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Author Topic: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 8 (AyakAnna) 05/02/2016  (Read 55650 times)

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 6 (AyakAnna) 28/11/2015
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The random addition in the middle... XD

They had a rough past and now the advent of them being claimed again in the new realm of things :nervous
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~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 7 (AyakAnna) 23/12/2015
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Quote from: kuro_808 on: November 28, 2015, 07:05:46 PM
The random addition in the middle... XD

They had a rough past and now the advent of them being claimed again in the new realm of things :nervous

Certainly. That random addition was just a...  :grr:  :sweat: :on gay:

As always, thanks for the big help, Cometerz48!  :luvluv2: :on slopkiss:

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~ Part 7 ~

(Ayaka's POV)

It was as if the first time I met her ages ago...
She was wearing a black trench coat and a simple ruffled blouse, accompanied with a pair of trousers. Hung on her neck was the same locket that she told me where she kept a picture of her parents before their death. Even the same canvas sling bag was still hanging across her shoulder, where she kept her herbs all the time after collecting them.
“Yes… but as I’m growing old, you’ll remain like that.”
For the first time, I noticed how long time has passed since I saw her. Her face was indeed matured, calmer and wiser in one way. Her hair was dyed darker, auburn to be exact. Longer and the curls that she used to have were no longer there, straightened with an iron before tied in a simple bun. Her eyes were just the same as I remembered, only colder.
“Hello, Ayaka.” She said as she walked slowly towards me. Her voice was different. Again, matured and calmer. “You don’t change at all, I see. Despite many years, I see you’re doing well.”
The tone she used to speak just then, it was as if she was greeting an old friend. Unlike what I expected for someone that shot me in the chest.
“If it’s me or Ayato that you wanted, I suggest you to settle the matter somewhere else.” I said as I tried to calm myself down.
“It is the both of you that I want, Ayaka.” She said as stopped a few feet away from me with both hands in her pocket. “Yours and your brother’s death.”
“He didn’t kill Misato, Natsumi.” I said. I looked for a reaction from her, but none came out as if she heard it a million time already. “The hunters were lying to you.”
“Funny thoughts, Ayaka.” She said with a chuckle, a dangerous one. “I always see you, vampires, as the one that is filled with lies. Luring humans closer with what? Lusts? What happens after it? Satisfying your thirsts until their death?”
“You know me, Natsumi.” I said sternly despite my aching heart. “I drink animal bloods.”
“And I supposed to believe that despite you’re roaming freely under the sun?” she point out the sun. “So which one is your victim this time? Ijiri Anna, I heard.”
“You…” I snarled, accidentally feeling my fangs popped out. But I didn’t care, “You hunters lay one hand on her and I-“
“I get it already.” Said Natsumi with a smirk. “You like her, right? For what? Resembling like me?”
My eyes widened, “Wha—”
“Ijiri Anna...” she began with a light smile. “Come and Ame gave me enough information of her for me to come and see her myself... Indeed, I am amazed to see you still having the same taste.”
I was unable to speak all the sudden; her words pierced me, hard. The déjà vu of being with Natsumi ages ago… it came when I’m with Anna…
“Tell me, I bet she’s a good screamer when you touched her sensitive part.” Natsumi smirked.
That was it. I rushed to her in a flash and raised my fist, clenched. But before it could land on the part I desired, her palm caught it in midair. I was stunned to see her capability to matched my timing…
“Let me tell you something, Umeda Ayaka.” Said Natsumi softly as she gripped my fist hard, stunning me from where the hell did she get this so much power. “You and your brother’s death will come soon, very soon. And when it is time for me to finish it off, I’ll make sure that the two of you gets at least one of my bullets.”
Our eyes made contact, her eyes has gone colder, sterner, and sharper than ever. The sparkles I saw many years ago were gone, leaving the empty coldness that freezes my nerves for one moment.
“Of course, the time will be soon but not now.” She said throwing away my fist. “I suggest you stay around, escaping might be difficult since you have other hunters watching the city’s border. If you stay, they might let the two of you live.”
“Just like how they caught Ayato?” I asked. “You hunters took him away for years, tortured him!!”
“It wasn’t my authority, his fate.” Said Natsumi. “Besides, he decided the fate on his own when he killed Misato, right?”
“He didn’t kill, Misato!!” I yelled. Lucky, the parking lot is still empty. “Those hunters lied to you, Natsumi! I believe in brother and you know it too, better than the hunters.”
“Even if he didn’t, the why didn’t he saved her?!” asked Natsumi angrily.  “He promised to take care of her when he took her away for the hike…”
She glanced away and started walking away towards the building, “The two of you have the honor to catch the attention of Noro Kayo herself. I believe you recognized the name, correct?”
“One of the top of the hunter’s organization.” I said. “She joined the massacre of vampires in Europe after the world war. An immortal of a witchcraft.”
“I don’t know where she gets her immortality though, but yes. She’s here in the city for the two of you.” Said Natsumi. “I suggest you to come in peace with her, unless you wish for a painful death.”
“I’ll see you around, Ayaka…” she said with a wave without looking at me.
“Wait!” she stopped at her step. “When you shot me that morning, how does it feel? Are you satisfied that you get to shot me? Hurting me?”
Not sure if it’s my ear that crackling, but I felt my voice broke up in emotion. As if the wound on my chest was opened forcedly, piercing in absolute pain.
“I’ll never be satisfied, Ayaka.” Said Natsumi. “Not until I see Misato’s case were brought to justice. You and your brother’s death in my eyes.”
Then she walked away, leaving me completely speechless. The pain returned as if she just shot me with another bullet, only this time invisible. What is more, it hurts worse than the real one. Enough to make a tear fall from my eyes, landed on the ground before followed by the sky’s tears.

(Ayato’s POV)
I woke up with a gentle smell of smoky meat cooking and a light sizzling sound. My head felt dizzy as I sat up, trying to recover myself. The white bed linen sheets crumple, reminding me of last night…
I tried to shook it off and went downstairs, finding Emika in the kitchen already, preparing breakfast. She was already in her uniform, hair nicely tied and the cooking apron she used accompanied her look nicely in the kitchen.
“Good morning, Ayato.” She greeted with a light smile. “I thought you’ll wake up late, so I’m preparing your breakfast now. I guess you can have some fresh bacon now.”
I smiled back at her and sat in front of the plate she served on the table before joining the table too with a mug of coffee. I tucked in the food. I usually drink animal blood since Miyazawa taught me to do so to live in the community, but I can also eat some human food as well. Especially meat products, and bacon is one of them.
Emika watched me eating with her chin rested on her arm and the hand holding her mug. It has been a silence since she greeted me just then, not being sure of what is the right thing to say.
“Emika,” I placed down my knife and fork. “I was wondering…”
She smiled, “Yeap?”
I gulped, “Why do you have male clothes in your closet?”
She fell silence, her eyes suddenly flashed a sadness deep within. I could never read her mind, Emika’s. All I can tell is that she possessed a sad story or two behind each of her bright smile. A smile that I wanted to protect forever…
“I lived with my brother.” She began, putting down her mug. “He died two years ago of a car accident. I still kept his clothes, so I could still feel him around.”
She bit her lips and looked away from me and faced the window. “I’ve been alone since then. Some heard my stories, took pity and asked to accompany me through the hard time. But I rejected them all.”
She glanced at me, a sad smile curved on her face, not the kind of smile I wish to see from her. “I guess I still want to enjoy my loneliness longer. His shadow still lingers around the house, comforting me during the night as I cried for him. I can still feel him until…”
“Until I found you on the balcony, Ayato.” She smiled again, a bitter sweet smile. “I wouldn’t take you in if it weren’t for my brother’s voice rung on my head, telling me to take care of you. I did my best trying to save you, not knowing who you were at all. But I knew that my brother would want to do the same thing.”
“Emika…” I said. Now I know how it feels… how she feels to be exact.  No wonder she stayed away from me after the confession, it was a bitter painful feeling after all… “I’m sorry.”
She shook her head, “No Ayato… It is me that should apologize. I’m sorry for falling in love with you.”
She stood up from her chair and walked towards the room, I followed her, knowing that she was struggling to held down her tears from coming out. Just before she came in to the bedroom, I pulled her hand and bring her wrapped with my arm.
“I’m sorry…” I whispered to head. The smell of her shampoo was amazingly beautiful, a mix of lilies, honeysuckle and lavender. I felt my heart thumping and her heart also thumping. “I’m sorry for being such an ungrateful burden… I’m sorry for hurting you…”

(Natsumi’s POV)

The day passed by slowly, for me, it felt unusually slow as if not wanting the day to end. It felt more boring when I tried to pass time by watching the drops of rain streaming down the glass window inch-by-inch.

Memories inevitably flashed back on my mind especially after seeing her face.

Her appearance didn’t change at all, still that same midget vampire I used to know before. I used to know…? The phrase doesn’t seem right. Did I really know her? I guess not, not until Misato’s death, not until that incident opened my eyes.

My mind has grown tired of the painful flashback of memories. Clenching my fists, I recognized my desire to kill her when I stood in front of her moments ago, but this isn’t the right place to do so. Besides we’ll plan for the perfect way for the twins and all other vampires to face their death.

Unexpectedly, I heard someone knocking at the door. I wonder who it is…

I didn’t expect the sight of the person standing outside the infirmary. I’m surprised; she sure has the guts to talk to me again. I smirked at her sour face and let her enter the room.

“I don’t have a store of blood here… Well, except for my own which I believed it has been a long time since then.” I simply said as I sat my body on my chair for comfort. “What brought you here, Ayaka?”

“Natsumi, stay away from Anna and leave this school now.” She said while gritting her teeth.

“Can’t I have this job to earn a living?” Teasing her sure is fun. “Who are you to order things like that? You aren’t my boss and if you can remember, you’re an enemy…”

Her fangs instantly made its appearance. The pair of cruel calcium pumps – oh, how I loathe them. I can see that she’s trying to compose herself. I wonder… what can happen if I brought her anger to the edge? I can’t help but to smile at the idea.

The vampire remained quiet, as if thinking of what else to say.

“I wonder… does Ijiri-san know about me?”

“I told her about my past.” Answered Ayaka.

“Hm… So, she knows that you like her because she resembles me?”

“Natsumi!!” Ayaka yelled as she slammed her fists on the table producing a loud thump. She needs some serious anger management lessons, I see. “You don’t have the right to say things like that—”

“Why not? When it’s the exact truth.” My tone was as cold as the stare I was giving her. “Maybe, it’s you who should leave Anna alone…”

Her eyes widened upon my words and she was stoned for a moment. “I can’t. I can’t live without seeing her—”

“Too much drama. Just cut it off, Ayaka.” Fury aroused inside my heart as I felt a pinch of emotion inside me. I stood up and eyed her intensely. “And how long are you planning to use Ijiri…?”

