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Title: My Short Fanfictions || LIPS TASTER [WMatsui] Epilogue! 04.24.16
Post by: Koyumichan~ on March 20, 2014, 08:23:40 AM
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Hey minna-san I posted this OS in my Tumblr and I decided to post it here too.
Sorry for grammar mistakes and typos. Douzo! ;)

Love Expert

        A girl peeking inside a classroom, not her classroom but “her” classroom. She gulped hardly trying to kill her fearness. The girl she wanted to meet is so popular among students, charming, and the king of flirt. All girls fall in love with the girl, for short the girl is a love expert. She thought that girl can help her, well,probably. She went inside approaching the girl who was surrounded by girls like usual. One of the girls looked at her curiously and stop doing flirt with the girl. The girl looked at her too, though she is confused she still showed her cool face.

“ name is Matsui Rena. Please help me with my body, Matsui Jurina-san!” Rena bowed in front of her, Matsui Jurina. Jurina walked closer to Rena.

“Ah~ so you want me to do “it” huh?” Jurina grabbed Rena’s chin. “How easy you- EH?!”

       Suddenly Rena fainted after touched by Jurina makes Jurina mad and confused at the same time, so did with the girls. Jurina have no choice unless brought Rena to the school hospital.

          Rena slowly opened her eyes and looking around.She found Jurina beside her, frowning. “Where were we Matsui-san?” She asked.

“Baka, of course in the school hospital! Where do you think a room in school have beds unless school hospital?!”

Rena did not reply just lowered her head. She didn’t know Matsui Jurina is this scary. While Rena was thinking what should she do Jurina stood up and facing Rena, Rena looked at her.

“You said you want me to help you with your body? What did you mean?”

“Uhh...I have a phobia wherever I touched and blush I will faint immediately. My problem is I want you to help me recover this phobia because...I...I...,”

“I what?”

“I...I’ve someone that I like. I wanted to confess my feeling to her but...but...,”

“Sigh just say it,” Jurina facepalmed herself.

“But I am afraid I faint in front of her and she will think I’m weird!” Rena covered her face felt embarassing.

       Jurina just sighed in her place. She thinking for a way to make this problem solved quick and after this she will never help people again. She promised herself. As she walking toward Rena she grabbed Rena’s chin (again) made Rena’s face close to her.
“Well then, let’s start it tomo-- Maji?! Ugh I didn’t even finish my word,”
Rena, once again, fainted because she could not handle Jurina’s charm.

          The next day after school time Jurina went to Rena’s classroom to tell her the plan. When she went there she sees Rena packing her books, immedietely Jurina sat on a chair in front of Rena’s desk. Rena surprised of Jurina’s sudden action. Jurina lifted her head demanding rena to sit. Without opening the conversation Jurina tell her plan. First plan is she asked Rena to  go date with her into a park. They went to the nearest park from school.
Second plan is Jurina started the main part of her plan. The main part were divided into three parts and she hope it will worked. First part of Jurina’s main plan is ‘45° smile technic with soft wind blows her hair and sparkling’. Her hand offered Rena to hold it. 3 seconds, Rena fainted. The second part of Jurina’s main plan is ‘Puppy eyes attack to make girls fall to her within a second’. Jurina took Rena’s hand and did the trick. 2 seconds, Rena fainted.
Before do the third part Jurina was already mad. Her tricks she did to Rena are her best tricks to make girls fall in love with her but these are failed for Rena. Jurina tried to keep her anger and do the last trick. The third part of Jurina’s main plan is ‘Sexy Jurina will make you fall to her’. She unbuttoned 2 buttons from the top of her shirt and pulled Rena close to her until Rena’s body touched her body. Jurina looked deeply into Rena’s eyes. 0 second, Rena fainted.


Jurina feels exhausted. “It’s impossible to recover your phobia,”

“P..Pl..Please don’t give up Matsui-san! Only you who can help me!”

“We change the plan,” Jurina said suddenly.

“I’ll do all what you said, Matsui-san!”

“Fine. We change the plan to the “soft” mode. We do it calmly, not so serious and we should enjoy it. Understand?”

“Hai! Matsui-san!” Rena excited.

Jurina smirked. “First of our new plan is you must call me with my nickname, so do I to you,”

        Rena felt her heart beats faster than usually but not make her fainted, it’s a miracle Jurina gave to her. In Rena’s mind she thanked Go and Jurina, and now she have to call Jurina with her nickname. She gulped.

“Ju..Juri..Jurina..” Rena said it with her eyes are closed.

“Ha..That was good. Let’s start the second plan, shall we Rena?” Jurina took Rena’s hand and pulled it makes her stood up from the bench they sat on. Jurina did not forget to give Rena her cool smirk.

“Um...What is the second plan, Jurina?”

“You be my girlfriend, we dating, and we always go home together from now like a couple,”
        Rena widened her eyes because she shocked to hear the plans also doubt herself could not do it. But Jurina’s smile gave her strength and undoubtness made her nods to Jurina. Jurina smiles relieved. They started walking and do their first date.


Two days later
In Jurina’s classroom

Rena peeking inside and found Jurina surrounded by girls as usual. “Jurina, I brought the dictionary you wanted to borrow,” Rena waved her hand.
“Ah Rena-chan! Thank you so much~” Jurina leaves the girls and approached Rena to get the book.

Suddenly one of the girls with an angry face walked closer to them. “Hey Jurina! This whole time you were hanging with that brat, leaving us. You aren’t like we know, you change!”

       The girls yelled agree with the girl’s statement. They cornered Rena and Jurina, but Jurina could not keep her anger anymore grabs a chair and throw it to scared the girls. It worked, they shocked.
“She is my girlfriend,” Jurina took Rena’s hand. “I don’t care about everybody except her!”

       Jurina pulled Rena’s hand to follow her leaves the class. The girls dropped their jaw did not believe of what they see and hear. Jurina decided to skip classes and have a date with Rena. Well, this time Rena’s innocent struggle which only could bring back her mood. They kept walking until something caught Jurina’s attention which was her favorite band released their new single. Jurina stopped in front of casette shop looking to the poster while Rena just follow what she did. When Rena turned her head to the back saw bunch of boys walking toward her and Jurina, they whistling to both of them and one of the boys stroked Rena’s hair flirting her. They gone after that, laughing.

       Rena freezed in her place confused. She did not faint whereas she blush. Was this mean her phobia has gone? But Rena didn’t want her time with Jurina end so fast. She then acted faint  to make Jurina still believe her phobia does not recover yet. Jurina catched and hugged her. She panicked where should she lay Rena on. For minutes they kept like that, feeling their warm each other. On Rena’s mind, she said, she does not know Jurina’s embrace and heat were so comfortable for her. Her heart skipped a beat. Strange feeling.


“Jurina, sorry for making you cause a fuss,” Rena lying on Jurina’s lap in a park they had go a date at first.
“Meh, I am doing this to you because I will get my compensation back from you later~” Jurina smirked. “Now hold my hand,”
Rena dazed. “Jurina you are so kind...,”
“What?! Listen I help you because I will get my compensation back from you after this finished! Now hold my hand, do it fast,” Jurina diverted her head to the opposite and it seems she blushed. Rena giggled because Jurina looks so cute. All time Jurina always being called cool by girls and Rena called her kind. That was Jurina’s first time being called like that. Rena then holds Jurina’s hand. They just looking each other, no talk.


      The next day, Rena walked to her classroom after break time. Bad luck had come to Rena makes her not walk carefully causes her slipped off, luckily Jurina came from nowhere and catches her but she fell too. Jurina was on the under, Rena was on the top. Rena’s cheeks reddened and her heart beats so fast. They didn’t move, just starring each other like what they did last time but suddenly Jurina grabbed Rena’s sleeve.

“Your phobia has recovered. Confess your feeling to the senior you like, I’ll watch behind you without noticed. Now go,”
Rena stood up. Her heart and mind were blank immedietely, her eyes are not show light. She didn’t know why does her heart hurt but still she walked to the senior’s class and stopped in front of the door. There the senior and her friend talking. Rena lowered her head, started to cry. The senior noticed her and poked her shoulder while ask “Are you okay?” stared at her eyes. Rena felt her conscious faded causes her her could not stand anymore and fell. The senior and her friend panicked.


      Rena fell on Jurina’s arm. “I am sorry senpai. Wherever this girl touched and blush she will faint immedietely. Just me who can touch her,”
The senior and her friend confused but Jurina does not want to stay any longer so she leaves. Jurina brought Rena to the school hospital, no one there.
“Jurina you said my phobia has recovered,” Rena who was actually half fainted suddenly said.

“Well, phobia won’t recover that fast, it takes time. Seems we have to try again,”

“Honestly I don’t want my phobia recover, Jurina...,” Rena shyly looked at Jurina.

“ you want me to be the only person who can touch you?” Jurina smirked.

“Un...”Rena nodded.

       Jurina didn’t reply but for change she grabs Rena’s neck and kissed her. Rena closed her eyes enjoying their kiss. Jurina bite Rena’s lower lip makes Rena gasped and gave Jurina access to infiltrate Rena’s mouth. Their tounges met exchanging saliva each other. Jurina sucked Rena’s tounge and she heard Rena let out a soft moan. Rena gripped Jurina’s shirt signed that she lost of oxygens, Jurina ended the kiss to gives Rena chance for filled up her lungs.

“I love you Rena” Jurina said hardbreathing.

“I love you too, Jurina”

“Of course you are. Because Jurina the love expert could make all girls fall in love to her. But remember her heart has stolen by one girl, you,”
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Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 20, 2014, 12:32:56 PM
d'awwwwww, so sweet~ reading this while having lunch at work~!! gave to read this to a few of my coworkers who know nothing of 48 Family and they were like this:  :twothumbs so um yeah, a good read~  :wub:

on another note, if there are times like this, when you feel like the text has too many mistakes, feel free to go seek help from other writers. It's not bad to ask someone to proofread a text for you, if it means you will give your readers a cleaner text AND you will learn from your mistakes. You will improve in no time, so don't be afraid to seek help :)
Title: Re: Koyumi-chan's short fanfictions|Love Expert (WMatsui)
Post by: gilangfajri on March 23, 2014, 06:28:38 PM
Nicee :twothumbs
There's nothing Jurina-sama can't do :wub:
Title: Koyumichan~'s short fanfictions|The Puppy Which Grown Up To A Big Dog(Wmatsui)
Post by: Koyumichan~ on May 12, 2014, 09:11:11 AM
Hello minna-san this is my second oneshot. I got the idea from my dream :lol: :onioncheer:
This OS contains genderbending. So if you don't like this type of fanfic, just imagine he as she hehehehe :mon lol: Enjoy and sorry for grammar mistakes and typos :gmon bye:

@sakura_drop_ san: OMG I DIDN'T EXPECT YOU LIKE MY STORY! :gmon tears: you are one of my favorite authors XD thank you for your comment, thank you, and advice.
@gilangfajri:Yes she does :hehehe:
The Puppy Which Grown Up To A Big Dog

   In Sakae, Nagoya prefecture lived the daughter of Matsui family, the foremost family in Japan. An honored lady of smart, beauty, and kind ethnic heritage. Matsui Rena seventeen years old. There was one thing that disturbed her mind which is....


   Rena opened her eyes after hear that voice. She saw the light from the window is trying to get in but covered by the curtain. “Rena-sama....Rena-sama, please wake up,” Her eyes immediately widened as she sees a handsome guy bowing at the edge of her bed. He is Matsui Jun that became her bodyguard since yersterday. Rena furrowed her eyebrows while blushed.

“Ju..Jun?!” She got up from the bed with fast action. “Why you entered my room arbitrarily?! I never remember give you permission for that! How rude,”

“I am sorry. I have waited for you while called your name many times for thirty minutes. You must go now or you will late,”

   Rena took a small clock beside her bed. Once more she widened her eyes and the next thing happened is the whole residence hear a loud scream from Rena’s room. Jun just stared at her with no expression and Rena’s uniform on his hand. Don’t know why Rena thinks Jun is creepy but still it’s not erase his handsome looks from his face. Rena did not realize she just staring at Jun and forget she must prepare for school.

“Are you feeling not well, Rena-sama?”

   Rena turned back to reality as Jun said so. Apparently her face heated up she felt embarassed because caughted by him staring at his face. “I..I am fine! I am healthy!” She grabbed her uniform from his hand. “I wanna change,so...”

Jun bowed to her. “I am waiting outside,”

   He walked towards the door and get out. Rena looked at his back with disappointed expression. ‘He really act like a bodyguard. Whereas formerly...’ Rena throwbacked her mind at the time she was still a young lady. Jun was younger than her for two years. He was the son of her uncle, the head of the residence after her father. Rena’s body was weak since kid. Jun took there by his father to be her friend. At first Jun acted so shy and when he introduced by his father, he just hid behind his father’s legs. His father ordered him to give the present he brings after that. Slowly Jun sticked out his head and looked at Rena shyly. Rena just waited on her wheelchair, so curious. After few minutes, Jun ran out from his hide, gave Rena the present with closed eyes, and finally got back to his hide place.
Rena looked at the present. It was a big puppy doll. At that time Rena considered rather than the doll she got, Jun is more looks like a puppy with that expression waiting for Rena’s reaction. Rena’s cheeks flushed, Jun was so cute! “Th...thank you..” Rena buried her mouth onto the doll. Jun smiled happily with pinkish cheeks.

   Since that day, almost everyday Jun followed Rena everywhere like a puppy. It feels like Rena has a troublesome little brother. But...suddenly someday Jun told Rena he will attend school at a far place. Eight years had left and they never seen each other again. Last night Jun came back so sudden like his passing in the past. Rena was surprised when he suddenly bowing in front of her while said, “Long time no see, Rena-sama...” ‘He is Jun who was that annoying and cheerful kid? He looks so mature  and his height was taller than me now’ Rena thought.

“You are really Jun?” Rena asked. Not trust her sight.


Rena was mad because Jun answered it while diverted his view. In Rena’s mind she kept asking why Jun changes so drastically like this.
“Rena-sama we had arrived,” Jun opened the car door. “Rena-sama?”

Rena gasped when she realized she spacing out all time the way to school. ‘Oh man because I thinking about his alteration too much I cloudn’t sleep overnight. Ended up woke up late’ Rena sighed. Jun looked at her worriedly. “Rena-sama are you okay?”

Rena POV
   It’s hard to believe...Jun had grown as a big dog who was calm and overprotective now. I looked straight into his eyes. “I am fine!” He directed his view as I did so. I am getting curious about this strange manner of him.

“I guess your condition is not good Rena-sama. No need to force yourself,”

I frowned. “I told you myself is better than previous. That’s why I can go to school now. Don’t worry,”

   I walked first. He made me confuse of his coming, passing, and his alteration. I knew my habit is annoying but I must hold on. I passed the school hall, like usual students praise me. Not just male students but female student too. My white pale skin, long silky hair, and princess like attitude successfully amused them. Though I was not that perfect like they thought. I noticed some boys approached and greeted me with shy expression. But suddenly Jun came blocking the way between them and me. They seems angry.

“If you want to appproach Rena-sama, you must show your student card and pass me first!”

They started mad when female students whisper and ask whom the person with me. I gripped his sleeve so he turns his head. “Stop it Jun! Every morning they greet me here. They are not a foreign. Most of all we are schoolmates,”

He didn’t reply. Why he looks not happy? I shook his arm. ”Jun!”

“I understand,” He sighed. “Forgive me Rena-sama. As your bodyguard I am afraid something happen with you,” He then bowed. Female students screaming excitedly when they know Jun was my bodyguard.

Two months later
   Jun who had grown genuinely changed. Because he is smart principal allowed him to skip classes so he was in the same grade as me. He became the number one who get the highest score at the final exam results when me in the second place. I dropped my jaw in disbelief. I found he was great at sports too especially Judo. I have saw him knocked out his opponent so fast. He made me astonnished of it. Today I went to library, bad luck comes to me. The book that I wanted to take fell followed by other nearby books. I screamed while closed my eyes ready to taste the pain being hitted by these books. But Jun came from nowhere protected me while hugged me. Female students around us amazed by Jun’s coolness when male students jealous of it. Jun was too perfect! As my bodyguard he acted cool like his old self never exist. I stared at him.

“Be careful Rena-sama,” Jun nearing his face to me. Our faces are adjacent, I could feel his breath upon my cheek. It tickled my cheek makes my heart thumping fast. He stroked some of my hair which messy a bit.

“Ju..n?” As I called him he directed his view, again. “Done,”

“Thank you...”

“My duty,”

   I was like a stupid person. Our eyes are not even meet. He was just my bodyguard but why it looks like only me who feel the sensation of heart pounding?! I walked back to my class. I felt so weird today, I also couldn’t consentrate at the lesson. Luckily time passed so fast like a blink of eyes. Now I was laying on my bed while hugged the big puppy doll. I’m rolling over my bed when thinking about Jun. He made me have insomnia all night, tonight he does too. Am I too puzzlement by his old self? If I think about it, the alteration of Jun was not just from now.

I remember one day not long after Jun came to my life, I lay in serious condition on my bed. My private doctor told him we could not play today. Somehow I felt our friendship at the beginning is gratifying nevertheless it would change soon to be a burden. His pale face and trembling clenched hands when saw me at that condition....He went out not long after that day. Now Jun acting cold, it must be started from that day. Suddenly I heard a knock voice followed by Jun’s voice which calling me. I sat up on my bed immediately. What a coincidence!

“Excuse me Rena-sama. Because I see your room is still bright, I thought you can’t sleep. So, I made this warm milk for you,” He carried the foodcart towards me and setting up a small table. “I put it here, okay?”

“Thank you. I will drink it,” Ugh. Why my voice always trembling when we talk?!

“Do you want me to add alcohol?”

   I shook my head as reply. Here comes the awkward silent after that. He did not move just staring me, so did I to him. “That..doll...” Out of sudden Jun broke the silence. I pointed my view to my hand. Much to my surprise I still hugging that doll! I blushed terribly and immediately hide it in my back, though it useless. He had saw it.

“The doll from me, isn’t it?”

“ just coincidentally I play with it. Doesn’t mean I always keep it!”

I walked to behind and unfortunately I hit the foodcart makes the teapot fell and broken. Its broken pieces spread of. Jun quickly carry me up. ”What are you doing? Didn’t you get hitted?!”

He puts me back to the floor. “Don’t worry Rena-sama. It just hitted my shoes and pants. Besides it’s my duty to protect you,”


“Duty you said?”


So my asumption was right. “Because it’s your duty, you can’t refuse what you don’t like right?”

“What I don’t like?” He confused.

“At that time...eight years ago you left me because you hate me right? You left me but why you came back? You divert your view because you don’t want to see me right?” That pale face and trembling clenched hands  could not get off my mind. I couldn’t ask his reason and prevent him.

“I am used to be alone, Jun. I don’t want you to be forced beside me. You better stop this job and leave again. I can clean this, get out,” My eyes seemed teary. I tried my best for my tears to not falling.
“Ah Rena-sama, ohayou!”

“Today you came so early. As for us we have morning practice,” My two classmates shyly started a conversation.

“Ohayou,” I replied.

“Eh? Your face is little bit flushed Rena-sama,”


“It’s rare. Today you don’t with Jun?”

I turned my head to the opposite. “Maybe...he won’t come with me again,” Actually I came early because feel guilty to him. And last night I didn’t even sleep because thinking of it.
“Ah! Look over there! Jun surrounded by our seniors. They look scary...”

I immediately stood up from my seat and ran out from class. I was like a stupid person, why I running? What would I say to him after arrived there? But if I don’t go....Jun, eight years ago I could not catch you.

Normal POV
“Everytime we keep Rena-sama’s happiness but after you came Rena-sama looks sad everyday! We trying to calm, but you, you don’t even deserve to be in her side!” The seniors scolded Jun. However he is still acted cool.

“You are right. I am always think of it too, that’s why...”

Suddenly one of the seniors grabbed his collar and yelled right in front of Jun’s face. “What are you talking about huh?! We would not forgive everyone who made Rena-sama sad!”

Jun gripped his hand. “That’s what come particularly in my mind!”

“Stop! Get off your hand from him!” Rena blocked their way. They shocked of Rena’s sudden arrival.

“I am not sad. Because I was different from eight years ago,”

Rena POV
   I could not stop him caused by my weak condition. I was out of breath after run fifty steps. From that time I wanted to be strong, even Jun leaves me again I could catch him. I am strong now. “Despite of that, if you want to resign from your job do it fast! I am fine-“


   I fell into his embrace, out of breath. He hurriedly carry me and ordered the seniors to call my home person while he took me along to the infirmary. Arrived there he laid me gently on the bed and took off his blazer. The nurse panicked. “We must give her sip medicine and infusion for bronchitis disease. Can’t wait for her home person to come. Must do it now,” Jun murmured.

“These things cannot do it here. Importantly there is no doctor and medicines for it...”

Jun suddenly showed a card to the nurse. “The doctor, I am,”

“This?! Chicago University Hospital, Doctor Matsui Jun?! And this is license for Japan doctor?!” The nurse so shocked.

I am really confused. Jun opened a small trunk. “I bring the medicines and equipments. This time let me protect you Rena-sama,” He assured me.

I didn’t know what happened next. My vision became blur then dark.
“Gradueated from Doctor Faculty beyond the country you said? Why can you joking like that?!” I literally did not believe what have I heard a while ago. In this young age he already a doctor?!

“I am not joking. Actually since I born my intelligence level was high. They said I am a gifted child. Nine years old I had entered university. Twelve years old I continued the Doctor program in Chicago University. After graduated I got Doctor Academic Title and license of Japan Doctor for practice. Honestly I got invitation to attend school beyond the country from the university. I don’t go because I am still hesitate about it. But the day, eight years ago when I saw Rena-sama in serious condition, I couldn’t be with you if this happen particularly I thought. Despite of that to be with you I decided to be a Doctor,”

He succeded explain me the reason of why he became a Doctor in this still young age. But I have one more question for him to answer. “So that pale face, trembling clenched hands, and your passing are not because you hate me?”

“Of course,” He answered it with serious expression, lol.

“If so why your attitude changed drastically? You act cold, divert your view, and excuse all of that are your job or duty!”

Jun lowered his head. ”That are because this eight years Rena-sama has changed into beautiful lady. I think I should indicate my mature side to you too. And...I do so hard to act cool. Sorry,”

   What?! What have I Seen? I saw a pair of dog ears and heard a pleading voice of dog. I must be halucinating. I rubbed my eyes. “I am nervous to act like an adult. Rena-sama is pretty, famous, and nice. If I look into your eyes my heart races, couldn’t act cool, and clumsy. Or you can say I covered my nervousness,” I knew my cheeks are terribly red now. My heart also pounding so fast. Arrrgghh this puppy caused many strange feelings!

Some days later
   After that Jun was still a troublesome puppy. Finally he turned to my personal doctor. Nevertheless actually Jun was a little different now. Like tonight he checked my temperature, etc. His hand when touched my forehead...I felt some butterflies in my stomach.

“Again you acted cool, nee?” I stared at him. It made him blushed and his clumsiness showed.

“I...just want to be suitable for you,”

   It was natural for people to change but the sincerity of heart won’t change. Hope I could catch, chase, and meet him in the future as my husband. Well I forgot to tell, Jun and I had engaged. Our parents planned this since we kids. “Jun promise me, you’ll always beside me right?” I looked to the ring then to him with flushed cheeks.

He smiled cheerfully. “I promise!” Out of sudden he hugged me tight. I widened my eyes. “What...are you doing?”

“Eh!? Gommennasai Rena!” He released the hug.

   Somehow it makes me sad. He was still shy! I grabbed his coat and pulled it to me. I captured his lips. We kissed for a few minutes started with simple one continued to passionate. I spread my arms around his neck while pull him closer to my bed. Finally I lay on the bed with him on my top. “Shall we do it tonight, Rena?” He smirked and breathlessly asked as we parted for air. I gulped. It was a mistake to kiss him. Look now his naughty like dog side appeared. I only could hope tonight he will be gentle. “Su..Sure..”
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*saves spot*
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Doctor Jun? Are you kidding me? I WANNA MEET HIM!

I bet he's a friend of Watanabe XD

Nice one ^_^
Title: Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET(Wmatsui)||Prologue + Chapter 1
Post by: Koyumichan~ on May 22, 2014, 05:09:30 PM
Hello minna-san I am back! This is my first fantasy genre fanfic. :roll: Hope you like it and enyoy! XD
@sakura_drop_ san: Hello again sakura-san! XD
@RenshuChan san: I am not thinking about that before. But yeah he seems so XD



I want to be always with you.



Someone has called me...


‘Quick, wake up!’

   I immediately opened my eyes while gasped. What have I dreamt about? I felt loathing. In the front door of my room my mom had knock the door orders me to wake up, otherwise I will late to school. Quickly I took a bath, changed my pajama to uniform, wore my shoes, and finally I took a slice of bread as I ran out from my house to school. Oh crap! I never late to school, never be absent! Suddenly I heard a bicycle gets closer to me and stopped next to me. Unexpectedly the person who rode it  is Jurina. She greets me warmly with a cat like smile curved on her lips. Confuse, she asked me why I go to school at this time. It’s rare for her huh? I coldly replied that I just did it once so it’s alright and walk fast. But then she said that I, the person who wants to get the best student of the year trophy shouldn’t come late. Oh really she striked me.
she patted her bicycle back seat. “You know Rena? This is enough for one more people~”

   I couldn’t refuse it so I get on it. Jurina didn’t forget to tell me that I must hold on her waist strongly so that I would not fall. While hugging her back I hope my heartbeat does not hear by her. I love Jurina, that’s the reason. “Hey Rena, I don’t know your boobs are big,”

I blushed and punched her back. “Pervert! Take me off!”

“Stop punch me Rena! Or we will fall!”
I, Matsui Rena, seventeen years old. Who did not even know that start from today my normal life would broken to pieces.

   The bell rang informs us the break time has come. I dashed to the cafeteria and bought many foods especially melonpan. Finished of it I go straight return to my class. I put all the foods on my desk. Two of my friends sat in front of me. “Eh? Rena you eat this many?!” Masana my close friend asked in surprise. I nodded to her as a sign that it’s true.

“I don’t know why my appetite grow big,” I sighed and ate my melonpan.

“You changed Rena,” Said Yukko.

I stopped eating. “Am I growing fat?” rather shocked and anxious.

“No, no. I think you growing prettier,”

   Yukko’s answer surprised me. I guess I just an ordinary girl with speciality just smart and well, big boobs like Jurina said. Getting curious, I took a mirror from my bag and stared my reflection on it. Yukko was right. My face seems kinda whiten, my lips became pink whereas I don’t use lipbalm or lipgloss, and my eyelashes grew long. I disoriented. Yukko suddenly stood up from the chair and yelled. “Look! Jurina is playing basketball with the others. Kakkoii!” She cupped her own cheeks while blushed. I following looked out of the window to see her. My heart beats so fast when I saw her smile or laugh. Masana poked my shoulder.

“You are so lucky Rena. You lived nearby with Jurina,”

Yukko then added. “I know you two will go to the autumn festival together,” She sighed.

I blushed and lowered my head. “Who knows...”
   As the school ended I walking to my house. I couldn’t see Jurina everywhere, maybe she got home early to do her part time job. Matsui Jurina moved to the apartment beside my house two years ago. First time I met Jurina I thought she is a player and pervert. But I was wrong. She was a serious person, I knew it when I asked her why she just flirting girls but don’t have one of them as girlfriend. She replied because she didn’t have time to instead she must do part time job. She was so kind and nice to me too, sometimes she took me home. That’s why my heart chose her. I liked her kindness.
Suddenly I felt loathing. This often happened to me this few days. I stopped walking for a while and resumed after I feel good. Arrived in my house I was about to open the gate but stop when I see a bunch of giirls in front of Jurina’s apartment. They a took photo of Jurina’s apartment number and I also heard they wanted to tell it to Jurina’s fans. Immediately I approached and stopped them. I grabbed the girl’s phone harshly. She shouted at me. “Who are you?! What  are you doing?!” She pushed me till I fell to the ground. They cornered me, keep asking who I am. I stood up but later I feel someting. One of the girl held her hand and said it bleeding. Her friend panicked. I sniffed something sweet....


The girl gripped my collar. “This is because of you!”

