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Author Topic: Rendezvous of Fire and Ice (Main Pair: FuruYanagi) Chapter 4 15/5/16  (Read 3984 times)

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In the midst of the world, there are various conflicts. Throughout the world, unbreakable rivalries form. Mages throughout try to find their own path to glory and victory.

Two mages, Furukawa Airi and Takayanagi Akane, have only just met and have formed a rivalry already. Why you ask? Well, it’s a little complicated. It only gets more complicated from here on out. Upon meeting a really strange healer by the name of Iwanaga Tsugumi, mysterious things happen to the trio.

Will they ever live to tell the tale?
Airi’s POV

My name is Furukawa Airi. Everyday I travel somewhere new. Why you may ask? I just find it enjoyable, to see new things, instead of the same old boring landscapes all the time.

What else… oh yeah, I’m an ice mage. The only weakness I have is fire, I hate fire. Fireplaces, forest fires and most fire wizards. Those impudent fools. Most of them are… hot heads.

So very sorry for the terrible pun.

Anyway, you may be wondering, what’s happened for this rivalry to ensue. Well, I don’t know, it’s just been the way it is for generations.

I was walking through the countryside one day, when I saw a figure of a girl, with a bird perched on her shoulder. Walking closer towards her, I heard a voice.

“Papi-tan, look!” She said to the bird before her hand emitted fire.

Damn it… Another fire wizard… Why does this always happen to me…?

“Oi, you!” I shouted, my hand emitting smoky clouds of frost, “What are you doing here?!”

“Oh, what am I doing here? I should be asking you that, you idiot!”

“Says the one whose brain was fried with fire!”

“I don’t get you ice mages, you lot are so hard headed, I’ve always thought your brains were frozen.”

“Hey, at least I can keep my temper!”

“WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!” she yelled at me angrily as her hair turned red and her eyes went ablaze in orange.

She stood up and threw a fireball at me. I got mad and adjusted my eyes to focus on her. In my reflection, my eyes were ice blue and a white streak appeared in my head.

“Oh, it’s on...”

I created a ball of snow and threw it at her, hitting her face. It melted off with her angry fire and she growled at me.

“Oooooh, it’s SO on!!! It is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!!!!” Both her arms lit on fire and she jumped down.

She swung one of her arms to punch me with her fiery fist. I dodged it swiftly as I kept watching out for her barrage of attacks.

“That is exactly my point about you fire wizards, so hot-tempered.”

“Why you!!!” She tried to punch me again, but I grabbed her fist.

Even though it burned like hell, I was able to extinguish the flame with my ice powers. She growled as she broke her hand away from me, blowing her frozen hand to warm it up.

“Now, I’d best be going, I don’t have time for impudent apes like you.”

“Oi, where do you think..?!” I heard her yell as I left. “I AIN’T FINISHED WITH YOU--”

“But I am with you. I’ve got better things to do than waste my time with you, hot head.”

She growled and behind me, I could hear her throwing a temper tantrum. I rolled my eyes and slung my bag over my shoulder.

Akane’s POV

The hell is wrong with her?! I’ve always known that ice mages have hearts of ice, but… She is an exception, her whole BODY is ice cold! What a jerk!

I hope I never see her again!

I saw her walk away. My instincts told me to run up to her and punch her, but at the same time, I tried to resist it.

I really wanted to know her name, she’s quite an interesting character, I must admit. I let my pet bird stand on my finger and whispered to it.

“Follow her, see where she goes.”

It replied with a squawk as it flew into the air. I sat down, trying to calm my angered thoughts. I ruffled my hair, still thinking about the girl.

Why won’t she leave my head…?

The spring breeze blew past me, making me feel comfortable. I sighed and saw my red hair turned black again, notifying I was calm.

I simply sat and waited until my pet bird came back.

“Airin! Airin!” it spoke.


Is that her name..? Airin…

Why am I suddenly so interested in her? She’s an ice mage, I should hate her!

No… I DO hate her!

“Ugh!” I punched the wall of the building near me. “Whatever! Why should I care about her?! I hate, hate, HATE her!”


“Hm?” I looked behind me and saw an unknown girl. “Who the hell are you?”

“Ahem, my name is Iwanaga Tsugumi. Could you be Takayanagi Akane-san?”


“I was wondering if you would like my assistance, since I am a healer after all.”

“A healer?”

“Yes. You see, I’ve heard stories about you.”


“You’re infamous around the parts I live, for killing innocent people.”

“Hey, I don’t. Those are only rumors you have heard about me.”

“That’s not the point,” she said. “You’re a very powerful fire wizard, correct?”


“I was thinking that we could work together, you and I. If you get injured, I can heal you, easy as that.”

“Really… What exactly is this for?”

“I just wanted to get away for a while… So I thought who else to go to?”

“Oh, is that all?” I said, uninterested. “Just a boring vacation.”

“Come on, it’s not like you have anything else to do.”

“Hmm… good point. Wait, how did you--?”

“Great! Now, there’s one more person we need to pick up.”


“A very powerful ice mage named Furukawa Airi.”


“No… No… Not her! NOT HER!”


Are you f*cking serious?

“You’re Furukawa Airi-san, right?”

“Yes…? Why do you have that hot head with you?”

I glared at her. “Don’t start with me.”

“I need you and her to accompany me on something. Please, I’m not asking for much. Just put up with each other while we’re together.”

“I can’t put up with… with.. her! No matter HOW much I try.”

“Same here! I don’t even wanna be in the same room as her!”

“I know the both of you from the inside out. I know the both of you hate each other. If you two even dare to do anything, I will make sure I have the means to kill you both.”


