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Author Topic: Just Choose! -YuuNaaMako- Chap.16/16|Nana's decision: By my side (30-MAR-2022)  (Read 24308 times)

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¡Hello everyone again! Sorry for let you wait a lot but I'm here.

@StrongStyle9Q Maybe... or not? :P keep reading. and thank you for your comment.

- - -
JUST CHOOSE! - Chapter 9 | Mako’s diary: Finally together

Hello dear diary,

This time everything has turned 180 degrees in my life again, why? you may wonder.

Well I will just tell you that jealousy is something that has always hurt me. After that meal at the restaurant and watching Nana die of jealousy every time Takeshi san spoke to or looked at Yuiri I knew that this jealousy was not as Yuiri described it, it was more than just brotherly jealousy. After we left the restaurant together, making our way home. The first to leave was Juri, then Yuiri, I kept saying no word until that voice that previously sweetened my ears was now the opposite.

-What's wrong mako? Everything is alright?- she said wanting to take my hand but I just pulled it away quickly.
-No, Okada san, nothing is fine, you swore that you had no feelings for Yuiri but now I have confirmed the opposite-
- What are you talking about Mako? -
-That jealousy is not of an "Big Sister or brother", that jealousy is what someone feels, when a person feels something for someone else, and before you say anything, if Okada I know how differentiates them, it's okay to be silly but I know what I just saw -
- Mako please wait - she said trying to grab my arm but I just shook her grip with a quick movement and walked away.

Upon arriving at my house I simply threw myself on my bed remembering that scene over and over again but not before shedding tears for her once again.
What saddened me even more is that I was really excited to see the fireworks with her, I had even already bought tickets to go with her near the school.

The next day at school I decided to give those tickets to Yuiri. When I did it she told me over and over that what she said that time was true, but let's be honest I didn't believe anything anymore, so I gave them to her and left it. Everything continued practically normal in those subsequent days, we returned to being Juri and I alone on the roof at lunchtime.

We talked about everything except Nana and her love for Yuiri. I even decided to go to the matsuri with Juri, I needed to go out and get a little distracted. And well, on the day I saw the girls dressed in their yukatas, many with their boyfriends, out the window of my house. I did not lie, I was quite nostalgic to see those scenes.

But even so I decided to go out, so I quickly fixed my hair, put on my yukata and prepared to go out. I arrived at the agreed place but there was nobody and I thought for sure she was late as usual, so I just sigh.

About 15 minutes passed and she did not arrive, I tried to dial her phone but at that moment a familiar voice seemed muffled that voice that just hearing it speeds my heart.
-Mako-chan? What are you doing here?- told me Naachan.
- The same I must ask, I need to leave -

-No, wait please, I don't know what is happening. I'm supposed to meet Yuiri here.-
- Oh, sorry for being here. I need to go now -
- No Mako, I didn't mean to...- she replied followed by a hug.

Diary, that hug  inexplicable move every fiber in my body and i could felt Nana's heart, it was as if a magnet would stick to a metal plate, for some reason the tears and scars on my heart were erased, that hug was even more effective than any medicine was like a cure that works wonders.

 - Mako really, I'm sorry it was those stupid jealousies that took me away from you. really forgive me I can no longer be without you, I know I'm a fool and a sloppy and all the other bad adjectives you want to put on me. But this person full of defects in front of you LOVE YOU and I can't live without you, please forgive me-

If I am sincere, I was stunned. Feeling her breath so close to me seeing her tears flow, I don't know it made me feel like the dumbest and most detestable person in the world.

- Nana, did you say you love me?-
- That's right Kojima Mako, I Okada Nana love you with each cell of my body only you and nobody else.-
- Okada Nana there have been many rumors that you are dating me and that we are girlfriends, is it true?
-Yeah, it's true. Why?- I said to later give her our first kiss, that kiss that transported me to a parallel universe in which only she and I exist. That kiss that felt like a dream, we separated only by the lack of air.

-I no longer want them to be rumors Naachan I want you to be my girlfriend and that you only look at me, that you pride me and that you love me and give me the best of yourself, obviously I will do the same for you but tell me? Do you accept me? -
Nana simply lunged for me again giving me a huge hug followed by a kiss even deeper than the last.
-If that's not a yes then I don't know what it was, and Naachan.-
-Yes? Mako chan-
-I have also loved you for a long time and I want us to be this way for the rest of our days-
-Of course, my beloved Mako chan, nothing and no one would separate us and here before the gods that come down from heaven to celebrate with us in this matsuri, I promise that you will be mine and I will be yours until the end of our days.-
- I promise the same, Naachan- I said for this time while I kiss her again.

Dairy, I would lie to you if I did not tell you that I love the sensation of her lips. I know you can't see it but right now I'm wearing a ring in my hand which Nachan won in one of the matsuri games, this symbolizes our union.

And finally this time I will say now it doesn't matter what or who gets in our way I will always fight for her. I know that as Naachan said I am hers and she is mine until the end of our days.

See you soon.



What do you think? Our golden ship is official!

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JUST CHOOSE! - Chapter 10 | Yuiri's side:  Forgive me Nana

*Yuiri POV*

-Here is your soda- when I heard that word, I looked up and I could see Takahashi Juri extending me a drink that she had gone looking for - I hope you like this flavor since you didn't tell me what it was you wanted -
-Ah, sorry, thanks! - I said, as I took the can and drank some of it, it was quite a refreshing drink.
- They look pretty good, I mean Naachan and Mako, right? - she also looked towards the direction where my eyes were fixed.
-Yes, it was only a matter of time for this to happen - I said with a modest smile.
-Hey, why are you crying Murayama san? - Takahashi suddenly tells me as I raise my hand to effectively wipe away a tear that slid down my cheek.
-I know it’s sounds dumb but it’s the happiness of seeing my friend who will finally be able to be happy with someone who loves her and vice versa - I said without wanting to add anything else.
-You know, I was very surprised to receive your call days ago - Takahashi begins to tell me as we decided to move away from where the couple was contemplating the fireworks - I never imagined that you wanted to plan their meeting to fix their misunderstandings -
-And why not? - question.
-I don't know, judge me crazy but I would swear that there is something between you two- I was just about to answer that when she raised her hand to indicate that it was not over yet - but in the end I realize the love you have for her, that's why you help them find their happiness with whatever is at your hand -
-I don't love Nana - I told her to correct her mistake.
-Murayama san do not misunderstand me you can feel love towards a person in different ways and not only for someone you want to be your life partner - she says seriously - Every time we see Naachan and you together we can feel that connection at distances, trust and desire to do everything for the happiness for each other, so I was not surprised that Makochan had those thoughts-
-But I have already explained that I have nothing with Nana more than deep friendship and could never have it - I explained a little tired of having to repeat the same story.
-You could have it if you wanted but as you have expressed it simply it is something you do not want -

As we continued walking I was thinking about her words but I just couldn't find what to say about it, I was honestly tired of having to justify my actions and Nana's actions with everyone. Now that she has found her true love I hope that everything goes for the best.
-You know, when I received your call with the whole plan I was quite curious since in the end I could not enjoy the festival with Makochan but I know that she cannot be in better hands right now - she tells me while I just nod with my head.
-I know they were planning days in advance and I'm glad you accepted the idea - I say sorry for ruining her plans to spend time with her friend but I knew it was the perfect opportunity for Nana and her being able to fix things, it really wasn't nothing difficult to convince Naachan to fight a little more for Makochan, we can seen (Juri and I) in both still exist love.

*Next day*

To say that the news now confirmed by both had spread like wildfire would be to judge gossip in a superfluous way, because the following Monday for 9am. Everyone knew that Naamako is official, that’s mean Okada Nana has a new girlfriend called Kojima Mako unfortunately before this news there was collateral damage that we never premeditated since with the announcement of the new couple there was also the story of the deceived girlfriend aka myself.

