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Author Topic: White Lies ( GB Kojiyuu, Atsuyuu, Atsumina) Chapter 40Update/ May 27, 2018  (Read 82558 times)

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 15 Update
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Chapter 15

With deep slumber on my arms as I am carrying her in bridal style. I gently laid her on her bed.“How can she stay being beautiful in her state?"I took off her high heels, fixed her sleeping position.
"Do I need to remove her clothes?” Slapping my face lightly trying removing all the dirty thoughts in my mind.“Stop it Yuu, that’s too dangerous “I mumbled I know that if I start doing provoke able things I could not stopped my hands from groping or worst I will end up raping her .This Is really bad, I cover her whole body with blanket only reveling her head.

"Yuuchan” She mumbled.

“What is it Nyan nyan?”  I thought she’s already awake I lean closer.

“Please don’t leave me. Don’t marry Atsuko please."Tears started to roll down on her cheeks.

I peck on her forehead, with a smirk on my face. Keeping all her feelings in her heart makes her suffer. She can only open it when she’s jealous or afraid of parting with me .I pinned some strand of hair putting it in her ears

"I will never do that Nyan nyan."I rested my temple on her head.

"I’m sorry for making you feel bad. I think I could not hurt you but I can only guarantee you that I will never leave you."I rested her head on my right arm.

My consciousness slowly return from my deep slumber..

I feel something heavy on my top with fluffy object resting on my chest. I did not stop my hands traveling on that pillow, squeezing a little.

“Yuuchan stop doing that.”

“Nyan nyan?” I slowly open my eyes. I feel her legs spread in between my torso.

“Get off me Nyan nyan, it’s too early to do it.”

“Hey you’re the pervert one."She kissed my lips that made me chuckled.

"But you want it too, don’t you?” I teased her, raising my head a little making my face closer to her, showing my signature smile. I felt that she’s waiting my for my lips, closing her eyes and puckering her lips a little. It’s really cute for her to give in too fast I giggled and return my head on the pillow.

“Ehhh?  Mou Yuuchan.” She said in disappointment while hitting my chest lightly..

“Why? What did I do?” Acting innocent with my own game, She is biting her lower lips while my eyes I staring at hers. I know now how to make you go crazy. We did not say a word with our staring contest. She’s really tough on this one, well it’s already her nature. She’s biting her lower lips after licking it seductively while drawing circles on my chest without taking out her eyes on mine.

I answer it with sticking my tongue out. Hehe… you will never win me with that trick. I chuckled making her smack my chest.

“Ittai!"I protested.”

“Yuuchan was changing."She pouted.

"Stopped bringing other girls name or you will end up losing.” I warned her.

“This is the reason why I always over thinking because your now always keep me hanging.”

“I don’t remember doing that."I raise my head again but now she pulled my head for deep kiss. She’s caressing my cheeks. I tried pulling my lips. It’s not that I don’t want it but I know doing that
would make her lock my lips more. Gasping some air to fill our lungs with after we parted, she pulled my head again and intertwined my fingers with her. Moans can be heard on our room. Aloud tone of my phone made us stop.

"It’s a call from Acchan. I was about to answer the call when Nyan nyan took it of my hand and read Atsuko’s name on the caller I.D”

“Give it back to me Nyan nyan or else."I tried to win back the possession of my phone but.

"Or else what, you’re breaking up again on me?  It’s our day Yuu'chan.” She acting like a child wanted to be spoiled.

“I know so give it back to me; I think I need to turn it off."We need some catch up.. hmmmm."I raise my brows

"No I’m not giving it back Yuuchan.”

“Ok then turn it off.” She complied on my command.

“Can we resume now” Seeing her nod, I scooted my body on her resuming my business on her neck, sniffing and leaving trails of kisses on her jaw line.

“Yuuchan can I do something to you? My mind was running with naughty ideas….

"Do everything you want Nyan nyan.” she crawled out of my body, sitting on my side she pulled body up making me sit too.

“What are going to do with me? I grinned…

"Shhh."She put her index finger in my lips.

"I really wanted to do this since you’ve gone.”

“ok do it” She covered my eyes with her left hand.“No peeking”. Then she giggled. My heart can’t control beating fast in anticipation. I feel her hand rubbing my left thigh…Oh my god! what does this cat girl running in her mind?

She started counting..

She pinched my right thigh so hard that feels like she wanted to peel my skin out of my body…

"Ittai!!!!!!!”  I shoved her hands on my face with exasperated look on my face. She burst out laughing, while I’m rubbing my thigh ease the pain ..

“What the heck Nyan nyan? That really hurts.”

“I should have done it when you got frighten on balloon and held Atsuko’s hand instead of mine.”

“Ehhhh??? But I can’t do that in front of her, are we starting to fight again?”

“So you held her hand instead of mine because you can’t hold mine? I’m tugging your pants back then for you to know that my hands are under the table but you grab hers instead. I hate that she was comforting you, I should be the one doing that.” Then she rested her head on my shoulders while acting like a child sulking.

I released a ball of air out of my lips. She has a point this is what my best friend explained to me. I kissed her cheeks and hugged her tightly.

“If we happened to be in the same situation again, I promise to look for your hand .I’m sorry Nyan nyan I always telling you not to over think but I’m the one who does not understanding your feeling.”
Taken her head aback, she looked at me confusedly.

“Yuuchan” She pouted her lips..

“I admit that I’m too focused on Acchan recovery, making you doubt my feelings and it’s hard for you, Isn’t it?"She nodded.

"I’m sorry I don’t intend to hurt you, I always think, how can I make Acchan feel better? How can I help her recover? How to make her happy? But I forgot that I should be doing that to you. Now you feel that I’m into her."I cupped her cheek and kissed her red eyes "I should have invested more time to you.”

“Yuuchan please stop, it’s enough for me that you understand my feelings. I’m not used of seeing you sad.”

“But I got used of seeing you like that. I’m a bad boyfriend Nyan nyan.”

“Stop saying that. I know what will be the next line. Yuuchan stop please your making me cry. I’m a bad girlfriend too I can’t help my anger every time Acchan was flirting you…Yuuchan stop please…”

“Don’t worry. I already made a promise that I will never look to other girl’s oppai and oshiri. I promise not break up on you, never hang out with Sai if you’re not with me. Never do something that will risk our relationship and hundred more."She giggled.

"You should memorize everything.”  She kissed my lips gently" It’s enough as long as we are together.“ back to our cuddling.

"I will try detached myself with Atsuko little by little. So I can give Kai way to Atsuko’s heart..”

“I really hope she falls for Kai because I can’t stand seeing her looking at you lovingly.”

“Why? You can’t stand your hot boyfriend was getting a lot attention from other girls?”

“No” She hissed!“Because I know my squirrel was enjoying it too."He cupped my dimples with one hand and shook my head left to right…

"All I need is Nyan nyan’s attention but you’re always cold to me.”

She just shrugs and giggled.

“I’m hopeless.” I look down on our bed sheet.

“Yuuchan loves me being cold.”

I also shrug.

“Mou, Yuuchan can’t be cold too.”

“Why I can also do that.”

“Because I love my naughty squirrel” She kissed me passionately.

