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Title: Love Within The Club - Chapter 9 (Kojiyuu, Mayuki, Atsumina) 23/3/2016
Post by: JoeYee on September 04, 2015, 04:24:26 PM
Hey there! Yes, I'm still on hiatus but I couldn't stop my mind from thinking of this plot in my head, so here it is. This is the Prologue only, I hope you enjoy it!

Yuko is the owner of the most famous club in town. Due to her friendliness with the customers and also the good policy in the club, Yuko's club is the hottest in town. Haruna on the other hand, is a girl who puts a lot of hope in her love life. What will happen when the two meet?

Well, that's about it.
Right, when I'm officially back, I'll alternate the updates with HAR and Love Within The Club (LWTC) and also OS (If I manage to think of something).
Thank you for reading!
Title: Re: Love Within The Club - Prologue (Kojiyuu)
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yes kojiyuu fic......grrrrrrr :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

I'll be waiting for chapter 1
Title: Re: Love Within The Club - Prologue (Kojiyuu)
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Chapter 1 pleaseeee...get update soon
Title: Re: Love Within The Club - Prologue (Kojiyuu) 5/9/2015
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Awww Kojiyuu  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

I can't wait anymore, hehehe where's the Chapter 1?  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

i know your busy Joeyee so i will wait  :cow: :cow: :cow:

Thank you for this awsome Fic.....
Title: Re: Love Within The Club - Prologue (Kojiyuu) 5/9/2015
Post by: hdiwnsyjsgsisbusvs on September 05, 2015, 12:06:20 PM
I hope you have sayamilky on the cast list author san
Title: Re: Love Within The Club - Prologue (Kojiyuu) 5/9/2015
Post by: rindg on September 06, 2015, 01:08:15 AM
Yayy more Kojiyuu  :rock: :rock:

JoeYee-san, you really are my favourite author  :twothumbs

All the fanfics you write are so awesome!  :twothumbs

Thanks and we'll be waiting for chapter 1  :D
Title: Love Within The Club - Chapter 1 (Kojiyuu) 11/9/2015
Post by: JoeYee on September 11, 2015, 03:54:28 PM
arawche079 = Here is chapter 1!
dee_arch01 = Hai hai~ Here it is!
jhom_09 = Thank you for waiting Jhom-san~
hdiwnsyjsgsisbusvs = Hmm, for now they are not in my list..  :sweat:
rindg = Aww.. Thank you~  :shy2:

Hey there~ I'm back~~
Exams are over !  :on woohoo:
Let's start shall we?

Chapter 1
"You don't know how I feel. You played with my feelings and now you're telling me you want us to get back together?" Haruna shouted at said boy before giving him a slap. "You don't deserve me. I've moved on a long time ago."

Haruna took her leave and went to the club that she usually goes to. 'This world is full of as*holes.' She thought as she continued on drinking. Glass after glass she started feeling the effect of the alcohol. Haruna rest her head on the table as she thought about how terrible her love life was. 'At least I still hadn't done it wait anyone..' She sighed as she gulped another glass.

"Why, what's a pretty lady doing here all alone?" An unknown voice startled her as she looked at said stranger with a glare. "Leave me alone." Haruna stated as the man took a few steps towards her. "Now, don't play hard to get." He grabbed Haruna's wrist tightly, hurting Haruna as she whimpered in pain.

"Listen to the girl and leave her alone." Another unknown voice started. The stranger grabbed the man's hand, released his grip on Haruna. "What does it have to do with you?" The man stated as he grabbed said girl by the collar. 'She's going to get into trouble.. I have to help her.' But before Haruna or the man could do anything more, two bouncers appeared beside said girl and grabbed the man out.

"Are you alright?" The bouncer asked the stranger who helped her. She nodded her head and muttered a thank you before he took his leave, bringing said troublesome man out. "Good evening. I'm this club's owner Oshima Yuko. I'm apologized for such act to happened in my club." Yuko bowed at Haruna who looked at her with amusement in her eyes. "It's alright. You did help me out." Haruna stated as she gave the girl a small smile.

"Come with me for a minute. I'll check on your wrist. It'll be very quick." Before Haruna could reply, Yuko already pulled the girl into her office. Yuko looked at the wrist that was a little bruised before taking out the first aid kit and applying the medications needed.

"Do you usually treat all your customers like this?" Haruna asked with an eyebrow raised as Yuko worked on her bruised arm. "..No." Yuko stated as she avoided eye contact with Haruna. "Heh.. Then why are you so kind to me?" Haruna asked as she tilted her head to the side as Yuko looked up at her and blushed. "..I've seen you a few times in my club." Yuko stated as she kept the medications back into the first aid kit.

"Oh? So you're a stalker eh?" Haruna teased as said girl waved her hands frantically in denial. "I-It's just hard not to notice a pretty lady like you." Haruna blushed hearing said compliment. "Did something happened? You were drinking a lot.." Yuko stated as she looked worriedly at said girl.

Haruna let out a fake laughter. "Why even bother when you don't even know me." Haruna stated bluntly as Yuko sighed. "Then tell me about yourself." Yuko stated as she sat back on her seat at the opposite of Haruna. 'Should I? She seem to be a good person..'

"...I'm Kojima Haruna, 24 years old." She stated as Yuko smiled. "As you know, I'm Oshima Yuko. I'll be turning 24 on the October." Haruna's eyes widen in surprised. 'She's the same age as me..' Haruna shook off said thought as she felt Yuko gently reaching out her hand over to Haruna's, squeezing it gently. "Now that we're no longer strangers, will you tell me what happened?" Yuko smiled encouragingly at Haruna.

'Why don't I mind this person's presence..' Haruna returned the gesture and sighed to herself before starting her story. "I was dating a person and he broke up with me a few days ago.. Before I came to the club, he came and find me. He wanted us to get back together again." Haruna sighed as she looked into Yuko's brown orbs that were full of concern and love. It surprised her but Haruna shook it off, thinking that she was intoxicated by alcohol.

"..Did you agree to his request?" Yuko asked nervously as she fidgeted a little. "Of course I didn't!" Haruna stated as she looked at Yuko with an angry expression.  "Do I look like the kind of girl who desperately need love?" Haruna stated as Yuko shook her head. "I'm sorry." Yuko apologized as Haruna sighed.

"No.. I'm sorry. You're just caring for me and yet here I am, yelling at you." Haruna sighed as she slowly stood up from her seat, wobbling a little. "Woah.. Becareful.." Yuko stated as she got up from her seat and held on to Haruna. "I know you don't want to talk about it but may I ask you a question?" Haruna nodded her head as Yuko continued. "Is that man, one to give up easily?" Yuko asked as Haruna looked at her confused. "I'm worried that he might bother you." Yuko stated as Haruna waved her hands off. "I don't think so.." Haruna stated as she walked towards the door.

"And where exactly are you going?" Yuko asked as Haruna continued walking with her help. "To get more drinks.." Yuko shook her head. "You've had more than enough. I'll bring you home." Yuko stated as Haruna looked at her. "What are you planning to do?" She said in an octave lower as she looked seductively at Yuko. "You're planning to bed me aren't you.." Haruna accused as Yuko's eye widen in surprised.

"N-No! I'm just worried!" Yuko retorted as Haruna eyed her up and down before nodding her head. "What was I thinking.. You're not that type of person.." Haruna stated as she slumped on to Yuko, who was now carrying said girl. "Kojima-san? Are you okay?" Yuko got no response as she let out a sighed.

She gently sweeped Haruna into her arms, carrying her bridal style going to the hidden room in her office. She pressed a button and the wall raised up. There was a bed located at the room and she gently placed said girl onto the bed before putting the covers on her.

Yuko carresed Haruna's face as she let out a sigh. As she was about to leave, Haruna grabbed Yuko's hand and looked at her with her puppy eyes. "Don't leave me.." Haruna said at the verge of tears as Yuko looked fondly at Haruna. "I have some things to do.. I'll come back when I'm done.. Okay?" Yuko caressed Haruna's face as she gently removed the grip from her. Haruna gave her a small nod as Yuko beamed at her giving her a kiss on the forehead.

'Why do I feel so warmed in her presence.. What are you doing to me, Oshima Yuko..' Haruna thought to herself as she watched Yuko head back over to her table and sort out some files. Yuko on the other hand sighed at the handful of paperwork that was on her table. She worked on it for nearly two hours before deciding that she should retire for the day. She called her bouncers and told them to take care of things which they agreed to.

The bouncers are Yuko's loyal and trusted right hand man. Of course, both the bouncers respect Yuko very much and would obey with whatever Yuko asked them to do.

Yuko bowed and muttered a thank you to them as they bowed back in return, waving the matter off. They left not long after and Yuko, who was worried that Haruna might suffer from hang over due to the amount of alcohol she took went over to the first aid kit looking for aspirin. 'Eh.. Where did I put it?' Yuko groaned as she couldn't find it.

After looking under the files that were on the desk, she managed to find said medicine. 'I knew I had them.' Yuko grinned to herself before heading back into the room putting it on the side table. She went and get a glass of water as well and left it there.

She smiled as she saw Haruna sleeping soundly. 'I guess I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight..' Yuko took one last glance at Haruna before heading over to the couch. Having trouble in falling asleep, she thought back to herself on how she started noticing Haruna.


Yuko was doing her usual rounds at her club. Greeting people and making sure nothing goes wrong. Her ever ready bartender who saw her, offered a drink to her which was gladly accepted by her. Yuko started looking around the club, seeing how people are enjoying themselves but a woman caught her eyes.

She was amazed by her hourglass figure and her beautiful face that had only a light touch of makeup. Unfortunately for our squirrel, Haruna was with a bunch of people and also a man who was closed to her. He wrapped his arms around Haruna's waist as Yuko looked away. She didn't want to see any further intimacy between the two. Her heart clenched at the thought of it.

Yuko's eyes widen in realization as she realized that she has a crush on said girl. Knowing that she shouldn't as Haruna was taken, she went back into her office, trying to calm her thought which thankfully succeeded.


The next few encounters happened unconsciously. Yuko didn't even know when but every time as she did her rounds, her eyes unconsciously looked for Haruna. This repeated for some time until Yuko finally gathered up her courage to talk to her. Yuko was pleased to see the girl alone tonight but she was pissed when an unknown man walked over to Haruna and forcefully grabbed her.

Not wanting Haruna to get hurt, she interfered and therefore leading us to the start of how the two met. Yuko felt her eyelids closing as she had a small smile plastered on her face.


Haruna groaned as she fell a headache making it's way over as she sat up. She looked around the room, wondering where she was. She took a glance over to the side table and to her surprise, there were aspirins and a glass of water on it. She quickly took said medicine and slowly stood up. Haruna wandered around the place as her memories about yesterday night came back.

There was a good looking girl who turned out to be the owner of the club. She also helped her to get away from the man who was trying to woo her. Walking out from the room, Haruna spot Yuko on the couch, sleeping. She slowly walked over to the girl and kneel down beside her. Haruna arranged the slightly disarray bangs and smiled at the girl. 'She's so pretty..' Haruna thought to herself as she unconsciously caressed Yuko's face.

Yuko's eyes flutter open at said touch, looking sleepily at Haruna who was now blushing. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up." Haruna apologized as Yuko smile and waved the matter off. "How are you feeling?" Yuko asked as she stretched her body. Haruna nodded her head and muttered a thank you. "I took the aspirins you prepared for me. Thank you." Haruna bowed as Yuko grinned.

Yuko walked back over to the table pressing a button, resulting in a wall to come down, closing the section between the office and the room. "Don't worry about the bed. Someone will come to clean it." Yuko reassured Haruna before she could questioned her.

Haruna stared as the room was now out of sight. "Sugoi.." Haruna whispered. Yuko laughed hearing the comment. "I tend to have overtime in my office so, my business partner recommended for me to build a border for a room that will allow me to sleep peacefully." Yuko said with a small smile. "How's your hand?" Yuko asked as she walked back over to Haruna. She gently removed the bandaged, looking at the bruise that wasn't as bad as yesterday. "You should rest today.. Do you have a job?" Yuko asked as Haruna shook her head.

"I got fired by my boss as I was too busy mopping around about the break up.." Haruna sighed as Yuko gave her a pat on the head. "..Do you want to work for me?" Yuko asked as she reapplied the medications that was needed for her bruise. Haruna had an eyebrow raised looking at said girl. "What will I be working as?" Haruna asked as Yuko returned the first aid kit to it's place.

'True.. What will she be working as..' Yuko thought to herself as she sat down on her seat, resting her arms on the table. "I won't prefer for you to work in the club.." Haruna tilted her head to the side in confusion causing Yuko to blush.

"As in, you can work for me but I won't be allowing you to work in the club." Haruna raised an eyebrow at said girl. "And exactly why won't I be allowed to work in the club?" Haruna questioned as Yuko fidgeted. "I don't want yesterday's incident repeating itself. You're pretty, I don't want people to hit on you. Plus, if you want to drink after working hours, you drink here." Yuko said as she gestured to the office they were in. Haruna's eyes widen. 'Is she worried about my well being?' A blush made it's way on to her face.

"Maybe you can help me with the paperwork.." Yuko stated as she arranged the files on her table. "Are you okay with it?" Yuko looked at Haruna with concern in her eyes. Haruna pondered on. 'It'll be great if I have a job, not to forget I do have experiences with paperwork.. And this girl.. I feel like I can trust her.'

Haruna stared blankly at Yuko as Yuko fidgeted. "Oshima Yuko." Haruna started, surprising Yuko. "I would love to work for you." Haruna gave her a small smile and Yuko beamed back in reply.

That's it for now.
Thank you to all my fellow readers and also the silent readers! :kneelbow:
Love you lots! :mon innocent:
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Title: Re: Love Within The Club - Chapter 1 (Kojiyuu) 11/9/2015
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Title: Re: Love Within The Club - Chapter 1 (Kojiyuu) 11/9/2015
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Yushh more Kojiyuu~

I like it when Kojiharu's personality is more direct and upfront because in some other fanfics I read
they tend to over-exaggerate her air-headedness, stupidity and her shyness  :mon exhaust:

(It's what I prefer sorry, but I don't hate it!~)  :mon sweat:
So I usually like stories where Kojiharu is acting very mature and seductive-ish, but that's not all
Yuko being the shy one is kinda cute  :mon lol:

(I'm not even talking about the story anymore lol)  :mon sweat:

Anyways, as expected, good updates come from a good writer and who's the good writer?  :mon huh:
Joeyee-san of course!!!  :mon geek: :mon roll: :mon fyeah: :mon thumb:
(Everyone is a good writer, it's just that I like Joeyee-san's style more :3)
Title: Re: Love Within The Club - Chapter 1 (Kojiyuu) 11/9/2015
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Awwww that was a sweet kojiyuu  :luvluv2:

i love this chapter  :farofflook:

i know haruna will fall fast to yuko  :hehehe:

but where's the chapter 2 Joeyee-san  :gyaaah:

well i think i need to wait again  :cool2:

Thank you for this awsome chapter  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

see you next time  :thumbsup
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ah~ another kojiyuu fic ~
I need more kojiyuu fic because lately I lost interest in writing ...
i like your new fic!!
puhliss update sooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn .....
Title: Love Within The Club - Chapter 2 (Kojiyuu) 27/9/2015
Post by: JoeYee on September 27, 2015, 05:15:16 PM
ChibiRine = Thank you.  :shy2:
rindg = I'm glad you like it and you're giving me way too much credit but thank you.  :shy1:
jhom_09 = Chapter 2 is here jhom-san!
Korisu29 = Ah hello there...senpai. :hee: I understand how you feel, tbh, I myself am also struggling with writing but I'll do my best!  :mon yeah:

Sorry for the late update!

Haruna stared blankly at Yuko as Yuko fidgeted. "Oshima Yuko." Haruna started, surprising Yuko. "I would love to work for you." Haruna gave her a small smile and Yuko beamed back in reply.

Chapter 2
"Great! You'll start tomorrow. You can come to the club at office hours." Yuko stated as Haruna stared at her in confusion. "Eh? I thought it'll be at night?" Yuko nodded her head to her question. "It is but I'm worried about your safety so, you'll be working at office hours."

Yuko reached her hand over and squeezed Haruna's hand gently. Haruna returned the favour and sighed. "You are aware that I am a full grown adult, right?" Haruna asked with an amused expression.

"But you're pretty and all. It's dangerous for you to work till late hours." Yuko whined as Haruna giggled at her actions. "Hmm.. We'll work on something." Haruna unconsciously moved her hand towards Yuko's face and pinched her on the nose.

She quickly retreated after realizing what she was doing. "S-Sorry." Haruna stuttered as Yuko shook her head and smiled warmly. "I-It's alright.. So, I'll be seeing you tomorrow?" Yuko asked insure.

