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Author Topic: Ashura's OS's...Newest: More than Meets the Eye  (Read 54254 times)

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Ashura's OS's...Newest: More than Meets the Eye
« on: August 01, 2013, 02:46:01 PM »
Here are Ashura's (Fail) attempts in spreading his love for the AKB members. Most of them contain AtsuYuu and most, if not all, have Atsuko pairings since she's my Kami-oshi. Most of the AtsuYuu have TakaHaru (or at least hints) in them~ And of course, feel free to tell me your reactions to any of these OS's. I'm planning to spread the AtsuYuu love with all of these! Oh yeah, be sure to tell me if there are any ENGLISH mistakes in there. It's either I don't know or it's a typo XD Hope these pleases yar souls!

Be aware that most are fluffy fluffy fluff and that there's probably going to be some hints of MaYuki.

Of AtsuYuu and others which are not mentioned [Too obvious too say...] - This post
AKB48 and alcohol part 1 [No clear pairings]
AKB48 and alcohol part 2 [No clear pairings]
Temptations and Moans [AtsuYuu]
Realization [SaeAtsu]
Fallen [AtsuMina]
One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
Negotiations [YukoRena]
Unanswered Affections [AtsuMina/KojiYuu/AtsuYuu]
The melancholy of a certain cat girl [AtsuHaru/TakaYuu(?)]
Everyday, ACCHAN! [Atsu-Harem]
POKEMON to XX and Why's
Trick and Love [AtsuYuu]
Desire [MaYuki]
Of love letters and midgets [AtsuMina/AtsuYuu]
A Senior's Gift [AtsuMayu]
Careless Whisper

The Family
The Family -RenAtsuYuuJuri-
The Family II

Fraught Consequences
Part I
Part II
Part III

Christmas Present 2013 [1/?]
Promise [AtsuYuu]

Of AtsuYuu and others which are not mentioned
[After Sapporo dome's concert]

"Nice job there~"

   The well-known actress, Maeda Atsuko greeted her friends that has just finished their live. It brings joy to most of them, seeing her in AKB48's stage again even though it was impossible for her to actually sing WITH them. The ones in the 'special' dressing room are, Atsuko, Takahashi Minami, Oshima Yuko, Kojima Haruna, Miyazawa Sae, Akimoto Sayaka, Itano Tomomi and Minegishi Minami

Atsuko :"Wow, I never knew that there were THAT many girls in AKB." she nodded to herself, remembering the concert
Sae :"Yup. I'm proud of their growth." she nodded with Atsuko as well
Atsuko :"But isn't it crazy? Seeing so many girls dancing and singing like that?" she asked Sae, who is with her in this
Sae :"Well, you can't blame the 'Quantity over quality' AKB48."
Atsuko :"I know, right?"
Sae :"Yeah. I bet it's hard to get to know any one of them."
Atsuko :"True. Knowing that many girls, the Center must be insane to shoulder all of them"
Sae :"I know what you mean. Not to mention I heard this season is their graduation season."
Atsuko :"The Center should just graduate already. That way she can spend time with m- I mean, spread her wings"
Sae :"Can't blame her. The Producer won't let her graduate."
Atsuko :"Yeah, that crazy Producer."

Takamina :"No no, you two were in AKB as well. Sae's even in the 48Group. And you can't just badmouth your Producer like that..."
Tomomi :"Just leave them be..."

   Leaving Sae and Atsuko, who were badmouthing the Producer with words that are not suitable for the young audience, Takamina talked to the others who were happy to see both of them.

Sayaka :"Ah, it's been a long time since I saw them."
Yuko :"Well, I see both of them quite frequently, but seeing Acchan in an AKB concert brings me back..."
Miichan :"Too bad you weren't in the First Gen's MC. Jealous~?"
Yuko :"So not." says Yuko who is hugging Atsuko in a perverted manner
Atsuko :"W- Where do you think you're touching...?" she tries to hide her anger but alas ALL of them who knew the ex-Ace's personality realized that bad luck will come to the squirrel...

Yui :"Honmayan!" the Kyoto girl made her entrance inside the room
Sasshi :"Yeah! What SHE said!" another girl entered as well
Takamina :"Oh, captain." she greeted the Team A captain.
Yui :"Yes, nice seeing you again, General Manager" she shook hands with the General Manager
Haruna :"Sasshi~" the girl hugged the Senbatsu's center, making her blush
Sasshi :"K- Kojima-san! Not here!" she looked back and forth between the glares of last year's Center, General Manager and Team A's Captain.

   Maeda Atsuko, who was curious of what is actually going on between them, asked the others, since her girl finally let her go and walked towards Takahashi Minami.

Atsuko :"Ne ne, what happened?" she asked Sae, who is laughing as she watched them
Sae :"Well, I got the gist of it from Mii-chan, so you should ask her instead."
Sayaka :"She's the new gossip queen since Shinoda-san graduated."
Miichan :"And I'm proud of that title!" she sticks her chest out with pride
Tomomi :"But Mariko still knows what happens in AKB. Her line of friends never ceases to amaze me."

Miichan :"The truth is, NyanNyan has a thing for Sasshi, it's like she's fond of her for some reason. As you know, Yuko still harbors feelings for NyanNyan even though she's with you, Acchan. Takamina is currently dating NyanNyan so yeah, she's as jealous as Yuko. As for Yui, well, you know that she's often together with Sasshi so can't blame her."
Atsuko :"As expected of the Gossip Queen..."
Tomomi :"What I didn't know was that Yuko still have feelings for Haruna. You knew, Acchan?"
Atsuko :"Pretty much. You know that seeing your ex with somebody else kinda hurts."
Sayaka :"But you're okay with the midget?"
Atsuko :"Of course not. I want to pounce on her and do unspeakable things to her right this moment."
Sae :"As expected of AtsuMina's seme..."

   Meanwhile, Takahashi Minami, who felt a shiver down her spine, looked back and see her best friend looking at her while drooling

Takamina :"Y- Yuko... Your girlfriend is looking at me weirdly..." she shook Yuko's shoulder a bit and eyed her to look at Maeda Atsuko
Yuko :"I don't care. Acchan's Acchan. There's no way any of us could change her. You included."
Takamina :"I know, but it's still turns me on..."
Yuko :"Fantasize about my girlfriend and your ponytail's dead."
Takamina :"I'm sorry..."

   At that moment, Yokoyama Yui was staring needles at Sashihara Rino.

Sasshi :"I- I think you should stop, Kojima-san..." she pushed the girl away lightly
Haruna :"Eh? Why?" the unsatisfied catgirl pouted as she saw her junior turn her away
Sasshi :"I know you're trying to make Takamina-san jealous but you're also making your ex and your junior look at us with killing intent..."
Haruna :"Ah, you realized. It's okay. Acchan's here so Yuu-chan and Takamina won't do anything." she gave a reassuring smile to her
Sasshi :"If you can make 'her' calm down, then I won't mind..." she pointed at Yokoyama Yui who has an aura as dark as a certain girl who is not mentioned here yet
Haruna :"... I leave everything for Acchan to handle!" she quickly made her escape.

   Sashihara Rino, who was at loss of what to do, chased after her, followed by Yokoyama Yui.

Atsuko :"Why does she always leave everything to me and not Takamina...?" she sighed at her friend's misconduct
Tomomi :"Just shows how much she trusts you."
Sae :"Yeah, she won't do that unless you're here."
Takamina :"Yeah, I'm jealous..." she says as she and Yuko joined the gossip circle
Yuko :"Don't get jealous over something so trivial." she says as she hugged Atsuko again
Sayaka :"Look who's jealous." she teased the second shortest girl there
Miichan :"That's why I told them to get a room, but they won't listen."


   After a few mishaps, Atsuko and Yuko left to go take care of some things. Along the way,

Yuki :"M- Mayuyu! Not now!"
Mayu :"Hmm~ Mama's breasts feels the best~!"
Yuki :"I don't need that commentary! Get off!"
Mayu :"Don't wanna~"
Yuki :"Hey! Don't stick your hands there!"
Mayu :'Where, exactly?"
Yuki :"S- Stop teasing me already!"

   They heard two voices from the corridor. As they got closer, they saw a scene which couldn't be described as best friends playing, but a little more than that.

Atsuko :"You know what? I kinda wonder why the girls in AKB are all gay for each other." Atsuko looked at the action between Mayu and Yuki while eating popcorn as she asked Yuko
Yuko :"You know what's better? You graduated from the said group before things got out of hand."
Atsuko :"Hm? What do you mean?"
Yuko :"Things got crazier after the said 'Center', you, graduated from AKB and left us to grow up. But we grew up in a... rather... fascinating way"
Atsuko :"You mean everyone got out of the closet?"
Yuko :"Exactly. Whenever after a concert and no cameras are around, they start to cling to each other and have sex right there and then, not caring if people found out. Since they thought AKB was going to hell anyway."
Atsuko :"But that's never going to happen."
Yuko :"Huh? What makes you so sure?"
Atsuko :"Because my lover is there to lead the group back into their tracks." she gave an angelic smile to her lover and the other girl blushed furiously
Yuko :"You've grown as well, Acchan. In a lot of places. LIKE THESE!" she grabbed the girl's breasts, making her moan in excitement


   In the Producer's room, he was sitting in his desk silently.

Togisaki :"Are you sure we should turn a blind out towards their relationships?"
Akimoto :"What else could we do?"
Togisaki :"We should be more adult-like and advice them on it! I mean, they're all girls!"
Akimoto :"And what good might that be?"
Togisaki :"A- At least they won't go down the wrong path!"
Akimoto :"Are you possibly saying they're not old enough to make their decisions in life?"
Togisaki :"N- No.. But-"
Akimoto :"I know how you feel, but think positively... The fans won't mind them having that kind of relationship. Some might even support them til the grave. If the girls have at least one person by their side, then I'm sure they would do a lot better in the performances."
Togisaki :"That's only-"
Akimoto :"Trust me."

   Those two words from the producer made Togisaki speechless. He couldn't say anything back anymore. The presence of Akimoto Yasushi already overwhelmed the room, but those two words that carried AKB48 into National Idols made him stop in his tracks. He trusted the man more than he ever trusted anyone else. He knew. Once he said it, he'll fulfill it.

Togisaki :"... Very well then."


   A girl woke up and realizes that she has been sleeping on her girlfriend's lap. She tried to get up but once she looked at her girlfriend's face, who is still sleeping, she couldn't move. She was captivated by her. The face that became so beautiful in just a couple of years. Her hands slowly made it to her girlfriend's cheeks, running her fingers along her smooth skin. She remembered the days in which both of them stood up on stage together. Being called the 'Two Aces' was something both of them didn't want but for some reason, they feel comfort by those words. They knew more than anyone else that their partner's existence led them forward. Once the taller one graduated, leaving the shorter girl, she didn't know what to make of it. That is until the day of the 32nd Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo. Losing to the most unexpected rival was something not even the Producer thought of. That night, her only comfort was her own heat. But then, came an angel who made everything go away. The angel was her rival, her friend and her love.

   "Urm..." the taller girl woke up from her slumber, which startled the shorter one. "Good morning sweetheart~" she greeted the taller one, who gave her a suspicious look. "What's with that cheesy greeting? Gross." the girl commented, which made the shorter one pout. Using the chance, the taller girl stole a kiss, a very deep kiss with her, making all the things she thought go away instantly.

   "Hehe~" the shorter girl grinned, satisfied with the outcome. The taller one could only sigh at the girl's simplicity. But even though it's like that, she knew that deep inside, she feels attracted to her, longing for her, and even hungry for her. She would want to eat her up everyday if only she's edible. But alas, some of the girls stopped her.

