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Author Topic: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 50 (FINAL) 06/01/2019  (Read 29369 times)

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Hello everyone, I just wrote a new fic. The idea just pops in my head. Hope you guys will like this fic.  :D

Mission of Love

Chapter 1: Princess of Maeda Clan
Chapter 2: Mizuki, Atsuko, and Yuki
Chapter 3: Jun's and Mayu's Plan 
Chapter 4: Beginning 
Chapter 5: Stars in the Sky
Chapter 6: Going Back
Chapter 7: Minami's Problem (Part 1)
Chapter 8: Minami's Problem (Part 2)
Chapter 9: Get Over Your Fear
Chapter 10: Attack
Chapter 11: Awkward Feeling
Chapter 12: Yuki is Missing
Chapter 13: I Finally Found You
Chapter 14: Important
Chapter 15: The Beginning of the End
Chapter 16: Lost
Chapter 17: The Storm Doesn't Calm
Chapter 18: The Plan
Chapter 19: What I Want to Do
Chapter 20: Maeda Island
Chapter 21: Conflict
Chapter 22: Mizuki is A Girl!!!
Chapter 23: The True, Anger, Sadness
Chapter 24: Rescue
Chapter 25: Yuki's Past
Chapter 26: Rena's Past
Chapter 27: Going Back
Chapter 28: The Plan is Exposed
Chapter 29: Facing the Past
Chapter 30: Another Attack
Chapter 31: Rena's Father
Chapter 32: New Problem
Chapter 33: Identity Revealed
Chapter 34: Rena Left
Chapter 35: Rena's Decision
Chapter 36: Maeda Group
Chapter 37: President Maeda Atsuko
Chapter 38: Investigation
Chapter 39: Surprised Encounter
Chapter 40: Cousin Talk (+ SayaMilky)
Chapter 41: The Feeling of Losing (+ SayaMilky)
Chapter 42: A Hidden Monster (+ SayaMilky)
Chapter 43: Love and Hate (+ SayaMilky)
Chapter 44: Vacation (Part 1)
Chapter 44: Vacation (Part 2)
Chapter 44: Vacation (Part 3)
Chapter 45: The Coming Storm
Chapter 46: The Storm is not Calm
Chapter 47: Behind the Mask
Chapter 48: The Child of the Past
Chapter 49: Plan Reversal
Chapter 50: Mission of Love (FINAL)

Here is the prologue  :D

Mission of Love



In early morning

In a random coffee shop

A lot of people sitting in the coffee shop. They come here to eat breakfast or drink a cup of coffee before coming to work or school, or some of them just come to drink coffee to start a new day as their habit. Also in a coffee shop, people can watch morning news.

*TV sound*

(Breaking new)

(President of Maeda group, Maeda Ryuu, just got submitted into the Maeda private hospital because of serious heart attack.)

(As the information, he is in a critical condition, right now)

The crowds look at each other and start discussing about a big and surprised news because Maeda clan is a big traditional family with a lot of power

(Right now, the members in Maeda clan is gathering in the hospital waiting for the news about his condition. Also a lot of members start concerning about who is the heir of Maeda clan. However, no one knew about this.)

(Every information about president Maeda as well as his will are kept in secret)

In a big traditional house

There is a young man standing in front of a middle aged man.

“Did you see the new this morning?” The middle aged man asks

“Yes sir” the young man nods and said

“I have a serious mission for you and the other 2” he said

“What is it, sir?” The young man asks

“Protect the heir of Maeda clan, granddaughter of president Maeda.” he said

That is the prologue. I hope you guys like it. Feel free to comment about your opinion.  :D
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Atsumina's OS collection
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     +[OS] Our Love Story
     +[Short Story] Power of Love (Completed)
     +[Short Story] Escape (Completed)
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     +[OS] Christmas Wish

Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) (Completed)
Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) (Completed)

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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Prologue 12/11/2016
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Yuhuuuuuuuu  :cow:
New storyyyyyyyyyy  XD :lol:
I'm corious i'm corious  :nervous :panic:

Hahahaha ganbareee author-san  :twothumbs


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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Prologue 12/11/2016
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Yes a new fic!!!!!! Please update soon Author-san :)
Matsui Rena + Matsui Jurina =

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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Prologue 12/11/2016
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 XD XD XD XD XD it has been a long time since the last time i commented on a post. And then please update soon!!! A new fic is rising!!
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 1 19/11/2016
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@minami_24, @MatsuiLee, @Janix123: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is chapter 1  :D

Chapter 1: Princess of Maeda Clan

In the blue sky there is a small private jet flying. Inside the jet, there is a man sitting on the sofa and watching some news on the TV.

He wears a white shirt with a black styled jacket and a blue jean. He has a cool but cold looking aura with a very serious face. He possesses a pair of very strong eyes. They are so strong and serious that anyone who see them will have a feeling that he is a very cold and scary person.

His name is Takahashi Minami. He is the youngest grandson of the Takahashi clan. His father is the chief of police department, and his grandfather is retired chief of police. Takahashi family has a long traditional of police and any major position related to law enforcement.

Minami is a high ranked police, and the youngest captain in National Police Agency.

In controlling room

There are two men who is controlling the plane.

“We are in a good height to turn on the autopilot” a man in the co-pilot seat said

He has a very young and baby face which is attractive to a lot of girl. He has brown hair with well-coiffed hair style. His name is Watanabe Mayu. Watanabe clan is a famous business clan in Japan. His father is president of Watanabe group, one of the richest group in Japan. His mother is a famous pianist.

He is Minami’s childhood friend, and also a high ranked police in National Police Agency

“Ok, I will turn it on. Then we can go out there to talk about our mission with Takamina” a man in the pilot seat said

He looks cool and handsome with black and stylish hair. His name is Matsui Jun. Matsui is also a famous clan in law enforcement. His father is the chief justice in the Supreme Court.

Jun is also Minami’s childhood friend, and a high ranked police in National Police Agency

Jun turns on the autopilot. After everything is in order, they unbuckle their seat belt and come out of the controlling room.

At Minami’s place

Minami is looking at some files through the IPad on his hands. Hearing the sound of the door opens, he looks up. Jun and Mayu is walking out of the control room

“Yoo, Takamina” Jun waves his hand and said

“Hey” Minami said

Then they sit down on their seats. Jun turns on the TV screen to watch the whole plane and the system.

“So our mission is to protect the heir of Maeda clan, huh?” Jun said

“Yup, her name is Maeda Atsuko” Minami nods and said

“Maeda Atsuko, the youngest granddaughter of President Maeda Ryuu, the only daughter of his youngest son, Maeda Heiji. Her father is the heir of Maeda clan” Mayu said while looking at his IPad

“15 years ago, he and his wife were mysteriously killed in their house. The case is still in progress of investigation, but there is no new development in the case until now.” Minami adds

“At the same day of the tragic incident, their 5 years old daughter also mysteriously disappeared. No one knows about her where about, what happened to her, is she still alive or was also killed with her parents?” he continues

“However actually, she is still alive. After the tragic incident, her grandfather who is president Maeda quickly took her to a very secretive place. A very isolated and far away island which no one know about to hide her in order to protect her. And now, we have to protect her back to Japan and protect her until she receive her inheritance when she turns 21.” Mayu adds

“Sound just like we will protect a princess, huh?” Jun said in excited tone

“True, she is really almost the same as princess. Maeda clan is a very powerful clan. It has a very long history and traditional just like Takamina’s family. More importantly, the clan holds a lot of political power.” Mayu said

“I bet every member of this clan is very yearning for this position where they can control a lot of things. They even can manipulate the government with that clan money and power” Jun said

“Certainly” Minami and Mayu nod

“Anyway, put that aside, Takamina what do you think about her?” Jun turns to Minami and asks

“What do you mean?” Minami asks

“What Jun’s mean is that what will she look like, right?” Mayu said and winks at Jun

“Yes, that is what I mean, buddy. Based on her name, I bet she must be a very beautiful girl with a long hair and an elegant aura” Jun nods and said

“O ho ho, seem like our Jun is interested in Maeda princess. Your fan girl will be sad” Mayu said in teasing tone

“No, no, no, I’m just curious. But...yeah, you can say. Don’t tell me you don’t, Mayu?” Jun looks at Mayu and said

“Hum…maybe. However I have to see her first” Mayu said

“Oh I forgot, you need to see if she fits with your principal first.” Jun said

"Yup" Mayu nods

“By the way, tell me, what is the longest date you have with a girl this month, Mayu?” he asks

“Uhm….the longest one, nope, just after lunch or dinner” Mayu said

“I see, so there is no one that fit with your principals” Jun said

“Correct” Mayu nods and said

“Mayu, if they are not your type why did you accept their confession in the first place?” Minami asks

“No, no Takamina, let me correct it. I didn’t accept their confession. I just said let’s have lunch or dinner together after their confession. I just can’t reject girls who come and confess to me right at her face, right?” Mayu said while using his hand to brush his hair in cool way

“A good way to reject them that they will still be happy is just go out with them for lunch and say sorry.” he continues

“Woohoo!!! Way to go. A new theory from professor of love Watanabe” Jun shouts excitedly

“How about you, Jun? Don't play innocent here. I knew that there are a lot of new girls from different departments come to see you every day. They willingly give you lunch, snacks, and a lot of stuffs. So any progress?” Mayu asks

“Nothing” Jun shrugs

“I just got for me a bunch of phone numbers like every week.” he said

“What? You saved all of them in your phone?” Minami asks in surprise

“Of course he won’t Takamina. We are childhood friends, but you don't understand him. I guess he just puts them somewhere in his office.” Mayu said

“Yup. They give me, so I just take, and I can’t add those number because I don’t know any of them” Jun said

Then Jun and Mayu keep talking about girls and date.

“Ok, ok, you two enough of girls topic. We have to focus on our mission” Takamina takes the IPad up and said

“Well, at least we are better than someone else” Jun and Mayu said in usion

Minami glares at them and asks

“What do you two mean?”

“We just tell the true, Takamina.” Jun said

“We are childhood and best friend, right? Three of us are together since birth. We went to the same school and graduated at the same time. However, we haven't seen you with any girl, and your face is always like this.” he continues

“You will end up alone if you keep this face of yours” Mayu adds

“What’s wrong with my face?” Minami asks while frowning

“A lot of problem with it” Mayu and Jun said in union again

“You know what all the girls in departments call you Takamina?” Mayu asks

Minami looks at them with confused look

“They call you Mr. Scary.” Jun said

“The girls in every department are scared of you. You should smile more and put away this emotionless face” He continues

“I don’t see any problem with my face. This is normal” Minami retorts

“Really? You think so” Jun said in surprised tone

“Uh” Minami nods

“Ok, let’s say that your face is ok. There is one more thing” Mayu said

“What else?” Minami asks

“Don't you feel anything when seeing a cute girl walks by?” Jun asks

“No, I don't even know her why should I?” Minami said

“Tsk...tsk...tsk...this is a hard case” Mayu shakes his head and said

“Yes, a hard case” Jun nods in agreement

“What now?” Minami asks while crossing his arms

“I wonder could it be that you don't like girl but boy” Jun said

“Baka,” Minami smacks Jun’s head and said

“Hey, what is that for?” Jun whines while fixing his hair

“That is for saying such nonsense thing” Minami said

“That is not nonsense, Takamina. We think about that because you show no emotion to any girl” Mayu said

“Maybe, I should introduce to you some handsome…”

“Shut up idiot” Minami shouts cutting Mayu’s words

“Stop imagining stupid thing like that” he said

“I just don't have feeling for them. I want to find a girl who I love with my heart, and she also loves me like that. She will be my soulmate, my second half, and we will love each other forever.” Minami seriously said

“Ohhh….I see. What a serious theory” Mayu and Jun said in teasing tone

“However still, Jun, I think we should look for some handsome for Takamina” Mayu keeps teasing

“Cool, I have a lot of friends who I ca..”

“Shut up you two. Go back to your controlling room and do your job” Minami shouts annoyingly

Jun and Mayu rush back to the controlling room while laughing loudly


In a small island

At a very big mansion

In a room

There are three people sitting on a very beautiful white sofa. In the middle is a young man in butler suit. On each of his side is a beautiful long haired girl. In front of them, there is a middle aged man in a butler suit standing

“Ojou-sama, from now on your identity will be Maeda Mizuki, a little boy that master adopted long time ago. Not Maeda Atsuko, the heir of Maeda clan” the middle aged man said to the young butler

Atsuko looks at him hesitant and said

“But Yuji, I don't want to disguise”

Matsumoto Yuji, he is Atsuko’s grandfather butler. His job is taking care of Atsuko and looking after the mansion.

“Acchan, why don't you want to disguise. You know that it is very dangerous for you to come back to Japan with your real identity. Sensei said that, and we think so too” a long haired girl on her left gently said

She is Maeda Yuki, and she is Atsuko’s adopted sister. She was found in front of Atsuko’s house doorstep when she was a baby by Atsuko’s parents, and she was adopted by them since then

“Uh, Yuki is correct. It is too dangerous for you to be yourself when coming back there, Acchan” the other long haired girl said

Her name is Maeda Rena, and she was adopted by Atsuko’s grandfather when she was 5 years old as Atsuko’s bodyguard.

“But….” Atsuko said in small tone

Yuji looks at Atsuko and asks

“Ojou-sama, why don't you want to disguise? Faking your identity as a male is the safest way.”

“I know. But then Rena-neechan will have to disguise as me. She will be in danger” Atsuko said worriedly

Rena looks at her and laughs softly

“I will be fine, Acchan. I’m your well trained bodyguard after all. I can protect myself and you. Yuki and I will protect you” she said

“Uh, Yuki-nee won't let anything happen to Acchan or Rena” Yuki pats Atsuko's head and said

“They are correct, Atsuko-sama. They are your bodyguards. I trained them since they were young to protect you. They have enough skills to protect you and themselves. On top of that your safety is our first priority” Yuji said

“Ok, I understand” Atsuko nods and said

“Good girl” Yuki and Rena pat Atsuko's head and said

“Now tell me who are you?” Yuki said

“My name is Maeda Mizuki, Rena-neechan’s personal butler. Grandpa adopted me from an orphanage.” Atsuko said

“Good. Also remember to call us by name not neechan” Yuki said

“Ok, I will call Yuki-nee Yuki-sama and Rena-neechan as Atsuko-sama, right?” Atsuko asks

“No, just call us by our name because we are also our childhood friend” Rena said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

“Good, you got everything. Now let's prepare. The police will come here shortly” Yuji said and the three nod

“Acchan, why don't you go back to your room and take a little rest? You woke up very early today to prepare” Yuki said

“I’m fine, Yuki-nee. I will just go to take a walk around here” Atsuko said

“Relax Acchan. There is nothing to be nervous” Rena said

“Uh” Atsuko just nods

Rena and Yuki look at Atsuko and notice that she is sad, and they know the reason why. They come closer to Atsuko and said

“Don't worry Acchan, Ryuu grandpa will be fine” Rena said

“Uh, he will be fine, Acchan. Don't worry” Yuki said

“Uh, thank you, Rena-nee, Yuki-nee” Atsuko nods and said

“Ok, now go and relax. I will call you when the police come” Rena said

“Ok” Atsuko nods and leaves the place

After 3 hours

The jet finally reaches the island. Minami, Jun, and Mayu step down.

“Wow, this island looks so great” Jun said

“Yeah, I wish I have an island like this” Mayu said

“Uh, I agree with you guys” Minami nods and steps out.

He really likes the scenery and atmosphere around here. He takes a deep breath and enjoys the fresh air.

“This feel so great” he thought

Then he turns to Jun and Mayu

“Let's go to the mansion guys” he said

“Ok” the two nods

Then they check on the map and walk toward the mansion. When they reach the mansion, the three widen their eyes in surprise because of how big and luxury looking the mansion is

“It is just like a royal castle” Jun said

“Uh, I start believing that the person we will protect is a real princess” Mayu nods and said

Yuji is doing something at the gate. Seeing the three, he walks toward them and asks

“Excuse me, are you from Tokyo?”

“Yes, we come here to protect Ms. Maeda” Minami answers while raising his badge

Mayu and Jun also raise their badge showing they are police

“Hello sir. Please let me introduce myself. My name is Matsumoto Yuji. I’m the butler in this house.” Yuji bows and said

“Hello Mr. Matsumoto, my name is Takahashi Minami”

“My name is Matsui Jun”

“My name is Watanabe Mayu”

They introduce themselves to Yuji

“Nice to meet you all” Yuji said

“Likewise” they said and shake his hand

“Let’s me take you into the house, my Ojou-sama is waiting for you” Yuji said

Then he leads the three into the mansion. They are more surprised when seeing inside. It is way more luxury from the inside. Yuji opens the door of the living room and said

“Please come in and have a seat. I will inform Ojou-sama”

“Ok, thank you.” Minami said

After a while

The door opens. Hearing the door opens, Minami, Jun, and Mayu stand up. They see two beautiful girl walk in with a young butler.

Jun looks at the girl in the middle and stuns at his place. He doesn’t know why, but he can’t keep his eyes away from her.

The same case happens to Mayu. He looks at three people walking into the room, and seems like his eyes just keep looking at the girl on the left side. This is the feeling that he never felt before.

The Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki stop in front of Minami, Jun, and Mayu. Then Rena walks toward them and said.

“Hello, my name is Maeda Atsuko. Nice to meet you”


When Minami is about to walk up and introduce themselves, Jun walks pass him and holds Rena’s hand

“Hello, Ms. Maeda. My name is Matsui Jun. Next to me is Watanabe Mayu, and on my left is Takahashi Minami”

“We will be here to protect you, my princess” He said and smiles his charming smile

Then he bends down and kisses Rena's hand. Rena smiles and said

“Thank you”

“Let's me introduce to you the two behind me” She continues

Then Rena turns to Yuki and said

“Her name is Maeda Yuki. She is my sister”

“Nice to meet you” Yuki said to them with a smile

Mayu smiles and winks at her

“Nice to meet you, beautiful lady” he takes Yuki’s hand and said

Minami looks at his friends in confused. Normally they will never be the person who initiate the talk and be that excited

“What’s wrong with these two today?” he thought in confused

“On my left is Maeda Mizuki. He is my personal butler.” She continues introducing Atsuko as Mizuki just like what they planned

“Hello sir. Nice to meet you all” Atsuko bows and said to them

“Nice to meet you too” Minami shakes his hands and said

“I’m very appreciated your time here sir.” Rena said

“You’re most welcome, Ms. Maeda. Protecting you is my pleasure” Jun said in gentlemen tone

"And by the way, just call me Jun. You don't have to call me sir. That is way too formal" he continues while smiling at Rena

"Yes, just call us by our name. You can call me Mayu, and he is Takamina" Mayu adds

"Ok, that is great because we also doesn't like to be so formal. Just call me Acchan" Rena said

Then she turns to Yuki and Atsuko and continues

"she is Yuki, and he is Mizuki"

"Cool" Mayu and Jun said happily

After talking to them, Yuji takes the three up to their rooms. There are three big rooms next to each other with a big double doors.

“These are your room sirs.” Yuji said

“Thank you Mr. Matsumoto” Jun said

“You’re welcome sir” Yuji said

“Also can you show us around here? We won’t go back here after three day, so we want to know everything around here. That will be easier for us to protect Ms. Maeda” Minami said

“Ok” Yuji said

Then he shows Minami, Jun, and Mayu around the house. After showing them inside of the house, he takes them to the outside of the house.

“Here is the backyard. Not far from here is a pond, you can go fishing there if you want. If so, just ask me, I will give you the fishing rod and stuff” Yuji said while they are walking around.

“The air here is so great, Mr. Matsumoto” Minami said

“Yea! I really like this place” Jun said

“Taking a vacation here is dreaming” Mayu adds

“That is indeed, Master Ryuu likes this island because of that. He comes here very often to visit Ojou-sama.” Yuji said

In the afternoon

In Minami’s room

Minami, Jun, and Mayu are talking to each other or more like Jun and Mayu are daydreaming about Rena and Yuki

“Acchan as expected, she is very beautiful” Jun said while looking at the outside of the window

“Her sister too. Yuki, what a beautiful name” Mayu said

“I have to talk to Atsuko more. She has a very lovely voice” Jun said

“Yuki too, she looks very gentle. Like a real princess. I should go and be friend with her” Mayu said

“Me too. I have to find a chance to talk to her” Jun nods in agreement

“Mizuki-san” Minami suddenly speaks up

Jun and Mayu turn and look at Minami with surprised and unbelievable look

“Is it true that you attract to him, Takamina?” Jun asks

“So you really like man, Oh my” Mayu adds with surprised tone

“He looks handsome though” Jun said


“Shut up you idiot” Minami said while frowning

“But you just said that ‘Mizuki-san’.” Mayu and Jun said in usion

“It’s ok to admit that, buddy” Jun rounds his arms on Minami’s shoulder and said

“Yes, we will support you” Mayu adds while patting his shoulder

“You two…” Minami sighs

“I said stop imagining thing like that, idiot” he smacks their head and said

“I’m a normal man, ok” he continues in irritated tone

“Ok, ok, Just kidding. So what about him?” Jun said

“He doesn’t look like a butler to me. He seems uhm…” Minami said and pauses

He is trying to find an appropriate word to describe Atsuko

“What is it?” Jun turns to Minami and asks

Mayu also focuses on him

“He uhm… I don’t know just he looks so fragile to me. When I shake his hand, it is so soft. I can guess that he never done anything hard.” Minami said

“Uhm, maybe you are right. I notice that too” Jun said

“Yea! I have a wondering since I met him. How can he protect his Ojou-sama with that small and skinny figure?” Mayu adds his point

“However, he is a personal butler of a rich not rich, super rich house, so he looks like that is normal, right?” Jun said and looks at Mayu and Minami

“Uh, I agree with Jun’s point.” Mayu said

“He doesn’t have to do any hard thing. I think he only have to serve Ms. Maeda and that is all” He continues

“Yes” Jun nods

Minami sits back and said

“Uhm...maybe you two are right”

“Ok, enough of discussing, I have to go and talk to my Atsuko” Jun stands up and said

Minami looks at him and asks

“Since when she becomes yours?”

“Very soon” Jun winks and leaves the room

Then Mayu also follows him

“I also have to find my princess, Yuki” he said

“Yours too?” Minami raises his eyebrows and asks

“Uh huh. See ya” Mayu winks at Minami and leaves

Minami looks at them and sighs

“What is the point they come to my room to talk about our mission?” he thought while scratching his head

“Anyway, let’s go out and enjoy this beautiful nature” He said to himself and leaves the room


That is the first chapter. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment your opinion.  :D
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Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 1 19/11/2016
« Reply #5 on: November 24, 2016, 02:25:53 AM »
Uwaaahhhh! A new story!  :nya: :nya: :nya:
It's been a long time since I have comment, can't wait for the next chapter author-san!  :on drink:

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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 1 19/11/2016
« Reply #6 on: November 24, 2016, 02:32:11 PM »
I've read your fanfic Beyond the sea and finally a new chap!!! Can't wait :D

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 2 26/11/2016
« Reply #7 on: November 26, 2016, 01:06:31 AM »
@Jkugang, @kimseoyeonc: Thank you!  :D

Here is chapter 2  :D

Chapter 2: Mizuki, Atsuko, and Yuki

In the house

Jun is walking around the house trying his luck to see if he can find Rena. However, he doesn’t see her anywhere.

“Where is Acchan?” he thought

After looking for awhile, but he still hasn’t found her.


“I will just find some books to read.” Jun sighs and thought while walking toward the library which Yuji just showed him this morning

When Jun opens the door, he sees an oversized library with countless books.

“Wow, impressive” Jun said in amazed tone

“With this I can read book for so many years” he thought excitedly.

He really loves reading book.

“Let's find a good book” he thought and walks around the shelves

“Wow, they are huge. The books are divided in alphabet and then genre, huh? Wow, just wow” Jun thought in amazed while looking around

Then he came across a book

“This detective fiction. I haven't read it yet” he thought

When he raises his hand to take it, his hand touch someone's hand. Jun and the person quickly withdraw their hand. Then Jun turns and sees that person is Rena

“At...I mean Acchan” Jun calls in surprise

“Jun, I didn't think that I will see you here” Rena said while smiling at him

“Oh….ah...I somehow kind of addicted to book” Jun scratches his head and said

“What's wrong with me? I never stutter in front of a girl before” he thought trying to calm himself

“Cute” Rena thought when seeing his panic face and smiles secretly

“I see that you also like to read detective fiction, huh?” she asks

“Uh, I love that genre. Mystery, horror, thriller too. But I love detective fiction the most. The excited feeling of finding the true. Guessing who is the culprit? Then following the evidences. Everything is perfect” Jun said with a very excited tone

He keeps talking about it, about the books he likes, and a lot of different stuffs about books. Rena looks at him with surprised look. She never thought that he knows that much about books. While talking, Jun notices Rena’s surprised look

“Ah...sorry, Acchan, whenever someone talks to me about book, I always like that.” he scratches his head and said while looking down

“Why am I look so uncool in front of her” Jun thought to himself

Suddenly he hears a soft laughing.

“You are cute, Jun” Rena said

“So cute” Jun thought while staring at Rena’s cute smile

“Jun, how about we take a seat and talk more about book?” Rena asks

“Sure” Jun said happily

At the same time

Mayu is walking around the other side of mansion

“Aw!!! Where is Yuki? I looked everywhere” Mayu sighs and thought

“But wait a minute, why am I so interested in her. Even more, I just met her this morning. What’s wrong with me today” He thought

He is surprised with himself. He doesn't understand this feeling in his heart. While walking around the mansion and thinking, he hears sound of music

“Huh?” Mayu stops and thought

He can hear that the sound is coming from the room on the left side of him. Curious, Mayu walks closer to the door. He hears the sound louder when he comes closer

“What a nice sound” Mayu thought

He looks at the door and notices a small gap. He bends and looks through the small gap.

“So beautiful” Mayu thought while looking at a beautiful girl who is playing piano in the room

Yuki’s delicate fingers are dancing on the keyboard creating a very gorgeous and spectacular sound. Her face when playing piano is just like an angel.

