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Author Topic: hANGRY & ANGRY in Seattle - daigong's TRUe JPH!P Stories  (Read 18367 times)

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hANGRY & ANGRY in Seattle - daigong's TRUe JPH!P Stories
« on: June 07, 2009, 05:54:52 AM »
The whole weekend. Let's do it. Better relive the moments before I kill more brain cells thanks to the NBA/NHL playoffs XD I bring to you...THE RECAP!! Featuring ALL NEW details and photos XXXclusive to  :hipheart:

hANGRY & ANGRY in Seattle


This tale is not just one man or one group conquering the world. This is the entire fucking Hello! Project fans WORLD WIDE reppin it with JPH!P leading the charge. For those who did not make it, we need each and everyone of your support. To give that HUGE FUCKING MESSAGE that H!P Fans Around the WORLD deserve a World Tour Stop. Keep banging out those letters. The POWER of the PEOPLES is gonna make UFA and Tsunku take notice.

The time will come when every market has been exploited by H!P BUTT we need to make THIS Premiere Event HUGE AS FUCK. And we need everyone's input!! IT can happen! H&A in Seattle is proof positive. Continue on towards Los Angeles at ANiME EXPO 2009 this July 2-5!!

Follow MY Steps, It's the road to success. Where the peoples think u thoro.
And the girls say yes. But I can't teach u my swag. U can pay for school. But u can't buy class

It's about not breaking, when you're broken. So many times we have been left for dead, stabbed in the back, hated on, "misunderstood" - time and time again... JPHiP just prove that we rise above the negative, reach for the positive.

But this is just the beginning HiPstaz. We ain't finished. With every JPH!P WORLD TOUR. You have a chance to Become Legendary.

I went back and read the thread/comments and realized I missed a lot of the details that made this trip so fucking epic. So daigong wrote this. To pump up peeps for Anime Expo in Los Angeles, to bring NATIONAL PRIDE to HiPSTAZ WORLD WIDE. No Ghostwriters involved. I'll post them in segments:

PART 1 : Intro + Autograph Session (Posted! 2009/06/07)
PART 2 : Interview & Guest Reception (Posted! 2010/01/23)
PART 3 : Concert, Q&A + Outro (Posted! 2010/01/23)

:jphip: :otomerika: :yossi:

On behalf of, daigong would wish to thank Miss Ishikawa Rika and Miss Hitomi Yoshizawa, UFA, JapanFiles, Ms. Yaz Noya, stark and the Sakura Con staff, for making this all happen.
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Re: hANGRY & ANGRY in Seattle - daigong's TRUe JPH!P Stories
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2009, 05:55:36 AM »

Day 0 | Thursday (2009.04.09)

Intro: Pre-Con / Landing

Landed in Seattle, early morning/afternoon. Shit was drizzly. Got in at the fucking Roosvelt, nice joint.  Planned to meet up with rev2hd aka Dinny to pick up our badges so had a little time to kill. Txt'd a few homies (tama asked if it was raining :heart:) and began work on updating the site / announcing the interview cuz that was what I promised Japanfiles Dave and I had spent the previous night packing lol. Procrastination sucks!

After wank 'n shower, I stepped out to grab some foods from Wal-Greens cuz I forgot to pack my gel then Dinny calls me and goes "Where u at? I'm in the lobby." so I rush back to the hotel and see this tanned lady in the lobby and she was "You daigong?" and I was like "...Dinny? rev2hd??" did NOT look like the facebook pic then ZIP opens the elevator and pops out Dinny! OH. It was actually Linna2040, a lurker who had specifically met up with rev for the Sakura Con and had drove her from the airport. NICE! So instead of the two people, there were three!

The line was ridiculously huge, almost half an auditorium full. We sat there and actually "breezed" through within the hour. I then went to pick up my press pass and asked the people there where stark was and told him I said hi. Starving, we rolled on out...suddenly this huge breasted girl peered over us DAMN!! and was like looking at us while were tourist-mode looking at our map. "Theys looking for ya!" I turned around and shit, it was the man stark. We bullshitted and they suggested Dragon Fish, Asian Fusion. Not bad, ordered a ton of rolls n noodles. Dinny has the appetite of ten big men!!

Stopped by an Asian grocer to stock up for snax for the next day. Lotsa line ups anticipated, it was nicely situated next to Safeco and Qwest Field. That was about as close as I got to the House that Ken Griffey Jr. Built. And knowing I forgot my H&A goods, we went to find a Hot TOpic but the malls were already closed soo..

Back at the hotel, me and Dinny got to work on the scrap book. All I did was bring a photo printer and a random idea in my head - "To illustrate the events of JPH!P involving IshiYoshi, HANGRY & ANGRY, etc." Shooting ideas back and forth, we inserted the three messages that were submitted and ended up just making a who's who of HiPsters along with gorgeous pix of Rika and Yossi. The paper was also larger than the 8 x 8 inch book so Dinny had to cut it all fancy. We worked so fucking hard till 3 nearly 4 am that Dinny began to nosebleed. That's right, WE BLEED FOR JPH!P

That was a wrap. The scrap book looked fabulous. The next day would be EPIC.

Day 1 | Friday (2009.04.10)

The Autograph Session #1

The plans for the day was go to autograph session, group interview session, then finally guest reception.

Woke up and ran to Hot Topic cuz fuck me, I forgot my official Rika merchandise. (Dinny had brought her H&A lunch box plus a Gatas jersey that was so fucking rare!!) Apparently, they don't sell them at that particular store (just around the monorail) cuz the dude there had no idea who Hangry & Angry was. I had to take my luck at the Dealer's Room. The shit was autograph session started at 12:30pm and Dealer's Room opened at 12pm. So me and Dinny laid back and prepared our gifts to IshiYoshi: The custom T-shirts with their name individually written plus a birthday card for Yossi, that came with sound and you could record a message lol. It was not what we had planned, but they were handmade gifts from the heart and we were confident they'd appreciate it.

We met up with Linna2040 again and headed to the hall to scope the action. Linna2040 read on the sign that there was some sorta lottery system and were like WTF!! We ran into stark who said "Ya missed H&A at the opening ceremonies!!" D'OH!! He told us they just flew in, possibly jetlagged, and that the Japan government dude was hilarious. We did an impromptu interview with stark and peace'd out. Noon was creeping on up so I went up the dealers room and FUCK!! The line was about as crazy as the registration line. I bit the bullet and waited, luckily when the doors opened it swiftly piled us in. I ran and asked where the Japanfiles section was but there was none, instead there was a table selling just Hangry & Angry and Girugamesh stuff. Apparently you get 1 ticket for front of the line autographs cuz you were buying "official merchandise" so I slammed down for three CDs and ran back with 5 minutes to spare!

There I met up with a bunch more H!P fans: iceymoon and Bryan, alohellofan, Rickker708, OpsMonkey, and a couple (I forget their names but they were iceymoon's friends). The representation of H&A fans was fucking great, we were (kinda lol) worried that no one would show up. The more the merrier right! They finally let us into the giant hall and we filed in. There stood in the back this long table with "Sakura-Con" logo and "Autograph Session" ... it was just fucking surreal, that in mere moments IshiYoshi 14:44 would appear. Me and the others (alohellofan, Ricker, dinny, Liina) chatted then BAM! In they came, could not see them but we screamed. There was this nervous hush as we filed along "Y'all who have tickets line up here!" - line was moving fast. Me and Dinny shuffled along. When we finally got up, Dinny had her lunchbox signed, each person they would make comments about the item. Like for the lunchbox, they'd go "You got in Japan?" or something. Everyone piled their gifts, bags and bags. I gave the handlers our T-shirts and scrapbook.