"I love you, Acchan..." the girl smiled, her dimples showing her clumsy look
"I love you too, Yuko." she smiled as well and kissed her yet again, this time, without any more restraints.

   Time won't stop for them, but that was the time they wanted it to stop the most. Because in the future, something horrifying might just happen for the two pairs...

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Re: [AtsuYuu+Others OS] Aftermath
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 :w00t: I miss your atsuyuu story, but this is
still lacking, I want atsuyuu over

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Re: [AtsuYuu+Others OS] Aftermath
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:w00t: I miss your atsuyuu story, but this is
still lacking, I want atsuyuu over

Sorry, man.
This was just my idea for some fun XD
Maybe I'll create a real one when my brain's moving again..

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Re: [AtsuYuu+Others OS] Aftermath
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 :thumbsup good luck
I'll be waiting

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AKB48 and alcohol Pt 1
« Reply #4 on: August 03, 2013, 10:54:32 PM »
Basically, I'm trying to throw in some OS stuff to make room for the fics I'm currently writing, since I'm not making any progress on any of them.

I actually stole(?) this from another fic, trying to make my own version of it. If anybody knows or realized that this OS is similar to another source, kindly PM me the link to it, so I could apologize to the author or credit them here. Thank you.

[AKB48 and alcohol]

   Ever wondered what happened after the the 32nd Senbatsu Sousenkyo? What were the real reactions of the members? What did Sashiihara Rino, known as the future star of the 48Family, think of the outcome of this year's elections? Why did Oshima Yuko, last year's Number 1, did nothing but laugh her ass off? What did Maeda Atsuko, the legendary Ace of AKB48, do when all hope is lost in her best friend? Who was crazy enough to predict the outcome of this year's elections even BEFORE the early results were posted? Was Itano Tomomi there?! (this is a joke. don't take it seriously) Why did my sweet angel Rena-chan still got beaten by her soulmate with the same last name?

   Who was the one scheming behind Shinoda Mariko's graduation? Why didn't Kojima Haruna stop her beloved from graduating? How did Watanabe Mayu feel when she was beaten by the person she didn't want to lose to the most? What did Takahashi Minami do to stop what was thinking in Shinoda Mariko's head, even though none of us could even figure out what the hell she's actually thinking? Did Kashiwagi Yuki feel sad when she lost to her loved one? How come Minegishi Minami get the end of the short stick? Was Akimoto Sayaka proud of the outcome? Did Miyazawa Sae think of anything else besides girls? Did Yokoyama Yui think this was all real? What did Akimoto Yasushi eat for lunch?!

   Luckily, most of these questions shall be answered in a brief moment of time. This program was brought to you by none other than the famous international superstar whose name isn't known by anyone. Now let us delve into the secrets, the thrills, the skirts and the thoughts of these members and more! For what we know might not actually be what they did!

-Insert advertisement here-


"Okay! Tonight we're gonna party til we drop!!!" UZA Rino announced spiritedly, which earned the glare of all the girls around her. They were inside Shinoda Mariko's house, since she invited them over to talk things out. Sitting clockwise on a round table, yes, a real big one, are Sashihara Rino, who's back is facing the door, Yokoyama Yui, Takahashi Minami, Minegishi Minami, Miyazawa Sae, Kashiwagi Yuki, Watanabe Mayu, Matsui Rena, Matsui Jurina, Maeda Atsuko, Kojima Haruna, Oshima Yuko, Akimoto Sayaka, and Shinoda Mariko, who is next to Rino. "Lucky for YOU to be able to grab the Center title." Shinoda Mariko hissed towards the girl.

"No, Sasshi's existence is the least of my worries." Maeda Atsuko says so boldly, not even caring about the new Center, since she's already free from all the bashing, pressure, pies and whatnot. "Cruel! Assan's cruel! Right, Yui?!" UZA Rino faked cried as she molested the girl next to her. "Where'd da hell ya touch'n?!" the Kyoto-ben girl removed the hands of the molester.

"Yeah, Acchan's right." Kojima Haruna agreed with the ex-Ace. "Does my entire existence mean so little to everyone?!!" Rino was in despair because of the hit from the catgirl. Ignoring this, Haruna continued "When did Mari-chan think of graduating?" she tries to put on a smile, not wanting the others to realize that she's crying inside. Unfortunately for her, this was gone unnoticed by none other than Detective Maeda Atsuko, because the two had a special relationship that nobody even realized. She grabs hold of Haruna's hand, not wanting anybody else to figure her out. Then, as if transmitting energy to the second tallest member there, she held her hand tighter, making Haruna realize that her best friend is there with her.

   Haruna didn't even know about the graduation until a couple of hours before. The only ones who knew were probably Takahashi Minami, the General Mananger, Akimoto Yasushi, the Producer, and Maeda Atsuko, Mariko's closest friend. Even though Haruna and Mariko were really close, the bond probably meant nothing to her, that's what Haruna thought of her friend.

   All eyes were on Mariko, who only closed her eyes and kept silent. She doesn't want anyone else, especially Haruna, to feel sad because of her. She even promised all of them that she would stay in AKB longer than that. She felt that she had betrayed everyone; Aki-P, her teammates, AKB48, her fans and even her manager. But even if that's it, she won't continue. She'll keep this secret to her grave.


   Someone shouted loudly and clapped their hands to divert the others' attention. It was the new Center, Rino.

"Why don't we play a game?" she suggested at the wrong place, at the wrong time. The others looked at her in disbelief. "HUH?! Why NOW of all times?!" Kashiwagi Yuki was dumbfounded by Rino's stupidity. So was her partner, Watanabe Mayu who only laughed at the girl while pointing at her and shouting "BWAHAHA! An idiot is among us!!!"

"Well, your cluelessness aside, what game are we playing?" Akimoto Sayaka asked her, already used to the girl's antics. Rino nodded and continued

"It's a game I just came up with a few seconds ago." she says and she played around with her phone. She then showed the phone's display to the others. It contained some sort of post. The post asking 'Hey~ It's me! Ask me any questions regarding what just happened and I might answer it!'. Obvious enough, It was Rino's Google+.

"I will ask a random question from the fans about a certain person, and the person must answer it truthfully. If the answer she gave was a lie, someone must say that she's lying, and tell the truth behind it. The one who lied will have to drink a couple of dose of alcohol. The amount of dose increases after each lie she say. The last one who is still sober wins." she pointed at the couple of bottle of alcohol which Oshima Yuko brought saying 'This might come on handy.'

   They all listened intently to Rino who explained. Some of them didn't have any interest in it, though, mainly Yokoyama Yui, Shinoda Mariko, Maeda Atsuko and Matsui Rena.

"And as a bonus, whoever wins this game, can do WHATEVER they want to all of us. Says Aki-P." she also showed the message she got from Akimoto Yasushi. 'Oh? How about you prepare a reward? Something like whoever wins could do whatever they want with the losers? It's okay. Say that I was the one who suggested it.'

   All of them were frozen in place. Some were speechless at Akimoto Yasushi's proposal and some were plotting unexpected things that would be too much for the younger viewers.

"Wait, Jurina's still underaged." Rena voiced out, pointing at the girl next to her. "Then Jurina will..." Rino searched inside her bag for something. Others waited for her. She took out something which looked like notepad. Wait, it IS a notepad.

"The one who realized Jurina is lying will write an order in this notepad. Jurina WILL do it, even if she wins." she explains, which Jurina pouted.

"Eh?! I wanna drink too!!" Jurina protested cutely.

"You're too young..." Rena comforted the girl "That's why you're a lolicon, Rena-chan." Atsuko teased Rena, who sighed in detest. "At least she's tall, unlike two of your partners. A.K.A the shortest two in here." everyone, except the two mentioned broke out laughing. Atsuko also laughed, seeing Rena crack a joke like that in the presence of her seniors already brings a joy to her day. Oshima Yuko and Takamina only looked away, already used to jokes about their height, but hearing Rena say that made them blush furiously.

"Hey, what if that person is lying and nobody realized that it's a lie?" Sae asked Rino. She thought for a moment and then answered. "Well, that just means that she's a great actress. And might even win this game. Everyone should act, I guess?"

   Everyone decided to play along with the game and see what's going to happen.

[Matsui Rena : Well, seems like Jurina's playing so I have to play as well. Hopefully she won't make any trouble]
[Matsui Jurina : Hehe~ I managed to trick her into playing~ Plus I can also have a taste of Mayuyu!]
[Maeda Atsuko : Jurina has some perverted aura inside her. I could guess where this is going. What I'm worried about is NyanNyan... I want everyone to accept Mariko's graduation... Oh well, ignoring that, I could use this chance to tease some of the girls]
[Kojima Haruna : Acchan's grip is tightening... She must be worried a lot... I hope something good will come out from this game...]
[Oshima Yuko : WOOT! I am SO going to win this! I'm sick of seeing the catgirl costume I bought for Acchan sitting there alone in the closet! I SWEAR I'm gonna make her wear it!!!]
[Akimoto Sayaka : Yuko's drooling with a slight glint of hope in her eyes... I'm gonna make sure she won't win...]
[Shinoda Mariko : Most of the members are thinking of something perverted... This is going to be fun~]
[Sashihara Rino : Hehe~ All of the senpai's bodies~]
[Yokoyama Yui : W- Whoa! Everyone's gon' wild! 'N Sasshi's hands r act'n weird!]
[Takahashi Minami : I'm sure Acchan's thinking about Mariko-sama's graduation as well. Except she has a sadistic grin on her face. Holy- I DON'T WANT HER TO WIN!]
[Minegishi Minami : Mariko's also thinking where this will lead~ She even has her cellphone ready~]
[Miyazawa Sae : This is good! Jurina gave me a signal with her eyes and we're teaming up! Yukirin, you're mine~]
[Kashiwagi Yuki : S- Sae's looking at me weirdly! And as for Mayuyu...]
[Watanabe Mayu : Butts butts butts butts~]


   Rino checked her cellphone and chose a random question from the fans.

"Okay, first question.
What does Yukirin do on her past time?" she directed the question towards Yuki

"Of course I spend time with my members and my friends" Yuki put on an adult-like smile.

"Pff, lies." Unexpectedly, it was Haruna that pointed out Yuki's lie.

"Harunyan's right. None of the members even know where you're going in your past time. Meaning that you're not with the members." the General Manager explained.

"Kojiharu-san is in Team B so she should know. Plus, she also got the support of the General Manager of AKB, so bottom's up, Kashiwagi-san~" Rino handed her the bottle.

   Yuki admitted it was a lie and had to drink a whole glass. After the drink, her eyes were already moving around in a weird, non-Yuki-like manner.

"Err, Mama? Are you still okay?" Mayuyu asked the girl next to her who is smiling in a creepy way.

"Whoa, Yukirin's fast! She's already out!" Jurina was shocked to see the girl smile like that.

"Okay, Yuki, you're out, so let's lie down for now, okay?" Sae led Yuki to the couch. Yuki protested at first but then calm down, even falling asleep on to of the couch. Thus, the game continued.

"Ooookay~ Second question,
is Yuko okay with yours truly getting the top place?" she directed the question to Yuko

   Everyone kept silent and waited as AKB48's current Ace thinks of her answer.

"Of course I'm happy for her for surpassing me~" she answered with that smile of hers. "Lies."

   The one who challenged her was none other than the Ex-Ace, Maeda Atsuko. "You were crying all alone in the parking lot. Luckily, I was the one who found you there. You weren't happy for her, you were only frustrated with yourself. If it weren't for me finding you and inviting you here, you'd just broke."