She swiftly moved and in a split-second, my collar was already in her grasp. I can’t bear having her near me that’s why I pushed her away. She backed off and was shocked by how strong I’ve become. I smirked at her reaction and proudly said, “You can’t stop me, Ayaka. I won’t stop until my eyes witness you and your brother’s death.”

“Lay one hand on Anna and I won’t have any doubts on killing you, Natsumi.” Said Ayaka then she slammed the door close as she left.

The rain is still pouring until the school day ended. I rode my jet black car as I travelled to the HQ.

I arrived shortly and the moment I entered the room, all gazes were fixed on me.

“Whoa! Natsumi looks different today.” That remark from Kana triggered the snickering of voices all around.

“Disguise…” I simply said as I took my seat. Noro flashed a smile at me before speaking.

“Well… Natsumi surely looks great in her disguise. But let’s leave it as it is.” She stood up and crossed her arms. Her smile vanished and a serious look was painted on her face. “We need to be cautious of the twin vampires. They even caught Come and Ame… Luckily they came back whole and alive…”

“Sorry, boss—” The girls murmured with their heads bowed down.

“It’s not just like that!” This is the first time I’ll see our leader angered. “Please be more careful next time! Every one of us should be… especially you two since you’re the youngest ones here. Understood?”

“Hai!” All of us said. Noro sighed as she sat back again, as if her mind was occupied by something really important.

“For now, let’s lie low and have a short rest for everyone. We’ll settle this after that.” Our leader clenched her fists as she murmured, “I’ll make those twins pay…”

Silence enveloped the room with the tension still high in the air.

“I guess that ends the discussion…” Nacchi remarked.

“Ended already? I just arrived…” I murmured softly. Yuka smiled and whispered, “You’re arrived late. What do you expect? Besides, Nonti is not in the mood.”

The other hunters then retired to their own rooms but before the shape shifters depart, I need to ask them a favor.

“Come, Ame, wait…” I asked our two young assistants to remain.

“What is it, Natsumi-san?” Asked Ame.

“I want the two of you to keep an eye on this girl.” I said as I handed them a folder with files containing her information inside. “Can you do it?”

They scanned the files first before agreeing to the task.

“Kamieda Emika…” Said Come as she closed the folder with a sly smile. “You can count on us, Natsumi-san.”

“Thank you. Contact me if you find something interesting.”

“Hai hai~” They said before they morphed into their other feathered form, flying away and leaving me alone.

Noro’s previous words rang inside my mind once more.

“I’ll make those twins pay…”

They’ve really gotten into her nerves, I see. But… I personally want myself to annihilate those two no matter what. I can’t let them die in someone else’s arms, not even to our leader’s.

Considering that this is a matter to be consulted to our big boss, I went to her personal quarters and knocked at the door which she immediately opened.

“Noro-san, I need to talk to you in private.”

She flashed a smile on her chubby face. I can’t help but to notice the forming of bags under her eyes. Noro opened the door widely enough for me to enter.

“Come in, Natsumi…” Said Noro. “Would you mind waiting for a little while? I have little personal matters to do.”

“Is it okay for me to be in here?”

She nodded. “I don’t really mind if you watch what I’m doing…”

The woman let me sir on an old wooden chair as she minded her own business. Curious of what she’s about to do. I intently watched all her actions. She opened a shelf then she reached for an old box partly covered in dust. Her fingers left a mark on the lid of the box as she opened it.

It revealed a small book with almost brittle yellowish pages, and then she provided a golden chalice with strange marks on it. Pouring a colorless liquid from a porcelain jar, she spoke, “This is what they call the elixir of life…”

My eyes widened in amazement, “So that’s what made you immortal?”

“Immortality isn’t possible for a human. Even for vampires.” Chuckled Noro as if the idea of immortality sounded ridiculous.

“But you—”

“This just postponed aging of my physique… I’m still vulnerable to certain things which I haven’t told anyone…” She had a goofy smile on her face. “I kept it a secret for a really long time, even about the elixir.”

“But why would you tell me about it?” Confused, I asked her with scrunched eyebrows.

“Because we are on the same shoes.” Her smile turned into a bitter one. “I once loved a vampire. Well, she’s the one who told me about this elixir so that both of us can live longer than humans. I suggested her about turning me into a vampire like her, but she dropped the idea. I thought we’ll live happily as what we planned but one day I woke up alone. She left without notice. I waited for her for years but there’re no signs of her. What would you expect next? Of course, I was mad and bitter. I was fooled then after making me fall in love, she’ll just vanish faster than a bubble. That’s when I decided to join the hunters. I swear that I will kill her once we meet again.”

Her lips trembled as she spoke about her bitter past. I felt a sense of pity for her because these feelings became a burden to her for many, many years. Sympathizing won’t do anything to make her feel better, I guess.

“And you still haven’t found her again?” I asked.

She lightly shook her head as she drank the liquid and uttered a few phrase from the book. “Not yet…”

“Anyways, what is it that you want to talk about?” She added.

“It is about the Umeda twins.” Noro put down the chalice and listened carefully as I told her about what I wanted to happen. After that, she smiled and gave me a pat.

“Then, I’ll leave it to you…” Said Noro. She then returned the stuff back to where it belonged.

I guess it was too selfish of me but I still asked, “What’s your weakness, Noro? If I may ask…”

She laughed at me. “That’s too brave of you to ask… Well, I don’t drink blood like them but… I’m bound to die like them, shoot me in the heart with a bullet made of pure silver. That’d kill me for sure. If you wanted to kill me…”

I laughed at her joke, “Why would I?”

She gave a sly smile as I bid goodbye, “Yes… Why would you want to kill me? I wonder…”

I can vaguely hear her say as I left her alone in her room.

“Maybe a bit of rest will be nice to me…” I said to myself as I retired to my own room.

(Anna’s POV)

I went home alone, without any care to tell Ayaka…

How can I…?

What I’ve known was too painful. It was like my heart was burned while still inside my body…


I was supposed to go to the infirmary, moments ago, to get some pills for headache which I occasionally get sometimes. I did go there but before I could even knock at the door, I heard loud voices coming from inside the clinic.

“I wonder… does Ijiri-san know about me?” The voices were vaguely heard but I’m sure that it was Matsubara-san’s voice. Upon hearing my last name, I got curious about who is it that she was conversing to.

I heard another voice, “I told her about my past.”

I know whose voice is that, Ayaka’s.

“Hm… So, she knows that you like her because she resembles me?”

My heart sunk when I heard those words. What does she mean…? My thoughts were in a mess then I heard Ayaka yelling.



Natsumi, from her past.

Natsumi, whom she loved before.

“You don’t have the right to say things like that—”

Natsumi… is here. Working as the university doctor. Matsubara Natsumi…

“Why not? When it’s the exact truth. Maybe, it’s you who should leave Anna alone…”

Why would she want Ayaka to leave me? Was she here to take Ayaka back? I—I can’t comprehend. It was too painful taking it all in my mind… I thought Ayaka really likes me, but now… the truth was spread in front of me for my eyes to see.

I can’t control my tears because my emotion was brought to the edge. Running away, I don’t care if someone sees me like this. I just need to go away. I need to.

Ayaka was a liar.


And here I am, stuffing myself in a certain corner of my room, burying my face on my knees. It may sound childish but whenever I’m not okay, I always do this.

I’ve been here for hours already. I don’t want to see Ayaka. I don’t want to hear another lie from her again.

I was crying continuously and it made my eyes puffy red and even painful. It somehow felt that tears really are not coming out from our eyes. Because if it is, why isn’t it stopping even though my eyes are already worn out? I wonder, if tears are coming out of the heart instead of the eyes. Because as long as I’m feeling this way – as long as my heart was feeling this way, I won’t stop crying. Eyes are just the tunnel for the tears but it really is the heart which cries…

I soon felt a soft thud on the floor. This is what I fear, Ayaka appearing in front of me. In a second, I immediately felt a pair of warm arms around me. It just made me cry more.

“What’s wrong?” She said with her soft, melodic voice.

My heart and my mind were in a battle of emotions. I want to hug her and feel her close to me but I know that doing so, I will just hurt myself.

I didn’t speak, causing Ayaka to lift my chin up, making my eyes look at her. “Anna…” Our gazes met. And her eyes were asking the same question, “What’s the matter?”

“You’re a liar, Ayaka.” I blurted out. Her eyes widened and anxiety formed in her eyes.

“What do you mean? Tell me, please…” Her tone was begging me to. I want to clear the matter, too. And I don’t want any lies again.

“You like me because I can make you remember Natsumi, right…?” I said in almost a whisper as I hid my face again. Ayaka didn’t speak for quite a while. “I heard you and Matsubara-san talking inside the infirmary.”

Is that a sign that… it is true?

I glanced at her. She bit her lip, trying to control her emotions. “Gomen.”

“The truth is… you caught my attention because of your resemblance with Natsumi…” Said Ayaka. So, it’s true then. My heart, little-by-little, was starting to break. “But as I get to know you, I saw the difference between you two. I really fell in love with you. And now, I found myself caught up in you, not wanting to live my life without you…”

Please, stop telling me all those lies. I want to tell her those words but I find myself almost speechless. “But she has come back for you.”

“Natsumi? She’s here for me, yes. And that is to kill me and Ayato too.” She said. “You should stay away from her. She’s dangerous.”

“But… why would she want you to leave me?” I asked, clearing all the thoughts in my mind.

“You misunderstood everything you heard; let me explain it, Anna.” And so she did explain everything to me. I don’t know what to respond.

“Natsumi is a part of my past, but it ended a long time ago. You are now my present, and will be my future, Anna. I want to live with you until eternity.” Ayaka said as she embraced me again. I started to cry again, letting my tears drown my thoughts.

“Say, Ayaka, what is the difference between Natsumi and me?” I asked her suddenly, not breaking the eye contact with her. She smiled at me, a bittersweet one, before letting out a sigh.

“Do you fully trust me, Anna?” Her question made my heart pound loudly. Seems like she can read my mind, she inched closer and said. “Natsumi loved me, but she didn’t really trust me. But you, Anna, I know you are giving me one hundred percent of your trust. That’s the difference between you two.”

Yes, I fully trust her. There’s no mistaking it. If I was a fool because of that, I don’t care. She was all that I needed right now. Her love was all that I needed now.

“I’ll protect you, Anna. Trust me.” She hugged me tighter. “I love you.”

Another thing that I fear, I was weak when it comes to her. With just her warm embrace and hearing those words was enough to make my anxieties and fury fade away.

“I love you, Ayaka.”

(Ayato’s POV)

Couple of weeks has passed and luckily there were no signs of hunters. Peaceful, it is.

