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Author Topic: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (23/23) - COMPLETED  (Read 61527 times)

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump Ch.4 (JuriMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #20 on: October 04, 2014, 03:11:52 AM »
I have nothing to say about this chapt rensu-senpai hhahaa :wub: love it !!

its awesome.. funny yet lovely yet sad too.. yea, sad  :roll: whats with that ending !!? whooa... i feel cry  :cry:

next chapt !! hurry please !! :twothumbs can't wait !! XD

*and of course dont forget about the kissing story  XD yea, you should put them in.. must !!

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump Ch.4 (JuriMaYuki GB-Fic)
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Some weeks later passed like a blew of the wind. We were now in the second half of our second year. There wasn't much change of our little circle of friend, except the boys group hanging around us more often than before.

And since that day, Yuki-kun was getting closer to me. He often brought double bento, one for him and one for me. Actually I was feeling so flatter by his action. I don't know, it was just sweet from him.

So this lunch, our groups gathered and had lunch at the rooftop. This time, I brought for Yuki-kun, just an exchange matter. We ate, chatted and laughed at something silly Yuki-kun did, his expression was the best. And made the other laughed at his reaction.

"Where's Jurio-kun?" Suddenly I asked. I just realized that he wasn't joining our lunch. "Oh, Rena-chan too." Suddenly I realized that wasn't only Jurio-kun who didn't show up.

"Jurio said he gotta meet someone, I don't know whom it was," Airio-kun answered.

"You forgot that Rena wasn't in the mood?" Churi answered Rena-chan's whereabout, so it meant she was in classroom. I wonder what happened actually that day between Jurio-kun and Rena-chan.


Rena was laying her head down on her desk, gazing through the window in such an awkward position. She sighed for God-knows-how-many times. Her mind did some short flashback for a few times now. It was the day when she first met Jurio.

It was the in her first year. Her first year had ran for almost 4 months that time. Soon there will be a test. She had to admit that she wasn't that bright at study, moreover when it came to PE. She was very lame at that. She was so full of spirit that she would study hard from that day.

"Ouch!" She fell on her knee. Actually someone was bumping into her from behind. It was hurt like hell. And that person only turned to her and said sorry while continued to run. She could see his face. Suddenly, there was a cold wind blew her neck making her shivering and get goosebumps all over her body. But soon she denied it.

Her anger consumed her mind,"Oi! You made me fell and just ran?!" Rena yelled unbelievable. Her knees were red by the impact of meeting the hard floor. She tried to walk slowly and stopped when her knees made her flinched in pain. Even slowly, she made it and reached her class. Her arrival made Churi and Paru questioning at her knees.

"There was this bastard bumped into me and didn't even help me! He just ran and- Ouch!" Her knees hurt. Her fired up feeling made her knees bumped into her desk.

"I'll remember that bastard's face. I'll never forgive him!" Rena's hand curled up into fist as if ready to gave a hard punch to his face.

A few days later, Rena found that her friends, Airio and Yuji was hanging around the familiar face, the one who made her fell.

"You!" Rena made her way through the crowd of people at the canteen. He slammed the table and shocking Airio and Yuji. "You made me fell another day! Apologize!" Rena yelled. But the one she was aiming to wasn't even turned to her. As if he didn't listen to her at all.

"Oi! Listen to me! Don't ignore me!" He puched the boy's shoulder and finally he turned to her.

"What?" He said with his flat face.

Rena glanced at his nametag. Matsui Jurio. "Oi, Matsui! Apologize, now!" She yelled again.

Jurio looked at her then he turned his face to other way,"Sorry~" he said playfully then sipping his drink.

Rena sighed again. Thinking that maybe the goosebump thing was true, but half of her said it wasn't. She smiled bitterly. I never forget it, Jurio-kun...
When Rena cried that day...

Rena was still sobbing on Jurio's chest. But soon enough she let go his chest and wiped the tears from her eyes and face. She wasn't like it. Jurio was right, she would look all ugly because of the cry.

"Already finish your crying?" He asked. Rena just nodded. She couldn't speak with those hoarse voice.

"Then let's go, the other are waiting," Jurio started to walk away from Rena.

Rena wasn't moving an inch. Rena wanted to yell. And finally she did.

"Stupid!" She yelled. "Jurio-kun, you're stupid!" She yelled again. Jurio turned around and looked at her. He didn't say anything, just stood there.

"You have to treat a girl better! Don't ignore me! I just want you to see me!" Rena yelled again with her tears rolling down on her cheeks, again. Jurio started to approach her. He was clueless.

"What did I do wrong? Tell me," Jurio calmly asked. He knew it was just going to be worse if he confronted her with anger.

"You ignored me when I ask you to apologize that day, and you ignored me while you talk to that waitress. I hate being ignored," she daid between her tears and creaked voice.

"I had said sorry to you. What else? Why are you hating me?" Jurio asked.

Rena was taken aback. She was wondering too, why did she mad? Why did she blame Jurio? Why she only felt it to Jurio?

