment making a duck face while holding her phone at the front.

“Ummm… is she doing a selfie?”

“Just ignore her.”

“So... since your comeback will be delayed, I’m expecting you guys to cooperate with each other especially with Tani, since she’s new and all.”

Mayu taps down something on her book before pointing at Rena.

“I’ll be leaving Tani in your care, Rena. Since both of you are close.”

The girls cheered together, clapping hands and hugging each other like they just won a first prize competition.

“Great. Now we’re gonna be wasting more time than ever… especially with those two always acting like kids.” Jurina purposely mutters loud enough for everyone to hear. I can see Tani about to lash back at Jurina but Rena had quickly holds her down. Mayu lets out a tired sigh.

“What is your point, Jurina?”

“I’m just saying that new brat needs better supervision instead of her BELOVED senpai. Someone that can provide her good teaching and tutoring on how to become a member of a well-known band.”

Mayu nods her head, agreeing with Jurina’s opinion on this.

“Well... do you have any better suggestion, Jurina?”

“What about Yuki?” I voice out.

Everyone is silent for a minute and turn their attention to the girl who is still taking her selfie with her so called adorable face.

“Yuki? I don’t think she’s suited for that role. She has other things to take care of.”

“Yup. Mayu’s right. I’m busy being leader.”

I mentally facepalm from our leader’s response. Busy being leader? More like busy being cute and adorable right now… Geez. What other things does she has to take care of? After a few seconds of silence, a smirk forms on Jurina’s face as she proudly stands and points at herself.

“Let me take care of her.” Jurina sneered, causing Tani to stand and face her enemy with a brave front.

“Bring it on!”

Jurina and Tani look at each other with sparks and lightning coming from their eyes as they reach for each hand for a handshake. More like a pact of war, I’d say...

I exchange glances with Rena who’s looking at them both anxiously. Oh no. This is getting way out of hand, I’m afraid there will be bloodbath soon coming from these two...

“Before that…” Jurina steps closer to Tani with an air of authority as she overshadows the girl. “I need you to follow my 2 simple rules.”

“What rules? I never heard of having any rules.”

“Hey! You wanna stay here… or get kick out before even being an official member?” Jurina smirks after whispering the last part to Tani. I can see Tani fuming in anger but she just nod slowly while still glaring at Jurina.

“That’s a good girl…” Jurina pats Tani’s head but the girl swats her hand away which Jurina just shrugs it.

“First rule first. You…” Jurina purposely pokes her finger on Tani’s chest. “...have to listen to me.”

“Tch… Fine!”

“Now, the second rule is….”


“You just need to follow the first rule. Easy.”


“Yukirin… am I being unfair and unsquare about this?” Jurina asked as she crosses her arms still with that deadly smirk of hers.

“Not really… I don’t see any harm in this. I got no problem with the rules… right, Mayu?”

“Anything Yukirin says~ U-umm… I mean. Since, she’s the leader… y-yeah…”


“Well… if it brings benefits to the group in terms of diligence and discipline, I’m good too.” I said with a shrug.

“Ummm… ano…” Rena was about to say something but a side glance coming from Jurina makes her cower in fear. “I’m… I’m okay as long as Tani is fine with it…”

“Well… now that that’s settled, we’re going to have a formal introduction with each other.”

Mayu stood up as she bows slightly at Tani, “As you know, my name is Watanabe Mayu, Beast Wings’ manager.”

“My full name is Yamamoto Sayaka. The songwriter and lead guitarist. I also provide supporting vocals together with Jurina. Nice to meet you again, Tani.” I said in a cool way and a salute, trying to be polite.

“You know me, Tani. Rena-chan the bassist of the group, at your service!” Rena said with both hands clasped in front of her like that of an innocent but happy girl.

“Matsui Jurina. Second in charge, lead vocalist and main guitarist.” Jurina said with both hands in her pants’ pockets. Well… that’s one hell of a cold introduction. As expected coming from Jurina.

Everyone turns to Yuki, waiting for her self introduction but the girl wasn’t even paying attention as she did multiple poses on the couch. I decided to take matters into my own hands and introduce our air-headed leader.

“The one playing with the phone is Kashiwagi Yuki or Yukirin. The leader and drummer of the band. She might act like this but you don’t want to mess with her, Tani. She’s more dangerous than the cold Jurina when she’s pissed...” Yuki just raised a hand with a slight wave before continuing her session of taking selfies.

“Mayu, let’s take a selfie.” Yuki voice out.

“Ack! Uhh… umm... y-yeah, sure!”

“Oh! Let’s take a group selfie! To commemorate our new member, Tani!” Rena said happily.

“Tch…” Both Mayu and Jurina glare at her but since Yuki agreed to it, they can’t do anything except to get on with it.

“Make it fast. We still need to practice.” Jurina grumbles loudly with irritation obvious in her voice.