We both looked and saw she still had a very innocent smile, even though what she said was quite… frightening.

What’s with this girl?!

“Anyway~ let’s go!”

“Eh?! Now?!”

“Where are we even going?”

“A little place called District X, to see someone.”

“District X? It sounds… dangerous….”

“Don’t worry. Like I said, I’ll heal you if either of you get hurt.”

“But what if YOU get hurt?”

“I can heal myself, easy as that.”

“Well, if you say so.”

“Now, let’s get going~” She took both of our hands and started walking.

I can’t believe this… Why is this happening to me~?
First fanfic I've written where it starts off with FuruYanagi hating each other XDDDDDD
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Found it!!

Well, yeah, this time, it's not love at first sight but hate at first sight. LOL

If I was Churi.. I will chase Airin, catch her, and fry her.

This Iwanaga Tsugumi... What does she want to do with those two??

P/S: The starting is nice and smooth. I want a longer chapter next (teehee..)

Thank you for posting this... ^^

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Found it!!

Well, yeah, this time, it's not love at first sight but hate at first sight. LOL

If I was Churi.. I will chase Airin, catch her, and fry her.

This Iwanaga Tsugumi... What does she want to do with those two??

P/S: The starting is nice and smooth. I want a longer chapter next (teehee..)

Thank you for posting this... ^^

No problem, this isn't my own solo work but a collaboration with Ruka Kikuchi

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Maybe you should finish your other fanfics before starting another new one, don't you think? Do you even know how many you're currently writing?   :lol:

I like what you write, and I used to follow a few of your past fanfics, but now I've stopped reading your new fics as it's obvious you're never going to finish all of them  :nervous

If I can give a piece of advice, try not to be too ambitious, and focus on a few fanfics at a time. I know it's hard sometimes when you have a lot of multiple ideas running in your head (it happens to me too!), but you have to be realistic and realize you can't write and finish so many stories at a time.  Focus on one or two fanfics and finish them, before moving to the next ones.  :thumbsup

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Chapter 2 - Pain, Confusion and a New Girl?

Airi’s POV

I can’t believe I have to go to some dangerous place with an unknown healer who might kill me, and this… this, hot head!

Besides, what exactly is “District X” anyway? I’ve never heard of it.

“Hey.” I tapped the unknown healer on the shoulder, “Where are we going? What is it?”

“District X. It’s a detainment facility in the farthest reaches of the country. Maximum Security. Hence why barely anyone’s heard of it.”

“What, are you some kind of criminal?” the fire wizard asked annoyingly.

“Of course not but I have some connections.”

“Now that’s scary.”

“Why do we need to go there?”

“Recently, a lot of bad things have been happening. Robberies, deaths, suicides even.”

“Why is this happening?”

“Who knows... Maybe the dark mage has been wreaking havoc again.”

“A dark mage?”

“Someone like you two, who focuses on dark, forbidden magic. Like death spells and mind control. She’s been making people do horrible things, and that’s why I need you two. To help me stop her.”


She pouted. “What is it now?”

“Who said we agreed to this?”

“I believe I already said, I do NOT want to be involved with this cold-blooded jerk.”

“And neither do I with this idiotic fire breathing dragon.”


“Now, now, you two...” she held our shoulders. “We all need to get along here. First, introduce each other and shake hands.”

She made us face each other, look at each other.

“Go on~”

The fiery girl made an angered face and turned her head.

“The name’s Takayanagi Akane,” she said as she reluctantly held her hand out.

“Furukawa Airi. I suggest you do not do anything to irk me or I’ll kill you.”

I did the same and also, with a lot of reluctance, held my hand out and clutched her’s. I saw her look in my eyes a short second, then look away again.

“Wh-what?! Stop staring!”

We let go of each other’s hands and dare not make eye contact.

“At least we got that out of the way.”


In the midst of our conversation, we took sight of a large, castle like building.

“Don’t tell me...”

“Yes, this is it.”

Oh God, here we go…

“Let’s go.”

We both followed Tsugumi inside and the first thing we saw was horrific.

There were… dead corpses everywhere!

What is this place….?

“Horrible, isn’t it?” Tsugumi said. “It’s a torture house, for one.”

“Eh..? Where exactly are we going..?”

“Top Floor. Solitary Confinement.”

“Wait.. WHAT?!”

“Yes, you two heard me, we’re going to solitary confinement.”


“The person I need to see is up there.”

“B-But, Solitary is a place with the craziest f**king people! You’re a crazy ass b**ch!”

“Fine, you can both stay down here with all the dead people,” she then said, starting to make her way up a flight of stairs. “And stand guard.”

As she left us, Akane let out an angered groan and kicked a wall.

“Hey, could you stay calm for, like, a minute?”

“Shut up!”

“But I’m being serious. Just stay calm.”

She leaned against the wall and sat on the ground. “Why do you suddenly care about me?”

“I-I do not!”

“Then would you just shut up and leave me alone?”

“You--” I stopped talking after hearing a strange sound. “What was that?”

“What? The sound of you talking?”

“No, not that...”

I heard the same sound again, this time it became louder and louder.

“Wh-what is that..?”

We heard something crash and looked to see a zombie like creature.

“Oh God!”

“W-What should we do….?”

“We have no choice. We have to kill it.”

“Are you f*cking serious?!”

“What else can we do?”

Before I could say anything, the creature ran towards me and pinned me down. I tried to release my arms, but it’s grip was strong.

“Damn it…! Akane, do something!”

“Ugh, fine,” she groaned.