First pic: back- Rickker708, alohellofan, daigong, chick, chicks hubby, OpsMonkey
FRONT: dude from JPM!? iceymoon (with the book) from JPM, and rev2hd

And proceeded to meet face to face, first Yossi. I said "daigong dess" or whatever. Rika observed my freebie poster and pointed to the energy drink "Rockstar" lol First time, up I gotta fess up. I was a nervous wreck. GOD stood before me, but GOD as I met Rika Ishikawa face to face, Her eyes, hidden in the eyeliner. Her smile with the largest teeth ever, each one perfect. I showed em the T-shirt, I asked Rika to sign "To:" and she stared right into my heart blazed with the JPHiP logo and carefully printed it out "j...p...h...i...p..." she gave me a giant grin and all I could go was...THANK YOU" I said. THANK YOU.

I stumbled to the side where rev, iceymoon, and the others were and just fucking hugged them all. Collapsing to the ground, I had made my mark. The journey of meeting THE FOUNDATION had been reached. Few things made me weak to my knees, I just lay on the ground soaking it all in. Then I saw dinny & alohellofan re-enter the line, they were going back. Bryan was like "Nah, I can't go (resepect idols blabla)"... I thought of that at first but I came here to get shit signed for my homies too, so I got back a second time - For my homie Masa!

The sad thing...or probably coincidentally - the crowd was not as big as the auditorium, and most likely because it was a Friday and peoples were still in school (like DifferentStory12).

As we were in the line again, dinny was like "Dude gotta get this GATAS jersey signed" and we met wings4dreams. A real nice girl, taller than me lol. I looked into my bag and SHIT through my first bout of FREAK OUT I forgot to give Yossi the birthday card. It was one of those "Record Your Message" Hallmark shit, with "I'm So Excited!" as the music. As I dug deeper, I FUCKING REALIZED I GAVE THEM THE WRONG FUCKING T-SHIRTS. The ones we made for them each had their own names on the back, rather than the IshiYoshi that we wore. Plus these were small ladies (I assumed I'd meet up with ds12, etc) and the ones we made were ladies medium. HOLY FUCKIN SHIT!!! LIKE IT WAS SOME FUCKING GODDAMN SIGN!! OH RIKA <3

This time around, I told the handlers straight up "Gave em the wrong shirts" and got them back. Then I got Yossi to sign "To Masa" and then I took the birthday card and I tried to record it in front of her and it didn't really work LMAO PLUS Yossi didn't really get it XD she just said "Oh thank you!!"

Then The PIMP tookover. "Yossi, present for you" I showed her the H&A JPHiP shirt I wore, then gave Yossi the H&A T with her name on the back, and they were like WOW!! All the while, Rika looked on feeling left out but was like WOWing at the side XD And without missing a beat, I was like "Rika, for you!" and showed her OWN personalized JPHiP Rika T-shirt!!! They were like WOW Thank You kinda deal and I was like "See you at the press conference / interview" and "Blblblblblbl" and "Thank you, thank you" winked at Rika and totally walked backwards until I collapsed back to the group. HAHAHAHA! SUCCESS!! I knew ZERO japanese so sign language. I didn't give a fuck about holding up the line. I didn't even think "C'mon, this is my one shot!" - It was the natural SWAGGA that presented the GOODZ and DELIVERED!! Making shit up as I went along!

Shit - after all that, I had only touched Yossi's finger tips accidentally when giving her the poster to sign.

WE just collapsed in a heap and soaked it in again and again. Everyone was satisfied, just surrealness took over. H&A had to leave early for the press conference so we had time to spare...then iceymoon suggested we go the seats that they were in. GOOD IDEA!! And I proceeded to put my face in the seat where Rika sat!! SNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFF!!

LOL plastic just ain't the same as the real ASS. We then took pix, Greg aka OpsMonkey humped the chair, Dinny spread her cheeks across both seats. Then this short haired Chinese girl came up and asked "Doh! Did I miss the autograph session!" It was Terrie, from Hello! Project Taiwan and she just got in. Explained she was the ultimate fangirl with FC shit, and we was like BOW DOWN! Time to part, we took a video shot of us doing the hand on top of hand "TEAMWORK!!" kinda rally chant and then...parted ways cuz I had to go to...whatcha all been waiting for...THE INTERVIEW!!

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Re: hANGRY & ANGRY in Seattle - daigong's TRUe JPH!P Stories
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2010, 05:50:18 AM »
Left the gang at the escalators and went to the interview room on the third floor or whatever. My mind was racing. I phoned up my best friend Kuno_Thunder, who did not pick up lol. I txt'd everyone whom I could think of, and got pieces of encouragement! Like Rei-chan telling me to GO GIT SOME type messages XD I wanted to ask tenkei for question suggestions but he was like 'dude im drivin lol'

I paced. I pissed. I checked breath. I had no idea how it was gonna be. In my mind it was the sports type press conference: a table, a few rows of chairs for media and a mic. Walking up to the crowd, there was probably a half dozen peeps. I greeted and exchanged cards with this Ping look-a-like who was from AnimeCon website. Then I saw Terrie again, who was asking for an autograph.. I was like "How she know, where she come from..."  There'd be many slick moves to Terrie I'd later discover XD

On gut instinct, as the lady was walking by with the pad of our names - I noticed was barely on there, scribbled on infact - so I said "She's with me" referring to Terrie and she was "Aight" DAMN!!!11 Dinny woulda killed me LOL but I felt sorry for Terrie missing the autograph session :P

Then the doors to the interview room opened and we filed in....DYAMN HOMIE it was just a typical board room. An oval table with 10 swivel chairs. Two thoughts crossed my mind. Get as Close to Rika as Possible and Get as close to Rika As Possible.

There was enough chairs for all. The room consisted of Hangry & Angry, Yaz - the US Rep/Translator, Mira - translator/host from Sakura Con, another white chick I didn't know - dem 3 were on Yossi's side. Then there was this dude aka Personal Assistant and a Japanese Lady, leather coat - short brown hair, very shiny. She sat on the couch. See diagram:

The interview table was so intimate, like a typical board room table, The interviewers were: Kimi and Stephanie from, a cosplay group, Anime Con Magazine reporters - boy & girl, some white chick with a nice journal, Terrie then me - seated like at the edge closest to Rika!!

Yossi chatters excitedly "Suggoi minna." The Handler gave the girls Tully's drinks, Yossi some iced coffee and Rika this iced tea. Rika appeared to be motioning to the chump like like she didn't want lemon ice tea and asked for another. Greets were passed around. "Wazzup"

"Shall we start?" asked Yaz, and the girls gave their greetings. "Who's goes first?" After hesitation, I said "Ladies first" followed with light laughter. The situation would be we take turns asking questions and so....

Interview: Hangry & Angry ♡ Sakura Con 2009
JPH!P XXXclusive

Q (Kimi and Stephanie): "Do you have a favorite anime or manga?"
A "Ehh....." (Rika) "Many..." (person: "You can make a H&A anime" Yaz: "Yeah, hANGRY & ANGRY anime...")

Q: Have you thought of a online written blog?
A " blog" (daigong: "...facebook...twitter...")

Q (AnimeConMag): Who's your favorite US Celeb?
A: Yossi: "Britney Spears, Michael Jackson" Rika: "OBAMA" (dude asks: "What is your favorite Michael Jackson Song?" Yossi: "Bad"; Rika (sings): "ABC.. 1-2-3" Yaz mentions that Yossi 'She likes Newbala(?) a lot (Spanish group, selling T-shirts downstairs.)'

Q (white chick): How much hair spray bottles used in your hair? (laughter)
A: Yossi: "One third!" (daigong: "...WOW holy cr....")