Things between Emika and I are going smoothly now, the awkward atmosphere is slowly disappearing after each passing day.

Without her knowing, I always look after her. Right now, she is attending her usual classes and I’m here at the roof of a nearby building, silently watching her.

Emika, at first, I can see Misato I her. But now, I can clearly tell myself that I can see Emika as the real Kamieda Emika… The shy yet sweet and gentle woman. Because of her personality, she’s easy to be loved by anyone…

And yes, I found out that I had already fallen in love…

Her sweet smiles and sincere eyes, it makes me locked up in her gaze, freezing my body in an instant and warming up my heart…

I was smiling from ear-to-ear when I felt a familiar presence behind me. She showed up with the usual smile on her face.

“Hey, brother…” Ayaka said after messing up my wavy hair. “Where are you looking at?”

“Erm… didn’t even ask if I’m doing fine.” I replied as my twin sister sat at the space beside me.

“Hm… Lemme see…” She narrowed her eyes as she looked at where I was previously looking. “Kamieda-san…? She’s Anna’s friend.”

“Really? She never told me about Anna-chan.”

“You’ve been talking to her?” She started her scrutiny with scrunched eyebrows. “So… you two are close?”

“Well…I’ve been living with her ever since I escaped from the hunters.”

“Are?!” Said Ayaka with widened eyes.

“You heard it right, sis.” I explained to her everything about the two of us. From our first meeting until I got attacked by the hunters and her confession. Ayaka listened attentively as I spoke.

“Ayato, seriously speaking… do you like her?”

“Yes.” It was my straight-forward answer. For a moment, I can’t make up the expression painted on her face…

“What?!” I asked my twin.

“I’m just… never mind…” Said Ayaka as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Don’t worry… She’s a nice girl.”

Ayaka looked away as she spoke, “I know… it’s just that I’m kinda worried about you…”


My twin sister let out a sigh before proceeding. “I don’t know how to explain it but… after losing Misato… are you really ready to love again? You know… it really is hard to move on…”

She looked at me with bothered eyes, which I answered with a smile to make her feel relieved. “Thank you, sis… But I’m sure about what I feel for Emika. I loved Misato… but it is Emika whom I love now…”

She sighed again. I flicked her forehead and pinched her cheek. “You shouldn’t worry too much… That’ll make you look like a baba really fast!”

Ayaka gave me a sharp glare. I stuck my tongue out to tease her.

I can’t blame her, being the older one, she most likely feels responsible. But I’m quite touched because of her concern…

“Ayato… There’s one more thing.” Her tone changed all of a sudden. More serious compared to the concerned tone a while ago.

“Hm? I’m listening…”

“The hunters have started to move. Natsumi even got a job at school to spy on Anna. Maybe we need to settle this as soon as possible, if they knew about Emika and you, they’ll start to keep an eye on her too.”

I pursed my lips, “How many hunters do you think are in the city now? I know that Natsumi and Oshima Yuko are here.”

“Oshima Yuko?”

“A complete bloodthirsty hunter. She enjoyed having a torture session with me as her victim.” I bit my lips. Suddenly I felt the old searing scar on my back tingling, as if her gift to me reminding me of her. “But gets easily emotional when I start mocking her.”

“How bad did they tortured you, Ayato?” asked my sister concernedly as she rubbed my back.

I smiled bitterly, “Let’s just say, it’s way beyond before Miyazawa saved us, sis. We owe her a lot.” I turned and looked at Ayaka. “Speaking of which, where is she?”

“Miyazawa’s up in the north I supposed. Meetan and the others follow her path.” Answered Ayaka. “Back to the topic, Natsumi said Noro Kayo is in town for us.”

My eyes widened, “No way… She’s here?”

Ayaka nodded, “Tell me Ayato, how confident are you taking down one of the best hunter and probably the eldest of the hunter alive? Because she’s here for us.”

“You know I can’t run again, sis.” I eyed her. “Emika… If you were right and if I left.. They’d go for Emika like how they would with Misato.”

“I know.. They’d do the same with Anna.” Said Ayaka. “I won’t ever let them touch her.”

“Then we’re on the same roll. You have a plan, sis?” I asked. “You always have something.”

“I might.” Said Ayaka. “But if we’re going to do this, I want both of us to give it all until the end.”

“My ears are all on you.” I started listening to her plan.

(Emika’s POV)

My lessons finished at the usual time, as everybody packs their stuff and heads out of the room. I still finding myself leaning back on my chair, surrounded by empty chairs and desks.

Ayato is a vampire.

He drank my blood.

He promised to protect me at any cost.

I softly touched the fading scar on the base of my neck where he bit me, as the three statements played on my mind. Even after trying to shook off my feelings for him, I could still not let it all go. I love him, I love Umeda Ayato.

Wait… Umeda Ayato? The surname sounds familiar…

“Hey.” A sudden voice surprised me. I glanced at the door and saw Anna by the door with her bag ready to go. She goes to a different class today despite we’re in the same faculty.

“Ah, Anna..” I said. “You surprised me.”

Anna grinned, “You’re not going home, Emichi? Shu and Konomin was asking if you want to hang out to a fast food restaurant today. I told them if you’re going, then I’d also be.”

“Naah.. I’d be going straight home, I think.” I smiled. “However, I think you should go if you wanted to.” I said as I stood up and start walking to the door with my bag.

Anna shook her head, “Then my answer will be the same. I can ask Ayaka to get them for take aways~”

“Ayaka-“ the my mind reminded me as we start walking together through the corridor. “Ah, you mean Umeda-san, correct? How are you two doing?”

“We’re doing great actually.” She smiled. “We encounter some misunderstandings along the way, but we managed. It was all about trust issues I supposed.”

“That’s good to hear..” I nodded. Reminded me of my own issues with Ayato. “Anna.. I haven’t been honest with you lately, I’m sorry.”

Anna stopped and looked at me confusedly, “What do you mean of ‘haven’t been honest with you lately’?”

“I…” My throat felt dry but I guess I do need to be honest with my best friend again. Besides, the corridor is empty now. “There’s a reason why I rejected you when you’re asking for a sleepover.. I’m living with someone else.”

I saw the surprised look on Anna’s face, “You’re living with someone else? But still at your old place right?” I nodded. “Well.. Who is it? For how long already?”

“About six months has passed.” I looked away from Anna, oh how terrible friend am I.. “He.. He promised me that he’d protect me at any cost.”

“Whoah! Six months?!!” Anna was taken back. “And.. it’s a he..?”

I nodded without looking at her. “Do you think we can talk somewhere else private?”

Anna hesitated, “The roof is empty usually at this hour. Would you like to go there?”

“Alright.” I answered briefly before following her to the rooftop. But it was a surprise to find a familiar figure standing by already there. “Ayato..”

“Hello, Emika.” He greeted with a thin smile. “I see now you’re a friend with Anna.”

“Wait a sec,” said Anna confusedly looking back and forth at the two of us. “You know each other?”

“Of course they do, Anna.” Said Ayaka who was already standing by Anna’s side which terrifies me how did she get there so fast. “My brother has been under her care for the last six months.”

Anna’s jaw dropped wide open before Ayaka closed it with her hand alongside a chuckle. “I don’t believe this.” She looked at me. “Does that mean..?”

“She knows our secret.” Said Ayato taking a hold of my hand, my heart pounded slightly from the action. “I’ll see you around, Sis.”

“10 am sharp by the gate, Ayato. Whoever gets late, treats the early ones lunch.” Grinned Ayaka to Ayato. I looked at Ayato confusedly as he replied with a smirk.

“We… better get home now.” Said Ayato before nodding of to Anna. “Anna..”

Anna just nodded back still in shock, but Ayaka pat her head and waved goodbye to the two of us as we ascended down the stairs.

“Umeda-sensei is you sister?!” I asked as the two of us walked towards home by the foot. “And that means the two of you..”

“Yes, we are.” He showed his fangs a bit as we walked and hide it back in just a blink of an eye. “We got sired by the same vampire, around a hundred years ago. And we are twins.”

“No wonder I get the feeling you both had the same exact face when you two were sleeping….” I murmured.

“You saw Ayaka slept?”

I nodded, “A few weeks ago, I went to Anna’s house to give some notes and I saw her lying on Anna’s bed in sick condition.”

“Vervain.” Ayato murmured.” I’ve heard.. Ayaka was poisoned that time.”

“Poisoned?” I asked him. “ By whom?”

Ayato looked around anxiously, “It’s not safe to talk in the street. I’ll explain it to you at your place, alright?”

“Okay..” I nodded of understanding. “What’s with the appointment tomorrow with Ayaka? Last one to arrives, treats the other lunch?”

Ayato smirked, I admired it. His smirk wasn’t the type of flirting nor dirty ones, it was more of expressing he has something great or awesome on his mind. And I bet he has one with his sister.

(Third Person’s POV)

“A theme park date?!” exclaimed Anna as soon as Ayaka took the car across the street on their way home.

“Yeap.” Said Ayaka concentrating on the road. “Ayato wanted to… get close to Emika a little more.”

“Didn’t they lived together for six months already?” asked Anna. “Shouldn’t he be close enough to her by now?”

“Well… Even if he is, his position aren’t exactly like mine.” Said Ayaka. “He’s liking Emika.”

“Oh…” said Anna. “But you said that he’s probably still can’t get over Misato yet..”

“I was worried about that too at first.” Said Ayaka concernedly as she pulled the car into a parking space under my apartment building. “But he said it himself that Emika is who he likes now.”

“Ayaka,” said Anna as the two get out and start walking towards the lift.


“Will he keep Emika safe?” asked Anna with worries across her face. Ayaka knew the expression as to the fact that Emika was a Anna’s closest friend so does the way around. “The Hunters… They’ll keep an eye on her as well. What if the tragedy happens again?”

“Anna..” said Ayaka approaching her girlfriend. “I know it seems hard since you only met him yesterday, but you have to trust him. He suffered a lot of things ever since Misato’s death, he’d do anything not to let it happen again especially if it is Emika.”

“Understood?” Anna nodded slowly. Ayaka round her arms around the girl, embracing her. “I promised to protect you and Ayato also doing the same with Emika. We won’t let them hurt both of you, ever.”

“How about the two of you?” asked Anna pulling back from the embrace, watching Ayaka’s warm eyes. “What if something happens to the both of you..? I can’t imagine myself if you-“

“It won’t happen.” Cut Ayaka when she placed a finger on Anna’s lips, stopping her words. “I have a responsibility to take care of my little brother as well as a promise to protect you. And that promise will apply for the rest of my life.”

Anna’s chest pounded lightly after Ayaka said it. The vampire smiled gently at her before kissing her forehead, “let’s get back to your room. We have to get ready for tomorrow; there no way I’m buying lunch for my gluttonous brother.”