"Because... Because- I don't know! I don't hate you... I just hate if you ignore me," she said.

Rena raised her head. She looked around the class. Empty. When her eyes looking at the door. She found Jurio walking in the corridor. Jurio took a peek inside the room and walked in.

"You're alone?" He asked. He walked inside the room and sat on Rena's desk.

Rena just nodded. The guy in her mind a while ago finally came into her sight. Right, she was waiting for him, as he was the one who wanted to meet her.

"So, what is it... Jurio-kun?"


We went back to our classroom. But when I was about to enter my class, Yuki-kun took my hand. So I turned to him.

"Are you busy this weekend?" He asked. He looked red. What was up?

"No, I'm not,"

"Ano... Can we... Can we go out this weekend? Just the two of us," he said while looking at the ground. He was this shy?

I wasn't hesitate if it was with the whole group, but because it was just the two of us-

"I-I'll pick you up! D-don't worry, it won't be long. And, oh, you can choose wherever you wanna go," he suddenly blurted out. I knew he was trying to convinced me to go with him. I thought I would feel guilty if I turning down his request since he was very kind to me. Maybe it could be something like appreciation of his kindness toward me.

"Okay, I'll be waiting," I said to him and it made his face lit up.

"Okay, I'll pick you up on Saturday!" He said then ran away. I could hear he was cheering when he was running. I hope it wasn't a bad thing.



Yuki-kun messaged me that he was going to my home. After reading his message, I took a quick bath and prepared. I wore a sleeveless dress and wore a cardigan outside. With my small purse and I was ready to go.

Not long waiting, I heard the door bell ringing. And it was non other than Yuki-kun. He was well dressed. With a simple gingham shirt and denim pants, a pair of sneakers made him looked well.

"H-hi, Mayuyu," he waved his hand and smiled widely. Stuttering as he looked nervous. I smiled at him and returned his greeting. I locked my appartment door then we went out.

The cold wind blew my neck. After wandering around the souvenier shop, Yuki-kun asked me to go to the nearer park. I stopped my track when I realized that Yuki-kun was nowhere to be found. I called his name, but he didn't show up. I walked to the previous path but still couldn't find him.

"This is bad, what if-" I mumbled then stopped when I saw a big bear handed me a bucket of red rose. I took the rose from the bear's hand. The bear left and Yuki-kun appeared from behind its back.

"You like the rose?" He asked.

"Yes, it's beautiful," I answered.

Suddenly he bent down on his knees. Taking my hand. Somehow it felt familiar.

"Mayuyu, you know... Since the first day I laid my eyes on you, that day I knew I already like you. And as the day goes by, I feel this warm feeling toward you. Mayuyu, will you be my girlfriend?" He said.

My throat went dry. Now I remember that Jurio-kun already reminded me about it.

My friend really love you, please don't break his heart...

So the time had came. I was sure this one is Jurio-kun's wish. So, he didn't like me after all. And that thing wasn't more than my imagination. Our short date...

"Okay, let me try it," I said to Yuki-kun.

"Is that a yes?" His face turned into confused one. I nodded as a confirmation. "YATTA!!! Oi people! Mayuyu accept me!" He yelled to people around and made them laugh. Some of them congrated him, or us. He was jumping around like a little kid who got a new toy.

He stopped his celebration and turned to me, holding my hands in his slowly and kissed them. "I promise, I will make you happy. I'll do whatever to make you smile," and the next thing was, he hugged me. Really tight. "Thank you, Mayuyu..."

I didn't do anything, didn't move either. When he let go of his hug, I realized that his face was getting nearer to my face. So close that our lips touched...

"You will left tomorrow, right?" Jurio-kun nodded to my question when we were at the highest spot on the ferris wheel.

"Right, I will leave tomorrow and I don't give anything to you," he stopped for a while. "Ah, that one!" He said as if he got something on his mind.

He held my right upper arm and slightly pulled me to his body. My face redden when his face was so close to mine. Too close. I closed my eyes tightly. The unfamiliar cold flesh lingered in my lips. I knew it was Jurio-kun's lips. It wasn't a forceful kiss, it was soft and sweet. I didn't realized that suddenly I opened my mouth, giving him access to deepened the kiss...

My hands clutched onto the boy's shirt who was kissing me. I was smiling when he let go. huh? Jurio-kun?

"Mayuyu?" I saw Jurio-kun called me. My eyes widden and I blinked my eyes some times.

"Mayuyu?" He waved in front of my face and I woke up from the short dream and find it was actually Yuki-kun. Great, I was going out with Yuki-kun and my mind manipulated my eyes and saw Jurio-kun. I smiled at my best. Trying to assured him that I was alright.

He smiled. He took my hand and we went home. He asked for my email and phone number. I had to try my best obeying what Jurio-kun wanted. Making his best friend happy. I hope so... That's the first night of me having a real boyfriend.