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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 2)
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Hey there!! Im back to comment!! :) first things first, by far, i love this chapter's cover photo. Haha. You should know the reason why. :P Anyways. On to the story. Its really good. The emotions and the story. Jurina is quite scary. But then again, i am not one to say because i tend to be that way towards people who annoys me. :nervous Sayanee is having problems with composing huh... I got a feeling milky will become her muse!! Ahh!! I really like the way you two are able to convey the story with such good emotions. When i was reading it, i really felt like i was in their shoes!  :thumbsupThank you for the updates!! And hope you update soon!! :D And thank you once again for your well wish, zhen!!

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 2)
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Please update chapter 3 ASAP !!!

They all seems afraid of Yuki when she's mad  :P
Black Yukirin sure is scary
And Mayu is obedient to Yuki  :lol:

Btw, how about you add a rival for Rena too? lol
I mean, Rena has Tani, right? So, how about Jurina?

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 2)
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OO~ :shocked:

where was Yui all this time?? the reason for her dissapearance?

so looking forward Jurina 'disciplining' Tani. Update soon! :omamori:

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What has Yui been doing all this time, while she was away :dunno:
Sayaka and Milky are already getting to know each other more :hee:
Having Tani as a member :shock:
Things are going to be crazy especially since Jurina is the one taking care of her :sweat:
Why did I even fall for her! That stupid dense egg head…
Jurina had always had feelings for Rena :tama-yeeaah:
I hope Rena realizes Jurina's feeling  :mon sweat:
Uh-oh… I can feel dark storm about to fly by as Yuki calls Jurina’s name with her trademark Black aura.
Well, never mess with Yukirin when it comes to Mayu :on lol:
The cover photo's are really cool :mon thumb:
Update soon :k-thrilled:

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“Mayu, let’s take a selfie.” Yuki voice out.

“Ack! Uhh… umm... y-yeah, sure!”

“Oh! Let’s take a group selfie! To commemorate our new member, Tani!” Rena said happily.

“Tch…” Both Mayu and Jurina glare at her but since Yuki agreed to it, they can’t do anything except to get on with it.
Oh just destroy the mood :banghead:

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waaaa i like it alot

hope paruru appears soon...
Fanfic: Towards my dream (Atsumina,Kojiyuu,Mayuki etc)


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Wow Jurina is sure the easily jealous type of girl :sweat:

I can imagine Tani being all clingy and annoying hahah :mon suspect:
I hope Wmatsui realize their feelings for each other soon  :thumbsup :peace:

And me wants to know more about Yui !! And when's the exposure over Mayuki's relationship gonna happen hehe  :mon dance:

Btw, awesome chapter ! Cant wait for the next !  :mon thumb:

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My new favourite fis is decided! I like the plot and the characters so much, they're so interesting and funny (especially Yuki).
I love the movie like scenes, what so easy to imagine, I like this writing style. You are a really good writer and this fic is awesome! Thank you for writing this, and please, update as fast as you can! ^^

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 2)
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Finally has a time to read this,

So the main actor was sayanee right?

Love it

Its fun when the other doesnt know that their leader dating their scary manager lol

Wmatsui well yeah they need private time i think,maybe someday lol

I guess yui and paruru will be more often comes right?wonder what their role in here

Milky aww sayanee cyber friend,hope they meet for real

Oh can i ask you one thing?
The girl with denim jacket who help rena on the concert is it jurina or sayanee? Im kinda confused because i though jurina is the center and the one who wear leather jacket



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Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 3)
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Please give some love to this fic and to the both of us too~ Don't forget to click THANK YOU~  :love: share the love~ :deco:

A/N from embee : I'm crazyyyyyyy  :panic:
A/N from Zhen : I'm crazy too~ Sorry for not Updating My "promise me" fanfic. Um~ Maybe I'll just leave it like that as the ending~  :roll:


After 4 hours of non-stop practice...

“Okay guys. We’re done.”

“FINALLY!” Tani voiced out in relief.

“Not you. Continue your practice. You still have a long way to go with your keyboard.” Jurina said with a serious face.

“Ehhh?” Tani pouted with a glare directed at Jurina, “What about you? Aren’t you going to practice with me?”

“Of course I am...” Jurina shrugs her shoulders with crossed arms. “… NOT!”

She smirks, playing with her fingers just to annoy Tani more. “I’m going to stay here and observe you, perhaps having a popcorn with soda, until you perfect that song we practiced earlier.”

“Grrr… Fine, whatever.” Tani retorts back with a frown but it turns into a smile as Rena signaled something at her.

“Ummm… is it okay if I stay too?” Rena asks timidly as she approached Jurina.

“Why?” Jurina asked without looking at her.

“It will be better if we go back together. Don’t you think so, Jurina?”

“Sure. If you don’t mind waiting us practice until late night.” Jurina said indifferently, not giving a damn at all of the shocking faces of the two girls.

“EEEH?! Are you serious?!”

Jurina just sit there calmly with a straight face, “Do I look like I’m making a funny face right now?”

“But, Jurina… Tani just came today. We shouldn’t pressure her that much.” Rena tried to persuade Jurina to be a bit lenient with the practice but that just made her blood boils in anger.

“What now?! Just because she is new doesn’t mean she gets a special treatment.”

“But… can’t we leave early?”

The pleading look from Rena makes Jurina feeling slightly guilty. After contemplating for a while, Jurina nods her head.