She ran towards the creature and tackled it. Her arms lit on fire as she threw her flames at it and burnt its body.

“There, you happy?”

“Uh, yes.”

“You should thank me. If it weren’t for me, you’d--”

“Alright, alright, I get it.”

I got up again and dusted off my clothes. I was stoic and expressionless at first.

“Hey, Akane, can I ask you something?”

“You’re asking me something now.”

“No, I mean it… Akane, have you ever felt a near death experience?”

“Eh? Have you?”

“Well...I guess you could say that…”

“Tell me!”

“Okay… it was about.. 1 or 2 years ago, I guess. I fell into someone’s dastardly trap and was in a coma….”

She gave me a somewhat sympathetic expression. “Really…?”

“Yeah. It was strange, I felt like.. I was in an in-between state. When I woke up, I felt like I was pulled back into my body and everything else rushed inside my head.”


“Yeah, it was weird.”

“Well, I’ve never had an experience like that myself. But… it sounds like you went through a lot of hell.”


I turned around, for her not to see me blush. However, I heard a screech coming from where she was.

“Akane…?” Turning around, I couldn’t find her anymore. “Akane?!”

I stood up, looking around for her. She was gone, without a trace.

“AIRI!!!” I heard her scream from somewhere.

“Akane!” I started running, running up the stairs, trying to find her.

“Airi, what’s going on?” Tsugumi asked just as she was about to walk back down, “Where’s Akane?”

“That’s the problem, she’s been kidnapped.”

“Eh? By who?”

I ran up to her and pulled her, “No time for asking, let’s go and find her!”

We rushed up the stairs and searched.

“Akane! Where are you?!”

All we could hear was nothing. I searched deeper and found her lifeless body on the ground.

I covered my mouth, refraining from screaming as I saw her. Her skin was much paler than normal and her entire body motionless.

“Akane…?” I shook her shoulder a bit, but she didn’t respond. She remained lying there, her eyes closed.

I looked and saw a stab wound on her chest.


“Airin, did you find her?” Tsugumi arrived and when she saw Akane, shock appeared on her face. “No….”

“Her skin… it’s so cold….”


Even though I hated her, I felt pain seeing her like this.

“W-What do we do?”

Tsugumi placed her head against her chest.

“Her heart’s still barely beating. We need to hurry back to my place so I can heal her in time. Follow me,” she picked up Akane’s body and we started leaving.

“But, what about the person you came to see?”

“I’ve already seen them and got what I wanted. Let’s be honest, Akane’s health is more important.”


We hurried out of there and walked to Tsugumi’s house. Her house was fairly large, and it looked like it had been there for a very long time.

She stepped inside and placed Akane on the table and examined her wound further.

“This is going to take a bit more than I thought…”

She went through a few of her shelves and took out a few colored bottles. She mixed them together and made some sort of potion.

“What is that?”

“Healing potion. It might take a bit to take effect but it’ll do the job.”

She rubbed the pink liquid onto Akane’s wound. From then on was an antagonising wait, to see if she was to wake up soon.

“She’s… going to live, right?”

“Most likely.”

“‘Most likely’?”

“Yes, there’s a very slim chance that she won’t make it... Why are you worrying about her so much? Don’t you hate her?”

“I-I do..! Her getting stabbed just.. shocked me..!”

“But, I can tell by the look in your eyes you’re very worried.”

“Isn’t that obvious?!”


I just don’t get it… why does it hurt?

“Why… Why am I worrying for someone I hate so much…?”

“Could it be you really do care for her?”


“You should know. It’s your mind, just think about it.”

“How would you know anything? It’s not your life! You don’t know how I feel!”

“Airi-chan, I--”

“You don’t know anything about me! I never wanted any part of this!”

“A-Airi-chan... ”

“It never should’ve been this way! I bet, if I was never here, that hot head wouldn’t have been hurt!”

“Don’t talk like that! We didn’t know--”

“Enough! Just leave me alone!” I stormed out, seeing the views of the forest.

Tsugumi, you idiot!

How can she understand my feelings?! And why do I care about that hot head?!

Yet, the scenery around me made me much calmer. I stopped running after a while and took in the fresh green surrounding me. I somehow was able to get a breather, but now…

Where the hell am I…?

I’ve completely lost track of where I was. I kept walking slowly to find an opening ahead.

I walked out and was bathed in warm sunlight. I breathed in the scent of fresh blooming flowers and saw the long grass fluttering in the warm spring breeze.

As I started walking again and took in the refreshing atmosphere, I saw a large tree nearby. Under it was someone sleeping peacefully.

A girl…?

I stepped closer and slowly knelt down to get a closer look at her. She was beautiful, like a princess.

How can someone be this beautiful….?

I reached out to touch her when I suddenly felt tired. I yawned silently, the calm atmosphere, and plus, just going through what just happened, I was… incredibly sleepy.

I looked at the girl, laid down beside her and gently shut my eyes, letting slumber take over.




“Please… Help me…”

I will, I promise….

“Airi… do you.. care about me..?”



“I… I-I.. care.. about…”

“Excuse me..!”

My eyes fluttered open from the unfamiliar voice. I saw the girl in front of me, her face really close.

“U-Uh… Hi.”

“H-hi… um, who are you, and why are you hugging me?”

“Eh?” I looked and saw my arm was wrapped around her waist. It must’ve moved in my sleep without my control. I removed my arm from her and sat up. “S-Sorry about that.”

“I-It’s fine… My name’s Matsui Rena, how about you?”

“Furukawa Airi.”

“Nice to meet you, Airi.”

