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Author Topic: The Yoshizawa Effect?!  (Read 6558 times)

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Didn't think it would take me that long to churn out a couple of chapters. Sorry again, it's been busy these past few days.

Chapter 4

It had taken the two barely 15 minutes before they finished their lunches.

“So…What should we do now?” Yossi asked curiously as she set her chopsticks down on the neatly folded napkin beside her empty bento box.

“Hmm..We could always go find your beloved Miki,” Maki suggested nonchalantly.

Just by mentioning her name, the taller one of the two’s face was suddenly tinged with a slight shade of pink. But, the only response that came out of her was a bemused “Ehhhhhhhhhh?”

“Oh come on! We both know that you’re interested. It could be fun.”

Yossi thought for a while… before settling with her unsatisfied looking pout.

“Oh and maybe you could learn a few things about her and she might fall into one of your Yoshizawa traps.” the slightly younger one urged on with a devilish smirk plastered onto her pretty little face.

“ Traps? You make it sound like I’m trying to get something out of her. As if I were…a gold digger or something.” She laughed. “Plus, she needs her own privacy. It’s not easy being the new kid in school.”

“ You do want something from her, don’t you? Don’t even lie! I can tell from the way you look at her. I mean, well, she’s got one hell of a body.. and did I mention her le— “  The usual banter between the two was cut short as a peeved voice from the crowd around the cafeteria cashier approached their table.

“Ayummmmi~~~ I told you that was just a stranger that I bumped into this morning! I swear that I don’t even know the guy!”
“Sure, sure. If this guy wasn’t anything special why were his arms all over you?” Her friend who was absolutely unconvinced by the others reasoning, jeered.

Completely exasperated from trying to justify somebody else’s actions was way beyond her ingenuity. “Augh! Ayumi, he was not trying to feel me up or anything! For the millionth time he was jus--…“ Close upon yelling out the rest of her sentence, the slightly tanner looking girl went silent as she saw the school’s two most popular girls giving her a weird look all the while retaining a confused expression on their faces.

She really had no other choice other than to sit at the table beside Yossui and Maki or sit outside and eat on the park benches. The latter was probably a better suggestion, considering that she was already beginning to feel her cheeks radiating from embarrassment. And with that, she grabbed her friend’s arm and walked quickly out of the canteen.

Turning back to face each other, Maki unexpectedly smacked the lunch table under her with such force that Yossi had flinched away, her eyes the size of dinner plates.

“SO. As I was saying..her legs…”

All Yossi could do was roll her eyes as Maki rambled on. Was it too late to change her mind again? This was DEFINITELY going to be a long day.

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Re: Untitled...
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Rika. XD

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Re: Untitled...
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Close upon yelling out the rest of her sentence, the slightly tanner looking girl went silent as she saw the school’s two most popular girls giving her a weird look all the while retaining a confused expression on their faces.

Cute  XD

“SO. As I was saying..her legs…”


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Re: Untitled...
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Holy crap school's been bombarding us with projects XD. But I finally found the time to "proofread" this chapter... the grammar is still kinda iffy though. And I can't write emotional/ deep things even if my life depended on it..but I tried Dx. Nonetheless...the next chapter.

Chapter 5

I know that I might come off as a huge flirt. From the way I talk, to even the way I walk, but that’s the just the way I am. I don’t mean to do it on purpose, but as I’ve mentioned before, that was just the way I turned out to be. And trust me, this is one of the many things that I really do hate about myself.

Just from my attitude alone, many would think that I would not be one to ever think about being involved in a serious relationship. But quite frankly, it’s more like the complete opposite.

People have told me that falling in love is one of the greatest treasures in life. Actually, I’ve been there… And let me tell you, it was definitely not how they described it in the fairy tales where everything just so happens to end happily ever after. Things like that just don’t exist in reality and I was naïve to think that they ever did. I’ve grown up from being the little, innocent and childish girl that I used to be.

Over the years, I’ve learned that you should keep your true feelings to yourself, unless you’re looking to get hurt. Funny, how I had to learn it the hard way.

It’s been a while now, hasn’t it?

A couple years back...

You decided to walk me home after school had ended, worried that I’d get into another fight again. You were lecturing me about being the bigger person and ignoring whatever nasty comments people were throwing at me, yet not a single word you’ve said had gone through my mind. It was currently more occupied with thoughts of you...

