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Author Topic: TOWARD MY DREAM [ATSUMINA, KOJIYUU MAYUKI ETC.] -chapter -6-  (Read 14460 times)

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« on: August 02, 2014, 08:32:53 PM »
Hii this is my first fanfic scince recently there are no atsumina new fics i decided to write one this is my first experience writing so i hope you like it
also english is not my first language, so sorry if there is a mistake

 :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

acchan pov
i was walking down the street walking to my house with the groceries in my hand, i was nearly arriving to my street when i see a small girl with a big pink bow in her hair, it look cute, she had a cough mask so i didnt se her face, suddenly the small girl started coughing nonstop, she feell to her knees and continue coughing, i dropped the bag of my hand and run the help the girl.

"Are you okay?" i asked the little girl, while she continued coughing

"I...I´m okay" she was trying to stand up, but could not do it and continue coughing, i help her stand up and i led her to a bench so she could calm herself, after a few minutes she started breathing normally again.

i put my hand in her back "Are you okay?" i asked again

she was now completly calmed "Yes! i´m okay" she told me happily like if nothing had happened.

"Nami-chan!!" i hear a girl running right to the girl and me

"Nami-chan, are you okay? i´m sorry for leaving you alone?" the girl sounded very worried for the little girl aparently named Nami

"Hai! I´m okay!" she said cheerfully "thank you for helping me.. anoo?"

" oh i´m sorry i´m... ats..." i was trying to tell her my name until that random girl interrupted me

"nami-chan we have to run is getting late!!" the random girl was trying to pull nami up

"waaa! thank you again" nami  and the girl left running lefting me astounded

I went for my bag and continue walking to my house, when i got there i took of my shoes and went direct to the kitchen to put away the food, i was so tired that i only wanted to take a bath so i did. when i finished i just pud my pj´s and went to my bed not bothering to see if my parents were home yet.

several hours later i was in my bed unable to sleep, i was thinking about nami-chan, what happende to her to be coughing nonstop, she looked so cute althoug i couldnt se her face well enough. finally my eyes were getting tired enough so i closed them and drifted to sleep.

takamina pov
when i got home after my episode in the street, i was so tired mii-chan got me home safely i was so gratefull to her, she always helped me when i got those episodes, she is my best friend scince kindergarden, i love her so much we are like sisters. i was wondering who was the girl that helped me i didnt get the chance to see her face scince i felt bad and my vision was blurry, thanks to her my episode didnt got worse to the piont of getting me to the hospital, i hate them, scince i was like 4 all i remember are my parents crying in slow voice so i dont hear them, but i the night i hear them talking about me and how worried they are, they dont let me go outside alone, the dont let me do anything i want. My biggest dream is to become a singer, i have talked to them alot of times, but the dont even let me finish because they always tell me no.

i was in my room lying on my bed with a magazine, i was so bored, mii-chan had to go home because she had distant relatives in her house, so she couldnt stay with me, i was about to throw the magazine, but i saw an announcement.

"We are making auditions for a idol group AKB48, we are looking for fresh girls, that are willing to work hard and compromise to the group"

My mind was going cazy in 1 minute, this was my big opportunitie, my chance to make my dream come true!!, one step in my dream to become a solo singer, it has been my dream scince i was like 5, im now 14 so its been a lot of time, my parents always tell me im crazy that i dont stand a chance to be famous and with my episodes and neither with my looks.

I hate when they are telling me things like that, they like to destroy my oportunities and dreams, I´m going to go to this audition, although with everything my parents had told me my self esteem has low down alot i only admit this to myself, i wouldnt want mii-chan to worry about me.

thanks alot for reading i would highly apreciate if you leave any comments, if you like it or not, or if you would like for me to change something so it could be more interesting
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Fanfic: Towards my dream (Atsumina,Kojiyuu,Mayuki etc)


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« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2014, 02:41:57 AM »
interesting.... minami has an asthma or something...?

Would Minami be applying for AKB?

Would Atsuko meet Minami again?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait

Thank you for the new story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2014, 12:14:13 PM »
Atsumina!!!!!!! :nya: :wriggly: :luvluv1: :ding:
Finally a new fic, I was looking for one Thx Ava-san :farofflook:
Interesting plot, but I have a feeling that my heart is going to ache reading this fic :pleeease:
Looking forward  to how this story is going to develop :glasses:
Plz update soon :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :byebye:

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« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2014, 08:27:28 PM »
realy like your story, hope you update soon. :P

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« Reply #4 on: August 06, 2014, 10:06:56 AM »
Yipee new fic~

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« Reply #5 on: August 11, 2014, 04:50:02 AM »
Reply time!!

