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Title: "The games of sins" Atsumina, OS, 26.01.17
Post by: black_maa on November 28, 2014, 12:19:55 PM

My fantazy in words! In ATSUMINA world!
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1.    Painful mistake  -(  Prologue  ( ; -1  ( ; -2  ( ; -3  ( ; -4  ( ; -5  ( ; -6  ( ; -7  ( ) Finished
2.   Painful mistake: After story - (-1  ( ; -2  ( ; -3  ( ; -4  ( ; -5  ( ; -6  ( ; -7  ( ; -8  ( ) Finished
3.   Never give up – (-Epilogue  ( ; -1  ( ) On hold
4.   The secret of my heart -( -1  ( ; -2  ( ; -3  ( ; -4  (  ; -5.1 ( ; -5.2 (; -6  ( On ==================================================================================================

Something just came in my mind and write short dialogue between Atsuko and Minami. :)  I am not sure, maybe someone already has written something like that, if yes.. my apologies..

   DRABBLE  #1 Atsumina
Minami: (Sitting on the couch and do some paper works)
 Atsuko: (Came out from kitchen and sit besides, put head to Minamis shoulder) Minami?
  M: Hm?
 A: Do you like me?
  M: Yes..
 A: Minami?
  M: Hm?
 A: Do you love me?
  M: Yes of course. (still doing paper works)
 A: Minami?
  M: Hm?
 A: How much do you love me?
  M: (looking to the Atsuko) More than everything you can imagine. (continue her work)
 A: Minami?
  M: Hm?
 A: How much you will do for me?
  M: I will do everything for you, even  if I need to sacrifice my life.
 A: Minami?
  M: Hm?
 A: Will you do something for me right now?
  M: Yes, of course. So what is it?
 A: I just cook something. Can you taste it?
  M: Yes, sure. (in her mind – Wait, Atsuko can’t cook.)
 A: (Stand up and go to the kitchen)
  M: (In low voice) I need to get away from here. (Start packing things)
 A: (Came out from kitchen with food in hands) Minami, where are you going?
  M: Amm..sorry, I.. just get a message, that I.. need to meet some client. (Try to get away)
 A: What, no. You first need to try it. (Going closer to Minami)
  M: Not now Acchan, I need to go, it’s very important.
 A: I won’t let you. (Stand in front of Minami and try to feed her)
  M: Atsuko, please no. (try to resist)
 A: Just taste it. ( try to get spoon in Minamis mouth) You said, that you will do everything for me.
  M: Yes, I did, but I didn’t meant to die like that.
 A: (Succcsefully get the spoon in Minamis mouth).
  M: (stop resisting) hmm.. taste is good. What is it Atsuko? ( start to eat more)
 A: Well, I am not sure, I bought it in shop and in front of pack was writing „For your Darling”
  M: Pfff.. *coughs.. *coughs.. What?
 A: Is it something wrong? (looking to the Minami with question mark in face)
  M: Atsuko, this food is for cats.
 A: Oh! Amm.. sorry? (take away from Minamis hand the food and walk away)
  M: I can’t believe it.
 A: (start walking in the house) Where are you kitty, kitty?  I have some food for you, came here! Kitty, kitty!
  M: (Facepalm)
Title: Re: DIALOGUE between Atsumina
Post by: love angel on November 29, 2014, 03:55:34 PM

 Poor takamina  :smhid :bow:

 Nice story author san  :twothumbs

 Hope you will update more  :bow:
Title: Re: DIALOGUE between Atsumina
Post by: Haruko on November 30, 2014, 05:32:45 AM
hahaha poor minami
Title: Never give up - Never let go (EPILOGUE)
Post by: black_maa on December 15, 2014, 11:21:57 AM
I just start new story. However, I said, there would be OS, but it's only on writing process and my imagination start thinking about this. At first there is Epilogue (I am not sure, I can call it like that). About pairing -you will know that from the beginning. If someone want to give some request about what include in this story, that I will try to do that, However, I can't promise 100%. Enjoy reading.


                                                                 NEVER GIVE UP -  NEVER LET GO 

If you can get a job here, or to be a business partner, on of the country top company, which even is known all a round the world, then you can say – „Impossible is possible and I have just won highest prize of all of them.”-
The name of it is „T.M. & M.A.”
. – the famous architecture company.
  „If you want get job here, you need to make sure to understand two rules.” Takahashi secretary Shinoda Mariko, try to explain things to the new girl.
 „O-Okay! I am listening.” New girl answer her, because she really want’s this job, it’s  a dream of hers.
  „So, first of all. From the beginning there weren’t rules like those before, but after some incident, we create them, what is only for safety.” .. „But before rules, you need to know, that our boss is married with girl, however, she also is a girl.”
  First rule - If you want get a job or be a business partner with her, never try to say some bad or indecent words about staff.
  „Because you don’t know, who is her wife. If someone will say something like that and you find out it’s hers wife, then you can forget about job here or to be a business partner. It will never happen. Never try to ask for other chance. In the end, you will go out with police help, on each side of you.”… „Do you understand?”
 „Yes, I understand. What is second rule?”
  „Second is the most important, if you care your life.”
 „W – what do you mean by that?”
 Second rule – Never. Ever. Try. To. Seduce. Takahashi. Minami.
  „Why here is rule like this?”
 „Well, because last girl, who try to do this.. where is hospital about three weeks and after that, she still needed a psychologist help.”
  „W-What? Why that? Is Takahashi so evil?”
 „Not her.. but her wife.” … „ That girl try to seduce Takahashi and her wife saw that. Poor girl. I think she even change the country.”
  „W-What her wife did to that girl?”
 „You don’t want to know. But I can say that – Takahashi wife look like an angel, but she can turn into devil in one second.” .. „ She will hunt you, until you beg for mercy, but still in the end you just want to kill yourself.”
  „Oh.. o-okay!” New girl was in shock, when she heard about Takahashi wife. She start to get scare about time, when she will to speak with her. „Okay, now or never, chance like this can be only one time in the life.” New girl went in Takahashi office. She first time felt so nervouse.
 „Hello, Mis Takahashi. My name is Ono Erena.
 „Oh.. Hello. Sit please.” She answered while looking at the new girl.
  Before they  start to speak about job chances in here, someone came in and approach Takahashi. That girl looks like an angel, that’s her.. she is Takahashi wife. The new girl start to get more nervous, until Takahashi wife look at the her. „Why she looking at me? I’m scered. I don’t want to die like that. Maybe after all it wasn’t good idea to come to here.” She were in panic in her mind.
 „Acchan, please go to sit on the couch.” Takahashi said to her wife.
  „Yes, sure, honey.” Before Acchan went to sit on the couch, she made a glance at the new girl. In Acchan eyes you can see a fire and ready to kill everyone, who only will look on wrong way at her beloved Takahashi or say something what she don’t like.
 „So, tell me about yourself and do you have some experience in other jobs?” Takahashi asked.
  „Well, about myself… „ While new girl talking, she felt, that Takahashi wife is looking at her. She get more scared. One wrong move or word and hers life is over.
„Thank you Ono Erena. My secretary will call you, about my decision.” New girl just bowed  to her and went out from office.
  „Acchan, can you please stop that, you doing it again?”
 „What did I do?” with innocent voice
  „Do you think, that I don’t know how you look at her. She was scared to death.”
 „It’s not my problem. I just don’t trust her.” She stand up from couch and went to her. She hugged Minami from behind, while she were still sitting in her chair. With seductive voice, Acchan talk.
  „Your soul and body belongs to me, Minami. No one can take you away from me. If someone try to seduce you.. I will just smash that person… Because I don’t like to share with my property, who is you.” She kissed Minamis right ear, while left hand was around her neck and the same time slowly trying to open hers beloved blouse.. but hers right hand already traveled to the smooth  skin, what was on Minamis stomach.
 „Acchan, we are in office.” Minami try to control her voice from not moaning.
  „I don’t care.” She answered with low voice, while kissing hers beloved neck, until she reach her target – soft and tasty lips, what just ask for kiss.. for passionate kissis.

Title: Re: Never give up - Never let go (EPILOGUE)
Post by: Mina on December 15, 2014, 08:43:06 PM
Acchan jealous is very cool, I loved the beginning  :twothumbs. Please continue!  :bow:
Title: Re: Never give up - Never let go (EPILOGUE)
Post by: phoenix0i on December 16, 2014, 12:55:26 PM
Acchan here is quite bold and daring.    :shocked:
Title: Re: Never give up - Never let go (EPILOGUE)
Post by: Kirozoro on December 16, 2014, 04:53:36 PM
Acchan is so scary~~
Title: Never give up - „CHASING DREAMS” Chapter 1
Post by: black_maa on December 19, 2014, 08:45:28 AM
Hello, everyone! Thank you, who leaves comments, or only push "Thanks" buttons and of course my silent readers. There is first chapter of this story, so, enjoy reading. And of course, sca~ry Acchan.  :roll:  I hope you like it.



„I am bo~ring!” lazy sleeping in couch, what is near from doors.
„Can’t help it.”
„What do you mean – can’t help it? You are my husband. So, do something!”
„Sorry, Atsuko, but I am busy. There soon will be new girl, for job interview. For you knowing, I am also wife and don’t forget we are in office. So, you better cover yourself and…. Acchan? Why you your blouse is open?”
„A~h.. coz it’s hot. And I want my husband on top of me.”
„I can’t believe it.. You are such a horny person.”
„I know and it’s your fault! When I look at you, especially when you writing some papers, you  turn me on.” Touching her stomach with fingernails.
„Khmm.. You are right. There really start to get hot.” 
„Do I turn you on, when I do this?” take higher her skirts, until can see a panties.
„Oh.. Damn you, Atsuko..” Stand up and start to walk to the same couch.
Bzz.. „Miss Takahashi? Just came new girl to the job interview.” Someone voice speaking thru the phone, what was turn on the speaker.
„Damn.. I knew, that something like this will happen. Atsuko, fix your clothes.” Go back to the table. Behind of table are windows. In front of them, are doors.
„Miss Takahashi, can I send her in?” 
„Yes, sure, send her in, Mariko.” Fixing herself.
„Things with you, lady, I will take care later. Now, be good wife.” Start to breath normal, again.
„I will waiting with pleasure.” Answer with seductive voice.
Doors open and come in new girl.
„Hello, Miss Takahashi.” Bowing in front of her.
„Hello there, Miss..?” try to remember her name
„…Tomomi Itano.” New girl answered
„Oh, nice to meet you. Sit, please.” Showing the place, what is in front of her.
„Thank you.” Didn’t see Acchan, who is behind of her, because she is still sitting on  the couch.
„So, tell me, what’s bring you here and why you like this kind of job?”
„Well, I studied about architecture very much. I am really good with it. Also I wan’to my knowledge make more better.”
„Oh.. I see.” While Tomomi telling about herself, Acchan trying to seduce Takamina. She slowly start to open again her blouse, what Takamina also can see.
„I really want to work here, because, it’s only place, were I can get them, and it will be very big experience for me. Also, I want to help to develop the this company, because it’s still growing.”
„I understand you.. Khmm…” Looking at Acchan, who  already touching her chest.
„Amm.. Takahashi. I am sorry to ask you, but are you all right?” Takamina look back at the new girl.
„What? No.. I mean yes. Everything is okay. Just little bit hot is here. Hehe..” Smiling awkwardly. Looking back at Atsuko, who slowly touching hers stomach and sometimes bit lower.
„So~, when you want to start to work?” Try to look at the new girl, but fail. Acchan start to expose her body more.
„ If I can, then already tomorrow?”
„Okay, then my secretary make phone call to you and she will explain other things.” After that, Acchan start to fast fix her cloths, like nothing has happen.
„Thank you very much, Takahashi.” Bowing her. When she turn around, she sees Acchan.
„Oh, I didn’t know, that there is someone else. My apologies, Miss!” Bowing to her
„Maeda Atsuko… Takahashi wife, and it’s okay.” Smile to her.
„Wife?” girl look surprised
„Oh! Sorry again. I will leave now.” Go out from cabinet
„Damn, Atsuko. I almost got heart attack, because of what you doing. You were in luck, that she didn’t see you.”
„Hehe…  By the way, I need to do something. So, see you later.”
„What? Where are you going? While ago, you try to make me crazy, but now, you just leave.” Looking with surprised eyes.
„So~rry, bye-bye.”  Come closer to Takamina, give quick kiss on the lips and leave.
„But.. aah..! Why she always doing this?” Talking with herself.
Knock knock… someone is knocking to the doors.
„Yes,  come in.”
„Hello, Takamina. I brought you some documents, what you need to sign.”
„Oh, hi, Mariko. Yes, thank you. By the way, do I have some upcoming meeting?”
„Only on next week. There will be different kind of people, who are from other companies, well, more like our competitors. There will be discussion about upcoming project, what cost, well, very much. This project may lifht up our prestige.”
„I see. Thats mean, we need to be ready and careful. After that, everything can happen. And I want to get that project. Also I agree with you, It’s our chance to show other, how good we are and our chance to get more larger projects.”
„Yes, that’s right, Takamina, but it will be hard.”
„Yes, it’s true.”.. „Oh, one more thing.”
„Hm? What is it?”
„Do you know, where Acchan went?”
„Amm.. sorry, but no.”
„Okay, Thank you. You may leave.”
„Thank you.” Leaves the cabinet
„Hmm.. where that women went again.? Oh, well.. I will see her latter, maybe. But still, I need to punish her, for what she did.”
After work in Minami and Atsuko house.

