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Author Topic: Yes, we do love our strong girl (atsumina, kojiyuu,wmatsui,mayuki) Final Chapter  (Read 8832 times)

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Hi all,  to who ever read my story.
Yes, I am still alive and actually still an active silent reader.
I know I still owe a lot of unfinished (cough) fanfic.  :sweatdrop:
I admit I been slacking a lot. :banghead:
But,  I guess I can't stop writing can't I ?
I won't promised anything, since I don't like to give any false hope anymore. I will update when I want to.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this short story, I promised to end the story for each chapter. Here is prologue.

Someone pov

My name is Takahashi minami, second year of high school. Right now, I am with my friends, we have been friends since we were baby I guess. Our parents are good friends with each other, and so do we.

Let me introduce to you, sitting right next to me and have the same height as me is oshima yuu, he has good personality, friendly, but don't be trick by his handsome look, girls must beware of the most pervert boy you will ever see in this school.

Sitting in front of me, matsui Jun, the most athletic guy amongst us, he has win a lot of sports competition, he is a happy go lucky guy you ever know. His nickname is puppy.

Sitting beside Jun is, Watanabe Youma, he is the most intelligent in this school, why you asked? Because he is the top student, and his grade never below 98 in his history. He also a great hacker, sometime police will come and discuss something to him. Known as his motionless expression, never know what he is thinking about, because of that many people called him cyborg. His trademark is hood, he always wear one.

Well, me myself is the president council, together with Yuu as vice, we run the council from first year. They said I have a lot of leadership, and people listen to me very well. People call me Takahashi San, but with my friends they always call me takamina. But... Lately I been really stressed, because bunch of troublesome girls that have transferred to our school. That why I invited three of them, since they are the only guys I can depend on.

End of pov

Yuu : so takamina, spill the bean already will ya? Why you calling us ?

Jun : yes, I even skipped my basketball club for you. Sayaka san will kill me if I know I am lying.

Yuuma : what did you said?

Jun : I said that I need to go to my grandpa house no matter what, he told me it is important.

Yuu : yes, yes. Indeed takamina is the one that act like old man amongst us. So it is understandable to lie like that.

Takamina : say what?! I am not.

Yuu : yeah right, who favourite snack is karinto?

Note : karinto is old fashioned snack that very rare in modern times but can be found in old fashioned cafe or ryokan.

Takamina : that have nothing to do, it is different matter.

Jun : yeah, you two. Better stop already, yuuma even have a nap already. So takamina, what do you want to talk about? You said it is very important.

Yuu : yes, yuuma wake up! (Tapping yuuma head to wake up)

Yuuma : it better be important (grumble). Knock yuu's head back to counter what he has done.

Takamina : well, as president council I need your help. You all aware of new student in all of your class right?

Everybody nod in response, and takamina continue his word.

Takamina : well, let me explain to you all the mention girl :

Maeda Atsuko

From Majijo high school. She always late to come to school, and have an don't come near me aura. she had beaten three men and send them straight to the hospital. As for now, she is under suspension from school. She is the same class as me.

Kojima Haruna

From Majijo highschool, until now she never come to the class. In middle of being kick out from school. Same class with Yuu.

Matsui Rena

From majijo highschool, she should have graduated two years ago, but due to some accident, she can't graduated, and right now she is same class with Jun, rumors said that she is being bullied at class by certain girls gang.

Kashiwagi Yuki

From majijo highschool, she is known as black, rumors said that she is doing some dirty job at some shady place, and almost caught by police. But due to lack of evidence, police can't caught her. She is the same class as you Yuuma.

That's all.

Yuu : well? What do you want us to do takamina? Why you said as council? Even I aren't informed.

Takamina : don't said like that, it is direct order from headmaster himself.

Jun : why bother? If they are troublesome from the first time, why headmaster agree to let them transferred?

Yuuma : Majijo highschool headmaster is woman, and she is our headmaster wife. You know Majijo are famous of troublesome girls school, no one ever wanted the girls from there. Since it will ruin other school reputation. I bet our headmaster want us to take care the problem from him.

Yuu : that old geezer!!! I am not doing it Takamina.

Takamina : I know you will reject it from the first time, but before you are out from this room, I want you to see the girls pictures first.


Yuu : alright!! Let's go guys, we need to help our Angels, I am coming for you Nyan nyan!!

Takamina : here we go again, stop making nickname for others will ya? (Face palm)

Jun : well, takamina, I don't know if I could help or not... I think I am too busy with the clubs....

Takamina : think about this Jun, don't you feel sorry because this girl is being bullied? She have been through hard way, and now the only one can help her is you, our famous Jun. Please Jun, I know you also worried about this girl. (Holding Jun shoulder and look straight at his eyes)

Jun : sigh.. fine. But I will try (pout) and by the way, your puppy's eyes are suck takamina.

Yuuma : I am not as stupid as they are takamina. So no, I am not wasting my time for whatever her name.

Takamina : yuuma, this is the letter from the headmaster.

Yuuma take the letter and after that his face frown, he crumble the letter and throw it to takamina back.

Yuuma : fine, some day for sure that old geezer will paid since he try to treathed me. (Dark aura)

Takamina : thanks guys, I depend on you all because I also trust you all. Let us help the girls.

End of pov

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Re: Yes, we do love our strong girl (atsumina, kojiyuu,wmatsui,mayuki)
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2018, 11:46:52 AM »
Welcome back Sadrilim-san! This fic is very interesting. Waiting for the next update  :cow:
Matsui Rena + Matsui Jurina =

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Re: Yes, we do love our strong girl (atsumina, kojiyuu,wmatsui,mayuki)
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Continue please...

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Re: Yes, we do love our strong girl (atsumina, kojiyuu,wmatsui,mayuki)
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2018, 01:10:23 PM »
finally you're comingback with new fic :inlove:
already inlove with this fic, because all the pairing :heart:  :nervous
keep update author-san!  :bow:
and also update yours unfinished fic  :smhid :nervous
keep going!!  :cow: :cow: :heart:

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@Arfi : upss.. time to run away. Just kidding. I try to write again, but sometimes it is so hard to put the feeling into it.
I will try my best to update my story as soon as possible.  :nervous :sweatdrop:

@Matsui Lee : Hi there, it been long time  :cow:

@Fazmin13 : I will try to update as soon as possible  :sweatdrop: Hope you like my fanfic.

Anyhow, before reading my fanfic, please read my little bit of concern and apology  :nervous :bow:
First story is WMatsui  :cow:
I hope I am not too rusty to write some fanfic.  :banghead:
since I want to end it on one chapter each couple and this also to prevent me for give you half story of my fanfic.

Just as I thought WMatsui is a history.... I never know that I will be able to write Wmatsui this long [cough]
I realise that I never really forget how close and special they are, when Rena still in the group.
Seeing old video of how Jurina see Rena, and how they always mention each other with smile on their face really make my day [except for Rena graduation, I could see sad puppy more often than happy puppy].

And everytime I have some new story to tell, I would like to try to make Wmatsui, but just as the reality hit me again, after Rena graduate I never see WMatsui again, not like Atsumina couple or KojiYuu couple.

That's why there so much unfinish story or draft left hanging, and not to forget about my mood swings [I know, all the readers must be dissapointed. I am sorry] I even ever planning on stop writing :bow:  :bow: :bow:

So, to all WMatsui Shippers, to all readers hope you enjoy my story.

Wmatsui : Our Moment Together That Day

These three days, Rena feel uncomfortable, not only did she feel like there is somebody watching her, but also that person seems like following wherever she went to. At first, she didn’t realize that she is being followed until she feel the same gaze from a certain guy. That guy is Matsui Jun, a handsome, playful, smart guy who is one of the school stars. She think it was a mistake at first. How come the most popular guy in the school take attention to her. But, since it been three days, she dared to look back at Jun.

Rena : Ano…

Jun a bit startled when Rena look at him and try to speak to him, he then quickly grab some book and read it. The reason why Rena have some courage to speak to him is also because they are now at the library, and currently there just two of them.

Rena : Ano… (chuckled)

Jun : huh?! Did you call me?

Rena : well… Did I do something that upset you? Matsui san?

Jun : huh? Why you say so? I .. I just reading my book.

Rena then smile at him and point at his book, while Jun look at the book he has been holding from just now. It was upside down, he cough a bit and put down the book. There is an awkward silent around them.


Rena : ah.. you first.

Jun : um… it is okay, you first.

Both of them look at each other before smile sheepishly. Rena hide her face on the book, leaving just her eyes looking at Jun. She want to hide her flushed face.

Jun : so cute…

Rena : eh?!

Starled by sudden statement from Jun, make her face become flushed even more. This is the first time, there is somebody that called her cute, more over she hear it from Jun, this make her heartbeat beating so hard. As for Jun, he really want to run away and hide right now. He feel shy after saying it unconsciously, this is also new feeling for Jun. He never feel this nervous around girl before, avoiding having another awkward moment, Jun brave himself to start the conversation.

Jun : I am sorry, just forget what I said. Do you have something you want to ask me?
Jun thought : way to go Jun, just dug your grave faster, what are you thinking about?! Hopefully she doesn’t realize that I have been following her around this three day, or the worst she will call me stalker, gosh…

Rena : um… yes, actually I ….


Jun : so if you want to subtract fractions, both fractions need to have the same denominator. You may need to multiply the numerator and denominator of one or both fractions to achieve this.

Rena : um…???

Rena tilt her head to the side, and pouting a bit which made Jun heart beating very fast, and now Rena is move closer to Jun as she want to see closer to what Jun has explain to her, it make Jun heart become more restless, he can smell her sweet fragrance, and their shoulders are now connect to each other. Rena didn’t realize their position, she is so serious listening to Jun explanation, and try hard to understand what the meaning.

Rena : ah! I got it!

When Rena went to look at Jun, she quickly realize the closeness they have. Making her face flushed. She quickly move back close her face with her book.

Rena : I am so sorry!

Jun : ha ha.. I don’t mind at all.  Shall we continue with next subject.

Rena : un, thank you Matsui san.

Jun : you know… It been bothering me from just now. Stop calling me Matsui, we are both Matsui you know. It seem weird to call my own surname. Can I call you Rena?

Rena : un… can… can I also call you Jun kun?

Jun smile at when Rena call his name, he feel very delighted, he like the feeling when she calling his name, and without further ado, he quickly reply.

Jun : of course, then let’s us continue Rena chan.


This afternoon, Jun come to student council room. Yesterday, Takamina emailed everybody to gather to the student council after their club activity is over, and after bid good bye with Rena. He went to there.