“That’s the reason I’m crazy of you."

To be Updated..

@jhom_09: thank dude,  Ok I will listen to your advvice
                   Yes I know
                    Yes.....I wish I have ideas to finished this the way I wanted to....

@Korisu29:       Thank you so much....

@ryu201:  :kneelbow: I'm not that busy..

@cisda83:  Thank you...


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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 15 Update
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ahh dude you update your fic  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

hehe sorry im sick again   :depressed:

but kojiyuu ahh i need that i think, so you should write a kojiyuu more, listen to me  :on hypto:

good update today dude  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 15 Update
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Ah... poor Haruna... kept having nightmares about Yuu leaving her or marrying Atsuko

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 15 Update
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yey an update!!!  :mon lovelaff:
poor haruna ... she will kept hurt if Yuu was still too close to Acchan ...  :mon cigar:
thanks for your update ...  :mon XD:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 15 Update
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Chapter 16

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my story does not meet your standards then just ignore it.

Kai’s POV

I accompanied Acchan on her therapist. Looking at her at my rear view mirror.She seem in her castle in the air once again. There are only two reasons to make her like this Firstly the memories from her sister’s death, secondly missing the squirrel boy.

“What’s wrong Acchan, did Yuuboy did something?”Asking the question that I don’t want hear the answer but its better rather asking her to remember the accident.

“No actually his not doing anything.“ She look down “Kai-kun do you think I’m depending too much on him?”

I got startled on her question. How can I answer her?“Why did you ask?"

“I just feel his distancing himself this past days. I think I’m over thinking about us.“This conversation hurts me. I stop looking at her on rear view mirror.

“Ma- maybe he was thinking of business you know how pressured he was."I try to control myself from being annoyed with this conversation.

’‘I tried to call him before we went to my therapist but he turn off his phone.”

“Maybe he got his battery drain."I snapped.

"Kai-kun are-are you mad? If- If I’m disturbing you maybe next time you should not accompany me.”

“No Atsuko, It just- It’s just guys, you know guys hates when girls depending on us too much, I’m sorry but I really do not know how answer your question.”

“So I’ am, you can just say it straight.”

“Atsuko have you ever think of falling to someone other than Yuu?”

“Why did you asked?”

“Because you've enclosed yourself in Yuu since we were kids.”

“I don’t know I just love him since then. I don’t think I will fall for other.”

“Don’t think this seriously Acchan but what if Yuu falls to another girl, what will you do?”

“I don’t know, you know that I’m impulsive when it comes to him. I did it with Miichan . I don’t know if I can do the same thing again. But thinking he was in love with other really hurts me.”

“Is that so?”

“What if there is other guy who told you he loves you?”

“I will surely reject him I know my heart belongs to Yuu – kun and no one else. But I’m afraid to tell him unless I got a hint that he feels the same way too.”

“That’s what I’ m thinking too” I mumbled.

“Just give him space and don’t rush things, Why won’t you wait for him to confess.“I’m sorry but it will never happen.

"Wait for him?”

“Yes maybe” Use your brain Kai.“Maybe his just too focus on his work. You know being C.E.O group is not easy.”

“So you’re telling me he likes me but can’t confess.”

“No it’s not like that even I as his best friend doesn’t know why his not dating anyone. But I know him he likes the hard to get type of girls. ”

“Is that so?”

“Remember though Miichan really likes him he let Yuu persuade her. See he really likes that type. So let him go get you.”

“Yes I remember .I thought Miichan was just playing Yuu's feelings. Because Miichan always rejected him even though he  does everything to show that he was serious. And I'm  really hurt seeing the together when they started dating.”

“But his family sends Miichan's family to London.”

“Yes and I’m the reason for that.” She breath heavily and diverted her vision outside. I hate seeing her like this and the worst is I’m also involve lying that she can still wait for my best friend.I return my eyes on the road " I will think about your suggestion thank you Kai -kun.“I heard her voice become louder, It seems like she is just talking near my ear when I move my head wanting to look on the passenger sit on the back, I moved aback seeing she is just near my face and pecked on my cheeks. I pulled my card  over in shock. I calm my heart that beating so fast.
I looked at Acchan she was sweating with pale face.

"Never do that again Acchan!! We almost had an accident!!"I yell at her.

"I’m sorry….I m so sorry."She covered her faced with her hands. I went on the passenger sit to hug her.

"It’s ok just don’t surprise me like that…ok.."She was sobbing and her body is shaking in fear.How can I calm her down?

"I’m sorry Kai -kun she seemed shock…"I caress her back..

She remained crying and not answering my questions.






Waiting outside her room, I walked back and forth on the corridor worried on Atsuko's situation she's did not stop crying for two hours now and I'm the reason of it.Then I saw a familiar figure walking fast towards me. He grabbed the collar of my polo…

"What did you do to her?"He angrily asked me..

"I-I told you everything on the phone.”

“Yeah, you’re right?“He pulled me closer"How can I hand her to you if you can’t take good care of her?”

“I’m so-sorry.”

“Be more careful next time.“He took his hand off my collar. Atsuko’s mom went out of her room and called Yuu to come in, he complied dragging my wrist to come with him.

"How do you feel Acchan?"Atsuko got startled when Yuu asked her. He sat on Acchan’s bed while I remained standing averting Atsuko’s gaze. She returns her gaze to my best friend. Seeing her now seem like there is huge stone  dropped on my chest..

"I’m fine I think I just got shocked earlier.”

“Tell me are you hurt?” She blushed when you put his right hand on her head, ruffling her hair a little. She Remove it and held Yuu’s hand tightly I’m used of seeing this scene but I can’t help to feel pain in my chest every time I’m watching them at side. I know Yuu is just trying to relax Atsuko but if Haruna see this, it will bad.

“If you don’t feel good you can have a rest tomorrow."Acchan shook her head.

"I’m fine Yuu-kun, I will work tomorrow I still have a lot of things to do.”

“Are you sure?"She nodded. Few minutes past Yuu made Acchan sleep. His presence is enough to make Atsuko relax from anxiety. We both headed where our cars are parked…

Yuu bowed his head on ninety degrees. I stepped back on his sudden action.

"I apologize on my rude behavior before. I should not act that way.”

“It’s fine dude."I smack his head hard.

"Ittai” He protested but chuckled afterwards.

“I got scared, Now that Nyan nyan and I was getting better, I don’t want to stake our relationship again.”

“Is that all?” I scowl my face.

“What do you mean by that?"He held my shoulder firmly halting me to walk.

"I saw it dude, your doing it again.”

“I’m doing it again? What do you mean?"He looked confused.

"You’re lucky that your girlfriend didn’t saw it. For once Yuuboy I will ask you this, are you feeling something for Atsuko?"He is glaring at me.

"What are you saying? Maybe you’re just jealous?”

“Jealous? Whatever you call it. But I won’t be feeling this if you’re not playing. Dude you know I can always set my feelings aside if you would go for Acchan. Please ….please make up your mind."I run into my car not looking back to the person calling my name.

Yuu’s POV

Three in the morning, Even if I close my eyes my mind can’t stop from thinking. What my best friend told me. I ruffled my head with my right hand.
"Fucked you Kai!”