@cisda83: you shall continue reading to find out, thnks for your comment i rally apreciate it  :twothumbs

@jumpcx:if you have the feeling i might recomend to prepare yourself

@FoxKing: tkns for liking my fic

@noah minami: tnks for your comment  :lol:

i will be updating once a week, thans all for your kind cooments

Chapter 2
Atsuko Pov
i woke up from the noise my parents were maing to prepare themselves to work, i like them they are really loving parents, they support me in the dscicions i make,
 last month i told them i wanted to be an actress, they told me that they supported me if that was what i wanted to do.
i was looking in a magazine for a announcement for auditions or companys, i was turning the page whitout a care when i saw something interesting

"We are making auditions for a idol group AKB48, we are looking for fresh girls, that are willing to work hard and compromise to the group"

"mmmm... idol?" idol, me nah, i cant se myself as an idol, but it looked pretty interesting, it could be like a beggining to star my career.
i looked at the clock and realized i was going to be late for class so i change quickly and left for school, it was only one week til summer vacation.


i arrived just on time, the teacher was not in the clasroom yet. i arrived to my seat next to my best friend Shinoda Mariko,
everyone calls her mariko-sama because she has this kind of dont mess whit me, im better than you aura, her close friends like me, know her
better and she is a very kind and loving person, so i call her mari-chan.

"Hey, acchan what took you so long?, you usually arrive earlier"

"oh sorry, i was entertained with a magazine, i was looking for auditions"

"where you lucky?"

"well... i found one but is for idols..." i told her with a hint of doubt because i was not very excited for idols

"Hey! that is a great oportunity, it would boost your career to become a actress" she was excited for me,
i know because scince years ago i told her i wanted to become an actress.

"yeah, i was thinkking the same, but im no good with singing or dancing" it was the true i liked to sing, but only in the shower and
i barely did it good enough.

"You know you could practice, not everyone in the audittion is going to be a star, you should just try, if you dont get in, then just move on,
 to pursuing your dream of being only an actress"

"wow mari-chan, you sure know how to encourage people nee? i told her teasing and she just got embarrased "i am going to try it, but..."
 i told her giving a smirk

"what tell meee"

"you need to audition with me" i looked at her in the eyes, from her look she was shocked"

"what?¡" wow she was really impressed, i dont know why

"yes! audition with me, why are you so impressed?"

"Well first, i dont want to be an idol, i want to be a fashion designer, and i not qualified to be an idol, i too tall, and really thin" it was her complex,
 she sometimes told me, she felt a little insecure, boys in our class would call her stick, or light pole, she didnt really like it, when she come to me sad or
 depressed i would tell her that she is really beautifull and others were just jealous because she looked like a model.

"Pleaseee!" i begged her "Just try whit me, you dont loose anything, just try" i put her my puppy face, she cant resist it

"uuhh!" she groaned "Fine i´ll do it"

"yatta!!" i jumped "arigato~ mari-chan"

Takamina Pov

Next morning i was very tired, i couldnt sleep, i would wake up in the middle of the night, coughing. i was so tired i couldnt keep my eyes open, so i slept again.

"minami, wake up!!" someone was yelling at me, i open my eyes and its my mother "Its going to be late you know?" waa she almost tricked me,
she and dad, can seem really loving, but when you turn arround they change in a second.

"Hai mother im getting ready know"

"kay. minami i cant get you to school today i have to be in the office in five minutes"

"But mother, you now i cant walk long distances alone because"

"Oh for gods sake!, you can endure it, and i already talked to mii-chan so she can walk you to school" she said bitterly, see she already got mad at me,
i hate it when she and dad snap at me, its not my fault that i get the episodes.

"okay mother" she left my room hitting the door
i was ready now i left my house and wait for mii-chan in the outside of my house

"nami-chan! good moring!, did you sleep well?" like all of the days she was very concerned about me

"mii-chan good morning!, yes i slept very well" i lied, i didnt like her to worry to much about me

"Liar!!, how much times i need to tell you, to dont lie to me!" she screamed, i was taken aback, she rarely shouted to me, my eyes started to fill with tears, and i looked to the ground.

"Waa gomen nami-chan i didnt mean to snap at you, but you know how much i hate lies, so dont do it again please?" she put her puppy eyes
i snifed " gomen, mii-chan" she hugged me

"You now you can tell me everything, im here for you"

thanks alot for reading
please comment
 :) :) :)
Fanfic: Towards my dream (Atsumina,Kojiyuu,Mayuki etc)


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« Reply #6 on: August 11, 2014, 06:52:46 PM »
Atsuko and Mariko are going to audition...

What about Wminami?

Woah... Minami's mother is very unconcern about her daughter's health?

Poor minami being snapped around at every turn...

Though only Mii-chan, that seems to be very concern about Minami's condition... whether health or mental...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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« Reply #7 on: August 12, 2014, 09:42:42 AM »
UPDATE!!!!!!   :farofflook:
So Acchan is making Mariko audition with her  :hehehe:
And Takamina didn't  talk about here so I wonder how is she going to get miichan to go with her.... :kekeke:
So Takamina and Acchan go to different schools? Because Acchan is already in class and Takamina is still at home  :shock:
I want to see what happen next so bad :frustrated:
So update soooooon  :shifty: JkJk  :sweat:
See u soon  :nya:

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« Reply #8 on: August 18, 2014, 04:23:23 AM »
@jumpcs all of your questions are going to be answered in this chapter, thanks for reading  :roll:

@cisda83 continue reading to find out  :P :P

Takaminas Pov

Me and mii-chan arrived to the school  a Little late scince i couldnt walk to fast, they let us in because the school was informed about my condition.
In the clasroom all of my classmates were happy and celebrating because it was the last week of school, mii-chan and
i arrived to our seats and scince the teacher didnt arrived yet we joined our desks so we could talk better.