“Perfect the tempo for this song, then you’re good to go.”

“Heh… That’s a piece of cake! I’ll show you my talent with this keyboard! YOSHAA!”

Tani immediately rushed to her keyboard, cracking her knuckles and fingers to perfect the song in one play only.

“Thank you, Jurina.” Rena said with a smile but Jurina pays no heed as she keeps her cold facade all throughout the practice, trying to hide the mixed feelings she’s been having whenever Rena is there with her.

Jurina’s POV

“Always looking after her baby Junior like that punk can never walks on her own. Tch… Just like her ex-boyfriend.”

I silently cursed at the way Rena try to protect her junior from my torture. Okay… I admit I was a bit rough with the punk but she needs that. That brat is too spoiled and clingy to Rena, it’s making me sick.

“Ummm… I forgot how the song starts.” I turn my head to the whining brat as she made a pouting face at her LOVELY SENPAI.

“It’s like this.”

I merely watch them interact with each other, obviously ignoring my presence in this room. Damn… I start regretting letting Rena stay. I can’t give that Tani a piece of my torturing lesson if Rena is going to deflect all of my teaching. I guess I can rest a bit while Rena take care of her Tani. As I watch them together, a certain feeling of melancholy overwhelms my soul. I smile as I remembered the first time I taught Rena how to play the guitar...


“I never understand how people can play the guitar.”

“Hmm? Why is that?”

“I mean… how can you control your left and right hand at the same time? I thought only ambidextral people can do that.”

I laugh at the way Rena cutely said her opinion.

“You are such a naive person, Rena-chan.”

“Why are you laughing? You’re so mean…”

“It’s a matter or focusing your mind with what your hands want to do.” I approached Rena’s back as I hold both of her hands in front of her face.

“Our hands have a mind of its own.” I closed the distance of her hands as I brought them together while she listened tentatively to what I’m saying, “ Once you’ve set your mind to a song, your hands will automatically follow the sound you want to make.”

“Ehhh… is that so?”

“Yeah… Let me show you a trick.” I slowly lowered her hands to her lap, each hand landed on each thigh.

“If you pound your right hand on your lap…” I squeeze her right hand to a fist before pounding it repeatedly on her right thigh.

“While stroking your left hand here…” I place her left hand flat on her left thigh, making a continuous stroking motion with it.

“Then, you have successfully become an ambidextral person, Rena-chan!”

I slowly lifted my hands as she continue doing the different motion with both hands.

“Uwoooh! Sugoii!”

“Try to change the movement with another hand.”

“Like this?”

Rena followed my instructions as she balls her left hand to a fist while the right hand opened flat. However, her hands suddenly messed up the motion as she lost her concentration.

“Eh?! What just happened?”

Again, I laugh out loud with her response.

“That’s because you’ve lost your focus, Rena-chan.”

“Is that so…” Rena nods her head as she tried to do the trick several times. With a smile, I walk back to the guitar and play a tune out of it. The room was silent, only the sound of the strings being played in harmony can be heard.

“Nee, Jurina…”

“Yes?” I responded, still playing the guitar.

“Teach me…”

“Huh?” I averts my attention from the guitar to entirely face Rena.

“I want you to teach me how to play a guitar.”

Her eyes were sparkling as she said that, as if she had found a new determination to achieve in her life. I heave a small sigh before walking to her side. I reach out a hand with a smile on my face.

“I’ll gladly teach you, Rena-chan.”

“I’ll be looking forward to your teaching, Jurina-sensei!”

Rena shook my hand for a handshake. Wanting to tease her, I close the distance of our faces as I sneakily landed a kiss on her cheek.


“That is a sign of our agreement!” I cheekily said with a grin, giggling with the way Rena is trying to hide her blush.

“That’s not fair!!!”

“There’s nothing fair in life, Rena-chan~”

“Mou… You’ll pay-”

However, someone had disturbed our moment as he appeared by the door of the clubroom.

“Umm… Is Rena here?”

Hearing her name being called by the familiar senpai, Rena immediately rushed to his direction.

“Senpaaai! What are you doing here?”

“I thought we’re going to have lunch together…”

I can see him giving a small pout to Rena, making me feel a bit disgusted.

“Eeeeh? I forgot! Sorry, senpaaaai!”

I turn around and walk away from them. It’s a bit suffocating to see the both of them acting all lovey-dovey like that. But then, Rena pulled my hand, stopping my intention of trying to be invisible.

“Jurina, I’m sorry!” Rena give me an apologetic face, which I responded with a small, forced smile.

“Don’t worry. I have to meet Mariko-sensei later, anyway. Have fun!”

After saying that, I quickly walked out of the room. But not before catching the small smirk appearing on that guy’s face as he mouthed a word at me. I gave him a glare before walking away. I guess it is true, then… That there’s nothing that is fair in life.

End of flashback...

“Rena-sensei~ Is this the way to play it?”

I snap out of my daydream after I heard Tani called Rena as sensei. I don’t I’ll ever get enough rest with these two around. Well, play time is over… I grit my teeth in annoyance as I stand up from my seat.