   Hearing this, Yuko only gave her a wry smile. "Yeah, I guess. If it weren't for you, Acchan, I think I might've gone mad... That's why crying in Acchan's breasts feel good~" she cracked a joke and hoped for someone to do a tsukkomi at her. And Takamina granted her that. "Were you sad or happy?!"

"One dose for Oshima-san~" Rino poured the alcohol in Yuko's glass and the older one drank it quickly.

"Well, will you look at that? The new center pouring some alcohol for the old center~" Mayu teased the two a bit and the others chuckled.

"Mooooving on~" Rino continued to read the questions "What did Sasshi think when she got the top?"

   Everyone grinned as they saw Rino read the question regarding herself.

"W- Well, of course I think it's only the first step and I should do harder for the future." "LIES"

   This time, miraculously, everyone stated.

"Didja forget it already? Ya were go'n 'HELL YEAH! BEAT THAT, OLD HAG! FEEL DA BLING!!!!'" Yui imitated Rino and the others laughed. Yuko was laughing dryly with veins popping out from her forehead. "'Old hag', huh~" everyone realized the tone in Yuko's voice was a pissed-off 'You're going to hell next time, kid' kind of voice.

"Okay, Sasshi, drink a dose." Sae poured for her. Atsuko went to where Rino sat and whispered in her ear "Be thankful it was Sae who poured it. If it was Yuko, then the next news would be 'New AKB Ace poisoned'". She said what she wanted, went back to her spot and held Haruna's hand, leaving Rino frozen in place. Rino thanked Sae for whatever she did and drank her dose.

"Senpai..." Yui raised her left hand. "What's with the formality?" Sayaka was confused. "Err... I think Sasshi's drunk." Yui pointed at the girl next to her who is trying to molest her, only to be stopped by Yui's quick right hand defense.

   After making Sasshi faint, thanks to Sayaka's skills, they continued their game.

"Okay... Next question..." Mariko checked Rino's post on the girls phone which she took.
"Did Acchan know that Sasshi might win in the elections?"

"No." she stated clearly. But, her eyes were going elsewhere. Everybody knew how the ex-Ace would act if she was lying. She would look elsewhere, grip tighten, mouth closed shut, and body fidgeting. Which all of these cases is what happened right there and then.

"Maeda-san, drink your dose." Rena ordered the older girl who is 17 days older than her. "Eh?! WHY?!" Atsuko was shocked. "And just call me Acchan, will you? We're the same age." she continued and pouted as Rena didn't call her by her nickname. "Okay, Acchan~" Rena smiled happily which made the ex-Ace blushed uncontrollably.

"What's with the lovey dovey atmosphere?" Jurina, who was between the two, voiced out her dissatisfaction. Rena poured the alcohol into Atsuko's glass and the ex-Ace drank it no problem.

"So that's why you graduated?" Yuko asked Atsuko and the girl averted her eyes.

'SERIOUSLY?!' is what all of the members thought at that time.

"N- Next..." Mariko read the next question
"What did Mayuyu feel when her name was announced first before Sasshi?"

"I felt surprised." she answered with that angelic smile of hers. We all know that this smile could even kill the heartless demon who is also a weather girl. After a few seconds of silence, just before Mayu won that round, "So anybody thinking this is a lie?" Mariko asked, in which everybody shook their heads.

"Well, Mayuyu, Yui, drink your dose." Mariko ordered. "Eh?! Why meh too?!" Yui voiced out in objection. Mariko glared at her "Because you didn't say that she lied. So that means you lied as well."

"Ehhhh? Wat's wif dat sorta logic?" Yui slumped in defeat, not even caring anymore.

"And what makes you say that I was lying?" Mayu stood her ground against the elder. Mariko only glared at her, but as time passes, the pressure on the young girl was evident. The glare of the one called as 'AKB48's older sister' was something she couldn't take.

"Okay okay, I felt trolled, okay? The night before, I got a mail from Acchan telling me to be careful or Sasshi, then this happened. Now I felt like I was trolled the whole night by none other than her and Acchan!" Mayu confessed and pointed at Atsuko who played a fool. "I don't know what you're talking about~"

"Okay, both of you drink." Mariko held a chuckle seeing her close friend ignoring her junior.

   They both reluctantly drank their dose, which was poured by Mariko. Then, as if fate has been decided for them, they passed out.

"O- Oi... Did you..." Sayaka looked at Mariko in disbelief. The eldest one gave her the priceless 'Hm? I'm innocent' face as we all knew she'd make. "Okay, Mariko-sama, we're gonna have to borrow your other room for a bit..." the level-headed Minami says to the one who owns the house. She gave her consent without much thought.


   After moving Yuki, Rino, Yui and Mayu into Mariko's personal room, they continued the game.

"What was the color of Matsui Rena's underwear during the elections?" Mariko read what was written by one of the fans

"EH?! What kind of question is that?!" Rena voiced out her surprise. Everyone looked at her with a grin. "I- I was wearing swimsuit underneath..." she says so while looking away. "Then, Jurina, what was the color of her underwear?" Atsuko asked Jurina who was beside her. Jurina then closes in on Atsuko and whispered something to her. After a few seconds, they parted and Atsuko does a thumbs down at Rena.

"Then Rena, drink a dose." Mariko tries to hold in a chuckle as she says to Rena even though the others are already laughing out loud.

"W- Wait! How do you even know what the color was?!" Rena asked Jurina surprisingly. The youngest girl only smirked and hid on Atsuko's left, using her senior as a shield from whatever Rena might or might not do.

"Just give up and drink already, Rena." Mariko orders the girl and gave a thumbs up at Jurina.

   Atsuko poured the alcohol into Rena's glass. At first Rena protested and tried to win everyone over with her angel-like smile, but alas that didn't work because Jurina pounced on her like a dog, but she drinks it in the end. Thank you, Jurina. Yes, that was sarcasm.

"What did Rena-" "Eh?! Me again?!" Rena interrupted Mariko who was reading the next question. Mariko rolled her eyes and continued reading. "What did Rena feel when she was beaten by Jurina?"

   Suddenly, the atmosphere turned heavy. The didn't know why Mariko even chose that question. Well, it was random but she could've just avoid it.

"Er... I'll tell you the truth..." Rena looked into Jurina's eyes, and blurted out her feelings.


"Where the hell am I?" Watanabe Mayu awoke in an unknown room.

   It was dark so she couldn't see much of her surroundings. She stared at the same spot, hopefully, the ceiling, for a few seconds and then the light was adjusted in her eyes. She looked next to her, on her left. to see a girl clinging to her.

"Mayuyu..." the girl's hot breath warmed the young girl's nape as the small girl flinched because of the sudden erotic situation.

   She looked closely to see the figure of a woman. A woman she held dear. The woman who took care of her for more than 5 years already. That woman now was holding her so tightly in her arms. Just the thought of it brings a smile to the young girl's face. But as she inspected closely, she could see the girl's wet lips are so close to her. The shining gloss on her lips. Mayu couldn't help but feel attracted to it. Her hands moved unconsciously towards it, but she stopped. She thought of why she's even doing it for a bit, but then continued to move her hands towards the elder girl. Then, after a few seconds of hesitation, her hands finally reached the girl's lips.

   Her lips were soft, moist and of course, sexy. Just the touch of it turns Mayu from the innocent twintailed angel to the hyperventilating pervert which we all know and love today.

".. Ehmm... M... Mayuyu..?" because Mayu was too focused on something other than the girl's lips and face, she didn't realize that the girl had already woken up, though was a bit sleepy. "Ohayo~" the girl greeted Mayu and the younger one instantly felt a little guilty about her actions towards her. "O- Ohayo..." Mayu managed to return the weird greeting at night.

"Did you sleep well~?" the girl drowsily asked the younger girl, in which Mayu flinched from seeing the girl say it in a sweet sexy voice, though it was all in her head. "... C- Comfortable.. I.. guess?" Mayu ended her answer with a question, which even surprised herself for how idiotic she could be. The other girl chuckled as she saw Mayu's behavior.

   They looked at each other in the eyes, as if locked onto their target. There wasn't any of those firework or flowers in the background, but they could feel themselves become attracted to each other. Then, as if they were in a trance, they closed in on each other. Metres became centimeters, centimeters became millimeters, and millimeters became god knows how much more. I don't do maths or science.

"Mayuyu, FYI, Yukirin's still drunk." she heard a voice that came from her right. It was none other than good ol' girl from Kyoto, Yokoyama Yui, who was trying to fend of the pair of hands that was coming around her body. Property of Sashihara Rino.

   Mayu realized what the girl was trying to say and looked back at Yuki and true enough, she had a perverted grin on her like those drunk men on bars would have.

"Whoa! Mama's dru-" before Mayu could finish, a pair of lips caught her own. And thus monopolizing what's rightfully hers.


"I'm... scared..." Rena finally confessed, which earned some shocked eyes from the other members and of course Maeda Atsuko the graduate. "I'm afraid... if she would ever..." she didn't have the courage to continue but after looking down and thinking of what she might say, she continued. "... If she would become like Acchan someday..."

[To be continued because this is too damn long and I'm afraid the readers would get too confused]

   So I'll update some other time~ Jaaan~
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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : AKB48 and alcohol Pt 1
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Mayuyu's thoughts... that one... butts butts butts butts... laughs...
Rena-chan's underwear... somehow... lol...
Yuihan~ Yuihan~~ Yuihan~~ <3
Ah... suddenly it seems serious??

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : AKB48 and alcohol Pt 1
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What did Rena mean by becoming like Atsuko?

Can't wait for the update

Thank you for the interesting story

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : AKB48 and alcohol Pt 1
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Thankyouthankyouthankyou Ashura-san!!! (˘̩̩̩▿˘̩̩̩ƪ)
I really really need a new atsuyuu story, since such a long time those two didn't appear in fics T~T well I know that rare to see their shipper~ so thankyou! :D

Ah don't put an end like that, sure you will make it into continuation chapters, rite? XD

And that 'alcohol' story, interesting! Thumbs up~

Looking forward to your next update, soon (>̯͡⌣<̯͡)

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AKB48 and alcohol Pt 2
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Shinoki, I know what you mean. Even I LoL'd while writing that. Yuihan oshii~? And yeah, sorry since it's turning serious. I'm actually trying to make it serious. Like what I said in the discussion. Dunno if it's working though. ^^''

cisda, NP, man~ Yes, what DID Rena mean by that? >w>

atsukojiyuu, It's gonna be a long while before I can write again... But please wait for me!! (LoL XD) Yeah. The both of these OS. (Of AtsuYuu and others that were not mentioned and AKB48 and Alcohol) are sequels or the aftermath of the A side of the fic I'm planning to write, Dunno when though~ And thanks!

Sorry for not updating since my laptop's broken thanks to a few 'individuals' messing it up. ==''
I was actually online from my phone, but hey, there's no way I'm going to use my phone for writing. Nu'uh.
Anywho, this  is actually a 'special chapter' of a new fic I'm thinking bout. As per usual, Acchan's the protag, she gets mega OP for some unknown reason, Aki-P makes his debut. But one thing's different is that I'm not gonna use AtsuYuu much in the A side. Probably some moments but that's it~ Sorry for the AtsuYuu shippers out there...
Okay, enough with unimportant things.

[AKB48 and alcohol pt. 2]

   Everyone froze at Rena's statement. Even the usually calm Atsuko had fallen into such a state where her heart would burst any moment now. Yuko looked at Atsuko questioningly which the taller girl only shook her head, saying that she doesn't know anything. Rena was in the state of tears. She was sobbing for unknown reasons which surprised even Jurina.

"What did you mean by that...?" Jurina asked the girl in a state of shock. However, Rena didn't answer. She was silent. Her head down, not looking at her junior and fellow group member.