 Minami just came from work and looking for Atsuko.
„Acchan! Are you home? …Acchan?!”
„Hmm.. Yes, I am here!” Acchan answered from kitchen
„Hey, what are you doing?” Takamina came in kitchen and looking what Acchan is doing.
„Trying some new recept. I hope you like it.”
„Then we will see it.” Try to tease her. „. Oh, by the way, what you think about our new worker?”
„Hmm.. well, she looks all right..”
„Good to hear.”
„..But if, she try to seduce you, then.. well, I can’t promise anything.”
„Acchan, what do you mean with that.? I hope you don’t planning to do something to her.?”
„Maybe.” Smiling creepy
„Okay, okay, I won’t do anything.”
„I hope so and please promise me, too.”
„I pro~mise!” In her thoughts „But if she try to seduce you.. then be ready, new girl.. hehe..”
„Acchan, why you are smiling like that? You are planning for something.. Yes, you do. Acchan, don’t even try.. If I hear something, then you will be in big trouble.”
„Don’t worry.. I already promise, that I won’t do anything, because you will see it then.” In her mind „Because I will do it, when you won’t see it and you don’t even have a clue about that. Hehe..”
„Acchan, NO!”
„What?!  I didn’t do anything! At least, not now.”… „Okay, food is ready.”
„Oh, I am starving!” Start to eat.
„Takamina~ Are you not forgettting something?” Try to tease her.
„Amm.. No.” Continue to eat. Acchan pretend to be mad. She stand up and start to walk away. When she almost passes her, Takamina grab her by hand and pulled her in lap.
„If you mean this, then it’s not possible to forget.” At that moment Takamina give her wife very passionate kiss. After while they part away.
„Oh, Minami, you are so good kisser, that’s why,  I love you so~ much.” Acchan give her quick kiss on the lips „..and I won’t change that for anything.”
„Glad to hear. Also I love you very much, too. You are everything to me.” Acchan stand up from Takaminas lap and go out from kitchen.
„By the way, Minami.. Don’t eat too long, coz I am waiting you in our bedroom.. I bought new lingerie. So~, be~ rea~dy~.” She speak with seductive voice.
„Oh! This will be long night.” Speak with herself.
Next day. At work. In office.
„Takamina~! Why that new girl are dressed like that?” Looks angry
„What do you mean? She looks fine.” Continue her work. New girl wears short skirts and pink blouse, with few opened buttons from up.
„I don’t like it. I think she try to seduce you.” Pouts
„Acchan, stop it. It’s nothing like that. She just want to leave good impression to others.”
„I still don’t like it.”
„Acchan, please. There is no one, who can seduce me, except you.” Go to Acchan, who is sitting in couch. Sit besides and take her hand in her hands.. „.. and besides, you are only one in my heart.” Lean closer to Acchan face and give her quick kiss on lips.
„Mou, Takamina..” still pouts.
„So, don’t think about how she is dressed. Okay?” still sits besides her.
„Okay, but if I see or found out, that she try to seduce you, then…”
„Acchan, something like that will never happen, so don’t worry.”
„I hope you are right.” Try to smile.
„Everything will be alright… Besides, I need to continue my work., next week is very important meeting.” … „So, what are your plans today?” go back to her table
„Amm.. still not sure. Maybe walk around.”
„Okay, but be careful.”
„Oka~y.” Stands up and go out.
In Takaminas mind „I just don’t even want to know, what she can do, when she is jealuos. But still, I need to protect her. I don’t know why, but I have strange feeling inside and that feeling scares me.”
After few hours in office.
Hmm.. it’s look like Takahashi are into girls. Also she not even try to deny it, because her wife is here. Well, I can admit that her wife is pretty, however,  she doesn’t look like someone, who can compare with me, she looks too weak for me. HeHe… That’s my chance to get Takahashi, and all what she have. It’s only matter of time.. soon you fell in love with me, and your beloved wife, will be gone. HAHA.. All what I need to do is seduce you and I know the best way how to do it. In my garderobe are enough clothes, what can seduce everyone heart.
It’s my first day in this kind of work, and there start my chance to seduce you, especially, with those kind of clothes, what I wearing right now. But I  still need to think a way how to get in your cabinet and find perfect time, when there isn’t your wife. Hmm… maybe I should just go in and ask something about work. I think she will answer me with smile.
„Okay, there goes. First step, get permission to call her by her nickname, but more better would be, if by her name.”
At Takaminas cabinet
„Ah, those papers works are so exhausting.I think I need take some free time. Hmm.. I think I should call Acchan.” While Takamina looking for her phone, someone knocked to the doors.
„Yes, come in.” At that time Tomomi came in. „Oh, hi, Tomomi, how are you doing?”
„Hello, Takahashi.”
„Don’t be so formal, just call me Takamina.”
„Oh, thank you, Takamina.” ‘First step – done.hihi.’.
„So, whats brings you here.?”
„Amm.. I just want ask some question about my work, well, I mean, about what I need to do…”… „well, there are some point write, but can you explain me more.”. I leaned closer to her. I think the way, how we look like right now, well, from the other side, probably looks very awkward. When she try to explain things, I change my positions. In this position she can see, what is under my blouse. I even think, should I open few more buttons from the top.
„First you, Tomomi, should get know our programs, with what we are working , and..” Hi, hi.. I can see, that she doesn’t feel comfortable everytime when she look at me. Looks I am success with my plan. „…and if you..”. 
„MINAMI~~” Damn, it’s her wife. More louder she couldn’t come in and why right now? I were so close.
„Acchan.?” Takamina, you should pay attention to me, not HER.
„Minami~. I miss you~!” That women. Looks like she doesn’t have shame.
„Amm.. Tomomi.. If you have other questions about this, then you can ask to Shinoda-sama, she will help you.” Takamina no, I want you.
„Oh, okay, Thank you about this, too.”  Okay, I will go.. only this time.
When I start to go out, I need to passes that women. When I was almost near to her, she look at me.. It’s look like someone is jealous. Start worrying, Maeda, because your time in here comes to an end.
When Tomomi was near to Acchan, you can see a fire between them. In Acchan eyes you can see – jealousy, anger and little bit of pain.
When I came in Minami cabinet I saw that new girl. She was too close to my Minami. What she think she are and what the hell she is doing? Oh no~
My Minami no one take away from me. I won’t let someone like her just come in and try to seduce my lovely Minami. Don’t even try. I will fight for her. I don’t care how hard it will be, but I will do everything to keep Minami to me. In the  world can’t be more dangerous person like jealous wife.

Chapter 2 "Never give up - Dare to be", won't be so soon.. I won't be time to write, because on this upcoming holidays I will stay in other place, where I need to work..
Also, don't think all story I will write like that, that's meant, be prepare for anything.. :twisted:
Title: Re: Dialogue + Story (Never give up - ) New update, Ch.1 [12.19.14]
Post by: Sydney W on December 21, 2014, 04:03:30 AM
Next round would be Atsuko vs Tomomi. More drama to read up next.
Title: Re: Dialogue + Story (Never give up - ) New update, Ch.1 [12.19.14]
Post by: cisda83 on December 23, 2014, 04:52:40 AM
I see more sparks are flying in the office huh?

Why didn't Mariko scare Tomomi like she did to Erena?

Ah... what's going to happen with Atsuko and Tomomi?

Can't wait to see some office fight

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Dialogue + Story (Never give up - ) New update, Ch.1 [12.19.14]
Post by: Mina on February 02, 2015, 11:16:40 PM
update, please? :bow: :bow:
Title: Re: Dialogue + Story (Never give up - ) New update, Ch.1 [12.19.14]
Post by: black_maa on February 05, 2015, 09:18:45 PM
update, please? :bow: :bow:

Please, be patient.. Also I am sorry, but it's not even written, only plan points, what happens in each chapter.. Lately I am very busy.. but I will try to continue..  :kneelbow:
Thank you for reading!
Title: Re: Dialogue + Story (Never give up - ) Ch.1 [12.19.14]
Post by: @gee on February 06, 2015, 12:19:13 AM
Well then.... I'll wait for your updates author-San ^_^
Title: Re: Dialogue + Story (Never give up - ) Ch.1 [12.19.14]
Post by: phoenix0i on February 06, 2015, 06:17:39 PM
Love triangle. Interesting.  :)
Title: Re: Dialogue + Story (Never give up - ) Ch.1 [12.19.14]
Post by: Kirozoro on February 06, 2015, 10:46:34 PM
Ah rival has arrive

Let see how Acchan do

Update soon
Title: Story(Never give up - ) + NEW OS [10.02.15]
Post by: black_maa on February 10, 2015, 09:43:43 PM
Hi everyone. I know, that you waiting for me update continue of some stories, but this time it's only a short OS. While writing my reports for school, something came in my mind (because of my high level imagination). While relaxing from school things, I write this.. but don't worry, I will continue stories too.  :kneelbow: someday..
About pairing.. in my head it always will be Atsumina, but this time I didn't write no one name.. maybe someone of you can see there some other pair, but of course, it's depend from your imagination.  8)

Also, enjoy reading!  :)  and sorry about my bad english.!

                                                                        TREASURE FOR ME

One thing what I appreciate in this world is friendship. It’s more like treasure for me, what I keeping  in my heart and never let it out. The reason of this friendship is my friend, my only true friend. We know each other from  diapers time. We grow together. Playing together. Spent time together. Did bad things together. Were scolded together. Even cried together… laughed together. We were like twins, who know each other steps and just by look, we know what we want or what we meant. We even went in one school. No one could separate us… at least I thougth that. In high school she meet someone. It was one guy, who tried very long to go on a date with her… she agreed to him. We start to spend more less time together, because, she hadn’t time for me.. she went with him. Of course I miss spent time with her, but it was hers choice and I only accept it. She made phone calls to every night and told how was day with him. I was happy for her… I known this time would someday come. We are growing. We need someone with who spend together rest of our lives. Each of us known that. Also, we didn’t want to loss each other. But we have to accept it.
It was already university time. We still went in one place, but this time in different professions. She looks so good with her boyfriend and it was already 2 years to them. This time went so fast. She looks so happy. How I like when she smile. Until she have this smile, I will be happy for her and let her leave her life. But….
I was in my home.. watching some movie and then I got phone call.. from her. When I answer to her, only thing what I heard was… sobs. She was crying. She didn’t said anything, but I understand everything. I got my coat and went straight to her house, what take me about 10 minutes.. But I didn’t ended the phone call.. I still listened to.
I went in hers house. She was sitting on the floor with her phone in her hands… crying. I got closer to her.. bent on my knees and hug her. She hug me back and start to cry more louder.
After one hour she calmed down. She start to speak.
„Why?” It was only word from her.
„Because… he is jerk. He don’t know how to treat a girl. He wasn’t good for you.” I didn’t know what to say more. Inside I was crying too, but I had to be strong for her.
„Then why its hurt?” her had was still on my chest and her eyes were close.
„Because you…let him in.. in your heart.” She didn’t say anything.. just tried to make our hug more tighter.
„Than I will never ever let someone in.. in there. I promise. Because its hurt too much.” I didn’t say anything, just hold her in my arms.

It was already one week, but her beautiful smile didn’t appear again. She mean to  me too much and I miss that smile. I want to see it again and I have to do something.
Few years ago, we both were watching some movie, where some stranger was sending letters to some girl, who very rare were smiling. Those letters was sweet, kind and romantic. After some while, that girl was smiling very often. When movie ended, she told me, that she want to receive those kind of letters too. Because, that mean, that someone can see her and love her. I hope she don’t remember that movie, because, I will try to do it, but I will pretend, that it isn’t me.
Those letters, more like sentences was short –

„If flowers could speak, they would say how beautiful you are.”

I put them under her table in class where has her place. Usually under table you can put some books, or other things. After school I   went home alone, because she still have some lectures.
Before sleep time I got a phone call from her. She said about that letter and the sender was stranger. However she was confused about it, but never said, that she didn’t like it. That is why I have to continue to send them. I want that smile back.
I put second letter under her table, while everyone was out from class.

„Your smile can melt every heart, even hearts from ice.”

In those letters I write my thoughts about her. Things what I really meant for her. When she read second one, I was’t very far from her, but she didn’t see me. I think I saw little smile.

„Your eyes are like diamond, when you show us your beautiful smile.”

Little bit I start to feel, that she is back, but not yet. I still put more letters. One letter in two days. I want her to understand, that she isn’t alone in this world.

„When you pout, I want to hug you and never let go.”

While writing them, I felt strange feeling inside of me. My heart start to beat little bit faster everytime, when I think about her.

„Your laughs make to realize, how world can be bright with it.”

I think, I start to fall in love with her. Her smile is almost back. And this will be last letter what I put under her table. I have to stop them, before she caught me and I don’t want to lose her.

„I would give everything what I have, if I could see that precious smile of you.”

