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Author Topic: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 3 - 02/26/12]  (Read 15498 times)

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Re: Divine Intervention (Chapter 2 - 02/13/12)
« Reply #20 on: February 13, 2012, 05:38:51 PM »
Gekikara!!!!!! She is so cool!!! Scary but cool!

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Re: Divine Intervention (Chapter 2 - 02/13/12)
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Awesome!  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:
You're right, they shouldn't have ever picked a fight with Gekikara.  :onionwhip:  :on lol:
haha. Gekikara will   :on kimbo:  :mon woo: :on beatup. anyone who hurts her friends especially Black.
I wonder what that is? As for more GekiBlack.  :mon XD:
Thanks for the update.  :kneelbow:

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Re: Divine Intervention (Chapter 1 - 02/12/12)
« Reply #22 on: February 15, 2012, 11:26:56 AM »
@Nakamii - Thank you. I've studied English since I was a kid, but its not my mother language. ^ ^ You dislike BlackGeki? Wow, I'm intrigued as to why you hate them.

Oh... NO! Definitely NOT! I said I USED to Dislike them... :smhid
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Re: Divine Intervention (Chapter 2 - 02/13/12)
« Reply #23 on: February 18, 2012, 10:05:20 AM »
A/N: I'm back again! And I'm here to wave the update flag, but first of all, thank you to those people who have commented and gave me thank yous! I appreciate them a lot. I also finally got to write this chapter after I finished writing the first chapter of my second fic, The Beauty of Love. If anyone's wondering, its a pure love story, no action involved, simply about YukiRena with a few characters and couples entering in. If anyone's interested, chapter 1 is already up and the link is on my signature. :3

Anyways, back to this update, I'm actually updating....right now and its afternoon, normally, I update at night since I finish them at that period, so I'm seriously sorry if I commented badly or said anything weird on my replies. :lol:"

Before we get to the update, heads up first for the replies! >:3


@sakura_drop_ - Wow, too many emoticon, but I'm glad you found it awesome. :lol:

@oddball - It can also be because Gekikara is much more closer to Black than Sado to even care whether she disappointed Sado. Also, what do you mean 'what happened before' is it the prologue, or the fight with Yabakune ? If its the former, you'll find that out later, but if its the latter, you can say that it was just the usual assault fights that you see in MGII.  ;)

@Spicy Sapphire - More GekiBlack is better, its definitely win win for me. :twothumbs

@kahem - I agree, she is cool and scary when she fights, but still, she's really charming when she smiles insanely.

@Sok - I doubt Gekikara would even let them leave with just a few wounds here and there... :3

@anzai48 - Hahaha, yes, Daruma, but Geki doesn't know about it. The father? You'll find out later who it was that....yeah you get the point. I just can't seem to say the word because it just kinds of...irritates me when it concerns Black and yeah, that. I'm glad you learn a lot of new words in my fic, I hope I can add more new vocabulary.  :)

@Nakamii - Sorry, sorry, I did not mean it like that, oh my gosh, sorry. I meant 'You dislike GekiBlack before' Sorry, I forgot the 'before' word. Wah...sorry, I was too sleepy when I made my replies area. :(

...Oh right, a note, Ch.2 is considered as Ch. 2-0, so don't get confused if there's a -1 in this update's title. I also added a poll, I hope you guys vote. Anyways, hope you enjoy reading.


Chapter 2-1: An offered hand

“I can’t believe her…” The tall shorthaired queen grumbled under her breath as she angrily made her way towards the staircase leading towards the third floor. With a small huff, Sado climbed up to where the wind instrument clubroom was; her mind emotions still clouded with irritation and anger.

Out of all the things that Rappapa’s famous crazy queen could ever do, she just had to go and pick up a fight with a dozen of Yabakune students, more or less still in a state of injury.

She knew that Gekikara was strong, but that did not mean that her body would not protest under the strenuous tiring activity she partook. Besides, they had just finished taking out an assault from Yabakune a few days ago and they still have yet to recover from their injuries.

More or less, half of Majijo’s population was wounded and beaten. There was no way they could pick up a fight now.

Sado was not scared to fight, whether injured or not, but what really took her back was their president’s words of disapproval.

Even though Yuko was already confined in the hospital due to her deteriorating health, she was still intact with checking Majijo’s condition, and she knew just what had transpired a few days ago and to what extent that damages were in the school.

It shocked Sado to know just how much Yuko knew of what had happened. She never expected their president to be worried for them and the school. It just made Sado respect Yuko more because of that. That is why she did not want to betray Yuko’s expectations.

Yuko believed a lot in her and placed Majijo’s safety in her hand, and she did not want to let the other girl’s trust go to waste because that was just how much Sado respected her.