“You too… Um, again, I’m really sorry. I just found you sleeping here, and I was tired myself, so...”

“It’s alright, I’ve already told you. Why are you here, then?”

“Oh, um, a lot was going on, and I needed some fresh air… but, then I got lost.”

“Ah, I always come here, when that type of thing happens...”

“Really…? You don’t seem like the quiet type of girl.”

“Neither do you.”

“That’s because I’m not. I’m a mage, after all~”

Her eyes widened. “Honto?!”

“Un, look.”

I showed her my hand, which was freezing up, before a ball of snow formed.

“See? Snow in the middle of spring; that doesn’t happen often, ne?”


“What about you?”

“Eh? Me? I can’t do anything like that, I’m just a normal human…”


We sat there silent for a bit, until she got up.

“Would you like to stay at my place for a while?”

I looked at her and smiled when I saw her lips curving a smile.


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Rena appeared!
What's gonna happen next? :dunno:
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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My GOSH!!  :OMG: :OMG: Akane please be alive... Airi will be waiting for you... Maybe.
Hehehe Rena appeared. Maybe there will be RenAirin  :bigdeal: :bigdeal:
But I hope it will end up with FuruYanagi.  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
Thanks for the update. Looking forward for more.
Hehehe. I'm a person who can't help but love AKB48 Group. I'm a silent reader please treat me well. I'm the kind of person who gets crazy over my favorite pairings

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Why am I sensing RenAiriChuri? :dunno:
And why am I liking this?? :mon lovelaff:
And why do I want more??? :mon inluv:

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Airi’s POV

“This is my home.” We arrived at a small cottage just on the other side of the field. It looked like a very peaceful and sturdy home, good for living in.

“You live alone?”


This girl is really something.

She opened the door and let me step in.

“Wow. This place is very well made. How long have you been here?”

“Hmm… A few years now...”

“How did you even find this place? It’s amazing…” I dusted off one of the tables. Laying on it was a pocketwatch and an old music box. “Antiques?”

“Those are mine, actually.”

“Sugoi, they look so old...”

Rena took the music box and pulled something out of her pocket. It was a key attached to a chain. She placed it inside a hole in the box and winded it up.

It played a very gentle melody. It sounded almost like a lullaby and relaxed me.

“I would always play this whenever I felt lonely.”

“Really..? It does feel like an isolated place.”

“Y-Yeah, it does, doesn’t it?”

Being alone… it really is….

“Hey, R-Rena….”


“Do you… Love anyone?”


“I-I….love you…” I could only murmur the last part.


“Uh, I-I… I mean, I.. I think you’re.. very beautiful.”

“Oh, thank you… I guess…”

God, I feel like I’m going crazy.

“I need some fresh air, if that’s alright with you….”

“Yeah, sure.”

Walking outside, I saw the tree and walked towards it. Sitting down, I wanted to sing a song to let everything out.

Don’t panic
No not yet
I know I’m the one you want to forget

I was never wanted by anyone in my town, because I was so different. Being the only mage in a large town made it hard for me to fit in.

They all feared my ice powers…


It was when I had first found out…

“F-Furukawa…! W-What is this…?!”

“I-I don’t know..!”

I couldn’t control it at first… Everything I touched turned to ice and snow.

“Oh God, she’s a monster!”

When I heard that comment, it made me want to cry. I didn’t know what was wrong with me then…

It just hurt… So badly…

Flashback End

I hated it, I hated it all…. I wonder what would’ve happened if I was gone from the world….

Cue all the love to leave my heart
It’s time for me to fall apart

I’ve never been loved, nor have I loved anyone. This world is complicated….

Besides, how can anyone love me?

Before I could continue singing, I felt something tap me on the shoulder. It was Rena, looking at me with such a sad face.

“Airi, are you ok?”

“Uh, yes...”

“Come on, you tell me. I can tell you’re not okay…”

She pulled me in, with our faces just inches away from each other.


“Just tell me. I’m here.”

God… I can’t resist it anymore!

I pulled her closer and kissed her lips, creating tension between us.

She grabbed my shoulders and pushed me away after a few seconds.

“W-what are you doing?!”

“I’m sorry, I-I…”

She blushed heavily, covering her mouth.

“I… I know we just met, but…. God, I’m so, so sorry...”

“N-no, don’t apologize!”

“But, I k-kissed you.”

“To be honest, that wasn’t the first time I had someone steal a kiss from me.”

Ah, so it wasn’t her first kiss… Thank God…. but.. it was mine.


“Hm? What?”

“I have something to confess….”

“What is it? Now you intrigue me, Airi~”

“T-That kiss… it was.. my first.”

“Eh?! Really?!”

“Un...” Now I’m blushing. “You’ve probably had more experience than me. You may even have a boyfriend and have kissed him plenty of times….right?”

“Well… Not exactly…”


“I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m single. And, my first kiss wasn’t exactly a person of opposite sex. And it was also something I never intended.”

“W-What..? So, your first kiss, too, was a….”

She nodded silently.

Woah… This sh*t just got real…..

“Well… I mean, that’s good, it’s not a problem.”


I bowed to her apologetically. “I really am sorry I rushed into all this… I barely even know you.”

“Maybe… you should try to go back home, get some rest.”

Wait…. home… I better ask now…

“Wait… Rena… Can I ask you a favour?”


“I have an .. acquaintance back home who’s fallen into a coma… Do you know of any way to wake her up?”

“Sorry, like I said, I can’t do anything… but, I have heard somewhere there is a very powerful healer.”

“Then we should go find her.”