"Ah... Rena's drunk." Atsuko said as she held a chuckle. Everyone who heard her inspected Rena as as she said, her eyes were going weird.

"Aw, so she's just drunk. What was that all about?" Sae who had kept quiet and became stiff finally loosened up as she realized the girl was only talking nonsense. Yuko offered to take her to the room which Jurina protested, saying that she was better suited for the task.

"If one of you goes to somewhere alone with Rena-chan, who knows what you two might do to the drunk girl." Mariko also loosened up and cracked a joke in between.

"I won't do anything. Promise." the squirrel made a toothy smile and as they all know, that toothy smile, is something that they can't trust.

"Then..." Mariko turned to look at the members and saw Atsuko staring at the drunk girl weirdly. "... Acchan, why don't you go?" She asked the ex-Ace, whom only nodded and got up to help her to another room.

   Everyone was amazed by her behavior. Atsuko wasn't the sort of person who would just follow somebody else's orders. Usually, she would complain about it, run away or even ignore it but this time, she abode someone's orders too easily. Atsuko lifted Rena up by the shoulder and helped her to walk to another room. Before she got out of the room, she whispered something in Mariko's ears in which she nodded.

   After the two left the room, everyone relaxed.

"Wow, what was that atmosphere?!" Mii-chan, who didn't say anything for hours maybe, finally couldn't take it anymore. "That was TOTALLY awkward!!!" she continued and waved her hands around like a little kid.

"Yeah, I was sweating all over thanks to Rena-chan's statement before..." Sae hugged her own body as if the cold had finally settled in to her body. The intense mood that they had gone through was too much for the Genking to take. Seeing the pained expression on her friend's face, Sayaka went to sit behind Sae and soothed her cold as she carefully rubbed the girl's back. Sae actually wanted a hug from the taller one but just pouted, knowing how dense the gorilla is.

"Feeling better?" one question and smile from Sayaka made her heart that was cold suddenly burst out in flames, beating faster and fasted, which surprised even her, for what happened right then never happened with Yuki. "F- Fine!" Sae hugged her knees as she answered, to hide her face that was slowly turning into a tomato. Nah, it's just that she's blushing like Takamina in the changing room. Thankfully, the oblivious gorilla didn't even realize her red face but...

"... Heh." The girls next to her were grinning as they looked at the bewildered Genking. It was none other than Mii-chan and Jurina. Sae couldn't even look at them, knowing that Sayaka was there behind her.

   Seeing the interesting situation unfolded in front of her, Mariko held a chuckle as she called for Sayaka, asking her to help her to make some tea, seeing as Atsuko didn't come back from her escorting mission yet. "Sure, but don't expect too much from me." Sayaka abided since she didn't have much to do, not to mention the others are already here to take care of Sae. "Yeah, I don't." Mariko joked which the others laughed for a while. "Sorry for being useless." Sayaka sulked and looked away, which made them laugh more.


"I wonder what the fuss is about..." Rena asked the older girl, who is sitting next to her while she was lying in bed. "Who knows." the girl answered as she looked at the night sky from Mariko's window.

   Atsuko borrowed the room from Mariko so that Rena could sleep a little better. She didn't even know what's happening in MaYuki and SasshiYui's room, but she has a guess, knowing that Mayu and Yuki were going out and Rino's personality to harass Yui never ceases to amaze her. She chuckled as she remembered a certain someone which amazed her even more.

"Why would you go so far...?"
"Because she's my reason of existence... And I'm here thanks to her..."

   Atsuko didn't even know the meaning behind her words, but remembering it makes something in her heart burn...

"What's wrong, Acchan?" the younger girl asked her worriedly, since she saw that her face suddenly turned from a happy mother-like smile, to a pained expression which she couldn't make out, but she knew what that meant.

"Don't tell me, you're jealous because I was spending too much time with Jurina?" Rena made an innocent pouting face as she looked at Atsuko seductively. Which she failed since all Atsuko could see was her cute playful face. But that alone made Atsuko flush.

"No way, like I'd care." she denies it strongly as she tries to fend off Rena's attacks.

"No~ I love Acchan too~" Rena joked around with the older girl and laughed a bit, seeing her play along.

"Get some sleep for a bit, you need it..." Atsuko finally advices her as the younger girl settled down because harassing Atsuko tires her out more than Jurina's advances. "Yeah..." Rena closed her eyes, and the older girl got up to leave the room but as she reached the door, "And...

... Sorry... for blurting it out to the others..."


"Hey, Acchan, you're back?" Mariko greeted the girl that has just finished escorting Rena.

"So, how was Rena-chan's body?" Yuko made a perverted grin as she looked at the ex-Ace. Atsuko sighed and hit the girl's head, and adding Haruna's punch of squirrel discipline, it became a two-way combo. The others, impressed by the two's teamwork, clapped their hands, even though the squirrel is writhing in pain. "I was just joking, obviously." she pouted cutely at Atsuko who is already immune to her. "Ain't happening." she finishes the conversation and sat on an empty spot in everyone's circle.

   They didn't use the table since it's too big so they made a circle and placed the beverages in the middle. The position changed to, in clockwise, Mariko, who's back is facing the door, Sayaka, Sae, Mii-chan, Takamina, Jurina, Atsuko, Haruna, and Yuko.

"Now shall we continue the game?" Mariko asked and everyone nodded in agreement except Mii-chan "Are you sure you're supposed to sit here and not supervising a certain someone?" she asked Sayaka, hinting Yuko with her eyes.

"Don't worry. I'm sure Acchan won't let her do anything to Haruna." Sayaka said so confidently from her experience.

   Whenever Yuko and Haruna were going somewhere private, Atsuko would always use her cuteness and pleads to win Yuko over, making Yuko bring Atsuko along in almost all of her adventures with Haruna. Haruna doesn't mind at all since she is really comfortable with Atsuko. Whenever they're together, they would feel at peace. But something tells her that she feels a little too at peace...

"Okay, let me read the question then." Mariko read a comment on Rino's post. "What is the relationship between Kojima Haruna and Maeda Atsuko?" she asked a question which lingers in their minds. The two whose names were read were actually surprised at first but... They are already prepared for this kind question. They knew that someday, somehow, someone would find out about it. They knew but couldn't do anything. Atsuko has no choice but to hide it.

"We're best friends~" Atsuko says in a playful voice. No menace, no sadness. Just a playful voice which everyone loved. The playful side of Atsuko which they remembered since the beginning. They missed that side of her. That side would only show up sometimes, but when it shows up, they knew that she was very happy. She was having fun. That's what she meant. Being with her friends, fooling around, making out with Rena, there couldn't be any more fun things than that... except another thing...

"Mou, Acchan's too clingy these days~" the taller girl says in a playful, dissatisfied voice as the shorter one clings to her and kept hugging her.

   She's already used to Atsuko's constant clinging. She knew the girl loves to hug or pounce on others. It's her nature. You could never stop the random assaults from Maeda Atsuko. Not even the General Manager could. Though one could say that Takahashi Minami is usually the target of the ex-Ace's assaults which led to many embarrassing moments mostly done by the taller one's constant teasings. But more than Yuko's perverted advances towards the cat girl's breasts, she likes Atsuko's more. The girl knows how to be playful and cheer her up, unlike a certain squirrel. You could say she likes to be hugged by Atsuko. It calms her down, knowing that her best friend is always there when you need her. Even though Atsuko left AKB48, there are times when Haruna looks around and blurts out 'Eh? Where's Acchan?' and that's what caused a stir in the members' hearts...

"Eh~ But NyanNyan loves hugs so it's okay, right~?" Atsuko's head found comfort in the abyss known as Haruna's breasts. The taller girl didn't mind though. Atsuko's Atsuko just like that. She's not Yuko so it's alright.

"Yeah, but two midgets might get jealous, you know~" she emphasized the word 'midgets' so the two would hear. Atsuko didn't get it at first but then it finally clicked. She grinned and continued her assault on Haruna's body. "Who cares about them~ NyanNyan's mine~" she playfully clings to her more and they collapsed lightly. Atsuko who didn't want it to end yet, rolled around with her on the floor, laughing together.

   The ones watching, except the two 'midgets' which is sulking and glaring at the two playful 'cats', had a smile on their faces. Haruna and her lazy personality and cat-like features already made her a cat long ago, and Atsuko who, unlike Mayu with her certain 'mouse' character, is more evil when it comes to playful things. Her constant teasing were always fun to watch. It wasn't that much fun for the one being teased, but she would always make up with her, clinging to her and making some cute faces for sympathy, she's evil but in a cute way. Like a cat. You just can't hate these two cats.

   But they also realized another thing. They don't know if Haruna has some sort of feeling for Atsuko or not, but they know that Atsuko doesn't have any evil feelings for the girl. Because when they're fooling around, she would always take a time to glance at a certain someone and continue her game with Haruna. They knew, her heart already belongs to someone else.

"Okay, okay, you two win this round." Mariko had a smile of an older sister watching her little sisters play. "You know you shouldn't force yourself, right?" a certain Gachapin asked the oldest. Mariko's smile changed from a warm smile to a wry smile. She remembered the reason behind her graduation. The reason why she left. And also the reason why she's even in this group to begin with.

"Yeah..." is all she could say.

"I think you two should stop that now, some of us are glaring at you both with killing intent." Sayaka was the one who called the two playful cats out and pointed at Takamina and Yuko. Atsuko and Haruna looked at the other two and stopped. Atsuko knows how jealous Takamina can get over Haruna and Haruna knows just how Yuko would kill to get the relationship she have with Atsuko right now.

"Well, next question then..." Mariko looked at the display of the phone's screen as the two cats took their seats next to each other.

   They didn't realize it. No, they never even suspected it. That below that table, are two intertwined fingers. One of the ex-Ace of AKB48 and the other is the cat girl who is known as the beauty inside AKB48. They would never know... No. They will never know it. That the past the relationship these two shared were closer than they have ever thought.

"..." silence filled the room. At first Atsuko and Haruna thought that they have suspected something, but it wasn't that. It was Mariko's staring at the screen. "Okay, change of question." she said normally, which made most of the members sigh, but, with a grin,

   Sayaka swiped the phone out of Mariko's hands!

"O- oi!" Mariko glared at the gorilla, but Sayaka only made her gorilla face and read the question on the display.

"What-" before she could finish, Mariko tried to grab the phone but...

   Sayaka passed it to Sae.

"-does-" Sae read it quickly and passed it to Mii-chan.

"-Mariko-" Mii-chan passed it to the one with the same first name

"-think-" Takamina passed it to Jurina

"-about-" Jurina passed it to Atsuko

   Atsuko read it and with a chuckle, passed it to Haruna without saying anything. Haruna was confused by Atsuko's actions and when she read the display

"-Kojima Haruna?" she read her own name.

   Mariko froze. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know what to answer. She didn't even know why anyone would even ask that sort of question. But then Mii-chan spoke at the wrong timing.

"Oh yeah, I heard that you called in AKBINGO's crew to ask for a lie detector. I wonder how that's going~"

   The girl's statement made them grin more and Mariko was in a state of crisis.

'No no! Don't mind it! There's no way they'd just send in something so expensive to us! But... I may have threatened them a little too much...' she thought to herself. Right at that moment, the doorbell rang.

'You've gotta be kidding be!' she cursed herself as Yuko got the door and came back with a lie detector.

'Relax, relax, nobody knows how to use this.' she assured herself but... "Oh! I know how to use this. I played it with Sae once when we were alone." Sayaka confesses and sets up the lie detector on Mariko. Everybody else gave a 'If you know what I mean' face as they looked at Sae.

   Atsuko got up and whispered something to Sayaka who nodded in response. She also whispered back to Atsuko but the girl only gave a smirk.