"Correction, you'll be seeing me tonight." Haruna said as she recomposed herself. Yuko gave her a curt nod before standing up with a hand extended. "I'll be looking forward to work with you." Yuko smiled a gentle smile that made Haruna's heart flutter. Haruna shook Yuko's hands before deciding to take her leave.

Haruna was about to leave but then Yuko offered to give her a lift home. Haruna politely declined the offer, not wanting to bother the younger girl. "You sure?" Yuko asked as she walked Haruna to the entrance of the club.

Haruna gave her a nod and muttered a thank you before leaning forward giving a Yuko a peck at the corner of her lips. Yuko was surprised by the action but nonetheless, she smiled at Haruna as she took her leave.


'Why do I have a bad feeling..' Yuko thought to herself as she walked back inside. 'Somethings not right..' She ran back into her office, grabbing her coat before running out of the club looking for Haruna. 'My guts are telling me that something isn't right.' Yuko weaved through the crowds as she thanked the heavens for her small stature.

"Where do I look from?" Yuko muttered to herself as she continued looking around with her eagle gaze. Spotting a familiar looking figure she ran towards said figure. She hid behind a lamppost and let out a relieve sighed after confirming that it was indeed Haruna.

'Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me..' Yuko sighed to herself as she wondered. She was about to leave when she saw her Haruna being pulled into a back alley. Without wasting any time, Yuko ran towards the back alley.

Haruna gasped as she felt a hand covering her mouth. The person doing so was very strong as she couldn't pry the grip off from her. 'I should've accepted Yuko's offer..' She mentally reprimanded herself. 'I'm going to die.' She thought to herself. "What a pretty catch." The stranger muttered. 'Not again.. Someone help me!' She shut her eyes as she felt herself starting to tear.

The strong grip was released from her as she heaved heavily. "Haruna, are you okay?" Yuko questioned as she took a glance, looking at Haruna with a concerned look before returning her gaze to the pervert man. "What the fu-" He was stopped short by Yuko who delivered a punch right into his face, causing him to stumble back.

The man groaned in pain as he held unto his broken nose. "You bi-" Once again, Yuko attacked said man with a kick causing him to fall unconscious. Yuko quickly went over to the shaking girl, wrapping her arms around Haruna while whispering soothing words to calm her down.

"It's alright.. Everything's fine now.." Yuko cooed as Haruna buried her head into the crook of her neck, sobbing. "Yuuchan.." Haruna mumbled as Yuko's eyes widen, hearing Haruna called her with a nickname. "Shh.. I'm here now, Nyan nyan.." Haruna looked up at Yuko with her tear streaked face. "N-Nyan nyan?" Yuko nodded her head and leaned in to kiss Haruna on the forehead.

"Well, since you gave me a nickname, I thought I should return the favor." Yuko pinched Haruna on the nose. "That's your nickname from now on.." Yuko grinned as Haruna smiled a little. "Yuuchan~~" Haruna called as Yuko blushed.

"Do you think you can walk?" Yuko asked as Haruna nodded her head. She stood up and unfortunately fell forward but thankfully, Yuko managed to catch her before she fell. "Nope.. You're not in any condition to walk." Yuko looked at Haruna worriedly.

'Looks like I'll be carrying you back to my club..' Yuko put a hand under Haruna's legs while the other was placed at her back. "Hold on to me." Haruna looked confusedly at Yuko, wondering what was the small girl planning to do. Without saying a word, Yuko stood up and carried Haruna bridal style as Haruna shrieked in surprised.

"E-Eh?" Haruna stuttered as she tighten her grip on Yuko. "Thank goodness you're not that heavy." Yuko teased as Haruna pouted. "Yuuchan~~" Haruna whined as Yuko laughed. "C'mon.. Let's go.."

The two headed back to the club which wasn't located too far away. The two got quite an amount of stares but it wasn't like Yuko cared about it as she ignored all of it. Haruna on the other hand was well aware that they were getting the crowds attention. She buried her head further into Yuko's neck in order to hide her blush.

As soon as the two reached the club, Yuko gave a curt nod to their bouncers who look worriedly at the two. Yuko waved it off and asked them to prepare lunch for four. (Yes, Yuko's bouncers know almost everything. From cooking to cleaning to kicking people out of the club.)

Yuko went into her office, shutting the door and locking it as Haruna eyed her. "Why did you lock the door?" Haruna asked. Yuko didn't answer her, instead she headed to her table and pressed the button that shows the hidden room as the wall slides up. 'Deja vu..'

Yuko thought to herself with a small smile. She headed in and turned left, going right into the toilet. "I think you need a bath, to refresh yourself. I'll prepare the clothes for you." Yuko said as Haruna widen her eyes in surprised.

"Do I smell?" Yuko giggled at the question as she shook her head. "I was thinking that a shower will help you to clear your mind from the incident just now.. Do you prefer a bath instead? You can have a bubble bath if you want to.." Yuko gestured over to the bathtub as Haruna nodded her head furiously like a little kid.

Yuko laughed and gave her a small nod. "If you need any help just call for me. I'll be working on some files." Haruna gave her a smile and muttered a thank you. Yuko waved it off and headed out, shutting the door along the way.


Haruna sighed in relieve as she leaned back in the bathtub. 'This does help to clear the mind..' Haruna who was much calmer now, thought back on what happened.

'I got dumped and I was a sobbing mess until I got fired from my job. After that, he still had the guts to ask me to reconcile with him.' "Assh*le.." Haruna muttered under her breath. 'I came into this club which I come to regularly and met another idiot who wanted to bed me. Thankfully, Yuuchan was there and helped me out of the mess. Who would've thought that a little girl like her would own a club.. Not to forget, a famous one.' Haruna giggled to herself.

"Nyan nyan. I've put the clothes and towel on the rack, you can use it later." Yuko stated as Haruna nodded her head. Remembering that Yuko can't see her, she said. "Hai Yuuchan.. Thank you." Haruna said as Yuko muttered a you're welcome.

'She treated my bruised and even allowed me to sleep on her bed.. Then this morning she offered to fetch me home which I stupidly turned down and nearly got myself rapped. Thank the heavens that Yuuchan was there..' Haruna thought as a small blush made it's way on to her face causing her to sink further into the water to hide her blush. 'But why was she there? I'll have to ask her later..'


As Yuko was doing the paperwork, Haruna emerged from the toilet. "Yuuchan, you can use the toilet now." Haruna said as she walked over to Yuko who was drowned in the amount of paperwork until she didn't notice the sound of the toilet door opening and Haruna calling for her.

Haruna walked towards Yuko from the back as she took a peek over her shoulder, wondering what was Yuko so focused on. She mentally sighed as she saw that it was the paperwork for the club. Deciding to help Yuko release some stress, she put her hands on Yuko's shoulder, massaging it in an attempt to help relax the girl.

Yuko squealed when she felt a pair of hands on her shoulder. She turned her head over and let out a sigh of relieve, seeing that it was Haruna. "You're done already?" She asked, leaning into Haruna as Haruna worked on her shoulders. "Mmn. I even called you but you ignored me.." Haruna pouted and Yuko averted her gaze to avoid looking at the overly cute face that was making her blush.

"S-Sorry.. I have the tendency to get lost in work." Yuko apologized as Haruna giggled at Yuko's shyness. "Oh, we should talk about me hiring you first." Yuko said a she gently grabbed Haruna's hand, asking her to sit on the chair opposite of her. Haruna complied and she straighten her back after she settled down.

"So, Kojima-san.." Yuko said in her business tone. 'Why don't I like the way she call me..' Haruna thought to herself as she inwardly frowned but kept her calm composure outside. "I would like to hire you to be my secretary. Do you have any past experience of holding a post similar to this?" Yuko asked as Haruna nodded her head. "I worked as a secretary in my old company.." Haruna stated as Yuko nodded her head.

"Alright then. Do you have any other requirements?" Yuko asked as she wrote on the file. "I don't want you to call me Kojima-san and I may have the need to stay over sometimes." Haruna stated bluntly, surprising the both of them. "Oh? Then what do you supposed I call you?" Yuko placed the file down and leaned over, wiggling her eyebrows in a suggestive manner making Haruna pout.

"Alright alright. I was just teasing you, Nyan nyan.." Yuko grinned as she pinched Haruna on the nose. "I'm fine with both of your requests." Yuko smiled as Haruna beamed at Yuko's statement. "I'll be looking forward to work with you, Nyan nyan." Yuko said playfully causing Haruna to giggle.

That's it for now. Sorry for the not so long chapter.  :mon hanky:
Thank you to those commented and of course the silent readers as well!
Off I go~ :on gay:
Title: Re: Love Within The Club - Chapter 2 (Kojiyuu) 27/9/2015
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WoW just WoW....

Hmmmmmmmm..... I really like this fic.....

More please.....

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aaahhh ... short ...  :mon duh:
hihihi ... just kidding  :mon dance:
looking forward for the next chapter,,,I wanted to know what would happen to them ...  :mon lovelaff:
pliiiisss update sooooonnn ....  :mon cute:
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ohh? kojiyuu is like a married couple :luvluv2: hahaha in my dream i think  :fainted:

but i love the part that yuko save haruna and they call each other nickname  :onioncheer:

i love this fic joeyee-san pleaseeee update soon,   :on gay:

i know you will, hehe :on asmo:

thank you for this,  :luvluv1:
Title: Re: Love Within The Club - Chapter 2 (Kojiyuu) 27/9/2015
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This is so cute ahah

Yuko is just so sweet and Haruna is so, so spicy haha lol

Thanks for the update  :twothumbs
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 Wow!! A KojiYuu fic  :luvluv1:
 It is so hard to find a KojiYuu fic this days so i'm glad to find this story  :fap :cow:
 Good start, i love it. Wonder what will happen on the future chapters.
 Good job and please update  :mon cute: :mon innocent:
Title: Love Within The Club - Chapter 3 (Kojiyuu) 5/10/2015
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Hey guys! I'm back with Chapter 3!
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Let's start!

Chapter 3
A few months have past after Haruna started working at the club. Yuko and Haruna have become closer due to the amount of time they interact with one another. At times, Haruna would stay over at Yuko's club and sleep with her.(Not what you're thinking) They would snuggle and talked all night till they fall asleep.

"Nyan nyan~" Yuko whined as her cat ran away from her. "Yadaaa~ Go and shower! You just came back from your jog." Haruna retorted while running away from Yuko who pouted. "Fine." Yuko took her towel and went into the toilet as Haruna let out a relieve sighed.

Haruna found out that Yuko exercises regularly in the morning and she would be a little late on coming to work, compared to Haruna. Haruna came to work and started doing the paperwork, that is until Yuko returned, wanting to give Haruna a bear hug in her sweaty state. Haruna of course ran away not wanting to get all sticky because of her. (Not what you're thinking.)

Haruna took her seat back at Yuko's table and started going through the files again. Running a club wasn't as easy as she thought it would be. Working for months at the club had shown Haruna that there were many incidents that would occur, whether it was good or bad.

Well, usually it's bad but she was amazed. Yuko ran the whole club by herself for nearly a few years, doing all the paperwork and taking care of the customers herself.

Haruna had once offered to help her in doing her rounds around the club but she was shot down as soon as she ended her sentence. Yuko mumbling something about Haruna might get hit-on and stuff. 'At least I can lessen her burden by doing the paperwork..' Haruna smiled to herself before continuing on what she was doing.

Haruna was so focused in her work that she didn't noticed that Yuko had reemerged from the toilet. Yuko sneaked her way over to Haruna and wrapped her arms around Haruna's neck. "Hey there.." Haruna jumped from the touch and pouted at Yuko. "Yuuchan.. You scared me." Yuko giggled at her reaction. "Sorry sorry." Yuko said with a grin.

"Do you want me to help you dry your hair?" Haruna asked as she gently held Yuko's arms that were around her neck. Yuko gave her a nod and the two headed over to the bedroom.

Haruna did her best in being gentle as she dried Yuko's hair. Yuko on the other hand was enjoying herself with the amount of attention she had from the girl. Haruna mentally sighed as she thought of the question that has been in her head for some time now. 'Are we mere friends? Or are we just employee and employer? Nothing more than that?'

All of a sudden, Haruna's hand stopped moving. "Nyan nyan? What's wrong?" Yuko turned around to look at Haruna who had her head down. "..Ne Yuuchan.. What are us?" Yuko's eyes widen in surprised as she stayed silent. "Are we just friends? Or are we something more?" Haruna slowly looked up and to Yuko's surprise, Haruna's eyes were getting teary.

"A-Ah.. Don't cry.." Yuko quickly wiped away the tear that fell. "Haruna, I-" Yuko was cut short by her bouncer who knocked on the door, a little too frantically. "Oshima-san, there's a guy out here. He claims that he is Kojima-san's boyfriend."

Haruna raised her eyebrow in surprised. "We'll be out in a moment." Yuko said as she looked at Haruna fondly. "We'll continue this conversation later." Yuko leaned in, giving Haruna a quick peck on the forehead as Haruna gave a small nod.

Yuko gently tugged Haruna as the two made their way to the club. "What's the matter?" Yuko looked questiongly at her ever loyal bouncers. "This man here is stating that he's Kojima-san's boyfriend." He gestured towards a figure who stood right up on his feet as soon as he saw us.

"Haruna-chan!" He stated as he walked briskly over to the other two but was stop short by the bouncers. Yuko looked over to Haruna and she saw that annoyance was evident on her face. "What do you want?" Haruna asked with a cold tone that made even Yuko shivered.

"I want us to get back together." He stated bluntly as Haruna sighed. "I've already told you before that we will never ever get back together." Haruna looked directly into his eyes. "Impossible.. You were just joking weren't you." The man said with a laugh.

Yuko who grew weary of this man, pulled Haruna back a little and stood in front of her. "You heard her. Stop bothering her." Yuko said as she glared at the man.

"Oh? I didn't know you swing that way. You even found another one to play with eh.." He said as he secretly moved his hand into his back pocket. "You're a good player aren't you." He said and soon a knife was on his hand.

He rushed forward, surprising all of them. He was aiming for Haruna but before she could do anything, he was stop short by Yuko. Unfortunately, Yuko was not quick enough and she got a little cut on her hand. The bouncers made their move and quickly held him down, restraining him.

"You! You won't get away with this!" He shouted as Yuko quickly dialed for the police. As soon as that was done, Haruna brought Yuko to the bar where the first aid box was located at. "Are you okay? What were you thinking? That was reckless." Haruna scolded. Yuko waved it off and smiled lovingly at her. "It's just a small scratch.."

Haruna sighed as she washed it with antiseptic. Soon, the police came in and arrested said man. Yuko's bouncers had gotten the CCTV video footage and passed it to the police as they brought said man out. "You should go and rest." One of her bouncer said as Yuko nodded her head, gently tugging for Haruna to follow.

Yuko leaded Haruna back into her room, looking the door as she shut it. "..Yuuchan?" Haruna asked as Yuko stayed quiet. She turned around and kabe-don Haruna, peering into her eyes. "Haruna, what do you want us to be?" Yuko started as Haruna's eyes widen in shock. "Friends? Strangers? Or lovers? You choose. I'll comply with whatever you want." Yuko carresed Haruna's face with her free hand.

"I want us to be lovers." Haruna answered without missing a beat as she wrapped her arms around Yuko's neck. "Yuko, I love you. You've been helping me out ever since we first met. I really want you to be mine. Will you fulfill this selfish wish of mine?" Haruna stared into Yuko's eyes full of sincerity.

"Are you sure? You won't be able to take back what you said after this." Yuko moved in on Haruna, pinning her between her and the door, brushing their lips a little. "I have no plans on taking it back." Haruna answered as she pulled Yuko in, connecting their lips. (

So, I hope you enjoyed it. Writing a smexy scene is indeed hard.  :fainted:
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Anyhow, Chapter 4 is here and there'll be some new things here~

Chapter 4
A few weeks ago, at an orphanage.

"Minami-chan, this is Watanabe Mayu. She'll be sharing room with you and I hope you'll take good care of her." Sashihara Rino, who is the owner of said orphanage said to the young Takamina, who nodded her head furiously in return. "Nice to meet you, I'm Takahashi Minami." Young Takamina smiled widely at said girl who fidgeted a little as she hid behind Rino-sama.

Rino-sama bend down to little Mayu's height, gently holding her hand. "Mayu-chan. Don't be a afraid. Minami-chan is a very nice girl." Rino-sama encouraged as little Mayu shook her head. Young Takamina walked over to little Mayu and bend down a little to her height. "Don't worry. I will take good care of you, Mayu-chan." Young Takamina said as she patted little Mayu on the head.

"I'll be leaving her into your hands, Minami-chan." Rino-sama smiled as she made her way out of their room. "..H-How old are you?" Mayu stuttered the question that was in her head ever since she saw the girl who is now her roommate.