“Alright then.”

Rena’s POV

What is this girl thinking? Just kissing me randomly like that. Did she really fall in love with me at first sight?

“Nee, Airi..”


“Are you in love with anyone?”

“E-Eh?! I-I don’t… know… Have you?”

“Hmm… I don’t know…”

“Where are we going?”

“We have to find where the mage lives… except….”

“Except..? Don’t tell me you don’t know where they live?”

I covered my face.

“You don’t know?!”

“I’m sorry, Airi!”

“Mou… what do we do now?”

As we were trying to think, I began hearing someone’s footsteps coming closer to us.

“Airi…. What was that….?”

“It isn’t a thing,” she retorted, “It’s a person.”

She suddenly grabbed my hand and we started walking.

“Eh? What are--”

“Don’t turn around.”


“Whoever it is, they know we sense them.”

“But where will we go?”

“Just keep walking!”

“Stop, before I shoot you!” The person yelled at us, before cocking a gun, “Whoever you may be, just give me what I want.”

We turned around to see a person, dressed in a different outfit from ours. I can’t see their face clearly, but I saw piercing black eyes.

“Wh-what do you want..?”

“What I want?”

They slowly walked up to us, before grabbing my hand tightly.

“Le’ see~...” They pulled me closer to where I could feel them breathing. “I want you.”

“W-Who are you…? W-What do you want from me…?”

“How unfortunate. You really don’t remember me, Rena-chan?”

“Eh?” I felt my head being held as they pulled me forward and we locked lips.

That moment, I suddenly remembered, as I saw them pull away and reveal a cat-like smirk.


“Rena, who is this..?!”

“I’m just wondering the same thing about you, shorty.”

“O-Oi..! What was that, you brat?!”

“Haa?! Who you calling brat?!”

“Airi,” I stopped the two arguing. “This person is Jurina. She’s…. um…”


“She was my first kiss…”

“EH?! This annoying brat?!”

“I told you, don’t call me that! I’m not a kid!”

“Really? How old are you?”

“I’m old enough to fend for myself, unlike you.”


“Stop! Why are you two acting like this?!”

“Because she kissed you!” / “Because she’s annoying!” They had answered simultaneously.

“Just shut up, you immature idiots!” I suddenly snapped. As I said this, both of them went silent.

Oh no…

“Rena, are you okay?”

“Sorry. Did we upset you?”

“N-No, I’m fine…”

Don’t lose control.. don’t let her out…

“Jurina… I need your help…”

“With what, little kid?”

“....” I bit my lip.


“I need help with someone in a coma.”

“Oh...” Her eyes suddenly changed to ones of sympathy, “I can see what I could do, but I’m nothing more than a bounty hunter.”

“Anything will do for me… I just want her to be okay.”

“Show us where she is.”

“Okay. Follow me,” Airi started walking eastwards from where we were. All me and Jurina could do was follow her.

As we did, she began talking to me…

“How have you been, Rena-chan?”

“Fine. You?”

“Good, I guess. Does the midget know about… her?”

“N-Not yet… Nor do I want her to...”

“Who is this, anyway?”

“I’m not sure myself, we just met. But she has ice magic. Her name is Airi.”

“Ice magic, eh? Could she be that infamous ice mage?”


“Yeah, she’s very well known around these parts. She’s a very powerful mage, equally praised and feared for the strength of her magic. Well, I guess you can say she’s more feared, honestly.”

“Wow… She really is that strong..”

“Un…” She said, “Oi, midget!”

“What?! Before I punch you in the face!”

“Can you do something for me in exchange?”

“Huh? Why should I do something for you?”

“Well, because you’re dragging us somewhere to heal your unconscious friend, maybe?”


The ice mage groaned. “Fine. What do you want?”

“Well, I need your help to contain a rogue bandit.”


“Because I’ve heard things about you, Furukawa.”

“H-How do you know about me?!”

“Everything, really~ Orally and physically.”

“Is that so? Fine then, I’ll help you track this guy down.”

“Right then.”

“Where are we headed to?”

“We’re heading north.”

We were walking for a straight 25 minutes to what seemed like a desolate village. The atmosphere in this village was completely different from back home.

“Let’s go.” Jurina hurried us further.

There were wanted signs for criminals almost everywhere. The houses were abandoned, dilapidated to the point where everything would collapse in one go.

“This is place is…”

“Horrifying? Exactly my words….”

“I was gonna say gloomy, but yeah, I’ll go with that.”

“Where is the bandit supposed to be?”

“Somewhere around this area...”



In before the other two could reply, a dark figured dashed past us.

“There he is!” Jurina started running.

“Let me try something,” Airi said as a frost cloud appeared in her hand. She blew it and caused it to hit the bandit’s feet, freezing him from his spot.

“W-What is this?!” His shout echoed through the isolated, abandoned town. “What are you?!”

“You’re coming with me!” Jurina grabbed the man, about to punch him, but someone came from behind and knocked her out.


The man pushed me to the ground. “Outta the way, girly!”

“Why you…!” Airi created a large shard of ice and threw it at him, but he barely dodged.

The other man broke free from the ice and stood up.

“You may be one of those mages, but do you really think you can beat more than one person on your own?”

“I’m willing to try.”

With her hand, she created a transparent ice sword and rushed up to the man to attack.

“Come at me!”

As she was fighting, I looked over to Jurina, who was still out cold.


“They hurt her… you must be really mad…”

Yes… yes, I’m mad… really mad…

“You want revenge for them hurting her, don’t you?”

I do…

“Then, let go.”