It was already week since I write last letter. I didn’t have time to talk with her, because she was busy with her school things. But she always sent me messages, only saying „Good night or good morning.”
I was watching TV when someone knocked to my doors. When I open them there was standing her.. my friend. I let her in, she went to sit on couch. While I sit besides of her, she start to speak.
„I felt in love in person, who wrote those letters. And this person is in my heart.”
„….What? But then you broke your promise, what you made to yourself.?”
„No, I didn’t.” She look at me with those beautiful eyes.
„But you said you are in love.” I was confused.
„This person was already in my heart before I made this promise to myself. I just didn’t see it.”
„Then who is this person?” Please, don’t say it’s that jerk…
„This person is someone, who know me the best. This person is someone, who know what I want. This is person, who love me the most.”
„I don’t understand what are you talking about?” she only looked in my eyes and didn’t answer to my question, but instead asked me.
„Why did you stop?”
„Stop?.. Stop what?”
„Stop writing.”
„Writing what?”
„Letters.” It can’t be, that she know
„I.. I don’t understand, what letters?” I have to pretend, that I don’t know.
„You are bad liar.” I felt, that my heart start to beat little bit faster.
„I..I..” she take my hand into her and squeeze it, while looking at them, then back at me.
„You are only one, who can make me smile again.” She put her hands now on my cheeks and gave me a kiss. However, we already before gave each other some kisses on lips or cheeks, but they were fast and just for fun. But this kiss was soft and gentle and little bit longer… Our eyes were close and I answered her. After separating our lips, our foreheads was still together. Our eyes were half open. She change her position and now she was sitting on my lap, with her legs open. Puting her hands around my neck, she try to get our bodies closer by hugging. I huged her back. Her head was on my shoulder.
„Since when did you realize it?” I asked her.
„Since first letter.” I heard hers laughs.
„Eh!?” I am that bad?!
„Because, I also remember that movie and my words after that. And only one, who know about this, it’s you.”
„Oh..” She again gave me gentle kiss on lips. My heart was beating like crazy.
„Only what I need in this world, is you.”
„A-are you sure?”
„More then ever.”
„I am happy to hear it. In those two years I miss our time together.” We were still hugging.
„I miss you two. And you are only one, who can handle with my stubborn attitude and only one, who know, what I want. Also you are only one, who are always by my side.”
„I could say the same.” At that moment she look at me and gave this precious smile of her, what I love more than everything in this world. She is my biggest treasure. Treasure, what I will never let go and never let someone to take her away for me. She is treasure, who want to be loved and want around hands, where she feels safe. She is treasure, what no one can buy.


Sorry.. I know it was short. But two days ago it was longer, but my 'great' computer lost first version and I had to write again. After that, I already forgot what I write back then. :doh:
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I remember when I do that to my ex *secret admirer* :v wkowko

Nice update black_maa-san love it^^
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Author San thank you for the one shot. It's short but sweet. This story remind me of my school time. >_<
Thank you so much...
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so cute!  :heart:
Title: Story(Never give up - ) + NEW OS, AtsuMina [15.02.15]
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Thank you everyone for comment and who read it last OS, but now.. I how something new... new OS.. But there is one BUT!
Also.. I really sorry about my bad english skills..  :kneelbow: And my mistakes I only found, when I update it in here.

                                                          MONEY AGAINST TREASURE

My family is in very bad situation. We are owe. Lately I and them spent too much money and I didn’t care anything. My parents didn’t say anything too. We just wanted to live real life, like those rich people. Until one day they came, those people who we were owed. They wanted back their money. But we didn’t have nothing what to give… they gave us a week. In one week we have to get twenty million dollars or they will make us saffer.. by slowly damaging our bodies. I don’t want that. I am scare.
When I look at my parents, they didn’t say anything. They just agree for anything what they said.
„Mom.. dad.. What will happen now.. with us?” I asked them. But they just looked at me and said something hurtful.
„You have to get this money. Do everything what you can. If necessary.. even sold your body.”
„Wha-what?” I couldn’t believe what they said. My body? Why? I am their daughter.
„I am sorry. But we have no choice.” They turn around and went away. I was standing there, like frozen. How could they?
In next day I was with my friends. I told them everything. But no one of my friends have such a money. It’s hopeless. They said, they try to think something, but I am not hoping for that. There is no time.
In next day I got a message to arrive in some kind of place. They can help me with money.. but I have to be ready to do anything what they want. Choice is mine. But this time.. I didn’t have it.
I went to this place. It was huge. There was standing expensive cars. Bodyguards. Video cameras. Maids. I ring to the door bell, after few second someone opened and let me in.
„Hello, I come to..”
„She is already waiting for you.” I couldn’t finish my sentence. How can they know, that I will come and.. She?. „Please, follow me.” I just went behind of her. We went in big room. Everything in there looks so expensive. Who is this person? There was some girls. Half…. Naked? What? I have strange feeling. My heart start to beat faster. Those girls start to move and now I see someone between them. It was a girl. She looks so young. She were looking at me with smile.
„H-hello. I am Meade Atsuko and..” I bowed to her.
„Hello there, young lady. Just call me Takamina. And I heard about what happens and about money.. well.. it’s a lot.”
„I know. C-can I borrow from you this.. money.? P-Please?” I look at her with teary eyes.
„Well.. you can.” I start to smile. I never thought I really can get so much money.
„W-what?” I don’t like this word
„What you can give to me?”
„I..I..” From this question I was afraid most of it.
„Hmm?” She looked at me with devilish grin.
„I.. don’t have nothing… But please.. I realy need this money.”
„I know.. but did you think I will give you money just like that!?” She start to laugh.
„Well.. I.. Gi-give you my bo-body.” My heart was racing. I want to run away.. but I can’t..
„HAHA.. Your body?! Why do I need your body, when I already have this.!” She grab one of girls...................
„I… P-please!” I felt tears in my eyes.
„You are my  only chance.”
„Hmm.. I would admit that you look very cute.” I felt a blush in my cheeks.
„T-thank you.”
„W-what?” Strip?. I can’t do that. There is some many people here. It’s so embarrassing.
„I said strip! I want to know, if you are that worth.” I slowly put my hands on my blouse and slowly start to unbutton it. I couldn’t look at her or somewhere else. I only look at the ground. My hands were trembling. My blouse slide from my shoulders to the ground. I was wearing red underwear.  Taking of my shoes, I also open and slide it down mine skirts. Standing there like frozen, I try to cover myself.
„I meant EVERYTHING!” I look at her.
„I-I can’t.”
„You can’t?! HA! Then how you can strip in front of you boyfriend or someone else, who had a chance to taste your body?”
„I.. never had a boyfriend or someone e-else.” I could feel, that my face is red.
„You don’t?” She looked suprised „Hmm.. that’s mean… you are..?” I only nod her with meaning yes. „Well.. nowaday it’s very rarely to meet such a pretty girl who is still.. .!” Her smile turn into more devilish. I could see, that something she have in her  mind. „Girls… help her to move those clouthe.”
„W-what? No. P-please.” Three girls came to me. Two of them grab each of my arm and holding away of my body. Third one went to behind of me and start to doing something to my bra. She open it. Also open the straps for easy to take it away. Then she leaned lower and slowly take off my panties. After that they let me go and went out. I try to cover myself again. My face was burning. Please, someone, help me. I don’t want to be here................

[SORRY!! In this OS have smut moments. You can read it only, if you have permission to do that. Sorry again!
Also, it isn't tottaly smut, but I just don't want to get in trouble, and post it in perv section.
But for others, who have this permissions: ( - [I hope it works] ]

When I woke up I was still naked, but she was covered me with blanket. Sitting opposite to me, she start to speak.

„Hi. You are wake. How you feel?” Its sounded so soft and with feeling. But I didn’t care. I did what she wanted and that’s all.
„Where is my clouthe and money?” Covering myself with blanket I changed my position in couch and now I was sitting.
„Your clothe are there and money…” She showed me bag with money „ here.”
„It doesn’t look like twenty million.” I looked at her with angry look.
„Yes, it doesn’t. There is fifteen.” She was smiling at me. I don’t like it.
„But there was a deal. I need my money!” I stand up from couch and put back my clothes.
„Hmm.. You think with only one time I will give you such a money? HaHa!” She was laughing.
„What? You want more? In your dreams!” I taking a bag and start to walk away, when she again start to speak.
„I will waiting for you. And I want to taste you, ......” Not even turning my look at her, I answered.
„Go to hell, I will never come back.” With that I walk away. However there wasn’t enough money, but at least more then half.           
I had still three days for getting those five million. In next day came again those men.
I gave them money what I had.
„There is fifteen. Other five will be leter.” I said to them.
„ still have one day. If there wasn’t rest of the money, we will take one of you with us.” With big grin they looked at me. Why I feel like.. it would be me. I need get that money. And soon..
„Don’t worry. You will get your money.” With angry look I answered to them. But inside I was scared.
„We hope so. However.. we wouldn’t mind to take some of you, with us..” With smile they went out from house. My parents didn’t said anything and again just walk away.
„Damn.. where the heck I will get that money? I don’t want to go back to there. Aah!!”
Time was going. But my chance for getting money more less. Ten hours. There is only ten hours left. I don’t have a choice..
Next thing what I remember was that.. I was standing in front at this big house doors. It was place, where I lost my treasure. I knocked to the doors. Some maid opened them and let me in. She was showing me a place where to go. This time it was bedroom.
„Please, madam. You can use a shower. Later our mistress will come.” I only nod to her and she went out. This bedroom looks so big. I went in bathroom, taken off my clothes and went in shower.
„I can do it… Atsuko, you can do it. It’s only chance to get your family free. Remember, you are doing it for your family.” I said to myself, while water was dripping to my naked body. After some while I went out. Put on some wrapper, because there was no need for put back my clothes, if they will be taken off sooner or later..........
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 Author san!!!!
 I really love your story  :inlove:  :twothumbs
 Too bad i cant read the smut scene :cry:
 I have to go to school now
 Please update soon :bow:
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Continuation please...
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Nice story there...

Minami is the rich girl

Atsuko needs to sell her everything for money

What... Atsuko's parents are very very bad ones

Would there be a continuous?

Hope so... Also more smut too

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Treasure for me is so nice  :thumbup

i love it  :heart:

and this Money against treasure is interesting :)
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Hello, everyone.  :)
First thing.. Thank you guys for yours comments about last my OS and I am sorry, but there won't be a continue. But I can  put a last part from that OS, how it ended. [what I forgot before, sorry].. it was like that -

In my body wasn’t anymore some strength. I felt so week. I turn my view to the clock. My eyes was wide open, when I saw that. I have only three hours left. Not even looking around, I immediately wake up from bed and put back my clothes. But somehow I felt, that she is still here and watching me.
„Where is my money?”
„It’s here. Also there is little bit more, than you asked.”
„Why?” I looked at her with question mark in my face.
„…You were just too good. Better then I expected.” She gave me smile.. more like satisfaction smile.
„Oh.. t-thank you.” I take money and went out, but before that she said something again.
„I hope we will meet again.” I didn’t answer her, but just walk away.
Twenty minutes before deadly time I got in home. I counted money. She gave me two millions more, than I asked for.
Men came. With smile I gave them money and didn’t say anything. Accepting it, they with no words went out. Right now I wanted to forget everything what happened. I wanted to run away, far and far away.
After two weeks I start to travel around to the world. With money what she gave me, more like, what I paid for.. I  tried to enjoy everything what can world give me and tried to forget my past.
While eating in some kind of cafe, I had strange feeling. My heart start to beat little bit faster. „What’s happening?” I asked myself. Slowly watching around in cafe, my eyes saw something…. Some person was looking at me with smile. My heart was beating like crazy.. standing up from seat and starting to come closer to me… this person start to speak.
„Hello, Maeda Atsuko….”

..=/=.... it's more like them, who couldn't read the whole OS. But about other thing...

Second thing.  8)
Finally I start to write chapter 2 for "Never give up - ...." story. However, I was stuck with part fourth, because things about there all the time appear in my mind.. and that is why I didn't write parts before that. But I hope you won't kill me about things, what will happen in that part, for what you need to wait some long while. [sorry], but before that..
I am planning to put some other pair in this story. That is why I want to ask you readers - Is there some other pair, what you really want to see in this story? Also I can say, in this story won't be all lovey dovey moments.. there also will be some fun and sad (very) parts, and something from action [something like that, probably]..  :cool1:
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So it is an OS...   :love:

Thank you for writing the last bit of the story....

Can't wait to see another of your stories esp. about Atsumina

Thank you again

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Hi again. When I woke up this morning, something came in my mind. and before I forgot it, I wrote it.. It's short OS, where are different pairs.. but of course, most of Atsumina..  :)
Enjoy reading! Sorry about my bad grammer.
Now I will disappear with new updates, I just need to write my reports..  :on study:

                                                                                 MESS ON THE STAGE

It was Sunday night. Streets was so quit and empty. Wind was so warm and what was slowly moving some papers on the streets.  It was so peaceful. There nothing what could show about some disaster – what right now is happening one of the biggest building – Tokyo Dome! The place, where was concert of Japan biggest idol group – AKB48.

Loud screams. Many girls were crying. Someone was yelling. Something was broken. Someone was hurt (physically and emotionally). Panic. Total panic and mess. Crowd wanted something more.. more then just simple dancing and singing.

„Miichan, what’s going on here!? I were gone just three days and everything is out of control!” After hearing about situation, general manager and also captain, Takahashi Minami immediately came to Tokyo Dome.

These were days, when Takahashi and also the Ace Maeda has free time from concerts and they shouldn’t be even here. But public wasn’t happy about that.

„Ah, Takamina, finally you are here. Thanks God!” Miichan was running in halfway.

„Yeah, I am. What’s going on? What crowd wants?!”
„Well, that’s problem.”
„What do you mean?” Captain was confused.
„They want two from our group to the stage and..”
„And they want them kissing in front of them.”
„What?! You are kidding right? Did you sent some one already?” captain was shocked about what just heard.
„Yes, we did. We sent Jurina and Rena.”
„So, why crowd is still so loud?”
„That’s problem. They to failed.”