Around this time, the handler comes back and slips Rika a bag of sugar for her ice tea. Like super secret :lol:

Q (Terrie): So like, this is the first time in America you come here to the concert, do you have plans to go to other country? (The question was then interpreted as what places in the US do you want go to lol)
A: Yossi: "There's a scene like in the movie, Home Alone, the Christmas tree is in Chicago?" (daigong: "New York") Yossi: "MGM! ahh...Las Vegas." Rika (thinks....): "Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls..." (daigong: "Canada. I'm from Canada")

Q (daigong): hANGRY & ANGRY has come to save the earth from global warming. How do you plan to do that?
A: Yossi: "Turn off the lights." Rika: "Unplug. Turn the water off, often."

Then Yaz makes a note, with photos save it for maybe after, but after next five minutes stop...until Yossi puts on her coat. (daigong: "So we can do it now?" I had no idea and it was so weird snapping it in their faces.) (laughter) here are the photos daigong took

Q (Kimi & Steph): H&A is based off h.NAOTO fashion designs, do you have input on your clothing. the design of it?
A: Yossi: "Always think of fashion first, what's the best for me to do my hair so that's how I put the input in wearing the fashion."

Q: Fans going to Japan, what is one place you recommend them to go visit?
A: Yossi: "harajuku. hANGRY & ANGRY shop." (laughter)

Q (AnimeConMag): What is something you try to convey in your music? (Not understanding...dude changes his question) What kind of Musical Background did u have when you were little?
A: Yossi (begins singing): "do-san, doooe-san..." (basic nursery rhymes) Rika: "Folk songs. I always listened to what my father listened to, like japanese pop songs."

Q (white chick): Where is Love Machine now?
A: Yossi (laughter) "My garage." Rika (repeating in english): "My garage."

Q (Terrie): Do you guys have any plans in singing in other languages other than Japanese. (Yaz: "What do you mean?") Like in English...
A: Maybe English.

By this time. I had like ZERO questions. I expected only ONE. So I dug in with a classic TOK Radio question...

Q (daigong): Cake or Pie?
A: Rika (in english almost instantly): "Cake." Yossi: "Cake." ("What kind of cake?") Rika (in english): "shortcake. strawberry shortcake." Yossi: "Cheesecake." (daigong "New York Cheesecake") Yossi: "YES!" (Terrie: "There's a Cheesecake Factory outside") Rika asks "There are other kinds of cake at Cheesecake factory?" (daigong "I love it.")

Q (Kimi & Steph): What are you reaction to meeting your American fans?
A: Very sweet. Rika "Fashionwise. cosplay." Yossi: "They always up beat. They entertain themselves"

Q (Kimi & Steph): How was your trip here?
A: Yossi: "It's a lot of jet lag." Rika: "I'm hungry. I'm ANGRY." (we bust out laughing, eat the cheesecake...and Rika (in english): "Me only.")

Q (AnimeConMag): Explain how you formed H&A?
A: Yossi: "Of course you know there was the h&A character before them, h.NAOTO approached them 'Hey we have the characters H&A. We design the costume, why not join together. Let's make it happen. That's how it happen."

Q (AnimeConMag): Give us a Japanese food you really like to eat.
A: Rika (talks excited): "There are so many but sushi. salmon, mackerel, uni, seaweed, squid. Recommend the belt conveyor sushi because I'm too hungry." (the dude "my record was 37 plates.") Yossi: "Whooaaaaa..." (Rika asks the dude what's his favorite. the dude "utaki, uni" and Rika goes "me too, me too....yeah!" in english.)

Q (white chick): How to relate to H&A and what do they mean to you in their own ways?
A: Yossi: "Well, we definitely relate to the H&A but we know this is a character, this is not ourselves ... and our real selves, not totally different from H&A character. But we really understand and respect the H&A character we are happy to act to collaborate with the project H&A - but our real character is very different. (?!) Rika asks Yossi something, and Yossi goes "Well we judge each other and from hANGRY, ANGRY's fashion is very cute." Rika: "From the ANGRY perspective of the hANGRY fashion, it's really punkish. really cool. When I'm wearing it, I don't think I'm good at it. Fashionwise, really cool and nice."

Terrie, "Is it possible to ask about H!P instead of H&A?" Yaz "Sure, but not to them individually."

Q (Terrie): So you just graduated from H!P, any plans, future?
A: Yossi: "Right now H&A is my life." Rika (answers in Japanese then in english): "me too, me too."

Q (daigong): When is the new H&A single coming out?
A: Rika (in english): "I dunno!!" FUCKING WITH ME... then in Japanese: "it'll be at the concert.." Yossi interrupts: "Sakura Con" (UFA peoples behind us remind them, debut on myspace.) "But still know the release date, but you can listen to it at the concert." (daigong: "Can't wait. Excited." Rika in english: "Exciting?" and then daigong busts the "Very happy." and Rika goes "Happy?" so daigong does the "Hap-pii" gesture. Rika goes in english "Hap-pii. I know." )

Q (Kimi & Steph): Since you said H&A is very different from your characters, how do you prepare to perform in a concert?
A: Yossi: "Fashion, make. Of course I'm dressing up as H&A. Then the hair, make-up. absorbing and to see the audience. OK, I'm ready to ROCK ON."

Q (Kimi & Steph): I know it's the fashion, do they do the modeling.
A: Rika: "Fashion Show? In America?" "Definitely you should come down."

Q (AnimeConMag): What Japanese Bands do they listen to?
A: Yossi: "Morning Musume." Rika: "Sharan Q." Yossi: "Ongaku Gatas." Rika: "Biyuuden...all Hello! Project. I love it."

Q (AnimeConMag): I happen to watch Japanese dramas, not animated. What live action do you like?
A: (Rika 'eee nahh' Yossi...thinking.) (Yaz: 'Maybe new or old? Hard to answer') "...but I can watch American Drama." Yossi: "Prison break / 24" Rika: "Heroes, LOST..American dramas are such a long series, so I gave up on it." Yossi: "Jackass"

Q (white chick): When you look into the audience, do you see a sea of faces or individual people?
A: I CAN SEE EVERYTHING. Rika: "Well definitely I see everyone smiling, and how excited they are, then that gives me more energy to perform."

We were all still here rotating. I looks at Terrie. she says go ahead...I make something off the top of my head now...

Q (daigong): What is your favorite athlete at this moment? Sports?
A: Yossi: "Futsal." (daigong is going "Player? Like are you watching the WBC?") Rika: "Definitely wanna see Ichiro." (daigong makes this gesture on his stomach: "He hurt himself, he's got like an Ulcer.")

Suddenly my phone goes off. None other than kuno_thunder txt messaging me back!! To the ring tone of "Get Wild!" GENIUS! NON SCRIPTED!! I'm like "Excuse me!" Yossi and Rika begin singing a few bars and Yossi goes "Get Wild?" as she takes a sip of her drink. I go "Exactly." Rika asks: "Who is singing?" and I go "You guys." Rika touches Yossi's arm, has this huge surprised look :o "Where is it from?" they ask. "That's from uhhh..(me being bad with Japanese names, shows) Futagari?" Rika bust out the wild clapping laughing tapping the table instantly exclaims: "UTA DOKI!" and we all start singing and chair dancing "Get Wild!" and Rika, looks at me in a joking tone: "Maniac, ne?" Then Yaz drops a "He's otaku" blast and Rika's like "Otaku?!" and I'm like "no-no-no." Yaz then asks, "What is that, J-P-H-I-P? What does it mean?"

Here comes the dilemma, how do you fucking tell your idol that this is a site that worships her ass. But without missing a beat, "'s japan, hip, fun. We just take H!P" and I scribble on my pad:

and flip the paper. They were like "ahhhhh...ohhhhhh." I continue: "We love Rika, IshiYoshi." Rika says a bunch of japanese, something like present. OF COURSE, THAT wasn't translated. I'm guessing she remembers the present of T-shirts we gave them earlier at the autograph session. Yaz, moving things long, "OK, Otaku guy." and Rika mimics in engrish: "Otaku Guy!" (CLOWNED by Rika, how good is dat)

Q (Kimi & Steph): What hobbies do you have during your free time?
A: Rika: "Eat. I Love eating." Yossi: "graffiti writing"

Q (Kimi & Steph): Do you cook or always eat out?
A: Rika: "Yeah, I cook too, but I'm not good at it." Yossi: "Same."

Next group, "Give us a second." and they skip to the next girl.

Q (white chick): Your myspace had like 160,000 hits within the first three days. Were you expecting such instant success?
A: Rika: "No, not at all. We never really know they are international fans, before we came to Seattle. We look at it WOW (daigong, interrupts at the side "It's internet...brings the world together." Yossi and Rika chatter in agreement, 'sugoi.') Yossi: "Internet rules."

Terrie also passes along to me. This is me, making questions up outta my ass, mind you :lol: At this point the one white chick then got up and left, "finished" with her questions.

Q (daigong): What do you plan to do in Seattle?
A: Yossi: "The first Starbucks." Rika: "Mariners aint 'here :(" (daigong "Mariners will be here on Tuesday - it will be home opener.")

Q (Kimi & Steph): What make up brand do you use to achieve your look?
A: It's the make up artists.

Q (Kimi & Steph): What hair products do you use so it doesn't get damaged.
A: Yossi: "hANGRY is a character, we don't care about anything but make up artists / managers said take it easy." Rika: "The more input things to, take off the make up. it will take time  to take off."

Q (AnimeConMag): What's the best cosplay you seen so far?
A: Rika: "Sexy Chopper. one Piece. Showing the belly looks really sexy." Yossi: "I hear many people make their cosplay themselves. Really admiring very cute and very nice."

Q (AnimeConMag): Do you guys go out to drink, what is your favorite Very Osak drink.
A: Yossi: "Wine, champagne." and Rika repeats the same in english :heart: "chardonnay" IF they drink. "sometimes"

Q: You two look like you always get a long, is there any times you don't get a long and how do you get over it?
A: Rika: "Ahhhhh....." Yossi: "NEVER FIGHTS. We been together for such a long time, so we really understand each other. It's more like a family." Rika: "She's like my older sister."

Q: Is there a cute habit you have, that some people think it's cute?
A: Yossi: "Rika makes these sleepy faces." Rika to Yossi: "I don't know...are you serious? It's kinda embarassing." Rika turns the tables, "hANGRY character looks punkish and boyish, Yossi likes small pinky, girly stuff."

Q (Terrie): Is there something you'd switch?
A: Yossi: "Angry easy to get angry when hungry." Rika: "hANGRY. Like the change in weather all the time. Hangry is like keeps everything inside, looks so cool. Angry, 'OK. Show everything.' everyone knows what she feels right now. It's really hard to know the real her. Add them together and divide by two and that's the best character."

Yaz, "OK, last question." and I laid out the hardball question of the century!

Q (daigong): What do you like in an ideal guy? Traits? (This question ends up being translated into 'fave male celeb')
A: Yossi: "Leonardo Dicaprio." Rika: "Too many. (and then in english, repeating) Too many. Just one moment, please." (after much thought...) "Favorite Soccer: Fernando Torres....Favorite actor: Orlando Bloom...Favorite singer: Ne-yo." (Rika thinks...) "Japanese?" By this time, WE ALL clowning Rika including Yossi adds: "Tsunku? ..Haddo Gei." LMFAO!

Yaz wraps it up! "Hope you got all the information you need." In total, we had nearly 50 minutes in the there. hahaha SUCKA!

As we began to pack up the things, we went and suggested that "Can we take a group photo?" I didn't think that was possible but what the hell, THEY AGREED. All paranoid with the rules. Here I was already macking Rika, giving her our JPHiP bidness card, and had wrote my myspace address. "Add me." :lol: Rika had no fucking idea what I was talking about but I was like explaining, here's our info, that I'm from Canada, my name is daigong, etc. Fuck my lack of Japanese skillz. Terrie was totally talking it up with Rika in Japanese!

Quickly we gathered to take the picture, everyone getting their turn with their own camera. I was so focused on posing with Rika but dude from the Anime Report site had took his place and refused to budge. I had literally was ready to toss him aside into the coat rack. Yaz and the handlers could not help but laugh at this insanity and I believe H&A felt it too cuz by the time they finally used MY camera, fucker obliged and moved aside. I slid in and put my arm around BOTH Rika and Yossi, Rika's black wig gently caressing my arms and my hand on Yossi's shoulder. Rika's shoulders were gentle yet warm, my face trying not to explode from jizzing.


Thank yous went all around, blah blah we double shook Yossi and Rika's hands. It was organized chaos, trying to be polite and respectable while not spazzing like fucking wota geis. I double pumped Yossi's hand Thank You Thank You Arigato and hadn't noticed my fat ass had backed Rika into the corner LMAO so I gently gestured Rika back to Yossi. I double pumped Rika's gentle, yet cold hands, and used what little Japanese I knew. Thank you Arigato. Staring deep into her eyes, trying to look beyond the ANGRY get up, her smile unmistakable, giant teeth with such warmth and sincerity. Rika then talked to Terrie who later told me that Rika had said she remembered her from past FC events. Savouring each second, just staring at Rika just casually talking to Terrie. How surreal it was. Like we were just best friends meeting up. What you saw on TV was exactly how they were in real life. From the near decade of watching them, reading about them, wanking to them. It all boiled down to the most EPIC moment in JPH!P HISTORY.

The handlers said GTFO! and so me and Terrie walked backwards waving as the doors shut behind us. HOOOOLY SHIT. It hadn't even dawned on me what I had just experienced. All I could do was hug and triple hug anything possible so I dived into a pile of girls Kimi and Stephanie along with Terrie and we just freaked the fuck out like a bunch of school girls. Kimi or Stephanie said "OMG Thanks for asking that question!" (The who are your ideal dudes) I was informed that the whole "Get Wild" moment was on video and we exchanged infos. We continued babbling that we lost track of time and Dinny came around. aww she was bummed when learned Terrie had got in on the interview and that it was so fucking long. So caught up in my own personal goals of groping Rika. I had to make it up to dinny. Help others experience what I experienced. With the theme of encouragement to SEIZE THE MOMENT.

Yet, it would be days, even months before I realized just how EPIC this was and what it meant to the JPH!P FAM as a whole.

The Guest Reception was a hour and half away, so we figured to drop shit off at the hotel (Dinny had bought a few figures) and I'd check the Merchandise table later. Plus to drop the latest happenings on the forum. I recall posting on the picroda of the group pic with "Who Da Man" as caption :lol: I was just a complete mess. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could have met Rika, talked to Rika, and touched Rika. I posted a blur of babble. Triumphant WE WERE. Dinny came by and I took a pic of her and her autographed GATAS jersey and posted that too. WE WERE ON TOP OF THE WORLD.

We quickly headed down to the merchandise table and grabbed what we could. T-shirts, keychains, mini plushies - we ended up buying the last ones. We ran into Stark again and shit talked with him. Shall I get the one with the cutesy come hither pose and was pretty amazed how much he knew of jphip, the members, and H!P in general. Really nice guy, not a corporate honk or whatever. Kristen came up and met with us, she had safeguarded / put my signed posters in her car when we had split up earlier. Dinny had to meet a friend, to see if they could get in the recept so we split up for a bit to put the shitload of goods away and head to the Hilton, where the Guest Reception was held.

In just those 2 to 3 hours, I had done what I had set out to do: Put JPH!P on the map and convey the message to IshiYoshi that overseas fans love em. And of course, get up close and personal with Rika.

Quickly we found the throng that we had met up with at the autograph session. OpsMonkey had a pimp hat and suit. iceymoon and Bryan all cute. Ricker and alohellofan chilaxing. Dinny introduced me to her buddy Tony and we was chill. Munching on mints, we shit talked about the happenings - the interview, the epicness. When suddenly, I got this call...