Once Sado arrived on the third floor, she did not waste a single second and went straight towards the clubroom, sliding the door open before letting herself in.

Sado eyed the empty room warily before biting her bottom lip. The room that was natural warm and inviting was now cold and underuse now without the Rappapa’s president presiding there. The shorthaired queen let out a shaky breath before taking a step forward, with wavering eyes staring forward as she took a step towards the center of the room.

Once she reached the center, Sado immediately turned around, placing both of her hands into the pocket of her furry jacket. The shorthaired queen’s eyes immediately travelled towards the wall where all of the Rappapa members pictures where stuck on and eyed the largest picture.

“Yuko-san…don’t worry, I won’t let Rappapa and Majijo fall.”

Sado stared at the picture with bleary eyes before closing them for a couple of seconds. The shorthaired vice raised her chin up while she kept her eyes closed, clutching her fists tightly. Sado calmed herself and tried to remember this moment where she will swore to Yuko. To fight for Majijo and protect the honor of their yankee souls.

A small smile slowly formed on the shorthaired vice’s lips, before opening her eyes again, but this time with a determined glint. Sado raised her clenched fist and glanced at it before staring at the smiling president’s picture before she released a swift punch aligned to the biggest picture.

“I swear this on my pride as a yankee. I won’t fail you.”


Sounds of footsteps filled the empty hall; two silhouettes could be seen walking from the far end of the hallway. The first one was wearing a black jacket with a silver cross dangling from her neck. The other one wearing a cross of green and black with an image of a dragon imprinted on the chest area of her jacket.

Both the two Majijo students kept silent. There was no topic at all; there was just pure silence between the two girls. Another thing that was noticeable was that the two queens walked separately from each other with the older queen walking up ahead, leaving only the younger of the two to trail behind and follow her.

There was no conversation between them, just silence with the exception for a few occasional small noises from the other queen, like trudging or limping. The sane queen did not hold up any protest however, rather, she could never make a protest about her condition.

There was nothing she could go against on after all. She did brought this predicament on herself, and she knew the other queen very well. She is bounded to the other queen in more than one way and is already used to the silence around them.

Black was never the type to talk too much except when questioned. However, on some occasions, the older queen would talk, but it would just be a one-liner type of answer. Gekikara did not mind that however. She found that reserved part of Black interesting.

Black was like a piece of puzzle. A really hard one to crack.

Grinning, Gekikara giggled softly to herself. She stared at the older queen’s back and watched her walk, from the beginning of their little stroll, the younger teen already knew that the silent beauty was trying to match up with her speed since the younger queen was limping due to the severity of her injuries.

Though it was harsh that Black left her alone to stand up and walk on her own device, it was one of the older queen’s way to punish her, and when she does that, Gekikara knew instantly that the older girl was upset. Even though sometimes Black was harsh on her punishment, Gekikara did not mind it at all. It may be torture to some, but for her it was precious time spend with a precious friend. She rarely sees Black around Majijo after all. Whenever she does, she would disappear later on after a blink of an eye.

Gekikara of course could never keep up with Black’s speed, but if it was in terms of strength, she may as well rival the other queen’s, but the younger queen never did have a battle with Black so she couldn’t be too sure. More or less, they would just spend in each other’s company whenever they get together. They would just sit beside each other and let silence fill the void around them.

That was how things often work for them.

Many people seem to question Gekikara since not many expect her to keep herself steady in one place seeing as how many students see her as an insanely driven bloodthirsty fighter. It is true though, she does like fighting, but she also enjoys other peoples company. It just felt natural to stick close to someone she trusted with her whole life.

She does not mind though that people started up gossips about her. She was used to following someone anyways, be it the dark silent queen or the president, but she liked following the silent queen more, mainly because she felt safe in her company.

Time often passed by quicker with them together, even though they would not even do anything.

Gekikara would often forget her constant little issues whenever she was with Black. Maybe because the other girl gave her that sense of parental aura that she never truly felt even on her own parents, not that she even needed her parents around.

Everything would still remain the same, whether they were here or not, but the younger queen preferred that they were not here, mainly because they would just scold her and look at her with eyes that stared at her with disgust, disappointment and anger. Gekikara hated the eyes of her parents that bore onto her, those eyes that looked with so much expectation at her. She just hated them just as much as her parents.

She hated them so much that she wanted to kill those belittling eyes of her parents.

Frowning at the dangerous thoughts that were starting to form in her mind, Gekikara immediately shook her head and placed her focus on Black. It would never do her any good if she continued with those kind of thoughts.

“Black, how much longer until we get there?”