Jurina and Rena moment on the stage.

„Rena, please, we have to do it. It’s sake of our group and future.” Jurina tried to kiss her, while puting her arms around Renas waist and make their bodies closer.
„You mean,for your sake. Just one simple kiss. And that’s all.”
„Okay~.” Leaning their face closer, Jurina somehow managed give quick kiss on Renas lips.
„That’s all.  I am leaving.” Rena went away from the stage, while Jurina were still standing on the stage with closed eyes. And at that moment…
„UUUU… WE. WANT. MORE.!! WE. WANT. MORE!!...” Crowd wasn’t satisfied with it. Jurina immediately run away from the stage, before she is still have a chance.

„Oh.. Yeah. Their relationship is little bit complicated.” Captain wasn’t very surprised about these two.
„Well.. daaa..”
„So, did you sent someone other.?”
„Yeah.. Yuko and Haruna.. from the start everything was good until…”

Haruna and Yuko moment on the stage.

„Nyan Nyan.. you have no idea how happy I am right now.” Yuko already put around her arms to Harunas waist.
„Shut up, you pervert. Just kiss me already. I want get out from here.” In Harunas face you could see a pissed look and blush.
„It would be my pleasure.” From the start kiss was simple.. then little bit passionate. Haruna put her hands around Yuko neck, and tried to get their kiss more deeper. From Harunas was heard a little moan. From the start, crowd was silence.. then start to cherish those two…
„YEAH.. KOJIYUU!! WE LOVE YOU! YEEE!” it’s looks like everything will be okay and crowd are satisfied with them.. but unfortunately.. not long.. Yuko pervert mode – on! While kissing, Yuko start to touch Harunas body. From the start only her back, but then.. she move her hand to Harunas stomach. Kisses still continue. Yuko hand start to get higher and higher.. she found hers target.. breast..puting a hand on it and squeezing was the reason, why they failed.
„YOU HENTAI!!” at that moment she hit very hard on Yuko head.
„ITAII!! Nyan Nyan.. come back! I sorry! Please!” Haruna was running away from stage with Yuko following her.
„Don’t come near me, you pervert!”

„Ye~ah.. Just like her.” This time captains wasn’t shocked about situation between these two. „So, did you tried someone else?”
„I am still thinking about that.” Miichan start think again.
„Amm.. what about you and Mariko?”
„Well.. about that..” at that moment someone was yelling from afar…
„Don’t even think about that!! I will kill her, if she only touch me.”.. and it was Mariko.
„Did you heard, Takamina? I still want to live…Of course if we found a conclusion, how to calm down the crowd.”
„Oh.. what about TomoTomo couple?”
„I don’t think it’s good idea.. because before concert, that had very big cruel.. and we don’t need some blood on the stage.”
„A cruel? About what?” captain was confused, because they always looked so lovely dovey for each other.

TomoTome moment before concert.

„How could you?!”
„Me!? What about you?! You started this, not me!”
„ME!? It was you!”
„I din’t wanted, but you make me!”
„I din’t do anything. You didn’t even listened in me!”
„Because you always speaking nonsense!”
„Oh! Like that. Okay. You pain is ass!”
„WHAT!? How did you just call me?”
„You heard it.. pain is ass.”
„Okay.. that’s it. You are died.”
„Oh..oh.. how afraid I am right now.. ahahaha….” She start to run away, when the other start to run after her, while yelling..
„Come back, you chicken!”
„No way! Pain in ass!”

„Amm.. does someone know, about what they are fighting for?” captain didn’t understand the reason for that fight.
„No idea and I don’t even want to know. There just things, what we will never understand,  my captain.” Miichan went closer to captain and put around her arm to hers neck.
„Oh.. so.. do you have someone in mind, what to send on the stage? Before things going too far and while there isn’t some died body on the floor or somewhere else.”
„Hmm.. no idea.”
„Guys.. you really need to do something. Crowd start to get more louder.” At that moment came Haruna with Yuko (who is still rubbed her head) and Rena with Jurina. „..and perhaps very soon.”
„First, Hi, everyone.” Captain was looking at them „.. I don’t know. After what Miichan just told me.. I don’t know who to send anymore.” Captain start to get in panic.
„Maybe, we should..” When Miichan start to speak.. someone approach them.
„Hi, guys.. What’s going on here?”
„A-Acchan?” everyone was suprised.
„Wifey! What are you doing here?” Miichan run to hug her.
„I just got a call from the staff and then quickly came to here.”
„Oh..” captain didn’t know what to say, coz still thinking who to send on stage.
„Wifey, we just need to send someone on the stage and….” Silence. When captain heard that they stop talking she start to look at them.
„What? Why are you looking at me?” captain was confused. Because  in everyone faces was seen a strange grin.. except Acchans face, coz she isn’t sure about what is happening.
„I think we know who to send.” Miichan and other looked at Acchan and captain.
„Oh no.. No! I won’t do it! Don’t even ask me to do it. It’s too embarrassing. I won’t move from this place.” Captain start to get in panic. She would never ever do something like this.. and with Acchan.. no way.. not even in million years…

After ten minutes.

„No! I won’t do it!” Captain was still in her panic mode. But this time she was standing already on the stage with Acchan beside her.. very close.
„Come one, Takamina. We can do it. Just pretend, that there is no one, but only us.” Acchan leaned her face closer to captains face..
„That’s sounds more awful.” Crowd was silence. They were waiting. Sometime you could hear word ‘AtsuMina’. Captain felt like she could collapse in any second. But she is captain, she have to do it. But her courage didn’t let it. Hers face color was like tomato.. red as much possible. When Acchan seen, that her captain is in panic, she looked at the crowd and ask them to cherish them. And of course, crowd did it. „ATSUMINA. ATSUMINA. ATSUMINA…!!” When crowd got so loud, Acchan sealed captain lips with hers own. She put her hands around smaller person neck, for trying to get a kiss more deeper. Captain was shocked about Acchan attitude, but at the same time.. happy. Putting her hands around Ace waist, she tried to get their bodies more closer. Crowd was more louder. You could heard someone yelling different words about them.
„KISS. KISS.”  Captain and Ace continue their kissing process. In large screen, what was near the stage, was seen these two.. kissing.. Their eyes were close. Their body just fitting perfectly. Kisses were deep and passionate. But more surprise for Ace.. captain move her hands lower to the Ace back, until they reach hers butt and squeeze it. Crowd went insane.
They stop their process and looked at each other. Both of their faces was red, but with smile in there. Letting each other go, but still hand in hand, they bow to the crowd. Captain couldn’t speak, coz were still in her trance about what happened. That’s why Ace start to speak in her place.
„Thank you everyone! I hope you like it , what you just saw.! See you soon! Bye.”
They both went away from stage. But crowd now was more louder, because still screaming for Atsumina couple in happy mode.

„Ah.. finally. They did it.” Miichan felt relief.
„I agree with you. Why we din’t send them from the start?” Mariko was standing near to Miichan, what also scare her.
„Woah!.. since when you are here?” she looked at her with confused look.
„Some while already.. but you were too busy to notice it, because you just drooling by watching those two.”
„Hehe.. sorry.. but.. where are they now?” Miichan start to look around, but didn’t see them.
„Who knows. But perhaps somewhere in private.”
„Are you sure? Maybe Takamina just collapsed somewhere after this and you know.. she just too shy.”
„Hehe.. I think not anymore.” Mariko was laughing.
„Eh? Amm.. so.. maybe, we can.. I mean..”
„No. Don’t even think about that. If you still want to be alive.” Mariko now was angry.
„But.. come one.. Everyone looks so happy and they think, that we already.. well .. you know..” Miichan was begging her.
„Not even in your dreams.” She start to went away..
„Ple~ase! Mariko~!” Miichan still tried to begging, while going after her.

Somewhere in empty room.

„So, my captain. Where we left?” Ace was trying to get some more kisses from her beloved midget.
„A-Acchan.. I don’t think it is a good idea. Someone can come.” Captain was in panic. Right now, she was afraid from Ace and her strange grin on her face.
„Shh.. Takamina. I lock the door. No one will come. So give me, what I want..”  Sealing again lips with captain, she start to get more aggressive. Captain was trapped between wall and her. And that was the best way how to start her plan.. make captain hers.

Title: Re: Mess on the stage - Atsumina + other pairs [14.03.15]
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Oh well... Atsuko is taking this chance to get Minami to be hers...

Interesting concert... though never like that in real life...

Well thank you for the interesting idea there...

Can't wait to see more Atsumina

Thank you again for the OS

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The crowd is so wild.
Funny, Rena walked out.
Yukpo here is being herself.
Mariko being a tsundere.
Atsumina so cool.
Acchan relly wants to own her captain.  :thumbsup
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woot my kojiyuu feelings o.o
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Acchan is surely aggresive when it comes to Minami XD

well, Yuko is just being her usual self  :hiakhiakhiak:

Anyway~ can't wait for another atsumina!  :wub:

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yuukooooo you such a pervert ! lol XD , black_maa-san another OS please !!  :D . oh yeah i must update too  :panic:
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Wow  :drool:
Very good shot  :twothumbs
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nice OS black_maa-san, its funny ...  :mon thumb:
thanks for your update ...  :mon XD:
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A: Well, I am not sure, I bought it in shop and in front of pack was writing „For your Darling”
  M: Pfff.. *coughs.. *coughs.. What?
 A: Is it something wrong? (looking to the Minami with question mark in face)
  M: Atsuko, this food is for cats.

Ok, first of all, this just made my day  O0 I laughed really hard!!!

About MESS ON THE STAGE, I was picturing that would happen since the beggining. And thank god it did :3

And of course, pls update sooooon  :oops:
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 :lol: atsumina  :wub:  :cow:
Title: Simply… Unbelievable! (AtsuMina) [2.09.15]
Post by: black_maa on September 02, 2015, 08:57:07 PM
Hi.. I just noticed, that I hadn’t updated some while some One shot story. So, something came in my mind and here it is (however, it’s a miracle, that I could do it).. It’s not very long, but at least something new from me..
Sorry about my awful grammar, but I hope you reader  understand it..
Enjoy reading!. ;)


Life can give you a lot of surprises, experiences and give a hard kick in your butt while showing a big grin in its face, but when you turn around to look at this kicker you only receive a cake what is landing straight in your face with strawberry taste on it.
I am Maeda Atsuko. Famous actress, singer. In my 24 I am very popular in my country. My pictures you can see on lot of things, like in magazines, in TV, on big screen what are in streets, even on the buses. Funny, right? I can’t go nowhere by someone not see me and with out asking a autograph. Well, it’s good to know, that people notices me, but there are time, when it’s too much and I wish, that there would be some person, who don’t know me.

There was day, when I wanted to rest from everything. I was too tired from hard schedules in every day. So, I run away from everyone. Covering my face and hoping, that no one would recognize me, I take a reservation in simple hotel, where aren’t many people. Just quiet place. Gatting a simple room, where was only bathroom, and room, where to sleep. At least bed was enough big.

But that was also a time, when I wanted to take back my wish to be unknown by at least one person. I never thought to be unknown by someone would be so… complicated?


In my plan was to hide from everyone was about few days. I think it would be enough. Probably after turning back, I will get scolded pretty hard, but at least it was worth of it. Laying in bed. No sounds around. With phone off.
„Ah… So quite and peacfull.” It was already lunch time, but I was still in bed. I was too lazy to get out, cuz it was too comfortable.  Until my stomach gave me a signal to be feeded. Hardly getting up, I use room telephone to call down to reservation and ask them to bring me food. A lot of food.  Of course I tried to change my voice, that they won’t recognize me.

It was already two days since I am in here. I bet my manager is very angry right now. But ah.. who care, I want to relax too. While waiting my food I went into shower. It was so good, just in time. While showering I didn’t hear, that there was a knock on the other side of the doors, no even a sound, that someone just came in. Getting out from shower and wrapping only in towel I prepared to go out from bathroom.


„Hey, Takahashi! Room 48 asked to bring food. Here, there is a list what she wants.” Someone yells.
„Whoa! Are you sure, she is alone in there, cuz with so much food you can feed about four people.” Looking in list with disbelief.
„I don’t know. But until she pay for it, I don’t care.” Getting back in own things.
„Yeah, yeah.. I am going.” Walking to kitchen way.

So, how you heard, I am Takahashi. Minami Takahashi. I am 24 years old, more like young girl, who working in this lame place. I don’t know what I am doing here, but I needed fast money and it was first places, where I could get a job in short time. But I was sure about one thing, this place won’t exist long, cuz it’s in awful places and no sign  that something like this is even in here. Just come one, who normal person would want to came here and spend some night? I wanted to get out from here as soon as possible, this is creepy place. Even the outside view is terirble. Like a ghost town. Ah, only few days left and I am out..

Getting food from kitchen I went to that room.. room 48. Even this room number is creepy. I don’t understand, why its even exist. Standing in front of this door I knocked few times, but there was no responses.
„Hmm. Maybe she went out?” checking doors, they were lock. „Geez. I can’t left this food in here. Someone need to pay for it.” Taking from my pocket a key from this room, I slowly unlocked them. Carefully opening doors and going in with all food I asked for someone.
„Hello, is there someone? The food what you ordered is here.” Putting all food on the table I heard a sound. *Click* Turning my head to the side, where was sound my jaw dropped. In front of me where standing a girl wrapped only in a towel. I could say a very beautiful girl and looks like in my age… maybe. She looked very… confused.
„Oh! I..I am so sorry. There is food what you ordered. Take your time. I am going.” I think she didn’t even understand what just happened. She only looked at me with ‘eh?’ look. Hmm.. what girl like her doing in this kind of places..
„OH MY GOD! She… she is.. a.. Oh my!” I need to tell someone this. I can’t believe what I just saw..