"I'm 12 this year. What about you?" Takamina answered with a grin plastered on her face.

In Mayu's eyes, Takamina was probably her age as she was pretty..short (around 148)

"B-But you're so... You don't look like 12. I'm 10." Mayu mumbled which was caught by young Takamina.

"Ah! That's because of my height right? I believe I'll grow taller as I'm still growing!" Takamina said optimistically.

"Anyhow, you're younger than me! I'll promise to be a good one-chan!" Little Mayu's eyes widen in surprised at the sudden promise as her eyes started to water. "Eh?!? What's wrong?" Takamina panicked seeing said girl's eyes getting watery.

Not wanting the girl to cry, Takamina hesitantly reached out and wrapped her arms around Mayu who cried. "Yosh yosh.. Everything will be fine.."

Current time

"Nyan nyan, I'll be going over to the Orphanage." Yuko stated as she got up from her desk. "Eh... Are you done with your work?" Haruna asked as Yuko pouted. "Yes, I've finished my work boss." Yuko teased as Haruna laughed.

"Alright alright. I'll head over later when I'm done?" Haruna looked questioningly at Yuko who nodded her head as she stood up from her place, heading over to Haruna who was sitting at another desk, located not far from her.

She walked over and wrapped her arms around Haruna and giving her a kiss on the back of her head. "I'll be going then. Oh, I'll ask one of our bouncer to guide you over to the Orphanage just for safety precaution." Yuko grabbed her bag as Haruna let out a sigh before smiling a little at Yuko's over-protectiveness. "Alright, you be careful too."


"Takamina-chan~" Yuko's voice echoed in the Orphanage. Takamina who was in her room playing with Mayu had her head shot up in an instant as soon as she heard the voice. "Yuko-san? I'm in here!" Mayu on the other hand, stared confusedly at Takamina who just smiled reassuringly at her.

"Takamina-chan?" Yuko asked as she slide the door open. "Yuko-san!" Takamina bounced on to her feet and ran over to Yuko, giving her a bear hug. Yuko bend down and embraced the small girl with a smile on her face.

"How are you? Sorry for not visiting for the past few weeks." Yuko apologized after they pulled apart. "I'm fine! I understand that you're busy so it's fine!" Takamina grinned as Yuko patted her on the head. "That's very mature for a 12 year old.." Yuko complimented as Takamina giggled.

"Oh! I have a new roommate!" Takamina gestured over to the girl who was siting on the floor, playing with some Lego blocks. "Her name is Watanabe Mayu and she's two years younger than me." Yuko nodded her head in understanding as she slowly walked over to Mayu.

"Hello there. I'm Oshima Yuko." Yuko greeted the 10 year old with a sincere smile on her face. Mayu just nodded her head and continued on playing, ignoring Yuko. Takamina pouted and walked over to Mayu and gently reprimanded her. "Mayu-chan. You have to respect elders." Takamina said as Mayu reluctantly made eye contact with Yuko.

Yuko waved Takamina off and smiled warmly at Mayu. "I understand you feel hostile towards me as I'm just a stranger. Don't worry about it." Yuko added as Mayu felt her heart clenched. 'What is this feeling.. This woman..' Mayu sighed as she stood up and bowed.

"Hello, Oshima-san." Mayu greeted which caused Yuko to grin. "Well, that's a start. It's nice to meet you, Mayu-chan!" Yuko added as Mayu replied politely as well. "Ma, do you want to join us?" Yuko asked as she looked over to Mayu who fidgeted.

"Mayu-chan, you should come with us! We'll be going to the park." Takamina smiled happily like a kid as Mayu tilted her head to the side in amusement.

All this time, when she was here at the Orphanage, Takamina was known to be a big sister regardless of her age but right now, seeing her act like a kid is really amusing. 'It's like she's finally acting like her age..' Mayu thought to herself as Takamina pulled on Mayu's hand.

"C'mon! It'll be fun!" Takamina urged as she grinned at Mayu who sighed and hanged her head in defeat. "Alright.." Yuko smiled, glad to see that Mayu agreed to join them.

The three made their way to the park that was somewhat deserted as Takamina ran over to the swings. "Yuko-san! Push me?" Takamina asked as she sat on the swing, her eyes shinning brightly as Yuko grinned in reply.

"Hai hai. Let's go." Yuko said as she gently held Mayu's hand and urged her to follow her. Mayu stood at the side watching the two interact.

"Are you ready? Hold on tight!" Yuko said as Takamina giggled and nodded her head enthusiastically. Yuko gently pushed the swing, making it go higher every time she pushed it.

Soon, Takamina is on the swing that swung up twice the height of Yuko. Laughter could be heard as Yuko smiled warmly at the kid. Mayu too, was smiling as she watched Takamina play.

As soon as Takamina landed from her flight, she urged for Mayu to try but Mayu was somewhat reluctant. "Mayu-chan! You should try too! It's really fun!!" Takamina gently pushed Mayu over to the swing and stood behind her. "Hold on tight!"

Without further ado, Takamina started pushing, little by little Mayu swung higher. But the higher she got, the sheer evidence of panic was present on her face. "Takamina! Stop the swing!" Yuko urged as Takamina panicked at the sudden request.

Mayu closed her eyes in fright as she fidgeted. She unconsciously brought her hand over to cover her eyes causing her to fall from the swing. "Mayu-chan!" Takamina shouted as she watched her good friend and somewhat sister, fell from the seat.

'I'm going to die..' Mayu thought to herself but before she could even feel herself landing hard on the ground beneath her, she fell onto something soft instead. 'Eh?' Mayu looked up to find herself staring at brown orbs who let out a sigh of relieve.

"Mayu-chan, are you okay?" Yuko asked as she eyed the girl up and down, making sure that she's not injured. Mayu who was still in a state of shock, nodded her head timidly. "Mayu-chan!" Takamina ran over as tears filled her eyes.

Yuko sat up from her position with Mayu clinging to her. "I'm so sorry Mayu-chan!" Takamina bowed a 90 degrees at Mayu who stood up unsteadily. "No, it's not your fault.. I..I have a fear of heights.." Mayu admitted as the other two nodded their head in understanding.

Yuko looked at Mayu, who was still shaking from the incident. She wrapped her arms around Mayu and carried her to a bench nearby surprising the younger girl. "Takamina, can you go and buy drinks for the three of us?" Takamina nodded and took the money that Yuko was holding out.

"Wait for me. I'll be back as soon as possible." With that Takamina left.

Making sure that Takamina was out of earshot, Yuko took a deep breath before starting.

"Mayu-chan, I have something I need to tell you." Mayu looked over to the woman who suddenly turned serious.

"I was actually planning to adopt Takamina by the end of this month." Mayu kept her emotions in check, not revealing them. Yuko looked over to the younger girl, trying to interpret her expressions.

Yuko sighed as she managed to read the girl who was trying her best to put her cyborg expression on. "But with the current situation, I don't want to separate the two of you from one another." Yuko added as Mayu flinched.

'If Takamina is adopted, I'll be all alone.' Mayu suddenly realized what would happen if Yuko adopts Takamina. "Mayu-chan. Stop whatever you're thinking." Yuko scolded as Mayu made eye contact with the elder woman.

"I won't adopt Takamina now.." Yuko mumbled to herself as a thought came to her. "Unless.. Mayu-chan is being adopted at the same time by someone or myself as well." Mayu's eyes widen in surprised.

This was the first time someone stated that they wanted her in their life. Her parents abandoned her, saying that she was a scary child as she don't usually smile nor show her feelings and that she is a failure. She never thought that the day would come when someone would say that they wanted her.

Yuko's action has made our little cyborg touched. "...Why are you so nice to me? You don't even know me.." Mayu questioned as Yuko smiled fondly at her. "I'm nice to everyone regardless of whether do I know them or not. But Mayu-chan, I know you. You're a good child." Yuko patted Mayu on the head as Mayu stared at Yuko with tears in her eyes.

"Yuko-san, Mayu-chan!" Takamina shouted in a distance as she held three bottle of drinks. Mayu who heard Takamina, quickly wiped her tears away as Yuko sighed. 'She should show her feelings more..'

"Welcome back, Takamina. What did you buy?" Yuko diverted Takamina's attention, solely on to her. "I only bought plain water.." Takamina rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "I didn't want to spend too much of Yuko-san's money." Yuko laughed hearing that and patted Takamina on the head.

Takamina passed the change and also the water bottles to Yuko as Takamina wiped the sweat from her face. Yuko held a water bottle up for Mayu to take. Mayu looked at the bottle and then back to Yuko who smiled gently and urged for her to take it.

Mayu took it, which caused Yuko to grin. Takamina sat down beside Yuko and took the bottle which was offered by Yuko, gratefully.

"Yuko-san, can I go play?" Takamina asked after she caught her breath. Yuko gave her a nod and gestured for Mayu to follow. "Mayu-chan, let's go!" Takamina had her hand reached out in front of Mayu, who stared at the hand but slowly reached out and accepted it. Takamina gently pulled her along as the two went to play with Yuko watching them with a smile on her face.


"Oh, Yuko-chan. Takamina-chan is asleep?" Rino-sama asked as Yuko bowed in respect and nodded her head.

The two played for another hour and Takamina succumbed to tiredness as the other was still fine. Yuko piggyback Takamina on her back as Mayu had her pinky intertwined with Yuko's pinky.

Yuko walked back into Takamina's room and gently placed her on to the bed and tucked her in. Mayu on the other hand, stood beside Yuko as she watched the sleeping Takamina with a smile on her face.

Yuko urged for Mayu to head into the bathroom to clean up before going to sleep which was agreed by the younger one. Yuko rearranged all the toys in the room while Mayu was bathing.

After she was done, she took a seat in the room, scrolling through her phone. 'Hmm.. Nyan nyan should be coming soon.' Yuko was snapped out from her thoughts as Mayu emerged from the toilet.

Yuko urged for Mayu to make her way over to her. Mayu trudged her way over and stood in front of the elder girl as Yuko helped to dry her hair. Mayu giggled as she felt love radiating from Yuko.

"What's so funny?" Yuko asked with an eyebrow raised as she continued to dry Mayu's hair. "N-Nothing.." Mayu replied with her cyborg expression plastered as Yuko sighed at the response. When she was done, she gently guided the younger girl into her bed and tucked her in.

As Yuko was about to leave, Mayu held on to the hem of her shirt causing Yuko to look at the girl with an amused look. "What is it, Mayu-chan?" Mayu fidgeted before asking Yuko to sit beside her until she falls asleep. Yuko complied as she ruffled with Mayu's hair.

It didn't take long for Mayu to fall asleep but Mayu was happy. It's not that Takamina didn't give her love. It's just that, feeling loved from an adult after what her parents did, was really something that Mayu yearned for.


"Good evening, Haruna-chan. Looking for Yuko-chan and Takamina-chan?" Rino-sama smiled at Haruna who gave her a small nod.

"Yuko-chan brought Takamina-chan and Mayu-chan to the park to play. They came back not long ago." Haruna looked questioningly at Rino-sama. "Mayu-chan?" Haruna asked as the obasan's mouth form into an 'O'.

"Mayu-chan is a new child that was sent over a few weeks ago. Her parents abandoned her." Rino-sama sighed as her expression turned bitter.

"The both of them were saying that Mayu-chan is a scary child as she don't usually smile nor show her feelings and that she is a failure. They also said that she brought bad luck, that's why they sent her over here." Rino-sama looked over to Haruna who was listen attentively.

"When Mayu-chan first came here a few weeks ago, she didn't talk to anyone except for Takamina-chan who managed to befriend with her. Takamina-chan took good care of Mayu-chan and the two has grown attached to one another." Rino-sama ended with a small smile.

"Takamina-chan is a good child." The obasan grinned at Haruna who gave her a nod. "Ara, Yuko-chan. How long are you going to stand there?" Rino-sama asked with an amused grin.

"S-Sashi.." Yuko blushed as she was caught eavesdropping. "I was about to come out but I heard you talking about Mayu-chan.." Yuko reasoned as she walked towards the other two.

"Yuuchan.." Haruna greeted with a loving smile plastered on her face. The two intertwined their hands as Rino-sama asked them to go and visit the two.

Yuko guided Haruna to Takamina and Mayu's room which was just around the corner. Yuko gently slid the door opened and went in, Haruna following closely. Haruna slowly closed the door and she walked over to Takamina, patting her on the head.

"What did you do when I wasn't around?" Haruna arranged Takamina's bangs, causing Yuko to smile at the action. "Hmm, we played around the park and talked for a bit.." Yuko answered as she walked over to Mayu.

"This is Watanabe Mayu. She's only 10 this year.." Yuko carresed Mayu's face as Haruna walked over. "She's really cute.." Haruna said nonchalantly as Yuko nodded.

"Ne Haruna. Remember when we discussed about wanting to adopt Takamina-chan?" Yuko asked as she kept her eyes on Mayu.

"Yes?" Haruna answered, insure of where this is going. "Can we.." Yuko stopped as Haruna tried to connect the dots as she looked over to Mayu.

'Her parents are cruel.. Abandoning her for such petty reasons..' Haruna thought to herself as she shook her head and smiled widely before tapping Yuko on the shoulder causing her to turn around.

"Yuuchan, can we adopt Mayu-chan as well?" Haruna asked Yuko's eyes widen in surprised. "That's what you were going to ask right?" Haruna asked as Yuko gave her a timid nod.

"I think it'll be fine.. We'll talk to Mayu-chan as soon as possible, okay?" Haruna asked as Yuko nodded her head with a wide grin plastered on her face.

"Hmm? Yuko-san, is that Haruna-san?" Takamina who was sleeping, rubbed her eyes as she looked over to the two. "Ah, Takamina-chan. Did we wake you up?" Yuko asked as she went over to her with Haruna in tow.

"Hello, Takamina-chan." Haruna greeted as Takamina replied with a bow. "Say.. Takamina-chan. Do you like Mayu-chan?" Haruna asked as Takamina tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"Yes. Mayu-chan is like a sister to me. Although we've only know each other for a short time, I know that Mayu-chan is a good child." Takamina said as Yuko laughed. "You sound so old Takamina-chan.." Yuko teased as she reached out and pinched Takamina on the nose causing her to fling her arms around.

"Quiet down you two.." Haruna placed a finger on both their lips. "Mayu-chan is still sleeping.." Haruna sighed as she pulled back her hand. Yuko took the opportunity, held onto the hand and sucked the finger.

Haruna squealed in surprise as she blushed. Takamina on the other hand laughed. "Yuko-san is eating Haruna-san's finger!" Yuko removed the finger from her mouth with a grin plastered.

"I-Idiot.." Haruna mumbled quietly as Yuko looked over to Takamina with a serious expression plastered on her face. Takamina straighten herself, feeling the need to do so under Yuko's intense gaze.

"Ne, Takamina-chan. If we adopt you and Mayu-chan together, would you like that?" Yuko asked as Takamina's eyes widen in surprise, shining brightly.

"Mmn!! I was wondering on how I should tell you that I don't want to leave Mayu-chan alone." Takamina rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly as Yuko and Haruna smiled fondly at her.

"We'll give Mayu-chan some time to get use to the both of us first." Haruna stated as Takamina nodded her head with a bright smile. "We'll also have to talk to Sashi and Mayu-chan about it." Yuko added as Haruna nodded her head.

Mayu who had woken up from her slumber turned over and stared at the three figure. Takamina who caught sight of Mayu waking up, ran over to Mayu and intertwined their hand.

"Mayu-chan, Mayu-chan!" Takamina greeted as Mayu looked questioningly at Takamina. "What is it?" Mayu asked as Takamina looked over to Yuko and Haruna who gave her a smile and a nod.

"Mayu-chan, would you like to be adopted by Yuko-san and Haruna-san? Of course, I'll be adopted by them as well." Takamina ended with a grin.

Mayu on the other hand was overwhelmed by emotions. "..I don't want your pity.." It was so soft that Yuko and Haruna barely caught it as they were standing further. "Mayu-chan.." Takamina looked over to Mayu who had her head down.

"Watanabe Mayu. I'm not pitying you. Neither of us here are pitying you." Yuko said sternly as Mayu's head shot up at Yuko's statement. "Then why are you so nice to me? You barely know me!" Mayu shouted in reply as tears filled her eyes.

"Yes, we barely know you. But there's one thing we all know. We want Watanabe Mayu in our lives." Yuko stated firmly as Mayu's tear fell. Takamina was quicker though, she wiped said tear and gave her a smile.

"What Yuko-san said is true. I want Mayu-chan in my life no matter what!" Takamina said as she wrapped her arms around Mayu. Haruna on the other hand walked over to Mayu and bend down a little. "Mayu-chan, we really want you in our lives." Haruna smiled fondly at her.