“Rena-SAN. Stop pampering that BRAT.” I said coldly as I approach them. “She will never be able to memorise the song if you’re going to continue teaching her like that.”


“I thought Mayu asked me to be her tutor? If you’re taking away my job, then what am I suppose to do here? Stare all day at you guys flirting with each other?”

“I-I’m… I’m sorry, Jurina.”

Again… she gave me that same guilty face. I hate it when she does that. It makes me feel like I’m weak. I pinch the bridge of my nose, feeling a sudden headache about to come.

“Tell you what… Why don’t you do me a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Buy me a black coffee from the cafe. Get your junior anything she wants too.”


Rena’s POV

Black coffee, huh….

I never knew she liked black coffee. I remembered she once said that black coffee is only for depressed and gloomy people. She started changing so much, I barely recognize her anymore. It was as if… we are strangers.

Is this what they call karma?

I close my eyes as I tried to stop the tears from falling. Jurina... If only I had realized when you start developing this cold exterior, I could probably stop it before it became worse. My brain is full of questions asking why does Jurina treated me so cold. I wonder what had actually happened to Jurina… the best friend that I once knew. My thoughts were interrupted as the waiter standing behind the counter asked for my order.

“Miss, your order please?”

“Emm... Please get me a cup of black coffee and 2 orange juices. Take away.”

After I pay for the drinks, I hurriedly run back up the stairs to the studio with a thought that maybe something bad is happening to Jurina and Tani. I mean, those two can never stay alone in a room. They might choke on each other’s throat if they wanted to... When I reach the door, I sneak a peek in between the slits. To my surprise, nothing happen. What even surprised me was Jurina is just sitting on the couch with a bored face and doing nothing but eating her chips. I thought she will be teaching Tani….

“I’m back~” I put a smile on my face, hoping it can help lift up the gloomy atmosphere.

“Yaaaay! Drinks~!” Tani shouted with joy as she rush towards me.

“Hold it!” Tani and I stop our movement as Jurina stood up from the couch. She neared us, taking her black coffee together with Tani’s orange juice.

“I’ll keep this.”

“Eh? What do you mean?!”

“Like I said before… Memorise all of our songs first. In the mean time, I’ll think of what to do with your drink.”

Jurina smirks as she took long, noisy sips of her coffee with a wiggle of her eyebrow, just to annoy Tani. She walks away to the couch as she waves Tani’s drink up in the air.

“Wow… this juice looks good. I wonder how it tasted like.”

She’s not serious, is she? To memorise all the songs notes in one day… Even I can’t do that! Tani is not as smart or talented as Jurina is. This is seriously too much!

“Rena-senpaiii...” I soften my expression as Tani whines for my help. I give her my assuring smile as I approach Jurina. Knowing I’m coming her way, Jurina abruptly stood up from the couch while sipping her coffee.

“Eyes on the keyboard!” She shouted at Tani before turning her attention to me.

“Rena-san, if you’re going to spoil her, do it when you guys are alone. Not when I’m giving her lessons.”

“But, Jurina... Aren’t you a bit hard on her? You know it will take at least a week to memorise all those songs!”

Jurina took a quick glance at Tani before facing me. “So... you are saying you don’t trust my teaching method?”

“Of course I’m not! She’s a new girl, for God’s sake…”

“That’s because you have been spoiling her too much, for God’s sake!”

“I did not!”

“You know what? Let’s have a bet, then.”

“A bet?”

“Yeah. A bet…” Jurina gave me a smirk. “If I win, you’re going to stop backing up that brat whenever she pleads for your help.”

“What if I win?” I asked her with crossed arms.

“Well… what do you want me to do?”

“Stop treating me so cold.” I said with a serious face, “Return me the old Jurina that I once know.”

“E-eh…? I can’t accept tha-”

“Deal or not?” I sternly ask, not wanting to play anymore of her nonsense games. I can see Jurina hesitating with the bet for a second before shrugging her shoulders with a nonchalant expression..

“Fine. I’m gonna win, anyway.”

“What makes you so confident?”

“Trust me…”

Jurina turns her attention to Tani, her eyes showing a different light from the usual one. As if she has something up her sleeves that no one can predict.

“I know.”

Sayanee’s POV

I decided to get a nice hot coffee with a nice warm piece of apple pie in the cafe today. I know I should be going straight home but I think I need a new environment to get some ideas going on in my head for the new song. Besides, it’s been a while since I’ve treated myself with some good old homemade pies from this cafe.

“Welcome! May I help you?”

“Ummm… Can I have a Willow Blend with a slice of Granny’s Scrumptious Apple Pie?”

“Sure. It will be 1100 yen.”

“Okay. Wait a second…” I reached inside my bag for my wallet, when I found out it was empty. Oh no! Darn... Where did all my money go?!

“Ummm, excuse me. Is there a problem?”

“Ahahaha… No! W-wait a minute…” Trying not to embarrass myself (even when I’m wearing a cap and a pair of shades) in front of the cute cashier, I pried my bag for any leftovers money but to no avail. Suddenly, a 2000 yen note was slammed on the counter.

“Here. Keep the cash.” the person said to the cashier before giving a wink at me from under her cap. “And don’t thanks me.”


