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The AKBar48 / Re: The AKBar48 Postwhoring Thread
« Last post by BennieDit on Today at 04:28:56 AM »
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AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Last post by StrongStyle9Q on Today at 04:00:38 AM »
Lets begin right away, shall we? The replies to comments are the post above if you're interested. More should be on their way soon! We got new parirings too! More the merrier eh?

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

72. Betrayal (YuiParu)

Paruru aimed her camera at Bisu, who had a hard time staying still on the counter of the convenience store.

Maybe for a good reason too. Bisu was dressed up in a silly spider costume for the Halloween spirit. It was pretty obvious that Bisu felt like an idiot.

“C’mon Bisu, stay still.”

“Hrmm… Meow.”

Paruru snapped a picture at the unenthusiastic cat before turning her attention to the girl restocking the shelves.

“Hey Yui, any idea where Akiyama is?”

Without taking eyes off her task she answered as best she could, “he said he was going to an important meeting and he’ll be back soon.”

”Important meeting is codeword for ‘Akiyama ditched us to play pachinko.’”

“How do you know that?”

“I followed him out without him knowing once.”

“And you left the store unattended?”


“You’re a terrible employee.” Yui shook her head.

Paruru cracked open a soda she didn’t pay for, “I guess I am, huh.”

Just as their discussion about Paruru’s work ethic had concluded, Akiyama stepped in through the doors.

“Alright girls, you get to leave early. Get outta here.”

“Huh? But there’s still two hours left in my shift.” Yui diligently continued stocking shelves.

Paruru had already begun packing her things, “are you seriously trying to stay?”

“That little festival thing is tonight, right? Get outta here and enjoy it. Anyway, my meeting netted me some positive returns so I can afford to close up for tonight.”

“Ah, you got lucky at the pachinko parlor?” Yui blurted out.

Akiyama sighed, “where did you learn that, Yokoyama?” 

Being the goody two shoes (and terrible liar) she was, Yui immediately ratted her girlfriend out.

Paruru spat out her soda into a sugary mist that showered Bisu in carbonated beverage. He just wasn’t having a good time.

Akiyama reached under the counter and pulled out a spray bottle and other cleaning supplies.

“I’ll still let you off early, Shimazaki. But you’re gonna clean the toilet first.”

The salty girl grumbled and took the supplies and slammed the bathroom door shut.

“I screwed up this time huh, Bisu?”


Akiyama lit up a cigarette, “Eh, you’re gonna be fine.”

“What do you know about love, Akiyama?”

“I’m married?!” Akiyama almost sounded offended, “I once left Shimazaki alone for three hours after her shift ended, and she got over it once I bought her ice cream.”

“You’re a terrible manager, Akiyama.”

Akiyama puffed his cigarette, “I guess I am, huh.”

73. Piping Hot (YuiZukky)

At some point I should include the newer stars of AKB. I gotta think about the potential newer fans, no?

"One order of takoyaki please!" Yamauchi Mizuki politely placed her order and handed the man at the vendor exact change. "Oh Yui, you're gonna love it!"

Oguri Yui was Mizuki's roommate, and for this moment also her date for the festival.

"Takoyaki? Isn't this some sort of commoner food? A staple of street vendors like this one? I'm not interested."

"Hey! You said commoner instead of 'poor person'! I'd say that's good progress!" Mizuki kept her optimism high, trying to raise the spirit of the other girl who was conditioned to her affluent upbringing.

"I can't imagine myself enjoying this. So I suppose you can have the entire share of it."

Mizuki frowned, "Aww, c'mon. Don't be like that. Try it."

The cook prepared the order quickly, handing the Takoyaki balls to Mizuki on a modest cardboard tray.

"Please Mizuki, I doubt that takoyaki can reach the complex flavor profile of luxury culinary delights such as-"

In the middle of her speech, Mizuki shoved one of the piping-hot takoyaki into Yui's mouth.

As expected, Yui physically recoiled and freaked out.

"THAT WAS STILL HOT! DO COMMONERS NOT WAIT FOR THEIR FOOD TO COOL?! MY GOODNESS! YOU BARBARIC-" Yui carefully chewed and tried to cool it off in her mouth, "hold on a minute…"

Mizuki watched in expectation for her full review.

Yui's eyes widened after she swallowed it down.

"That was… delicious."

"Would you like another?

"Yes. I'd like to be sure my taste buds aren't deceiving me."

74. Meet the Queen of Golf (WMatsui)

"So Jurina, what's the plan for today?"

"Well right now I'm trying to scope out a game that hands out the best prizes."

Rena tilted her head, "Do certain games hand out better prizes than others?"

"The trick is to go to an unpopular game, so you get the early pickings for prizes when you win." Jurina said matter-of-factly.

"I'm starting to get tired of the word 'prizes'."

The two walked down the lanes, until Jurina suddenly stopped.

She spotted a mini-golf course with no one in line.