“nee, mii-chan?” i tried to get her attention, but she was busy looking at a girl in the hallway “mii-chan?” i poked her arm

“waa, yes nami-chan?” her cheeks were slightly pink

“Who were you looking in the hallway?” i was very curious

“n-nobody hehehe?” she was getting to nervous i was getting suspicious, but nevermind

“mii-chan, what would you say, if i wanted to audition for an idol group?” i asked nervously because she is always worried about my health

“whaat!? Minamiii what are you talking about” wow,  she usually never calls me by my name

“ mii-chan im tired of keeping this only to myself, but i want to be a Singer, is my dream and i would do anything just to achieve it, i dont care what it takes!”
i was almost screaming and all of the kids in my class just turn to see me, i just shrunk in my desk and glued my eyes to the floor

“But nami-chan you know you cant do it, just let it go, i dont want you to get hurt, you are like a sister to me, please” she said with pleading eyes

“Mii-chan, i know you care alot about me, scince we were Little you always take care about me, more than my parents have ever done, but only this is my
dream scince i was Little i never told you, because i feared about your reaction, and now…” i was about to let the tears go, but i just cleaned them and looked at
 mii-chan with determination “mii-chan i just wanted to tell you , not ask for permition, i am auditioning wether you agree or not, this is my chance and i am not
gonna waste it” mii-chan just stared at me with schoked eyes,i was usually very shy and didnt talked abut what i wanted to her, but this time i did it i really dont wanna give up

“okay” mii-chan told me “but” oh what is she gonna say, i hope she doesnt tell my parents, i was nervous “im going to audition with you”

i dindt have words, i was really happy “Really!!” i was jumping arround and i hugged her “arigato~ mii-chan!”

Atsuko Pov

It was time to change clases, i was walking with mari-chan in the hallways, we stopped for a second, because i felt like someone was staring at us, i looked at her and she was intensly looking at mari-chan

“acchan why did you stop?”

“eh?” wow i was busy looking at the girl near the stalker, i couldnt see her really well because the stalker was blocking her, but she reminded me of the girl i helped yesterday

“Why did you stopped walking?”

“Ah, nothing lets go to the cafetería im hungry” i think i was thinking to deep about that girl

In the Cafeteria

“nee acchan so when iare the audutions?”

“Ah next week” i told her casually when…

“What!!, when do you think we are going to practice!!” wow she was very surprised

“Ehm…  we can practice in the afternoon i my house, its going to be exausting practicing all days but i think we can do it” i told her with a smile on my face, it was very exiting,
 i hope we can make it through the auditions

sorry that is short in compensation i will update in the week like wednesday or something

thanks alot for reading i really apreciate it
Fanfic: Towards my dream (Atsumina,Kojiyuu,Mayuki etc)


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« Reply #9 on: August 18, 2014, 08:26:57 AM »
Ohhhhh, so they do go to the same school  :glasses:
Hahaha miichan is a stalker and she is intensely staring at mariko  :hiakhiakhiak:
The audition is NEXT WEEK  ??? LOL no one started to practice yet......  :shock:  :sweat: :temper:
Looking forward to next update :hee:

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Yeah... they are all going to audition...

What's going to happen there?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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 :welcome :welcome

6 Days Later

Mariko and I were panting for air, our bodies spread across the flor unable to move.
It is Saturday today and all te past week we´ve been practicing after school nonstop,
we need to prepare a song and a dance for the audition. I am really nervous, mariko
doesn´t worry to much like me, or if she does she pretends very well.
Today we are trying to master the dance, scince it is with quickly and very explosive
moves it makes me worn out like hell, i had never worked out like this in my life and
my muscles hurt a lot scince wednesday when i woke up for school, that day was horrible
i remember  not beign able to go up the stairs and my friends helped me up until we reached
the clasroom.

"Nee~ mari-chan, how about we stop for today and go rest, i cant continue any more"

"No" she said without a prescence of hesitation in her voice "you are the one that insisted in
auditioning and scince im doing it with you we are not going carelessly, we are going to make it right"
wow mari-chan is very determined to do it, and at firs she was against auditioning

"Fine~" i said dragging the words as i said i was very tired.

"Come on, stand up" she was pulling from my arm, i didnt want to stand up, my legs felt all shaky
but i wanted to pass the audition so...