How? How? Ii desu ka? Ii desu ka? O_o

This is it. I hope it's good enough for you >_<

And oooh, I was all embarassed when I write the kissing scene :lol:

Not sure this will ended as JuriMayu or MaYuki. I'm still keeping it for myself hehehe :p

Until then, please keep on replying! Your reply is the spirit for me to keep on writing! Thank you :bow:

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump Ch.5 (JuriMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #22 on: October 04, 2014, 09:43:09 PM »
Rensu-sama  :cry: ... this chapt was so wonderful..

i dont know... i feel so real when i read it, its really make me happy somehow...   :wub:

and.. you give an great distortion in this story.. supreme !!! .. thats becoming more complicated in here.. love it  :twothumbs

then... i expecting an more confontration between mayu,yuki,and jurina hhahaha :twisted: it would be really interisting there...

and again.. is that mayu here was doesnt have any feeling for yuki ?  :cry: hiding behind lies is bad renshu-chan.. wont you make it ?

last.. next chapt please !!!! hhaha XD

*i love those kissing scene.. its so romantic !!!*

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump Ch.5 (JuriMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #23 on: October 05, 2014, 06:20:27 AM »
Hm...rena had the goosebump?! :w00t:

So, she actually like jurio but doesnt know it, haha

Almost like a kindergarten :hip smile:

Cant wait for the next one! :cathappy:

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Re: Ren's Short Fic : The Goosebump Ch.5 (JuriMaYuki GB-Fic)
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"So what do you say?" The boy asked about his offering to the girl in front of him.

She inhaled, deep breathing while closing her eyes. She looked straight to the boy's eyes and nodded,"I'll try," The little answer made the boy sighed in relieve.

He smiled,"Let's do this..."


Today as well, we had a lunch together. This time we gathered at the canteen. The usual people, the usual activity. I never bored at it. Because I could always see the person I had a memory with. Even he didn't glance at me when I did, he answered with a nod when I asked him, even so, I didn't mind.

But the condition had changed. I dated his friend. His best friend. I didn't know if it was right or not. But it was him who wanted me to do this, right? After all, I was just obeying his wish. I didn't realize that he had been really affecting me about this matter.

"Guys, I have a big news!" Yuki-kun distracted our attention. I knew, it must be that. I looked at Jurio-kun. His eyes took a trail to Yuki-kun's direction. He was sipping his drink from the bottle.

"What is it?" I heard the others asked him.

Yuki-kun grabbed my hand under the table. He looked at me and I just smiled at him. Nodding, agreeing his next action.

Yuki-kun looked at my eyes, it was so intense. Then he turned his gaze toward the others and said,"I... am dating Mayuyu now."

The others cheering us, or it was just Yuki-kun. I saw them clapping and yelling our name. And then I saw Jurio-kun's smile.

"And it's all thanks to Jurio. You are really a great friend. Thank you buddy," Yuki-kun said. Yeah. Yuki-kun told me that Jurio-kun was the one who cheered for him. Supporting and encouraging him to confessed to me. He did that, for his best friend.

With the joy and happiness, I spotted something odd. Rena-chan was sitting beside Jurio-kun. And they looked in a good term as they chatted at the end of the seat, smiling and commenting about me and Yuki-kun.

I nudged Churi beside me, gaining her attention. "Nee, did I miss something here?  What happened with Rena-chan and Jurio-kun?"

"Hm?" Churi turned to see Rena. She, too, was shocking at the sight. Being the riot she was, she blurted out asking the person directly. "Eeeeh??? Rena-chan? Aren't you too close to Jurio-kun today?" I facepalmed. Churi...

Rena-chan turned all red, she was facing the ground and stuttering. "A-ano... We um... We-"

"We're dating," Jurio-kun continued Rena-chan's words. I saw their jaws dropped to the floor. "Just kidding, hehee" he laughed and made the other's soul went back to their respective bodies.

"Mou, that's not funny!" Paru said.

"Rena already forgive me, and she decided to be friend with me. Right, Rena?" Jurio-kun averting his gaze to Rena-chan. Why? Why was it hurt? Wasn't it good if Jurio-kun and Rena-chan getting friendly?

"Woohoo... Then when the time comes, we all will hang out in couple, 4 couples! Jurio, just ask her out already!" Airio-kun yelled out. Everybody laughed at his statement.

Rena looked up and whinning,"We're not even a couple!"

"Not yet~" Churi teased her and gained more laugh by the others.

Were we gonna be couples group instead of friends group? Would it be okay?

Some times later we went back to our class, hand in hand with our own couples, except Jurio-kun and Rena-chan. They weren't hand in hand but they looked much closer. The old Rena who always saw Jurio as the worst human in the school suddenly changed. If I re-think about it, it happened since the day we went on shopping.

What was really happening?

We arrived at our class, curse me who didn't notice it because I was too busy staring the two people in front of me.

"I'll see you later after school," Yuki-kun kissed my cheek. Even it was Yuki-kun, my official boyfriend, I didn't feel anything. Why was it so plain?

He waved at me and walked away. When I was following his direction that was when I saw Jurio-kun smiled and waved to Rena-chan.