“Just a little bit more and we’re almost near the clinic.”

“Oh…” Gekikara made a disappointed noise and frowned as she continued to limp as her body started to feel heavier and heavier with each minute passing by. The younger queen however did not say a single word and continued to struggle in vain to continue on following the dark queen in front of her. Her body however protested as the joints of her legs started to weaken with each step.

The younger queen knew that she was past her limits and her body was making a lot of protest. Gekikara only felt tired, but the pain was never there. She never did feel any pain, but that still did not mean that she could stay and act as if she was unharmed or unaffected, yet she denied herself from reaching out and asking help from Black.

‘Not…now…I already made it this far…I can’t just collapse now.’ Gekikara thought as she held a shaky breath before placing her right hand on the wall, trying to use the tall solid concrete to help her up.

She did not want to trouble the other girl with the mess she put herself in. Gekikara’s body however screamed for rest when the younger girl suddenly felt her knees turn into jelly. In less than a second, the sane queen quickly sat down, making her release a gasp as she plopped on the floor when her knees gave in immediately after a few more steps.

Black quickly turned around when she heard the commotion from behind her and noticed the younger queen sitting on the floor. Startled and at the same time worried for her companion, the silent queen walked near the younger teen before kneeling in front of her.

“Are you alright? Can you still stand up?” Black asked rapidly, gazing at the younger teen with concerned black eyes as she took a quick look at Gekikara’s injuries before pursing her lips.

“I should have carried you instead from the start instead of letting you walk on your own. You are heavily injured after all…”

Black pursed her lips into a tight line, frowning at herself for being ignorant of the younger queen’s condition. Gekikara however did not like the implications of this, if Black were to ever carry her…no no, she weighed too much for the other queen! It was far too embarrassing!

“No no no… I can stand on my own!” Gekikara answered in panic before she looked down, trying to avoid looking straight into Black’s disapproving eyes as she tries to push herself off the ground.

Gekikara’s attempt however failed when she tried to stand up using her two wobbly legs. When she tried to stand up her knees instantly gave in and she stumbled back down into the position she was in a few moments ago. Gekikara let out a hiss before groaning as she repositioned herself into a far more comfortable position before looking back up to meet Black’s frowning face.


The younger queen let out a nervous chuckle as she watched the dark queen shook her head before scoffing at her. Immediately the older girl scooted closer to Gekikara, reaching out for the other girl to help her up.

When Gekikara saw Black scoot closer and closer, her heartbeat suddenly sped up and she did not know as to why her heart was beating so much at that moment. Gekikara tried shrug off the weird feeling in her chest, but soon, her stomach started to feel awkward. Black was not making the situation any better when she kept examining her, much to the sane queen’s embarrassment.

It just made her stomach lurch more and her heart beat irregularly in her chest. Gekikara could almost feel that something was wrong with her. Whatever it maybe that was bothering her, she did not know. The younger queen assumed that it might be an illness.

Not being able to withstand the weird feeling her body was getting any longer, the younger girl scooted away from Black’s advances when she noticed they were far too close than that of their normal proximity.

When the beautiful older queen noticed these, she stopped her actions and raised a brow at the other girl.

“Why are you moving away? I can’t help you if you distance yourself from me.” Black gazed questioningly at Gekikara, a bit puzzled when she found a small tint of pink across the younger queen’s cheeks that contrasted to her pale skin.

“S-Sorry.” The younger of the two stuttered a small apology, taking a quick glance at Black before looking away and fiddling with her fingers.

Gekikara immediately looked down and stared at her feet, finding it more interesting than anything else around her. The whole atmosphere felt tensed and almost awkward to the sane queen, not just that. They were alone in the first floor hallway. Whether the atmosphere was caused because of Black’s aura or just her imagination, she did not know since the other Majijo queen was acting perfectly well.

Black curiously watched the younger teen acting surprisingly bashful. It was a weird yet adorable sight. One of the rarest ones no less. The older queen already knew that Gekikara could act like this because she basically still held a bit of her childish side, but she did not expect her to act this cutely and bashfully.

It was rather amusing in contrast to the usually crazy and insane Gekikara she usually sees.


“You act like a child sometimes.” Black sighed before smiling softly at the other girl, placing a hand on top of Gekikara’s black tresses. The dark queen tenderly patted the sane queen’s head.

“B-Black?” Gekikara called out the other girl, a bit worried at the unexpected shower of affection. The sane queen gazed at the queen before her and watched her as Black took her hand off Gekikara’s head before standing up and dusting the dirt off her skirt.

The older queen offered a hand to the sane queen, to which Gekikara eyed curiously before looking at Black, a bit dumbfounded at the implications of the other girl’s gesture.