4 hours later


I fell to the floor panting for air

"Waaa~ my muscles hurt alot" i told mari-chan

"Dont be a cry baby, you wanted to audition, you have to work for it" mmmm I think that
when she refused at first to audition she trolled me so that i insisted and it seems like i
forced her. i think the idea really exited her, but she doesnt admit it even to herself.

"Mari-chan you are being mean" but she was right there, i cant go and only do it with half efforts

"Gomen" she said with an apologetic face "Im also tired like you, all week we have been practicing
nonstop, and my mind and body are really tired"

"ok, mari-chan then i´ll leave so we can rest, i´ll see you in monday, and scince you dont have the club activities
you need to go straight to the auditions"

"hai~, bye-bye acchan, be carefull on yor way back

It is already pitch dark on m way home, it is fine scince my house it is only fivr block away from mari-chan house
the only bad thing is that i have to cross an alley, were the gangs drink and smoke at night. i´ve heard that
some girls that were passing at night got rapped or hit by those men. I´m middle way of the alley when i spot two

"hey baby girl, wanna hang out a little for tonight" it is a man like in his twenty or twentyfive, he looks like he hasnt
showered in a week, all beardy and smelly, it stinks my nose.

"no, please just let me trough" i im trying to sound brave and confident, but my voice is shaky, im scared
i try to continue walking past them but one of them takes me by the arm

"Come on we´ll have a little fun" i see his friend smirking, and  beggin to panick

"Kya~" i try to run again but the man pull me from my hair and he hits me in the wall "Please! leave me alone"
i begin to cry

Takamina Pov

Im really tired from practicing all day, mii-chan prepared the dance part scince i always fail at dancing, from my sickness
i had never been able to practice sports or dancing, i always have been weak. the dance is really cool, but not so quickly or hard
so i can handle it without any problem. im walking to my house now, and when i get home i´ll have a very well deserved bath,
then im going to sleep till 11 in the morning, scince it is sunday tomorrow we will practice a little tomorrow, because we dont want to
be tired at school in moday. im one block away from my house, it seems like a long way to go, but it is because im really tired.
when crossing the street i heard a scream from the alley, i quickly run were i hear the screaming and hide behind a box, so
no one can see me, i wait for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and i see a girl being harrased by two men, i want to help
her badly but im o use scince they will beat me up in a second, im not tall and my body is weak, so i decide to look something to
hit them.

"There!" i found a iron bar it is a little heavy but i want to help that poor girl

"Dont resist please, it will be lots of fun, taking V cards is always fun" ugh that guy is really disgusting but the girl keeps crying herself out

First i will hit his friend so he doesnt attack me, then the disgusting pig, i hope this plan works, if not im dead too.

"Kami-sama, please help me" i im really scared but i cpuldnt afford to let that girl being rapped if i could help her.
"One, two, three!" i hit the first guy and he falls to the floor unconsious

"Hey! what the hell do you think you are doing!" the pig lets the girl go and she falls to the floor

"uh-oh" my hands start to tremble, from nervousness, the iron bar falls to the floor making a big sound, i keep walking backward trying to
get away from the pig, until my back hits the wall

"how you dare hit my friend you midget!" Waa~  :shocked: i hate people whe they call me midget, for me is like the most insulting thing,
but obviously i dont say it out loud or the pig really could kill me here right now. he keeps walking to me, i have nowhere to run and start
panicking, my troath starts to sting "Crap im going to have it" and i begin to cough. the pig reach me in the wall in he takes me from the neck
shocking me

"no please~" i said gasping for air, i cough harder now, tears start falling from my eyes, black dots start appearing in my vision, untl i feel
the guy let go off me, i fall to my knees trying to catch more air.

"Are you okay?" i see the shado of a girl, i feel.., that i know her from somewhere else, but i cant tell. my coughing is now over and my vision
is normal again.

"hai, im okay now, i thought i was going to die there" i said jocking to liven up the atmosphere

"thanks... for saving me, i thought i was going to get rapped" she is trying her best to look composed, i can tell her hands ar shaking like
crazy and her eyes start to fill with tears, she really is scared. i hug her, she is really warm and her whole body is now trembling

"Its okay now, noone is going to hurt you anymore" i said trying to calm her down, but i realise, that im crying to, i guess the adrenaline has
gone now, and i completely feel scared, we stay crying like ten more minutes until i calm down.

"You now you saved me to" i try to smile but it turns out like an ugly grin "If it werent for you i would have died choked, thanks alot"
she helps me stand up, and my knees are still shaking, so she helds me trough my waist, this fills so warm and i feel like a dejavu.
We keep walking for a few more minutes, and i realized im on my house block, my legs are okay now

"Eto... my house is over there tanks alot again!" i bow

"ie, thanks to you" she smiles, but i dont see it because it is darker now that there are no lightpoles.