Mayu stuns on his place and keeps staring at Yuki. His heart suddenly skips a beat. Because too focusing on Yuki expression, he accidentally pushes the door opens.

Yuki is playing piano, hearing sound of the door opening, she stops and turns to look at the door. She widens her eyes in surprise when seeing Mayu

“I...I...I’m sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you” Mayu said while scratching the back of his head

Yuki keeps silent while looking at him. Seeing that, he thought she is mad at him

“This is bad. I create a bad impression now” he thought in panic

“I...I’m sorry. It is just that I have never seen someone playing piano in such a great, gorgeous, and delicate manner like this.” Mayu explains

“My mother always said that to create a beautiful and delicate sound, the artist has to have both talent and a great love to the music. Your sound is just like what she described. It is very good” he adds

Suddenly he hears a soft laughing sound. He looks up and sees that Yuki is laughing

“Thank you for your compliments, Mayu” she said

“ don't have to thank me. I just say what I really felt. You also look very beautiful when playing it” Mayu said

Yuki feels happy and a little shy with Mayu’s complement

“You are such a sweet talker. I bet a lot of girls felt for you, right?” Yuki said teasingly

“No, I'm single. I mean everything I said to you is true.” Mayu said seriously

Suddenly he realizes his serious tone

“Why am I so serious?” he thought in confuse

While thinking, he hears Yuki calls him

“Mayu, please come in here and sit down”

“Thank you” he said

“Moment ago, you said your mother talked to you about piano, is she know about this?” Yuki asks

“My mother is a pianist, her name is Minamoto Ayumi” Mayu said

Yuki widens her eyes in surprise

“Your mother is the great pianist Minamoto?” she asks in surprised tone

“Uh, you know her?” Mayu nods and asks

“I love all her performances. She is like my most favorite pianist of all time” Yuki said in happily

“That's great. How about I will take you to my mom when we back to Japan?” Mayu asks

“Great, thank you” Yuki said and smiles at him

“Yes!” Mayu thought happily


Outside of the house

Minami is walking and looking around the backyard and enjoy the fresh air.

“What a waste? Those two only know about talking with girl and leaving this wonderful scenery around here” Minami thought

While walking, Minami suddenly hears a very gentle voice

“Here eat this”

He quickly turns to the sources of the sound.

“I’m sorry. I’m busy so I can’t feed you guys on time.”

Curious Minami walks toward the place. When he gets there, he sees Atsuko sitting on a tree branch, and she is feeding some baby birds

“Yes, eat a lot so that you can grow quick ok” she smiles innocently and said

Minami looks at her and smiles unconsciously

Just like that Atsuko are happily feeding the little birds, and Minami keeps looking at her.
Suddenly Minami sees her smiling face disappear. Atsuko sits straight up and looks down.

“I’m sad, little birds” Atsuko said in sad tone

“Huh?” Minami is surprised when hearing what Atsuko said

Wanting to know what happened, Minami walks toward him to asks about that

“Hello Mizuki-san” he calls him

His sudden appearance startles Atsuko. She lost her balance and falls from the tree.

“Watch out” Minami shouts

As reflection, he rushes to catches Atsuko.

Atsuko thought that she will fall on the ground and hurt, so she closes her eyes and prepares to get hurt. However, she only feel a very warm feeling.

“Huh?” Atsuko thought in confuse

She opens her eyes to see what happened. She widens his eyes in surprise when realizing that she is lying on someone. She quickly sits up when realizing that she is lying on Minami. Her heart starts beating like crazy.

“Are you ok, Mizuki-san?” Minami looks at Atsuko and asks

“U...uh” Atsuko just nods while looking down

“That is good. I’m sorry for startling you” Minami scratches his head and said

“'s ok” Atsuko said in small tone

She tries to stand up, but she falls. Her left leg is hurt. Minami once again hugs her preventing her from falling.

“Are you ok, Mizuki-san?” he asks

Atsuko's heart once again beats like crazy because Minami hugs her in his arms again

“ leg is hurt” Atsuko said

“Let's me check” Minami slowly help her to sit down and said

Then he takes off Atsuko’s shoe and checks on her ankle. Atsuko’s face is all red because of that. Luckily Minami didn’t notice it. Atsuko is a girl and blushing because of man taking care of her is normal, but to Minami, she is now a man. It will be very weird for a man to be blushing because of a man.

Still, Atsuko's heartbeat just keeps increasing each second.

“What's wrong with me?” she holds her chest and thought

While treating Atsuko’s ankle, Minami hears she hiss because of hurt.

“Sorry. Are you hurt?” he asks in concerned tone

“Uh, just a little” Atsuko said

“Your ankle is ok. I believe you can walk normal in a moment” Minami looks up at Atsuko and said while smiling

“T...thank you” Atsuko said shyly

“You’re welcome” Minami smiles and said

Then he sits down next to Atsuko to talk to her. Atsuko just sits silently and nervously next to him. Noticing the strange atmosphere, Minami turns and calls her


“Mizuki is fine” Atsuko said in small tone

“Ok” Minami said

“Mizuki, I have a feeling that you seem to scare of me or something. I’m sorry if I startle you” Minami said

“No, it’s not like that” Atsuko shakes her head and said immediately

“It is just that this is the first time I see people other than Acchan, Yuki, and uncle Yuji.” Atsuko said

Minami widens his eyes in surprise

“You never leave here?” he asks

“Uh, since I came here, I never leave here once” Atsuko nods and said

“I see.” Minami nods

“Then let’s be friend, Mizuki” he said while extending his hand toward Atsuko

Atsuko look at Minami with surprised look. Minami smiles and nods at her. Atsuko doesn’t know why, but she feels a special feeling when being near him

“Ok” Atsuko nods and smiles at him

She shakes his hand happily

Then silent once again comes between them. In Minami's head, he is still confused why Atsuko's innocent smile turned into a very sad face. Finally he decided he will ask her

“Mizuki” he calls him

“Huh?” Atsuko looks up and asks

“Moment ago, I saw you were very happy feeding those little birds.” Minami starts

“You do?” Mizuki asks shyly

It is embarrassed that someone seeing her like that

“Uh, you look very happy. However, after a while that happy smile completely disappeared. What make you sad, Mizuki?” Minami asks

Mizuki looks at him with surprised look then she looks down and stays silent. Noticing that Minami said

“It's ok if you don't want to say. I'm sorry for my curiosity.”

“No, it's ok. I’m worry about grandpa. I heard he sick very bad” Atsuko said

“He raises me since I was little. He is my only family. If something happen to him, I really don't know what to do” she continues

Minami sees tear drops down on her hand. He is panic because he doesn't what to do when seeing a person cry. He holds Atsuko's arms turning her to look at him.

“Don't worry Mizuki, your grandfather will be fine. I don't know much about his condition. However I heard from my father that his condition is stable now.” he said to Atsuko seriously

Atsuko is very surprised with Minami's words.

“Really, Takamina?” she asks him

“Uh, definitely. My grandfather is his friend very long time ago. My father knew him very well.” Minami reassures Atsuko

“When we get back there, we will go to visit him immediately ok” he continues

Minami sees that Atsuko slowly smiling widely, a very innocent and honest smile that he never seen before. Her smiles show how happy she is.

“Thank you, Takamina. Thank you” Atsuko said and hugs Minami tightly because she is very happy

Being taken by surprise, Minami stuns at his position. Suddenly he feels his heart beat faster.

“What is it?” Minami thought in surprise

Suddenly Atsuko breaks the hugs and said while looking down

“I...I’m sorry. I was so happy”

“'s ok. We are buddy” Minami rounds his arm around Atsuko’s shoulder and said

“U...uh” Atsuko nods shyly

“Is your ankle ok, now?” Minami asks

Atsuko tries to move her ankle a little.

“Uh, it is better now.” He nods and said

“That is good. Let's me take you to the mansion. Resting in your room will help your ankle get better sooner” Minami said while standing up

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Minami extents his hand to help her

“Thank you, Takamina” Atsuko said while holding his hand to stand up

“You ok?” Minami asks

“Uh, I can walk by myself” Atsuko said

“That is good” Minami said

Then they walk back to the mansion together. Minami walks very slowly for Atsuko. Sometime he will help Atsuko because her ankle is still a little hurt.

After a while

Minami and Atsuko reach the house.

“Let's me help you” Minami said

He helps Atsuko walk up the stairs to go into the house.

In the meantime

Rena and Jun walk down stairs

“I see that you love detective like that. That is why you become police, huh?” Rena said

“Uh, part of it” Jun said

“Part?” Rena said in confuse

“My father is a judge who always support the law, and he is my growth model. That is also an encouragement for me to become this.” Jun said

“I see.” Rena said

When they get down stair, Rena sees Atsuko and Minami walk in. She notices strange in Atsuko’s walking. She quickly rushes to Atsuko.

“You kn…” when Jun is about to say something, Rena already rushes toward Atsuko.

“Are you ok, Mizuki? What's wrong?” she asks in worried tone

At the same time

Mayu and Yuki are talking while walking outside the room, hearing Rena worried voice, she quickly rushes down stair

“Mizuki, what's happened to him?” Yuki asks in worried tone

“I’m fine, Acchan, Rena” Atsuko said

“I fell from the tree, and my ankle is sprained.” she continues

“Fell from the tree? Are you ok? Let's me check” Rena and Yuki said at the same time

“I’m really fine, Acchan, Yuki. Takamina already treated it. I can walk normally in few hours” Atsuko said

“I told you before Mizuki. Don't climb on the tree. It is dangerous” Rena said

“I’m fine. Just a little hurt” Atsuko said

“Little? You can't even walk properly. What if next time, thing you hurt is not your leg but your head?” Yuki said strictly

“I’m sorry.” Atsuko looks down and said

“I will be more careful next time” she continues with an innocent smile

“Next time? Do you think there will be a next time?” Rena said

“But the birds. They just hatched. They need food” Atsuko reasons

“I will tell Yuji to give them food” Yuki said

“But I want to see them. Feeding them is very fun” Atsuko explains

“No mean no” Rena said

“Now let’s go to your room, I will apply ice on your ankle” Yuki said

“Ok” Atsuko said sadly

Then Rena turns to Minami and said

“Thank you for treating him”

“No problem, act…”

“Thank for your help Takamina. If you were not there, I don’t know what to do” cutting his words, Atsuko said

“Don't tell them about what happened because they will scold you too” she whispers in his ear

“ problem” Minami said

“Do you need me to help him back to his room?” he asks

“No, it is fine. We can do that. Thank you” Yuki said

“O...ok” Minami said

Then Rena and Yuki help Atsuko back to her room. Minami, Jun, and Mayu stand there and look at them with confused look. Jun and Mayu have the same thought

“Why did Acchan/Yuki treat him so nice?”

Seeing their confused and surprised look, Yuji comes up and said

“Mizuki is adopted by master Ryuu when he was little.”

Hearing his voice, they turn and look at him waiting for him to continue

“Ojou-sama, Yuki-sama, and Mizuki are like childhood friends. They growth up together, so they treat each other more like friend, family than masters and servant. Also Mizuki is younger than them, and he is a little weak looking so that Ojou-sama, and Yuki-sama treat him like a little kid”

“I see” Minami said

“Hum...that is dangerous” Jun and Mayu thought while stroking their chin at the same time

In the evening

At the back yard

Atsuko sneakily walks slowly toward the forest. She is trying to go somewhere secretly.


Minami’s POV

I’m sitting in my room looking out of the window. The sceneries here are so beautiful and peaceful. I fell in love with this place already. Suddenly I notice a figure stealthily walking at the backyard. That is Mizuki. He is looking around cautiously like he is afraid someone will catch him.

“Huh? What is he doing?” I thought in confuse

I keep looking at Mizuki to see what does he wants to do. While looking at him, I see Acchan and Yuki slowly walking toward him from behind

“Ehem...Where are you going, Mizuki?” Yuki coughs and said

Mizuki is looking around, he turns back in surprised when hearing Yuki’s voice. I guess her voice startles him. I smile at his surprised expression.

Then he smiles sheepishly at them

“Hi Acchan, Yuki”

“Tell us where are you going?” Yuki asks

“Haha...I just want to take a walk” Mizuki said and laughs reluctantly

“Really?” Acchan asks him while crossing her arms

I see Mizuki steps back a little. I can feel he gulp in fear and nod at them

“You know you can't ever lie to us, right Mizuki?” Rena said while smiling dangerously at him

“We grew up together for that long time. We knew your every action, kid” Yuki said

I see. I know what Mizuki trying to do. I laughs softly when seeing Mizuki's expression when his lie was caught by Yuki and Rena.

“So cute. His face when trying to cover his lie.” I thought in amused

Suddenly I realizes something wrong with my thought and surprised about that

“Cute? How can I think a guy cute?” I thought in confused

While thinking, I heard Yuki said

“Mizuki, what did we say to you this noon?”

I look down and continue watching their conversation

“Acchan, Yuki, I just want to check on them” Mizuki said

“Your ankle is hurt. Do you want to hurt more?” Acchan said

“I'm fine. See, I can walk properly. I also can jump around” Mizuki said and jumps up

“No mean no. I told you a lot of time since we were little Mizuki. It is very dangerous to climb on the tree” Acchan said

“And this morning luckily that you only sprained your ankle. No more climbing from now on” Yuki said

“Please Acchan, Yuki. I will be very careful” Mizuki said in pleasing tone

“Acchan, Yuki” he continues while shaking their arms

He looks at them with puppies eyes. I laugh to myself once again at his childish action. He is really just like a little innocent kid.

“Please, please”

I look at Acchan’s and Yuki’s face. There is a defeated look on their face. I guess they will give in to his cute pleasing

“Ok, but don't go by yourself.” Yuki said

“Bingo” I thought

I knew it. I knew they would properly give in. Even me, if he asks me anything in that cute manner, I will accept my defeat.

“Wait, what?” I thought in surprised when realizing what I just thought

I hit my head and said

“What’s wrong with you, Minami?”

Once again, while deepening in my thought, I hear Mizuki mention my name

“Then I'll call Takamina to go with me”

“Me” I thought is surprised

“Takamina?” Acchan and Yuki said in confused

“Yes, Takamina. He is my friend” Mizuki proudly said

“Friend” I thought

His word makes me feel so happy. He really sees me as his friend.

“I see. You seem to be close to him” Yuki said

“Uh, he helped me at the tree. Then we talked and became friend” Mizuki said

“So can I go with him?” he asks

I see Yuki and Acchan look at each other.

“Ok. I guess so” Yuki said and Acchan nods in agreement

I see Mizuki slowly smiles widely when hearing what Yuki said. Then he suddenly jumps to hug them tightly

“Yay! Thank you Acchan, Yuki.” he said

I’m very surprised with his action. I also notice that Acchan and Yuki smile at his action. Their expression shows that this is not the first time he act like this. Suddenly there appears some thought in my head

“What is really their relationship? Are they that close?”

While thinking, I suddenly feel someone pats my shoulder surprising me. When I look back, I see that is Jun and Mayu

“Don't suddenly pat other’s shoulder like that Jun, Mayu” I hold my chest and said in surprised tone

End Minami’s POV

“What are you doing? We called you before when we came in here already” Jun said

“Yeah, what are you looking at?” Mayu asks while looking down at the window together with Jun

They widen their eyes in surprise when seeing Atsuko is hugging both Yuki and Rena, and two girls are smiling at him.

“What? How can that…” Jun and Mayu said at the same time

“Let's go Jun, I think we have to have some plan in the war. This is serious” Mayu said

“Yea! Let's go” Jun nods and said

Then the two storming out of Minami's room ignoring a dumbfounded Minami there. Minami turns and looks down at Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki again. He sees Atsuko smiling happily at Yuki and Rena. A smile which he saw before at the tree. An honest smile

He suddenly feels a very weird feeling inside his heart. Very weird that he doesn't how to explain it.

“What is this?” he thought while touching his chest.

Minami sits down and stays silent trying to understand this strange feeling. Then he hears a knocking sound.

“Takamina, let’s go play together” Atsuko said in happy tone

Minami smiles when hearing her childish tone

“Nah...let’s figure it out later” He thought and walks toward to open the door

He smiles when seeing Atsuko’s smiling face

“Hello Mizuki, how is your ankle?” he asks

“Perfectly fine. I can run for whole day” Atsuko happily said

“I see, that is good” Minami said

“Takamina, let’s go to the net. I want to see how they are. They need food too” Atsuko said and pulls him with her

Minami smiles at how childish Atsuko is

At night

In a certain room

“This is serious. He seems so close to them, dangerously close. What do we do?” a voice asks

“Of course we have to investigate about their relationship. Although Mr. Matsumoto said that, what if there's something between them” another voice replies

“Uh, let's follow him and them, Jun.” Mayu said

“Yes, the mission started” Jun nods and said

Then they high five each other


That is chapter 2. Hope you guys enjoy reading it!  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 3 06/12/2016
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

Here is chapter 3  :)

Chapter 3: Jun’s and Mayu’s plan

In the morning

Atsuko opens her door and comes out. She yawns while rubbing her eyes. Suddenly she hears Yuki’s voice calling her.


Atsuko turns and sees Yuki and Rena walking toward her. She smiles and waves at them

“Yuki, Acchan”


In both Mayu’s and Jun’s room

When Mayu and Jun are about to come out of their rooms, they hear Atsuko’s voice calling Rena and Yuki. Quickly they hide behind the door to observe them.

“You already awake huh? We thought we have to come in and call you” Yuki said

“Uh, that is a surprising” Rena teases her

“Yes, I wake up all by myself” Atsuko answers proudly

Jun and Mayu are very surprised with what they said. They feel something is not right. Why did 2 ojou-sama have to wake a butler up. It is like role reversed.

Then they hear Rena’s voice

“Mizuki, your tie is wrong again”

Jun and Mayu turn to look at them again. They see Rena is fixing his tie. Suddenly Jun feels something weird inside him, a very uneasy feeling

“I tried, but it is hard” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“You are such a little kid, Mizuki” Yuki said while fixing her hair

“Hihi….” Atsuko laughs softly

Yuki and Rena laugh at her. This time, it is Mayu’s turn to feeling that weird feeling.

“Why did they treat him so nice?” Jun whispers to himself

“I don’t like seeing this at all” Mayu also whispers to himself in his room

Both of them still doesn’t know what the feeling they felt is.

“Ok, all done” Rena said while fixing her clothes

“Thank you Acchan, Yuki” Atsuko said with an innocent smile

“You're very welcome” Rena and Yuki said while smiling at Atsuko

“Come on Mizuki, let's go downstairs to eat breakfast” Yuki said

“Today Yuji made your favorite breakfast” Rena adds

“Yeah! Let's go” Atsuko said and pulls Yuki and Rena with her

Waiting for Mizuki, Rena, and Yuki are out of sight, Jun and Mayu step out of their room at the same time

“Jun/Mayu” they call each other in surprised tone

“So you saw it too huh?” Jun asks

“Uh, I'm really, really unpleased with their closeness” Mayu said

“Me too” Jun said

“Uhm, do they like childish type?” he crosses his arms and said

“However, I feel something is not right. Mizuki is their butler, but they treat him super nice, or should I say they are spoiling him. It just like he is not their butler, but something else” Mayu said

“Correct, but Mr. Matsumoto said that they are childhood friend, so this could be how they treat each other. Also he said that Mizuki is a little weak looking, and he really is. So…I don’t know” Jun said

“Uhm...that could be true.” Mayu said

Then Jun suddenly has an idea

“Hey, Mayu, I got an idea to know about him better” he said

“What is it?” Mayu asks

“Let’s pull him out with us. We can talk to him and find out more” Jun said

“Good idea. However, I heard Takamina said that he is not used to interact with stranger” Mayu said

“Easy, just pull Takamina with us” Jun said

“Good job, Jun. Let's go” Mayu said

Then those two high five each other and go down to the dining room


Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki reach downstairs at the same time Minami walks into the house. Seeing Minami, Atsuko quickly calls him

“Good morning, Takamina”

Minami looks up and smiles at her

“Good morning, Mizuki” he said

Then he turns to Yuki and Rena

“Good morning, Acchan, Yuki” Minami greets them

“Good morning Takamina” Yuki and Rena said

“By the way, thanks Takamina for playing with Mizuki yesterday” Yuki said

“No problem” Minami smiles and said

Then Jun and Mayu reach downstairs

“Good morning, Yuki, Acchan” Jun and Mayu said

“Good morning” Yuki and Rena greet back

Then they turn to Minami

“Hey Takamina” they said and wave at him

“Hey” Minami greets them

After that they turn to Atsuko who is standing near Rena.

“Hello Mizuki” Jun said while rounding his arm around Atsuko's shoulder.

Rena quickly pulls Atsuko behind her and said

“Sorry Jun. He is not used to very close interaction”

Jun is very surprised with Rena's quick action.

“Oh is ok. I just want to be friend with Mizuki.” He said awkwardly

“Yes, we just want to be friend with him. From now on we will protect you two just like what he is doing. So we wants to be close so that whenever something happen, you know, our action will be more productive” Mayu said

“Mizuki, let's work together from now on” he continues while extending his hand

“Thank you for your thought, Mayu, Jun. We appreciate that” Yuki shakes his hand instead of Mizuki who is still standing behind them.

Mayu is also surprised but still shakes her hand back while smiling


Minami stands there and looks at Jun and Mayu with confused look

“What did those two want?” he thought

Then he turns and looks at Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki. He feels something very weird from them, but then another thought appears in him

“Maybe they are still caution with us.” He thought

After that three of them go into the dining room and eat

While eating, Jun and Mayu keep looking at Atsuko secretly. They see Rena and Yuki keep taking care of her, giving food, drink. Rena even wipes her mouth. Jun and Mayu are super unpleased with what they saw.

After breakfast, Atsuko stands up and said

“I want to go out and play. Takamina, let's go”

“Mizuki, let's Takamina eat” Rena said

“It's ok. I’m done. Let's go” Minami said while standing up

“Ok then, be careful Mizuki” Yuki said

“Uh” Atsuko nods enthusiasm

Then Atsuko and Minami leave the house. After a while, Jun and Mayu also leave the house while Rena and Yuki go to their things

In the forest

After feeding the birds, Atsuko pulls Minami together with her toward another place

“Where are we going, Mizuki?” Minami asks

“Meet my other friends, family bunnies” Atsuko said happily

She pulls Minami toward a big bush. Then she turns to him and said in whisper tone

“Sit here, Takamina”

“Ok” Minami nods and sits down

Atsuko smiles at him. Then she turns and sits down near the bush.

“Little bunnies” she calls while putting something vegetable near her feet.

Few moment later, two little white bunnies come out. They look at Atsuko then come near her feet. They aren’t scared of Atsuko.

“Hello, how are you doing?” She asks them while smiling

The bunnies bend down and eats the food happily. Then Atsuko turns and smiles at Minami.

“Let's feed them, Takamina” she said and gives Minami the food

“Ok” Minami nods

He takes the food and gently puts it down in front of the bunnies. Two little bunnies are hesitate and move back a little. They look at Minami for a while, then they come and eat the food.

“Great, Takamina” Atsuko said in happy tone, and Minami smiles at her

After they ate all the food, the little bunnies return to their home. Atsuko waves her hand and said

“Bye bye”

Then they stand up together

“So where do we go next, Mizuki?” Minami asks him

“Uhm…. It is already noon. I guess we have to go back for lunch” Atsuko said

“But after that can you go out and play with me again?” she continues while looking at Minami with her childish eyes

Minami smiles when seeing her eyes. Somehow, he got a familiar feeling with his eyes

“His eyes, where did I see that?” Minami thought

Then something flashes back in his head.


10 years old Minami walks out of a big party room to his garden. Today is his birthday, and his grandfather and his parents make for him this big party with a lot of people. However he is a quiet type of kid. He like the quiet environment. Therefore he sneaks out of the party to his garden. While walking he sees a little girl sitting on the bench playing by herself.

Curious, Minami walks toward the little girl and calls her

“Hello little girl”

The little girl looks up at Minami

“Hi onii-chan” She said to him with a cute tone while smiling

“What are you doing here all by yourself?” Minami asks

“I’m looking at the flower over there” the little girl smiles and said

“I see. They are pretty, right?” Minami said

“Yes, I love flowers” The little girl said

“I see. Do you want me to pick some for you?” Minami asks

“No, they will be hurt” the little answers innocently

Minami smiles at her innocence answers

“You are a good girl” he pats her head and said

“Yes, I’m. Papa and mama always said that. Grandpa too” the little girl answers proudly

“I see” Minami laughs softly and said

When he looks back at her, he sees that she is looking at him very serious

“Huh?” He thought in confuse

“Is there something in my face” Minami thought while touching his face

Then he hears her call him


“Huh?” Minami asks

“Happy birthday oniichan” the little girl said while raising a drawing in front of him

Minami is surprised with what the little girl said. He never thought she would know his birthday. He looks at the drawing of a little kid. She drew a boy with a smiling face. Next to him is a little girl with black hair.

“You knew my birthday” Minami said in surprised tone

“Yes, I saw you blow the candle. Mama also told me about the birthday. She told me to give you a gift. I drew this, and put it in my bag so that I can give you later. But then I see you here, I want to give you my birthday present here.” The little said with a cute smile

Then she explains to him about the picture

“This is oniichan. Mama said oniichan is a super nice and good boy so you must be a happy person like me. Next to you is me, I'm a happy little girl playing with oniichan”

Minami smiles happily at the little girl innocent words

“Thank you. I love your present the most” he said while patting her head

“Yeah!!! I also said that to mama, papa, and grandpa that oniichan will like it” the little girl said in happy tone

Minami smiles at her innocent. Then she looks up at Minami again

“Onii-chan, can you play with me?” she asks him with her innocent eyes

“She is so cute” Minami smiles and thought

“Of course. However, first tell me what is your name?” he said

When the little girl is about to say her name, a girl voice appears


Minami turns and sees a maid running toward their place with worried face

“Ojou-sama, you shouldn’t run off like that” she bends down and said to the little girl

“I’m sorry” the little girl said

“It’s ok. Now let’s go back Ojou-sama. Master and mistress are looking for you” the maid said while lifting her up on her arms

“But I want to play with onii-chan” the little girl said in pouting tone

“Onii-chan” she calls him while looking at him with her big and cute eyes as asking him to help her

“You can’t ojou-sama. Master and Mistress are waiting. We will go home early because master got some urgent business” the maid said

Then she turns to Minami and said

“I’m sorry, Young Master Minami”

“It’s ok.” Minami said

Then he turns to little girl and pats her head

“We will play some other time ok” he said while smiling

“Ok” the little girl said and smiles innocently at Minami

After that the maid bows at Minami and left. The little girl still looks back at him in the maid arms

“Bye Bye onii-chan” She said while waving at him

Minami smiles and waves back

“What a cute little girl” he thought

End flashback

“His eyes are so similar to hers” Minami thought in surprised

While deepening in his thought, Minami hears Atsuko calls him in confused tone


Minami looks at her and sees she is looking at him confusingly

“Of course” he smiles and said

“Yay!!” Atsuko jumps up happily

“Maybe because he is so innocent just like a little child” Minami thought in amuse.