"Now Mariko-sama." This time, Takamina was the one who was going to ask her. "What do you think about Haruna?"

   They all had a grin on their faces, seeing the flushed face of Haruna and Mariko was too amusing. Even Takamina felt the 'S' inside her grow. Though Atsuko wouldn't let that happen.

"Wait, you should only use it as a 'True' or 'False' question, right?" Sae asked Takamina, who is lost.

"Then I'll ask!" Yuko volunteered and asked the question. "Does Mari-chan LOVE NyanNyan?!"

'WHOA! A straight fastball!' was what everyone thought.

   Mariko and Haruna were red to the ears. The two who were usually the ones who were always on top thanks to Mariko's Sadism and Haruna's double-personality are now being teased by someone like Takamina and Yuko. That's one of the most ironic things that could never be recorded on television. But sadly it will, thanks to Rino.

"M- Maybe...?" Mariko answered in a cute childish way which even surprised Takamina. Atsuko, Sae and Yuko were laughing their asses off whilst Jurina, Sayaka and Mii-chan were looking at Mariko while grinning mischievously.

"The answer is only 'Yes' or 'No', Mariko~" Mii-chan stated which Mariko averted her eyes from them.

"O- Of course I love her as a friend!" she confessed but the lie detector indicates otherwise.

"Eh... so... Mari-chan doesn't like me...?" Haruna was about to cry and Atsuko supported her and hugged her tightly. "There there, NyanNyan. Leave that fail human being and come to me." Yuko was the one who held out her hand but Haruna slapped it away and stuck out her tongue at her. "Tch. And you'd rather cling to Acchan?!" she says, dissatisfied with the treatment she's getting but

"Who wouldn't?" is what everyone said at the same time.

"Okay, you lost already Mariko, so bottoms up." Mii-chan filled Mariko's glass and the older one reluctantly drank it.

   But she was unsatisfied... so she made Mii-chan chug a whole bottle.

"O- Oi! Don't you think that's a little too much...?" Sayaka asked her but she ignored. "Stop it, you're gonna bring Jurina bad influence." Atsuko covered Jurina's eyes and the youngest protested. "I'm already 16 this year! Mou..."

   Behind all these laughter, all these fun moments, there was still some dissatisfaction. There were people who wanted an answer.

"Did you graduate because of NyanNyan and Mii-chan?" Atsuko asked the oldest girl of them all. Her eyes were bloodshot. It was not the Atsuko they knew. She was more scarier, terrifying even.

   The room was giving off a heavy atmosphere. From the cheery tones to the silence of nothingness. The wind wasn't blowing, and the fans weren't on. Everyone was sweating hard. Beads of cold sweat ran down from each of their bodies. What made it worse was the look in Atsuko's eyes. The look which terrified them to the bones. It was as if time itself stopped right at that moment.

   What's more mysterious was Atsuko's question.

'Did you graduate because of NyanNyan and Mii-chan?' that question which didn't make sense at all. Why would Mariko graduate because of them? What was the motif or merit of that? Will her graduation help the two in any way?
No. It will not.

"Yes." Mariko answered with a grin. The answer surprised everyone. Not even Mii-chan was amused...

"WHY?!" the one who snapped was Atsuko herself. She was the one who asked the question, but as expected, it was a double-edged blade. "Why would you go so far?! Why did you even think that it'll help them in the elections?!"

   Another surprise. Why? What? Why did Atsuko, who didn't care much about the elections suddenly talk about it? What does it have anything to do with the elections? Questions such as these played in everyone's mind. Yet, shall it be answered or shall it not?

"Answer me!" The menace inside Atsuko's voice reminded them of the pressure the girl had as the center. Her voice that made her become a solo artist, was not like that. It wasn't that voice anymore. This was different. Who was the girl right in front of their eyes? Where is Maeda Atsuko?

"Acchan... calm down..."

   A voice, no, warm arms were wrapped around Atsuko's chest. The warm scent which she loved. The voice which has been with her for many years. Yet nobody even realized it. Yet, these arms were warm, this voice was soothing, this scent was nostalgic. The feeling to be enveloped by that person was calming...

"Rena..." As she looked back, it was indeed Matsui Rena.

   She had been hearing on the conversation and immediately got out after hearing Atsuko scream. Thankfully the other four heavy sleepers were too busy sleeping or making out to hear it.

"R- Rena-chan?" Takamina was the one who broke the soothing but awkward silence.

"Mhm." She answered, not letting go of Atsuko who is closing her eyes to calm down.

"Okay, I'm fine now." as she said that, Rena lets go of her and was patted in the head. "Thanks" Atsuko thanked her and Rena made a warm smile.

"So, how about you answer my question, Mariko?" Atsuko asked the girl again. Mariko smirked and replied. "Should I?" she was obviously trolling with the young girl but Atsuko didn't back down. "Yes." She says it firmly.

"You've grown..." Mariko had a warm smile. A smile that relaxed the atmosphere a bit. Everyone found themselves smiling as well for whatever reason. It may be the atmosphere. It may be their instincts. Nobody knows.

"Well, ask me anything. I'll answer it truthfully." she challenged.

"No, explain yourself. Why did you graduate?"

[Dialogue : A:Atsuko, M:Mariko

M:"I want to leave everyone and pursue my own path"
A:"Selfish. Not like I have a say in this. That wasn't the only reason, right?"
A:"Then what was the other?"
M:"I don't want Nyaro to get out from the Kami8."
A:"What about Mii-chan?"
M:"She'll grow up once I leave. She broke down thanks to your graduation. Hopefully, this will set her mind straight"
A:"That might backfire, you know."
M:"Your graduation also might backfire. But did you back down? No."
A:"That's because I've thought about that for years."
M:"And you know I thought about that as well."


   Everyone was silent. They were shocked by the conversation. Some were looking at Haruna and some were looking at Mii-chan, though the girl was already down thanks to drinking a whole bottle of alcohol.

"Selfish..." a voice came from the cat girl.

   Haruna was about to slap Mariko but stopped midway. She thought about it. If she slapped her there and then, won't that make her selfish as well? Selfish for her own conclusion? Won't calling her selfish also make herself selfish? What is the meaning behind that word...

The game stopped there.

Rino came back to see Haruna crying and Mariko apologizing with her left cheek red. Takamina was completely lost as to what happened. Mii-chan didn't wake up that night. Yuko didn't get what she wanted but she learned something new. All of Sayaka's questions were answered so she was satisfied with it. Sae was as lost as Takamina not to mention her feelings were blooming for some reason. Yuki's mission was accomplished. Mayu's mission was still far from over. Yui's innocence was still safe. Thank god. Rena was worried of the outcome. Jurina... was afraid of her senior...

And Rino... took a one step forward in her own game.

"Hey, Sasshi. Help me fix up the things here, will you? I guess we're sleeping here tonight since it's already late." Atsuko called out to her former junior.

"Roger, Assan~" she smiled and followed Atsuko to Mariko's room to get some 'futon'.

"... Don't look at me like that..."

"Hm? Like what~?"

"... Nothing, I guess."

All the mysteries just became deeper. What really happened in AKB?

'I felt like I was trolled'
'Eh? Where's Acchan?'
'Wat's wif dat sorta logic?'
'Who cares about them?'

'I'm afraid... if she would ever... become like Acchan someday...'

What was the real meaning behind those words?

"Shall we continue... this game of revenge?"


   How was it? Bad? Disgusting? Blasphemy? Anywho, please reply what you REALLY think. Don't need to sugarcoat words with me. I'm used to it. Anywho, trust me. There PROBABLY won't be any AtsuRena. Sadly QAQ
Coz my AtsuYuu heart is bigger than my other intestines XD
I'll probably explain the whole Acchan setting and AKB48 in a new fic I'm planning. Good news: It's action. Bad news: I'm writing it. Yeah it's probably gonna turn out AtsuYuu. About 30%. AtsuRena, AtsuMayu, AtsuMari, AtsuJuri are 15%. MariHaru is 9% and AtsuMina is 1% XD What? There's still chances of AtsuMina. It's not like I hate the pairing XD But AtsuYuu is more dominant.

P/S Sorry for the typos, grammar, misuse of words and such... Oh and don't forget to comment on this thing~

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : AKB48 and alcohol Pt 2/2
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I guess I'm a Yuihan oshi when it comes to AKB48~

Wah... great ending? well, it's not really an ending... but hehe~ looking forward to that fic~

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Temptations and Moans
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Someone requested AtsuYuu?!
MUAHAHAHA! So be it!
I just LOVE AtsuYuu~
Don't you love AtsuYuu~?
Tough crowd >w>

[Temptations and Moans]

"I'm home, my love~" A squirrel-like girl entered Maeda and Takahashi's residence.

"I'm not your love, Yuko. NyanNyan would cry." The girl 'greeted' her back, not taking her eyes off the stove.

"Acchan~ I missed you~" Yuko pounced on the poor actress as if letting out all the frustrated feelings she have been keeping for a long time due to not seeing her.

"We just saw each other yesterday, you know..." Atsuko gave a wry smile as she pushed the older girl away lightly, her eyes still on the stove but then she continued to cut the potatoes.

"Huh...? What are these moans? Your neighbors?" Yuko asked. "Probably. I've been hearing it a lot lately. They never cease to stop, huh? Lovers these days." she answered in a sarcastic sense. Yuko chuckled and added. "I know, right~? It sounds like two girls. Lesbians~?" she kids. Atsuko only smirked a bit. "Probably?"

   Yuko puts the groceries she has brought on the table and scanned the area. No other life forms in sight. "Hey, where are the others?" she asked the younger girl. Atsuko's movements suddenly stopped. Her knife slammed loudly on the cutting board. The sudden loud noise surprised the older one as she jumped up out of instinct. She looked at the younger girl again and see that the girl is putting her head down, some of her hair covering her right eye, making it look like the famous emo hairstyle which she had years ago. "Who knows..." was all the answer she could make out.

[The day before]

"Hey... want to come to our house tomorrow and be my food testers?" the young actress blurted out as she finished her fourth sundae.

   Present on the table in an unknown restaurant are, Takamina, Haruna, Yuko, Mariko, Tomochin and of course, Atsuko.

"Huh? Acchan... The last time I ate your food, I had to skip my Team K practice due to stomachache." Tomochin stated as she remembered the incident which almost took her life away.

"And that's Tomochin. If even Tomochin fell thanks to your food, I don't know what kind of hell awaits us." Mariko backed her up, knowing that eating Maeda Atsuko's food would be the death of her. The others nodded along as they also didn't want to taste the wraith of Atsuko's fail dishes.

"Mou! That was YEARS ago! I've improved, you know!" Atsuko got up and pouted as she turned her head to the side. They all knew that this is a sign that the girl will eventually get what she wants. Seeing this, Takamina sighed. "Takamina! We've been living together for a while now, so tell them how great I've become~" Atsuko entrusted everything to Takamina as she slumped back down. Takamina looked at Atsuko weirdly and replied "Acchan... we have been eating nothing but instant noodles... and that's coming from an idol..."

"S- So... Y- You guys... don't want to... eat... my cooking...?"
There it was. Atsuko's deadliest weapon against wotas, cats, midgets, and the likes. The 'form a pout on the lips, tear up a little, head put down and eyes looking up, left shoulder slightly forward and showing a little service under the shirt' tactic.

"I'LL GO!" Instantly, everyone else except Mariko stood up and answered.


"I can't believe that worked... a little too well, I think..." Atsuko finally slumped down on the table, putting her 10th sundae to the side as she saw Yuko left. The ones left are her, Mariko and Tomochin.