I arrive to my house and take my shoes off, i dont bother to see if my parents have arrived im to tired from practicing and the little fight,
know i dont want to take a bath or dinner so i just go to my bedroom in fall to my bed snuggling in my pillow, this feels so confotable

"Shimatta" i didnt tell her my name, and neither she, waa~ what a shame, i drifted to sleep and i dont remember anything else.

thanks alot for reading i really apreciate  it and sorry that i didnt update in such a ling time i was having troubles with internet, im sure everyone has gone trought that so i hope you understand

please comment and tell me what you think until now

 :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

Fanfic: Towards my dream (Atsumina,Kojiyuu,Mayuki etc)


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« Reply #12 on: September 06, 2014, 08:43:22 AM »
Yay, takamina meets acchan and their path has crossed  :ding:
and of corse she saves acchan, but i like how u make her and averge girl it really brings out the fact that she is actually sick :farofflook:
nice update, update soon :kneelbow:

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Ara... they saved each other...

But again with not knowing each other names...

Would they recognise one another later in audition or elsewhere?

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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nice an update and i miss a lot. haha. hoping takamina keep it strong.  waiting for next one

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Chapter 5

Takamina pov

Next Day

I woke up like 7:00  am

“argh~” my muscles hurt a lot and my throat is a little irritated from yesterday, for coughing a lot, I hope its better for tomorrow at the auditions so I can sing well.

Im going to meet mii-chan later today so we can continue practicing for a little, before the audition. Its still early so im going to relax a bit, today my parents aren’t
 working so im going to have to make up an excuse, so they don’t suspect.
Lying in my bed I was wondering who the girl from yesterday was, it was pitch dark so normally I couldn’t see her well, but somehow she reminded me of someone, I
 think she reminded me of the girl that saved me that day, that girl.. she was so kind and her touch when she hold me to get me to the bench, it was warm, it felt so
 good… but waaa~ I feel warm rising to my cheeks, this is so wrong…
After that I thik I felt asleep for thinking a lot about that girl, forgetting that it was 1 pm, I had to go to mii-chan house at 5:00 so we can continue practicing.

I start to get ready, taking a long bath so I can relax my muscles, after that I choose clothes that are fit for exercising, it takes me a while to get ready, now I only
 have 2 hours more. In my bed I star humming a song, and then I start singing in low voice

Put your make-up on
Get your nails done
Curl your hair
Run the extra mile
Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you?
Get your sexy on
Don't be shy, girl
Take it off
This is what you want, to belong, so they like you
Do you like you?
You don't have to try so hard
You don't have to, give it all away
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don't have to change a single thing
You don't have to try, try, try, try
You don't have to try, try, try, try
You don't have to try, try, try, try
You don't have to try
Yooou don't have to try
Get your shopping on, at the mall, max your credit cards
You don't have to choose, buy it all, so they like you
Do they like you?
Wait a second,
Why, should you care, what they think of you
When you're all alone, by yourself, do you like you?
Do you like you?
You don't have to try so hard
You don't have to, give it all away
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don't have to change a single thing
Out of nowhere I feel like crying, would the judges at the audition like me enough?. Im plain looking, im not pretty enough at all, I don’t excel, I look like a boy, not saying im not girly enough, would they like me?...
I snap out of my thoughts because my phone starts to ring.

“nami-chan, where are you? Did something happen?” oh its mii-chan, I got to absorbed in my thoughts.

“Sorry mii-chan, im still at my house” she is going to get really mad.

“name-chan what are you thinking, is 5:20 you know? I got really worried because you didn’t arrive” I could sense her worries.

“Sorry i´ll be going right now, hehehe”

“Ok, I will be waiting” she hangs up, hmph, she didn’t even say goodbye.

I stand up, brush my hair and go out of my room. Across the living room where my parents are watching the TV. I reach the door.
“where do you think you are going minami” whep… she sounds irritated

“ohm…etto… im going to mii-chan´s house tehehe” I giggle nervously

“Tomorrow you have school, science is your last week, I don’t want you all tired, and slacking up”
“Please mother, I swear I’m not going to be slacking up, I always get good grades and have everything at school, please this is important for me”

I had little tears showing in my eyes, I don’t want her to see me crying, it will show her that I’m weak and give her reasons to not let me go.
“Oh- fine, but just a few hours”

“Waa~ arigato!” I think this is the first time I make her change opinions, normally if she says something is like that and I cant say another word.
I made my way to mii.chan´s house, and I cross the alley from yesterday, I remember that girl, I hope she is better.
I arrive to mii-chan´s house and ring the door bell
“Minami-chan, welcome!!, are you here to practice for the audition?” she asks with a lovely tone as always

“Yes! Is mii-chan here?”

“Hai, she´s been waiting for you, are you feeling good or tired, do you want water?” she sounds concerned

“No thanks, I’m alright, I will go to mii-chan, by bye mother” you wonder why I call her mother, well science I know mii-chan science little, I know her mother too, and
 she worries about me so much, more than my mother would ever care, I like her a lot, she is like my own mother, but better than my original mom.

I nock mii-chan´s door, I hear some noises inside
“ouch” I hear mii-chan growl, I guess she has a mess in her room, like always she will try to make me help her clean her room, but I always refuse. Finally she opens
the door.