   I didn’t reply but grip her hand while looking to her eyes. I touched her scar. It made her frightened and immediately she releases her hand from mine. “Who are you? Jurina won’t steal a glance to a weird girl like you!”
She wanted to slap me but someone from her behind get her hand faster before she do it. They looked to the person. “Than  you I like her more,” The person was Jurina. They scattered from there quickly. Jurina took my hand to enter her apartment. This is my first time I entered her apartment. She orders me to sit down because she wanna cure the bruise on my hand. When she doing it my mind thinking about her. I always wondering why Jurina has to do part time job? I didn’t know anything about her either. When I glanced at her, she was staring at me with our faces are so close! I blushed and panicked.


“Rena, from the morning you looked pale. Are you sick?” She caressed my cheek gently.

“I..I am fine! I..just starving,”

She chuckled. “Pfft so that was the reason. I starving too, let’s find some foods in the festival. Shall we?”

“Go to the festival? I wanna!”

“Okay five minutes then we depart,”

   I was so happy! Could go to the festival with Jurina is like a date. Luckily we were neighborhood. Arrived at the festival first we search snacks. Jurina ate it at the stand while me at the same time took it while walking. I saw a shoot game and challenged her to play it. “Don’t ever lose, Jurina. If you do you are in bad taste,” I grinned.

“Just see,”

   Jurina get ready with the sniper on her hand, focus at the target she started shooting. She hitted the target greatly and smoothly. People around us amazed by her action especially girls. I searched for a good prize and saw a beautiful neckalce which the hanger of it is rose. My eyes were sparkled of the beautiness the necklace has. I wanted to get it from Jurina but when I turned my head she was surrounded by girls. I felt jealous so I walk away from her. She flirtatious with girls again! Jurina seems noticed and chased me afterwards.

“Hey Rena, where are you going?”

“None of your business. Just go flirt with them!”

“Are you jealous?”

I faced away her. “Why should I--“

   My word cutted by her sudden action which placed something around my neck. It was the necklace that I wanted! “You want this right? My present for you. It’s just a cheap good though”

I speechless. “Do you forget your own birthday? Baka,” She laughed while patted my head. know I was so happy!

“Sorry Rena I must do my part time job now. Is it okay if you go home alone?”

I nodded. “Un..thank you!” I left her but before she shouted. “Don’t be late again tomorrow!”

Normal POV
   Rena showed Jurina her thumbs while smiled. As the time passed with her going home, Rena thought for entire of her life maybe this time she feel very happy. The necklace Jurina gave to her is the reason. She stared at it, so pretty.


It comes again! Rena felt loathing, she couldn’t breath!

“Miss are you okay?” A guy poked her shoulder from behind as she squat at the edge of the quiet street. Rena looked at him. What happened next were she feel blank, the guy screams loudly, Rena sucked his blood. A woman sees them and she told the police who patrolling what had happened. The police warned Rena to stop. It was no used after all because she already stopped after sucking almost all his blood. The police got closer wants to catch her but she jump to a rooftop and run away. The police shocked and confused.

Rena POV
   The next morning I woke up lazily. I didn’t realize the morning comes so fast. The loathing had gone. I sighed. But...when I arrived at home? Strangely the window opened. I closed it but then realized something that my right shoe missing. I swept away my puzzled mind and started to get ready to school. Finished, I went to the dining room to get my breakfast. There my mom watching television. It reported a news that last night there was a strange incident, someone has suck a guy’s blood. The police found a girl shoe at the place of the incident. It seems the culprit was girl. I dazed. It was my shoe which missing.

Someone POV raise, Rose Queen.
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Rena will turn to Gekikara when she looks blood, right?

Ah, i'm scared ;A;

And... rose queen?

Seems interesting~

I will wait for the next chapter ><)/
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Wah~ Amazing!!! :twothumbs :thumbsup
Ah~ Jurina kakkoi ! :w00t:
Aw ~ Rena already in love with Jurina :inlove: :wub:
Eh~ is Rena a vampire?! Is this Gekikara? :? :nervous
I'm wondering if Jurina holds any power or something supernatural ? :O :sweatdrop:
Update soon ~ :theking :heart:
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Eeeeh, Rena is a vampire or something? Wow ... !
Jurina's part time job is still a mystery here. But oh well, she loves Jurina since the beginning (´⌣`ʃƪ)
Continue please (∩_∩)
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Rena is a vampire queen all hail her

I wonder what Jurina part time job is

Update soon
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Nice :twothumbs
Next please :grin: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Hello minna-san I am back with chapter 2! XD This time let me apologize to you because I didn't reply of your comments cuz if I did it will be spoiler :bow:
Nah then enjoy! :D



What happened to me?

“Did you watch  this morning news?”
“I watched! That guy’s blood has been sucked!”
“Eh?! You mean he attacked by vampire?”
I heard their talk, it was make me more puzzled than before. The shoe that founded at the place of the incident...was my shoe. Am I related with the incident? “Rena!” I got back my conscious because someone has called me. The person was Yukko whom walks approaching me with Masana.
“Rena, are you okay?”
I could not tell anybody about this.
Normal POV

   Rena continued talking with Yukko and Masana. She did not notice Jurina is behind her, looking at her.
The class started the next lesson which is Phsyical Education. This time the class got basketball to do. Rena doesn’t get her attention at the game, She felt dizzy and stopped the activity while touches her head. “Watch out, Rena!” As her friend told her so the ball flying towards her was about to hit her, luckily Jurina came protecting Rena. She used her hand to covering herself from the ball. Finally the ball just hitted her hand, Rena hard breathingly looked at Jurina before she suddenly collapse, but Jurina quickly catched her.

Rena POV

There was something strange with me.
I felt my condition is getting worse, like my true self would disappear.
I’m scared....

“Phew, finally you awake Rena,” I turned my head find Jurina beside the bed.

“What happened to me?”

“The nurse said you get anemia,”

I rubbed my forehead. “Ohh..anemia...”

   Silence. I felt the heavy air makes us quiet, our moment becomes awkward.  I giggled to her so the awkward moment get off of us. Jurina stared at me. “Today you’re weird, Rena. You spacing out all the time. Is there any problem? If you want to share I will listen,”
I gripped the blanket that covered half of my body. Hardly I gulped. “Th..there is no problem! Don’t care to me too much Jurina, It’s annoying you know,” I showed her a fake laugh while patted her shoulder to hide my lie. She seems mad of my answer. “You are not cute anymore acted that way Rena! I am worry to you to be honest,” Jurina pinched my cheek and then stood up. “But thank God you’re fine. Let’s go home!”

Actually...I was afraid!

I pulled her shirt to stop her. “Jurina..will you always beside me?”

   She didn’t reply instead look at me with surprised and shocked expression at the same time. I finally realized what had I say to her, She would think I am truly weird! “So..sorry. Just forget what I said!”
“Of course,” Jurina held my hand. “I will always beside you,”
I widened my eyes. My face redden caused by my heart which pounding so fast. “Don’t ask me that lame question. Baka,” Jurina laughed at me makes me want to cry. Probabbly I could share my problem to her. I looked to my necklace to give me some spirit. Once again I stopped her, she turns her head. “Ano.. Jurina. What I say now maybe weird for you. The incident last night I—“ Suddenly my word cutted by the speaker which informs that I have been waited in audio-visual room. I confusedly ask Jurina what was going on but she replied maybe I’ll be scolded because skipped classes. She ordered me to go there fast. I nodded to her hesitantly as reply. When I arrived nobody was there but somebody come from my behind suddenly gag my mouth and hold my hand tight.

“Are you Rena? You’re cute~”

“Pity, You’ve been jealoused at,” One of the two boys grinned. Two girls came after them. “Shut up! Just make this girl doesn’t get close to Jurina again. Understand?”

The boys smirked. “Heh, easy~”

These girls who were at Jurina’s apartment before! Jurina...Help me!

Meanwhile with Jurina

   Jurina started to worry of Rena because she doesn’t come back whereas the time turning from the afternoon to evening. She went to the audio-visual room but find nobody there. Fear filled up her mind makes her runs from there and searchs Rena.

Rena POV
   These boys brought me to the back of old buildings which is so quiet. They pushed me to the ground furthermore unbuttoning my shirt. When they wanted to unbutton the third button, I kick them so one of them fall. The other boy gripped my hands tightly and started kissing my neck. I’m screaming while struggled to get loose but stop as something get rule of my body. He smirked. “Wah...finally you tired of stuggling,” I pushed him hard that change our position, I was on the top and he was on the under. “Wow you rejected me a while ago but now—!“ He could not resume his word as I suck his blood. The other boy scared and ran out of there. Finished sucking his blood I realized this wasn’t myself. I licked the blood on my lips...the boy’s blood. It makes me reminisce my classmates talk about the incident las night. I cried. My God...what should I do?! I must search for help...what came on my mind just Jurina so I call her. Unfortunately her number was out of signal. Once more I call her, my body started stuttering. This time the phone could call her number and not longer she answers my call. She asked me where I am with worried tone.

“ was something strange with me...!”

“What do you mean?! Please be calm! I am going there now!” I sobbed. “Thank you...Jurina,”

“Dont worry, I will calm you down,”

   She ended the call immediately after said that. I am confused about the meaning of her word. Suddenly there was something which hit my left shoulder, it makes my hand accidentally released the phone and it fall to the ground with me. My shoulder felt so hurt and bleeding. The thing that hitted is a silver bullet. Spontaneously I turned my head but there I see Jurina with black suit and coat, her hand holds a gun. “It seems my shot missed,” She said walks toward me. What happened with her? She then strangled my neck causes me lack of breath. “Rose queen, I’ve been waiting a long time for the rise of you,”
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Jurina's part time job is a vampire hunter?!!! :pig huh: :k-sad:
Did Jurina just try to kill Rena!? :mon spit: Or is it something else?! :on freeze:
Did Jurina know about Rena's condition before? :shock:
Mou~ too much questions lingering in my head! :on lol:
Yabai! Will Rena be able to control her urge for blood? :stoned:
Jurina better not try and kill Rena! :scolding:
At least Jurina saved Rena from falling and from that ball :mon determined: :mon sweat:
Update soon ~ :onioncheer:
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While i read the last part...
I scream in my heart ;A;
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Ehh? Did Jurina just transform?!?

Omg im so confuse

Update soon
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Noooo!!! don't!! what are you doing jurina!!! ya!!
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Minna-san my mind create this new brand fanfic :lol: if you don't mind I skip the rose and bullet for a while :oops: I'll continue it later minna-san~

Chapter 1

   A phone vibrated on a small cabin beside a bed where a body laying on it. The person slowly moved to reach the phone. It showed a message received.

Get up you lazy girl! You've been late for our meeting!
The head said you will get a new prey so better going fast here!
The prey looks like hard for you this time.
Heh I wonder you can do it greatly like you did to your previous prey.
Nah The head had waiting for you. Come here fast!

   The person only made a click sound of mouth. 'Like usual you are annoying, Churi. You also told me what The Head should be,' She thought while looking up to the white ceiling. The white color of the ceiling makes her grinned. 'White color is beautiful, that's why I love it. But white added with red is more beautiful,' She sat up from the bed after that, spinned her head to make a crack sound of neck also spinned her shoulders to make it relax. 'No matter how hard my preys are, I could kill them easily. Because I, Matsui Jurina is the greatest silent killer in the world,' She smirked before head towards bathroom to prepare herself for today. After all done she wore her shoes and took her bag, glanced at behind for a while. She lived alone because of that incident, the incident that changed everything from happy to sad.

   Her family, Matsui family was an enough-rich family. Her dad worked as a manager in a famous company. She overheard the company is her grandfather's and the chairman was her grandfather's brother from other mother same father. Her grandfather has died because sick. Her mom was a housewife with two maids always help her with the house. Her house was a medium sized but for her who still a kid, it's big enough for five people to live. One day her family was on pinch caused by some people terroring them nonstop. The night of that day, Jurina couldn't sleep. Something had bother her inside her heart though she closing her eyes to sleep but it doesn't work. Then at 00.00 a.m something happened...

   From the bottom of the door she saw a bright light cross over her bedroom. She get curious and opened the door slowly while peeking. She widened her eyes because half of her house are burning, big fire could be seen red bright around. Some strange masked men were bring her parents to the family room. Her parents were cried begging to let them free. A gun adjusted on her father's forehead so did to her mother. Without warning they shoot them, made Jurina cry. One of the men noticed Jurina and he shouted at others to get her. Immediately Jurina closed the door, opened her bedroom window, and escape from there while run with all her might. While running she couldn't think about anything just the scene of her parents die keep rewind. She didn't even know where her grandfather's house or where should she get help. Tired of running Jurina stopped in a bridge, the sky makes a grumble sound as a sign it will rain. The rain drowning as Jurina get inside the under of the bridge, crying there.

   Three days later her favorite pajama became dirty and her face too. It was because this past few days she searches for food in the trash. Her stomach also feeling not well as she keep ate leftovers.  God seems not stop makes her suffer yet. The third night of living by her own Jurina was searching food in a quiet alley but some tough men realized she is there and approach her. Jurina becomes scared and she couldn't ran away as a wall block her back side and these men block her front side. She closed her eyes wants to give up living but something has fall to her head then to the ground. A gun. The scene of her parents died rewind on her head again. These men finally just a few centimetres from her, grinned. Jurina took a deep breath before opens her eyes. Anger, hate, and sadness are on her eyes which the gaze are changed. These men thought the gun Jurina pointed at them just a toy, they laughing and mock her that scary gaze and serious expression aren't frightening. Jurina walked closer to them while shout. "I'm serious! If you don't leave one of you will die!"

   The statement made them laugh again. One of them who stand in the front approached Jurina wants to steal the gun. But a loud sound echoed as the man doesn't move then fall. He died, Jurina had shoot him. The left men became angry and they started approach Jurina. One of them succeded grab her collar. Jurina remained silent as she shocked of what she did. A loud sound echoed again from up followed by other loud voices. Shockingly all of the men fell not move. Bloods flowing from their body which were hitted by bullets from nowhere. Jurina heard a click voice from her back makes her turned her head. A woman squated at the top of the wall inserts amos for her gun. Her body covered the moon light, she looks like assasin in Jurina's eyes. Jurina stunned.

"Wanna join with me kid? If you do you won't be alone again," The woman offered her hand. Jurina only stared at her but as the time pass she takes the hand. The woman smiled at her, a warm smile. It was the beginning why Jurina becomes a silent killer. Shinoda Mariko, her savior was the head of a secret killer organization. She wanted to thank Shinoda for saved her as being a killer so she can makes Shinoda proud of her also find and get revenge to the killer of her parents. After she brought by Shinoda to the organization, Shinoda showed her a newspaper with a main article about Jurina's parents death and their daughter who missing. "You're the daughter aren't you? If so do you want me to bring you to the police?"

"No! Please...let me be with you!"

As Jurina said that Shinoda nodded and let her be. Since that day Jurina's life changed drastically.

===Flashback end===
Jurina's phone vibrated again, this time is a call from Shinoda. Jurina picked it up. "What is it, Shinoda?"

"Come here fast. This is really important,"

"I know. I'm on my way,"

   Finished wearing her shoes Jurina opened the door, lock it, then walking away. She headed to the base near there. No need a lot of time Jurina arrived there and greeted by some members. Shinoda could not seen anywhere so Jurina asked Churi who busy giving food to her beloved bird, Churi. "Churi, where is Shinoda?" Churi didn't reply only pointed her head to a room. Jurina made a click sound of mouth once more, she going there and knock the door. "Come in"

   Jurina opened the door with an annoying looks. She sat on the only seat which remain on the room, crossed her arms. "To the point. I almost late to school if you take too many times to talk," Shinoda sighed. She placed some papers on her deskwork, her expression becomes serious. "Your new target-"

"Prey," Jurina interrupted.

Shinoda sighed again. "Your new prey is a girl, the daughter of the richest family in this country. Luckily her school is same as yours, I'm right schooling you there," she smirked. "She is popular in your school, maybe you already know the person?"

"Like I said, TO THE TOPIC. There are many popular students there and I don't even care about them,"

"Oh no no. She is the most popular. Make sure you kill her fast because her parents are annoying me,"

Jurina thinking for a while. "The most popular....oh that princess girl, Matsui Rena?"

"Yeah you're smart as usual, Jurina," Shinoda's smirk became wider.

"I will make a new record as the fastest kill of all the preys I killed, you won't anxious long, Shinoda," As a close of her words Jurina grabbed a small gun and get it in to her bag. 'This would be fun,' Jurina thought.
Jurina POV
   Finally I arrived at school without late and there are a lot of students still hanging around. I evaporate because slept late last night but my activity bothered by a student bump on my shoulder but she doesn't apologize instead keep running followed by a bunch of students. If I could I will kill her right away so she knows her fault messing up with a killer. I was about continue walking but someone grabbed my shoulder. I turned my head, a lot of students were there and the person who grabbed my shoulder shows me an irritating look. I stared at her. I felt my anger increase this morning, first because of Shinoda almost made me late, second because of that girl bumped on me but not apologize, and third this girl stopped me suddenly while shows me her irritating look. Does she think her irritating look is good to see? I clenched my fists. "Get away from here, Rena-sama wants to pass!" She yelled in front of my face. How dare! I looked to her back where that princess girl get out from her expensive car with these students cheer at her. I smirked knowing this girl will die in my hand and these students' beloved princess will not exist in the near future. The girl pushed my shoulder harshly but I hold on. She unsucces pushed me to get out of there so when that princess pass through us she acted nice and bowed to her while shows fake smile. I raised an eyebrow, this girl is a liar type. The girl glanced at me with mad expression while still bowing. I lifted my chin, gave her my arrogant look makes her gritted her teeth. Heh she is angry just because I didn't show any respect to her princess, what an annoying. I wanted to continue walking but that princess girl is on my front blocking my way. She looked at me sympathicly and that look what most I hate. I hate being pity by someone! Her action ended me push her shoulder so she doesn't block my way anymore. Her fans, these students could be seen hate me now but they can't do anything as they know their princess doesn't like fight. I looked at her before continue.

"Don't block the way baka," I said but what I saw is she hissed while touch her shoulder. Am I pushed her too hard? This girl is so weak! The girl who bowing immediately approached her while asks if she is okay. These students also did it and without take long time she surrounded. I just shrugged and continue walking but someone again grabbed my shoulder to stop me. I turned my head, the same girl who stopped me before. My mouth made a click sound as I'm getting mad. "If you don't mind please take me to the infirmary, Matsui-san," that princess girl begged to me with hurt expression. Well, pity her so without thinking twice I bring her there while carry her. Her fans looked at us in awe, must be because they don't think I'm strong. Arrived there I put her on the bed then started to leave but she stops me.

"Where are you going? You must take the responsibility Matsui-san," Where did she know my name?

"Why must I? You just want me to take you to the infirmary and I have did it. No more reason I must stay,"

She bite her lip. "At least...check the shoulder if there is a wound or not..." I sighed, this girl is a troublesome.

"Take off your shirt and blazer then," She widened her eyes as she shocked, her cheeks flushed a bit. One by one she took off her shirt until only her bra left. I stared at it makes her immediately covered her breasts with the blanket. Her skin was pale, I bet it smooth if I touch. Heh what I was thinking?! Quickly I checked her shoulder while lowered my head. Of course she hissed as being hurt, there was a dark-reddish wound. I pressed it with my thumb finger slowly but she hissed. Seems the wound is worse than I thought. I took a bandage and cover the wound so the pain isn't too hurt also I suggest her to see doctor later. Finished, I wait for her to wears her clothes again. Like I thought her skin is smooth like cotton. Why my mind thinking like that again?! Rather than that I should apologize but I feel unsure. I pushed her is right because she blocked my way but...I shouldn't harsh to her. So I decided to apologize. Wait why my heart thumping fast just because I want to apologize?!

"I have done. There is still something you want to do, Matsui-san?"

   I cleared my throat before speak. "Well, I'm.....sorry.." Not looking to her. She giggled with a 'what-a-soft-voice-I-heard' tone. My mind is a bit tired maybe that's why I think like that. Silent after that, none of us wants to leave like we enjoy the silence between us. Suddenly I remembered my task, this is my chance as she looking away through the window beside the bed. I took my gun and set it without any sound be heard. As I promised Shinoda this girl will be the fastest prey I kill, 10 minutes walking to school from the base, 5 minutes took her here that means 15 minutes after Shinoda gave the task she'll die. I smirked. When I wanted to adjust it to her stomach....

"Rena-san are you okay?!" A girl get inside arbitrarily. Luckily she didn't see my gun as I return it to my bag quickly. The girl approached her with worried expression and tone. Tch, this girl is a disturber!
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The Rose and bullet story,  did you base on a manga ? 'cause it's just the same
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Eh~ who is the girl in the ending? Airin?? :? :?
Ah~ Jurina is stubborn sometimes! I feel bad for what Jurina had to experience when she saw her family getting killed. :cry:
Mari-chan saves Jurina! As expected from Mariko-sama! :w00t:
Eh! What did Rena's parents ever do to Mariko? :?
Jurina so ikemen by carrying Rena to the infirmary! :wub:
"Take off your shirt and blazer then"
Hehe! Jurina! Such a bold statement! :inlove:
Mou~ all Jurina wants to do is kill Rena quickly!  :angry:
Wmatsui! Skinship already! XD
Is Jurina somehow developing feelings for Rena? Or is it the other way around :?
Update soon ~  :twothumbs
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Hello minna-san this is chapter 3! XD I'm forgot to tell that this fic was based on my favorite manga :oops: thanks to soraheartAKB48 for reminding me :D


“Rose Queen, I’ve been waiting a long time for the rise of you,”

Jurina...what did you mean?

   As my body lie backyard, I looked up at her. “Ju..Jurina.., you mean? Ju..ri—!“ My word cutted as she strangled my neck stronger made me gasped. I was out of oxygens! “Don’t act pretending that we are close, you monster!” I gasped once again. Her power was very strong. My lips became trembling. “ Wha...t do” I held firmly her hand thus that it wasn’t strangle my neck tightly, but it was useless after all.
“Pity you if you die without know anything. Okay I tell you. You’re not a human, you’re vampire who sucks human’s blood. Rose Queen is the leader of all vampires who was so beautiful like rose, she is your ancestor. Right now your trueself is still remain but this is just about the time. Not longer, The Queen’s soul will rule yourself fully. And I, is vampire hunter who came to kill you. From two years ago I had always monitoring you so, I could kill you fast after your soul rose,”

“ lied! Jurina that I knew promised me she will always beside me!” I throwbacked my moments with her. Her smile, her laugh, also her was impossible if she wanted to kill me. No it was unacceptable! “Yeah I’m beside you, make sure of your death,” She smiled, the different smile she usually shows me. Lie...she lied! Now she adjust her gun and pointed it at my forehead.

“Good bye, Rena,”


This must be lie!

   I closed my eyes didn’t ready to face my death. Suddenly an explosion happened at a building near Jurina’s back, the pieces of the building spread around. One of the pieces was about hit Jurina but she quickly moved to avoid. As long as she was inattentive, I stood up and ran. She shooted me however luckily none of her bullets hit me. I jumped so high until I reach the top of  a tower, turned my head to look at her once again afterwards, make sure if she was truly Jurina or not. Jurina looked at me while make such a clicking voice of tongue. Some girls came after that and approached her, same like her they wore black suit and coat. Half of them checking the boy that fainted and half of them started to chase me. I started to run away. Was the explosion...made by me? And also...I could fly?! Before arrive in my house, I hid behind an electric pole immediately as I saw two foreign girls in front of my house. I was sure they were Jurina’s underlings. My scar became hurter...I held it. Two citizens surprised me with their action screaming over my bleeding scar behind me. I ran again. I’m afraid, someone please help me!
   Only school which came to my mind from many places to hide. I broke one of the window and got in. My’s hurt and bleeding badly, my concsious seems fade. I walked to my class, entered it, closed the door, and sat while my back on the door. My mind remembering my moment with Jurina in this class. One of the moment was when I scolded by the teacher because glancing at her too long makes me didn’t give attention to the lesson. Jurina giggled at me from her seat while me blushed and covered my red face with book. Jurina...your smile, your care to me...are these lie? Jurina tell me this is just a dream right? I cried while my hand upon my neck. There I realized that the necklace was missing, started from I get hitted. I should not go back to that place again for just a necklace. Moreover Jurina that I knew.....changed. Out of sudden I remembered the time she gave me the necklace, that piece of my memory makes my foot unconsciously bring me go back to that place, my body couldn’t stop the urge to find it.
Normal POV
“How was the victim’s condition?”

“He is fine,”

“Like the rumour said, The Queen is truly pretty don’t you think so?”

“Yeah...I was spellbound once,”

   From their back, Jurina came in anger. She called them while crossed her arms. “Hey! Do you want me to use you as bait?!”
They immediately faced her and apologized. “Note for you, she is a dangerous enemy we must vanish!” Her underlings nodded then lowered their heads. Another underling suddenly shouted The Queen had emerge at the last place they met. Jurina and her underlings quickly headed to there, one by one the underlings competing to find her after arrived there. Rena who already knew the situation hiding under bushes. After few minutes they were nowhere to be seen near the bushes, she continued exploring the land. When she just wanted to walk, someone held her head and pushed it. The person tied her hand and made Rena’s face sticked to the ground. Rena recognized the person is Jurina when she tried hard to turn her head. “What do you think which bring you back here huh?!”

Jurina tied Rena’s hands with her hand and pulled her face stronger to the ground, caused Rena gasps. “But this save the time for searching you,”

Rena kept silence, she breathing hardly and closed her eyes. “So, you totally want to die huh?” Jurina nearing her face to hers but stopped as she finds something on Rena’s hand. She took it, loosened the grip to tied Rena’s hands. It was the necklace she gave to Rena.

“Give it back!” Rena cried while held firmly Jurina’s hand and get up. “It was was.. so precious for me!” Jurina widened her eyes. “You go back here just for—“ She couldn’t resume her words because Rena suddenly fell to her shoulder, fainted. Jurina hid Rena’s body under bushes again after her underlings came back without find her. She then just ordered them to find in other areas. After they gone Jurina stared back at the necklace. Save it.
   Jurina stared at the necklace on the rooftop of her base. She turned back the time when her family was still complete. Her mother asked her what taste of cake she wants for her 10th birthday. Jurina replied no matter what taste, she just wanted the cake made by her mom. That time was the last time she meet her mom and dad. After school ended, she ran to her house cheerfully, couldn’t wait to see the cake. But what she saw were her parents die with their blood around and roses. Rena’s face suddenly appear into her mind when she said the necklace is her precious thing. Jurina closed her eyes, she entered the base after that.

Rena POV
Where am I?
I am looking around while got up from an old sofa in a dark room. My hand was cuffed, I couldn’t go far from the sofa.

“You had awake, Queen,”

   I returned my head, it was Jurina’s voice. She grabbed my arm tightly and whispered on my ear. “Vampire is great. Your scar healed just in one night,” Finally I remember, I catched by Jurina last night when I searching the necklace. She puts a plate of rice and side dishes on a table in front of the sofa, commanded me to eat because I haven’t eat anything from yesterday. Before she leaves the room she added. “Don’t set aside the food,”


Why she acted like that?

   If I know this would end up like this, it was better if I die at that time! My eyes started teary. “I don’t need it. I don’t want to see your face again!” Jurina turned her head. “Don’t worry we will separate soon, and don’t forget to eat the tomato,” I gripped my skirt. The moment when Jurina and I had lunch together at school, I always left the tomato and gave it to her because I don’t like it. Her reply always same, she couldn’t eat the tomato for me all time. She was Jurina that I knew! It was better if you make me hate you, Jurina! So the death that nearly come didn’t matter for me. So I don’t have to worry to free you from my heart...

Jurina POV
“Jurina-sama!” My underling ran towards me. “How was The Queen?”

I kept walking. “Safe. Tonight I guard against her,”

“Jurina-sama! Why don’t you kill her fast?! Don’t tell me Jurina-sama—“

“I decide when I kill her!” My underling couldn’t reply. I continued walking to the shoot practice room, doing shooting exercise. Like usual I hitted the target greatly but soon I get bored. I unplaced the headphone from my ear. “Now is not the time to feel doubtful!”

Rena POV
   It was late of night already but I couldn’t sleep. My throat dried up, I was thirsty. Water...NO! this thirsty is not thirst of water. I closed my eyes hardly. Please don’t come!


   I opened my eyes again. bad dreaming? She was breathing hardly while said dad and mom. I wake her up and caressed her shoulder. “Jurina what’s happening? Are you okay?!” She seems shocked and then pushed me. She took out her gun, pointed it to me. “Don’t touch me!”