"Mini golf?" Rena scratched her head, "seems rather time consuming for a festival game."

"Yeah, but look at that." Jurina pointed at the prize pool which included a massive box of melonpan next to the typical plushies.

"Melon...pan? WHERE ARE THE CLUBS? I CAN'T LET ANYONE ELSE GET IT!" Rena tried rushing for the attendant, but Jurina yanked her arm back.


Jurina was a little amused at her girlfriend’s ravenous cravings, "We're probably gonna suck at golf, so no point doing it ourselves."

Rena deflated, "So what are we gonna do?"

"I know a girl who specializes in this stuff. Lemme make a call real quick." Jurina hit a few buttons on her phone before bringing it to her ear.

"Suzuran… you at the festival? How quickly can you get to me?'


"Hey Jurina!" The energetic Suzuran skidded to a halt, "I heard you say golf, and I knew I had to be here!"

"It's mini golf, child's play to a girl like you. Can you offer your services to win my girlfriend that melonpan box?"

"Uhhh… not for free."

Jurina sighed and slapped a couple bills into Suzuran's palm.

After pocketing the cash, Suzuran asked for a set of clubs from the attendant before getting herself into position to work her magic.

"Jurina, who is she?" Rena asked curiously.

"Yamauchi Suzuran. She's the girl you call for any golf-related problem you may run into."

Rena was trying to process which question to ask first, " often do you run into golf-related problems?"

Jurina dodged the question.

"Just sit right there and look pretty! One box of Melonpan coming right up!"


Rena happily munched away at her newly acquired treats, occasionally swatting Jurina's hand away any time she tried to steal one.

Suzuran was still swinging away at golf balls, pocketing them left and right.

A long line formed behind her as several girls stepped up to pay the golf queen to win them a prize.

"How'd a girl like that end up in art school instead of a sports team or something?" Rena said with a mouthful of melonpan.

"She got a sports scholarship when she was in high school and used it to enroll in this art academy."

"I find that to be… incredibly unwise."

"Well if she wasn't here, you wouldn't have any melonpan to eat right now."

"I guess you're right."

Jurina tried to reach for one of Rena's melonpan again, only for her hand to be slapped out of the sky once more.


75. Home Run (RyoNya)

It must have been her third try. Shizuka kept trying to win herself a prize from the batting cage with little to no success.

Ryoka and Nana, the two loyal members of the Art Academy's Oya Family watched as she repeatedly failed the challenge.

"This shit is impossible!" Shizuka threw the bat at the floor in frustration after she whiffed on the third fastball from the batting cage.

The clang of the bat hitting the ground startled some of Owada Nana's raccoons in attendance.

"Tag me in, Shizuka. This actually hurts to watch." Ryoka groaned.

"Tag her in!" Naanya chimed in.

Shizuka rolled her eyes and signaled the attendant for another round of pitches.

Ryoka walked in and refused the complementary equipment, opting to use her own baseball bat that she carried around everywhere.

She stepped onto the plate and readied herself for the machine to launch a ball.

The first one flew, and Ryoka delivered a perfect swing. Cracked it at the sweet spot for the home run.

And it went the same for all the other nine balls the machine readied. A solid ten bombs In a row.

She took a moment to admire the results.

"Gimme a prize." Ryoka said lazily to the attendant.

After procuring a teddy bear, Ryoka walked outside and tossed it into Shizuka's hands, "Here's that bear you wanted."

"I'm guessin' ya want somethin' outta this?"

"Buy a nice dinner for Naanya and her little raccoon pals."

Nana gasped and hugged Ryoka, "Ah, really?! You're the best Ryoka! I already have a place in mind!"

Shizuka smiled, "Go on and we'll meet ya there. And save a seat for us, I wanna talk to slugger about somethin."

Nana nodded and ran towards a vendor down one of the busy lanes. Her band of obedient rodents followed closely.

"Didn't know ya had a selfless side."

"The poor girl tried to eat out of the trash."

"She was homeless not that long ago." Shizuka shrugged, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you had a little crush on her."

"I do." She shamelessly admitted.

"Oh shit… huh."

"Yup. I fell for the homeless chick."

"I'm just surprised a grouchy asshole like you could even fall in love."

"Tch. Fuck you." Ryoka stood up and walked towards the vendor Nana chose.

"Hey, slugger." Shizuka placed a hand on Ryoka's shoulder before she could leave, "Not like ya need my permission or nothin, but I think you two'd be cute together."

A rare smile crept across Ryoka's face. (One not birthed by punching someone or breaking stuff.)


"Fist bump?" Shizuka held her fist out for Ryoka to follow.

"Whatever." Ryoka completed the fist bump before the two set off to catch up with Naanya.

Replies to Comments

@Nozokime: It's so crazy to think that you've been following my stories for over a year now. I'm super happy to know that I'm one of your favorite 48 writers. Thank you!

@aneramyre: Oh boy, where do I begin! I'll begin with the symbolism segment.