There is a rumor that Kojima Mako got into our relationship, that everyone saw it as the most beautiful, long and lasting relationship on the entire campus. Obviously this was an exaggeration but when stepping on the campus of the university I could see pity glances at me for a few people since I was someone very respected and loved on campus, although I was not very popular I had a very good status there.

As I advanced to my classroom I felt all the eyes of those present and as soon as I put one foot everyone fell silent and stared at me but I didn't say anything. I just went to sit in my place.
-Good morning Yuiri - says a cheerful Ayanan as she sits next to me.
- Good morning, would you mind telling me what's up? - I commented to Ayanan in a low voice.
-You remember what I told you about the rumor that Makochan had gotten into your relationship, well it seems that everyone bought this information - she also tells me quietly - So now everyone believes that you are sad and desolate because of your cheating girlfriend-
-But .. But .. agh - I couldn't say anything because the teacher came to the classroom but still felt helpless because I couldn't keep quiet about those gossip so it would be best to ignore it.

The class was over and I told Ayanan that if we went to the roof of the building I didn't feel like meeting the condescending gazes of the people in the cafeteria.
-You know you won't be able to run away forever - Ayanan tells me.
-I know, but at least until this rumor passes or better yet that there is another new one I need to hide a little. I don't want people to look at me in that way. I'm not broken-hearted. Please kamisama I need a rumor of another person and they pay attention to this one - I said sighing and praying that tomorrow there is another news that will remove attention from me.
-I'm not talking about it - she says very seriously.
-So? - I tell her while I see her intriguing.
-When are you going to tell Nana that for a while and until today you are hopelessly in love with her? -

My mind was blocked for a moment and I couldn't avoid my surprised face when I saw Ayanan challenging me to insinuate in front of her that what she said was a lie, when she has been the main witness of everything that happened when ... I couldn't ... I didn't want to ... I'm afraid of losing her. Forgive me Nana.



What do you think? FINALLY YUIRI TOLD US THE TRUE!!!!

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I'd hate to see Naamako split up, but I wanna see Yuuchan happy!

I hope for more updates!

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@StrongStyle9Q Keep reading and you going to know about it, thanx for your comments. This makes me happy!

- - -
JUST CHOOSE! - Chapter 11 | Mako's diary: Believe in her

Hello again dear diary,

I have come to vent this time again on your pages. Well ... these last few months have gone from happiness to sadness, why? .. Well.

After the festival where Naachan and I formally became a couple everything was going great at first it was awkward to see everyone's gaze, since many were surprised and others hated me, after all Naachan was one of the most desired person in college by men and women, and I, Kojima Mako take away their perfect ikemen.

Happiness flooded me, although as always not everything can be so perfect, for some reason Yuiri began to distance herself from us, there were times that it was just Juri, Naachan and me.

I was really worried about her so I decided to investigate what was happening. I tried to ask her directly what’s going on but she just smiled at me. I really didn't know so I just left her alone. Maybe she needed some time alone.

It was weeks after I came up with the idea to ask her best friend Ayana the reason why Yuiri was behaving in that way so I finished eating quickly, I said goodbye to Naachan and Juri and started searching for Ayana, searching the entire campus and I did not find her, it was until I went up to the roof of the school that I finally dazzled her figure, I told her that I was looking for her throughout the school, to which she was surprised, I told her that I needed to ask her a very important question, staggering from how tired I was of running around the campus. I approached her and took her by the shoulder.

- Please tell me what happens to Yuiri. I am worried about her, perhaps people are harassing her, or she has family problems ... please tell me what is wrong. Las days her behaviour is just to weird that worried us-
The answer she gave me made my blood run cold.
-You really have not realized by yourself Kojima san. Are you are really very blind?, Or did you pretend to be?.  I will be direct with you, she finally realized the love she has for her best friend Naachan -

Diary. I can’t lie. I was in shock for a minute. Yuiri was in love with Naachan, Really? I couldn't believe it. Sounds so impossible after all what happened between us. Days after learning that news, I began to notice a strange behavior in Naachan, no longer looking for me in the hours off or at lunch. I started to worry about her, so I decided to spy on her. I know it was wrong, and believe me daily I still regret what I just did.

After a while of following her, my surprise was huge when I saw that she met Yuiri behind the school building. I really wanted to go immediately after her but my feet did not respond.

I could perfectly hear the conversation they had. Naachan asked Yuiri why she was avoiding us, maybe someone was bothering her, maybe she didn't like us anymore.

-Don't you love me anymore?- Yuiri simply shrugged and Naachan, frustrated at not getting any answer, put her hand on the huge pillar that Yuiri leaned on, making the distance between them almost 0.
- Get away from me -
Naachan kept insisting over and over and over again until distance between them became almost nil, seconds passed without response so that later Yuiri did something that destroyed my heart -

She placed her lips on Naachan's, she tried to separate immediately but Yuiri put her arms around her. Seconds later they parted, a silence invaded the place, until Naachan said.
-What does this mean Yuiri, I’m with Mako and you know it, she is your friend and my girlfriend, you know that you are betraying her-
-I did it because I like you, not that’s not... I love you Okada Nana, I love you deeply and I was stupid for not accepting my feeling for you long time ago - Naachan was left speechless after all those were the words she always wanted to hear from Yuiri's mouth.
When I heard those words, I couldn't believe it, I wanted to run away from there and cry. But taking a step back, I remembered the promise I made to Naachan, no matter what or who this time I would fight for her love. So I plucked up my courage and took a step toward the two of them.

-Is what Yuiri just said true?-
-Makochan- Naachan said as she was impressed by my presence.
- Tell me Yuiri, why do you do this now? Why did you wait so long? - I said full of rage, I felt betrayed as if my heart was a little ball with which she could play as she pleased.

Yuiri's response was nil, she just shrugged and looked away. - You will not say anything Murayama, those feelings of yours are hypocritical and selfish, I asked you a thousand times, and you denied it every time, you even swore to me that Naachan was like your sister, and now this, you know how many times I cry thanks to you? I think that's why you don't care and you said it but I'm tired of running away and crying, apart from all this I promise Naachan that it doesn't matter what or who we would do everything to be together, and here I am doing what that I never thought to do in my life and much less do it with you, I will only tell you something Murayama if you want Naachan you will have to first pass over me-I said to take Nachan by the hand and leave that place.

When we finally left the place Naachan spoke to me, she told me that she did not know that side of me. Following that I asked a question that would determine the direction of everything between Naachan and me.
- Naachan, tell me something. Did you feel something the moment she kissed you? Please be as honest as possible -
- I would be lying to you if I told you that I don’t feel anything with her confession. After all, she has an important place in my heart. But nothing compares what I feel when kissing your lips, my Mako - she said, and then took me by the waist, approached me to her and placed a long and warm kiss on my lips - She answered me

This is dairy as well as the autumn leaves that fall from the trees. Our friendship disappeared in the blink of an eye. Did I do wrong? Did I do well? I do not know…
I only know that the love I have for Naachan is enormous and it doesn't matter who I will fight for her.

See you soon.