This can’t be true, am I really? No! There is a war inside my mind….Your silly Kai. How could you say that I’m in love with Atsuko…I wake on my daze as I feel a tight embraced from the girl sleeping peacefully on my chest. I kissed her hair. She nuzzled her face on my chest. I giggled being tickled by her nose. How? I released l a big ball of air. Nyan nyan looked at me rubbing her eyes. I think I wake her up.

“Yuuchan can’t sleep?” She asked worriedly… I answered her with hum.

“Did I wake you up?”

“Yes, I feel that your still awake, is there something bothering you?"I smiled forcedly. She can sense if I lie to her..

"Is it about your argument with Kai-kun? You’re still not telling me everything Yuuchan. But it’s up to you as long as you’re not cheating on me."She is trying to make me talk about what happened? She knows that telling her everything would relieve me from this burden. I sigh.

"Ok…But I really need your understanding Nyan nyan.”

“Fine just make it fast I’m really sleepy."We both sat on our bed and rest our back to the head board.

"I’m going to start now."I wrap my arms around her waist she did the same with my chest, resting her sleepy head on my shoulder.

"I’m ready."She said to me.

"Ok…Nyan nyan, Kai told me that he thinks I’m in love with Atsuko."She moved her head aback and glared to me like a policewomen interrogating a suspect. She did not utter a word so I continue.

"He told me that he is willing to let go of Atsuko for Me.” Haruna removed her body in me and folded her legs resting her arms in it while her face was buried.

“So he also sees the your looking at Atsuko.”

“Shhh…..It’s not like that.”

“I told you it’s obvious Yuuchan. But I’m happy that you did not hide this from me."She looked at me crying I see she was really hurt."Are you confused that’s why you can’t sleep, right?"Yuuchan this really hurts.” she biting her lower lips…

“Yes I will not deny that made me think, But I know my answer.”

“Yuuuuuchaaaaaaan!!!!” She trying to fight the tears from her eyes…I feel the guilt of making her feel insecure not just about our relationship but it’s my feeling at stake.

I scooted my body closer her while leaning my head on her shoulder.

“Yes maybe I love her.”

I can hear her sob as her whole body was shaking I straighten her body making it face me..

“I never know my answer not until you talked to me Nyan nyan, I’m sorry.”

“Please…stop….stop!!! Saying anything that’s enough!!!!."She was about to crawl out of our bed but I forced her to remain on her place. Holding her shoulders tightly..

"You know that I can’t lie to you."She’s avoiding my gazed while struggling to release from my hold.

"You know whenever I hear the name Kojima Haruna this started to go crazy” I put her hand on my chest where my heart is located.

“I never remember that I can breathe regularly whenever I go closer like this to you."I lean closer making the tip of my nose rest on her cheeks, sniffing all his scent inside my lungs. I raise right
hand in my lips making her feel the air escaped on my nose.

"Do you know that there is always a ball of air choking my throat whenever I kissed you like this?"I kissed her lips passionately I feel that her responding my kisses and wanting to lock my lips on her. But I have to pull out or else I will not finish.

"I can’t help my guilt eating my flesh whenever I see you cry, jealous, insecure, hurt, and the worst making you feel alone in this."I return her hand on my chest that beating crazy.

"I don’t know why? But my body shivers whenever I sniffed the scent on your neck “I leave trails kisses on her neck I control myself not to leave love marks. I wrap her arms around me making her feel my body shivering, whenever I repeat sniffing and kissing.

I stopped and stared on her eyes as my arm enveloped her. I stared at her eyes.. "My mind was so confused thinking, What if you guys are telling the truth that I ‘am really falling for Atsuko but my body knows the answer. Nyan nyan do you ever see me like this whenever I ‘am with Acchan?” She shook her head biting her lower lips.

“I know that this is not just lust, I admit I’m pervert but this is way different."She caresses my face with her fingers.

"Maybe I love her, but I’m not this madly in love with her. I love Kojima Haruna this much that my body reacts differently.  ”

“Yuuchan I love you”

“You know that I love you more baby” We shared our lips and I carefully laid her body in our bed.

Yuuchan!!!!! Faster or you will not have enough time to eat breakfast….

I heard my girlfriend called my name..

"I’m coming!!!”

I walk out of her room fixing my neck tie. I got surprised that Nyan nyan is wearing lacy pink apron, looks like a wife patiently waiting for his husband. She asked me to come over. I smiled walking towards her.

“What’s this baby?"I peck on her lips.

"I made sandwich and coffee for you?” She said shyly. I did not say anything as I’m dumbfounded..

“Why, you don’t like it?”

“No, I love it. But why this is not like you? I’m sorry baby but because this is something new?"She took the necktie from my hand and started to tie it, resting my hands on her waist.

"I  just want to do something for Yuu-chan I know I can’t cooked for your everyday and my cooking doesn’t taste better than Acchan’s but."I crushed my lips on hers making it lingers for a while…

"Shhh…Your effort is enough Mrs. Oshima?”


“Wha-What you didn’t like it” I sat on the chair and pulled her  on my lap..

"I wished were always  like this Yuu-chan.” she rested her chin on my shoulder. I sipped on the cupped of coffee that she prepared..

“Well we can always be like this as long as your dere dere mode is on rather than tsun tsun.."She pinched my shoulder that made me cringe..

"What do you think of me some kind of robot? And it’s your fault why I’m always acting cold towards you..”

“Ok..ok it always Yuu-chan faults always, nee?” munching the sandwich on my mouth . Haruna gives me cold glare….

“I know it’s because Yuu-chan always ruins our sweet moment” I peck on her cheeks.

“Because your pervert.”

“Baby that can’t be help because my of  Nyan nyan’s perfect body..”

“And Yuu-chan always wanted to take advantage of it..”

“No baby you’re wrong it’s just how your husband show his love thru skin ship..”

“Mou, Yuu-chan stop saying that..”

“Why? We are like married couple right?"Her face turns to bright pink..

"Kawaii, My waifu..”  I pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Stop teasing me and finished your breakfast or you will be late.."She hissed..

"Too bad I really want to see you more wearing this cute apron..” I gently tugged her apron and peck on her lips.

“Come home early so you can play with it later."She whispered and bits her lower lips..


@jhom_09: your always sick lol.. It didn't surprise me at all...
                   :dizzy: Why am I writing Takatsu then, are you using reverse hypnosis?
                    Tsk....ewan ko sayo...

@cisda83: Thank you... :kneelbow:

@Korisu29: yes she will.... thank you....

and for silent readers and readers who's sending personal messages with their request and comments... :kneelbow: thank you

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 16 Update
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Ui sorry dude for the late comment  :on cloudeye:

alam mo naman  :err:

ahhhhh  :on gay: kojiyuu pa more  :on hypto:

i like the last part the kojiyuu moment  :on drink:

nice chapter dude  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 16 Update
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ah ~ KojiYuu moment ... so sweet as always ...  :mon lovelaff:
thanks for your update ...  :mon XD:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 16 Update
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when atsumina starts?   :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 16 Update
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Oh... is what Yuu felt for Haruna is true love or just lust...?

How about his feeling for Atsuko?

Honestly, Yuu is very selfish... he should just say something to Atsuko.