"Yeah... and why the hell did you decide to join as well?" Mariko glared at the girl on her left after patting the girl on her right for her hard work.

"Hey, you know I can't resist Atsuko. That was frightening... I don't even know how you learned that... No human being can ever resist that technique. No offense, Mariko."
"None taken."

"Anyway, what sorta plan do you have for her, Acchan?" Mariko asked the girl who is trying to drift to eternal happiness. "Dunno. I'll get it done one way or another."


'Hehe~ Now I have Yuko all to myself~ I didn't see Takamina since morning and Mariko and Tomochin knows what I'm trying to do so it's just me and her today~ I'm gonna use this chance to make a move. You're gonna fall for me, Yuko! I'm gonna show ya what I've leaned from teasing Takamina all the time!!!'

"Yuko, can you bring me that salt?" Atsuko asked the older girl as she pointed at the shelf on her left.

"Wait, we're eating curry rice, right?" Yuko asked, nervous.
"Just shut up and bring me the salt, will you?"

   Yuko reluctantly went towards the shelf and inside are two black trays. Both are labelled 'Salt'. Yes, it's in japanese.

"Err. I see two salts in here, which one?" she asked, unsure of which to choose.

"Hm? Lemme see." Atsuko puts down the ladle and went behind Yuko, placing her head just above the girl's left shoulder and right next to her face.

   Yuko smelled an aroma which brought nostalgia.

'A- Acchan's so close!!! But more than that, she smells so nice... What kind of shampoo does she use...? Her hair that's rubbing against my face... It's so... nice...

   Yuko unconsciously leaned towards her left as if she was in a trance. But...

"Well, who cares. Just choose either." Atsuko took the salt on the left side and quickly left towards the stove. Yuko, without time to act, fell head first on the floor.

"What are you doing...?" she looked at the older girl, finding her amusing.

"Nothing... The floor... It's cold..." Yuko hugged her lugs as she laid down on the floor.

"I see..." Atsuko continued her work.

'Jackpot~ She's attracted to me~ Hehe~ Wonder what I'll do next~'

   Atsuko made a triumphant pose in her mind as she cuts the onions... with a kitchen knife......

   Yuko watched the back of AKB's ex-Center. The back which she longed for years. The back... She watched everything, from her nape line, down to her slim body, to her perfect-shaped bottom, even to her exposed legs. The girl moving her bottoms as she followed the melody of her humming. The humming of a song she remembered dear.

"I want you~" Atsuko sang the melody which she still remembered, even after all those years.
"I need you~"
"I love you~"
"Atama no naka~"
"Gan Gan ni atteru Miuziku"
"Hebii roteshon~"

"Ouch!" Atsuko let out a shriek.

   Yuko opened her eyes again which was closed before, listening to the younger girl's soothing voice. She looked at Atsuko and found that her finger on her left hand was bleeding lightly from a cut, probably because of the knife.

"Haha, sorry, my mistake." Atsuko playfully stuck her tongue out at her foolish mistake.

   In response Yuko got up without saying anything and grabbed the girl's hand which finger bled.

"Eh? Yuko?" the clueless Atsuko didn't know what the older girl was trying to do but Yuko didn't pay any heed.

   Yuko inserted the girl's finger which was bruised inside her mouth, disinfecting it, not forgetting to lick it in a way which made the younger girl blush madly.

"W- What are you doing?!" the surprised Atsuko tried to get away from the older girl but it backfired.

   As soon as Atsuko's finger was out of Yuko's mouth, the older girl pulled the younger one so that their faces met closely to each other, making Atsuko bend a little due to the poor girl's height.

"That was my special service. Did you like it?" Yuko puts on a smile at the blushed Atsuko.

"S- Special service, my ass! That was uncalled for!" the younger one was dissatisfied by what just happened.

"You know you wanted that, Acchan. You were 'inviting' me ever since I've stepped into the house."

"I- I don't know what you're talking bout!" Atsuko played the 'ignorance' card which made the older girl sigh.

"Oh? Did you know that my tongue is good for another service?" Yuko's face grew to a wide grin as she looked at Atsuko with demanding eyes.

"L- Like... what...?" this time, as Atsuko looked at Yuko, it was different. She looked at the girl with seductive eyes. Inviting her closer. And thus, she did.

   Yuko's face came closer to the girl, slightly tiptoeing. But...

"Ah... That was too much, NyanNyan..."
"Sorry, I can't help myself when I get wild and you know it, Takamina~"

"AH." They met. At the most awkward moment. With Atsuko who is holding a knife on her left hand and slightly red to her ears, Yuko who is tiptoeing and reaching for Atsuko's lips, Takamina who is naked(WHAT?!) and carrying her bed sheet which is wet and Haruna, who is half-naked and licking her wet fingers.

"Darn it all..." was all they could think.


   This is all I could do for now XD
   Actually I've thought of some twists and turns but that backfired. I somehow lost my drive. (Exam in two days. Meh)
   Sorry imteedee, but this is what I could come up with for now. I'll make it up to ya some other time, probably after the exams or at least when I get my laptop back.

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Temptations and moans
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it was a DOKI DOKI scene turned LOL   :wahaha:

I didn't know this thread exists until... OMG I think I missed half of my life!!  XD
continue! I'll be waiting, please?  :bow:
Thank you Ashura!

Holy cow! just finished reading the other fics UP UP UP there! it felt like it really did happen LOL I'm so curious! lol your AtsuYuu heart bigger than your intestines?! I offer my body and soul :bow:

PS: goodluck on your exams gambatte!  :cow:
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my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Temptations and moans
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Oh, wait hey...I kinda like ur crazy works!!~
-The most is AKB48 and alcohol part 1 & 2!!~
-The newest is great too which i like it~
-imteedee-san was right, i was going doki-doki...
-But then comes the awkward moments...I lol'd there..
-Oh yeah, good tactic by the way, Acchan...*thumbs up*

>Update ur OS soon, imma wait for it, yea..Ur crazy fiction..Lol
(Why am i so impolite to you??~ Cuz dude, we're same in some aspect?? Lol!!~)

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imteedee, yeah. I'm kinda proud of these OS's... It shows just how 'awesome' the members are behind the scenes XD And sorry, man. I'm not continuing that for 2 reasons. One being I have no idea how to continue dat XD and the other being it was too random~ Sorry but I don't want your body!!! >A< Except if yar body's like NyanNyan's *drools like a certain squirrel*

Kochiki, my works aren't crazy... They're just... Easily misunderstood >w> I'm gonna show just how evil Acchan is~~~ Ooooh! Yes! I finally meet another guy in here! QAQ

   AtsuYuu~~~ Why do I like AtsuYuu~? I have no idea... Wait, why DID I like AtsuYuu??? I mean, Yuko's not even in my 'like' list... She's neutral... Why was it...? If ya think logically, Acchan is WAY closer to Takamina, Tomochin and Mariko than Yuko could ever kill for... Then why did I choose Yuko as my Immovable Kami-oshi's partner??? Huh??? Now I feel like I'm starting to lose my AtsuYuu touch... O.O''

   Aaaaaaaaanywaaaaaaay, as some AtsuYuu lovers would know, Atsuko promised Yuko to take her to a sunday drive to the beach and she actually did it. Now the question is, why did Yuko feel so eager to request Atsuko of such, and why did Atsuko agreed, instead of inviting her 'best friend', Takamina? And of course, what actually happened in the trip??? I mean, come on... Fans spotted them wearing matching outfits!!! OAO Dunno if that's legit or not but who the hell cares?! ATSUYUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what happened to our lovely pair~? Let's find out!!!

Credit goes to this weird tumblr : AtsuYuu shipper(?)

Sunday Drive

"Hey, I heard that Maeda-san was going to get her driver's license."

   Yuko strained her ears as she heard the gossip between two kenkyusei's. The topic of Maeda Atsuko and drive puts a smile on her face for some reason. And yes, she thought that Atsuko was going to smash the car into itsy bitsy pieces. I mean, seriously? Atsuko and driving? It's like hearing a topic of Takahashi Minami bathing with the members. Even if nobody cares, it's still a pretty hot topic.

"Yeah, she always gets what she wants. It was all because of her words on her coming-of-age ceremony." the other kenkyusei sighed as she remembered about what she heard.

   Yuko thought to herself of what Maeda has said and she remembered some AKB program about someone taking a driver's license course. It was oddly surprising since she turned the TV off the moment she saw Minegishi Minami as the President even though she saw Acchan's statement in the beginning.

"I bet Toyota-san would give her a car. I mean, he's an Acchan oshii and there's no doubt about it." the kenkyusei gossiped.

   Yuko smiled wryly as she too thought of that. I mean, Toyota loves to dote on Atsuko for no apparent reason. Not to mention that he's such a wota. But even so, it intrigued her, thinking of the fun and joys she could have with the younger girl. It's not surprise that Yuko herself likes to cling to Atsuko often. In fact, Yuko loves the girl's smell. The only things she disliked about Atsuko are her breast size and the fact that she's too clingy to her fellow midget even though the Captain A's captain doesn't like her Ace's skinship much.

"I wonder who Maeda-san would bring with her for her first drive?"

   The question lighted an imaginary light bulb as the squirrel fiddled with her phone to call the Ace.


"Acchan~ Here~" she waved her hands from the crowd to signal the younger girl of her location.

   Atsuko cleverly avoided the crowd and pushed her way through her fans and cling onto the older. Yuko, without no way out, used the weapon of pervertedness, kissing Atsuko out of nowhere which made the girl blush madly in front of the fans. All of the wotas around her was 'turned on', thus making them clutch down for some 'unknown reason', just like the squirrel girl planned. Using this chance, Yuko forced her way out of the crowd of hands, dragging Atsuko along with her and made their way to some unknown hotel.


"Wew. That was close." Yuko wiped her sweat off with her hands and a towel she found on the bed.

"Why do we ALWAYS end up in a love hotel?" Atsuko sighed at her misfortune.

"Hey, not my fault. It's just that this is the closest 'hiding spot' from the fans." Yuko flashed her funny smile and Atsuko chuckled.

"Yeah, right. That's not even a logical explanation since we've been in a love hotel for almost all of our outings and the only time we weren't in a love hotel was when Minami ordered us to go to the theater, thanks to your 'project' with NyanNyan." Atsuko looked at the squirrel girl in suspicion.

"What? It wasn't my fault that NyanNyan was so damn beautiful that day and seduced me by licking a lollipop, thus making me unable to resist and accidentally almost raped her, using you as an excuse to run away without any punishments. But damn, Takamina's too sharp in these sort of things." Yuko crossed her arms and made a thinking face, as she imagined Takamina comforting the crying Haruna.

"It was coincidence that Sae gave her a lollipop she got from her brother. I'm starting to doubt that you're bi and now I think you're actually a lesbian..." Atsuko sighed at what explanation she heard from her fellow Ace's mouth.

"No no no, I never said that I was bi, right?" Yuko winked at Atsuko and the younger girl rolled her eyes away, not wanting any more say in this topic.

   As per usual, Atsuko quickly went to bed and snuggled up to a hugging pillow. Seeing this, Yuko moved closer and also hugged the pillow. The only difference is that Yuko's hugging pillow is Atsuko.

"Yuko, hands off." Atsuko ordered the older girl but Yuko shrugged it off as harmless sadistic play by the Ace, snuggling up to her more and even going as far as to rub the girl's breasts, making her yelp due to the sudden sensation.

   Hearing the cute and seductive 'kya!', Yuko grinned sadistically as she tried to make her next move, only to be stopped by Atsuko's Ace glare. Thus, making her unable to move. Except that she's starting to get horny. As expected of the perverted squirrel.