"Is this <my name>? We understand you have the group picture on your website. Please take it down - this is for personal use only." Apparently, this was Yaz..I wasn't too sure at the time.

And they outlined the rules agreed upon, I apologized and explained, that I was just overwhelmed in fanboyness. They weren't mad, just like "be reasonable" type of tone. My mind had raced Is they gonna shut us down but they were nice. That they did not want the negative reaction out of a few jealous fans that had begin to flood the boards.

Instantly I called up The Crack Staffer that I knew was on duty at this time: "Yo tenkei. take that pic down. Do it like NOW." I instructed him and he was like "aight, it's done." I then went on a manical patriotic rant that left him confused and speechless.

All that time, I had missed H&A entering the banquet hall and learned of it only when I found my way back to Dinny & Friends. She got the video anyways. BUTT FUCK. Well, all the better. I had to lay low from here on out. We gathered into the ballroom, and stood mid centre, left. Nice food. Deep ceiling and low light levels so it was hard to pinpoint where IshiYoshi was. But they were in the back, right on some seats.

stark did his thang, as Guests of Honor babbled, and we politely greeted and applauded. When Miyuji (Japanese rock band, opening act for H&A) yelled JAPANESE HENTAI!! I quickly reacted YEAH!!!! but went oshit, think they saw me? -- good thing Linna or Rick was covering me. Dinny and Terrie were seated up close cheering.

When H&A finally got up, jetlagged as hell - they were gamers. Rika went "Y'all Cosplayers Make us Feel underdressed!!" and Yossi zinged "Rika got JETLAG. NOW she ANGRY!" XD True pros's pro entertaining us to no limit.

The food time began, and almost immediately the line for H&A grew. I grabbed a glass of chardonnay and BOOM drunk as fuck. I laid low and but kept pushing dinny to meet H&A - she so shy - so Terrie took her. I basically circled the room, not actually standing and stalking em, but viewing from afar. I did go up behind them and seated was a lady with short bobbed hair. I went in and asked if she was with the H&A crew. I introduced myself and owned it - the posting the photo, etc. and apologized. She said it was no big deal, just didn't want any jealous fans to go crazy. Totally nice sweet lady.

Terrie took me aside and said that was UFA CEO!!!! XD Sure enough - same leather jacket - it was the same Lady that was at the press interview earlier!!

I did manage to sneak up around the back and took a pic of the back of Rika <3 before a handler motioned "No" by that time I was gone. HA I had a bit of food, but 2 or so glasses of wine. Just listening to Bryan go "mehhh. let's not bother them while they eat!" IshiYoshi are SUPERSTARS! I thought. "Do you think they'd go there hungry?" LMAO.

I saw Dinny managed to get in (the LAST person!) to talk to H&A!! SUCCESS!! And as they were wrapping up, I lunged from behind, instead of group hugging Terrie and dinny - I had my arms wrapped around YAZ XD she was kinda surprised lmao then like WOOOSH. mini barracade and H&A were wisked off to their hotel room and I waved like a DORK.

We fangirled after that - dinny told H&A we designed these shirts and was like asking if she could shake their hand and THEY DID! They didn't eat anything, but was expected. Took random drunk pix with Miyuji and stark too.

Tired as fuck, we went back to the hotel. I think it was also then, we first met up with dinny's buddy T-Back aka Tony. But wasn't at the guest recept cuz he didn't get a ticket. Hollered at Ops and others to meet up early in the morning.

The overall feeling is that these two, IshiYoshi, HangrY & Angry - whatever you wanna call them: Rika and Yossi - are two of the most down to earth yet consumate professionals. They are here to understand the fans, the most sincere celebrities you would ever meet. I really took the whole thing like they were just my regular homies. To even connect with them on such an intimate level - now reflecting months later - is beyond me.

MISSION FUCKING ACCOMPLISHED!! April 10, 2009 would go down as JPHiP's FINEST MOMENT far!

Day 2 | Saturday (2009.04.11)


With the concert at 6 PM, we had some time to kill with some touristry shit. Got up early to check out the first Starbucks in hopes to run into IshiYoshi - of course me leading the way, we got lost like WHOA. Hey! That Space Needle is getting bigger and bigger. OpsMonkey (who joined me, Dinny, and T-Back) totally fell flat on his back on those metal sewer covers too XD

Luckily dinny had GPS on her phone and we managed to go south and down a steep road to Pike Market. Full of seafood and eats, there it was 10 millions Starbucks but this one had a brown sign and was PACKED. So we took a few pix and headed back north to get breakfast. Chilled at a bigger, emptier Starbucks and dinn was all "Hey! There's that wota with the giant Happy BDay Yossi banner" - STALKER! We then went to take a bus to Bruce Lee's grave site and we got lost again so just made dinny in charge of the google maps. XD

Made our way to Bruce Lee's grave and bus driver was even nice enuff to drop us off near the gate. ALMOST got lost again walking to the top then bottom but I saw some people and went over and sure enough, The DRAGON. The LEGEND. It was too surreal. A tiny plot, hidden by bushes. We paid our respects, Chinese style and headed back to the Con.

I hadn't showered since last nite (guess why) and my ass was marinating so had no choice and jumped back to the hotel. Met up with dinny, T-back, Ops and we began lining up at the hall. We were like 2nd people there around 2pm-ish. Slowly but surely, crowds began to grow. "Hey! is this the line" a lil Pinoy (with a starbucks cup almost as big as him) asked us, DUDE IT WAS ZA_WOLF. He of literally posting two days before. TOTALLY BLOOD BROTHERS. He was so down with the clowns. Then this tiny Japanese gal was talking in Japanese, and I was like "Sup? How YOU doing" and she was like talking in pretty good english. We was like "Are you Rika fan? I Rika fan." Mae-chan!! INSTANT BOND. I told her about getting a pic with H&A and showed her and she was so thrilled for me. Mae was so hardcore, she wore a Rolling Stones gear cuz Rika once did. It was like I found the female Japanese equivalent of daigong. :heart:

Suddenly music was bumping...was that H&A? Me, Dinny, and Za_Wolf ran towards the back doors...

Satisfied, we went back where familiar faces showed up - watching Linna's laptop, even Kimi and Steph and friends, and we squeezed em into our spot. Then we got shoved to the side of the wall and met up with Mae-chan's Japanese contingent, though cuz of language, we just smiled and nodded. Terrie than burst in and said "ohhhhh daigong, we're all over 2ch. even dinny and her Gatas jersey. Why you!!!!" and she and Dinny proceeded to slap me silly.

ALMOST CONCERT TIME!! The H&A Mascots appeared at the sidelines to pump us up.

Yaz yelled the typical "Who's here for Hangry & Angry?!?!" WOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Me, dinny, and Za_Wolf zoomed to get our pix taken with the mascot. As I was running for a hug, I launched head first into Angry's head XD I grabbed Mae and took more pix, Brian, iceymoon, all joined in on the craziness. Of course we saw the HD Cam lady so hammed it up.

FINALLY we got filed in and grabbed front and centre!!! Wolfie, dinny and T-Back squeezed in the front while I stood back with alohellofan, Linna2040, Ops, and all. There was the warm up group Miyuji was aight, well played - I swore their mic was busted tho lmao

...after they finished much waiting. I had no preparation of wota gei at all, or even to use a glowstick - I had passed out all of them out to the girls around me, except a necklace one. Then DARKNESS. We started chanting HANGRY!! ANGRY!! HANGRY!! ANGRY!! HANGRY!! ANGRY!! Suddenly, this weird voice, sounding like the intro to a 90s rap album.


It was like a dream.  You could tell how pumped IshiYoshi was, feeding off our energy. I had never seen Rika so enfused with playfullness. Shaking her hips at the crowd.