Going out from shower in front of me where standing a girl, who were putting a food on the table. At first I was confused… shocked and…
„OH NO!! She saw me… Geez.. she now will tell everyone. I need to find her and now.” Putting on my clothes, hat on head, sunglasses on my eyes and taking some snacks from table I run out from room. Now I need to be careful, that others don’t notice me.

Going out from my room and walking carefully thru to corridors, I searched for her. I was already in first floor, when I saw her walking in fast steps. Taking faster my own steps my eyes catched the view what was at reservation place. There was standing three men. I could see, that they are showing that person some picture, like searching someone. When one of man turned his head he looked somewhere familiar.
„Oh no.. they are from my agency. Shoot.” Speaking with myself in low tone I looked after her. She started her way to these men. I had to stop her before she tell them. Taking faster my steps, I was already behind her what she didn’t notice. I grabbed her from behind while my left hand was covering her mouth, but right hand around her waist. I dragged her away from this place to my room. At first she didn’t even struggled. But when we got in my room…

„What the heck you are do- Holy sh-mhpmmpph” I covered her mouth again with my hand, cuz she was talking too loud.
„Shh.. be quiet.” I said to her in low voice while taking off my hand from her mouth.
„W-why I would be quiet? How I can be quiet? I know who you are.” Ah.. here we go..
„Yeah.. that’s good to know, I am Ma-” I didn’t even finished my words when she in loud voice spoke.
„Y-you are a killer!”
„A kill-WHAT!? I am a singer and actress.” Is she joking?
„Yeah, yeah.. I know you. What you just said is only a cover for your true identity. In reality you are high level killer. You have no other reason to be in here. You are up to something.” She pointed at me with her finger while I was still shocked.
„Are you insane? How someone like me can be a killer?” I asked to her. She spoke while little bit stuttering.
„That’s r-right. Girl like y-you.. who have perfect b-body, sexy l-look and heart melting s-smile are the most d-dangerous. I have seen a lot of this things in m-movies.” Okay.. her words made me blush, but still.. what she is thinking?
„I think you are watched those movies way too much and lost your brain with them.” I crossed my arms in front of my chest, cuz how can this be possible, the she don’t know me? Okay, so that how is it, when someone don’t know you. Never though it would be that terrible.
„Say w-what you want.. but still I don’t b-believe you. I bet know when I kn-know who you are, you are going to k-kill me. And this places is just perfect where to hide a b-body.” I think she using some drugs.
„Are you even from this planet?” I asked her with serious look.
„Of course I am. W-well.. if not, then I would know t-that. At least my mom would tell me that. I think.” Is she serious?
„I think you fall from moon and your head was first who hit the ground.. and pretty hard.” Never though someone like her even exist.
„Hey, I am not!” While she was speaking I heard someone talking outside. And this girl is talking too loud.
„Shh.. will you stop talking?” Hoping for her to be quiet, she instead started to speak more louder.
„Don’t ‘shhh’ me in here!! I don’t want to die!! I am too young for that!!” she was in panic. Almost crying.
„I think you are more too stupid.” The sound on the other side of doors where coming closer.
„Please, don’t kill me!!” Okay.. now she started to cry.
„Just shhh.. I won’t kill you. If I wanted that, then I already had done it some while ago.” Going closer to her I tried to calm her down, but there was no use.
„I don’t believe y-mmphpmpmpmh.” The sound in corridors was to close and only way how to make her stop speaking was to.. „W-why did you do that?” Her face was red like tomato.
„Sorry, it was only way how to make you to stop talking.” Ah.. I hope they don’t heard anything?
„You-you just stole my… my fi-first… ki-kiss.” Why I am not even surprised about that? Cuz who want to kiss someone like her.. who have very high and bad imagination? This girl is weird. Wait. I just kissed her. Geez.. Okay.. this didn’t count like a kiss.. However she have pretty soft lips.. and with strawberry taste-what the heck I am even thinking!? I should think how not let them to find me. Hmm.. but she looks so cute, when she is blushing. I could kiss- heck no! AH!! Stupid kiss!! Why I didn’t think about different way how to make her shut up? I hope after week I won’t remember anything from this what just happened.

„Listen.. Sorry girl for doing it, but please just don’t talk anymore.” In calm voice I said to her.
„Minami. Takahashi Minami.”
„What?” Did she just said to me her name?
„My name is Minami.” Is she serious?
„Just while ago you said that I am a killer and now you are telling me your true identity? That was very smart from you, you know.” I can’t believe. Who normal person tell its own name to a killer? Okay, I am not a killer, but still, does she even think too?
„Oh.. hehe.. s-sorry. Then just forget what I just said and call me Takamina. Well, at least my friends call me like that.” She is an idiot.
„Better would be Bakamina. About your friends, I don’t even want to know how smart and crazy they are or from which planet they are.” That’s miracle, that she is still alive or not in jail, but better she could suit a hospital for crazy and insane people.

While she was standing and not even moving, I went closer to my room doors and tried to listen if they are still there. I couldn’t hear anything, until there again was foot steps and man talking.

„Okay men, we have to check every room in here. Do you understand? We need to find her.” One of them spoke.
„Yes, ser.” I could heard that others answered to him.
„You stay near to stairs, me and he will start to check room from first to fourth floor. We need to be careful, cuz she can change rooms. So, go.” They started to search every room. At least I was in last floor, what was also the fourth. I have little bit time. Need to think something and fast, but what?

„What are you doing?” My thought was interrupted by her. Looking at her in my mind came idea.
„Hey, tell me, movies what you watched, how they fooled others, when they didn’t wanted to be found?” She is too dumb, so I hope she didn’t understand what I want with it.
„Hmm.. well, there was time, when they hide in secret rooms. Or killed them in silence one by one.” That was bad idea to asking her. No one of this idea are good.
„Oh.. I remember one more thing. While hiding, they started to make love. And because of loud moans, the bad guys didn’t wanted to even check it. Cuz you know.. no one want to be interrupted in that kind of moment.. Hehe.. funny right?” At first I looked at her with disbelief look, until..
„Hmm.. what could suit it?” I started to search something.
„Eh? What are you doing?” She asked me with serious voice.
„Something like a… rope?” Hmm.. in here nothing is good.
„A rope? Hehe.. why do you need a rope?” she asked me.
„For tied someone.” I continue to search.
„For that you can use a belt what you have around your body.” She pointed at me. Hmm.. good idea from someone like her. I take it off and looked at her. „W-what? W-why are you looking at me like t-that?” Don’t tell me that she still didn’t understand what I want to do?
„I will make you moan.” Getting closer to her, she started to take few steps back.
„W-what? Why? No!” If she think I am a killer, then okay, I won’t be nice anymore.
„Start moaning with good or I force you to do it.” In my face you could see a devilish grin.
„No! Do it yourself!” Hehe.. she look so cute. What the heck I am thinking? It is no time for that.
„I can’t. They will recognize my voice.” I said to her while slowly getting closer to her.
„OMG! Of course! How I didn’t think about it sooner. You are the killer, so if you need some information you sleep with them. Oh my! I bet now you plan is to tied me, use me and then I will be a victim, cuz right now you are planning to kill someone and then all blame would be one me. Oh no.. sorry girl.. but I refuse to get in this kind of trap of yours.” I think my mouth just opened from this kind of imagination. I think she is already kidnapped by aliens and her brain is changed with some kind of animal brain. Yeah.. it would explain everything.
„Are you really so stupid or you just pretending to be like that?” Poor people, who knows her.
„Hey! I don’t pretending anything.” *Facepalm*
„…Okay.. I will pretend, that I didn’t hear anything. So.. lay in bed.” I pushed her in my bed and climbed on top of her.
„Wait! Stop! I don’t want my first time like this.” I holded both of her hands against the bed each side of her body and wishpered in her ear.
„If you want me to be gentle towards you, then stop resisting, honey.” She looked so cute in bed, that I don’t know what happened in my brain, when I gave her again a quick kiss on lips. Oh.. strawberry. My love for this fruit is too high.. I can’t resist.. too tasty.


I couldn’t believe what just happening. Everything was just like movies. Okay, I somehow wished to be kidnapped and everything what comes with it, cut I thought it could be cool, but right now.. Tied in bed with beautiful and hot girl on top of me, who probably is high level killer, isn’t anymore so cool. Help?

„You can’t do this. I will report about you.” I tried to speak, but for that was no point.
„Do as you want, but only after I have done my things with you.” I felt that her hand was slowly sliding under my back. Don’t tell me, that she will undress me? Ah, why me? At least she have soft hands.
In next moment I was laying on my stomach and I could feel a weight on my back. She was still on top of me. Hands tied to the bed, sexy killer on top, her hands under my shirt and touching my back skin.. So that’s it.. It will happen.. My first time will be with sadistic person. Yeah.
„Wh-what are you – AAAH!”

In the other side of the doors.

„Men, we need to find her. You. Check room number 48.” When one of man was almost near to this room, he heard a sounds.
„Mmm.. AAAH..!!” He heard something like moans.
„Are they doing what I think?” He put his head closer to the doors to make clearer sound.
„AAHH.!! It soo good.. Mmm.. YEah!” He called other men to listen it too.
„I don’t think she is in this room.” One of man spoke.
„Oooh!! Please not so hard.. Gently.. AAHH.!” Men looked at each other and understand one think.
„It’s not her voice.. We better don’t disturb them.. cuz we don’t know who is that man, who doing it. Maybe some high level killer.. and I want to die in here.” They went away from that doors and checked rest of the rooms.

Back in room 48.

„Aaah…!! how come those soft hands be so rough..?  Ooh..!!” I could admit, that she was so good in this.
„Hehe.. it’s because you are so tight..” She teased me.
„Hey.. it’s because of hard work, what I have to do.” Later it will hurt more.
„You should relax more.. cuz when someone give you back massage, you need to be calm and relaxed. Even from this short of time, my hands hurt for massaging your back.” Yeah, yeah.. I didn’t asked her to do it to me.
In next moment the weight what was on my back disappeared. From this position I couldn’t see where she was. I tried to turn my body, so I could be laying back on my back. I saw her walking around in room and collected her things.
„W-what are you doing.?” I asked her. She didn’t even looked at me while answering.
„Packing my things and then I will leave, before they understand that they were fooled.” She hadn’t many belongings and was already done with it and ready to go.
„Hey! What about me? You can’t let me in here like this. Untied me.” Or does she can?
„Sorry, honey, but if I do it, you could get down and tell to others about me.. I can’t to risk..” Is she joking?
„But..” what I wanted from a killer like her..
„Sorry.. bye.. Oh.. one more things before I leave you.” She came closer to me and looked with strange look at me.
„W-what?” why I have bad feeling about it?
„My love for strawberry is too high.”  She started to lean closer to my face.
„Don’t tell me that you are going to k---mmmhpphmmh..” and yeah.. she kissed me again.. but this time more deeper. Before I got back from trance, she was already gone. „Ah.. if she won’t be a killer, then she could be perfect girlfriend.. however, these relationship would be little bit complicated.”

In bed I spent rest of the day, until old women from personal came to clean this room. When she found me it was first time, when I felt so embarrassingt in all my life. I spent there only one more day and then finally I was gone from that creepy and killer place. My dream was to work in five star hotel, not in here.


In Meada agency. After two days.

„What do you mean, you can’t find her?!” Someone was yelling.
„S-sorry Ms. But there was no clue. Even in that creepy hotel, where someone said, that she is in there, we could find her.” There was three men who answered her.
„It’s not possible! She Maeda Atsuko. A spoiled women. Everyone know. There wouldn’t be a miracle, that she fooled you.” Maeda manager were angry.
„Amm.. there was something strange, more like private thing, what we heard.” One of man spoke.
„What kind of?” She asked.
„Hehe.. in room was some couple, who were doing their… staff.” One of man said.
„and.. and it’s not be possible, that she was in there, cuz it wasn’t her voice even.” Other continue.
„You IDIOTS! Get out! Now!” Manager sounded very angry and men left the place,  until..

„Are you looking for me?” When men went out, I came in thru to other doors.
„Maeda………. I won’t even ask you where were you. No even what did you do with that poor girl. Not even how you did it. I could only say, that good to know, that you are fine and back.” She sit in her chair and very angry.. hehe.. who wouldn’t?
„I don’t know what are you talking about? Not even - what girl?” I showed her mine ‘no idea’ smile.
„Next time, when you are planning to disappear like that, at least, tell me.” She tried calm her down while deep breathing.
„I will try to remember it.” and again my innocent smile.
„Before you leave, I wanted you to tell, that after two month we have meeting with high level people in Tokyo five star hotel. I hope till then you won’t do something… like this.” She told me. Ah.. again boring meeting. And my cheeks will hurt from non stop smiling.
„Okay. So, I better go now. See you later?” I turned around I start my way out. I can only imagine how angry she truly is. Hehe.
Going out from agency I saw a strawberries. In that moment in my mind came thought about her.
„Hmm.. what in the end happened with that girl.? I bet she stayed tied in that bed some while.. But still, she was really stupid.. in only thing what she was good was picking lip gloss.” Ah.. but what I was thinking, when I kissed her three times?


After two month.