"Anyway, you said you had something to tell me. Why not get into that topic already instead of going around in this cycle all day?" Atsuko said as she slaps another one of Yuko's hands trying to explore the unknown land of Atsuko's body.

"Ah, yeah. I almost forgot. Teehee." Yuko made a cute head bump, making the younger girl blush.

"Don't forget your reason so easily, idiot" Atsuko covered her blushed cheeks with the hugging pillow and the oblivious Yuko didn't suspect a thing. Thank goodness the lights were turned off. Though the AtsuYuu shippers were raging of why the lights were off.

"I heard you were going to get your license." Yuko smiled and hugged Atsuko in a childish manner and the younger girl lets her be, knowing that she won't attack anytime soon.

"Yeah, pretty much. It's already the third episode of the series and you just asked about this?" Atsuko raised her brow seeing the older girl not knowing of the ongoings in the group.

"Well, I just heard it from my sources." Yuko averted her eyes as she answered, not wanting the younger girl to question her more about it. "Anyway, so have you decided who's going to be your first passenger?" Yuko looked at the Ace in pleading eyes.

   Atsuko paused for a moment, thinking of something. She thought about many things, from her insurance, to her budget even to Takamina but there's no way to know that now, since she only started her lessons.

   Atsuko looked at Yuko only to see the girl staring at her with hope in her eyes as she made a puppy dog face which she only seen show to Haruna. Atsuko sighed in defeat as she knew that the older girl must've had her reasons for it.

"Not yet, I suppose." Atsuko smiled wryly as the squirrel jumped up and down due to the excitement and all the thrills she might be getting.

"THEN! Can I be your first?!" Yuko asked in a cute innocent face, though in her heart, she probably means something else. Typical Yuko and her typical way of twisting her words around.

Atsuko lifted and eyebrow. "I don't know what you meant by that, but I guess you'll be my first passenger."

   Yuko, in excitement of what she just heard from the Ace, even though she wanted her to get hooked by her 'misunderstanding question', clings to to the girl and rubbed her face in the younger girl's chest. Of course Atsuko didn't mind it. She knew that whatever she does, she'll just have to tattle to Haruna.

Yuko lifted her head once more and looked at Atsuko with her cute smile once more. "Promise?!" Yuko asked the younger girl and the latter chuckled and patted the older girl's head, giving her the best smile she could conjure up in her current state.



   Atsuko came to the theater the day after for her Team A's practice. She found a Mariko taking pictures with the girls around the theater.

"Mariko... What are you doing...?" Atsuko asked, curious of the older girl's actions.

"Oh, I made a bet with Rena-chan on who can take pictures with the most lolis." Mariko answered as if it was normal, which made Atsuko sighed at the older girl's childish behavior.

"SKE's Rena? I thought you were teaching Jurina on the know-hows of kissing girls naturally." Atsuko chuckled as she tries to leave.

"Yeah, but she already surpassed you, Acchan. I heard her next target was me." Mariko replied as she searched for other candidates. But, yeah. Team A's lolis aren't that deadly.

"I heard that, Mariko. And your jokes are going nowhere." Atsuko left the words and entered the dressing room, only to be welcomed by the sight of Takahashi Minami, only in her underwear.

   Silence filled the air as Atsuko's eyes shot wide open to save the memory of the defenseless Takamina trying to reach her ribbon on top of a high shelf, probably due to Haruna's bullying again. Atsuko actually considered to go outside again to call for Mariko and force her to take the picture, send it to her and make it a memorable 'CUUUUUUUUTEEEEEEE!' moment. But alas, she was too late.

   Takamina turned around to see Atsuko drooling as she looked at the younger girl's shiny skin, smexy underwear and perfect butt, and Atsuko reminded herself to never tell this tale to either Yuko or Mayu.

"A- Acchan?!" Takamina, taken aback by the sudden appearance of the younger girl, slipped and accidentally caught her underwear on her chair's edge, ripping her poor cute and smexy underwear.

   The funny development caused Atsuko to crack open and let out a huge laugh which surprised everyone in the theater. Hearing a laugh that loud could only mean either two things, one is something damn funny just happened and the other being Takamina just embarrassed herself. Lucky for them, it all happened!


"Thanks for letting me borrow your underwear, Acchan..." Takamina sighed as she headed out of the theater with the Ace.

"It wasn't mine. It was Yuko's." Atsuko answered as she cuddled with the short captain.

"Wait, why do you have Yuko's underwear...?" Takamina looked at Atsuko in a way which made the younger girl go mad inside her heart from seeing the cuteness.

"Dunno. I asked NyanNyan if she had any spare underwear and she gave me that." Atsuko answered truthfully, making the captain more curious of what she just heard.

"Okay then..." Takamina decided to just end the topic and cut open a new, more interesting one. "Oh yeah, you're taking your driver's license test, right?" she asked the younger girl and she nodded in response. Takamina's eyes lit up. As Atsuko saw this, she was thinking that it was... Deja vu all over again. "Then can I be your first passenger?!"

   The question made Atsuko think of how popular she's getting recently both with the fans and with the members and she remembered a proposal she just had with Takajo Aki about her authority over a certain junior with the name Rie.

"Sorry, Minami. Yuko just asked me yesterday so I agreed to take her." Atsuko explain, not trying to hurt the short captain's feelings. She knew that even though Takamina may look tough and manly, she's still an emotional child inside.

"Ah, I see..." Takamina looked down disappointed.

   The hurt face of her best friend in front of her made Atsuko think of the relationship she had with her for years and all the favors she owed her. This made Atsuko feel a little guilty for deserting her friend just like that. Thus, she made a decision which could turn everything around...

[30th September 2012]

"And I ask again... Why are there Takamina and NyanNyan with us...?" Yuko asked in a pissed off and sweet manner both at the same time. One for seeing her fellow midget and one for seeing her pet cat.

"Hm? I thought we should ask more people so it'd be more fun. So I asked Minami and NyanNyan so that we could have a double date~" Atsuko answered playfully, not taking her eyes off the road as she was driving.

"But still, I can't believe Acchan got a car this big!" Takamina, who was not used to being in a Toyota FJ Cruiser, looked around the inside of the car in awe.

"I can't believe Acchan actually got her license on her first try..." Haruna looked at Atsuko in disbelief as the youngest girl pumped her chest with pride. "But seriously Acchan..." Haruna chuckled and mimicked Atsuko trying to show how a manual works like in the first episode of AKB's Driving Club.

Atsuko, seeing this, blushed madly as she was embarrassed for what she did. "Well, I was an idiot back then... I'm kinda regretting doing something like that in front of camera..."

"It's okay, since what Acchan did was really cute~" Haruna smiled widely as she looked at Atsuko through the mirror, making Atsuko blush more.

"Hey, am I the only one who doesn't know what the hell those two are talking about?" Yuko asked Takamina out of curiosity, in which Takamina patted the girl's shoulder and gave a thumbs up, meaning she doesn't know what they meant either...


   After a few minutes of Atsuko driving, things started to turn a little too hectic.

"ACCHAN! FOCUS ON THE ROAD!!!" Yuko screamed out of fear as she looked at Atsuko who was eating chips and snacks in the car while driving.

"Hmfoo keirs. Bhust be gibbe bnek bonk bert~" Atsuko cheerfully replied.

"Anybody wanna translate what the hell she just said?!" Takamina clings to Haruna for her dear life and Haruna, who was used to Atsuko and driver's habits was calm enough to pat Takamina on the head and reassured her that it was going to be okay.

"I'm guessing she was saying 'Who cares, just a little snack won't hurt.'" Haruna translated.

"Acchan! Please! Focus! I don't wanna die here before I take NyanNyan's virginity in a jungle as we enjoy each other's warmth and body, me driving her insane with my finger skills and I just recently got a kiss from Mayuyu!" Yuko held her seat for her dear life as her life and Haruna's naked body flashed in front of her very eyes.

"I don't need your stupid fantasies! And what the hell was that last part?!" Takamina, finally gone mad by nothing, screamed her heart out at her fellow short member.

"Ah, that. Listen to this. I was just walking around in the theater and WHOA ACCHAN BE CAREFUL OF THAT TRUCK!!! yeah I found Shiriri-chan making out with Yukirin so I- ACCHAN WHAT THE HELL?! RED LIGHT!!! and as I was saying, Shiriri-chan was drunk so she suddenly kissed me out of nowhere and- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU CHASING THAT BIKE FOR?! and yeah, Yukirin was pissed." Yuko explained while criticizing Atsuko occasionally, though the girl was only driving for about 60 km/h and that already gave Yuko a heart attack. Atsuko magic at it's finest.

"For some reason, I feel pissed..." Atsuko finally lets out her anger and punched it. And I don't mean accelerate.


"I'm... Saved... Now... Want... To... Pass... Out..." Yuko came out of the car and knelt down to the ground of Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park.

"Thank god! Land!!! SWEET LAND!!!" Takamina hugged Yuko out of sheer relief, crying with the older girl in their embrace.

"Why are you both so... sweaty???" Atsuko looked at the two, confused.

"Is it just me or is it so weird for someone to go more than 60?" Haruna asked, confused as well. Atsuko only sighed, not minding the question or the two midgets.

"So shall we go on our date, NyanNyan~?" Atsuko linked arms with Haruna as they both merrily skipped along the park, which made the other two shocked of the outcome.

A/N: I have no idea what Yuko and Atsuko was wearing so I'll let ya'll imagine it yarselves~ Na mean~?

"Thanks for letting me borrow your clothes, Acchan..." Yuko linked arms with Atsuko who yawned of how bored the drive was because of certain people screaming at her for no apparent reasons.

"Don't mind it. It's just some spare I brought in case I ever needed it." Atsuko explained.

"Ah~ And what kind of person would bring matching outfits to the case~? We're even matching right now~?" Yuko chuckled and looked at the blushing Atsuko.

"Hm~ Dunno. It was out of instincts. Plus I got these on a sale." Atsuko pointed at their outfits.

"I see~ So I guess we look like a couple right now, huh~?" Yuko teased and the younger girl looked away.

"Idiot. We're both girls, you know." Atsuko made a logical comeback which made the older girl dissatisfied by the younger girl's logic.

"Gender doesn't matter, my dear Acchan. It's what here that counts." Yuko said as she pointed at Atsuko's chest, 'accidentally' touching Atsuko's nipples.

"! You... You just wanted to touch it, huh?!" Atsuko smacked the girl's head as she covered her chest with her free hand.

"Tch, I was found out." Yuko smiled and bopped her head as she put her tongue out, making her look adorable even in Atsuko's eyes. "Is it just me or was there some people watching us?" Yuko asked, curious and as she asked that some people left, acting as if they saw nothing.

"Ahem. In case you didn't realize, we're here as well." Takamina stated, dissatisfied by the treatment she got even though the pair was right next to each other.

"Wait, Takamina was here?" Haruna acted shocked as she grabbed the shorter girl's head, showing how small the girl was.

"I was here clinging to you from the start!" Takamina glared at the taller girl as Haruna looked away, not interested in the topic.

"Ah... I see... I guess I didn't see you cause you're too short..." Haruna teased as Takamina hit the taller girl lightly, most likely due to embarrassment.

"Awww. These two are soooo cute together~" Atsuko teased as Haruna blushed lightly.

"W- We're not!" Haruna turned her head away in a tsun-like manner which made Atsuko chuckle due to the catgirl's cuteness.

"So that's why I love Acchan~ I'm considerate of both of your relationship~" Yuko smirked as she rubs her face in Atsuko's breasts.

"Yup~ Takamina and NyanNyan~ What was it called again, TakaHaru~? Cute~!!!" Atsuko squealed as she looked at the two who were blushing madly with Takamina dead silent of the tease.