“Nami!! You sure are late! What happened” I can feel she is so concerned about me, so like her.

“Don’t worry, I was in my house and time sure went quickly” well its almost like the truth

“Sure. Okay” she didn’t believe me?

“Come on, we need to practice the choreography, I learned it already, but I need to master it” I couldn’t dance well at all, im so clumsy

“Okay” mii-chan played the song and we were prepared, while dancing, I was playing the moves in ky head. I know the steps, but sometimes I can’t make them, or I
 get breathless and I have to stop for minutes.

2 hours later

“Phew” I sat on the floor with my back to the wall, this day of practice went pretty well, I didn’t have any mistake in the dance, but now I cant move any more, I am
too tired to lift one finger.

“Nami-chan, are you okay?” like always mii-chan is worried, I like her like a sister, but I don’t like people to worry to much about me, when I was little kids and most
 adults looked at me with pity, I hated it so much, now I don’t worry to much but it still affects me.

“Hai~ I am alright, I only need to rest a bit, so I can breath properly” I was starting to normalize, I could stand up again.

“mii-chan, its time to go, my mother will be angry if I don’t arrive early, well you know how she is”

“Kay kay, nami-chan, see you tomorrow, bye bye”

I start walking to my house, it is not dark yet, but the sun has set a little, I walk slowl, but I like it ow the wind goes through my hair and I watch the sunset. In no
time I arrive to my house, my parents are still in the living room.

“Tadaima~” I greet them… but no answer comes out of their mouth, I don’t understand, it has been like this since I was little, I don’t remember when it started, but
since I can tell it has always been like this. I reach my room and drop myself in the bed. Tomorrow is the audition, I am nervous but, i´ll do it, i´ve practiced a lot, well
 all that my body allowed me, I hope mii-chan and I will pass the audition, it would be awesome.

Acchans Pov
(it is still after takamina saved her)
When I get to my house in the entrance, I fall to the floor in my knees, quickly my parents arrive with me, worried looks on their faces, tears start flowing down my

“Acchan! What happened to you?” mother asks, I sense worry in her voice.

“Atsuko are you okay?” father asks, he is worried too, I continue crying for minutes, my parents to my sides hugging me, rubbing my back, I feel wasted, I cant even
 move my legs anymore, I stop crying, I remember the girl that saved me, if it wasn’t for her I would be raped by now, her embrace was so warm and nice. I felt like I
 wanted to stay in her arms forever, but… wait! That doesn’t matter, she is a girl, oh this is sooo wrong and sick! What happened to me, what is wrong with me!!

“Acchan can you stand up?” I hear my mothers voice, I snap out of my trance, my internal battle was more long than what I thought

“I am okay now” I mumble

“But what happened to you, why did you started crying?”

“Well… when I was coming home back from mari-chans house, and you know I have to cross the alley, well there were two guys there and they cornered me and…”
tears were falling down my eyes again

“Did they do something to you!!” he looked red from anger “I am going to kill them, take me to them know, we´re calling the police” I´ve never seen him so angry,
 he is normally so calm and composed.

“Wait! Dad, they didn’t do anything” I was embarrassed, because he didn’t even let me finish talking

“What, then why did you start crying, I thought…” well he always reacts so hastily

“No, before they could do something, someone saved me” I felt my cheeks warm, why? Why am I feeling like this?, I stared at the floor.

“Who saved you then, a police man or what?” he is so concerned, I had always been his little girl

“No…” I blush a little harder, still looking to the floor “It was a girl, she hit one guy with an iron bar, and he fell to the floor unconscious

“Waa~ she must be tall and very strong” mother was amazed, but she was wrong.

“Noo… she is all the opposite, she looked shorter than me, she was…” I didn’t know what to say, the tought of her let me out of words
“I only thank god that you are okay acchan” mother hugged me, it felt warm and loving, but so different from that girl

“hai… I feel good now, I am going to my room, goodnight” I am tired, thankfully tomorrow is Sunday and I´ve got nothing to do, I´ll just rest and watch TV.

My first thought just after I open my eyes


Calm yourself Maeda Atsuko you will make it, no need to be nervous here, I need to get ready for school

“Mom, dad I am leaving” I´m happy today but inside, still nervous

“Bye Acchan good luck with the auditions” I´m lucky for my parents support me so much, with each decision I make, they always have supported me.
In my way to school, I walk slow, for mariko to reach me, but I notice two girls walking slower than me, they are a few meters away from me, but is like I´m watching
 a movie in slow motion, is like they´re walking one step a minute, that is so ridiculous, I am reaching them, I wonder who they are, I am about to catch their step but…

“Acchan!” mariko is here know, I wonder if I should tell her about Saturday, but it is embarrassing so I won’t.