Cigarettes: This is not an object of symbolism as much as it is a little character detail. Shizuka is the first student in the story depicted as a smoker, and it was a simple way to show that she had a bit of hooligan in her. I also thought it was a nice detail to not have the Yakuza patriarch smoke as one would expect of him. I'd like to believe his passion lies with boxing before being a Yakuza, so he doesn't smoke so he can stay in good boxing shape. He disapproves of Shizuka smoking because cigarettes aren't good for your cardio lol.

Waterfalls, Dreams, Tattoos: These all kinda tie together.

Waterfalls, Koi, and Dragons: There's a tale in Japan of the koi that try to leap out of the river, and up a waterfall. The koi that can manage to endure the hardship it requires to finally reach the top are rewarded with the transformation that turns them into a dragon. It's a story that represents perseverance. It was mentioned only very briefly in the story, but the tattoo on Shizuka's back is a koi chasing a dragon up a waterfall.

Her chest was bound by wrappings and bandages to remind them what they've done to her. The tattoo of the red dragon roaring above the koi's waterfall adorned her skin to remind them who she was.

There's also a lot of imagery that leads back into waterfalls as you've caught.

Shizuka roared as she peeled herself off the ground. A waterfall of blood falling from her head into the puddle where her head used to lay.

This is a mirror of her irezumi. She has become the dragon however the issue is her ability to control it.

In eastern mythology, the dragon is the top of the food chain. Pound for pound, the most powerful creature that can exist. One can imagine that being the top dog is mission #1 in the Yakuza. 

Dream: The waterfall dream is meant to be a foreshadowing of the blood she has to spill to reach the top of the waterfall (and become the dragon.)

The tattoos: We have already went over Shizuka's. But there are more that mirror her story, specifically the one's she's tattooing onto others.

Tattooing the snake: The snake sheds it's skin to represent an upcoming change. This scene closely leads into her meeting up with her father, which spurs the change where she realizes that fighting is truly the only way out.

Tattooing the Kirin: A Kirin is essentially an eastern unicorn. A Kirin is a gentle protector, however it wields the power to kill a dragon if it ever needed to. Shizuka was tattooing this on a Yakuza member when she was at one of her lowest points in the story. A moment where she finally gave up trying to be a girl, and gave in to her Yakuza lifestyle. As far as she was concerned, the dragon in her heart was dead.

The "leg alone" typo you caught... nope. Not a pun at all. It was a typo as much as I wish to accept credit for it. Can I blame autocorrect on this one?

MaiMai: I have a huge soft spot for Oshima Mai. Completely fell for her in the beginning of AKBingo. She was brimming with Idol aura and a huge what-if? member if she stayed. I imagine she'd be Kami 7 easy.

As far as her personality concerns. Maimai is a strange character. She may be mostly against violence, but her passion for art and her school made her put herself into harms way in the pursuit of art and/or artists. She may abhor violence, but she has no fear of it. She's one of those people who thinks art can save lives and strongly is behind that set of beliefs. Her ambitions may be seen as a little naive, and in a way she knows it. But she's past the point of backing down, her school is a success after all.

Just thought of this now, but it probably taught her a good lesson in being accepting any student from all backgrounds.

However, I concede to the fact that I definitely could've written her a little bit better and more clearly to illustrate that.

Mr Oya's discovery: It may be a bit of a weak explanation. But I imagine that Takumi tried his hardest to keep Yakuza business away from Shizuka's school. But sometimes some nearby guy was a little late on his debts and tried escaping towards the school's direction. And it's not like his collectors are supposed to let the guy go or anything.

Yakuza business can be unpredictable like that.

Fight Scenes: I've been really excited to write the climactic fight pretty much since I've introduced the idea of Shizuka in the first place. I find it funny that you mentioned that they weren't repetitive considering I did intentionally reuse lines from the fights.

Strike to the right side of the temple.

Body blow left into her abdomen.

Hard left hand to the temple.


The boxer's footwork moved her swiftly side to side, constantly shifting positions to where her opponent's guard fell weak.

I reused these moments to show off how much Shizuka takes to her father. Using her father's techniques to fend off her bullies.

Shizuka's parents and surnames: He may not have checked the ID's of her parents, but probably knew their occupations when the story was brought to the news the night after his fight. And likely couldn't stomach reliving everything and turned off the TV once they were getting into detail of who they were.
The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Makino Maria Thread (牧野真莉愛)
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The Official KPop Artist Threads / Re: (Group) 2NE1 (투애니 원)
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CL eats spicy wings on Hot Ones:

Ladylove Forum / Can someone tell me who this beautiful lady is???
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I've been desperately trying to reverse image search to know her name for days, but to no avail.
If anyone knows who she is, I need her name and her video codes!
This is the youtube video where I first saw her:

Japanese / Re: Iori Moe 伊織もえ
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[Shonen Magazine] 2021 No.47

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