Anna smiled and took Ayaka’s hand, heading inside the building. Not having a single idea that someone was watching them from afar, one of the rooftop of the surrounding buildings to be exact. Standing on it were four figures, all dressed in black except for one, dressed in brown leather jacket.

“So… Ayaka moved on, eh?” said one figure with brown leather jacket. Her hair swished by the cold wind, but she smirks lightly at the sight.

“She moved on, found Ayato, and new troubles.” Added one in black jumpsuit that goes to her calf. Fiddling with some red swirling power in her hand.

“Hunters.” Said one in black goth dress. “They had him the whole time. Big question, how is it not traceable? Even with Sayaka’s power?”

“The Hunters have lot’s under their sleeves, Maachan.” Said one with black leather jacket. “Sato Natsuki blocked my vision, I bet.”

“They didn’t blocked your vision on the twins, at least.” Said the one in brown jacket. “Maachan, can you sense Ayato from here?”

“It’s been 10 years since I met Ayato the last time, I’ll see what I can do.” Said the goth as she closed her eyes. “Okay, he’s not that far from here. And he’s with someone else.”

“With whom?”

“A girl, I think. Judging from the heartbeat. And… a shape-shifter.” Said Maachan.

“I’ll go with you, Maachan. Sayaka and Meetan, keep watching Ayaka.” Instructed the one with brown jacket. “I am not losing the twins again like what happened with Ayato.”

“Be careful, Sae.” Said Meetan. “We’ll get in touch, we’ll see you tonight.”

“Catch you guys later.” Said Sae with a smirk and disappeared along with Maachan.


Thanks for reading!  :on slopkiss: :byebye:

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 7 (AyakAnna) 23/12/2015
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Dates are going to fun with the hunters probably going to be on their tails soon to prevent the events from happening again :nervous
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waiting for a update!  :mon sweat: :mon lurk: :mon cweepy: :mon cute: :mon dunno: :mon fyeah:

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~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 8 (AyakAnna) 05/02/2016
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Quote from: kuro_808 on: December 23, 2015, 11:11:36 PM
Dates are going to fun with the hunters probably going to be on their tails soon to prevent the events from happening again :nervous

At least, let them enjoy for a while. LOL  :on lol:

Quote from: sasshirie on: December 30, 2015, 01:18:01 AM
waiting for a update!  :mon sweat: :mon lurk: :mon cweepy: :mon cute: :mon dunno: :mon fyeah:

Gomen. It took us too long. But here it is at last...  :depressed: :farofflook:

Finally, after months of silence. I'm back with an update...

School works had been slowly torturing me for the past months. And so... the news about her graduation which I didn't expect at this time of the year... had made me really sad and all my ideas and inspiration flew to nowhere...

But enough of the chatter, here's the update. Enjoy!!

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Big thanks for Come-chan for she has written half of this~ Arigatou~~  :luvluv1: :on slopkiss:

~ Part 8 ~

(Third Person’s POV)

Kamieda Emika didn’t expect it when Ayato enthusiastically said, “Let’s go to the theme park tomorrow!”

She was surprised actually and didn’t have the least idea about how or why the thought came into his mind. Moreover, she liked it…

“Are you asking me… for a date?”

The vampire blushed out of the surprise of being caught off-guard. He scratched the back of his head as he diverted his eyes to the ground. “Well… I—I guess it can be called a… double date with Anna and my twin sister…”

“Hmm… Sou…” Ayato looked at Emika’s blunt reaction.

“How’s that?” Ayato was still blushing as he shyly asked her.

Emika flashed a smile upon seeing him blush. She was trying hard to control her laughter that almost slipped out of her mouth. “What if I don’t want to?”

“You don’t want to…? Oh, I thought it would be fun…” He looked disheartened. Not able to control it anymore, Emika’s laughter bursted. Ayato stared at her confusedly.

“Nah, it was just a joke… Of course, I’ll go with you.” Ayato blinked his eyes as he saw Emika laugh heartily. He was enchanted as if it was the first time he saw her laugh. “If you only saw your face, it was priceless!”

She noticed his warm gaze upon her which made her stop and stare at him too.

One, two, three… Three seconds before both of them realized that they were staring at each other’s eyes. At the same time, they looked away as they continued walking, both of them feeling quite shy.

(Sae’s POV)

Maachan and I took our leave and headed to where Ayato was. The Goth was concentrating on her senses as she took the lead with me following her.

A shape-shifter was after Ayato… Who could it be? We must get there fast!

I’m deeply concerned about Ayato. What if the hunters caught him again? I can’t let that happen… I can’t afford to lose any of the twins again. That’s why when Sayaka had that vision about them; we quickly went to back them up in case something happens.


Meetan and I were cleaning an injured vampire’s wounds when Sayaka approached me with a concerned look on her face.

“Uhm, Sae… Excuse me… Do you have a moment?”

I excused myself from Meetan as Sayaka and I walked outside the room.

“What’s the matter?” I asked in a calm manner after we reached an empty hall.

“Well…” Sayaka straightened her voice and said, “I’ve seen some visions.”

“Visions about whom…?”

“The Umeda twins…” Pronounced Sayaka. My eyes widened in surprise because it has been a long time since I’ve last met Ayato… Ayaka has been meeting me before to coordinate in finding Ayato. I wonder, did she already find him? I asked Sayaka to proceed on her report.

“In my visions, I’ve seen the two of them fighting the whole group of hunters… It was a bloody scene, obviously they were outnumbered and… I’ve seen Noro Kayo there.”

“Noro Kayo…? Then, that would be a big problem…”

Sayaka leaned on the wall and said, “I figured that you would want to know about this. We can still do something to help them…”

I nodded, agreeing to her last statement. “Un… I don’t think that even the two of us would be enough help…”

“How about the others?” Suggested Sayaka.

“Maachan will be a great help because of her ability. Tomo~mi can’t… she’s badly injured when she was ambushed by Sato and Kobayashi.”

“Meetan can help too…”

I let out a sigh. “I’m having doubts…”

She seems to get what I’m saying but Sayaka still insisted. “We should get more help if it’s available. If not, then it will be too risky…”

She paused as if waiting for me to react… but I don’t know what to say.

“Maybe it’s time for Meetan to face her again…”

“But what if it happens to her? I don’t want to lose anyone…”

She sighed. “I don’t, either.”

“Please,” I softly said. “Don’t tell Meetan about Noro…”

She nodded off and was about to leave. “That’s all I’ve got to say…”

She stopped in her tracks when I hugged her from behind and whispered, “Thank you… Let’s go and tell the others about it.”

The two of us headed back to where Meetan and the others are. We can hear Tomo~mi’s grunts get louder as we opened the door…

“Aw! That hurts!” She complained as Meetan wounded a bandage all around her upper torso.

“Bear with it… At least you even made it alive.” Said Meetan.

“How long will it take before it heals?” Asked Maachan who arrived just recently.

“Weeks or even months…” Added the healer as she carefully placed her hands on top of the injured girl’s chest. A green light was emitted from her hands which caused a soothing sensation for Tomo~mi. “If this girl here takes things too easy.”

As soon as the light disappeared, Meetan removed her hands and let the girl rest on the bed. The healing took a lot of energy from her and that left her panting.

“Is it done yet?” Sae asked. “I have something important to say…”

Meetan answered with a slight nod. “Spill the beans, Saechan.”

Sayaka and I told them about her vision of the twins and our plan to help them.

“Ara, ara… I wonder what those two have gotten their selves into.” Commented Meetan.

“Sayaka and I will be finding out. Maachan, can you help us? We need your power to find their exact location.”

The Goth smiled and tilted her head to the side, which is her way of affirmation. Tomo~mi butted in and was insisting that she’ll join the troupe.

“That won’t do, Tomo~mi… You need to mend your injuries first. Meetan, will you stay here and look after her?” I asked her.

“But Chiyuu wanted to take her revenge!” She pouted and grunted.

“Why do I have to stay here? You would need me in case the battle went too intense.” Sayaka glanced at me as Meetan continued her words. “I can ask Itano to look after Tomo~mi. If they will be facing a large number of hunters, the three of you wouldn’t be enough…”

“But—” I was about to protest but her next statement surprised me.

“It was because of Noro, right?” She said with a straight face. My jaw almost dropped at her words, even Sayaka was shocked.


“I knew it. I heard yours and Sayaka’s mindless conversations before…”

“But it was because we wanted to protect you.” Said Sayaka. “I’ve seen it clear in my vision from before that she’ll be killing you!”

“I know your intention.” Said Meetan, keeping her calm composure, but spoke bitterly. “But if I would die, it would be a lot better if I die in her arms…”

All of us remained silent for a while, until Meetan spoke again.

“Besides, I would want to see her again…”


And the discussion ended with all of us agreeing to Meetan. I’m still concerned about her but I know I cannot do anything to stop her, not this time.

(Third Person’s POV)

As soon as the two arrived at the house, Ayato closed the door and settled to the kitchen while Emika placed her bag in her room.

“So what is it?” asked Emika as she sat on the sofa, looking at Ayato taking a glass of water in the pantry.

“Remembered the time when I arrived home in a bloody mess?” asked Ayato sitting on the carpet in front of her, sipping his drink.

Emika nodded, “What happened? I still have the bullet I pulled out from your shoulder if you want it back.”

“No, no…” mumbled Ayato taking another sip. “It’s silver. We can’t touch it.”

“Is it deadly for you, vampires?” asked Emika curiously.

“Depends on where it landed.” Said Ayato. “If it’s on our vital parts, yes it’s deadly.”

“You know, Ayato…” said Emika looking worried all the sudden. “The day I found you’re on my door covered in blood… I thought you’ll die all the sudden.”

Ayato fell in silence, and Emika continues, “I thought… I was losing another person in my life right in my eyes again. It felt like a déjà vu when I saw my brother died in my eyes, I was helpless…”

“Emika…” said Ayato caressing her cheek, gazing into her glassy eyes. He knew she’s suffering… “You saved me, that’s what matters now. You weren’t helpless that time when you saved me.”

“I’m blaming my adrenaline.” Sniffed Emika. “But… Where did that bullet come from? Why are they targeting you? Who are they??”

“Hunters, Vampire Hunters.” Said Ayato. “They must have tracked me after I escaped from them and somehow my sister is also here.”

“Then the two of you are in danger…” whispered Emika. “You have to leave! The two of you!!”

Ayato shook his head, “I’m not going anywhere, Emika. If my sister and I leave this town, someone else will take the price. I can’t let that happen… never again.”

“Never again…” Quoted Emika carefully. “What happened? Who took the price?”

Ayato looked away, but Emika placed her palm on his cheek, forcing him to look at her. “Ayato?”

“Emika,” said Ayato holding her wrist, looking at her with sad eyes. “I lost somebody in their hands, somebody I loved dearly. I can’t let that happen again, not to you.”