„Ah, finally new job. No strange people. Good salary. Perfect view. Safe place and NO killers. Just perfect.” Right now I was working in biggest Tokyo five start hotel. It was little bit hard to get in here, but it was that worth. Love this place.

I was going after new towels for our customers, what was in first floor. While going I heard some men speaking. I could hear, that they are looking for someone, but I couldn’t hear clearly what.
„Hehe.. good luck men.. it will take time in here.” With laughing smile I continue my way after towels. Opening doors and turning lights on, my eyes were widen open in shock. Why in here is a person and.. OH MY GOD!
„You are---mhmpphph..” She grabbed me by jacket  and pulled me in this room with force.

„Men, did you heard something?” one of man spoke.
„No, I don’t think so. In here are a lot of people, so we better go.”
„Yeah.. I agree.” With that they left.

„You are be joking. Not again---mmhphphp..” Why me? Why always me? And why again her.?
„Mmm… Strawberry.. my favorite.”


Life in the end is funny, right? Who could know, that we will meet again.. with your strawberry lip gloss on your lips. Just simply unbelievable.. and tasty.

Title: Re: Simply… Unbelievable! (AtsuMina) [2.09.15]
Post by: Haruko on September 03, 2015, 01:43:40 AM
love it!
Title: Re: Simply… Unbelievable! (AtsuMina) [2.09.15]
Post by: cisda83 on September 03, 2015, 08:50:59 AM
Minami is like a moron... letting her imagination running wild...

Atsuko is such a teaser...

Very funny OS there

Thank you for the Atsumina story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Simply… Unbelievable! (AtsuMina) [2.09.15]
Post by: kazuko on September 03, 2015, 05:58:10 PM
I like it! somehow it's funny..

but Minami look so stupid in this story :(
Title: Family things - Drabble #2 - AtsuMina [1.12.15]
Post by: black_maa on December 01, 2015, 01:09:01 PM
Amm.. Hi! I probably should update something too, before I update  next chapter for that one unfinished story.. But of course, thank you everyone who readed that OS before.. Thank you!


It was time, when in the middle of the day, the head of Takahashi family, was peacefully sitting in living room couch and reading some newspaper. The head of the family was Takahashi Minami. Her wife Takahashi Atsuko and their two kids  - Minna (11 year young girl) and Jun (13 years young boy). 

Minami - *peacully reading hers newspaper* „Hmm..” *suddenly got approached by her kids*
Minna, Jun - *sits besides her* ….” Dad, can we do something for you? „
Minami – „Hm? Not really” *continue to read* „..besides, I am your mom too.”
Minna - *ignores what was just said* „Your shoulders looks tight.. Maybe we can do a massage?” *stands up, go behind couch and start to massage*
Minami – „Oh, that was good” *enjoyes it*
Jun – „Maybe you want something to drink too” *stand up and walk to kitchen. Not long atfter that returns back with glass of water* „Here you go.”
Minami – „Oh, thanks, kid.” *takes glass and drink it*
Jun – „Maybe something more?” *Looks at Minami*
Minami – „Thank you kids for your kindness, so, what is a reason for this?” *Looks at them with smile* „..coz when you do this, you always want something.”
Jun –  *smiles awkwardly * „We just wanted to be nice, that’s all.”
Minna – „Yeah, that’s true.”
Minami - *Looks at them* „Nice to hear it, but..” * deep breath * „..but your momy Atsuko was faster then you two.” 
Minna, Jun – „That’s not fair!” *both pouts*
Minna* mumbling* „Not again! We wanted some money too.”
Jun - *with angry voice* „I told you, that we had to ask for it already in the morning. But nooo.. you always need some plan.”
Minna - *pouts* „Mou.. don’t blame me.. It was your idea too.” *goes to back their room*.. *Jun following her*
Minami – „Hehe.. just like their momy Atsuko” *continue to read newspaper*

After some while

Minami - *hears some foot steps* *suddenly feel hands around her neck, got hugged* „Oh..”
…….. – „What are you doing?” *speak in low voice*
Minami - *smiles* „Nothing much.. Atsuko.”
Atsuko – „Hmm… You smell nice” *nuzzle in Minamis neck*
Minami – „Mou, Atsuko.. stop tickling me” *tried to resist* „..By the way.. kids tried your method how to get money from me..” *Looks at wife*
Atsuko - *with innocent voice* „I don’t know what are you talking about.” *goes around and sits beside to Minami*
Minami - *Put down newspaper and looks at her wife* „So, tell me.. what did you bought?”
Atsuko - *start to stroke wife/husbend hair* „Hmm.. then you will see it.”
Minami - *thinks* „…is it something what I can eat?” *exciting*
Atsuko - *with seductive voice* „Well… You can take it in that way too.” *grinning*
Minami - *looks suspicious at her* „What that supposed to mean?”
Atsuko – „Hehe… don’t worry. Later you will see it..”
Minami – „Oh..” *still confused*
Atsuko - *bent closer to Minami and tells in her ear* „..but only when our kids will be fall asleep.” *tracing fingers at wife/husband chest zone*
Minami - *gulp* „Ca-can’t w-wait?” *smiles awkwardly*
Atsuko – „Trust me, you will like it.” *grinning*
Minami – „Oh boy…” *in thoughts „And you still kids wonder, why momy Atsuko is always first who get it when she wants something.”*

The end! J
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Ah... Atsuko is such a teaser....

Thank you for the short OS

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Title: Hot friendship " A secret", AtsuMina [21.03.16]
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Hi! It's already some while, when I last time posted something in here..
So... This is something what I already have in my tumblr, but with password, cuz.. it's smut in some way.. xD
Any way.... I will give also a chance to read those, who hasn't tumblr account, but have access in perv forum.
Sorry about grammar errors.
Of course, enjoy reading. :) 

                                                    HOT FRIENDSHIP “A SECRET”

Already being a famous actress and filming in many movies, I was ready to make my next big step and filming nude and in a very picant episodes. But this is where my problem begins…

I am Maeda Atsuko, 22 years old actress. I was given a big rule in movie.. in picant movie, where is big possibility, that I have to sleep with someone. No, I didn’t mean by just sleeping in bed. I meant.. a hot episode.. with some actor.

My problem… I never had slept with someone like that. And doing my first time with some kind of actor, would be end of me. Embarrassing. Shame. My fame will be ruined.  No. I won’t let it happen and I need to find someone with who to do it.

Time to find someone and do it – one week.


Sitting in my house couch I tried to make a list with my friends and add some bad and good points to them in short way..
1.      Miichan – Good friend. Like to kiss me. Too much talking, it will be like to put in the first page of the newspaper. No.
2.      Haruna – Too shy. Stubborn. If Yuko will know that, she will for sure wanna watch it too, while drooling. No.
3.      Yuko – She will do it for sure. Too much pervert and touchy. But then she would tell it this thing to a younger ones how ‘those things’ works. Big NO.
4.      Mariko – Too risky. Cuz she definitely will take some pictures. No. Just no.

Ah.. my situation was too bad.. cuz after these people everyone will know and I am done. I need a person who is ready to do it everything because of me and won’t tell it to nobody. Person who I trust the most. Wouldn’t hurt me. Will be gentle. Do this kind of person I even know it?


It was my phone. A message. And it was from… Takamina. Hmm.. Neah.. she is too shy. She is definitly against to those kind of things. Also if she sees me naked, she probably would faint. But yeah… she at least won’t tell it no… hmm.. nobody.. *evil smirk*

In her message she wrote it that she has boring and asked what I am doing. Just in time.

After some while.

„Soo.. what was so important that I had to come here very fast?” There she was.. sitting in my couch. She looked so calm while drinking her own tea, what I made for us some while ago and didn’t have any clue about what I want to ask her.
„Amm.. Takamina? You know that I am filming and want to be more popular actress.” First thing, try not to scare her.
„Yeah, I know. That’s good for you and I am happy to hear it.” You always are happy for me.. that’s why we are so good friends.
„..and also about that I am now filming in very… hot and picant movie.” In her face I could see little shyness, but she still tried to act normal. „..and I have to sleep with someone.” In that moment she started to act strange. More like, trying to find best position how to sit.

„So.. that’s good.. for you.. But why are you telling me… this?” She didn’t even looked at me. Acchan, just remember not to scare her.
„Well, that’s the problem. I never had slept with someone.. in ‘that’ way. And I don’t want my ‘first time’.. like that.” My cheeks felt hot.. my heart, beating faster.
„Oh.. I see. Bu-but what…. I have to do with… it?” Her cheeks was already red.. And she smiled very awkwardly.
„You see.. I.. I hoped that you.. you know.. could do it.. I… I mean.. You-you could be my ‘first time’.” I closed my eyes, cuz I didn’t know what to expect. It was silence. More like too silence. Does it mean.. she already left? But I didn’t hear doors shuting.  Slowly opening one eye and looking at my side… there she was. Sitting. Looking in one place. Red as tomato. And I think she isn’t even breathing. Oh my! Is she even alive?

„Takamina? Takaminaaa~~!!?” In moment when I tried to put my hand on her shoulder, she let out some sounds.
„W-what? A-Are you serious? Cuz you know.. it’s .. it’s very serious thing… and.. and you should do it with someone special. And – and besides.. we are.. both girls. And I don’t have any experiences too..” She didn’t even looked at me, when said it.
„I understand that things too what you just said, but.. but I don’t have so much time to found someone like that.. You are my only hope.” I looked at her with pleading eyes.
„W-what did you mean – not so much time?” She tried to drink tea, but failed, cuz her hands were shaking and she put it back on the nearest table.
„One week.”  I said to her.
„O.O” .. she looked shocked. „One week.!? Are you serious.? Oh.. I know.. You are playing trick with me and it is some prank.. I bet someone is filming it and then you will laugh about me. Okay guys.. I get it.!!! Come out.. no matter where are you.!! I won’t play this game.!! And this kind of things isn’t funny!! I really mean it! Come out!” She stand up on her feet and started to look around.. Like searching for something. At first I didn’t get it, but then..

„Mou, Takamina. I am serious. And there isn’t no one. Only you and me.” I pretended to be mad… cuz I know.. she can’t take it if I am like that and just will do anything to make it better..
„Geez, Acchan.. you can’t be serious.? Or can?” I didn’t answer her. I still pretended to be mad while crossing my arms on my chest. After few seconds I felt weight besides to me. „Please, Acchan, don’t be mad at me. You know I am very shy for this kind of things and I don’t think so, that I am perfect person with who… to do it.” in the end I couldn’t stay silence and said some sentences.
„That’s why you are perfect one for ‘that’. I can trust only you. You only knows me the best and you are only one whom I can trust my secrets, like this one.” After what I said, she was silence. When I looked at her, she was in her deep thoughts and her face looked serious.
„Acchan, are you really sure about it?” She looked at me with serious look.
„More than everything.” I gave her my smile, what she always has liked.
„Then okay. I will do it.” Under this serious face I could still tell it, that she was nervous as hell.
„Yee, Minami. You are the best.” I gave her a big hug. „So.. can we go to my bedroom?” Saying this was mistake.
„W-WHAT!? NOW!? NO!! I am not ready for it so fast!” She again changed her color of face. From white to red.
„But.. but there isn’t no time.. and beside, I have to be ready, not you.” Sometimes I don’t really understand her.
„Geez, Acchan.. You already sound like a horny person. I mean.. at least.. not to day.. but.. maybe tomorrow?” Ah…
„Oookay.. But remember.. I trust you..  And you already promised me to do it. Don’t even plan to run away too.” I sounded really serious.. cuz time was more less and less.
„Y-yes.. of course. Don’t worry. Tomorrow I will… come. But now.. I better go, cuz.. you know.. need to prepare myself… for losing some blood.” Blood? Oookaaay…
„Thank you, Minami.” With that she left. Ah.. so, tomorrow.. nee…

Next day.

Now or never. Friends for life.

There we both was, sitting on my bed. She was in my left side. If yesterday I wasn’t nervous, then now I am. Already from morning my heart wasn’t calm. Just thinking what will happen today makes my head go dizzy. I just hope she won’t get scared and will do it like she said it. But for my surprise… Takamina looked calm. I could say too calm and this is what makes me more nervous as hell. At first I thought that she had drink some alcohol, but I couldn’t smell anything like that.. maybe some medicine?

Sitting side by side in my bed I could see, that she have something in her hands. It looked like a scarf, or something like that.  But for more surprising she covered her eyes with it and tied it behind her head. I somehow don’t get it..

„Takamina, what are you doing?” I asked her, cuz I was confused about this kind of action from her.
„Blindfolding myself.” With serious voice.
„Puft.. Why?” I made out silent laugh.
„Because.. if I see your body without clothes, then I couldn’t concentrate of things what I have to do and probably will be first who loose some blood. So.. if I doing this, I can only use my touches and don’t think about your face expression..” With calm voice she answered to me, but it didn’t make me calmer not even little bit, but more opposite.
„Oh.. But where did you get this idea?” I asked her.
„From previously night, when I had to watch a lot of porn, cuz I need to know how things working and I understand that I can’t do it until I see the person. About those sounds what will come out from you I don’t mind about it, even if you start to scream.” Did she just said it how it sounded?
„Eh? What did you do with your shyness?” I was shocked.
„Locked in closet. So, if you still want me to do it, then don’t tell me what to do or don’t start to undress me .. in other way.. I will left you alone in middle of the process.. and I don’t care how horny you are. Now be good girl while you are still girl and enjoy this moment, cuz there won’t be second time. So, now I am a boss.” Okay, now I am not only nervous, but also scared. How could she change like that… in one night?
„EH!?” where did go shy and pure Takamina? Give me the key of that closet. Please?