Suddenly someone round his arms around Atsuko's and Minami's shoulder

“Hi guys” Mayu said

His action startles Atsuko. He quickly pushes Mayu out and moves back surprising Mayu

“Calm down man. We just want to greet you” Jun pats Atsuko's shoulder and said

“Yes, we just want to be friend with you. You don’t have to react like that” Mayu said

Atsuko is scared. She is shrinking herself between them, and her face looks worry and lost. Minami notices that, he takes Jun's arm out and stands between them and Atsuko

“Jun, Mayu, what are you two doing? Don't scare him. He is not used to stranger” Minami asks seriously

He doesn't understand those two. Why did they act so strange around Atsuko? Atsuko holds Minami's shirt while hiding behind him. Jun and Mayu look at Atsuko and notices that she is really scared. They feel guilty now. The unknown feeling inside them blinding them causing they to do this unthinking action. They scratch their head and said

“We are sorry, Mizuki.”

“Let's be friend ok” they smile while extending their hand

Atsuko looks at them and then Minami. Minami smiles at her and nods. Atsuko slowly extends her hand

“Uh, let's be friend” She said in happy tone while smiling

Then Atsuko hears Rena and Yuki call her


She turns around and sees Rena and Yuki walking toward him

“Acchan, Yuki” she calls them while smiling

“I'm about to go back for lunch now” she said

“It's ok, we decided to eat outside.” Yuki said

“Uh, we will go picnic today” Rena said

“Picnic, great!” Atsuko said happily

Then she turns to Minami, Jun, and Mayu.

“Let's go picnic, Takamina, Jun, and Mayu” he smiles and said


When Minami is about to agree, Jun rounds his arm around Minami's shoulder. Cutting his words, he said

“Sorry Mizuki, but we have something to discuss. We will eat later”

Atsuko looks at Minami with confused look. Minami nods and smiles at her

“I'm sorry Mizuki. I'm busy. See you later” he said

“Ok” Atsuko said in disappointed tone

Minami looks at Atsuko's sad face. He doesn't know why, but he can't stand seeing her sad like that.

“W…we will try to finish our work sooner. If we can we will go there with you guys ok?” He said

Atsuko looks up and smiles again

“Ok. I will wait for you. We are eating near the pond not far from here” She said in happy tone while pointing toward the pond’s direction

“The pond, I got it.” Minami smiles and said

Then Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki walk to the pond.

Back to Minami

“So, what do you two want?” Minami asks while crossing his arms

“Let’s watch them” Jun said

“Watch them?” Minami said in confused tone

“Uh, observing them, seeing what kind of relationship is going around those three” Mayu said

“Really? For what?” Minami raises his eyebrows and asks

“Because Acchan and Yuki seem to very close to Mizuki” Jun said

“That’s it?” Minami asks

“Uh” Mayu and Jun nod

“Then why don’t you two do it yourself? I’m not interested” Minami said

“Come on, you still have a whole evening to play with ‘your Mizuki’. We are buddies, right? Let’s go with us”

“What are you saying? My Mizuki? What do you mean?” he asks while frowning when hearing that

“Nothing, just kidding man. Come on, Takamina. Come with us” Jun said

“Ok” Minami sighs and nods

Then they stealthily come to the pond and secretly watching Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki

At the pond

Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki are eating happily together.

“Mizuki, ah” Yuki takes one sushi and feeds Atsuko

She smiles happily and eats it

“Yuki, your sushi is super delicious” she said

“Thank you” Yuki pinches her cheek and said

“So you only like Yuki’s food, huh?” Rena said pouting

“Someone is jealous” Yuki whispers in Atsuko's ear

“Of course Acchan’s food is the best too. I love all of them” Atsuko eats the food and said

“You are so cute, Mizuki” Rena smiles and said

After finished eating, Atsuko turns to look around finding Minami. She is waiting for Minami until now, but Minami hasn’t shown up yet. Seeing Atsuko's face, Yuki asks worriedly

“Mizuki, what's wrong?”

“I'm waiting for Takamina, Jun, and Mayu. They promised to come here” Atsuko said

“Maybe they are still busy with their work.” Rena said

“Uhm” Atsuko nods sadly

“Don’t be sad, Mizuki. Maybe it is a very serious matter that is why they can’t come here. Let’s also have dinner with them here, ok” Yuki said trying to help Atsuko feel better

“Ok” Atsuko nods and smiles at them

Then Rena said after cleaning the dishes

“Mizuki, it is time for your nap. Why don't you sleep a little?”

“Ok” Atsuko nods and lies down on Yuki's lap closing her eyes sleeping.


From a bush not far from Mizuki's group. There are two furious pair of eyes looking at Atsuko's direction. Though they couldn’t hear all their conversation because their place is a far away from Atsuko's place, they saw all their action, how they treat Atsuko, and how close Atsuko to them. She even lies on Yuki’s lap which makes Mayu even more annoy.

“How can they be that close to him?” Jun and Mayu mumble at the same time

Minami is also sitting in the bush with them because they dragged him here. However, he has different viewpoint than the two.

“The way they treat him...” he thought

At night

In Minami's room

While Minami is sleeping, Jun and Mayu call him up

“Takamina, wake up”

Jun shakes his shoulder and calls him again

“Hey Takamina, wake up”

Minami opens his eyes and frowns when seeing Jun and Mayu

“Why are you two here?” He asks Jun and Mayu in a little annoying tone

It is very late, and they just burst into his room, and wake him up like that.

“We talked and planned a very great plan to get close to them” Mayu said while sitting on his bed

“Them? Plan?” Minami said in confused tone

“You are too slow, Takamina.” Jun said

“Mayu and I had a very good conversation after seeing how close Mizuki to my Acchan, and his Yuki is” he sits down and explains

“Yours and his? Really?” Minami said in unbelievable tone

“Uh” Jun and Mayu nod

“Also Mizuki, I thought you two are his friend now” Minami said

“Yes, it is true that we are his friend. However that and this is different. He is still our rival between Acchan and Yuki” Mayu said, and Jun nods his head in agreement

Hearing that, Minami said

“I see. So you two are serious about them?”

“What do you mean, Takamina?” Mayu asks

“Normally, only girls follow you two, and you two just fooling around with them. This is the first time I see you two chasing after someone.” Minami explains

“You two even feel jealous when Mizuki being so close with those two or those two being caring toward him” he continues

“Hum….” Jun and Mayu sit back and think about Minami's words

Then the room fills with silent. Jun and Mayu are deep in their thought. They think about Minami's words.

It is true that they never once trying to get anyone. Girls just follow them because of their charm.

“Love, do they really understand that word? Is their feeling now really love?”

Even they don't know about it either. They just have a very special feeling when seeing those girls.

“Is it because they are beautiful? Is it because they are elegant? Or there is a deep feeling in it”

A lot of questions appear in their head, but neither of them know that answer. However, There is only one thing they definite about that is those girls are very special to them, and they want to be close to them more and more.


Minami looks at their serious face in confuse. This is the first time he sees them so serious like this.

“Could it be they really?” He thought

“Anyway, let's they figure out by themselves” he thought and lies back on his bed.

When he is about to close his eyes to sleep, Mayu and Jun call him at the same time


“What?” he sits up and asks annoyingly

“I still don't know about your question, but I want to get close to Acchan” Jun said

“Yes, me too. I want to know more about Yuki.” Mayu said

“Therefore we have to find out about their relationship with Mizuki.” Jun said seriously

“So…?” Minami asks

“Tomorrow, I want you to ask Mizuki about that” Mayu said

“What?” Minami shouts in surprise

“Hush Takamina, it is midnight” Jun said

“It was you two who caused me to shout like that” Minami said

“How can I ask Mizuki something like that?” He continues

“Because you are close to him that is why we ask you this. This evening, we saw you two went out together happily.” Jun said

“But still, I can't ask that kind of thing. What if he think that I have something toward them. It is troublesome” Minami shakes his head and said

“Come on Takamina. We know you only loyal to your first love. Doing this doesn't mean you betray your first love or anything.” Jun said

“Uh, trust us. It won't affect anything” Mayu said

“My what?” Minami asks in surprised tone

“Your first love of course. The little girl you met in your 10 birthday. You told us a lot of time about her right after your birthday even though you just met her once.” Mayu said

“Yes, we always tease you about liking man, but we know you be loyal to your first love that why you don't feel anything feeling to other girl, right?” Jun said

“Hold on a second. Who said that she is my first love. I just said she looks very cute and innocent. She is like a little angel” Minami said and smiles when remembering her cute face

“See. You never talk or smile like that when mentioning any girl except her. Also I'm definitely sure that you still keep that precious present in your room right?” Mayu said

“Though it is a little disappointing that you never meet her again since that day. Also you don't even know her name” Jun said

“Well as you just said. I never see her again after that day so that is just a… I don't know. I asked my parents. At first, they said they will told me later then they said they don't know. I guess there is too many people in my birthday”  Minami said a little disappointed

“I see. However, who know, one day you will meet her again.” Mayu said

Hearing Mayu’s words, suddenly a person appears in his head, but not the little girl. He remembers Atsuko's smiles and innocent eyes. He quickly shakes it out of his head

“Why did I think about Mizuki? Don't be stupid Minami. He just has similar eyes as her” he said to himself said

Jun and Mayu look at Minami and notice his strange action.

“What's up, Takamina?” Jun asks

His calls snaps him out of his thought

“Nothing” Minami said

“Anyway, put that thing aside. Help us please. I know that you will know how to ask him about that” Jun said

“Yes, please help us. We need to find our answer” Mayu said

“Then why don't you ask him by yourself. You two also are his friend now, right? Or even more clearer if you just at them directly” Minami said

“Moreover by looking at them this evening, I have a feeling the way they treat him just like a family. They properly see him as their little brother.” He continues his reason

“I told you that because you close to him. We are his friend, but you are very close to him. We have a feeling that the way he treats you and us are different” Jun said

“Plus, how can we ask Yuki or Acchan about that. Lastly even you felt so, we will never know what is their real relationship” Mayu adds

“Takamina” Mayu and Jun call him

Minami sighs

“Ok.” he said

“Yea! Thank you buddy” Mayu and Jun said in happy tone

“After this, we will definitely help you find your first love” Mayu said

“Uh” Jun nods

"It’s fine. I don't need you two find her for me. I believe in destiny” Minami said


That is chapter 3. Hope you guys enjoy reading it!  :)
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 4 10/12/2016
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 4  :)

Chapter 4: Beginning

In the morning

At the pond

Atsuko is sitting there with a fishing rod in her hand. She is fishing. Then she hears Minami call her


Atsuko turns and smiles at Minami

“Good morning, Takamina. You are also up early today” she said

“Uh, I want to enjoy all the sceneries here before we get back to Tokyo, tomorrow. This place is very great” Minami said

“I see. Then do you want to fish, Takamina? I got the fishing rods here” Atsuko asks him

“Of course, I love fishing.” Minami smiles and said

Then he sits down next to Atsuko and takes the rod that she gives him

“So, what will you do with the fish you caught, Mizuki?” Minami asks while opening the bag

“Nothing” Atsuko shakes her head and answers

“Huh?” Minami looks at her with surprised look

“Actually, this rod doesn't have a hook. I said that I fish, but the true is I just want to feed the fish here” Atsuko answers while showing Minami the string without any hook attached on it

“It is sad if they have to leave their family because of me, right?” she continues while smiling at Minami

Minami feels warm with her smile.

“He is so pure and innocent”

That is the thought that appears in Minami's head right after he heard what Atsuko said.

“You are so nice, Mizuki” Minami pats Atsuko's head and said

His unconscious action surprised Atsuko and him as well. He quickly withdraws hand and said

“I’m sorry”

“It is ok” Atsuko looks down and said a in small tone

She is blushing right now but trying to hide it from Minami. Then silent fills between them, and Minami can sense awkward in the air

“Uhm...Mizuki, let's fish” he said trying to break this awkward

“Ok” Atsuko nods

When she turns to look at Minami, she sees that Minami also takes out the hook in his string

“Why did you take it out, Takamina?” Atsuko asks in confuse

“It is sad to separate them with their family, right?” Minami smiles at Atsuko and said

Mizuki smiles brightly at his words, a very bright smile which showing crinkles on his nose.

“A lovely smile” Minami thought

Suddenly a thought snaps him out of his current thought

“What's wrong? How can I think a guy lovely?”

“You are crazy, Minami. He is just look like that little girl, and that is it” he shakes his head and thought

Atsuko looks at Minami's action in confuse. She pats his shoulder and asks

“What's wrong, Takamina?”

Atsuko's call snaps him out of his thought. He looks at Atsuko and smiles reluctantly

“N..nothing, let's fish” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko nods and turns back to the pond

Suddenly, a stone flies and hits Minami’s head. He turns and glares at the bush where his two best buddies hiding. Jun looks at him and mumbles

“Stop talking nonsense and ask him”

Minami glares at them once again and turns back. He looks at Atsuko and sees that he is focusing on the pond.

“Uhm...Mizuki” Minami calls him hesitantly

Atsuko turns to him and asks

“What is it, Takamina?”

“Uhm...I...I have a question?” Minami said

“What is it, Takamina?” Atsuko asks

“Uhm… It is kinda… How can I put it? It is very hard to say” Minami scratches his head and said

Atsuko looks at Minami with confused look.

“It’s ok, Takamina. You can ask me anything, and I will help you with all I’ve got” she smiles and said

“Ok...Uhm...what...what kind of relationship between you, Yuki, and Rena?” Minami asks

Jun and Mayu are hiding in the bush. Hearing what Minami said, they turn and look at each other with surprise.

“He asks that straightforward” they thought

Mizuki looks at Minami with surprised and confused look

“Why does he want to know about Rena, Yuki, and me? What is his question about?” Atsuko thought in confuse

“Why did you ask, Takamina? And what do you mean?” she asks him in confused tone

“Uhm...I saw you seem to be very close to them. That is why I ask. Just out of curiosity” Minami said and laughs reluctantly

Hearing Minami's words, Atsuko realizes something, and a thought appears in her head. She doesn’t know why, but the thought sadden her a lot

“ you like one of them? Yuki or Rena?” she asks Minami in small tone

“No, no, no, no, of course not. I’m just curious” Minami shakes his head furiously and said

“It’s ok, Takamina. If you like one of them, just tell me. I will help” Atsuko smiles and said

But the true is she doesn’t feel happy when saying that

“Mizuki, I told the true. I don’t feel that kind of feeling toward those two. I just…” Minami quickly responses.

“Just?” Mizuki asks in confuse

“In the bush behind us, there are two idiots hiding. I asked you that question for those two idiots” Minami whispers in Mizuki’s ear

“Two idiots?” Atsuko mumbles in confuse while looking at Minami

Minami smiles and nods

“Just come there and take a look at those idiots” he whispers

Atsuko nods while standing up. He turns and walks toward the bush where Jun and Mayu are hiding.


Jun and Mayu are hiding while looking at Minami and Mizuki. They are surprised when seeing Atsuko stand up and walk toward their place.

“That Bakamina” Mayu mumbles

When Atsuko is getting near the bush, Jun and Mayu stand up and smile reluctantly at her

“Hi Mizuki, what a coincidence” they said

“Hi Mayu, Jun? What are you doing here?” Mizuki said in confused tone

Minami sits at his place looking at Mayu and Jun while giggling.

“Ask him yourself buddies” he whispers to them

Atsuko looks at Jun and Mayu still confuse why they look somehow awkward. Then she remembers Minami’s words

“Two idiots” she said out loud her thought

Jun and Mayu look back at Atsuko. Realizing what she just said, Atsuko looks down and said

“I’m sorry”

“No, it’s ok, Mizuki. I know you didn’t said that.” Jun pats Atsuko’s shoulder and said

“The only one who called us that is that Bakamina over there” Mayu said and points at Minami

Minami smirks while walking toward them

“Don’t call other like that” he said

“You are the one to talk” Jun and Mayu cross their arms and said

Then Atsuko speaks up

“Uhm...Jun, Mayu”

Mayu and Jun turn to Atsuko

“What is it, Mizuki?” Jun asks

“The question that Takamina just asked me, is it your question?” Atsuko asks

Her question makes Jun and Mayu surprise

“Uhm…” they scratch their head embarrassing and nod

Atsuko looks at Jun and Mayu. Then he said

“Acchan and Yuki are my family. They treat me as their little brother, and I also see them as my sister. There is nothing between us” Atsuko said

“Also, let’s me tell you a secret, Acchan and Yuki have a very good impression with you two. They talked to me about you two a lot” she continues while smiling at them

Hearing what Mizuki said, Mayu’s and Jun’s eyes lit up. They look at Atsuko and smile happily

“But, this is a secret between us ok” Atsuko said while smiling

“Ok” they nod

“Also Mizuki, please keep the secret about what we asked you with them ok.” Jun said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

“Thank you, Mizuki.” They said

Then they leave the place while Atsuko and Minami go back and continues feeding the fish

At night

In Atsuko's room

Atsuko sits on her bed reading her book. Then Yuki and Rena come in. However not by the front door because their rooms are connected by the side door.

“Yuki-neechan, Rena-neechan” Atsuko looks at them and smiles

“Hi Acchan” they smile at her

They can talk freely here because the room is soundproof.

Then Yuki and Rena sit down on Atsuko's bed, and Atsuko lies down on Rena’s lab like a kid wanting her mother to spoil her. She puts the book down and look at Yuki and Rena

“Tomorrow we will go back to Japan. How is that place, Rena-neechan?” Atsuko asks in worried tone

Rena and Yuki look at Atsuko gently. They know she worry. This is the first time she leaves this island.

“Japan or Specifically Tokyo, that is a very crowded place.” Rena said

“Yes, it is very crowded with a lot of big buildings. There is nothing like this place” Yuki adds

“I see. How about my relatives? Are they nice?” Atsuko asks

Rena and Yuki look at her. They sigh silently.

“Nice? Of course not” Rena and Yuki thought at the same time

“They all want your inheritance, Acchan. And because of that, they can do everything” Yuki strokes Atsuko's hair while thinking

Seeing them so silent, Atsuko opens her eyes

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” she calls them in confused when seeing their serious face.

Her calls snap them out of their thought. They look at her and smile

“Don't worry Acchan, everything will be fine. Just leave everything to us” Rena said

“Yes, in the butler disguise, you will be safe” Yuki adds

They answered, but not her question. Atsuko can notice their strange behavior. They are trying to avoid her question. However, she doesn't mind about that because she has them by her side

“Ok” Atsuko smiles and nods at them

Lying for a while then Atsuko look at Rena and asks

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan what do you think about three police who came here to protect us?” Atsuko asks

“Uhm… they look nice. Jun is very fun with all his different adventures and stuffs. He also like reading a lot just like me” Rena said

Unknowingly she only talks about Jun. Then Yuki said

“Uh, they seem very nice. Mayu also understands a lot about music. His mother also my idol. He also knows a lot of funny things and tricks.”

Just like Rena, Yuki just only talks about Mayu. Their action amuses Atsuko. She looks at them while giggling. Seeing her action, Rena asks

“Why did you giggle, Acchan?”

“You two seem to have very good impression with them. Especially Jun, and Mayu” Atsuko said while looking from Rena to Yuki

Hearing Atsuko's words, they blush a little.

“You little kid, you dare to tease us” Rena said

“Yes, we have to punish you” Yuki said

Then they start tickling her

“Hahaha...ok, ok I'm sorry, I'm sorry.” Atsuko laughs loudly and said

Suddenly they stop.

“But not only us, right Yuki?” Rena said and winks at Yuki

Understanding her words, Yuki said

“Yes, I feel that someone really like to play with a certain person leaving us all alone”

Atsuko looks at them with confused look

“What are you talking about?” She asks them in confused tone

“Takahashi Minami” Yuki said

Hearing Minami’s name, Atsuko blushes. She quickly turns around burying her face on the pillow.

“Oh ho ho… someone is shy” Rena said

“I...I'm not” Atsuko said stuttering cutely

Rena and Yuki look at each other and smile amusingly

“Our Acchan growth up now.” Rena said

“Yes, she isn't a kid anymore. She is a young girl in love now” Yuki adds teasingly

“O...of course not.” Atsuko sits up and said

Her face already red like a tomato. Rena and Yuki try to hold their laughter when looking at Atsuko's face. Suddenly she speaks up with a sad voice


Her voice causes Rena and Yuki stop their laughter

“What's wrong, Acchan?” Rena asks worriedly

“But Takamina only knows me as a man name Mizuki.” Atsuko said

Rena and Yuki she surprised. Now they certain that Atsuko has some special feeling toward Minami.

“Don't worry Atsuko. When everything is settled and you reveal your identity to him, I'm certain that he will fall for you right away” Rena pats her head and said

“Really?” Atsuko looks up and asks

“Of course, if we were men, we would definitely fall for your cuteness” Yuki said

Their words make Atsuko smile happily.

“Ok Acchan, you should sleep now. Tomorrow we have to leave early” Rena said

“Ok, goodnight Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko said

“Goodnight” they said to her and go back to their rooms.

In the next day

All of them prepare to go back to Japan. Yuji will go back in a separate jet while Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki go with Minami's group.

Yuji's plane takes off first and after that is Minami's plane. When Jun is about to control the plane to take off, the left wing of Yuji’s plane explodes. It broke and flies back right at Minami's group plane. The collision makes the plane shaking.

“What the…” Jun shouts in surprise while trying to control the plane.


In the main cabin

The sudden shock surprises Minami, Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki.

“What's wrong, Takamina?” Atsuko asks worriedly

“I don't know. Let's me ask Jun” Minami said while standing up

He pushes the button which connect to the control room.

“Jun, what's wrong?” He asks in worried tone

(Yuji's plane exploded. The wing hits our plane. I…)

While Jun is talking, another collision happened. Then Minami hears Mayu’s hurried tone

(Jun, the right wing got problem. Something hits it)

Atsuko turns and looks at Rena and Yuki with worried eyes

“We will be fine” Yuki pats Mizuki's head and said

Then the warning alarm in the plane went off together with warning light

“Man, this is bad” Minami thought while looking around

“Guys, we have to get out of here now before this plane went out of control.” He said

Then Jun and Mayu quickly rush out of the control room.

“Jun, go help Acchan, Mayu help Yuki.” Minami said

“Ok” Jun and Mayu said

Then Minami turns to Atsuko and asks

“Mizuki you can take off your seat belt, right?”

“Takamina, help him” Rena said in worried tone

“I'm fine. I can do it” Atsuko said

“Good, I will go open the door” Minami said

Then he rushes to the door. Luckily, Jun already slowed the plane down a little bit. Now they have to get out of here before it went out of control.

Minami turns the door to open it up. After he got the door opens he turns and said loudly

“Jump out now”

Jun and Mayu take Rena’s and Yuki’s hand rushing to the door. However, when Yuki and Rena turn to look for Atsuko, they don't see her anywhere

“Mizuki” Yuki calls worriedly

When Rena and Yuki are about to run back to the cabin. Mayu and Jun hold them back

“Jun, Mayu, you two take Yuki and Acchan out of here first. I will go back to Mizuki.” Minami said

“Ok, be quick buddy” Jun said

“I will” Minami said

Then he turns to Rena and Yuki and said in serious tone

“Don't worry, I will bring Mizuki out of here.”

“I entrust him to you Takamina” Yuki said

Then Jun and Mayu take Rena and Yuki and jump out of the plane. Jun first then Mayu following after

“Are you ok, Acchan/Yuki?” Jun and Mayu asks them

“Yes” Rena and Yuki nods

“Acchan” Rena and Yuki look at the plane and thought worriedly


In the plane

After talking to Jun and Mayu, Minami quickly rushes back to the main cabin to look for Atsuko. When he reaches the place, he sees Atsuko is struggling with the seatbelt.

“What's wrong, Mizuki?” Minami asks

“There is something wrong with my seatbelt. I can't take it off” Atsuko said scarily

“Don't worry, let's me help you” Minami said

Suddenly the plane shakes strongly making Minami lose his balance. Luckily, he holds Atsuko's chair on time.



While waiting, they suddenly see one wheel of the plane broke making the plane shake.

“Mizuki, Mizuki” Yuki and Rena shout and chase after the plane.

“Calm down Acchan, Yuki. Takamina will definitely take him out” Jun and Mayu hold them back

Meanwhile in the place

“Are you ok, Takamina?” Atsuko asks worriedly

“I'm ok” Minami said while standing up

He holds the seatbelt trying to open it. However, the seatbelt is stuck in Atsuko’s chair. Then he takes out a small knife in his pocket. He uses it to cut the seatbelt. While Minami trying to cut it, Atsuko sees smoke come out all over the plane. She also sees fire on the plane wing through the window.

“Takamina, just leave me. The plane can explode any second” Atsuko said

“Baka, I won't leave you no matter what.” Minami said seriously

Atsuko looks at Minami in tear when seeing blood on his hand when he accidentally cut his because of hurry.