Takamina : so late!! what taking you so long Jun?

Jun : sorry, I just losing track of time, I never know that teaching somebody will be this much fun.

Yuuma : so rare to see you this eager.

Yuu : hoo… I sense love in the air!!! Tell me! Tell me who is that girl!

Takamina : oi Yuu! (hit Yuu head) Don’t jump into the conclusion like that, may be it just another student who need help, might be boy as well.

Jun : wel… actually I am now teaching Matsui Rena.

Takamina & Yuu : Maji?! (mouth open wide)

Yuu : see! Bakamina, don’t underestimated my sixth sense. (hit Takamina head) and close that open mouth of you, I don’t want this room smell like katsudon.

Takamina : What do you mean?! My breath is not that stink, anyway Katsudon is the best don’t you dare to mock my favorite food!  Any way, Jun, you are fast. It just one week since I told you guys to help. Sasuga, the most popular student in the school. I even can’t have proper conversation with Maeda san, she always ignore me (sigh)..

Yuu : tell me Jun, how you manage to win her attention?

Jun : well.. it quiet embarrassing..

Flash back

(Just say, that Jun also have tell them the story of how they started to talk, I just skipped the story.)

Rena : um… yes, actually I …. I hope you can help me with Math…

Jun : huh?! Just that?

Rena : yes, actually I am older than you, Matsui san, I have repeat two years, and I really wish I could graduate this year, also I want to change… I hope I could have more friends… I am sorry, forget what I have said… I

Jun : ha ha… don’t worry about it. Well, I could help you with the part that you don’t understand, and nice to meet you Rena chan, I could introduce some of my friends.

Rena : really?! Thank you so much Matsui san.

End of flashback

Takamina : well, that’s good, if most of the time you are with her, then I think there won’t be anybody dare to bully her.

Jun : about that, actually there is something weird, since if the headmaster know the cases why doesn’t he himself take care or let the student council do their job?

Takamina : well, that the main problem here, We are not so sure about this matter. But, headmaster warn me to make the bully stop, or it will cause a lot more trouble, that what he said.

Yuu : well, you are lucky Jun, at least she still come to school. My angle is a bit difficult. She even doesn’t come to school, I can’t manage to contact her at all, and when I knock her house, there no respond. Sigh… when will I be able to see my Angle.

Yuuma : well.. have you try to go at midnight?

Yuu : huh? Why should I?

Yuuma : just try it, you will be able to see her.

Yuu : Really?! Yatta!! Thanks Yuuma, you are the best.

Takamina : wait!! Wait the minute!! Why you can see her in the midnight?! We are missing the point here! and Yuuma how did you know? Oi Yuuma!!

Yuuma just ignore Takamina and ready to go out. Before go out, he turn to Jun and look at him with his cyborg face.

Yuuma : Jun, when the Sun that people adore so much being own by the moon only, that when the moon will disappear. They should be a part by nature.

Jun : what do you mean?

Yuuma : Jun you are popular especially with girls, so who knows.

Jun just shrug at what Yuuma said. Doesn’t really know what he mean for. After that, Yuuma give him a smirk, knocking his head gently, and leave the room.


Jun then started to hang out more with Rena, and gradually he started to know better about her, Rena grades also went up pretty fast. That make Jun really proud as her tutor, since he started to teach her not only math but also others subjects. He learn that not only that the girl is kind, understanding, her smile also very contagious for him, every time their gaze meet Rena will smile at him warmly, those brown eyes that looking at him somehow can make him become really calm.

How many time that he has lost count, that he want to come closer at her, hug her, snuggle at her, and feel her sweet scent doesn’t help at all. Jun know that he has fall in love at certain shy girl, who know being with her most of his time can bring so much joy to his life.

But that joy didn’t last long, it been three month and Jun can swear that Rena is avoiding him. At first, he didn’t aware of it, but since Rena always missing each time he looking for her, and say that she feel that she can manage her own study, he knew the girl started avoiding him.

Today, Jun admit in defeat after he can’t find Rena, he go to the student council. He hasn’t visited long enough that make Takamina bugging on him. He feel like he doesn’t want to give them any report about the girl anymore, he feel like this is not a duty anymore, but with Rena avoiding him, make him feel pathetic, never did anybody avoiding Jun. After all many people say that Jun is like a sun to everybody. But, for him Rena is the Sun, yes his Sun.

Before he enter the room, he meet Yuuma who just go out form the room, with his usual cyborg face, he look at Jun, before shaking his head.

Yuuma : you look miserable.

Jun : … I know, I not good at hiding my feeling. Right now I feel pathetic, and stupid.

Yuuma : hoo… you the one who always come second on study said that, but maybe you are right. You are a fool and dense.

Jun : yeah! Yeah! So mister who know it all, what did you know?

Yuuma : didn’t I ever warned you? (giving smirk)

Jun : what? I don’t understand…

Yuuma : well, if you looking at Rena, today I saw her together with Takayanagi Akane. They are heading school rooftop. I hope that everybody saved.

Jun : huh? What do you mean?

Yuuma : what will you do if you know the defect of the moon. When you look closer at the moon, you will know that the appearance is not as beautiful as what you see for a far. Why don’t you take a look by yourself?

Jun then run, and heading the rooftop. When he want to go upstairs, he bumped into Akane. She look frightened, as Jun holding her from run away.

Jun : what do you do to Rena chan?! Where is she?!

Akane : Jun kun… let’s run away. She… she is a monster.

Jun : watch your mouth, you don’t know anything about her. what did you do to her?!

Akane : go.. go upstairs and you will learn the truth about her. we are just joking (cry)

Suddenly they hear man groan in pain, and Jun let go Akane’s hand and quickly go upstairs. He see Rena is standing in middle while three mens are knock down unconscious, with one guy trembling. Her uniform is torn apart, and he could sense it was forcefully ripped apart, but there is something weird, he could see Rena biting her nails. Rena is now take the nearest bat and drag it to the conscious guy.

“Nee… okkoteru?”

“ Please.. forgive us!! We are told to do this! Spare my life! Help me!!”

Rena smash the bat again and again, until Jun manage to stop her by hugging her from behind. It take much of Jun strength to stop Rena from struggling.

Jun : Rena.. Rena chan stop!  It’s alright.. I am sorry… I am sorry..

Rena : Jun…kun..? Nee… Okkoteru?

Jun turn Rena around and their gaze meet, tears are flowing from her eyes, As Jun want to wipe her tears, Rena refuse to let Jun touch her. She close her eyes and move backward avoiding Jun gaze at her, Jun can see clearly how much pain Rena is.

Rena : Why…why… did I upset people? Jun kun tell me, why can’t they just let me go! Why is it so hard to change? I just want to have friends.

Can’t stand on seeing Rena in pain, Jun move closer, but again Rena push him gently. It give Jun so much pain seeing her rejecting.

Rena : Jun kun, we better doesn’t meet each other again… Black is right… there is nobody will accept us, and I shouldn’t give up being Gekikara, I shouldn’t dream of different life.

Jun : what?! You .. you are that famous Gekikara?!

Everything make sense for Jun, why he need to stop the bullying. Matsui Rena or so called Gekikara, she is famous of being out of control, once are sent to the correctional facility for almost killing a neighborhood thugs. Even Jun who have different school with her before have heard about her brutality. But Jun couldn’t believe it, she is so much different than what he ever heard about Gekikara.

That famous Gekikara have become this shy and timid girl, many may said that she is an easy target as she look fragile, but rather than the bullier the fragile looking girl is actually the real danger. He understand that why the headmaster asked him to keep an eyes on her, it is not only to protect the girl, but also other people.

Rena : now you know about me… the ugly me! Jun kun you should go away. Being with me just bring misfortune to others. I should have know this from the first time, yet I… I am sorry for forcing you to be my friend..

Jun then hugging her quick, keeping her into his embrace. He doesn’t want to hear her apology, he the one who bring trouble to her.

Jun : don’t say sorry to me. don’t say that you regret our moment together. I… I the one who need to say sorry. I never know that they would try to hurt you. I am the one that blind enough not to see the truth. Rena.. I

Without waiting for Jun to finish what he want to say, Rena break through Jun embrace, and push him, and to Jun horror, the guy behind Rena stab her with small blade.


“RENA!! NO!!!”


At Hospital

Rena is on hospital right now, it been six months since the incident, with Jun witness, and student council help, Rena been excuse from her punishment, Akane has admit that she try to make fun of Rena by ordering the guys to make fun of her, she feel jealous because of Rena close relationship with Jun, but turn out the guys try to rape her also. They were dropped out from the school, and were sent to the facility.

Right now Rena is on coma, doctor said it may be because she has lost much blood and have hard time to breath since the wound are near the brain stem, but the doctor assured that nothing need to worry anymore, she has passed her critical condition.

Jun visit the hospital every day, try to talk many things with Rena, telling some jokes, read her some books, and telling her about his daily life at school.

Jun : you know Rena, I have good news for you, Black ah… I mean Kashiwagi san, she is now dating Yuuma. I must admit, how brave that cyborg to date her (chuckle), if I remember how she try to kill me after she learn the whole story. I really think I will die already, if Yuuma didn’t help me out. But, I do hope get some punches since I can’t even protect you…. I deserve it.


Jun then touch her hand, and connect his hand with hers.

Jun : nee… Rena chan, I hope you wake up soon. I want to see your beautiful brown eyes again, don’t you know how much I love to see your eyes, and how much my heart beat faster and faster every time I saw your smile? Don’t you think I become a sweet talker? But I really mean what I said. I miss talking with you too Rena.


Jun : if only I realize my feeling faster, things would be different. So… please don’t say sorry again, our moment together is the best thing I ever have in my whole life, and I will not regret anything. I want you to know Gekikara or not, you are my happiness Rena. I… I..

Jun can’t help it anymore, his tears started to fall down, as he want to continue his word, but it make him remember the incident, but he has made up his mind today, even though it will take his whole life to wait for Rena to wake up, he will stay with her, and he will said those three words to Rena, even though right now she is on coma.

Jun : Rena, I will be in your side. Until you willing to open your eyes again, and forgive me. I love you and I always will.