Mayu cried aloud, touched by their sincerity. "Mayu-chan. Would you give us the opportunity to have a future with Watanabe Mayu in it?" Yuko asked as she too, walked over to Mayu and patted her on the head softly.

Mayu nodded her head as she beamed a smile that was so beautiful. Yuko, Haruna and Takamina smiled widely as Yuko pulled the three of them into a hug.

This will be a start to something more wonderful. Yuko thought to herself as she tighten her grip on the three who smiled.

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Chapter 5
Five years have passed since the two were added into the family.

"Mayuyu, Takamina. Wake up! You're going to be late." Yuko shouted as she went over to the kitchen where Haruna was cooking.

"We're up already! We'll be coming down in a few minutes." Takamina replied as Yuko shouted an okay back. Yuko wrapped her arms around Haruna's waist while resting her head on Haruna's shoulder.

"Good morning, Nyan nyan." Yuko greeted as Haruna smiled in reply. Yuko leaned in giving a quick peck at the corner of Haruna's lips. Haruna pouted as Yuko laughed.

"Yuuchan~" Haruna whined, causing Yuko to grin sheepishly. Haruna lowered down the fire before turning over to Yuko, she closed her eyes as Yuko leaned in, kissing her directly on the lips.

"Yuko-kaasan and Haruna-kaasan! Don't make out in public!" Takamina shouted as she walked in, catching her parents making out. "But we're not in public, Takamina-neesan.." Mayu said nonchalantly as she walked over to her seat with a smirk as Takamina was flabbergasted.

Haruna and Yuko laughed at Mayu's comeback. Yuko leaned in giving Haruna one last kiss before walking over to the other two. "Nice one, Mayu-chan." Yuko grinned as they high-fived one another causing Takamina to groan.

"Joking aside, how's school?" Yuko asked as she settled down in her seat as well. "Pretty good. I was chosen to become the Vice for the Student Council. Oh, and my last term results were out. I managed to be in the Top 5." Takamina added as she grinned sheepishly.

Yuko smiled widely and patted Takamina on the head. "Hontou? I'm proud of you Takamina. Don't stress yourself too much though. Being in the Student Council has a lot of responsibilities. Not to forget that you're the Vice." Yuko winked at Takamina before looking over to Mayu.

Mayu catching Yuko's gaze on her, took a deep breath before she started. "Hmm. I managed to maintain my scores and my rank. I'm still number 1 in the whole form. And you know what, I'm also chosen to be the Vice for the Student Council." Mayu added with a grinned as Yuko laughed.

"Heh.. All my daughter's are in the Student Council.." Yuko patted Mayu on the head as well before going back into the kitchen, telling Haruna about the achievements of her two daughters and helped her brought the food out.

"Ah.. Thank you." Takamina thanked the two as they waved it off. "So Mayu-chan and Takamina-chan is part of the Student Council eh.. Yuuchan, I think we should go out and celebrate tonight." Haruna smiled widely as she gave the other two a thumbs up.

"Hmm, we can... I'll inform my bouncers about it then." Yuko nodded her head before sitting back down. "Do your best at school you two!" Haruna encouraged as the other two smiled determinedly at her. "We'll do out best!" Takamina said as she pumped her fist into the air. "Fighting~" Mayu added before digging into her food.


Nine years have past since Yuko and Haruna adopted Takahashi Minami and Watanabe Mayu.

Oshima Yuko who is now 35, still runs the well known club. The Club's fame kept rising and they managed to extend the place, building two other hidden rooms for their child who are learning the ropes of handling a club.

Kojima Haruna who is also 35, helps Yuko with the paperwork. Haruna has her eyes on one of Takamina's friend on being the Secretary. She has intentions on approaching the said girl and maybe, just maybe, she'll be willing to work and help lessen Takamina's burden when the time comes.

Takahashi Minami who is now 21, looks forward to taking over her parents business, that is the Club. Yuko has been teaching Takamina about the ropes on handling a club. Though still young, Takamina strives to be able to handle the club like her parents. She is not aware that her mum is eyeing her good friend a.k.a as current crush, Maeda Atsuko to become the Secretary of the Club.

Watanabe Mayu who just graduated from high school was also looking forward to help her parents with the club. Thanks to Yuko and Haruna, Mayu was given the chance to study once again. Mayu was well known at school as the person who ace all the tests. Not to forget, Mayu was chosen to be the President of the Student Council. The teachers were thankful for her commitment and also her hardworking attitude. She opened up to the other students around her which indirectly helped her raised her fame. She also became much more expressive.

The two were not only good in studies, they were also good physically. Well, Takamina was so-so while Mayu was really good in it. The both picked up Kendo and they enjoyed doing it.

Yuko would come and join at times while Haruna would just watch the three. On rare occasions, she would join in as well but that doesn't happen often.

Anyway, Mayu has represented the school in Kendo and has been champion ever since she stepped into high school. For three years straight, she managed to defend her title as champion and oh boy, did it make her family proud.


"So, do you understand?" Yuko questioned as she kept her eyes on the two in front of her.

Both Takamina and Mayu nodded their head in understanding causing Yuko to smile fondly at them.

"It's not easy, but you'll get the hang of it.." Yuko winked as she stood up from her seat and stretched.

The door was knocked, and after a muttered come in from Yuko, her ever loyal bouncers came in. The two has also aged but their looks stayed as intimidating as they were, 9 years ago.

After a short discussion the two bouncers headed out.

"You also have to remember no troublemakers are allowed in the club. Blacklist them. All the customers who come here are to enjoy themselves and not get involves with troublemakers. If you can't handle them, you can always just call both our bouncers. But I doubt that it's necessary, isn't it.." Yuko winked at the two who laughed and nodded.

"Oh, Takamina. Don't you have a date with Acchan?" Yuko asked as she checked her wristwatch.

Takamina blushed while Mayu who sat beside her snickered. "I-It's not a date!" Takamina retorted as the two looked at her with an 'Oh really?' expression.

"W-We're just going out for tea.." Takamina mumbled as the two rolled their eyeballs. "Which basically means it's a date.." Mayu said as she laughed while Yuko soften her gaze on Takamina.

"Takamina.. You like her, don't you?" Yuko asked as Takamina blushed harder. "I.." Takamina hanged her head in defeat and nodded her head. "Confess to her. Who knows, maybe she'll accept your feelings.." Yuko encouraged with a grin plastered on her face.

Takamina looked up from her seat, her face full of insecurities. Yuko sighed seeing Takamina making such expression.

"You see, I don't want you to regret anything. If you like someone, just confess to them. I don't want you to grow old and when you looked back at your past, there are regrets.."

The two thought on what their mum had mentioned and nodded their head in understanding.

The sound of knuckles rapping against the door came again. This time, the person didn't even wait for Yuko to say come in.

Haruna made her way in while grinning at the three. "Takamina-chan, Acchan is here." Haruna walked over to Yuko and wrapped her arms around Yuko.

"Have fun on your date." Haruna grinned as Takamina sighed and stood up from her place.

"I'll do my best, Yuko-kaasan.. I.. I'll try to confess to her." Takamina said with conviction as Mayu gave her a gentle squeeze on the shoulder. "I'll be rooting for you!"

"Well then, I'll be waiting for your good news. Go on now.." Yuko shooed Takamina who retreated with a bow.

The door closed and Yuko diverted her attention to the youngest.

"So, Mayu-chan. Are you interested in anyone at the mean time?" Yuko asked as Haruna who sat beside her looked at Mayu with curiosity.

"Hmm? No." Mayu said nonchalantly as Yuko smiled before encouraging her daughter not to give up.

"I'm not giving up. It's just that I won't be going to look for someone on purpose. If we're meant to be then, fate will bring is together."

Yuko laughed while Haruna smiled a little before giving Yuko a small slap on the head for laughing at their youngest which caused Yuko to pout.

"I wasn't mocking you, Mayu-chan. I was just surprised that you would be able to say such tasteful words." Yuko grinned as Mayu sighed but smiled at her mother's antiques.

"I didn't deserve that hit." Yuko pouted as Haruna sighed before rubbing her hand through Yuko's hair in attempts to get her forgiveness.

Haruna sighed once more as she saw that the pout was still at place. Deciding to give in to what her wife wants she leaned in, giving her kiss okay the corner of her lips.

Yuko grinned before pulling Haruna into her lap, causing the other to squeal in surprise.

"I'll be taking my leave now. Try to not be so loud, okay?" Mayu said with a teasing smile as both her parents blushed a little.

As Mayu took her leave, Haruna shouted "The walls are soundproof Mayu-chan~"

Mayu turned back, looking at her mothers with a red face. 'My goodness.'

Mayu quickly took her leave and quietly shut the door behind her, heaving a sighed as soon as she stepped out of the room.

'I may have said that, but honestly I feel a little lonely.' Mayu shook her head to clear her thoughts.

'Ma, I guess I'll head back over to the dojo to practice Kendo. I need something to avert my attention to.'


"Takamina~" Acchan called over and waved her hands to get Takamina's attention as soon as she saw the girl.

"A-Acchan.. Sorry for making you wait. Did you wait long?" Takamina asked as she rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly.

"Iie.. C'mon, let's go now!" Acchan said excitedly as she pulled Takamina along.

Takamina who was following Acchan, blushed at the skin contact.

The two made their way over to the cinema and started picking movies.

After much bickering between the two, they both settled for romantic comedy with Takamina buying the tickets. Acchan on the other hand, bought the popcorn and the drinks without much fight.

Surprisingly, it wasn't as empty as they expected it to be but it wasn't a full either. The two went in and sat side by side in the cinema.

The movie started and Takamina could be seen taking glances over every 3 minutes or so. Acchan who was aware of it, inwardly giggled.

'C'mon Takamina! Try to get closer to her..' Takamina thought to herself.

Takamina scooted a little over to the side, trying to get nearer to Acchan. Takamina met a dead end though, as the armrest blocked her from advancing any further.

'Great, how did I forgot about the armrest..' Takamina silently cursed under her breath while formulating another plan in her brain.

'Maybe this will work..'

Takamina pretended to stretch her arms and then slowly placed it on Acchan's shoulder while focusing her eyes on the wide screen.

Acchan, who actually saw the whole thing, secretly grinned. She pulled the armrest away, making space for the two and scooted over to Takamina.

'The armrest was movable?' Takamina blinked in surprise before ignoring the fact that she did not know that the armrest was movable.

Takamina was blushing like mad though, getting caught red-handed by Acchan. To make things 'worse', Acchan rested her head on  Takamina's shoulder.

Takamina's body stiffen at the sudden contact but soon calmed down and so she tighten her grip on Acchan's shoulder. Though she was being a little bolder, Takamina was still blushing a whole lot.


The movie ended and Takamina could be seen wiping a few tears off her face.

"Takamina~ Are you okay?" Acchan took a piece of tissue from her tissue packet and wiped Takamina's tears.

"I-I'm fine.. The ending was just a little emotional.." Acchan giggled at Takamina's reply.

After wiping Takamina's tear streaked face, Acchan scrunched her nose and smiled at Takamina, causing Takamina's heart to beat at an insane rate.

'Too cute..' Takamina thought to herself and unconsciously moved her hand and lightly pinched Acchan on the nose.

Acchan who was caught off guard, blushed and Takamina for once, found herself not blushing but instead enjoying the blush on Acchan's face.

'I would love to see more of that..' Takamina thought to herself with a smile.

Deciding to man up, she took the initiative and intertwined their hands together, going to their next location.

Acchan continued blushing and noticed that Takamina was being much more bolder.

'I wonder when will she confess..' Acchan thought to herself as Takamina lightly pulled her along.

Truth to be told, Acchan was well aware of the feelings a certain midget has for her but she was hoping for the midget to make a move and confess.

Takamina brought Acchan to the arcade and they started playing all sort of games.

As they were about to leave, Acchan found a machine with cute soft toys and asked for Takamina to buy more tokens for them to catch it.

Takamina complied and headed over to the counter to buy some tokens as Acchan continued staring at the machine with sparkling eyes.

"Why, what is a young pretty lady like you doing here all alone?" A boy asked as a few others gathered around her.

"Nothing." Acchan said coldly as she ignored them and continued to stare at the machine in front of her.

"Now now.. Don't play tough. All girls will fall for a person like me." The boy said smugly as he trailed his fingers on her cheeks.

Before Acchan could react to the harassment, the boy that was in front of her got his arm twisted in an odd angle.

"What are you doing?!" The boy shouted as Takamina had her cold glare on.

"What am I doing? I'm supposed to ask that question." Takamina answered as she eyed the other boys who reteated a little at the stare they got.

"How dare you lay your tainted hands on a pure soul." Takamina said aloud causing Acchan to blushed a little.

Takamina tighten her grip on the boy causing him to scream in pain, gathering attention from the other shoppers around the place.

"If you ever lay your dirty, disgusting hands on anyone again, I'll make sure you never have your arms again." Takamina said as she released the grip on said boy, causing him to fall in fear.

The boy quickly apologized and scrambled off with his other friends as the shoppers who caught on what happened, applauded for Takamina.

Takamina who suddenly became conscious of the attention she was getting, blushed and pulled Acchan away.


The two found themselves at a park, watching the setting of the sun in silence.

"..D-Did I scare you?" Takamina asked as she nervously fiddled with her fingers.

"Hmm? No you didn't.." Acchan scooted over to Takamina who let out a sigh of relieve.

"Did he managed to hurt you or anything?" Takamina took Acchan's hands and carefully checked all of them.

"I'm fine.." Acchan smiled reassuringly at Takamina as she felt Takamina's hands on her.

"It was thanks to you that he didn't managed to do anything bad to me." Acchan added as she grinned sheepishly at Takamina who blushed and avoided eye contact.

Acchan scooted over once more, leaving no space in between them and rested her head on Takamina's shoulder as they continued to watch the sun that was setting.

"..Ne, Acchan." Takamina started looking over the horizon.

Acchan hummed in reply to show that she's listening as she looked over to Takamina who had a serious expression on.

"I really like you." Acchan who was listening attentively, felt her heart skipped a beat. She stayed quiet though, waiting for Takamina to continue her words.

"I've liked you for a long time, Acchan. But I didn't have the courage to confess my love to you. I was afraid.." Takamina sighed as she looked over Acchan.

"Look, Acchan. I don't remember when it all happened but when I'm with you, my heartbeat tends to speed up, my hands start to sweat and the butterflies in my stomach flutters so much that sometimes I feel sick." Acchan raised an amused eyebrow at Takamina as she quickly raised her hands in defend.

"In a good way, of course." Acchan giggled at her added words.

"So what does that mean?" Acchan feigned innocence as Takamina gathered her courage, remembering her mother's words.

'You see, I don't want you to regret anything. If you like someone, just confess to them. I don't want you to grow old and when you looked back at your past, there are regrets..'

"Acchan, would you like to go out with me?" Acchan put her thinking face on as she pretended to consider the offer, which caused Takamina to get even more nervous than she ever was.

"What do you mean by going out?" Acchan once again feigned innocence as Takamina felt her eyebrow twitch.

"Goodness.." Takamina muttered under her breath as she rubbed her temples to ease the pain before staring right into Acchan's eyes. Acchan on the other hand was trying to hold back her laughter.

"Acchan. I like you! Would you be my girlfriend?" Acchan beamed brightly at Takamina and nodded her head.

"R-Really?!" Takamina asked in surprised as Acchan nodded again.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to confess.." Acchan said as she wrapped her arms around Takamina's neck while Takamina hesitantly wrapped hers around Acchan's waist.

"..Thank you." Takamina smiled widely at Acchan who giggled and blushed.

"Can I.. Can I kiss you?" Takamina asked as Acchan gave her a nod.

Takamina leaned in, causing Acchan to closed her eyes.

Deciding to pay back for what she had done earlier, Takamina leaned back and stared at Acchan with an amused expression as the girls eyes remained closed.

After feeling nothing on her lips like she had expected to, she opened her eyes to see Takamina laughing.

"That was for teasing me." Takamina grinned as Acchan pouted in reply before taking a deep breath and started. "I didn't mean to. I just wanted to hear you say those words." Takamina's heart fluttered hearing Acchan's statement.

"Acchan close your eyes." Before Acchan could react to what Takamina said, she felt Takamina's lips on hers.


In the Dojo

Mayu panted as she raised her hand in defeat after having a 1v1 fight with 7 of the top students of the dojo.

The other students bowed in respect before taking their leave.

'That was one way to avert my thoughts alright..' Mayu huffed as she pushed herself up and grabbed her water bottle and also a towel.

'I wonder how is Takamina-neesan's date going...' Mayu sighed to herself as she reprimanded herself for thinking about love again.

"Mayu-senpai. There's a girl outside, demanding to meet with the person in charge at the dojo.." One of her practice-mate stated.