“Don't worry, Mizuki. I will definitely take you out no matter what. I promised you that I will take you to amusement park and natural park, right? I won't break my promise” Minami smiles and said

When Minami sees the cut is enough to break, he throws the knife and tries to pull it out with all his strength.

“Ugh…” he uses all his strengths to break the seatbelt

Finally, it comes off. Minami quickly takes Atsuko hand and rushes to the door. He jumps out of the plane before it explodes. The plane completely lost its balance. It is spinning around and explodes


Minami hugs Atsuko in his chest to shield for her from the explosion. Jun and Mayu also hugs Rena and Yuki down to shield for them.

After the explosion

Minami sits down and helps Atsuko to sit up. They see the plane’s parts are all over the place. Luckily it didn’t hit them. Also, this place is very far from the trees, it won’t cause any fire.

“Are you ok, Mizuki?” He asks Atsuko while checking on him

“Uh, I’m fine. But your hand is hurt Takamina” Atsuko said in worried tone while taking Minami’s hand

“I’m fine. Just a small cut” Minami smiles and said

Atsuko takes out his handkerchief and carefully wipes the blood on Minami’s hand. Minami doesn’t know why but his heart suddenly beats fast when he is looking at Atsuko’s face right now.

Then he hears Jun's voice

“Are you two ok?”

Minami turns and said

“Uh, we are fine”

“Mizuki” Rena and Yuki calls worriedly

Atsuko stands up and rushes to them

“Mizuki, we are so glad.” Yuki hugs Atsuko and said happily

“Uh, thank goodness” Rena said and also hugs Mizuki tightly

Suddenly Atsuko sees smoke at the direction toward the seashore.

“Smoke” she said

“Mr. Matsumoto” Jun said

Then they all quickly rush to the smoke direction. When they reach the seashore, the only thing they see is a big fire.

“Yuji” Atsuko shouts and rushes toward the direction

“Mizuki” Rena and Yuki chase after her

Minami, Jun, and Mayu also rush there

“Yuji, Yuji” Atsuko calls and run into the water

“Mizuki, calm down. It is dangerous” Yuki pulls her back and said

“Yuji” Atsuko calls in tear

“Calm down, Mizuki” Rena hugs him and said

“Yuji” Atsuko hugs her and cries while Yuki patting her head

Minami, Jun, and Mayu stand there and look at the burning plane while frowning

“So our mission started now” Mayu said

“Seem so. Whoever it is, I won't let anyone lay a hand on her no matter what” Jun said seriously while looking at Rena

“However, how did they know us here? How did they make that plane explode? More importantly why did the plane exploded is his not ours? What is their intention” Minami said while looking at a small piece of the plane.


That is chapter 4. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. :)
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Chapter 5: Stars In the Sky

At the mansion

In the family room

Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki are sitting silently on the sofa. They are very sad because of the tragic incident just happened. Yuji to them is family. He is with them since they were little, and now he died in that explosion.

Jun and Mayu sit on the side looking at them. Then the door opens, and Minami walks in.

“What did your father say, Takamina? Can you contact him?” Jun stands up and asks

Minami shakes his head and sits down.

“Just as we expected, the signal here is lost. I can't use neither my phone nor the home phone.” He said

“So they disconnected us with the outside. What do they want?” Mayu said

“No idea” Jun shakes his head and said

“Maybe they want to trap us here for some reason, or they want to isolated us here. It will be very easy for their action like attacking us” Minami said serious

“Yea...that's what I don't want to think” Jun said

Then Mayu turns to Minami and asks

“What are we going to do now, Takamina?”

“We have to find a way to get back there as soon as possible. My father thought that we will get back here today. If not, there will be a big problem.” Minami said

“But how can we get back now” Jun said

Suddenly Atsuko speaks up

“Grandpa has a small private jet in the basement under this mansion”

Everyone turns their attention to Atsuko

“A private jet?” Minami looks at the three and asks in confused tone

“Yes, grandfather has a private jet under this house. We always came there to play when we were kids” Rena said

“Can you show us, now?” Minami asks

“Ok” Yuki nods

Then they all follow Rena, Yuki, and Atsuko to the place. Yuki opens Atsuko's room and leads Minami's group into the room. Rena leads them toward the closet and opens it for them

“This is the place lead to that plane” Rena said

“Luckily, Acchan’s clothes are in my room” Yuki thought

Because if they see girl clothes in a man room, their cover will be blown right away

After pushing some butler outfits aside, Yuki pulls aside a wooden door. Behind it is a pad with fingerprint detector.

Atsuko walks toward and types the password. After that, she puts her thumb on the screen. The red light scans through it. Next, there is a thing come out from the wall in front of Atsuko. There is a beam light come out from it, and it scans through her eyes as well.

“Wow super high tech” Mayu whispers excitedly

“Yea, it is so cool” Jun said

“Uh” Minami nods silent

He is surprised that the person who hold the key to open the door is Atsuko not Rena who is the real granddaughter

“Why?” Minami thought

But then he remembers how sad Atsuko is and her words when they talk about president Maeda

“Grandpa loves me as his own grandson. He is my only family”

“Maybe he sees him as his own grandson that is why he wants Mizuki to keep this place for him.” He smiles to himself and thought

After all the process, the system said

“Welcome back master”

The steel door slowly opens showing a very modern lab.

“Cool, super cool” Mayu said excitedly while walking inside the place.

This place is his favorite because he loves technology a lot.

“Yeah, this place is just wow” Jun said in agreement

When they walk into the place, they see a super cool plane in the middle of the room.

“Wow, that is a great plane.” Jun said in excited tone while rushing to see the plane.

“You can go inside the plane if you want, Jun” Rena said

“That will be great” Jun said

He loves plane since he was a kid.

“Let's me open the door for you” Rena said

Then she leads Jun down the stair toward the plane.


Minami are still standing on the upstairs, and Mayu is looking at the controlling system around the room.

“Is there anyone know about this except you three and President Maeda?” Minami asks while looking around

“No” Yuki shakes her head

“This a secret basement of grandfather. No one knows about this place except three of us.” she said

“There is only one passage lead to it, and it is located is Mizuki's room. In addition as you can see, in order to go into this room, there have to be password and Mizuki's identity” she adds

“I see. It very secure.” Minami nods and said

“Uh” Yuki nods

At the same time

Atsuko walks slowly into the lab. This place reminds her of her grandpa. Yuji’s death suddenly scares her a lot. She doesn’t know what to do if Ryuu left her too


Inside the plane

Little Atsuko is playing on the floor near her grandpa who is working on the plane controling system. Then Ryuu turns to Atsuko and said

“Atsu, come here”

Little Atsuko rushes to her grandpa. He lifts her up on his laps and asks

“Atsu, do you remember what I taught you about how to come to this place?”

“Yes, grandpa. Atsu remembers everything” little Atsuko answers proudly

“Good job my little granddaughter” Ryuu pats her head and said happily

“Atsu, this place is a secret between us, Rena, and Yuki. Remember don’t tell anyone ok” he looks at her and continues

“Grandpa, can I tell Yuji?” little Atsuko looks up and asks

“No, not anyone, not Yuji, ok” Ryuu said gently

“Yes, Atsu understand grandpa” Atsuko smiles and said

End flashback

Atsuko turns and looks at the small cart at the corner of the room


Atsuko is sitting on the cart, and Ryuu is pushing her around the lab

“Yeah!!! Grandpa, faster, faster, yeah!!” she raises her hands and said happily

“Ok, my little princess” Ryuu said and laughs softly while pushing the cart faster

“Grandpa, Atsu is driving a very fast car” little Atsuko looks back at her grandpa and said while acting as if she is driving

“Yea! Atsu is a super driver. However sit still Atsu or you will fall” Ryuu said while laughing softly

End flashback


Minami still keeps looking around the place. Then he notices Atsuko. She is standing near the handlebar of the level while looking down sadly. Minami can feel how sad she is because she is very silent since the incident.

After awhile

They leave the room

“That's for today. I think everyone is very exhausted. Let's talk about leaving here tomorrow” Minami said

“Ok, thank you guys” Rena said

“No problem” Mayu said

“By the way, Acchan” Minami turns and calls Rena

“Yes?” Rena looks up and asks

“From now on we will have to protect you three more closely.” Minami said

“Yes, if you want to go anywhere, please inform me. I will go with you. You can't go by yourself even just at the backyard” Jun looks at Rena and said seriously

“Ok” Rena nods

“Same goes with you too, Yuki.” Mayu said

“Ok” Yuki nods

“We just want to tell you that. I believe that all of you are very tired because of that. You should go back to your room and rest” Minami said

“Ok” they nod

Then they return to their room while Minami, Jun, and Mayu go downstairs to check around the house first. They also have to set up more cameras and everything to help them in protecting the three. While walking, Minami turns to look back. He sees Atsuko hasn't come to her room yet. She is standing there while holding the handle.

“You guys go there first” Minami said to Jun and Mayu

“Ok” they nod

Then he walks towards Atsuko and calls her


Atsuko is still deep in her thought, hearing Minami's call, she turns and asks

“What is it, Takamina?”

“Why are you standing here?” Minami asks

“Ah nothing. Just thinking about stuffs. I will go in now.” Atsuko smiles and said

Suddenly Minami raises his hand and pats Atsuko’s head surprising her.

“I know you are very sad because of what happened, but don't hold back to yourself. Just tell me. I'm worry when seeing you like this. We're friend, right?” Minami said gently while smiling at Atsuko

Minami's action and words surprise her a lot. It makes her heart feel very warm. She nearly burst in tear with all the emotions that she is holding inside her since the incident. Atsuko tries to hold back her tear and said while smiling at Minami

“Thank you, Takamina. I'm really fine”

“Good” Minami said

“However a forced smile doesn't suit you, Mizuki. Tomorrow I hope to see your real smile” he continues while smiling at her.

Minami's words once again make Atsuko very surprised.

“I will go. Good night, Mizuki” Minami said

“Uh, good night, Takamina” Atsuko nods and said

Then Minami turns and walks away. Atsuko is still standing there and looking at Minami's back a little. Then she walks into her room.

Inside Atsuko's roomp

When she walks in, she see Rena and Yuki are already sitting on her bed waiting for her. Their face look worry. Seeing them, Atsuko burst into tear and rushes to hug Yuki tightly. Yuki hugs her while patting her back. Rena also sits beside her and strokes her hair trying to comfort Atsuko

After awhile

Atsuko stops crying now. However she is still hugging Yuki tightly and sobbing. Yuji’s death saddens her a lot, but the thought of losing her grandpa scares her more.

Seeing that Atsuko calmed down a little now, Yuki pats her head and speaks up

“Don't be sad Acchan. Yuji will be sad if he sees you like this”

“Why did the plane explode, Renan-neechan, Yuki-neechan? Why did he die? I miss him” Atsuko said and sobs

“Sshh...don't cry, Acchan.” Rena strokes her back to comfort her

“Is it because of me?” Atsuko looks up and asks

“Baka, why is that related to you?” Yuki flicks her head and said

“This is not because of you, ok” Rena turns Atsuko's face to look at her and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods sadly

Yuki continues hugging her and keeps patting her back to comfort her

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko calls them

“What is it, Acchan?” Yuki strokes her head and asks

“Will grandpa leave me like Yuji?” she sudden asks them a question that neither of them know how to answer

Yes, Ryuu’s condition is not so bright. They heard Yuji said that he is in real bad shape that is why he wants Atsuko to come back there just in case something happen to him

Rena and Yuki look at each other. Then Rena pats her head and said

“Don’t worry Acchan, grandpa Ryuu will be fine.”

“Don’t you remember what Takamina told you?” Yuki said

“I remember, but what happened to Yuji scared me. I’m scared that grandpa will leave me” Atsuko said in sobbing tone

“Aww! Don’t worry Acchan. Grandpa Ryuu will never leave you. He loves you more than anything, right?” Yuki said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then she keeps silent still hugging Yuki

After a while

Atsuko falls in sleep because of tiredness. She had been crying since they are back to her room. Yuki and Rena help her lie down on the bed. After that, they lie on each of her side just like when they were little.

Atsuko unconsciously moves closer to Rena and holds her shirt tightly. Rena and Yuki look at her and smile

“Do you remember when we were kid, Rena?” Yuki asks while stroking Atsuko's hair comforting her

“Uh, whenever she has a nightmare, she will call us to sleep with her like this.” Rena said and pats her back


While Rena is sleeping in her room, she suddenly feels someone shakes her arm. She opens her eyes and sees little Atsuko looking at her with tearful eyes like she is about to cry. In her arms, she is hugging her pillow.

“What's wrong, Acchan?” Rena sits up and asks

“I...I had a nightmare” little Acchan said

“Then Acchan wants to sleep here with me?” Rena asks

“Uh, but I want Yuki-nee here too” Atsuko said

“Huh? Why is that?” Rena asks

“Because it will be very warm and safe to be between Rena-neechan and Yuki-neechan” Atsuko said innocently

“Ok, go into my bed first. I will call Yuki” Rena said

“Yes” Atsuko nods happily

Then she climbs up to Rena's bed while Rena going out to call Yuki. After that three of them happily sleep together

End flashback

“That time is very fun.” Yuki smiles and said

However her smile disappears instantly.

“However, thing from now on will never be as peaceful as in this island.” Yuki said while looking at Atsuko worriedly

“Certainly. What will happen if those greedy people know about her existence? I really don't want to see her in any danger” Rena said in worry tone

“Although she is 20 years old now, she is still very like a little kid, very pure and innocent. She doesn't know how bad and dark the world outside here beyond this island” she continues

“That is why we have to do our best to protect our little sister no matter what” Yuki said in serious tone

“Uh, I won't ever let anyone lay a hand on her or hurting her, causing her pure and innocent smile to disappear” Rena said seriously

At night

In Minami's room

Minami, Jun, and Mayu gather together to talk about the incident

“So thing gets serious now” Jun said while sitting down on the chair

“Uh, at first I thought this just normal protection mission. But now, there is really someone wants to do something to the heir of Maeda clan. They even killed a person now” Mayu said

“Uh, there are two big questions in this. Who are they? And what is their intention?” Minami said while writing on the board that he hung on the wall.

“Certainly. In order to know those question, I think we should answer the questions that you mentioned at the sea.” Jun said while taking the marker in Minami's hand

“Why did they kill Matsumoto Yuji? Why the plane exploded is his not ours where the heir was” Jun said while writing on the board

“That is the key here” Mayu said

“Uh, to be honest, those people are in the dark. We would never know what they will do to us. In addition, the fact that they can make that plane to explode even though we are here shows that if they want to kill her or all of us, they can just do that. Why did they bother to kill Yuji?” Minami said

“Correct. If they kill Yuji like this, just like an warning to us to be aware their present. This move can't make any benefit to them” Jun said

“Uh” Minami and Mayu nod in agreement.

Then silent fills the room. Each of them is deep in their own thought about the case. Mayu speaks up

“Could it be this is a challenge to the police since they know police involved in this. It just like ‘catch me if you can’.”

“That is a possibility” Jun said

“Or they thought that Acchan will go with him on that plane.” he continues

“Uh, that could be truth too.” Mayu nods

Then silent once again fill the room

“Or someone wants to zip his lips” Minami suddenly speaks up

Jun and Mayu looks at him

“Zip his lips? You mean he knew things that he shouldn't?” Jun said

“I think so. However, maybe he didn't even know what is the thing that caused him to die like this” Minami said

“But what did he know that can cause him dead? He is just a butler of Maeda clan, or precisely president Maeda” Mayu said

Suddenly there is an idea appears in their heads at the same time. They turn and look at each other

“Are you thinking what I'm thinking?” they said at the same time

“Who will be the most benefit if something happen to president Maeda?” Minami said while writing on the board

“Maybe the things he knew related to the Maeda’s member. That is why they kill him” Mayu said

“Hum...I guess we have to review Maeda family tree to know that” Jun said

“Yes” Minami nods in agreement


In Atsuko's room

While sleeping, Yuki and Rena suddenly they hear Atsuko's shaky voice


Rena and Yuki open their eyes and see Atsuko struggling scarily on the bed

“She got that nightmare again” Rena said

“Uh, maybe the explosion incident reminds her that” Yuki said

“Sshh….Acchan everything ok. Everything is ok” Rena pats her back and said

“We are here with you, Acchan” Yuki said while stroking her hair

Atsuko slowly calm down and falls in sleep again.

“Mommy” she calls in her sleep and snuggles closer to Rena

In the early morning

Minami, Mayu, and Jun walks out of their room and come to the dining room. When they get there, they see Atsuko, Rena and Yuki are already there

“Good morning” Rena and Yuki greet them

“Good morning” Minami, Jun, and Mayu greet them back

Minami looks at Atsuko and notices that she still hasn’t get any better since last night

“Let's me bring the food out here for you guys” Yuki stands up and said

“Let’s me help you, Yuki” Mayu stands up and offers his help

“Thank you, Mayu” Yuki smiles and said

After bringing all the food out, they all start eating.

“Takamina, do you have any clue who did that?” Rena asks

“Uhm...we still don’t have any clues about that. Who can possibly know this island because my father said that this place is very secretive” Minami said

“I see” Rena said

“Then when will we can go back to Japan?” Yuki asks

“Tomorrow we will go back to Japan” Minami said

“Yes, we talked to each other last night. In order to make sure that the plane is safe, Mayu and I will check on it today” Jun said

“Yes, making sure everything work perfectly” Mayu adds

“I see” Yuki nods

“Jun, do you think there will be other people here except us?” Rena turns to Jun and asks

“I don’t quite sure about that. However, don’t worry Acchan. I will protect you no matter what” Jun pats his chest and said

“Thank you, Jun” Rena smiles and said

They continue their talk except one person who only playing with the food in her dish. Minami notices that. He keeps looking at Atsuko's every expression.

“Mizuki, why don’t you eat your food?” Yuki said

“Uhm, I’m full” Atsuko stands up and said

“You haven’t eaten even half of it” Rena said

“I’m really full” Atsuko forces a smile and said

Then she leaves the room.

“Mizuki, don’t go too far. Also outside is raining” Yuki said

“I won’t. I just sit at the front door” Atsuko said

Then she leaves the dining room. Minami also stands up and said

“I will go with him to protect him”

“Thank you, Takamina” Yuki and Rena said

In the dining room

After Minami left, Yuki said with a heavy sighs

“Mizuki’s parents died when he was 5 in a tragic incident. Then grandpa take him here with us”

“Since then we always stay together. Yuji is like his father. He took care of him very well from every small thing.” Rena adds

“I see, I can understand how he feels” Jun said

“Uh, Mr. President is now still in hospital. Then Mr. Matsumoto.” Mayu said and sighs


“I hope Mr. president will get better soon” Jun said

“Me too” Mayu said

“Thank you, you two are really great friends” Yuki smiles and said

“Yes, we are lucky to meet three of you” Rena said

Jun and Mayu look at each other and smile happily

“Us too. It is our luck to meet you” Jun said

At the front door

Atsuko sits on the floor while looking at the rain outside. Her eyes just like she is looking at some distance. Minami comes and sits down next to her.

“Are you ok, Mizuki? Did you get better after a good sleep?” he asks

Minami’s voice snaps Atsuko out of her thought. She turns and looks at him with surprised look.

“I’m fine” She said and smiles at him

“You know you can’t lie, Mizuki, especially with your smile” Minami smiles and said

“Oh” Atsuko looks down

“Mizuki, just like I told you last night, don't keep everything inside you. Just tell me everything. I'm your friend” Minami gently said

“Thank you, Minami” Atsuko said

She is very happy with what Minami said

“Except grandpa, Yuji is the person I respect. I have no parent. Yuji took care of since I came here, and I see him as my father. It is very painful to know that he forever gone, and I can’t see him anymore” she told Minami

“Moreover, his death scares me Takamina. What if one day, grandpa also leaves me like him. I don't want that. I really don't want that. My parents, and now Yuji left. I don't want any of my important family left me again.” she continues in very painful tone while shaking her head

“Mizuki” Minami looks at her

He can feel pain in her tone. Then silent fills between them. Suddenly, Minami speaks up

“You know what Mizuki?”

Atsuko looks up at him

“When a person die, he or she doesn't completely disappear from this world. However, their soul will become a star in the sky” Minami said

“Really, Takamina?” Atsuko tilts her head and asks

“Uh, do you know why, Mizuki?” Minami asks

“Why?” Atsuko asks

“To watch over people who dear to them” Minami smiles and said

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise

“Really?” She asks again

“Uh, I believe that Mr. Matsumoto also became a star right now, and he is watching over you from that sky together with your parents” Minami said and point to the sky

“They are watching over me, even now?” Atsuko asks in question tone

“Uh, definitely” Minami nods confidently

“So don’t be sad ok. They will be sad if seeing you cry or sad like that” he continues while patting his shoulder

Atsuko looks up to the sky seriously

“They are watching over me” she thought

She feels very happily when hearing that. Minami’s words make Atsuko feel like everyone is still with her.

“About your grandpa, Mizuki, no matter what, he will always be with you. He won’t ever leave you, Mizuki because you are also his precious family.” Minami said

“Really?” Atsuko looks at him and asks

“Uh” Minami smiles and nods

Atsuko slowly smiles brightly at Minami. She doesn't know why, but Minami's words always help her feel extremely happy.

“Thank you, Minami. You are my best friend” Atsuko said happily

Minam smiles when seeing her happy smile again.

“You’re very welcome, Mizuki.” He said

Then Minami looks back at the sky. The rain already stopped leaving the sky return back to its normal color of blue

Minami leans to the back while using his hands to support him.

“Mizuki, do you want to watch stars with me, tonight?” He asks

“Stars?” Atsuko turns and asks in confuse

“Uh, we will go out and look at the starry sky. It will be very beautiful” Minami said while pointing up to the sky

“I see…” Atsuko said

Suddenly she remembers something

“Takamina, tonight I will take you to this place. We will watch the stars there” she said

“Where is it, Mizuki?” Minami asks

“It is a secret” Atsuko puts a finger on her lips and said playfully

“Ok” Minami laughs softly and said

“But I also have a secret” he continues

“What is it, Takamina?” Atsuko asks

“I can’t tell because it is a secret. I will show you tonight” Minami said

“I want you to tell me now” Atsuko pouts and said

Minami looks at her childish face and giggles

“How about we will exchange? You tell yours and I will tell mine” he said

Atsuko sits there and thinks about Minami’s deal while folding her arms. Her action makes Minami giggle again. It is so much like a little kid. Thinking for a while, she looks up and said

“I want to keep my secret.”

Her answer makes Minami laughs loudly

“You are so cute, Mizuki” he said

His words make Atsuko blush. Her grandpa, Rena, and Yuki told her that countless time. However, she doesn’t know why her heart suddenly beats faster just because Minami said that. Maybe because this is first time, someone other than her grandpa, Rena, and Yuki say that to her.

Atsuko turns and looks at Minami who is still laughing. Her heart suddenly beats faster again. She quickly stands up and turns around. Her action confuses Minami

“What’s up, Mizuki?” he asks

“Uhm…nothing” Atsuko shakes her head and said
“Anyway, let’s go Takamina, I want to tell Acchan and Yuki what you just told me” Atsuko stands up and said excitedly

“Ok” Minami said while standing up


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 5 17/12/2016
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They will tell their secrets to each other? Wooooo wonder how it will turn out.  XD XD XD XD XD
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 6 24/12/2016
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@Janix123: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

Here is chapter 6  :D

Chapter 6: Going Back

Outside the plane

Mayu is checking on the outside of the plane, and Yuki is helping him. Mayu is thinking about what topics to talk to Yuki while checking the wheel of the plane.

“Uhm… Yuki” he calls her

“Huh? You need something?” Yuki asks

“No, I just want to talk” Mayu scratches his head and said while smiling

“Oh” Yuki said

Then silents fills between them. Yuki is waiting for Mayu to talk, but he just sits there silently

“Uhm...Mayu” Yuki calls him

“What's it, Yuki?” Mayu asks

“What do you want to talk to me? You said you want to talk, right?” Yuki asks

“Oh right hahaha…” Mayu said and laughs reluctantly

“Stupid...why can't you talk properly to her?” He scolds himself

Suddenly he hears Yuki's soft laughing. He looks at her with confuse

“Why did you laughs, Yuki?” He asks

“You are so cute, Mayu” Yuki said while raising the screen of her phone toward him.

“Huh?” Mayu looks at the screen in confuse

Then he sees that there is a oil stain on his nose. He looks down at his hand and see oil on his hand too

“I see” Mayu thought and smiles mischievously

He takes a secret look at the beautiful girl who is still laughing in front of him. Then he moves up and touches Yuki's nose surprising her. Yuki looks at him with confused look

“Aha, you are just like me now, little kitten” Mayu said and laughs loudly.

Yuki looks at her phone and sees an oil stain on her nose

“Mayu” she calls him and chases after him.

“Haha, catch me if you can” Mayu stands up and said

Yuki chase him around the wheels. Suddenly she trips on the screw driver and falls. Mayu catches her by her waist pulling her closer to him, and her hands are resting on his chest. Now they are very close to each other. Yuki’s heart starts beating faster as well as Mayu’s heart.

“Be careful” Mayu said

“T...thank you, Mayu.” Yuki said shyly

Then silent fill between them. The only sound now is their abnormal heartbeat. Suddenly they hear Atsuko's voice

“Yuki, Yuki”

They quickly pull out of each other and turns to different direction

“Yuki” Atsuko smiles and rushes to her

“Yuki, are you sick? Your face is red” she asks worried while touching her forehead

“I...I’m fine, Mizuki. Just a little hot here” Yuki said while smiling reluctantly

“Hot? But I feel a little cold in here” Atsuko said in confused

“Maybe because I'm helping Mayu with these things” Yuki hopelessly reasons

“I see” Atsuko smiles and said

Yuki sighs in relief

"Luckily she is so innocent" she thought

“Anyway, Mizuki, you seem happy.” Yuki said trying to divert to another topic

“Oh, I almost forgot. Takamina just showed me where Yuji is” Atsuko said happily

“Where Yuji is?” Yuki asks in confused tone

She looks at Minami with confused look. Minami smiles and nods

“Yes, he is now a star in the sky, and he is watching over me all the time” Atsuko nods  and said happily

“I see, that is great, right Mizuki?” Yuki smiles and said

“Uh” Atsuko smiles brightly and nods

“Also, tonight, I want to go see stars with Takamina at that place” she continues

Yuki is surprised with her words, but seeing her happy face, she feels happy too

“Sure, enjoy your time before we leave here” Yuki smiles and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods happily

“Oh, I have to tell Acchan about this too.” Mizuki said

“Ok, be careful” Yuki said

“Yes” Atsuko nods and rushes to the plane


Inside the plane

Jun is checking the controlling system of the plane. Rena is also inside the plane with Jun so that he can protect her. She is reading her book while waiting for Jun. While doing his work, sometime he will secretly look at her.