At one point, they came back out holding a bunch of glow rings. AND I SWORE!! Rika aimed for me but I caught palm first and it burst in my hand :( Yossi was lazier, just tossing a bunch at a time and I snagged a ton but gave it to Kimi and her friend, seductively placing it around her neck.

THE REST WAS A BLUR. By the end, me & Dinny was just copying the wotas moves. Like the OI! OI! OI! and the calmer arm fling and recieve. THERE WAS NO WEI we could jump as freaking high as Aya and Terrie LMAO. JUMP AND YELL I did. Everytime they did remotely a lesbian move like stroking of the lace, I just burst out the loudest WOOOOOOOOOooo!!! By the end, I was so beat, I was draped over Linna2040 XD After they came out to ENCORE. I believe it was Mika or Aya or Mae who did the chant, and we followed. Except we made it "Americanized" KISS ME!!! KILL ME!! In the manly growl that surely shocked the shit out of them.

here's the setlist:

    intro -  weird voiceover
01. Sadistic Dance
02. Angelia
    MC H&A Talk
03. No future
    MC Tossing glow rings + Talk "ARE YOU READY TO DANCE!?"
05. Lady Madonna
    MC Guitar version of Happy Birthday as crowd sings to hANGRY
07. Romantic ni Violence
    MC American Anthem (Jimi Hendrix style) "WE LOVE AMERICA~!" as H&A comes out with the US Flag
08. The★PEACE! (rock version)
09. Love & Peace! HERO ga Yattekita


thx Dinny for the song titles

And an hour later, they exited stage LEFT. What had happened, was purely simply, the most unspeakable feeling ever. The adrenaline that had filled us. We stood there, soaking in the evaporated sweat that had been there. That was hANGRY & ANGRY.

LET'S PARTY!! Dinny wanted steak, we decided to head on down to Ruth's Chris steakhouse and get stuffed. As we shuffled on out the doors and began to wade through the crowd of people, a group of girls were like "YEAH!! JPHiP HANGRY ANGRY!!" and I was like "FUCK YEAH!!" and reached to grab their hands. We shuffled our way to the side escalators to just gather the troops, relieve ourselves and SHIT I was CHASED and TACKLED by same group who were like "DAIGONG! It's us, differentstory12!?" There we had differentstory12, Ripusu, Kimuuu, and ChocoMochaKei and Friend. AND I WAS LIKE SHITTTT!! AWESOME!! hugging them and said JOIN DA PARTY!! I drank from Ripusu's water bottle and she was like if you drink and it means u kiss me. I looked her straight in the eye and chugged. I was dat crazy. Linna, iceymoon, had gone off by then to book a table. I was so high, I could just lie on the floor and soak in the feelings but dinny dragged me up. I was so crazy man, when we were in the street and a car pulled out, I was like yelling "HEY!! I'm walking here!!" just like Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy. Alcohol? Who needs it? IshiYoshi is the ultimate high XD

We settled in Ruth's Chris and ordered me some Chardnay. Kuno_Thunder then texts me the score of the Oilers game as we were ordering and I just had to share this moment of epicness with my homie. 'Sup BRO!' somehow, he arranged he call ME back, and get US ALL ON JPHiP RADIO. One by one, we arranged every one at the table to say a little something about the concert & Sakura Con. It was just the single most epic concert report ever. Such pride came over me, all that we have struggled to overcome, this singular moment represented all that is us. The Community binded by the Music, the people, the happiness. I really can't remember the shout outs and all the manlove that I gave in that one phone call, but I meant every ounce. This is the phone call, recorded by Dan. daigong lives and dies for JPH!P

This was by far, a different trip from the World Tours in past. 2K6 and 2K8, we were already close friends. What would have been just me and Dinny, ended up being a group of sixteen plus, all gathered for the same cause. In that moment, I grew as a leader. daigong took what his usual greetings of the noobs into the flesh. I went corner to corner, and chatted up the new people - well the girls lolz. It was as if they knew of jphip but they did not know the roots. So I babbled on and on, I talked to Kimuuu of her past alias of Crispy Soup Chef. Ripusu asked a ton of questions, and I was just like MAN, H&A - the music just brings us all together. And in between, Dinny and T-Back came and fed me my steak dinner XD It was awesome, shit talking and reaching out to new members of the jphip way. Overnight, in that instant the bonds would be tied forever to what we had witnessed, and the party thereafter.

Meanwhile, Terrie was planning to make a greeting poster board thingy to Yossi and we all went and signed that too. Then it DAWNED on us. Somebody (dinny? Kimmy?) suggested that we take a group photo JUST for the Japanese 2ch fans who had been following our reports so intently, so we rolled back to the concert hall and SNAP!! took this shot for history sake.

Exhaused, it had been a long night, we strolled back to the hotel and just passed out. ANOTHER EPIC DAY IN THE BOOKS!!

Day 3 | Sunday (2009.04.12)


The one day we were gonna sleep in? FUCK DAT! Dinny called me up and we headed on out around 8 or 9 am. The Q&A was at 2 pm so we were determined to be front of the line. We called up the troops and met up at the doors. There was our Japanese friends again, and this time, I gave my spare H&A T-shirt to Mae and she excitedly ran to put it on. PERFECT FIT!! Aya and Mika also formally introduced each other and we all just hung for the next 3 or 4 hours watching videos off Ops Monkey's laptop, trying to gain some sleep. We met "Kevin" - I forget which site he was from, but he had an awesome custom Ongaku Gatas Slash H&A shirt. He said he heard the radio show last nite haha. Me and Ripusu went and walked around for a bit, there was a stairfull of Sailor Moon impersonators and we got in on the photo XD We went to Tully's and relived Rip and DS12's moment of seeing IshiYoshi there sipping on their tea. As we headed back to the gang, we were met by almost everyone. The line had really formed then...

FUCK!! People were already seated inside. The Sakura Con dude who told us to form the line fucked up. Ah well, we JUST RAN. there was absolutely no seats for us to sit together. We all split up, I think Dinny and Terrie got some good seats up front, while Ripusu and DS12 sat to the middle back?? Me, Aya, Mika, ended up on the FLOOR literally kneeling at IshiYoshi lmao towards the left near the side exit but directly angled towards the stage. T-Back managed to grab a seat behind us. A video camera was also set up beside us.

In came the Q&A Panel, as cheap laptop played the KISS ME KILL ME PV (and it continually fucked up), my job was to just fire up the crowd. They seemed shy at first and me and my corner brought that rock concert atmopshere all over again. IN CAME HANGRY & ANGRY under behind the screen.

insert the collective recaps of CMKEI+KIMMY+DINNY - they did an awesome job of it! I don't think I was even paying attention rofl
I put "Y" for Yossy's answers and "R" for Rika's.
[edit1] Their responses in quotes means it's exactly what they said in English or Japanese.
[edit2] I learned how to spell "wotagei"  :lol: and I added some missing info that Kimuuu told me.

Translator: This is Hangry and this is... <crowd says "ANGRY!">
R: "Yes"

Question: Who are some artists that inspire you as a musician? [corrected]
Y: Michael Jackson, Britney Spears
R: Morning Musume

Question: Where do you get your clothes?
Y: Shibuya
R: Harajuku

Question: I couldn't hear the whole thing and it was quite a long story.   Basically the guy was asking Rika for permission to embroider this on the back of a jacket:

R: "...Ok"

Question: Since the concert was last night, what's your opinion about the differences between the American and Japanese audience?
Y: Saikou.  The American crowd knows how to enjoy themselves.  In Japan there is "wotagei" where the audience have choreographed dances and moves.  In America, they're more enthusiasic and individualistic, mostly the gesture is like: <Yossy demonstrates fist pumping in the air>
R: In Japan, there are mostly men in the audience.  I'm surprised to see so many women.

Question: Who is your favorite Techno artist?
R: Underworld

Question: In Morning Musume, was your tomboy character something that the managers asked you to portray or is that really your personality?
Y: When she joined she wanted to be an idol, then slowly it became her real self, but deep inside she wanted to be an idol.