“Jurina...did you dreamt about your family? You said your dad and mom in your sleep,” She didn’t reply for seconds away. “ killed by vampire!”
I widened my eyes while Jurina was not finished. “Just me whom left. That time I swear, I would get revenge of my parents’ death with my ownhand! Kill all vampires is aim of my life!”

That’s why Jurina wanted to kill me, because I was a vampire.

I took her hand which holding the gun to my heart while crying. If so...”Jurina kill me now. If I die you could live peacefully after right? I’m sorry...I you..all this time. I am grateful had falling in love with you. Someday if I reborn, I want to be with you again, Jurina...”

Good bye...

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RENA DON'T DIE  :panic:

Tell me it's just a troll...
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The last part made me cry
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No!!!! :shocked
Rena just confessed to Jurina that she loves her! :w00t:
Jurina you better not pull that trigger!!!! :angry: :angry:
Is there a possibility that Jurina likes Rena?! :? :nervous
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a HaPPy Is A MUST!!!

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Rena, don't die!!! :OMG: :fainted:
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Hello minna-san thank you so much for your comments  :) I'll post the chapter 4 and 5 of the Rose and Bullet after this  :oops: hope you don't mind it, since I need a little warm up hehehe. In this shots I guess wmatsui characters are out of character  :panic: once again I hope you don't mind it :D actually Jurina's character is like usual if she didn't experienced such incident. And Rena well this time I made her character more aggresive(?) XD
ENJOY and sorry for gramar errors and typos :theking see ya soon, minna-san :peace:

Chapter 2

Jurina POV 
   That girl held Rena's hand and looked to her whole body, examine it. Rena only smiled to that girl when me pouting while crossed my arm. I couldn't keep my promise. The last prey I killed took 15 hours after Shinoda gave me the task, how if this princess girl took longer time to kill? I knew I shouldn't negative thinking but this problem makes me afraid. My goal was to make Shinoda proud of me and also this princess' girl parents have annoying Shinoda, to make Shinoda anxious and wait long are not good. I must make a fast plan for this girl. Without permission I left the infirmary but Rena shouted at me, ordered to stop. She approached me and after she did, she took out her phone from her bag. Lowering her head while bite her lip, this princess girl's cheeks flushed. I waited for her slow action, literally this girl is troublesome I thought. "If you don't mind...can we exchange number, Matsui-san?" I raised a brow, what a surprise this girl wanted my number. I took out my phone. "Well if you wanted it so badly then..."

"Mou...I don't want it so badly! I just...wanna say something.." That girl sulking with red cheeks, how cute. What?! Again my mind?! Urgh! "Why don't say it here?" This girl paused. Her cheeks became redder as I said that. Am I did something wrong? "Uhm...I can't say it here," because I had no choice, I give her my number so did her to me. Before we separated, Rena introduced me the foreign girl. The truth was that girl is her personal maid and bodyguard at the same time named Furukawa Airi. She said Airin's dad was a butler in her house, the most trusted butler by his pure dedication to her family. Like I care of that, this girl was really take time and annoying. Just humming as reply, hurriedly I waved my hand and leave otherwise this girl could make me late for the first lesson.
Break Time
   I walked toward the back of the school to be alone, hiding myself from the crowd of people. Under a not-so big tree, I lean my body against it with my back on its branch and closed my eyes. My mind kept thinking about the plan to kill that princess girl fast. What disturbing my mind was I am not a talkative one and not good at socializing, how could I get close with her? Since me and her were still students, I couldn't kill her frontally in the school. Moreover she was guarded, she couldn't and won't allowed to go to a quiet place with stranger like me. My only chance to kill her was when all students in school have went back to home, the school became quiet just me and her, then bam! But the posibility almost none since she always go back to home immediately after the bell rang to do extra lessons. If I convinced her to stay she will get curious and then calls her bodyguard.

   I just wanted to give up when a poke on shoulder stopped me. My eyes opened, saw a girl in front of me. That princess girl, my prey came herself to me. What a lucky. She smiled gently and sat next to me while holding two boxes of bento, placed one on my lap. "Why are you be alone here? And didn't eat?" She opened her box. I stayed silent and didn't even look at her. She out of expect gripped my sleeve. "Why are you so cold, Matsui-san?" I sighed as I annoyed by her action keep heeding at me. I faced her. "None of your business. Are you an interviewer? Stop asking me!" I was about want to stand up but that girl gripped my sleeve tighter. I glared at her and it seems makes her scared, she lowered her head.

"I want to be your friend, Matsui-san. Please...don't be cold like that.." Her face showed like she wants to cry. I sighed once more.

"This is my personality so what? No one can't change it." I paused for a while. "Why did you want to be my friend huh? I am not a good person! And why do you know my name?!"

She looked straight to my eyes. "Because...there is something interesting from you that makes me interested of you. Of course all students in school know your name. You're the smartest student in here! You got number one at the exam's results."

Oh right I'm almost forgot that I am smart because this kill thing makes me crazy. "You are interested in me? I AM NOT A THING!" As I emphasized the last word, I glared at her again. But suddenly she giggled with the same tone I heard in the infirmary. Ugh what happened with my mind?! "Matsui-san, you're cute."

   Were my ears misheard it? She said I am cute?! Immediately I stood up from there, feeling my mood literally broken whereas I wanted to sleep in here. Tsk this girl was such a disturber! Accidentally the bento box fell from my lap because I didn't realize that thing is still there. The bento inside spread out and scattered on the ground. Apparently I felt guilty of it, she had prepare it for me though. When I looked at her, at first she seems shocked but then forced a smile and said it's okay, her maid would clean it. Why suddenly my heart hurt? Unconsciously my hand cleaning it. Without long time, I finished and after throw it to the dust bin, my mouth said an unexpected word. " Sorry...uhm..I will buy the new one for you or do anything to pay it." She was surprised of my words so did I am after few minutes finally realized my words. If I take it back, She would think I am a person without my words. I was in trouble now, crap! "Ah you don't need to buy the new one because it was made by our chef requested by me for you.

But...your second words..are you serious?"

Unlucky me. "Well..." I scratched my head. "Probably."

"If so I want you to let me be your friends. Are you okay with it Matsui-san? Ah! One more thing, can I call you by just your name? And so did you to me okay?" Her eyes were sparkling and she looked excited. For the third time, I sighed.

"Do whatever you like."
Normal POV
   Everyday, Rena and Jurina would be seen together but it looks like Rena who took the initiative first. She makes an effort to be brave for just talk and be friend with Jurina, although she was shy. Rena's admirers were so confused and jealous with Jurina but they trying to accept that their princess wants to be friend with her. And Airin was okay with what happened lately too whereas Jurina is arrogant towards her. Secretly she has one opinion about Jurina, that she was a savior for Rena. She could bring back the laughs and happiness of Rena though she accepted Rena's offer half-heartedly. For two months, time to time Rena could make Jurina not so cold again. While Jurina actually was pissed and disappointed of herself because she couldn't kill that girl fast, what important was that girl is her longest prey to kill. She did all what Rena told her just to make Rena believe in her and the chance to kill her would be wider. The past one week, Jurina has been ignored by Shinoda also. Usually she cares and texts or calls her twice a week if she needs something but not a week ago. Might be Shinoda disappointed of her, is what bothering Jurina's mind.

   Now in the lunch break, Jurina who walking toward rooftop was stopped by Rena who chasing while yelled at her to wait for her. She bringing a melonpan and a box of bento. Jurina sighed as she thinks Rena was really a stone-head, she had prevent her to bring bento for her everyday but she still do it. It makes Jurina uneasy when eaten it, she didn't want to but she must. As they arrived at the rooftop, they searching for good spot to sit and Rena suggest to sit on the top of warehouse in there. They climbing the stairs, Jurina first thence followed by Rena. They immediately opened their lunch after finished climbing. For some minutes they just busy with their foods, tasting it, munching it, and chewing it. Rena suddenly get closer to Jurina who sat a bit far from her, until their shoulders met. Her action made Jurina confused. "Ne, Jurina, is it delicious?" Rena pointed at the bento.

"Well...not bad."

Rena frowned. "You don't like it?"

Jurina sighed. "I didn't said it."

They became silent after that while Rena still frowning. 'Tsk, what this girl want me to answer?! Really she is irritating' Jurina thought. "Jurina, do you know who cooked this?" Rena asked with sad face broke the silence.

"Your chef?" 

"It was me this time. I was trying to make one until 11p.m of last night. I suppose...I need to practice more then..." She looked away. Somehow Jurina felt guilty about saying an hurting words. "This is the most delicious food I've ever taste to be honest."

That statement makes Rena turned her head in hopeful eyes. "Are you serious?"

  Jurina nodded as reply. Rena's face slowly change to happy and she immediately hugs Jurina. "Kyaaa I love you, Jurina!"
That statement of Rena caused Jurina widen her eyes when Rena immediately released the hug and looked away with red cheeks as Jurina could see. Heavy air and awkward situation made them quiet. 'Why my heart throbbing?! I feel hot too. Tsk, heart please calm down! It feels like it want to explode. What happened with me anyway?!" Jurina screamed in her mind. Her curiosity became larger, she wants to know the meaning of Rena's statement. The curiosity kills her fear and she calmly asked Rena. "Do you love me?"
Rena didn't react for a while but she tried to be brave and facing her afterwards. "Ano..." She stopped for seconds, calming her heart. "I'm not used to lie. Yes...I love you..Jurina.." She lowered her head as she confessed her feeling. Jurina suddenly froze.

"Oh I see..."She replied it stutter.

"Uhm...please be my girlfriend! I will try my best to make you happy, Jurina!" 

Silence. The time seems stopped. When Jurina finally realized what Rena said, she clenched her fists. 'The one that could make me happy only you die quickly in my hand!' She thinking again. 'But Shinoda always tells me, don't waste the chance that comes to you,' she smirked. "Well, well. Okay then. Your feeling is accepted."
TBC :)
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but, how sad Rena is Jurina's prey ( •̅_,•̅)
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KYA!! Rena is so brave here! :mon XD: :mon inluv:
Yatta! Rena finally confessed!!! :mon lovelaff: :mon squee:
Yay~ Jurina is starting to be less cold! :on gay:
For some reason I have a feeling that Jurina accepted Rena's confession just to get a chance to kill Rena :mon duh: :depressed:
But there is also the reason that Jurina is starting to hold feelings for Rena! :mon mischief: :mon misch: :mon fyeah:
Hm~ Who knows maybe Jurina will start to love Rena during the process?  :mon whimper: :luvluv1:
Update soon ~  :byebye:
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Title: Friendzone to| A Wmatsui Oneshot|
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Sorry minna-san instead continue my fanfics, I made this OS  :bow: hope you like it and sorry for grammar errors :hip smile:
Ps: I have finished writing Rose and Bullet. I will post it soon minna-san~ :oops:

Friendzone to

   This was a story about two girls who attending the same high school as promised to each other. They were unique, why we could considering like that? Because they shared same surnames. People will thought they are sisters at first meet but the truth they are not, it’s more to couple. Although they look like a couple, their personalities, interests, and hobbies were definetely different. The older girl, Matsui Rena was a shy, pretty, and has this princess like attitude, also tidy personality. She was in the 3rd year of high school. A type of girl who liked to spend her time alone more than hang around with people. Her hobbies were read some novels and eat melonpan; spicy food too. Quiet popular because of her pretty face in school but she never care about that fact. Joined archery club, usually a lot of students watching her doing the club activity. Ojou-sama was her nickname, since she is from a rich family and has that personalities.

   The younger girl, Matsui Jurina was a easy going, and has this handsome & pretty face at the same time. She was in the 1st year of high school. Liked to hang around with people while the other side hate to be alone. Her hobbies were doing sports, stole kiss from cute or cool people (Rena was in her list), and dating different girls each time. Known as player in the school, but these girls who being cheated by her accepted the truth and still chase or flirt her. Joined atlethic club, like Rena, usually some students especially Jurina’s fans watching and supporting her when she doing the club activity. Her nickname? It was just Jurina or sometimes Juritan. About her family she was from a well-known family in Japan, her family and Rena’s family had a good relation. That’s why they became friends since their families like to gather, as the time passed and unconcsiously that family routine activity made them close.

   Actually Jurina had feeling for Rena from the-time-she-doesn’t-know-exactly. The feeling came so sudden in her first year of high school. That time was spring season, many students came to school for join the entry test include Jurina. The school big and large building caused Jurina lost. She panicked as she afraid being late to join the entry test, but her smart brain popped an idea immediately. Grabbed her phone, Jurina texting Rena to help her. They agreed to meet under the sakura tree at the back of the school. Jurina’s fast foot brought her there without take long time. Suddenly her body motionless as she seeing Rena under the tree, so bright and pretty in amazement. The sakura petals fell to Rena’s face, hand and body. She lifted her head while smiled happily. Few seconds later, Rena noticed Jurina has arrived and waved her hand as sign Jurina to approach her. Finally they just few centimetres away, Rena hugged Jurina which makes her heart pounding so fast. Jurina quickly released the hug, her heart could get out her body otherwise. 

For change, Jurina showed her warm smile to Rena. “You keep our promise, Jurina! You don’t know how happy I am.” Rena spoke out.

“Err…I don’t join the test yet, Rena.” 

“Ah you’re right! Let’s head there or else you’ll late. But seriously I believe you could pass the test, you’re smart though.” Rena reassured her. Jurina only smiled as reply. They headed to the test place and fortunately Jurina doesn’t late. 
Many weeks later, Matsui Residence received a letter from the school that tell Matsui Jurina has passed the test. Her family were so proud of her. After that Jurina immediately told Rena she succeded pass the test. Like her family, Rena was so proud of her too. Not long after Jurina entered high school life she became popular of her player habit, but actually that was only for make Rena jealous. Rena liked to be alone and didn’t care about her around now, so different with them still middle schoolers. Rena and Jurina who were from different middle school only be able to meet at family gather aback then, Rena in the past was not that cold like now. Based on that Jurina changed to be player but still she doesn’t stop trying to get Rena’s attention. Jurina always approaching Rena while tried to steal a kiss. Their differences catched students’ attention as these two seen to be together like a couple even though their personalities opposite each other.

   About Jurina’s feelings, she still unsure about it because she thought Rena was just like a sister but in the long run, everytime they close or their gazes met, these small things could make Jurina’s heart races. She found some words in the internet that said “Love is come when you don’t realize it, like you are being pushed from behind by someone you didn’t notice the presence.” That words lighten her heart and eyes, finally she realized that feeling was Love. 

   One day, the day Jurina’s heart broken to pieces, like usual at break time Jurina approached Rena in the library but this time with her popular friends. She hugged Rena from behind after arrived and Rena like usual only smiled while keep reading. Jurina continued with stealing a kiss, this time she could do it as she did it quickly. Her friends who saw it sighed because they know well Jurina’s habit. One of them blurted out. “Jurina, you seems so close and serious with Rena-senpai, different with these girls who just for fun. Why don’t you two dating?”

Surprisingly the girl got Rena’s attention. She closed her book and cleared her throat. “Jurina and me are just friends.” She smiled then stood up. “See you later girls, I want to go back to my class.” Rena’s sudden action made all of them confused. Unusually Rena left the library that fast. From all of these confuse faces, one of them rubbed her chin and nodded for nothing while closed her eyes. She patted Jurina’s shoulder out of sudden. “That means you are in Friendzone, Jurina.”

They immediately surrounded Jurina and Mayu, the one who spoke, gave questioning look. So did Jurina to Mayu. “I bet you all don’t know what it means.”

They nodded, Mayu sighed. “Friendzone means when someone you like just consider you as friend.”

“So, Jurina like Rena-senpai?! What a shock!” Their noise voices captured the librarian’s attention makes them kicked out from there. Outside the library they just wanted to go somewhere but Jurina raised a brow, stopped them. “How come you know my feeling, Mayu?” All of them paused. Mayu turned her head followed by others then they grinned. “So that’s right you like Rena-senpai~”

“Well,” Jurina rubbed her head. “I guess so…about the meaning of friendzone I’m still not understand. Mayu, can you repeat again?”

Mayu showed her straighten face while the others kept whisper about Jurina’s shocked statement. They were glad finally their friend not being a player again. As Mayu got closer to her, the others stopped whispering and looked at Mayu, gave their full attention of what will happened. “That means Rena-senpai doesn’t love you, baka Jurina. She just consider you as her friend, no more.” Mayu’s words made Jurina frozen on her place, she felt like there is a thunder grumbling so loud across her head, her heart felt like stabbed by thousands knife, and her soul was like wants to leave from her body. The other friends of Jurina immediately covered Mayu’s mouth. One of them gave her a how-can-you-said-that-so-easily-without-thinking-her-feeling looks. Jurina lowered her head. “Rena doesn’t love me? what should I do? Move on? I can’t but she doesn’t love me. Argh God help me why this is so frustrating?!” She mumbled with sad face.

   Mayu struggled to loose of her covered mouth. “You’re a player aren’t you? I don’t expect you are so stupid with love things.” Their friends glared at her but it didn’t stop her at all, instead she smirked. “Jurina that I know could get girl’s heart easily. In this case you must get her heart of course. Don’t runaway!”

Jurina slowly lifted her head to look at Mayu. Her lips from a O- shape form a smirk afterwards. “That’s preferable.”


   With Mayu commanded Jurina to get Rena’s heart, Jurina did it seriously. All students in school were confused of Jurina’s alteration especially those girls who have dated her. Jurina changed to be cool, not childish, and talkless. Her ‘steal a kiss’ and ‘dating different girls each time’ hobby never be did by her again. Before exams started Rena and Jurina met in Rena’s house to study together. Jurina was not talk much there as it was her new personality and because of that their time became awkward, moreover both of them are quiet person now. Nor Jurina or Rena started a conversation, what they doing from the beginning was just writing. Rena seems couldn’t stand it anymore so she took a glance at Jurina. She putted her pencil down. “Are you mad because I said we are just friends?” She looked curiously at Jurina that makes her putted her pencil and stopped writing too. Jurina didn’t reply, she looked at her with a hard-to read looks.

“Answer me, Jurina!” Rena whinned while shook Jurina’s hand. Jurina took seconds away before answer, she sighed for opening. “I’m not mad just….you know what brokenheart means?” That statement made their time became more awkward. Rena widen her eyes while Jurina looked at her deeply but none of them resume the conversation. Heavy rotation happened between them as they felt the clock ticking so slow. “I…thought you aren’t consider I’m special. All these threats, cheesy words, kisses, and hugs…I guess these just because you love me as friend or sister. I guess you did it the same you did with other girls but your friend’s question always spinning in my head after that. Why Jurina? And when it comes?” Rena broke the silence.

“I don’t know exactly when it comes, I don’t know why I can fall in love with you too.” Rena’s cheeks turning red as Jurina said that. She lowered her head felt so nervous, she could feel the sensation of her pounding heart. Jurina suddenly held Rena’s hand. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship but…I can’t stop this feeling.” Jurina sighed once more. They looked to each other’s eyes, no words after, just looking, enjoyed the moment. Without they realized, Jurina slowly approached Rena to her lips. That irresistible lips attracted her, she wanted to kiss it but this time not for hobby. This time to express her feelings toward the person she loves. Their gap became small time to time and finally Jurina could kiss Rena’s lips. Shockingly Rena didn’t reject the kiss instead accept it. The kiss not a fast kiss like Jurina always did but long passionate kiss. Jurina’s hands wander around Rena’s body while Rena gripped Jurina’s t-shirt. 
Jurina sucked gently Rena’s lower lip thus she could give access of her mouth. Infiltrate Rena's mouth, Jurina heard Rena let out a soft moan, their tongue fight for who would be the dominant also exchanging their salivas. The kiss started wild as Jurina push her body against Rena too excited that caused both of them fell to the ground. Jurina’s hand unconsciously started taking off Rena’s blouse as she is on the top of her. Her hand touched Rena’s breasts as her body half exposed, caused Rena moaned louder. Rena’s milky neck attracted Jurina after that. She kissed, sucked, bite it, and leave some marks. As Jurina did so, Rena started panting. “Ah…Ju..rina..sst..op..” 
Rena tried to push Jurina but that was useless because her power is not strong enough. Jurina kissed back Rena’s lips, deepened the kiss to shut her but Rena was already lack of oxygens of what Jurina did before plus now, she didn’t let her to breath. Jurina’s action became wilder as Rena couldn’t stop her and moaned unstoppably, gives Jurina spirit to do more. And when Jurina wanted to unclasped Rena’s bra….


   Rena with all her might slapped Jurina hard on her cheek, makes her snapped back to reality. Rena could feel tears had rolled down her cheeks, she cried in silence. “I…I am sorry Rena, I…please forgive me. This happened……” Jurina immediately got up, sitting up Rena, and looked deeply into Rena’s eyes. Because there was no words came out from Rena’s mouth, Jurina added. “It…was..because you didn’t reject my kiss!”

“You blamed me?!” Rena shouted while crying harder. “I told you to stop but you didn’t!”

   Both of them remained silent, only sob and tick of clock are the voices in the room. They tried to remember what happened and who was start it. Rena wore back her blouse while diverted her head, not wanting to see Jurina. Suddenly Jurina held Rena’s hand. “Why you didn’t reject my kiss, Rena?”

1 minute

2 minutes


“I…can’t figure it out, Jurina….”

“Do you love me? Or not?” Jurina grabbed Rena’s chin to turned her head and see her. Waiting for Rena’s answer was like years, she kept avoiding eye contact while bitting her lower lip. Jurina waited patiently. “Do you love me, Jurina?”

Jurina fell to the ground again, facepalmed. “Of course I do, Rena! What that kiss mean then? And I told you before.”

“I…thought you just wanted to tease or whatever it is but not for real…”
Jurina held Rena’s hand again and looked straight to her eyes. “Kiss is used to express your love if you can’t say it, Rena. You can prove it real because you’re the first I kiss so long and…passionate!”

Rena held back Jurina’s hand and looked to her eyes. “I know kiss is used to change love words, I read some sentences said in romance novel, that’s why when you kissed me I’m so confused. Honestly…I love you too Jurina, but afraid to confess. You are so popular among girls, I bet you like one of them so it would no use if I confess—!” Jurina out of sudden hugged Rena very tight with happy face. “Enough explaination! I love you Matsui Rena! You don’t have to worry because I am fully yours!”
Jurina’s face changed to sad when she didn’t hear Rena answer or reply. “Rena?” She asked while turned her head to the side. Rena poked Jurina’s arm repeatedly. "Jurina……too….tight…I..can’t..breath..” Immediately Jurina released the hug then showed apologize looks. They laughed afterwards as they find their moment changed from awkward, heavy, to happy and funny. Most of all they laughed as they happy their feelings are same. Love towards each other.


“What’s with that happy smile that is not good to see?” Mayu who sat while crossed her arms on her seat asked Jurina who couldn’t stop smiling and daydreaming the whole day. Jurina turned her head. “Hehe I was already out of friendzone, Mayu.” Her smile formed to grin. Mayu raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“You’re the smartest student among our generation right? I don’t expect you don’t get my words~”Jurina showed her mischievous smile while Mayu frowned. “Don’t copy my word, Jurina!” Jurina’s smile widen. “Well, I was out of friendzone means, I am moved to a new zone. That zone was Loverzone~”

  Mayu disoriented of Jurina’s words. Her mind was full with questions but not long, the most question she wanted the answer has answered with her eyes. Rena came to their class with smile and Jurina immediately approached her, bring her to Mayu. She saw Rena clinging over Jurina’s arm on their way. She flinched. “Nah Mayu this is what I mean. Rena is my girlfriend now.”

   All students inside the class include Mayu turned their attention to them with shock expressions, some of them widened their eyes, and some of them widened their eyes while make an O-shape of mouth so wide. What came after that probably could make ears deaf. “MAJI?!”
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Welcome back ~ :k-hello:
I love how in the end, everyone was so shocked to find out Wmatsui was dating each other :wahaha:
It's nice how Mayu told Jurina not to give up on Rena :hee:
About Jurina’s feelings, she still unsure about it because she thought Rena was just like a sister but in the long run, everytime they close or their gazes met, these small things could make Jurina’s heart races. She found some words in the internet that said “Love is come when you don’t realize it, like you are being pushed from behind by someone you didn’t notice the presence.” That words lighten her heart and eyes, finally she realized that feeling was Love.
It sure did take Jurina some time for her to realize her feelings for Rena :mon sweat:
You are so popular among girls, I bet you like one of them so it would no use if I confess—!” Jurina out of sudden hugged Rena very tight with happy face.
Eh~ Jurina's intention in the beginning worked! :hehehe: She made Rena jealous  :kekeke:
Great OS by the way! :mon thumb:
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Yay  °\(^▼^)/° loverzone!
If only this is real ....
Thanks for this cute OS ^_^
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Good job Jurina crom friendzone to loverzone

Lol i love at the end how the student was shock

Please continue the target
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 :ding: YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good job author-sama  :)
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Hello minna-san it's been a while! XD here is chapter 4! I should have posted this at Friday last week but school works were piling me up :bleed eyes: also, my USB got error and caused this story that already finished is erased :cry: I wrote this again, so, if you find any errors and typos please forgive me :bow:


“Jurina..... why....?” I shocked when know Jurina shifted her gun so I don’t get hit. I widened my eyes as fell with Jurina on the top of me, looking straight to my eyes.

              “I also don’t want you rose. All this time....I love you too..Rena!” She said it while blushed a bit. I could feel my eyes become teary again and my cheeks reddened. She helped me to sit up. “You don’t lie, didn’t you?” She didn’t reply me but for change she placed something on my neck. “This...”

   “Your important thing right?” She smiled to me, the smile she usually shows me. This is Jurina that I knew! I cried on her embrace while she patted my head. Minutes after she held my chin to makes my face lift up. We just staring to each other eyes after I felt her lips against my lips.

Once again, I love you Jurina. Even though I knew this love is forbidden love. Suddenly someone or maybe Jurina’s underlings knocked the door. He called Jurina’s name while knocking hardly. Jurina and I spontaneously looked at the door. His underling said he heard a shock voice inside. Immediately Jurina stood up and got out. His underlings showed worried expressions. “Jurina-sama, have you killed Queen?”

Normal POV
   She didn’t reply but pointed her gun on her underling’s forehead. The other underling gasped and showed shock expression. Jurina with serious face, looked straight to them. “Get out of my way!” While bring Rena to the door. The underlings still shocked of her, they just standing there and let them fled. When Jurina and Rena finally disappeared from their sight, they realized how stupid they are. Immediately they told another underlings via speakers that Jurina has fled with The Queen and ordered them to find them. They expected Jurina has knew how dangerous The Queen, probably she got spelled.

   Meanwhile with Jurina and Rena, they have arrived in a forest while still running. Jurina who held Rena’s hand, tried hard to shove some bushes which blocked their way. Out of sudden Rena loosened the grip of Jurina’s hand and fell. Jurina gasped “Rena, are you alright?!” She approached Rena.

   “I am alright. I just.... a little bit dizzy...” She sweating a lot and breathing hardly because lack of oxygens caused by running. Jurina stared at her. “You..... want blood right?” Rena’s heart skipped a beat. “What did you mean?! How could I?!”

“Don’t lied! Accept it that you’re vampire.”
“WHAT—?” Rena’s word cutted by Jurina’s action which are took a knife and slashed her hand makes it bleeding.

    “Jurina! What are you doing?!” Jurina came closer to Rena’s face “Suck my blood!” Rena widened her eyes of Jurina’s statement but she couldn’t hold the urge to drink it. When she almost drink it, she turned away her face. “I don’t want to!”

   “Eh?” Jurina mad of it while twitched her eyebrows. “No, I don’t want to get you in trouble, I prefer die.” Jurina suddenly licked her own blood and kissed Rena. Finally she swallowed the blood, Rena looked at Jurina while blushing terribly and Jurina ended the kiss while cupped Rena’s cheeks “Don’t be fussy. If you gonna die, I won’t forgive myself, baka. Come on, suck as many as you want!”

   Rena’s eyes became teary of Jurina’s words. She gets closer to Jurina’s hand. “From now, live by drinking my blood, Rena.”

Forgive me....
And thank you.....

   Rena then drinking Jurina’s blood. But after few minutes, suddenly Jurina interrupted. “By the way, it looks like you drinking too much....” Rena widened her eyes after heard it and immediately stop, she apologized to her because she couldn’t stop as her blood was tasty. The sun was stanted to set.

