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Author Topic: JPH!P Interview: Carl Jones (author of Here Come the Kung Fu Clones)  (Read 15841 times)

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Recently Masa sat down with Carl Jones, author of the new book "Here Come the Kung Fu Clones" and they kicked knowledge about Bruce Lee knock-off movies of the 70s known as Bruceploitation

Hello Masa and all Japanese Bruceploitation Fans!

How did you get involved with a project about Bruceploitation?

I've been interested in both martial arts -real and movies - for over 35 years. This is my first book but I did briefly write a column( 'Fists from the Past') in a UK magazine called Jade Screen. I also wrote reviews and articles for a number of websites.
The book HERE COME THE KUNG FU CLONES grew out of the many reviews I was submitting to the now defunct 'Bruceploitation' website. I thought they would look much better in book form and fortunately managed to convince my publisher; John Overall too!
How long did it take you to complete the book?

The genesis of the book began as far back as 1997! The current product took shape over 18 months, which is pretty fast in hindsight as amny books take years or never get published at all. Yes. I have a collection of research materials and other fans helped along the way .
Did anything in your research surprise you?

Not really. Remember, we are talking of films that feature fighting Gorillas and Midgets!
How do you feel Bruceploitation contributes to Bruce Lee's legacy?

It all adds to the mystique of the real Bruce Lee. He almost becomes a fictional character like James Bond played by different actors. Of course there are those who hold these films as blasphemous and I respect their opinion too. I was once like that.
What audience are you aiming for with this book?

Anyone who likes to laugh as well has having an affection for the films. After all, they weren't meant to be over-analysed.
Who is your favorite Bruceploitation clone and why?

It has to be Bruce Li. He became a good actor and great screen fighter, much like the man he was portraying.
Which Bruceploitation movie is your favorite and why?

I really like a lot of them : FIST OF FURY 2 (a Quentin Tarantino favourite), BRUCE LEE THE MAN, THE MYTH, ENTER THE GAME OF DEATH etc. The best one for me though is THE LAST STRIKE with Bruce Li, Lo Meng and Carl Scott (aka SOUL BROTHERS OF KUNG FU).
With the current state of Bruce Lee related movies (biopics, series and Ip Man sequels) on the horizon - how would they stack up with the Bruceploitation movies of the 70s?

Technically they are very good however, they are just as exploitive as those filmed in the 1970's. The recent TV series is proof of that, butagain adding to the mystique.
If you were to direct a Bruceploitation movie for today's generation, what would be your outlandish plot and who star in it?

Ha! That's a good question. It would have to be set in the 70's and made EXACTLY as those films where. Cheap and cheerful in other words!
What are your plans for the upcoming 70th anniversary of Bruce Lee's birth?

I always have a thought for Sifu Lee on the 20th July.
What's next on the horizon for you? A Book Tour perhaps?

Too busy mate! My family, job and my Karate club take up a lot of my time. I'm looking to finish my next book on basic techniques of Shukokai Karate sometime soon. Enjoy life and take time out to relax. Life is short but it all works out in the end!
Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Carl, and best of luck with the book!

Thank you Masa, it's been a pleasure.

- June 4, 2010 would also like to thank Publisher John Overall of Woowums Books for setting up this interview!


Available for only £19.99 at Amazon UK or PM Publisher John Overall at the forum

Check out the Bruceploitation Thread in the Asian Movies & TV forum for more! :brucelee:

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Re: JPH!P Interview: Carl Jones (author of Here Come the Kung Fu Clones)
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2010, 08:20:15 AM »
Hilarious interview man! I'm buying this book ASAP!!! I wonder if he'll sign my copy.


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Re: JPH!P Interview: Carl Jones (author of Here Come the Kung Fu Clones)
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2010, 10:23:08 PM »
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Re: JPH!P Interview: Carl Jones (author of Here Come the Kung Fu Clones)
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2010, 01:14:53 PM »
Wow, JPH!P exclusive interviews :O This is awesome~!

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