“Yes. That’s my name.” Yui winks at the cute cashier with a charming smirk and a cool pose as she stands beside me… Err… okay it’s not that charming or cool.

“Yui, are you here to pay back the money you owe me before? Such good friend you are~”

“Wha… w-what are you talking about?” I smirk at the way Yui awkwardly gave a smile at the cashier.

“Oh, don’t worry. I know you just got your paycheck today. I know there’s still plenty of money you owe me. It’s okay, buddy!”

I grin innocently while giving a strong pat on Yui’s back as she glares at me with gritted teeth saying YOU ARE SO DEAD. Hah! That’s what you get for trying to flirt with someone in front of me.

After taking our orders, I lead Yui to a secluded table in the corner facing the windows.

“What are you doing here, Yui?”

“Saving your ass, of course.”

“Awww~ How nice~” I pinch both of her cheeks as she struggles to get free from my embarrassing action.

“Geez… I was just walking by when I saw you in here.”

“You saw me… or that cute cashier over there?” I wiggle my eyebrows as I point at the cashier earlier. Yui just smacks me at the head as she puffs her cheek.

“You sure enjoy teasing me, huh?”

“I was just trying to help you with that girl…”

“Speaking of girl… How’s Milky?”

My hand holding the hot cup of coffee stops mid air. I raise an eyebrow with Yui’s question, “...Who?”

“Milky? That forum girl you were chatting with that day?”

“Ohh… Nothing much.” I said nonchalantly as I cut a piece of the apple pie. Yui just stare at me as I delightfully munch the scrumptious treat. A smirk appeared on her face.

“Oh my… Just look at your face now.”

“What? Do I have something on my face?” I furiously wipe my face with a tissue but Yui just laugh at me.

“No. It’s… something else.” She said as she puts a hand under her chin. “It’s like you have this kind of glow when I mention... Milky.”

“W-w-what? Wh-what are you talking about…” I tried to dismissed Yui’s accusation but the girl keep on staring at me.

“See? You even stutter when I said... Milky.”

“N-no… I did not-”

“Oh? Look it’s Milky!”

“Huh? Where? Where is she? Where did she go?”

I stood from my seat, looking everywhere for the presence of Milky like a stupid girl when Yui abruptly laughs at me. That’s when I realized… I just got trolled.

“BWAHAHAAHA!!! Just look at your face! It’s PRICELESS!”

“Stop it!”

“Nooo I can’t!! Hahaahahaha!”

Not knowing what to do, I quickly shoved a piece of the apple pie into Yui’s wide mouth.

“Haha- HURK!”

Yui coughs out as she choke on the pie. I swiftly hands her the water to ease her throat.

“You could have killed me, Sayanee!”

“That’s for making fun of your friend. Don’t worry. I love you too much to see you die today for a piece of pie.”

I said with a cute smile. Now that managed to make Sayanee silent for a while as she wipes her mouth clean of the crumbs and bits of the pie. I suddenly have this urge to check my message for any replies from Milky so I decided to open my laptop.

“Hey, I’m going to the washroom for a while.”


Once again.


Thank god, the internet is fast here. One unread messsssage~


Sayaka ;)
So you have been stalking me? My cute little stalker. <3
I saw your profile photo. You look so ikemen. Maybe I’m falling for you. (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
Oh really? You look so handsome, never thought that you’ve never been in love before.
I hope my next love will stay and never let go of me again.
I’m sorry to hear that. I hope both of your friends will realise their feelings soon.
Or perhaps you could help them? :) Be their little cupid! How cute~ ;D
Haha. Stop praising me. I’m not that great!!!
Ummmm. I wonder~  >:P

Cute little stalker?

Falling for me? 

Why am I feeling so weird. What is this feeling?

Milky~ Are you sweet? ;P
HAHA. so you are not afraid of me huh? Maybe I’ll come to your room at night.
Cute? \(///Σ///)\ no……. I’m not cutee… I’m manly like hell. (╯•﹏•╰)
Haha. How did you know I’m ikemen? I have a mask on. haha.
Nope. Maybe nobody likes me that’s whyyyy…. ;(
I’m sure your next love will be a blessed one. :)
Emmmmm... It’s hard to be a cupid, especially a cute one. Since I’m manly.
You are not great….. but AWESOME!!!
YEAH! I have a new best friend now, moreover she is a pretty-awesome-writer too. (*´▽`*)

Since when did I became so cheesy? OH WELL… at least I earn myself a pretty and cute best friend.

Sayaka <3
I am very sweet! :) Be careful of getting diabetes~ haha.
Oh…. really? I don’t mind at all. Haha. It will be cool to have you here. :D
HAHA! You are soo cute.  Because you have lovely eyes. :)
But I like you! So don’t worry if no one in this world like you. I will always like you. :)
I hope so! :) Haha. Try to help them out okay?
Haha. Okay, I give up. You are so sweet. :)
Well. This new best friend of yours doesn’t know anything about you yet.
Are you going to tell me more about yourself?

