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Author Topic: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 3 - 02/26/12]  (Read 15496 times)

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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 3 - 02/26/12]
« Reply #40 on: February 27, 2012, 10:30:04 AM »
 :banghead: I'm not good in latin sorry... uhuhuh *cries in the corner...

I just wanted to say that this fic is awesome!  :twothumbs

Nezumi&Center your writing style is so cool!  :yep:

Thank you for your update!
ArĂ­gatou!  :kneelbow:

Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 3 - 02/26/12]
« Reply #41 on: March 02, 2012, 11:29:35 AM »

Hmmm just notice I already read this update but never had time to leave any comments  :P
LOL part of the reason might be because I was on my dinky little phone and I didn't know latin so no idea what the title means.

But back to the story! YAY now enters Nezumi and Center!  :bow: :bow:
I love your writing, it's so good and the flow is so nice, please update soon!

I think I'm addicted, YOU DRUGGED YOUR WRITING!!!! LOL   :twothumbs :twothumbs

Thanks for the update,  :on woohoo:

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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 3 - 02/26/12]
« Reply #42 on: March 31, 2012, 05:29:53 PM »
new reader
loving it here, please continue soon  :luvluv1:

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Re: Divine Intervention (GekiBlack) - [Chapter 3 - 02/26/12]
« Reply #43 on: March 27, 2013, 07:17:14 AM »
hola!!!  :) please update this was getting interesting  :twothumbs love this story very much will be waiting patiently okay? adios  :D
Spanish original name es mary es mi amor por leo dan:
Mari(mariko)es mi amor, solo con ella
vivo la felicidad yo se que nunca a nadie
mas podria amar, por que la quiero de
verdad por eso mary por favor dame tu
mano continuemos siempre asi
despues de todo que mas te puedo
pedir si soy feliz...muy feliz.
Si un dia me faltas tu que
Dios me ayude a morir ya que
no volvera a hacer en esta vida feliz
sin ti mari...sin ti estoy
viviendo por ti... 
English ver dow originally name mary is my love by leo dan :
My love is Mari, just with her
I live in happiness
I know I will never again
fall in love with nobody, because I
feel a true love Because of that,
Mari, give me your hand we'll
forever continue this way After all,
what can I ask you more if I am happy...
very happy If one day I will miss you,
God help me to die ,
without you Mari...
If i live my life for you...  -----------<@

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