“What’s that?”

“My hand. Hold onto my hand Gekikara.”


“So I can help you up.” Black said, patiently reaching her hand down towards the other girl with one of her rare smiles plastered on her lips.

The younger stared in wonder and awe at the smiling queen. The other queen rarely ever lets anyone touch her, whether it was just her hand or her face, if ever she permits someone to do that, it was of the most rarest occasions. Even their president, Yuko, rarely got to touch Black. In fact, their cheerful leader had many failed attempts to hug the other girl, mainly because the dark queen used her special ability to dodge their skin ship-loving president.

This was different however, Black was there offering her her hand, but that did not mean that Gekikara would hold onto it immediately, no matter how much she curiously wants to feel what it was like to feel the other girl’s skin.

Gekikara eyed the dark queen’s hand hesitantly, almost doubtfully in a way. Black saw this hesitation but she did not dare to point it out.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let go.” Black said in the most convincing tone she could muster. She watched carefully as the hesitation in Gekikara’s brown orbs disappeared and slowly reached up for her hand. Once their hands touched Black quickly grasped the younger queen’s warm hands with her own cold ones and felt herself shiver at soothing warmth Gekikara’s hand offered on her surprisingly cold hand.

Ignoring the soothing sensation, Black pulled Gekikara up until the sane queen was able to stand back. She then placed her arms around the shorter girl’s shoulders. The dark queen swung Gekikara’s good arm over her neck and held her up, supporting the other girl using her own body as a pillar of support that Gekikara could lean on before she pulled her companion closer.

Gekikara gasp at the sudden action before she turned her head towards Black and was about to protest when Black cut her off.

“If you stop struggling, I’ll buy you a melon pan on the way home.”

“Wait, what? T-That’s bribery!” The other girl whined at the other girl in a half protesting way.

“Nothing’s wrong with using that every now and then…”

Black shrugged her shoulders and tilted her head, grinning at her protesting companion, ignoring more of her fellow queen’s protest as she half-carried the other girl away towards the direction of the clinic with the currently sane queen’s protest echoing through the hallway, shouting words like bribery, unfairness and Black throughout the whole trip.


In contrast to the ruckus and noises inside Majijo, the rooftop was far more peaceful and secluded. Out of all the places in Majijo, it was the most idealistic place to be if someone was looking for a cool and peaceful place to stay since majority of the groups in the school were out on a fight or in the classrooms, tending to their own little activities.

Usually, no one would dare stay much less take a quick stroll to the rooftop, except for one student wearing a pink jacket.

She was different from them, she was better than most of them. She is in fact one of those people who aims to reach the top and see the view from up above. The young devious junior wanted to know what it feels like to be on top and to look down on people from a high position.

“The top…huh.” Nezumi mumbled.

The word ‘top’ rolled pleasantly in her tongue as she spoke it. The word had a large ring in her head, but the road towards to that position was grueling and harsh. There are after all so many big and strong opponents in her way, especially Rappapa.

“I’ll get the top…” The little mouse muttered under her breath as cool crisp breeze blew past her, fluttering the long black tresses flowing from both sides of her face as she kept a determined burning expression that was mingled with a hint of darkness sipping in.

The young junior gazed from the top of the whole school, staring at the whole landscape with little to no interest whatsoever as she wordlessly chewed on her gum, pulling out a folded paper plane before eyeing it, carefully she held her hand up and threw the plane.

“No matter what happens…” Nezumi whispered, patiently watching the paper plane fly in the air before it flew down rapidly, an evil smirk forming on her face.

“Just wait and see, Rappapa…”


A/N: I'll apologize in advance for any grammar error, misuse of word or missing words in my replies area. I'll get back to it and recheck again for any errors. See you in the next update!
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Re: Divine Intervention (Chapter 3 - 02/18/12)
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I LOVE THIS! Please continue!

BlackGeki?! :D sldfkjsd;f YESSSSS♥

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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 2-1 - 02/18/12]
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OMG So cute!!  XD

Hmmm... Seems like Center and Nezumi are about to enter the picture... :hehehe:

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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 2-1 - 02/18/12]
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 :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

I love you. Really. This thing what you write is PERFECT BEYOND PERFECTION

 :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

I love every bit of this. EVERY. I mean, E.V.E.R.Y.

Update as soon as you can  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:
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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 2-1 - 02/18/12]
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BlackxGeki!  :shocked:

Can't wait for next update!
Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 2-1 - 02/18/12]
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i love this thanks sooooooooo much for updateing i wanna know if yuko comes out of hospital and is like YO WHERES MY TORIOGYA  :lol: lolz once agian thx for updateing  :twothumbs and plz update soo :bow:

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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 2-1 - 02/18/12]
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Aww So this Crazy queen seems so much less so around Black, is it Black being parental towards her, well maybe thats what Geki is thinking at the moment though maybe it is something more. I think its similar for Black to just in reverse, that even though she is making Geki do it on her own she really is there when Geki needs her...