It’s starting. Side by side. Breath by breath. Beat by beat. Is it good sign that in my stomach right now is very strange feeling like I could throw up everything what I ate it in today?

While I was deep in my thoughts I didn’t feel, that she was already taken my left arm between her. Taking it closer to her lips, she kissed it. One time. Two times. Kisses was gentle. Now this feeling in my stomach start to get more feelable. Is it really a good sign? With her right arm she holds my left one, while with her other she slowly sliding by it higher and higher. Our bodies right now was more like facing each other.

Her arm on my shoulder…

On my neck…

Gentle, warm touches....

On my right cheek…

She tried to get our heads closer.. slowly… with no hurry.

I could feel her breath in my face. Only thing on who I could concentrate was her lips. They looked soft, tasty and so kissable. I few times I licked my own lips to make it sure they are not too dry. Finally I could feel them. Slowly closing my eyes I enjoyed this moment. All my fears just faded away.

Deepening our kiss, she with free hand started to unbutton my blouse, what I wear to make it easy for her to open it. Button by button it was open. Slowly and gently she with hers fingertips touched my skin.. from neck and lower till my stomach. This kind of feeling made strange thrills thru to my body. I wasn’t familiar with this kind of touches or feeling. Everything was new for me. I didn’t know if that feeling when everything is spinning in my stomach was good thing or not. I just waited. Waited more of her touches… but more, how my body will respond to it.

Full story in "HER" (

„Thank you, Minami.” I gave her weak smile and she returned me the same, but like also telling to me – I did my best.

After one week.

After filming I got called by director of the movie. He said that he has made few changes in movie and in there won’t be parts where I have to sleep with someone.  So, no picant and hot moments with me.. Well… I am not with hurry with it either.

Hmm.. do I need to tell it to Takamina? Neah.. she don’t need to know..
But maybe, instead, I should tell her, that there was some changes where I have to sleep with someone and I have to be on top? She could be perfect one on who to trane my skills. Hehe…

Cuz who knows what happens in the future, besides, I have to be ready for everything. And why don’t use a chance to do it now with Takamina while she is available?

Hmm.. what she is doing right now?

End! :)
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Title: Let me Be, AtsuMina [24.04.16]
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Hello! I don't know why, but I really start to get lazy at writing.. hmm.. maybe because both of them (AtsuMina) now are graduated and... yeah.. But still hope to see them together in some future pictures. Uh.. so, in any way.. my latest OS what I already have in my tumblr.. and accepting a fact, that there are readers who already had read it. But still,  my apologies about grammar errors.
Enjoy reading!  :)

                                                                                                                LET ME BE

You know, when you something tried to avoid it, it somehow comes to you more faster than you expected. At first you didn’t even notice it, not even seen it, cuz you felt it. Not by touch or aroma around, but by your own heart. It tells you, that things aren’t the same as before. It tells you, that you can’t sit in your living rooms couch just so simply, but instead you have to go and do. After you had realized what really is going on and what your hearts is saying to you, start to think. You have to prove, that you are worth of that someone. That you can be everything what this person has ever wanted.

But of course, you can’t forget that, cuz you can’t just go and tell it just by that. Show it little by little. Don’t scare it with your upside down attitude.

Step by step.

Word by word
Control your emotions… slowly and gently.

Make this someone to believe in you. In your words, attitude.. your heart.

And now - GO!!! While you have a chance…! Times isn’t waiting. It have its own plan.


When we were kids, we really liked to listen stories about love. About how romantic it is, when someone gives to you flowers every day and saying how beautiful you are. Telling in your ear sweet and kind things what can make you blush and in return you only can give your beautiful smile. Caressing your cheeks in gentle way and looks deep in you eyes what showing how happy this someone is.

Especially I liked that story about princess, who was waiting her prince in white horse. However in reality, ‘horse’ was first who came before prince and you have to live with it. But all those stories always ends happy. Mmm… how romantic. I always wanted to know, who will be my prince, who could melt my heart, who will confess to me and will give me my first and sweet kiss. Kiss, what could melt my heart and feel like in heaven. Kiss, what could-

„Acchan! Why you always so long in bath!? It’s not good for your health you know..” Yes, like usually. There is someone who will end my imagination.. ah.

„Yes, mom, I am coming!” and like usually I lost track of time with my thoughts.

I am simple ordinary high school girl, who every day wakes up and go to study things what somehow I don’t even understand why I even doing it. But education still is education. So, in any way. My full name is Maeda Atsuko, age 18 and that ‘Acchan’ names is my nickname, what gave me my friends. They always saying that I am cute and kind girl and every boy wants to go out with me.

But truly… I don’t.

You ask why? Simple..

I am not so nice like everyone thinks. I don’t want that ‘horse’ comes first and broke my heart in million pieces, makes me cry oceans and turns me into pathetic and ugly girl, cuz I have spent all my energy because of that someone. That’s why.. I say ‘no’ to everyone, who wants to date with me.

I know, it’s cruel from me, cuz there is also possibility, that one of them was my prince, but I never had gave to someone even a little chance.

So, if life won’t be in my side, then I will accompany those old ladies in park on bench, who still are waiting their one and only one.

Well, in that situation even cats would be good opportunity for me. Cuz they at least won’t cheat on me. I think..


Slowly going to school and deep in my thoughts I didn’t noticed, that someone was calling me from afar. Ops..

„Acchan, Acchan.. wait!!” Finally realizing who it was I stopped my steps and turned my view to caller side. Finally reaching me and heavily panting while trying get more oxygen, was non other than my good friend Takamina, who was like a routine of my day. Her full names is Takahashi Minami, but we gave her this nickname and just like me, she is 18 years old girl.

Speaking about her, somehow I admire her. She is short girl like elementary school kid. Full with passion, enthusiasm and never gives up no matter what she is doing. Very good at school subjects. However, she fails a lot of times, but she will continue to do her best. She have cute smile and with cute ribbon on her head. But she is also in perfect position who I can hug tight and tight like teddy bear.. and most important, she never fails for making me smile.

„Oi, Acchan.. You.. uh.. again… was… in… your… dream… world.” She tried to speak and breath in the same time. It looks funny.

„Sorry.” No matter what I will do or say bad, or even annoy her with my stubbornness, she will never get offend about it. Somehow, I appreciate it that side of her.

Continue our way to school a lot of times my mind was somewhere gone and I find myself looking at her. I don’t know, if she had noticed it, but I can’t stop doing it. I just-



Straight into bollard and I was on the ground. My head felt dizzy and I was sure, that I will have a bad headaches after this, but in next moment I felt something soft and gentle on my cheeks.

When I opened my eyes, it was her. She was holding my cheeks and tried to look at place what I just hurt. Looking at my forehead, she looked so worried, so serious, so.. adorable.

On some moment I just forgot about pain and could only look at her. I never had seen before this side of her, somehow, I didn’t even wanted  look to somewhere else.

„There will be bruise after this. But till marriage it will be gone. Acchan, you should be more careful where you going.. You made me worried, when you bumped in.” I could feel her warmness from her words. Not saying anything, she tried to help me get up. Cleaning my clothes and again checking my forehead we slowly continued our way.

What was that? What just happened?

I am confused. Not about her action, but about myself.

Why everytime when I am near to her, I can’t stop myself from not looking at her? Why my heart is refusing to be calm?


Like everyday I felt boring in school and in  most of the subjects I was day dreaming. My mind couldn’t stop to recall that moment, when she touched my cheeks. Her eyes showed how much she cared and how  much important I was for her.

After getting back to home she accompanied me. That part wasn’t unusual, except this time when she holds my hand. I was little bit confused.


„Sorry, if you feel uncomfortable with  my acction, but lately your mind isn’t on earth, so, for making sure, that you won’t bump in again in somewhere. At least I could act fast.” She looked at me with serious look.

„Oh.” I didn’t know what to say, cuz somehow I liked what she was doing it.

„But of course, if you don’t like it, I won’t do it.” She slowly started to release my hand, when I-

„No! It-it’s okay. I.. don’t mind it.” Her hand was small, but warm. It doesn’t matter if we just in simple way holds our hands together, cuz it made me feel safe and comfortable.

Finally getting home and saying good bye to her, I missed that feeling. Feeling of her soft hand. Why from that accident I can’t stop thinking about her? Why when I close my eyes, I could see her? Why do I already miss her touch? Why I can’t wait next day, when I have a chance to see her?

What is this feeling?


Next day she didn’t came to school.

Before this I didn’t even noticed, but when she wasn’t in school…. All this time was going so slow. Every minute turns into hours. There was nothing anymore, what could attract my attention.

Step by step going home, I heard that someone was calling me. I knew this voice. I knew the owner of it. Only by this voice my heart started to beat stronger.

„Takamina?” There she was. Running with her tiny legs towards me. I could watch her all day long and never feel boring.

„Hi, Acchan.. Sorry for disturbing you.” She always shows me her smile, however, in her eyes I could see, that something was bothering her.

„No, it’s okay. By the way, why you wasn’t today in school?” Her smile slowly changed.

„Amm, can we talk to somewhere else? Maybe in park what is near from here” Something wasn’t right. While going to park, we didn’t talk, only silence between us. Finding empty bench we sat down on it. She started to talk.

„You know, my dad always has wanted to work in big company. All this years he had work so hard and few days ago his hard work repaid…. He got new job in popular company in very high position. Today… he moved to that city.” Why in her words I heard sadness?

„Oh, congrats for him.” I said to her.

„Yes, I know. But you also know, that lately my parents have big fights and their marriage isn’t the same like it used to be. However, they promised to me, that no matter what, they won’t divorce and be good parents for me. Of course, I appreciate it, but in the same time, I feel sad for them.” Her words made me realize how hurt she truly was. That things wasn’t so good how they looked from afar. It hurts to know it.

„So, then what will happen now, won’t you miss your dad?” Why my mind was telling that something wasn’t right?

„Hmm.. of course I miss him. But…… after one week I will see him. I will fly with plane to that city to meet him.”

„Then, it not so bad how it sounds?” Why she looked so sad?

„Acchan, I am leaving.” She looked at me with teary eyes.

„Well, I understand it. But what about school and other things.? You will miss a lot of things in there.” I don’t understand, what she is trying to tell me.

„No, I am leaving for real. I won’t come back.” She turned her view to the ground. I couldn’t look at her. I felt… hurt and broken.

I didn’t know what to say or what to ask. I was confused and shocked.

„Why?” I tried to look at her.

„Hmm.. cuz… I don’t have a reason to stay in here.”


I didn’t cry… until I got home. Laying in my bed and trying to understand what happened in park. Why I didn’t like what she said? Just thinking that she won’t be anymore in my daily life makes me feel empty. That something will missing. It’s not right. She can’t leave. What’s about her mom, her friends, who support her, what’s about me?

It was time. This week went too fast.. I barely remembered something from it.

After four hours she will be gone. After four hours I will never see her again. I never again will have a chance to see her smile, not even have a chance to hug her in my arms. It hurts. My heart hurts. Why?

Sitting in my living room couch and changing TV channels I stopped at some kind of movie.. it looks like one of those love movies. However, right now looks that in there is happening heartbreaking moment.

“Why don’t you try to understand that I need you in my life? That my hearts beats only for you. That your touche makes me feel like in heaven. Not seeing you only a day, makes me miss you. Why you don’t want to understand that I can’t live with out you? Everytime when I see you, I can’t look away. You make me smile, you make enjoy my life and be happy. Just thinking that you won’t be any more beside to me, makes me feel empty and broken. Why don’t you want to understand that I love you?....”

Love? This feeling is love? All this time what I felt towards Takamina is love?

Minami, I love you. I really do. I don’t want be like that girl into that movie. I need to tell her. Where is my phone? I need to call her.

No. It’s not a thing what I can tell it thru the phone. I need to say it her a properly. I want to see her eyes when I telling it. I want to be her reason to stay. And it doesn’t matter if she reject me, cuz at least I tried.

Time was little. Taking my coat and run out from my house. Catching taxi I went straight to airport. Traffic was slow. I won’t make it. Paying to a taxi driver I got out from car and started to run. I was running in the middle of street. Everyone was looking at me, but I didn’t turned my view to them. I only run as fast as I could it. From afar I could see a airport. I was close. Getting in, I could see a lot of people. Everyone were going somewhere.. but I couldn’t see her.

“Where are you, Minami?” Still running, but little bit slower, my eyes saw something. Going closer to this person, I understand one thing. It was her.


“Acchan?” Why are you-” I put my finger in front of her lips.

“Don’t talk. Let me.”

I can’t let her go like that.. She needs to know what I feel.

“Minami... From the beginning I didn’t realize what was this feeling all this time inside of me, until I understand it, that I am losing you. That’s why, Minami - hear me, even this is last time.” She was standing in front of me and waited.. saying nothing, but just listening.

“Also I know that your life isn’t easy. Your family is slowly breaking apart, so, I... I mean, there is only one thing what I can do for you. Minami -” Putting together all my courage I let it out.

“Let me be that one, who hold your hand and keep it warm.

Let me be that one, who tells you sweet and kind things in your ear.

Let me be that one, who  cherish you up when you feel down and when you think that all world is against to you.

Let me be that one, who holds your cheeks and looks deep in your eyes, saying that I am here for you.

Let me be that one, who hugs you tight and tight cuz only wants to protect you.

Let me be that one, who sees you in way what no one had seen it before.