He doesn't know why, but he feels weird whenever seeing Rena being nice to Atsuko though now he knows that there is nothing between them. Still he still wants to know their relationship

“Though Mizuki said that, I have to verify their relationship” he thought

Jun doesn't know why, but he wants to know everything about Rena.

“Uhm...Acchan” Jun calls her while turning to look at her

“What is it, Jun?” Rena looks up and asks

“Ah...uhm...the weather today is very nice, right?” Jun asks

Rena looks around in confused. This is a basement; how can he know the weather outside. Also, when they came here, outside, the rain is still very heavy

“Uhm...I don't know because we are in the basement, right now. But I think it is still raining outside” Rena said in confused tone

“Oh yeah...haha...haha. I forgot” Jun looks up and said while smiling reluctantly

“What's wrong with me today?” he thought to himself

Normally he can talk openly with any girl. However when it comes to Rena, he can't say anything properly. Rena looks at his clumsy face and smile secretly

“How cute” she thought

“Jun, I never thought that you can control an airplane when I first met you.” Rena said

“I believe that it will be very cool when controlling this” she continues

“Uh, I love airplane since I was little. Therefore, I learn this extra class when I was in school. I feel free when flying in the sky. I really love that feeling” Jun smiles and said

Then he turns back to work

“I see. That sound very fun.” Rena said

“Uh that is a very great feeling. Whenever I have free time, I will take my small jet and flies around to enjoy that joyful feeling” Jun said while doing something under the controlling panel

“It will be very romantic to fly around with your girlfriend next to you, huh?” Rena said

“Uh, it will be great if flying in the sky with the girl I love next to me. However, I still fly by myself in that plane. The seat next to me is still waiting for its owner” Jun said

“Really? You mean you don't have a girlfriend?” Rena asks in surprised tone

“Uh, I don't” Jun nods and said

Rena looks at Jun who is still checking the plane and smiles happily. Rena doesn't know why, but she feels happy when knowing that he is still single. Since the first time she met him, then their conversation in the library, Rena can feel that there is an unknown feeling inside her heart. She can't describe it, but she feels very special about this feeling.

Then Rena closes her book and calls him


“What is it, Acchan?” he asks still checking the controlling panel

“I wonder if I can be the passenger in your small jet sometime” she asks while playing with her finger

Jun stops whatever he's doing after hearing what Rena said. His mind is still processing what Rena said

“Be my passenger. Sitting next to me on the plane.” he thought happily


Jun happily turns to ask her, but he forgot the he is still under the controlling panel. When he sits up, he hits his head.

“Are you ok, Jun?” Rena rushes to him and asks

“Uh, I’m…” Jun looks up and said

However he stops when realizing that his face and Rena's face is very closes, just an inch apart. Rena blushes at their closeness.

“Atsuko” Jun whispers her name

“What is it, Jun?” she asks

“What you said about being my passenger, is it true?” he said in low tone because they are very close

Jun even can feel Rena's breath

“Uh” Rena nods shyly

“But it's ok if you ca…”

“Of course, I would love to take you in my plane.” cutting Rena's world, Jun said

“Thank you, I can't wait for that” Rena smiles and said

Suddenly Jun raises his hand caressing her face making her heart beats faster. Silent fills the whole plane. Their faces are moving closer to each other. Rena slowly closes her eyes. When their lips are about to touch, Atsuko rushes in and said in happy tone

“Acchan, Takamina just showed me where Yuji is.”

They quickly move apart, and Jun quickly turns back to the control panel.

“Huh?” Atsuko looks at them with confused look

“Hi Mizuki” Jun looks up and said reluctantly

“Hi” Atsuko waves at him

“You look happy Mizuki” Rena walks toward her and said

“Uh, Takamina just showed me where Yuji is” Atsuko happily said

“Really?” Rena asks in confused tone while looking at Minami

Minami smiles and nods.

"Yes,  he is now a star in the sky, and he is watching over me all the time" Atsuko said happily

“That is good, right Mizuki?” Rena smiles and said

“Uh, and I want to go to see stars with him tonight in that place” Atsuko said

“Sure, enjoy yourself” Rena said

“Great! I will go and tell the little birds about this too” Atsuko said and rushes out of the plane

“Be careful” Rena said

“Yes” Atsuko said

"That place?" Minami thought in confused

He heard Atsuko said that to Yuki and now Rena.

"What is that place?" he thought

While deep in his thought, Minami hears Rena's call


"What is it, Acchan?" Minami asks

“Thank you Takamina. Thank for cheering him up” She said

“No problem. I want to see his smile not the gloomy face this morning” Minami said

“I will go now” he continues

“Ok” Rena nods

When Minami gets to the door, he turns and said

“By the way, there is something, I need your and Yuki’s help”

“Sure” Rena said

Suddenly Minami hears Atsuko's voice

“Takamina, let's go”

“Ok” Minami said

Then he leaves the plane.

In the evening

In The music room

Atsuko is listening to Yuki's piano while playing chess with Rena.

After awhile

Atsuko looks up and asks Rena

“Acchan, where is Takamina and the rest?”

“They said they are busy with their business.” Rena said

“Oh” Atsuko said

She was so excited with what Minami said. However, he is busy now. She worries that Minami forget about that. Yuki stops playing and walks to Atsuko's and Rena's place

“Don't worry Mizuki. After he finished his work, he will come here and you two will go and look at the stars” Yuki pats Atsuko's head and said

“Mizuki, how about you play a song for us to hear” Rena said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Then Atsuko sits down on the place and goes to the piano. Rena and Yuki look at each other and smile


“Acchan, Yuki can you keep an eye on Mizuki.” Minami asks Yuki and Rena

“Sure, but why?” Rena asks

“There is something I want to do to cheer him up more” Minami said

“In order to do that, I will have to prepare something. However, I don't want him to know until everything is done. Can you two do that?” he continues

“Of course, we will. As long as Mizuki is happy” Yuki said

"Yes, we will gladly help" Rena said

“Thank you” Minami said

“Takamina” Rena calls him

“What's it, Acchan?” Minami turns and asks

“Why did you do this? You just met him no more than 5 days.” Rena asks

“Hum...because he is my friend. He is so different from a lot of people that I met before. I feel he is so innocent, and he has a pure heart. People nowadays interacting with each other on purpose, but he doesn't. I really want to be friend with him. I think that is my luck.” Minami smiles and said

“I see, thank you” Rena said

End flashback


In Minami's room

There are a lot of lanterns there, and Minami, Jun, and Mayu are making more of them.

“So this is what you plan for cheering him up huh?” Jun said

“Uh” Minami nods

“How did you think about this idea, Takamina?” Mayu asks

“My grandfather taught me this. He said looking at the lanterns when they are up to the sky will feel like they are real stars. It will help people feel happy. When I was a kid, he told me a lot of great things.” Minami said

“I see.” Mayu and Jun said

In the evening

After Minami finished all the lantern, he comes out of his room to find Atsuko. He knocks the music room's door. Atsuko quickly opens the door for him

“Are you done with your business, Takamina?” she asks excitedly

“Uh” Minami nods

“Ok, then let’s go.” Atsuko said

Then she turns to Yuki and Rena and said

“Yuki, Acchan, I will go there now”

“Ok, have fun” Rena and Yuki said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Then she pulls Minami with her toward the mansion’s garage to take a golf cart.

“Let’s get in the cart, Takamina” Atsuko said

“Ok, but where are we going, Mizuki?” Minami asks

“To the place where I said is secret” Atsuko said

After about 10 minutes

They reach the place Atsuko wants. That is a very high tower. Minami and Atsuko step out of the golf car. Minami looks at the looks at the tower in surprised.

“Grandpa always takes me here to look at the sky” Atsuko said

“I see. That look very cool, Mizuki.” Minami said

“It is, right? I love this place very much. Looking at the stars from there is very beautiful” Atsuko said happily

“Let's go, Takamina” she continues while pulling him with her

Minami smiles happily at her innocent. She pulls him up the spiral stair with her.

“Grandpa built this place for Acchan, and we always come here to play.” Atsuko said while walking toward the top

“I see” Minami said

“President loves Acchan very much, huh?” he asks

“Yes, grandpa loves Acchan a lot. He takes care of her very careful” Atsuko nods and said

After a while, they reach the place. Atsuko opens the door for Minami. Minami walks into the place and sees a very big telescope in the middle of the room.

“Wow” Minami thought in amazed while walking around

The room is very big with an open ceiling. There are two stairs from each side of the room. They are used to lead to the second level. Minami sees on each side of the room is a big bookshelf. In front of him is a big telescope and a big open window for the telescope.

Around the place, there are a lot of posters and pictures of stars, planets, moons, and a lot of other things in the galaxy.

“Takamina, let’s me show you this” Atsuko holds his hand and pulls him up stair

“What is it, Mizuki?” Minami asks

“Here” Atsuko while pointing to a big solar system model

It is a very big and detailed  model of solar system.

“Wow! Did you build it, Mizuki?” Minami asks while looking at the model

“Uh, grandpa and I built it when I was 10.” Atsuko said proudly

“I see. It looks very great and detailed.” Minami said while touching each planet

“Also this Takamina” Atsuko said while pulling him to a the next table.

She pulls out the white cloth showing a planet model and moons around

“This is Jupiter model and its moons, right, Mizuki? Did you build it too?” Minami asks while looking at it excitedly

“Yes, I built it myself when I was 15. Grandpa praised me a lot with this” Atsuko said happily

“I see. You are very talented in these, Mizuki. This model looks very detailed.” Minami said while looking at it seriously

Atsuko smiles happily when Minami praises her.

“Let’s go to the balcony, Takamina” she continues excitedly

“Ok” Minami smiles and said

He is happy when seeing the full energetic Atsuko again. Atsuko opens the big door for Minami. Minami comes out and is very surprised with the beautiful view of night sky. He watched the night sky here in the mansion when he first came here. At the time, he saw a very beautiful sky with many stars. He thought that was the most beautiful sky he saw. However, now Minami has a different opinion.

The sky looks extraordinary beautiful, and spectacular with all the stars twinkling plus a big moon. The moon is bigger when standing here. Also, Minami looks around, he can see the whole view of the island from here.

“Wow, Mizuki, I knew the sky is very beautiful when looking from this island. However, I never thought it would be this wonderful.” Minami said

“It is indeed very beautiful, right? I love this place a lot, too.” Atsuko smiles and said

“I said that I will take you to watch the stars. However, I should thank you for showing me this beautiful scenery Mizuki” Minami said while looking up to the sky

“You like it, Takamina?” Atsuko asks

“Not only like it. I love this scenery very much. I really want to watch the stars from here every day” Minami said while smiling at Atsuko

“I see. I’m glad that you like it.” Atsuko smiles and said

Minami remembers everything he saw in the room, he feels like Atsuko love the sky and everything about it very much

“Do you love star, Mizuki?” curious, he asks

“Yes, I love everything about the sky, I love stars, moons, planets, constellation, and everything beyond this horizon” Atsuko said while sketching her arms and turning around

Minami smiles when seeing her happy face. Suddenly his heart skip a beat again when seeing the moon light illuminates Atsuko's innocent smiling face. Minami doesn’t know why he gets this feeling again. He shakes his head and walks to the handrail and looks up at the sky. Suddenly he hears Atsuko’s voice

“Thank you, Takamina”

Minami turns and asks Atsuko is surprised tone

“Why did you thank me, Mizuki?”

“Thank for comforting me. Except grandpa, Yuki, and Acchan, you are another person who treat me so nice. I don’t know much about the world out there, and of course, I also don’t know much about people out there. However, I only know one thing, having you, Yuki, and Acchan around me, I will be fine. You are my important friend, Takamina” Atsuko turns and said while smiling brightly at him

Minami is surprised with Atsuko’s words. There is an unknown happy feeling in his heart.

“You are my important friend too, Minami” he said gently while patting Atsuko’s head

Then they turn around and looks at the stars together.

“Takamina, let’s look at the moon” Atsuko turns to him and said

“Great, today we can see Jupiter's moon right?” Minami said

“Yes, you also know a lot about galaxy huh?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, I love galaxy too. When I was kid, I used to want to be an astronaut.” Minami said

“Really?” Atsuko said

“Yes, however when I grow up, I realized I want to be a police more because I think I can protect a lot of people by being a good police” Minami said

“I see. I’m happy because you are a police, Takamina” Atsuko said

“Really? Why?” Minami laughs softly and asks

“Because you are a police, that is why I can meet you here. Lucky” Atsuko smiles at him and said

Then she rushes to the telescope while Minami is still standing there looking at Atsuko’s back in surprised


Near the lake

Rena, Yuki, Jun, and Mayu are arranging the lanterns which Minami, Jun, and Mayu made. This is secret Minami wants to show Atsuko. Mayu and Yuki are putting small sky lantern on the ground while Rena and Jun are preparing a very big lantern.


“Jun, thank you for doing this for Mizuki” Rena said

“No problem, Acchan. You don’t have to thank me. Mizuki is my friend too.” Jun said

“However, you are a good person, Acchan” he continues

Rena looks at him and asks in wonder tone

“What do you mean, Jun?”

“You are his Ojou-sama, but you do all of this to cheer him up. You are a very good person” Jun said

“I see. I never think Mizuki as my servant. We grow up together. I see him as my little brother.” Rena said

“I see.” Jun nods and said

“Mizuki is only little brother, only little brother” he mumbles happily

He feels very happy when hearing what Rena said. Hearing something, Rena looks up and asks

“What are you saying, Jun?”

“Ah no, nothing, nothing at all haha” Jun shakes his head and said

“By the way Acchan, do you really mean it?” he asks

“Mean what, Jun?” Rena asks

“Uhm...about being the passenger in my plane” Jun said while scratching his head

“Of course, I mean it. However, it is ok, if you have someone for that seat” Rena said with a little pouts tone

“Of course, I’m happy if you sit next to me. That place will always open for you” Jun said

Rena blushes at his words. However, because it is night, Jun didn’t notice it


Mayu and Yuki are putting sky lanterns on the ground. While doing it, Mayu keeps looking at Yuki. He also is thinking of something to talk to her. Then he got an idea

“Uhm...Yuki, do you want to go to my mother’s concert with me?” Mayu asks

“Concert? Your mother is about to have a concert?” Yuki asks in happy tone

“Yes, a week from tomorrow” Mayu said

“I see. These day I was so busy with everything, I didn’t get any new from your mother.” Yuki said

“So, do you want to go with me, Yuki?” Mayu asks

“Of course, it will be my pleasure” Yuki said in happy tone

“No, it should be my pleasure to have a beautiful girl going to a concert with me” Mayu said

His words make Yuki blush.

“Also, I will take you to my mom’s place to see behind the scene of her concert” Mayu said

“Really Mayu? Thank you. I always want to know how great pianist Minamoto Ayumi work” Yuki said excitedly

“Then it is decided, I will take you to my mom’s both rehearsal and concert” Mayu said

“Thank you, Mayu” Yuki smiles at him and said

Mayu smiles happily to himself when seeing Yuki smiles

After awhile

Minami and Atsuko come down from the stair. When Atsuko is about to walk out of the tower

“Mizuki” Minami calls her

“What is it, Takamina?” Atsuko turns and asks

“This is my turn to show you what I told you before” Minami said

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks excitedly

“Come with me” Minami said

Then they come in the golf cart and drive back to the mansion.

“Let’s go to the lake, Mizuki” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko nods and follows Minami

“What is your secret, Takamina?” Atsuko asks in curious tone

She is very curious, and she can’t wait to know what Minami wants to show her

“Be patience, Mizuki.” Minami said

When they near the place, Atsuko suddenly sees something very bright there. She quickly rushes to the place passing Minami. Minami smiles at her childish act. Atsuko quickly rushes to the place. When she gets there, she sees the whole lake is lightened up by a lot of floating lantern.

“Wow, it is so beautiful” Atsuko said

“How was it, Mizuki?” Minami asks

“It is so great, Takamina. Thank you for showing me this” Atsuko turns and said

“You should thank them. I only made them. They were the one who arrange all of this” Minami said while pointing at Rena, Yuki, Jun, and Mayu who are standing behind her

Atsuko turns around and smiles happily

“Thank you, guys, this is so great” she said

“You’re welcome, Mizuki” Rena said

“However, it is not the only here.” Jun said

“Yes, Takamina also prepared two more things for us to play.” Yuki said

“Uh, come here Mizuki” Mayu said

Then Minami and Atsuko follow them to the big lantern. Atsuko smiles excitedly when seeing a big lantern.

“Wow” she said while looking around it

“Mizuki, let’s write something here and laughs it up to the sky” Minami said while giving her a pen

“Write something?” Atsuko said in wonder tone

“Uh, you can write your wish there, so when this lantern reach the sky, your wish will come true” Minami explains

“I see” Atsuko said in amazed tone

“Ok, Mizuki, let’s write something” Jun said while raising his pen

“Ok” Atsuko nods happily

Then four of them start writing their wish.

“I wish grandpa will be healthy again ---- Mizuki”

“I wish Mr. president will recovered and Mizuki will always be happy --- Minami”

“I wish Acchan will be safe from anyone who want to harm her --- Jun”

“I wish Yuki will always be happy --- Mayu”

After that Jun give each of them a torch, and they starts lighting the lantern together. The big sky lantern slowly flies up to the sky.

“Wow, it is flying, it is flying” Atsuko said happily

“Acchan, Yuki, it is flying” she turns to Rena and Yuki and said

“Uh, it looks very nice, right?” Rena said

“Yes” Atsuko nods happily

“Ok, now let’s get to the last part” Minami said

Atsuko turns and looks at Minami in confused

“Let’s fill this sky with our own stars” Minami smiles and said

“Our own stars?” Atsuko tilts her head and said

“Uh, by these” Minami said and shows Atsuko a lot of small lantern on the ground

Atsuko looks at them in amazed.

“Alright, Mizuki, let’s light all of them up” Jun said

“Yes, let’s fill the sky with our stars like Takamina said” Mayu said

“Ok” Atsuko nods happily

Then all 6 of them start lightening the lantern. One after another lantern keep flying up to the sky making the whole place brighter soon all the lantern are flying in the sky.

Atsuko, Minami, Rena, Jun, Yuki, and Mayu are playing happily together with the lantern leaving all the worries aside. Tonight, they only want to relax. Relax before facing all the dangerous and obstacles that they have to face.

In the morning

Atsuko, Minami, Rena, Jun, Yuki, and Mayu leave the island early. The door of the basement opens letting the small plane to take off to the blue big sky. Leaving the peaceful island, what is waiting for them. No one knows about that. It will be even harder for a pure and innocent person like Atsuko to know it.


That is chapter 6. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :)
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 7 31/12/2016
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 7  :)

Chapter 7: Minami’s Problem (Part 1)

Takahashi’s private airport

The small jet slowly lands on the runway, and then it moves toward the big garage while slowing down the speed. After it completely stops, Mayu sketches and said

“Finally, what a long ride”

Then they leave the controlling room.

“Ok guys, we can leave the plane now” Jun said

Minami comes and opens the door for Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki.

“Welcome to Japan guys” Mayu said in happy tone

“Thank you, Mayu” Rena said

Then Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki come out of the plane and walk down stair. Atsuko looks around the unfamiliar place. In 15 years, she only know about the island where she lives. This place looks so strange and different to her, and it makes her feel unsafe. Unconsciously, she moves closer to Rena and Yuki where he can feel safe and protected. Noticing that, Yuki leans and whispers in her ear

“Don’t worry, Acchan. You have me and Rena here”

“Uh, we are here for you” Rena smiles gently and said

Atsuko looks at Rena and Yuki and smiles brightly.

“Thank you, Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” she whispers

When Minami, Jun, and Mayu reach the ground, Rena turn and asks them

“Where is this place, Takamina?”

“This is my family private airport. This place is built for secret mission purpose. Only authorized people can come here” Minami said

“I see” Rena said

Suddenly a lot of police rush in. Then a middle aged man walk in. He has a very serious and strict look. Seeing them, Atsuko steps back and hides behind Yuki because of scared.

“Father” Minami steps up and greets the man while bowing

His name is Takahashi Kai, Minami’s father who is also the chief of police department and the head of Takahashi clan

“Uncle” Jun and Mayu bow at him and said

“Why didn't you come back here two day ago? You didn't even contact me?” Minami's father said in strict tone

“I’m sorry father. There were something coming up that held us back until now. I will report to you everything later” Minami bows and said

“Ok” Minami’s father said

Then he turns and looks at Atsuko’s group. Seeing that, Rena steps up and said

“Hello Mr. Takahashi, my name is Maeda Atsuko”

Minami’s father look at her. Then he smiles and said

“Long time no see, Acchan. You are all grown up now”

“Do I know you, Mr. Takahashi?” Rena asks

“Uh, we met before when you were 4. I guess you properly don’t remember me. Just call me uncle Kai” Kai said

“Yes, uncle Kai” Rena bows and said

“Good” Kai said

Then he turns to Yuki and asks.

“You are Yuki, right?”

“Yes, Mr. Takahashi” Yuki bows and said

“Just call me as Acchan.” Kai said

“Yes uncle” Yuki said

Then Kai turns to Atsuko and looks at her. Atsuko is scared and steps behind Yuki. Rena quickly calls Kai and said

“Uncle, his name is Maeda Mizuki. Grandpa adopted him when we were in the island. He is my personal butler” 

Then she turns to Atsuko and said

“Come on, Mizuki. Come and greet master Takahashi”

Atsuko slowly walks up and bows at Kai

“Master Takahashi” she said

“Mizuki, right?” Kai asks in serious tone

“Yes” Atsuko said still bowing

“I see. Be strong ok” Kai pats her shoulder and said

“By the way, I’m not your master, you don’t have to do that. Just call me uncle” he continues

“Yes, uncle” Atsuko

Then he turns to Minami’s group and said

“Take Acchan and the rest to the guest room. Then come to my office”

“Yes father” Minami said

Then he turns and walks back to his room

“Let’s go guys” Jun said

“Ok” Rena said

After that Minami’s group leads Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki to the guest room. Jun opens the door for them to come in

“Acchan, Yuki, Mizuki, please have a seat. I will ask someone to bring drink and snack here for you.” Mayu said

“Thank you guys” Yuki said while sitting down on the sofa

“We will go to meet my father for awhile. If you need anything just call the police outside.” Minami said

“Ok, thank you, Takamina” Rena said

Then the three leave the room

In Kai’s office

Minami, Jun, and Mayu walk in. After bowing at him, they sit down on the sofa

“So what happened in the island? And where is Yuji?” Kai asks

“Yuji is dead in the plane crash on the day we planned on going back.” Minami said

Then the three start telling Kai everything happened in the island.