“Mari-chan good morning” we can continue walking and I don’t see the slow girls, since now I´m walking faster, we left them behind like in five seconds

--------------In the classroom-------------

“Nee acchan re you nervous?” instantly I notice it, she is nervous

“Don’t worry mari-chan, I´m sure we will make it, you can be a little confident with yourself, you know?” I smile at her

“We will surely make it”

----------------After class-----------------

“Mari-chan you can go ahead if you want, so you can arrive earlier” I have club activities today, by the way I´m in the drama club, since is the last week of class we are having a small party with the members

“Okay acchan, but be sure to arrive early, since you got me into this, you better make it in time”

“Haiii~ mari-chan

thanks for making it this far,, i really apreciate it

please coment, i would really like all the reviews that you leave

thnks to the silent readers too  :w00t: :w00t:
Fanfic: Towards my dream (Atsumina,Kojiyuu,Mayuki etc)


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Update!!  :ding:
Very interesting that Takamina's parents cared about where She goes but when Takamina goes home they just sit there and not greed her or anything :grr:
There must be some reason behind it  :shock:
So cute when both Takamina and acchwn were thinking about each other and and blushing :shy2:
Can't wait to see what is going to happen when they see each other at the auditions  :hehehe:
Update soooooon :pleeease:

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Yeah... both Atsuko and Minami have feeling for each other

But don't know how to proceed from there...

Ah.... next is audition...

What's going to happen there?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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The mother of Minami is weird... How can she treated her own daughter like that?   :smhid
Atsuko is cut! And her parents are great. Like parents should be.

I really like your story! It is exciting and it is about my favorite couple atsumina!!!  :roll:

I'm looking forward what will happen next.

Thx u for the hard work. keep it up ;)

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sorry for not updating in a while i was having a big blocking not knowing how to continue

but here it is


Chapter 6

I wake up, today its Monday, that means audition day, its exciting, because I don’t know, if I will be able to get in or not, but at
the same time that causes me to be really nervous. When I start to move my body I realize that something isn’t well, for starters
 I feel dandy, and the light that goes through my window hurts my eyes, my body feels slightly cramped.

“Minami wake up, you´re going to be leaving early with mii-chan, she´ll take you to school cause I gotta go to work earlier”
 she says with an indifferent tone.

“Hai~” I hear footsteps, signaling she´s not outside my room anymore.

Why does it have to be today, it’s the worst day this could happen, maybe this is a sign that I shouldn’t audition,
 because I’m not going to get chosen.
I dress for school, feeling pain, every time I move a muscle, maybe the walk to school will help easing the pain a
little, and relaxing my muscles. I hear the door open and mii-chan is there, my mother opened the door.

“Hello mii-chan, I’ll leave minami to your care” mii-chan nods with a smile, and mother leaves the house.

“Hi nami-chan, are you ready? Waa~ isn’t this day just so exciting!!” she is jumping all around like a monkey, should I tell her?

“Mii-chan” I say in a slow voice, she eyes me up

“Nami-chan are you feeling good?”

“What if …. I don’t audition, I really don’t feel to well today, and maybe is a sign that I shouldn’t really audition today and”

“STOP!” mii-chan interrupts me “You and I, both are going to audition, I didn’t get wasted, all the past week for nothing,
 we are doing this, and it doesn’t matter if there is a tornado outside, we are going, even if there is rain, lightning or a
 flood outside, clear!” I think she is very determined to get me to go

“Haii~” I speak in a low voice

“And let´s get going because we are going to be late” she storms out of my house and I just follow behind walking slow.
 We arrive at the hill were the school is, mom always bring me in her car since it is very inclined, but today she couldn’t,
and because of that I’m walking even slower than before, mii-chan is a few steps apart from me. I begin having a little
 trouble breathing, I think mii-chan notice´s it, she stops and waits for me, mii-chan puts my arm around her shoulder and keeps walking.

“I´m sorry” she says in a slow voice

“No mii-chan you are right, I always put excuses to things I´m afraid to do, I assure you I´ll be fine by the afternoon” I smile at her

“Thanks, I was just trying for you not to give up so easily, I know this is your dream, and I want you to achieve it.

“Thanks mii-chan”

We arrive to the classroom, I´m still feeling a little wobbly so I sit in my chair resting my head in the desk
and closing my eyes. Several minutes later I hear the bell and the teacher arrives to the classroom, I try, really I try to
keep my head up, but my eyes are slowly closing and I can’t keep them open much more time.

Mii-chan POV
“Takahashi!!” I hear the teacher scream, and suddenly she throws a chalk to name-chans forehead, she quickly falls to the floor.

“The fuck!!” I stand up making a big noise throwing my chair to the floor
“What is wrong with you sensei!” I shout at her and instantly I go to were nami-chan is lying o the floor, her cheeks are
 flushed a bit, she has a small fever, mou~ why didn’t she told me, wait… remembering se did told me, but I thought it
was an excuse, waa~, baka mii-chan, I need to take her to the infirmary. I stand with minami in my arms, she feels so
 light, and I take her to the infirmary, but I have to go two floors up and in the stairs she starts feeling heavy, I´m getting tired, I stop to rest a bit.