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JUST CHOOSE! - Chapter 12 | Yuiri's side: Wait for a miracle

*Yuiri POV*

-Am I late? - A sweet voice says to me.
-Not at all, I just arrived -
-Well, Are you going to talk about why I received an invitation to this place?- She says, with a bit of satiety in her voice.
-I want to talk about what happened.-
-For me everything is quite clear Murayama san, you are in love with your best friend but she doesn't want anything with you, or am I wrong? - she tells me now with a malicious smile that shows her dimples that belong to my new executioner whose name is Kojima Mako.
-Well, about the first part of being in love with my best friend, you are correct, but about the fact that she doesn't want me as a girlfriend ... - I looked at her eyes defiantly and with a sly smile finished my sentence - ... I wouldn't be so sure -
- Don't dare to...- she says as tries to get up.
-Stop, I guess you want to know why I insisted so much on seeing you right? - That being said, she just looks at me suspiciously as takes her seat again.
- You better be quick - she tells me with annoyance.
- Believe me I will be as brief as possible - then I take a breath - ... I'm sorry ...-
I exclaimed in a voice full of regret and pain.
-Do you think that will be enough? You don't know the damage you've caused. Now you apologize for saying that you love Nana. What are you playing with?- she still says suspiciously.
- I do not apologize for saying that I love her, this love will never be a reason to regret it. My apology is for not being completely honest with you for saying that I only saw her as a friend or sister - I replied being as honest as possible.
-Well, is that all? - She continues to attack me although I honestly don't blame her, it's understandable.
-Please listen, It’s true that I lied about the part about telling you that I only saw her as a friend but it was because I really believed that this feeling was already forgotten. I don't know how far you know our history but in the past Nana declared her love to me, at that time I did not have romantic feelings or at least I did not feel it in the same way, so I rejected her. After that, a person entered Nana's life, at first she made her very happy but later everything turned into a toxic relationship, You already know her, her name is Taniguchi Megu - I tell her and she only opened her eyes - She induced Nana to do bad things which I cannot say because it's too private, in summary a very destructive relationship that left her heart broken, at that moment I realized that I loved her, because I was worried about her a lot, I start to feel the needed to protect her and be her shield from everything and everybody. I just want her to be mine in not friendship manner but something else -
-And if you discovered your love for her why not say it, maybe your love would be what her heart needs to heal - Mako said with bewilderment.
-For coward, indecisive, for not wanting to increase the pressure in her life. Tell me What would happen if she didn't feel anything romantic for me at those moments. I just realized that in that moment she did not need a new lover, what she needed was a friend to accompany her in this bitter times and not someone who came to put more doubts to her head so I decided to keep quiet and over time I made myself believe that this feeling was just a feeling of despair to see my  beloved friend suffer what had made me see her as something else. Then everything returned to normal until you arrived - I say in a sigh as I remember all the past events that have tormented me - Do not misunderstand me, it is not that you arrived and suddenly my love was reborn, I really do not lie when I say that you are someone special for her and also that I was glad than you were a couple ...-

-Then why harm us? Why kiss her when you knew she was happy with me. If you say you love her so much, we are not supposed to be happy If our beloved is happy doesn't matter with whom. Why come to make this mess when we were already happy - she says with a trace of reproach in her voice.
-I realized that I must also see for my happiness, because I want to be next to Nana as you are now and above all because she deserves to know the truth, she deserves to know that ... I love her and that I want to make her happy, not as a friend less as a sister but as a woman who wants her in her life to make her the most happy woman on earth - I said now looking into her eyes.
-And what if you're wasting your time, if she decides that she no longer sees you as more than a friend, are you willing to risk everything for this? -
-Yes, I know that if she rejects me, nothing will ever be the same again, but I am willing to take risks, I don't want to be a spectator in her life anymore, I want to participate and make her happy with everything I have. If she asks me to get away, I will do it, but if in spite of everything she still wants me by her side, I will be there - Mako cannot hide her surprise at my answer, she cannot believe that someone has so much devotion to a person and is willing to risk everything.
-You know that she rejected you, she doesn't accept your kiss - Mako tells me curiously.
-Yeah, she walk away but it was because she was stunning about what happen, I plan to talk to her and explain everything -
-I thought it's crazy what you plan to do, Nana and I, we are together, get away for our lives - she tells me but I can still notice a touch of fear in her voice - But guess what, do whatever you want  in In the end Nana will have to choose who she really loves-

She moves away from the table where we were, I follow her silhouette until she leaves the place. I honestly don't know what I'm doing but I want to fight for her love, I want to be loved by Okada Nana and if I have a chance even if it's small I want to take it.
-You better come over here and sit next to me- I say in a tired voice.
-How did you know it was me?-
-I  distinguish your perfume and also your cell phone ringtone a while ago. I only know one person who has that silly song as a ringtone - I say with a smile.
-It's not silly .. And I wasn't spying- Nana says as she takes a seat where Mako was sitting a few minutes ago - Mako told me that she didn't want any more lies between us so she asked me to listen your conversation -
-I knew you were there, and it seems perfect to stop lying and then you know what you have to do? - I say without haste to make it clear that we are serious.

This has been one of the most difficult decisions in life, putting aside what is right and looking for my happiness. If in the end my heart ends up broken it will be because I fight for it and not because I will stay and wait for a miracle.



Yuiri makes her move

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Just Choose! -YuuNaaMako- Chapter 13&14| Mako's diary - Yuiri's POV(8-SEP-2021)
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- - -
JUST CHOOSE! - Chapter 13 | Mako's diary: Diary, dedication & love letter


Hello dear diary,

This will be the last time I will write on your pages, because from now on you will belong to that person who is the most important person in my life. Thank you for allowing me to vent and tell you the best time of my life. My dear diary, this is a goodbye.

Juri insisted on me many times so I decided to go to meet Murayama-san. I said many things that I regret that day. Jealousy and anger sometimes take over your words, so I decided to see Murayama-san one more time. After insisting more than a million times she accepted, we went to a private place, where I could apologize for my words, and finally tell her what I really felt.

-Murayama san, I really want to apologize for everything, I was seized by jealousy so I have decided to give Naachan some time since our last meeting. She has been sad and confused at what we have, so we will leave it in her hands, while so much I do not want remorse and problems with you. You are an incredible person, also I was equally selfish in thinking of eliminating you from Naachan's life. You are her best friend and a fundamental part in her life after all, I was a fool and ... Yuiri,  I am really sorry and no matter who she decides to be with, I will support her and I will always be there for her - I said extending my hand towards her, she without thinking took it.

-Don't worry, Mako,  we can't be great friends but even so I can't erase you from her world too, so we're both fine, we said things, yes, we threatened, yes, but we were both fools to get involved in our lawsuit and we put aside for a moment the most important thing for us, Naachan-
-Christmas is approaching and it will be the day she decides but even so I will continue fighting for her until that day I will not lose to you Yuiri -
-I feel the same way, Mako-chan -

And that was the last chapter that I will be able to write in this diary. The rest will be decided by fate. Now it's a goodbye dear friend and again thanks for everything.


Naachan I give you this diary along with a letter which contains everything I need to tell you even for once in this life. I hope that when reading this paper you understand many of the things that I lived by your side. I will always love you, because you are mine and I am yours until the end of my days ¿right?.

 = Mako's letter to Nachan =
Hi Naachan,

I know you've been confused these days and that's why we drifted apart a bit. I hope that this letter will clarify a little those feelings that for now seem more tangled than a skein of yarn.

To be honest when I met you that time in the library, I never thought of falling in love with you or anybody, since I suffered enough in my past relationship, they broke my heart more than once, after that I spent the last eight months before meeting you, thinking of everything that happens in love, it breaks, burns and ends, but when you came into my life, that love that I thought was dead, I saw it reborn once more.

Every change in my life the second that I saw myself reflected in your gaze, I touched your hand and I saw that beautiful smile which brightened my days no matter how bad it was. I knew that for the first time in life I had fallen in love with a woman and found true love. From that day on I changed to my happiness and gave it the name of Okada Nana.

Then came our first kiss which transported me to another galaxy where it was just you and me, at that moment I didn't want anything I felt complete, happy, full.

And now I know that even though I will give up touching you forever, I know that somehow you would still feel me. You are the closest thing to heaven I've ever had, and I don't want to let you go. Because all I can savor are all the moments I spent with you, and all I breathed was your life and it may all be over soon, I just know I never want to miss you.