"Is Sensei not around?" Mayu asked as she wiped her sweat and tighten the bottle cap around her water bottle.

"She is currently away. Sensei has mentioned before that if she was away, you will be the person in charge until she's back.." Mayu sighed at the statement.

'Akimoto Sayaka... Why did you do this to me?' Mayu rubbed her temples before placing her things onto the floor and followed her practice-mate out to the reception room.


"Where is the person in charge?!" A loud voice was heard as Mayu made her way to the room.

"I'm here. Is there a problem?" Mayu asked as she made eye contact with the girl.

'She's really pretty.. Well, except for her attitude..' Mayu held the urge to roll her eyes at said girl.

"Why the heck did you take so long to come out? Do you now how much time you wasted? Wait. You're the person in charge?!" The stranger continued to shout as Mayu sighed and maintain her composure with her cyborg face plastered.

"I apologize for making you wait. I just finished a-" Mayu was cut short but the stranger who raised her hand to stop Mayu.

"Just stop. I'm Kashiwagi Yuki and I'm supposed to meet with Akimoto Sayaka, the person in charge." Yuki said with sarcasm in her tone.

'Rude much..' Mayu thought to herself.

"Well, if you're looking for her, she's not here. She's currently on a break and she won't be back until further notice." Yuki's jaw dropped with her overreaction reaction.

"What?! Nonsense." The stranger who called herself Kashiwagi Yuki continued to ramble on as Mayu took a look at her surroundings to see a crowd starting to form.

'I have to stop her.'

"Look, if you really want meet with Akimoto Sayaka, just write your phone number down and I'll call you when she's back. There's no point in making a fuss here when she's not around." Mayu lowered her tone before continuing.

"You're also gathering unnecessary attention and you're disrupting the training that is going on inside. Please act more rational and recomposed yourself." Mayu said with her cyborg face on.


Yuki blinked in surprised as this is the first time someone ever reprimanded her. No one has ever reprimanded her in her life. Not even her father who used to be alive ever reprimanded her.

"You!!" Yuki raised her finger and point at Mayu who moved the finger away by gently pushing in aside.

"Don't point fingers, it's rude." Mayu said calmly, which caused Yuki to get even madder.

"Fine." Yuki threw her card over to Mayu before storming off.

"Well, that could've went better." Mayu sighed as she rubbed her throbbing temples.

"Are you alright?" Mayu's practice-mate asked as Mayu nodded her head and waved it off.

Mayu knelt down to retrieve the fallen name card.

'Kashiwagi Yuki eh..'

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Chapter 6
Back in Yuko's office.

About an hour later, the two got back to work before Haruna decided to take a break.

"Yuko~" Haruna called out as Yuko turned her attention to Haruna.

"What is it?" Yuko asked as she closed the lid of her laptop, giving her cat her full attention.

"You don't have to stress yourself too much you know.. Takamina is capable of helping you now." Yuko nodded her head as she leaned back in her seat, tapping her lap, gesturing for Haruna to sit there.

Haruna complied and sat herself comfortably on Yuko's lap.

Yuko in turned wrapped her arms around Haruna and pulled her in, resting her head on Haruna's chest.

A muffled I know was heard as Haruna sighed but gently stroke Yuko's hair.

"But I still can't seem to be at ease.." Yuko looked up from her position before leaning back.

Haruna stared at Yuko with a questioning gaze as she pondered on the reasons as to why is Yuko feeling uneasy.

"I mean, it's not that I don't trust Takamina or even Mayu. I know that they are capable enough to handle the club. It's just that..." Yuko let out another sighed as she gathered her thoughts.

"Are you sure it isn't just you being too attached to the club?" Haruna supplied as Yuko smiled a little and squeeze Haruna by the waist, eliciting a high-pitched squeak from her.

"Yuuchan~!" Haruna pouted as Yuko smirked before getting back to her serious mode.

"Maybe I am but..." Yuko played with the hem of Haruna's shirt, buying time for her to think.

Haruna stayed silent giving her squirrel time to sort her thoughts. She couldn't help but smile fondly at Yuko's nervous actions.

"I just don't want them to take over the business because they feel needed to do so. For example." Yuko made air quotes before starting.

" 'Oh, I have to work for Yuko-kaasan and Haruna-kaasan to return the favor. After all, they did take us in, giving us shelter, food education and all.' "

Haruna nodded her head in understanding.

"You don't want them to feel forced or indebted to us?" Haruna tilted her head to the side as she asked.

"Why, aren't you getting better at understanding things. Air head." Yuko teased as Haruna pinched Yuko's nose hardly.

Yuko squealed and apologized as Haruna stood up from Yuko's lap.

Haruna moved the laptop away before opting to sit on the table instead.

Yuko pouted at the distance before grinning inwardly, moving her chair towards the table. Or to be exact, Haruna.

Haruna sweat-dropped at the new position they were in.

"Are you mad?" Yuko asked as Haruna ignored her, whilst picking up a folder and randomly flipping through it.

"Nyan nyan? I'm sorry for calling you an air head?" Yuko reached out and held Haruna's hands in hers.

"I was being serious." Haruna pouted, putting the folder back on to the table as Yuko stood up and peck Haruna on her lips.

"I couldn't resist not teasing you. I'm sorry." Yuko apologized once more as Haruna sighed and wrapped her arms around Yuko's neck.

"Idiot.." Yuko rubbed the back of her head sheepishly before placing her hands on Haruna's waist.

"Anyway, what you said earlier on was true. I don't want them to take over the club just because they feel indebted to us.

If they personally have something else they want to pursue, I won't mind letting them go ahead. I don't want to tie them down."

Haruna pulled Yuko in, giving her a reassuring kiss on the lips.

"We'll talk to the both of them about this matter soon, okay?" Yuko nodded her head as Haruna grinned widely.

"Oh oh! I wonder how is Takamina's date going." Haruna stated nonchalantly.

"I hope it goes well for her.." Yuko stated with a smile on her face.

"Oh oh! Did you know Sayaka went for a short trip, leaving Mayu to be in charge of the dojo." Haruna once again added nonchalantly.

Yuko's eyes widen in surprised.

"Was Mayu-chan informed beforehand?" Yuko asked as Haruna shook her head.

"I don't think Sayaka mentioned anything to Mayu. She asked me to keep it a secret from her." Haruna stated as Yuko nodded her head in understanding before shaking her head.

"What's wrong?" Haruna asked, still not understanding as to why Yuko shook her head.

"You do remember that Mayu-chan doesn't like to be informed on duties or responsibilities at the last minute, right?" Yuko asked as Haruna stared blankly at her.

The two continued to stare and a few seconds later Haruna's mouth formed an 'O'.

"I forgot." Haruna stated as Yuko face palmed.

"I guess you never did change much huh." Yuko once again teased as Haruna glared at her.

"In a good way." Yuko quickly added, giving Haruna a quick peck on the lips.

Their moment was interrupted when Yuko's phone rang.

"Yuko-kaasan, is Haruna-kaasan with you too?" Mayu's voice could be heard from the other side as Yuko sweat dropped.

"M-Mayu-chan. Yes, Nyan nyan is with me. Give me a second to turned on the loudspeaker." Yuko pressed on the loudspeaker before asking Mayu to go on.

"Do you two have any idea where did Sayaka-sensei went?" Yuko could hear that Mayu's voice was still somewhat calm and composed, which was... unusual.

"I do not know where is she.." Yuko answered as she glanced at Haruna who did a X sign with her hands.

"Nyan nyan doesn't know either." Yuko answered for Haruna as Mayu raised an eyebrow.

"Why can't Haruna-kaasan answer my question herself?" Mayu questioned as the two looked at one another with a surprised gaze before Yuko came up with an idea, grinning perversely.

"She's kinda busy at the moment. She's physically with me but you know.. We just had-"

"Okay. Understood! No need for further elaboration." Mayu stated as Yuko inwardly laughed as Haruna turned red, staring at Yuko's incredulous reasoning.

"Why are you looking for Sayaka?" Yuko asked, pretending to not know what's going on.

"Oh, she just left me in charge without informing beforehand so I was wondering when will she be back and all." Mayu stated, still in her calm voice as it was Yuko's turned to raise an eyebrow.

"I can help you check on her. But are you okay? You seem rather fine with the last minute responsibility that was dumped to you?" Yuko asked as Mayu sighed.

"Hmm.. I guess this time it was fine." Mayu said as Yuko's eyes widen in surprised.

"Heh.. Mayu-chan, something good must have happened. Tell me about it." Yuko asked as Mayu felt herself sweat dropped.

"It's nothing much." Mayu answered as Yuko pushed on.

"There must be something to make you not mad about the situation you are in." Yuko added as Mayu sighed.

"I'll tell you tonight, when everyone is present." Mayu said as Yuko nodded her head before humming in agreement.

"Okay, I'll see you tonight." Yuko bid.

"Oh, kaasan. Don't tire Haruna-kaasan too much okay?" Mayu teased as Yuko laughed while Haruna, after listening to the conversation, decided to defend herself.

"Mayu-chan-" Yuko clamped Haruna's mouth shut, gently as she bid goodbye to Mayu and ended the call.


"Why did you stop me from talking?" Haruna asked with a pout on her face.

"No reason.." Yuko said nonchalantly as Haruna groaned.

"Idiot.." Haruna huffed as she went back over to her desk.

"But I'm your idiot." Yuko moved her eyebrows suggestively as Haruna sighed.

"Yes yes. Now let's get back to work." Haruna stated as Yuko reluctantly complied.


At that night

"So.. How are things going on, Takamina?" Yuko asked as the family sat down at the dinning table.

"W-Well..." Takamina blushed hard before gathering her courage.

"A-Atsuko and I are currently d-dating.." Takamina said with a sheepish grinned as the two mothers and Mayu cheered and clapped for her.

"Wow.. You did it Takamina-neesan. Congratulations!" Mayu grinned as she gave her a thumbs up.

"I'm so proud of you~ You did a good job!" Haruna gushed as Yuko just nodded her head with a smile plastered on her face.

"A-Actually, it's all thanks to Yuko-kaasan. Without her words, I wouldn't have the courage to confess to Atsuko." Takamina grinned as she abruptly stood up from her seat.

"Thank you, Yuko-kaasan!" Takamina bowed a 90 degrees, surprising the others.

Yuko laughed and waved it off, asking Takamina to sit back down.

"That wasn't necessary but I'm glad you managed to gather your courage and confess." Yuko gave Takamina a pat on the shoulder before averting her gaze over to Mayu.

Haruna who caught on to Yuko's gaze, decided to asked about her younger daughter.

"Mayu-chan, weren't you upset with the sudden responsibilities that was thrown to you?" Haruna asked as Mayu's eyes widen in surprised at the sudden change of subject. She quickly gathered herself before starting.

"Well, as you all have known. Sayaka-sensei is sometimes very irresponsible." Mayu sighed as she placed her chopsticks down.

"Believe me when I said I was upset. But.." Mayu had a thoughtful expression on as she thought back to the girl name Kashiwagi Yuki.

"There was this girl.. She came in to the dojo, demanding to see the person in charge. I told her that I am currently the person in charge and she got mad and stated that the person in charge was Sayaka-sensei." Mayu stopped halfway looking at the expressions her family members are giving.

"Was she pretty?" Haruna asked nonchalantly as Yuko and Takamina facepalmed.

"Well.. She is. But her attitude was just.. rude?" Mayu ended with a questioning tone as Haruna nodded her head.

Takamina gestured for Mayu to go on and so she did.

"I told her that Sayaka-sensei is currently on a vacation and I have no idea when will she be back. I asked for her name card, stating that I will call her whenever Sayaka-sensei returns." Mayu ended as she picked up her bowl and chopsticks, continuing to eat.

Yuko blinked her eyes in mild shock.

"That's it?" Yuko asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes?" Mayu answered, unsure why she was being asked that way.

"So you weren't mad at the last minute responsibilities thrown to you because of a rude person?" Takamina asked in a state of confusion as Mayu thought to herself again.

"It was rather interesting to meet such person." Mayu nonchalantly stated as the others sighed.

"Are you perhaps interested in this girl?" Yuko asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"Hmm.. I wonder.." Mayu answered as the other sighed.

"Well, Mayu-chan. Remember to stay calm at all times when dealing with this person." Takamina advised as she continued eating.

"Agreed. It's no use fighting fire with fire." Yuko added as Mayu nodded her head in understanding.

"We'll help you check on Sayaka." Haruna stated as Mayu thanked her before the Oshima family continued with their dinner.


The next day

Mayu was wearing her gear as a person burst through the doors of the dojo.

"Why, hello there Kashiwagi-san." Mayu bowed politely as said girl rolled her eyes.

"Is Akimoto Sayaka here?" Yuki tapped her feet impatiently as Mayu ignored the fact that this person just ignored her greeting.

"Unfortunately, no." Mayu sighed as she tighten her gear before diverting her attention to the students who were getting ready for training.

"Kashiwagi-san, please give me a minute." Mayu bowed politely before giving instructions to her students to do their warm up in pairs as she reached for her phone dialing for her mothers.

Yuki on the other hand rolled her eyes in annoyance at the fact that this girl is making her wait. She crossed her arms at her chest and huffed.

"Haruna-kaasan? Did you found out on when is Sayaka-sensei coming back?" Mayu asked as she kept her gaze fixed on the students.

"Hmm? Oh, Yuuchan called Sayaka. Sayaka said she'll be back by today. Apparently it was just a short getaway. She'll probably be back after the class." Mayu nodded her head in understanding before thanking her mother and ending the call.

"Sayaka-sensei will be back by today. You can wait for her outside of the dojo if that's what you prefer." Mayu told Yuki who clicked her tongue before deciding to just wait in here.

Mayu raised an eyebrow in surprised before gesturing for her to sit at the chair that is at the corner.

"No thank you." Yuki coldly answered as Mayu sighed.

"Suit yourself." Mayu bowed before taking her leave and headed over to the group of students. She clapped her hands, gaining the attention of the students.


'Who is she to take over of the dojo when Sayaka is not here.' Yuki thought to herself as she continued to eye the girl with a hard glare.

Yuki continued on standing for about 30 minutes before feeling the pain in her leg.

'I shouldn't have wore high heels.' Yuki silently cursed as she massaged her sore legs.

Mayu who caught sight of the girl sighed to herself.

'Somehow it just isn't right to leave her standing when she is wearing such ridiculous height of heels.'

Mayu instructed her students to do a 1 vs 1 fight as the amount of students for the day, wasn't that many.

The students volunteered and soon a the first match was on-going.

Mayu quickly went to the corner and carried the chair over to Yuki who looked slightly taken aback by Mayu's actions.

"As much as you hate me, you don't have to hurt yourself by standing to wait. She'll probably only be back after the training." Mayu placed the chair down, she was about to leave when Yuki's words stopped her in her spot.

"I don't need your kindness." Yuki stated coldly as Mayu made eye contact with her.

"Well, you can't stop me from being kind to others." Mayu gave her a small smile and a polite bow before heading back to the group of students.

Yuki felt her heartbeat increased by the kind actions but she was stubborn alright.

She continued to stand for another 10 minutes before sighing in defeat as her legs protested in pain.

Kashiwagi Yuki, finally allowed herself to sit on the chair that was brought by Mayu.

'Now that I think about it. I don't even know her name..' Yuki thought to herself before she furiously shook her head.

'Why in the world do I need to know her name?' She clicked her tongue in annoyance as she took out her smartphone and played with it.


"Mayu-sensei! Can we have a 1 on 1 with you?" One of the students suggested with a grin.

"Yea yea! Yesterday, you managed to do 7 rounds!" One of the students added enthusiastically.

Soon, all the students agreed and asked for Mayu to comply with their wish.

Mayu sighed as she eyed the student who suggested said activity.

"Alright, but we'll start with you first." Mayu pointed to the student who suggested said activity.

"With pleasure, Mayu." Said student grinned.

The other student settled down in a big circle, excited about the first match.

"It's Matsui Jurina!" One of the students shouted.

Yuki who heard the shouting, turned over to look and was surprised to see the students sitting down on the floor with two people in the middle of the human-made ring.

"Oh oh! The two are Sayaka-sensei's best student!" One of them added.

Everyone quiet down as the two opponents face one another.

"Matsui Jurina desu." Jurina gave a small salute as Mayu smiled.

"Watanabe Mayu." Mayu bowed politely.

The two put on their men (mask) and held their shinai tightly.

This caught Yuki's attention alright. She kept her phone and watched as the match unfold before her eyes.

'Let's see how good you are, Watanabe Mayu.'


Jurina shouted aloud, showing her fighting spirit as Mayu remained silent as she eyed Jurina.

'She'll most probably attacked first if I make her wait a little longer.' Mayu thought to herself.

She was correct alright.

In less than 30 seconds later, Jurina attacked with Uchiotoshi-waza.