After the boys disappear, Churi immediately pulled Rena-chan's hand inside the class and forced her to sit. "Explanation!" She said with those piercing eyes like a hawk.

"Wh-what explanation? I don't think I understand what you're talking about," Rena laughed nervously. Obviously there was something between her and Jurio-kun.

"Rena-chan, since that day on the shopping center your attitude toward Jurio-kun have changed. I wonder what cause it..." Paru uttered her curiousity.

Rena-chan looked red. Then, it must had been something happened between them.

"Are you guys perhaps... Dating?" Churi randomly said.

Rena-chan looked up and denied it. She flailed her hands in front of her face. "T-that's impossible!" She yelled.

"Easy there, you don't have to yell," Churi let out a small chuckle.

Rena-chan looked at me with a pair of sad eye. Why? Of course I wasn't dreaming. So I asked her, "What's wrong?" But she just shooked her head and we were back to study since the teacher came. I was still couldn't get what she meant by those eyes.


The girl in her thick coat was checking her looks on the mirror. Checking the lipstick and how her face looked. Tried to sizing how wide her smile would be. How should she did a greetings. She was all nervous, all heavy and loud sighs came after some little try.

"Haaah, what should I do?!" She shutted her eyes tightly. She was normal, as normal as another teenager while waiting for the night out with a guy.

"Why am I feeling so nervous?" She sighed. Frustrating by her own choice.

The bell rang. After a few moments, her mother came to her room.

"Come down, Rena-chan, there's a handsome guy waiting for you," her mom teased her. Her heartbeat went crazy. All her blood rushed to her face making her face redden. With a light tap from her mom, Rena climbed down the stair and there was the guy stood and smiling at her.

"Jurio-kun, please don't come home too late, okay? You have to send my daughter at least at 10 p.m." Mrs. Matsui told him.

"Yes," Jurio peeking at his palm. "Yes, Matsui-san."

The night seemed crowd, of course, it was weekend after all. The two of them walked side by side. Rena almost everytime, tried to hide her exploding feeling. Being so close with this guy made her body felt light, she would had flown if it was possible.

They stopped at a coffee shop and decided to just warming up their bodies with a glass of hot coffee. Jurio opened the glass door to Rena and sat right beside the window. Looking at people passing by was always interesting.

Rena felt that the atmosphere getting weird and she decided to talk first, uttering her biggest curiousity. "So, Jurio-kun, why are we actually doing this?"

Jurio almost choked on his coffee,"Too bold," he hissed. "Do you want to stop? It's okay, I told you that I never force you to do it," Jurio said.

Hearing what Jurio said made Rena panic,"N-no! Th-that's not what I mean!" She aimed. "I mean, why me? Why do we have to..." Rena paused at her next sentence, "pretend that we're close?"

The question hitted Jurio, bull's eye. Rena was curious. Jurio asked her to look closer to each other in front of the group. Pretending. Why did they need to pretending?

Jurio took a sip of the coffee,"I don't know either," he said.

Rena felt stupid, why did she agree at it in the first place. Jurio didn't explain everything clearly yet Rena just agreed at his offer. What is it that make her agree almost directly? Was it because of his determination. He looked so convincing about the offer.

"And, if we just have to pretend in front of them, why are you bringing me here?" Right, their friends weren't there. Why doing this when they were not around?

"I just want to know you more, Rena," Jurio smiled. As expected from the most famous boy in their school, his words sounded simple yet strangely could affecting someone.

Rena strightened her body, her body tensed up. With her finger hanging at the cup, she tried to made her heartbeat back to normal from the slight attack. She stared at the fluids inside the cup, tracing her finger at the edge of it,"Wh-what do you want to know?"

Jurio chuckled, he was surprised that the girl had this side as well. He always thought that the girl was different. As she was easily angry at him, being furious, mad and yelled at him. But the sight was different, it was the timid and shy Rena. "Tell me everything," he said looking at the girl.

The conversation went well, Rena told him about many things even it was him who asked and she answered everything. Just like any interview you would experience when you were about entering a company. The interviewer got many informations, and it turned around. "Don't you want to know about me too?"

The girl who was taking a sip of her coffee almost spit it out.

"You're so funny," he laughed. "Come on, ask me," he said almost sounded like a challenge.

The girl greeted her teeth. She gripped her own shirt under the table and couraging herself to ask him. She gazed at his eyes, locking it for a long moment and tried to read him. "Do you love Mayu-chan?"

He closed his eyes, chuckling. "I don't know why your questions are bold," he joked.

"Please answer me,"

Looking at her pleading eyes made Jurio's laugh stopped suddenly. His face soften. "Will you trust me if I say no?" The girl shook her head. "Well, you get the answer," he said.

The girl stood up. "Let's go home, it's late."

The way back home was totally quiet. Jurio knew, it must because of his answer. He felt guilty but in other side, he didn't want to lie to her. He felt horrible enough to dragged this girl into his own trouble.

It was fast. They already reached the girl's house. She thanked the boy and wanted to get inside when Jurio's hand stopped her by her wrist. "I'm sorry," he uttered.

She shook her head. "No, it's okay. Even if you just want me to be her substitute. And I know the thing between us will ended like how it was began, false," Rena didn't know why, but she was really hurt inside. She knew that for her, it was different.

Jurio knew what it meant. He knew that the girl started to have feelings for him. "Then teach me how to make it real," Jurio's hand swiftly pulled her neck so that their gap getting closer. He kissed the girl by her lips. Feeling her hands were about to push him, he catched her hands and deepened the kiss until the girl stop struggling. He heard the girl sniffing so he stopped his assault. Cupping the girl's face and kissed her forehead.

With the tears rolling down her cheeks, she said the most selfish thing to the boy,"Say that you love me... Please..." She gripped Jurio's arms tightly. But she didn't dare to look at his face. Still facing the ground, she cried more.

Jurio lift her face, cupping the both of her cheeks and whispered,"I love you." He smiled at the girl.

She hugged the taller boy and spoke with her hoarse voice,"Thank you, even it's just in your lips, thank you,"


Ah, chapter 6... Sorry for delaying it, sorry for making it weird, sorry for making it short, sorry for making it not interesting, sorry for mistakes and everything. Hope you enjoy and please keep leaving reply.

The kiss scene is here again, you like it? I hope so.

Thanks for reading, thanks for just looking at it :lol:

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Its a kiss scene but its hurt

Safe wmatsui

No mayu dint you see it?? Yuki is for you

Aaagh! I want so badly mayuki but why mayu heart is for jurio

And why? Why they nit together? If jurio love mayu then isnt easy to be official? Why need to hurt other people?
Yuki and rena deserved love too

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Detta.. Detta.. Detta !! renshu-senpai why took so long, hope that the next story will update an quickly.

love this chapt !!!

whooa !! you really did some great writing renshu senpai ! splendid !!

for the next chapt.. hope that any more confrontation between them.. make it an more sad again.. make the pair to feels how cruel the thing about 'love' and lastly ... please make some jurimayu moment for the next  XD hhaha

thanks for your hardwork  :bow:

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 :O :O :O :O Rena and Jurio!

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AAHH love triangle?! kyaaaa... :w00t: :w00t:
please update soon. i love Rena and Jurio scenes :inlove: :inlove:

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And why? Why they nit together? If jurio love mayu then isnt easy to be official? Why need to hurt other people?
Yuki and rena deserved love too
Agree... :cry:
but if that happen there will be no drama :twisted:

me want more RenChushan :cathappy:

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He opened the door of his house. Living alone was his choice. Living with his father or not wasn't different at all. He would be all alone in the house. Once inside, he locked the door and walked to his bedroom. Feeling tired, he decided to take a bath.

Looking at his reflection in the mirror while the water helped him to wash his body, he felt bad. A long sighed escaped from him.

Love is cruel. That's what Jurio believe. The event that night opened his eyes that even if he loved Mayu, he had to given up on it. He wouldn't want his best friend become sad.

It was his fault. He put their friendship on top of everything, including his own feeling. Seeing his friend desperately in love with Mayu made him burried his feeling and couraging Yuki to show his love to Mayu.

His stupidity. He had been trapped by his own stupidity. After knowing Rena's feeling toward him, he felt more guilty. Bringing a new victim inside his circle of trouble he made.

"I have to face it, I'm not a man for nothing." He said to himself.


Rena walked on the corridor alkong with Paru and Yuji. The morning came like usual. But not Paru or Yuji realized that their friend had been smiling all the way.

"Good morning!" Churi and her loud voice rang in the corridor. Rena turned around and found Churi and her boyfriend came with Mayu and Yuki who were holding hands.

"Good morning," the three of them greeted back.

"Hey where's Jurio?" Airio asked. The other just shook their head.

"He said he won't attend today's class, he had something to do,"

The other just nodded and said 'Oh,' at the answer.

"EH? RENA-CHAN?" They turned to her in unison.

The timid Rena jumped in surprise, "Wh-what?"

"How come you know that?"

"Jurio is our friend yet he didn't tell us about anything!"

"Hey, hey, hey, I smell something fishy here..."

Came all the comments from the boys and they stared at Rena. But then the girls stopped them since the bell was ringing.

They stopped and fasten their steps to their class.


Jurio opened his phone, he recieved a mail from Rena.

Jurio-kun, I told them that you're not attending school today. Now they nagging at the explanation. Please help me >_<

Jurio laughed. He knew his friends would kill Rena with the most scary questions. He started to typed on his phone and sent the mail to Rena.

Just tell them whatever. But don't forget to inform me after that :)

He put on his clothes, wore his casual clothes and a glasses. After a few minutes wait, someone knocked on the door.

"Oi oi oi! Open the door! I'm here!" The person banged the door.

Jurio ran to the door and opened it. In front of the door stood alone a girl dressed in the most 'not girly' pair of clothes. In her right hand there was a tiny bottle. Jurio sighed and took the bottle from the girl's hand.

"Isn't it too early to get drunk?"

She laid her back on the door and folded her arms. "Tsk, you're not fun! I'm not even drunk!" She walked to Jurio but stumbled on her feet making her fell. But Jurio was fast enough to catch her so that her face didn't meet the hard floor.

Jurio rolled his eyes,"Yeah, you're not- Oi! What the hell you're doing?!" Jurio yelled.

The girl in his arms grinning widely,"Muscles~"

"Stop touching me!" He shoved the girl to the couch. "*Sigh* I guess I'll cancel our plan,Milky. I do not bring a drunk girl walking around the town in the morning,"

The said girl looked at him. Tried to meet his eyes even it was difficuilt. She straightened her back on the couch. "Now tell me, what's with that gloomy face Jurio?"

Jurio was not sure at first, but he ended up telling her too. He told everything to Milky. About him giving up on the girl he was in love with to his best friend, about the new girl who was unexpectedly had feelings to him.

"About the first girl, do you know what she feels to you? Have you asked her?" Jurio shook his head. "Why are you so stupid?! What if she have feelings for you? Don't you think about it?"

Jurio stopped breathing for a while. "She wouldn't accept my best friend if she have feelings for me right?" Somehow, his statement turned into a question. He didn't sure about it.

"Have you asked her?" A small 'no' made Milky massaged her temples. "That's your fault. You'll never know if you never ask her! Geez, your stupidity is in the high level, isn't it?" A furious Milky yelled.

"But I'm okay with this, as long as my best friend happy then I'll be happy, too," he said.

The drunk girl laughed, she clutched onto her stomach. "Fuck the friendship! Think about your feeling as well, stupid!" She was mad. She stood up on her unbalanced feet. "Now let me tell you something if you don't want to change it, never regret anything." She said. Suddenly she held her mouth, "Where's the bathroom? I wanna puke." Jurio showed the bathroom. The sound of her throwing up in the bathroom was loud enough.


Rena was fidgeting in her seat. Forcing her brain to work hard finding a good reason for it. The intimidating stares from the group made her turned white.

"H-he mailed me this morning, that's all," Rena uttered, smiling at the worst and awkward face to smile.

"Since when you got your each other mail? I remember that you and Jurio-kun like a cat and a dog," Paru asked in her flat and annoyed look.

Mayu didn't respond to anything. She just there following the other, she didn't know what to do. Knowing the shy girl now getting closer to Jurio. While she could only watching him from afar.

The other kept on pushing the girl to the edge until she spit out what they wanted to hear. "Guys, aren't you just too much?"

The other turned their heads to the one who was talking,"Mayu-chan, I don't believe it!" Airio gasped in surprise.

"Why do you say it too much?" Yuji butted in.

"W-well, isn't it good if they're started to be friend than yelling and fighting each other?" Mayu smiled nervously.

"You got a point, Mayuyu. But they're too close! Isn't it suspicious?" Came Yuki and his super reaction.

They involved in a war argument. Everyone still curious about Jurio and Rena's relationship, while Mayu was the only one defending Rena from their over curiousity.

"Okay, listen! If you really want to know..." Rena breathed as deep as possible, shutting her eyes tightly, " Jurio-kun and I are dating!" Rena yelled.



Did I hear it right? Jurio-kun and Rena-chan... Dating? It wasn't a dream, was it?

I clutched my fist tightly. I didn't believe what Rena-chan said. She must had been faking it. She was kidding. I needed someone to tell me that it wasn't real.

I grabbed Yuki-kun's hand. He turned to look at me and smiled,"See, my best friend now have a girlfriend too, and I'm happy!" He whispered it to me.

"Oi! All of you should congratulating Rena-chan and Jurio! Let's have a party!" Yuki-kun suggested. All of us agreed that we would have a party on the weekend at Jurio-kun's house.

"Rena-chan, please tell Jurio- um, your Jurio-kun about the party okay," Yuki-kun said.

Please tell me this is not real...


Jurio-kun, I'm sorry, I told them we're dating because they didn't believe anything but that. And they said they wanted have a party this weekend in your house. Once again, I'm really sorry about it, please forgive me >_<"

Jurio spitted out the water he was drinking. The girl who sat beside him, looking at him in disguisting look.

"What the hell Jurio?!"

Jurio showed the message he recieved earlier to Milky with his pale face. "This..."

"Eeeh, you have a girlfriend now? You didn't tell me!" Milky shook his body furiously.

Jurio let out a loud sigh and laid his back to the couch. "Right... Now I have a girlfriend," Jurio slapped his own forehead. The girl beside him giggled and ended up laughing so hard.


Somehow... I'm feeling that this story turned weirder and weirder. How should I put it, I'm making up a conflict here and there x_x

Anyway, I guess it's not a triangle love, it's square love :lol:

I know right, why didn't say love to each other? Why do they have to hurt another person? Who's writing this crappy story??? Щ(ºДºщ)

A hurtful kiss scene? Yeah, it was sad, I like gloomy mood because I'm a gloomy person (?)

The JuriMayu scene, maybe the next chapter (∩_∩)

Sorry for making it weird and strange and abnormal and alien (?) Please keep leaving reply as it's really precious to me. Thanks for the silent reader. See you soon (∩_∩)

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 7 12/10 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #31 on: October 12, 2014, 10:04:31 AM »
Oh... Mayu feels hurt when she hear that Rena and Jurio dating

poor Yuki though... he was so happy had Mayu as her girlfriend
if he know JuriMayu love each other.... :cry:

update soon Renshuan :cathappy:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 7 12/10 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #32 on: October 12, 2014, 10:11:41 AM »
Mayu please stop loving jurio

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 7 12/10 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #33 on: October 12, 2014, 02:03:47 PM »
Soooooo,Mayu still loves Jurio?! AH! That's greatttt~~~
I hope Mayu and Yuki are break up :w00t:
Please update soon. I'm too curious with the story :mon cute:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 7 12/10 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #34 on: October 12, 2014, 02:25:15 PM »
Wahhhhh JuriMaYuki!!  :hip smile:
Somehow.. my heart hurts   :(
I don't know who should be with who.. :(
Also.. what is jurio's relationship with milky?  :?

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 7 12/10 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #35 on: October 12, 2014, 07:13:51 PM »
I'm mayuki shipper but for this I want Jurimayu. lol
Waiting for update. :)

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 7 12/10 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #36 on: October 14, 2014, 08:03:13 AM »
The kiss scene is hurting my feeling(late realizing your update) :cry: :cry: :cry:
No more sad please :bow:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 7 12/10 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #37 on: October 14, 2014, 10:54:20 AM »
reading the latest chapter, i dont know who suffered the most... :OMG: :frustrated:

waiting for the next chapter, update soon~!! :omamori:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 7 12/10 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #38 on: October 18, 2014, 08:24:40 AM »

I wondered why Yuki-kun asked me to prepare this early. I thought the party on Jurio-kun's place was at night. I wore my best clothes. I didn't know for whom I was wearing this clothes, was it for Yuki-kun? Maybe, since he was my boyfriend. It wasn't the first time we went together, but I was still had this strange feeling when I was around Yuki-kun. It was like I didn't feel comfortable. I didn't know if he notice this or not. I hope not.

Yuki-kun arrived right before lunch. He said we would eat lunch together. Somehow, Yuki-kun looked different today. He wasn't like his usual self. The loud and cheerful Yuki-kun seemed calm, too calm if I could say.

"Let's go," he said.

The next event was we had lunch together. Yuki-kun seemed really uneasy. I decided to ask him since I was being anxious too.

"Yuki-kun, what happen?" I asked him.

He stopped eating and took a sip of the drinking water. He looked at me,"What do you mean? I'm okay," he smiled awkwardly.

I sighed. "I'm not asking if you're okay or not. Clearly something is happening. Mind to share?"

He continued to eat and didn't answer my question. It was getting on my nerves.

"Yuki-kun! I'm talking to you!" I half-yelled at him. It was irritating me how he tried to cover the reality that there was something happened and bothering his mind. I didn't understand why he should hide it from me.

"Calm down Mayuyu," he whispered and glancing to the other people who averted their gaze to us.

He asked me to calm down while he was making me more annoyed at him,"Why should I? I just need you to answer me."

"Okay, but not here. Let's go somewhere else," he said. We finished our food and walked out from the place.

Yuki-kun brought me to a playground. There wasn't many people around and kids playing. We sat on the swing. And I started to showered him with questions.

I folded my arm and looked straight into his eyes,"Now tell me what is the thing that bothered you so much."

Yuki-kun turned his face away from me. He looked nervous. I saw he gripped on the swing tighter. He was holding back.

He looked down on his feet and spoke,"Can I straight to the point, Mayuyu?"

Without hesitation I nodded my head asking him to continue on what he was going to say. I was more than eager to listen to him.

"Mayu, do you love me?" He asked with his serious tone.

I must had choked if I was drinking, "Of course," I answered.

He moved from the swing and stood in front of me. His shadow covered me. I looked up and saw that he had a serious look. It was the first time I saw him like this. This matter must be serious for him.

"Nee, do you love me?" He asked again.

I was confused but still answered him ,"I told you before, I do," Why was he asking the same question more than once? Was he started to realize something?

He chuckled irritatingly and let out a heavy sigh. "You don't get it, right?" he massaged his temples. "Mayu, I love you," he smiled.

"Me too," I smiled back at him. But then his smile fade away and changed into a frown writing all over his face.


He put both of his hands on my shoulder and asked me to stood up from the swing. “Look at my eyes and say that you love me,” he said with a deep voice.

I looked at him and smiled “I love you.”

He let go of my shoulder and laughed with the most strange way to laugh. “You don’t love me, right?”