I never showed myself what it really was like to anyone, because I don't think they understand me like you did. I really want you to know who I am. I want you to know that thanks to you I am what I am today, before I was simply a university student who was shy and had no friends. If that's not a miracle then what is? You created this new Kojima Mako. You consummated me with the sweet touch of your hands.

Naachan, in this world I have no other concern than losing you because I know that I will always be yours, since between both of us we consume this love that will be eternal. I will always love you and it does not matter that I will always be by your side in the sun than warming your body every morning, in the air you breathe, remembering my perfume and in the petals of the sakura flowers that you touch you will remember the feeling of my skin on yours.

Once again I will remind you of this. I will always love you. I will be waiting for you on Christmas day under the giant tree in Shibuya no matter how long I spend there. I will be waiting for you, my beloved Okada Nana. I hope this letter is not a goodbye.

Kojima Mako


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JUST CHOOSE! - Chapter 14 | Yuiri's side: Love will have triumphed


*Yuiri POV*

- And are you going to meet her? - I asked seriously.
- I don't know - she tells me anguish.

We are both sitting in that park in the middle of the night swinging on the swings. And you will wonder who I am with, the answer is quite simple with my torment and the cause of my happiness for a long time, Okada Nana. How we got here, let me explain.

/ * Flashback * /
-What are you doing with that? - Nana says surprised as she looks in horror as I have Mako's diary in my hands along with the letter.
-You asked me to read this, but what I don't understand is why? - I was curious, since I didn't know what to do with this information.
-EH?!, when I asked you to do that? -
-Yesterday, your message came to me saying that you wanted me to read something important, and told me to come into your room and look for this notebook - I say surprised and show the message and Nana is surprised to see that it actually came from her line account but when comparing her tray of messages we verified that it did not have it, it was as if someone had deleted it.
-It could be .. I don't believe... - she says thoughtfully - Could it be that Mako did it? -
-How can she do that? - I answer curious
-She knows my LINE account and password - she says still surprised. In the end it was true about not wanting to hide anything from Nana.
/ *  Flashback ends * /

Without saying anything I get up from the swing and stand in front of her taking both chains so that she stops rocking.
-You know you can't run away forever, the time will come when you give us an answer - I say looking seriously - We need an answer -
-I know, if you had asked me before ... My statement would undoubtedly say that I love Mako but now - she says, biting her lower lip. That said, I make her stop until she is face to face with me - Don't think about it, you must feel it. Do what your heart tells you -
-My heart is confused Yuiri, on one hand there is her, my hope to leave my past behind, to forget my first love, the obsession with Megu, it presents me with a panorama of calm, in addition you read it, she needs me, thanks to me is what it is, now she trusts in someone,  she doesn't had someone else than me. I would not forgive me if something happens to her because I left her. That woman loves me above all things including herself because she can finally be her true self. I could not just abandon her, I could not bear the guilt that something would happen to her if she were alone again because she is someone special - she tells me with anguish in her voice.

-And no one tells you to abandon her, but really this love you feel is love for a person with whom you want to spend every day of your life or is the commitment to be the only thing that she has, because you would not like to be the cause of something tragic happen with her, right? - I say calmly - I understand your concern, Makochan is a lonely person and needs friends. This new Mako that you helped to discover will be able to make friends without your help but not at your expense, so you should think about yourself for a moment, you want to be with her because you feel compelled to do so since she only has you or because you really love her -

-I just.. -
-Get up, close your eyes, let yourself be carried by my voice - I said this, and she close her eyes instantly - Dispel all those ideas that torment you and take a deep breath -

That said, I took her hands placing them on my waist, then put my hands on her neck. I had always wanted to be like this. Following this I placed my head on her chest to listen to her heartbeat that was quite agitated.
-Just breathe, let yourself go - having said this I could feel that her heart began to beat slower to the point of being in sync with mine - You don't know how long I dreamed of this moment but I was always afraid to cross that line and when I was determined Mako came and I stepped aside but now I want to be a selfish person, I want to show you with facts that I can also make you happy. That is not because I need you by my side to be someone different, but I want you by my side to make you happy. We have gone through so many things together that I cannot imagine my life without your presence but now I am not satisfied with that. I want to take your hand and walk together through this adventure that is called life. I want to marry you, I want us to have a home, children, whatever we want. I want to show you that this world is much better than what you have lived, I want to live to make you happy and vice versa because while I am with you, you can also smile at life. All this I want to do  but only you have the power to make it happen -
-Yuiri I .. - With my index finger I placed it on her lips so she would not speak -Don't answer me now, just like Mako did I will also wait for you but at the Roppongi station, if you arrive I will know that we will have a future together if you won't arrive I will understand that you have decided your happiness elsewhere -
-But I want you by my side, I don't want to lose you - she tells me with anguish.
-And you won't but understand I want more than your friendship, I'm not satisfied with just being part of your happiness I want to be your complete happiness - I say calmly - As I don't know what will happen that day let me fulfill one of my most longed-for dreams If you never want this so much like me don't hesitate to move away-
-But what ..-

That said, I pressed her neck to lower her face and took her lips calmly leaving the room in case she wanted to move away, at first I could feel that she stiffened. I was ready to withdraw, when I felt the pressure of her lips against mine, our hearts began to beat rapidly. I could not imagine in a million years this feeling of being kissed by my loved one, in that Nana raises one of her hands to my neck to kiss me longer and better and I begin to feel a heat that runs from my belly to my face, the blood lava returns. My senses are focused on the person in front of me, time becomes ours and we are not willing to let it go.
-You don't know how long I dreamed about this - she manages to say very flushed.
- Then there are two of us - I say equally as I hug her without wanting to let go.

The cards are drawn, I do not know what will be in store for us, but if the heart is not mistaken, finally love will have triumphed.


So time is coming.. Nana need to decide who gonna be her lover...

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I'm so happy to see an update! I was so afraid that you stopped wriiting! :frustrated:

YuuNaa is ever closer within our grasp. I'm so excited!

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@StrongStyle9Q Of course not!! I'm going to finish this!! :). Thank you for reading and for your comment. I'm feel so happy knowing that someone read my story and comment about it!!

See you next chapter

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Finally catching up with this nice love triangle.
Thanks for this cute chapter I think that ending deserves an answer, I was left wanting to know who I would choose :panic:

I will be waiting for the next update!

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So I' m here again with a new episode. This time we gonna heard Naachan side. Let your comment  really appreciate it a lot!

@Nozokime: thank you for your comments. You still have time to chose a side :). Happy reading!

- - -

JUST CHOOSE! - Chapter 15 | Nana's decision: Her journey


*Nana POV*

Again I am here thinking and thinking what I should do, pay attention to my mind or let myself be carried away by my heart. This year has gone by very fast since we started the cycle, everything was a roller coaster of emotions that I just couldn't get off to take a breath until today, or at least that's what I want to think.

I have always wondered how those people who live without someone to love do, perhaps they will feel calm because they do not feel any conflict in their heart or on the contrary that will make them feel overwhelmed by the fact of not feeling anything. I can't help but look around and see all kinds of love, like those high school siblings who are "fighting", that old couple who seem to have been together for a long time. That recent family formed with the new little member in the mother's arms. Even those furtive glances that pair of boys give each other at both ends of the wagon. There is no correct and unique form of love but each one is unique in its own way.

Even though my decision has been made, I can't help but think about what would have happened if Yuiri had accepted my love on that day.

/ * Flashback start * /

I was very nervous, my hands were shaking. I was about to confess my love to my childhood friend Murayama Yuiri, why? Simply because it is a feeling that I can no longer hide and since we met, we promised to always speak the truth to each other so I will take advantage of our Friday “date” to watch movies to tell her about my feelings and  maybe to start a story together.