“After Mizuki showing us the plane, we immediately checked on the plane to make sure that it is safe” Mayu said

“Then we used that to come back here” Jun said

“I see” Kai said

“Father, as we discussed together in that island, we suspect that the culprit could be one of the member in Maeda clan” Minami said

“Yes uncle, we suspect that Yuji could know something that caused him to die” Jun said

“Based on that, we want to ask you something?” Minami said

“I see. So, what do you want to ask?” Kai said

“Uncle, we want to ask you about investigating all the member of the Maeda clan.” Mayu said

“Uhm...uncle Ryuu has total 2 daughters and 2 sons. His eldest daughter, Maeda Ayano, she went missing 26 years ago, and no one knows her where about. His second son, his name is Maeda Hayate. He manages one of Maeda clan’s branch in Osaka. His third daughter, her name is Maeda Hinata. She is a surgery doctor, and her husband is the CEO in Maeda Cooperation in Tokyo. Lastly is Acchan’s father, Maeda Heiji. He was killed 15 years ago with his wife.” Kai said

“I will give you three more detailed information about them and their children later. Now, I think they need to rest after a long day” he continues

“Yes, father” Minami stands up and said

“By the way, with the incident, there is someone definitely know that Acchan will come back here. In the meantime, don’t take her back to Maeda clan. We will keep this as a secret after we find out more about who is behind Yuji’s incident.” Kai said

“I see, so where will they go uncle?” Mayu asks

“Father, Takahashi has a very secretive mansion, right?” Minami asks

“Correct, take them there to rest. We will talk more about this tomorrow” Kai said

“Juichi is outside. I will order him to go with you three to protect them there” he continues

“I got it” Minami, Jun, and Mayu said

When they are about to leave his office, Kai calls Minami

“Minami, I want to talk to you”

“Yes father” Minami turns back while Jun and Mayu leave the room


Jun and Mayu are walking back to the guest room

“Hey Mayu, do you think uncle will talk to him about that test?” Jun asks

“Uhm...I guess.” Mayu nods and said in worried tone

“I’m worry for him. He hasn’t touch it for 5 years now” Jun sighs and said

“Me too” Mayu sighs

After walking for awhile, they reach the room. They open the door and come in

“Hey guys” they said to them

“Hello Jun, Mayu” Rena and Yuki said

Atsuko looks behind them to find Minami, but she doesn’t see him

“Where is Takamina?” she asks

“His father has something to talk to him. He will be right back” Jun said

“I see” Atsuko said

Then they sit back down on the sofa

“So how is the talk, Jun?” Rena asks

“We informed uncle everything that happened in the island and Mr. Matsumoto’s incident” Mayu said

“Uncle said that for the time being, in order to protect you and Yuki, we will keep your coming back here as a secret until he verify everything about Mr. Matsumoto incident.” Jun said

“I see. So where will we go now, Jun?” Yuki asks

“We will stay in one of Takahashi’s private mansion which only Takamina’s father and grandfather know.” Jun said

“Juichi will come here and help us protect you three to the mansion” Mayu adds

“Who is Juichi?” Yuki looks at them and asks in question tone

At the same time, Minami opens the door and walks in

“His name is Ichikawa Juichi. He is my father's assistant, and also his father is head butler in my house” Minami said

“Is it ok to let he know about us and that place?” Rena asks in worried tone

“It is ok, don't worry Acchan” Jun said to Rena

“He is a very good police” Mayu said

“Yes, he is a trustworthy person. I know him for a long time ago” Minami said

“I see. That’s good” Rena said

“By the way, when can we go and visit my grandfather, Takamina?” she asks

“ father will arrange this for you. He has to make sure that no Maeda member know about this.” Minami answers

“I see” Yuki nods

“How is he now, Takamina?” Atsuko speaks up

“Don’t worry. The doctor said that his health is stable.” Minami smiles and said

“That is good” Atsuko sighs in relief and said

Few moment later

While talking to each other, they hear a knocking sound

“Come in” Minami said

The door opens and a man with a neat suit comes in

“Hello Juichi” Minami, Jun, and Mayu said

“Welcome back Jun, Mayu” Juichi said

Then he turns and bows at Minami

“Welcome back young master” he said

“Juichi, I told you, you don’t have to do that, right? Though your father is my family’s butler, you are my colleague, just call me Takamina” Minami said

Then Minami turn to Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki

“Let’s me introduce him to you three” he said

“His name is Ichikawa Juichi, a police in my team. He will escort us to Takahashi’s mansion” Minami introduces them

“Hello Mr. Ichikawa, my name is Maeda Atsuko. On my left is my sister, Maeda Yuki, and on my right is my personal butler, Maeda Mizuki.” Rena steps up and said

“Nice to meet you” Yuki and Atsuko said

“Nice to meet you Miss Maeda.” Juichi said and shakes Rena’s and Yuki’s hand

“Nice to meet you” he shakes Atsuko’s hand

“Likewise” Atsuko said

After all the greeting and introducing, they go down to the parking and leave the private airport

“So Juichi’s car will go first, right?” Jun asks

“Yes, Juichi’s car will go first to observe everything from the front. Then after that will be Jun’s car, and then Mayu’s car. My car will be at the back. In this way we can protect both Acchan and Yuki because Acchan will go in Jun’s car, and Yuki will go in Mayu’s car.” Minami said

“Can Mizuki go with either one of us?” Rena asks

“Don’t worry Acchan, Takamina will protect him if something happened. The safety of you two will be our first priority” Jun said

“Yes, their target is you. Your safety is very important” Mayu said

“Don’t worry Acchan, Yuki, I will be fine” Atsuko smiles and said

“Yes, I will protect him” Minami said

“I see. That is good” Yuki and Acchan nods and said

Then they leave the place

On their way

The road to the private mansion is very small. It has only one line on each way. On two sides of the road, there are a lot of trees. In addition, this place doesn’t have many car. Sometime, there will be a car from the opposite.

Juichi will drive the car in the front of them. Jun’s car will go behind him. Following that is
Mayu’s car, and then lastly is Minami’s car.

In Minami’s car

Atsuko is sitting on the passenger seat next to Minami’s driver seat. She looks around with curious look. This is her first time see this strange view. Minami notices that, and calls him.


“Yes?” Atsuko asks

“You seem to be so quiet today. Are you ok?” Minami asks

“Uh, I’m fine. I’m just not really fit in this new environment yet.” Atsuko said

“I see. Don’t worry. You will get used to it soon” Minami smiles and said

“Uh, I know. I understand that I have to get over this stranger anxiety.” Atsuko said while looking out at the window

Her words suddenly remind him of his father’s word

“Minami, you are a police. A strong police has to get over his fear”

His father’s words and strict tone still ringing in his head.

“If you can’t get over it, then you will be removed from this mission and captain position”

Minami holds the steering wheel tightly when remembering that


Feeling Minami’s sudden silent, Atsuko turns back to look at him. She sees that his face is very serious, and he is frowning like he is thinking about something.

“Takamina” Atsuko calls him

“...” However Minami is still deep in his thought and didn’t hear her call

“Takamina” Atsuko calls him again, but he still doesn’t hear her

When she turns to look at the front, she sees Mayu’s car is already stop. Atusko quickly shouts

“Takamina, in front”

Her shout snaps him out of his thought. He quickly pushes the brake panel. When Minami looks up, he sees that they already reached the mansion gate and a security is opening the door for them

“Are you ok, Takamina?” Atsuko asks him in worried tone

“I’m fine, Mizuki. I’m sorry for scaring you” Minami said

“It’s ok. Why are you spacing out?” Atsuko asks

“Uhm...nothing. I’m just thinking about stuffs” Minami smiles and said

“Really Takamina? Your action seems strange since you came back from talking to your father. If something bother you, just talk to me. I’m your best friend, right?” Atsuko looks at him and said

Minami is very surprised with Atsuko’s words. He never thought she would notice his behavior

“Don’t worry Mizuki. I’m really fine. Thank you for worrying about me, Mizuki” Minami pats Atsuko’s head and said

After parking the car in the garage, Juichi says goodbye to them and goes back to the police department

“Thank you for escorting us here, Juichi” Minami said

“No problem guys. It is my pleasure for helping you three” Juichi said

“Thank buddie. I will treat you coffee when I have free time” Jun said

“Count me in too” Mayu smiles and said

Then he leaves the place. After that Minami, Jun, and Mayu lead them into the mansion

“Good evening, young master” a middle aged maid greets Minami

“Good evening Keiko-san” Minami said

“Keiko-san, they are my friends, can you prepare room for them.” he continues

“Yes young master” Keiko said

“Also, please make their room near mine” Minami adds

“I understand.” Keiko said

Then she turns to Atsuko, Rena, Yuki, Jun, and Mayu and said

“Please follow me”

“Thank you Keiko-san” They said

At night

Atsuko sits by the window of her room to look at the moon. She has difficulty with sleep because she is in a new place. Suddenly she sees a shadow on the yard. The moon is very bright that allows her to see who is it.

“Takamina?” Atsuko whispers in confused

She quickly rushes out of her room to the backyard. She wants to find out what happened to Minami. He acted so stranger since the evening.

Atsuko carefully opens the back door so that no one can be woken up by the noise. Then she quickly comes to the backyard. However she doesn’t see Minami anywhere.

“Strange? I thought I saw him here” Atsuko thought

Then she follows the direction where she saw Minami walking. Walking around the backyard for awhile, she decided to go back to the house because she couldn’t find Minami

“I guess he already back to his room” she thought

When Atsuko is about to turn around, she sees a strange building in front of her behind some big trees. Curious, she slowly walks there to see what is it. When Atsuko reaches there, she quickly hides behind the tree because she sees Minami. He is standing in front of the door while looking down at the handle.

“What is he doing here?” Atsuko thought

Minami stands there for good amount of time. Then he turns and knobs and walks in. Waiting for Minami to walk inside, Atsuko quickly comes in. She does it quietly and stealthily so that Minami won’t notice her presence.

Atsuko walks into the place and looks around.

“What is this place?” she thought

This place doesn’t have much light on. She can see two side of the hallway is built of stone look very firm. Walking for awhile, Atsuko sees light come out from a room. She stealthily walks toward the place and hides behind the wall. Then Atsuko secretly look inside. She is surprised with the scenery

“This is a shooting range” she thought

In front of her eyes is a shooting range with three booths which are use for each shooter to train their shooting skill. Minami is standing in the middle. In his hand, he is holding a gun. Atsuko can see Minami is looking at it very serious


In Minami’s place

Minami is looking at his gun. He remembers his father’s words again

“Gun is a helper of police especially in your position Minami. You won’t know what will happen in the future in this mission.”

“Next week is police test. If you can’t pass this test because you can’t shoot, I will have to remove you from this mission and your current position”

“It is already five years Minami. You have to win against yourself”

Minami sighs heavily while looking at his gun.

“I can do this. I have to get over this.” he thought

Then Minami holds his gun and aiming at the target. He slowly pulls down the safety switch.

“Yosh” He takes a deep breath and said

Sweat is already running down on his face.

“You can do it, Takamina” he told himself

Then he place his point finger at the trigger. However when he is about to pulls it, suddenly he hears a very loud voice echoing in his head

“You are a murderer”



Minami holds his head tightly because of that voice. That is his phobia

Back to Atsuko

While looking at Minami, suddenly she sees him holding his head tightly. He looks very painful.

“Takamina” Atsuko thought worried

Then she sees Minami puts down his gun and said in angry tone


Atsuko can hear from his voice that he is very angry at himself.

“I love being a police, but I’m useless. I don’t want to be removed from this mission” she hears Minami said

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised

“Removed” she thought

She can see tear from his face. Seeing him like this makes Atsuko feel very sad and worry

“Takamina, what’s wrong?” she mumbles to herself

In the morning

At the dining room

They are gather together to eat breakfast. Atsuko is eating her food while looking at Minami. He rarely touches his food and is spacing out again. Looking at his face reminds her of last night


She can still remember how sad his voice is.

“I have to find out about this” Atsuko thought

After finishing their breakfast, Atsuko sees Jun and Mayu pull Minami to somewhere. She quickly follows them. However she is stopped by Rena and Yuki

“What’s wrong, Mizuki?” Yuki asks

“Something happened to Takaimina. I have to find out” Atsuko said

Then without letting them saying another word, Atsuko pulls them with her to the backyard. When they reach there, they hear Jun’s voice

“Did your father talk about that, Takamina?”

“Uh” Minami nods

“He said if I can’t pass that, I will be removed from this mission and also my captain position” he continues

“What? Are you serious?” Mayu shouts in surprised

“Do I look like I’m joking right now” Minami sighs and said while sitting down on the ground

“What are you going to do now?” Jun looks at him and asks

“I don’t know” Minami stands back up and said


Hasn’t let Mayu finished his words, Minami said

“Please leave me alone for now”

Then he walks away

Jun and Mayu look at each other worriedly. Then they sigh heavily and walk back to the house. However they are blocked by two beautiful girls

“Jun/Mayu” Rena and Yuki call them

“Hi Acchan/Yuki” Jun and Mayu smile and said

“Oh, hi Mizuki” they continues when seeing Mizuki behind them

“Why are you three here?” Jun asks

“What’s happened to Takamina?” Atsuko asks in worried tone

Jun and Mayu look at each other. Then they look back and said in union tone


“Really?” Rena and Yuki asks at the same time

Their tone make Jun and Mayu gulp

“Uh” they nod

“I see. Acchan, I guess next week I can’t go to Mrs. Minamoto concert.” Yuki said

Mayu widens his eyes in surprise

“Really? I guess I also have to rethink about sitting on certain someone private jet” Rena said while glaring at Jun

“What?” Jun widens his eyes in surprise

“Let’s go back Mizuki” Rena and Yuki hold Atsuko’s hand and pull her back to the house

Jun and Mayu quickly rush to stop them

“Please don’t cancel it Yuki/Acchan” they said at the same time

“Then what’s happened to Takamina?” Rena asks

“It is not like we don’t want to say it” Jun said

“But we really can’t say it. This is Takamina’s personal problem.” Mayu adds

“Please Jun, Mayu tell me what happened to Takamina. Last night, I saw him really sad at the shooting range. Takamina helped me before, I really, really want to help him” Atsuko looks at them and asks in sincerely tone

Jun and Mayu look at her eyes, and they notice her worriedness.

“We are sorry Mizuki. We can’t say Takamina’s problem to you” Jun said

Atsuko looks down sadly

“But you can ask him yourself. If it was you, I believe he will tell you his problem” Mayu said

Atsuko looks up happily when hearing that

“Really” she asks

“Uh, because you are his best friend, right?” Jun nods and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“I believe he is at the lake not far from here.” Mayu said

“I understand. I will go now” Atsuko said and rushes to the lake

“Be careful, Mizuki” Yuki said

Then Rena and Yuki turn back to the two who are looking at them with puppy look

“Let’s go Mayu” Yuki said

“Where?” he asks

“I want to talk to you about your mother concert. Don’t you want to go?” Yuki asks

“Ah...yeah, right. Let’s go” Mayu said happily and go with Yuki leaving Rena and Jun behind

“So Jun, when can we go?” Rena asks

“Go?” Jun looks at her in confused

“So you really want to cancel our promise huh?” Rena said and walks away

“No, wait, of course not” Jun catches Rena’s hand and said

“How about after everything is settled” he turns her to look at him and said

Rena looks at his face and smiles


“Let’s go drink some tea, Jun. We can talk more about books” she continues

“Ok, let’s go” Jun said happily

By the lake

Atsuko rushes there and sees Minami is sitting there silently. Then she walks toward him and sits down next to him


That is chapter 7. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 8 07/01/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 8  :)

Chapter 8: Minami’s Problem (Part 2)

By the lake

Atsuko comes and sits down next to Minami. Minami turns and looks at her with surprised look. However, Atsuko doesn’t say anything to him. She just sits there. Sometimes she will sigh loudly while looking up to the blue sky. Minami looks at Atsuko with confused and worriedly.

“Mizuki” Minami calls her worriedly

“What's it, Takamina?” Atsuko looks at him and asks

Minami can see her sad eyes which make him even worrier

“What's wrong, Mizuki?” he asks in worried tone

“I'm sad, Takamina. Really, really sad” Atsuko said

“Why? Who make you sad?” Minami immediately asks

“A very important person to me.” Atsuko answers

Minami is surprised with her words

“Important person?” he repeats in question tone

“Uh, I know something happened, and he is very stress out because of that. However, no matter what I asked, he still refused to tell me. Last night, I even saw him cried. I know there is something bother him, but I can't help. It makes me sad.” Atsuko said while looking down

“Mizuki” Minami thought in surprised

“He once told me that if something happened just tell him. He will always listen to me and help me. However now, he keeps secret from me when I really want to help him” Atsuko said while looking down

“Mizuki” Minami thought

He knows who is the person Atsuko mentioned.

“Yesterday, my father called me in and talked to me about the police test next week. The test is designed for police from all branches to test their skills every five years. This test will make sure the quality of the police forces.” Minami speaks up

“However, there is a part that I can’t do” he continues in small tone

“A part that you can’t do?” Atsuko asks in confused tone

“I got a problem with gun.”

Atsuko looks at Minami while listening to his words

“I...I...I I didn't use my gun for almost 5 years now. I can't use it.” Minami looks down and said sadly

Atsuko is very surprised with what Minami said.

“What's happened, Takamina?” She asks in soft tone


“You are a selfish person who only worry about your life”

“Murderer. You don’t deserve to be a police”

Once again, Minami hears the voice in his head. He quickly stands up planning to walk away

“Takamina, what’s wrong?” Atsuko catches his hand and asks

Minami stays silent and turns away

“Please Takamina, tell me what’s wrong?” Atsuko asks in worried tone

“Ok, I will tell you my real person” Minami nods and said

“5 years ago, there was a crazy bomber that caused hazardous for the whole city. That bomber’s intention is attention. One day, after I and my colleague, Toyama Toya were on our way back to police department after investigating an explosion near a mall, I got a phone call from Jun telling us that there was an unknown caller telling us that there is a suspicious box in a storeroom outskirts of Tokyo. In all the bomb in previous cases, the bomb is also put in a strange decorated box” he starts telling the story

“After hearing that, we both came there first to check since we are near there"


Minami and Toya are walking into the storeroom where it is reported to have a suspicious box.

“Stand here and cover for me, Toya” Minami said

“Yes sir” Toya said

Then Minami slowly walks toward the box on the ground. He can hear the tick tock sound of clock.

“Is this the sound of the countdown clock” He thought while slowly bending down to look at the box

Minami carefully and gently opens it. When the box is opened a little, he sees something like a paper bag, and a top of something.

“Huh?” Minami thought feeling suspicious

He quickly open it and sees it is just an alarm clock putting in the middle of a lot of paper bag. Minami smiles and turns back to Toya.

“That is just a fault alarm” he said

“I see. That is a relief” Toya said in relief tone while walking to Minami’s place

Minami turns back to look at the box and thought

“Why is it here? And who is the person who report it?”

Suddenly he widens his eyes in surprised

“This is bad” Minami said while standing up

“Let’s get out of here Toya. This is a trap” Minami said and rushes to the door.

However suddenly, he feels something pierce on his neck. Then he feels an urgent sleepy feeling, and falls on the ground.

When Minami wakes up, he sees he is standing on a big glass. Under him is a very big water tank. His leg is tied by a big chain tightly on the glass. On his waist, there is another chain with a big metal ball at the end of it.

“What’s it” Minami thought while looking around

Then he sees Toya is at the opposite far away from him. Toya is hung by the rope opposite of him unconscious

“Toya, Toya, wake up, Toya” Minami calls him

Toya slowly open his eyes. He looks around in confused when realizing his condition. However his mouth is covered with a tape. Therefore he can’t say anything

“Kota, Kota come out. I know you are here. Come out here” Minami shouts loudly

Then he hears hand clapping and a dangerous voice

“ I’m right here. You don’t need to shout like that”

Minami looks around to find him, but he doesn’t see him anywhere

“You don’t need to look around. I’m in a place where I can see everything and control your life with that police over there” Kota said

“Kota, release us now. You can’t escape” Minami shouts

“Wow, wow, wow, look at your position first, sir” Kota said in scornful tone

“What do you want?” Minami said

“Easy, I just have a small test for you. It will test both your skill and your humanity” Kota said

Minami frowns at his words

“Before I go in detail, I have a question to ask you” Kota said

“What is it?” Minami asks

“How did you know that is a trap, and I’m the one behind all of this?” Kota said

“Firstly, the place you put the box is an empty storeroom, how can anyone knows there is a suspicious box there. Secondly, you do all the bombing and hazardous thing to make everyone focus on you. You want  people’s focus, so why did you put the box here.” Minami said

Kota laughs loudly while clapping his hand

“Good, good, good” he said

“Too bad, you realized it too late” he continues sarcastically

“Ok, get back to the business” Kota said

“About the humanity test, let’s me fill you two with the detail. I will give you a gun with only one bullet and 3 minutes to think. If you want to save your life then shoot the rope that hung him. You are the top shooter in the police department, so that big distance is not a problem for you, right? Another thing, you and him are standing on a big glass. Under it, I already put a small bomb that enough to break the glass. Once the rope is shot, it will activate the bomb under him. The he will fell on the tank, and the metal ball on his waist will pull him down and drown him to dead. However, if you want to save him, then shoot yourself, and the same process will happen.” Kota said

“After either of you die, I will release the other one. However, let’s me tell you this. In my room, I have all the controlling, if you make any funny move, both of you will die immediately. Now think about it. The gun is in your shirt...” he continues

End flashback

Minami pauses while holding his fists tightly. Atsuko looks at him and calls him gently


“He died because of you Takahashi Minami. You killed him”

Suddenly Kota’s words flash back on his head. He still can remember his crazy laughing

“I...I… thought about his words, then I got scared. To save my life, I shoot the rope that hanging Toya” Minami whispers

Atsuko is surprised with his words

“I killed my colleague to save my life. I’m a selfish and coward person” Minami whispers while yanking his hand from Atsuko and walks away

“Wait Takamina” Atsuko rushes to him and shouts

“Mizuki, please leave me alone. I’m not a good person as you think I’m. Maybe it is good for me to withdraw from this mission” Minami said

“Takamina, I said stop” Atsuko rushes in front of him and said seriously

“Good or bad is my decision. I said you are a good person. Then you are” she continues in serious tone while looking directly in Minami’s eyes

“Mizuki, I…”

“I don’t want you to withdraw from this mission, Takamina.” cutting Minami’s words, Atsuko said in soft tone

“I really don’t know what happened that year, but I believe with all my heart that you aren’t that kind of person. Even if I have to say this for how many time, no matter in front of how many people, I will say it loud and clear that Takahashi Minami is a hero, not a selfish coward. I believe there is something that you are hiding, Takamina” she continues

“Mizuki” Minami thought in surprised

“Grandpa said that a selfish person will never regret about what he does because he always think that he is correct in every way.” Atsuko said

“Takamina, you are different. You care about other, and you are a good police. Please, just see this is my begging for you. Please tell me all the true of that year. I can feel you are hiding the real true from me” she continues in pleasing tone

Minami can see clearly worriedness in her eyes, and her eyes are already wet with tear. He feels so relief when hearing that

“Mizuki, thank you for trusting me. I know I’m lucky to have a friend like you” Minami smiles at her and said

“In that strange place...” Minami said


“About the humanity test, let’s me fill you two with the detail. I will give you a gun with only one bullet and 3 minutes to think. If you want to save your life then shoot the rope that hung him. You are the top shooter in the police department, so that big distance is not a problem for you, right? You and him are standing on a big glass. Under it, I already put a small bomb that enough to break the glass. Once the rope is shot, it will activate the bomb under him. The he will fell on the tank, and the metal ball on his waist will pull him down and drown him to dead. However if you want to save your kohai and colleague, then shoot yourself, and the same process will happen. ” Kota said

“After either of you die, I will release the other one. However let’s me tell you this. In my room, I have all the controlling, if you make any funny move, both of you will die immediately. Now think about it. The gun is in your shirt...” he continues

Toya looks at Minami with worried eyes.

“Don’t worry Toya, I will save you” Minami said

Suddenly he hears a voice in his ear.

“What a moved statement”

“A headphone in my ear” Minami thought and touches it

“Yes, I put a headphone there because I have something interesting to talk to only you. If you say anything too loud, then it will be the end of everything” Kota said

“Kota” Minami grits his teeth and said in low tone

“I like your determined site when wanting to save your dear colleague. However, too bad, I’m definitely sure that you will choose to save yourself”

“Then you are definitely wrong. Don’t think that everyone is like you, criminal” Minami said

“Oh really?” Kota said and laughs loudly

“Let’s me ask you this sir” he continues in dangerous tone

Minami frowns when hearing his voice

“Why did you want to arrest me?” Kota asks

“Because you killed your parents, and then you killed a lot of innocent people and caused a lot of hazardous by your bomb just for attention” Minami said

“Part of it” Kota said

“What do you mean?” Minami asks

“I do all of that to challenge you, Takahashi Minami, honor student of police school. The person who is looked up by every person in the school” Kota said

“Why did you do that?” Minami asks

“Because I want to make everyone look down on you, laugh at you just like what you did to me since I knew you” Kota

“What did I do to you?” Minami asks while frowning

“What did you do to me? What a great question sir” Kota said sarcastically

“I hate a kind of person like you. Takahashi Minami, an honor student, a promising police. Everyone looks up on you, but I hate you. You are the son of chief of police. I’m also son of vice chief of police, why did they always compare me to you. I hate it especially when my parents compare me to you.

“Kota, why don’t you look at Takamina? Chief Maeda has a great son. I wish I can have a good son like him. Takamina is a great police. He just joined for 2 year, but he already in captain position. Kota you have to learn from him.”

Everyday I heard my parents nagging about you and all your stupid achievements. I hate it. Since I was in elementary school until graduated and became a police. There isn’t a time, they didn’t talk about you. I hate them” he grits his teeth and said in angry tone

“Is that why you killed them?” Minami asks

“Yes, only dead people can’t talk.” Kota said

“You are monster. They are your parents” Minami said

“Shut up. Don’t tell moral thing to me because you are about to become a person like me” Kota said

“I will never do that. I won’t kill my comrade” Minami said

“Remember the bombs that I mentioned in the call? This is the only place with fake bomb” Kota said

“Let’s hear this record” he continues while turning on something for him to hear

“Takamina, Takamina, do you hear me. Our people just confirmed that there is a bomb is 5 different elementary and kindergarten around the city…”

Minami widens his eyes in surprise when hearing Jun’s voice

“You…” he calls him angrily

“Yes” Kota said in whisper tone

“Yes, I already put bomb in all the elementary and some kindergarten around this city. There is no way you can disable it except cutting the main control of the clock. Do you know where is it?” he said and asks

“Don’t tell me” Minami thought while looking at the rope which is hanging Toya

“Bingo, that is the place. I put it inside the rope. If you don’t shoot it. Too bad, all the kids in Tokyo will be blown up” Kota said

“Bang” he shouts and laughs loudly

“You monster” Minami holds his fists tightly

“If you hate me, just kill me. Why did you do that? He and all the children are innocent” he continues

“I told you right? I want to take you down. I want everyone to look at you with hatred. I want to destroy your reputation, Takahashi Minami” Kota shouts


Cutting Minami’s words, Kota said

“Enough of talking. The gun is in your hand. You have only one bullet which is one chance. Save a comrade or children of the whole city. Your choice. You have 30 second now”

When Minami is about to say something, he hears Kota counts


Minami shakily raises his hand

“My life is nothing, but those children.” he thought

Then he looks up at Toya who is still looking at him with confused and hopeful look


Kota looks at Minami with satisfy look

“What will you do, Takahashi Minami?” He smirks and thought

Back to Minami

“Don’t think too long Takahashi Minami, you only have 15 second left” Kota said


Minami frowns his eyes and raises the gun up aiming at the rope hanging Toya


“I’m sorry Toya” Minami whispers



The bullet flies toward the rope and cut through it. The following is a small explosion making the glass under Toya break. Toya falls down from the glass to the big water tank with a big metal ball around his waist causing him to unable to do anything. Minami drops the gun on the ground and kneel down. His tear keep dropping down on the wooden base

“1…” Kota said and smirks

“What a great show” he thought

Then he raises his gun and shoot anesthetic to Minami making him fall down.