Even if he doesn't say the name of the girl, just says that he is currently in a relationship; it will be more than enough to get Atsuko to let go of her feeling for Yuu...

To be honest, Kai should also confess his feeling, get his rejection and move on...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 16 Update
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Chapter 17

Yuu’s Pov


I yawned as stretching my hands in the air. It’s almost lunch but I still have bunch of document to review. The phone on my desk rang. I answer it in speaker mode, the call was from my secretary.

“Mr. President, General Manager Takahashi of Takahashi Construction was here, will I let him in?”

“Ok send him in.“I stand up in my chair. My secretary open the door and ask him to come..I saw my midget best friend walk in.

“Sit down” I point to the couch and sat in front of him."Do you want some coffee, water, what?

"No I’m fine."He said while shaking his hands looks like he still bothered on what happened last night.

"You look restless dude. If you’re bothered about last night forget it.” I shrug.

“We’re still cool right?” This is why Kai become my best friend though we have some misunderstanding it’s easy for us to fix things and move on.

“Nah, you know I always understand you and I can’t hide the fact that you have point too. ”

“You look restless too? Did you have some action last night?”

“Almost, she fell asleep…its funny right?”

We laugh harmoniously.

“Tsun tsun cat really knows how to make my squirrel friend suffer.”

“Yes perfectly. Have you had lunch?"I asked him.


“Ok let’s go, pay for my meal."I guided him out of my office.

"Ehhhh, I don’t know if you’re the real president of a company?

“Hey, you should pay for my meal after worrying me last night.”

“ You are bully Yuuboy.”  I nudge both of his shoulder to stop complaining, He do not have a choice as he made my kitten cry last night.

We both headed to elevator. I reprimand him whenever he tried to talk about business. The elevator door opened at twenty fourth floors. My jaw dropped with the familiar cat girl stepped in as the elevator door closed I pounced on her..

“Nyan nyan I missed you?"I rubbed my face on her asset.

"Yuuchan stop it Kai-kun is here and what if your someone sees us."She removed me from her body then smacked my head hard.

"Ittai!!!"I protested.

"Kai-kun, I apologized for my squirrel stupidity.” she bowed her head lightly.

“Nah… I’m used to it. Being the only person who can  see my best friend and her girlfriend skin ship was not new to me."He said it without facing Nyan nyan.

"See I told you we can do it here. Come on Nyan nyan let me kissed you."I puckered my lips leaning closer to her but she stopped it with her index finger.

"I’m warning you Yuuchan if something bad happens I will never let you touched me forever.”

“Nyan nyan, you’re so cruel."I stomp my feet like a kid. Kai chuckled seeing how I got rejected by my girlfriend.

"I never saw you acted like that for long my friend.”

“Fine, fine no skin ship in public… "I raise my hands in surrender.

"I’ll be waiting you home let’s see what we can do?"She whispered in my ear while fixing my necktie.

"I will expect skin ship Nyan nyan."I winked that made her look at me seductively and started rolling my necktie in her fingers.

"Whatever you want me to, baby.”

“Hey, what’s with the whispering? If I can still hear you guys now this makes me feel.. Argh..I should get out here and used the stairs instead.” Kai protested. I and my girlfriend laugh looking at my disturbed best friend brushing his ears.

“We’re sorry” Haruna apologized..

“Kai, my answer to your question yesterday never change."He looked at me in strange way.

"I know Yuuchan’s answer too."Haruna looked me like our minds are unified. "She loves Atsuko as her little sister because my Yuuchan only loves me, his body attested his love for me..She smile shyly her face was so red up to her ears…I held her hand and hid it on my back, I can’t stop myself from grinning.

"Holy crap stop saying that Haru, saying that Yuuboy loves you was enough; you don’t have to explain further. I think your boyfriend perverseness was rubbing on you."Kai explained with flushed face. What is this guy saying? I smack his shoulder to calm him down.

"Ittai” He protested while rubbing his shoulder.

“Oi you are the pervert one….What are you thinking?”

“Haruna said that you-your body you know…Shit why do I have to explain it in detail.” he complained He seemed disturb being embarrassed on his wrong idea..

Aha!!!So you’re thinking my body only does those kinds of things? STOP BEING CREATIVE DUDE !!”

“So, what does Haruna-san was trying to say?”

“Kai it’s how your body react when you’re with somebody you love that doesn’t happened to anyone.”

“React? body?”

“Huh? You don’t know? Let me just take this simple, it’s the same thing your body responds whenever Acchan was calling your name, touching you, when you see her. How our girl makes us insane that nobody does.”

“Whoa I get it know."I mentally faced palm, is he just ignorant or extremely stupid.

“Yes that’s right and I only see Yuuchan body’s respond like that to me and not with Atsuko."She kissed my cheeks…Nyan nyan kissed me in front of Kai this is first time she show he affection towards me in public. I chuckled and rest my forehead in her while ignoring my envious friend on my side.

"Tsk…No skin ship in public, huh?‘’ I hear him quetch.

The elevator stopped on the ground floor. Nyan nyan agreed to join us. While I and Kai are setting the schedule on weekend to watch soccer match. Both of us stepped out the elevator, but we got surprised when Atsuko appeared from the elevator next to ours but it’s too late to hide ourselves as Atsuko already saw us..

"Oh Yuu-kun and Kai-kun are you guys having lunch outside too?”

“Ye-yes” Kai answered stuttering.

“Can I come with you?”

“Su-sure." Saying no to Atsuko was hard for me and Kai knowing that rejecting her will be bad for her condition.

"Haruna, you’re coming too?" She did not saw Haruna being the last person that comes out.

"Yes, I had a meeting marketing department it happens that I get into the same elevator with these two guys.”

“I-I asked her to have lunch with us” Kai explained.

“Ah, I see!”

“Let’s go. I’m hungry."

Haruna POV

We are eating our lunch at the restaurant near Yuuchans office. Contented with our seating arrangement, Kai was sat beside Acchan who was in front of me and. He tries to hold my hand under the table but I always shove it, though I want to do it in front of her I could not take the risk being caught or this girl will put an end to our relationship. I look at the other girl, who often sneaks a gaze to my boyfriend that really boils my temper. He’s mine bitch. I can sense my boy friend stiff actions being more cautious, or he will be dead meat if he does something that could ruin my mood.

"Yuu-kun?” Acchan seeks my boyfriend attention.

“Yes Acchan?"My boyfriend answers her without lookin that makes my lips curve upward.

"Where are you staying now? Can I come to your place and have some house warming party?” Yuu coughed being choked with his food after he heard the other girls question..I patted his back helping him ease his air ways …Raising his hand letting me know that he feels better.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No a-acchan Yuuboy was staying.” Kai gaze at me I release dark aura. I saw him gulped and look back to Acchan.

“Kai-kun did you know where Yuu-kun lives?”

“Yes He lives- He lives at my place of course."Then Kai let out a force laugh that Acchan looked at him with suspicion.

."Yes I’m living at Kai’s place at the moment, you know how meticulous I am, looking for the right place is little hard for me."Wow Yuuchan is good on lying, now I wonder If his doing this to me.. He is more relaxed than Kai but I look at his hand that was resting on his lap… Gotcha!!!!! His mannerism whenever he lies, Nobody knows it but me.. His tapping his index finger, like doing some mores code releasing his tension in his index finger tips while his facial expression and gestures are natural, good actor, nee but not with me..