“… I love you too... Jun kun”

The End

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don't worry, we'll keep waiting your updates, because we love you n your stories :wub:
I'm sorry, sounds cheesy right!?  :mon sweat:
hope rena will wakeup soon!
then yumma dating Black-san yukii ?早い?!  :grr:
thanks for update!
waiting more!! :twothumbs

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I can't wait for other pairings. all the pairings that you are writing about are my favorites
for sure I am in love with your story already
update soon, author-san
I can't wait to know how others get together with their pair^^

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Thankyou... I like it.. Hope you update soon

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OMG sadrilim i need new upppppp.
In real im here just for atsumina but welpppp...I read everything i seeee
Im a very big crazy monsterrr!!Groawrrr!!

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@arfi : actually, I make Rena awake already. The last sentence is  said by Rena.  XDSorry if I kinda hang the ending" Another chapter for them maybe?  :sweatdrop: But there  isn't any guarantee I will make sequel on Wmatsui, since recently most people are shipping Jurina with Sakura... i find it is hard to make another story for Rena [ the author need more brain washing to make more Wmatsui  :lol:].

@Kyuartz : They are your favorites too? That great!! Since most of the recent fanfics don't tell most of them telling new members (which I don’t even know. Yes.. sadly after Mayu graduate I didn’t even follow AKB’s recent news anymore), I really miss their stories too. That's why I started to write again [ah~ my lazy days as silent reader are over :P]

@farmin13 : I will try my best, I guess... :nervous. if you ever read my fanfics, you will learn that I got most of them still hanging. [If I were a reader, I will blacklist this certain of author. I can't blame them if they really do that though]. But thank you for liking my story  :cow:

@Atsumina484848 : Haha.. sorry but I think I will keep Atsumina for the last. Thanks for read my story. Even though I think I have lost my touch of writing. Lols.

Alright!! Next couple are KojiYuu [My little crazy squirrel is on the rule]
One of my favourite couple here, and here the reasons why I make their story again, and pieces of my thought ….
I always love how Oshima always can break Kojima's ice.
We could see after Yuko graduate, we rarely see Kojima with other member having good time together [except with Minegishi], but the certain gacaphin also busy with her kouhai, and the worst, most of Kouhais are afraid to be close with their senpai, except their senpai is the one break the ice.
But, it really amaze me that Haruna didn’t quite AKB Group that fast. Her unique way of loving the group was amazing, the way she still want to make AKB the fun and interesting as back then, really make me happy. Even though, not all realize and happy of how much effort she has done, and thinking that she just want to have fun for herself.

As usual, I also love how Yuko can get along with almost all of the kami seven. No doubt, her present really are important in group along with Atsuko. :lol:
Even though I love to see Maeda as Center more, I never hate Yuko.
Instead I hate how the industry or people make the situation become too hurtful for both of the girls, comparing them. #harsh world indeed…#
We all know how much both of them are capable as Center and how hard they work hard to be recognize, and it hurt me so much to see one of them crying each time after sousenkyo. Blaming themselves.

"why do they need to fight with each other.... "  :catglare:

But that just old stories to tell now, both of Aces have graduated, and even though I miss how the certain squirrel having fun together with members [especially with her Nyan Nyan], that won't really happened [they started to have their own life and make it worst they even work in different field], anyway I still believe on Forever Kojiyuu!!!  :cow:

Because of that reason, I want to make Yuko as the one that funny and unreplaceable in my story this time.

Enjoy my second chapter!! [Prepare to get diabetes this time. (evil laugh)]

Kojiyuu : Make Me Yours

It been three days since Takamina announce the mission to everybody and it been three days since Yuu absence. As Takamina chat him or called him, he just read the chat or just ignore the phone call. This make Takamina quiet upset. Day four, the sound of two best friend argument can be hear inside the student council room.

Yuu : Just like I said Takamina, I am looking for my angel, you suppose to feel happy that I directly do the mission.

Takamina : and like I said Yuu, skipping your class is not what I want from you, and also skipping the student council work? I have a lot to do in here. Why don’t you start after school?

Yuu : then when will I be able to meet her?!

Yuu said a bit louder than before, as if he is frustrated by the situation. This make Takamina worried a bit. The usually happy squirrel is now become a grumpy squirrel.

Takamina : Yuu, did something happened this three days? I though you go to run the mission quickly, and you have meet Kojima Haruna in person.

Yuu : that the problem, I haven’t meet her at all, and you drag me today. I don’t even know where it is. I try to ring the house, but looks like nobody there in the morning, evening, or noon. As night, I try again, her father look at me with much displeasure and said that I should stay away from her and mind my own business, and then I try to find some info from her old school, but you know what I found lot of Yankee girl who want to fight me, kill me when I said her name. I almost being killed if not because of my agility.

Takamina : man.. I am sorry, I shouldn’t angry at you, Yuu.

Yuu : it is okay Takamina.. I just don’t know where to start. I even stay until midnight, but I still can meet her in person.

Takamina : what?! Midnight?! You really do it?! That not right! Why do I feel like you being a stalker here?

Not long after that, Yuuma come inside the council, and Yuu quickly hug him like Panda. Doesn’t let him go.

Yuu : Uncle Google has come!!!

Yuuma : arrghh!! Yuu get away from me. you are heavy!!

Yuu : Yuuma help me!!!

Yuuma : I get it! I get it! Now get off from me!! (almost falling backward).

Yuu : the things is, you said to me that I need to wait until midnight right? But I never really saw her in person. What should I do Yuuma? I been too tired these three days and when I want to have some rest on fourth day, this midget dragging me to the school.

Takamina : Yuu!!! I just shorter than you two cm, don’t dare to call me Midget!!

Yuu sticking out his tongue toward Takamina, and ignore his rants. Yuuma just shaking his head looking at his two best friend.

Yuuma : Yuu, should I accompany you today? Since I know where she will go today. Beside I need to do some job, somebody hire me with quiet good amount of money. (smirk)

Yuu : yes!! Let’s go now! Takamina, I need to go now, please take care of the works here.

After that, Yuuma quickly being dragged by Yuu to go, as Takamina still in daze as things happened quickly, before he realize that he is being left alone with bunch of works again.


Yuuma : you just want to escape your duty, huh?

Yuu : ha ha, part of it. Beside I want to have some rest before that. I will make up with him latter. Let’s go!!

That night, Yuuma has told Yuu to dress nicely, They then go to the most expensive night club, not all people could go there, as they want to go inside, they are blocked by two big man, they face looks scary as they look at Yuuma and Yuu.

Man A : Go away! This is not a place for small kids like you.

Man B try to push them away, but Yuuma quickly flashed some card, and when they see it, they quickly apologize and move back to let them go inside.

Yuu : Yuuma, what card do you give to them, and why they apologize to you?

Yuuma : just say that I have a golden card from police. (smirk) now let’s enjoy ourselves first, you should go look form her, if you are lucky enough you will find her tonight.

Yuu : why do you know about her so much?

Yuuma : well, let’s say that I have done some research of that four girls. But, as I don’t think I need to spill all I know right? After all, my information is very expensive. You know what I mean right?

Yuu : fine.. I will buy you this month limited edition action figure. Just chat me what kind of action figure you want.

Yuuma : just one? Hm….

Yuu : alright how about 3 limited edition? (pout)

Yuuma : deal (smile) I will be waiting for you up stair, feel free to look around, and if you need me I will support you. Just don’t cause too much trouble here.

As Yuu look around the club, there are indeed a lot of people, and most of them come from rich family, he can see from what they wear, and how they acted. But after quiet sometimes, he still can’t find his so called angel. Feeling a bit depressed, he then join to dance a bit.

As he went to dance, he look at one certain girl that has been pestering by older guy, the girl seems in trouble, as the girl being force to follow the man, as the girl refuse but he still force her to go with him, this make the girl lost balance and then fall down. Yuu then stopped the man for yanking the girl hair. The man look pissed, but it is not Yuu if he let any girl who in trouble and not helping at all.

Yuu : oi! Let’s go of her!

Man A : mind your own business here. I just come to pick my girl.

Yuu : but I don’t think she want to follow you, moreover how could you do that to her. Yanking her hair like that!!

Because of the commotion, then many people look at them, this make the man release his grab, and go away. The man look pissed and ready to fight Yuu for embarrassing him.

Man A : I rarely see you here, don’t you know that I am regular here, I am important here. GUARD!!!   

As the man yelled, soon there is three big guy who standing surround them, Yuu is ready to fight, and shielding the girl. The fight soon started and that make Yuu a bit troubled, since he need to fight and defend the girl from the big guys. He manage to take two of them, but the third guy manage to catch the girl and push the girl to the man.

But to their amaze the girl place her hand on the man face, and she smile devilish.

“I see…”

“ You better don’t do that, and it is better you slip you hand off today, Kitagawa Kenji san. If you want to save your marriage”

Old man : whaat?!

Turn out Yuuma has decided to help Yuu this time, with his usual cyborg face, he then look at the old man again.

Yuuma : hm… let me ask you again, are you sure you want to make things become more difficult?

Yuuma then show him a small recorder, and he turn on the recorder which contain the old man sound saying that he is a regular customer here, and he want that woman.

Old man : you! I will sue you! Guard!!

Yuu : RUN!!!   


Yuu, Yuuma and Haruna are now somewhere outside the club. They manage to run away from the guard, and now they are heading to Yuu’s apartment.

Yuu : man!! that was a blast!! Ha ha ha

Yuuma : we are lucky enough, and I think we are save. That old man really make me run with all my energy left. Just wait… I already gather enough data, and I have sent the data to his wife, his marriage life will be end.

Yuu : so.. the one that request for your help is that man wife?

Yuuma : well, who know? It could be other person who want to ruin his life. So what will you do to her?

Yuuma is now point at Haruna that stand beside them. She looks a bit upset.

Haruna : care to explain things to me? Watanabe san.

Yuu : wait..?! do you know each other?

Yuuma : just say, that for today mission, I need to work with her, she also hired by police for this matter. But, in special case. Actually, today we will work together to scam that Kitagawa Kenji, but unfortunately you butt in.

Yuu : why don’t you tell me soon?!

Yuuma : well, I rather not to. Since I have an obligation to not spill any information unneeded.

Haruna : I could have report this to upper head. We may not bring anybody unneeded in the mission. You know this well, Watanabe san.

Yuuma : I don’t really mind. Beside, Yuu already know generally about my job, there is no need to hide any from him. If you have touch his face, you know what I mean about right? (smirk).

Yuu : huh? What do you mean by that Yuuma?

Haruna just look at the other side, she looks more upset than before. judging from his word, she know that Yuu doesn’t know her secret yet, and she give a signal to Yuuma to not continue this talk, or else.

Yuuma : well…. I better go now. I need to go to other place again. About today mission, I will report to the headquater. Bye…

Yuu : this is awkward, well why don’t we started from the first? My name is Oshima Yuu, nice to meet you. I am in the same class with you.