I’m quite surprised, why you would even bother with someone like me? I’m just another girl craving for your undivided attention. Yet, you took the time to wait over half an hour for my detention to end, just to make sure I’d stay out of trouble afterwards. Even though you were disappointed with my violent uproar and disagreed upon what I had decided to do, the first thing you did as soon as I walked out of the classroom was take a careful look at the slightly purple bruise that had already formed on my cheek since this morning. You had asked if it still hurt while gently touching the discoloured cheek and I could tell by your voice that it was filled with concern.

Even though the bruise on my face was still feeling a bit numb, your sympathy had made my heart feel anything but that. I couldn’t help but blush with you being so close to me, and you might have felt the slight change in warmth under your soft and gentle touch.

“It’s nothing really,” I looked away and gave a little laugh. “Nothing Goto Maki can’t handle!” I had given you the proud stance, the one where I placed one of my hands on my hip and the other extending towards you to show a thumbs up.

Apparently you found it quite funny since you gave me a light tap on the back of my head while playfully muttering “Baka..Let’s get going.”

We walked in silence until we were about three quarters of the way home when I suddenly snapped out of my reverie. I gave a quick glance over to your side and noticed that you had stopped to find a good pebble to kick around as we continued our way to my house all the while following the familiar path of the sidewalk.

My heart fluttered as soon as you noticed me staring at you. You then gave me one of your infamous cheeky grins. I bit my lower lip and had a hasty decision to make whether or not I should tell you about my feelings. I couldn’t tell if you liked me back since you were such a flirt around everyone, without even knowing it. It was quite cute though, the way you were always oblivious about everything around you.

Come on, I’m THE Goto Maki! I was afraid of nothing…well that was true, until you came into my life. I’ve grown so accustomed to spending my time with you that if my confession was going to ruin our friendship, I’d rather keep it in until my heart tore open. Well, actually if I were to get into an accident, right this instant and only had three seconds to live, then I might try spluttering AwmgYossiIThinkILoveYou all in one breath. Oh, and don’t think I would forget about the clichéd part in movies where I would reach over to my necklace and hand it over, making you swear you wouldn’t forget about me or else I’d be sure to hunt your ass down in my afterlife.

But, then again that was the dramatic side of me speaking. Before I knew it, I remember being surprised with what I had blurted out next since I had no intention of doing what I said I wanted to do. If that made any sense at all..

“Yossi… I need to tell you something.”

“Yah?” You looked at me curiously with those amazingly beautiful eyes. You tilted your head slightly to the side, adding onto how adorable I thought you looked at the spur of the moment.

It was now or never.

“I like you.” I kept my eyes glued to the floor, as if it had suddenly became the most interesting thing in the world.

She chuckled lightly before repeating what I had said just seconds ago. “I like you too Gocchin.”

I knew she wouldn’t understand. God she was so AGH!... “No really. I mean it as in I like, like you.”

She stopped walking and stopped to grab my arm as I was still strolling at the same pace. If not, even faster than before.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“What do you mean?”

“This is your house right?” She pointed to the number engraved in stone, which rested on the right side of the elegantly smelted gate.

I was so preoccupied with my thoughts that I didn’t even realized that I was already home.

“Uhm…yeah.” I scratched my head sheepishly, all the while trying desperately to cover how embarrassed I was.

“I guess..I’ll see you tomorrow?”

I gave her a nod and went to push in the correct numbers into the keypad near the gates.

“Hey, Maki?” She looked up from the ground and returned her gaze upon me just as I was about to walk through the gates.


Walking briskly to my side, she waited for a few seconds before cupping my face lightly. She moved her lips closer and planted a light and tender kiss on my bruised cheek. Moving further up a little from my cheek, she whispered into my ear.

”Hope that feels a bit better tomorrow.”

Leaving me dumbfounded, she stepped back and I could have sworn that I saw a smirk on her face. As she turned around and began making her way back home, she flung her arms into the air and rested her hands behind her head. There was nothing I could do but stand there and stare at the slowly fleeting figure. My legs remained fixed to the concrete floor under me as I suddenly realized that she was long gone, just like my sense of rationality.