Jurina intends to knock Mayu's shinai to the side for her to strike Mayu which will caused Mayu to be off-balance.

However, Mayu manged to read Jurina's movement.

Mayu instantly responded and blocked Jurina from her advances with a firm grip on her shinai with Nuki-waza.

Yuki who was watching the scene unfold, felt impressed that Mayu was able to block Jurina's attack.

Jurina was not surprised though that Mayu managed to block her attack. She wasted no time and attacked again with Katsugi-waza.

Jurina lifted the shinai over her shoulder before striking down on Mayu.

This managed to catch Mayu off guard but she quickly regained her posture.

The two continued to exchange hits with Jurina on attack while Mayu was defending all of Jurina's attack.

'Not attacking huh..' Yuki thought to herself as she eyed the match with much interest.

"C'mon Mayu.. Aren't you going to attack?" Jurina taunt as Mayu remained in her calm composure.

After a few more exchanged in blows Jurina panted as Mayu cracked the bones in her neck causing Jurina to grin.

"Mayu-sensei is getting serious now!!" One of the students cheered excitedly.

"You done?" Mayu teased as Jurina laughed.

"Bring it on!" Mayu inwardly grinned as she gathered herself before muttering under her breath.

"My turn."

The students around them held their breath as they waited in anticipation.

Mayu charged forward with her shinai raised.

Jurina who realized Mayu was about to strike her, she attacked back with Debana-waza.
'What is that girl thinking?! She's wide open!' Yuki thought to herself.

'Maybe she's not as good as I thought she was.' Yuki rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Yuki was about to return her attention to her smartphone but she felt a tap on her shoulder.

Surprised, she looked up to see Sayaka standing there.

"Watch." Sayaka said as Yuki complied and returned her gaze to the fight.


To most of everyone's surprised, Mayu bend her body all the way back, evading Jurina's attack.

The students and Yuki, jaw-dropped at the scene.

'How the heck does she do that? Limbo?' Yuki had her eyes wide opened as she averted her gaze back to Sayaka who had a grinned on her face.

Mayu took the opportunity when Jurina was taken aback, attacking her with Nidan-waza.

Mayu's 'failed first strike' was covered by her second strike which land a strike on her Kote-bu (Padded area of the right wrist protector).

The students around them cheered as the two took of their men.

"Goodness Mayu.. I can't believe you can still do that." Jurina complained as Mayu laughed.

"Never underestimate my flexibility." Mayu winked as Jurina chuckled.

The two bow at one another respectively before Jurina headed to grab her bottle.

"Oh? Sayaka-sensei~" Jurina called as everyone turned their attention over to said person.

The students stood up immediately and bowed a full 90 degrees at Sayaka, showing their respect.

Sayaka bowed back politely before greeting them with a smile.

"We'll end today's training as of now. Mayu, you okay with it?" Sayaka asked as Mayu hummed in reply, giving her an okay sign.

The students bowed and took off their gears and equipment, placing them neatly back at their place.

"Jurina, Mayu. Meet me in the office in 5 minutes time." Sayaka asked as the two nodded their head in understanding.

Yuki was still in a daze as she continued to stare at Mayu.

Mayu removed and kept her gears in her own bag before taking a towel to wipe of her sweat.

"Yukirin, follow me to my room." Sayaka called but she was ignored by Yuki who was in her own world.

'Hmm..' Sayaka raised an eyebrow, surprised that Yuki is spacing out.

'She looks so beautiful..' Yuki thought to herself.

Sayaka rested her hand on top of Yuki's shoulder, snapping her out of her daydream.

She managed to regain her composure and looked questioningly at Sayaka.

"We have some matters to discuss." Sayaka gestured for Yuki to enter her office.

Yuki nodded her head and stood up from her seat.

She took a glance over to Mayu to see Mayu looking a little worriedly at her.

'She cares huh..' Yuki inwardly smile at the thought before she turned red.

'Did I just thought that she is beautiful? Goodness! It doesn't matter if she cares or not!' Yuki groaned aloud causing Sayaka to  stop in her tracks.

"You okay? You seem out of it.." Sayaka asked worriedly as Yuki waved it off.

'What is wrong with me?'

And hello again! We'll be seeing more Mayuki in the future for LWTC.
Oh oh! I tried to explain the Kendo moves but it might be a little confusing.  :fainted:
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Without further ado!

Chapter 7
"So, care to explain why you're here? Not that I don't want you here." Sayaka raised an eyebrow as she eyed the girl in front of her.

"Mariko-kaasan asked for me to come and meet you." Yukirin made herself comfortable as she leaned back into the seat.

Sayaka's eyes widen for a moment before she focused back on the girl in front of her.

"Is this regarding Konami Hospital?" Sayaka rubbed her throbbing forehead.

"Mmn. She really wants your help over there." Sayaka shook her head.

"I have told her once and I will tell her again. I do not have any interest in getting involve in the medical field anymore. I already have my own dojo to handle." Sayaka closed her eyes, in attempts to ease her aching head.

The door burst open, as a figure walked in and stopped in front of Sayaka.

"Nonsense! You even have time to go for vacations on and off." A voice, that sounded too familiar echoed in the room.

"Mariko, why are you here?" Sayaka sighed before glaring at the woman in front of her.

"To convince you of course." Mariko pulled out a chair and sat right in front of Sayaka, staring straight into her eyes.

"I already told you that I do not want to be involved with your hospital!" Sayaka's tone dropped low, causing Yukirin to shrink back in her seat.

"Sayaka-san, Mariko-san. I believe it's better for you two to discuss matters without her there." Mayu pointed over to the shaking figure.

The two diverted their gaze from one another and was surprised to see Yukirin shaking. They apologized for their behavior, and asked Mayu to bring Yukirin out.

Yukirin raised her hands, stopping Mayu from advancing further. Yukirin took a deep breath before walking out, Mayu followed suit but she bowed politely at the two before shutting the door.

Sayaka and Mariko made eye contact and was about to start bickering when the door burst opened again.

"Oi! How can the two of you have a meeting without me?" Yuko walked in with Haruna in tow as the two sat down in their seats.

"When you told us you'll be back today, Yuuchan had already suspected that Mariko might come over and an argument might happen. Therefore me and Yuu-chan will be your mediator for this matter." Haruna stated firmly as the two nodded.

"You see, this idiot here is still insisting that I help her with her hospital but I have no intention of doing so. I have my own dojo to take care of." Sayaka stated from her side as Mariko rolled her eyeballs at Sayaka's statement.

"You done talking?" Sayaka gave her a nod as she looked over to the Kojiyuu pair, explaining her reasons.

"My hospital needs her. She's a professional in this matter. That's why I keep insisting that she helps out. Mii-chan is stressed out because I'm not able to get her help. Our hospital has been lacking of heart surgeons and there were quite a number of cases that NEEDS immediate attention but our hands are tied! We don't have enough experienced heart surgeons." Mariko sighed as Sayaka's expression soften.

"Why do you need me? I believe that there are many young heart surgeons out there to help you in this matter."

"Because, you used to work with us. We believe in your expertise and we can't afford to hire an inexperience heart surgeon. The cases that we have are pretty complicated and we don't think it's wise to hand these cases to newbies. You, on the other hand. You have plenty of experience! Our hospital is famous and well-known thanks to the success rates in many different areas, namely the department of Cardiac Surgery. Konami Hospital is at where it is now because of you."

"But isn't Yukirin done with college? She should be able to help you out. She's holding a masters as a heart surgeon right?" Sayaka reasoned but Mariko shook her head.

"She has no interest in helping me as a surgeon, nor does she has any interest in taking over the hospital in the future. Trust me, I know her. She is not the least interested in it. On the other hand, she is very interested in helping you with the dojo." Sayaka's eyes widen in surprised at the new information thrown to her.

"Really? Yuki-chan has no interest in taking over your hospital? But she studied so hard to get her masters." Haruna was surprised alright.

Mariko nodded her head with a solemn expression.

'Goodness Mariko.. How can you not know what is going on in your daughter's head..' Yuko mentally sighed.

"But Mariko. Even if I do help you and Mii-chan now, sooner or later you'll have to look for another replacement to replace me in the Cardiac Department." Mariko sighed as she rubbed her temples.

"I know. That's why I'm lost. What should I do?" Haruna walked over and comforted Mariko as the other two was seen lost in thoughts.

'If only Mayu could help..' Sayaka thought to herself.

"Hmm. For now, Sayaka. I believe it'll be best if you help Mariko and Mii-chan. Mayu and Jurina can help with taking care of the dojo. Meanwhile, about looking for someone to replace you and Mii-chan. I think I might be able to help you with this." Yuko sighed before giving a reassuring smile to Mariko who thanked her in return.

'It's time eh..' Yuko thought to herself. Haruna gave her a look, not understanding how could Yuko help her but Yuko smiled reassuringly at her and so, Haruna let the matter slide.

Sayaka sighed as she stood up from her seat with her hand extended out.

"I'll help you for now. So, don't worry alright?" Sayaka smiled reassuringly at Mariko who nodded her head.

Mariko thanked Haruna who waved the matter off and walked back over to Yuko who was also standing.

Mariko extended her hand and shook it with Sayaka.

"Thank you Sayaka. This will help us a lot."


When the talk was on going in Sayaka's room.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Mayu asked as Yuki just nodded her head.

Mayu passed her a water bottle and Yuki took it, muttering a thank you under her breath. Mayu found herself smiling when she heard Yuki thanking her.

"If I may ask, what is your relation with Mariko-san?" Jurina appeared out of nowhere and asked.

Yuki was taken aback but she answered it anyway.

"She's my mother. Basically, I'm an adopted child and she's my mother." Yukirin took a gulp from the water bottle.

'Wait, what? Kashiwagi is an orphan and Mariko-san and Mii-chan is Kashiwagi's mother? Kashiwagi? I don't understand..' Mayu was lost in thoughts as she tried to connect all the dots.

"I see. Is this the first time you see the two of them arguing?" Jurina continued to asked as Yuki nodded her head.

"Mayu, Jurina, Yukirin. Come in to my office now." Sayaka commanded as the three nodded.

Jurina went ahead as Mayu was waiting for Yuki who was still a little taken aback at the two arguing.

Yuki had always thought that the two were on very good terms. After all, she did learn Kendo from Sayaka back then when she was a kid. Not to forget that Sayaka once used to work at her mothers hospital.

She was adopted by Mariko at the age of 4. Mariko and Mii-chan was busy with the hospital and rarely spends time with Yuki. They tend to shower the younger girl with expensive gifts instead, leading the latter to become very arrogant because she thinks that money was everything.

In school, she was famous alright. Because of her parent's status, a lot of girls and boys tend to pretend to be nice to her, to get closer to her for connections and all.

But as the time goes by and she grew older, she knew. She knew that the way she was behaving was wrong and she wanted to change but she realized that by changing to become a kind and polite person, she'll end up with people who would stick to her because of her wealth and she didn't want that.

Therefore, it became a facade for her. She behaved arrogantly and rudely as a self defense wall to prevent people from entering her heart. To prevent those people who only want her wealth from coming near her.

Well, there was a person who managed to broke through her walls. When she was a kid, there used to be a girl who was 3 years younger than her, who play with her all the time. The girl was her mothers, friend's daughter. Said girl took good care of her and never treated her differently just because she was rich.

Anyway, yes. People may think badly of her but as a child, she lacked love and care from parents. Mariko and Mii-chan would only spend time with her once in a blue moon when the hospital wasn't busy which rarely happens.

Yuki never had any interest in helping her mother's hospital although it was earning millions. She had no interest despite studying so hard to become a doctor. Well, maybe she does, but she doesn't want to acknowledge it.

Yuki tends to tell Mariko and Mii-chan that she has interest in Sayaka's dojo, well she does but it was just another facade. She wanted her parents to care more and asked her as to why would she prefer to take over the dojo compared to the hospital. But no. They never asked.

There's also another reason as to why she doesn't want to help out in the hospital. It's because she doesn't want to end up like her mothers. She didn't want to neglect her love ones because of work but she had never had the guts to tell this to her mothers.

After all, who was she to complain? She had expensive meals, expensive clothing and many others. She will get whatever she wants without much effort. She was living a life any girl would want, well, not in her case.

"Kashiwagi-san?" Mayu snapped the girl from her thoughts.

Yuki glared at Mayu before standing from her seat and strode over into the office.

'This Mayu is getting on my nerves..' Yuki thought to herself before let on a sigh.

Mayu shook her head with a faint smile present on her face before heading in.


As soon as they entered, they sat themselves down.

"Mayu. First and foremost, I apologized for once again leaving without prior notice." Sayaka smiled sheepishly as Mayu waved her hands.

"Forgiven.. I'm used to it already, Sayaka-san." Yuko shook her head at Mayu's sentence.

"For goodness sake, Akimoto Sayaka. Can you not dump all the responsibilities to my daughter at the last moment?" Yuko growled as Sayaka nodded her head vigorously.

"By the way, do you remember who those two are?" Mariko gestured to the Oshima family.

'Well, I obviously remember Yuko-san and Haruna-san but not the Watanabe.' Yuki thought to herself before nodding at Haruna and Yuko.

"I don't remember her though." Yuki pointed over to Mayu while Mariko gave her a small nod.

"You used to play with Takamina and Mayu when you were young too, but you forgotten eh.." Mariko said nonchalantly as Mayu and Yuki froze.

"Wait a minute. You're saying that, I used to play with this girl?" Yuki pointed at Mayu with fake distaste, while Mariko nodded her head.

The other adults were surprised and amused to see Yuki acting that way. Surprised for Mariko and Jurina while amusement for Yuko, Haruna and Sayaka.

"Really? I don't recall knowing anyone called Kashiwagi Yuki except for.." Mayu had her eyebrows furrowed as she was trying very hard to recall.

"Does, Shinoda Yuki ring a bell?" Mayu's eyes widen as she nodded her head.

"Well, ever since Yuki was of legal age, I asked her if she wanted to follow back her biological parents surname and she agreed." Mariko gave a small smile as she rubbed her neck.

Yuki was still frozen in her spot, lost in thoughts.

'Takamina, Mayu, Takamina, Mayu, Takamina, Mayu, Takamina, Mayu. Taka-' Yuki's eyes shot open in surprised.

"As in Takahashi Minami and Watanabe Mayu?! You're that Watanabe Mayu?!" Yuki shouted, bewildered with the new information given to her.



"Yukirin~" A child called out looking for her friend.

"Mayuyu! I'm here!" Yukirin shouted as she felt her cheeks getting wet from her tears.

Yuki and Mayu were playing around the park as Yuko, Haruna, Mariko and Mii-chan wanted to have small talk. As the park was located just at the opposite of Yuko and Haruna's house, they allowed their children to go and play without adult supervision.

Takamina did not joined them on that day, as she was busy studying with Acchan for their exams.

Yukirin had fell down and scrapped her knees when she tripped over a stone. Mayu who heard Yuki calling for her with a tense voice, immediately followed said voice.

Mayu was shocked to see Yukirin on the ground with her scrapped knee.

Mayu quickly snapped out of it though, seeing her friend in pain. She tore her sleeves and immediately help Yuki to wrapped the scrapped knee.

Both Mayu and Yuki knew that the former would have to tighten the cloth on to the wound to stop it from bleeding.

"Yukirin." Mayu gestured for Yuki to rest her head on her right shoulder.

"Just bite on me if it hurts, okay?" Yuki shook her head, not wanting to hurt the younger girl but Mayu ignored it and tighten the cloth immediately, causing Yuki to bite down on her shoulder. Hard.

Mayu held back a scream and put on her best smile to reassure Yuki. Yuki on the other hand was about to apologize for biting her but Mayu stopped her and wiped her tear streaked face.

"You'll be okay.. I'll bring you back to our parents." Mayu quickly turned around and piggybacked the other girl, taking big strides to carry the girl back to her house.

Yuki was surprised that Mayu was able to carry her without much effort. After all, their age gap was a 3 years difference. Not to mention the difference in height. Her heart was being weird though. It was beating so hard that she was having a little trouble to breath.

'What is this feeling..' Yuki buried her head deeper into the crook of Mayu's neck. Mayu who felt it, thought that the former was in pain. She fasten her steps.

"Yuko-kaasan! Haruna-kaasan! Yukirin fell down and hurt her knee!" Mayu shouted out and both their parents were out with them in an instant.

Mariko took Yuki from Mayu and brought her in while Mii-chan was walking in with Mariko with a first aid-kit in hand.




The two stared at one another, surprised while the adults exchanged glances.

"Well, I guess you managed to recall one another?" Mariko asked as the two nodded their head.

"Wait, I want to see something." Yuki stood up from her seat and walked over to Mayu, pulling her hakama a little on the right. To her surprise, there was a scar there.