“Ayato…” Emika felt a gentle tug and found herself wrapped in his arms. It was a warm embrace for a cold skinned vampire.

“I can’t lose you, ever.” He said with a sad tone. “I’m not letting them take the life of the ones I treasured the most, never again.”

“Please…” he pleaded. “Let me protect you, I swear across my heart.”

Emika fell frozen upon the words but realizing something, she returned the hug. “Ayato, I-“


It only took a split second for the two of them to snap back and pulled away from the embrace. Emika was flustered with a thumping heart, Ayato was no difference. Emika glanced up at him, put her palm again on his cheek and kissed the other cheek gently.

Ayato was stunned, only to find Emika whispered, “Thank you.” before getting the door. Ayato still stood frozen after the short scene. His heart was thumping… He knew his feelings weren’t fooling with him when it comes to Emika.

“Ayato…” Emika’s voice snapped him back to reality. He saw her standing near the door, “There’s someone here to see you.”

“What?!” he stood up in a flash. Nobody supposed to know he’s here other than his sister; could it be Ame and Come again?

He approaches the door. Every step he took, he savors the presence surrounding him. It was familiar, but it has been a long time….

“Hello Ayato.” Said a familiar voice. Ayato’s eyes widened, when he saw two familiar figures standing by the door with Emika. One was wearing a brown leather jacket and the other one in a black and white dress.


“Ayato?” asked Emika. “You recognized them?”

Ayato nods. “Emika, meet Miyazawa and Maachan. One is my half-sister and the other one is probably the strongest vampire I’ve ever known.”

(Emika’s POV)

“Probably? I expect to be the strongest you know.” Pouted Miyazawa, taking off her jacket as she walked down the hallway, following Ayato.

“Well… You are lacking in some parts, Sae…” agreed the other one, Maachan. “The elders would agree on that.”

“Mweh~” said Miyazawa. “Anyway, I see you’re doing fine.”

“Fine?” asked Ayato calmly. “10 years under Hunters captivity sounds fine to you?”

I stayed silent; I can see Ayato was trying to hold down his temper. I’ve never seen his eyes gone this seriously furious. I glanced at Miyazawa, she kept herself compose as well and I can see a faint of regret in the way she looked at Ayato.

“We weren’t able to track you.” Cut Maachan, the younger looking girl. “Sayaka’s vision was blocked and my special sensing ability can’t sense you at all. The Hunters knew we would be looking for you after we saved Ayaka.”

“I saw what they did to Ayaka.” Said Miyazawa looking at her stepson. “They left her to die in that burning house where the two of you stayed with the humans. As she was recovering, I set out to look for you with Maachan. Only to hear the news that Misato is dead and Natsumi has gone missing.”

Misato..? Natsumi..? Who are they?

Ayato’s jaw tightened, “The hunters got their hands on Natsumi, recruited her. She shot me herself just weeks ago.”

“I see…” nodded Miyazawa. “And they are here, aren’t they?”

Ayato nodded, “I’m not leaving, Miyazawa. And neither is Ayaka. That’s final.”

“I knew you would say that.” Smiled Miyazawa to him before glancing at me. “I bet this girl has been taking care of you, eh?”

“Ah… I…” I bowed. “Kamieda Emika desu.”

“I’m Miyazawa Sae, yoroshiku.” She smiled.

“Oku Manami, by the way.” Introduced Maachan. “Ah… Now I found you.” She gazed towards me.

“Excuse me?” I asked confusedly, feeling uncomfortable at her gaze.

“Maachan, it’s rude to stare.” Said Ayato. “Cut it out.”

“I’m not staring at her, Dummy.” Said Maachan. “Miyazawa, I found it.”

“Go for it.” Nodded Miyazawa, trying to gaze at what Maachan is looking at.

“What are you guys on about?” asked Ayato holding my arm as Maachan walked passed me so easily.

Maachan stopped at the pantry and what she did next was so quick that I couldn’t even see the process. There was a glass from Ayato’s water before, the next thing I knew, it was flipped upside down to the pantry’s surface.

“Gotcha~” smirked Maachan.

Ayato approached Maachan to take a look at what she’s on about, then he cursed. “I thought I told those meddling kids not to do eavesdropping ever again.”

“Ayato?” I asked completely confused, approaching the two of them. She saw Maachan and Ayato were staring on a bug, trapped under the clear glass. “What are you talking about? Who’s meddling kids?”

“Ayato,” said Miyazawa. “Does she know? You recognized this one?”

“Always.” Grumbled Ayato. “Emika hasn’t known about this one yet.”

“Don’t you think it’s better if we kill this one right here?” asked Maachan showing her fangs. “Bugs ain’t my favorite though.”

“This one is just a kid, Maachan.” Said Ayato shoving Maachan gently. He slowly picked up the glass and held the bug, struggling in his hand. “Show yourself and I’ll reconsider not to let Miyazawa nor Maachan nor myself to kill you on the spot.”

I was totally not understanding anything, especially when Ayato talk to the bug. But my eyes opened widely as the bug grows longer and larger into the size of an average human. The next thing I knew, the bug was a girl in round glasses and black jacket. She was completely shaking from head to toes, scared to death.

“Come,” said Ayato with hands on the back of her collar. “Where’s Ame? I thought you two are one whole package.”

“She’s at the base.” Whimpered the girl. “I lost janken to her.”

“How ironic you lost janken to her as well as probably going to lose your life right here.” Snarled Maachan to the girl, completely freaking her out.

“Please don’t kill me!!” pleaded Come to the vampires, throwing a glance at me for help. “I’m only doing a favor…”

“Whose favor is it you’re doing?” asked Ayato. “Tell us and we’re done.”

Come shook her head, “I can’t tell you…”

“Then I bet Maachan would be thrilled to have some blood. A shape-shifter’s blood is pretty nutritious, I heard.” Said Ayato smiling at Maachan.

“Oh Ayato, you’re a complete jerk but you do know my favorites.” Grinned Maachan showing her fang teasingly at Come.

“NO PLEASEE!!” yelled Come completely terrified, so terrified I pitied her. But I just stood there, watching her eyes pleaded to me.

“Then tell us.” Said Ayato shaking the girl.

“Fine… Fine… But promise me, you’ll let go off me.” Said Come close to tears.

“I can promise you we’re done with you, once you tell us.” Growled Ayato.

“Doesn’t sound that promising…” muttered Come lowly.

“You said something, Punk?” snarled Ayato in which Come replied by shaking her head furiously.

I heard a chuckle and saw Miyazawa chuckling at the sight. “I’ll make sure he lets you go, shape-shifter. You have my word.”

“You’re lucky to have one of the strongest vampire in Japan promising something at you.” Said Ayato. “Now tell us, why are you here and who sent you?”

Come muttered something in which nobody could hear or at least probably it was me, but Ayato shook her again “Louder, kid.”

Come gulped and took a deep breath, “It’s Matsubara-san, she asked me to keep an eye on her.” She said nudging her chin towards me. “Now, I swear I didn’t know you’re also here, Ayato!!”

“Matsubara?” I asked the name, it sounded familiar. I saw the look at everyone else’s face, Ayato sighed tiredly while Miyazawa gave a bitter smile. Maachan in the other hand was sighing in relieve.

“Great, now since we know she’s a hunter just like Matsubara, can we kill her now?” asked Maachan, flashing her fangs as well as a pair of hungry eyes.

“Noo!!!!!” yelled Come in tears now. “Please I’m begging you…”

“Wait,” I stood between Maachan and Come. “she’s just a kid.” I looked at Ayato pleadingly.

“Am I seeing things correctly?” asked Maachan looking disapprovingly. “A human, protecting a hunter in front of us, vampires?”

“Emika,” said Ayato. “You realized, the hunters now have their eyes on you? You’re in danger.”

I nodded and looked at Come, “Just let me talk to her. You won’t hurt me right..?”

“Not in front of us, I bet.” Said Maachan with an extra icy tone.

I sighed, “Matsubara.. Do you mean Matsubara Natsumi? A medium haired woman with auburn hair?” Come nodded, confirming why the name sounded familiar. It’s the Clinic’s substitute doctor, Matsubara Natsumi.

“She knew.” I nodded. “She saw the scar on my neck.”

“She happens to be a hunter too, Emika.” Said Ayato. “I don’t know how she’s gets the job in the University’s Clinic, but she did and now she knows you have something to do with me.

“Anna,” I remembered. “Does Matsubara-san know about Anna and Ayaka?”

“How do you think I met this kid? She and her partner were spying on Anna for some time.” Said Ayato glaring at Come.

“I was only doing my job, I spy.” Said Come pleadingly. “Now can you let me go? Please…”

“Hmm…” Miyazawa approaches the girl and bent down. “Tell me shape-shifter, how come the Hunters would recruit kids like you at such age? Is it forced or voluntarily?”

Come gulped, being eyed by a very powerful vampire is scary indeed, especially with just an arm reach range. “Noro-san.. She saved me from a vampire raid ages ago. They killed my parents, and I stayed with her ever since. She noticed my ability and recruited me.”

“Your shape-shifting ability?” asked Maachan.

Come gulped again, “My father’s, he migrated to Japan decades ago.” She looked at the vampires pleadingly, “Now can you let go off me, please?”

“One last question,” said Ayato. “How did you manage to fool Maachan’s sensing ability when she tries to track you?”

Come sighed, “Between Ame-chan and I, I have a better stealth skills when it comes to spying. And we asked for an extra protection.”

“Extra protection?” I asked confusedly.

“Someone who has a shielding ability.” Simplified Miyazawa. “Able to shield anyone and anybody from anything. Sensors, visions, to even smells.”

“I know one that has the ability, Sato Natsuki.” Said Ayato. “One of Noro’s sub-ordinate. But it must’ve taken her lots of energy to make it a 10 years range.”

“As it is meant to only work for a few hours only.” Said Maachan. “There is another one that has the ability, right?” She looked at Come mysteriously.

Come shook her head, “I don’t know who else has the power, but that’s all I know.”

Miyazawa eyed Come in a deep gaze before taking the girl’s hand.

“What are you doing?” asked Come scaredly.

“Deliver a message for me, would you?” asked Miyazawa before closing her eyes. Come’s eyes widened and turned white all the sudden as if Miyazawa was doing something horrible to her.

“What are you doing to her?!” I asked worriedly.

“It’s Miyazawa’s ability.” Said Ayato. “That kid won’t be hurt.”

After a minute or so, Come turned back to normal. She slumped on her knees, panting. Miyazawa let go off her hand and opened her eyes again, deep brown shade of irises.

“I know you hunters have one specialized in reading messages.” Said Miyazawa to the girl’s ear. “Deliver this to her and tell her to make sure everyone gets the message.” Come nodded tiredly.