Question: How do you feel about being the most beautiful women in the world?
R: "Happy, very happy"
Y: Very happy

Question: What is your favorite rock band?
Y: Girugamesh
R: Girugamesh
Y&R: Ah! Sharan-Q!

Question: What is your favorite anime?
Y: Crayon Shin-chan
R: Sailor Moon

Question: Would you like to come back to America?
Y: Of course

Question: (I couldn't hear all of this story either) A woman's 9 year old daughter was crying because she couldn't come from Florida.  Would they come back and go to Florida?
R: "Of course"

Question: Their first official US performance was in Washington State, would they have wanted it elsewhere?
Y&R: We were very happy to have it in Seattle and Sakura Con

Question: Were the band members we saw last night, their official band, or were they put together just for the concert?
Y: Just for the Sakura Con concert.

Kimuuu's Question: Are there any plans for a Hangry & Angry photobook?
R: It's not scheduled yet, but we wish there would be one.
Translator: Would you like that? <crowd cheers> Then you have to speak to the manager..
Y: Manager-san onegaishimasu.
I think at this point, their manager just says "Hello hello".

Question: Have you had to change your character after switching from Morning Musume to Hangry and Angry?
Y: It wasn't hard, I'm enjoying it.
R: I agree.
The translator explains that putting on the costumes and the make up is like a 'switch' for performing in character.

Question: What's your favorite part of the concert?
Y: I loved the crowd involvement, especially when I sang the line "Kill Me" then the crowd sang "Kill Me", then I sang "Kiss me" and the crowd repeated "Kiss Me".
R: Yes and the audience was enjoying the concert.

Question: Would there ever be a chance of Hangry and Charmy Ishikawa?
R: "No, I'm Angry."

Question: What was your favorite cosplay from the whole convention?
R: There was a character from One-Piece, Chopper, a reindeer but it was a woman.  She was showing a bit of her stomach and I thought it was sexy and cute.
Y: Sushi, maki sushi. *gestures like a person wearing an inflatable ring* I was out shopping when I saw it and was surprised.

Question: Would you like the chance to do an anime?
Y&R: Yes, we'd like to do it.

Question: Do you still participate in Gatas?
Y: I practice once a week.
R: I sabotage the practice a lot.

Question: What can we expect from Hangry and Angry in the future and in Japan?
Y: There's an album coming out in the fall.
R: We want to do a world tour.

Question: What's your favorite thing while sightseeing?
R: The ocean, seafood
Y: Seafood, the waterfront grill
Then they started naming things on the menu like lobster, hotate, kani, ebi, oyster, fish.  Everything was so good.

Question: When you performed The Peace, were you surprised that many of us knew it?
Y: It was very exciting that you knew The Peace already, but at the same time, we can't trick you.

Question: Why did you leave Morning Musume?
We graduated from Morning Musume and wanted to move onto the next step.

Question: In one interview you mentioned you wanted to go to the Space Needle, did you get a chance to see it?
Y: No, we didn't get a chance but I want to go.

Question: What are your thoughts and feelings leading up to the concert?
Y: I hope that people enjoy our concert.
R: I was very nervous.  Before the concert I'd write the character for "person" on my palm three times and swallow it, then I'd hug Hangry.

Question: Again I missed it but it had to do with how they felt the morning after the concert.
R: We got too excited, so when I woke up the next morning, my arm was sore.
Y: My neck hurt because I was head banging too much.

Question: Have you tried bubble tea, do you like it?
R: Daisuki!  My favorite is milk tea.
Y: "Ko-hi-. Coffee"

Question: What words and presents from fans make you happy?
R: Being able to see everyone's smiles where we can see you up close and personal like this, and coming to the concert.
Y: "Me too"

Question: Some of your American fans speak Japanese, is it surprising that there are some who don't know Japanese but still love your music?
Y: I love it.  Even when you say Japanese words like 'arigatou' or 'konnichiwa'.  It's exciting that you know the music.

Question: Who would you want to recruit for Gatas?
Y: Ronaldinho, Beckham, Raul
R: "Otoko dame!" we're a women's futsal team, is it ok?
Y: Yes
They'd like to recruit good players, so it's ok.

Question: When the crowd sang Happy Birthday to Hangry, how did you feel?
Y: I was totally surprised and happy.  Angry surprised and tricked me really good.

Message to fans:
Y: Thanks for coming to Sakura Con and the concert.  Please support us.
R: I'm happy to be here, please support us.

I decided not to ask any questions this time, and just lay back and let everyone get a chance. Towards the middle of the Q&A, T-Back had to head home. We fist pumped and promised to meet again in LA. I wonder if H&A noticed the manlove? I kept egging Aya + Mika to ask questions but they were shy. When the photobook question was asked, I yelled "ALO HELLO!!" - I'm sure they saw me, applauding. It was hard not to just drill holes into the brains lol as I was screaming and shouting.

FINALLY, the autograph session PART 2 came about and there was a ridiculous amount compared to the first one. We were so in front of the line, they were more stricter it seemed. One ticket, one autograph, one item. They even disallowed personlized autographs due to time constraints. So I slipped in and Yossi's face instantly lit up at seeing the jphip shirt and all I could say to Rika was "arigato, arigato" and she just looked at me with the hugest smile behind her make-up and wig. HEAVEN. GOD IS GREAT. Behind me, Terrie and Dinny presented Yossi's card...but mind was a I stood there admiring Rika from afar...and since we got through so early, there was plenty of time to waste to gawk and wave madly at IshiYoshi, which Terrie and Dinny did LMAO. Terrie went back for seconds and thirds, while I thought of something. We had a plan to do HAP~PPI like Rika and BIRTHDAY!! with the point the finger at Yossi style, with our whole group. Unfortunately we couldn't be seated together. SO I spotted the same lady with the HD Camera and I cornered her and said "Hey, could we record a message for Yossi's birthday" with all the arm waving she finally understood. So she said come with me, we need like a blank wall for good lighting, scenery.

We went outside of the Q&A Hall to a wall and we did our HAP~PI-BIRTHDAY!!! And one by one, each one of us gave a shout out and account of the Sakura Con events. I managed to squeeze in a few hollerings from my homies in Finland, Phillipines and Thailand xD Others around joined in the circle and got into the video which would eventually be sliced into future myspace videos. We took impromptu group photos and me and Kimmy were so jacked up, we did a flying chest bump. Nothing could take this moment from us!! We went back inside, and Mae finally got her autograph. When we told her that we filmed a greeting, she was totally beating me up. "You didn't get me to film a message too." Ahh, uuhhh, I didn't know where you were! So I found the HD Camera lady again and told her when hANGRY & ANGRY get off stage, we're gonna all do that greeting again......wait wait. Mika or Aya came up and they even had their Nintendo DS case signed by hANGRY by Yossi!!!

THEN THE MOMENT CAME. As they began to leave the stage we all shouted HAP~PI-BIRTHDAY!!! Yossi was so shocked and happy. Rika looked on in surprise and smiled her face off as we added a WE LOVE YOU RIKA!!! and waved like idiots. Then as if we won the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship, and Stanley Cup all put together. we all surrounded each other and started CHEERING and hugging. Hehe, made it up to Mae as that was the final footage in the myspace video.

SUCH A HIGH! as we were ushered out, straight to the Closing Ceremonies we went. Like the CHAMPS we high fived some random girls at the bottom of the escalator. OUCH! They yelled. By that time, it was already mostly packed. We stayed and watched it all, but got one final glimpse as hANGRY & ANGRY came out for one last hurrah. WE YELLED AND SCREAMED LIKE NO OTHER.