Hmm, I wonder what our little Nezumi is up to.....

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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 2-1 - 02/18/12]
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 :) :)

Very interesting.
You've left me with the desire to read more.

The relationship between Black and Gekikara is great! are two great characters.
Although no doubt  that my favorite Majisuka Character is Nezumi, so will wait anxiously her appearances.

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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 2-1 - 02/18/12]
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Black and geki are so cute~

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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 2-1 - 02/18/12]
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just happened to visit this page Sieka-san! and omg i love your writings! you have perfect grammar, and the storyline makes me want to know more!  :cathappy: pls update soon  :) and yeah i am a burageki shipper and this fic satisfy my needs  XD

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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 2-1 - 02/18/12]
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A/N: I'm here, waving the update flag. Sorry it took long, busy with some projects because graduation is coming soon and I have exams next next week, so I'm actually trying to complete all my requirements. Also, thank you for still hanging on and reading my fanfic! Thank you for your kind comments and thank yous and to those people who voted in the poll, I truly appreciate them. ^ ^


@ShibuyaDokiDoki - Thank you for your kind comment, Shi-san. :kneelbow:

@SharkAttack - They are, and I'm already planning on how to make their each appearance something worth waiting for. :)

@sakura_drop_ - You are too kind, you're complementing me too much, its rather flattering. Thank you for the tons of emoticons too. :lol:

- Thank you as well! :kneelbow:

@XxRoByNxX78 - I'll try to think of a way to make Yuko come out of the hospital, something believable, but under which circumstances it will be, just wait for me. :) And maybe she might ask for Torigoya, maybe~ XD

@anzai48 - I'm so loving your comments. ;)

@oddball - Your speculation is quite interesting, you might be right, Black may have the same feelings for Gekikara, but Black's pretty vague especially when it concerns feelings of love~

@Minami-chan - I hope I can keep you interest in the peak, and please continue to look forward to Nezumi's appearances. :)

@kahem - They are cute. :shy2:

@LeNosferatu - First, Shi-san, now its Eru-san who dropped by! I'm truly blessed to have you comment. I love your MaYuki body swap fic, its truly amazing. Thank you very much for commenting, and you flatter me too much. I don't really have that much of a perfect grammar. :shy1:

Now that I've replied to everyone's kind comments, I would like to propose a little game here, just for the fun of it~ And its just a little guessing game, I of course have a prize for whoever guess it correctly, its just up to you guys if you want to participate or not. ;)

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I'll pm you of course to tell you that you've gotten the answer right, and of course I'll ask you what you want me to write, how the plot will go, what pair and a lot more. You'll receive your prize either after a week or half has passed. I will also announce the winners in my next update, that is if anyone can give me the right title.  8)

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Chapter 3: Informis Ignavus

It was dark, cold and silent.

The silence was almost deafening to the point that you could even hear a needle falling down with how much silence accumulated inside the room. The room itself was dark, too dark for any human to be able to see through without using any night vision goggles. Darkness was reigning; it surrounded the premises and engulfed the room, erasing every light that tried to fight back the impurity of the darkest of all colors.

The two silhouettes inside the room were barely even visible to the human eye, for whatever the case was, they were apart from each other, the other figure sitting near the door and the other standing at the farthest end of the room.

Both of them clearly held no expression whatsoever as they kept their stand in silence, staring at each other that held no emotion at all, both of them having no real intention to be there together at that moment, yet finding each other’s company fanciful.

Silence however was deeply disturbed by a sultry husky voice of a female from the far end of the room with a few shuffling of footsteps and rustling of clothes and empty bottles.

“How are things doing on your side? Anything conventional happen?”

“Things are going by so far so good. There was a small fight between a Majijo student and some Yabakunes, but other than that, none.”

“I’ve heard of that…from what I remember and collected, it was a fight against a dozen of Yabakune students, was it not?”

“Yes, you’re absolutely right.”

“I see, so…who’s the perpetrator?”

“The perpetrator is one of Majijo’s four heavenly queens; the monster of Rappapa.”

“Hoh, so they used their powerhouse out of nowhere? Interesting…”

The female snickered before it turned into cackling. She brought her clenched fist up into the air and pounded the wall several times. Her companion however did not move, not even a single twitch as it just sat there, watching as its companion finished her laughter.