End flashback

“When I woke up, I realized that I was in my house with my father next to me. He asked me about what happened, and I told him everything. Then I remember about those children. I quickly asked him about the children. He told me those kids are safe, and he also said that "No wonder the bomb suddenly stopped". My father said that someone unknown caller called and told him about where am I. It was a big cruise ship in the middle of the sea. When they reached there, they found me unconscious on the floor in the ship basement. Then when I asked him about Toya…” Minami pauses

Atsuko sees tear dropping down on his hand

“My father said that they couldn’t find him. The water tank is also drain, and the bottom of the tank is openable. He guessed that Toya’s body already fall into the sea with the water.” He continues in tear

“I killed my comrade, my kohai who looks up to very a lot by my own hand” he continues while looking at his hands

“I’m a murderer. I’m a killer” Minami keeps hitting his face and said

“Don’t do that Takamina. Don’t do that. It is not your fault” Atsuko holds his hands stopping him from hitting himself and said

“No, I’m a selfish person. I’m a coward” Minami said keeps hitting himself

“Please don’t do that, Takamina” Atsuko hugs him and said

Minami hugs her and cries on her shoulder.

“It is all my fault Mizuki, it is all my fault. Toya must very hate me when I shot that rope. I lets him down”

“It is not your fault, Takamina. It is not your fault. That person is so cruel. He played with human’s life like nothing. It is his fault. It is his selfishness.” Atsuko pats his back and said in tear

“I believe Toya don’t hate you. If he knows that he sacrificed his life for those children, he will be very proud. I believe that, Takamina” she continues

Then Atsuko keeps patting his back to comfort him

After awhile

Minami now calm down. He suddenly realizes that he is hugging Atsuko very tight. He can even feel her skin. He quickly breaks the hug and said

“I...I...I’m sorry. I...I…” Minami stutters

He doesn’t know what to say. Atsuko too, she unconsciously hugged Minami. Now when realizing it, her heart suddenly beats faster, and her face is getting hot. An awkward silence fills between them.

“’s ok. We are all guys. There is nothing. Just best friend comforts each other” Atsuko speaks up trying to erase the awkward silence.

“Y...yeah right, we are best buddy. Thank you for comforting me, thank you” Minami laughs awkwardly and said

He doesn’t know why, but somewhere in his heart he feel a little unknown disappointment

“So….so that is why you got a problem with gun?” Atsuko asks trying to change the topic

“Uh” Minami nods sadly

“Because of that incident, I lost my motivation. I don’t want to be a police anymore because I just killed a good and innocent person right in front of me. Thank to Jun’s and Mayu’s encouragement with my father’s words, I was able to stand back on my feet again. I promised to myself that I will capture him no matter what.” He continues

“However, everything is not the same anymore. After 2 days, when I came back to the department, everyone looks at me with a weird look like I’m some kind of monster. Normally they will greet me happily, but that day, even if I greet them, they just greet me back with a hesitant manner”


Minami walks back to his unit with confused face

“Today, everyone is so weird” he thought

When Minami walks into his special unit, he hears that voice again

(So Takahashi Minami, decide for yourself. Saving your life or his life)

“Kota” Minami thought and rushes into the place.

He stops when seeing the big TV screen is showing what happened that day. Jun and Mayu come in after him, seeing that, they quickly turn off the TV

“Why don’t you guys start working?” Jun frowns and said

“Is outside so peaceful that let you guys watch those stupid things on the internet, huh?” Mayu said in angry tone

“We are sorry sir” they bow and said

“Go and block that video preventing it from spreading around the internet. Investigate the IP address where the clip was posted” Jun said

“Yes sir” they said

Then all of them get back to work

“Let’s go” Minami suddenly speaks up

“Where?” Jun and Mayu asks in confused tone

“To Toya’s funeral house” Minami said

“I want to pay his last visit” he continues

Jun and Mayu look at each other in surprised look. They quickly pull him into his office

“Are you crazy Takamina? His family is very angry at this moment” Jun said in whisper tone

“Yes, we know that this isn’t your fault, but they didn’t. They are blaming everything on you Takamina” Mayu said

“I want to say sorry to him” Minami said

“Takamina, this is not your fault” Jun said

“But I was the one who shot that rope. I indirectly kill him despite whatever the reason is.” Minami shouts and leaves the room

Jun and Mayu follow him to there

In front of the house

When they get to the gate suddenly a girl rushes to Minami and strongly slap his face. Because it is so sudden, Mayu and Jun can’t react quickly.

“Murderer, don’t come here” she shouts at Minami

Jun and Mayu quickly pull her out. Jun said

“Please calm down miss”

“Murderer, you are murderer. Return my brother to me” she shouts at Minami's face surprising him

“Let's go off me.” the girl shouts while struggling

“Please calm down or I will sue you for insulting police” Mayu said

“Sue me? why don't you sue that killer? He killed my brother” the girl said

“That thing happened, no one wanted. Please calm down” Mayu said

Suddenly someone flashes water on Minami’s face

“Get out of my house. This place don’t welcome you” a middle aged woman said

Minami can hear a lot of whispering around

“He was the police on the clip.”

“He killed his comrade for his life.”

“He is a coward”

“He doesn’t deserve to be a police”

“Shut up” Minami hears Jun shouts angrily

“Don’t accuse him like you all know everything behind it.”

“If any of you are in that situation, what will you do? Don’t act like a good person here. Speaking is very easy, anyone can do it.” Mayu adds angrily

“Do you really know what behind that? He s…”

“Enough Jun, Mayu, let’s go” cutting Jun’s words, Minami said

Then he pulls Jun and Mayu with him leaving the place

“You don’t deserve to be a police. It is just because your father is the chief, you got away with killing a person. However, you dirty the gun when you hold it for justice, murderer” Toya’s sister shouts at Minami

End flashback

“Because my father and everyone in the top position in police department know the true behind it, I didn’t get into any trouble. However, I know in the department there is still a lot of people talking about me. They said that because I'm the chief son, that is why I got away, that is why everything is kept down. I should be suspended, I should be removed from my position.” He continues while looking down on the ground

Atsuko looks at Minami worriedly

“But what they said is true. I should be punished because after all, I indirectly killed a person.” Minami said

“Takamina, I said that is not your fault. By the way, how about that killer, Takamina?” Atsuko asks

“I promised to myself and in front of Toya’s grave that I will arrest him. After 3 months, I finally got information about him. He ran away to Kyoto, and there he also did the same thing. I was able to capture him and throw him in jail. That is when I really can feel a little relief.” Minami said

“If you already capture him, why can’t you shoot, Takamina?” Atsuko asks in confused

“Because I still can’t get over the feeling that I killed an innocent person by my own hands. After all the stressful incident, I came to the shooting range to relax hoping practicing can help me. However, whenever I'm about to shoot, Toya’s sister’s voice appears in my head. “Murderer, you are murderer. You dirty the gun you holding in your hand” I...I really can't do it, Mizuki” Minami holds his fists tightly and said

Atsuko looks at Minami’s face. She can see his pain and anxiety. Then she got an idea

“Takamina, how about this?” she calls Minami and said

Minami looks up at her in confused

“You know that I have a problem with stranger, right? I can’t interact with them because I always feel insecure” she asks

“Uh” Minami nods

“How about if I can talk to them and shake hand with 20 random people on the street, you will try to shoot again. I can do it, so I believe you will also can do it” Atsuko said

“Mizuki” Minami thought in surprised

“Takamina, the thing happened in the past is not your fault, so don't blame yourself because of that. You aren't a murderer, Takamina. You are a great police. I know you not just train yourself in shooting for fun. You want to protect everyone with that amazing skill, right?”  ”

“Uh” Minami nods

“Ok, let’s make a pinky promise. When I finished shake hand with 20 random people on the street, you will practice shooting again.  I bet you look very cool when you shoot” Atsuko smiles innocently at Minami while raising her pinky finger

Minami suddenly feels the encouragement growing in his heart. He suddenly want to hold the gun again. He doesn’t want to leave this mission

“Ok” Minami smiles and nods while rounding his pinky finger around hers

At night

In Atsuko’s room

“No” Rena and Yuki said at the same time

“But Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan, I want to help Takamina” Atsuko said

“Acchan, you know that you are the real heir, Maeda Atsuko, not Mizuki. If you come to a crowded place, and something happen to you, tell me what can we do” Rena said

“Yes, it is too dangerous” Yuki adds

“But as Rena-neechan said, I’m now in disguise as only a normal man. No one will know who I’m even when I walk outside. Takamina will also follow me from afar.” Atsuko reasons

“Acchan, it is very dangerous” Yuki said

“Please, Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan, please, grant Acchan’s request” Atsuko said in childish tone while shaking their arm

She knows that is a way helping her to get everything because Atsuko know those two always spoil her

Rena and Yuki look at her puppies eyes and sighs in defeat

“Ok, but we have to go with you” she said

“Yay, thank you Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko jumps and hugs them tightly

In a certain place

There is a man talking to the phone

“I see. Keep up your good work” he said

Then he hangs up. After that he picks up a picture frame showing a little boy and a little girl.

“Destiny” he said and laughs loudly


That is chapter 8. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 9 14/01/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 9  :)

Chapter 9: Get Over Your Fear

Minami’s POV

I’m now standing in the middle of Shibuya, one of the most crowded place in Tokyo. Next to me is Mizuki. We made a promise yesterday that if he can shake hand with 20 people, I will start holding my gun again.

This morning, I talked to my father about going here. Of course I didn’t mention about our deal. Surprisingly he agreed with me. He also allowed Acchan and Yuki to go. Though they will sit on the black car over the parallel parking watching us through the camera on my pocket shirt. Jun and Mayu will protect them in there.

At first, I think it is fine. However on the second thought, I think it is too dangerous. This street is so crowded. What if something happened to him.

I turn to Mizuki and said

“I think we have to cancel this, Mizuki”

“Why?” Mizuki asks me with surprised looks

“This place can be very dangerous to you. Plus, you just returned to Japan, you can get lost easily in this much of people” I said

“I will be fine, Takamina. I have a headphone in my ear, if I get lost, I can just call you.” Mizuki said to me

“No, Mizuki, you don’t understand your position, right now” Minami said

“Takamina, I will be fine. I’m not their target, right” Mizuki whispers

“Also...” he looks at me seriously

“I don’t want to give up easily.” he continues seriously

I’m surprised with his words. He is a little guys, but he has a strong will

“Ok, I will go now. Wish me luck” Mizuki said while smiling at me

“Good luck, Mizuki” I said to him with a smile

Then he walks slowly around the crowded place. I feel so worry when seeing him slowly going into the sea of people. Somehow I can feel his shaking when he is walking

“Don’t worry, Mizuki. I’m right behind you” I said hoping I can encourage him

“Thank you, Takamina” Mizuki said to me

While walking, I see he stops. According to where he looks, I think he found someone to shake hand. He slowly walks toward a man in  a suit. I guess he is a businessman.

“A businessman, I think it is not a bad choice” I thought

Mizuki is now standing near him

“Uhm...e...ex...excuse me” he calls the man in small tone

I can feel the shaking in his tone.

“...” Still the man doesn’t turn to him or response to his calls

I guess maybe he doesn’t hear him. Mizuki looks up and calls him again with louder tone

“E...ex...excuse me sir”

The man still doesn’t turn to him. However, Mizuki doesn’t give up. He taps his shoulder and calls him

“Excuse me”

The man turns to him with a frown on his face and shouts

“What do you want brat?”

Mizuki steps back because of surprised. Me too, I’m very surprised with his attitude. How can he act like that

“What a rude man” I thought

“ name…” Mizuki stutters

He must be very scared

“Say it. I don’t have free time to stand here, brat”

I quickly rush to Mizuki. I know he really need help right now


“Hey why did you yell at him like that?” I pull him back and said to the man

“So what? He is wasting my time.” the man said

“He is wasting your time. Have you heard what he want to say yet? How can you be so rude” I said

“You are wearing a nice suit, so I thought you must be a polite person. However, it is really true that you can never judge the book by its cover.” I continues

“You…” the man looks at me angrily.

“I don’t have time to talk to some brat like you” he said and walks away angrily

“What a rude person” I said

Then I turn back and look at Mizuki. He is looking down sadly, and I can feel his shaken

“I’m sorry, Takamina” he said to me

“Why did you say sorry to me?” I ask

“I...I thought I can greet him and do everything myself, but in the end, you still come and helped me.” Mizuki said

“Baka, there is nothing to be sorry of. He is just a first person, right?” I pat his head and said

Mizuki looks at me and nods


“I believe you can do it because you are Mizuki” I smile and said

“Yes, I can do it. I also believe Takamina can shoot again because Takamina is Takamina” he smiles innocently at me and said

“Uh” I smile and nod

I don’t know why, but somewhere in my heart, I feel a very strong encouragement. I feel like I can be myself again

“I will go now, Takamina.” Mizuki said to me

“Good luck” I smile and said

“Also, this time, you don’t need to help me. Let’s me handle it, myself” Mizuki said

“Ok” I smile

“He also needs to grow up anyway” I thought

Then he looks around to find to he can talk with. After that, I see he walks to his left side toward a coffee shop. In front of the place, there are three high school girls standing there. I guess he wants to talk to them.

“Maybe finding someone near his age is easier. Also, girls won’t be rude like men” I thought while nodding

Mizuki is now standing in front of them.

“Ex...excuse me”

They turn look at him with confused, but it suddenly turns into excited look

“Kya, you are so cute” one of the girl said

“Yes, look how baby looking he is” the other girl said

“What is your name, cute boy?” the third girl said

I guess they think him younger than them. is true somehow because he looks a lot younger and smaller than 19.

“ name is Mizuki. I’m 19 years old. Nice to meet you” he said stuttering

“Hey girls, he is really super cute. Who want to be his girlfriend?” one of the girl said

I see Mizuki look down. I guess he is shy with her words.

“Kya...he is shy. So cute” the three shriek excitedly

“M...may I know your name?” Mizuki asks

“Sure, my name is Aki, nice to meet you”

“My name is Ami, nice to meet you”

“My name is Rin, nice to meet you”

The three said and shake Mizuki’s hand. I smile happily when he is successfully shake hand with stranger. I’m very happy for him. Suddenly one of the girl comes and hugs his arm

“Mizuki, why don’t we go in this coffee shop and have a drink” she said

“What...? Does girl nowadays this open up?” I thought in surprised

“Yeah, let’s go Mizuki” the other girl hug his other arm and said

I don’t know why, but there is something weird inside me when seeing that. Then I hear Jun’s chuckle from my headphone on the left which is connecting with the car where Acchan, Jun, Yuki, and Mayu in

“Wow, Mizuki is sure born to be popular, right Takamina?”

“Yeah, he is really one of us” Mayu adds

“Oh really Jun/Mayu? Does you are that popular in your department? Do a lot of girls follow you and clinging on you like that?” I hear Acchan and Yuki said at the same time with dangerous tone

“O...of course not” they stutter

“They deserve that” I thought in amuse

Then I hear Mizuki’s voice

“I..I’m sorry, but I’m busy, right now”

“Aww!! Too bad. I want to know you more” a girl said

“M...maybe some other time.” Mizuki said

“Thank you for talking to me. It is a great pleasure to meet you” he continues and shakes their hand again

“Likewise” they said

Then he say good bye to them and left

“Good job Mizuki, you shook hand of three people” I said

“Yes, I’m happy.” he said to me in happy tone

“Yosh, 17 more to go” he continues enthusiastically

After about an hour, Mizuki finally shook hand of 18 people, and he seems to be more comfortable now. It is a great accomplishment to him. He only has to shake two more people hands.

Mizuki is now standing and looking around. Then I see he walking toward a store. In front of it there is standing two men. Uhm...they have yankee look on their face. It seems dangerous. When I’m about to stop him, he already there

“Hello” he said to them

They turn and look at him while frowning

“This is bad” I thought and rush to his place.

However, I stop when hearing their friendly voice

“Hello boy, what can I do for you?” one of the man said

“Maybe I’m wrong” I thought and look at them

I want to observe more before making any move

“Hello, my name is Mizuki. Nice to meet you” Mizuki said politely while extending his hand to shake their hand

“Hello Mizuki, my name is Goro, and his name is Ito, nice to meet you too” they smile and said while shaking his hand

“Maybe I’m really wrong about them” I smile and thought

Suddenly I notice something weird from their eyes. They whisper something to each other.

“I have to get there” I thought and rush to Mizuki

However I accidently bump into an old lady

“I’m sorry” I said while helping her picking up her stuffs

When I look up, I didn’t see him anywhere

“Where is he?” I thought while looking around

“Mizuki” I call him, but then I realize I dropped my headphone

Don’t have time to look for it, I quickly rush to where those men just stood. Then I run along the way hoping I can find him. When I pass through an alley, I hear a voice

“Give us all your money, brat”

I quickly rush in there, and turn left. I see those two men corner Mizuki to the wall. One of the men puts a knife on his neck

End Minami’s POV

“Police, release him now” Minami shouts while raising his badge

Hearing him, they quickly rush away. Minami doesn’t care about them. He quickly rush to Atsuko to check on her. He still can see the shaken in her body, and her eyes are already red. There is also a little scratch on her neck because of that knife.

“I told you don’t do it before, right? See what is happened? What if I come a little late?” Minami shouts worriedly

Because he is too worry about her that he can’t think of anything clear

“I’m so…”

“I never ask you to help me get over that. Why did you have to do this, huh? Did you see how dangerous it is?” cutting her words, Minami shout again

“I’m sorry, Takamina. However everything is fine now. I will find two other people” she looks up at Minami and said

“No more. I don’t need that promise anymore. Go back to the mansion now” Minami said

“But Takamina…”

“No but, I said this is the end. Now go back to the mansion” Minami said cutting Atsuko’s word while pulling her with him

However, she stops him and said

“Takamina, I want to help you”

“I said it is enough. Passing this test or not is my problem not yours. I don’t need your help. I don’t need your help”

“Ugh…this is annoying” Minami blurs out without thinking

Atsuko looks at him with surprised look. Her tear unconsciously. Minami’s heart is tighten when seeing tear rolling on her cheeks.

“Mizuki, I…”

Minami only meant that his problem is annoying. However Atsuko thought that he said she is annoying him

“I’m sorry for my nuisance.” she bows at him deeply and said

Minami can see tear keep dropping on the ground. Suddenly, they hear Yuki’s voice


Minami turns and sees Rena, Jun, Yuki, and Mayu are there. Rena and Yuki quickly rushes to Atsuko. They turn and glare at Minami. Then they turn to Atsuko and said

“Let’s go back, Mizuki”

Then they come back to the car van. Minami, Jun and Mayu walk behind them silently. When Minami reaches his car, he quickly comes to the driver seat. He stands outside waiting for Atsuko to come into the passenger seat. However, she stops and said

“I want to go with Acchan and Yuki”

Minami can feel sadness in her tone.

“Ok, let’s go with us, Mizuki” Yuki said and leads her to their van

Minami stands there looking at Atsuko until she walks into the van. Then he goes into his car. Seeing Atsuko likes that, his heart is very sad. It is torture in pain, right now

After 1 hour

Their car reach the mansion. Atsuko steps out and goes into the mansion with Rena and Yuki. Minami, Jun, and Mayu follow them from behind. When they are inside, without a words, Atsuko walks back to her room

When Yuki and Rena are about to follow her, she said

“Acchan, Yuki, please leave me alone”

“Ok” they nod

Then Atsuko walks back to her room silently. Minami looks at her back. He can see she keeps wiping her face by her hand to prevent her tear. After Atsuko left, Rena and Yuki turn to Minami and look at him angrily

“What do you think you are doing, Takahashi Minami?” Rena asks angrily

“Acchan, calm down” Jun tries to hold her back, but she pushes his hand away

Minami looks down silently

“How can you say something like that to Mizuki? Do you know how hurt he is?” Rena said in loud tone

“Do you know how happy he is when he thought he can help you?” Yuki asks

“Yuki” Mayu tries to calm her down

“This is not your problem, Mayu” Yuki takes her hand out from his grip and said

“Takahashi Minami, just see this as we are wrong about you. Maybe removing you from this mission is not that bad” she points at Minami and angrily said

“We don’t need that kind of person protecting us” Rena said

Then they leave the place back to their room.

Minami scratches his head irritable.


“Please leave me alone” He said and also walks back to his room leaving only Jun and Mayu in the hall

“What do we do now, Jun?” Mayu asks

“I don’t know. Ugh...why did they made it so complicated?” Jun said

Then the two go back to the rooms too

In the evening

Atsuko opens her door to come out. At the same time, Minami also opens the door to come out. They stand there and look at each other in surprised


When Minami is about to call her, Atsuko bends her head down and closes the door. He sighs and walks down stair to the dining room.

When he gets there, he sees Jun, Mayu, Rena, and Yuki are already there.

“Yoo” Jun and Mayu greet him

However Rena and Yuki just stay silent without looking at him.

“Keiko-san, did you call Mizuki?” Rena looks up and asks

“Yes, I call Mr. Mizuki at the same time with you” Keiko said

“I see. So he doesn't want to meet certain person in dinner” Yuki said

Minami is eating his dinner. Hearing that, he stops his spoon a little. Then he continues eating

“M...maybe he doesn't hungry yet, right Mayu?” Jun reluctantly said and elbow Mayu

“Y...yeah. I guess he will come down soon” Mayu said

However they feel the deathly silent around them

“Keiko-san, can you prepare food for Mizuki. I will bring up to his room.” Yuki said

“Yes miss Yuki” Keiko said

Then she goes back into the kitchen to preparing a tray of food for Yuki

“Uhm...Yuki, tomorrow evening is my mother’s rehearsal day, do you want to go, Yuki?” Mayu asks hoping to change the atmosphere

“Sure, but can Mizuki go with me?” Yuki asks

Suddenly Jun has an idea

“Hey, why don’t all of us go there?” he said excitedly

Mayu quickly turns to Jun and whispers

“What are you saying baka? This is my date with Yuki”

“You are a baka. I do this to create a chance for Mizuki and Takamina  to talk to each other again” Jun said

“I see. Then ok” Mayu said

“Ok, how about all of us go to my mother’s rehearsal?” he turns back and asks

“Sound good to me” Rena said

“Takamina” Jun turns to him

Minami just nods silently

After finishing eating, Yuki and Rena bring food to Atsuko’s room

“Mizuki, open the door for us” Yuki knocks the door and said

Then they see Atsuko slowly opens the door for them to walk in. After walking in, Atsuko closes the door and walks to the sofa

“Acchan, why don’t you come out and eat dinner” Yuki puts the tray on the table and asks

“I’m not hungry” Atsuko said while sitting down

“Really? Or is it just that you don’t want to see Takamina?” Rena asks while sitting down next to her

Hearing Minami’s name, Atsuko feels tighten in her heart.

“No” she said shortly while shaking her head

“Acchan, you can’t lie to us” Yuki gently said

“I just don’t want him to see me” Atsuko said

“Huh?” Rena and Yuki look at each other in confused

“Why are you saying that Acchan?” Rena asks

“Because...because I'm annoying. I bothered him” Atsuko said in broken tone

Rena and Yuki look at each other

“My baka little Acchan” Rena hugs her and said

“Don't be sad because of that. He is an idiot to say that to you. You don't have to care about that” she continues while patting her back

“Yes, just ignore that baka.” Yuki strokes her hair and said

“But I feel hurt. My heart is hurt Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan. I feel so useless when I can't help him, but only bother him” Atsuko said while crying

“Baka, you aren't useless. You did your best Acchan. He is so stupid to don’t treasure it.” Yuki said gently while wiping her tear

“Now Acchan, let’s ignore that idiot, and eat your dinner” Rena smiles at her and said

“But…” Atsuko looks at Rena

“Don’t you listen to us, Acchan?” Rena asks

Atsuko shakes her head and starts eating.

“By the way, Acchan, tomorrow we will come to the rehearsal of Mayu’s mother.” Yuki said

When Atsuko is about to said that she doesn’t want to go, Rena adds

“And you have to come with us”

“Ok” Atsuko nods

She never goes against their words.

At night

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko is sitting by the window in her room looking up to the stars.

“Wow, Mizuki, I knew the sky is very beautiful when looking from this island. However, I never thought it would be this wonderful.”

“I said that I will take you to watch the stars. However, I should thank you for showing me this beautiful scenery Mizuki”

“Not only like it. I love this scenery very much. I really want to watch the stars from here every day”

She remembers the time when she and Minami was looking at the sky together. Though that is a happy memory, Atsuko’s eyes look very sad.

“I miss that time” she whispers in sad tone


By the lake near the mansion

Minami is sitting by the lake looking up to the starry sky

“Do you love star, Mizuki?”

“Yes, I love everything about the sky, I love stars, moons, planets, constellation, and everything beyond this horizon”

“Thank for comforting me. Except grandpa, Yuki, and Acchan, you are another person who treat me so nice. I don’t know much about the world out there, and of course, I also don’t know much about people out there. However, I only know one thing, having you, Yuki, and Acchan around me, I will be fine. You are my important friend, Takamina”

He remembers his time with Atsuko on the tower watching stars. He looks up to the sky and sighs heavily

“You are an idiot Minami” he thought

Suddenly he hears a voice behind him

“Calling yourself an idiot huh, buddy?”

Minami turns around and sees Jun and Mayu standing there

“Yoo” they smile at him

“What are you guys doing here?” Minami asks while turning back to the lake

“I come to talk to an idiot” Mayu said while the two sitting down next to Minami

“What do you mean?” Minami asks

“Isn't there is an idiot who sitting here thinking how to talk again with someone, right?” Jun said teasingly


“How did you guys know?” Minami sighs in defeat and said

“How long do we know each other Takamina?” Jun said

“Yeah, we know each other since birth, how can we not know what is in your head right now, buddy” Mayu said

“So tell us, you didn't mean telling Mizuki that he is annoying, right?” Jun asks

“Uh” Minami nods

“At that time, seeing him was hurt by those gangsters, I was so scared. The annoying thing is my problem not him. How can he annoy me? Except you two, he is my very important friend. Seeing him hurt like that, I even hate my problem than I always do. I know he did his very best for me to pass this test. However seeing him hurt like that is the last thing I want. It makes me hate myself because of my useless” he said

“Then why don't you tell Mizuki that?” Mayu asks

“If I can say that easily, then there is not any problem. However I can't. It was me who hurt him by my words. He probably hate me now” Minami said

“This evening, he didn't even want to look at my face” he adds

“Takamina, why don't you ask him does he really hate you?” Jun asks

Minami is surprised with Jun’s words

“ can I ask him that?” Minami stutters

“Then do you want to be like this forever?” Mayu asks

“Of course not. It won't be long until I will be removed from this mission” Minami mumbles

“Do you want to give up?Do you want to stop being friend with him?" Jun asks

“You aren't Takahashi Minami we knew. Our captain and our best friend won't ever say thing like that.” He continues

“Yes, give up even before trying anything, that is not Takahashi Minami” Mayu said

“I don’t want to give up easily.”