By this time, it was time to say good-bye. Each new friend we would share this life changing moment forever. Linna2040 promised to post. I told opsMonkey to holler at his cousin, Kwake. Bryan and iceymoon would fill me in on Hello! Party plans. One by one. We took, there was this one dude with a goatee who kept taking our photos for us lol, whom was hanging to the side but by the time I could holler at him to get in the photo, he vanished. We would later meet in LA. Rammos from Philly. Karma baby.

One of the toughest goodbyes was to my partner in crime for the whole weekend, rev2hd. We walked back to the hotel cuz she had her stuff in my room. How we bonded, it was like we knew each other forever (was she lurking) but all I can say is WOW. Down in the lobby, I hugged Dinny and told her "You finally delurked" fuck, there was no one that epitomizes the JPH!P way than her. I AM so proud of her. To think we thought it was just gonna be us, but we went and not only had the time of our lives, we UNITED Rika and Yossi fans from websites all over the world.

I went back to the group that was remained: Rickker708, Japanese Fans, Kim, DS12, Ripusu, and Wolfie. We had a feast like no other. At Waterfront Grill, where IshiYoshi said they had the largest seafood bonanza. Of course, we got lost as per JPH!P World Tour tradition. And even though was rainy and cold, the time just getting to know each other and just shit talk about Hello! Project was well worth it. Like how Mae talked about Miki's flat chest, OMGASS FUCK Mae-chan, I love that chick. She was like my Rika soulmate. Laying smack on Ai-chan, "WTF is this monkeyface. Why???" cracked me up. And Ripusu was like "Aya-chan (one of the Yossi fangirls) u look like Maki" and Mae-chan was like "Ohhhh, you just said you ain't a Maki fan. That means u don't like Aya-chan" FUCKIN RICH. Just fucking full of life, energy, makes ya go "Shit son, I gotta brush up on the Hello! Project IQ and not just stare at Rika's ass!" and how Aya and Mika knew each other via a Japanese Yossi website. And Woody Woodpecker Hair Wota Dude kept on showing us random videos on his phone and all the pix of him and Rika. He spoke no english but we just laughed and laughed along. MAD PROPS TO THE JAPANESE FANS. Truly, from all the alleged misconceptions - we are all just one and the same.

Even though Waterfront Grill had the best scenery every, lmao shit was mad expensive and portions small. While they were setting us up a table, we were all "RIKA! YOSSi!! Woo! IshiYoshi!" in the lobby. Kimmy had to leave in between, her taxi - I gave her a bear hug and she gave me an intense thank you. Heh, what did I do? Then in my bag I noticed a wad of cash LMAO it was a note from Dinny and T-Back: "You think you're gonna pay for everything bitch?" Oh man, I love Dinny and T-Back so much. We escorted everyone back to their hotels, even Wota Dude cuz Seattle late nights was quiet as hell. DS12 and Ripusu had to rush cuz their plane was leaving at 11 pm haha. Mae was at the Renaissance because the R logo was for Rika. I flashed her my JPH!P shirt and she was so nuts <3 lifting her shirt and revealing her :hipheart: I taught them Japanese fans the IshiYoshi 4 LIFe hand gesture a la nWo. Me, Rick, and Wolfie found a bar around Niketown. Even said wassup to a member of Miyuji. We talked shit for a while longer, Wolfie talking how peoples was reacting to us all over the place. WHOA...We had truly made our mark!

Rounding out the nite, I was gonna meet up with Wolf for some breakfast but unfortunately our flights didn't jive. Flying back home, the txt from Ripusu made me smile: "...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED."

* * *

daigong's thoughts

Short of rehashing what I have already written, BIG FUCKING PROPS to all who came and hung out, all who followed the action in the forum, and those reading this thread in the future. You know who you are, you have helped build this community through the posts and the interactions. daigong thanks you all.

In retrospect, why the fuck did this take nearly eight months to write. Probably, because I was soaking each moment by memory...or just a lot has been happening in my life and here at JPH!P - we don't stop, we don't quit, always moving forward to the next challenge. I may have met GOD aka Rika Ishikawa and her partner Hitomi Yoshizawa, but I kept it on the down low. The shit is, IshiYOshi are so fan friendly, so intimate and down to earth. Like in The Interview and Q&A, no matter how good or bad our questions were, they would make every effort to answer it in full. Everyone you talked to had their own life changing IshiYoshi interaction. It's been a blast reading everyones reactions!!!

The craziness and unabashed stalking that tama-chan laid out in Bangkok with Girls Generation a few months earlier was indeed an inspiration, as she has been throughout my Rika Fandom. I could not fathom how the events at Sakura Con would unfold. We carried this momentum straight into Anime Expo in LA and Chibi Japan Expo in Paris and BEYOND! Everyone wanting to use the daigong formula for more JPH!P Exclusives lol. We went through our ups and downs, yet no matter the challenge, we never backed down. I'm thankful for every roadblock, for every challenge - for it has made us stronger. JPH!P throughout it all, kept it POSITIVE! just like Rika Ishikawa. To quote Conan O'Brien from just last night, "...if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen."

With Sakura Con, we took it above and beyond. There is no limit to what you can do if you just work hard every day, prepare yourself by keeping it HARDCORE - posting, contributing, pimping, hustling, slanging. FORCE FATE. If you ask the naysayers if we would be in this position three years ago? four years ago? They woulda laughed in my face. You have to learn to lose, in order to win. Pimping ain't easy, let's just put it that way. JPH!P's don't give a fuck, let's go have fun attitude was universal as THE MUSIC that brought us all together. On the surface, it may seem like "Oh, you're so lucky." but best believe this has been a helluva journey. But you know what? I wouldn't change a fucking thing. Carpe diem. Seize the moment. Seize the day.

Seattle took my leadership skills to the next level. Whereas I used to have my buddies to lean on in past JPH!P WORLD TOURS, this was like starting from the beginning - finding new people to pimp JPH!P to, expecting the unexpected. It was amazing, all the instant 4 LIFE bonds made. I still get e-mails from Mae-chan and Mika-chan saying that Sakura Con was the most amazing event in their lives!

This has been such a triumph not only on a personal scale, but as a group, we at :hipheart: began its comeback. Never before have we been more inspired. I hope this inspires the rest of y'all to keep the faith in Chuuch, that HOPE is what drives us to succeed. There is no doubt I want to do more and not rest on my laurels, together with my HiPstaz - WE WILL CONTINUTE to make JPH!P the best community in all the land!!  :jphip:

English comprehension is not my forte (which is why I worship the Fan Fic writers so much). A lot of rappers, actors, and sports superstars have been quoted in this recap. Julius Caesar sums up the whole experience in three words:

Veni, vidi, vici*

* "WE came, WE saw, WE conquered."

ISHIYOSHI 4 LIFE!!  :otomerika: :yossi:

And I swear from now on, I'm a finish concert/convention reports in one day TOPS :lol:
* daigong pokes dinny and differentstory12 and mika/aya for more videos  :love:
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Re: hANGRY & ANGRY in Seattle - daigong's TRUe JPH!P Stories
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AWESOME!!!!! *-*

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Re: hANGRY & ANGRY in Seattle - daigong's TRUe JPH!P Stories
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^ WOW man! You had a better experience than I did when they came to London! The signing was really badly managed, but at least I still got to meet them! I said 'futari wa aishiteru!' lol they said 'arigatou!' haha. Brilliant. I looked woeful though as I had come straight from work, so all they saw was some tired, dishevelled 20-something girl who was trying to stay enthusiastic.

But, like you, I was very nervous when I met them, they should have spent more time with fans though. It sucked that it was very in/out with our signing. The concert was kick-ass though. Yossi pretending she isn't gay and everything. She's in complete denial. lol.

Somebody mentioned Yuko at the concert and said 'I would like to see Yuko as a child!' and the translator said 'OH she wouldn't like that!!' lol, I forget what context it was in, but it was funny. Good times. Hope BERRYZ COME TO LONDON OMFG.

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