Aww... she is so sweet! I wonder how would she react if she found out that I’m the great Yamamoto Sayaka that is loved by tons of fans. Tehee~ Oh? She wants to know more about me huh...  I wonder what I should tell her.

Milky~ :)
Maybe I should go to the hospital tomorrow and have a check up. :P
HAHA! Then maybe I’ll try to fit into my computer screen and pops out of yours! ;P
That… sounds SCAAARY! XD
I do? Um. Wait I’ll go have a look.
……. NOPE. I have panda eyes. LOOK AT MY EYE BAGS! They are HORRIBLE!
Yes, Boss! (salute) I’ll try to help them like my life depends on it!
Heeh… Someone wants to know about me~
Umm… There’s nothing much, really. I’m a songwriter about to turn 20 this year.
You know what? Let’s exchange number. So we can know each other better.
It is easier for me to text you too. :)

After a few seconds, she replied me with her number. I took out my phone and starts texting her. I was too preoccupied with texting my new-found friend that I didn’t realize a presence grinning beside me. A pair of hands landed on my shoulder.

“Who are you texting?”

“WOAH!” That sure caught me surprised! I quickly hides my phone from Yui before she can tease me with it.

“N-no one.”

“Liar! Let me see~” Unfortunately, her agility and fast movement made her succeeded in snatching my phone away.

“HEY! Yui, give that back!”

“Oh? “NabeM”...? Dare, dare??”

“Ugh… no one.” I grumbled as I keep on struggling to get my phone back.

“Heeeh? Fine, fine… Don’t tell me then.” She throws the phone in the air. Luckily I was on time to catch it before my precious phone made contact with the ground.

“SAFE!” I heave a relieved sigh before shooting daggers at Yui.

“So, what are you working at?”

“The new song for the band…”

“What? You haven’t even start it yet? I heard from Yuki that you guys are going to make a comeback in 2 months… How are you going to practice the single song if it’s not even made yet?” 

“Ah… Thanks for asking me that. Making me realized that I’m going to DIE SOON! Yui~ SAVE ME!” I cling onto her shirt with pleading face.

“Oyy! Let go, Sayaka! It’s not like you to cling all over me...” Yui reprimands before making a disgusted face while pushing my face away.

“Ehhh? Even you reject me too?” I let go of my hand and pouted at her.

“Haiz... You know I can’t help you much. But I can give you an idea for it.”

“Oh? What, what?”

“Hmmm… How about… Write about what you felt about Milky and make it into a song??”

“Uh? W-what do you mean by that? I feel nothing about Milky.” Suddenly a rush of heat went up to my cheek.

“How would I know? Maybe you do…” Yui smirks as she wiggles her eyebrows, “Since your cheek is turning as red as a tomato right now. Awww! You look so cute, Sayaka~”

Yui tried to reach for my cute and puffy cheeks but I dodge her attempt as I swat her hands like they are some flies.

“Hands off my cheek!”

“How could you change your emotion so fast? Just a minute ago, you were clingy to me and asking for help...”

“Because… It’s me. Sayaka the Great.” I say it proudly.

“Tsk. So? Do you have any idea for your new song now?”

“Hmmm~ It’s a secret!” I wink to her. 

“Riiight...” She took her coffee and have a sip of it. I swear I saw her cheek turns pink, or maybe the coffee is too hot…

“Sayanee, what time is it now?”

“Around 1.15? Wait, where is your watch? Why do you keep asking me about the time...”

“Ah! I have to go now!” Ignoring my question, she took her bag and ready to leave.

“Hey, where are you rushing to?”

“Work. My lunch time is going to end soon.”

“Work? You didn’t tell me you got work… Didn’t you just came back?”

“Yeah. Someone hired me and I got the job.” She sticks her tongue out at me.

“Show off. Well, have fun working. See ya!”

“Sure!” I just wave back my hand as she rushes out of the cafe.

Yui’s POV

I push the door of the cafe, causing the antique bell hanging on the door to chime. Instead of immediately walking to my workplace, I stop at a corner and take a peek at Sayanee. I can see she’s having a hard time with the song as she stares at the wall in a pensive state. I let out a deep sigh.

I’m sorry, Sayanee… It’s not that I don’t want to help you or stay longer, but I’m trying to train my heart to not to get too attached to you. I don’t want to ruin our friendship the same way Jurina and Rena did. I’ve seen the consequences and I’m not strong enough to go through what those two are experiencing after their fight. It kills me to see you sad, Sayanee. But it’s a torture if knowing the one making you sad was me. That’s why I’ve decided to do everything alone, Sayanee. I’m sorry if I made you lonely, but it’s a small price to pay. Better than losing our friendship because of my disgusting and unwanted feelings for you...

A smile forms on my face seeing Sayanee smiling. I wonder what is causing her to smile as bright as she is right now. The smile that I’ve been longing to see for a long time… The same smile that had disappeared after the death of Sayanee’s parents. How long has it been… High school? No… it was during the last year of our middle school. That poor girl... Her parents were caught in an accident when she’s 14.  It was snowing pretty heavy at that time… I still remembered her face when the teacher gave her the news. It was an embarrassing moment because it wasn’t Sayanee who cried, it was me. She merely smiled at me while patting my head, trying to act like an old sister when it was apparent that I’m the older one. But that smile… it was a smile full of sadness. It wasn’t as bright as when we used to play together. Since then, I only see the same smile, the one filled with loneliness and sorrow, coming from Sayanee.