"Ah I see but why don’t you stay in my place if it’s hard for you to look for another."She smiled at him. I read what’s running through her mind. What wrong with Atsuko? I closed my eyes trying to control my temper..I feel a hand held in mine that I’ve been rejecting since we started eating. This time I let him intertwined his fingers that makes me calm. Hoping that the bitch in front of me will not notice..

"Thanks, but Acchan you know I’m just thinking about you, other people would think bad if a man is living in single woman’s house with no relationship. It doesn’t look good and we are working in the same company. I don’t want a buzz around.”

“Yes that’s true bro… Acchan don’t worry I will not do anything bad with my best friend."He winks at my boyfriend. Yuu stop chewing and looked at his friend in disgust..Kawaii!!I really like seeing my squirrel pissed with his best friend."Actually I’m taking good care of him.” he added, making Yuu more stop eating gave a warning glare.

“Shut up Kai we’re eating. I’m losing my appetite with your jokes.."He said coldly. We laugh in unison. Seeing Yuuchan pissed face was really funny..

"Hey! But if you really want to give him a house warming party it’s fine with me."Kai said.

"Well I think it’s not bad. What do you think Haruna-san?” I reacts a little delay not being used of boyfriend  calling me in my given name and not the nickname he gave me. He squeezed my left hand lightly.

“Oh-I think that’s great idea, will it be ok if I come?” riding along with two boys lies.

“Of course Haruna…"Atsuko delightfully exclaimed."What if we invite Rena, Yuki, Haruka and their boyfriends?”

“Oooooooooooookeeeeeey. If-If that’s what you want."Kai answered in awe, surprised on Atsuko’s enthusiasm.

"The - the more the merrier."I know that my Yuuchan was faking his excited remarks. I know him enough I look at him sipping his apple juice.

"How about our foods and drinks I mean, don’t know how to cook?”

“I can cook."Atsuko offered..

"Acchan, what if we move this on weekend so you will not be tired from work?”

“Fine it will be hard to pull others too if we would do it after work.”

“I can help too.” I volunteered as I don’t have schedule this weekends. I saw Yuuchan smile that made my heart skip a bit.

"Ok then I and Yuuboy will be in charge of drinks.” Kai added and Yuu nodded.


@jhom_09: ah no prob dude...kojiyuu pa more ayaw na...... joke

@Korisu29: yes thanks...waiting for your update too,,

@Kakeru15:ah soon.....thanks

@cisda83:hmm... even the writer is having hard time figuring out...
                  finally someone noticed it yes, thought each one are selfish but Yuu's selfishness started it all....

                 hmmmm.,, thanks for your review... 

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 17 Update
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Next chap pleaseeee ! !

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 17 Update
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Chapter 18

Yuu’s POV

Everything is set for my house warming party or should I say fake house warming party as I’m not really living in my best friend’s apartment well I stayed here for three days. But after Nyan nyan and I settled our issues I started living with her. As a matter of fact I already own one unit in this building but I hate living alone. I don’t want to stay at a place without anyone. Only Kai knows about my unit here and I named it under Haruna’s  I have to do it. If ever my family freezes my assets.

“"Yuu-kun can you tastes this."Atsuko ask me to taste her cooking, savoring the flavors on all of her dishes make me want to eat dinner whether my friends and my brother Mayu haven’t arrive yet.
Unlike my situation Mayu and his girlfriend Haruka was already acknowledge by my family that was easy for them having a daughter in law with a surname Shimazaki from a family who was a major stock holder Shimazaki Holdings. Even though they acknowledge my relationship with Haruna, dating with conditions and always bargaining like I can date her if she flew out of the country, she can come back if I take care of Acchan, last was I can live with her if I let Acchan work on our company this situation is a complete torture but we have to endure everything or my parents would win. Everybody knows my brother’s to Paru’s relationship when I and my girlfriend still hiding ours for eight years.

This is really frustrating, my best buddies knows that me and Nyan nyan had relationship while their girlfriends tries to hitch me with Acchan they having no idea that I’m actually going out with their other friend.

"Yuu-kun? Yuu-kun” Atsuko waves her hand in my face making me snap out of my dazed.

“How was it?”

“Delicious as always Atsuko…”

“Really?” she clapped her hands in happiness

I nodded in the corner of my eye, I saw my Nyan nyan glaring at us emitting dark aura. I have to do something before she erupts.

“Atsuko.. I think Kojima-san needs help in the dining area she answered me with a nod.

I go to the dining area where Nyan nyan was fixing the table settings I asked if she need some help. She just asks me to grab her drink and went out in the balcony. I signaled Kai to take care of Acchan and cover us up as she was still busy in the kitchen. I followed her, I really want to do some skin ship but I held back, Nyan nyan will be mad if I do something and Atsuko just meter away from us. I closed the door and gave her the glass of water.

"Yuuchan” She said with weak voice.

“What’s wrong baby did I do something wrong again?.”

“No,I can control my jealousy now."She sipped on the glass of water.

"Then what’s bothering my Nyan nyan now?"I rest my chin on my arm putting half of my body weight on metal handrail, staring at the lights from the cars and smaller building below.

"You know that I been avoiding my friends since I came back knowing that they will not stop questioning me  if I am dating somebody and now we will meet again I know they will do something for me to make me speak.”

“Then let’s break up for now."I utter from nowhere, she smack my head.

"Ittai,Nyan nyan!!"Rubbing my head, easing the pain caused by her palm.

"Do you even have any Idea how upset I am right now and you just throwing your jokes not even caring, what I’m feeling?"She said it in louder voice. I know she’s been avoiding her friends and making excuses for them not to have reunion. But I can’t do anything; I’m feeling more useless whenever this topic was brought up.

"I’m sorry but can we try to be more discreet you know Acchan can come here any minute…I’m sorry If I can’t help you in this matter, I feel sorry every time you have to lie with your friends. I know how much you want to open up about our relationship, and tell them how stupid your boyfriend is, whenever I’m upseting you. I always know that you feel alone and don’t have someone to talk to whenever we had fight. I think saying sorry is not enough to make it up to you. I don’t even know how many times I said it to you or even if it still affects you. "But I’m really sorry Nyan nyan” I walk towards her.“If you happen slip your tongue about our relationship in here. There is only one thing I will assure you. I will never move an inch Nyan nyan. I will always be here for you as long as you want me to… I don’t care if my parent’s would try separate us I will fight for you, If Acchan and Kai will hate us, I don’t mind even if the whole world turn against us. Nyan nyan I know we can do this together."I said in teary eyes and releasing I big ball of air in my lips."I’m holding myself not to hug you and kissed you baby stop biting your lower lips my brain is going crazy right now."I said in husky voice.

She punch my shoulder lighty . "This is the reason why I can’t leave a stupid squirrel like you, such a sweet talker."She giggled.