Haruna : ….

Yuu : well… truth, but this is the first time I actually met you in person, and you are really a beautiful, I think I really are fall in love with you.

Lucky for Haruna that she has turn her back, if not Yuu might be able to see her blushing. Her heart started to beat so fast.

Haruna : why did Yuuma bring you together? I know he prefer working alone, and he never bring anybody.

Yuu : well, the truth is, I am part of student council, and I am also your class rep. So since you are absent for long time I come to check about you.

Haruna just stay silent, and then she come closer to him, Yuu heart pounding really fast, their face are very close with each other. She then touch his face and connect their head together. Before she gently push him. Smile at him, but her eyes shown happiness. Yuu doesn’t really understand.

Haruna : I am going back…

Yuu : wait!! Why don’t I accompany you to your house? I will be worried sick if anything happened to you, after all this almost midnight.

Haruna look at Yuu, she still doubt him, since their meeting was a bit unusual. But see Yuu’s eyes that so determine, make her agree with him.

Yuu : yatta!! Let’s go. I have parked my motorcycle nearby. Before that…

Yuu then give his suit to Haruna, and cover her body with it. He give her, his sincere smile, and held her hand. His sweet action really make him blush.

In front of Kojima household.

Haruna : thank you for the ride.

Before Haruna go inside the house, Yuu called her again.

Yuu : wait!! Will you go to school tomorrow?

Haruna : un.. I think I will go.

Yuu : yatta!! Then, see you tomorrow at school.

After that, Yuu always come in the morning before he go to school to pick Haruna, Yuu will always come. It was hard because Haruna always reject him to near her, but he doesn’t give up.

Yuu : Nyan Nyan, let’s go home together today!! (hugging from behind)

Haruna : Hentai!! stop with that Nyan Nyan thing. My name is Haruna. Haruna dayo!

Yuu : eh.. but Nyan Nyan. You are cute just like cat I love. don’t you like the nickname I give to you?

Haruna just turn around ignoring him and go, Yuu then follow her from behind. Lately it been a normal scenery where Yuu will chase after Haruna. Trying to hug her or at least get some skinship. Which end up with Haruna whacking Yuu head.

Actually she doesn’t hate the name or Yuu. Instead gradually she fall in love with Yuu. Most of all people who want to be her friends are have some purpose behind it. Since Haruna is come from prestigious family and she is also beautiful. So many people want to date her or become her friend to gain some influence.

But Yuu is different, true that he is a pervert. As he also admit it to Haruna back then. He said that she is too sexy and beautiful that he can’t help to admire her body.  He is true to himself, and that what make Haruna like about him. Moreover he just do it to Haruna not other girls anymore. This also make many fans of him hate Haruna. Many envy eyes see Haruna, but they couldn’t do much since Yuu always around. 

Takamina : Yuu!!! Like I said, there is no more skipping time. I have done almost all of the work. Give me some spare, I also need to take care of Atsuko!

Yuu : ara? Don’t tell me you two have become closer with each other?

Takamina : well.. you could said so. Frankly when I speak with her, she is a very interesting person. I never have this much fun when talking to girl.

Yuu : finally!! You understand my feeling right Takamina?

Takamina : huh? What do you mean?

Yuu : don’t tell me, you don’t realize what do you have toward that Maeda girl? (face palm). It is love! you love her, that why you want to be near her all the time.

Takamina : wh… what!?! No!! that not true, I.. I am her friend, and I care about her! (blushing)

Yuu : well, think about it Takamina. Think if she ignore you, or having some good time with other guys, what do you feel about it?

Takamina : I…

Yuu : well, you don’t need to tell me soon. Just think about it, ah I need to go now Takamina, since Haruna never agree to wait for me. Bye..

Takamina : … huh?! YUU!! COME BACK HERE!!


Sorry Takamina, but I really need to accompany her. Lately she been acting weird, at first I doesn’t really mind it. But, she seem try to avoiding me. That make me feel sad inside even though I never showed her my true feeling.

She seems have trust issue with other people, since she always alone at class, and have no friend. But I know that deep inside she is hoping to have friends. I could see from her eyes every time I come, that sparkling eyes that express happiness. No need words exchange, I feel like I could read her from her eyes.

Falling in love really make me observe her more. Every tiny movement she make, what she like, what she doesn’t like, when she smile, or when she upset. Everything about her, I really want to know. I know she is hiding something from me, but I don’t care. As long as I love her, I willing to accept her what ever her back ground it is. I love her, even though she think that I am telling a joke when I said that I love her. But, I planned to tell her seriously today.

I couldn’t find her anywhere.  Sigh… she even not at the class anymore. Don’t tell me she go home already. As I finally give up, and want to go back to help Takamina, I hear somebody talking about Nyan Nyan. I decided to overheard about it.

End of POV

Girl A : are you sure about this?

Girld B : why? Don’t tell me you want to back down from our plan?

Girl A : no, that not it. But it is just that Kojima really are annoying. How could she have Yuu kun alone by herself.

Girl C : that why we all agree to give her some punishment. I bet right now all the boys are having fun with her.

Girl A : that will break her for sure. for that many guys I wonder what will happened to her…

Yuu : what did you said?!

“Yuu kun?!”

Yuu : where is Haruna? ANSWER ME!!

Girl B : Yuu kun, what do you mean we..

Before the girl could continue her word. Yuu hold her shoulder tightly and look at her with rage.

Yuu : trust me, I have heard everything you all said, and if something bad happened to her, you won’t know what I dare to do. I could ruin not only your dear live but also your family live.


Yuu run as fast as he could, hopefully he is not too late for everything. He curse himself for not realize the tension in the class and her surrounding. He should have know that he also is the cause why she can’t have any friend. He used to be friendly toward any girls that come near him, and ever since he know Haruna, he just give his attention to her, that make many girls jealous, and moreover they are not couple and yet they think Haruna have make Yuu all for herself which is not true at all.

He run to the back yard of the school, at back yard there is old storage room that haven’t been used anymore, he broke the door by force, in front of him, he is very angry of what he see. Haruna is being surround by five men, and there is some blood on her lips. One could easily guess that she has been hit on face.

Yuu quickly run toward Haruna, and shield her. but things looks weirds, the guys face looks terrified. Their face has showed angry, afraid but not to Yuu, but to Haruna. Little did Yuu know about Haruna, she still hiding her dark secret. She is afraid that if Yuu know about her secret he will be scared of her, or even hate her. That why, up until now, Haruna doesn’t really show Yuu her true feeling to him.

She have the ability to see into person’s memories by touching their head or face, and she used this to psychologically attack anybody who want to harm her. Her ability also become somewhat curse to her. People who know about her ability will be afraid to become friend with her, since they afraid to their secret will be reveal, even her own parents afraid of her. They do think that she bring misfortune to them, and doesn’t even care about her. Whether she is at home or not. But aside from that this also make her to trust people less, since she could know about what people plan on their head before. She despite her classmate, fake friend and
even her own parents. That also make her prefer to be alone.

Yuu : go away!! Before I make you regret!!!

Boy A : that girl is a monster!!

Boy B : she is not normal, you better stay away from her.

Without further ado, the boys retreat. Yuu doesn’t even need to fight them, they already looks scared as their face look pale when leaving. Yuu then look at the certain girl behind him, hugging him and saying his sorry to her.


After the accident, Haruna refuse to go back to her house, so they end up at Yuu apartment. Yuu do live alone due to his parent business at US. Yuu is glad that somehow there is nothing serious happened to Haruna.

Right now, Haruna is having a bath while Yuu is preparing some tea for both of them. There are so many things that Yuu want to ask Haruna, as he is in his deep thought, Haruna have finish take a bath, and she secretly move behind Yuu and touch his face.

Haruna : Yuu kun…

Yuu : ah.. Nyan Nyan, you are done? I am sorry if you have to wear one of my shirt.

Haruna : I don’t really mind. Yuu kun listen… I think I should tell you about myself..

Haruna then tell him about her ability, and what happened back then. she manage to escape any serious harm because she used her ability to find their weakness.

Yuu : …

Haruna : I am sorry, I didn’t tell you anything about my ability. It is okay if you think me as monster.

Yuu then take Haruna hand, and let her hand in his face. This allow Haruna to seek of his memories after the talk.

Yuu : Nyan Nyan… I do have a lot of things that I want to talk or ask, but after seeing you in person. I have decided not to. until you want to tell me. I don’t care of anything. I do know that I love you in person. I never think you as a monster. To me you are my Nyan Nyan, the angel that I have fallen in love with, and that feeling will not change. I will always love you, Haruna.

Haruna : I love you too Yuu kun, I am sorry I am too scared. I am scared that you will leave me.

Can’t hold her feeling anymore, she then come closer and kiss Yuu. Her initiative really make Yuu happy. Yuu then reply her kiss. As their kiss, he then hold Haruna closer to her, and he then grab her butt, make her moan softly, slowly Haruna feeling hot inside her body.

As Haruna doesn’t resist anymore, this make Yuu have chance to deepen the kiss, and Haruna now reply to his kiss and then he bite her lip gently, which make Haruna opened her mouth, this give Yuu chance to put inside his tongue, their tongue clashed with each other, moans can be heard through the room.

The air around them become hotter as they doesn’t stop the kiss, and Yuu started to touch her stomach gently making Haruna moan more giving a sign that she enjoy what Yuu doing to her, as his hand move upper and the he grab her breast, this make her moan louder, and now she put her hand around Yuu neck and deepen their kiss even more.

They don’t wish to separate but as they need some air, finally they broke their kiss. With each other still in close gap, still trying to breath normally, Yuu know if he continue, he won’t be able to stop. He look at Haruna, looking for some doubt or discomfort in her eyes for doing this thing, but he doesn’t find any. Instead her eyes show how much she also want this. He has won Haruna heart, and now she doesn’t even reject him.

Haruna the first that kiss him back, as they deepen the kiss, this make Yuu feel happy as he then guide her to the bed, without breaking the kiss, and now as Haruna laying on the bed with him in front of her, he break the kiss and then move down to her neck, he kissing her neck and giving her love bites, while Haruna enjoying it while messing with his hair. Her moans everytime Yuu give her love bites make Yuu turn on, and for the final attempt, he look at Haruna eyes once again, looking from some approval.

Yuu : Nyann.. Nyan… Can I…?

Instead of answering she started to kiss him again, and started to unbutton his shirt, she smile seductively and whisper on his ear.

Haruna : make me yours.. Yuu kun.