I became more confused. I didn’t get what he was trying to say. He just asked me to say that I love him and now he didn’t believe it. “Yuki-kun, stop playing around. I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” I held his hands but he was snatching it away from my grip.

He clicked his tongue and chucckled a little. “Nothing, let’s just forget about it,” Yuki-kun looked at me and planted a kiss on my forehead and cheek. It was deep. I could feel desperation in his kiss, cold, unlike the warm as usual.

I swift and move my face so that I cought his lips with mine. He didn’t move, so I initiated to move my lips between his tried to get a response from him. I kept on pressing my lips until the moment when I was shocked and decided to pull back, I heard him sniffing and cried. I hugged him tightly and still, his body didn’t reply what I did to him.

Is this my fault, Yuki-kun?


The time had come. It was the weekend everybody was waiting for. They were waiting for the story that would be told by the two of them, Jurio and Rena.

Jurio prepared some foods and drinks for them. Even it was still 2 p.m and the party would start around 7, he was still preparing it. Of course he didn't cook, he simply called a restaurant and ordered from it.

"Is it okay for me to be here? I told you I can go somewhere else," The girl said while watching Jurio moving around the house, preparing and cleaning everything. He might be a guy, but he didn't like the mess too. But this girl beside him was the one who made a mess and he was the one who tidying it, was the most annoying thing. But nevertheless, he didn't want his friend to go just like that.

"No, you'll help me here," Jurio said.

"What can I do? You did everything," the girl tilted her head. Looking around that everything was well prepared and tidy.

"Washing the dishes, later,"he looked at the girl right in the eyes. "I don't want you to go to the bar again,"

The girl pinched the boy's cheek. "Aww, that's so sweet, you're so caring," she smiled.

Jurio slapped her hand off of his cheek and glared at her,"I don't want to clean your pukes and tidying everything in the morning. You’re such a mess when you’re drunk! Not that you’re not messy when you’re not drunk though."

The older girl let out a chuckle. She scratched her neck nervously,"Hehee, I just couldn't help it, okay then, I'll help you. Oh, show me about the girls okay," she said.

A few moment later the preparation finished. He laid down on the couch, feeling tired and wet his body with sweat with the preparation. He closed his eyes. It was still 3 in the afternoon so he decided to take a small rest. Saving his energy so that when the night time came he could handling all those crazy people who would lurking around his house and threw him thousands of question about him and Rena.

Really, Jurio didn’t even think to had a fake relationship and making it up in front of his own best friends. Was it his fault to begin with? Since he was the one who dragged Rena into his problem, but heck, Rena was multiplying it with this fake relationship. But he couldn’t angry at Rena too. She was in a pinch and being stupid she was blurting out that she was dating Jurio. He sighed. He had to face it however.

I started it, so I have to finish it. I’m the man after all...

 A few moments later, the door bell of Jurio’s house rang. He woke up from his light sleep to assure that he wasn’t dreaming of his door ringing. He took a glance at the clock on the wall, it was still 4 p.m. Too early if it was his friend. He tugged Milky's shirt, "Milky, open the door please. Maybe there is a salesman of a stupid product," he said.

The said girl didn't move an inch, her eyes still glued on the tv screen and her mouth was busy munching on cracker chips,"Don't wanna." She said lazily and continued what she was doing.

"MILKY...!" He yelled.

"Hai hai..." The girl lazily went to the door to open it. At the time she opened the door, she found a back of a girl facing the door alone. She turned her head when she heard the door opened.

“O-Onee...san?” the girl stuttered and shocked to find his older sister there.

“Ara... Mayu-chan...” Milky’s face brightened up and with full of energy she jumped on her little sister to hugged her. “Mayu-chan, long time no see...” she rubbed their cheeks together only to gained a push from her sister.

“You’re disappearing from home for a long time! Mom and dad were anxious you know! What are you doing here?” Mayu yelled at her.

“Mou, is that what you say in our first-meeting-after-months?” Milky pouted.

Mayu could only slapped her own forehead. Meeting her long lost older sister.

Why should I meet you now, here?


Like usual, I have to say sorry for all the mess I create on this story, to make it short, to make it not cool and make you not enjoy reading it, everything, I'm really sorry. Please keep on reply me if you really read this story. Please support me  :cry:

Reply for all :
I don't know who suffered the most too  :doh:

Should JuriMayu separated? Maybe you can wait until the next next next chapter  :ptam-ok:

About the kissing scene, I don't know if it was hurt, but I do like the hurt feeling :farofflook:

Maybe something will happen between Jurio and Yuki.... maybe... :dunno:

Oh, sorry for the late update, I'm kinda busy lately so yeah...  :nervous :ptam-cry:

See you on the next chapter...  :byebye: :bingo:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 8 18/10 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #39 on: October 18, 2014, 09:07:43 AM »

Poor Yuki....
He know that Mayu don't love him and the kiss..... :cry:

Milky is Mayu long lost sister :shocked:
and she disappearing from home.... what happen?

waiting for next update RenchiyuChan :cathappy:

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