The two made eye contact but Yuki broke it with her face burning red. Mayu on the other hand readjusted her hakama with a straight face but internally she was smiling.

Mayu caught Jurina's teasing expression. She glared at the latter causing Jurina to snicker.

As soon as the two have settled down, Sayaka stood up from her seat.

"I have something to announce." Sayaka made eye contact with the others.

"I will be heading back to the Konami Hospital to help out in the Cardiac Department. The dojo will be handled by Ma-" Yuko stood up from her seat, stopping the former from talking.

"The dojo will be handled by Jurina and Yuki-chan." Yuko stated as the others stared at her in surprised.

"Wait, what?" Yuki was startled out from her thoughts when she heard her name. She stared questioningly at Yuko.

"Yea, Yuko. What are you planning?" Mariko stared at her in disbelief.

"Well, I've heard from Mariko that you have interest in handling the dojo. You might as well take the opportunity." Yuko stated nonchalantly as she stared into Yuki's eyes.

Yuki felt herself being exposed in those orbs. After all, Yuko knows her better than her mothers. Yuko knew that Yuki was only pretending to be interested in the dojo.

"I'm sure Mariko and Sayaka would be fine with you handling the dojo." Yuko averted her gaze and stared straight into Mariko's eyes, taunting the latter.

'Is this what you want?' Mariko who caught the gaze, decided to voice out her opinion.

"No. Yuki will not take over the dojo. We'll talk about this later." Mariko returned Yuko's hard gaze but Yuko paid no heed to her and instead focus her attention on her youngest.

"Watanabe Mayu. I'm really disappointed in you." Yuko narrowed her eyes at Mayu.

Mayu's eyes widen in surprised.

'She knows..'

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Chapter 8

Haruna looked at the two, confused on what's going on.

"Yuu-chan, what do you mean?" Haruna asked but she was ignored.

Mayu felt herself shrinking from her mother's gaze.

'What did she do?' Yuki couldn't help but ask herself. After all, Yuko was not one to raise her voice.

"The fatigue started back when you were in high school. That's when you started doing it right?"

"I-It started when I was in my last year of middle school." Mayu took a step back under her mother's gaze.

"Yuko. This was not her fault. I was the one who told her to go for it." Sayaka stood up and stood in front of Mayu, shielding her from her mother's intense gaze.

Haruna was confused. Heck, she didn't understood a single thing.

Yuko pushed Sayaka aside and stood in front of Mayu.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Yuko's voice was soft.

Mayu hesitated but she gathered her courage and look into her mother's eyes, anticipating disappointment and anger. To her surprise, her mother's eyes were soft and not stern but instead, it was full of love. And she understood, she understood why her mother was disappointed.

"I didn't want to worry you. It was supposed to be a surprise. I was supposed to tell you next year as I will be graduating in a year time. I'm sorry." Mayu hanged her head in defeat as Yuko pulled her daughter into her embrace.

"Oshima Yuko! Watanabe Mayu! Explain!" Haruna was furious.

The two broke apart and exchanged looks with one another.

Haruna walked over and pointed her finger at Mayu.

"You're graduating next year? You've already graduated recently right?"

She then walked over to Yuko.

"What has gotten into you Yuu-chan. You're sprouting nonsense." Haruna pinched Yuko on the cheek causing the latter to pout.

"Okay okay. I'll explain." Yuko sighed before pulling her wife back to the chair, making the latter sit on the chair.

"Remember the conversation we had? The one where I didn't want Mayu and Takamina to take over the club because they feel indebted to us?" Haruna gave Yuko a quick nod as Mayu stared at Yuko in surprised.

"I asked because I found out that, this kid over here-" Yuko poked Mayu on the nose causing the little to pout. "- had been studying medicine behind our back."

Mariko, Yuki, Jurina and Haruna's eyes widen in surprised. "But how is it possible? She just graduated high school and she said she would be graduating next year." Haruna reasoned as Yuko gently shoved Mayu, asking her to explain.

"W-Well, you see. When I was in my last year of middle school, I was given a mock test for the entrance exam for high school. I managed to score very high. That's when the teacher decided to give me other tests, to see what level my knowledge is currently on. To both the teacher's and my surprise, I managed to ace the test for the seniors in high school. So, I basically skipped a lot of grades."

"But why weren't Yuko and Haruna informed?" Mariko questioned as Mayu rubbed her neck sheepishly.

"I-I wanted to give them a surprised. So I went to school as per usual and held positions in the student body. But I was actually receiving private lessons from Sayaka about medicine." Yuko sighed as she gave the younger girl an encouraging pat.

"But how were you still so well-known in school if your classmates barely see you?" Haruna asked as Mayu looked over to Sayaka for help.

Sayaka sighed and stood beside Mayu.

"We told the other students that Mayu were out on many quizzes/competitions, representing the school. And if you're wondering does Takamina know about it, the answer is no. We somehow managed to hide it from her too." Sayaka smiled sheepishly as Yuko went over to her and head locked the former.

Sayaka pat Yuko's hand, urging her to let go as she was starting to get short on breath. Yuko sighed before glaring at said woman who gave her a sheepish smile.

"Wow. How in the world did you managed to skip that much grades." Jurina mumbled under her breath as Mayu just gave her a nervous laugh.

"I'm sorry for hiding this from you. I wanted to give you a surprise but when I found out that after my recent graduation you will be teaching me on how to handle the club, I didn't want to disappoint you." Mayu sighed as Yuko and Haruna stood in front of her.

"Watanabe Mayu." Both Haruna and Yuko said at the same time.

"Why in the world would we be disappointed in you when you're doing something you like. I mean, you do like medicine right?" Haruna asked as Mayu gave her a firm nod.

"I was disappointed because you didn't tell us. Studying medicine is hard and I wanted to be there for you. I believe your Haruna-kaasan would've wanted that too."

"And me too."

Everyone turned their head towards the voice. They were surprised to see Takamina standing there.

"T-Takamina-neesan." Mayu looked nervously at Takamina who made her way to them.

"I'm surprised you managed to hide this from me when we were studying in the same school." Takamina huffed before she ruffled Mayu's hair.

"Takamina. Why are you here?" Yuko eyed her daughter with a small smile as Takamina pointed to Haruna.

"Haruna-kaasan called me and told me to come over to the dojo." Haruna shrugged her shoulders cutely, causing Yuko to smile lovingly at her.

"Y-You heard everything?" Mayu asked timidly as Takamina gave her small smile and a nod.

"I'm sorry for hiding this from all of you."

"Mayu, you didn't want to tell me because you believed that I expected you to take over the club along with Takamina right?" Mayu gave a small nod to Yuko's question.

"Well, trust me when I say this, if either of you don't want to handle the club it's fine with Haruna and me. We both want the two of you to do something you aspire to be. We won't force you." Yuko smiled reassuringly at her youngest.

"After all, becoming a doctor will make us very very proud." Mayu felt her eyes water when she saw her mother's grin. She quickly wiped them off.

"Yes, we'll be very proud of you Mayu. Becoming a doctor at such a young age!" Haruna squealed like a fangirl causing the others to laughed.

"Yuko-kaasan. Don't worry. I really want to learn the ropes to take over the club when I am able to. I'm not doing this to repay you or anything." Takamina smiled reassuringly at Yuko.

"And you. You should've told me." Takamina pinched Mayu's cheeks causing her to whine.

"But you wouldn't be able to keep the secret~" Mayu reasoned causing the latter to pout while the others to laugh.

"Well then, Mayu. What are you specializing in? Wait, if you started in your last year of middle school and you're going to graduate next year.." Mariko felt the gears in her head spinning.

"Mayu skipped a year when she was studying med.. Wait. Was it two years you skipped?" Mayu gave Sayaka a small nod as the others widen their eyes at the revelation.

"She skipped two years, that's why she will be graduating next year. She is specializing as a heart surgeon, like me. She'll end up in the Cardiac Department." Sayaka smiled sheepishly.

'Wait what?! She skipped that much?! What in the world is in her brain?! Even I who was proclaimed a genius to finish my masters at the age of 22 would never be able to graduate at the age of 20.' Yuki shook her head in disbelieve but she was starting to respect this girl even more.

"Her last year needs her to work in a hospital to see if she can apply everything she has learnt. That's why I was wondering if it was possible to get Mayu to work in your hospital as a trainee. She can be under me and when the time comes for me to leave, she'll be there to take over. But it wouldn't be possible because Yuko and Haruna had no idea that Mayu studied med. Then again, we didn't expect Yuko to find out that she was studying med. Do you understand me?" Sayaka asked after she realized she has talked too much in one go.

The others gave her a nod before Mariko cheered.

"It'll be great if Mayu can be under you! Having two heart surgeons in the Cardiac Department will help a lot." Mariko grinned widely causing the others to smile.

"So, Mayu. Would you like to work for Konami Hospital?" Mariko asked with a hand extended.

Mayu look at the hand extended out and back at her mothers and sister.

"Mayu, we will be cheering for you regardless of your choice." Haruna smiled lovingly at her youngest as Yuko nodded with a warm smile on her face.

'It'll be nice if both Mariko and Mii-chan were like them..' Yuki sighed at the thought.

"Don't worry about the club. Your nee-chan will take over it." Takamina winked as Mayu finally found herself smiling. She pulled the three into a tight hug, thanking them before heading over to Mariko and shook her hand.

"I'll do my best to not disappoint you." Mayu gave Mariko a bright smile.

Everyone was letting out a relieve sighed until..

"Hmm, but what about the dojo?" Yuko asked causing the others to freeze.

"Can I talk to Yuki, privately?" Mariko asked as Jurina, Sayaka, Haruna, Takamina and Mayu headed out. Though Mayu was a bit reluctant as she was curious but she complied.

"Yuu-chan, come on." Haruna called as Yuko shook her head.

"I'll stay." Yuko stated firmly and gave a reassuring nod to Haruna who sighed and shut the door behind her.

"You can pretend as though I'm not here." Yuko headed over to the couch and sat down, eyeing the two of them.

Mariko stared at Yuko for a moment before returning her gaze to her one and only daughter.

"You okay with Yuko being here?" Yuki gave her a nod. 'It'll be better if she's here.'

"Okay, Yuki. Do you really want to take over Sayaka's dojo? This is a serious matter." Mariko asked her and Yuki gave her a small nod.

"Alright. I'll talk to Sayaka about this." Mariko was about to open the door and head out but she was stop short by Yuko's voice.

"Are you serious?" Yuko questioned aloud as she walked over and stood beside Yuki.

"What? She want's to take over Sayaka's dojo and I'll make sure she will." Mariko stated firmly as Yuko rolled her eyeballs at her.

"Shinoda Mariko.. You-" Yuki tugged on the hem of her shirt and Yuko immediately took a deep breath, trying to calm down and not burst in front the innocent child.

Mariko on the other hand looked at her curiously. After calming down, Yuko stared straight into Mariko's eyes.

"Aren't you going to ask her why is she preferring to take over the dojo instead of becoming a heart surgeon? I mean she did use your money and studied med for so long." Yuko started as Mariko shook her head.

"She's old enough to know what she wants. Why should I question her?" Mariko retorted back.

Yuko lost it.

"Why you asked?! Are you kidding me?! Wow, Shinoda Mariko." Yuko restrained herself from pulling on her own hair.

Yuki tugged on her shirt again, trying to calm the woman down.

"Yuki, I'm sorry but I have to knock some sense into your mother's head." Yuko apologized while Yuki sighed.

"What are you talking about? I'm perfectly fine." Mariko said as Yuko clenched her fist feeling angered.

"You idiot." In an instant, Yuko was standing in front of Mariko. Yuko landed a blow on her stomach causing the later to gasp and fall on to the floor, clutching on to her stomach.

"What the heck was that for?" Mariko growled aloud and soon the door was swung opened.

Haruna, Sayaka, Jurina, Takamina and Mayu was shock to see Mariko on the floor.

Sayaka and Jurina immediately headed over to Mariko while Haruna and Takamina headed over to restrain Yuko. Mayu on the other hand, made her way over to Yuki.

"You okay?" Mayu asked but she got no response.

"Yuko what was that for?" Sayaka asked as she helped Mariko to stand up with Jurina.

"Yuu-chan! What has gotten into you?!" Haruna was upset to see her wife behaving the way she was but she held on tight to her wife.

"For goodness sake, Shinoda Mariko! Do you know why Yuki said she wanted to take over the dojo? She wanted you and Mii-chan to care and ask her. 'Why did you decided to go for the dojo?' or 'You studied med really hard, are you sure that's what you want?' But no. You just have to accept her decision as it is." Yuko stated furiously while Mariko on the other hand glared harshly at her.

"Of course I would. Don't pretend that you know her better than I do!" Mariko retorted causing Takamina and Haruna to struggle from restraining Yuko who was trying to get out from their grasp.

Yuko then let out a laugh causing everyone in the room to freeze.

"Pretend? I don't even have to pretend. I know your daughter better than you'll ever know." Yuko answered sternly, causing the other woman to take a step back.

"I believe even Sayaka knows her better than you do." Yuko scoffed as Mariko felt herself losing her temper.

"The hell.." Mariko who was not held down by Sayaka and Jurina immediately launch herself towards Yuko and managed to land a punch on her cheek.

This caused the three of them to staggered back. This time, Sayaka and Jurina held her in their grasp.

Yuki who was silent, immediately headed over and stood in front of Yuko, with Mayu in tow, surprising Mariko.

Yuko groaned in pain as she shook her head, in attempts to clear her dizzy mind.

"Yuko-san, are you okay?" Yuki asked as she looked worriedly at the bruise cheek. Yuko waved it off and stood up.

Mariko felt her jaw slacked. When she was punched, her daughter didn't even bat an eyelash.

"What do you mean?" Mariko asked as the others looked at her, confused by her question.

"What do you mean you know Yuki better than I?" Mariko asked with a death glare.

Yuko pat both Takamina's and Haruna's hand, urging them to release her.

"I've calmed down. Don't worry." She whispered to the two who reluctantly let her go. She gave Yuki a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder and a smile to Mayu.

"Did you know that Yuki was facing problems." Yuko started as Mariko stared at her.

"Yuki wasn't facing any problems." Mariko stated firmly while Yuko rubbed her throbbing head.

"Yuki was facing problems. Yuki often hears people talking about her. The "friends" that Yuki made with were all being nice to her because of her status. Yuki was struggling when she took med. She may be a genius but she was struggling." Yuki felt her eyes tear as she hear Yuko voice out her problems.

Mariko on the other hand was stunned by the revelation.

"Yuki wanted you and Mii-chan to care more."

"But we" Mariko's tone was unsure as she felt her own eyes watering as well.

Yuko was about to retort but Yuki spoke. It was soft but it could be heard throughout the room.

"No, you didn't." Yuki made eye contact with her mother, surprising Mariko.

"Are you too shock because you've never seen me cry?" Yuki gave her a sad smile.

"You adopted me, making me the happiest kid in the world but what happened after that? The two of you were so busy with the hospital that I barely spent any time with the both of you!" Yuki's damped was broken, after all these years and so she cried.

"B-But we did!" Mariko stated as Yuki scoffed.

"Yes, you did." Mariko felt a small hope light up in her heart. "You did, by buying me expensive gifts when all I wanted was for the two of you to care and spend more time with me!" Mariko felt the small hope die.

"Yuki, try to be more understanding. Mariko and Mii-chan was doing it for you." Sayaka reasoned as Yuki shook her head.

"If Yuko-san and Haruna-san could spent TIME with BOTH their children why can't you? They're equally busy handling the biggest and most well-known club in the city even before the hospital was built! How can they have such a close bond with one another when their equally as busy as you and Mii-chan?!" Yuki was sobbing as she felt on to her knees.

Mayu was a little hesitant but after a little push from Yuko, she pulled the elder girl into her embrace.

Yuki who was enveloped by warm arms felt herself breaking down even further but she had to voice all her problems out.

"Did you know how badly I wanted the two of you to just spend a day with me? Did you know I was struggling with the gossips that were saying that I'm so garbage kid that was picked up by the two of you and became the luckiest and happiest girl in the world? Did you know every time that something happens I would turn to Yuko-san and tell her my problems."

Everyone was silent as they heard the girl vent out her frustration that was build over the years.

Mayu rubbed circles on her back, in attempts to calm the girl down.

Yuki who had enough of crying stood up and gently pushed Mayu away.

"Did you know why I said I want to take over Sayaka's dojo?!" Yuki started as she wiped her tear streamed face.

"It was as Yuko-san stated! When I told her that I wanted to take over the dojo she saw right through me in an instant! But you, you don't even know the real me!" Yuki glared at Mariko whose tears were falling.

"You never did and you never will. I hate you. I hate the both of you." Yuki stated as she glared at her mother, her eyes full of hatred.

