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Author Topic: (YuiParu OS) The forgotten memory... [Prequel Teaser]  (Read 10892 times)

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(YuiParu OS) The forgotten memory...
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“Keep on living, my love.”


A hand aimlessly came out from under the blanket as Shimazaki Haruka slammed on the alarm clock on the bedside table, effectively stopping the noise. Still not fully awake, she grumpily got up from the bed, heading to the bathroom for a shower. After finishing them, she had a quick breakfast and headed out to the house next door.

“Yui~ we’re going to be late for school. Hurry up!” Haruka called. However, the only answer she got was silence and the neighbour’s eyes on her. Feeling uncomfortable, she decided to leave the school without her friend.

It was graduation day and since she was a third year, it was also her graduation day. She sat on her chair along with everyone, brushing off all the stares she got from around her as the headmaster keeps on with his speech.

‘Yui is not here…she’s skipping again. That girl is just so…Good thing she’s a genius or she would have to repeat another year.’ Haruka sighed as she opened her phone.

“What are you doing, Paruru?” a girl next to her asked.

“Texting Yui. That blockhead probably sleep in late again.” Haruka answered, missing the pitied look from the same girl.


The graduation ceremony was over. Yui was pretty much the only friend Haruka had so without her, Haruka had nothing to do in her class where all of her classmates kept exchanging for contacts. Walking to the school gates, she was greeted by her senpai, Watanabe Miyuki and Yui’s cousin Yamamoto Sayaka.

“Congratulations on your graduation, Paruru.” Milky said as she hugged the younger girl.

“It’s only middle school, Milky. I’m not going to college yet.”

“Mou, but it’s still a graduation nonetheless.” Milky pouted cutely.

“By the way, Sayanee.” Haruka looked at Sayanee.


“How can you be perfectly fine with Yui not attending? She’s your cousin for heaven’s sake. She listens to you most of the time so I would really appreciate if you tell her not to keep up this habit of hers once we enter high school.” Haruka nagged as she continued fiddling with her phone.

Hearing Haruka’s complain, both Sayanee and Milky stared at each other. As Milky wanted to reach Haruka who was walking ahead of them, a grab on the wrist by her girlfriend stopped her.

‘Don’t.’ Sayanee mouthed with a pained expression on her face.

They all entered Sayanee’s car. The ride was awkwardly quiet with Haruka muttering every few minutes on how Yui’s not answering her phone.


“It’s happening again…This is already the third time. If this goes on, she will lose her sanity. Please save her, Yui. Save your lover.” Sayanee got up and walked away.




Haruka opened her eyes but immediately squinted them when she was greeted by the moonlight. Once she was used to it, she could see a familiar face walks to lean on the headboard of her bed, right beside her.

“Yui..!” Haruka wanted to get up but was held down on the shoulder.

“Lay down, you must be tired from today’s events.”

Haruka complied and lay on her back.

“Mou, where did you go you blockhead?! Everyone kept staring at me when I called for you this morning! Not to mention you even skipped the graduation! You promised me that you would stop skipping, Yui. You promised!” Haruka nuzzled to Yui’s lap while complaining as the latter intently listened to her girlfriend with her hands kept stroking Haruka’s hair.

“I’ve sent you multiple messages too. Did you even check them? Nee, are you listening-?”

Yui got up from the bed and kneel beside it so she could face Haruka. “Paru, I need you to listen to me.”

“Why are you suddenly so serious? You’re scaring me, Yui.” Haruka whimpered when she saw the melancholic look on her girlfriend’s eyes. Her gaze was so deep that Haruka couldn’t think how to respond, she looked to the side.

Yui brought her hands to cupped Haruka’s cheek, turning them so the girl would face her. “Haruka, look at me please.” Yui coaxed as her thumbs softly caressing.

Though she was scared, Haruka turned her gaze.

“Haruka, no matter what happen after this, I want you to be strong, okay? Remember that I’m always with you. My heart is with you. It beats for you and only for you.”

“What are you talking about-“ Haruka was interrupted when Yui sealed her lips with her own. She softly parted their lips and looked down at her with sad eyes, then smiled gently.

“I love you, Haruka. With all my life, for all eternity.”

“Where are you going, Yui? Yui..Yui…YUI..!!”


“Haruka, sweetheart. Wake up, dear.”

Haruka got up with cold sweats.

“Where’s Yui?” Haruka looked at her mother.


“WHERE’S YUI?!” Haruka questioned again in quivering voice.

Her mother could only cover her face with her hands as she looked at the condition of her daughter. When she didn’t get the answer she desired, Haruka leaped of the bed. Opening her closet, she started to unbutton her pajama.

“Haruka! Please, dear. Enough already…Forget about her. This is for the best of you.” Her mother pleaded as she hugged from the back.

“NO! Until someone tell me where Yui is-“

“SHE’S DEAD, HARUKA! HOW MANY TIMES WILL YOU KEEP DENYING? HOW LONG UNTIL YOU CAN ACCEPT IT?! IT HAS BEEN 3 MONTHS ALREADY!” Sayanee shouted from the door. She was right to come early morning to the house when she saw Haruka was showing signs of denial again yesterday.


Sayanee walked to the mentally unstable girl and brought her in front of the mirror. Haruka immediately shut her eyes. With Sayanee held her from the back, Haruka couldn’t budge much from her position. Hot tears streamed down her face.

“Haruka, open your eyes. It’s okay, I’m right in front of you.” Milky whispered.

Haruka opened her eyes to meet with a blurry image of Milky.

“Milky, where’s Yui? Where’s my Yui?” she whispered.

“She’s with you, Haruka. She’s right here with you, always.” Milky said as she brought Haruka’s hand to the protruding scar on her chest.

Milky slowly stepped aside, watching for any rejection from Haruka but received none. Haruka looked at her reflection and saw it. The scar. The one that she received from the surgery. And that’s when all of it came into her head.


It was the day when Yui had promised Haruka that she would stop skipping school and take her studies seriously, with the condition that Haruka would go on a full-day date with her. They went to the cinema and watched romance movies (much to Haruka’s refusal), the arcade where Yui’s high-pitched voice literally filled the place, and did stuff done by couples. They were crossing the road on their way back when a speeding car headed their way.

(Flashback ends)

Haruka falls on her knees as her memory came rushing in.

Haruka remembered the blinding light from the car and how Yui hug and took the hit for her. She remembered looking at a completely blood-covered Yui who ignored her own injury and asked for her safety instead. She remembered how her already weakened-heart couldn’t take the shock and her conscious fading as Yui muttered to her,

‘I never get to tell you Haruka but the truth is, I love you… I’m sorry.’

She remembered it all. How she survived the hit. How she woke up with a new heart that perfectly matches hers from a mysterious donor. How she woke up with everyone around her. How she woke up…without Yui.

Haruka’s mother, Sayanee and Milky could only watch as Haruka wailed her heart out. It was heart-wrenching for them but all they could do was hope that this time the girl fully accepts the death of Yui. Her bestfriend. Her girlfriend.

And most importantly, her heart.


edit: sorry, i'm not good with writing sad stories, lol  :nervous
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Re: (YuiParu OS) The forgotten memory...
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So sad... Yui~  :cry::cry::cry:

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Re: (YuiParu OS) The forgotten memory...
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That was great kairi san~ :thumbsup :thumbsup
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Re: (YuiParu OS) The forgotten memory...
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Good story but I cry...

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Re: (YuiParu OS) The forgotten memory...
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That was so sad :( Yui sacrificed her life for Haruka and that was so... :cry: :cry: :cry:
Good job Kairi-san! :twothumbs

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Re: (YuiParu OS) The forgotten memory...
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Hello Kairi-san
Awesome fanfics. Love them.
Hope you continue the OS story, whether it be the prequel or sequel.

Also that sad fanfic. I did not expect to see that coming.
Kepp up the good work. Hope you continue them soon.

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Re: (YuiParu OS) The forgotten memory... [Prequel Teaser]
« Reply #26 on: December 11, 2016, 12:02:24 PM »
hi, its been a while since the last time on posting a fic for me but i'd really like to thank everyone who leave a comment or just read(i knew you're there somewhere, silent readers! XD). well, anyway, this is just the teaser since i haven't finish all of it but just posting since it's yuihan birthday (sorry for the late wish :nervous)

‘I never get to tell you Haruka but the truth is, I love you… I’m sorry.’

I never thought I would actually get to say it straight to her face. Not to my own reflection. Not at her picture. Not as I watch her sleeping. And to say it seriously, sincerely, unlike all the other ones that I’ve said as a joke. To be honest, I never even thought my feeling for her would last this long. At first, I thought it was gratefulness that made me be this close to her. Respect that made me never to disappoint her. Admiration that made me to always want to protect her.
Even so, did she even manage to hear what I had said after keeping it locked up in my heart all this years..? I wonder...

needless to say, sorry if it's too short~!!

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Re: (YuiParu OS) The forgotten memory... [Prequel Teaser]
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crap, you got me author-san XD
thank you for your fic, and please update it^^
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