"Well it makes you feel better, aren’t you?” I took her hand hid it on my back as I caress her knuckles. “I will not protest if you hurt me like that I know that it makes you feel better. But I think Milky’s presence would make you feel little well.” Nyan nyan sister, she’s like a best friend for her. I tuck some of her hair strands on her ear, I really fighting my urge of kissing her.

“But Milky is busy in Osaka”
“No, she will surely adjust her schedule as I’m offering a shopping free for her and you?” I flick her nose lightly “You can enjoy yourselves in penthouse of our hotel. You know arrange your schedule cause this offer is just once in a lifetime."I wink.

"How would you know that she will go to Tokyo?”

“Well I know because she’s your sister."She punched my shoulder again, we giggled harmoniously.

But a knocked from the glass door covered by a roll up curtain, stop our lovey dovey. I saw Kai open the door and slipped his head in the small opening.."Dude can you continue that later Acchan is looking for you. I think our friends have arrived."He whispered with panicking tone, I asked Kai to come over in balcony with us, we talk for minutes to avoid Atsuko suspicion if Nyan nyan and I pop from nowhere, until Acchan found us chatting about the view at the balcony.

"Guys I’ve been looking for you. Sai, Yuki, Mayu and Paru have arrived.”

“Yes were coming we’re just enjoying the view here."I answered, I see Acchan left to attend our guests that I should be doing."I smiled at Nyan nyan and mouthed "Everything’s going to be alright."I followed Atsuko, and then Kai and Nyan nyan come after.

"Hey there’s our boy?"Sai greeted me with nudging on my shoulder.

"Anikii! It’s been long time."Mayu and I bump our fist.

"Bro it’s been month since we didn’t see each other. How’s pops and mom?”

“Busy as usual, university kills me bro."Mayu complained.

"Oh I thought our parents are. But I think my future sister in law taking good care on you.”

“Yuu-niichan” Paru’s face turns red.

“I think Acchan was taking good care of you too Yuu-kun?” Yuki teased Acchan while pointing all of the foods that she prepared for us. I rubbed the back of my neck. I saw Mayu and Sai exchanged glimpses and shrug. As Yuki don’t have any idea about my relationship with Haruna, I saw Atsuko’s cheeks are turns pinkish.

“Let’s all sit down” Kai offers us to sit on here long dining table that ten people can fit in. But before that Yuki notice Haruna, who remained silent in the corner knowing she was still anxious I gave her assuring smile.

“Hey Haruchan you’re here too. "Yuki hugged and tickled Nyan nyan waist."You brat, you always turn down I and Rena’s invitation to hang out?”

“Stop it, stop it yuki…I’m sorry ok our schedules just didn’t match.” I saw my girlfriend’s with her head down avoiding Yuki’s scanning eyes. I gesture Sai to make her girl stop, I feel useless watching my girlfriend lying I avoided her gaze to me.

“Yes, I know it’s really hard to have appointments with Japan’s top model Kojima Haruna, she can’t even find time with her friends.” Yuki teased I feel bad that Nyan nyan friends think badly of her because she was avoiding their meet ups.

“No, it’s not what you’re thinking I’m really busy. I’m still new in Japanese Fashion Industry that is why I can’t find time seeing you.”

“Ok I forgive you now but never ever do that again, Promise me?"I saw Sai and Mayu gulped, well Mayu and Yuki had past but because she can’t handle dating an Oshima she quit.  Sai, she loves
her since Junior High. He become playboy when Yuki rejected him and choose my brother but I guess fate has better plans for them. Now Sai and Yuki are engaged while Mayu and Haruka are exclusively dating for three years.

Atsuko went out from the kitchen with cake on her hand.

"Acchan, What’s with the cake? ”

“I just baked one for Yuu-niichan Mayu told me that you love chocolate cakes.”

“I’m really lucky to have such cute and caring sister in law."I teased. I stick my tongue mocking Yuki. This is for making my cat feel bad. Yuki raised her brows and show me her engagement ring."I can buy bigger than that.” I hissed.

“For who?!! ” She asked and looks at the girl with a cake standing beside me I smiled wryly.

I was about to say something, but Nyan nyan tugging the back of my shirt seeing me and Yuki pissing each other. I think my cat was jealous with the attention that I’m giving to black…Sai just chuckled on her girlfriend action enjoying tight hugged that black was giving him.

“Blow the cake Yuu-kun” Atsuko requested, I hear everyone laugh with my flushed expression.

“Acchan, what’s with the blowing? I still have four months before my birthday.”

“Just do it.” She spoiled I pulled Kai neck closer locking it with my arm.

“Ok, but I will do it with Kai.”

“ Ehhh???” He protested

“Oh, Acchan I think Kai hates your Idea.”

“Kai-kun..,"She mumbles with sad expression while lowering her head.

"Ok I will do it."He locked my neck with his arms too."I will kill you for making her sad."He whispered in devilish tone.

"So the new housemates will blow the cake.” Yuki cheered. This girl is really getting onto my nerves we are about to blow the candle but a loud buzz from the door stopped us.

"Sorry where late!! Jurio’s loud voice comes from intercom.”

“Shut up Jurio you’re disturbing the Kai’-niichan’s neighbors.”

“It doesn’t matter Kai-senpai owns quarter of this floor.”

“But it doesn’t give you the right to scandalize.”

“Ittai!! ”

Kai opened the door, Jurio come first rubbing his waist with bottle of wine in his other hand. Rena followed him with arm crossed.

“Sorry for intrusion."Rena said while removing her shoes, changing it with slippers from Kai’s shoe rock. She took a pair and give it to Jurio changed his shoes to. Kai and Rena is cousin and she ‘s my ex-girlfriend that now dating youngest men in our brotherhood.

"Rena-chan you can just say stop, pinching me like that was too much for punishment.” Rena’s punishment reminds me of. I looked at Nyan nyan in my side, noticing it and she give me a seductive smirk.

“I already warned you but you still keep your voice loud so I have no choice but to punish you."This couple made us speechless fighting in front of us was nothing new but we can’t help to be stunned with this mother and child relationship.

"Aniki help me!!!!!"Jurio run towards me. He slipped pushing the cake from Acchan’s hand directly to my face I’m lucky that the light of the candle was gone. But I can’t be thankful feeling the chocolate syrup dripping from my face to my shirt.

"Jurio!!!! I scream sending him shiver down to his spine. Everybody laugh seeing my face covered with chocolate syrup. But they stop noticing one person with unhappy expression.
"Paru, baby? Whats wrong?"Mayu asked worriedly to his girlfriend.

"My cake Mayu-chan I worked hours just to make it perfect for Yuu-niichan."Haruka started crying..

"Jurio!!!!!” Mayu shouts angrily for making his girl cry..   Rena Karate chopped his boyfriend’s head.

“Ittai!!!"Jurio exclaimed in pain rubbing his head..
"I just had revenge for you Paru, Mayu and Yuu-kun."But Haruka did not stop from crying. I taste some chocolate covering my finger.

"Oishii!!!” I shouted.“You really improve your baking my sister in law."I scooped some cake from Atsukos hand and feed my brother.

"Sugoi!!! baby you really did this? It really melts on my mouth."Mayu open his mouth without trace of cake that makes Haruka giggled.

"You’ re making fun of me?”