-Naachan, are you there? - She tells me while I see that she already has the popcorn in her hands.
-I'm sorry I was a little distracted - I tell her as I make a space for her to sit on the couch, without being able to help it I admire her face, it is always cute but now that she is becoming a woman, I find her irresistibly beautiful.
-Are you sure you are alright? - She asks me now with a more concerned voice.
-Yes ... yes - I say now hesitating as I curse myself in my thoughts because this only makes her raise an eyebrow.
-For the past months I have seen you different, pensive, worried and call me crazy but even a little distant with me - she says now looking me in the eyes.
-No .. Nothing happens, you are imagining things - I tell her without being able to look her in the eyes because she will realize that I am lying.
-Then the fact that you hesitate and don't look me in the eye is just part of my imagination - she tells me while raising her voice a little which is already beginning to worry me - It's better that you start talking OKADA NANA -

Okay. I'm officially dead. There are a few occasions that she speaks to me by my full name, and if that happens it means that she is one step away from getting angry with me. So she sighed, gulped, and took a breath.
-I ... you're right there is something wrong with me - I finally say, letting out a sigh, my hands start to shake without meaning to, my mouth being dry, I'm terribly scared. I see that Yuiri sees my hands so she takes them between hers and gives me a look of tenderness giving me confidence to speak - You see there is something that I have been hiding from you for a while and I simply cannot hide it anymore. For a time I have had these feelings that were born in my being and as much as I have wanted to, I can no longer control or rather I no longer want to control. There is a person who has become indispensable in my life, that I love her, I respect her but above all I want her happiness above all things, but beyond all that I want to be the person who makes her happy, I want to be that person who not only be in her joys but I also want to be in her sadness, be her support and strength when she feel faint, I want her to count on me to go through trials that life can give her as well as being the most important person in her life -

Given what was said, I only see that Yuiri has been speechless because of everything I have said, I know that her mind is working at a thousand per hour trying to decipher who this person is and especially how she can help me, she was about to say something when I continued with my monologue.
-This feeling of friendship has been transformed into something else, I am no longer satisfied with being her friend, I want to be her life partner, I want to take her by the hand in a more personal, even selfish aspect, and under her consent I would like to show her my love through a kiss of love, being able to taste her lips has been my delirium in those dark nights where I fantasize about having her in my arms protecting her from everything that surrounds us- delicately while my left hand is now the one that holds her hand that is still in my lap. She looked deep into her eyes like I have never done before, revealing my deepest secret and my wish that she knows the truth. At first she observed in her eyes, curiosity to know who she is, those brown orbs in which I have missed countless occasions.

I can't help but smile tenderly. In an automatic way I take advantage of my hand that is still caressing her cheek to be able to slide my thumb over her lower lip in a delicate and sensual way as to confirm that I am talking about her and at the same time ask her permission to be able to taste her lips.

If I could be proud of something, it is that we do not need words to understand each other and I know that Yuiri with all the information that I am giving her already knows who I mean, I can also see that her eyes went from being curious to showing a hint of surprise extreme that in my opinion makes her look prettier and I can't help but release a small smile, she is the purest creature I've ever come across in life.
-Maybe .. Are you talking about .. You .. and ... - she says in a whisper
- That’s right, Murayama Yuiri, you are the person I am talking about, you are the person who fills my thoughts when I go to sleep and brightens my mornings when you allow me to accompany you to school. I could not tell you exactly when I fell in love with you, it could have been the day I met you or recently but you were always special to me. We have shared so much that from being my best friend you are now the most important person to me. I have reached the point that I dream of having you in my arms and one longing I have is to be able to kiss you and taste those lips that produce me so much fascination, that is why I am here opening my heart to you and asking you for an opportunity to be that someone in your life. Murayama Yuiri, would you like to make this poor soul happy that loves you madly? Would you like to be my girlfriend? -

Like a strong breeze I could see how Yuiri suddenly held her breath as if everything around her had been paralyzed, while after asking the question the confidence vanished, only the expectation and the nerves remained. When I saw that she didn't get an answer, I let go of her cheek and also the grip on her other hand, and I couldn't help but create a space between us. I didn't want her to feel threatened or forced to do something she didn't want.
-Nana ... - it was all she managed to say, the next thing I saw broke my heart, her gaze changed from surprise to concern and then sadness. At that moment I felt my heart break, as I had said before, words were not necessary to understand each other, just by listening to the tone of her voice I knew her answer. Suddenly I felt my heart stop, it was hard for me to breathe, my eyes threatened to release a couple of tears but I couldn't, I shouldn't so I only managed to get up to get away from all this, but I never achieved my goal. She took my wrist and forced me to stay sitting next to her while she looked at me distressingly, patiently waiting for her to speak since she couldn't say anything because she knew that my voice must be broken by the accumulation of feelings that I have right now.

When she saw me return to my place, she released my wrist and took a great sigh as I could see in her eyes how she tried to string the right words that she was going to say.
-It would be a lie if I said that you have not surprised me because you have done it at this moment, and I will be honest I never noticed anything that would indicate that you saw me differently -
Given what was said, I could not help but release a knowing smile, if Yuiri saw how I have always treated her in a special way, even before I knew that I liked her, I would see her face troubled by the same, countless times many people confused us that we were a couple because of those attentions than I gave her - I'm looking for the right words putting my feelings in order but we have always promised to tell the truth and this is that ... I love you Nana. Like a lot but unfortunately my love for you is merely friendship, I don't see you as something more than a friend I would dare to say that almost a sister, for that reason I cannot reciprocate your feelings -

You finish saying to me with a really distressed face and see that your hand goes up to my cheeks and tenderly you catch the tear that falls slowly, trying to wipe my discomfort. I can't blame you, I can't hate you because I love you but the truth is that I understand that this love thing cannot be forced, it is not mandatory that you see me the same way but that does not mean that it does not hurt a bit less.
-Nana please look at me - she took my chin and lifted my face because my gaze was down -You know that I love you very much right? -

She tells me with the most sincere voice I have ever heard her, so much so that I can feel it in every fiber of my being, at what she said, only I nod.
-That's not going to change for anything, I love you not in the same way as you do to me, but I know we can find a middle ground in our feelings but if you feel uncomfortable with me or if you want space, I can understand it. I wouldn't know what to do if it were the opposite and I was the one asking for your love. So I just want it to be clear that I love you very much and you are an important person in my life, that you do not have any doubt-

My mind and my heart registered every word but I felt that a dagger was stuck in my heart and an immeasurable desire to cry nested in my soul, so I took the hand that was still holding my cheek and interlocked our fingers while I thought how well it was.Her hand and mine were molded, I breathed deeply to finally say something.
-I know you don't want to hurt me and as always I appreciate your total sincerity for that, let me be it too, I would like us to take some time. I ... need to evaluate the situation without your presence clouding my feelings and my reason. I need to be able to look into your eyes and not feel the need to protect you from all the people around you, the need to show you not only with words how much I love you and above all, the need to kiss you as I am having now that finally you know how I feel about you-

At the end of my sentence I could see Yuuchan's eyes of surprise, I had never dared to look at her that way but I simply had to say it and express all these feelings that I have harbored for so long, now is the time to leave nothing to say because now that I know her answer. I know that what goes on is going to be a bit complicated at the beginning, but I also know that everything will improve because that's how we are, always fighting against the world side by side.

/ * End of Flashback * /

How delusional I was to think that things were only going to change a little, that our friendship was fireproof that nothing I do could break our pact but the reality was not like that, after that day something happened between us like what I asked, Yuiri left me a space so that I could think over and in less than a week the after-school outings were over, the sleepovers at one of us's house, the waiting at the school door to walk back home together, the furtive messages between classes, the company in the breaks, the calls at night and above all the glances we exchanged from afar. I was surprised that my face will be reflected in her gaze, I was surprised not being able to see that sweet smile and those cute dimples that adorn her face, if I have to be honest it was a real hell to be without her and that was when I realized that I loved her much more than what I thought. If before I thought it was torture to be with her but not be able to have her as my girlfriend, being without her was even worse.