On the outside I seem to have gotten over it. And I have… but lately these feelings that I’ve learned to forget about are slowly beginning to resurface again. I know that I shouldn’t even think twice about them since we’ve become best friends. Like I’ve said before, your charms were and still are, irresistible. And no matter how much you’d like to deny being nice, you manage to show the caring side of you whenever I’m feeling under the weather.

Sometimes I wish you knew how I still feel about you, despite the countless years we’ve spent together and stupid things I’ve said. And I have no doubt that I’ve already done it countless times before, regarding the dim witted remarks I like to make. But with all joking aside, there are some nights where I lay around in bed, wondering if I had taken the time to reminded you about how I felt, instead of pretending nothing had happened that day, would things have turned out differently?

I want to have someone there for me, someone who’s willing to help me back up whenever I fall. Someone who’s there to reassure me that everything’s going to be alright no matter how bad the situation is. I want a shoulder that I can cry on, a shoulder that I can sleep on. I want to be able to fall into a deep slumber all the while being surrounded by someone’s warm embrace, an embrace that’s going to keep me safe as long as I’m with them.I just want to spend my time with that one special person who I know I can share the best and the worst of times with, without being judged. I want to be loved by someone… someone like you.

Under the surface I’m usually the one in high spirits, while on the inside, it’s quite a different story. I’m kind of glad no one has been able to see through this fake facade yet. But I have no idea how much longer I can take this before I end up subsiding to these bottled up emotions.

On several occasions, I’ve let that side of me slip out, where I’m a total mess. I’ve been meaning to hide this part of me from the presence of others, but being the fragile girl that I really am on the inside, you have no idea how scared I really am.

I’m scared…even terrified because the feelings I have for you right now are starting to grow stronger and stronger with each passing day. Even a mere glance from you could send butterflies to my stomach. I must be good at hiding these feelings of mine though, cause obviously, you haven’t noticed. I guess what I’m trying to say is… this isn’t just a crush anymore…I think I might be seriously falling for you.

The spurious front that I’ve set up is slowly crumbling and I don’t want anybody to see me in my moment of vulnerability. But right now, all I can do is smile and bear with it. And maybe, that’s why on the outside I have to maintain the reputation of being a player. It’s because… I’m so tired of having my feelings rejected.

What would you say if you knew I was actually that insecure? With you being the Yoshizawa Hitomi I’ve learned to adore, you’d have too many admirers to even bother with one measly crush. So, would you laugh at me or would you ignore it? And, what if I told you, and you alone, would be the only one to have that effect on me?

I’m disgusted with myself because I don’t want to deceive those who are closest to me anymore, yet I still do it. And I do it… because it helps me forget about the person I truly don’t want to be…That person being…Me.

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Re: The Yoshizawa Effect?!
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Poor Maki.
because it helps me forget about the person I truly don’t want to be…That person being…Me.

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Re: The Yoshizawa Effect?!
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Wow, that hurts.

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Re: The Yoshizawa Effect?!
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please update!!! I'm addicted to this already  :bow:

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Re: The Yoshizawa Effect?!
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-Posts and runs-

Chapter 6

The bell had just rung as Miki stepped through the school’s front gates.

Ah, perfect timing…

Unlike all the other girls around her, who were all running towards the school, and rushing to get to class on time, Miki strolled slowly to the front doors of the school. According to her timetable she was suppose to be in English class by now, but she didn’t care. Nothing really mattered to her… Not anymore..

I wake up every morning to go to school, but for what? After I graduate, I’m going to end up getting a job just to earn the money to buy food. In turn to get the strength to go to work, to earn the mone- - Really.. What was the point of this? In the end, we’re all just going to fall over dead.

That was how Miki perceived life. It was all just a vicious cycle to her. There wasn’t anything in particular that made her life enjoyable. She had no friends, she had nothing to do to kill time with and those who were closest to her had been left behind. She had just moved from Hokkaido to live with her widowed aunt after much convincing from her mother that it was better for her to move to Tokyo, for she would be able to experience life outside of the town she lived in.

Mother had been looking quite pale on the day she left for Tokyo, despite the constant cries of reassurance. She didn’t want Miki to worry about her.

“I’m fine, I’m just going to miss my little Miki,” she said with a cheerful smile “You’re growing up so quickly. I remember as if it were just yesterday when you used to come home from school and you’d talk on and on about what you learned. Now that you’re becoming a woman, you’re going to have to leave lil ole me.” She gave a little chuckle at her own little jest. “But, I’m sure you’ll succeed in whatever path you choose to take. You were always a smart girl.” She couldn’t help but let a tear slip from her eye, as she said this.

