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Author Topic: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]  (Read 57971 times)

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 2 [31.03.15]
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Yeah... Atsuko kissed Minami...

What's going to happen at the next chapter?

What about Atsuko's mum?

Would Atsuko be able to be with the one she likes not Takeru?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 2 [31.03.15]
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what the meaning of wanwan (?) umm .. i little bit not understand , BUT i really love your fanfick black maa san ! can't wait next chapter  :twothumbs

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 2 [31.03.15]
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what the meaning of wanwan (?) umm .. i little bit not understand , BUT i really love your fanfick black maa san ! can't wait next chapter  :twothumbs

About that 'wanwan'- I noticed  too. I think it was something like first april joke.. coz I notice it in every fanfic and even in comments too. But now everything is back to normal.[I hope] If you remember where this word was, then you should reread it again.. By the way.. thank you for liking my stories!  :)

@cisda83 - hehe.. it won't be their last kiss too.. but with other things - it will be hard..
@yuuchans - I always wondering, how can read fanfics in class.. Doesn't teachers say anything? If I  or any of my classmates would do  something like that.. teacher probably would kick out us from class.. :lol:
@mina - hmm.. don't worry, they will pay for what they doing..  :roll: .. but not yet.
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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 2 [31.03.15]
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oh well~ :stuffed:  :shy1:
I always wondering, how can read fanfics in class.. Doesn't teachers say anything? If I  or any of my classmates would do  something like that.. teacher probably would kick out us from class..  :lol:
About that  :on lol: so yeah, i had finished task that was given back then, i got nothing to do, so i thought why not read a fanfic instead? XD :mon sweat:

And, about the wanwan things(?), I think it goes like this

wanwan = about
meow = think
anyata/anyatar = your/yours
woof = like
Thanks = ruffles
boy = tomcat
girl = kitty
and i also noticed that they always add 'nya' sometimes :mon dunno: :bigdeal:

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 2 [31.03.15]
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OH MY!!!
This was exithing!  :drool:
Great chapter  :twothumbs

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The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 3 [12.04.15]
« Reply #85 on: April 12, 2015, 12:38:29 PM »
Hello.. Again me.. with next chapter. I hope you still read this.. if not.. then I understand.. Probably because of my bad grammar. But before that:
@yuuchans - yeah.. unfortunately, things ain't so easy for them. Hihi.. that's mean, you task was too easy..                   
@Dianalrs - Thank you. Glad to hear. 
+Big thank you for my silent readers. :kneelbow:
And now.. Enjoy the next chapter.

                                                                   CHAPTER 3


„ …’A’…. ‘A’…” What this mean?  Why she have pendat with letter  ‘A’? It’s a letter from her name?  Next day sitting again in class, in my head was only this one letter. Who? Looking around on my classmates, I tried to remember everyone’s names and surnames. In this class are so many students, whose names or surnames start with letter ‘A’. Ah. It’s too complicated. I think my head start to hurt again. Isn’t already enough in the night, when I couldn’t sleep, because I couldn’t forget her touches, kisses.. and why the heck I even respond her? Oh my! I think I am going crazy. „Ah, stupid head.”


While one of the person had headaches from thinking about mysterious girl, then other one had headaches from too much worries, if she wasn’t seen by this certain person.

„I think my heart will pop out from my chest from this all. I can’t even look at her way. Why every time when I see her in unconscious, I can’t control myself.. from not touching and kissing her. I am afraid, then next time Iwouldn’t  stop it in right time. And then what?” whispering to myself, while no one of my friends weren’t around, I tried to calm my heart. 

Much later in the Maeda Resident

„Atsuko? Honey? Are you ready? Guests are here.” From living room called her father, while Atsuko were still in her room and preparing for dinner. Hers parents told her, that there will be a guests and she need to look nice. But they didn’t tell who?

„I am coming, dad!” After putting on the last make-up, she was ready for dinner. She was excited, coz she feels happy, when someone come to their house. But she didn’t know, that this happiness won’t be long and would disappear with first look at those guests. „Dad?” With smile entering in living room, she could see hers parents and guests, who were facing their backs to her.

„Oh, Atsuko, look, what we have here.” With smile, her mom made the guests turn around.
„Good ev-…evening.” Acchan’s smile disappeared with one look at their faces. They were Takeru Sato family and of course, he with them.
„Hello you too. Maeda-san, your daughter with each time, when we see her, is more beautiful.” His mother is so annoying. She always tells compliments about me. At first, I like it, but now.. I hate it.
„Yes, we know. That’s why, you are here too.” My mother answered them. And I don’t know why, but I somehow knew the reason of this dinner. „Your son looks handsome too. He would be perfect man for my daughter.” And yes.. my mind told me true. I looked to my dad, who at the same time looked at me. Only from my look, he understand, that I don’t want this. My dad cares me very much. He always said to me, that not depend from my decision, he will always support me. But my mom, she opposite. She doesn’t care about my thoughts and feelings. Why she is doing this to me?
„I know. I agree with you.” With hers annoying smile, we sit in our places at the table. He was sitting in front of me. I could feel, that he is looking at me with his stupid smile. I just only pretended, that he isn’t even here.

Dinner went peacefully. I didn’t talk too much. I just didn’t know what to say. If someone asked me something, I answered very short. I don’t want to be here. After dinner we went to sit on couches and of course, he sat besides to me. It felt so annoying.

„Maeda-san, what’s wrong with your daughter? She is very quiet today.” Everyone attention was on me. When I look at them, I didn’t know what to do. My eyes were on my dad, and asking for help. I think he understand it and start to speak, but…
„I think, she just-” ..he was interrupted by mother.
„Maybe, those two want to be alone? They are just feels uncomfortable, when we are around.” Looking on my mom, then at my dad, he looked shocked about what my mom just said.
„I think you are right. You two better go somewhere else. House is big, so just look around.” His mother agreed my mom. Please, no!
„I think it’s-”  I wanted to protest about this, but it was already too late.
„..a good idea. So, Atsuko, could you show me around.?” Atsuko? I somehow don’t remember for giving him permission to call me like that. Only very, very close people can call me like that. And he.. not even close. But I hadn’t choice and could only nod to him and stand up from couch and start to walk away.. with him. Right now.. I want to run and scream. I want to be with person, whom to belong my heart.

Walking around to the house, I didn’t talk. Until..
„So~ .. you look very beautiful in this dress.” I was wearing black dress, what was perfectly fitting on my body. It was little bit above to my knees. With the medium type of decollete and with straps, which went behind my neck and with naked shoulders.
„Thank you.” I didn’t even bother to look at him, just continue to my way around in the house.
„I am very happy, that you will be my girlfriend, Atsuko.” He looked at me with soft look, but it’s just pissed me more.
„We will see that. And please, call me Acchan, like the others.” With annoyed look I said to him.
„Eh? Why? You soon be my girlfriend, so I want to call you in your real name.” He looked pissed.
„But I am not. So, please, don’t be rude. Don’t forget, where you are.” When I start to go again, He grabbed me by my hand. „Let. Go. My. Hand.” I feel very angry. He didn’t even move it. But instead looked into my eyes.
„You will be mine. You want it or not. But you will be. Stop being arrogant and annoying girl. You are mine and I won’t let someone to take you.” He looked very angry. I start to feel very scared. When I tried to get away from his hold, he pushed me to the wall.
„What are you doing? Let me go.” I wanted to scream. His body was very close to mine. He holded my hands above my head and leaned into my neck.
„Mmm.. you smell so nice. Can’t wait it to taste it.” I could feel his breath on my neck. He kissed me there. I start to cry. When he notice it, he stopped and let go my hands and start to go away. „Just don’t forget, what I said.” With last smirk he disappeared from my view. I start to cry more. Sliding down to the wall, until I was sitting on the floor, I hugged my knees.
„Dad, help me. I don’t want this.” Outside was already dark. Only moon was seen. In this light I was crying. Looking at moon, I could see.. her. „Minami. I am scared.”

At the same time in Takahashi house.

„Mom, when food will be ready? I am hungry!!!” Four people were sitting in the living room and patiently waited for dinner.
„It’s almost ready, honey?” After long while, all family was together in one room. Minami brothers very often was out from town, because, they were playing basketball and have even their own team.

„What’s wrong chibi? This won’t help you to grow.” One of the brothers teased her.
„Shut up, Mario.” Mario was hers older brother. Much taller and little bit handsome, with short and brown hairs. He wasn’t very smart, but instead strong. However he and other his brother like to teased little sister, but they really care about her. Just put a hand on her and you will know, how taste and looks ground from very, very close distance.

„Looks like our midget isn’t in mood today.” Kuu, was midle one. He wasn’t so tall like his older brother, but not so short, like his sister. He have black hairs. He is in one basketball team with Mario.
„Ah.. just shut up you two.” She just tried to ignor hers brothers, because right now, she only wanted to eat. They parents only could laught about those three. All their kids was very precious for them and wanted them to be happy.
„Okay, okay. We just teasing you. But by the way… How is things in school?” Mario asked her with worried expression.
„Just like usually.” With sad voice, she answered him.
„I don’t get it. Why you don’t let us to help you? You know, that would be peace of cake to us to take them down.” Kuu continue.
„I don’t need it. It only make things more worse. And it won’t stop it. Even police can’t do anything. More like, it’s not allowed to them.” Laying her head on the table, she speaks.
„We will cover our faces. Then they won’t recognize us and-” Mario still tried to help to his little sister.
„I said no!” Getting up her head from table, she with angry look looked at him. „I will think something by myself, but I don’t want to use the strength.” Laying back her head on the table, she still inside was worried.
„O-Okay. Just tell then, if you need us. You know we would do anything. ” Both brothers looked at each other with sad expressions. They were very worried about her. Them don’t like it, that someone is hurting her. More even, that she is a girl and their little sister.

„Okey kids, everything are ready.” Their mother came in time in the living room, with food, what looked so tasty and made all worries gone.
But still in one persons mind was many thoughts. She didn’t know what to do. She felt scared.


School time.

   New week. Back to school. Back in own sit. With friends around. But this time, monday wasn’t very quite. They are doing it again. Those guys are bullying her. She were sitting in her spot and didn’t even move. While those three, with Takeru Sato in front, scribbling something in hers notebook. Other one taken out from bag hers lunches, opened them and turned around it, placed on her head. Closing her eyes, she waited, when all hers lunch would drip down to her face. They only laughing about it. My heart hurts from what I see. When I wil stop to be a coward?
„It’s start to get annoying. I start to get pity that girl.” Haruna with sad and low voice spoke, what only we could heard.
„Why no one doing something?” Tomomi were worried too.
„Who knows.” Miichan with hard breath just answered her. I only watching at them.
„They just can’t.”
„What do you mean, Yuko?” When Miichan asked back to Yuko, our attention was on hers too. What did she meant with it?
„If someone doing something, then everything would go more farther and worsen. And others are just afraid.”  I am one of them, who is afraid.
„I think you are right, Yuko.” Everyone just nodded with agreement to Miichan.
„Probably this won’t stop, until someone will die.” When Yuko said this, we looked at her with shocked look. But from other side, she is right. With sad look in their faces, they went back to their spots and waited when teacher will come in.
I still wondered, why Minami didn’t do anything. Usually, she fight with them back, but this time.. she just sitting there and let them hurt her. What’s going on?


After classes, when I went to the bathroom, I heard someone to talking. Trying for to heard more, I understand, that he is Takeru Sato. His voice was strange. I could hear more voices, more like laugthes. But with who are they talking?

„If you don’t come this Sunday to the party, where will be many from our school, I will find you and drag you there with force.” Takaru with pissed voice, said to someone. When I tried to look with who, at first I could only see those boys, because they were covering my view to that unknown. When one of the boy moved little bit to the other side, I saw  ribbon. Minami.
„W-why you want me to c-come?” with trembling voice, she asked them.
„Hehe.. simple. We want to see you, how much alcohol you could take it.” they start to laugh, while she didn’t understand anything.
„Why?” she looked into this eyes.
„You still ask why? Hehe.. because, we could take a pictures of you, how terrible you look and spread them all around in school.” She looked shocked and scared.
„W-what would happen, if.. I won’t go.?” They stopped to laugh and looked at her with devilish grin.
„If you won’t..? hmm.. easy, your parents can start to look other jobs.”  I couldn’t believe, what he just told her. How could he?
She didn’t say anything more, just nodded with agreement. After that, they went away, while she was still standing there, with face facing the floor. I understand one thing. I need to be in this party.


It was already Sunday. Party was one of the boy parents house. His family have big house, so there could come many students. I wear pink shirt with naked shoulder and jeans skirts, what wasn’t on of those tight ones. That night was warm, so most of all was outside of the house in the garden, where was also pool. Someone of them already were swimming and some of them looked already drunk. Going next, I could see my friends. They were drinking something, but it didn’t looked very strong and gave me too.

„So, how are things?” I asked them.
„Well, right now.. still like usually in parties. Someone is already drunk. Someone already making-out in on of the rooms and someone still kissing in some corners, while others just watching them and taking pictures and of course, house is already in mess.” Yuko with no emotion just told me. Yeah.. just like in the parties. While me and my friends talked, music suddenly stopped. At first, no one understands, what’s going on. Until Takeru climbed on the table, because he looked already drunk and tried to get everyones attentions.

„Can I paid your attentions?!” Everyone stopped talking and looked at him, waiting for reason, why he stopped the music. „Thanks! You probably wondering, what is going on? But don’t worry, no one is hurt, well.. not yet. First thing.. thank you for coming here!” No one still didn’t understand what he wants.  Until I saw her, Minami. Oh no!. „We just wanted you to meet our lovely girl, Takahashi, who accepted our invitation to come this party… and!” eveyone’s eyes was still on him and someone of them start to whispering something between each other. „..and she wanted to challenge us.. with drinking. Who could handle more.” While speaking and drinking from his glasses, he laughed. „But who we are, for not to accepting the challenge? So.. we agreed. And those who want to see this competition, are welcome to the living room. Thank you!” With that, he climbed down from table and went to the living room, where many others followed. I and my friends was one of them.
„I don’t think she challenged them. They again just want to hurt her.” Haruna with worried voice said to us. While we only nodded.

When everyone was gathered around, the competition started. There was Minami, Sato and one of is partner, who bully her. Those two  was already half drunk, so I hoped, that Minami could handle at least little bit.
„Ready, midget?” Sato challenged her. They drink something strong.. its looked like a vodka.

First round. Alcohol was strong, that’s why they also eat some lemon. Minami was holding, but looking at her face, she didn’t like the taste.
„Good, good, midget.” He only laughing.

Second round. Minami still hold. Those who were around, filmed all.
Third round. In Minamis eyes wasn’t emotions, only when she take next glass and drink it. It tastes bad.
Fourth round. Sato and other one only giggling. Minami still hold.
Fifth round. „Not bad, midget.” He looked at her with big grin in his face, while in Minami didn’t say anything.
Sixth round. In Minamis eyes still no emotions.
Seventh round. I start to worry about her. Does she even before were tasted something like that?
Eighth round. Sato and other one looked very bad. They couldn’t anymore sit normal. Minami only looked in one point.
Ninth round. One was down. Sato friend already was sleeping on the table.
Tenth round. „You are strong, midget.” Minami still didn’t answered. When he wanted to stand up, he failed. He was on the floor. Those who was around, were shocked. At that moment, she stand up from hers spot and went out from room. No one followed her. And how come, she still can go straight? Looks like alcohol didn’t do anything for her body. She looked just normal. While others were still standing around to Sato, I went after her.

Looking in every room, I couldn’t find her. Going out from house and looking all around in the garden. In the farther and darken corner of the garden,  I could see, that someone was sitting on the ground. Going closer, I saw her. Buried her head in her knees and her hands around to them.
„Mi-Minami?” I tried to call her, but there wasn’t response from her. Kneeling down in front of her, I tried to lift her chin. Her eyes were close. I could feel very strong alcohol smell, what was coming from her. „Minami?” Little bit opening hers eyes, she looked at me, but then closed them again. I knew one thing.. I need to get her on her house.. somehow. Lifted her up from the ground and putting her left hand around my neck, while my right hand was around hers waist, I tried to walk. Luckily she was small. While going away from here, I didn’t notice, that someone was watching us.


Luckily I knew, where she lived. Looking in her pockets, I tried to find a key from house. Thanks God, it was in her pocket! Walking in with her and with no sounds, I tried to look after her room. Hardest thing was to get her up to the stairs. After some while I managed to do it. Finding hers room and putting her in her bed, I looked at her. Sitting on the bed, I stroked her hairs from her face, she looked so peaceful. My eyes went to hers lips. I wanted to kiss them. Biting in mines, I leaned closer to her face. One kiss don’t do anything. Giving gentle kiss, I didn’t notice, that she still were awake. Putting her hands around my neck, she tried to get more kisses. At first I was shocked. But I couldn’t resist anymore. Room was dark, only moon showed some light.

With alcohol in our bloods, I couldn’t stop. Our kisses start to going more deeper. I moved myself, that I could be on top of her and her body between my legs. My heart was racing. My head was spinning. I wanted more. She made a mess with my hairs, while my hands start to travel around her smooth body. She let out a moan. I could feel passion.. desires. In our mouths was tongue battle. The taste of alcohol was very high, but I dind’t care. She start to moving, until she spinning me around and now were half on top of me. Her knee was already between my legs. Her hand traveled under my shirt. She leaned down to kiss my lips. With deep and hungry kiss, she stopped. She moved her head lower and start to kiss my neck. Kissing, licking and even biting.. I only could let out a moans. Her hands traveled higher and higher, until she find on of my mound. Squeezing. I should stop this, but I can’t.. not yet. Lifting higher my shirt, she start to plant a kisses on my chest.

My heart were beating very fast. I think I should stop, but then I felt, that she didn’t move anymore. When I looked at her, she were laid her head on my chest and.. fall a sleep. At first, I was shocked, but then.. It’s better like this. Sleeping there some while more and feeling her presence, I start to slowly moved her off from me. Checking my clothes and putting blanket on her, I gave her last kiss on the lips and went out from house.

Things, what happened in this night, also will stay in there. Walking away, I hoped that she won’t remember anything. Especially, about person, who was there.

Next morning. 


When I woke-up and sat in bed, I could feel very, very bad and strong headaches.
„Ah.. I will never drink again. Especially, if I have dreams, like that one. However, it felt like real.” Laying back on my stomach in my bed, I buried my head in pillow. Stretching my left hand under other pillow, I felt something.
„What’s that?” Slowly taking out, I saw something like a necklace. Looking closer, I could see, that it was from gold and....!   


                                          … O.O …

„It wasn’t dream. She really was here. Again that girl.” While looking at it, my heart felt strange. I didn’t know what was it, but I knew one thing..
„Aahhh!! I don’t remember who she was or how she looks like!!” …. „Ahhh… my head!!” Holding my head in my hands, I tried to calm the strong pain, what felt like my heart is in my brain and beating there.

Luckily next day was free and I could sleep all day. But.. if in house are two older brothers, then  - no chances for quiet and peaceful sleep.
„Ahh..” The taste in my mouth was still horrible. But I was too lazy to get up from bed and go to bathroom to wash them.

While looking at this necklace, what was in my hand, I tried to remember this person, but nothing.
„Hmm… maybe I should ask someone in school.?” I could feel, that next week will be… interesting.. in some way.


Hmm.. I think it’s already enough with those lovely moments.. Need to write something more serious.. Like, my report for school..  and deadline is coming very close.. already too close.  (crying) :depressed: :frustrated:

 [*whisper* I start to write new OS.. it called "Forbidden fruit".. it will be little.. well, not for readers with weak heart? ]
                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 3 [12.04.15]
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KYAAAAAA !~ , atsuko can't hold her self to minami-kun !!  XD , who that person look at atsuko an minami? can't that person tell everyone about atsuko helping minami? uuugh ! CAN'T WAAAIT AND UPDATE SOOOON BLACK-MAA-SAMA   XD XD XD

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 3 [12.04.15]
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Please Atsuko stands up for yourself....

Make scene or something... about Sato's behavior at school and at your house...

Make scene in public, neighborhood so Sato family will be embarrass of their son behavior....

For rich people... they have one weakness.... they don't like to make a scene and don't like bad name or publicity

Then reporters and parents and teachers even police would be forced to do something about the bully that happened at school or others places

What's going to happen to Atsumina next?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 3 [12.04.15]
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Yeii!! I hope finaly talk eachother  :roll:
grear chapater!!!  :twothumbs

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The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 4 [1.05.15]
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Hello! After more than half month without updates from me, I came back.. There is next chapter. And hope you would still read it.
@verlinechannn - hehe... about that mysterious person, you would only know in the end of this story.. XD and thank you!
@cisda83 - I know and I agree to you about those things.. but.. not this time. Acchan is too scare from her mother. But maybe I will try to include this things too.. but not yet.. Thank you!
@Dianalrs - Thank you for liking it and yeah.. time is come. :roll:
@NightSky - Thank you too for reading it!  :)

Also big thank you for my silent readers!  :)

Enjoy reading!

                                                                              CHAPTER 4

..Continuation of Minami POV

So, again Monday. Again in this…. school. Sometimes I were thinking ‘What I am doing in here? I don’t have friends.’ But now, standing in school corridor and with necklace in my hands, I know one thing – I need to know – Who is she? Maybe it’s only a some kind of prank? Or there is really this someone, who secretly loves me? I want to know. My hearts want to know.
Standing there, near from my closet, while many students passing me. Not paying any attention to me. I tried to search something… Someone. I saw some of my classmates. Maybe, they know who belong this necklace. But I will ask it, when no one would be around.

Classes ended. Today we weren’t all, coz some of them have a cold. Like usually, I was last one in class. Slowly packing my things and little bit cleaning the mess in class, someone came in. She was one of my classmates. If I am not wrong, then her name was Kojima Haruna. I never had spoken with her. She looks very beautiful, like a model. Kind a cute girl. I think, I could fall in love with her. Whoah! I have to try it and ask her. I felt little bit nervous.
„Anoo.. H-Hello, K-Kojima-san.” Oh my... Keep calm. Just keep calm.
„Eh?.. Oh.. hello.. Just call me Haruna.” When she looked at me and smiled, my heart felt strange, but it wasn’t the same feeling, what I felt when this mysterious girl was close to me and.. and.. yeah.
„Oh.. O-okay. H-Haruna.” Don’t forget about necklace. Just don’t forget..
„You okay?” She asked me and damn, if I just now didn’t blush..
„Hehe…” so awkward, so awkward.. „Anoo.. can I ask you something?” breathes, breathes..
„Yes, sure.” She again smiled to me. Oh my! From my pocket, I take out necklace and show to her.
„Amm.. do you know, who belong this?” She looked at it some while.
„I think, I had seen it to someone.” I don’t know why, but somehow I felt, that I am so close to know this person.
„Whom?” My heart start to beat faster.
„I think, It’s belong to…. Ac-”
„TAKAHASHI!” Haruna didn’t have a chance to tell me the full name, coz in class came those guys. Sato Takeru. They saw me and her standing very close. „What the heck, Takahashi!?” Sato came closer to me and pushed me away from her. When he pushed me, I dropped the necklace on the floor. He saw it. Taking up from floor, he looked at it. „Why the heck you have this?” It’s looks like, he know too, whom it’s belong to.
„I-I just found it, in that party on the floor. And I just wanted to know, whom it’s belong and give it back.” He looked at me with pissed look.
„Yeah, right. I will give her back.” He put it in his pocket.
„At least, can I know her name?” I asked him.
„Oh, her name is -” Haruna tried to tell me again, but Sato didn’t let her.
„You don’t need to know. So get your ass out from her you, nerd and don’t dear to speak of these girls again. Did you hear it?” Other guys only laughed about it. Haruna looked sad, while I could only bow to them and after taking my things, I run out from class.

I was so close to know her name, but again.. they had to come in. „AAAAH!!!” Looks like fate don’t want me to know the true. And ‘Ac’? I don’t know noone, who’s name start with these letters.


Friday. Finally Friday. Still some from my classmates were absent. I couldn’t wait when this week will end. Those guys all the time bullied me. Sometimes thru out my food in garbage or on my head. Everyone that times only laughed. Oh.. Sometimes I think I could kill him. Just stab a knife in his stomach. But this kind of death for him.. too good. Classes almost ended, until our teacher said something, what I hated the most – school Project. Project, what you have to do together with someone from your class. In this times, no one wants to be in a pair with me. Or just didn’t do nothing, but in the end got the highest mark than me.

„Okay, students. This time, I will choose yours partners… by accident. So, I don’t want to hear some complains about it and want you to not to tell it others, about who is your partner. When class ending, then please, each of you come to me and I will show you your partner. Do you all understand it?” Teacher explained to us. Some of them weren’t very happy about that. And me neither.

I was last one, like usually. Standing in other side of teacher table, she showed my partner..
When I readed my partner name, I was shocked…. O.O
„Takahashi, don’t scruve it. Do you get it? It’s your chance to get excelent mark.”
„Ye-yes, teacher.” I bowed my head to her and went out from class. I couldn’t belive it about who is my partner. But what to do? If someone will know, then I am… dead.! I think, It’s good time to start to dig my grave. T-T


I hate time, when I have a cold. With high temperature and running nose, I have to stay in my bed. Ah.. I hate this feeling. I want to see her. I miss her. Drinking all this medicine, soon my mind would go insane.

All week went very… very slow. Like it wanted me to suffer more. Most like from boringness. Usually, when I have boring, I eat some snacks, but now, everything what I tried to eat, was no taste and tastes like a ….well, bad. Even my lovely tomatoes taste like gum, what was chewed few times.
My cold finally was almost gone and was already Sunday. My parents, more like my mom, again invented THOSE PEOPLE on dinner to us.

Hugs, kisses, smiles. Like usually what would do my mom, when they arrived. But me – Hugs? Don’t touch me, I am ill, thanks God. Kisses? You are joking, I am very ill *cough, cough*. Smile? –I could get golden award about pretending.

Dinner went in normal way.. at least till now.
„Atsuko, I think it’s yours.” Takeru Sato, he takes out from his pocket something and gave to me. At first, I didn’t understand what was it, until..
„It’s my necklace. Where did you get it?” I looked at him with question mark in my face.
„In that party, probably when you danced, it dropped off from your neck. I found it not very long after you left.” If I remember right, then when I left, I still had it on my neck. Where he raelly get it?
„Oh, did you mean in that party, where you got very drunk and lost drinking competition to the younger girl?” His mom looked at me with disbelief look. Silince…. Until my mom start to speak.
„Acchan, darling, what are you saying? It’s so rude from you. How can you say something like that to him, so honored person?” she looked angry at me.
„B-but it’s true. All school students video typed, how he losted and collapsed on the floor and didn’t wake.” I need to change my mom mind about him, how awful he is.
„Atsuko, stop it! Your cold makes you talking nonsense.” She raised voice towards me. My dad didn’t say anything, he looked sad.
„B-but-” mom?
„Apologizing him! Now!” she stand up from hers sit and commanded me to do things, for saying true. Slowly standing up from my sit, I bowed my head to him.
„I am sorry.” I could felt, that he inside is laughing about me.
„It’s okay. Everyone sometimes mistakening someone.” He answered to me. Insinde of me, I already boiled from angriness.
„Atsuko, come, I need to talk with you.” My mom and me went in to other room. My heart was racing like crazy, I was scared and I didn’t know even why.

In lower voice „Atsuko. I don’t care, if it’s true or not, but put in in your head one thing – You and him, soon will be a couple and married. I don’t care, if you want it or not. But until you are living in this house, you will listen to my rules. Did you get it?” It was first time, when she telling me this. Hers voice sounded so angry and scary, that I was afraid to make a single move or noise.
„Y-yes.” I couldn't look at her eyes. My view was on the floor.
„Now go to your room. And think again about what you just did it.” With that she turned around and went back to others. But me, with teary eyes went to my room.
When all this will end?


Being absent for some while and still little bit shocked about my moms words to me, I was back in school. Sitting in my spot, I noticed that Minami is.. nervous? Why she is looking so nervous?
„Acchan, are you okay? You some while weren’t in school, so we start to worry about you.” Around me came my friends.
„Don’t worry, Miichan, I am okay. It was just simple cold.” With smile I answered them. And they looked satisfied with my answer.
„Ah.. Acchan, by the way. We have upcoming project, what we need to do in pairs.” Miichan said to me.
„Project? In pairs?” I was surprised about this.
„Yeah.. and this time we couldn’t choice our partner, because teacher did that, by choosing accidently. My partner is Yuko.” Miichan already complained about her. Just like her.
„Hey.! I don’t want to work with you too, but it’s very important, so, we don’t have choice.” While saying it, Yuko pouted.
„Hihi..” I could only laugh about them. „Amm.. do you know, who is my partner?” I hope this person is good.
„We don’t know. More like.. no one know others classmates partner. So, you better don’t say anything about it.” Miichan and Yuko looked at me with dangerous look.
„Don’t worry, I won’t. I am just curious about mine partner.” After one minute came our teacher.
Classes went very peaceful. What was miracle. When classes ended, teacher called me.

„Maeda-san, can you come little bit?” When everyone was already out, I went to teachers desk and waited for what she have to say. „It’s about up coming project.”
„Yes, what is it about?” I patiently waited.
„Do you know your partner?” I nodded, while rising my head from left to right side. „Well, it’s Takahashi.” At this word, I froze.
„T-Takahashi? Oh..” from this word my heart start to beat faster.
„Is this okay with you.?” If this okay? I am happy. More than everything.
„Mm.. yes.. everything is okay.” While bowing down, I went out from class. For a moment I felt so happy, but then..
„Oh no… maybe that’s why, she looked so nervous? I hope no one other know about this. And I hope she don’t remember anything from that night.” Whispering in low voice to myself I went home.

Week were ended, but no sign from hers. I start to worry, that she don’t want me to be her partner. But this is Project. A very important Project, so, I don’t have choices. I have to go to hers place. And of course pretend like I never had been there.. however, it was in night, but still..


After some while, I was in front of her house. Slowly going closer to this house, my heart beats start to beat more faster. I felt so nervous.
Standing in front of the doors, I rang the bell.
Ring~… one time.. Still no answer. I start to worry.
Ring~.. second time. After that I heard  that someone is coming.
Doors were opening. In front of me standing a man. He looked young and much taller than me.
„Amm.. H-hello. In here living Takahashi Minami?” He just looked at me.. with strange look, he comforted himself with left shoulder on the door way.
„For you honey, I could be everything.” He just looked at me. It start to feel uncomfortable.
„Amm…” I didn’t know what to do.
„Oh! what a.. girl… just.. WOW!.” Behind him came one more boy. He looked young too, but little it shorter than first one.
„Bro.. I tottaly agree with you.” They just looked at me from up till down, while I just standing there and blushing.
„I-amm.. Is this-” What to do? What to do?
„Ah, yeah.. about your question. You are in the right place, honey. Just come in. Fell free to be like home.” And who are those two.? Going in and taking off my shoes, they led me in the house.
„Thank you.” I smiled at them and I think I shouldn’t do that, because..
„Oh, my.. I think I am in love from the first look. She is so gorgeous.” Shorter pretended to faint. I need to be careful from those two, but they are so funny.
„Hihi.. you  two are funny.” While laughing about those two, I didn’t notice that Minami is coming in in this room, while drinking something.
„Hey, guys, who was –pfffff…. *cough*.. *cough*.. M-Meada-san? W-what are you doing in h-here?” When she saw me, she split her drink out from her mouth. And now she is blushing. Cute.
„Well, I heard, that we are partners in upcoming project. Also, there was no sign from you, so.. that’s why I am here.” I showed her my smile, what was from my heart.. and how I predicted it.. she is blushing…     
.. very hard… hehe.. I could kiss her right now.
„Oh.. y-yeah. I-I forgot… that.. hehe..” While with her hand scratching her head from behind, she looked so nervous.
„Hey, shorty, how you could forget something like that? Just look at her..” one of the boy pointed  his hand at me from up till down.
„Shut up!!” Looks like she feel very uncomfortable. „Ah, by the way… Those two are my stupid brothers, who don’t have a brains, but have a muscles.” With hand she pointed at them.
„But for you lady, just call me Kuu.” Shorter one start to speak first, while winking at me.
„But I am Mario.. just call me anytime and I will be there for you, my honey.” Taller one came closer to me, takes my right hand into his and kissed it. I think I am blushing, again. 
„Hey.! What the hell you are doing. Get lost. She came to me, not you to asshols.” She just sounded like jealouse boyfriend.. Hihi..
„Oh! Oh! Don’t be so jealouse. You can take her, but at least, let us enjoy her present in here. Because, this kind of beauty in this house is first time.” Oh my! I think I never stopped to blush.
„Asshols.” With that, she taked my left hand into hers. When I think, that my heart is calmed down, then now.. it is racing more faster. Luckaly she isn’t looking at me, but straight. Entering in hers room, I could see that hers room is.. well…. not very clean. O.o

„Ah.. sorry.. I didn’t know, that someone would come here. So.. my room isn’t very.. clean.” Again scratching her head from behind, she tried to calm down hers nervousness.
„That’s okay.” With gentle voice I answered her. When she tried to little bit clean the space, where to study, I looked around. There was some pictures with hers family. Some anime magazine, like One Peace and other staffs. When I make my view to hers bed, in my mind came moments from… that night… Touches… Kisses… Moans..
„You okay?” I didn’t notice, that she was standing beside to me and that make me jump from my spot.
„Eh!? Ah! yeah..” showing my smile to her, she didn’t asked anything more.
„So.. I think we can start to discuss about our project.” She showed me the place, what was beside to the table.
„Yes, sure.” Sitting in front of each other, I could feel hers eyes on me. We bouth looked so nervous and didn’t know with what to start.
„So.. amm..” she start to looking something in her notebook.
„What are you looking for?” With soft voice I asked her, while looking at her.
„Ah! Found it. the task, what we need to do.” She put in front of me hers notebook to let me know, what we have to do.

While I was carefully reading, I could feel, that she is looking at me. When I raised up my head, our eyes meet each other. We just looked into each other eyes. No words. No moves. .. Deg, Deg, Deg…  After half minute, I was first who wake up from trance.
„You okay? Or something is on my face?” My heart was racing. Please, don’t look at me like that. You have no idea, how hard is to control myself.. when I am so close to you.
„Eh? Ah..” she awkwardly continue „…It’s just a first time to see you so close and even first time when I speak with you.”
„….” Well.. not really.
„Oh! Please, don’t think about me like some kind of weirdo.. I am not like that. It’s just…” She again start to scrach her head from the back.
„Just, what?”
„Just… in school you look much different.” she looks so nervous
„Different?” I rise my right eyebrow, trying to tease her.
„No! No! Not in bad way..” putting her hands in front of herself and shaking them. So cute.
„In school and even out from school you look beautiful-” I think, she didn’t even recognize what she just said.  „AH!! I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to say something like that.” Hiding her head in her hands, she were in panic.
„Thank you.” Raising her head up and looking at me, I showed her my smile.
„ …o////o …” She just made me in love with her more deeper.
„Y-Your w-welcome.” Hiding again her face from me, I said something in my mind, well.. I at first I thought I said it only in my mind.
„Eh?” She looked at my with bright red face.
„.. o///o..” now was my time to blush.
„Hehe… I think we should better start our Project, or we couldn’t do it in time.” She tried to get out from this.. very… very awkward situation.
„Yeah.. you are right.”

After our very awkward situation, we start to do our Project. While trying to forgetting everything what was just while ago. We spent hours to trying think something. However, most of time, we just laughed. Who could knew, that she is so funny and interesting girl. I don’t even remember when last time I felt so happy. No wonder, that I fall in love with her.


Now I again will disappear about half month or more with new updates.. Sorry!
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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 4 [1.05.15]
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It's ok, we waitingfor next chapter :)

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 4 [1.05.15]
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Kuu and Mario, Minami's brothers... Interesting..

Poor Minami... she was supposed to find out the owner of the necklace...

Also Poor Atsuko, what kind of mother does she have?

Does her mother wanted Sato's family wealth or something like that?

What's going to happen to Atsumina next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 4 [1.05.15]
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That's a good start for Atsumina.
I hope someone would help Takamina.

Can't wait for the next update.
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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 4 [1.05.15]
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Good story author san.
I hope both of them get the happy ending.

screw with the mother  :angry:

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 4 [1.05.15]
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LOve it!

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The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], announcement [18.06.15]
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Hi, everyone.
First I need to apologize for not updating anything about more than one and half month..  :kneelbow:
Reason is because, at first I needed to write my last report for university, where was unsleepey nights  :dozing:  and then I had to present it.. where stress level was more than high..  :on study:  but in the end I finished it successfully and now is only left graduation ceremony  :on grad: .
But now when is summer I have a lot of works what to do, more like helping my parents.. So.. it's hard to find time, when write something.. sorry about that..  :depressed:
But it doesn't mean, that I won't continue it.. I am writing it, but very, very, very slowly..
So, I still hope my readers still waiting for my update and aren't forget it about it.. By the way.. I am so thankful about your comments about last chapter.. Thank you very much.  :kneelbow:

Hmm.. I think I will little bit tease you about what will happen in others chapters.. Oh yeah.. there still will be not less than two and not more than three chapters what I need write fully..
So -


„I CAN’T ANYMORE!!! My brain soon will blow up from thinking about this Project.!” I don’t want to think about it, cuz I want to think only about Minami…. And sleep with her.. in one bed.. *smirk*…. Maybe I can, if I pretending to fall a sleep in her bed.. hehe.. need to try.


Our teacher talked about something in front of us. My mind was in clouds nine. I just couldn’t wait, when classes would end. Ah.. everything felt so perfect and-

BAMP! *loud sound of doors opening*

„POLICE! PLEASE STAY IN YOUR PLACES!” In class came in many policemen with guns… What’s going on?


How you can read, then something will happen.. good or bad, who knows! 8)
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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Announcement [19.06.15]
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can't believe i never read this fic! its awesome! :shocked:

i don't know when it'll be updated but can't wait to read more!! :drool:

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Announcement [19.06.15]
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What??? can't belive you let us in this way  :shocked
but is very good to now that you still with the story  :twothumbs
be wait for the update soon  :bow:

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Re: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Announcement [19.06.15]
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Don't disappear!!! I need you to continue! XD
... ok! I will wait for the next chapter ;)

Thank you for the updates!!!

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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