That night, Haruna and Yuu have make their heart and body become one.

The end

Yes.. the author doesn’t really good making the continuation, and this is the end of Kojiyuu story. Two more to go (Mayuki and Atsumina).

Ps : I currently working for Mayuki one. So I guess the next one will be Mayuki.

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MAYUKI : What is Mine, Mine.

It is sunday, and that's mean Yuuma can go out and have some fun. Well, amongst all of the others, but this Sunday is different for him. Since he need to spy on certain girl, “Black” aka kashiwagi Yuki.

It is not a hard thing for him to find the girl data. After all he work with police and he is one of the smartest, it is too easy to get information about the girl. But if Yuuma want to say, amongst all the girls the hardest one is definitely Kashiwagi Yuki. He need three days without any sleep to be able to track the girl where about.

But, his mood doesn't get any better. He slowly looking at the girl who is now walking amongst the crowd.

Yuuma : “Black” huh?... No wonder people call her black, that certain aura she give, and mostly that black leather jacket.

Yuuma still observe the girl from far away, giving his good skill of hiding, not wanting the girl sensing any of his presence. Yuuma have done some research about the girls, and he fiind out that Kashiwagi used to come from rich family. Kashiwagi Yuki, come from rich family, but broken family. His father have remarried, and her mother hung herself in front of her. She is now leaving by herself, isolate from her family. Two years ago, she take her mother surname, and looks like she really want to cut the strings with his father.

Good at fighting, mastered karate and she is smart. She used to be top one in her old school before she move to Majijo High school.
Many people used to praise her for her beauty and elegance.
As Yuuma in middle of thinking something, he let his guard down and there is a brief of eyes contact with her, after that Yuki started to run.

Yuuma pov

This is more troublesome, how could she notice me, I already very careful not to make any unnecessary move. Look how fast she run. I need to run faster too. Sigh.. this going to be a long day.

She run passing junction and then go to the alley. I stopped and catch my breath, luckily I have map all the nearby location, and I know that alley have dead end. I carefully, go climbing the other side of the building, and looks like she notice me, and maybe she setting a trap. But I am not afraid of her, I go down, alert for my surrounding.

I put my hoody, cover my face and go inside. I walked and walked but I couldn’t see her at all, it was dark and as I started to lite some light using my cellphone, somebody hit my hand. Causing my phone to fall down. But luckily I manage to give myself a bit distance around us.

End of pov

Yuuma : I never notice you being so close to me. Even though I have been this careful.

Yuki : ... Leave or you will regret it.

Yuuma : straight to the point eh? You are not asking my intention at all?

Yuki : I not need to know, after all we won't meet each other after this.

Yuuma : my my, hear me first. I want to.. whoah!!

Yuki give him sudden punch, luckily yuuma can move back and avoid getting hit.

Yuki : I thought you are clever but I never know that you are this reckless and stupid. Why did My father send this kind of guy? I wonder did he run out of money to rent more powerful guy?

Yuki then dash and ready to give yuuma punches, which yuuma quickly dodge and block it with his hand, but he miss a kick and that make him fall down.

Yuki : this will give you some lesson to not meddle in other people business. Beside you are weak, I am not even fighting with my full power.

Yuuma : cough! cough! It this your bad habit? You never let people talk.

Yuki : I have no need to talk to you, and don't try to stop what I want to do. Tell that to that to my father.

Yuuma : what?! Who? you misunderstood things, I just want to help you.

Yuki : ... Say what? Don't try to fool me. Or I will make you regret.

Yuuma : seriously?! Kashiwagi Yuki I know you are try to stop your father. He has been shipping some illegal drug to Japan, and right now you are trying to find some prove about it right?

Yuki : …?! how much do you know? You really must be ordered by my father. Nobody really know what his company are running from behind. Answer me, where is the next trade will be done?

Yuuma : Trust me, I also try to figure it out, I know that he try get you, because you know about his illegal act. And you been avoiding the school and your friend because of that. You don't trust police since your father report you as missing person right?

Yuki : you! How much did you know?! I can’t believe my father spill all the story to you.

Yuuma give her a smirk, and clean off the dust from his hoody.

Yuuma : like I said, I am not from your father side. Actually the headmaster have asked me to take you back to school, since you skipped to much lesson lately. So I will give you, the information you want if you promise to come to school. After that I won’t bother you anymore. How about that?

Yuki : that… I don’t believe you, if you are the same age with me, why do you know so much about my past. That must be plain excuse. Ready to die!!

Yuki suddenly charge at Yuuma, give him a punch on the face. Luckily for Yuuma, he manage to dodge it. He is now holding both of her hand to prevent her attack him again. Yuki then hit him with her leg.

Yuuma : cough .. cough… damn it! You rude women.

Yuki : what?! For somebody who was ordered by my father, you are weaker. Prepare for yourself.
Then something drop from Yuuma jacket, it was his student id, and with little light from Yuuma fallen phone she manage to see the card, she is so shocked, to know that Yuuma is the same school and same class as her. So… he is saying the truth from just now?!

Yuki : so …you are saying the truth?

Yuuma : sigh… finally. I thought I will end up at hospital today.

Yuki : but you try to follow me for a while, that's why I thought... I am sorry...

Yuuma : … you are a good person after all, a black heart like you can also say sorry huh. I am amazed.

Yuki : what did you say?! (Emits dark aura)

Yuuma : no, nothing (flinched). Say, it better if we move from here. Wait... Open you jacket now!

Yuki : huh?! Why?

Yuuma : just do it.

Eventhough feeling a bit confuse, Yuki then opened her jacket and yuuma quickly throw the jacket away, together with his hoody, picking his phone, and then he spinned her body, and kiss her.

Yuki is so surprised, as she want to push him, yuuma hold her tight and deepen the kiss. Feeling being used and angry, she is about kick him again, until she realized that there are group of men.

Then she hear one of them saying : fuck! I am sure, that girl ran around here just now, but it just two lovers kissing each other in here. Let's go! She must be nearby.

As the men go away, they are still kissing, Yuki feel weak, her knee are slowly losing her power. She never know kissing would be this toxic. It just like a drug, slowly weaken you. But as Yuuma started to grope her butt, she come to her sense. She quickly push him and punch his face.

Yuki : hentai!!!


Yuki then follow yuuma to nearby cafe, when they come in, they are greet by Takamina. He is the regular there, and the café are owned by their graduated senpai, Shinoda Mario.

Takamina : Yuuma?! What happened to you ? Man .. you looks like being hit by monster.

Yuuma : yeah, actually I was attacked in the dark. May be it was a monster.(smirk)

Takamina : that horrible, how could somebody do that, whoever do that, he must be crazy.

Hearing takamina talk like that really make Yuki become mad. She had no choice back then, and she think that yuuma is one of his father's man. She is feeling bad for yuuma for hitting him hard too.

Yuki : I am sorry if I hitting your friend, but he start first.

Takamina : eh?! What did he do? wait… he is she?!

Yuki : ... Ask this pervert. (Blushing)

Yuki then excuse herself to the toilet. Takamina then move closer to yuuma, and he wishper something.

Takamina : yuuma, isn't you are a bit too fast? It just three days after I told you our mission.

Yuuma : well, I am different from you all. I already collected some data regarding her, beside I have a hunch she will hang out around here on Sunday.

Takamina : but first, let me ask Mario for some bandage and medicine.

Yuuma : I am fine, I just bring her here. So that I could rest a bit, and eat some good food. I not yet eat since this morning.

Takamina : all right, then I will tell Mario to make your delicious Karage, and I will go buy some bandage. You still need to take care of yourself Yuuma.

Yuuma : you are the best Takamina!! Yeah!! My favourite Karage!!

After Takamina is leaving, Yuki come back from the restroom. She is now sitting in front of Yuuma. Yuki is now looking at Yuuma who is focus to his hand phone, he looks like typing somebody. She is too focus on Yuuma face, and unconsciously she look at his lip.

Yuuma : stop staring at me like that, or have you fall in love on me? (smirk)

Yuki : what?! No!! I… (blushed)

Yuuma then move his chair and sit closer to Yuki. He move closer and closer, which make Yuki heart beat so fast. But, the feeling soon get replace with irritation. Since she feel smooth touch on her but.

Yuki feel irritated again, as she could feel her butt being grope by Yuuma. She used her full power to slap Yuuma, but Yuuma manage to dodge it. He then giggle, as Yuki still angry at him.
Yuki : I won’t fall in love with some rude pervert!!! Ever !!!

As Yuki turn around, Yuuma then stop laughing, he try to look at Yuki, which Yuki refuse and she turn her face to look at another way.

Yuuma : I am sorry nee.. Yukirin.. please forgive me.

Yuki : Yu… Yukirin?? (Look at Yuuma with confuse face)

Yuuma : please… (puppy face attack)

Yuuma then held Yuki hand, and move closer. The closeness make Yuki heart beat really fast. She still angry at him, but as Yuuma give his best to show his puppy eyes and a bit pouting face. His action make Yuki couldn’t have any heart to slap or hit him again.
Takamina just have his mouth wide open seeing the whole scene. Actually he is there, when the whole thing happened. Never does he see Yuuma flirt with any girls before in his life. Even though he is quiet popular himself, and now he witness by his eyes such miracle. Tonight will sure will be raining cat and dog.


Yuki : nee… care to explain again why I must stay at your house tonight?

Yuuma : well, I need to make sure you are safe, beside I need your help in order to capture your father illegal drug exports, beside it raining hard outside.

Yuki : what if I refuse?

Yuuma : well, I guess I could call the police and let them caught you, after all you father order the police to capture you since he file you as missing person. (smirk)

Yuki : you!! I hate you .. (pout)

Yuuma just smile at Yuki, he then move closer and quickly stealing a kiss on Yuki. His action, make Yuki in awe, before come back to her sense.

Yuki : what are you doing? You pervert!!!! (Cover her mouth)

Yuuma : well, it is your fault. Who told you to be this cute when you are pouting. Here clean cloths and towel. Make yourself at home. I will make dinner for us, and don’t worry I won’t take a peek. (smirk)

Yuki : yaada!! You smile is weird, you will take a peek right? I won’t fall to your trick.

Yuuma then held Yuki hand and make her to face him, after that he quickly steal a kiss, this time he kiss her deeply, as Yuki hand is being held, she could not resist, and because of the kiss, she feel like all the energy is being drained.
Yuuma then break the kiss and smile tenderly at her, and whispered something to her ear which make Yuki blushed really hard. She touched the ear that Yuuma whispered on.