Minami, let me be that one….. who is saying “I love you”.

Let me be that one, who gives you soft and gentle kisses on your lips.

Let me be that one, who make your heart beat faster everytime when you think about me.

Let me be that one, whom you can trust all of yourself.

Let me be that one, who you see every morning when you open your eyes.

Let me be that one, who brings you a morning tea in the bed and says “Good morning my sunshine.”

Let me be that one, who tells you every day how beautiful you are and it doesn’t matter how many wrinkles you have on your face.

Let me be that one, who is part from you past, present and future.

Let me be that one, with who you crate your best memories.

Let me be that one, who brings you a courage to do amazing things

Let me be your shoulder, when you feel tired.

Let me be your light into darkness..

Let me be your shadow who accompany you everywhere where you wants to go.

Let out all your madness, anger and hate towards me, but no matter how many times you will shout and scream at me or even throw at me something, I will just stay there and listen in all of it, cuz I care for you.

Just let me stay beside of you.

Every second when I couldn’t see you made me understand and realize how much I love you. Every second makes me fall in love with you deeper and deeper.

My heart is screaming after you. It telling to run after you. Never give up on you. Never let go your hand. My heart needs you. It won’t survive with out you. It will turn into dust and fade away into desert where ends all hearts who are left alone.. broken and forgotten.

So, please, Minami. I know I am selfish and arrogant person, but can I at least be your reason to stay?  That’s why I am begging you. Don’t live me in here alone. Don’t fly away, cuz ones you will do it.. I will lose piece of me. I will feel empty. Days will be darker and colder. I will be nothing, but like a doll which is left in shell. *sobs*

You probably think, that I don’t know what I am saying and some kind of crazy person who tells some kind of nonsenses. All of this are just my illusions and nothing from this is real… just fake.

But I know what my hearts want it and I will stay like that with my thoughts cuz I won’t change them.” 

Standing middle in airport and crying I couldn’t do nothing more, just telling her, what my hearts tells me to say it. I just want her to know it. My view was blurry. I wasn’t even sure, if she was still in front of me. I just-

I felt something so soft on my lips. It made my heart beat more faster than it already was. It made me close my eyes and understand how looks in heaven.

I am not dreaming? Did just happened what I am thinking.? Did she just-

“Atsuko. I hope my action make you understand what I think and feel about you?”  Her words snapped me out of trance. I could only think about her lips, what just while ago touched mine. It wasn’t long kiss, but enough to be a happiest person on the world.

“Minami. I won’t let you go. Never.” I hugged her.

“Then don’t.” Her words only I could heard. Her two words sounded so gentle and with meaning of trust.

“I won’t.”

Times just stopped. I didn’t even need nothing more. Only her besides of me.


After few months.

“Minami~” I hugged her from behind, while she was busy with her phone.

“Hm?” She didn’t feel bothered by my action.

“I love you.” I whispered in her ear and slowly started to kiss her neck with soft kisses.

“ you too……….. Atsuko, what are you doing?.” She stopped what she was doing and tried to look at me. My hands started slide in front of her collar bone and lower. I tried to open buttons of her blouse and feel her soft skin, what just makes me go crazy.

“No~thing. Just removing your clothes, cuz they don’t suit you and I want to know if my marks on your body are still visible. Maybe I need make new ones.” I let out a smirk.

“W-what?” When she tried to make better view at my face I couldn’t resist and give her gentle kiss on her lips.

Slowly pushing her back on couch. Being to be on top of her, left me in perfect position to see all of her.

Finally my heart has found what it was looking for. I found not my prince, but my princess. And like every other day, I will enjoy my life with her into it.

“Minami - You are mine and I am yours.”

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Thank you for your very cute OS.  :love:
It is very good.  :twothumbs
Hope to read more of your fic.    :D

Atsumina is the best  :wub: :inlove:
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Hi, how are you? One question, you will not finish the fanfiction NEVER GIVE UP? The beginning is great, I would like to know the end, Acchan jealous scary.
Title: Re: Let me Be, AtsuMina, OS [24.04.16]
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Hi, how are you? One question, you will not finish the fanfiction NEVER GIVE UP? The beginning is great, I would like to know the end, Acchan jealous scary.
Hello, you too. Well, busy and lazy in the same time. xD But about that story.. hmm.. Next chapter was in the middle wroten already back then when I stopped it... Plan points for next chapters also have it.... Until..... I forgot and couldn't  think what to add more and then it was left hanging.. That's why, my apologies about that story. Sorry. :(
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Perv section TT
Title: "The games of sins" Atsumina, OS, 26.01.17
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Hello! After a long while I came back with new Atsumina OS. Many of us know, that this couple ship has already deep down in the sea, but still, they used to be on the water and sailing all around.
About this OS... well.. name is strange, I know, but.... it's nothing like that... xD More like, this is for some fun.. ;)

Anyway... If there is still some reader for this couple, then.. Enjoy reading. ^-^
My deepest apology about grammar errors.


My sin was to toying with other people hearts.

My biggest sin was to lose to my own created pride and game.

Her sin was to breaking her own rules.

Her biggest sin was to fall in love in me.

I am Takahashi Minami and to whom I lose was noone other, but to Maeda Atsuko.

This was dangerous game. It was our weakness and power. We could lose everything. But it was worth it.

One look. One smile. One  simple touch. This is how it started.


Desire. Pleasure. Hungriness. That was what happened in one night.

It wasn’t enough…

„They will cought us.”

„Don’t think about them, Acchan. Look natural. Smile and enjoy your drink.” It doesn’t matter where we are.. we just couldn’t resist it.

„How I am suppose to do it, if your hand is under my skirt, Minami?” Her heart beats was slowly speeding up.

We were in ball with tables. Drinks. Foods. Laughs. Dances. Everyone enjoys their time. While we are sitting besides to each other and to one of the corner tables. Already some while my hand was under her skirt and giving her a soft massage to her  upper leg, more like, to the inside part of her leg. My hand was going higher… lower. I could see, that she close her eyes in moments, when my hand was dangerously close to ‘there’.

„Minami, someone will see us. There are too much people. They are looking at us.” She was trying to stop me, but I also knew, that she wants more than that.

„Hm, don’t worry about that. Those who are watching us, also are trying not to be cought.” This ball just made our blood to boil in our bodies. We wasn’t only one who were playing around.

„What a-are you talking about.. Khm..? Minami, your hand is too close. My voice is starting to crack.” Everything was too obvious.

„Look at the Kojimas Haruna table. Beside of her is Oshima Yuko. They both are married with different people. Do you think right now it’s just a simple talk between them? No. Since they entered in here, they are smiling to each other, while trying to cover their marks on their necks. Truthfully, those marks they made it to each other few hours before this ball. And now in their talk, Haruna is trying to stop Yuko from all the time touching her butt.” Ah..

„How do you know?” There are things like evidences.

„How? Hm.. When I came in here, I first went to lady room. When I went in, I saw her cleaning her collar and neck from lipstick. Color was dark red and only person who use that kind of color of lipstick, is Haruna.” You can’t hide from me thing like this. I can see everything.

„Oh.. but still, there are also other people, Minami.” After drinking so much alcohol… Did someone even cares?

„Okay,  over  there are Mariko and Miichan. They are biggest enemies in everything. They hate each other more than you can imagine.. well.. that is what everyone think and see.. But.. uh.. so wrong. Yesterday I saw them two making out in Mariko car. That car was in the place where was a lot of other cars left.. ” Uh… those two really likes to play dangerous game. If I want, I could make fall down many people lives.

„Hard to believe it..” Everyone in here was playing a some sort of game, but in different ways.

„So, Acchan, do you want to go  out and to take some fresh air?” This was just a excuse.

„I don’t think so----- ah! Minami… y-your hand?” Maeda Atsuko.. I know, that you want it… and I know, that you can’t hide it.

„Shall we?” I am too used to this kind of situation. This kind of people are so easy get under control. You just need to touch it in right place and in right time. After that.. everyone are too predictable.


I let her go first… After few steps I followed her. Smiling at everyone. Sometimes exchanging some words with other people. But also continue her way. Passing away to everyone, in front was less and less of them. Until there was only the two of us. Last time looking back to the way where we was coming from, I found half opened doors. Grabbed her hand I pushed her in there. Room was half dark. For safty behind me I locked doors.

There she was, looking at me with those hungry lion eyes. Smiling with those mischievous lips. In this kind of moment I am not sure anymore, whose game we are really playing? Who is a real victim, but who is a predator?

In next moment my back was against to wall. Her lips against mine.
So hungry for this.

Hands didn’t know where to start. What to take off first.

„Minami, you drive me crazy. I want you… I could eat you.” So desperate.
„Slow down, honey. We have plenty of time, but… let me be first, who eats you up..” After this, you will be fully under my control.

I pushed her away from me and pressed her against to opposite wall. With her hand she something touched and it dropped on the floor. But let it be…

Pressing both of her hands against wall and slowly leaning closer to those soft and sweet lips. Just one centimeter from her lips I stopped. I could feel hers heavy breathing and crazy heart beats. In every moment when she tried to press her lips against mine, I retreated back.

„Minami, please, don’t tease me. Kiss me.” How I like to watch this women.
„Shh… be patient..” You will scream in this room.
„How I am suppose to do it, if your knee is also between my legs.. Minami, please!”
„You mean this leg?” So weak in my arms. 
„Ye-aaaah!!” I pressed my knee little harder to ‘that’ part of her.

In that moment I shortened our distance between our lips. I kissed them. Sucked. Even bite in it.


If in this place wouldn’t be a ball, then every person in here could hear her voice.

„Minami, I want it more… more.” She really didn’t like to wait.
„You scent is so sweet..” Now my view was on her neck..

I licked it.. Sucked…
Her skin was so soft and gentle.. Like a new and fresh pillow.

I left free one of her hand, what in next moment was behind to my head and made me to change my view from her neck to her lips. She wants to dominante me.. But no.. I won’t let it.

My free hand tried to reach hers two targets, who all the time was pressed hard against my chest.

„Acchan? I want to rip it off you dress from you skin and see your perfect body.” I slowly started to lose my own control. My own desires started to take control for me..

„Minami.. Take me!”


Someone was in other side of the doors. I could hear some kind of voices. We tried to stay in silence.

But then….. In next moment I could feel again her hand behind my neck and her lips against  mine. This just made her to be more agressive. She didn’t cares and she will get what she wants.

People in the other side of the doors was gone. We could continue what we started.
My hand behind her back reached a zipper  from her dress. I slowly tried to open it. My fingers could feel her smooth skin.

„Minami~ I love you so much.” … She digged her nails into my back.
„Acchan..” She was ready…

In front of me was a target.. and I will reach it no matter what. Too close to all of this….

„Minami… MINAMI… MINAMIIII!!!!!!” Why she is calling my name so loud? My hands wasn’t yet reached best place in her body. Someone will hear it. It’s to loud.

„Acchan.. not so loud.” Why I can’t move it.? What is this weight on my shoulders? Is there someone else too?

„Minami~! I will smack to you head, if you won’t stop drooling in here.” What? What are this clothes on her body?  I just took off her dress. What’s going on?

„OUCH!!! Why did you do that?!” What the hell was that. My head hurts.

„Minami, you again drooling on your computer.” What she is talking about?

„Computer? What are you talking about.. We were in ball and then we went-”

„In my butt. You were dreaming again. Again your pervert dreams where you so called ‘dominate’ me.. And why you again writing those strange stories? At least don’t write things, what you can’t do it properly yourself in your real life.” Oh no.. Not again. Crap.. She looks mad. I want to get back in my dream land. I want to cry right now.

„Mou, Acchan, what is wrong with this story.? It’s nice one.” I pointed to my computer, where was my half written story.

„People want romance. Sweet things. Love under moonlight. Without other people in there. Only two lovers.. Simple kisses. Ah.!”  Yeah, yeah… It’s you who like this kind of things, not me. So, who is really dreaming in here right now? „But you.. even a name of your new story is creepy.. ‘Sins’.. seriously?”

„Hey, hey, wake up.. it’s just a story. And I like that name. It sounds cool.” Sometimes I don’t understand her. Geez…

„Cool.? You will teriffay your readers. Nothing more…. Khm..Yeah..  Besides..  what about those ‘screaming things’ you were writing about?” Damn.., she readed.

„Nothing.” Please, say nothing more.

„Oh, I see.. okay.. lets see.. who will scream louder tonight?” Oh crap.. „Cuz, If I remeber right, then usually you are the one who lose in our games.” ….not again? Why me? Why!? Why in the same time I have sweet and devilish girlfriend.?


Night was long. I can’t feel my body. Every my body part is in hurt. She is a sadist. From the begining I felt that something was in her mind. And who even gave her a handcuffs. And those other strange toys.

Now she is sleeping beside to me like nothing had happen. Like a angel. I want get back in my dream land. However… after this, I don’t think so it is even possible. But, I will try to think about it… maybe I fall a sleep and it will continue.

My sweet Acchan… where we left.. Oh.. yes..

I wanted to touch more to your body and take those two soft, pinky-


„Mi-nami~” Even in her own dreams she hits me.! After this, how can she ask me to write  a romantic story, when… when she don’t do nothing what could be call ‘a romance’?

Ah… Looks like no more my sweet dream…

„Good night, Acchan. I hope tomorrow you will be sweeter and nicer to me,”



That would be all.!
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Ah... Been a while...

Yeah... more Atsumina OS

Thank you for the OSs

I enjoyed reading them as always

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs