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Author Topic: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 5 (03/25/16)  (Read 16425 times)

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Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 5 (03/25/16)
« on: November 22, 2015, 04:01:44 AM »
I believe this would be appropriate to announce this:

In my dire attempt to run away from my responsibilities, I am remaking all of my series. That also includes the ones I've dropped at hiatus. (Yes, that includes 'Wandering Ship', 'The Virus', 'HFAYPTG?', 'Sanity', 'Disappearance S2', and 'Hidden Truth') To give my readers a treat, I decided... What better way to start is to redo my first completed angst piece? This will be posted on the forum (no more Tumblr), and major changes has been made to the plot as a whole.

Spoiler-free changes include:
> Watanabe Mayu has three older siblings; they will play a major part of the story
> Plot holes from the previous version will be corrected
> The antagonists' roles and ulterior motives will be more realistic
> The antagonists' are university students, NOT high school students
> Clues and investigation scenes will differ from the previous version
> The Mayuki pair will receive tremendous amount of attention; others... not so much
> The ending from the previous version is scratched off; you get yourself a brand new ending for this remake

Please make note that this is a series during the summer of 2012. Many members and their roles remain the same as how I have written it from the past. Whether this series will stay as canon or as a spin-off remake... I will let you readers decide on that.

I am still working on the others during my spare time! When they are fully complete like this first season of Disappearance, they will be uploaded weekly. (Waiting for weeks to even months seem to be a disastrous effect...) The reason why I'm doing this? I could not let my guilt go from leaving these pieces unfinished. I was and am never the type of person to leave things undone. What had started must be completed.

With that said, I introduce you to a special series that kickstarted my past love for the 48Groups (and the pairing of Mayuki... if that is still popular?). I hope veteran readers of this work can enjoy the new changes as newer readers come to enjoy this dark tale.


*Update Schedule: When school isn't brutally murdering me

[Chapter 1]

It was stuffy. It was hot. It was loud. It was chaotic. It was almost unbearable to stand in this condensed area.

There were other members running around, trying to grab their belongings and change out of their Team B uniform. Endless chatters in the meantime were exchanged between members. It filled up the entire room with an endless source of noise. When you add a special performance including members from Team K (Miyazawa Sae, Akimoto Sayaka) and Team A (Takahashi Minami), it got a tad bit rowdier. Do a headcount and you got a couple dozen of females kicking the temperature higher than usual in any room within the building.

As if the sweat I’ve produced from AKB48’s performances not too long ago wasn’t enough, I felt my sweat glands beginning another round of its salty production. Despite the change of clothing from the idol uniform to a more casual wear (consisting of a white patterned blouse, pink cotton sweater and skirt, white scarf, white tights, and pink sneakers), I felt like I was going to die from the heat. The status of exhaustion also hung over my head as all of my muscles were doing their best to keep this body from collapsing. Heck, I surprised myself by the ability to keep my pink backpack plastered to my back.

I didn’t even bother to conceal the loud yawn that left my mouth. Oh how much I wanted to go home and sleep under my blanket. The thought of showering off all this icky sensation can be done once I’ve gotten enough Zs—

Actually, there was something I was suppose to do… Oh right; I promised my parents I would return home to prepare a special occasion for my older brother, Watanabe Takumi, right after our live performance.

Takumi has always been the reliable man in the family, and, now at the age of 21, has gone off to work at Sakae in accounting. Compared to my job, his paled. At least the silly personality of my second eldest sibling continues to mold him into a great young man for society.

Now that he is planning to visit us next week, I have to make preparation for his arrival with my parents and two older sisters.

I then pinched the bridge of my nose as I squeezed my eyes shut. Another yawn left my mouth. Life as an idol is clearly keeping me productive. Maybe it is keeping me a little too productive that I almost forgot an important event with my family.

’I should tell Yukirin I’m leaving early.’

In the crowded dressing room backstage of Team B, I wildly waved my hand in the air. “Yukirin!” I called out from across the noisy room. “I’m going to be going home right now!”

“Eh?” I saw the raven haired female strip off her shirt before glancing over at my direction. Her top merely consisting of a black bra, she tilted her head to the side with eyebrows raised. “Why are you in such a rush to get home right after our performances, Mayuyu?”

I had to divert my eyes’ attention from that one specific area. I had to. Heat began to gather at the area where my cheeks are located. I felt that if I were to lay my sight upon those chest once more, I might die from overheating.

’That damn woman… Can’t she at least put on a shirt before looking over at me!?’

I knew it was natural for a dressing room to consist of same gendered individuals to switch clothing, but Yuki is a different story! She’s my best friend and my closest friend. Even though I have seen my other friends bare with no clothing, only this girl manages to bring forth this strange effect. It’s even worse when we crash into each other’s home for the night, but I digress.

My fist touched my mouth as I cleared my throat. “I need to head home ASAP. I promised my parents to help them plan for my brother’s arrival next week.”

When my eyes slowly shifted its gaze back to Yuki, I saw her mouth formed a small circle in comprehension. “Can I walk you home though? It’s late right now, and I don’t want anything bad to happen—“

“Yukirin,” I faintly smiled. “I’m 18, you know. I’m not a little kid anymore. Besides, ‘Mother’, nothing bad happened to me every time I walked home alone at this time of the day.”

Her eyebrows furrowed. Then without warning, I found myself staring straight at this half-naked woman. In the span of ten seconds, Kashiwagi Yuki traveled across the dressing room to confront me; I gulped at the fast ability she possesses. She immediately crossed her arms as a stern tone was heard.

“It’s nearly midnight, Mayu. Do you understand how dangerous it is at this time?”

Another negotiation battle. I felt like this was going to be a verbal battle like Phoenix Wright or Danganronpa, and I was sure to win this fight. I may have lost at times before, but I cannot lose to this.

A surge of leftover energy my body preserved was given to fuel my defensive stance. I shifted my backpack’s strap. My entire expression became firm, ready to face the challenge before me. Then, I raised an index finger up into the air.

“How about this!” I suggested. “I’ll give you a text when I reach home, okay?”


“I’ll also throw in a call!”


“…is it not enough?”

She bit her lower lip. Her expression remained firm as she stared directly into my eyes. Yuki was giving me the silent treatment. It was an attempt to overpower my opinion over the course of my action. I wasn’t going to let my defense lower, of course. Instead, I  stared right back at her without budging nor cowering away. I knew I had to use this trick up my sleeve, and I knew that if she wasn’t going to be affected, I would be defaulted to the losing side.

The strained smile still on my face, I then said,  “…I’ll buy you a watermelon shake tomorrow?”

I felt my entire body jerk forward. Without warning, my face was buried straight into the very area I avoided gazing at. My entire vision was met with nothing but the darkness; my sense of smell overwhelmed by the sweet, strawberry-like aroma from Yuki. I barely managed to lift my face away from that portion of her body. Now I found myself resting the right side of my face against her elegant figure. (It beats being suffocating to death by Kashiwagi Yuki’s breasts.) The woman’s arms then enveloped my figure in a tight squeeze. Unconsciously, my arms returned a similar favor to the older female.

’What… the heck… just happened…?’ I wondered to myself.

Strands of her black hair fell upon my face as she leaned her head down. Despite the amount of noise produced in the background, I was able to grasp the soft voice she shifted to.

 “Make that a shake and an actual watermelon,” she whispered into my ear. 

I felt my grip loosen slightly.  The purse within my backpack is probably crying right now; it knows that when Kashiwagi Yuki starts demanding for products, she will get what she wants regardless of the price. Just the thought of it made my heart heavy and my smile falter. Yet I shook that off. It was a requirement I didn’t mind completing tomorrow. I really had to get home by myself, and I know Yuki has to go home soon herself. As much as I wanted to join the walk with her, Takahashi Minami, Miyazawa Sae, and Akimoto Sayaka, I cannot wait any longer for all four to leave. 

“I’ll be sure to get those two for you then, ‘Mother’.”

We then released our hold on each other. Though I probably need to soak in a bath with some cold water at this time, Yuki pointed her index finger at my direction.

“You better hold onto that promise!”

“Of course I will!” I grinned. ’I-I think…’

With that exclaimed, I waved to her once more. “I’m off now, Yukirin. I’ll see you tomorrow during practice.”

She nodded. “Have a safe trip home, Mayuyu. Remember to give me a call! I’ll call the cops if I don’t hear from you in a few hours!”

The gentle wave I performed increased its tempo to the max. My eyes widen in horror as I frantically shook my head.

“P-Please don’t do that! Are you trying to get us into a scandal!?”

“I’m just worried!” she puffed her cheeks.

“‘Worried’ my bottom! Stop being such a worry-wart!”

With that said, I turned my back towards my friend and walked out of the room.


Once Mayu left the room, Yuki let out a soft sigh. The bright and cheerful expression she wore on stage transitioned into pure exhaustion. Any energy she needed to expend on smiles was already given to the otaku. She then walked back over to her original spot in the room; it took a minute for the young lady to be fully dressed in a sweater, long-sleeved shirt, and skirt.

Miyazawa Sae then, without warning, slid right over to the raven haired’s side. The tomboyish female grinned mischievously as she watched the idol began to pack her purse.

 “My… aren’t you both full of energy,” she remarked. “So rowdy at this time of the day… Drank any caffeinated products, Yukirin?”

“Sae,” Yuki glared at her best friend. “I didn’t drink any.”

“Well, it sure seem like you did!”

“Quit teasing her, Sae,” Akimoto Sayaka piped in from the distant.

Upon hearing the other half of the Twin Tower duo, the short haired female hung her head in exaggeration. “You’re no fun, Sayaka…”

As for Yuki, she felt a sense of regret the instant Mayu left the room. Deep within her mind, her instincts were screaming at her throughout the argument to keep the other female from leaving the building by herself. She can’t exactly put her finger on why she felt this way. Yet it’s too late to make any changes to her decision now. Even if Yuki chased after the Watanabe girl, she’s likely to be long gone from Team B’s building. Besides, it could be a part of her paranoia. Kashiwagi Yuki is known to be a worrywart; especially when it involves her ‘daughter’, Watanabe Mayu.


It was a chilly night. As expected from the seasonal change of Summer to Fall, so did the temperature and weather. The night sky above my head was littered with stars as the number of pedestrians I used to see dwindled down considerably. The walk from AKB48’s Team B’s building to the nearest train station underground is fairly quiet.

I tug at the end of my sweater, bringing it closer to my body. My entire figure shivered in desperate attempt to warm my entire figure up. A sneeze was then heard followed by a sniffle from yours truly.

’Gosh… Why the heck is it so cold down here?’

Now standing below ground level, I examined the empty railroad tracks. At this time of the day, a stray civilian or two will stand nearby. Today yielded a different result instead; not a single person was seen standing around this premise.

I was used to walking home at this time of the day, and I occasionally walked home by myself without Yuki’s consent. Yet for some reason, I felt on the edge. I felt anxious, nervous, and overall uncomfortable. The last time I felt this way, it was during a graduation announcement from one of my best friends in Team B. So why would I be feeling it now?

“Just take this train and I’ll be home in no time…” I mumbled to myself. “I got to help my family for Takumi’s visit…”

My eyes flickered left and right. There was still no one on this floor. Perhaps the sense of isolation is getting to me—

I then heard footsteps from afar. My ears managed to roughly pick up the source’s location. It was coming from behind my spot, and it was on this floor. Faint at first, it was progressively becoming louder. A shiver ran down my spine. The sound I was used to hearing was suppose to bring me comfort; the possibility that there is another person waiting for the train brings easiness. However, I cringed from it. 

Paranoia seeped into my thoughts as I trained my sight straight ahead at the empty railroad tracks. I was too terrified of turning around at the time. If I turned around, what if… what if…

’What if it was a monster from Final Fantasy XV?’

There was a screeching halt in my head. The expression that I wore earlier immediately transformed into a blank slate. Then my lips purse together as I desperately kept myself from bursting out into a fit of laughter.

’Calm down, Mayu,’ I mentally warned myself. ’This is what happens when you overthink things… I’m sure it’s just another passenger.’

I felt a presence nearby once the footsteps came to a stop. Instinctively, I flickered my gaze to the left.

It was a young university student. Streaks of red within her black strands of hair gave off the impression she was a rebellious individual. A cigarette stuck out from the corner of her lip as a thin wisp of smoke wafted into the air. My eyes wandered over to the backpack. With a single strap crossing her chest, it is worn comfortably on her back. Based on her stature, facial features, and unique set of dark clothing, I assumed she was around my age. (Or even a little older?)

“Hey, Watanabe Mayu,” she sharply spoke. 

’She talked!’

I nearly leapt up from the ground. If it weren’t for my sneakers glued to the ground, I could’ve made a fool of myself. My heart began to pound heavily against my chest as I turned my head towards her direction. The student kept her head facing forward and eyes trained straight ahead. Either way, I flashed my ‘idol smile’ in attempt to conceal the startling effect.

“Ah—You know who I am?”

“Of course I know you…” she muttered.

“So you must be a fan then—“

“Everything about you.”


I blinked. Then I felt my entire mind become blank. It took roughly five seconds for my mental state to revert back to its original status. At that same moment, a faint, but strained, chuckle came out of my barely closed lips. The cold weather must have affected my senses; I am not surprised to hear or interpret the university student’s words far from its original meaning. This is a story that should be shared to the rest of my teammates for tomorrow’s practice.

A tight hold suddenly enveloped my entire left wrist. My shoulders immediately hitched upon spotting her hand grab ahold of me. Her dark brown eyes finally directed itself to my pair. I was paralyzed on the spot. The gaze that fell upon me were not of a normal, sane individual. Her head now following after her eyes, she tilted her head; the action contrasted the physical image she portrayed. 

“Every single detail about you, Watanabe… It’s been my dream to meet you in person…”

All of the hairs on the back of my neck stood. If the chills that ran down my spine the second time that day wasn’t enough, the lacrimal glands began to produce tears. My eyes watering, I desperately blink to remove its effect.

This woman is clearly giving me the creeps. I tried not to be rude as I shook my arm light from her grasp. However, her hold tightened in response.

“You’re cuter than I imagine in person…”

I had to get away. If I linger around any longer with her, I might actually breakdown.

I gave a mental apology to the university student before forcefully tearing my wrist out of her grasp.

It was a successful attempt.

My legs were ready to sprint out of the station, and I’m going to head back to a nearby 24-hour supermarket on ground floor. If I have to, I’m going to report to the police about this incident. Frankly this is the only time I regret ignoring Yuki’s warning. If only I had followed her words of advice…

I twisted my entire body around. I immediately slammed into another person. My figure stumbled backward thanks to the impact. At that same moment, I felt the same student grab ahold of my figure. With her arms swooping from underneath mine, she lock my upper body from further movement.

“I’ve always wanted to take you home with me…”

There was another female student. Perhaps the same age as the university student, her body features and attire was like day and night to the other female. She wore clothes that any normal lady would wear to school. I would’ve easily mistaken her to be a person of ally if it weren’t for the damp white cloth shoved at my face.

A muffled cry exited out of my throat as the student covered the bottom half of my face; my eyes squeezed shut during the entire process.

“So I’ll make sure that happens.”

A strong smell wafted into my nose as I struggle against the assaulter’s grip. I desperately held my breath. The chemical chloroform effect won’t kick in by a mere whiff. Yet I knew very well humans are unable to suppress their need for oxygen for any longer than a couple seconds. I wheezed out an exhale. I was forced to inhale the sweet aroma that could make any sane person gag, and blackness crept into my vision.

I was not able to keep resisting. Any form of strength I had from adrenaline trickled away. If there was anything I had to be grateful for, it was that my kidnappers refused to drop me to the ground.

My eyelids were like lead. Every second that passes by not only worsen my vision, but the fight to stay awake became harder. Then, the last I saw were two females overlooking my now-slump figure. They grinned wildly as I finally closed my eyes.


In the dressing room, only four members were left behind. The noise that filled the area is now replaced with a quiet atmosphere. A couple of staffs remained in the dressing room for the sake of supervision to the idols. After all, if something were to happen to the ladies, the responsibilities would befall upon them.

“Yukirin, let’s go!” Sae exclaimed. “Sayaka and Takamina are waiting for us?”

The Kashiwagi female snapped back to attention. When she woke up from the daze, it appears that the Team B captain was staring at the coffee mug in her grasp.

The creamy colored material that held patterns of adorable kittens has a long crack ruin the design. Although it was odd for anyone to keep a tarnished product, it has actually occurred recently. A little too recently, that is. Yuki reached out to grab it roughly a minute ago when an ugly snap rang in the air. It did not help for the fact it was a gift from Watanabe Mayu either.

She isn’t fond of supernaturals or the beliefs of what’s good luck and what’s bad luck. However, this incident concerned the idol. Yuki’s done enough reading and common knowledge to understand that this is a bad omen.

’I think I should leave the cup here for now…’

Yuki wasn’t planning to take it home nor carry it around with her, yet she couldn’t bring herself to throw away the gift. It would be better if she told Mayu about the broken ware. Besides, the janitors and staffs leave belongings in the dressing alone; members accidentally leaving their stuff behind is a common occurrence. The last time someone swept the area clean, Mayu lost one of her manga volumes in the process. A huge fuss was definitely made to Aki-P.

After placing the object back on the table’s surface, Yuki flicked open her cell phone. The time shown is past midnight. Her brown eyes wandered upon the inbox icon. Not a single notification has been sent from the ‘cyborg’ idol.

’Hm… She might still be walking home.’

“Yukirin!” Again, her attention was brought back to reality. This time, there was a playful slap-on-the-shoulder from her best friend. Yuki was lucky to keep a firm hold on her phone in the process. When she glanced over her shoulder, Sae wore a smirk on her face. “I know you’re head-over-heels for your girlfriend, but that could wait for later.”

A tint of pink colored the woman’s cheeks. She wasn’t sure whether it was from the fact she kept her friends waiting or from the ridiculous, blunt statement Sae had proclaimed. Upon seeing Yuki’s reaction, the tomboyish female chuckled.

“Looks like the reaction Queen is at it again with her expression.”


She could feel her entire head considerably heat up; she would be surprised if fumes didn’t waft into the air. As for her friend, the female raised both hands up in the air.

“Don’t ‘hey’ me! The relationship you both have is beyond friendship, I tell you.”

“What’s that suppose to mean? We’re just friends.”

“Right right… What you do isn’t normal.”


“Like… earlier today when Mayu’s face got buried into your—“

“Sae! Yuki!”

Takahashi Minami and Akimoto Sayaka has now silenced the bickering two.  With the taller of the two holding the door open, Minami then said, “We should hurry home, you two. At this time of the day, I think your parents would be worried about their kids.”

A sigh was heard from Sae’s direction. “We’re coming!” Her gaze remaining on Yuki, she playfully motioned her hand in the air. “My main point is that you both need to get on it as soon as possible. Officially. Time won’t always wait for the two of you.”

Yuki raised an eyebrow. This caused the other female to let out another faint exhale. Although the Kashiwagi female is confused, the Miyazawa female sees the potential relationship the two could have. If only she could push them into officially bonding as lovers… If only.

“Right… Let’s just go.”


It was a chilly night. Thanks to the upcoming Fall season here in Akihabara, the weather adjusted itself. Winds gently blew against the four figures as they walked in a pack towards their destinations.

Their first step was to go the same train station as where Mayu was headed not too long ago. At this time of the day, the time interval between trains was longer than during the day. (Thus why they decided to go together.) Once they catch their transportation, then one-by-one, they will deport back to their homes. So far, the four of them were huddled close together in the quiet train station premise.

“Gosh… Why is it so cold tonight?” the short female grumbled. Her hands hastily rubbed both of her arms in desperate attempt to create heat. “I should’ve worn something warmer if I knew it is going to be this chilly…”

“Really?” Sayaka piped in. “I think this is a perfect night.”

“Are you sure you aren’t lying?”

She shook her head. “Not at all. I think it’s just your stature. Your small body can’t tolerate the cold compared to my tall figure.”

“So you’re saying…”

“…that you’re a midget? I think that’s about right.”


“What? I’m only speaking the truth here.”

“Don’t you call me a midget! Unlike this gorilla here, I am of normal height—“

“What did you just call me?”

“Ah—“ The short female frantically waved her hand in the air. “N-Nothing…?”

“Takahashi Minami… What did you just call me?”

“Nothing, you gorilla—I mean, nothing!”

The exchanges between the two fired at each other; it was as if they were trying to gun one another down with bullet-like statements.

In the meantime, Yuki snapped open her mobile device. For the sixth time that night, she observed the digital screen. Still no text nor call from the Watanabe female. This made her feel uneasy. Though there were occasions when Mayu isn’t able to call, Yuki at least knew her whereabouts and status. This, however, is a whole different situation. She could not help but sense a faint wave of nausea creep upon her stomach. Her heart raced as paranoia slowly enveloped her entire mental capacity.

’Calm down, Yuki,’ she mentally commanded. ’Don’t let your imagination get the best of you. Mayu must’ve forgotten to give a call.’

Her fingers raced upon the keyboard’s surface. A couple buttons were pressed before she placed it against her ear. A monotone sound rang into her eardrums as the raven haired female impatiently waited for an answer.

“Hello? This is the Watanabe residency.”

“Ah—“ That voice. It was a familiar voice that eased the powerful beat of her organ. A relieved smile formed on her face as she let out a soft sigh. “Mayuyu… I’m glad to hear you answer the phone.”

“Mayuyu? You’re talking to the wrong person, Yuki.” There was a feminine chuckle on the other line as the same voice spoke once again. “It’s me, Watanabe Shion.”

Yuki almost slapped a hand against her forehead. How could she have mistaken Mayu’s older sister for herself?

“I’m so sorry about that, Shion,” she apologized. “You both sound alike over the line.”

“I get that all the time,” she chuckled once again. “Even Chieko thinks so sometimes! Can you believe it?”

Watanabe Shion, Watanabe Takumi, Watanabe Chieko, and Watanabe Mayu; in order from oldest to youngest, these four are siblings in the Watanabe family. Though Mayu isn’t one to speak much about her personal life to the public, Yuki was invited to her household on multiple occasions; it is almost as if they are a second family to the raven haired female.

Shion, the eldest, works as a registered nurse in Akihabara’s hospital. Takumi, the only son in the family, constantly works at Sakae as an accountant. Finally, Chieko works as a manga artist for a small company that specializes in the genre of seinen. Combined with popular idol, Mayu, the entire family is considered to be beyond perfect. Their parents must be proud of their children’s accomplishments.

“So what’s up? It’s not everyday you call us out of the blue.”

Yuki’s heart picked up its pace once again. So it was time to ask her that question. Oddly there is a sense of fear from the answer that she willing to hear. She inhaled deeply, then exhaled loudly.

“Is Mayu at home?”

“Um… not at all. Let me go ask Chieko— Oh! Takumi’s home!?” The idol had to pull the phone away from her ear at the sudden increase in volume. “What the heck! I thought you were going to come visit us next week!”

Scuffling sound were heard over the line as loud chatters outside of the topic mixed into the noise. Yuki felt the corner of her eyebrows twitch. Numbness began to instill into her body as she tried to process the given information so far.

Mayu’s eldest sister, Shion, did not see Mayu arrive home. She’s going to ask Chieko, Mayu’s other older sister, about it. Then Takumi, the only brother and the second eldest in the quartet siblings, arrived to their household earlier than expected. Yuki clearly remembered her closest teammate explain that she had to hurry home and help her family out with his arrival.

“I apologize about that, Yuki,” she heard Shion’s voice once again. “Got caught up in the surprise.”

“It’s not a problem. So… Mayu is still not home?”

“I guess not. She’s still working at this time with her idol business, right?”

“No… She actually left less than two hours ago…”

“…r-really?” she breathed out. “My sister’s not with you either?”

“That’s the reason why I’m calling.”

There was a pause. It was an abnormally long pause on the other line. Yuki was about to question if Shion is still on the line when her voice popped up one last time.

“Shit… Shit shit shit… Where the heck did she go?” she cursed under her breath. “Brother Takumi, I-I’m sorry, but I have to go to the police station right now… What’s going on? Watanabe Mayu is missing!”

Those words she didn’t want to hear. A single terminology that Yuki did not ever want to have it associate with the female’s name.

Missing; Watanabe Mayu is missing. 

Sae, Minami, and Sayaka glanced over at Yuki. Though they haven’t said anything during their conversations over the phone, their expressions said everything. By the time Yuki hung up, Minami raised her concern.

“Is something the matter, Yukirin?”


“Hm? Did you say something?”

Yuki felt the tears pour out of her eyes as she raised her head. Her lips trembles in attempt to formulate a response to the confused group.

“Mayuyu… Mayu’s missing.”

Little did they know that the four were all standing on the same exact location and place where Mayu was taken away an hour ago.
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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 1 (11/20/15)
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Oh oh... Mayu is missing????

Who kidnapped her?

How yukirin is going to cope?

I think yukirin is going to blame herself for not insisting to go home with her orb calling cab for Mayu

What about Watanabe family?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for your update

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 1 (11/20/15)
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Wow, author-san, you really did well with the story this time.
Actually i read the old version of Disappearance Season 1 before, and this one is more better (the best I mean  :P)
You really did well for this time, I will check out every weekend for sure  :luvluv1:

And of course Mayuki is still popular, even now.
They seems more get closer lately..
Mayuki is really the best pairing ever, I can assure you :shy2:

Keep up your work, I'll be waiting for another story of yours  :onioncheer:

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 1 (11/20/15)
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I'll reserve the comment for later  8)
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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 1 (11/20/15)
« Reply #4 on: November 22, 2015, 09:52:59 PM »

Thank you dear niece~~ I look forward to more of course~~  :deco:
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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 1 (11/20/15)
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Hello! I am an old reader of Disappearance and his second season .... I have your Tumblr favorites to read you if you upgrade.

If u remake the series, read it again.

In fact I have already noticed the differences between them.

Thank you very much for doing the remake and continue your fics.

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 1 (11/20/15)
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hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 1 (11/20/15)
« Reply #7 on: November 29, 2015, 05:16:34 PM »

@cisda83: Those are excellent questions and ideas on what might happen in the near future! What will the Watanabe family do? Yuki feeling full of regret and guilty of Mayu's disappearance... Those will all be covered partially in this update! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! :-)

@adeldhaniswara: I see then! I am glad that the pairing is still going strong. I can bet half of my soul that my past self would've been excited to see the progression in the relationship between Mayu and Yuki since the start of Team B, but I digress. Now... It appears that you are a veteran reader of the original series! I'm grateful that you think this version is much better in comparison to the older one. Glad to also have you along the ride! :-)

@Yuki88: Yes, I have returned! :-)

@mayuki_daisuki: I am glad you consider this to be your favorite angst fiction! I hope I can please you with further updates to the plot. :-)

@Minami-chan: Another veteran reader! Thank you for taking the time to read this series once again! Though I am a little confused to what you mean by "Tumblr favorites"... I assume you mean you've saved my old chapters by the favorite button? However, I am glad to hear that there is a difference between the two versions. That is my aim for the remake. :-)

@mitsuhara_itsuko: Indeed I am back in action! Please keep your heart in check though! :-P

I just realized how much work a remake needs. Talk about how much effort is needed in order to fix all of my past damages to this plot. Anyway, I apologize if this is updated late for some! (It is a Sunday when I am posting this.) The first chapter is definitely following the same direction as the original. However, this second chapter is 75% different. I am sure many of you veteran readers will be able to distinguish the original concept and the newer concept.

Big shout-out to old readers giving this series a shot again! It warms my heart that it is a big improvement in comparison to the original. This is crucial in examining my writing style and the effect it has on my audience. I am grateful it has, so far, brought forth joy rather than a "Been there, done that" attitude.

Please continue to treat me well! Thank you to my precious readers that stuck with me since day one of my life as a writer in this fandom and wonderful new readers that began to pick up this piece. The thanks and comments are not necessary (I am not going to stop writing if I receive none, lol. Write till the end is my motto!), but I really respect and appreciate those that even at least glance/skim over my work in the dark. Many thanks to you all! As always, I welcome critiques. :-)

[Chapter 2]

“Mayuyu… Mayu’s missing.”

Oh how much she hate uttering those words to her teammates.

Words cannot express the emotional distress Kashiwagi Yuki is dealing with. Every single beat of heart squeezed out a painful ache. The tears came like waterfalls; she did not even bother to hide the distraught expression. She wanted to deny that this entire situation occurred. She wanted to believe that this is all a dream. It just felt so surreal. However, this was no dream; this is the truth.

The words that exited out of her mouth earlier threw Takahashi Minami, Akimoto Sayaka, and Miyazawa Sae off. Although they had expected bad news based on the phone’s conversation with Shion and Yuki’s concern for Mayu, they were not prepared for a dear friend to have gone missing. A heavy atmosphere surrounded the quartet once the newly-found knowledge sunk into their brain.

“Are… you sure she is missing?” Minami slowly asked, breaking the silence. “It could be possible that she had sidetracked. That girl is known for spending almost two hours in a 24-hour bookstore browsing through manga and magazines.”

“Impossible. Earlier, Mayu told me she had to help her family out in preparation for her older brother’s visit,” Yuki retorted. “I doubt she’s the time to go against a promise to her own family.”

She then clenched her jaw, the outlines easily seen from a distant. The tears streaming down her cheeks slowed. However, it was now replaced with frustration. A loud slam was heard from nearby. This startled the other three from the sudden sound. Their eyes darted over to Yuki’s left fist resting upon the pillar. Another hit was made to the solid surface by the same hand. The pupil in her eyes darken. What started off as sorrow transformed into anger, and there is a potent amount of fire in the raven haired female.

“Damn it! I should’ve persuaded someone to go with her!”

It was a painful sight. To watch the sweet, gentle, and selfless captain of Team B vent out her frustration is a new sight to behold. Yuki then lowered her head; her entire figure trembled.

“I know Mayu uses this train station,” she muttered under her breath. “If someone kidnapped her…”

“…or maybe she just went to the public restroom… and stayed there for a bit longer than usual…?” Sae suggested.

She was immediately met with a piercing glare from Minami. “I really hope that is a joke,” she grumbled. “Then again… I would prefer it to happen any day over a missing AKB48 member.”

“Jumping to conclusion will not get us anywhere,” Sayaka piped in. The other three glanced at her. She was seen cupping her chin, brows furrowed. Although the Team K captain is clearly stressed, the young woman knew better than to make assumptions; a reliable ‘senpai’ to many of her juniors and even to a few seniors. “She may be missing at the moment, but what exactly caused her to go rogue?”

“Sayaka’s right. We can’t afford to rely on speculations.” The self-appointed leader and true leader of Team A spoke. Her brown eyes scanned the individuals before her. “There’s nothing we could do other than wait—”

Yuki then felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. It immediately jolted her. Had she not been standing and rooting her shoes on the cemented ground, the captain would’ve stumbled forward from fright. The ringing of Team B’s anthem song echoed in the deathly silent atmosphere as she fumbled with it. She swiftly flick it open once it was out. The phone was then pressed against one of her ears.


“Hi, Yukirin, this is Shion.”


She didn’t expect to hear from the female. Then again, Yuki was the one that contacted her about Mayu’s whereabouts, which led to their current issue. Minami, Sae, and Sayaka all watched the listener intently as Mayu’s older sister talked.

“Listen to me, Yukirin,” the woman rapidly spoke. “Please come over to the police station near our neighborhood if you can. I need your testimony along with whoever saw Mayu today. It would be crucial to figuring out where my sister is.”

Yuki unconsciously nodded. “Definitely. Once I board the train, I’ll be sure to stop by the police station before returning home.”

“Thank you… I’ll see you then.”

Once she clicked the cell phone close, Yuki looked over at the members. Her eyes narrowed. A couple seconds of silence passed by before she finally announced a statement.

“I… I’ll be going straight to the police station near my home.”

“Huh? Why?” Minami questioned.

“It’s because I have to help Mayu’s sister report and find out where Mayuyu is.”

“It would be best if we all come,” Sae pitched in. The tomboyish female walked up to the raven haired female. She reached out to grab her best friend’s hands, clasped them within hers. A gentle squeeze could be felt from the Miyazawa idol as she continued. “I can’t leave my best friend to deal with this incident.”

“But it doesn’t concern you all—“

“Watanabe Mayu is our family, Yuki.” Sayaka then came up from behind the other Twin Tower member. Her arms were crossed, eyebrows scrunched together. “If something happens to a member in AKB48, SKE48, HKT48, and NMB48, then it is all of our problem.”

Yuki wanted to say more. She wanted to object having her other friends be a part of the problem. Yet that could also be said the same for the young lady herself. Mayu’s disappearance could be handled by the police and her family. The idol didn’t need to stick her nose into the Watanabe’s crisis. She could simply sit back and nervously await for news on her closest friend and teammate. If good news rolls around the corner, Yuki would weep in happiness. If bad news rolls around the corner, Yuki would drown in her sorrow till she got better. No action was required from her.

She couldn’t leave it like that. Mayu is someone she truly cares for like a sister. Out of all the people, Yuki wouldn’t mind going down to Hell and sacrificing herself for the safety of Watanabe Mayu. Just sitting back isn’t the kind of person Yuki is. She has to do something; she has to find out where Mayu is. It would kill the female to do nothing. Who would be so cruel as to do that for someone they care?

For the other three, they were more than willing to lend a hand in assistance to this circumstance. Four brains, plus Mayu’s siblings, is better than a few less, after all. The family needs all the help they can muster to find out one of their family member’s whereabouts.

“I…” she began. “I guess… you’re right.”

The sound of the train’s wheels screeching from the distant alarmed the four girls. Their attention diverted over to the now-upcoming subway. The vehicle’s appearance almost soothed over the tensed atmosphere that hung around them. Bright white lights illuminated the darker parts of the railroads pathway.

As it slowed to a stop, Sae said, “Looks like our ride is finally here, hm? It’s about time they came.” She released one of her hand’s hold on Yuki and proceeded to drag her towards the opened door. “Let’s go, Yukirin. We can’t make Mayu’s sister wait forever.”

One by one, the four entered the train. The last of the bunch was both Minami and Sayaka. As the shorter of the two excused herself inside, she paused briefly by the doorway. Her hand resting on the edge of the automatic sliding door, the brown haired female looked over her shoulder.

“Thank you, Sayaka, for remaining calm… If you had panicked— no, I do not want to think about what would happen to us if that happened.”

A thin smile stretched across the tall idol’s face. It was shortly followed by a chuckle. Sayaka’s eyes briefly closed. “Someone has got to stay cool-headed in any crisis… even if it’s difficult.”


Location: Unknown

A massive headache is pounding within my skull. The pain wasn’t unbearable, but it was enough to knock my consciousness awake.

I was staring up at a white ceiling. A gentle and warm orange light emits from nearby, coloring the entire room. The rest of my senses aside from my vision trickled in bit by bit like water droplets from a faucet. At the same time, the headache that bothered me dissipated. Instinctively I sat up. The palm of my hands pressed against the soft mattress beneath my figure as I crawled over to the edge.

My eyes examined the room once again. I found myself sitting on a queen size bed located against the right corner of the room. Two white painted doors was seen in both front of the bed and the left side of the wall. A desk stood near the wooden barrier on the same wall along with a nightstand. The orange light came from the electric lamp. Three wooden chairs were sprawled out in the middle of the room; most of the furniture here had a sunset-colored rug resting underneath. The entire bedroom is as normal as it could get. I could’ve easily mistaken it as a remodeled version of my own bedroom.

Yet I couldn’t feel comfortable. Despite the welcoming sensation that radiated from my setting, a sense of dread and fear crawled on my skin. My heart picked up its pace once I was fully aware of who I am, where I might’ve been, and why I’m here in the first place. My backpack was nowhere to be seen, and both the sweater and sneakers I wore earlier is long gone. Not to mention the existence of windows were nowhere to be seen; the time of the day could not be told thanks to this hinderance.

I scrambled to get out of bed.

’I-I have to get back home before those two girls see me again—‘

…if I could get away from the bed, that is.

I felt a sudden jerk on my right ankle the instant I sprinted. My leg would not cooperate with me in walking after a step. This caused my entire body to fall forward and slam on the nearby rug. My lower jaw was met with an explosive pain. I cried out in agony, rocking sideway on the floor as both of my hands quickly reach up to touch it. No blood was produced, but you don’t have to be Einstein to realize a bruise was going to occur.

’Gah… I… Why am I handcuffed!?’

The metal captor held my ankle captive. It was hooked onto the left leg of the furniture. Further examination yielded that there was no way to take it off other than a key.

Either way, I had to try. Out of fear and the growing panic inside of my mind, I tug against the object. The cool, metal handcuff dug into my skin as I forcibly went against it. I knew it was hopeless… I knew it wasn’t going to work… But laying here and doing nothing is only going to feed my terror.

’Why won’t it come off!?’

I gave it another tug.

’I have to get out of here—‘

“Resistance is futile, Watanabe Mayu.”

I froze in my spot. My ankle began to slightly burn and ache from the harsh pressure of the handcuff placed on its skin and muscle. All of my muscles tensed as I slowly diverted my attention over to the speaker.

A small squeak exited out of my mouth. It was her. It was one of the two university students. She was the one that I conversed with awkwardly before matter got worse. The female is seen standing by the door near the desk. In the same attire from earlier, the woman had both arms crossed. A cigarette bluntly stuck out of her closed lips as an amused sound escaped from her mouth.

“I know you must be tired, Mayuyu… So I think we’ll let you rest for tonight.”

The casual usage of my nickname caused a shudder to run down my spine and all of the hairs to stand up from the back of my neck. I slowly got up to my feet as I kept my eyes on the woman. I didn’t want to understand why I was here or who she is. I just want to go home and never see these people again. But… I have to get answers.

“…who are you…?”

“The name’s Shiki. That’s all you need to know, Mayu.”

“W-Why are you doing this?”

There was a faint pause from Shiki. Then there was a chuckle.

“That’s a silly question you’re asking. You see… We love you.”


“That’s right...”

I felt a wave of nausea hit me. My stomach churned upon hearing the word. If I could freely move around in this room, I wouldn’t hesitate to vomit into a nearby trash can. Love wasn’t a concept I was unfamiliar with. (Thanks to reading a plethora of Shoujo manga amongst my collection.) Yet this wasn’t the kind of ‘love’ that I, or even anyone, should consent to. This isn’t love; this is fantasizing and deluding themselves from the truth!

“How exactly is this ‘love’!?” The voice I’ve been desperately searching for came to light. Anger and resentment to the two females colored the tone of my screams. “I don’t even know you!”

“We were afraid of that…” Shiki placed a hand on her chest. “You would always be a star to us… So far… So distant… No matter how far we reach our hands out, you would never bat an eye at our direction… We are your number one fan…”

This is no fan…

“We love you so much…”

This isn’t what I wanted to happen to me…

“We wanted you to recognize us…”

Why am I destined to this fate!?

“We want you to ourselves.”

“Shut up! Why would you do this to me!?”

Tears streamed down my face as I bore my teeth at her. The amount of fear I have is mixed in with a great deal of fury towards these students. If it wasn’t for the handcuff, I wouldn’t hesitate to physically shove and give them a wake-up call with my fist. I cannot believe I am dealing with psychopathic stalkers!

“Leave me be!” I screamed. “We don’t have to do this!”

Shiki’s eyes widen in surprise at my violent reaction. The cigarette that rested in between her lips dropped to the ground when her mouth gaped. Before it landed on the ground, I felt a great deal of pressure surround my neck.

All of the oxygen that was suppose to rush into my respiratory system came to a sudden halt. The university punk had rushed over to my figure and is now choking me. Both of her hands were wrapped around my sensitive throat. For every second that passed by, there was an increase in constriction.

“I think I should let you sleep right now… You’ll feel much better with some rest…”

‘Rest’ my ass. I reached up to her hands. I tried to pull apart her iron grip, but the lack of oxygen depleted my strength rapidly. My mouth was open the entire session. Saliva naturally trailed from the corner of my lips as I gasped for air. In desperation, I clawed at her with the best of my ability. The situation hardly got any better; it took a turn for the worse.

“Y-Yukirin…” I barely managed to choke out. “Help… me…”

Blackness reentered my vision for the second time today. My senses slowly shut down one by one, the last one being my vision.


Location: Police Station

All three older siblings had been impatiently waiting for the four idols to come into the station. They stood by the front entrance, nervously glancing out every once in a while through the glass windows.

“I can’t believe Mayu isn’t home…” Chieko softly, yet elegantly, remarked. The female, only older from Mayu by a year, was standing between her two older siblings. She occasionally was seen biting the tip of her thumb nail as her brown eyes flickered left and right constantly. “I can’t believe it…”

An older male with clean cut black hair let out a shaky exhale. Watanabe Takumi, coming home early as a surprise, was instead met with a surprise himself. The fact that his youngest sibling, whom he wanted to see for so long, disappeared without a trace is causing a great deal of anxiety. He is always wearing a goofy smile and cracking jokes; he even acts flirty every once in a while to ladies that caught his attention. Yet tonight was an exception. Takumi’s face was scrawled with emotions words cannot describe.

“If only this were a bad dream… I would laugh it off, you know?” he dryly joked.

Shion, in the meantime, took the time to pull out her mobile device. With her arms crossed, she used one hand to operate the cell phone.

’It’s almost 2 o’clock AM,’ she internally murmured. ’Where is Yukirin?’

The RN decided it was best to deposit the electronic back into her sweatpant’s pocket. She believed that Yuki would give her a call when she gets off of the train. However, the door nearby swung open with great force. A gust of wind from the action blew against the three figures as they turned to look at the person.

“Yukirin!” Shion called out to the young woman. Quickly she ran over to the idol, leaving behind her other two siblings by the front desk. The long, raven haired nurse took ahold of Yuki’s and raised them up. Her eyes then began to tear up. “Thank God you made it. I was beginning to worry that something happened!”

She was met with a weak smile from the Team B captain.

“I’m sorry, Shion… Tried to run as fast as I can with my three other friends here.” With that said, Yuki turned her head towards Minami, Sae, and Sayaka, whom stood from behind. “Can’t say we’re all athletics…”

“Dammit… Atsuko was right about the whole exercising session I should’ve done…” Minami was heard wheezing in the background. The poor girl was seen bent down with hands on her knees. Loud inhales and exhales followed by a couple coughs accompanied her exhaustion.

On another hand, Sae and Sayaka didn’t have an issue following after Yuki; their bodies were trained past the limits of Team A’s and Team B’s training regiments. It’s no wonder Team K is an unstoppable force when it comes to sporting events within the groups. The two were seen crossing their arms and resting their hands on their hips.

Shion’s eyes widen slightly before nodding in comprehension. “It’s understandable. Now… as much as I want to properly greet myself to you three, I think we should move over to the waiting room.”

Yuki bit the bottom of her lip as she, Shion, Takumi, Chieko, Minami, Sayaka, and Sae transferred into the waiting room.

It was packed. Despite the time being pass midnight, the amount of victims and civil criminals lingered around the premise. A decent number of police officers guarded the area. The secretaries, in the meantime, would pop out from one of the five private booths to take in newer troubled folks based on the numbered slip given from entering the front desk. From two upper corners of the room, a bright, red digital number would start ticking up, following by a booming speaker restating the digit verbally.

Currently the number was at 243. The slip they have at hand is 247.

Yuki let out a soft exhale at their waiting time. It would at least take them fifteen minutes at best. Hopefully they won’t be staying up till the next day to report a missing friend. Her eyes shot over to the siblings.

Shion was exactly as how Yuki remembered her to be. The young woman, at the age of 25, crossed her arms while sitting on one of the chairs with legs crossed. Her patience could easily be seen tested. The tapping of her index finger on her arm as the corner of her lips twitched were made as they waited.

As for Takumi, she could barely remember seeing him from before. There were times she had heard about Mayu’s older brother from the family. However, this young 21-year-old working male was rarely home thanks to his work in Sakae.

Finally, there was Chieko. At the age of 19, it’s easy for others to mistaken the identity of hers and Mayu from behind if they let their hair down. The only major difference is the personality they both carry with them. Mayu is a perfectionist, Chieko is a laidback kind of person. Not to mention the rather quiet nature of the sibling. Whenever she speaks, it’s easily misunderstood that the young lady is whispering to the person they are conversing with. Whether her reason for becoming a soft speaker is related to being a full-time seinen manga artist and creator is up to speculations.

“It’s been a while since we’ve last seen each other, Yukirin,” Chieko softly spoke as she approached the female idol. The two exchanged a quick hug before she continued. “I hope everything is well for you.”

“It was… till this happened.”

The sister grimaced. “I see…” She turned her attention over to the other three in the background. An eyebrow was raised when she saw them. “Wait… Are they really…”

“Idols? Yes, they are—“

“No no…” she headed at the trio’s direction. Minami, Sae, and Sayaka diverted their gaze to the upcoming female. “Are you three really Takahashi Minami, Miyazawa Sae, and Akimoto Sayaka…?”

“Yep,” Sae replied. “I assume you’re a fan?”

“I know this isn’t the right time to say that, but…” Chieko fumbled to find the words. “…yes. You three are… my oshis…”

Though in any normal circumstances, it would be a beautiful sight for a fan to meet her favorite idols. They might be even be able to converse on topics without worry or concern. However, this was hardly the time to be giddy. Chieko knew this very well along with the three members of AKB48.

She was met with a gentle smile from Sayaka. “Once we find out where your younger sister is, we’ll talk with each other more.”

As the sibling nodded quietly in response, Takumi walked up to Yuki.

“I doubt you would remember me, but I hope you do remember I’m Mayu’s older brother.”

Oh how much Yuki wanted to nudge him with her elbow if this were a normal occasion.

“I can’t forget the only son in the Watanabe family,” she said.

He dryly chuckled at her remark. Takumi wanted to laugh it off for real, yet the thought of his youngest sister disappearing out of the blue pulled and probed at the corner of his brain. He smoothed his black hair a couple times while forcing a grin. “It would be embarrassing should that happen… Anyway… shouldn’t you introduce me to your friends? You know I’m not well-versed in idols…”

The accountant had a point. Unlike Chieko and Shion, he has almost zero knowledge on what kind of career life Mayu led and the world she’s invested herself into. If he was going to know who had seen his sister before vanishing, now would be the perfect opportunity. Yuki took the time to point out who the other three members were. However, right when she finished, Shion rose up from her seat.

“It’s our turn to go, everyone,” she announced.

All independent activities from the group ceased when they heard Mayu’s sister speak. At the same time, the speakers boomed the number within the room; it was the same number as the one on their slip. One of the police officers standing guard stepped away from their post to guide the newcomers into the assigned booths.

“Please come this way,” the female figure said as she motioned them to hurry. None of them

It took almost an hour for everyone to speak of what happened yesterday and today. The activities Mayu had done, where she had been, where she was last seen, who saw her… Information that might bring them one step closer to the truth. Yet Yuki, who was hearing it all, found herself at a lost. None of the pieces were fitting together. Mayu’s disappearance wasn’t an accident and it was clearly unintentional. What exactly happened to her? Speculations and assumptions easily filled her mind with negativity and worse-case scenario, and there was nothing she could do about it.

’I should’ve taken her home… Why am I such an idiot? This is all my fault…’

Once they finished telling their testimony within one of the booths, everyone gathered by the front desk. Takumi, Shion, and Yuki stood directly in front of a police officer as he fumbled with the files and paperworks.

“We will be investigating this case, everyone,” he finally spoke. “It’s… a rather special case, so this will be on the top of our list to solve.” 

Everyone breathed out a sigh of relief, especially notable from both Yuki and Takumi. The young accountant stepped up to the front desk as he expressed his gratitude.

“Thank goodness… Is there anything we can help with—“

“I’m afraid we cannot allow civilians to participate, even if it’s with good intention.”

“What— Why?”

“Sorry, sir. It’s the head of the police department’s decision.”

“That can’t be possible.” Yuki piped in. “Wouldn’t it be faster if we work together—“

“Kashiwagi Yuki, wasn’t it? You have to understand that if we also involve idols in the investigation, not only will you be jeopardizing your career, but both your company and the police’s reputation.”

“You’re basically afraid of losing face!?”

A forceful sigh left the man’s mouth. He tilted his head downward as one hand ruffled through his brown hair. This entire argument is killing both parties. Should this linger any longer, it was only going to get uglier and nastier.

“Miss, please leave. I doubt I would want to ask such a pretty lady like yourself to be escorted by the police to your home.”

The idol bore her teeth at the officer. His reaction to her action remains the same: indifference with a sprinkle of annoyance. It was almost as if the entire police station was plagued with the disease ‘apathy’. As much as she wanted to spit out harsher remarks, Minami from nearby placed a hand on her shoulder. The tension on her shoulders loosened slightly from her touch. However, her glare ensued its session of staring at the authoritative figure.

“Fine…” she grumbled as she turned her back towards him. “We’ll leave.”

Everyone followed suit as they left the station. They were immediately greeted with the chilly weather thanks to the current season. The night sky of 3 o’clock AM colored the sky; the stars barely able to sparkle thanks to the city light’s pollution. Once they were all out the door, Takumi punched a nearby light pole. 

“Damn the police! Are we really going to be sitting around and waiting for Mayu to turn up? I can’t just sit here and do nothing!”

“Takumi, we do have something to do.” Yuki turned to him. “If the police isn’t going to let us help… Then we’re going to have to do this on our own.”
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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 2 (11/29/15)
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thanks a lot for this "new" chapter ;)

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 2 (11/29/15)
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Oh.. the police is very cold there....

What will Yuki and the others do next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 2 (11/29/15)
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update soon!!!!

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 2 (11/29/15)
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Mayu! Hang in there!

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 2 (11/29/15)
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waiting for Wandering Ship and The Virus :whistle:

and how about your newest work? will you continue it? :dunno:

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 2 (11/29/15)
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Yukirin, you have to save mayuyu!!!  :cry:

update soon  :)

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 2 (11/29/15)
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Some of you have probably noticed I haven't made any updates from last weekend and this weekend. Sorry for the late announcement, but I'm suffering studying for finals week and publishing a novel. I'll be back on December 19th/20th with an update + replies! For those on the same boat, good luck and may your rigorous studying pay off.

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 2 (11/29/15)
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waiting for Wandering Ship and The Virus :whistle:

and how about your newest work? will you continue it? :dunno:

Finger crossed that you'll update these too 🙇

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 2 (11/29/15)
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Some of you have probably noticed I haven't made any updates from last weekend and this weekend. Sorry for the late announcement, but I'm suffering studying for finals week and publishing a novel. I'll be back on December 19th/20th with an update + replies! For those on the same boat, good luck and may your rigorous studying pay off.

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publishing a novel?! :shock: YOUR OWN NOVEL?! wogh.... :on GJ:

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 2 (11/29/15)
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oh wow... good luck with your book author-san!  :shocked

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 2 (11/29/15)
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@Minami-chan: You're welcome! Hope you enjoy this next update! :-)

@cisda83: The police is indeed cold, but you cannot blame them. For idols to be wrapped up in this, their reputation is on the line. They probably mean it for the best of both parties to let the authorities handle it. :-(

@sasshirie: Thank you for the wish, sasshirie! Here is the next update as I promised! :-)

@hackata48: Let's hope Yuki and Mayu's siblings make it to her in time! :-(

@bunny_rabbit: Yes, it is my own novel I am publishing, though you've probably seen my in-depth explanation in the Facebook post, haha. As for my newest work, I decided to give it a similar treatment to the remakes. I feel it is unfair for my readers to wait months to years just for an update. I pray it is something that you all can understand. :-)

@takagil: Let's hope Yuki does! Here is the next update! :-)

@teru_fi: Those updates will occur later on in the future once I complete them! (Mind you, they are LONG AS HECK, especially with Wandering Ship!) :-)

I do not have too much to say in this post's author note. (I am probably burnt out from finals week... and securing the special edition pre-order for Fire Emblem: Fates, but that's another story.)

However, I will warn that this chapter will have a minor RAPE scene and most of it is implied. Please don't ban me, administrators and moderators, lol. I am trying to keep this remake as dark as possible with my true intentions. Proceed with caution, my readers.

I also had to cut down this chapter in half. I realized how long it was... and I didn't want to burn you all out from the length. You probably might hunt me with pitchforks, so I should get a headstart to my escape route.

Thank you for taking the time to read and/or comment! :-)

[Chapter 3]

Kashiwagi Yuki felt exhausted. Sweat droplets rolled down on the side of her face and wetted her neck. The heat within the room was unbearable and the lights from overhead was only making it worse as her muscles screamed for relief. If it weren’t for the cheers of the crowd standing before her, the idol would have easily collapsed on stage.

Tonight was an intense show for Team B and it was one of the best they’ve put out so far. If Aki-P was present in the crowd, he would surely be proud of their accomplishment.

Her brown eyes trailed from the roaring fans with bright glow sticks to her teammate. Watanabe Mayu was in the same condition as Yuki. Her black bang that she always kept in perfect shape was plastered against her own forehead from the sweat. The ponytailed female standing by her side, Yuki was able to put her arm around her best friend and partner. She pulled her in close as a soft gasp was heard from the girl. 

“Mayuyu,” she breathed out. “Great job on the performance.”

The two exchanged glance. Mayu’s lips then formed into a smile. 

“Same goes to you too, Yukirin,” she said whilst her body leaned against Yuki. 

A louder form of cheering suddenly erupted from the crowd. It was brought to the attention of the duo. They raised an eyebrow at the audience. Little did they know that they were the cause of the reaction. Fans’ wild imagination in pairing the two together had a spectacular moment just occur as for those who had something else in mind, they tried to delude themselves from the scenario.

Yuki chuckled as a response. She was oblivious to the real intention of the acclamation. The Team B captain believed that they were rooting for the team as a whole. Mayu, on the other hand, was able to grasp  their reasoning. A tinge of pink colored her cheeks as a result.

“These fans…” she muttered under her breath. “There’s nothing between the two of us…”

“Hey, Mayu.”

Yuki’s voice snapped her back to reality. When the younger female diverted her focus to the idol, the raven haired female leaned down to press her lips against Mayu’s head. It was followed by an embrace from the same person. The Kashiwagi woman hugged her friend with tender affection; it could either be seen as a doting mother or a bold lover. It’s apparent this situation is leaning more to the latter as Mayu’s face was pressed squarely against Yuki’s breasts.

The reaction was off the walls. Mayu was flailing her hands as the pink color on her face darkened ten-fold. Muffled stutters and garbles only exited the short girl’s mouth. Desperate attempts to remove herself from the older female only resulted in constant failures. She mentally wondered why this had to happen in public. It was not only an embarrassment, but outright ridiculous! No one should bear witness to another person’s face smushed against someone’s breasts!

Yuki thought otherwise.

’How cute… I didn’t know the cyborg could act that way.’

Her hold on the female tightened.. She felt the cyborg idol briefly stiffen. Mayu managed remove her face from the woman’s breasts. An exaggerated inhale was performed. Once she was able to relieve the build-up of carbon dioxide from her lungs, her dark brown eyes narrowed at her captor.

“It would be nice if you didn’t suffocate me,” Mayu grumbled. 

Yuki slightly tilted her head. “I was?”

The answer Mayu received made her still-red expression sour. “Of course you were! This happens almost everyday!”

“Sorry about that, Mayuyu. I promise it won’t happen again~“

“One day, you’re going to be the cause of my death with those breasts of yours.”

“W-Why are you mentioning them in front of everyone!?”

This was a normal interaction between the two for Yuki. The light bickering, the casual speech, and the abnormal amount of physical contact… She believed it was normal for close friends to act in this fashion.

The other members from behind watched the two interact in amusement. It would be a lie to say they weren’t hoping for the two to get together. However, they all could agree that the Mayuki duo should stop for a moment. One of the dozen members approached the bickering idols.

“I think it’s time we conclude the show, captain,” she said. “You both can continue flirting with each other backstage.” 

Heat crept up on Yuki’s cheeks.

“You’re right. We should end tonight with our usual bows… but we are not flirting! Isn’t that right, Mayuyu—“

She’s not here.


She’s nowhere nearby.

“Where did Watanabe Mayu go?”

She was here seconds ago. Yuki swore she was hugging the female close and did not let her go. Even the warmth from the younger idol is still present on her own figure. Yuki lowered her arms as her eyes flickered around the stage. To the woman’s dismay, her friend was nowhere to be seen. Her heart began to slam against her chest as she desperately scanned through the audience. Fear bubbled within her chest, train of thoughts filled with negativity clouding her mindset.

“Do you know where Mayu is?” she asked her teammates.

The members exchanged glances at each other. They then shook their heads.

“Mayu? She wasn’t with us tonight, Yuki.”

“But she was just with us a minute ago—“

“Don’t you remember? She’s missing.”


Time Missing: 2 hours
Kashiwagi Yuki’s House


Yuki screamed. The idol’s body jerked upward on the couch. Her instincts was on high alert as she examined her surrounding for her friend. Cold sweat had formed as her heart thumped loudly against her chest. She continued to rapidly mutter Mayu’s name over and over like a broken record. Emotional pain Yuki never thought could be felt relentlessly tortured the idol. Tears prickled from the corner of her eyes as she got up on her feet.