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"You never did and you never will. I hate you. I hate the both of you." Yuki stated as she glared at her mother, her eyes full of hatred.

Chapter 9

Yuki dashed out from the dojo while Yuko urged her youngest to follow the former out.

Mayu bowed at the elders before running after her.


Over at Mayu's side

"Yukirin!" Mayu yelled aloud, unconsciously calling her by her name. Mayu who saw Yuki making an attempt to run across the busy road immediately pulled the elder girl back, away from an oncoming car.

"What were you thinking?! Do you know how dangero-" Mayu stopped her scolding when she felt the elder girl shaking. Mayu sighed at the side before deciding to drop the scolding

"Come on. I'll bring you to my car." Mayu gently urged Yuki to follow her to the car park.

Mayu instantly unlocked the car and opened the door for Yuki to enter before entering herself.

Yuki was shaking as she was trying her best to keep her emotions in check. She refuse to break down for the second time in front of Mayu.


'I shouldn't call her by her nickname. After all, it's been such a long time since we last met one another as a kid. Not to forget about the way she treated me earlier on.'

"Kashiwagi-san. You don't have to hold back your tears. I won't judge." Mayu's voice sooth the elder girl and she felt herself let out a loud sob.

Mayu hesitantly reached over and wrapped her arms around the shaking figure, patting her on the back and muttering soothing words.


Back at the dojo

Everyone was still silent from Yuki's outburst. Mariko was on her knees as she cried her heart out while Sayaka was trying her best to console her.

Yuko let out a heavy sighed at the scene that had unfolded in front of her.

Haruna was beside her, Haruna had questions as well but that would have to wait. She looked worriedly at Yuko's bruised cheek and lip cut.

"Jurina, I need to talk to you about something."  Takamina made eye contact with the younger girl and thankfully, the younger girl understood.

Jurina and Takamina bowed and took their leave, shutting the door behind them. Silence fell in the room, but not for long.

"When.. When did Yuki started to talk to you about her problems?" Mariko controlled her breathing as she pushed herself up and stood on her two feet.

Yuko eyed the woman in front of her before letting out another sigh.

"Ever since she was in elementary school. She would call Sayaka at times too."

"Why didn't she talk to me instead?"

"The two of you were to busy to make time for her."

"Aren't you busy as well?"

"I am, but I would make time to talk to her. She would call me on random days and we would talk for a while before I probed her about her random call."

Yuko stopped as she headed over to the table and sat herself on it.

Sayaka held back her urge on scolding the petite woman for sitting on the table.

"She would hesitantly tell me about the problems she was having. Of course I asked her, 'Why don't you talk to Mariko or Mii-chan about this?'. She usually shrugged it off and told me that the two of you were busy."

"Same case for me. She would always hesitate because she said she didn't want to bother me about her problems." Sayaka added while Mariko looked at her with a blank expression.

Mariko was recalling back on the times where little Yuki would approach them with a sad or hesitant face but the two would just push her away, saying that they were busy.

As Yuki grew over the years, Yuki became more stoic than before. She never voice her problems to her nor Mii-chan.

"Look, I understand that you're feeling upset and disappointed but trust me when I say Yuki didn't mean it when she say she hated you and Mii-chan."

"Why? Because you know her better than any of us?" Mariko scoffed before throwing a glare at the other woman.

"Mariko." Sayaka squeezed Mariko's shoulder causing the latter to sighed in defeat.

"Sorry." Mariko apologized as Yuko waved the matter off.

"No, but you have to understand this. Yuki has been holding back all these feelings for years. The fact that she said she hates both of you is just on a whim"

Yuko stood up from the table and walked over to Mariko and squeezed both her shoulders.

"Mariko, you need to fix both you and Miichan's relationship with Yuki. She may not say or show it but both of you holds an important place in her heart and you're both a big part of her life regardless of what she faced when she was younger." Yuko smiled warmly at Mariko who gave her a small nod.

"I-I'll need both your help on this.." Sayaka and Yuko flash a reassuring smile at Mariko.

"We'll help you as much as we can." Sayaka grinned as Yuko gave a firm nod.

"Now that this is settled.." Yuko winced in pain as she gently touched her lip that was cut by Mariko's ring when she punched her.

Mariko apologized as Yuko waved it off.

"I did punched you and pressed your buttons to piss you off." Yuko shrugged while Mariko gave her a small laugh.

Haruna sighed at the sight of her wife. She quickly took the first aid box and called her wife over.

Yuko made her way over to Haruna who immediately used a cloth and applied pressure on the wound, causing the later to hissed in pain.

"Nyan nyan~ Not so hard." Yuko pouted while Haruna glared at the former who dropped her cute act.

"I'm sorry for hiding this from you." Haruna stared at the woman in front of her who looked apologetically at her.

"Haruna, Yuki didn't want neither of us to tell anyone that she talked to us about her problems. She actually threaten us." Sayaka sweat-dropped as she recalled the little Yuki doing so.

"I didn't know my daughter was capable of doing so.. How did she threaten the two of you?" Mariko looked at the two with amusement plastered on her face.

"Well, she told us that if we told anyone else then she wouldn't talk to us about anything anymore." Sayaka answered while Yuko nodded her head.

"We really didn't have much of a choice but to agree." Yuko pouted while Sayaka nodded her head in agreement.

Haruna sighed before pinching both of Yuko's cheek, causing the latter to whine in pain.

"Ittai!! Nyan nyan!! Mariko slapped me earlier on!!" Haruna gasped and immediately let go.

"I forgot!" Nyan nyan gently caressed Yuko's cheek.

"I'm sorry." Haruna leaned in a peck both side of the cheeks, lingering longer on the cheek that was punched by Mariko earlier on.

"But you still owe me an explanation." Haruna stared sternly at Yuko who gave her a nod before she grinned like an idiot while Mariko and Sayaka pretended to gag on the lovey-dovey scene.

"Get a room you two." Mariko teased.

"Oi! It's not like you aren't like that with Mii-chan." Yuko retorted while Mariko rolled her eyeballs.

"Oh, should we check on Yuki?" Sayaka asked as Yuko shook her head.

"I believe she would want to be alone. Well, she wouldn't really be alone as Mayu is with her.. But Mayu will be with her.." Yuko started rambling nonsense as Haruna sighed and send a text to Mayu, asking her about Yuki.

She got a reply within 30 seconds.

"Mayu is with Yuki. She was crying but now she's alright." Haruna smiled reassuringly at Mariko who let out a relieve sigh.

Haruna was hesitant but she gathered herself before saying, "Mariko, Yuki might want some space and time alone. I'll inform you if she happens to be staying over at our place."

Mariko absorbed the information and gave the two a tired nod.

"I understand. Help me to take care of her and call me if anything happens." Haruna and Yuko gave her a firm nod while Mariko rubbed her throbbing temples.

"I'll have to explain things to Mii-chan too." Mariko flashed a tired smile to the others.

"Just give Yuki some time to cool her head." Sayaka gave Mariko a small smile.

"I know. I'll talk to her in a few days time.  Oh, and sorry for bothering the two of you if Yuki happens to stay over at your place." Mariko bowed a little while Haruna reassured her that it was alright.

"Meanwhile, I'll reflect on my actions." Mariko pumped her fist in the air before staggering backwards with a growled.

"Yuko, you punched me pretty hard too." Mariko complained, causing the latter to laugh.

Sayaka helped Mariko and applied medication on the bruise and soon they all went their separate ways.


Back to Mayu

Yuki had been sobbing on Mayu's shoulder for the past 15 minutes and Mayu tried her best to not show her discomfort as she was leaning over the handbrake for quite some time now.

"Are you feeling better?" Mayu asked as she felt the elder girl stopped sobbing.

Yuki didn't answer but she gave Mayu a small nod which was felt by the latter.

Mayu was about to pull back but Yuki held on tight to her shirt, not letting her move.

"C-Can we stay like this for a while?" Yuki's hoarse voice echoed around the car.

"Just a while more okay? My butt is starting to hurt." Mayu joked, trying to cheer the girl up and Mayu beamed widely when she heard the girl giggled a little.


Over to Kojiyuu

"Yuuchan." Haruna called out to her lover who was currently concentrating on driving. Yuko gave a quick glance over to Haruna and squeezed their intertwined hands.

"What is it?" Haruna sighed before releasing her hand from Yuko's and turned to face the window.

"Nothing." Yuko mentally sighed before deciding to stop the car by the roadside and turned on the hazard lights.

Haruna continued to look out the window although the car has stopped moving.

"Nyan nyan."

Yuko got no response from her beloved cat. Yuko ran her hands through her hair before letting out a sigh.

"Kojima Haruna. Look at me." Yuko called out sternly while Haruna turned and stared right into her eyes.

"I know you have a lot of questions in your head."

"Then you should know that I want answers."

Yuko sighed again before taking off her seat belt and turning in her seat to face Haruna, Haruna on the other hand did the same and the two face one another, staring deeply into one another's orbs.

"Like I have told Mariko earlier on. Yuki threaten us and made us promise not to tell anyone about this. I didn't want Yuki to bottle up her emotions and so, when Sayaka accidentally spilled the beans to me that Yuki was also confiding her with her problems. we both decided to not tell anyone about this."

Yuko reached over and held Haruna's hand and gently caressed it.

"I'm really sorry for lying to you. I'm sorry for not telling you about this." Yuko apologized with her head hanging down.

Haruna sighed before lifting Yuko's chin with her finger.

"Yuko. I'm disappointed at the fact that you kept this a secret from me." Haruna stated sternly while Yuko hanged her head again.

"But.." Yuko immediately snapped her head up and stared at Haruna's eyes with her puppy face.

Haruna had to hold the urge to burst out laughing at her expression and luckily she managed to do so. Haruna took a deep breath before restarting her statement.

"But I'm glad that you were there for Yuki. I understand how hard it must have been for her." Haruna stated and she saw Yuko's eyes start to shine.

"A-Am I forgiven?" Yuko asked while Haruna pretended to put on a thinking face.

'I've already forgiven you, silly. I just wanted an explanation.' Haruna thought to herself.

'But I suppose I can get something out of this..' Haruna inwardly smirked.


"But why?" Yuko whined as Haruna turned back in her seat and buckled her seat belt.

"Hmm.. I can forgive you on one condit-." Haruna was cut off but she took a quick glance over to Yuko.

"Anything! Just tell me!" Yuko answered immediately.

Haruna leaned over her seat and whispered huskily into Yuko's ear.

"You've been pretty busy these days.." Haruna started as she kissed Yuko's ear, causing the latter to shiver.

"I-I..." Yuko stuttered while Haruna giggled at Yuko's speechlessness.

"Can we.." Haruna left her sentence hanging as she nibbled on Yuko's ear causing the latter to groan.

"Have our smexy time.." Haruna whispered before blowing into her ear causing Yuko to blush, hard.

Haruna adjusted herself in her seat while Yuko immediately turned off the hazard lights and pulled the hand brakes, driving off at the speed of light.

"Yuuchan! You haven't buckle your seat belt!"



Yuki had asked Mayu to not drive her home and so the younger of the two complied.

After much thought, Mayu decided to drive Yuki to a destination that would hopefully help Yuki calm her raging emotions.



"Jurina. You've helped Mayu before in handling the dojo right?" Sayaka asked as Jurina nodded her head before she sighed.

'What if I'm unable to run the dojo well. What if I ruined everything that Sayaka-sensei has built over the past few years..'

Jurina was lost in thoughts and Sayaka knew that the younger one was having doubts in herself.

"Jurina believe in yourself. If you have any problems or stuff you aren't sure of, you can call me or Mayu at any time."

Jurina nodded her head before she rubbed the back of her neck nervously causing Sayaka to smiled a little before ruffling the former's hair.

'I wonder where's the noisy and confident kid..' Sayaka mentally laughed at the thought.

"Don't worry, Jurina. I believe you'll be able to run the dojo without me and Mayu's help. You need to have some confidence in yourself."

Sayaka gave Jurina a squeeze on her shoulder. Jurina felt her nerves calming down as she heard reassuring words from her mentor.

"Alright. I'll do my best to not disappoint you!" Jurina pumped her fist into the air while Sayaka gave her a wide smile.


Oh my Mayuki~

"Where are we going?" Yuki asked as she noticed that they were heading out of town.

"To the beach." Mayu answered nonchalantly as she continued to focus on the road in front of her.

"Oka- Wait, what?" Yuki looked at Mayu with a bewildered expression.

"Don't worry. We'll head back before it gets too late." Mayu flashed a reassuring smile to Yuki who sighed before returning her gaze back to the window.


Marimii too~

Mariko had just informed everything Miichan has missed out and the two were feeling guilty at the fact that they didn't make enough time for Yuki.

"Where is Yukirin?" Miichan asked while Mariko explained to the her that their daughter is currently with Mayu.

"Mariko. How can we not notice that we were being ignorant of Yukirin?" Miichan asked as tears streamed down her face.

"I don't know Miichan. All I know is that we should have spent more time with her." Mariko wiped Miichan's tears before leaning for a quick peck.

"But we can make it up to her. At least, that's what Sayaka and Yuko said. But for now, we have to give her time to cool down. We'll text her later on, alright?"

Mariko smiled reassuringly at Miichan who nodded and wrapped her arms around Mariko.

"We'll think of a way to mend our relationship. Yuko and the rest will help us along the way."


Mayuki a~

The two had just arrived at the beach with the sun setting soon and Mayu parked her car and got down. Mayu started walking but she stopped when she felt that Yuki wasn't following her.

"Hey. Don't just stand there, let's take a walk." Mayu gestured for Yuki to walk with her.

Yuki stared at her before sighing and walking ahead of Mayu.

The two stood near the waves but not near enough to get them wet. (A/N: No, not that kind of wet)

Yuki felt herself relaxing as she continued to listen to the sound of waves hitting against the shore.

Mayu smiled a little as she saw Yuki's calm state.

The two stayed silent, one was lost in thoughts while the other was just enjoying the scenery.

"Thank you, Mayu." Yuki broke the silence while Mayu smiled warmly at her before she gave Yuki a confused look.

"What exactly are you thanking me for though.." Mayu asked with her eyebrows furrowed, unsure.

"For not asking me questions and giving me the space I need to sort out my thoughts.. Also for bringing me here. It's soothing and calming." Yuki flashed Mayu a small genuine smile which caused the latter to feel her heart skipped a beat.

Yes, it was just a small smile but it was genuine.

'Wow. She's so pretty. No, scratch that. She looked beautiful.'

"I-It's nothing." Mayu rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly.


Yuki shook her head and cleared that thought before letting out a sigh.

"You alright?"

"Hmm. Considering the fact that I argued with my mom, no." Yuki answered with a sad smile while Mayu sighed.

"Everything will be fine." Mayu reassured while Yuki could only nod.

Mayu felt a sudden need to wipe that sad smile off that face, and that she remembered.

"Hey, you want to see something?" Mayu's eyes were twinkling mischievously while Yuki stared confusedly at her.

"Oh come on.. Follow me~" Mayu cheered before grabbing Yuki's hand, pulling the latter along with her.

"W-Where are we going?" Yuki asked for the second time of the day.

"You'll see." Mayu winked at Yuki causing the latter to blush.

The two walked to the other side of the beach which was quiet and soon, they were at the entrance of a cave.

"Mayu, are you sure it's safe?" Yuki looked around skeptically as Mayu gave her a nod.

"I come here whenever I feel down or when I have nothing to do. Let's go in!"

Mayu gently guided the reluctant Yuki into the cave and after taking a few hops to stand a rock, there were soon staring out to the beautiful sun setting.


The view was indeed breathtaking. Yuki's eyes shine as she saw the scene unfolded before her eyes.


Mayu grinned at Yuki's expression. "it's beautiful, isn't it?"

Yuki nodded her head before looking at the waves hitting the rocks. That's when she noticed that Mayu was was still holding onto her hand.

"E-Erm." Yuki stuttered and caught Mayu's attention.

Yuki pointed to their intertwined hands and Mayu immediately let go of it.

"Sorry about that, Yu-Kashiwagi-san." Mayu apologized as Yuki stared sternly at Mayu.

"Call me like how you did when we were younger." Mayu stared at Yuki dumbfounded.

"Are you sure?" Yuki gave her a firm nod.

"Okay. I'm sorry about earlier on. I just wanted to show you this place.. Yukirin." Yuki smiled widely at Mayu which caused Mayu to feel her knees weak.

'She looks like a goddess when she smiles..'

Mayu slapped her cheeks to snap her out of her thoughts which caused Yuki to look weirdly at her but the latter shrugged it off.

"I would like to apologize for my rude behavior too." Yuki bowed a little while Mayu waved it off.

"It's alright.." Mayu flashed a reassuring smile to Yuki who smiled back.

"Shall we head back? We can go for dinner?" Yuki nodded and agreed to Mayu's suggestion.


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