Konayuki nee
kokoro made shiroku


“Hey, Yui-chan… It’s me.”

“Ah, Takamina-san. What is it?”

“Are you still coming today?”

“Of course! I’m on my way there right now.”

I can hear Takamina-san letting out a deep sigh from the other line.

“I don’t know what to do with you, Yui-chan. One day you ask my permission to travel, then you ask me to find you a job. You just got back here, you know…?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“W-wha… what’s wrong? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?! That’s the real question here, Yui-chan.”

I giggle with the way Takamina-san raised her voice at me. She’s like a mother, a too over-protective mother that worries too much of this cute daughter of her. Seriously, even if she’s just my overly-concerned senior, she acts way too much like my mother. Wait, I think she even exceeds my mother with her concern. She’ll be the death of me, this Takamina-san…

“I’m fine, old woman! You’ll get older by the time you’ve reach 30 if you worry about me too much…”


“Sure, sure… just make sure your hands aren’t trembling by that time, old hag.”


“Oh, gotta cross the street. Bye!”

I end the call without waiting for Takamina’s reply. She must be scolding her workers right now, venting off her frustrations and anger at me towards them. I pity those innocent workers, but life must go on… I took one last glance at the window… only to feel my heart ache a bit.

Sayanee is smiling… because of someone she’s texting on the phone.

I know I shouldn’t be feeling this so the only way left to do is to walk away and believe I am actually doing the right thing by supporting Sayanee with whatever she’s doing…

Just like I said before, life must go on...

Sayaka’s POV

Back to the cafe after Yui left...

Em…. What should I do. Maybe I can use Yui’s idea. Should I? But.... I have no feelings for Milky though. AGH! I scratch my head and think for an idea or concept for the song. Suddenly, my phone vibrates.

From: Milky
What are you doing? ( ^◡^)っ

I smile widely seeing her message.

From: Sayaka
Milky :)
I’m breathing… while thinking of you. (¬‿¬)

DARN! Sayaka, why are you writing all these cheesy words?

From: Milky
Realllllly? Missing me? (。^‿^。)

From: Sayaka
You bet I am. :) So what are you thinking then?

From: Milky.
Someone~ :P Ne, Sayaka~ What kind of person do you like?

From: Sayaka
Someone who breath and have a heart. Not a zombie. XD

From: Milky
Come on~ I’m being serious hereeee…..( =3=)

From: Sayaka
I am serious. (.__.)

From: Milky
Okay. Then, I’ll change the question.
What kind of girl do you like? Like... their personality or so.

Girl? Shouldn’t she be asking me what kind of guy do I like? Oh well...

From: Sayaka
Hmm... Cute? I’m not sure.
I like someone that likes me. :)
Wait. All girls like me…
Do you like me, Milky?

Did I just flirted with her? Sayaka! Mentality facepalmed. When I was about to erase what I have written, I accidently pressed send.

“Oh no…”

You’ve done it, Sayaka!


Great... I don't dare to look at it. Must be embarassing!

From: Milky
Ne... Sayaka likes me?

I don't know why but when I read the message my face totally heats up! My heart starts beating with this odd rhythm I’ve never had before. What is this feelings? Don't tell m-


My phone vibrates again as I just stare at it like it had been exposed with some nuclear substances. I took a peek of the sender’s name…

Oh gosh… That made my heart nearly falls off, thinking that it might be from Milky.

From: Jurina the Sadist
Where’s my 2 cup of black coffee?
You OWE me, remember?

Right... I had totally forgotten about that. But seriously… Did she have to message me for that?

From: Sayaka
How about tomorrow after practice?

Another message came. Thinking that it must be Jurina, I read it without expecting much.

From: Milky
Because Milky likes you too…

Raven _faith : HAHA. WE LOVE IT TOO~ JURINA IS JUST TOO HOT IN THAT COVER~ HAHAH. THANKS FOR THE COMMENT~ :D Maybe you are right for the sayaka part. HAHAH. You'll see~   :D GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT~  XD

olive29: HERE YOU GO! AS PROMISE!  XD ASAP~ About the rival part~ HAHAHA. we will see about it~ THINGS GETTING OUT OF THE HAND NOW~ AS WE WRITE ~ So... we will see what we can do to improve~ THANKS FOR THE IDEA~  :D

Kairi65: The answer will slowly reveal in the future~  XD HAHA. WE DID TRY TO PUT jurina's teaching moment in it~ Hope you enjoy it~ :D


MaYuki x JuRena: I KNOW RIGhT! HOW COULD HER!  :angry:

Ava: GLAD YOU LIKE IT~ As your Pura~ she will appear a bit later~ Hope you can be patient about it~  :bow: THANKS FOR READING! :deco:

menamarco96: HAHA.. JURINA IS~ JUST after watching the Video of TANI and Rena together.... THE emotion just Came with the idea along~ SO YA~