My heart couldn't handle this feeling of abandonment and that's when Taniguchi Megu appeared in my life, confusing things and taking advantage of my weakness. Too many things happened that I am not proud of, it led me to do things that I never thought were possible while my friendship with Yuiri hung by a thread but disappeared until that day.

/ * Flashback start * /

-THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT, TAKE IT! BUT CAME BACK TO BE THE SAME NANA THAT I KNOW ... THE SAME NANA THAT I ... MISS - Yuiri told me with tears in her eyes as I looked puzzled as her blouse was open and some buttons were about to fall off and others lay on the floor. Then I could feel a stinging on my left cheek and suddenly I felt hot where she had hit me. For a few seconds I looked at Yuiri in horror, understanding in a certain part what I had done.
-I .. I'm sorry Yuiri, I .. No .. I swear it was not my intention - I tell her while I feel like my stomach turns and I have retching, I am feeling a lot of disgust about my own person. How could I say that I loved Yuiri when I had been willing to hurt her, without more my legs lose strength and I fall to the floor covering my face with both hands crying incessantly, suddenly I feel that someone is hugging me and I cannot help but hold on to that heat so known but at the same time so strange. It's been so long since I felt that warmth next to mine and that perfume that I missed so much, I couldn't help crying more because I didn't know what I had done to meet someone like her, who despite everything is always on my side.
-SORRY!, FORGIVE ME! FORGIVE ME! - I say non-stop, I don't know what else to say to show my regret. She gently separates from me and takes my face with both hands and wipes my tears with her thumbs while I can see the sweetness of her eyes and a shy smile that tells me that everything will be fine.
-Will you continue acting like an idiot? - She tells me, now frowning at what I make a gesture with my head indicating no.
-Will you keep putting your life in danger? - She keeps looking at me intensely but now I feel hypnotized and I automatically shake my head.
-Will you keep ignoring me? - I immediately deny again.
-You promise to stop doing those dangerous things -
"I promise," I say solemnly.
-Good, if you want me to forgive you. You will have to attend classes, leave those toxic friendships, eat healthy .. - She listing one by one the things I should do to resume my life at
a normal point - ...but above all you are forbidden to stop talking to me, in addition you must spend a lot of time with me watching movies, walking in the park and buying me a lot of ice cream -
Given what was said, I can not help but smile, that was her way of lightening things up. Holding out her hand, she invited me to get up so we could get out of where we were. Inadvertently I couldn't help looking at her up and down and admiring what that now completely open blouse was hiding, and without wanting to, I could feel a blush take over my face.
-Do you like what you see Okada? - Yuiri tells me with a slightly serious voice, I would dare to say that it even sounded sexy. At that I turn my face but I know it is extremely red.
-I .. I .. -
-Haha I'm kidding, calm down - she says with a mischievous smile, definitely  I don’t know this side of her, I knew she only did it to break the tension so I took off my jacket and put it on her.
"Cover yourself, I don't want you to get sick," I say with a smile, which now makes her blush a little.
-You say it as if you don't like what you see - she says playfully.
-Don't start something that you're not going to finish Murayama san - I answered with a serious tone, now making her blush.

/ * End of Flashback * /

After that our friendship climbed one more step, something I never thought would happen, our interaction also changed because I allowed myself to show my love and not disguise it as friendship but I did not force Yuiri to reciprocate. It was clear to me at least that she would never see me as something else but at least I know that I am a very important person in her life and with that I can live, I realized that I want to be by her side regardless of the circumstances or labels and if for this I have to live as her best friend so it will be.

At first I will not deny that it was complicated for me but over time things just happened, although I will not deny that when someone approached her I could not help feeling jealous but I have learned to control it because first of all I want her to be happy and if it is at side of another person I will do nothing to prevent it but that if that person will be in my sights and if they hurt her, they will deal with me.

Months passed and after Yuiri's insistence I started dating girls who always demanded my attention, I will not lie and say that they forced me because that would be a lie I really wanted to go out with them unfortunately most of the time things did not work out and I don't blame them, many times I spent it talking about Yuiri and I think that was not right. Some did not speak to me again because they talked about how they could not constantly compete with Yuiri or others who became my friends and they only looked at me with understanding that my love for Yuiri will always be above them.

Everything settled down little by little, I had dates ... Many dates if I can boast but none of them filled me up and Yuiri went out with several guys but nothing serious or at least that's what she told me. Our dynamics had changed now allowing me to be gallant with her and she flirted a bit with me which I was glad as I didn't know that side of her. Everything was fine until that spring when someone very important in my life arrived, although at that time I was not going to know.

Meeting Mako has been one of the best things that have happened to me in my life, finding a person who loves me, cares for me and watches over me like she is something rare to find. I accept myself with all my mistakes, I did not ask questions about my past, she never questioned my friendship with Yuiri until our meeting with Megu but in general respected my privacy and came to appreciate Yuiri which gave her extra points, over time I realized that Ithought about her a lot, wanted to be with her and felt an anxiety to see her.

Things evolved in such a way that we developed a very special relationship, where she had become one of the most important people in my life. I wanted to be with her all the time, to talk, to live together, I wanted to take care of her and protect her, Do everything in my power so that she could be happy, we had endless talks after classes, messages and phone talks. Everything was almost like a fairy tale of how good our relationship was but now that I think about it I don't know why I hesitated so long to ask her to be my girlfriend if I liked everything about her.

Time passed, there were several ups and downs but no danger, I had everything, I was doing well in my career, I had a girlfriend whom I loved very much, a best friend always by my side so everything looked the best until that fateful day,. Mako couldn't handle the rumors of a possible relationship between Yuiri and me and decided on her own to get away from me, which made my heart break in a way I never imagined, because of this I committed foolishness after foolishness until I fell sick and it was nothing more and nothing less than at the University, Mako found out and went to visit me.

After this we were able to fix things and resume our relationship, everything was back in place now with a new member who was Mako's friend named Takahashi Juri, I will not lie to say that I liked her from the beginning because I saw her with a little suspicious due to the closeness that Mako had with her, later I understood that she was just a friend and Mako is not always friendly with all people so I decided not to give it more importance.

Some time later the event happened where we went to the cafeteria and a guy tried to flirt with Yuiri and I found out that there were more men who were hanging around her, there I knew that something was wrong with me because how could I be jealous that my friend seeks love, always seeing flaws in any man who tried to approach her with other intentions. I swore at that moment that it was just a friend's jealousy, that knowing that we won't be able to spend so much time together I would feel alone despite having Mako by my side, speaking of her I had another problem due to my jealousy that everyone knows. They realized, after thinking about it a lot, I convinced myself that it had only been jealousy of a friend or sister and not of another type so with this in mind I talked with Mako and told her that I felt nothing but sisterly love for Yuiri and even told her that I loved her because at that moment I was convinced that what I felt  for her was purely love.

Everything happened normal or at least that's what I wanted to think but Yuiri began to distance herself from us and that began to bother me but I decided not to say anything so as not to worry Mako, then I decided to pluck up my courage and ask her once and for all why she has been ignoring me, the answer I got was not what I was looking for, the situation got out of my hands and I cornered her, at that moment I did not know why but her indifference hurt me again like that time we distanced ourselves after my declaration of love, then after an intense battle of gazes and my threatening closeness that was beginning to suffocate her, she took me by the shoulders and kissed me, it was not an innocent or quiet kiss. It was a passionate kiss, I did not know what to think YUIRI MY BEST FRIEND AND EX FIRST LOVE was kissing me to which I did not know what to do but suddenly an image came to my mind ... MAKO, I was her girlfriend and I owed her all my loyalty, so reacting I ended up taking her away from me and claiming her for which she had a surprised expression as if she could not understand what had happened, then she looked at me with horror and Mako arrived to take my hand and leave the place. An impulse within me told me that I should stay and talk things over with her because things couldn't stay that way but the reason told me that the right thing to do was to stay with MY GIRLFRIEND.