“What are you going to do about it now? Are you just going to laugh around about this?” Came the cold voice of her companion, cutting through the amusement of the other girl by only a few percentage.

“Of course not, but I’d rather take things a little more slowly, if possible.”

The sultry looking student smirked as she pushed herself off from leaning on the wall and instead took small little baby steps, to and from each of her side before going back to her original position. She then raised her hands and pushed the curtains, letting the moon’s rays pass through what little gap was available before pushing it back into place.

“If we want to be victorious, we should pounce onto them, when they least expect it.”

“I do get your point, but would it not be better for us to just take them on while their weak?” Her companion whispered and gazed coldly at the other girl but the other teen remained resolute and undaunted by her companion’s icy glare.

“That would not be fun anymore. Have patience, for now we’ll just see how things will go for Majijo. We’ll face them in the center of the arena soon, for now, we will just have to act like pitiful creatures and cower in darkness.”

“Such title is going to be taxing on our morals. Can you really take in something that disgusting?”

“I can’t, but if we want to put Majijo up into a storm, we will just have to play the part, don’t we?”

“If that’s what you say, then I have no choice then after all, I did ask for your help.” The other figure mumbled and shrugged while it continued to slump onto the leather couch.

“So then I take it that we’ve decided what course we’ll do?”

“Of course, but if this fails badly, I’ll have you sued for this.”

“As if that could ever happen dear, I always get my way.”

“Most of the time…?”

“…Yes. Most of the time.”

The senior student giggled and quirked an eyebrow while she pulled a bottle from her secret stash, opening the bottle before she took out two glass cups and filled the glasses with the brimming contents from the bottle up to the rim. She then took the two glasses and strolled towards her companion, carefully skipping over a few items on the floor as she went through in the dark.

“Here…” She said; passing the glass that was filled up to the rim to her companion who merely gazed at the contents before taking it. The older teen then took a seat near her partner and watched her take a few cautious sniffs, which caused the senior to giggle.

“It’s just wine, nothing more and nothing less. Haven’t you ever drunk liquor before?”

“I have, just that it’s only occasional, but I hate how bitter the taste can get.”

“You’ll just have to get used to it then, young one. We’ll be doing this for quite a long time to come to celebrate our victory.” The older girl hummed as she swirled the contents in her glass, savoring the aroma of the aged red glistening liquid in her glass before taking a slow long sip, enjoying the flavor of the warm bittersweet taste of her favored drink.

“If you can serve me victory, then I have no choice but to partake in your little celebration then.”

The person beside her merely scrunched up its face, wondering how someone could ever enjoy this distinct and dry tasting drink, but never commented on it, instead, she forced herself to drink the wine by bringing up the rim of the glass to its lips and drank in short slow sips.

“I’ll take that into account then my dear young one.”

The female senior snickered before she took another sip. The youngest of the two could only shook her head before she then placed down the half brimming glass of wine, standing up before turning to look at her older companion. Their eyes both met each other’s gaze, one of which was cocky and overly confident while the other one was cold and void of emotions.

They only looked at each other for a few minutes before their eye contact broke off and the younger student left without even saying anything, even a small farewell. The female senior however found it appealing anyway because she found something hidden in the eyes of her partner.

Words were never needed anymore.

The only thing that was needed to be done are actions.


It was about eleven o’clock or so nearing midnight and it was dark that no one can almost see the clouds or the stars due to the clouds blending in with the color of the dark skies. The streets were slowly being emptied with the sounds of human activities like footsteps, sounds of bikes and cars passing by, but there was still someone out.

It was still too late though. Way too much late for a certain scheming mouse to be up.

It was rather unusual for some like her to be walking about in the heart of the district where most Yankees group up. Much less to walk around alone while wearing a simple loose white T-shirt, a baggy beige short shorts with a baby blue jacket draping over her body and a pair of black high-cut boots and her usual black fingerless gloves. Although simple as her outfit maybe, the little mouse’s appearance was still overall charming and it attracted attentions from the few passersby that were currently present in the streets.

The young teen however did not feel awkward nor disturbed with a few glances and awed stares that were directed to her, she did not came all the way here after all to just be an eye candy, she was here to take a stroll. This was her way to clear off the thoughts that disturbed her mind due to her father.

Nezumi never did liked her father, much less be able to introduce wholeheartedly to someone her father.

She despised her father far too much to even care for what happens to him.

She was despicable. Nezumi did not care however.

Nezumi already knew that for quite a long time already, it was not her fault though that she had learned to hate him. Moreover, he was almost never present, from the very moment she had learned to walk to when she was able to go to school, and today out all days, he just had to be there, in that cold empty spacious cage she was forced to call as home.