’Mayu… Mayu… Where are you?’

In the dark living room lit by only a soft yellow lighted lamp, the woman searched through every part of her small apartment. She desperately hoped that Mayu was in the house with her. The nightmare she witnessed caused her mind to be muddled. Reality and fantasy came to a messy mixture. All Yuki was focused was the presence of Watanabe Mayu.

The panic attack came to its closure after a couple of minutes, the reality of the situation having sunk in. It left the raven haired female exhausted in the end. Yuki pressed the palm of her hand against her forehead. She sat back down on the same couch she slept on earlier. She bit the bottom of her lip as tears still threatened to leak.

She finally remembered.

After they left the police station, Yuki vowed that the group consisting of Takahashi Minami, Akimoto Sayaka, Miyazawa Sae, Mayu’s siblings, and herself dedicate their time and efforts into figuring out Mayu’s whereabouts. If the police wasn’t going to let them help, they will do so on their own starting tomorrow.

However, words about Mayu’s disappearance did not escape her mind.

Her teardrops slid down on her face. A horrible ache from her heart came in waves with every beat. Yuki squeezed her eyes shut as a wail left her mouth. Reality hurts so much. God, she just wanted this whole situation to be a horrible nightmare. Yet no matter how many times she fooled herself, the facts remain rooted before her eyes. The facts were mocking her; its existence were choking her emotional well-being.

Her hand smacked against her forehead once. The doubts and guilt weighed heavily in her mind as she sobbed.

If only she was with Mayu… If only she had stopped Mayu from going out on her own… If only she was more persistent… If only she had been missing instead… If only…

’Mayu… Oh God, Mayu… Please… be safe…’

She never knew how much she needed Mayu in her life. Without Mayu, it felt as though someone took away one-half of her being.


Location: Unknown

I groggily sat up from the soft mattress, one hand pressing against my forehead. A soft groan left my lips as I tried to regain the rest of my consciousness. My leg instinctively moving caused the shackles to produce its eerie sound. 

’What’s going on…?’

It took a bit of time to regain my thoughts. 

’I… I was walking… home… took the train… got abducted by two psychotic fans… and… one of them… Shiki… choked me…’

Eventually my sight returned and I realized, again, that my environment differed from my bedroom. My heartbeat increased its pace. I gritted my teeth as my hands formed into fists.

I was far from being out of this God foresaken room. The same room that, despite its warm setups, had a frightening atmosphere that could terrify almost anyone. Not a single window was in sight, making time frozen in this premise and the concept of day and night inapplicable.

My breaths became abnormally rapid. Every inhale and exhale was in short bursts. I then covered my mouth. A wave of nausea crept back to my body as a dizzy spell was casted. All form of thoughts jumbled around within my skull, comprehensible ideas nonexistent. The borders of my vision blurred as I felt my other hand grip the side of my head. Every beat of my heart echoed loudly to my eardrums, causing my sanity to slowly slip away.

Hyperventilation had entered my system. 

’I-I want to get out of here… I don’t want to be here… I’m so scared… I’m so scared, oh my God…’

I dry heaved with the shackles jingle heard from my ankle. The nauseating sensation was unbearable, yet I couldn’t vomit any substance out of my body.

’Why me!? I need someone’s help! Help me, anybody!’

I squeezed my eyes shut. The hand that grabbed ahold of my head retracted and, instead, was placed on my chest. My fingers curled inward, nails digging into my shirt.

’P-Panicking isn’t going to get me anywhere… Oh God… I-I have to stay calm! Stay calm!’

It was slow, but my sanity was trickling back to me. Symptoms from hyperventilation had eroded as time passed by. I let a long exhale out. My hand still placed on my chest, I reopened my eyelids.

’It looks like I have to formulate a plan to get out of here.’

I didn’t want to become a sitting duck for these women. If anything, I would rather kill them and destroy my life as a human being than be toys for them. Rough plans was beginning to form in my head till the door on the opposite end creaked open. The hairs on the back of my neck stood as the wooden barrier fully swung out.

“You’re finally awake, Mayuyu?”

A shudder ran down my spine. That sharp voice was unmistakably hers. My gaze drifted over to the doorway. The same figure of the university student was present in the room. Whatever terrifying atmosphere that hung in the air earlier became heavier and constricting as if it was possible to choke on oxygen. Any words that I wanted to spit at Shiki was caught in my throat.

My silence must’ve amused her. She giggled as she clicked the door shut from behind. Upon observation, I’ve noticed the cigarette that she had in her mouth earlier was nowhere to be seen.

“Are you angry at me, Mayuyu?” she then asked. “I’m sorry if I made you angry…”

No words were still produced from my direction. However, I was thinking it was better that way. Talking some sense into her was as much as talking to the wall. 

“I guess you are angry, huh… You won’t talk to me…”

She lowered her head. Soon she was found standing near me. I widen my eyes in horror as the punk climbed on the same mattress I sat on.

If this room was brightly lit by white LED lights or natural sunlight, the scene I was experiencing would differ. The orange light that filled the room caused Shiki to look like a monster. Shadows shrouded over some parts of her body as she leaned uncomfortably close. The smell of cigar wafted into my nose, immediately making me cringe. Shiki, on the other hand, cheerfully exclaimed a suggestion.

“Maybe making you sing might do the trick!”

I snapped and I swung my fist at her direction. It was my only time to strike and my only time to make her pay back for both kidnapping me and nearly choking me to death last night. If possible, I could make her release me. I can’t stand being in this situation any longer. I might just break down if this continues.

A crooked grin ran across the student’s face. Shiki caught my hand right when my bony knuckles was about to come into contact with her nose. I widen my eyes and tried to pull it away. The psychotic student thought otherwise.

Her other hand punched squarely at my core. I felt the wind knocked out of my lungs as my back fell on the white sheets. It left an opening for Shiki, and she was taking that advantage. The same hand that was used to punch me forced both of my hands above my head. Her iron grip resting on the wrists, she didn’t hesitate to crash her lips into mine. A muffled cry came from my throat. I tried to push her away, but the attempt did nothing more than cause her to become rougher. Tongue, teeth, everything that would be sensual was unleashed on my lips and mouth.

I couldn’t believe it. I’ve saved my lips for the one special person. I didn’t want it taken by this rapist!

The rough and forceful kiss was long, but finally over. A trail of saliva was connected between my mouth and hers. I rolled my head to the side, panting. Stars were dancing before my eyes as my entire face was flushed; the heat that I’ve never felt before was burning my body. From the corner of my eyes, Shiki’s face was in the state of pure bliss. The color pink was faintly seen on her cheeks. The sight disgusted me. If I could throw up, I would do so now.

Without warning, the university student pointed to the opposite end of the room. “You see that?” she asked.

My sight trailed over to the spot she pointed. I narrowed my eyes to refocus my vision. When I saw the area, I nearly died from a heart attack.

The other university student was standing in the room. Unlike Shiki, she was the kidnapper with a fairly normal appearance that society would approve of. I had no idea how and when she came inside of this room. However, those questions were the least of my worry. There was a video camera in her grasp, its glass lens staring right at our direction on the mattress.

Another obnoxious giggle came from the student above me. “I don’t think I need to say anymore about it, do I?”

I struggled against Shiki’s hold again. My eyes widen as my heart slammed against my chest. It was horrible being in this predicament, but it was worse when she’s recording it all. I didn’t know what she’s planning to do with it nor do I want to know why. Tears streamed down my face as I begged for her to stop.

“Oh God, stop— ah!?”

I squeaked when I felt her lips press against my neck. Like the kiss earlier, it was vicious. Shiki’s teeth, tongue, and lips roamed the area as if it was all candy to her.

My mind came to a screeching halt. I forgot how to think and I forgot how to comprehend it all. The sensation of bliss was mixed into the equation of terror and disgust. I heard my pleading screams and sobs fade away into groans and moans.

As time progressed, euphoria overwhelmed the rest of my emotion. My sanity was stripped down just like our clothes. If there was only one thing I desperately kept ahold of, it would be her.

“Yuuuu… Yuuuki… H-Help… Helpppp…”

She was the only one that could save me.

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: Disappearance Season 1 [REMAKE] - Chapter 3 (12/20/15)
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poor mayuyu!

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