Soon after another event happened, Yuiri requested to see MAKO, she (Mako) no longer wanted to have secrets with me and she invited me to listen to her conversation, as her talk went by, my mind is becoming a battlefield where my thoughts towards Yuiri were changing She was openly confessing that she loves me, that she wants to be by my side to form a life together as a couple and that she is willing to risk our friendship in order to achieve it. In my mind it convinces me that my place is next to Mako because our history together but on the other hand knowing that Yuiri finally had those feelings for me made me feel very indecisive, when I listened at the end of her talk that I had to choose between the two, my heart was shattered because I didn't want to, why I had to choose?, why couldn't I be like before .. why... why...

The last thing was my last meeting with Yuiri, after receiving Mako's diary that made me understand many things that were going through her head, it was time to face Yuiri for the last time to the surprise of both of them it was Mako's idea to deliver her diary so that she would also know our history and our feelings. Afterwards, as we have always done without planning it, we were already in our favorite place, that park with swings that could tell so many stories about us, so many shared laughter and tears and now it will be part of our history witnessing this moment of decision but that now could be something definitive. Having her by my side gave me peace because I know that I can always count on her but that does not let my thoughts cloud over reality. I know what she wants, she wants me to make a decision that will affect our relationship forever. Those moments were very useful to me because I was able to be calm even for a moment. She allowed me to relax and think about things without pressure to make the best decision for me because I know that in the end both what they want is my happiness and that is what I intend to do.

At the end of that evening I could see my whole panorama clearly and that kiss that I shared with Yuiri that could be the last one was a balm to my heart in an inexplicable way, maybe because I didn't feel like I was cheating on Mako. It was so natural that moment, having her in my arms as I always dreamed of but I never imagined that it could happen, when our lips met it was quite an experience, although she had kissed me previously, it was not the same as sharing a kiss where we both put our part. It was something magical that happened that night, I felt a connection that was not there before and I do not speak only physically but about something else.

/*Back to reality*/

Decide. That is what I must do with my mind clear but with emotions on the surface, I can finally take that step that scares me so much, I see the map of the train and I can glimpse the name of that station that I wait so eagerly , the sound that indicates that the doors are about to open sounds, I hurry out of the car to leave the station.

And there I can see her distracted with her cell phone, I hope I could freeze this moment to be able to see her always calm. I sidled up since I did not know how to start the conversation.

-I'm here- I say in a low voice almost like a whisper.

- You came ... - You tell me while you draw the most sincere smile and your look shows me an infinite love.

To be Continue >>


Hope do you like this? Ia ppreciate it a lot your opinions!
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I think Naachan made her choice a while ago  :P

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Wow Nana really has very deep feelings for Yuiri and is stronger than I thought, it hurts that she never reciprocated :(
I guess Naachan will make the decision later but I think she should be with someone who really loves her and it seems that we already know who is her..

Thanks for the update and we will be waiting for the next chapter.

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Hello everyone! Its time to close this story, so I want to say thank you to all reader who read this and of course all the people out there who leave a comment from this. Hope you enjoy this.

@StrongStyle9Q Let's pretend that we don't know  :P

@Nozokime Both love Naachan so much but yeah, she needs to make a final decision.

- - -

JUST CHOOSE! - Chapter 16 | Nana's decision: By my side


*Nana POV*

- You came ... - Yuiri tells me while drawing the most sincere smile and her gaze shows me an infinite love - ... I thought you were not going to do it, you were an hour late -

- Sorry I had something to do first - I replied

/ * Flashback * /

After a long time and thinking so much I decided to follow my heart and I had finally decided with whom I wanted to share my life, it was not something easy ... it was quite complicated but when I made the decision, everything began to settle in an incredible way. I saw the stations´ names one by one until I saw the station "Shibuya" that was the station where Mako was going to be waiting for me, waiting for my answer. Something inside me made that when the doors in that station were opened I ran to the doors at the last minute. At that moment I knew that I had to do it, I had to talk to both of them, I couldn't live with one without talking to the other at that moment so before going to Yuiri I would talk to Mako.

I left the station and walked to where I knews he was going to wait for me, at the Hachiko statue, so I went there, as I got closer, my nerves took hold of me because although I had rehearsed what I was going to tell Yuiri, with Mako it’s a different story because she was not in my plans but I owe her so much that I could not leave her waiting for who knows what hours for my arrival. And suddenly I stopped in my tracks, beautiful ... in the full extent of the word, looking distractedly at the people passing by and you could see from leagues that she was very nervous just like me, so without making her delay any more I approached her.

As I still lacked some space to reach her, she could see me from a distance and I observe how her face changed to the brightest smile that I have ever received from her, her gaze lit up, on her face I could see her cute dimples, everything in her radiated a happiness that I could feel, unfortunately for her it only lasted a few seconds because she surely noticed my facial expressions. Unfortunately I did not have the heart to answer her properly because of her happiness and that guilt began to eat away at me. How could I make one of the people I know love me so much suffer. I thank God that she did not attempt to hug me or that she had approached me with the intention of kissing me because I would have had to reject her physical contact and I know that it would have hurt both of us a lot, even more than I was about to do since I feel like you need an explanation of my behavior.

-Hi - I tell her already staying in front of her
-Hi - she answers me in the same way with a really dismayed tone of voice, I know she can feel the tense atmosphere.
-We'd better find a place to sit and talk - And so we did, we walked to a nearby park, contrary to all the times we've been together, the road was really quiet. Not those quiet silences but more of those uncomfortable ones, the kind that you can feel all the tension in the air. We got to the place and sat down, I knew I had to start talking and explaining everything.

-Thank you - It was the first word that came to my mind to which she just tilted her face a little waiting for an explanation - You are the first after all my love disaster that managed to make me feel alive again, which made me I felt a peace inside me that I had not achieved in years. Your dedication, your understanding and patience made me fall in love with you in a way that I never imagined I could feel in someone else after all that I lived. They have been some wonderful months, one of the happiest of life, I found in you a valuable, sincere, honest person and above all willing to give herself completely-

Mako's eyes started to fill with tears, she didn't know if they were happy or sadness but as soon as I saw a tear roll from her cheeks I took her in my arms to merge into a hug, I wish with this I could explain everything I feel, I wish I could heal her heart but I know that I cannot and there are still things what should I tell her, I separated from her, we stared at each other for a considerable time, I was just beginning to open my mouth to continue with my speech when she placed a finger on my lips in a silent plea not to speak.
-You do not have to thank me, you are everything a girl can ask for, it was not difficult to fall in love with you, together with you I discovered trust, tenderness, feeling protected, valued but above all I felt that I was a special person for you. You gave me great moments that will live forever in my memory no matter what happens today - said this, she took my cheek and caressed it gently. I have remained speechless I do not know what to say, she does not deserve what I am going to do but I know that I must do it, I must clarify my thoughts, tell her my decision in a concise way but without her thinking that I played with her because it is the last thing I would want.