The little mouse did not even want to see him, much less be near his very presence, it disgusted her to be placed in the same house as he is, to be called under his surname and to be called as his daughter.

He was the most despicable and nastiest person she could ever have in her life. He is a thieving cheating and lying bastard of a father that left her and her mother on their own devices to defend for themselves against issues and gossips that were thrown in their faces.

Nezumi could never forget how much she hated him for not caring for his own family at all. To him, they were just decorations in the house that he could just simply talk to and use at his on convenience and push money in their faces as a reward for being of use to him.

That was all she and her mother were.

That was the very reason why she was out in a place like this and at a time like this.

She just did not want him around.

While it is true that it was dangerous for a girl like her to be out at a time like this, Nezumi did not care, she does not have any place she could visit and stay in for the night, she did not have any friends. Friendship does not have any real value to her. It was worthless to take up an effort to maintain that kind of relationship with someone, they would just leave you in the end.

“Emotions are just but a sickness in the brain that’s been accumulated through various strains and stress from the environment.”

“Worthless…emotions are just a piece of worthless crap.” Nezumi mumbled darkly, her lips pursued into a tight line, glaring at the concrete pavement as she walked idly without any destination.

The little mouse would often if not, begrudgingly stomp her feet on the pavement while aimlessly walking down the hill. Shivering a bit when the cold night breeze blew passed through her, making the irritated mouse bury her hands into her jacket’s pocket.

The night was turning thicker and colder, if not, dangerous even because it was almost nearing midnight and almost all the group rumbles and crimes happen at certain hours with less people awake. Nezumi did not fear this however. Instead, she went on and continued her stroll as if she was walking in the middle of the day.

“If only things would just disappear as sooner as they appear…”

“…Maybe this world would have been better.”

Nezumi took out a piece of gum from her pocket and placed one into her mouth before she chewed it in a haughty manner, her sharp black eyes glancing around and scanning the area before she took out her cellphone and checked the time.

The irritated young girl immediately rolled her tired eyes when she saw an unread text message on her phone, knowing that it was her father that had texted her because only he knew her number. Her irritation only peaked in when she read her father’s message that was ordering her to come home, nothing more and nothing less.

There was certainly no caring appeal to the message, it was simply monotonous and a command. Nezumi however did not follow this, but instead, she took this as an initiative to turn her phone off before she jammed it into her pocket.

“Damn bastard…as if I’d just pettily do what you say.”

“Human relationship and interactions are just sick lies and illusions…”

“You don’t even really care…such falseness of actions is what you always claim. I’m not an idiot not to know you bastard.” Nezumi grumbled, her legs continuing to walk in a swift manner. The young mouse did not even notice that she had already exited the heart of the Yankee district.

The little mouse continued to walk for several minutes before she noticed an open mart and decided to take a break. Cautiously, the young teen went inside and looked around, only finding the employee on the registrar and a few midnight shoppers inside the small mart.

Nezumi casually looked around her surrounding, looking at the cheap packaging of chips and candies and other necessities before she scoffed and went straight ahead towards the fridge, taking out a large blue Gatorade and bought it to the cashier.

“It’s quite late little miss, shouldn’t you be at home?” The female employee working on the cashier said while she took the price of the bottle before she propped it back on the counter.

“Yes, technically, I should be, but it’s none of your business. Don’t stick your nose into something you are needless for.” Nezumi dryly responded, glaring menacingly at the female mart worker. The employee only gave her a quick disapproving look, but Nezumi continued on glaring at the female employee.

Nezumi quickly took out her wallet and shoved the right amount of money in front of the employee before she grabbed her drink, walking out of the mart without even waiting for the woman to give her a receipt or even protest at her improper actions.

“Such nosy people…they don’t know anything at all.” The little mouse mumbled under her breath as she scowled, her brows furrowed and an ugly frown on the young teen’s face.

“Technically, yes, they don’t know what issues you have but I agree with that woman’s sentiment. It’s not safe to be out at a time like this.”

A soft husky voice came unexpectedly from behind Nezumi, making the young teen gasp and squeak, taking a few steps back before doing a defensive position.

The young Majijo student was about to bare her teeth towards her opponent when she saw a very annoying Cheshire cat smile and an annoying face to combine it. The figure in front of her was wearing a black T-shirt underneath a blue tracksuit jacket and baggy jeans, she was also holding onto a plastic bag.

Nezumi immediately dropped her position and gazed questioningly at the familiar tall girl before her, finding her sudden appearance to be quite a mystery.

“What are you doing here?”

“What about you? Shouldn’t I be asking the same for you? It’s not safe for you to be out here." The other girl, called Center, said while she raised an eyebrow, a glint of intrigue shone in her eyes, unhidden to the little mouse’s sharp cold gaze.

“I can same the same for you.”

“I live near here, and I can just fight my way out of them. I worry for you however, you seem too fragile.”

“What are you, my parent?” Nezumi let out a hollow chuckle before she spat each word out with displeasure. The taller girl merely continued on looking at the little figure before her, her small smile never fading, much to Nezumi’s own chagrin.

“I’m not. I just care for you.”

“Well you shouldn’t be. I’ll be fine on my own without your sentiments.” The petite growled, rolling her eyes for what nth time before she walked off and was about to pass by Center when she felt a gentle pressure on around her wrist.

Nezumi quickly turned around and angrily stared at the other girl, the little mouse tried to free her wrist from the other girl’s grip, but she only failed when she felt Center firmly hold onto her. In apparent annoyance, Nezumi bared her teeth at the taller girl who kept her in place.

“What are you doing? Let me go…”

 “No. I won’t let you walk around at this time of the night.”Center firmly responded; the smile on her face was nowhere to be found, instead, the taller girl held a serious and dangerous expression, squeezing Nezumi’s wrist while the other girl kept struggling under her firm grip.

Center felt like she was hurting the little figure in front of her, but she had no choice if she wanted to keep the other girl in place. She was hurting Nezumi, but she did not let go. Center felt that if she let go and let the short girl roam around, something bad might happen to her once she leaves her sight.

“What do you want me to do?

This girl was irritating. Why and how she met Center was coincidental.

It really was a great coincidence, how two different people met and yet how much they were similar in many but different ways. Moreover, she met Center when the taller girl passed by the staircase where she was casually sitting, playing with her paper plane.

It was ironic in a way, how much her detest for her father bought her towards this girl. Nezumi thought that the knowledge of her father’s doings would cause the taller teen to push her away was for not when she found out that Center also held that same intense hatred for her own father.

It happened a few days ago; it was vague to the little mouse whether she would even be able to see Center again.

Talk about chances, here she was talking to her again, under this circumstances. It was almost laughable.

“Stay at my place for now. It gets dangerous out here once it’s past midnight…”

“Huh? Why do you care? We just met a few ago.”

The little mouse frowned when she saw Center’s lips quirked up for a few seconds before it disappeared. The taller girl looked away from Nezumi’s gaze and looked at her hand that was holding onto the little mouse’s wrist, giving it a small squeeze before she raised her head back.

“You’re right, we might not know each other very well, but I think I’ve come to like you with just that few minutes that we’ve spent together. I felt that we click in perfectly well.”

“Your reasons sure are quite flawed…Center.”

“I don’t really think my reasons are bad.” Center said while she softly loosened the firm grip she had on Nezumi’s wrist, before her menacing expression instantly melted back into her Cheshire cat smile, it was the same kind of expression Nezumi saw the day she met the taller girl, near the stairs, just a week ago.

“They are bad, just that…you just somehow get away with it using your fists, no wonder you’re titled the strongest in your year.” Nezumi coolly uttered, her temper cooling down, still, the little mouse still held up her guard and took the chance to swat Center’s hands off her wrist.

“And to get back on your suggestion, I appreciate your utmost kindness, but is it really alright for someone such as myself to stay at your place?”

“Of course it’s alright, and so you say I’m a stranger, yet you know some convenient things… Am I really a stranger to you?”

“Words spread faster than wildfire.”

The little mouse smirked haughtily, earning a small chuckle from Center.

“You really are interesting, aren’t you?”

“I’m glad you find me of interest.” Nezumi gave a mock bow of respect for the taller girl, but to the other girl, she did not see how the pretense of the little mouse’s movements, in fact, she took it as a real sign of sincerity.

“But maybe, I can give you something much more interesting. Would you wish to know?”

“Tell me. The way you say it almost makes me curious.”

“Well then…if you don’t mind…please allow me to at least take half of your sleeping hours.”

The scheming devilish mouse grinned; her eyes sparkled under the valiant ray of the moon that cascaded on them on that darkest hour. The moonlight only served to deeply illuminate what features the petite had to offer, but what shined the most were her dangerous sharp eyes.


A/N: Thank you for reading, see you next update! I will come back and edit if I ever see any errors. Hope you enjoyed this update.
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I'll read it later, but...

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Hum latin? It's been a while lol hum so a random answer : smart information?
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informis = can either mean formless/shapeless... but it can also mean deformed or hideous

ignavus = can mean lazy or listless but also coward or cowardly...

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Hmm, another interesting chapter, center and Nezumi interaction here to, seems as though there relationship is going to be really interesting.....

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