“Waa~ I can´t continue” I say out loud

“Let me help you” it is a girl´s voice, I look up and it´s mariko-sama, instantly my cheeks flush”

“T-thanks” I say looking to the floor, she takes minami from my arms and she keeps walking, I´m behind her.

“What happened to your friend?”

“U-uh, that stupid teacher” I growl
“She threw a chalk to her forehead, and she was feeling bad so she fainted.”

“Oh to bad”

We reached the infirmary and mariko-sama put minami in the bed

“Well that´s all bye” she said with a monotone voice and starts leaving, mou~ ‘wait’, I wanna say, but only this goes out of my mouth.

“W-wait” great mii-chan, she suddenly stops “a-ar-arigaotu” I only manage to say that

“Yeah no problem” and she leaves, waa~ mariko-sama kakoi (a/n: so cool, or something like that :P) she is so beautiful,
she really makes justice to the –sama. I wish I could be at least her friend.

Takamina´s POV

I wake up in a white room, mii-chan is nowhere to be seen, I feel much better now, I think I´m going to be all rigt by
the time of the audition. I hear the bell ring, it’s the one that tell that classes are over, the door opens and mii-chan is in sight.

“Hey, you all right?”

“uhn…” I nod

“Okay name-chan, we have to plan things now, since you have club activities, I will wait for you so we can go together and”

“Wait!” I interrupt her “No mii-chan, you have to go, leave earlier and arrive on time, I´ll go alone”

“But wait!”

“No” I interrupt her again “ when you arrive, you´re going to give our applications, then I´ll just catch up to you, I´m sure I will make it on time”

“If I say something else you´re saying no right?”

“Yes” I say cheerfully “Now you have to leave go! Go!”

“If you say so bye bye, be careful on your way and don’t exceed yourself”

“Hai~” she leaves

I head to my club room, I am in the chorus club, todays is the farewell party for summer vacations

“Minami-chan ohaiou~” its mai-san my senpai

“It´s today right? Waa~ so exiting, good luck!” she squeezes me

“Mai-san, you´re choking me”

“Mou~ minami-chan, how much times do I have I told you to call me only by my name, we now each other for
 two years since you enter the club” she whines

“Mai-san, at least give thanks that I don’t call you senpai anymore”

“Well that was something it took me one year, for you not to call me senpai”

“Maybe next year I will all you by your name”

“Waa~ what will it fill for minami-chan to call me by my name”

“Don’t start daydreaming please” she snaps out of lala land

“Okay” she claps “Let the party start!”


It is 3:30 now I have one hour and a half till the auditions, I should leave now

“mai-san, it´s time, I have to go”

“minami-chan, I wish you the best of the luck int the world”

“mai-san~ mou is not the time to be serious, but thank you, bye bye”

I leave the club room, and head to akihabara, it is a long way, I need to get to the station first, it takes me like
 40 minutes walking. I am not tired because I walked slow, really~ slow, then the time of travel in the train to
akihabara is about 45 minutes, I'm going to arrive a few minutes late, mmm… that cant happen, I'm gonna have
 to run, but then I'm going to arrive shaken.
I get down of the train, I start running, minutes later, I can feel it, the air missing in my lungs, I feel sweat drops
 in my forehead, I almost miss a step and now I'm stumbling, but I'm already there, I look at my watch, 2 minutes
before they close the doors, when I look to the front, this happens really quickly, there is a box in front of me, and I
 stumble in it, I shut my eyes close waiting for the fall, but it never comes, instead I feel a pair of warm arms around
my waist, I open my eyes and instantly warm rises through my cheeks, I see a pair of eyes, they belong to a girl, they
are so beautiful and sparkling, I don’t know how much time happen, but the audition comes to my mind.

“Waa!” I scream, the girl comes back to life and that causes for her to, take her arms back, causing me to fall hard on my butt.
“Ittai~!” I stand up cleaning the dust from my clothes

“Oh I'm so sorry” I look at her again, I sense a familiar feeling, but I don’t know where I have seen her, putting that aside
“Crap, I'm going to be late, thank you for saving me, but I'm arriving late bye” I bow and continue running, but someone
 grabs my wrist, I look back again, and it’s the girl.

“Etto… are you going to the idol audition?”

“um… yeah are you?” she noods her head
“Wanna go together?”

“Hai!” she says cheerfully, then she grabs y hand and starts running, we arrive to the building, they haven’t close the doors,
inside there is a ton of girls, suddenly my hands feel cold, I lost the other girl in this mass of people.

“Nami-chan?” I look around and found mii-chan
“You made it!” she jumps around and hug me

“Attention please!!” someone claps, I look around and there is a guy with a megaphone.
“Each one of you has a number, pair numbers go to room #1, non pair go to room #2.

“Wich numbers do we have mii-chan?”

“I have  23 and you 24, but don’t worry, even if we are not together, we will still make it” she smiles at me,
I feel that what she just told me will be true

“Hai! Mii-chan ganbarimasu~!”

To be Continued
Fanfic: Towards my dream (Atsumina,Kojiyuu,Mayuki etc)


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