She gently took her hand and pulled it away from my face. I just can't allow this waiting to continue.
-Mako, as you have asked me, I have come to this meeting point to give you my answer - that said, I see that now her face is still expectant, I can notice a hint of illusion in her eyes and I try not to focus on it and just say the truth - First of all I want you to know that my decision is based entirely on my feelings, you did not do anything wrong. I do not want you to feel guilty only I ... -
-I understand - she tells me with a melancholic smile - it was always her -
-No, wait .. - but before I can say anything elses he takes my hand and gives me a gentle squeeze.
-Don't get me wrong Nana, I know that what you felt for me was something strong, special, different, our connection is real, our feelings for each other but I also know that she was always there. That these feelings towards me were sown on those feelings that you wanted to bury when she rejected you, so let's say they were not well founded. I know you didn't do it on purpose, I know that you genuinely thought you were in love with me but if you think about it, if those feelings were true, Yuiri's declaration of love would not have affected our relationship at all and therefore your feelings would have me - at her statement I couldn't help but look down due to embarrassment, I was so easy to read. Given this fact now she took my chin and made me look into her eyes - I don't blame you, I really don't, we were simply victims of circumstances, Hell! I can't even blame Yuiri, she tried to be a good friend until the last minute but in the end she decided to risk everything to have you by her side and the truth is I don't blame her, you are someone very special -

That said, a silence was created between the two of them. I didn't really know what the next step was, I didn't know whether to continue with my speech or just get away from it. I had to say something, Mako deserved to know everything that inhabited my heart.
-You are an excellent person, woman and partner. I know that you will find someone in the future who can love and appreciate you in the way that you deserve. It would have been unfair to continue with you knowing that my heart beats and lives for another person, so I wish you the best. Have a full life, I know that we will have to give ourselves some time but you know that you can count on me for whatever you need because I would like to continue conserving your friendship - having said this, she took both her hands in mine so that she has no doubts about my words .

A sigh filled the silent void between us, the words were beginning to extinguish one by one, I was thinking in my mind if there was something else to add but I didn't know how to continue this difficult conversation.
-Nana, before you go I just have one question. How did you know she was the one? - She asks me curious questions to which I only show her a lopsided smile.
-To tell the truth, it was quite complicated to know, but I simply asked myself the following. I thought of a situation about what would happen if you told me that you were getting married and I even imagined being at the altar to one side watching someone else marry you and that was when the answer I was looking for was given. When looking at you there at the altar, beautiful with your dress showing that beautiful smile, I did not doubt that I was going to be smiling too, seeing how after all you can be happy even if it is not by my side. I would be happy to find someone who could appreciate, love and care about you - I tell her with a big smile - On the contrary, as soon as I imagined Yuiri holding someone else's hand my heart felt a pang, it began to beat rapidly When I imagined her at the altar next to someone else, it made me uncontrollably want to take her in my arms and carry her away, but I also felt happiness because she found love, I felt a peace that someone was going to take care of her even though she knew that no one is going to love her like me. I imagine her smiling at me with that beautiful smile that she has as if looking for support, I would answer her with another smile to reassure her because no matter that inside I am dying I will always be willing to give everything for her happiness, then the kiss scene would follow to end her union and there I could not contain it anymore and I would sob, hiding before people could notice it, or maybe if they did it, they could think than they are tears of happiness and not tears of a longing that I know will never be fulfilled. At that moment I knew, I wanted to be that person by her side, I wanted to live a life with her, I ... I still love her even more than when I discovered that I was in love with her and if I have a chance to make us happy it would be a silly to let it go -
-I understand - was everything that came from your lips, I knew that my words were hurting you but you mentioned it before, there should be no secrets between us - I think it's better that I leave, you still need to talk to her, right? -

I just nodded and she gave a wistful laugh. Moments later she gave me a hug again, at the moment of moving away our faces were inches away.
-Everyone warned me that this would end like this, I believed that I would be the person who would occupy your heart, that space that she left empty thanks to the rejection of your love, but in reality your heart continued to beat for her and will continue to do so, doing until it stops. Thank you for such good times, I was very happy by your side and with all my heart I hope that you are very happy and that she knows how to appreciate you because you are a very valuable person. I love you Nana, never forget that - When she finished saying her speech, she kissed me, taking me by surprise and I could feel how more tears adorned her face and without time to react she moved away from me, I could only see her back move away until she was lost between the crowd.

/ * End of Flashback * /

-Nana, Nana! - I heard a voice that took me out of my thoughts. I focused my view and there she was with her face that showed concern - Sorry I got distracted a bit -
That said, we were left without knowing what to say or do. I knew I had to say something but I did not know that I would declare myself again? Do I ask you to be my girlfriend? A date? A kiss ?. In that I was struggling internally I heard a laugh and it turned to my right and I saw that it is she who is laughing.
-I'm sorry Naachan but you are making very funny faces, from here I can see that your mind is thinking very fast until you almost feel the smoke emanating from your head. Even your ears turned red! - keep saying with a playful voice
-It is not true! You're making it up - I tell her, pouting, as I turn my eyes away from her.
-Don't get mad, Nana .. Naachan .. - She tells me while I still don't turn around.
-Perfect, if you don't want to talk to me I'm leaving - I hear her say with an annoyed voice making me turn to her to stop her but what is my surprise that when I made that movement my lips were captured between hers in a delicate way - I was dying to kiss you again -
Seeing her smile again and still feeling the tickle of her lips that remained like ghosts, my heart beat frantically, I had to open and close my eyes several times. My mind and my heart still didn't register that all this was real ... Yuiri and I ... She kiss ... Oh my god!
-Haha say something or else, I’m gonna be angry - she says playfully. I take her face between my fingers, outline her features, linger a bit on her lips, remembering all those sleepless nights thinking about her. Imagining what her lips will taste like and now I can taste them whenever I want so I leaned in to kiss her slowly. We were like this for several minutes just exploring each other. I had to separate myself from her because even though I like the feeling of her lips against mine, we had to talk.
- I love you - I said with a smile.
- I know, I love you too - she tells me - I refused so many times to say it, that now I will spend the rest of my life making sure you listen to it -
Her words are like a balm for my soul that cried so many times for an unrequited love, that heart that begged each shooting star that if it wouldn’t be reciprocated then it should be eliminate this love for my friend but in the end my heart refused to do so and continued despite everything.
-You are very thoughtful, would you mind sharing what is going through your head - she says while she rests her head on my right shoulder and only manages to hug her.
-It still seems impossible in my mind that you are here with me, telling me this. There were so many nights that I asked for this and now that it is passing my head continues to think that one day I will wake up from this beautiful dream - I say while I take her left hand with my right hand.
-Well, I see it complicated because then I too would have to wake up and believe me I don't want to, not after all that we've been through. I just want to be by your side and make you happy - she tells me with a very soft voice almost in a whisper. It is clear that we are both enjoying the moment.
-And ...? - I say while trying to ask the question that refuses to vocalize in words - We .. We are .. Well you and me -
-Do you want to be my girlfriend Okada Nana? - She tells me as she separates from me, gets up from the seat to kneel. I'm in shock, I can't believe it, she's asking me for it. I took her by both shoulders and made her stand up while I did the same until she was face to face.
"Nothing would make me happier than having the honor of being your girlfriend" I say with a smile as we seal our engagement with another kiss.

This journey was very thorny, I had to decide between two people who were very important but now with seeing her I can finally say that I made the right decision, I know that we will not have the easy way but if our love and dedication continues just as strong we will be able to bear all the problems because in the end she was always by my side.


/ * OMAKE * /
- I thought I could get used to this about  us being girlfriends and being able to kiss you as many times as I want, today  definitely set the record for the number of times we have kissed - I told her with a smile.
-I thought there are still a few more kisses to break it ... - she answered me with a little smile.
-WHAT!? - I asked her with surprise.
-I'll just say ... Muto Tomu's party - she answered me with a sheepish smile


AAAAAAAAAAAAND THIS IS THE END!!! Hope you can leave your comments. See you in the next story!

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YuuNaa is together as we expected!

At least Mako isn't too upset about it and remained friends. I hope she finds someone good for her!

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