   “You were being selfish, just thinking about yourself.” Jurina smirked. “Now is my turn!” She grabbed Rena’s waist so Rena’s body touched with her and after that she kissed her. Her fast action made Rena blushing and mad at the same time while Jurina only chuckled. They started to continue walking but someone got out from bushes behind them. Jurina noticed the person was her underling and the underling pointed her gun to Rena, immediately Jurina use her body to protect her by hugging Rena. Rena who late noticed it gasped as Jurina’s shoulder bleeding. They ran from there to avoid the possibility more bullets will come to them. The underling made such a clicking voice of tongue while chased them. Unfortunately, Rena and Jurina found the end of the path because there is a cliff in front of them. They’re blocked. More underlings came were already pointed their guns toward them. Jurina was in front of Rena.

“Jurina-sama, why do you protecting Queen?!” She started panting. “Why? It was natural to protect the girl I love.”

“But... she is a vampire, Jurina-sama!” Rena realized Jurina’s wound became worse. “Jurina your wound!” Jurina turned her head. “Yeah, it feels so hurt. You must cure my wound later, okay Rena?”

   As Jurina said that, her underlings shot them. Rena didn’t want these bullets to hit Jurina again so this time she protected her. Jurina was shocked at her action and immediately pulled Rena’s shirt, jump to the sea under the cliff. Her underlings didn’t expect she will do that. They hurriedly go to the edge of the cliff, shocked.

“Should we chase them to there?”

“No need to do. Fell from a cliff this high, they won’t safe.”
“Look! There is Red Cross car. Do you want to join donate your blood?”
“ No, I’m scared...”
“Hey, do you remember, about 2 years ago a guy was attacked by vampire?”
“Yes, it is indeed that vampire really exist?”

A girl passed these two girls who were talking. “Rena!” She startled when knows someone called her. She knew exactly who is the person. “You came here because you sniffed blood hmm? In home you could drink as much as you want, be patient! Let’s go!” The person who called her gave her hand to her. She was so happy at that time and approached that girl, holding her hand afterwards.

Jurina will you always by my side?

Don’t ask a question that you know exactly the answer! Of course I’ll always be with you.


I'm not trolling you, this fic end in this chapter :lol: the chapter 5 is just about Jurina's side story. Should I write it or not? Please give me your comment! :D
Post by: Kairi65 on October 06, 2014, 09:12:50 AM
i've read it and ...sniffles.. :cry:

glad they survived!! :deco:

do write it the side story..! :twothumbs
Post by: River1721 on October 06, 2014, 09:56:55 PM
Thank goodness things ended up in a good way  :D
Jurina's underlings didn't expect Wmatsui to be alive, they sure are wrong about that :lol:. They somehow underestimated Jurina :nervous
Its the end already, but do write the side story :twothumbs
Post by: gek geki on October 07, 2014, 07:37:52 AM
Yeah wrote it and please more rena too more lovey dovey rena juri
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Hello minna-san I'm back! First of all sorry for the long delay :kneelbow: schoolworks are never stop given to me :fainted:
Okie! Without further ado, here is chapter 5, thanks for Kairi65, River1721, and gek geki for the comment! Without your comments I won't write this hehehe :shy2:
Sorry for typos and grammar errors you'll found~

CHAPTER 5 Jurina's Side Story

When I was 10 years old, my parents were killed by vampire.
Since that time my destiny was set.

   Glorious lights were what my eyes saw, at the same time my foot dragged me to the destination I want to reach. Though the sun was no longer exist in the sky, substituted by the moon and stars, lots of people still doing some things like I did. As if I care about their business, I fastened my walk because the weather getting cold. People's talking or shouting and cars's horns sounds were simply faded when I entered a dark alley. Finally reached my destination.

"Lady, wanna play with me?"

   The lady who was smoking a cigarettes stop her activity as looking at me intensely. Her lips formed a playful smirk while nearing the cigarettes to it. I replied her smirk with a smirk too. "Middle school student? What a naughty girl..."
She signed me to follow her entering a building behind her. The sound of glasses clinking, the sound of people's laughter, and the sound of the beating music throughout the big speaker can be heard. The dim lights, the people wearing glamour and classy branded outfits and the bartender serving alcoholic beverages can be seen. My lips formed a smirk once more as the lady leads me to a soundproof room. She pushed me onto the bed, sandwiched me. The next thing was she started undressed herself, leaving her underwear left.

"Y–you...are..a...vampire hunter.." She fell to the ground with her face showing she was in pain. Slowly that face showed no sign of her still alive. I looked at her with straight face.

I will do everything to vanish vampires.

"Yes, she is the most dangerous among the vampires. Now she is just an ordinary middle school student"

I looked at her photo for a while along with the files about her. "I see. I will approach her and then when the Queen's soul rises later, I'll kill her immediately" I closed my eyes at the end of my words.
"Eh, Matsui Jurina that new transfer student, she is so cool!"

"Kyaaa let's see her!"

I passed them to approach my queen, friendly smile plastered on my face. "Renaaaa-chan, let's go home together! Our house are next to each other!"

   These girls were squealing after hear what I said to Rena, they were blushing and couldn't stop saying how lucky Rena was.
On the other side, Rena glared to me with dark aura circled her. She didn't let out a single word for a few minutes. She turned her back to me was when she answered my offer. "No need to do"
Mocks from these girls were filling the corridor, they offered me to go home with them but my eyes couldn't stop staring at her back which was getting far from my sight. My first impression about her was she is a serious type and hard to approach. Her sex appeal as female vampire was none, weird! She has flat chest...was she literally a vampire??? Instead of that, her expressions looked funny often, makes me couldn't avert my gaze toward her. Forgot to mention she is clumsy too.

   Without I realized, My fingers scratched by a cutter that used to cut a few parts of the statue we made from clay in the art class. Rena who was sitting next to me shocked when it happened. She grabbed my hand and brought me to the infirmary.
"Why were you spacing out?!" She asked me with angry tone as she took first aid kit box.

"I was watching you"

She tensed up after hear that. Her cheeks flushed as she threatening my bleeding finger. "I hate your flirty behavior so much!"
"But I like it the way you blushed" I chuckled.

"Shut up!"

The silence forced me to ask her. "You..don't feel something when facing blood?"

"Huh? I don't get what you mean. Next time you must be more careful"

There were times when I'm thinking, this girl is impossibly a vampire. Also that time, I was sure, I had fallen in love with Rena...
But...I buried that feeling deep inside in the corner of my heart.
I thought I would never have her. Of course because she was a vampire I must kill.

Those times when we went to the festival together, I gave her the necklace with rose pendant, two boys wanted to rape her, the Queen's soul rose, I kidnapped her right after she lost her conscious with the necklace on her hand and bleeding wounds caused by the shot from me, the night when I woke up because of the nightmare about my parents, I shoved her harshly when she touched me, I told her my dark past story, she cried while ordered me to kill her so I will live peacefully after she died. Hatred was inside my body and mind.'s all gone just by the "love" word she said before she pulls the trigger.

2 years passed after I ran away from the organization, we were living together.

Rena sucked my blood through my neck, we both were on the bed, I was shirtless.

"I–I'm sorry..Jurina...I drank your blood too much again..." She lowered her head.

"I said it's fine but..."

"I lifted her chin mashed my lips to hers. I pushed her to lay on the bed between our kiss, after that I pulled back, weighing her, and got a shock stare from her. "I want the payback okay?"

"EH?!" Her face burned. I smirked.

Dad, mom
I'm sorry...
I love a vampire.

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Dad, mom
I'm sorry...
I love a vampire.
Hm, I think Jurina's parents wouldn't be angry about their daughter loving a vampire. After all Love is Love, there is no way of stopping it. :mon sweat:
Well, we all know what happened in the end  :whistle:
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Dad, mom
I'm sorry...
I love a vampire.
Hm, I think Jurina's parents wouldn't be angry about their daughter loving a vampire. After all Love is Love, there is no way of stopping it. :mon sweat:
Well, we all know what happened in the end  :whistle:

deshou? weren't people in heaven knows who's person is who's soulmate? i bet jurina's parent are happy that she wasnt blinded by revenge :wub:
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Dad, mom
I'm sorry...
I love a vampire.
Hm, I think Jurina's parents wouldn't be angry about their daughter loving a vampire. After all Love is Love, there is no way of stopping it. :mon sweat:
Well, we all know what happened in the end  :whistle:

deshou? weren't people in heaven knows who's person is who's soulmate? i bet jurina's parent are happy that she wasnt blinded by revenge :wub:

I totally agree who can seperate the mighty Wmatsui couple
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Heyho minna-san~ merry christmas and happy new year!!! :mon santa2: :mon santa2: :mon santa2: Wish you get lovely day and lovely gift. This is my gift for you, I hope you like it.:gmon heartu: :gmon heartu: :gmon heartu:
Okay without further ado, enjoy~ :mon santa4: :mon santa4: :mon santa4:

The Santa's Gift

   Finally, after struggling to climb the open window while shouldering the biggest gift box I bring, here I am, standing on a table beside the window. I smiled with pleasure. The timing is very fitting, it seems no one in this apartment. It means I can finish my work quickly without barriers, without the need to tiptoe and alert. I put the gift box on the table where I was standing. But before I can go, I have to make sure the gift looks beautiful from any angle. So, I hopped on a single bed in the room. From there it looks okay. Then I climbed to the top of a small closet across from the bed . Passable tired to get to the top but from here it looks beautiful. The last corner I go is the door. I got down of the closet and stood in front of the door. Because my body is very small, almost as big as action figures, I had to look up and tiptoe to see the gift. From here it looks...pretty good.

   My deer shaped clock rang signing it is time to go home. The time finally came. This apartment is the last place to send gifts. Before I leave, I saw once again to the gift as I put my hands on my waist. Satisfied with my work, I was just about to set foot in the direction of the window, suddenly the door open behind me and causes me thrown. My face hit the floor hard. Hopefully my nose is not cracked. I tried to get up but it turns out I was uplifted by something. A large hand. Oh no this is bad.

"Who put this little doll here? It's dirty well. I'd better throw it..." This person, a girl who was selected from the billions of people who deserve the best gifts, Thought I am a doll walking toward the trash. I did not expect she is here! Feeling insulted, I issued my loudest voice that I could.

"Stop It!!!!" I squirmed to get out of her hands.

   Apparently, she could hear me and stopped. She thrusted her face to see me clearly. "Doll...can talk?"
I'm Inflating my cheek. "I'm not a doll you know!" Damn my luck today. Already caught by a girl, suspected as a doll, and almost discarded too. I sighed. There is no choice but to reveal my true identity. After all she is the child of the year to get the best gift, Maeda Atsuko. Hopefully she can cooperate. "First of all please put me down. "She obeyed my words and put me on the table next to the window. "I'm a prospective santa who is taking the exam to become an actual santa. I should not be noticed by human, but this is already happening. Can you keep a secret? Do not tell anyone that you saw santa okay?"
Her face was expressionless. What's wrong with her? "All right. If I tell people that I see santa, I'm sure they would not believe it. In fact, I think they'll consider me crazy."

She had a point here. I bet she is quiet smart. "Good for you," I glanced at the gift next to me. I took it and I picked it up to her face. "This is a gift from kami-sama. You are the child of the year entitled to get the best gifts in accordance with what you want. Come on open it!"

   She hesitated for a moment to take the gift. Slowly she took off the ribbon and opened the lid of the gift box. My heart beats faster because the curiosity that haunt me. Time slowed noticeably in when she opened the gift. Slowly the lid of the gift box was pulled further up...and finally she put the lid on the table. She began to look into the contents of the gift. I held my breath, what is its content?

"Thank you for the gift." She thanked still without expression on her face. I pushed the gift that rolled over to pour out the contents. But what comes out? Nothing. It is empty. I stared gaping. "Wh-why...empty?! Hey, you don't wish to get something? Whether it's a girlfriend/boyfriend, CDs, money, new clothes, a bag?"

"Nothing. Nothing I wanted for now. It is indeed true if the gift box is empty isn't it?"

It's the last day of the exam. 
Everything was destroyed in the last day? Shit, I'm not going to pass...
But, I should not give up! The contents must have fallen somewhere...
I have to look for it!

I'm going to jump out the window but her hand holds the back of my collar. "Where are you going?"

"I want to search the contents of the gift! It must have dropped somewhere. We'll meet again lat— " My words were interrupted by a bit loud grumbling sound on the stomach of a person. I realized it was from my stomach. Suddenly the atmosphere becomes awkward. Both of our face turned to be like this → (´・_・`)

"You're...hungry huh?" She asked with a face that still without expression. Gosh actually what's wrong with her? She looked at me intensely that makes me so ashamed. It was extremely embarrassing. I nodded slowly afterwards lowered my head. I was certain my face is red now. Without saying anything, she lifted me into the kitchen. She made ​​me a simple meal, rice and fried quarter meat. For me this portion was already a lot for my tiny tummy. I devoured everything quickly while Atsuko got inside the bedroom leaving me alone. But that's okay, because I really need to be alone after an embarrassing incident earlier. No need to take a long time, the small plates according to me is large is clean. No leftovers even a shred of rice.

Just then, she came out wearing a plain hoodie, jeans, and a pair of dingy boots carrying her satchel. She slung her bag and walked to the exit, turned her head to me. "I'm going to a part-time job. Are you with me? Well, who knows you may find the content of the gifts on the way"

   I certainly would not refuse this offer. I nodded vigorously and down from the table. She lifted me and put me in her hoodie so I can hold on while sitting. But the fact is the hoodie was very smooth so that made ​​me almost fall if I do not grip tightly. I asked him to replace it with a substance hoodie so I would not fall. Atsuko apparently is a docile person. Without commented she replacing it with a hoodie that I ask. We immediately went to work using the bike after that. During the trip I could not stop panicking because Atsuko pedaling fast. Many times I almost fly because of it.

   Arriving at her workplace, she headed to the locker room and changed clothes...wearing santa costume?! She opened the top two buttons of her coat and put her neck and buttoned his coat again. I touched her skin...there is a strange feeling churned in my chest. What is this feeling? Does not imply any good or bad. Somehow I feel the heat in my cheeks dramatically. Why am I weird today?! I looked at her silently, observing that impassive face. I wonder how her face looks like when she smiles...
Feel stared, Atsuko looked at me. "Is it okay you are here when I'm working? If you are not comfortable then I move you into my bag"

I tried to cover my flushed face. "Why are you wearing a santa costume? Are you also a santa?"

  ,Initially for a few seconds there was no answer out of her lips, but unexpectedly not answer be heard but melodious laughter. I widened my eyes, do not believe what I saw and heard. Looks like kami-sama heard what I thought a few minutes ago. Atsuko looks beautiful when laughing. There are wrinkles on her nose while the melodious laughter escaped from her mouth. My face became red more like a boiled crab.

"Of course not," she wiped a tear from her eye. " I am the santa who distributed leaflets about the discounts to be held by the store this Christmas day."

   Hm...Atsuko work on Christmas day, then I should not be wasting time. I have to find the contents of the gifts before Christmas is over! I got off of...Atsuko's neck. At first she was confused as to what I did but after I told what I should do, he nodded and waved a good bye. She said be careful before I get out of the store. Fortunately, the street is not too crowded this afternoon so I could openly stand in front of the store and whistled, calling my cat Nyan-tan. She will help me look for the dropped contains.

   Not long later Nyan-tan come. I climbed onto her back and we began looking for. We are looking at the nearest place where is around the store. Unfortunately we found nothing. After that we are looking to places that we went through when traveling to Atsuko's apartement. There was just bad luck that befell us during our search. Whether it's being chased by a fierce big dog, I fell into a ditch because I did not grip Nyan-tan's fur tight, and many more. The last, we arrived at the forest that has many thorny bushes. We are searching inside though we found nothing. Our tired bodies and wounds make us give up. Atsuko probably true, the gift box was empty because she did not want anything. Nyan-tan and I returned to Atsuko's apartement, I must ask once again to her.

   Sluggishly, we slowly walked to Atsuko's apartment. The sky has turned into orange, the sun had begun to sink into the western horizon. We walk feeling so long but ultimately we did not fight in vain. Atsuko's apartment can be seen a few meters away. I saw a girl and a guy standing at the front door of Atsuko's apartment. They knocked on the door with a worried face. I hid in the wall between Atsuko's apartment and the next apartment. From here I could hear what they talked about.

"Is Atsuko was not at home...?" The girl asked the guy who answered by a shake of his head.

"Maybe she still works part time?" This time the guy's voice out.

"Hm...maybe. I feel pity for Atsuko, she had to do part-time job on Christmas Day. She must have income for tomorrow and beyond. Well, for children who are thrown by his parents since childhood, she belongs to a hardworking and independent. She was smart and has a beautiful face but unfortunately her expressionless face makes people unwilling to approach her..."

"Yes, you're right. If she had a bit more friendly attitude, I want to be her boyfriend hahahaha"

   So...Atsuko disposed of since childhood? Not surprising her apartment is quiet and narrow. Since the beginning she was living alone, do everything by herself. Her expressionless face was a mask to cover up the reality that she got lonely. She tried rigid in front of everyone and prove that she is a strong girl to face her destiny...

"You...what are you two doing here?" Atsuko suddenly appear out of nowhere, making them surprised. They become clumsy and stammer when answering Atsuko's question and they give a file to Atsuko. They went with haste, it seems they feel guilty right now after talked about Atsuko at the same time she suddenly appeared. I stared at Atsuko in hiding, she sighed and saw that file. " The tasks during the holiday huh...if I did not skip class that day I would not get extra task"
I went to her before she can hold the door knobs. "Tell me..."

She noticed my presence and distract her from the door to me . "Hey, where have you been today? Why are has wounds and dirty body? Who is this cat?"

"Tell me what you want Maeda Atsuko!" Unknowingly tears began to tear from my eyes. It is true that she is the most deserving person for the best gifts. I cried while Atsuko looked at me in silence. There's nothing I can do but cry now. Even the questions had been ignored.

After a few minutes, my tears would not stop. Suddenly I felt something attached on my head. I looked up and stared at Atsuko I fingered the thing on my head and it turned out it was a ribbon. "I want you, Minami. I need you here because I had fallen in love with you"

I stared in disbelief. " you know my name?"

"You seem to drop this from your pocket" she handed me a slip of paper with my name and my dream to be able to give the most beautiful gift for someone. My cheeks reddening caused by her words.

   Do you know what happens next? Kami-sama turning me into a human-sized. I came to Atsuko's apartment tomorrow and find out she was surprised by my presence. Well although I've become big, my height is still lower than Atsuko. She smiled widely and hugged me tightly. For the umpteen time, Atsuko make me become as red as a boiled crab. In the middle of our hug, I whispered three letters by my smallest voice. Although it was quiet fast to say that three letters, I don't care. I want my feeling to be known by her. Well now I'm still shy and not brave enough to say it out loud but let me tell my feelings toward you Atsuko. I love you.

The end.
Thank you for reading~ :)
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Ah.. this is good OS..  :nya: 
Minami always will be good gift for Atsuko. :hee:

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Ah,.. Minami became Atsuko's gift....

Very nice and cute Christmas OS

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more atsumina OS

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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Title: WMatsui || Lips Taster [Short Fics]
Post by: Koyumichan~ on April 30, 2015, 11:27:03 AM
Hellooooo minna-san I'm back with a short fics and the pairing is my otp~ Wmatsui!!! :cow: :cow: :cow: Actually I should have attend a meeting right now but my brain suddenly made this story, unconsciously I type this XD XD XD  okay without further ado, enjoy~ :wub: :wub: sorry for grammatical errors and typos.


For the first time in her career as an actress and model, Matsui Rena got an amateur player as opponent player for a drama. That man just starting his modeling career last year and rapidly achieving popularity. Because this year a lot of fans who wanted him to play in a movie or a drama, then a director recruited him into a major player. Of course, to raise the rating drama. The director believes that this drama will cause a lot of reaction from the viewers, especially fans of the new player.

Rena tonight will meet with the opponent player. She herself had never seen his face. She only knew his name because she never had the time to look, glancing at banners and magazines, or search the internet how his face. Do not give a damn, that is Rena doing now. Most importantly this meeting over fast so she can go home and rest. Her manager opened the door of a room after they arrived at the meeting place. Rena breathe before set foot into.

There were three people in the room. On the right there is the director, in the middle there was a man aged 20 years, was not much different from the one on the left is handsome. Two people are focused on the director but when Rena and her manager came, their outlook towards them. Rena and her manager politely bowed and saluted, replied with a smile and a nod by the director. They sat in a chair that is still empty. The Director provide 4 pieces of file each to Rena,  Rena's manager, and two people were none other than the opponent player and his manager. The meeting went well. Rena was not really listening because she was sleepy. Herself back into the real world when a voice calling her name.

"Matsui Rena-san, it would be good if you know your opponent player well. You can talk in the room next door while we are discussing." The director pointed to the door with a friendly manner.

Rena look at the opponent rushed up and out first. Rena could not see his expression because his back facing first. Arriving at the room, Rena shut the door and saw her opponent sitting on the only available sofa in the room. Somehow the atmosphere uncomfortable. Her opponent took a cell phone from his pocket and began to have fun with it. Let Rena sat beside him awkwardly. Who should start the conversation first? If Rena who started first....okay Rena is an actress who has the image like a princess, courteous, and kind. Her aura shows elegance. It looks like the actress will not do it because she does not want to impress as an...aggressive woman? She sounds too much but so was the world now. One simple thing to make people have a mind that sometimes not all true.

A clearing throat sound makes her somewhat startled and her eyes met with a pair of beautiful eyes. The person in front of her took his hand out. His expression was ordinary. According to Rena this person is mysterious. She acknowledged his face was handsome with a pointed nose and that lips...hurriedly she dismissed that no-no thought. Rena wanted to held his hand but she was stopped again because of a voice. "You already know my name, aren't you?"

Rena nodded. "Matsui..Jurina-san right?"

Her opponent namely Matsui Jurina nodded with his eyes closed. Unexpectedly he was the one who initiated the shake. Their hands met and Rena feel the warmth of the big hands. "I do not think there was someone in the entertainment industry who have the same family name with me. At first people thought we are siblings but we are not." He opened his eyes slowly, sending a strange sensation in Rena's tummy. His eyes were too charming, Rena admit it.

"So...people will not feel weird if we are together."

Rena did not understand what was being said by him. Tonight her brain seems to process things slowly. Was it because she was sleepy? In fact, what happens next does not seem real. Jurina pulled her hand, made her interested in closer to his body. Rena thought she would land on his chest but what happen is something sustain her on the face. More precisely on her lips. Something soft contact with her lips. The incident occurred just a few seconds but it causes Rena lost her body. She still does not know what had happened.

"Like the director said, know your opponent player well," Jurina revealing a mischievous smile. " I love your lips, Rena-san."
Everything was silent, only the sound of clock ticking which can be heard. It takes time for Rena to repeat and find out what had happened. After a while she finally knew. With wide eyes she uttered a word. "....what?"

What do you think? Should I continue or not? :)
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Oh oh Jurina kissed Rena  :panic:

Haha Jurina ultimate move  :lol:

Please continue it  :)

Update soon~  XD
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Title: Re: WMatsui || LIPS TASTER [Short Fics] 043015
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Continue with the story please? At least let rena give jurina a tight slap lol
Title: Re: WMatsui || LIPS TASTER [Short Fics] 043015
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Continue with the story please? At least let rena give jurina a tight slap lol

AGREE!! But so.. Jurina is a man? I prefered a Jurina like a boyish girl... for sound more interesting ~
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Interesting rena...Please do continue it...

Thanks for the update~ :nya:
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A way how to greet Reba way to goo Jurina!!!
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Continue with the story please? At least let rena give jurina a tight slap lol

AGREE!! But so.. Jurina is a man? I prefered a Jurina like a boyish girl... for sound more interesting ~

Agree too..  Boyish jurina more interesting  :yep:
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Always waiting for your fic especially wmatsui.. :w00t:
Rena dont just say "what?" and *slap* Jurina for real.. :lol:
Title: WMatsui || LIPS TASTER [Short Fics] 051015 Chapter 1 Update!!!
Post by: Koyumichan~ on May 10, 2015, 07:11:22 AM
Heeeyyyhooo minna-san!!! :on asmo: finally I can update this~ :stuffed: :stuffed: :stuffed: enjoy and sorry for grammatical errors and typos. I need to hurry now, homeworks are waiting for me hahaha. See you soon! :byebye: :pig gtfo:

Chapter 1

Today is the first day of filming for the drama entitled "Kiss Datte Hidarikiki", has the meaning your kiss are left-handed. On the set everyone seemed busy pacing. Our actress who has just arrived, walk in the direction to the cast room. No one there. Rena let out a sigh of relief because...what happened yesterday is still clearly visible in her mind. She could not remove it and it made ​​her distracted. Thank goodness that person has not come yet so Rena does not need to meet with the owner of the charming eyes. She slapped her cheeks softly before opening her coat and sat down on one of the couches. Suddenly her cell phone vibrate. The screen showed a message received from an unknown number. Rena opened the message and she was quite confused as to who the sender of the message. The contents are that the sender asks where Rena was and says that person almost there.

Rena ignores the message. She thought, maybe the person sent it wrong and relock her cell phone. Last night was a night where Rena had trouble sleeping so she is sleepy now. In fact she has not memorized the script for filming today. Not long after leaning on the sofa, she closed her eyes slowly and Rena drifted into slumber. She dreamed of being in the world of sweets. The clouds made ​​of cotton candy, there is a candy house, a river of chocolate, lollipop trees and shrubs with small candies as fruit. In the world of sweets, exist fairies that fly and spread a lot of sweets. Landed in Rena's hands a big cotton candy and some chocolates. She tried the cotton candy and feel the softness of it when making contact with the cotton candy. Closing her eyes, Rena felt the sweet taste of that candy.

Strangely when she opened her eyes, candy world disappear instantly replaced by a view of someone who is closing his eyes. The man had a long eyelashes. Surprisingly again, Rena still feel the sweet taste in her mouth. Wait...there's something in it. Something moving, wet, and cause strange sensations in the stomach like yesterday. Rena's brains process things slowly again. Maybe because she just woke up from sleep. After a few seconds, the person in front of her backed away and opened his eyes slowly accompanied by a smirk formed on his lips. Rena blinked several times. The owner of the charming eyes, none other than the Matsui Jurina, is here?! By reflex, Rena's body stiffened.

"Good morning, sleeping princess~" Jurina greeted with a smirk on his lips still formed. Rena stunned for a moment, still processing what happened. Her funny expression make Jurina laughed. He sat beside her. "Want me to help remember what happened?"
Rena thought for a moment but finally nodded slowly, making Jurina form a winning smile. He cleared his throat before starting. "You're asleep when I got here. Your sleeping face was very pretty and cute. I could not help to kiss you. Before I kiss you, I'm sucking a candy so...we kiss while taste the candy. I see you enjoyed that candy," Jurina grinned but did not remove the handsomeness of his face .

"One more thing, on the sidelines of our kissing session, you wrapped your arm on my shoulder and deepen our kiss for several minutes~"

Hearing it Rena become red as red as a boiled crab. Yes she began to realize that something moving, wet, and cause strange sensations in her stomach was Jurina's tongue. Imagine it making Rena wanted to go out of this planet and did not return, leaving her embarrassment on earth. Not long after that the sound of Jurina's laughter is back. He pretended to wipe fake tears. "Your shy expression is really funny and cute, Rena."

"....Thank you...for the compliment.."

"Hey, I'm serious. What has happened is past. Moreover, anything can happen when someone is sleeping."
After Jurina talk like that, come the make-up artist. They began preoccupied with grooming so that does not leave time for talking like that. The weather outside was nice, not too hot and quite cool. Rena was given a minute to re-read the thesis briefly before making the first take. Panic and worry began to haunt Rena. This is the first time she did not memorize her script before the filming. Secretly she blamed for the incident which makes her like this. Time passed quickly. Fortunately some scenes can be done well. Thanks to the experience and Rena's brains who are used to memorize.

Unfortunately, in the final scene Rena continuously make mistakes. The reason is that in this scene...she should be kissing with Jurina. 'Oh damn, why did I have to deal with it * facepalm * why do I have to kiss him again...' Rena thought. Because of extreme shyness, Rena forgets her script. As a result many words disappeared from her memory and Rena always stuttered during her turn to speak. The director began to run out of patience especially the night getting late so he gave a break long enough to cool his head while giving Rena time to exercise.

When Rena want to hide from the crowds, Jurina caught her walking to the back of the building. There was a small garden and a few benches. Jurina reached for Rena's wrist and successful, turned her so that their eyes met. "Let's practice together. Let me help you."

With it, without thinking twice and not to waste time, Rena agreed. It turns out Jurina knew the contents of Rena's script. He helped Rena memorize slowly and perform the last scene together. Although it is very difficult to make Rena to not look away when they would kiss, at least they've tried when a staff calling for a return to the place. Before starting, Jurina whispered into Rena's ear. "Let's do our best so that we can go home and this come to an end quickly." His voice and his breath sends the same strange sensation but this time on her heart. Rena hastily pushed Jurina away before her heart could explode. On the other hand, Jurina laughed once more at Rena's embarrassed expression.

Voice commands to start filming sounding tinny. There are no obstacles in the beginning of the scene but getting to the end, Rena began to worry and shame again. Until the peak which is the kissing scene, Rena almost made ​​the mistake of will look away again but Jurina cleverly covered it. They managed to attach each of their lips. Rena closed her eyes tightly and waited for the director to shout "cut!". The voice was echoed less than 5 seconds after that. All the staffs were relieved and happy the first day of filming has been completed. Do not miss Jurina also feel happy. He patted Rena's head gently and whispered into her ear again sensually.

"Although just a peck on the lips, I'm glad we kissed again. I hope in the future we can do it more often~"

A shoe landed at the feet of the poor Jurina. Rena stepped on his foot hardly. "N-no! I won't let that happen again, you pervert!" With flushed cheeks, Rena said and left to the cast room. Leaving Jurina behind in pain.

@Siren: yep~ Jurina is a kissing monster after all :kekeke: thanks for commenting ;)
@purnamazaki, Mirurunky, Tiptip, Minami-chan, Kirozoro: yuuhhuu yes I continue it XD thanks for commenting ;)
@junrena: hai! As you wish I continue it :D right, I like Jurina as man too hahaha because she is handsome :wub: thanks for commenting ;)
@DC2805: I'm sorryyy the slap part is not in this chapter :bow: but I replace it with the shoe attack hehe XD thanks for commenting ;)
@Haruko, eboo: I thought of that at first but myself want to write a genderbender story so I'm sorry :bow: thanks for commenting ;)
@kuro_black29: yeah Jurina is a bold person here XD thanks for commenting ;)
@Raizel: wah you always waiting for my fic? Really? Awwww you make my day! :wub: the slap part is not hohoho but you can read it soon on other chap~ thanks for commenting ;)
Minna-san without your comments maybe I will drop this fic. Seriously thank you very much! :monk gboy: :monk gboy: :monk gboy:
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Update soon
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I love you any more cheerful this gender-bender story

very rarely to find fanfic with different gender really wmatsui, there are stories wmatsui suddenly so jurimayu or yukirena. I like but not in one story,

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Title: Re: WMatsui || LIPS TASTER [Short Fics] 053115 Chapter 2 Update!!!
Post by: Koyumichan~ on May 31, 2015, 09:32:28 AM
Minna-san I'm back! Sorry for the long update :bow: :bow: :bow: should I continue this or just end this fic in this chapter? Please tell me your thoughts :bow: :bow: :bow: enjoy the update and sorry for grammatical errors and typos :hip smile:

Chapter 2

Rena had finished undressing and cleaning up. She wanted to go home soon because she does not want to miss the train. Yup, even if Rena is a well-known artist she remained modest. On her way out she passed the person-who-really-do-not-want-to-be-seen-now that is Matsui Jurina. Jurina blocking her way jokingly. This makes Rena's blood begins to boil because of the following reasons: she was tired, she wanted to go home and rest IMMEDIATELY, the person in front of her is VERY ANNOYING. Paused while waiting for him to stopped laughing, silently Rena cursing herself why she had fascinated him. Earlier, while Jurina helped memorize the script, Rena occurred that he is a good-natured man and she was fascinated with the seriousness of Jurina's help. Now if someone mentioned Matsui Jurina, Rena assured herself that she would certainly let out the word "ew". Already pervert, making people angry too.

Turns out the quiet Rena does not make Jurina stop bothering her. Instead, he became increasingly mischievous. Jurina pulls some strands of Rena's hair upwards and laughs. While Rena put most flat face she pairs ever. After boredom came, Jurina stopped, cleared his throat , and put on a serious face . Unexpectedly he offered Rena to go home with him.
"Let me escort you home, sleeping princess~ Who knows you're going to fall asleep on the train and something unexpected happens?"

Rena sighed. "I am not a sleepyhead. I become a sleepyhead only when I am tired," Rena looked away from the presence of Jurina. She mumbled. "And one of the causes of fatigue are you."

"What did you say just now?" Playfully, Jurina put his ear to Rena's lips which automatically she parry quickly.

"Stop Matsui Jurina-san. I want to go home."

"All right. Let's go there where I parked my car." Without waiting for an answer from Rena, Jurina snatched her hand and brought it into the shiny black luxury car brand Toyota of his. During the trip they are busy with their own thoughts. The only sounds heard are the sound of the roar of the car and jazz music from the music player. Rena's eyelids feel heavy after hearing the music. Slowly she closed her eyes but before her eyes closed properly, Jurina voiced up, attracted her back to the real world. "Call me Jurina."
"Hm? If it indeed what you want then I do not mind." Rena rubbed her eyes and yawned .
"Besides I'm younger than you."

Reappeared a moment of silence between them. Rena widened her eyes that makes Jurina giggled. After the completion Rena's brain process what had just happened and spoken by Jurina, she was surprised. "What?! I guess we are the same age or you're older than me."

Jurina covered his mouth with his free hand to cover voice if not covered might be very noisy. Rena asked what was wrong and Jurina just shook his head. Once satisfied laughing he replied. "You were so funny, Rena." He pinched her left cheek rather tightly. The sound of pain coming out of the mouth of Rena. "People are often wrong about my age. From the little I did look mature and of course...handsome!"

"Somehow I suddenly felt sick, Jurina."

"Heeeyyyy you, I'm just kidding."

They both laughed together as they started down the deserted street. Finally they arrived at Rena's apartment. Rena says thank you and hopes that Jurina can get home safely, answered with a nod and a smile by Jurina. Before Rena can come out, Jurina holding her hand. It makes Rena turned back to him. Rena waiting to see what will be done by him. She is confused with questions filling her mind. Jurina, without warning and command crashed his lips with hers. With wide eyes, Rena felt something odd in the stomach and chest. Something that tickle in the stomach and something pounding in chest. Unwittingly, Rena answered the kiss then slowly closed her eyes. The kiss was not rough and not soft either and Rena enjoyed it. Lack of oxygen forced them to stop the kiss. Suddenly she felt the heat radiating to her face so she looked down.

Jurina lifted her chin so their eyes me . "Rena..."


Breathlessly he Replied. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Rena gasped because Jurina confessed on the second day after they met. It is so early that Rena thought is he serious? Part of herself was very happy but the other side felt anxious. Rena was silent for a few moments to think about the best answer. Finally after arguing with herself Rena nodded with a smile to Jurina. Jurina's face radiated happiness. He hugged her tightly and thanked her. That night, again Rena could not sleep but this time for different reasons, not because she thought of the unexpected kiss incident but she thought and repeat the incident where she and Jurina have officially become a couple.
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it´s the end of the fic?
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That was fast., jurina! And rena just accepted him?!
Seems like she's already attached to juju.
Nice one, author-san.
Just take ur time and continue the story..
I luv it!
Thx 4 the update. :-D
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Its the end??
I hope no :)
Title: WMatsui || What Should I Do? [OS]
Post by: Koyumichan~ on September 22, 2015, 11:26:22 AM
Minna-san I'm back with my shortest OS ever XD I found this on my comrade, Yuri-san's book :D you know what? I written this os on my phone during class and posted this during Japan Club :lol: aaaaaa I read some old OS on his book, bringing me the nostalgic feeling :') I hope I can post those old OSs too! XD I hope you like it.
Ps, I will continue the Lips Taster! Thanks for you who commented :wub: :wub:

What should I?
Rena always shy in front of people even myself that I never expect she has this side of hers. It feels like she was hiding something from me but I have no rights to mad or angry with her. Probably she had been shy to reveal it and many conclusion could be true. How do you imagine, if you were dating a girl for more than two years then she unexpectedly change to 180 degrees opposite in a night, what will come to your mind first? I was certain you will get confused. Though I still love her no matter what.

The story began in a night when I just arrived home from work. My love was reading a book with spectacle attached. She looked nerdy. Despite of that, her beautiful feature is not erased. My foot dragged me to her. I peck her forehead tenderly. At first she is the usual herself, no sign of alteration nor odd behavior. Because of that, I did not aware of something that will happen, since my love is too stunning. I got spelled by a magic called love.

We never know the God's plan
She kissed me on the lips passionately
But...suddenly I felt something, a burst of pain
She stabs me while kissing me
What should I do?
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Minna-san I'm back with my shortest OS ever XD I found this on my comrade, Yuri-san's book :D you know what? I written this os on my phone during class and posted this during Japan Club :lol: aaaaaa I read some old OS on his book, bringing me the nostalgic feeling :') I hope I can post those old OSs too! XD I hope you like it.
Ps, I will continue the Lips Taster! Thanks for you who commented :wub: :wub:

What should I?
Rena always shy in front of people even myself that I never expect she has this side of hers. It feels like she was hiding something from me but I have no rights to mad or angry with her. Probably she had been shy to reveal it and many conclusion could be true. How do you imagine, if you were dating a girl for more than two years then she unexpectedly change to 180 degrees opposite in a night, what will come to your mind first? I was certain you will get confused. Though I still love her no matter what.

The story began in a night when I just arrived home from work. My love was reading a book with spectacle attached. She looked nerdy. Despite of that, her beautiful feature is not erased. My foot dragged me to her. I peck her forehead tenderly. At first she is the usual herself, no sign of alteration nor odd behavior. Because of that, I did not aware of something that will happen, since my love is too stunning. I got spelled by a magic called love.

We never know the God's plan
She kissed me on the lips passionately
But...suddenly I felt something, a burst of pain
She stabs me while kissing me
What should I do?

DAHECK........ :O2 :O2 :O2 :O2
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Thank you to keep writing lips taste :") im waiting this for few months, welcome back
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Thats reallly short koyumi-chan.. :bleed eyes:
I still can't grasp most of the stories,.
But its great :twothumbs
Title: Kojiyuu slight Atsumina || Diamond For Her [Birthday OS for Haruko!]
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Yo Minna-san I'm back with an OS. This time is Kojiyuu though XD it's hard to make the stories since I always make stories with my lovely parents pairing, Wmatsui :wub: but because I want to give present for Haruko-nee, I tried my best to make this! Once again Happy Birthday~~!!! :on BDay: :on BDay: sorry it took me 2 months to finish this :kneelbow: hope you like it and sorry for errors~

Diamond For Her

"Give my toy back, idiot!!!"

"This is mine you ugly!!!"

A child with a big ribbon on her head began to cry. Even so, she insisted to look tough. She wiped tears from her eyes and glared harshly at her twin sister. "Well, whatever you say!" She stepped away from the playroom. Her destination is the park near her home. Every sad or quarrel with her twin sister, she will ended up in the place. The red swing has always been her silent friend when she was sad, this time also accompanied by a faithful. She wiped the remaining tears. She is  trying not to sob.

"Hey Takamina, you're fighting again with Yuko?" A pretty girl with shoulder-length hair appeared in front of her while she was down. She did not flinch at all. "Takamina, you know, you always can tell me your problem."

The little girl smiled warmly just in time Takamina looked up. "Acchan, Yuko took my toy. And you also know that she does not like One Piece..."

"Luffy Action Figure, was that the thing she take?"

Takamina nodded. Acchan was sitting on the swing next to her. Smile has not been erased from her lips. "And I always knew that you were going to give in. I think that such an attitude is so cool!"

Takamina face brightened instantly upon hearing the words coming out of her childhood friend, Maeda Atsuko or familiarly called Acchan. The girl knew well the twins, Takamina and Yuko, even knowing the fact that they both were actually not twins. Takamina and Yuko were born from different mother, Yuko was born earlier from the first wife of his father but her mother died when she was  just a little tot. While Takamina birth of his second wife. The origin they are called twins began when they grown up as kids. Everyone who saw them always say if they were twins. Because tired to explain that fact, their father decided to introduce them as twins to the world.

Their personalities are very different. Contrary to one another. Yuko is childish and selfish, even though she was older than her sister. Takamina is mature and always succumb to her sister. Well, each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Yuko  is nice to everyone and quickly get along, other than that she likes to help. Takamina is not too happy to hang out, her closest friend is Acchan only but a helpful nature also exists in her.

One day, they had a terrible fight caused by Yuko's properties that will not budge. In the event it was also revealed that Yuko always want to take all that Takamina has. That's because her mother, whose figure never encountered had not been there for her. Her mother has taken forever. She felt injustice because her sister's mother is still there. Hearing this, Takamina understood and embraced her sister. From that day they had never quarrel again even they are closer. After adolescence they went in the same school with Acchan also from junior high through high school. Unfortunately, they think the problem between them is over but it's just the beginning.

Both sisters turned out equally love their childhood friends, Acchan. She was lovely to both of them so it's very difficult to judge which one she liked. Yuko is a confident child. She is very confident Acchan also like her because at the time they entered the school festival and haunted house together, Acchan holding her hand. Takamina did not participate at that time because  she is busy with the cafe, which was held in her class. Yuko was very happy that day.

Sometimes the expectations do not correspond to reality.

A week later, Yuko saw Acchan and her sister holding hands. She also heard from students that they've been dating. Takamina confirmed it after school to her. Knowing and hearing the truth.... Yuko felt stabbed in the heart. Sore and hot, that's what she felt. Her first love was unrequited...

And since that day, Yuko considers her sister as a rival.
--------------- X ---------------
"Gosh, Yyyuuuuukkkkooooooo help me with all the fileeeeessss. I...I do not know what else to ddddooooo."

Several years have passed. Yuko have grown up now and work in one of the leading fashion company. Thanks to a broken heart in the past, she was keen to learn in high school and as a result gained a pretty good job. Well, life does not always run smoothly. There are hurdles that she faces, one of them which is working double as much of her work. Why? Because the boss is very sloppy and well how to say...the boss is not smart. In addition she is a quitter and will certainly pass the job on poor Yuko. She had just worked a week but feel wanted to resign...

"I'll help after I was finished with the paperwork clothing design, Kojima-san!" Without switching from the documents, Yuko replied.

Kojima Haruna, she is the boss at the company where Yuko venture. As mentioned earlier, she is not smart. Yuko also confused how this stupid people could become the boss. She also is odd, told employees that they should not need to be formal. They are should just call her with Kojiharu, Harunyan, or Nyan Nyan. So weird! The last thing that makes Kojima Haruna as the most unique boss is she never called employees with family name, first name directly (even so, Yuko still call her formally and politely). However, Yuko was thankful that her boss is not grumpy and very very kind. Coupled with her good looks and...big breasts and sexy ass. Now, Yuko is having dreamy thought of her boss. If only she could have her, certainly Takamina is defeated.

"Yyyyuuuuuuukkkkkooooooo," Kojima Haruna whine. "Why are you daydreaming?? Come help meeeeeee."

"Ww—WHUT??! I-I'm coming boss!"

One more tiring day passed by Yuko.
--------------- X ---------------
At the evening

"Yo midget, why with the gloomy expression?" Takamina greeted her sister who is leaning on the counter.

"Yo midget," Yuko heaved. "I am very tired."

Takamina nodded and shouted loud enough for someone who was in the kitchen cafe thus the person could hear it. "Atsuko, make Yuko's favorite drink, please!"

Has become their habit to call midget each other because their height is fairly short. Atsuko even higher than them. Yuko sighed once again as she rests her chin. She still could not believe that her sister has been married to her childhood friend, Acchan. They opened the cafe and work together. Has entered the first year they were married. So romantic.

"What makes you tired, midget?"

"Oh stop midget, I'm taller than you."

"Yeah just a bit," Takamina rolled her eyes. "Answer me."

Yuko wants to say that she was exhausted due to the boss but the desire to beat her sister returned. She did not know why, whether because her sister had been married to her first love so she jealous? In her mind, Yuko is having war with her own mind for not doing it again. Unfortunately, she failed. "Well, my girlfriend was really troublesome these days..."

"EH????!!!!" Acchan who had just come in with a glass of Yuko's favorite beverage along with Takamina gasped. "Since when do you have a gf?! You never told this to us!" Takamina asked rather scream.

"I'm busy so always forget that I'm going to tell it..."

"Since when???" Excitedly Atsuko asked.

"Ett ..." Yuko was thinking hard to pick a false date joint of she and her boss start dating. Ugh! She felt like disappearing from the world. 'What a fool I was, lying like this just to feel better than my sister...argh this will only cause trouble!' Yuko rubbed her forehead. Our AtsuMina couple just exchanged stares at her  reaction.

In the end, Yuko said that she has been dating after entering the workplace. Well that's not entirely a lie because after she was hired, she did feel something strange when meeting with the boss. At that time, she speculated that it was only lust but she does not know. Our squirrel do not yet know the real thing.

Bad things ensued. Takamina requested her to bring her girlfriend here so that she and Acchan can view and comment.

Unfortunate today, Yuko.
--------------- X ---------------
The next day, without guessed by Yuko, her boss asked her to go to an elite mall. Unexpectedly, the boss went shopping, leaving her job stacked. Of course it makes Yuko upset and surprised at the same time. Upset because she was sure the jobs would be given to her. Surprised because she simply leaves her job and go shopping. The only words that came to her mind now is: what da hell...

Yuko is waiting for her boss at lingerie shop, not far from the shop there is a jewelry shop. She decided to look around. Arriving in front of the store, her eyes fixed on the latest models diamond ring on display in a glass next to the entrance of the store. The diamond ring is so beautiful. Suddenly she wanted to buy the shining thing...but to whom? She did not feel like wearing it. Yuko is too focused on her mind so she did not realize her boss was standing next to, following what she does which is looking at the diamond ring.

"Yuko what's up? Do you want to buy it?"

Yuko snapped. "Ah! Since when Kojima-san is here?"

"Mou...I told you do not be formal with me. Call me Kojiharu, Harunyan, or Nyan Nyan!" She pouted.

"No buts! If you do not do it I will fire you."

"OK! Uh..." Yuko was debating with herself which name should she choose. She likes Kojiharu but Nyan suits her, that name sounds cute and has the airhead image. "....Nyan  Nyan..."

"I am happy now!!" Nyan smiling so hard after that. Yuko astonished because this is the first time she sees her boss smiled wide and happily. In an instant the smile disappeared to be replaced by a cute expression. "I wish someone would buy me the diamond ring ..." She pouted cutely.

"Not meant sassy, ​​but Nyan Nyan, you're the boss and sustainable. You can buy it yourself right?"

"You're right, Yuu-chan. But the person who bought it for me definitely romantic~ maybe I will marry the person immediately if it is really happening."

Yuko doesn't reply. She was determined to buy the diamond ring. Determination was somehow feels so strongly, to the point Yuko wanted to work more to earn more money. Somehow she missed on a heap of work belonging to her boss. She wanted to do all of that, not tomorrow but right away. Strange. The boss is always odd and even gave him an odd effect...
--------------- X ---------------
It has been 5 months since the incident and during the same Yuko looks like a zombie. Determination to buy the diamond was still in her. Is that feeling arises only because she want to beat her sister? Sometimes she asked herself but after thoughtful, she may not be doing this if she wants to have Nyan Nyan. She might not want to be willing to work all out until she looks like a zombie. She could have her boss with classical ways and if that fails she could ask for help from her boss to pretend to be her girlfriend, at least to come to Takamina's cafe. Moreover, the boss is a good woman. She believes Nyan Nyan would not refuse if  she asks for help.

Need I tell also that during 5 months Yuko refused all Nyan Nyan invitations to shop or mall. Yes, since the incident somehow her boss like to invite her to  go shopping. But the circumstances do not allow, Yuko must have enough money soon. She has promised not to have fun before buying the diamond ring. Actually, she felt bad to her boss because every time she refused, Nyan Nyan would look sad. She was smart enough to cover it with a direct way to smile and go. Ugh! It feels Yuko wants to revoke her entire hair. She felt very tired and frustrated. She wanted to give up but to stay a little longer she would be able to buy that diamond ring...

Finally after struggling and keep fighting, she managed to collect the money! Kojima Haruna, the good-hearted boss also gave bonus. Yuko face becomes fresh again. After work she certainly did not waste any time. She immediately went to the store where the diamond ring was sold and displayed elegantly. Her Starry-eyed looking at the ring which is still in its original position. She bought it without further ado. After the ring was hers, Yuko felt all the weariness she felt lost. She intends to give this tomorrow in a fancy restaurant near her office. That night, Yuko sleep peacefully.

Tomorrow Night

Long silence engulfing them. Haruna could not stop tilting her head side to side. Yuko can not stop her queasiness. Her heart was beating very fast. Faster than the beating when she won the first marathon race. Yuko made wonder once again.

"Yuko, what do you want to talk about? Didn't you bring me here because you want to talk about something?" Haruna tilted her head cutely. In the minds of Yuko she screamed why her boss look so gorgeous and funny at the same time tonight ...(; ̄O ̄)( ̄O ̄;)


"Don't tell me you want to stop working. Am I not good? Too spoiled because often pass my jobs to you? Less sexy? Answer me Yuuukkkoooo."

Yuko literally face-palmed for the latter. According to her, Haruna is sexy enough to the make her day. "No! I ... I want to give you something."

Yuko finally can muster courage. She pulled out a ring box out of her bag and handed it to Haruna. Haruna initially did not understand why Yuko handed her a box. She thought the box contained a letter but then she thought the letter might not be fit in the small box. She opened the box and....her eyes widened, does not trust her own eyesight. Her gaze moved from the diamond ring to Yuko who blushed.

"You...bought this for me? Why?"

"Because I love you, Kojima Haruna." Yuko continued. "I do not know since when but..when you said you want someone to buy this ring for you, I was determined I should be able to buy the ring for you. I want to make you happy and look at your happiest smile, the same smile when I call you Nyan Nyan. I know I was an employee in your company and should not do this but I can not stop this feeling."

Haruna moves to the seat next to Yuko and hugged her very tightly. A happy tear fell from her eyes. For several minutes they remained in that position until Haruna took off her arms, weeping. According to Yuko, even she sobs look pretty.

"I love you since the first time we met, Yuko. I think you've got something different and it lure me. I actually already know that you will give this because I saw a paper titled 'Diamond for KH! Fighting!' I am sure KH is me  because no one else have the initials except me in the company. I think you're also very cool while working diligently to be able to buy it. I'm very happy."

Lucky they sit in a corner of the restaurant and the place was not too visible by other visitors. Secretly they share a kiss there. The  diamond ring embedded on Haruna ring finger perfectly. Yuko felt her life was much better and she felt very very happy. Finally our squirrel have found her new love and moved on.


"Minami, look! Isn't that Yuko? She was with a woman."

"Hm? Where...OH MY GOD! They kissed!"

"So she is Yuko's girlfriend...why she has not introduced her to us?"


"Hey Minami answer me! What are you looking at to stare so?!"

"That...that girl is oppai...see Atsuko, Yuko is roaming her body.."

Next thing was heard a hard smack sound.
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OMG! This is a really lovely fic :D, you are amazing!! :D thank you so much I just love it!! :D and that final atsumina scene hahaha was really funnny, thaks kiddo!
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I really like this kojiyuu os....

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aaaahhhh ~ nice fic!!!!  :mon lovelaff:
i like it!! so lovely  :mon inluv:
Title: My Short Fanfictions||LIPS TASTER [Wmatsui] Chapter 3 updated! 09.30.15
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Chapter 3 of LIPS TASTER is out minna-san!!! I'm so sorry I took long time to update this :kneelbow: this chapter is dedicated to the ducky author, ChrunchyCream who rushed me to update this fic soon and kuroblack_29~ Not just dedicated for them but also other readers who wanted this chapter~ Er...I didn't plan to make this chapter like "this" >\\\< the reason I update long was because I blush easily when making their moments. Hontou ni gomen minna-san >\\\< FYI this fanfic has 7 chapters~ Enjoy and sorry for errors as always! :D :D
Ps, to ChrunchyCream, you made me not study AT ALL for Math test tomorrow :shifty: well just kidding hahahaha screw that test. I won't get good score for Math anyway :on cigar:

Chapter 3

Rena POV

"What a surprise!!! The drama just started but look what we have here."
"Indeed. We must confirm whether the photo is true or fake. There are already many comments in social medias about this photo. Certainly all of the comments demanding for explanation from both parties, Matsui—"

What is that irritating voice? It ruined my peaceful sleep! I did not planned to wake up early today because I don't have early shooting for the drama. Thinking about the drama, an image of last night event popped in my mind. That...that kiss (>\\\<). The cause of we are dating now, Jurina and I. Heat start its trip from my body going up to my cheeks. Oh mind, stop it I just woke up! I do not want to be sinned since morning! Talks about wake up, the irritating voice that was not supposed to be my alarm is still there. My eyes shot open. The voice was from the television but I did not remember I turn it on last night. Don't tell me...a ghost did?!

I immediately get up and sit on my bed. Panic and worry were filling my head but soon those replaced by question mark. A figure was sitting on my sofa while watching the news on TV. It seems the person has noticed that I had woken up because he turned his gaze to me. That charming one has it except my boyfriend Jurina! Wait why is he here?


"Good morning, Rena~" I was cut by his greeting. Well I don't mind though.

He stood up from the sofa and went to my bed. Without warning, telling, even my permission, he kissed me passionately. Yep passionately. Ugh this guy, I expect it is just a peck on the lips for a morning kiss. He went deeper and more passionate hence I closed my eyes. My heart races, butterflies tickle my stomach, once again heat comes and roams my body, oxygen is starting to run out of my lungs.


I struggled hard to say it. Finally and fortunately he stopped.

"Sorry I just can't prevent myself anymore. You stunningly had turned me on you know." He grinned. I slapped his arm playfully while lowering my head. The latter words make me blush terribly.

"Chotto, how did you enter my room?"

"Thanks to the receptionist. I tell her that I am Matsui Jurina and want to visit Matsui Rena. Guess what? She passed me the key without further ado and blushing. Must be one of my fan~" He grinned ear to ear. "Hmm Rena-chan, you should get going. Your management and my management are gathering in your management building. They called us a while ago."

What's with his expression? He looked anxious. "Is everything alright? You seem—"

"Everything's alright don't worry. Come on you had better hurry up. I brought you bread for breakfast."

He cut my sentence again. Because of that I puffed my cheeks when I was walking to bathroom. I dislike if someone moreover my boyfriend hides something from me like I can't keep the secret. You will see the angry Matsui Rena, Jurina! I shout it loudly in my mind as I take a shower.
We are in the car with silence surrounding us at the moment. Jurina did not turn on the music player this time. When I was about to turn it on he grabbed my hand saying don't interrupt this comfortable silence. Comfortable he said? It was uncomfortable for me! Anger that had cooled down a little has came back cause of his strange behavior. I decided to ignore him and opened twitter instead. First thing that I see is notifications. Wow I got a lot of mentions from fans...huh? Why they seem furious? Jurina name was also mentioned. Well, probably they were jealous because I got to play a drama with him. I closed the notifications and went to Japan trending topic. Huh? Jurina and I just started trending. I clicked the trend and I furrowed. Many fans posted tweets about photo. What photo? I'm scrolling down to find the photo. To my horror the photo...the photo was me and Jurina kissing in his car! Who had taken the photo?! Ugh I understand why Jurina looked anxious. Managements called us, it must be to get our explanation according the photo.

"We have arrived." Wow Jurina opened the car door for me. I did not realize we have arrived. Was I too focused on the photo?

We get inside the building hand in hand. Despite he knew that dating someone in entertainment industry is prohibited, he doesn't care. Knowing this make me love him the more. As we are inside the lobby, the receptionists greeted us. They told us just go straight to the gathering room. Slowly my heart rate increasing. I am worry about the contract. If I date someone, the contract will end no matter what. The same for Jurina's contract with his management.

Surprisingly we do not go the the gathering room right away. He brought me to the restroom. Once more he surprised me. His lips crashed with mine and I was pinned. The kiss was short but still causing sensation of heart pounding. "Rena, listen to me. I know you had seen the news from twitter right? We will get through this without breaking our relationship." He assuredly said.

"So it is true that our managements called us for explanation..."

"I don't know but isn't it obvious? After the news reported, my management called me."

"Jurina...I am a bit scared..."

He cupped my cheeks. Our faces are adjacent. "As long as I am here, no one can make my Rena worry or scared okay? Believe in me." Before we got out of restroom he pecked my lips. I smiled, he literally is a kissing monster.

After that we go to the room. The heads of each managements released dark aura when we just entered the room. They are looking at us deeply. The first one who voiced is the head of my management. As usual he is straight to the point, mentioned the shocking photo. Then the head of Jurina's management demands for explanation. As expected. Jurina answered bravely and confidently that we are dating. The head of his management warned him about their contract and that we had broken the rule, the rule which we can't date someone if we have contract with the management.

"We know but you can't just stop someone's feelings with contract! Please, let us explain to the fans first. If they don't allow our relationship as lovers, we will say to them that the photo was just a misunderstanding. That we were practicing the kissing scene that's all." Jurina replied.

Jurina successfully got their agreement! They were hesitant but let him be anyway. He bowed ninety degrees to express his gratitude. I followed him. The last thing we must do is to get fans' agreements. It's not easy so we must try our best! On the way to our shooting place, Jurina told me his opinion of how to get their heart. First, we should not comment of it and act like something never happen. Secondly we act lovey dovey during the shooting like take selfie together or share our moments together to social media. Third the last, we wait for a week or so to see their responses. If it good we will tell the truth, if contrary we will say that the photo where we were practicing the kissing scene.

A week later
On the shooting place

We purposely did not see their responses for a week, just posted our pic and moments and then log out our social media if we did not post these. Today is the time. I kind of nervous to open my twitter. While Jurina, he keeps it cool when signing in to his blog. Hmph! Doesn't he afraid that they will give negative responses?! I looked away to open my twitter. Baka Jurina!

I have signed in to my I just need to touch the notifications button. Too afraid to open the trending topic. I counted one through ten to calm myself and my thumping heart. we go...I touched the notifications button and what I see next is making me...

"Well done, Rena-chan~ now we don't have to worry about our contracts and the managements." Jurina kissed my right cheek. Yeah! Their responses are positive! We got a lot of shippers, too. I read their mentions one by one. Tears began to form and fall cause happiness filling my heart. They said we are so cute and they don't mind our relationship. Jurina hugs me lovingly and so I hug him back. Myself can't hold the tears from falling anymore.

"Jurina, we...we succeeded." I said between my sob.

"Yeah. Now we won't be bashful when doing the shooting right?" He winked.


The next thing I know our lips attached to each other. This kiss shows gentleness, love, and sweetness since he kissed me softly. Unconsciously I pull him closer. No words can't describe my feelings now.

Our moment disturbed when a staff calling our names, it's time to take the films. "If you think it's over, you are totally wrong. We will continue, Rena."

Uh-oh the kissing beast inside him has arose.
Tonight I will stay at Jurina's apartment. Unfortunately it was a bad decision. Now he is standing in front of me and...h-he is stripping! Slowly he unbuttoned his shirt revealing his sexy abdomen and those packs...oh no he is approaching me who is sitting awkwardly on his bed.


My heart is like to explode anytime soon. My body undeniably becoming hot especially on my cheeks like I was boiled. What can I do is only looking away. "Ju-Jurina...isn't it too fast for us to do that thing? (¬///¬)"

"I don't care. What I want is you."

He jumped to me when I was off guard. S-somebody please help me!!!
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Hot.... hot why is so hot here, my face is boiling like rena :")
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Koyuhan hontou ni gomen for making you skipped your study  :bow:  :bow: ,and I DID tell you to study first  :catglare: ,well it's math anywho I know perfectly how that feels,meh good chapter btw,don't easily blush...
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These  :peace: story's are so perfect keep it up. Bye bye

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i will help you rena-chan!!!
well... i wont help you, i'd like to see what will happen next :kekeke:
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Next next LOL
I hope i wanna see rena chan jealous
Tsunderena or rena chan jealous so cutee
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That was amazing... thank you for this chapter.

But KIDDO you need to study!!!!
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This is a dare from a sadist author namely ChrunchyCream. Do you know minna-san? I have one more dare to make smut for lips taster!!! :imdead: :imdead: So sadist right? I make this in rush because I must post and finish this dare today :gyaaah: sorry for the crappy story...
By the way, I reply your comments for the previous chap of lips taster below! :hip smile:

@vickystar: hot? Hehehe turn on your AC or fanning yourself muahahahaha XD I have to admit, my face was hot too when I make the chapter :nervous
@ChrunchyCream: eh you told me to study first? Hmmm I don't remember XD well, screw Math! It has passed anyway :stuffed: You already know I easily blush when it comes to sweet or daring moments -__-
@Ne_Okotteru: thanks! I will keep it up so stay tune :D
@key17: don't help her, just let her be "eaten" by our Jurina :kekeke:
@purnamazaki: I'll grant your wishes~ :on asmo: XD
@Haruko: your welcome~ :cathappy: I'm not a kiddo |( ̄3 ̄)| and don't worry it has passed~ I'll focus on my lat paper on Monday ;)


I have no doubt when I said that thing was the most horrible thing I have ever saw. Positive, it says. Based on the red line on its body which is now lying helplessly on the tile. My mind rewinded the scene when his hands, his touch, his breath, his husky voice whispered, all the lewd things he did, these were playing clearly as if I was watching a movie. Though these were fake. He has a girlfriend already...and he did these only to wreak his lust. It was obvious he never loves me the same way I do toward him. What am I? Just a friend, a former worker in the company he is leading. Questions kept haunting me. I think I am gonna insane. How can I raise a child when I merely can take care of myself. Tonight I cried unstoppably while thinking about it. I try to distract myself by being lost in the past. I remembering the good times we had, his smile, his gentle manner, and many more.

The time when we first met, I finally believe the words love in first sight are exist. I was accepted to be the secretary in the company hence we often work together as he is the CEO. The reason he accepted me was kind of lame. He said, it was because we have the same surname. A CEO accepted me just because I have a same surname with him is reckless, I thought. Well actually It was a joke, he told me I am a hardworking person and quite smart. He flashed me a smile after told me so. The first smile that could melt me. I wish I could kiss that sexy duck-shaped lips. Sadly, that lips doesn't belong to me. It had kissed someone else's lips. Accidentally I saw it.

His name is Matsui Jun, a 24 year-old.

As my mind recalled our first time meeting each other I suddenly feel emotional. I want to end my life right now, right here. My foot dragged me to the kitchen to grab something sharp. A knife would do. I took it and then walked toward the balcony. Aback, I told myself that I will die at the place that I love. The balcony is one out of many places that I love because I usually see the sparkling stars from there. Simply beautiful yet cause excitement through my veins. I'm getting ready after I taken the last glance at the stars. I stroke my tummy softly as tears flowed down.

"Baby, I'm sorry I'm such a bad mother. I'm sorry I can't let you see the amazing world but I promise..." I stopped midway because I sobbed hard. Finally after be able to calm down a bit, I continue. "I promise we will see the heaven together. Which is way greater than the world...and I'm sorry you can't see your father and feel his arms around you. We can see him later in heaven if you want.."

I positioned the knife in front of my tummy and closed my eyes.
Sayonara world and specially Jun, my love. I never got the chance to confess but hopefully you realize it when we made our baby.
I'm ready now. I bring the knife up and with speed I bring it down to my tummy.

But I felt nothing. No pain. Instead I felt a strong grip on my wrist. Immediately I open my eyes and find Jun looking at me worriedly.

"Rena what are you trying to do?!" He snatched the knife and threw it somewhere.

I could not reply him because I am depressing the fact that he doesn't love me but we had done a wrong thing. I cried even harder. Surprisingly he embraces me tight. After a couple of minutes I managed to restrain myself and answered his question. "I...I want to..end my life..."

"I will not allow you to do that." His tone was frightening.

"Is that a warning to your secretary, Matsui-san?"

"It is a warning but not to my secretary. It's to Matsui Rena. Beside, we are not in the company why do you call me formally? Listen, Rena," He cupped my cheeks and looked straight into my eyes. "I don't want to lose you."


There is a break between us. He looked away. His cheeks somewhat show tints of red, is he blushing? No way. But his reply is on the contrary with my thought. "Because the person in front of me had been throne in my heart. The palace will die if she dies because nobody can replace her."

I widened my eyes in disbelief. He has a girlfriend, is this a kind of joke? "Jun you have a could you say so?"

"Huh? I don't have any."

"But...I saw you kissing with a woman..."

He didn't reply me moreover attach our lips in sudden. I can only widened my eyes but soon he demands for a reply so I kiss him back. He pulled me closer and our kiss went more passionate, he bit my lower lip hungrily thus I gasped, opening the access to my cave. He inserted his tongue then began infiltrating my mouth. My hands are gripping on his shirt because the sensation is so...I moaned. Out of oxygen forced him to stop. He breathlessly said, "It was just an accident. The woman loves me and she is an extreme person, kissed me to confess. I don't love her, you can ask my best friend if you don't trust me. She is my friend since high school for your info. She suddenly came that time."

I'm relieved. "I see. came here suddenly too. So that means the thing we did just now is just an accident?"

"Of course not, I really love you. I came here because your friend, Takayanagi-san informed me that these past few days you threw up quite many times. I know what that means, our baby inside your tummy now." He smiled happily.

Unexpectedly he bent down in front of me and took out a ring box. He opened it, looking at my eyes lovingly. "I came here to propose you, too. Matsui Rena, will you spend the rest of your life with me and our baby as my wife?"

Without thinking twice, I accept his proposal in joy. Finally my love is requited. He stroke my still-flat tummy and once again kiss me. Under the starlight, I imagine our happy future.

So how was it Chy? Are you satisfied? :catglare:

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Heyho minna-san. Finally done with this chapter. Now I can exhale a relief breath~ :stuffed: for you who asked a slap for Jurina and the jealous Rena, here for you~ Enjoy and sorry for errors!
Now let me finish my homework, see you later~! :cool1:


Normal POV

After three weeks of the dating incident and its mess, the drama almost reach the peak and so our actor and actress can relax a little bit. Let's see what they are doing now~ Author flies to Jurina's apartment, stops by the window, and then peeking to see what is going on inside. The window connected us to his bedroom. Guess what? Author can't find Rena. Only Jurina who is he doing? He is standing in front of the wall and his back is facing the window. Something is not right so Author try to comprehend what is going on. Author gets inside. Turns out Rena is there! She was pinned on the wall! When Author looks at Jurina, there are flames inside Jurina eyes which will "burn" or rather give Rena the "hot" anytime soon. Rena on the other hand just let what her boyfriend pleases. According to her, nobody can stop him after the beast had arisen. A sigh escaped out of her nose. 'I did not do anything yet the beast appear...really what's happening with him.' Rena thought.

"Say you love me, Rena."

Jurina demanded huskily. His eyes stared at the almond-colored orbs of Rena's. Their noses were touching hence Rena could feel his warm breath upon her lips and downer. Her heart beating crazily as Jurina lips getting near to hers. No, Rena is not ready yet! She replied to prevent him also to calm her heart.

"I love you Jurina. Can you get off me now?" She stared into his dark brown orbs with flat face on. Uh-oh those become darker after she said so.


He clashed his lips with Rena lips and immediately bit her lower lip to open the cave, the arena for the "battle". No need to wait long Rena opened her mouth. Her tongue was ready to meet with her opponent. Finally their tongues facing each other, Jurina's approached first and attacked Rena's. They had a rough battle to take the winning as the dominant. Between their battle session, Rena hands went up to find something to be gripped. She found something silky and soft which is Jurina hair. Who cares about he will hurt if she pulls it. Blame him at the first place because he initiated this kiss thing.

Rena literally pulled it hardly when Jurina won the battle, went down to her milky neck, kissed and bit, left a few of hickeys. He was pinning Rena with only his right hand while the other hand seeking for an activity. It found one which is caressing her flat abdomen. The hand is naughty. It went upper to unclasp something annoying that is covering Rena breasts. Rena wants to protest but she lets out a moan instead. Her hands finally could break free and moved to Jurina shoulders, pushing him as the sign he must stop. Jurina didn't budge and kiss her lips back. More passionate. The hand which gripped Rena hands before, now wrap her waist. When Jurina almost successful to unclasp her bra....


His phone rings thus he stopped and got off of Rena.

"Damn phone! Whoever is calling me, I'll kill the person!"

He cursed before see the caller ID. In fact, the caller is from a famous photographer named Watanabe Tetsuo. Jurina gulps and takes back his words.

" calling?" Rena breathlessly asked. "Why are you...not pick it up right away? Don't tell's your affair girl..." She squinted her eyes while trying to catch her breath.

"Of course not! This is Watanabe Tetsuo calling!" Jurina finally pick it up. "Good morning, Watanabe-san. Is there anything that I can help you with?"

"Good morning, Matsui-san! I have a photoshoot for you today, this late afternoon at 3. Come to XX building. I'll text the address to you."

"Alright, Watanabe-san. May I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure. What is it?"

"Is this personal photoshoot or the other way?"

A laughter can be heard on the other line. "You'll find out later."

"Ah...I see. Thank you for the information, Watanabe-san." Jurina replied trying not to sound sarcastic.

Jurina turned around after pressed the end call button to see his girlfriend leaned against the wall with that super-cute-expression-that-makes-heart-quickened. It's strange how little things that Rena does could cause such effect. He wanted to kiss her again but doubt she will like it. This morning he had kissed her seven times, six on the lips and one on the cheek. Wait it was eight if you add the kiss they shared a moment ago.

"J, why are you staying silent?"

No no no this is bad. Whenever Rena calls him with that turned Jurina on badly. This time it is not fail either. Jurina could not help but to approach her with lust win over him, again.

"Honey, wanna take a bath together?"

Rena had to nod if the condition is like this, Jurina called her 'honey' that means she must obey him...


At the XX Building

Jurina gaped because his senior in modeling is here and she will be his partner for the photoshoot. Iriyama Anna her name, known as cool beauty. Face-palmed was what Jurina doing. The photographer, none other than Watanabe Tetsuo just told him the photoshoot is for Weekly Playboy magazine. They did not waste time anymore as Jurina had arrived. Watanabe Tetsuo leads them to pose this and that. Some daring photos are included. The first daring pose, Jurina had to unbutton his shirt and reveal his chest while Anna staring at him, her hands on his nape, and biting her lips. His heart was pounding due to nervousness. Her stare was so intense. Fortunately it did not happen long, thanks to their professionalism.

The second daring pose, Anna's shirt was wet—her undergarment was visible, she posed sexily on Jurina lap, he was sitting on an elegant sofa. He could feel her wet hair tickling his cheek and bare chest. During the pose his mind suddenly think of Rena. How if she sees this later on the magazine? Imagined Rena's reaction sent chill down his spine. He recalled a scene of Majisuka Gakuen drama staring Rena as Gekikara, the fight scene of her and Maeda. It makes sense why the director chose Rena, an innocent cute pretty ladylike woman to take the crazy pyscho role. Actually she has that scary side. Three weeks dating her, Jurina had seen that side of hers whenever she jealous. Well of course she did not act crazy like in the drama but the aura was the same. Anxiety started haunting him.

"15 minutes break!"

He snapped back to reality as the director declared it. Now he can exhale a relief sigh. But...wait why his senior did not get up and still sitting on his lap? He wants to ask her but afraid since she is his senior. Her head suddenly resting on his chest. Wtf?!

"Please stay a little while. It's so comfortable you mind?" She asked almost whispering.

"I-I don't mind."

Silence spreading around them. The photographer and other crews had gone out so it was only them in the room. Although so, Jurina can't stop feeling anxious. The moment when paparazzi taken a photo of him and Rena kissing...he doesn't want to get any more gossip. He cursed himself of being unable to get off from his senior. "You're so kind, Matsui."

He jolted a bit cause of surprise. "Ah...thanks, senpai."

"No need to call me that. Just call me Annin."

"Okay..Annin. Just call me Jurina, too."

She nodded. "I'm jealous of your girlfriend. She has a kind boyfriend like you and I think you two are so sweet together."

"Ahaha..." Jurina laughed uneasily. His senior somehow keeps complimenting. "Our relationship is not always smooth and sweet for your info."

"Really? I want to hear more then." She got off of Jurina. "After I change my clothes okay?"

"Okay. In return you should tell me your love life also." He grinned.

After Break

They continued the photoshoot well. It does not feel awkward, maybe because they had shared and talked about their loved one at break. Therefore they start to know each other better. Unexpectedly the photoshoot end faster. Annin asked Jurina out for a cup of coffee. Impolite if he refuse it moreover they just talked a while ago. He nodded to Annin as the sign of agreement. They went to the coffee shop nearby, ordered coffees and desserts, and chitchat. Apparently they chatted too long. Jurina just realized it as he saw the time, it was already 9 PM. Annin realized the uneasy looks on her junior face.

"Let's go home, shall we? Waiter," Annin called a waiter who is standing near their desk. "Please bring me the bill."

"Annin, let me pay for us."

"Nope, Jurina. Just take me home and we are equal." She smiled.


He took Annin to her house which incredibly huge. He was astonished but soon he realize how stupid he was by staring at Annin's house and not open the car door. He rushed to get out of the car then open the door for her. Annin thanked him so did Jurina for the coffee. After bid goodbye to Annin and her presence is no longer seen, Jurina immediately gets inside his car, starts the engine, and drives in speed. He stopped at bakery to buy melonpans for his beloved girlfriend. Excitedly he drove back home with a bag of melonpan for her. Some minutes have passed, he finally arrived at his apartment to see Rena sleeping soundly on his bed. He smiled and thought, 'This girl, she must be tired waiting for me.' He walked towards her, sat on the edge of his bed, silently admiring her cute sleeping face, and then he decided to join leaning on. Before call it a day and go to slumber, he kissed Rena forehead and embraced her.


The next day is a normal day for our couple. They don't have job so they go out for a date. Unfortunately, the lady luck was not on their side. After the date at the afternoon, they went to Jurina's apartment. Rena decided to stay a night there. The weather is hot and Jurina is sweating a lot so he took a bath right after they arrived. He finished it some minutes later, came out with only towel covering his private area. His hair is still wet because he did not dry it yet properly. The view when he came out is Rena who is looking down while sitting on the bed. Her back is facing him. What happened with her? Jurina does not say anything, goes to the cupboard, wear a black sleeveless t-shirt and a short. He approaches Rena after done.

"Rena, doushita? You are unknowingly quiet." His hand held her chin up to show her face. She looks...sad? Jurina nearing his face to kiss her lips. In his mind, he was sure the kiss will make her happy. At times it usually worked.

Jurina closed his eyes at the same time getting closer to her lips. Almost reach it but shockingly he felt a sting of pain on his cheek. She slapped him. He shot his eyes open. Rena is crying silently...she looks pissed. Puzzled of that, Jurina asked her once again but Rena kept quiet. She unlocked her phone and gave it to him. His eyes widened. There is a photo of him and...Annin kissing?! On the photo they kissed passionately. It was obvious by looking at Annin who was hugging "him" tightly. But it was not him! The last time they met, they just bid goodbye normally. They didn't hug or something. In the coffee shop, they just chatted, no more!

Rena sobbed. "I-I," sobbed once more. " came home that were with her...and did it..." She sobbed even harder.

"Rena, I can explain—"

"You don't need to do that! The photo is more than enough to explain!" Rena stood up. She covered her face with both of her hands. Jurina follows what she did. He wants to hug her, comfort her, but the circumstance is not suitable he thought.

He tried to explain again. "Don't you believe me? Okay I did go out with her but we just bought coffees and chatted. No more no less! Why do you believe the media more than me?!" Unconsciously Jurina raised his voice volume up. That gotten Rena's anger.

"Because you are a playboy! Do you hear me?! A playboy! I shouldn't believe you since the beginning!" Rena also shouted as she answered.

"What?! This is crazy. Stop it, I don't want us to have a fight like this!"

"You started it! I know, I know it. You date me just because you want to taste my lips, am I right? Since I never kiss someone before and won't ever accept a movie or drama with kissing scene on it. Yeah so you'll be known as the first person who taste my lips." Rena faced him. Sadness was clearly visible on her expression. "Let's end this. Good bye."

Rena runs out of the apartment. Jurina has no choice but to chase her. They are chasing each other until the road. Many people see them curiously, confused, surprisingly, some of them gasp and capture the rare moment of currently popular actor and actress chasing each other on the road. They thought, is this a kind of shooting or something? Jurina's fans are screaming his name. He ignored it, just focus on catching Rena because she is his priority. He almost get her wrist when they are at the edge of the crowded road. Rena is hopeless so she foolishly cross the road, doesn't care about a vehicle coming to her way. Jurina saw it and quickly brought her into his embrace to protect her, let his body be her shield...


Rena shut her eyes tightly. She was ready for the incoming pain but it never happened. She felt warm arms around her slender body...and heavy breaths on her neck. Jurina! She turned around. His hair is still wet but this time it was not wet cause of transparent liquid called water but red liquid...


"Re-Rena...are you okay?" Jurina asked with eyes half-opened and hoarsely.

In fast motion, Rena gets up to sitting position, lifts his head carefully to her lap, she caresses his cheek gently. "Jurina..." Tears formed on the corner of her eyes.

"Don't cry...honey..."

Without they realize peoples surrounding them. "Someone or somebody please call an ambulance!" One of them ordered. Rena looked at them pleadingly. Luckily some people calling the hospital. She turned back to Jurina.

"Jurina...p-please hold on. I'm sorry..I'm sorry..."

"I hate it when you cry..." Jurina shushed her. His hand moved to Rena cheek. "Remember this...I love you and..I will never ever cheat behind you, Rena.."

The next thing occur, Jurina closed his eyes, his hand fell to the side. A denial scream escaped out of Rena mouth...

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Jurina has to be okay. Rena needs him.

I can't believe that Rena thought that Jurina would cheat on her  :banghead:

I hope Jurina's ok.

I can't wait for the next chapter and keep up the good work. Bye bye :peace:
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Hey guys I'm back with an OS, a dare from ChrunchyCream :mon zoom: :pig realmad: hopefully you like it! As usual, sorry for errors~ :cow:
Ps, this OS inspired by a short story from my country and the story was in my native language book.
Thanks for the comment on my previous post, Lips Taster chapter 4! See you later minna-san~ :mon rush:

Blue Rose

The wind was frozen in Rose Room, a hospitalization room in an hospital in Sakae. On all-white bed, Rena is lying frozen in the time that was becoming immobile. She did not dare to count how many times the clock has passed number twelve, close to death that soon will pick her up.

The doctor has predicted her age is one month left due to worsening leukemia and the only thing she was waiting from her best friend is a blue rose. Yes, blue rose, not red rose or white rose, and only one, not a bouquet or a basket.

But, is blue rose ever exist? Her best friend, Jun, actually doubted it. He only ever saw red rose, white rose, and yellow rose. Three of them grow and blossom in his house garden. How about blue rose? He was not sure. Blue flowers that he had seen before were just orchid and carnation, even the color was not exactly blue but purple-bluish.

"Are you certain there is blue rose, Rena?" He asked when he was visiting her.

"I am certain. I had seen it."

"Not in a dream?"

"Nope. In a park but I forgot where the park was. Seemingly in Nagoya..."

Jun was silent. His eyes radiated doubt and it was captured by Rena. "Find it, Jun. Don't hesitate. Only it that I want from you as my last request. Please find it with love." Rena tried to assure him.

Therefore, with love, Jun goes to find a blue rose requested by his best friend. He immediately went towards parks in Nagoya and explored all corners. Did not find it there, he then explored all parks that belong to florists and flower sellers. On the top of that, he also went in and out cluster area and real estate, checked every garden and park there. For days he asked people everywhere to find a blue rose.

"Where I can find a blue rose? I need it!" He asked a University of Tokyo student through call, his best friend from high school, the smartest in their high school aback. His name is Watanabe Mayu.

"Are you kidding? If you search it even until the edge of the world you won't find it."

"But...Rena had seen it."

"It must be a paper flower."

"Don't joke, Mayu! I'm serious...her age is two weeks left, only one blue rose that she wanted from me for the last."

"If there is literally none, how?"

Jun became limp after hear the answer. He realized, nobody will never be able to find something which never exist, unless God create it suddenly. Nevertheless, how he assure Rena that blue rose never exist except in dream?

================================ x ====================================

Jun sat pensively on a bench at the city park. He swept his gaze to all corner of the park—an activity he had done for countless times to the point he gets bored of it. He is still hoping he can find a blue rose there or a miracle that bring out a blue rose in the middle of the grass at the park occurs. Isn't God almighty? If he says 'happen' accordingly 'will happened'. Why don't I beg to him? Jun thought.

"God, with your might, please blossomed a blue rose in front of me right away!"

He suddenly shouted at the same time standing, clenched his fists to the air and looked up to the sky. Not long after that, a poor little girl wearing a shabby t-shirt and disheveled pants, approaches and sits next to him.

"Sumimasen, can I ask for a help?"

"What can I help you?" Jun sits back on the bench.

"My house is in the other prefecture. I'm afraid to go back alone, afraid will get lost..."

Turns out the poor little girl is blind. Jun pitied her because her family did not accompany her whereas she can't see. He wants to help but he has not found the light for his problem. Dizziness attacked him. The thing called dilemma is happening to him now, he doesn't want to add more problem yet he feels bad if he refuses. He lets out a sigh.

"Do you wanna go home now?"

"Yes yes! Please accompany me until I reach my home."

The dizziness becoming more painful. The blue rose is still on searching but now suddenly a poor girl came asking for accompany. This is the most horrible thing happened in the entire of his life...the problems are giving too much pressure. Although like that, he does it patiently.

"What did you take to go here?"

"I took train. I was from Akihabara and wanted to go home but I missed the stop. So please accompany me till home. I'm afraid I will miss it again.."

Jun accompanying her by train to her house. As they had gotten inside the train, passengers have filled all the seats. Well, fortunately there is only one seat left. Jun guided the little girl to sit. They had little conversations regarding her whereabouts. Another fact revealed that she is an orphan. Jun pitied her more. He decided to help her sincerely and not half-heartedly cause of that.

After a few minutes, finally they arrived at the next prefecture. When they get out of the train, the sun already set. The girl takes him to the East and then both of them entered an alley. Every time Jun asked the address of her house, the girl always pointed to the east. That bring them to the edge of a small river. At that time, unconditionally Jun saw a bunch of plants with blue flowers blossoming. Were these flowers blue roses? Jun wants to make sure.

"Please wait a while."

Hurriedly Jun ran towards the plants. After he got close enough, he bursts into happiness. The flowers which blossom are truly blue roses! Without wasting any more time, he immediately knelt down and joyfully plucked a few petals, not forget to mention inhaled its scent passionately. The scent of the flowers were overpowering like the scent of expensive perfumes.
As Jun is lost in the world of joy, suddenly was heard the voice of little girl.

"Onii-san, here is your money, I return it back for the train charge. I put it here okay. I leave now."

Jun immediately swiveled his head to the source of her voice. Surprisingly nobody is there except a rag sac placed. He looked around for the little girl at the edge of the small river, turns, T-junctions, and crossroads to no avail. Strange, that girl disappeared just like that, he thought. He felt a bit curious. His mind kept guessing who is the girl that brought him to this place and disappeared in sudden? Was she the God-sent to grant his wish a while ago? Jun smiled as he felt very grateful at the moment.

After the blue roses on his hand, the only thing that comes to his mind was immediately bring the flowers to his best friend who was dying in the hospital. He purposely pick cab to go there. In Rose Room, Rena was in a coma. Her hand infused by red blood, oxygen mask covered her nose, her eyes closed hue pale. Only both of them in the room. Anxiously, Jun approached and whispered to her ear.

"Rena, do you hear me? I have found the blue rose that you requested. Here, I bring it for you."

Rena opened her eyes and slowly her hand moved to take the oxygen mask off her nose. "Where is the blue rose, Jun?"


With her right hand, Rena reaching for the blue rose. Succeeded, she put it in front of her nose and inhaling its smell. Unexpectedly her face hue become fresh.

Curiosity is haunting Jun hence he asked. "Why did you want a blue rose?"

"Because you are like a blue rose, hard to find and hard to reach." Rena smiled bitterly.

Jun somehow could get the meaning of Rena's smile. He smiled also but a happy one. "If I'm a blue rose then you are a red rose."

"Hm? Why?"

"Because you are so beautiful, my love, and the opposite of the color of blue. The first two words, I think you know the meaning already. The last word, your personality is opposite with me. Despite of that, it can't stop me from loving you. I love you, Rena. More than a best friend."

Tears began to form in the corner of Rena eyes. She positioned herself to sit and hugged him tightly. Jun did the same to her, tears had rolled down his cheek without she knows. Even so, Jun tried to be unnoticed. They embraced their loved one for quite a long time. One of them, who is Rena, pulled away first but she then sticked her lips onto Jun's. It was just a short kiss though. Rena laid back on the bed and held the blue rose on her chest.

"This flower will heal me. This flower is what I seen in dream. This flower has to be from heaven. Fortunately you could find it, Jun. Thank you so much. Now I will eat it."

Rena literally eat the blue rose. She ate its petal one by one. A moment later, with her lips formed a smile, slowly she closed her eyelids. She sleeps while clutching the remaining blue rose petals.

If you're a rose
Let me see you here with my own eyes
Even if that flower was to wither and fall
all of you is dear to me

These tears that pour forth
I won't wipe them

If this is love
How about we close our eyes forever
And on the mirror of memories
Let our feelings be reflected?

I'm fine without ever having you, and know the fact that we're not destined together.
At least my love is requited. I'm beyond happy, Rena.

Now as the red rose had gone, the blue rose can't touch her, feel her, reach her anymore. Emptiness attacking his heart.

A/N: so yeah, it's an angst :nervous sorry if it is not sad. I'm bad at making sad ending story :bow:
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Though sad, it's beautiful.
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"Because you are like the blue rose, hard to find, and hard to reach." :farofflook:
But, Rena.. :gyaaah:
And that song.. :fainted:
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Oh no ! My Wmatsui heart ....
thank you for make os wmatsui
But i hope u will make os wmatsui happy ending haha
btw u're my favourite author :)
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Its hurt :( my little heart its hurt inside, its make me remember the sentence of Rena :( "you're not wmatsui amymore, you're matsui jurina":( i miss rena so much
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Touching (┯_┯),well I'm a guy with a quite sof heart so I cried,good angst koyuhan  :fap
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"Jurina...p-please hold on. I'm sorry..I'm sorry..."

"I hate it when you cry..." Jurina shushed her. His hand moved to Rena cheek. "Remember this...I love you and..I will never ever cheat behind you, Rena.."

The next thing occur, Jurina closed his eyes, his hand fell to the side. A denial scream escaped out of Rena mouth...


WHUTT?? NOOOO, J!!!  :bleed eyes: please save him author-san, you know rena couldn't live without him  :bleed eyes:

Anw, great fanfic, please keep continue~  :twothumbs :twothumbs
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To someone, I keep the dare promise although I said I won't since I'll make a collab fic with your OTP in it. Here it is.
Based on true story.

High and Down

She was smart at speaking, she is different, there is a different feeling when Haruka saw the girl. Arose in her mind an idea that the girl is a clever student, both in lessons and organizations. Smoothly and very good, the girl expressed her opinion when their class into group of counter against seniors for a debate. Still it is also clear in her memory that seniors implied admiration toward her. Haruka sure, that girl will easily pass the selection to be part of the student council if she wants to join. This was reinforced after graders chose her to be the head of the class.

Those things happened when Haruka had just set foot in high school. She was fortunate to be accepted in the school near her home so she does not have to take a train or a bus to get there, enough to ride a bicycle or walk. When it was student orientation period, she did not immediately get a lot of friends. Only a student who came from the same junior high school who are in the same class with her. However she was quite relieved there was still someone she knows. During orientation, she simply only be with that friend from the same junior high school, her name Sashihara Rino. Haruka introvert personality caused her not easily make friends, during the introduction of school she was more silent and so on until the debate day with seniors of the student council is in sight. Topic of debate is seniority and seniors were so smoldering agreed on seniority at the school.

Haruka thought she was not going to give opinion but she was wrong. After seeing the girl, named Yokoyama Yui, she found the courage to speak her mind. From the beginning Haruka annoyed with their opinion that allow violence to teach juniors how to be a good student. She raised her hand and then stood up . Curious stares of the students was neglected.

"In my opinion, seniority in a violent manner is not true. Seniors should teach his/her juniors in a good way, as you teach your younger sister/brother at home. The teacher once said that the school is a second home and the teachers are second parents for students. From these statements it is clear you are our second brothers/sisters as well. Therefore, you should also consider us as your second younger siblings. After all violence has no benefit, it will only cause problems and we would not be good if notified roughly because our psychic will be disrupted."

Haruka sat back in her chair with a heart beat very fast. She does not expect she could say her opinion like that. Unconsciously she glanced at Yokokoyama Yui. The girl nodded in silence, smiling. Haruka did not want to get too confident but it would not hurt to think that Yui agreed and was pleased with her opinion isn't it? After seeing the sights she felt unknowingly happy.

The days in class 1-A passed quickly. Haruka experienced bad and fun events. It makes her knowing the characteristics of her classmates. There are students who only utilizing their friends—she called the people are parasites, some humorous, some otaku, there is genius, and much more. First, she began to close with two friends who sit in front of her. They are the otaku, Watanabe Mayu and Itano Tomomi the fashionista. Later, she got to know more people, among others; Kawaei Rina who sit next to Yui, Kizaki Yuria the genius, Matsui Rena the tsundere, and Iriyama Anna who is friendly. They all ended up being often together and Haruka got a new nickname from them which are Paruru and Ponkotsu. She received it without a matter.

Haruka can know Yui more as they and their close friends spent a lot of time together. Somehow when nine of them gathered, Yui will choose to sit next to her. They also often talk only two of them. Even when Haruka entered a club, Yui also entered the club that was once invited by her, even though at that time she was not really inviting her for real. Not forget to mention, sometimes Yui will take her home together. Over time, Haruka began to feel the seeds of love grow in her heart. Yui natural friendly to everyone and her sweet smile have made her fall in love. Her feelings be filled by such small behavior of Yui's. She felt special.

Unfortunately Haruka realized that Yui is friendly to everyone. Not only was she who had sat next to her and talk alone with her, she may enter the same club because she wanted to, may also someone had gone home together with her. Therefore, she is aware, there can not be a special place in Yui's heart for her. Haruka tried to move on after realizing it. Until one day, came the unexpected moment.

"Paruru, let's go to another school festival together."

Haruka POV

I will not refuse because...I wanted to go with her. We and our close friends went to somewhere before but I want to go with her again. I paused for a moment to look like I was thinking then a few seconds later I nodded.

"Oh, I only took one friend from another class. You go with me ok? I'll pick you up." She revealed that smile, a smile that I really like. "Ps, do not tell the others if we go. They are really noisy you know, right? For once I want to go quietly." She let out a chuckle. Her eyes are crescent-shaped when laughing, as usual, and that's one out of other thing that I like from her.

I waited a few days until the day of the festival. Feels long, I really can not wait for that day. about this? Why do I still feel the sensation of heart pounding when I was with her? That means I failed to move on?

Normal POV

Haruka's waiting is finally paid. The festival day has came and now here she was, sitting behind in a motorcycle driven by Yui. A vibrant beating heart is the result of the imagination of the events that will happen. So right, girls who are in love always imagining romantic things. They arrive at the school who seems somewhat far from their school. Visitors also have filled the school a lot. Haruka and Yui confused where to go first but the haunted house immediately caught their attention. Yui bought tickets and they were both waiting in line. While waiting, they talked a lot of things. It was an opportunity for Haruka to know Yui deeper.

After waiting quite long, finally it was their turn to enter. Because Yui bought the silver tickets only for two people hence only two of them entered it. Inside, the ghosts scare them into action. They were shouting and approached Yui and Haruka. Haruka usually not afraid of haunted house rides but this time is an exception. These ghosts touched her arm and her hair. She closed her eyes, the ghosts makeups are very spooky plus they shouted. Haruka is very scared.

"Don't be afraid, Paruru. Come through here, calm down ok?"

Yui hold her wrist. Haruka was so scared, in reflex she gripped Yui arm and hid her face in her arms. Haruka heart beat very fast, either because ghosts or because Yui who surprisingly hug her while still walking. They made it through the ghosts near the entrance and throw a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, they did not longer relieved. They just walk a little more inside and found a ghost lying on the floor, blocking the way to go deeper. Haruka again to fear, how to get past the ghost?

Again Yui be her savior. She goes first. As expected, the ghost touched Yui feet. Before Yui fully pass the ghost, she has held the Haruka arm. Therefore, Haruka could pass the ghost though she eventually became limp after being touched and got yelled by the ghost.

"You okay? Soon we will come out. Don't be afraid, Paru."

Haruka could not see the expression of Yui but afterwards she felt warmth on her hand. Yui held her hand tightly. Their hands attached until they finally got out. Indeed, it makes Haruka forget her determination to move on...

One year later

They are not in the same class. Nevertheless, their classroom are adjacent. In the minds of Haruka, she was grateful because this will make her easier to move on. Unfortunately, again, she failed. One day, a good friend from the same class and from the same club tell that Yui likes her. Of course Haruka did not immediately believe. She needs proof not speech. Steadily, her friend tells her talking experience with Yui. She asked without preamble does Yui like Haruka then answered by flushed cheeks and ears. Her friend was also demonstrated their conversation through LINE which is proof that Yui likes Haruka. Still, she wants the immediate recognition from Yui herself.

Her wish had been answered several days later. Yui send messages via LINE.

Yui: I'm sure you already know from your friend, Shimada. She has told, hasn't she?

Haruka: Told about what? She told me things.

Yui: I'm sure you know...

Haruka: Well...

Yui: Well I'll open the card now. First of all what do you think about me?

Haruka:'re different and has a charm that is hard to explain. You're also friendly to everyone.

Yui: Okay. For my opinion, I think you're cute, quiet and unique your nature.
       The opinion of each other is complete. Now the second question.
       How to react if you know that I like you?

Haruka paused. She was very nervous.

Haruka: If I answer, you will know my feelings. What if the question was reversed?

Yui: Okay. My reaction is happy to have a friend who can understand well each other. * Grinning emoticons *

Haruka: So...?

Yui: Yeah I like you, Paruru. Since the first class.
       How do you feel me?

After reading it, Haruka could not help but feeling happy. She smiled broadly as she typed answers. Finally the day that she was waiting to happen already here.

Haruka: I like you too, Yui. And since first class also.

Haruka already know what will happen next. She deliberately locked the cell phone and briefly immersed herself in bed, wants to recall the words that Yui has sent repeatedly. Not long secondly, the vibration sound of the phone forced her to get out of her happy world. Haruka with heart beating rapidly, opening the LINE message from from Yui while closing her eyes. She wanted during the opening of her eyes, something that she expected will happen like in the movies. With some difficulty, she managed to open the message. Slowly she opened her eyes...

Yui: But I don't want us to date..
       There are some things that I worry about, Paruru.
       Sorry I cannot....

The phone released from her hands.
So that's how it feels like falling from a high place heading down quickly.
Tightness fulfill her chest cavity.
When they feel the same way
Why they could not have each other?

The End

A/N:clichè? Yeah
       sad ending? Maybe
       broken-hearted? Yeah
       Nonsense? Probably
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meanie  :catglare: ,good story btw
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What the bell??!! AArrghh.... My YuiParu....!! :banghead:
Yui is PHP... [Well, I don't know how to say PHP in Eng]
And... I think you mistook 'Shimazaki' as 'Shimada', Koyumi-chan..

Yui: I'm sure you already know from your friend, Shimada. She has told, hasn't she?

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Lol! Yui is a jerk! Just kidding but playing with her emotions like that... Tsk tsk.
Good tho!  :thumbup
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Hey minna-san I know I'm currently on hiatus (although I didn't make announcement about it but you can see my status on my profile :nervous ) and here I am, updating my fic. Well somebody rather force beg me to update this so...yeah~ I hope you like it, sorry for crappy grammars and typos.
Ps, I think I can update if I have holiday or free day. So let me make it clear. I'm hiatus for 2 years to focus on my grade :D please wait for me~

@ChrunchyCream: thanks son 8)
@niineechan: PHP in eng is a person who gives fake hope XD nope I didn't mistake Shimazaki as Shimada. Yui asked Paru whether her friend who is Shimada has told Paru about Yui's feeling :)
@rosask45: ikr :lol: thank you! :D

Chapter 5

What has happened? What have I done?

Why everything looks black and white now? Why everything sounds vaguely?

The sound of footsteps sounded noisy in the hospital corridor. People were seen more panicked than usual. They walked hurriedly toward a room, pushing a gurney occupied by someone. A portable oxygen mask attached to his mouth. On the other hand, outside the hospital, a crowd of people trying to break into for anxiety of the condition of someone they idolize. People in black and some security guards were trying to block them with difficulty. Back again to the hospital, the someone who is lying on a gurney has now entered the operation room. Some people who followed the nurses as they were pushing the gurney to the operation room had been prohibited from entering the room, including someone who is very concerned about the condition of the person. She is Matsui Rena. She had no choice but to wait and continue to pray for the safety of her boyfriend who protects herself. The incident was recorded clearly in the mind of Rena. Jurina final touch before he closes his makes her eyes welled up as she replayed the incident.

Fortunately Rena is not alone. Her manager immediately notified to come after Jurina was hit by a car. Not to forget, the producer of Rena and Jun also came. They look unhappy. However, Rena did not want to think about it for now. She dissolved in her own mind and also undergo what is referred to as 'empty'. Her mind was in chaos, happy memories that have been passed along with Jun comes out of nowhere and then suddenly disappeared, replaced by the memory as they fight. It continues that way and happen repeatedly. She feels sad but she did not feel it. The feeling is very strange, isn't it? It continued for two hours until the doctor come out. Rena manager aware of her state now therefore she initiative to ask how Jurina's condition first.

"His condition is critical at this time. His head was pretty much bleeding and the bone of his right hand is fractured. Let's hoping he would immediately pass this condition. I excused myself."

Right after the doctor left the operation room and several nurses move Jurina to the hospitalization room, the producer of both sides management walk toward Rena. Producer of Rena crossed his arms over his chest. "What is this, miss Matsui? Why did this happen?! You do not feel thankful whereas we've allowed your relationship!"

Producer of Jurina added. "And the management of Matsui Jurina have to pay the cost of accident! Not forget to mention, after these masses will demand an explanation. We must exert  bodyguards in order to keep him safe. You think it spends a little?!"

"I'm sorry if I'm presumptuous but...Ms. Matsui also is not fine. Please understand her."

Rena manager does not have the heart to see Rena who just got a disaster gets pressured after that. She knows very well how the nature of the woman she used to deal with her work schedule. Rena is a hard worker but behind the graceful figure and a hard worker, she had a fragile personality. Luckily producer of both sides did not comment further, and they go away with heavy sighs.

"Rena, why don't you go inside and see Jurina's condition?" The manager rubbed her shoulder gently.

"I...don't know how to see him myself after that incident..."

"Oh come on Rena-chan. Jurina would soon regain consciousness after he feels that you visit him. I'm sure he would actually be sad if you do not see him."

"But it was fault."

Unexpectedly, her manager slapped Rena right on the cheek, hard enough to make her aware that she had to face it all with unruly. Rena widened her eyes, not ready of the coming of the slap. Her hands slowly up and rubbed her cheek that has now changed color to red.

"Rena-chan listen, if you like this continuously then the problems you face will not be over! Jurina need you now!" The manager stared into the eyes of Rena, trying to convince her that everything will be okay.

Rena finally nodded though a little doubt was visible in her eyes but she walked toward Jurina's patient room. Jurina is lying with a bandage wrapped around his head, as well as his right hand. An oxygen mask attached between his mouth and nose. Rena slowly approached Jurina as she noticed how pale the face of her lover. She walked to the left side of the bed and grasped his hand. No word come out of Rena's lips because her mind was in disarray. The TV which is located on the table in front of the bed distracted her. She turned on the TV, intending to forget all that has been going on for a moment and fill her mind with new things. Unfortunately just when the TV is turned on, the channel which appear is broadcasting news about celebrities.

'Matsui Jurina, a model that is being engaged in the world of acting got into accident recently. From the resources we get, Matsui-san was chasing his girlfriend, Matsui Rena, on the roadside. It seems Matsui Jurina protects her from being hit by a car. Were they having a fight at that time? Recently, we also get a surprising picture. The photo shows Matsui Jurina shared a hot kiss with a model, Iriyama Anna. Is this the cause of the accident? We tried to get information but it's hard to meet them—'.

Rena hastily shut off the TV. She could not hold back the tears any longer. In the room were just the sound of sobs and heart detectors can be heard. Rena weeping in silence, she did not want to disturb Jurina's sleep even though she knew it would not happen because he is in his critical condition. Rena's hand grasped Jurina's hand back as she squeezed it a little. After crying a few minutes, Rena finally got the courage to speak out.

"Stupid Jurina. You never say you love me even when you asked me to be your girlfriend, you were just asking whether I want to be your girlfriend. You made me hesitate, Jurina. That's why when I saw the photo I was very jealous. are very stupid. If you do not love me...why did you sacrifice yourself..." Rena spoke to him alone, the tears returned and formed a river on her cheek. "The accident was entirely your fault Jurina. Baka baka baka!" This time Rena shook Jurina's body, grabbed Jurina arms, hides her face on it and cried uncontrollably.
"Jurina, I'm sorry...I beg you to wake up. you."
---------------------- x -----------------------
Two weeks later

"I was amused, Annin."

"Why? Don't be naughty to me or I'm going to ignore you for a month."

"Oh can you do it?" A guy smiled mischievously. "Thanks to me, the gossip has found the bright spot. You should thank me."

"Thank you Mr. Genius," Annin snorted. "But you forget I'm also working to resolve this gossip."

"Yes, Anna you are wise as usual and you did it smoothly, too. His career was already destroyed now. Thanks to you." The man chuckled.

"Well, it is a reward for him. He did things like that to until Jun got hurt and tainted my image."

"Wait, you're calling that playboy with his name?! So...your relationship is that close, huh? And what the hell is your last sentence, do you hate the picture of our hot kiss session was revealed to the public? Fine I leave now."

"Wait! I do not mean that for the sake of God. Jurina is my junior and our relationship is limited to close friends only. Besides, I call him with his front name to avoid confusion when he and his girlfriend meet me. Last about the photo, there will be time for me to show our relationship to the public. You know I'm still under contract, right, Yuria?"

The guy name Kizaki Yuria sighed. "I understand. But what's your excuse for the press conference later?"

"I would say it was you."

"Eehhh? You said there would be time to show me to the public."

"Yes, and later was the time. Today my contract ends." Annin smiled with satisfaction. "I take my leave first, Yuria. See you soon." She pecks her boyfriend's lips and then go somewhere to give someone the latest information. She was sure, the person will not watch the news because the news constantly talking about the person and her boyfriend who is still unconscious.

In hospital
Rena POV

Jurina already passed the critical condition but he is still unconscious. Does he become like that because the job make him have less sleep so he is asleep long now? It's been two weeks and I'm still here waiting for him, without seeing the outside world, without hearing the outside world. I was determined I would like to be the first to be seen when he awakens later. Actually, I still do not know the truth of the photo and it is still jammed in my head. I would like to eliminate  but it's just very difficult to do so. I believe with Jurina but doubt keeps haunting me. If only Jurina conscious now, all doubts and this strange feeling would disappear instantly by his explanation...

I held his hand that was not bandaged with my left hand while the other hand rubbed his head gently. My eyes scanning his handsome face. I miss his smile, his eyes, his laugh, his kiss, all of him. I desperately want to hold back my tears from pouring out of my eyes. I do not want to cry anymore, I have to be strong. Jurina always protect and be a helper when I slumped. It is my turn to do this to him now.

Suddenly a knock on the door returned me from my train of thoughts. Someone shows itself in the doorway, someone who I thought would not come. I try to resist the turmoil in my heart. It feels my chest. I carved a smile with awkwardly when the person formed a smile to me. What is Iriyama Anna doing here? She...she was the cause of my fight with Jurina. If it wasn't because of her, we would not fight, and this accident would never happened! Rena calm should be able to control your emotions. I clear my throat before breaking the silence.

"Good afternoon, Iriyama-san."

"Good afternoon. Just call me Annin and may I call you Rena?"

"No problem. Please sit down." I pointed to an empty chair near the TV. There was silence for a moment between us before she opened her mouth again.

"I want to tell you that the photo was edited by a photographer. The photographer hates Jurina because aback, he asked for an autograph for his sister who is a fan of Jurina but Jurina went away and hurriedly got into his car. In fact, Jurina was not being cocky or something but he rushed for an awaiting important job at that time. Unluckily the photographer was already hate him. The persons in the real photo is my boyfriend who is not from entertainment industry and I kissing in my birthday party last year. If you don't believe, I have the real photo in my cell phone. A friend of mine who photographed the photo accidentally uploaded it to her social media and the photographer got the photo from there. He wanted to drop Jurina's career. I'm sorry this all happened because of me and I called Jurina by his name not because of anything. It was to avoid confusion to call when you're together. Do you understand now, Rena?"

I was silent. I do not know what to comment about it. I do not know what to answer. Somehow I feel empty. The photographer...why was he so cruel? He did the dirty way and its impact not only Jurina got into accident but I and Annin are affected too. I do not understand, people are so complicated.


Again I snapped back to reality from my mind. "Ah sorry could you know all that?"

"Me and my boyfriend work together to uncover crimes by way of setting him up. First, my boyfriend asked someone to check the authenticity of the photo. Second, I met the photographer and got him drunk. When he was drunk he told me everything. We had a recording of his voice, CCTV camera footage, and the original photo."

"Wooowww Annin you're really great. I do not know what to say but...thank you for proving that Jurina honest."

"Thank you and equally, Rena. That is the reward for someone who tried to deal with me," Annin smiled but the smile seemed to indicate the devil in herself. She's really an unexpected cool beauty.

"By the way, Jurina truly loves you, Rena. He told me everything about you when we went to a coffee shop after the photoshoot. You know what? He came home late because he just couldn't stop telling about you. He found it hard to describe you in words. You're amazing, he said. I know from that act, his love is pure towards you.

Annin smiled warmly. Astonished is the only word that can describe my state at the moment. I was speechless. The only thing Jurina did to me frequently is just kiss me. I thought he only wants to claim my lips, play with me like playboys do, and after that tell the world that he broke someone's heart for the nth time. Those things haunting me as I saw the fake photo. I was too fast to judge him, I was the one who stupid, not him.

"Oh I have to go now for the press conference. You should see the news, Rena. The photographer's career was already destroyed and your revenge already avenged. Say my hello to Jurina after he awakens okay? Bye."

I nodded and waved to her. Annin advised me what should I do and she was right. News were busy talking about the photographer that has been fired from his job. He reportedly also be tried for violating the law on defamation of a person. Annin detonated a bomb for him in return. Now I know, do not arbitrarily do anything to her because she can do anything. I shake my head thinking about it.

Once satisfied to see the news on TV, I refocused my attention on Jurina. The last time, I slapped Jurina when he wanted to comfort me with kiss. I will give it as a form of apology now. Slowly I opened the oxygen mask that covering his mouth and close the gap of my lips on his. Finally our lips met. I kissed him for a few seconds with my eyes closed. On the sidelines of the kiss I murmured.
"Jurina I love you..."
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Sis...ur so cruel leavin it like that..tho i grateful that u updated..but still...u left it hanging..gahhh..and ur gonna be gone like..2 YEARS...2 YEARS for heaven sake..2 years is such a long........really long lifetime...i shall criess with all my heart now..=='...all emotion come out ..with the stories..the ending part...and even u did told us before ur gonna be on hiatus...i still cant contain all of my emotions...duhh..i feel like im gonna bang my head over and over and over again...oh well..*sigh

Moving on..thanks to anna for clearing ju name with all the stupid scandal that the photographer made...take that ur cruel.helpless lifeless lolicon brother..."He shall be sentenced to death"....and next, i shall fangirling a bit...about how finally all of their problem manage to be solved without blood war/fight...and would u please look at Rena captured Ju lips and speaks out her feelin...i was like..awwww *dies from happiness..and wow..thumbsup..hat off saluting for havin cats live..look who still alive and hanging around...ju finally many days ju in coma?? gosh..where the last part when ju voice call rena name...(if it is..cause i was thinkin maybe u gonna be trollin us like makin the one who call rena is her manager or something..and if it like that..i shall pinch ur cheek hard)..*cough..continue on..if it like will be such a teary moment...*snatch lot of tissue from the half empty tissue box...

and..i respect ur decision to put urself in hiatus for 2 YEARS..should i replayed it back..2 YEARS..for ur studies....*pat ur shoulder*...such a good student...u already growin up to be one fine girl...ur foster daughter ..ur uncle..aunty..grandmother..grandfather..gone+dyin husband will be proud a lot of u..and im too..very proud of ya..keep up the good work...xD

Lastly..GANBATTE WITH UR STUDIES SIS..will be waiting for ur return with lot of cries..tissues..cookies.gums
...teas..milk...coffees..and others things that can make me wait for ya

Ps: and im really serious..the hanging part make me wanna really..really bang my head and kill somebody now
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I am very happy this update, but I'm more than happy if you finish this fanfic before you hiatus. but thank you for the update :)
I hope Jurina's will soon recover and return intimate together with Rena
Lips taster so interesting story i like it
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mama in law... U DIDN'T TELL ME THAT IT WILL BE A HANGED UP ENDING   :catglare: ,but good chapter anywho :v ,arghhhhhh when will u update again  :catglare: ,and when we begged u to update u just went to your dinner date ? :v ,not to mention with your affair lover :v ,I'll forgive u since there is WMatsui moment,anyway...this fic made me miss elf :v
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I am very happy this update, but I'm more than happy if you finish this fanfic before you hiatus. but thank you for the update :)
I hope Jurina's will soon recover and return intimate together with Rena
Lips taster so interesting story i like it

I agree with you kumabear san, I hope you finish this fic then go on your hiatus author san. It's really killing us (readers) inside if you keep this fic hanging hahaha lol
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Title: ||Short Fics||Is It Good or Bad? [Rena x Jurina x Annin]
Post by: Koyumichan~ on January 22, 2016, 04:44:28 AM
Hey guys I'm back! I'm having free class when I post this so yeah XD Okay I know I should update Lips Taster but this story keep popping in my head. This story supposed to be two or three shots. Let's just see...
Okay! Enjoy this story, as usual sorry for grammar mistakes and typos ;)

Is It Good or Bad?

There is no all-good thing in this world. Something must have its good side and bad side itself. I wonder if what I have done were good? All this time I always obey my parents will although their requests were not purely I like sometimes. For the sake of my own good, I was willing to do their order. My parents are strict when it comes to bad things but they are kind enough. I guess they are average as parents. Like I said above, they are one out of million examples in real life, they have good side and bad side.

Currently I'm still finding my own path and the answer of good or bad. As I grow up, I decide to live by my own at the same time realizing that both goals of mine. At first my parents bombarded some questions to me; my purpose, the place I will stay at, will it disturbing my studies or not, how I maintain myself, et cetera. Fortunately I could assure them as I said I decide to move near my college. The last question they asked to me was how my relationship with my girlfriend will be going if I move. Oh yeah I almost forgotten her.

Iriyama Anna—as known as Annin—and I were dating for 2 years already. My mother absolutely chose her, claiming she will be a good soulmate for me. She was so sure about it. Annin is a pretty smart mother-like type girl. Again, like I said before, for the sake of my own good I started this relationship. To be honest, I have no feeling toward Annin. I didn't feel the sensation of heart pounding whenever we spend time together. But still, we keep going. In addition of that I'm trying to love her.

Days passed by I moved to Tokyo, the capital city of the country where I was born at. The city—where I lived before which is Nagoya—compared to Tokyo, Tokyo looks more crowded than Nagoya. As expected from the capital city. I walked around the city to memorize new places despite I study here I was not visiting some places during my free times. It causes my vision and brain to conclude that all of them are still unfamiliar.

After satisfied, I go to my new home, a small apartment located in the corner of the city. I basically like serenity thus this apartment corresponding my category, quiet and quite far from the center of the city. As I arrived in front of my apartment at evening, the key belongs to my apartment door was inserted, turned around the key hole, and then I can see the things inside. The interior, the furnitures, the wall color, all of them are not bad, not my taste either. In the middle. I stepped inside to have a clearer look. The best thing I could see is my bedroom, painted in green pastel which is my favorite color, a big puppy soft toy placed on my bed, and lastly there is a glass window in front of my working desk. I think this is not a bad new home, is it?

When I was staring outside the window, my phone rang indicating a call is receiving. The caller's name displayed on the screen and it's written 'Iriyama Anna'. I sighed before picking up the call. "What is it?"

"Have you arrived?"

"Yeah." I have no desire to talk with her at this time, honestly.

"Okay, take care sweetheart. I love you."

"Hm, love you too."

She hung up first. I bet she doesn't want to waste her study time. What a bookworm girlfriend I have. If we get married I imagine the worst scene where she reads book all day and doesn't give a damn about the house and our baby. I chuckled slightly. My stomach growls in sudden as I glance at the clock. I pat it and chuckle once more. This is the time for a new journey to discover one or some good restaurant to eat, I think? I headed to bathroom to clean myself first. Finished with bathing I put a simple attire. A white t-shirt with a quote "I wanna be young forever" printed on it, a grey varsity with black strips on the sleeves and J letter on the front right top, denim pants, and finally a pair of red converse sneakers finishing my dress up. I didn't miss my wallet and earphone (just in case it's boring there). This time I won't bother to bring a purse or small bag, I simply put my wallet and earphone inside my jeans pocket.

I was about to step outside my apartment but my phone rang again. Immediately I answer the call without seeing the caller.

"Heyho my cheery kouhai! I heard you moved out to Tokyo, is it true?"

I recognize this voice! "Sae-san! Yeah I moved to Tokyo. You're also here right?"

"Un! What brought you here?"

"I attend Tokyo University and I decide to move near there so it'll be easy to go to class" I grinned.

"I see I see. Anyway are you free now? I held a birthday party~ Come here!"

"I want to meet you but...Sae-san everything here is still new to me. Can you describe me the place in general? After that you text me the address. Is it okay?"

"Okay no problem! The place is a club bla bla bla bla...."

A club she said? Suddenly a flash of memory appeared in my mind. It was a time on Saturday night when my parents and I had dinner together in our house. For my father who is a businessman, it's a routine for him to go home and spend time with his little family every weekend. Rare right? Usually someone became a businessman won't have time to go home, only care about his pile of works. My father is different. Every weekend he taught me not to smoke, consume drugs, go party to the club, be friends with rebel, wear a limited-of-cloth outfit, and many more. Every time he taught me those, he always squints his eyes and shot a piercing look. if I go to the club for real? He will kill me for sure!

"Jurina you still there?"

Great I didn't pay attention of what she said! "I'm sorry Sae-san. know my parents are strict right? They won't be happy if their daughter go to club..."

"Oh come on Jurina you are an adult now! You've turned twenty. It's no harm to go clubbing. I promise there is no wine, vodka, and any other alcoholic drink for you. I just want to meet my special kouhai in my special day. Pleaseeeeeeee?"

I rubbed my temples in anxiety. What should I do? It's been a while since the last time I met Sae-san. I really want to meet her but out of my expectation the place we will meet is a club. In the other line I could hear she begged to me once again. Ugh she insisted...okay I guess it's okay to go there as long as I don't touch alcoholic drinks.

"Okay Sae-san—"


In reflect I put away my phone from my ear. This habit of her could make ears deaf for God's sake! I waited until she finished screaming joyfully then I put my phone back. I made a sound of clearing throat. "Have you calmed down? Geeezzzz I almost lost my hearing ability you know?" I giggled as she boo-ed me. "I go there now but you promised there will be no alcohol. If something bad happen, you take the responsibility okay? Please describe me the place once again, I wasn't listening because I was at a trance of time ehehehe..."

With that, Sae-san described the place and texted me the address. I hope this decision has no bad after effect. I hope this is a good decision.

=In the club=
=9:30 PM=

I have met Sae-san, she has changed a bit though her smile is the same old one. After she graduated from high school we lost contact until today. I have no idea how she got my number but well it's not important as of now. I gave her a bear hug like I used to do then and like she used to do she ruffles my hair as payback. We kept our position like that for a few minutes, if it wasn't her friend who stop us I'm certain we will not break the hug. The next thing we did, Sae-san ordered a glass of orange juice for me. Thank goodness she is a woman with her words.

Unfortunately my presence here began to unnoticed as Sae-san have fun with her fellow college students. I tapped my index finger on the table repeatedly kind of feeling the boredom approaching. My head turned right and left searching some fun. I found nothing because people here mostly are dancing, drinking, drunk, and some making out publicly. Of course it's a BIG NO to join them, my life is at stake if do! My eyes caught a sight of a back door next to women restroom. Probably I could play games in my phone or listening to music at the back while waiting Sae-san to finish. Luckily I bring my earphone so without thinking twice I walked to the back door.

The view when the door has opened was a slender figure of woman in her twenties wearing a mini black one piece sitting on the ground. A half-burned cigarette flanked between her index finger and middle finger, near her lips covered by red lipstick. She gripping a glass handle which is containing red liquid. She has long raven hair and fair skin, looking contrast with her dress. Unconsciously I stared at her, mesmerized by how relaxing and peaceful she looks. Suddenly her gaze turned to mine revealing a pair of beautiful doe eyes. My body went stiff and I felt awkwardness engulfing me. What is this thump inside my chest? It seemed won't stop instead the pace of the thump grew faster as she stood up and coming to me. What is this burning feeling which radiate from my cheeks? She stopped right in front of me, inhaling her cigar after that blew out the smoke.

"I'm not in the mood to do that thing right now. Back off." She broke the silence.

She made me puzzled. "Huh? What do you mean?"

"Don't act all stupid, everybody here know if someone comes to me means that person gives him/herself to me, to do some fun."

"Huh...? but I'm not coming to you. I come here because I thought this is the place where there is no loud music, drunk people, dancing people, alcoholic drinks, or...people making out. Looks like you've occupied this place first so okay I back off now."

I was about to leave but she makes me paused. "Why you came in the first place? You came to a club certainly you will find those you said. Don't tell me you are underage and sneaked in because if you are I'll call the bodyguards to drag you out right away."

She released the tiny-left piece of the cigarette down, stepped it with her glamour high heel, and then took out a cell phone from the back pocket of her dress. Is she serious?! Hurriedly I'm reaching for her phone but my bad estimation causing me slipped. The unexpected thing occurred which I bumped on her body, she couldn't hold my weight, she lost her balance, and we both fell to the ground, me on the top of her. My cheeks flattered as I'm realizing how close our faces are. I felt those thumps back to me as I'm thinking just one push would close the gap between our lips.

"You're quite interesting. A paradox. Just for your info, I like people who can capture my interest."

I was right, just one push would close our gap and shockingly it literally happens. Her hand pushed my nape and without asking further more I felt something soft pressing against my lips. She snaked her arms around my neck. Somehow she deepened the kiss not forget to mention the kiss becoming bolder. I don't know why body responded her game itself as if this kissing thing is not a surprise, as if we are a long lost couple who used to do this kind of thing. In fact this is my first kiss but she had stolen it easily. I'm kissing her disbelieve.


I flinched and backed away as my phone rang loudly. I saw the caller's ID, written with four big letters. It's my mama! Without further ado I quickly answer the call while walking steps away from her and the door, so mama won't hear the faint voice of the music inside. The person who had stolen my first kiss gets up. Her gaze following me intensely. I try to ignore it.

"Good evening mama. What is it?"

"Good evening my daughter. How is it going there? Have you eaten dinner?"

"Y-yes mama...I'm currently studying, can I hang up?"

"Hmm...well then. Talk to you tomorrow. Take care, eat and rest properly okay?"

"Okay, good night."

I pressed the red phone symbol to end the call. My mouth exhaled a relief sigh because mama didn't aware of my quiver voice. As I'm turning back I jolted because the person who kissed me just a while ago suddenly standing in from of me, staring deep into my eyes. My heartbeat increasing again. Does she put a spell on me? Why my body keeps acting odd? I diverted my gaze to avoid hers but still I took one or two glimpse at her.

It's happening like that till I saw her bleeding hand. I grabbed her hand panicky and examined it. There are three broken pieces of glass struck her hand. Apparently when we were falling she still holding the glass, when her back touched the ground the glass fell as well and shattered into pieces, her hand which holding the glass before fell hard on the ground where the broken pieces were spread. I get rid of shards of glass out of her hand slowly. A clean cloth is nowhere to be found at this place so I use my t-shirt to wipe her blood.

"Was it your girlfriend or boyfriend?" She asked out of blue

"Nope, it was my mother."

"Are you dating someone?" What is her intention of the question?

"Yeah but I don't love her." Why my tongue answered that honest to a stranger? She even did not ask whether I love Annin or not.

"My name's Rena. Your name?"

"Matsui Jurina."

"It's getting late you know, you don't go back to your home?"

I stopped my activity to see the time. This is bad, it shows eleven o'clock now. I dashed inside the club, leaving Rena without saying anything to find Sae-san. But to no avail, Sae-san has gone. I'm looking down feeling frustrated. I don't remember the way back home from here. My mistake because on my way I was not paying attention and marked a few checkpoints. I cursed myself.

"This is bad, it's impossible for me to stay a night here, isn't it?" I talked to myself while face-palming.

"Then, how about stay at my place? You haven't finished healing my wounds too."

I turned to the source of the voice which belongs to Rena. Her hand on her hip while her wounded hand hanging in front of my face. For a moment I looked at her silently. I'm observing her whether she has good side or bad side now. Her question has two meanings, firstly she is truly offering her place as a kind human being. Secondly she acted kind whereas behind it she is taking opportunity. I'm observing her through her eyes but I'm confused because her eyes show emptiness though her lips flashed a smile. I nodded in agreement in the last. That's how I met Rena.

Rena smokes.

Rena spends almost all her time in the club, drinks red wine, her most favorite of all alcoholic drinks.

Rena has a big lust.

Rena doesn't show it but she does lewd thing secretly, to do some fun, to clear her stress.

Overalls, she is a bad girl.

Rena is a kind-hearted person.

Rena is caring and tender.

Rena is a tsundere

Rena doesn't show it, she only show her smoking and drinking sides.

Overalls, she is not that bad.

======================== X =========================

Rena said to me two weeks later. "I wonder why I ended up like this. Do you know? In the night I always think to change but the next day I keep the same. I simply want to be ordinary but it seems I'm not destined to be like that."

"Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide..." I answered as I embraced her naked body.

"You're just too kind." She spoke out while leaning her head on my bare chest.

"You think so? My parents always teach me to be kind and to help people who need it. I always obey them. It's one of my weaknesses and realize that people frequently use me because of that."

"Don't let people treat you like a cigarette who only use you when they're bored and step on you when they're done. Be like a drug, let them die for you."

"For me, you're a drug," I smiled. "Starting from today I try to be a drug as well."

Now I know what was those thumps inside my chest. It was my pounding heart.
Now I know what was the burning feeling which radiate from my cheeks. I was blushing.
Now I know she is my first love.

It's kind of funny.
My parents warned me about the drugs in the streets but never the one with brown eyes and a heartbeat.
So, is this good? Or bad?

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Well. Wow. Woaaaaaaah~
And now I don't know why but I want a sequel, I guess~

Nah. Anyway, thanks for the fic, author-san^o^/
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good in a bad way...........
*be back later rena...woow..whatt...
annin and ju..whatt..mehh..poor annin
u will found someone else *pat pat is drugs..
especially to the person ur affection is
waitin for next shots..tho i sense a bit drama..
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I love this so much!!! :shy2: I'd always love a bad Rena aaaaahhhhh :shy2:

There always a good thing of being bad and a bad thing of being good (Am I even making sense? lol :lol: :lol: :lol: )

Thanks for the OS! :on GJ:
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Poor annin :(
UpdatE Lips taster pleasee (˘ʃƪ˘)
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Rena as a drug, absolutely is a very good thing :twothumbs
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ahaha, jurina really good girl  :inlove:

and Rena surprisingly stole jurina's first adorable  :inlove: :wub: :cow: :otomerika:
Title: My Short Fanfiictions || LIPS TASTER [WMatsui] Chapter 6, The Last!
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Hey minna-san I'm back! Sorry for the long delay :bow: like I told you before, I'm on hiatus for 2 years and probably could update on my free day only. But today is an exception since today is a special day! I made this in hurry because of that XD do you know what day is today? Lemme say it to you~ :deco:


I hope you like it and sorry for errors! Thank you for all of your comments on the previous post :wub: :wub:
Credit for Jurina picture to KwangJess :D



I feel the lips that I kissed was moving and kissing me back. This sounds so familiar, this voice is the voice which I longed to hear until today. Spontaneously I retreated back to make sure the source of the voice. With wide eyes I saw a pair of alluring eyes that now is opening and weak but sincere smile curved on his lips. Jurina...he was already conscious. These tears that had been repressed to be broken immediately. I was crying uncontrollably as I covered my face, still feeling guilty for what had happened to him.

Jurina grabbed my right hand and stroke it gently trying to comfort me. Still, this is not as easy as it is for the tears to subside. After a few minutes I started to be able to control myself. I uncovered my face slowly, examining his handsome face that stared back at me with a smile still plastered. I gathered the courage to talk to him. It's been quite a while since I've pretty much being quiet and there are quite many words I wanted to tell him.


"Rena, I love you."

I paused after hearing his very sudden statement. My body feels petrified once and all but exception for one organ located in the left chest which is heart. It was pounding with such speed as if I just finished running. He hold of my hand and squeezed it slightly. This is an opportunity that has waited a long time to apologize to him but I felt tongue-tied. I felt a tear running down my cheeks which still moist due to crying before. Jurina quickly straightened up to a sitting position—in which he is seen hardship and in pain—then wiped the tears with gently. So much love he has showed to me although he just regained conscious.

"Hey, why are you crying again?"

It takes time to assemble words that I will tell to him. In addition of that I need to calm myself down. I inhaled a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and looked into his eyes for a long time. I'm lost in his eyes. As I was about to open up my mouth, unfortunately a nurse came surprised seeing Jurina had conscious. She excitedly jumped and gasped with overreaction face before exited the room to call the doctor. Even Jurina giggled by the nurse's antic while me, I just could not let out my feelings. She is funny but sadness still lingering on me so I put on my blank face only ...

Jurina seems noticed my expression. Suddenly he pulled me in for a kiss which sucessfully made my eyes widened in shock. Apparently he still has a strong power even though he was in a coma for two weeks without eating and drinking. Well, he is infused but still this makes me kissing him back in disbelief. Once again I lost to him, this time is not his eyes, but his love expressed by this kiss. I do not know how long we kissed. Clearly our kissing scene was disturbed when we heard the sound of clearing throat. As I turned my head to the door, I saw the doctor have arrived along with the nurse who hides her face behind a large pad. I bet she was surprised to see what we were doing because her eyes widened. I smiled sheepishly to both of them.

The doctor has not returned my smile, his face was really cold. Without wasting time to chit chat, he immediately checking on Jurina expertly. I observe that the nurse was a bit overwhelmed to keep pace with the doctor. After completion, the doctor adjusted his spectacles. Without I expect, he grinned.

"Still a pervert huh, Jurina?"

Eh? Why do I feel this doctor knows Jurina?

"I'm not, Mayu. She is my girlfriend and you know it every time people do intimate things they will say 'get a room you two'. She and I are inside a room already so nothing's wrong," Jurina shrugged. Not stop just like that he continued. "You've also done a thing like this in your working room with the nurse behind you right, Yukirin?"

"S-shut up! Jeeezzz I was glad to know you're awake. Now I'm disappointed it's you still the same. I'm going now! Let's go Yuki."

The doctor and the nurse left in a hurry with flustered faces. Well it seems they are also lovers. How cute to find two lovers work in the same place and in the same field. Wait, Jurina and I are the same like them. After done watching them leave, a hand pulled my sleeve. I returned my attention to the person who did it.

"Rena, say a word please. Since I'm awake you did not say any single word..." Oh no, not that puppy eyes. Ugh okay I lose! Inevitably I have to say what I feel. I swallowed my saliva before speak up.

"I'm...I'm sorry, Jurina. At that time I was very angry to see the fake photo. The accident was my fault...everything was. If only I did not angry and run, you were not going to protect me and got hit. One thing which made me more emotional and did not stop running is when I remember that you never say 'I love you'. you just asked me if I want to be your girlfriend then and you just like to kiss me often..." Oxygen has been ran out in my lungs. I say all of that quickly. I breathed a deep breath to continue.

"When you were in a coma, I was very worried, sad, slumped. Comments from fans and management made me even more sad. I do not even dare to watch TV and open social media. I actually shut down until Annin came and told the truth of that photo. Slowly I began to think positively again. I kissed you after remembering the last time we were together, you want to kiss me to console me. What happened next, you wake up like I wake sleeping prince. Lastly, you... "

Jurina smiled. "Do you know the meaning of a kiss?"

I shook my head.

"A kiss is a substitute for the words 'I love you'. Indeed, this has begun to ancient because most people kissing someone for the sake of satisfying lust. But I'm different, Rena. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves isn't it?"

I nodded. "It's just...I'm afraid you're just like any other playboys who date me for the sake of claims and prestige because you've managed to steal the first kiss of Matsui Rena who had never kissed anyone."

"No, I'm not a man like that. Actually, I have two reasons why I like to kiss you."

"What is that?"

"First to say 'I love you' without saying a word and secondly because I thought the best feature of Matsui Rena is her lips. I do not know you realize it or not, once we had done a photoshoot in the same building. Unintentionally I passed your room and see you posing. I do not know how and why, my heart was beating very fast. I'm speechless staring at you in front of the door, you looked so stunning. You're the first woman who gave such effect to me. That is a short story of how I could fall in love with you, Rena. Then fate brings us in shooting drama," He added. "Well I understand. It's natural if you have thoughts like you said. I'm glad you have such thoughts because it's a sign you're afraid of losing me~" He formed a winning smile.

"Of c-course not! Don't be so confident silly."

I punched his chest slowly. Let me repeat once again, I punched his chest QUIETLY. But Jurina groaned in pain after I did it. Automatically I put aside my logic and prioritizing my worries. I approached to see which part is hurt. Unfortunately he tricked me. Jurina pulled me, again, to kiss for the second round. He pulled me closer to the point that I was on the bed. I think this is not a good idea, what if someone else go in again here? Jurina easily eliminate that thought with a kiss which is getting stronger. I had no other choice but to follow the pace of this duel.

However I'm starting to run out of breath but Jurina demands to keep going. I tightly gripped the hospital shirt that is rather oversized for him which led to his chest exposed. Unconsciously my hands move from his shirt to his massive shoulders and the other hand on his bare chest. I moaned as I felt Jurina sucked my tongue passionately.

Jurina finally releasing our kiss when he was out of breath as well. Ugh this guy, and he's just unconscious but his stamina remains strong. I was panting badly.

"Jurina, you always make me breathless." I say it while still panting.

"Yeah I love you, Rena."

He is really silly. Well I do not care because I love him. "I love you too, Jurina." I gave him a peck on the lips.

"Ne, Rena."


"When I was in coma I had a dream. I dreamed of waking up next to you in an unfamiliar room but the room seems like a bedroom. When I turned to look around, I saw the two of us in a large-sized frames...wearing a wedding dress and suit, looking very happy and you looked so beautiful. You were up in time I turned my face to see you back. You were smiling like an angel while holding a baby."

I was embarrassed and shocked to hear every sentence he spoke. Jurina you always embarrasses me even just by talking! I could only smile awkwardly as I tried to hide my reddened face. I do not know, I feel something will happen. Suddenly Jurina made a clearing throat sound.

"Matsui Rena, will you spend the rest of your life with me as the wife of Matsui Jurina? Well I haven't had time to buy a diamond ring but I hope this flower is enough to replace the ring for a while."

He thrusted two stalks of red and blue roses. I wonder where those comes from. I was taken aback for the umpteenth time. My feeling is right if something will happen. This is not something ordinary but extraordinary! My face became very hot plus my heart pounding like mad.


Anyway it's not the end yet XD a dare was given to me by ChrunchyCream which is *cough*smut*cough* if you want to read it, click this link
See you later~

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Wow   :deco: :V so cute mama
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:") welcome back:") i'm speechless with the smut partttt because i fely it sooooooo......:") i like it.. a lot.. thank for the great ending of lips taster hehe
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Thanks for the happy ending and the smut part!
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Yeeeeeey... Smut part.. :mon star: :on bleed:

I LOVE U, AUTHOR-SAN :shy1: :shy2:
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man, that juriboy pic ohmygod!!!!
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I just read your OS "is it good or bad"
I cant believe you described rena as heavy drinker and smoker.
I cant imagine
But i love wmatsui~ so i dont care as long as they are end up together..
Thanks for writing!
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KYAAAAAAA I can't believe I read all 6 chapters of Lips Taster in one go :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: *died*

Jurina stole so many kisses from Rena right after he woke up omg I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE *bangs the wall*

AND THE LAST PART...  :shy2:

Ahhhhhhh we need a wedding scene for that :lol: :lol: :lol:

Wait a minute, two stalks of red and blue roses??????????


Moshimo kimi ga bara nara~ *starts singing TWO ROSES*

Anyways, this story is really well done! :on GJ: Your story made my heart go kyun kyun all the time HAHAHA :on bleed:

ps. I wonder if I should read the smut one lol
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I can't express my feelings while reading this fanfic. OHMYGOD! WMATSUI!!!!  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

AUTHOR-SAN! :bow: :bow: :bow:

But where is the *cough*smut*cough?? I didn't see the link. :lol: :lol:
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I'm done reading the smut part. WOOOH! That was hot! :drool: :drool: :drool: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
Btw, Author-san are you planning to create an epilogue? Hope to read that soon. :D :D :D
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Yahoo minna-san! I decided to make the epilogue of Lips Taster cause MatsuiLee-san's request :hip smile: This is the last chapter for real and I pretty much miss writing so here it is~ anyways sorry for grammar mistakes, been taking a break for quite a long time till a fanfic ligtened me XD enjoy~


The sun has set and its light crawled to the curtain which covered the window of a bedroom. Despite the window was covered it wasn't covered fully thus the light shine through. The bedroom soon became light. A person groaned softly as it disturbed his peaceful sleep. He was up after yawned a few times though still sitting on the mattress. Since he just awoken, his mind still couldn't process well about what had happened yesterday, which he declared it as his third best day of his life. His ball eyes suddenly diverted to a direction where something baited his brain to remember. Unfinished, rustles beside him has captured his curiosity so he turned his head to the source of the voice. Voilà a breathtaking angel.

Something seem doesn't right, he thought. The angel was carrying a baby boy tenderly on her smooth arms at the same time humming a calming tunes. Finally he remembered something as he is now fully awake and the pieces of memory have formed a complete puzzle. He looked at the something earlier, which is a frame of big-sized wedding photo, once again. Certainty made him face the angel with confused look plastered on her beautiful face. Out of sudden he felt happiness running through all his pulses at the time his pair of eyes met the angel's. The angel who actually is his lovely wife smiled.

The baby boy slowly cried knowing his mother didn't put her attention on him but the man. His mother began to panic so did her husband. He approached them to calm the baby who is his son. As he has sat next to her, he shushed his son in father style. It was come to a success signed by the sleeping baby. Both his parents let out a sigh together followed by giggles. The man after that did his routine every morning which is kiss his wife, whether on the lips, cheek, or forehead. This time on the lips in a very fast motion until his wife didn't aware of him.

"Mou...Jurina, instead kiss you should have say good morning first." His wife said whispering.

"Good morning my angel~" he gave a peck on the lips. "Okay now?"

"Hmmm good morning, cheesy. Can you take care of Jurio for a while? I want to prepare breakfast."

"Okay give me my little prince."

His wife moved the baby very carefully to Jurina's arms. Fortunately they could do it without making any single noise. Jurina was looking at the little copy of him on his arms while his wife went to a big mirror and combing her hair. Before his wife could get out of the room, he spoke out.

"Rena, I want meatball spaghetti."

Rena, his wife's name, returned her body. "You sure? I was about to make some toast."

"Yeah I'm sure because I was yearning for it so much..."

Rena understands her husband love that food so much especially if it's made by his mother. She only nodded as reply because her mind was occupied of how to make it as delicious as his mother's cook as he doesn't live with his parents anymore. On the other hand, Jurina still couldn't believe that his son finally can go home after Rena gave birth two weeks ago. He badly wants to touch and kiss Jurio's fluffy cheeks. Actually he could do those when Rena and Jurio in hospital but his works didn't allow him to. He was just able to visit them twice even in very short times. Indeed yesterday was his third best day of his life because today till a week later he has no work, or we could say he was taking a break for the sake of his family.

Ten minutes later suddenly Jurio stretched after sleep and then opens his big eyes. He didn't cry, just staring at the person in front of him curiously. Jurina who saw that can't help but giggle of his son's cuteness. Jurio's eyes literally were the same as his, seems the puppy look descent. Jurina decided to bring him to Rena because he was sure Jurio must be hungry. Arrived at the kitchen, Rena was still making and preparing breakfast.

"Rena, look who has woken up." Jurina grinned.

Rena turned around happily. "Aaawww Jurio baby~ please wait okay, mama almost finish this."

Finally the foods are done, Rena brought the plates to the dining table along with two glasses of orange juice. "Phew all done. Okay Jurio-kun, it's time to drink mama's milk~ Give him to me, Jurina."

Jurio has moved position onto her mother's arms back. He was drinking breast milk therefore Rena decided to eat her breakfast later. Seeing that, Jurina took a fork full of spaghetti, wanted to feed her. "Rena, say aaahhh~"

"I can eat by myself after Jurio is full..."

"No no no! No word to refuse is allowed. Let's eat together."

Rena nodded in defeat because her husband showed those irresistible puppy eyes. They finish eating in the same time Jurio was full. He fell asleep again. Rena could only smile whereas she wants to take him for a bath. She laid Jurio on a baby bed with pillars around it in the family room, after that she went back to the kitchen to wash the plates, glasses, forks and spoons. When she was focusing on her dishes, two pair of arms snaked its way to her waist, a chin rested on her right shoulder that sent shiver and heart racing. Hot breaths on her neck...


"Hm? Nani, Rena?"

"Can't you see what am I doing now? -_- "

"I don't care. I miss you so bad."

Jurina embraced his wife tighter and started to kiss her milky daring neck. It was a warning mode for Rena, she quickened her pace of washing the dishes then turned around to stop him. "Not now and here, Jurina."

He frowned. "You don't miss me? You acted cold since we had just woken up. You paid attention on Jurio but me? Fine, whatever, I want to go jogging."

Rena heaved upon his behavior. Here comes the jealousy, she thought while laughed inside her mind. He was jealous with his own son? Before Jurina out of her sight she pulled him and kissed him passionately. Her words purposely to tell him that they better do lovey dovey in a better place but he was impatient. Well she had no choice.

"Okay now?" She flashes her sweetest smile, still wrapping her arms around his neck.

"W-well..." Jurina looked away though Rena could see those bits of red on his cheeks. "You said not now and here yet—"

Rena placed her index finger on his mouth. "I made up my mind cause your sensitivity, you know. Besides you were jealous with your own son?"


She cupped his face. "Listen, we are family and I have to divide my attentions to both of you. Jurio is our baby so he is my priority now alright? Although like that, it doesn't mean I stop loving you or something. I miss you so bad too, Jurina."

"Gomen ne. I was childish..."

"Let's put it aside, shall we? Come here."

Her hand grabbed his to a sofa in the family room. They began doing lovey dovey things. At first it was just a simple skin ship but as the long run their bodies lose over lust. At first it was just a simple kiss on cheek to neck but as the long run they want to share each other's warm. They were doing passionate and more passionate even Rena couldn't keep her moan. Jurina undressed her wife quickly as he unknowingly felt full of power. Meanwhile, Rena also took Jurina's shirt off of him to make it fair. As Jurina have finished leaving some hickeys and kissing half of Rena's body, he wanted to take off her undergarments. Rena was not ready yet because her heart feels like going to explode but if she refuses, Jurina would be angry again. She possibly wants to avoid quarrel hence she just let him. When Jurina almost success...

Jurio cried.
Note: so loud.

The end
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Yeaaay.. Epilogue  XD
It is so funny :lol:
Thank you author :shy1: :shy2: :on GJ:
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Really like the Epilogue. :hee:
Jurio be like "Better luck next time Dad. Mom is mine."  :hiakhiakhiak:
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EPILOGUE!!! YEAY!!!  :mon XD: :mon XD:

NICE TRY JURINA BUT JURIO IS THERE.  :mon lmao: :mon lmao:


WMATSUI MOMENT.  :mon lovelaff: :mon crazyinlove:
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Really like the Epilogue. :hee:
Jurio be like "Better luck next time Dad. Mom is mine."  :hiakhiakhiak:

LOL. :on lol: I do agree with this. Jurio is literally Jurina's little copy, ne?? Nice!! author-san...  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
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haha i like baby jurio. show your egoistic dad who's the boss!  :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak:
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I love all of the stories, your OS and lips taster
So great job author
All of the stories are really cute and adorable