Airi’s POV

“Come at me!” I swung my sword, trying to slash one of them, but they kept dodging.

One of them took out a knife and attempted to stab me.

The same kinda thing happened to Akane…. But please… do not let this happen to me…

Before I could react, the knife was right at my face.

“Say goodbye.”

Oh God…


“Hn..?” I looked and saw Rena still on the ground, her head hung low, “Rena?”


“Rena? Can you hear me?”

“...hehehe… Hehehe.. hahahahaha...”

What? Why is she laughing?


“Hahaha… nee, okotteru?”

“C-Could it be…?”

“Hey, you wanna pick a fight, girly?”

Then her manic laughter continued. The guy got annoyed and try to throw a punch, but she grabbed his fist.


“Hahahahaha… I wanna break you..!”

She then clenched it so tightly, a loud clicking sound could be heard.

“Oh sh*t!”

She kept laughing as she kicked him and knocked him to the ground. By the time she was finished, the guy was laying there lifeless, with blood pouring out of several places.

“Oh God… what are you?!” the other man screamed. He tried to run, but Rena tackled him and grabbed his throat.

She’s almost… inhuman.

“Hahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAAHA!!! Just break everyone… just let go! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!”

“Rena, what are you doing?! Stop!!!”

“Ufufu, Rena’s gone… only Gekikara!!!”


“Nee… Okotteru?”

She dropped the lifeless man, that she had just strangled to death, before walking towards me. She kept giggling as she bit her nails.

“Come on… answer me… okotteru..? Hahaha! Okotteru?! Hahahahaha!”


“You look scared~. That’s a good face… Nee, Airi~ Hehehehe…”

I backed away as she got closer. The look in her eyes was… terrifying.


She continued to walk towards me, with her hands that were drenched in blood.

“S-stop… you’re scaring me.”

“Hehehe, I know~. Hehehehe...”

“Why…? Why are you like this..? Rena, please say something!”

“I told you, Rena’s not here. It’s Gekikara now.”


“I’ll show you, who I really am.”

She then gave me a dark look and charged forward. I clutched my sword tighter, making sure that I had it prepared.

She grabbed me and continued to laugh. I was struggling to get free from her grip the best that I could.


“Hehehehe…. I don’t think so… Hehehehehe…”


Someone came up from behind and grabbed Rena’s shoulder, making her turn around. Jurina was there, looking at her with some blood running down her forehead.

“Jurina… How are you going to stop her…?”

“I’ve been with her for a long time, I have my tricks.”

She pulled Rena forward, their faces inches from each other. She then kissed her in the cheek, with a grin to finished things off.

I saw Rena’s eyes change and she blinked before blushing.


“That’s enough now.”

“Wha.. I… Oh no, did she come out? Did she kill anyone?”

“Well...” The two then looked at the two bandits who were murdered. “To be honest, I was wanting to kill them myself.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe this happened!”

“It’s fine, it was--”

“Guys,” I interrupted the conversation. “Can one of you explain what just happened?”

Rena’s gaze suddenly averted from me, to the ground. I looked at Jurina, who gave me a serious gaze back.

“It’s been awhile since she’s come out.”

“‘She’, as in...”

“Gekikara. She is a demon that is inside Rena and has been for as long as either of us can remember. The only thing that Gekikara can do is to kill, to kill anything in her path.”

“Woah… that’s.. awful. I’m so sorry… I didn’t know--”

“I didn’t want you to know…” Rena had interrupted me, on the verge of tears, “I’ve been left by everyone who met me…Who knew of my secret...”

“So that’s why you live alone, in that isolated place...”

She nodded.

“Everyone was afraid of me because I had a demon inside me. Because I was a monster...”

That’s… just like me.

“So, I left. Where no one could find me, and I couldn’t hurt anyone… But even so… I was incredibly lonely…”

“Rena… I know how you feel…” I said, trying to calm her down, “I was forced to leave my home because everyone was outraged by the sheer force of my powers, because no one needed them, they only wanted to be villagers who worked hard to get what they wanted. They didn’t want a protector with powers such as me, they didn’t know anything about magic and sorcery.”

“They were scared…” she suddenly said. “It’s because they didn’t know anything about us that they became afraid. Afraid of what might happen. So, they decided to drive us away. So that they could continue living their peaceful lives in ignorance, not having to bother with us, or even care.”

“All of them… they were fools. They don’t know what we go through. What we are or how we think. Every living person is ignorant, so much so that they do not realise feelings other than their own.”

“They live in the dark, not seeing what’s real, living off lies…”

“They’re idiots, every last one of them…”

We looked at each other for a moment. We thought the same. Jurina, however, was just standing there, speechless.

“Ah, we don’t mean anything against you, Jurina,” Rena suddenly said. “You understand us, and you… you were the only one who didn’t leave me.”

“I would never leave you, Rena, even if it meant death on my part. Your pain is my pain too.”

She kissed her on the cheek and made her blush again. I smiled, those two look like the perfect couple. I guess Rena was destined for Jurina from the start, not me.

“Umm… We need to go back as fast as we can…. I don’t know what’s happened to those two…”

“Uh, yeah…”

We finally left and got back to Tsugumi’s home. I started thinking about Akane again and if she was alright.

Rena, upon seeing me in a state of emptiness, turned to me.

“Airin, you okay? You seem a bit off…”

“O-oh, yeah… I’m just worried about my friend.”

“Oh? What’s her name?”


“Ah… What happened to her?”

“She was stabbed and mortally wounded. Currently, she’s in a coma and we’re trying to save her.”

“Me and Jurina will do all we can to help.”