“Ba… baka, don’t say that kind of word that easily”


It been two week since the incident, and at that time Yuki is staying at Yuuma house. In this two week she has been looking at the hint of his father next deal, but no clue at all. Yuuma has been following her around, she know that Yuuma know some clue about her father, but when she ask him about his father, he always manage to answer Yuki with some good excuse.
Tonight, as Yuuma make sure that Yuki has been fall asleep, Yuuma then change his clothes and wear his hoddy. Before he go out, he touch Yuki face gently enough afraid to waking her. Her delicate skin and peaceful face make Yuuma determine to solve and protect Yuki from his father evil doing.

These days, while looking at her data, and tracking her. Yuuma realize that he has fall in love with Yuki. He know he has to act professional but, he can’t stop himself from fall deeper to the certain girl. The more he know about Yuki, the more he want to protect her.

He love the way Yuki react when he tease her, and he love to see her face when she smile and laugh. Somehow, deep inside his heart, he know that Yuki is the one for her. He never believe on love at the first sight before meeting Yuki.
Yuuma then secretly leave the house, but unknow to him. Yuki is not asleep at all, she is aware that Yuuma is planning on something, but since she know that Yuuma won’t let her know, she just pretend she doesn’t know about anything.
Yuuma is now heading to the harbor, his carefully look around before went to the old building. From there he went to the roof and the move to other roof. He look at one place and another place carefully. As finally he stop in the certain building. He look inside and smile victoriously.

Yuuma POV

Finally, I found you, Kenzaki Yuzo. I never thought that he will come here alone. This deal must be very important to him. He bring four men, and also I never thought that his tonight deal will wearing a mask. But, I don’t care as long as I could find prove that Kenzaki Yuzo is dealing some illegal drug, and worse he is shipping it. This will be new catch. I try to take some picture of them talking, luckily I use black hoodie, and from this angle this is the best place to watch them. Just wait, Yuki. I finally be able to catch your father.

End of POV

But unfortunately for Yuuma, one of the man notice his present, and catch him. The men bring Yuuma to Yuzo.

Yuzo : speak, who hire you?

Yuuma keep silent, and one of the men keep hitting him using baseball bat. This make Yuuma head bleeding, but he remain silent.

Yuzo : well, if you refuse to speak, no problem for me. Kill him, and take all of his belonging.

Yuuma : you won’t get away with this. Even if I become ghost I will come and haunt you.

Yuzo just laugh at Yuuma word, he instruct one of his men to kill Yuuma. One of the man already aim the gun on Yuuma head, and
Yuuma closing his eyes, ready to get killed, and there is gun shot, but Yuuma doesn’t feel anything, as he opened his eyes again, one by one the man get shot. There is a sniper in here. As Yuzo look panic, he then grab Yuuma body close to him to avoid any shot. The red dot have aiming his head, as Yuzo quickly hide his face behind Yuuma’s.

Yuzo : it is impossible, tell me! where is your friend? Tell him to stop shooting, or I will kill you too.

Yuuma ; …I guess I am not ready to die yet. Who, you ask me? I guess you know better the person who shot all of your men, and the worst take down all your man that keep on guard outside. I guess I owe her a apology.
Yuuma then use his feet to stomp Yuzo feet powerfully, before turn back and head butt him. His action make Yuzo flinched, as he want to shot Yuuma, there a shot that hit his gun, and make his gun fly away, another shot gun that shot his feet. Make him unable to stand. 

Yuuma : give up, Yuzo. You are losing here.

Yuzo : damn!! It can’t be happened. Please let me have a deal with you, if you want money, I will give you. How much?

Yuuma : …

Yuki : Yuuma.. are you alright?

Yuki finally come out from her hideout, she checking at Yuuma condition, and feel relive that Yuuma is not in critical condition. She has been patiently wait for the moment, and feel urge to kill the man that cause so much pain to both of Yuuma and her.

Yuzo : it can’t be…

Yuki : you really doesn’t change at all. Disgusting old man.

Yuuma : yes.. the sniper is someone you know, Kashiwagi Yuki.

Yuzo : yuki chan.. help otou san please. Otou san is sorry for all thing that have been happened.

Yuki look at him disgustingly, anger could be seen on her eyes, and Yuki then take the sniper and aim closely to Yuzo head, before
Yuuma stopped her for doing something bad.

Yuzo : no!! no!! Yuki, I am you father. Please don’t kill me.

Yuki : you are never my father!!

Yuuma : Yuki stopped. Don’t do things that you will regret later. Please hear me out. I have all the evident, and I have send all the data to police head quarter just before I got caught, police will come soon.


It is long night, police arrive and together with the ambulance. Nobody get killed, since Yuki used aren’t using real gun when shooting all the men, they all are just asleep. But for Yuzo, she change her gun with the real one. She really ready to kill her step father if not because of Yuuma. After some interview, both of them get permission to go.
The police drive them back to Yuuma house. All along the way, no word come out from Yuki, she doesn’t even look a glance at Yuuma. She then enter the bathroom, which Yuuma just sigh. He know Yuki must be really upset. He wait for Yuki to come out, as Yuki come out from the bathroom, and looks like is ready to leave. He hug her.

Yuki : let me go.

Yuuma : Yukirin… I am sorry.

Yuki : I said let me go!

Yuuma : no! I am sorry, I just don’t want you to get hurt. I am too full of myself, I think I could handle things all by myself.

Yuki : you lie to me!! you promise me! but you break it. what will happened if I don’t follow you? What will happened to me if you are disappear from this word too? I hate you!
Yuki is now hitting his chest before crying on his shoulder, as Yuuma tightened his hug, and lift her face. They are now looking at each other, and Yuuma know that Yuki doesn’t really mean the “hate” word. He wipe the tears from her face, and connect both of their forehead. His action successfully make Yuki feel calmer. 

Yuuma : I love you, that why I don’t want you to get hurt.

Yuki : baka Yuuma

Yuuma : yes… I am stupid, reckless. If it is you, I can’t help.

Yuuma then kiss Yuki, as they kiss they try to deepen their kiss trying to show the dominance, Yuuma then move to kiss her neck, leaving kiss mark on there. His action making Yuki moan in pleasure, and Yuki try to make their body closer by hugging him messing with his hair, Yuuma then move and start to kiss her again.

Yuuma hand now started to trail down and gently caress her stomach, this make Yuki moan while kissing, this opportunity make Yuuma quickly insert his tongue to Yuki’s mouth, and giving a new sensation to Yuki. The kiss become deeper and passionate, moun and hard breath could be heard through the room and that night they become one with each other.

The end

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Re: Yes, we do love our strong girl (atsumina, kojiyuu,wmatsui,mayuki)Mayuki OS
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@arfi : you are welcome, Glad that you like the story.  :thumbsup

@ojuri 0513 : I am sorry for taking a long time to next story (Atsumina) :bow: I try to finish the whole fanfic this week. :cow:

I end up splitting it (Part 1 and Part 2) since I notice the Fanfic getting way too long. When I try to make Fanfic of Atsumina, I never tired of always imagine how Atsumina always be a good term with each other even though they have graduate. Their friendship are real and I am happy for them which I try to twist in this story, lol. Anyway enjoy my the Fanfic.

Atsumina Part 1 : A Place Where I Belong To

It been a three days since Takamina asking the help from the gang, and he also try to find the so called Maeda Atsuko. But, since she is on detention, she doesn’t go to school, he also try to contact her parents but alas, the parents seems doesn’t care about her, and truth is it make Takamina upset.

Flash back
This morning he try to go to her house since it was Saturday, and when he go there, he was greet by her father, but instead of warm welcome, her father told him to go away. He seems doesn’t even care if his daughter doesn’t go to school.

Maeda’s father : What problem that girl cause again? just go away, I don’t know what happened but she is big enough to take care of herself, and whatever happened is not my business anymore.

Takamina : but sir, how can you say like that. isn’t she is your daughter?!

Takamina feel quite irritate and raise his tone a bit, and Maeda’s father look at him with his cold eyes. He come close enough at Takamina and look at him in the eyes, anger can be seen at Maeda’s father eyes, but Takamina doesn’t even flatter one bit. Takamina know that he has cross the line and being rude, but his concern grow bigger as not even Atsuko’s family care about her.

Maeda’s father : and who are you? can’t you mind your own business? This is our family matter and I can do whatever I want and she is big enough to take care of herself. Go away kid, she doesn’t even go home for 2 months.

Before Takamina could say another word, Maeda’s father had closed the door. He sigh in defeat. He really lost at word, as he doesn’t believe that Atsuko’s Family doesn’t really care about Atsuko at all.

End of Flashback

Takamina is now walking out from Maeda front house, try to ask the neighbor, but the neighbors don’t give any good answers, many don’t really know the Maeda Girl, since their family are new in this area. The Maeda seems just move few month to their new house along with her transfer from old school.

Takamina POV

Are you kidding me?! Two month and yet he don’t even called for police to report of her missing?! This is so frustrating. What should I do? I just have her address and not her phone number. Her parent seems doesn’t care about her anymore, and she seems doesn’t want to stay with her parent anymore.

What going on with her, she not only have problem with her school but also with her family. Ah… this is bad, whatever I think about it, I couldn’t find any clue to find her. May be I should ask for other help…


Man.. Even my stomach don’t corporate, I better go get some food first before I continue. I know, this area near Mario san’s restaurant. It been a while since I last eat his katsudon.

End of POV

Shinoda Mario
Takamina and others senpai who one year older. His family run a busy family restaurant and he is now running it together with his wife, Minegishi Minami aka Miichan.

Mario : Takamina! It been a while, how’s life?

Takamina : Mario san, I am good, here some cakes for Mii chan and your baby.

Mario : Thanks Takamina. If I know you will come today, Mii chan would gladly come here by.

Takamina : Its okay senpai, I just come around this area, and also I really miss your Katsudon. Can I have my usual?

Mario : you bet, since you look starving, I will give you some extra meat.

Takamina : yeah!! Mario senpai you are the best!!

After that Mario come back to the kitchen and started to cook, while Takamina drinking his lemon tea waiting for his order, he got disturb by the quarrel sound, to his surprise he see Yuuma with bruises face while holding a girl, and that girl is Kashiwagi Yuki. Concern with Yuuma, he quickly approach them.

Takamina : Yuuma?! What happened to you ? Man .. you looks terrible.

Yuuma : yeah, actually I was attacked in the dark. Whoever done this must be really pro and strong.(smirk)

Takamina : that horrible, how could somebody do that, whoever do that, he must be crazy. How could he do this to you. don’t he know he messing with the wrong people?