“No baby.. Look I will ask Jurio too.” Mayu scooped some cake on his hand and about too feed the boy who started the mess. Jurio was about to run but, I, Sai and Kai grab his body.

“Stop this dude, Haruka I’m sorry for ruining your cake just don’t do this to me."I shove some chocolate on my face and cupped to his mouth. Girls can’t stop was laughing on punishment we gave to Jurio.

"Shut up Juuboy, This is for putting a mess on my face.”

“Yes and this is making my baby cry.”

Jurio struggled made us all fell on the floor…Now Kai’s dining area was covered with chocolates syrup.

“Dude I’m sorry ok I’m just excited.”

He feed Jurio chocolate cake messily..

“What can you say?”

“Hmmmm ….Oishii…. "He said happily…  "So this is the taste of well done cake. Wow I love this.”

“Jurio you told me that my caked is the best even it’s a little burned."Rena hissed on his boyfriend.

"Rena-chan I really love your caked, I just amused how Paru’s cakes melt on my mouth."He winked at Rena.

"Ok I will let this pass for know..” she acted sobbing. Ah such an actress I mumble.

“So Jurio and Mayu are the squirrel’s apprentice after all."Yuki mocked again. Mayu, Jurio and I scooped another cake. Sai tried to block us hiding Yuki on his back but I felt someone tugging my shirt on the back that made me stopped. But Jurio and Mayu feed Sai with chocolate cake making his face covered with chocolate syrups.

"Rin-chan?"He turns to his fiancée acting like a bullied child pouting his lips tagging his messy polo shirt.

"I’m really sorry Sai-chan."She pecked on his cheeks.

"So we only have one person left not being feed with chocolate cake.”

Everyone shifted their gaze to Kai, making him hide on Atsuko’s back but Sai was too quick to position himself on the back of my midget friend .What can you expect from the former vice captain of basket ball team…Atsuko tried to pull my best friend on my Ikemen friend’s action. But Sai already put the cake on his face.

“I’m sorry bro, but this is the only way to make me sleep."He said in blank expression. Atsuko pulled Kai harder makes them fall. Making him on top of Acchan their faces are just inch apart the tips of their noses are barely touching.

‘'A-acchan” He passed out.

Jurio was punished by cleaning all the mess in the dining hall and washing all the dishes well Kai have dish washing machine so it’s not a choir for him .Kai wakes up after few minutes. I guess my best friend almost had heart attack after he almos
t kissed Acchan. After having our dinner boys went to the Kai game room while girls choose to have some tea party on living area.


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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 18 Update
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hello I am newbie .. :)
your fanfic more attractive.....  :twothumbs
can't wait till the next chapter.
I hope you can update immediately  XD  :twothumbs

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 18 Update
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glad to see u here
waiting for next chapter
pls write it more :on hypto:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 18 Update
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Oh Oh... Kai fainted..

What's going to happen in the living room with the girls?

also the boys in the game room?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the updates

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 18 Update
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Poor Jurio . . .
What's going happen with the next chapterss
I'm waiting :)

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 18 Update
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ohh too much character  :frustrated:

but my focus is kojiyuu and atsuyuu moment, hehe  :wahaha:

thank you for this lovely chapter dude  :on gay:

see you next time  :on woohoo:

pasensya na dude late reply -_- busy lang, haha alam mo na

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 19 Update
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Chapter 19

Haruna POV


Girls stayed at living area catching up with the lives of each other, while the boys went to the game room. Kai’s living area has contemporary design with cozy atmosphere fit for a one of the richest bachelor of the country. He has ten sitters L shaped couch made us all fit in his living area. His unit was painted all white, with black and white theme of furniture’s in minimalist design. Atsuko was busy preparing our tea in the center table pouring everyone teacups with tea. She sat at the end of the couch, followed by Yuki, Rena, Haruka and me. Well being the farthest would give me advantage not to be the center of attention.

"This smells good!!" Yuki muttered while smelling the tea.

"Yes it also tastes good." Paruru commented after sipping the cup.

"So Atsuko how is it?" Now the question and answer portion started the part that I hated.

"How is it?"Atsuko repeated confuse with Yuki's question.

"Between you and Yuu-kun, we all know that he live in your house, after you got dismissed at the hospital."Yuki added. Haruka gaze at me, the only girl here that has knowledge of my secret relationship with Yuuchan.

“I’m thankful that he helped me to recover emotionally after the accident." Atsuko answered.

"Emotionally, Acchan stop it, we all know that you love Yuu-kun so much, Stop acting like high school girl anymore." Rena said.

"Can you keep your voice down Yuu-kun was just in the other room."

"Don't worry Acchan, game room was sound proof so the squirrel will not hear our voice." Yuki answered.

"Nothing happened. You know Yuu-kun was gentleman. "Acchan nervously answered.

"Yuu-kun did not do pervert things on you? Wow it sounds like miracle?"Yuki exclaimed in shocked expression.

"But Yuu's family was just waiting for you guys to be official."

"Please don't say like that. Yuu-kun never do perverted stuff, he always respects me. You know it's hard for me to confess I still feel guilty on what happened between  Yuu and Miichan. Kai-kun also told me that Yuu-kun likes hard to get type of girl."My lips curve upward hearing that my boyfriend only do skin ship with me, Kai was helping us halting Atsuko from her confession and lastly my Yuu-chan only loves me.

"That’s the reason why I can't confess."The Atsuko feel depressed for hiding her true feelings. I felt warm hand held on mine."Haruka" I whispered. She answered me with comforting smile. Now I found new ally in her.

"I get it Acchan, Soyou think Yuu-kun still love Manami  after nine years?"

"I don't know but he haven't date anyone seriously since then."

"Or it may be his hiding a girlfriend."Yuki utter and looked at me "What do you think Haru?"I tighten my gripped on Haruka after hearing Yuki's question. She smiled and caressed my hand made my whole body calm.

"What?"I asked.

"I'm sorry to intrude but Mayu never said anything about Yuu-niichan dating someone, Onii-chan was too busy being new president of Oshima group I think he’s working so hard to met his parent expectation."Haruka said. I whispered thank you on her ears. She mouthed the word 'we are family now.' I’m touched on young girl’s words.

"Whoa I never taught Yuu is that serious?"Yuki was surprised hearing the fact from Mayu's new girl.

"Yuu-kun was really engrossed with work he often takes over time or sometimes he went home late." Acchan stated.

"Yuu was always passionate about something he wanted but that changes after was forced  Miichan went to London. I'm happy that he finally returned from his old self."Rena said while smelling her tea.

"You seem a little disappointed for letting the big fish escaped my friend. "Yuki teased Rena.

"Stop it Yuki I only love Jurio."Rena hissed.

"Yah, right."

"How about you Haru, How was your love life? Are you dating someone now?"The question that I expect to ask has finally arrived.

"I'm too busy with my career I don't think I have time to date anyone right now."

"You’re such a career woman?"Rena said in sarcastic way.

"But you haven't been dating since high school, or you’re the one who’s hiding boyfriend? Tell us Haru?" Yuki look at me with suspecting eyes.

"No way, You all know that I'm hard to please, do you think I would agree hiding my relationship. " I hissed

"No need to be in a temper. Haru I'm just asking."Yuki said.

