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Author Topic: [AKB48] You Changed Me  (Read 5342 times)

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[AKB48] You Changed Me
« on: April 02, 2011, 01:53:23 PM »
Hello everyone! I know this is a little different from how I wrote my first fanfic, but I hope you will like it all the same.

You Changed Me
By Mari

There are people who fail school or get bad grades because they find no purpose in life. "We are educated to be prepared for work, but work is not education." Some say or ask: what are we working for? "Isn't it obvious? We work so we can get the money for the necessities to live." Then, isn't the real question "what is life"?  Life is joy, sadness, and anger. But what makes this question interesting is how the humans answer it. The answer from a dog may be different from a pig's, but the truly unique answer would be from humans.

The human brain functions everything in the human body. What keeps the brain running is the power of the heart. The heart pumps blood throughout the body, but it -- as humans say "stores the emotions of one's self". How is it possible? Human emotions are made from the human's ego. The human mind creates an ego for the human, which brings about emotions. Maybe it's because when we feel pain or happiness we feel it directly at the heart. Is that why they people say "the heart is the source for everything"?

Isn't it amazing how the same heart that stores love can also store hate? But, what is love, really? Isn't it the exact same thing as hate? Common things that the two bring about are anger, jealousy, pain ... these things all come from both love and hate. You can feel the pain of love and hate, that pain can hurt the heart. The more you love the greater the pain. The same thing applies for hate. But this just proves your existence. The pain from love and hate brings us back to the question "What is life?" because how is it that you are able to love and hate? It is because of the things from life that makes us feel this pain. Is pain the same as suffering? No, it is different. If we were to feel pain to protect a loved one then no pain would be greater than to see our loved one suffering.

Chapter 1: Our Fateful Encounter
Our protagonist, River thought to himself, “When did I start degrading myself?” as he sat on the edge of the stairs of his apartment. “When did I give up on life? When did I start to think like this?” He could not think of anything better to do than to consider his future and his present. “What am I working so hard for?” he says to himself.

“River?” A familiar voice came from above him. It was his older sister walking down the stairs, “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at work?” she questioned her delinquent brother, already knowing the reason why.

“I hate my life.” He said to his sister. “Why do you hate yourself?” she asks him, “I said I hate my life, not myself.”

She laughed, “What’s the difference?” as she gave her brother a refreshing can of melon juice. He sighed, “The worst part is, I don’t even know why I’m sad. Is there such a thing as apathy syndrome?” River’s sister sat beside her brother and adjusted her white blouse, “No, there isn’t. You play too many video games.”

His sister was the kind of girl who would go out of her way to help people. She enjoys returning the kindness she receive from others by showing them kindness as well. She loved her brother River so she offered him some help, “Then, come to Japan with me.” She said with a smile. River frowned, “Japan? That’s too far from home.” He looked away thinking how ridiculous his sister is. Even though she was his half-sister, Miho – his sister, genuinely cared for River, “So you’re saying that I’m wrong for living in Japan?” River than replied “I’m saying you’re wrong for leaving home.”

“What’s the difference?” they said synchronically, “I know,” again he sighed “I just don’t know what I’d do without Lee.”

Lee was the youngest brother; he was always cheerful and happy. There was never a time where you’d see Lee cry. They all had different fathers, but the same mother, and got along with eachother well.

“Then I’ll just have to bring Lee along as well.” Miho was determined to bring her brother to Japan with her, she was confident that bringing him there would change his life for the better. “I promise you an adventure, don’t turn it down.”

Being the pushover that River is, he finally gave in and agreed “Fine,” he stretched “then I guess I’ll stop slacking off.”

They informed Lee and he was excited to live with his brother and sister in Japan, “I can’t wait! I’m going to meet some Tokyo babes~” he danced happily around his luggage.

The plane set off the next week and as the plane lifted its legs from the ground River looked down and thought to himself “So this is it, I’m really going to Japan.”

It took about 48 hours from Canada to Japan but they had a safe flight. Miho called for a taxi to get to her house. As they were dropped off they stared at Miho’s big house in awe, “This is where you live?!” Lee was shocked that his sister had that kind of money. “Yup! Now let’s go inside, there’s someone you have to meet! I hope you’ll like Chichi!”

“River, I didn’t know Miho had a roommate. Did you?” Lee whispered to his older brother, and he shook his head “Nuh uh.”

They followed behind Miho, “I hope she’s hot.” Lee was eager to meet Miho’s roommate, but as they walked in the house he was disappointed to find out that Miho’s roommate was a Chihuahua. “Hi Chichi! Did you miss me?!” she made kissy faces to her Chihuahua, “Because I missed you! Oh yes I did! Oh yes I did!”

Lee walked away and face-palmed, “I’m going to unpack my things.” And River went outside to walk around the neighborhood. “Before you go,” his sister handed him a cell phone, “don’t get lost.”

“I’m 20 years-old, I think I can walk around a Tokyo neighborhood without getting lost.”

“Yeah, well you forgot to resign from your job. So I did that for you.” She held her Chichi in both arms and waved her paws, “Say bye, Chichi. ‘Bye bye, River!’”

River laughed at his silly sister and stepped out of the house, “Be back before dinner!” she yelled before he locked the door.

As he strolled around the neighborhood he saw a crowd of people, “Whats going on here?” he asked a nearby man who was hold a sign and wearing a odd T-shirt, “AKB48 is performing! Shh!”

It appears that it was a Japanese girl group who was holding a charity concert. River could not enter because he didn’t bring his wallet. He didn’t care to watch either, so he walked into a park.

“The trees in Japan look kind of pretty, but I wonder why they’re pink.” He said to himself. A stranger replied, “That’s because this is the season of love,” (A/N: In spring, Japan’s cherry blossom trees bloom and it’s radiant colour is said to affect relationships.) River looked back and saw a cute girl in a costume. “I thought Halloween was in October … ?” he said in English. And the Japanese girl, who understood English replied in Japanese, “How rude, this is my performance costume! It’s called fan-service.”

Evidently, River met one of the AKB48 members. “My name is Minami Minegishi. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”gently smiling to River, he felt a slight pain in his chest. Could it be, love at first sight?

But then River suddenly collapsed and clenched his chest, “Owww … what the hell?” he said to himself. Minami ran towards him, not touching him and being very cafeful, she dialed 110 for the ambulance and rushed him to the hospital.

Even though she had a concert to attend to she was more worried of the stranger and hopped on the ambulance with him.

What will happen to River?
How will the relationship between Minami and River develop?
Find out in Chapter 2: Can you hear my voice?
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Re: [AKB48] You Changed Me
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2011, 08:50:34 AM »
I like the main character's name ^^ I wonder what would happen continued ;)

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Re: [AKB48] You Changed Me
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2011, 09:17:30 PM »
thanks kahem (: i realized after i named him that his name was one of their songs LOL
ah i really dont have any motivation to continue this. but i guess i will because i want to try something new.
I didn't add any yuri because i always do (i'll probably end up adding yuri anyways). so i'm going to add some war and mobile suits.
Just for the fun of it  :peace:

I hope you have some suggestions to brighten this sad kid's life.
what else do you think i should put?
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Re: [AKB48] You Changed Me
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2011, 01:10:35 AM »
Yeah it's nice to have something new ^^ I hope you will continue this, coz I want to know where it will lead ^^

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Re: [AKB48] You Changed Me
« Reply #4 on: May 05, 2011, 07:24:12 PM »
please continue ! :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

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Re: [AKB48] You Changed Me
« Reply #5 on: March 08, 2020, 01:11:03 AM »
seems interesting and I would like it if you decided to continue but i probably shouldn't get my hope up lol

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