AS for Yui~ SOON~ HAHAHHA. And MAyuki~ NOT So soon (I guess.) HAHAHA~ THANKS!!!!  XD

Kiri-el : You are my Fav comment of the week~ HAHAHA. You just made both of us happy~ HAHAHAH  :D GLAD YOU ENJOY IT~  :D as your wish is my to command~ Hope you did enjoy reading this chapter~ AND you are mostly welcome to comment~ :)

kurogumi : HAHA. Well.~ As for now THERE IS A NEW CHAPTER~ I hope you have time to read it~ HAHAH. well~ ALL the Answers and scene you want to read maybe will reveal in the future~ I hope it doesn't disappoint you. :/ HAHAH. AS your question. IS sayanee~  XD

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 3)
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OMG! Nooo Yui! :cry:
Where is Paruru?

Sayanee is already in love with Milky.  :wub:

What's wrong with this Tani girl!?!?! WMatsui  :cry:

Waiting for the next chapter. :heart:

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 3)
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From: Milky
Because Milky likes you too…
A confession! :ding: How's Sayaka going to reply that?! :hehehe:
Yui has feelings for Sayaka! :shock: Paruru come and help Yui  :depressed:
“Yeah. A bet…” Jurina gave me a smirk. “If I win, you’re going to stop backing up that brat whenever she pleads for your help.”
For some reason I'm torn! I want Rena to win this, but I also want Jurina to win this so she won't get hurt that much :mon sweat:
But not before catching the small smirk appearing on that guy’s face as he mouthed a word at me. I gave him a glare before walking away. I guess it is true, then… That there’s nothing that is fair in life.
Jurina :farofflook:
I hope Wmatsui get on good terms with each other :mon whimper:
Can't wait for next chapter :tama-music:

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 3)
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It's been forever since I last review. You improved tremendously since "The Promise".

I enjoy it a lot. Totally in my reading list now.

SayaMilky developed along so smoothly. Too smoothly that I sense all kind drama ahead. XD (Well of cuz! Lol!)

As a Jurina oshi, I'm of cuz leaning more into Wmatsui part, lol. Good job portraying a cold but kind Jurina (My fav kind of Jurina in a fic). I love WMatsui but I also love cold Jurina so WISHING WITH ALL MY MIGHT that JURINA WOULD WIN THE BET!!! XD Let the cold facade continue on alittle bit longer than nessecery. Lol.

Beside, it seems like Rena did sth to J and she herself realized it as well.

PS: Nice choice of choosing Tani as the annoying kouhai. XD I can definitely imagine her being all self-centered like that. XDDDDDD
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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 3)
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Omg Rena is so dense! Poor Jurina.  :cry:  I hope Rena realize Jurina feeling.

More mayuki time please! :bow:

Milky and Sayanee is so cute! cheesy Sayanee. :wub:

I will be waiting for your update.  :twothumbs

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 3)
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Yo!! Funny story. I was reading this on the bus to school and almost laughed out loud at the ending with sayanee and milky. I had a stifle my laughter, had a weird smile on my face and everyone was judging me. But who cares? Its so cute!! :) thank you for the update again you guys!! Thestyle of writing is the kind that i love!! ^_^ i like way you wrote the exchange between jurina and rena and tani. And just saying... Tani is kinda getting onto my nerves. Which means that your writing skills are really good!!!  :P update soon!! Ill be waiting!!!  :D

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 3)
« Reply #37 on: August 12, 2014, 08:15:04 AM » Yui has unwanted feelings for sayanee?? :shocked:

Jurina's lesson moment is so.. :pleeease:

she must be in so much pain watching all of it while having to be considerate to Rena :fainted:

i felt a lump in my throat as i read that part

Paruru~ where are you? Hurry and save your Yui~ :tama-wakey: :mon cute:

great update by the way. looking forward for the next! :omamori:

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 3)
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“Yeah. A bet…” Jurina gave me a smirk. “If I win, you’re going to stop backing up that brat whenever she pleads for your help.”
Hope jurina win the bet :thumbup
Rena should just stop spoiling Tani :angry:

“Oh? Look it’s Milky!”

“Huh? Where? Where is she? Where did she go?”

I stood from my seat, looking everywhere for the presence of Milky like a stupid girl when Yui abruptly laughs at me. That’s when I realized… I just got trolled.
:mon lmao: :mon lmao: :mon lmao: lol the trolled

and Yui had a feeling for Sayanee......
I feel bad for her  :cry:

From: Milky
Because Milky likes you too…
The SayaMilky moment is just :deco:
Hahaha...wonder how Sayanee react reading this :lol:

More mayuki time please! :bow:
agree with this.... :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 3)
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That reply make my day! :lol: Recently I'm being a silent reader, because in summer, I'm so lazy, but this fic is just too much, I needed to write a comment here.
So... my wish is command? This is not surprising, I'm just too great. ...and lovable too!  :D

If I may be selfish, I'm not satisfied for WMatsui love fight, SayaMilky sweetness, Tani and Jurina world war. Need more MaYuki! Because... just because!

Anyway, this chapter is pretty good too, I like this fic more and more!

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