“Thanks Rena…”

Once we approached the house, I saw Tsugumi sitting next to Akane, glancing at me angrily.

“Tsugumi...” I walked over to her silently as she continued to glare at me. “I’m sorry...”

I closed my eyes as she came closer. I was afraid she was going to slap me, or punch me… but instead, I felt her arms wrap around me.

“You idiot! I was worried about you when you ran off! How could you?!”

“I’m sorry, my emotions just washed over me and I just didn’t know what I was thinking…”

She then looked at Jurina and Rena. “Who are these people?”

“Matsui Rena and Matsui Jurina. Jurina’s a bounty hunter and Rena… I guess you could say she’s our friend. They can help us save Akane.”


“Yeah. You can trust them.”


“Rena, help Tsugumi-chan, if that’s okay with you.”

“Un.” She walked over to our healer and started to talk to her.

Before I could walk up to them, Jurina grabbed my hand roughly, “Jurina? What’s wrong?”

“Furukawa Airi… I challenge you to spar with me.”


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Oh no!! Jurina vs Airi Oh no!! Who will win?
Pls heal Churi. Hehehe cuz Airi misses Churi. Hahaha and maybe Churi feels the same way to Airi. Well I hope
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Re: Rendezvous of Fire and Ice (Main Pair: FuruYanagi) Chapter 3 15/5/16
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Oh~ Finally an update Yey~ :drool: :w00t:

Solo match Jurina vs Airi Battle Start :shocked :w00t: :twothumbs

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Re: Rendezvous of Fire and Ice (Main Pair: FuruYanagi) Chapter 3 15/5/16
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Chapter 4 - Unnecessary Battles, Weird Confrontations and a Realisation?

Airi’s POV


“I told you. I would like to spar with you.”

“Wait, seriously? Now? In these conditions?!”

“Sure, why the hell not. Prove yourself.”

I looked at her with really confused eyes. Why was she asking me these things?

“W-What is going on with you?!”

“Nothing. I just wanna see how strong you truly are.”

“Fine, if that is what you truly wish for.”

We walked outside, in the middle of the large field. She unsheathed her metal sword, whilst I created another sword made of ice.


“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

She grinned before charging forward with her sword. Before she came close enough to attack me, I dodged by moving to the side. She began a restless attack.

Her sword thrusted forward several times, trying to stab me.

“Can’t you do better than that, Airi?”

I then snuck behind her, before she slashed behind her.

“Yeah, I can,” I said as she was knocked down. She quickly got back up on her feet and, as I was distracted, she took the time to slash at me again.

I was knocked down and she pinned me to the ground, aiming the blade at my neck. I kicked her leg before rolling to the side and standing up.

“Have anything else for me to see, Jurina?”

“I just want to see your magic on full swing~”

I grinned. “Alright.”

I then froze her hands and changed our positions. Now I was on top and she couldn’t move her hands.

“Well, well, well… You’ve got me into a stalemate here, Airi. But you do realise, I can attack you with not just my arms~”

She then kicked my side, causing me to feel immense pain. This was not the first time I had become fully engrossed in a fight like this and yet, something about Jurina’s fighting style had made me become intrigued.


“What was that?”

“Just keep going! Full throttle!”

“Alright then,” Just as Jurina yelled, she rushed towards me as I got prepared for one of my best attacks.

I summoned a frost cloud as she was very confused and ice spikes appeared around me.

“You ready for this?” I asked with a sly grin on my face.

“What is this trickery, eh, Airi?”

“My secret plan.”

I snapped my fingers and the spikes flew towards her.

“Holy sh*t…. You really are something...”

She swiftly dodged each one, however, the last one penetrated itself into her shoulder. She screamed out and held her wounded shoulder.

“Never mess with a mage, Jurina.”

“I still have a few things under my sleeves…”

She took her blood stained hand from her wound, to pull something from her scabbard. I looked at her, feeling very confused. She pulled some sort of trigger, and a small dagger shot out of it. I couldn’t react to it in time and got shot in the leg.


She then grabbed me and pinned me down with my arms behind my back.

“Huh… you got me while my guard was down. That’s smart.”

“A bounty hunter always has to compromise in this type of situation.”

I grinned. She then ended and let me go.

“You are much stronger than I thought.”

“Same to you. That was an even--”

Before I could finish my sentence, I heard a bloodcurdling scream coming from the house. I instantly became worried as I knew it had something to do with Akane.

“We need to go back,” I said, even though the pain in my leg was killing me, “Something’s wrong.”

“Sure, you need help with walking back?”

“Er.. m-maybe.”

She helped me balance myself and we started to walk back to the house. Opening the door, the sight that we came back to made me worried even more.

“Airi… Jurina…!” The two of them yelled at us, whilst pinning Akane down as she was flailing about in panic.

“Tsugumi, Rena, what’s going on?”

“We don’t know, we were tending to Akane and then she just… started doing that….”

“No…. no…. no!!!”

Akane’s screaming continued as Tsugumi and Rena continued to try and pin her to the ground.

Akane, why are you like this..?

She suddenly stopped screaming and her body went limp again. However, after a few seconds, her eyes opened and she rose to face us.


Something’s wrong with her eyes. They’re dark… they look lifeless, like her soul isn’t with her body.

“W-What’s wrong with her…?”

“I don’t know.”

The next thing I knew, Akane started to walk towards me, her eyes wanting me for dead. Her arm became coated with purple fire as she prepared to attack.


The pain in my leg was becoming unbearable and I tried to do all that I could to counter her attack.

“Airi, what’s wrong?”