“Now go.” Said Miyazawa. The girl dash to the window in instant and jumped out, after shifting to a crow, leaving a single black feather.

I turned to look at the vampires, I looked at Ayato for explanations, but none came out. I’m confused as hell.

“I understand, you are confused at what is going on.” Said Miyazawa with a sigh. She gave her hand to Ayato, “Well, time for you to tell me your story for the last 10 years, Ayato.”

Ayato looked at the hand and sighed, “Just give me a moment, Emika. Everything will be explained, I promised.”

He took Miyazawa’s hand and his face went slack just like Come just a few moments ago. Reflectively, I rushed to him but a hand stopped me, Maachan’s.

“Don’t worry, Miyazawa would never hurt him.” Said Maachan comfortingly. “I promise.”

“But…” I saw Ayato snap back to reality and caught him just in time before he fell. Damn, he’s heavy.

“I see…” nodded Miyazawa, opening her eyes. “I knew it Misato’s death was orchestrated…”

Ayato sighed and nodded, “Now you know it wasn’t me, Miyazawa. I would never hurt Misato, never in my mind.”

“Ayato…” I caressed his cheek, the rough hair on his jaw felt cold on my palm. “Are you alright?”

Ayato nodded, “Emika…” he held my hand. “Do you trust me? Would you trust me I’d protect you with all my life no matter what?”

My heart thumped against my chest but I took Miyazawa’s hand she offered. In a flash, visions came into my eyes, surging to every nerves and my mind.

I see it all, felt it all… All of Ayato’s 126 years of memories, played in my eyes like a movie. But it felt too real as I also felt all his sufferings as well, the pain, the regrets, the sadness… But I also felt joy, happiness, reliefs…

Then I saw it all… Misato, Matsubara Natsumi, Ayaka, and I see myself.

How he tried to learn more about me every time I left him in the house. He would look at my photo albums, books, and collections of other stuff…

How he watched me from a far on top of buildings, seeing me studying in class, talking to my classmates, even sleeping occasionally.

How he regretted losing his own control when he bit me. How he caressed my cheek, telling me he’s sorry. How he rejected me painfully. How he regretted on it… How he vowed he’d protect me from any danger…

I snapped my eyes open, and felt his hand securing me from falling. I turned and saw his gentle eyes again, filled with regrets, worries, and love…

“Now you understand…” said Ayato softly. “I love you, Kamieda Emika.”

I looked at him, there were too many feelings in my chest. Confused, reliefs, happiness… all swelled up, making a tear of joy dropped to my cheek.

“Emika?” asked Ayato this time looking confused.

“No…” I shook my head, knowing what he’s about to say. “I’m just so happy… I’m happy I met you, Ayato.”

He smiled; it was a smile I’ve never seen before. A relief… He embraced me tighter, so close we’re breathing the same air…

“I love you, Umeda Ayato.” I pronounced softly before closing my eyes as he leaned in to kiss me.

Our first kiss… It was confusing and yet relieving as I know that our feelings are the same to each other. His breath was like mint, cold but soft like a candy cane on Christmas. He pulled out, gazing me lovingly with his eyes, letting our forehead meet each other, still breathing the same air again.  I smiled shyly and leaned in for a quick kiss, smiling on his lips. Knowing, that we’re meant for each other now.

Hunter’s  HQ...

Ame and Yuka were monitoring some of camera surveillance when the door suddenly slide open, revealing Natsumi carrying a certain girl in her arm. Ame widened her eyes and rushed towards them as soon as she recognized the particular messy hair.

“Come!!” she knelt next to a sofa where Natsumi settled the girl on to it. “What happened?!”

“I found her collapsed on the rooftop where we would usually pick you guys up.” Said Natsumi.“Dang this kid is heavy, and she’s been sweating buckets since then.” She added as Yuka approached with a basin of water and a towel.

“Get a blanket, she’s shivering.” Instructed Yuka to Ame which the girl obligated straight away. “She’s extremely pale… Did she even had a meal today?”

“No idea..” shook Natsumi. In the back of her mind she was worried if this girl overtire herself doing the job she assigned her to, to spy on Kamieda Emika. She knew Come was alive as the girl was shivering and sweated buckets, but what confuses her is what

What happened to you kid…?

Ame came back a minute later with a blanket and Kana at the back. Natsumi received the blanket and covered Come who seemed to start panting heavily. Her eyes were open but she was blinking too much as if something was in her eyes.

“Come,” said Ame worriedly as she wiped off a sweat on the girl’s forehead. “What happened to you..?”

“Her body temperature is normal.” Said Kana after checking the temperature. “But she’s shivering… Like she had a hyperthermia.”

“Hyperthermia victims don’t sweat.” Said Natsumi stripping of the girl’s clothes one by one, leaving Come in a black tank top and her pants. “Oh dear…” her eyes peered towards Come’s nape.

“Is that…?” asked Yuka looking at the same thing as Natsumi. “A bruise? It’s like a hand.”

“Strong hand.” Said Kana. She widened her eyes as soon as she realized what she said, “Vampires..?”

Natsumi bit her lips, “Come,” she looked at the girl. “Tell me.. who did this to you?”

Come panted, her hands were shivering until Ame grabbed one of her hand and hold it tight. Her breathing was getting shallow by seconds. Natsumi knew she had to act fast or she’ll be losing the girl.

“Kana, get the oxygen canister. Ame, get me the heart attack emergency pack.” Instructed Natsumi. “Come, stay with me, kid..”

“Ma-Mass-Masuda-ssan..” whispered Come weakly. Yuka gripped her shivering hand and wiped off the sweat on Come’s forehead.

“I’m here, Come.” Said Yuka. “You’re not going anywhere and neither am I.”

Come shook her head weakly, “A-a.. Mess-ssage.. Ev-very onn-e muss-t kn-now..”

Yuka widened her eyes, “A message?” She knows what Come must’ve been talking about. She closed her eyes and gripped Come’s hand tightly.

A minute later Yuka opened her eyes, panting. While as for Come, she stopped shivering and fell into unconsciousness. The sweating stopped as well.

“Yuka,” said Natsumi catching her fellow hunter before she slumped forward. “What is it?”

“A message..” whispered Yuka sounding tired. “No wonder Come looks like this. Come and Ame won’t be able to handle such pressure, not from Miyazawa.”

“Miyazawa..?” Natsumi widened her eyes upon hearing the name. The name of probably the strongest vampire in Japan and the same vampire that became the twin’s benefiters as well as their guardians. She remembered meeting her once, years ago...

“Miyazawa Sae.” She introduced herself with a perfect dazzling smile. “Heard a lot of you from Ayaka already.”

“I hope she’s not exaggerating, Miyazawa-san.” I replied eying the smiling Ayaka who’s just leaning on the wall by her side.

Miyazawa chuckled, “Other than the fact that you are a capable and knowledgeable lady, I am sure she’s not being exaggerated.”

It was a day that Ayaka introduced me to her family, Miyazawa’s group. For the strongest vampire in Japan, Miyazawa prefers to live in a small group as she called them as her family. Miyazawa lives with her partner, Akimoto Sayaka, an exotic vampire with powers to see glimpses of the future. There is also a vampire by the name Ohori Megumi, an elder looking vampire with passions for magic and witchcraft. Another by the name Oku Manami, a young lady by the look but a powerful vampire with true unbelievable sensing power that works one hundred times better than radar. A new member to the family, Kasai Tomomi, a newly sired vampire who's a victim of a car accident occurred around 30 years ago. Then finally, the Umeda twins, Umeda Ayaka and Umeda Ayato.

I still remembered how they all accepted me with open arms and friendly smiles. Ohori and I exchange knowledge about herbal plants, Testing Manami’s sharp senses, small talks with Tomomi before Ayaka pulls me away for precaution (As Tomo is a young vampire, still possible of losing control on thirst), small talks with Sayaka on future advises, and a cup of tea with Miyazawa herself.

“Thank you for understanding Ayaka, Natsumi.” Smiled Miyazawa as I sipped a cup of Earl Grey she brewed herself. For a vampire that hasn’t been drinking tea for centuries, her taste and accuracy on the tea are just perfect. “It has been a long time since Ayaka becomes this cheerful in the morning.”

“No..” I placed my cup down. “I should be thanking you and your family for.. accepting me.”

Miyazawa smiled, “We’d accept anybody without expectations, Natsumi. Each of my family went through each of their hard parts in their lives, including Ayaka. I have never been much gladder than Ayaka to found you as someone she holds dearly…”

She did held me dearly, Miyazawa… until the day she let go off my arm on the day I found out Misato is dead.

And the next day after, I betrayed her. I betrayed her and her family.

I told the hunters about everything. The secrets entrusted, all knowledge on their powers, and even helped them modified their bullets with silver and a touch of vervain for extra deadly attack. Misato’s death has brought up a new world to me, a new world filled with an importance to protect human kinds from hideous creatures such as them, Vampires.

I joined the hunters not long after; it was a blur of how it ended up like that. All I knew was that I need to destroy them all. Not just the Umeda twins, even Miyazawa’s tavern, but the whole existence of them… I entered the training grounds when everyone was still in bed and left when everyone entered their beds again, I read hundreds to absorb all the knowledge possible in the hunter’s library, I learned to fight as well as to focus on one purpose as I mastered the arts of great patience.

In regards, it was Noro that noticed my improvement. She offered a spot in her team, partnered me up with Oshima Yuko, a great hunter but very impatient and impulsive. Oshima wasn’t the kind of partner that would come back for you if you’re too slow. It was either keeping up with her or left to death surrounded by dangerous creatures on missions. But there are times where she appreciated my patience and my slow approaches.

“You can thank me later, Oshima.” I grinned after wiping out werewolf blood off my cheek. She was annoyed at first but she grew to appreciate more of my back up as time goes. Until then it was like the two of us were two dangerous waves when attacking, one was deadly and fast, the second; deadly and inescapable.

“Call me Yuko from now.” She said bandaging my ankle from a struggle with some hideous creatures. “Now that we’re partners.”

Partners.. what strange word. I used to tell myself that Ayaka and I will always be partners, going through things together, fighting together..

“They killed your cousin, Matsubara.” I remembered a voice telling me so at the cloudy afternoon when I found out Misato was found dead. “We’re hunting down Umeda Ayato for now, but we need his sister as well.”

“But she’s strong..” I said. “There is no way she’ll come in peace.. not with-“

“Then why don’t you help us, Matsubara?” smiled the figure. “Help us eliminate her. It was her family that killed your cousin and thousands more before her.. It was her kind that sucks their blood out in cold blood, leaving them only for their family to find them lifeless and no answers on how and whom killed their loved ones.”

“Think about it, Matsubara..” The figure trailed it’s hand until it reached Matsubara’s collar and found what she was after, the bite marks from Ayaka.. “It could have been you but instead it was-“

“Misato..” I whispered.

The figure smiled and reached into something and pulled out a small gun from the coat’s pocket. “This revolver is called Silver Nightgale, a gift from my deceased ancestor. Surprisingly light and easy to load, the magazine is full.” She placed it infront of Matsubara and pulled out a small fabric bag, “Vervain Tea, extremely recommended for us woman especially on monthly surprises. But deadly for Vampires.”

I looked upon the weapons in front of me, then the figure. All memories of Ayaka and I flashes in my eyes, along with doubts and uncertain mix of emotions..

“Your choice, Matsubara.”

“You know what this means.” Said Noro after hearing Yuka’s report and gathered all the hunters, excluding Ame that is taking care of Come back in the room.

“Miyazawa’s tavern is in town, there is no guarantee they’ll not be feasting on the citizens.” Said Yuko. “We must stop them!”

“No impulsive act, Yuko.” Warned Noro holding Oshima’s hand to stop her from going out. “We must think of a plan to ambush them first before they ambush us.”

“I agree with Noro.” Said Natsuki. “Miyazawa’s tavern is not a regular easy ones we could find and fight, even the newborn one was quite a troublesome.”

“My hand is still sore from that fight, by the way.” Complained Kana. “We do have information on them right?”

Then everyone had their eyes on me, it was awkward at first but I get used to it. If anybody wants to ask what it feels to live with vampires, I’m the only one with such experience.

“I’ve told you all what I know off them.” I said simply. “Unless there are some changes they had in the last 10 years of my absence from their life.”

“Really..?” asked Natsuki suspiciously. “You sounded skeptical.”

I raised my eyebrows, “You’re questioning?”

“Just wondering if you might still have some feelings for Umeda twins. Especially with Umeda Ayaka.” Challenged her partner, Yuka. “Love ain’t that easy as pulling the trigger on her, you know.”

I remained calm as possible despite my first clenched tightly on my sides, “You’re saying that I sided with them? After they killed my cousin?”

“Like she said, ‘just wondering’, dear Natsumi.” Smiled Natsuki, but somehow I don’t like it. “Thought you’re a calm type, Natsumi. Turns out we can touch your nerve just talking about Umeda Ayaka..”

“Leave her alone, you two.” Said Yuko with pinched eyes. “At least she volunteered to keep her eyes open on her and Ijiri.”

“While we battled off some zombies in the outskirts of town.” Said Yuka rolling her eyes, “Remind me to bring a bottle of perfume next time. Their blood stinks.”

“Enough,” said Noro looking at her members. “We need plans to ambush them, not some doubts on which side does our sister decide to stand on or bringing perfume to battle.”

“It just smells stink and it sticks, Nonti..” muttered Yuka under her breath.

“I heard that.” Eyed Noro. “I want Miyazawa’s tavern captured or dead before she ambush us. Her warning she sent was a signal for a war, and we’ll bring one for her tavern.”

(Third Person’s POV)

The following morning…

“Look who’s here,” The vampire proudly smirked at the two arriving people. “You’re late, Ayaka.”

Ayaka, on the other hand, pouted her lips at her brother while holding Anna’s hand as they walk. “Lucky you, Ayato… But that’s only for today! Hmph!”

Ayato stuck his tongue out and showed a peace sign. He murmured, “Whatever, sis…”

The two humans just laughed at the bickering siblings as they entered the enormous gate.

At ten in the morning, the amusement park was already bustling and filled with plenty of people of all ages. Chatters, screams, and laughter can be heard all around as the four of them roamed their eyes around the surroundings. There were lots of rides and food stalls, and even shooting games. Mascots were venturing around, handing pamphlets to everyone with a smile, and endorsing the different spots inside the theme park.

“So… where should we begin?” Asked Ayato.

“It’s been quite a long time since I last went to a theme park…” Ayaka commented with a soft sigh as she read a pamphlet.

Smiling and nodding off as they exchanged glances, Anna and Emika grabbed each of the vampires’ hand and dragged them along.

“Where are we going?”

“Coaster!!” The humans said in sync. The ride sure is popular, lots of people were already waiting in line for their passes and so the group had to follow the long line too. Ayato pulled on his hood to protect himself from the sun. Ayaka did the same, too. Thanks to Meetan who gave them a sunlight protection spell when they’ve met yesterday, it somehow reduced the harm brought by sunlight on a vampire’s skin…

After the long wait, it was their turn to board the ride. Anna and Emika excitedly boarded beside their partners and put the safety gears on. Soon, all the seats were occupied by the people and the ride started off slow. It gained speed very quickly and with enough velocity, it traversed all tilts, turns, and curves of the track, even the full 360-degree turn of the ride… Feeling the intense rush, the people screamed their lungs out until the end of the ride. Anna and Emika excitedly went off the ride, still having the sensation of the ride.

“Uwaaaah! That’s intense!” said Anna enthusiastically.

Emika agreed and asked, “What’ll be the next one then?”

“Before that…” Ayato reached for her and fixed her now messy bangs, causing her to blush lightly. “Better…” He said with a smile.

“T—Thanks…” said Emika shyly.

“How about the… Merry-go-round?” Suggested Ayaka. The three looked at her with unbelieving gazes.

“Seriously?!” Ayato was the one who reacted first. His twin just stared at him quizzically. “That wasn’t a joke?!”

“Of course not!” Pouted Ayaka. “What’s wrong with that?!”

Her twin bursted into laughter, even the two giggled. She blushed out of embarrassment and crossed her arms whilst pouting her lips.

“Never mind!” She stomped her feet as she was about to walk away.

“Fine… fine…” The male vampire followed and caught her sister’s arm. He dragged her to the ride as the two tracked behind them. “Let’s go!”

The merry-go-round was full of children. They were the only group of grown-ups waiting for the ride. Ayaka excitedly rode a horse, not minding the weird gazes thrown upon her way. The three soon followed and the ride went round and round. The horizon became dizzyingly magnificent; the surroundings were turning into a bizarre and kaleidoscopic blur. After some time, the ride soon stopped.

“Ugh… I’m hungry.” Said Anna.

Ayaka glanced at her wrist watch. “Hm… It’s almost lunch time already so let’s go grab something to eat.”

“Yosh! Remember… you’re the one to pay, sis.” Reminded Ayato with a goofy smile.

“I know… I know…” Ayaka sighed in defeat as they started walking around to look for food stalls.

The group continued their venture along the crowded place. They aren’t even aware that there are still eyes looking out after them. After getting something to eat, they settled themselves into a good spot in the food court.

Meanwhile, the four persons have dished out their plates and were now digging on their sweet desserts.

“You should eat it fast, Anna. The ice melts quickly.” Suggested Ayaka as she dug her spoon once again on the mountain of shaved ice.

“I might have brain freeze if I eat it too quickly.” Anna pouted before eating a spoonful of it.

“Hey!” Said Ayaka.

Anna tilted her head to look at her. “Hm?”

“You eat like a kid, too messy.” Her fingers brushed by the side of Anna’s lips to remove the sweet stain and the vampire licked it off of her finger. “Amai~”

The other blushed slightly at the act but she kept her composure and continued her food while constantly pouting at her girlfriend. Emika and Ayato had fun just by watching them.

After that, they spent time walking around the vicinity. Anna was smiling brightly as she clung on Ayaka’s arm, reminiscing her childhood memories of visiting the amusement park with her family. Emika, on the other hand, was holding Ayato’s hand as they walked. The slight contact was enough to make her heart pound lightly.

“Nee nee, sis… Do you see what I see?” Exclaimed Ayato as he stopped walking, looking at something in a distance.

A smirk was formed on Ayaka’s lips. She chuckled as she agreed to her brother.

Emika and Anna looked at the place the two vampires were eyeing and they both had a weird expression after realizing what it is. The place was full of middle schoolers waiting in line for their passes. The twins quickly followed the line, dragging the two humans behind them.

“Ayato…” Emika poked him. But he just smiled at her.

“This is going to be fun!” He exclaimed while settling his arm on her shoulders as they stepped into the horror train.

Anna almost facepalmed but then again she and Ayaka stepped in too and sat on the end of the train behind Ayato and Emika.

It was so dark inside the tunnel-like place where the train entered. The kids in front of them started screaming as the ‘ghosts’ appeared out of nowhere. A hand gripped Ayato’s cold arm and it appeared close to him, slightly lighting up its face to scare him, but when Ayato slightly showed him a glimpse of his fangs, the ‘ghost’ stood frozen and then screamed afterwards. Ayato can’t help but to chuckle especially after seeing the ‘ghost’ like that. Ayaka giggled, too. Emika and Anna both gave them cold glares until the train finally got out of the tunnel.

“You two!” The humans started scolding the twins. “Doing something reckless like that!”

“But he looked so funny especially after seeing this.” Ayato proudly said while pointing at his mouth.

“Hmph!” Pouted Emika. His hand reached for her and made her face him, locking their gazes up.

“I understand that you’re just worried. Don’t worry… I won’t do that again…” Flashing his brightest smile, Ayato embraced Emika for a moment and held her hand.

“Don’t think you’re out of this. Ayaka…” Said Anna.

Ayaka smirked at her and hugged her too, like what Ayato did to Emika. “Don’t get jealous. I can always hug you like this, just tell me…”

“It’s n—not like that!” The blushing Ijiri stuttered as she tried escaping Ayaka’s grasp. “Emichi has said it, y—you can’t act too reckless!”

“Of course I know about that… My little brother and I were just having a little fun, you see…” She whispered to her. The warm air tickles Anna a bit for she tried shielding her ear from Ayaka. “Right, Ayato?”

The man gave her a thumb up.

“Fine… fine…” Said Anna with a sigh as she unwrapped Ayaka’s arms around her. Holding the vampire’s hand, it felt cold as usual. “Let’s go?”

The crowd started to reduce as the afternoon pass by and so the breeze started to get cooler too, the troupe walked around, searching for some place to have fun. They passed along some stalls but Ayato stopped when he passed by a shooting game stall. “Matte…”


“Why don’t we have a little contest, my dear sister…?” Ayato’s priceless smirk was painted on his face once more. As usual, Emika was dazed.

Ayaka pressed Anna’s hand gently, “Beat me, brother.” Before releasing the hand and approaching the man.

The stall owner provided two pellet guns and handed them each. “Each has three bullets inside. One who hits the target more accurately on the desired part wins.” Explained the owner as he started the machine controlling the moving target.

Made of some kind of soft clay, the target was carried by a small platform which is machine-operated and moves at approximately less than a meter per second. The motion wasn’t fast enough if judged by the vampires.

“This is rather easy…” Ayato thought to himself and went on pointing the gun towards the target and firing all shots one after another. The first two bullets hit the center of the target but the last one barely hit the edge of the target.