Hearing Takamina talk like that really make Yuki become mad. She had no choice back then, and she think that yuuma is one of his father's man. She is feeling bad for hitting Yuuma too hard.

Yuki : I am sorry if I hitting your friend, but he start first.

Takamina : eh?! What? wait… he is she?! What happened?

Yuki : ... Ask this pervert. (Blushing)

Yuki then excuse herself to the toilet. Takamina then move closer to Yuuma, and he whispered something to him.

Takamina : Yuuma, isn't you are a bit too fast? It just three days after I told you our mission, and you already meet her and even being friend with her.

Yuuma : well, I am different from you all. I already collected some data regarding her, beside

I have a hunch she will hang out around here on Sunday.

Takamina : Man.. you are being too reckless, first let me ask Mario for some bandage and medicine.

Yuuma : I am fine, I just bring her here. So that I could rest a bit, and eat some good food. I not yet eat anything since this morning. I am straving.

Takamina : all right, then I will tell Mario to make your delicious Karage and you still need to take care of yourself Yuuma, I will go and ask some bandage too.

Yuuma : you are the best Takamina!! Yeah!! My favourite Karage!!

Takamina go the kitchen and order Yuuma’s special karage, bring the first aid box. Takamina then take the first aid box and walk as fast as he could to bring the box back to Yuuma, but as he come back he stopped as he saw a unusual scene between Yuuma and Yuki.
Takamina just have his mouth wide open seeing the whole scene. Actually he is there, when the whole thing happened. Never does he see Yuuma flirt with any girls before in his life. Even though he is quiet popular himself, and now he witness by his eyes such miracle.


Takamina have been looking at the place that may have Atsuko whereabout, but unfortunately, he could find her at all. Feeling tired, he decided to take rest in nearby park, he sit on the bench under the tree and there a girl with glasses busy reading her book. He took a glance of the girl, but her face is too close to the book, and Takamina couldn’t see her face at all. He then look at the cover of the book that the girl been reading.

“Medical Book I” as Takamina look at the cover of the book, he smile thinking that the girl have the same dream as him. He, himself want to become a doctor. Feeling curious, he then try to peek at the girl again, and still couldn’t see her face at all.

The girl have the nerdy looks, wearing an old type glasses, plain T-shirt and jean, looking at the girl, she should be around his age, but why she looks familiar…

As Takamina busy looking at the girl, the girl close the book quiet hard which startled Takamina. This time, it is Takamina turns to look down, as the girl look at him. Suddenly he feel nervous as he know that the girl must be feeling uncomfortable because of his action. He now realized that he is being too rude. It must be obvious to the girl that Takamina was looking and observe her.

“it is rude to look at people”

Still looking down, Takamina then answered the girl : pardon me, miss. I am just curious, since you read such difficult book.

“well, if you are used to it, the book actually easy to read, and now you have done it, it is rude if someone talking to you and you don’t look at them.”

Takamina : I am really sorr.. Maeda Atsuko?!!!

Atsuko : …do I know you?

Takamina really couldn’t believe his luck, he finally find Maeda Atsuko. But now Atsuko look straight at him suspiciously. Surely Takamina must look weird in her eyes.

Takamina : I am sorry, I am your classmate and your class representative, Takahashi Minami aka Takamina.


There were awkward silent, as Atsuko still look at him, and Takamina try to smile at her. Her stern look doesn’t give Takamina any choice but started to feel anxious.

Atsuko : … I am sorry, I didn’t recognize you, since I rarely come to the school.

Takamina : a ha ha…well Maeda san, I think you should go to the school.


Again the silent happened, Takamina curse himself as he doesn’t have any topic to say to her, and begin a bit panic, as he see Atsuko is standing and ready to leave.

Atsuko : well.. I will,  Takahashi san nice to meet you. I need to go somewhere else, excuse me.

Takamina : please wait!!

Atsuko : yes?

Takamina : er… I.. I also interested on being a doctor, and if could I would like to discuss about medical things with you. How about we exchange our phone number?


There is a silent moment again, and even though it is just a second, Takamina could feel it like a forever. This is the first time, his confident went down and feel really nervous.

Atsuko : no.


Yuu : that is the lamest excuse for wooing or asking a girl Takamina. Gosh! I don’t believe that you don’t even learn one or two trick from me. No wonder that Maeda Girl didn't want to give you her number.

Takamina : hey! It can’t be help right? I am too nervous when she look straight at me with her blank expression, you know.

Jun : well, at least Maeda san said she will come to school right? That’s good for you Takamina.

Takamina : yeah, now I will be able to focus on other tasks.

Yuu : hey, hey. Tell me what do you think about Maeda Girl?

Takamina : huh? what do you mean? Well, she seems like a smart girl. Very different from other people think or said about her.

Yuu : boo!! You are no fun Takamina, I said how do you look at her as a girl? How is her woman charm? Is she sexy or beautiful?

Takamina : what?! No!! how could I think of her like that! I am not pervert like you Yuu.

Jun : well, I think Yuu want to said that do you have any interest of her, Takamina? Since from your story, you feel nervous and anxiously happy right?

Takamina : …? Well, I think it is because I am trying to make excuse for her. So, she will come to school.

Yuu : arrghh!!! I can’t stand this baka. Forget it, this Baka doesn’t even realize that he is starting to fall in love with Maeda Atsuko.

Takamina : no, I am not. How can I love someone I just met in the first time? That stupid, Yuu.

Yuu : it is called love in the first sight, bakamina.

Jun and Yuuma just look at other with teasing smile, while Takamina lecture of Yuu and find a reasonable word to defend himself.

Yuuma : hm… is that how you see her, Takamina, then so it be.  I am off from this meeting.

Jun : well, just remember to be truth by yourself Takamina.

Yuu : Hey, wait for me guys. Don’t leave me alone with Bakamina.

Takamina : oh you don’t Yuu, not this time. See those paper over there? That all need to be review and submit to the headmaster as soon as possible, as part of school committee you need to finish this work. I have done my part, no excuse until you are done! I am going to lock the door.

Yuu : No!!!! Bakamina!!!


Atsuko doesn’t come to school today, and Takamina now is heading to the park, where he met Maeda Atsuko. He hope that he could find her there and at least convince her to come back to school. After all, that is his mission from the headmaster, he need to success. As he arrive there, to his disappointment nobody there. He sit on the bench park, take out the same medical book that Atsuko read back then.

Takamina : where are you… Maeda san.

To Be Continue

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Finally I have been waiting you to update for soooooooo long. But it's okay because it worth it. Btw it was good OS.

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Good os !! I want to know what will happen with atsumina *-* but I'm afraid there's no final chapter or smth like that ^^' (I'm still getting the hang if this website)

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@Ojyuri : Thank You for your patient, I been in dilemma of how to finish the story, and finally I manage to finish it.

@daph : Thank you for reading my fanfic. It is true that I been delaying the final version of Atsumina Story. I have trouble on continue writing these day. If possible, I do want to finish all my unfinished fanfic before I really stop for good.

Atsumina Part 2 : A Place Where I Belong To

“welcome to Danso Café, please come in”

The café is specialist in every employees are girls who dress as a man. Actually Takamina is nervous since this is the first time he come to this kind of café. The employee hand him the menu, but he looks confuse with all the drinks name. He do prefer more traditional food and drink after all. Feeling defeated, he then ask the employee for the recommendation.

Takamina : uhm…  do you have any recommendation?

“well, we have a special drink that will be mix for you, I will recommend you this drink and this drink, that drinks are very popular and made by Mizuki san.”

As Takamina hear the name, he quickly order the recommendation.

Takamina : This drink please, and could you ask the bartender to send the drink directly? I would like to have a photo with her, ano… I mean with “him”.

“Alright, I understand. Please wait for a moment”

Takamina Thought

Luckily I went and look for Yuuma today. If I don’t ask him, I don’t know when I will be able to find this girl. Aahh… to think that she is working in this kind of café, she really never stop to amaze me. Lucky me, she still working in this café, if not I don’t know where to find her anymore.

As Takamina in deep though, still battling inside whether this is a good idea or not, but as he is on the deep thought, the waiter come back along with “Mizuki”.

“Sorry for waiting, here is the drink specially made by our Mizuki.”

Takamina : No way, This Handsome and Cute boy is Maeda Atsuko..?!

As their eyes meet, Takamina is so surprise that his mouth open wide, when he see Atsuko in Danso. Mizuki aka Atsuko looks so charming and handsome. But she doesn’t smile at all, instead she looks really annoyed by Takamina present in there. Takamina quickly close his mouth, noticing that everybody in here are using alias, not their real name. Speaking out loud about her name must be taboo in here. But, Atsuko being a professional in her work, she quickly return to her composure, and welcome Takamina with “his” drink.

Mizuki : Enjoy your drink, I hope you like it. (force smile)

Atsuko then come closer to him, quite close to him, and this make Takamina become so nervous. His heart beat so much, and his ear become so red. Atsuko then look at him with the question look.

Atsuko : is there something wrong?

Takamina : well.. umm eerr….you are too close..

Atsuko smile and shake her head when she hear Takamina nervous voice and flustered face, she smile at Takamina flustered face, before regain her cool composure.

Atsuko : ah..sorry, but didn’t you request that you want to take picture with me? I just come closer so my friend there could take picture for both of us. Now, if you excuse us, could we borrow your phone so, we could take the picture.

Atsuko couldn’t help but smiling when she sees how red Takamina face is. He quickly takes his phone and hand it over to the waiter. After they take the picture, Atsuko excuse herself, but Takamina quickly hold her hand, their eyes meet for a moment. Atsuko could see how Takamina determine eyes. There must be something that he wants to tell her, that make him come into this kind of Café.

Takamina : I am sorry for disturbing your work in here. Mae.. no.. I mean Mizuki kun, why did you break your promise?

Takamina know that he must sound desperate by his tone. But, He got worried sick, since he really can’t find Atsuko at all, and her family attitude do not help at all. If not because of Yuuma’s help, he won’t even find Atsuko working place. He try as much as he can to stay calm and composure, hoping that he doesn’t look too desperated. Atsuko look at Takamina, while try to stay professional at her work. She then leave Takamina, and go to continue her work.

Atsuko : … You better don’t waste your time for a person like me, student council president. I am busy, now if you excuse me, Takahashi san.

Takamina : no… today I am coming as a friend, not as your class president nor student council president. Ma.. I mean Mizuki, I really wish we could be a good friend, know each other more and have our dream come true.

Takamina just answer according to what he think right and he really do not know that his words sound like confession to the others. Takamina still waiting for Atsuko’s reply and looking at her with determine eyes. While Atsuko just look at him with her poker face again. Little does Takamina know, that Takamina’s answer really make Atsuko happy. Although she doesn’t show it in front of Takamina, she ignore him  and  continue her job. 

Since that day, Takamina always come to Atsuko workplace and always try to give Atsuko, update about the school and the copies of their lesson.  Takamina even wait until she finished her work, and accompanied her to the station after she finish her work. Atsuko always go home late and Takamina worried about her safety.  He will try to tell jokes to Atsuko, hoping some reaction from her. He always love Atsuko smile, even though she never really smile at him. She shows her smile just for work matter only. They even started to call each other based on their given or nick name,


That day, Takamina try again to ask Atsuko to come back to school and have a proper life as high school and start over again. It is three week before the final exam, and Takamina really hope that Atsuko is willing to go to school together with him. If she start to attend  tomorrow, she will be able to join the final exam. He believe that they could achieve their dream together.  He has high hope that Atsuko will accept his request.

But Atsuko just stay silent. He braves himself to hold her hand and look at her face again.  Atsuko look at him, she know that Takamina want to say something important, but her eyes show sadness, she then turn away, and excuse herself to go to work.

Atsuko aware of her growing feeling to Takamina and how Takamina always sincerely toward her, She know that well, but she become afraid of those warm feeling. She been long forgot that kind feeling, and this make her afraid. Those kind of mixed feeling make her hate herself more. And that was the last time Takamina meet Atsuko, from that day, Atsuko never come back to her workplace nor to her Apartment.

Her sudden disappearance, make Takamina become panic and worried about her. He think that they are close enough to have him decided on what best for Atsuko, but he realize that Atsuko must have her reason to not to come to school, but he never really try to understand her reason or go to ask her about her reason. Not being able to meet her or hear her voice make Takamina realize something, that he wish he have realized it soon, that he is falling in love with Atsuko.


Yuuma : Takamina…? What are you doing in police office?

Takamina : er… well, don’t worry about me. Actually I want to meet you. Your phone is not active today. I try to go to your apartment, but there is no one in there so I think you might be in police office.

Yuuma raise his eyebrow a bit, before come back to his composure, it is rare for Takamina to leave the school this early leaving his student council work, and his face doesn’t look good. He want to ask Takamina to take some rest, but the determine eyes on Takamina mean that he won’t listen to anybody. Yuuma know how stubborn his midget friend can be when he has decided to something. It been a while since he sees this kind of Takamina, and he has strong hunch why Takamina go to see him.

Yuuma : well, my phone is out of battery, something come up and I do not have time to charge my phone.

Takamina : … er, Yuuma do you have some time? Could you help me?

Yuuma come closer to Takamina, he look around before whisper to Takamina ear : Do you want to ask me regarding the Maeda girl?

Takamina supprisely look at Yuuma, while Yuuma just grinning at him, as if he know what Takamina purpose. Takamina doesn’t answer, he hesitantly nodded. He has lost his confident on finding her by himself, and he understand that most of the gangs are busy with their own trouble of dealing with the girls that they assign with.

Takamina : … I am worried about her.

Yuki : what with Acchan?

Both of them starled as sudden girl voice, it is Kashiwagi who now standing behind them. Takamina looks surprise when he see Kashiwagi,  while Yuuma looks kinda nervous. The girl now emit some black aura toward them, glaring at Takamina demanding some explanation.

Takamina : Kashiwagi san?! Why you also here? Wait..?! Acchan? Who?!

Yuuma : ahem.. well, she is helping me with last case. That why she is together with me today. To answer your question Takamina, they used to be in the same school, remember? They are assigned in the same class too. Acchan is the nickname of Maeda Atsuko, only her close friend that calls her by that name.

This time, Yuki glare at Yuuma with pretty annoyed look, just how much does Yuuma investigate her personal life and also her best friend?!,  She take a mental note in her mind to interrogate him later.  But in the other hand, Takamina look at him with amaze since that mean Yuuma or Yuki must be able to help him to find Atsuko. Feeling intense gaze from both of them, Yuuma quickly turn into his poker face again, hiding his nervous look. 

Takamina : ano.. do you know where she is, Kashiwagi san?

Yuki : what do you want to do about Acchan?! Why do you care about her? Just for your information, depend on your answer, I will decided to tell you or not,  and Yuuma, how much you know about my private life and my friend?!  We will have another talk for this. You should not openly tell other people like this.

Yuuma : …nothing much, I swear just some common information that I share with Takamina just now (“I am so dead, me and my stupid mouth”)

Takamina : sigh.. I thought you could help me, Yuuma…Well,  I just.. I just worried about her.  I don’t even know about her whereabouts. I am the same class with her and I am the class representative so.. I wanted to know her whereabouts. I want to help her.

Yuki face show no emotion at all, her cold gaze toward Takamina and Yuuma, giving both of them quiet nervous, she looks disappointed with their answer. Takamina clearly upset Yuki with his answer. There are silent in the air, it become awkward since nobody have said anything after Takamina explanations. Yuki looks like thinking on something, before she reply Takamina.
Yuki : I… don’t trust you, Takahashi san, You don’t know anything about her, I am not sure will you cause Acchan more unwanted problem or not. If you are worried about Acchan just because as school representative, then I suggest you to give up. I am sorry but there is nothing you should worried about her. Acchan… she have decided that she don’t need anyone, even us as her close friends.…

Yuuma looks at Takamina disappointed look before gently tugging Yuki arm. Their eyes meet and this time instead of cyborg face, Yuuma give her some concern look and intertwine their hand trying to give some comfort to Yuki. He know how much Yuki care about her close friends, as they are like family to her.

Yuuma : Yuki, listen I don’t think he will cause more trouble to her. if you can’t trust him, why don’t you trust my word? I believe in Takamina that he will help her. He is the most trustworthy guy that I ever know, well even though he could be clumsy and stupid for some time, just like this time, giving you some lame answer, sigh… (facepalm)

Takamina : hey, why do I feel like hurting in here, I don’t even know you are praising me or mocking me right now Yuuma. Please Kashiwagi san, I know that I don’t know each other not long ago, but please if you have any idea where is At… I mean Maeda san might be, please tell me. I am worried about her. I wish to be able to protect her, she might be in danger. I am sorry, if I am not honest enough when giving you the answer before.

Takamina quickly bow his head, asking for Yuki willingness to give him some hint. He does this to hide his blushing face too, after all he is not too good at expressing his feeling into word. 

Yuki : … fine. At least I will tell you where I think she might be right now. If you really care about Acchan, just don’t give up so easily. Acchan is not that easy to open up with people, even to her closest friends. I don’t know why, but it is really coincidence that today is “that day”. If not, even I do not know where her whereabouts.

Takamina sense glimpse of sadness from Yuki face when she talked about Atsuko and “that day”. He could sense that Yuki deeply care about Atsuko. Yuki then told Takamina and Yuuma about Atsuko past.

Atsuko used to be the leader of the strongest Yankee Girl Gang. Many teachers have given up on Atsuko that time because they are afraid of her. Because of the rumor of Atsuko being the strongest delinquent, many yankee challenged her, and end up in total defeated. At first, Atsuko do it just to defend herself from bullying, but one and another yankee started challenging her, and with us helping her, we become the strongest delinquent gang in that area.

We used to have one person as important member of the gang. Nami… among us, she was the closest one with Atsuko, and she is the one that convince Atsuko to stop fighting, wishing to have Atsuko of having better future, which later Atsuko agree on her. Nami really wish Atsuko to start over and have good relationship with her father.  But unfortunately, not long after the promisel, the other gang wished to fight Atsuko, but as Nami know about it, she confronted them alone not wanting Atsuko to fight again, which lead to her dead.

This make Atsuko feel into deep despair, she started to fight again and again, her violence become worse as the last time she almost killed the leader of the Gang that cause Nami dead, and lead her to be caught by the Police. Haruna manage to bail her out and have her move into our school. We really tried to make the old Atsuko back again, but she really closed her heart. She said she never want to have her heart break again…

Takamina : .. So, she have been holding all blame to herself and bear with it by herself. Thank you for telling me about Atsuko, but even so, I have decided that I want to be with her, I want to see her smile and happy face. I want to protect her and I want to with her together.  Don’t worry, Kashiwagi san. I will not give up on her. You can take my word.


Takamina run with all his might to the place where Yuki told him. It is the same place where he first meet Atsuko. Yuki told him that Atsuko really love to go there, as that was the place where she first meet Nami, and where they love to hang out together. In there he look at the figure that still sit in the bench even though it started to raining hard. Slowly he come closer to the figure, as he smile in relieve to see Atsuko again. He come closer and then then sit beside Atsuko.  There is awkward silent that looks like forever for Takamina. Takamina then decided to break the silent. This time, he will make Atsuko know about his feeling.

Takamina : you know, Atsuko.. When you gone missing, I really worried sick about you. I couldn’t focus on anything other than thinking about you. Those thought of something happened to you, or if I could not meet you again, really scare me so much, and I am sorry for forcing you things that you do not wish to do.  But Atsuko..  allow me to be selfish one more time, I love you. I really want us to be happy together.  Can you give me a chance, to know you better, to love you.

Atsuko holding her tears when she hear Takamina confession. Her feeling is not unrequited one, as their feeling come to mutual.

“I Love You Too”

Because you were there for me, I feel like I  could do anything, it feel like I could start over. You always take care of me. Maybe just for this time, by being selfish, and by being truth is the right thing to do.

The End

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Hi, author-san. Thank you so much for coming back and finishing your story!

Poor Rena was being bullied. And those guys who tried to rape her THEN one of them stabbed her wtf. They deserve Gekikara's wrath. Poor Jun wasn't able to do much for her when it came to her bullies. WMatsui's ending is vague but hopeful.

KojiYuu was off to a rough start. Poor Yuu even had to struggle finding kojiharu because she doesn't even go to school in the first place. And then by the end of the story they... >_<

'Uncle Google' is so cool! A genius hacker who can do anything! It was awesome watching Yuuma and Yuki work to take down her father. They did 'it' by the end of their story too >_<

Lol Takamina asking for acchan's number with a lame excuse was a, well, lame idea. But him coming everyday to Acchan's work was so sweet. Luckily Yuki-Yuuma were able to ahelp him find Acchan again.

A happy ending for everyone! Thank you again for finishing this.

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