Minami suddenly remembers Mizuki’s words. He feels so much encouragement from his words

“I decided” Minami said seriously

Jun and Mayu look at him

“I will apologize about this morning and ask for his forgiveness if he hates me” Minami stands up and said

“Good. That is a man.” Jun said

“Thank guys” Minami said

“You’re welcome buddy” Jun and Mayu said

Then Minami happily goes back to his room. Jun and Mayu smile. Then they walk back to the mansion. Suddenly they stop at two big trees on each side of them

“He is not a bad person who doesn't appreciate friendships.” Jun said

“Yeah, he just doesn’t know how to express his feeling. That is our baka friend” Mayu said

“Also, he is not a person who easily get angry like this morning. He just worries about Mizuki. Therefore, we hope you two forgive him” Jun and Mayu said while turning to look at the girls who are hiding on each tree

“How did you know us here?” Rena and Yuki asks at the same time

“Because we are police” Jun smiles and said

“I see” Yuki and Rena chuckle

“So what do you think about what we said, Yuki, Acchan?” Mayu asks

“Uhm...that depend on Mizuki.” Rena said

“Yup” Yuki nods

Then they walk back into the mansion


That is chapter 9. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 9 14/01/2017
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Wonderful story there

Action, mystery story

I can understand that Atsuko is a bit out there... innocent and all..

But if she is supposed to be a heir of a business family...

Isn't she supposed to know how to deal with meeting, talking in front of people...

Does she even have the education for it?

Who is this person that want to kill Atsuko?

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 10 21/01/2017
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@cisda83: Thank you!  :D Yes, Atsuko is very innocent in here. You got good questions about her. Those will be revealed more in the future chapters.   :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 10  :)

Chapter 10: Attack

In the early morning

While Minami is walking around his garden, he hears his phone rings. He takes it out and sees his father is calling him

“Hello dad” Minami picks up the phone and said

(Minami, I finally arranged time for Acchan to meet uncle Ryuu. Today, at 9:00 a.m, you all come to Maeda private hospital. I will send you the direction where you need to go)

“Ok dad, I will tell Acchan and the rest” Minami quickly said

Then he hangs up and rushes back into his house. When Minami reaches the house, he sees Jun and Mayu are sitting on the chair drinking coffee in front of the house.

“Morning Takamina” Jun said

Seeing his hurried face, Mayu asks

“Why you look so hurry?”

“My dad just called me, he said that Acchan can go visit President Ryuu. We will come there and meet him at 9” Minami said

“Really, that is great.” Jun and Mayu said

Then they come together to the house to tell Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki. They come into the house at the same time Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki walk down from the stair

“Hi everyone” Jun and Mayu said

“Hey” Yuki and Rena said

Seeing Minami, Atsuko looks down and hides behind Rena and Yuki. Minami sighs silent when noticing Atsuko’s strange behavior

“Acchan, Takamina said that his father just called him. He said that you can visit your grandfather today” Jun said

“Really? I can see grandfather?” Rena said happily

Hearing what Jun said, Atsuko looks up happily. Minami notices that her eyes lit up in happiness. He feels happy when he sees her happy face.

Rena and Yuki look at each other, and then both of them turn to Atsuko and smile happily. Atsuko also smiles widely because of the news

After preparing everything, they quickly come out of the house. Today, they all will use the car van to go to the hospital together. Jun is the one who drive the car, and Mayu is sitting next to him. Rena and Yuki are sitting in the middle seats. Atsuko comes in the sit at the back of the car. Lastly Minami comes in and also sits at the back seat.

When Minami is about to turn to smile at her, Atsuko moves away from him and looking down silently. Minami sighs when seeing her action. He turns and looks at the window. The true is he looking at her through the window and sees that she still looking down

“How can I say sorry to him?” he thought and sighs to himself again

After awhile

The car reaches the private hospital. However, they didn’t drive to the front of the place. Jun turns the car to a small alley where Minami’s father told them. After that Jun makes a left turn and then a right turn. Then they sees a small house with a garage in front.

Mayu tabs the open button on his phone to open the garage for them. After park the car, they leave the car and go into the house

Inside the house

Minami’s father is sitting on the sofa waiting for them

“Father” Minami bows at him

“Uncle” Jun and Mayu greet him

“Uncle Kai” Rena, Yuki, and Atsuko greet him

“Good morning you all” Kai said while standing up

“Follow me” he continues while walking toward the door

They follow Kai to the door

“This is the way leads to the Maeda private hospital where uncle Ryuu is. This is how police protect president of Maeda clan. Only my father and me know about this. Now you 6 know about this. You have to keep this as a secret for Maeda’s sake.” Kai explains while they walking in a secret way.

The way is protected with security camera and there are a lot of doors to walk through. Each of the door requires identity from Kai to open.

After walking for awhile, they reach a big door. Kai types the password and then puts his thumb on the screen to let it read his fingerprint. Then the door opens showing a big patient room

“Acchan, Yuki, Mizuki, come in there. Uncle Ryuu is in there. Take your time. The other door won't open until I open it. Even the Maeda members can't come in.” Kai said

“Thank you, uncle Kai” Rena said

Then the three come into Ryuu’s room. After that Kai closes the door, Minami, Jun, and Mayu follow Kai to a room next to it to wait for Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki.

Inside Ryuu’s room

Atsuko quickly rushes to her grandpa. He is lying on the bed while an oxygen mask is on his face. She kneel down and holds his hand tightly

“Grandpa, Atsu is here. Atsu is here to visit you” Atsuko said in tear

“Grandpa, please wake up and talk to Atsu. Grandpa promised to take Atsu to watch stars on Atsu’s birthday, right?” Atsuko shakes his arm and said while choking

Rena and Yuki look at Atsuko who is crying very hard with sad eyes. Tear is slowly building up on their eyes

“Acchan, don't cry. I'm sure that grandfather will wake up soon when knowing you came here to visit him” Rena sits down and said gently

“That's right Acchan, Yuki-neechan sure that grandfather will wake up very, very soon, and he will be fine and very healthy.” Yuki wipes her tear and said

“Really?” Atsuko asks

“Of course. Did Rena and I ever wrong when telling you something?” Yuki said

Atsuko shakes her head

“No” she said

“That's right. You don't have to be sad. Grandfather will be fine. After that we will go and watch a lot of beautiful stars ok” Rena said

“Ok” Atsuko smiles and said

“Good girl” Yuki pats her head and said

“Now Acchan, let’s tell grandfather a lot of things that he doesn’t know in the island. You told me you have a lot of stories about animal there, right?” Rena said

“Yes, I have a lot of thing to tell grandpa” Atsuko said

Then she turns to Ryuu and said

“Grandpa, Atsu has a lot of things I want to tell you.”

At the same time, Rena and Yuki look at Ryuu and thought

“Grandfather Ryuu, I promise, I will protect Acchan no matter what”


In the next room

While waiting for Atsuko and the rest, Kai shows Minami's group what they asked him the other day

“This is all the information of Maeda clan that I ordered my men to gather for you three” Kai said while giving Minami the USB

“Thank you dad” Minami takes the USB and said

“Since we still have time, I will briefly explain for you three about Maeda members who are most likely doing that” Kai said

Then he turns on the big screen in the room to show Minami, Jun and Mayu the information.

“The first person is Maeda Tora, uncle Ryuu’s younger brother. He is also currently vice-president in Maeda group.” Kai said while pointing at the person in the first slide

He looks about between 60 years old.

“Uhm...he has a son, Maeda Oda. His son is in jail because of embezzlement.” Jun said

“Uh, and the person who turned him in is uncle Ryuu” Kai nods and changes the slide

“Last year, Maeda Oda stole about half million dollar for his gambling. However, his work is not only in one year. The total money that he stole is a lot more than that number” he continues

“I see. So Maeda Tora could be a suspect.” Minami suggests

“Correct, his only son is now in jail because of Mr. Ryuu” Mayu said

“That is a possibility. I’ll let you guys find out more” Kai said

Then he changes to another slide. The slide shows a beautiful and gorgeous lady.

“This is the eldest daughter of uncle Ryuu. I already told guys about her before. Her name is Maeda Ayano. She went missing 26 years ago” Kai said

“Went missing, what do you mean by that term, dad?” Minami asks

“Did someone kidnap her?” Jun asks

“Or something happened to her?” Mayu asks

“Let’s me rephrase that, she didn’t go missing, she left Maeda clan 26 years ago” Kai said

“She left Maeda clan, huh?” Minami thought

“Could it be that she now want to return to take the inheritance?” Jun said

“That could be, but it is not possible. She is originally the first born. If she wants all Maeda power, then she wouldn’t leave” Mayu said

“You got the point” Jun nods and said

“Dad, until now, there is still not any news about her?” Minami asks

“No, no one know where she is now” Kai shakes his head and said

“I see.” Minami looks at the picture and said

Suddenly, something flashes in his head

“I’m sorry dad, but before you continues, I have a question” Minami said

“What's it, Minami?” Kai asks

“Why did she leave, dad? Did she really leave?” Minami asks

“Uhm.. she really left, but that is Maeda clan personal matter. I can't say it” Kai leans on his chair and said

“I see” Minami said

Then Kai turns back and continues the slide

“The second son is Maeda Hayate. He manages one of the branches of Maeda group in Osaka” Kai said

“He married to a model and has a daughter who is a lawyer in Tokyo. He also has a son, but he is a player who always fooling around all the night club. Since the incident happened to uncle Ryuu, he and his family came back here to helping the company here with other Maeda members” he continues

“Is he really come back to help or because of the properties” Mayu looks at his file and said

“ got the point. He seems too suspicious to me” Jun nods and said

“He nearly got the company over there went bankrupt because of a fake contract 5 years ago. Thank to uncle Ryuu that the problem is solved. After that incident, uncle nearly fire him out of the company. However, because he begged for him and promised to manage the company more serious, that is why he agreed to let him manage it. However not after he walks his way back there from an employee.” Kai said

“An employee?” Minami asks

“Yes, he had to do everything a new employee do, and do everything to qualify for a promotion, or he will never get back to his position. After 4 years, he finally can get back to his place when making the company grow better.” Kai said

“Then I guess he is not a total useless if he can get back to his position now” Minami said

“Yea! Seem like he accomplished something” Jun said

“You can say that, but don’t let your guard down around him just because of that” Kai said

“We will, especially his son” Minami said while looking at the man on the screen.

“Yes, his son looks dangerous” Mayu comments while looking at the man with tattoo all over both of his hands

“Uh” Kai nods

Then he changes the slide

“Uncle third daughter is Maeda Hinata. She is the surgery doctor in this hospital. her husband is the CEO in Maeda group in Tokyo. She has two son. Her eldest son is working in Maeda company, and her second son is working in this hospital” Kai said

“Her son is a doctor? Who is the doctor that treating for Mr. president, dad?” Minami asks

“It is neither of them. Uncle Ryuu has his own doctor. He is the grandson of his best friend who is also your grandfather’s best friend” Kai said

“Grandfather’s friend?” Minami said

“Uh” Kai nods

“I see” Minami said

“About her husband, does he is CEO before or after marrying her, uncle?” Jun asks

“He is already a CEO before marrying Hinata. Because he is a good businessman, that is why uncle Ryuu arrange that marriage” Kai said

“I see” the three nods

“Is there anything special about Mrs. Maeda dad?” Minami asks

“Uhm...she is a very nice person. Her background is also very clear.” Kai said

“I see. How about her two sons?” Mayu asks

“They seem normal, but you guys have to find out more about them” Kai said

“Yes” the three nods

“Lastly is Acchan’s father, Maeda Heiji. He is the most promising child of uncle Ryuu. He is uncle Ryuu’s pride and everything. He is very good at business with a strong head. His wife, Acchan’s mother, Maeda Kawachi Nami is also a very smart person in business. They helped the company grow very fast, and they also helped it get worldwide to more countries. That is why he chose Heiji as the heir of Maeda clan. However, his wish never come true when someone killed Heiji and his wife” Kai sighs and said

“How can Acchan escaped dad?” Minami asks

“At that time, she was with uncle Ryuu. He took her out to play with him” Kai said

“I see.”

While they are talking, they hear the sound indicate the door opens

“You guys continues to look at their file. Now let’s go. I guess they are done” Kai stands up and said

Minami, Jun, and Mayu stand up and leave the room. Then they take Atsuko, Rena, and Mayu back to Takahashi mansion

In the evening

In front of a big auditorium

A small black van stops at the faculty parking. Jun, Mayu, and Minami come out, and they open the door for Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki. Then they come to the stadium by the back door. There is a card reader on the side of the door which is used to verify the identity.

“Ok guys, before we come in, my mom gave this to us. This is ID for authorized people only. We
need this to go into her place.” Mayu said while giving them the card.

After everyone wear the card on their neck, Mayu slide the card to open the door. After opening the door, Mayu leads the group to the stage where his mother is rehearsing. He opens the door and said

“Come on in guys”

Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki walk in first. Then Jun, Minami, and Mayu walk in.

Yuki looks around the auditorium in aww.

“It is so great” she thought.

She has never been in an auditorium before because she always stays in the island. She only sees this through videos.

“How was it, Yuki?” Mayu comes next to her and asks

“This place is so wonderful, Mayu. I had never been in a real place like this before. It is so great.” Yuki said happily

“Thank you, Mayu” she continues

“I’m glad you like it.” Mayu said

“Come on, let’s go to the stage. My mom is there” Mayu said

“Ok” Yuki nods

Then all of them come down to the stage. When Yuki is near the stage, she sees a very gorgeous woman standing near the piano. The woman is Mayu’s mother, her idol, Minamoto Ayumi.

“Minamoto Ayumi” Yuki mumbles Mayu’s mother name

Her heart is filled with joy when seeing her most idol. She has been her fan since she was little. She watched all her performances, read all her interviews, and all other things about her. When they reach the place, Mayu calls his mother

“Mom” The woman turns and smiles at the group

“Mayu, you are here” Ayumi smiles and said

Then she walks down from the stage and comes to them.

“Hello auntie” Jun and Minami greet her

“Hello Takamina, Jun” Ayumi smiles and said

Atsuko, Rena and Yuki bow at her respectively

“Mayu, care to introduce your friends to me” Ayumi turns to Mayu and said

“Yes mom” Mayu said

“The person over there, standing next to Takamina is Mizuki. Next to him is his cousin, A...I mean Rena.”


Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki are sitting in the study room with Minami, Jun, and Mayu. they are talking about going to Mayu’s mother rehearsal place.

“This evening we will go to the auditorium. However, we can’t introduce Acchan’s real name to her” Minami said

“That is correct. We have to come up with a name.” Mayu said

“So what do you guys think?” Jun turns to Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki and asks

“ about you guys introduce me as Rena” Rena said

“Rena?” Jun repeats

“Yes, just call me Rena when we are there.” Rena smiles and said

“Ok, that settle” Mayu said

“By the way, we couldn’t just introduce Mizuki as Acchan’s butler, right?” Yuki said

“Right, we have to introduce you three as normal people” Minami said

“ about cousin. He will be cousin of Acchan and Yuki” Jun suggests

“That is a good idea. Let’s go with that” Rena and Yuki said

End flashback

“Lastly, the beautiful lady next to me is Yuki. She is also Mizuki’s cousin, and she is Rena’s sister.” Mayu introduces Yuki

His words make Yuki blush

“Hey Mayu, there is a little unfair in your introduction.” Rena teases

“Is it?” Mayu asks innocently

“It sure is” Jun said

“It is because if I add something on, there is a certain person will kill me right away” Mayu glares at Jun and said while giggling

“If there is any additional, I think Jun will be the one add it, right Rena?” he continues

Mayu’s tease makes Rena blush

“W...why did you ask me?” Rena stutters

Ayumi looks at her son teasing his friends happily.

“Mayu” She calls him

“What is it, mom?” Mayu turns to her

“Yuki-chan is the girl you told me the day you came back home from your work, right? A beautiful and gorgeous girl that you have ever met. Seem like you really like her” Ayumi said

Mayu blushes at her words. Yuki also looks down shyly because of that

“ what are you saying?” he stutters shyly

“Oh so I’m wrong. She is not the person you told me. Hm… I wonder who is the person name Yuki then” Ayumi said

“You said that she also want to see me, right? When will she come here, Mayu?” She asks

“Mom, Yuki is Yuki. Who else? I already told you that I will bring her here” Mayu said

Ayumi looks at her son and giggles. This is the first time she sees him blushing because of embarrassment

“I see. Then I'm not wrong about earlier” Ayumi said

“Mom” Mayu calls her while blushing

Everyone looks at Mayu and giggles at his action.

“, you should go back to your rehearsal and stage set up, right?” Mayu turns to his mother and said hoping to stop this embarrassing topic

“Aww, my little Mayu-chan is embarrassing. This is the first time I saw this. How cutes? I have to tell your dad about this” Ayumi continues teasing her son

“Mom, don’t call me that in front of my friends. Especially…” Mayu mumbles the last parts while secretly looking at Yuki

“Ok, ok, you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of Yuki-chan, right?” Ayumi said

When Mayu is about to say something, Ayumi turns and calls Yuki

“Yuki-chan, I heard Mayu said that you like piano, right?”

“Yes, I love playing piano. Minamoto-san, you are the reason I learn playing it. I watched you since I was little, and I love the music you play. I’m your very big fan. I’m happy to meet you today” Yuki happily said

Ayumi smiles gently at Yuki and said

“Just call me auntie, Yuki-chan”

“Mizuki and Rena-chan too. just call me auntie. Don’t be so formal” she said to them

“Yes” they said

Afar from them

There is a person hides behind the curtain looking at them.

Back to the group

“Yuki-chan, do you want to come to the stage and see my work?” Ayumi asks

“Can I?” Yuki asks in happy tone

“Of course.” Ayumi smiles and said

“Thank you, auntie” Yuki said happily

Then Ayumi turns and calls someone


“Yes, sensei” A girl walks and bows at her

“Her name is Saeki Aya. She is my student.” Ayumi introduces her

“Aya, can you take my guess to a tour around this place?” she asks

“Yes, sensei” Aya said

“Thank you Aya” Mayu smiles and said

“’re welcome Mayu-san” Aya said

“I have to go back to my work now. Aya will take you all around this auditorium. There is a lot of interesting in here because this auditorium is very old with a lot of tradition” Ayumi turns to Minami’s group and said

“Thank you, auntie” Minami said

“Have fun, you guys” Ayumi said

Then Yuki and Mayu follow Ayumi back to the stage while Aya lead Atsuko, Minami, Jun, and Rena around the place.

When they just steps out of the room, Atsuko said

“You guys just go ahead. I will sit inside the room and listen to the rehearsal”

“You don’t want to go around, Mizuki?” Rena asks

“Uh, I don’t feel well. I guess I will just sit down in there” Atsuko said

She doesn’t in the mood to going somewhere because she still worries about her grandpa. Also, she still doesn’t want to go with Minami because of worrying she will annoy him again

“Then I will stay here with you” Rena said

“No, you guys just go ahead. I will just sit in there. Don’t worry” Atsuko said

“Uhm...I guess Yuki and Mayu in there.” Rena thought

“Ok. Sit there and don’t go around alone, ok” she said to Atsuko

“Uh, I know” Atsuko nods and said

Then she walks back into the room

“Jun and Rena, you guys just go ahead. I will stay to watch the rehearsal too” Minami said

“Ok. go ahead” Jun said

Then Minami also goes back into the place. Rena looks at the big door and thought worriedly

“Will she be ok?”

Noticing that, Jun whispers

“Mizuki will be fine, Rena. Takamina is with him”

“Uh” Rena nods

“Let’s go, Saeki-san” Jun said

“Ok, come with me” Aya said


Back to Atsuko

While Atsuko is looking at the stage where Yuki is, she hears something sitting down behind her. Curious she turns around, but then she quickly turns back when seeing Minami.

“You don’t have to sit here with me, you know” Atsuko said

“B...because I want to” Minami said

Then silent fills between them. Minami sits there looking at her. He still doesn’t know how to talk to her.

Back to Jun and Rena

Aya takes Jun and Rena around the auditorium and tell them about the history and everything about the place.

When they reach the museum, Jun said

“You can go back now Saeki-san. We can look around here by ourselves”

“Ok” Aya nods

“Thank you for your time” Jun said

“You’re welcome” Aya said and leaves the place

Now it is only Rena and Jun in the auditorium because this time, the place is already closed. Rena walks around the museum while looking at the instruments. Jun looks at her and smiles

“Now it is only us. It feels like a real date” he thought happily

Then he slowly comes near Rena

“Uhm...Rena” He calls her

“What is it, Jun?” Rena looks at him and asks

“Do you like this place, Rena?” Jun asks

“Uh, it looks very great. Though I don’t have the love of music like Yuki, but I also like music. Plus, this is the first time, I actually come to an auditorium like this. I feel very happy and special” Rena smiles and said

Jun just stands there and looks at Rena’s smile. He loves her beautiful smile

After about 1 and half hour

The rehearsal is finished.

Rena and Jun also came back to the room, and are sitting at the same place with Atsuko and Minami. Then they see Mayu and Yuki come to them together with Ayumi

“Thank you everyone for coming here today to watch my rehearsal” Ayumi said

“It should be our thank for letting us in here.” Rena said

“Yes, thank you for everything. I learned a lot from you today” Yuki said

“Your music is very great. Though it is just a rehearsal, I love it very much” Atsuko adds

“Thank you Yuki-chan, Rena-chan, Mizuki” Ayumi said

They stand there talking for awhile. Then they say goodbye to Ayumi and go back Takahashi mansion

On the road near the mansion

While driving, suddenly something jump in front of the car causing Jun to push the brake immediately. His sudden brake plus the car is going in a very fast speed makes the car turn arounds. Mayu quickly holds the handle to stable himself. Rena and Yuki are also very surprised. They immediately hold the car handle to stable themselves. However, Atsuko is not react fast because of the surprise. When they car turn around, she lost her balance and falls toward. Seeing that, Minami quickly catches her pulling her to his hold

“Hold me tight” Minami said

The car turns a few circles and then stops completely

“Are you ok, Mizuki?” Minami asks

“U...uh...thank you” Atsuko quickly sits up and said

“What is it, Jun, Mayu?” Minami asks

“There is something suddenly jump in front of our car” Mayu said

“Takamina, you sit in here and protect Acchan. Mayu and I will go and check for it” Jun said

Then the two come out and use the flashlight to look around. They walk around and use the flashlight to look at everything. However they didn't see anything.

“Weird, I definitely sure that I saw something jump in front of the car” Jun said

“Me too.” Mayu said

“Maybe a cat or some animal” Jun said

“I think so too.” Mayu nods and said

“Let’s go back to the car. It is getting dark now. It is dangerous here” Jun said

“OK” Mayu and Jun walk back to the car.

They walk around to check on it before going inside it. Then Jun see one of the tire is flat.

“We have a problem, Mayu” he said

“What is it, Jun?” Mayu walks to Jun’s side and said

“The tire is flatted. Maybe because of the friction” Jun said

“We still have a backup tire” Mayu said

“Great, go and tell everyone. I will take the tire on the back of the car” Jun said

“Ok” Mayu nods

Then all of them leave the car for Mayu and Jun changing the tire. Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki are standing near the car. Minami is standing in front of them while using his flashlight looking around cautiously

Suddenly a group of men rushing out surrounding them. They are wearing mask on their face. On their head, they are wearing a hat with a flashlight on it. Jun and Mayu are fixing the tire, seeing that, they rush to Minami’s place blocking Rena, Yuki, and Atsuko protecting them

“Who are you?” Minami asks

They stay silent.

“What do you want?” Jun asks

“Catch Maeda Atsuko” a man said

Then the masked men rush to Minami and the rest. Minami and Mayu block them

“Jun, open the door of the car for Acchan, Yuki and Mizuki” Minami said while taking down two men rushing to him

He kicks the man on his left at his knee and punches the man in front of him by his temple

“Ok” Jun nods and pushes the button on the key.

“Get in the car” Mayu said while taking the man who rushing to Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki

“Get on, Mizuki” Rena said

However when Atsuko just steps in the car, a gun points at her head. It makes Rena and Yuki very surprise. Jun quickly pull them out of there and moves back toward Minami and Mayu

“Don’t anybody move” the man shouts

Minami and Mayu turn around and see Atsuko is keeping hostage. The men stop fighting and rush to their leader

“Mizuki” Minami calls Atsuko worriedly

“Release him now” Jun said while raising his gun

Mayu also raises his gun at him

“Look at your position, Mr. police” the man said

Then a black car rushes to the group of masked man and park near them

“Maeda Atsuko, come inside this car or I will shoot this man” the man said

“Please don’t shoot” Rena steps up and said

“Acchan, don’t” Jun pulls her back and said

“But Mizuki is in danger” Rena said

“Come here now” he said and puts the gun on Atsuko’s head

“Mizuki” Yuki calls worried

“Yuki, danger” Mayu said

“Surrender now and release Mizuki. You can’t escape” Jun said

“Really? I will count to 3. If Maeda Atsuko doesn’t come here, I put this silver candy into his head

“1” the man starts counting

“Mizuki” Rena calls and rushes to them

However, Jun holds her back and said

“Acchan, don’t”

“I have to save Mizuki” Rena said in worried tone

“Of course. I will save him, but my main job is protecting you” Jun said


The man keeps counting

“Acchan” Yuki and Rena thought worriedly while looking at Mizuki

Atsuko looks at them worriedly

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” she thought while tear building in her eyes

“What is the point I’m her bodyguard, but can’t protect her.” Rena thought angrily

When she is about to rush to the masked man



The gunshot echoes through the silent road


That is chapter 10. Hope you guys enjoy reading it!  :D
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