She knew she was burst into waterworks if her mother kept speaking like this, as if they were never going to see each other again. She didn’t want her mother to see her cry, so instead she wrapped her arms around her mothers’ neck and pulled her close for a brief hug. “Mom, don’t worry about it. I’ll be back before you know it. I’ll even come and visit you during my breaks.” And as she pulled back from the warm embrace of her mother she quickly brushed away a tear that was close to falling, with the back of her hand. Putting on a cheeky grin and despite the emotions welling up inside her, she promised “I’ll be sure to make you proud.”


A couple of minutes passed since the lunch bell had rung, and the halls were empty. That was if you had not included Ms. Fujimoto wandering around the halls. It wasn’t because she was lost or anything. Oh, in no way would Miki ever be lost. She was the type of person who remembered details. She had already remembered which hall lead to where after her first walk around the school earlier that week when she had to confirm her registration to the school.

She was nearing the end of her casual stroll when a woman, which looked like she was in her mid 30’s popped her head out from behind a door. The woman gave her an overexcited and welcome by grabbing Miki’s arm and dragging her into the classroom.

“Ah you must be Fujimoto Miki. Must’ve gotten lost in this huge school, didn’t you? No worries, you’ll get used to it soon.”

From far away, the woman had look much more attractive. Now that Miki was up close, she could examine the woman’s features and though she was not one to judge someone’s appearance… She had to admit, this teacher must have been by far the…how should she put it.. repelling?.. face she had seen so far. Not to mean it in a harsh way, Miki had stifled a laughter at her teacher’s odd expressions.

“Ah—em..umm…yes..” And with that, she took the only seat left. It was located on the second of the fourth row, on the other side of the room. It had a large window that gave her a wonderful view of what was going on in the school yard. On this particularly bright and sunny day, she could see those who had P.E outside lining up for their “beginning-of-the-year fitness test”. Surely, this would be much more interesting than listening to –

“Right, Ms.Fujimoto, since you weren’t here when I first introduced myself, you can call me Kei –sensei. But I prefer to be called Kei, makes me feel I could relate to the kids..” Miki looked on with a bit of disturbance as Kei-sensei began to take trip back to memory lane.

“Anyways, we will be reading a short story today and when we’ve finished reading together, we’ll discuss the—“ By then, “Kei’s” voice had been drowned out. Miki, who was deep in thought, propped her left arm onto the desk and laid her chin on the palm of her hand. She was bored out of her mind and this was only the first day of school. At that moment she decided to look out the window. The P.E class had just finished their crunches and pushups and the group of girls were being lead towards the tracks.

This should be interesting..


After the girls were put into heats, a teacher with long hair, tied back in a neat ponytail organized the students into their positions. She walked to the inner of the field and had her timer ready in hand.

“READY…SET…GO!” And the first heats of girls were off.

Yossi, who was sitting to the right of Iida-sensei busied herself by picking at the blades of grass beneath her to pass the time. This was what she dreaded most… waiting for other to finish. Even when she was little, her mother had told her that she was impatient. Over time, it had gotten better. But she was always known as the type to be a busybody.

“Hey, at this rate we wouldn’t need lawnmowers,” Maki pointed out as she took a seat beside her buddy, “…Or the school gardeners.”

Hearing the comment, Yossi released her grip on the grass and laughed. “Sorry, you know me, I just don’t like sitting here doing absolutely nothing at all.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Can you believe we’re only on the second heat?”

“Oh jeez, well there’s still two more before I get to run,” Yossi exclaimed as she put her hands behind her head, fell onto her back and watched as the clouds drifted slowly across the clear afternoon sky.

“Don’t worry, I’m going next. You can tell me how good I am soon enough.”

Just as she said this, Iida sensei called out.

“Heat 3, you’re up!”

“Well, wish me luck!” Goto pushed herself off the ground and walked to the starting line. But as she did this, she made sure that she didn’t forget to turn around and give Yossi a mockingly flirtatious wink.

“You don’t need luck!” Yossi shouted, ignoring the girl’s playful gesture.

This girl is unbelievable… She smiled to herself.

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