"I'm sorry. I just don't like being interrogated."I answered

"Ok then just tell us what happened in New York for eight years."

Hearing that from Rena makes me breathe easier. Finally I don't have to lie. Editing out Yuuchan in my life in New York was easier rather than talking about hiding him as boyfriend. I'm happy that Haru was beside me, she helped me get thru this conversation without my friend noticing that I'm actually lying about not dating anybody. I really happy to find someone who I can rely on times like this, Even though she was also lying covering Yuu from my girl friends.

Game room


Achooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!I sneezed..

"I think someone was talking behind Me." wiping my nose with tissue.

"What do you expect? This is a reunion party for the girls in the life of Oshima boy's." while Kai giving the first break on the pool.

"Shut up midget" We said in unison. Sai smack his head.

"You will be dating one of those girls in the near future."

"Thanks God this game room was sound proof." Mayu exclaimed.

"Yes I can't still help myself not to be amazed on this room. Kai-senpai this is heaven, a bar, arcade games, x-box and billiard table. In one room this is genius.."He embraced Kai who was putting chalk in his cue stick. " I and Rena often visit your house but you never tell me that you have something like this."

Kai put his hand on Jurio's face" Get off me kid I will not hit the next ball if you keep attaching yourself." My midget best friend position his self to hit the next ball leaning closer to the table.

"If I tell you that I have something like this in my house you will always bother me in every weekend."

"I will never do that but I will think twice a month was cool." He pushed Kai making him missed to hit the ball.

"What the, Jurio?"

My midget friend grabs the youngest guy on his collar.

"That’s enough."  I said while rubbing the billiard chalk on my cue stick. “Kaiboy I don’t think you’re having some progress with Acchan."

"What is it Yuuboy? Are you guy's hiding things from us?" Sai curiously asked.

"No, We are not, it’s just we don't meet like this for a month."

"So tell us Anikii?"

"It's Yuuboy’s idea to make Atsuko fall in love with me.."

"What? make Acchan fall for you?"The three laugh in unison.

"Guys thanks for being supportive with this mission." Yuu said dismissively.

"But Yuuboy we all know how was Acchan is blindly in love with Yuu.," Sai blurted out

"I'm sorry guys, You know if god only make me taller then I'm closed to perfection."

"Geez bro, Try to brag in front of Haruna-san then let’s see if you could still say that."

"You know I can only say this when she's not around."He everyone on the room laugh.

"But seriously you should do something to make her yours."I lean closer on the billiard table finding the right angle, where my cue ball could hit the next ball.

"I'm trying, but our conversations always end up on you. Do you know if Yuu-kun still loves Miichan? Is he dating someone? am I being too dependent to him? I want him to stop seeing me as his little sister I want him to be my future husband."

My jaws dropped when I heard How Acchan can say her feelings  with my bestfriend."I-I never know about it."I stuttered.

"You never know because you’re not giving her chance to but I understand why. But I'm thankful every time she talked to me about her feelings for you, because that made us closer but this is torture."He sipped the bear on his hand.

I averted my gaze to my best friend, As I saw my other buddies felt pity about our friends experience trying to get Atsuko's attention.

"I apologize dude, I never know, At least now I understand why your taking things slow but you have to move man. Time is running." I clutched his shoulder.

"But at least you've already leave your mark Kai."Sai said.

"You know I felt that way too with this younger Oshima who made me like living saint."Sai pointed Mayu using his beer.

"What do you mean living saint? You’re enjoying other girl’s every night when Yuki and i are still together, scumbag."

"What do you mean Saiboy?"

"Hey stop saying that you’re disrespecting your brother too." Sai released a big ball off air in his lips sitting on the stool on the bar."You know Yuki and I started as enemies too, she hates me being jerk. While the younger Oshima over there was perfect boyfriend material but I'm really onto her I tried to draw closer to her until we become friends. She's already dating Mayu on that time I hate that feeling too, until she finally quit the pressure of going out with this Oshima boy."He drinks the beer in his hand."I was there when she was screaming for Mayu name. Seeing her heart shattered onto pieces I just took everything I see and swallow my pride, being the only person that she relies on was more important than my pain. Mayu was lucky to have Yuuboy as his brother if guys are not blood related I might hunt you down.


"Forget about it, we are ENGAGE now, she loves me now. Living with her was all that matter."Sai explained

"In two months she will be Mrs. Miyazawa Yuki.."

"Congratulations dude!" I know that even though he already moved on Yuki always had special place in my brother’s heart. My ikemen friend and offered a tossed to my brother.

"You just have to carry on what you’re doing, Put all your cards in the line."

"Yes I felt the same way too. You know how Rena-chan was really in love with Yuu-aniki. Even though I always try to confess my love for her she never accepts it. Rena confessed her feelings for Yuu-senpai but he never felt the same way, you know how many times I cursed you from not returning her feelings. I almost want to crush your face after you break with her."

"Juuboy I can still remember your punch. I tried to I thought that accepting her feeling will not hurt her. She's my best friend’s cousin that’s why I can't reject her feelings but I'm so lost with Miichan’s fate. I turn out that I hurt her more. I'm stupid that time."I still regret of hurting my best friends cousin. I thought accepting some ones love will make me move on but I made wrong decision. That almost cost my friendship with Kai.

"I don't want to remember it; we didn't talk for two months when you hurt Rena-chan."Kai annoyed said

"I'm sorry; See I have my karma now."


"See Kai, Love is not easy. It's easy to fall in love with someone but commitment takes everything in you. Do something dude. Don't be afraid to being hurt because not doing anything will hurt you more."Sai said to Kai in comforting tone.

"I guess boys of Oshima family made our love life complicated."Jurio complained.

"It's really hard to be irresistible." Mayu said proudly.

"I think being little naughty made us invincible."I brag.

"Shut up squirrel!!!!, Invisible in girls locker rooms."Kai hissed.

Mayu and I do our Oshrii signiture post and we all laugh harmoniously..


"Ok, Now I will do everything to make my princess mine."Kai exclaimed while throwing his right fist in the air.

"That's our soldier."Sai added.

We continue our billiard match .Kai seemed to be too determined to win Acchan's heart that shown, as he won the game. After two hours everybody went home. Mayu send Haruka in her house, Jurio did the same with Rena. Sai and Yukirin were living together in their own house. While Atsuko and Nyan nyan both take cab.

I mailed Nyan nyan that I will not be coming home since my best friend needs help to clean his apartment. I put empty beer bottle in the trash can, arranged the billiard cue stick in the rack. As Kai clean the bar, he seemed day dreaming about Acchan doing things over and over. Sai really helped him not to lose hope and fight for Acchan's love. I'm glad that this fake housewarming party did something good to my best friend.

It seemed like my girlfriend doesn’t like the idea of me sleeping here. An hour past but she didn’t reply to my message. 'That cat girl I mumbled. Tsun tsun as always she can just mail me to come home after I help Kai cleaning. She’s mad I know it as this is her hobbit.

I took my stuff in the guest room that I have not had a chance to get it since me and Nyan nyan fight. I bid my farewell to my best friend and leave. He still dreamy when I left and little concerned about his mental stability that makes me chuckle.


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