“Sugoi!!” Emika cheered on him, totally amazed.

“Not bad…” Ayaka said while it was her turn to shoot. Stretching her hand, pointing it to the target didn’t even earn a sweat from her. She fired the bullets a second after another in simultaneous directions. It was as fast as a blink of an eye, all of them witnessed how all the three bullets hit the very center of the target.

With a proud smile, Ayaka faced Ayato with crossed arms. “What’d you think?”

Ayato sighed of defeat, “Still great, sis…”

The owner was too amazed that he didn’t notice that he was staring at her with an open mouth.

“Excuse me… How about my price?” Inquired Ayaka, making him snap back into reality.

The owner reached below the counter and soon possessed a large panda stuffed toy and handed it to Ayaka. The latter thanked him and accepted the price. She walked towards her girlfriend and presented it to her.

“This is for you,” She said in a very gentle manner as she inched closer to her. “Take care of it like it’s our child, okay?” Ayaka whispered to Anna.

Indeed, Anna blushed violently and she can’t suppress the smile that wants to voluntarily present itself before the vampire. “I promise I will… Thank you…” She replied then gave her a small peck on her cold cheek. The contact brought warmth on the vampire’s skin as well as it did inside her chest.

They turned their attention back to the owner when it spoke. “Hey, sir…” Pertaining to Ayato, who was thinking about how he can give a simple souvenir to Emika too, looked at the man inquiringly.

“Since you’ve got to shoot two bull’s eye…” He reached under the counter for the second time around. “Here’s you’re price.”

Ayato’s eyes seemed to shine in delight after hearing that and giddily reached for the price after giving a million thanks to the kind owner.

“E—Emika…” He cleared his throat as if to gather courage. “This one’s for you as well…”

A calm expression was shown by the lady but her insides have already gone crazy… She accepted the smaller stuffed koala with a smile.

Soon enough, they left the stall and went again for a walk. The crowd was slowly disappearing as the setting sun began to greet the sky on the other side of the world. All of them have agreed to have the Ferris wheel for their final ride.

The enormous wheel remained motionless as the people entered the car. Emika and Ayato first entered a car, followed by Anna and Ayaka on the next car.

They slowly ascended up. The scenery was getting more and more magnificent as their height increases.

“Does this look the same when you’re at the roofs?” Asked Emika.

“It’s way better here…” Answered Ayato.

“Why? Because it’s higher?”

“No…” He stared at her deeply. “Because I wasn’t watching you from a distance… You’re just here… right beside me.”

She blushed very red and covered her face with the stuffed toy Ayato gave her. “A—Anyway, thanks for this…”

Ayato removed the koala and shifted his face close to hers. “I want us to stay like this forever, Emika… I want to be with you forever…”

“Can’t we, Ayato?”

“I don’t know,” He said with a hint of sadness on his voice. “The hunters are always ready to kill me.”

“If only we could unite humans and vampires…” It was a mindless suggestion but she had a point there.

“Don’t worry… We’ll find a way.” Said Ayato before he moved closer and pressed his lips unto hers.

Meanwhile, Anna was hugging her panda as she looked at the scenery in front of her. “It’s lovely!! I can see the whole city from here!”

Ayaka just remained silent because she enjoys watching Anna’s reactions; all she can do was to smile…

The human noticed her silence and looked back at her. “Nee… Why are you so quiet? Are you sick?”

Ayaka shook her head and gave her a pat on her head as well as messing up her hair a bit.

“What?!” Asked Anna while fixing her hair.

The vampire giggled, “Kawaii…” and pinched her girlfriend’s cheek.

“You know… Sometimes I can’t understand you…” Pouted Anna. “You’re weird, Ayaka…”

“Am I…?” Inquired Ayaka. “I thought it was normal, though…”

“You weren’t saying anything. You were just smiling, staring blankly. What’re you thinking?”

Ayaka let out a soft laugh. “Of course, I’m thinking about you.”


“Well… I just wanted to see your different reactions. I wanted to see your different sides. I wanted to know you more and more… and I was too amazed by you.” Said Ayaka while pulling her closer.

Anna took the lead and kissed her on the lips. It was a quick one but enough to leave both of them breathless.

“I hope we can continue this later.” Said Ayaka.

“We’ll see…” Anna replied with a wink.

They held hands and together watched the sun totally set as the car descended back to the ground.

The sky was starting to darken when they finally walk out of the theme park. They went straight to the parking lot where Ayaka parked her car. She opened the door for Anna…

“How about you two?” Ayaka asked Ayato and Emika.


“It would be safer if I drive you two home. Come on, hop in…”

The two occupied the back seat. Ayaka started the engine and drove home.

(Natsumi’s POV)

From a distance, I watched her car driving away…

How I wished I never had followed them here… But after what happened to Come, I can't let the two of them spy on these vampires again, too dangerous.

This is absolutely wrong. There is something wrong inside my chest. And I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way, but I am…

Her smile, and the way she looked at her… it was the same, no, it was livelier than how she has looked and smiled at me before.

It was bringing some painful feeling on my chest. I felt jealous. Masaka… Could it be that…

NO. I must annihilate this feeling. She is my enemy. After what they have done to Misato, even Come, and the other helpless people who became their victims... She and her brother, and all the others of their kind, all of them are my enemy. And I’ll destroy them all…

I tightened the grip on my necklace, so tight that locket hanging there managed to wound my fingers. Seeing a small drop of blood reminded me of my duty, my vengeance.

(Third Person’s POV)

“Thanks, sis…” Ayato said and waved her hand to her sister. “Bye…”

Ayaka’s car drove once again after driving Emika and Ayato home.

As soon as the car was out of sight, the two entered the house. Ayato went straight to sit on the couch whilst Emika went to the pantry for a glass of water.

“Let’s just have some food delivered, is that fine?” Asked Emika as she sat beside him.

“Yeah, both of us were still too tired to cook…”

She phoned for the food delivery and after that, silence overtook the atmosphere…

The delivery boy arrived soon and they quietly ate their food. After that, Emika excused herself and went to take a shower. Ayato was left alone, thinking about the whole day with Emika… and their kiss…

“If only we could unite humans and vampires…” He suddenly remembered her suggestion.

“Is it possible…? Maybe not… Or maybe after the plan—” He thought… The plan didn’t really leave his mind. “Maybe, it really is the only way out…”

Meanwhile, after taking a quick shower, Emika went straight to her room and laid on the bed, thinking…

“How are we going to unite… vampires and humans?” She thought… but then she blushed very red and covered herself with a pillow. “I can’t believe I’m thinking of anything like that! But… it makes sense, right? But, no, that’s—”

A soft knock on the wooden door stopped her thoughts and once more she felt her heart beat faster than usual… She strode towards the door and opened it a bit. Ayato’s smile greeted her. His hair looks a bit damp after taking a shower.

“Just want to say good night…” Said Ayato. “Before I head into my room.”

Emika lost herself into her feelings. She arbitrarily reached for his arm and gripped it tight.

“Why…?” Asked Ayato.

A short moment passed before she spoke again.

“Don’t leave me, Ayato. Stay with me for the night.” Said Emika. “Please…”

Pleading wasn’t necessary. He smiled at her and nodded. She opened the door wider and the vampire slipped inside before she closed it again.

It felt awkward when both of them lay beside each other on Emika’s small bed. They were lying too close that Emika can feel Ayato’s cold body and Ayato can feel Emika’s warmth. Both their hearts were beating the same pace, fast and pounding, almost as if it wanted to explode, as if it cannot contain their overflowing feelings.

No one among the two of them dared to talk for the first few minutes, but the silence was almost deafening that they can almost hear each other’s breathing…

“Emika…” Ayato said, at last breaking the silence.

The two of them both turned their heads to look at each other but when they did so, they noticed that their faces were too close…

They didn’t know who started it, or they just realized what both of them needed at the moment… but they ended up kissing each other passionately. They’re stopping for a while to take a deep breath but then will continue again as if not getting enough of each other. Hands started roaming, stripping, and getting everything out of the way… until their naked bodies were touching. There were kisses, deep breaths, and moans inside the room as the two bodies finally became one. The torrents of emotions were released with a cry and they lied beside each other, exhausted but fully satisfied, panting but extremely happy. They did it all over again, wanting to feel the sensation once more, loving and being loved in return…


that's it...

Please do wait for the next one~

Thanks for reading!  :on slopkiss: :byebye:

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 8 (AyakAnna) 05/02/2016
« Reply #85 on: February 05, 2016, 07:20:19 AM »
They finally reached a point of moving on for Ayato although those hunters seem to be waiting for the perfect timing :nervous
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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 8 (AyakAnna) 05/02/2016
« Reply #86 on: February 05, 2016, 09:43:51 PM »
hope the insparation for the stories comes back!

this one is really good  :twothumbs

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Adieu: Part 2 (WMatsui) 20/12/2014
« Reply #87 on: September 01, 2016, 05:45:58 AM »
@Ruka Kikuchi:  :ptam-ok:

@ChibiRine: i don't know why. the plot just popped out of my mind.   :cool2:

@Kirozoro:  :peace:  :glasses:

@BbSis: yes they will...  :shy2:

well... minna-sama. here's part two of Adieu...



(Part 2)

Matsui Rena & Matsui Jurina

Cute, but the whole sadist masochist part is lol-worthy :lol:
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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Tomato Treat (AtsuMina) 22/12/2014
« Reply #88 on: September 01, 2016, 06:33:21 AM »
@Haruko:  :ptam-shy:

@Kirozoro: definitely yes!  :ptam-glow:

@Ruka Kikuchi: YAY!  :ptam-shy: :ptam-aww:

Minna-sama! Here's my first AtsuMina OS! Enjoy!!!  :nya:


i'm sorry if it's bad!   :cry:

Tomato Treat

Maeda Atsuko & Takahashi Minami

Hahahaha! Dang,you're good at this, it's cute and funny! :lol:
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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Stalker (AtsuMina) 05/04/2015
« Reply #89 on: September 01, 2016, 08:32:12 AM »


[Maeda Atsuko & Takahashi Minami]

I know I used the word "cute"a lot at your posts.. But seriously, all of your stories are so cute :inlove:! I'm just really sad that they're so short :oops:.. *Continues reading other stories*
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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 8 (AyakAnna) 05/02/2016
« Reply #90 on: September 03, 2016, 05:45:21 AM »
Quote from: from jouvalentine on: September 01, 2016, 08:32:12 AM
I know I used the word "cute"a lot at your posts.. But seriously, all of your stories are so cute :inlove:! I'm just really sad that they're so short :oops:.. *Continues reading other stories*

Hehehehe~ Thanks for reading~

These are all one-shots though~  :sweatdrop:

Anyways, thank you! really~

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