“I-I can’t….do anything….it hurts….”

“Fine, you rest. Jurina, help me calm Akane down!”


My leg gave way and I collapsed as Jurina helped Tsugumi with Akane. Rena walked towards me as she saw a puddle of blood form around my leg.

“Airin, what happened, why is your leg bleeding?”

“Nothing too bad, me and Jurina were just sparring with each other and she stabbed me in the leg.”

Rena quickly took her jacket off and wrapped it around my wound. She then showed a worried smile and then she turned to the others.

“Did Jurina get injured?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I kinda stabbed her in the shoulder with a large piece of ice… But, she doesn’t seem at all phased by it.”

“Jurina’s an assassin, so she’s been through a lot. I’m not surprised if she’s that tolerable to pain.”

“But… What about Akane..?”

“I don’t know. But is there anything to you about her that seems off?”

“Well… Her eyes… They seem...empty…. It’s almost like...”


My eyes widened in realization. “She’s being controlled.”

“Why would she--”

“Someone wants me dead, for some reason. You know how I am infamous...”

“That would make sense… But, how is this person controlling Akane?”

“That I don’t know… Maybe somehow they are using dark magic to control her…”

“Like a seal?”

That’s it. If she’s marked with a seal, that person could easily control her. But where is it, is the question….

Tsugumi then came in, “Guys, she’s asleep now… After a countless number of attempts….”

“I need to see her,” I said.


“Please. I need to see something.”

She gave a confused look, but then took me back to where she was resting.

“How’d you get her to stop?”

“Just a simple sleeping spell. Nothing worth too much effort.”

I limped over to her and started searching for a place she could’ve been marked.

“Airi, what exactly are you doing?”

“Trying to figure out something, is what.”

“Really? You aren’t trying to do something perverted?” Jurina asked suspiciously.

Rena blushed madly. “J-Ju-Jurina..!”

Then, my eyes landed on something. It was where she was bandaged. Part of the gauze was showing her skin and revealed a strange purple mark, in the shape of a rose.

I unraveled it and revealed the whole mark, a purple rose right next to where she had been stabbed.

“What is this…?”

“What’s what?”

We all looked at the mark, all of us had very confused looks on our faces.

“Someone marked her…”

“But who could’ve done this?”

“It could only be the person who stabbed her when we were at the torture house.”

“Did you see their face?”


“Then how will we find this person?”

“We just have to look by hand… There’s no other logical option.”

Then, by chance, I heard a low growling noise coming from outside. Peeking out of the door, I saw a wolf, cladded in black fur.

“What the…?”

The wolf met my gaze and we stood staring for a moment, before the wolf suddenly barked. Even with an injured leg, I had no choice but to attack it.

I created an ice sword and slowly approached it. It was rare to see wolves around these parts, so I wondered if it was a shapeshifter or not. It kept staring at me with
black eyes.

“Guys, stay back…”


“Possible wolf attack. Just keep quiet.”

Everyone else stayed back, whilst I clutched my sword tighter. I walked slowly towards it some more before it took the opportunity to pounce on me.

It pushed me to the ground and growled lowly, it‘s claw being raised slowly. I flinched, preparing for the worst before Jurina ran up to it and grabbed it.

As it tried to escape Jurina’s grasp, the wolf scratched her face. She hissed in pain, but, before she could do anything to it, a young girl ran to the scene.

“Ami!” she called out. The wolf’s ear twitched as it turned to face the girl.

“Hey, get out of here!” Jurina warned her.

“There you are, Ami!” Ignoring her, she got closer and hugged the wolf. “Bad girl! You can’t run off without telling me!”

The wolf whined and that’s when something… freaky happened.

The black wolf shrunk down to the size of a puppy and jumped into the girl’s arms, licking her cheek.

“Hahaha, okay, I forgive you,” the girl giggled.

“Umm… Excuse us, may we know what’s going on here?” I asked, still on the floor, in pain due to my leg not being healed.

“Oh, sorry. My puppy ran off and seemed to have met you lot.”

“Yeah, your ‘puppy’ was a WOLF and tried to KILL us!”

“No, no, Ami’s completely harmless. I’m sure she didn’t mean it.”

“Well, she did injure my face… I’d better get inside to get this checked….” Jurina walked back inside leaving me with the girl and her puppy.

Well thanks a lot Jurina… I’ve got a injured leg and you’ve left me here…. On the floor….

“Here, Airi,” Rena picked me up and helped me stand.


“Ami, apologize.”

The dog then nodded and turned to face us. Before our eyes, the puppy turned into a young girl.

“I-I’m sorry, I never meant to harm you…! I was just lost, was all!”

She then bowed at us.

“It’s fine, Ami, I was already hurt before I met you, that’s all, no harm done.”

“More importantly, who are you two and what are you doing here?”

“My name is Ryouha,” the girl introduced. “I’m a mage, and Ami is a shapeshifter. We were just travelling to get some supplies for people back at home.”

“Explains why she turned into a wolf then a puppy…. Can you help us with something?”

“Sure. Anything to make up for what I just did…”

“What do you need?”

“Well, a friend of ours has been marked by someone, and we need to track them down.”

“Maybe since you’re a mage, you can help, Ryouha-chan.”

“Hmm… well, I’m still in-training, so I may not be powerful enough. But, I can ask my sempai. We’re living with her.”

“And she can help us?”

“Most likely, yes.”

“She’s very powerful.”

“Shall we go see her then?”

“If you would like to.”

“Yes, please.”

“What’s her name?”

“Nao. Furuhata Nao.”


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