"I- It's not like that!" Haruna tries to explain only to be cut down by Atsuko's sadistic glare.

"I guess I'll have to make due with Yuko for now~" Atsuko said as she dragged Yuko and ran away from the two.

"M- Mou!" She can hear Haruna being tsun behind them.

"So AtsuYuu's official now~?" Yuko asked with a grin on her face.

"Heh, maybe, Yuko. Maybe." Atsuko answered, not looking at the girl. Though Yuko already knows.

"Iiwake, Maybe... huh~?" Yuko lets out a chuckle as she looked at the back of the Ex-Ace. The back in which will lead her even in the future.

That ending, if you know what I mean~~~
And why did some fans only saw Yuko and Atsuko??? Well, the answer is~ Coz their AtsuYuu aura was too dem AWESOME XD

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : SUNDAY DRIVE
« Reply #14 on: September 03, 2013, 05:26:26 AM »
TADDA! of course I'll pop out in here any moment if you know what I mean!  :cow:

Whoa! I love this OS way too awesoooooooome for me,  :w00t: AtsuYuu, TakaHaru, AtsuMina,

omgomgomg MaYuki I love you to bits  :deco:

and Oh i feel you about that continuing some random Ideas, i tried to do that before though, My brain hybernated for good  XD
okayokay, keep your OSs coming I'll get my popcorn  :deco:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : SUNDAY DRIVE
« Reply #15 on: September 03, 2013, 12:37:01 PM »
i love this part "Ah, that. Listen to this. I was just walking around in the theater and WHOA ACCHAN BE CAREFUL OF THAT TRUCK!!! yeah I found Shiriri-chan making out with Yukirin so I- ACCHAN WHAT THE HELL?! RED LIGHT!!! and as I was saying, Shiriri-chan was drunk so she suddenly kissed me out of nowhere and- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU CHASING THAT BIKE FOR?! and yeah, Yukirin was pissed." Yuko explained while criticizing Atsuko occasionally, though the girl was only driving for about 60 km/h and that already gave Yuko a heart attack. Atsuko magic at it's finest." hahahahahaha :lol: :lol:
nice atsuyuu  :inlove:

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : SUNDAY DRIVE
« Reply #16 on: September 03, 2013, 02:58:24 PM »
Watcha' mean by "I finally meet another guy in here!"??~
-Well, Acchan is WAY too closer to Takamina but...
-I heard some people talkin' bout' it is just a one-sided love..
-AtsuMina i mean...M-My AtsuMina...BUT, AtsuYuu is love~~
-Certainly, i can imagine how Acchan drive the car...No...Instead...
-I don't wanna to...Poor them~ X) Dahahaha!!~ Iiwake maybe~
-Really, can't help but to smile readin' all of your works!!~ *thumbs up*

>Plz update it soon!!~ I can't wait for the next one!!~ Great update!!~

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Realization [SaeAtsu}
« Reply #17 on: September 08, 2013, 05:16:02 PM »
imteedee, yeah, I REALLY know what you mean *sigh* Sometimes I wonder why I ever added a '?' after the 'END'

Tam_atsu, yeah, I just LOVE AtsuYuu and Yuko's reactions XD

Kochiki, eh? Yar not a guy? Sorry... Q.Q And I agree bout that. Acchan's always the one initiating skinship with the midget but TKMN's like 'NO!' XD AtsuYuu~~~!!!

   ... I wonder why there's ALWAYS a MaYuki moment in ALL of my works??? None of them are in my Top 5... Wonder why...

   Coz I just read some KaixAcchan fic, I thought about making Yuko into a guy... But nah, that'd be too awkward. So I'll just make something a little different from the others. An alternate world FTW! XD And when we say guys, one name should pop up in our minds~ And no it's not a midget~

[Realization] -SaeAtsu-

   I looked at the scenery from the window while listening to the mumbling of the teacher. It's not like I don't like the teacher who's teaching us something we already knew for a hundred times already, it's just that I hate the small room inside the class. Not to mention some of them are already sleeping. Argh, how I wondered why guys love Girl's schools so much. Seeing the scene of the girls sleeping and SOME with only their bra on is kinda traumatizing. Luckily I'm used to it, and the teacher doesn't mind it.

   Then I realized there was someone outside flirting about. It was a certain cute cyborg girl with her taller raven-haired girlfriend. They were leaning on a tree and poking each other intimately. Some girls would say that it's just them playing with each other, or that their friendship is 'tight', but from the looks of it, and the fact that Mayuyu's eyes are different than usual, there's no doubt that they're going to end up doing something perverted. I reminded myself to ask the two of it later. It's not like I'm curious or anything. It's just that teasing the two feels too good!

"Atsu~" someone whispered in my right ears and I automatically flinched out of sheer reaction. "Pay attention to class, will you~?" she pinched both of my cheeks and I writhed in pain.
"Mariko! It hurts!" I lightly smacked the teacher and managed to make her release her grip. "And why are you only paying attention to me when half of the class are either doing something INDECENT or sleeping?!" I questioned half-raising my voice as I glared at Yuko, NyanNyan, and Takamina. They eventually stopped what they were doing and faked ignorance.
"Because YOU'RE the one with the WORST score in Japanese History. The others could get AT LEAST a C- while you could barely pass an E." Mariko countered and I pouted.
"But History's such a nuisance! Plus Mariko got an F when you were still in school!" I stated and got a smack on the head with the attendance record.
"That wasn't necessary, Atsu." I could see the veins popping up on her forehead. GAH! Maeda Atsuko's going to be dead tomorrow. Goodbye World!!!


   Or not. I was walking in the hallway when SUDDENLY! A wild Mii-chan appeared!

"Wifey~" she clung to me out of nowhere then I tried to release myself from her bounds. "So wanna go to the cafeteria like usual~?" she asked.
"Huh? No! You know I would NEVER go to someplace so indecent!" I half-shouted as I remembered the last time I went to the cafeteria which was two years ago, when I was still a freshman.

   As I entered, I could see girls stripping their clothes, and swimming in the private pool inside the cafeteria, I'm in a rich kid's school so there's A LOT of illogical things which were still new to me. One of them being an indoor pool and the other being a kid is running the school. What's worse is that when I entered the cafeteria, I could see girls kissing each other and touching themselves EVERYWHERE! I mean, seriously! GET A ROOM! It's not like I never expected that an all-girl's school would have something like lesbians, but thinking of this positively, aren't there a little too much and aren't they a little too open about it?!

"Eh~? But I wanna touch Acchan in all sorts of places~" she made her trademark pout and I of course hit her head.
"But I DON'T!" I stated as I finally got free from her. "Seriously, you and Yuko are the same!" I crossed my arms as I glared at the retreating Mii-chan.

"Hey, Atsuko. Want to go to the rooftop?" I heard somebody inviting me and as I turned around, I could see the figure of my closest friend and one of the most 'normal' people in this school, Sae!
"Sae-chan!" I literally shook her over and over "Listen to this! Mii-chan was-"
"Hey, slow down there, Atsuko. And stop shaking me, will you?" she used her strength to stand up normally and stopped my arms.
"Ah, forgot. Sorry." I tilted my head to the side and put my finger on my lips as I looked at her apologetically, which made her blush madly.

   That technique was one of the most dangerous techniques I have learned from Yuko. She always does that to NyanNyan and almost every time she did that, she would get forgiven right away. There was one time it didn't work. That was when she used it when Takamina was clinging to NyanNyan. Oh how Takamina was laughing at that time...

"Idiot, don't do that." she covered her blushed cheeks and took my hand, that was sitting there on my lips.

   This time, I was the one that was blushing. Sae-chan was one of the most famous girls in this school, next to me and Sayaka. Sayaka is famous for her sporty attitude and funny jokes. Sae-chan's famous for looking like an Ikemen, meaning a hot guy and is able to talk with the girls smoothly. I'm blushing out of the sheer touch of Sae-chan.

   The warmth of her hand on my cold hands feels awfully weird. This always happens when Sae-chan holds my hand or initiates skinship. My face would turn red and my eyes would deliberately wander around, not looking at her. Which was what happened at that time.

"S- Sorry..." I apologized out of sheer embarrassment.

   I know that Sae-chan doesn't really see me as anything more than a friend. Sae-chan always likes to fool around but she doesn't really like girls. She's actually a cute girl underneath and always wanted to wear cute clothes, like what NyanNyan would wear. But because the fanclub inside the school was protesting it, she had to wear cool clothes every time we go out. And that kinda... feels... weird...

"A- Anyway!" Sae-chan announced "Let's go to the rooftop!"


   We arrived at the rooftop and I could see the familiar faces of the girls. There's Takamina and Yuko, who's clinging to NyanNyan, Yui-chan trying to feed Paruru who was looking at Mayuyu who was sleeping on Yuki's lap, Sasshi who is fighting with Akicha over Rie-chan, and also Mariko who was letting Mii-chan sleep on her lap.

"Well... this is at least better than the cafeteria." I said and walked over to the space between Yui-chan and NyanNyan(who's being hugged by the two midgets)
"Haha... Can't argue with that." Sae-chan tries to search for some place to sit but Yui-chan, being the 'good girl' she is, tried made some room for her next to me as she 'unintentionally' got closer to Paruru.
"Thanks, Yui." Sae showed her her trademark smile and Yui-chan blushed a bit. Even I did. That smile was a KILLER!

   I looked at NyanNyan who was eating her lunch. A luxurious bento!!! and so I stared at her eating.

"Err... Acchan?" she looked at me worriedly as I almost drooled while looking at her lunch.
"Ah.. Don't worry about me. Please continue." I smiled and Yuko glared, for some unknown reason.
"I know what you're trying to get, Acchan." NyanNyan sighed but still smiled. "Here, Ahn~" she took an octopus sausage with her chopsticks and offered it to me, gesturing me to eat it on her chopstick.
"Ahn~" I ate it without second thought. Well, you should never turn down food. That's what great gramma Maeda said.

   I turned around to see Sae-chan glaring at me. It's rare to see her like that. Could she be jealous? Nah, can't be. I looked at NyanNyan again, with pleading eyes and she nodded, knowing what I wanted. I took one of the octopus sausages she has with NyanNyan's chopsticks, since she's already done eating and offered it to Sae.

"Ahn~" I gestured her to eat it as she blushed bright red.
"A- Ahn~" she slowly moved in and ate it. Thereafter, she closed her mouth. "I- Indirect kiss..."
"Pffttt! Jealous~?" I looked over at Yukirin who was trying to divert her attention as she patted Mayuyu's head.
"Heh. It's not like I care or anything. I already have Mayuyu and all." so she says but she's patting Mayuyu in a way that shook her head a little too much, waking up the poor junior.
"Eh? Yukirin, it hurts!" she looked at the taller one and Yukirin still didn't realize it, so I decided to ignore the situation.


   When I finally returned home, I was welcomed by the sight of my childhood friend on all fours as she looked like she was searching for something.

"Tomo~!" I instinctively hugged her out of nowhere and she flinched as she heard me back home.
"Atsuko? Long time no see." she greeted me after not seeing each other for five months already.
"So, what are you doing here in my home, Itano?" I asked, in which she faked coughed.
"Err... Just some things." she averted her eyes as she answered. Okay, she's keeping secrets.

   Tomo is one of the few people who I could read. She's usually kinda tomboyish, which is surprising because she's got a pretty good fashion sense. Well, at least better than mine. No offense to myself. She's also a good friend of mine since I was 6. I was always clinging to her and she always tries to run away, or hit me in the head.

"To.Mo~ You know I don't like it when you keep secrets from me, RIGHT~" I said to her, making my voice sound a little scarier than usual. It's one of the few techniques I could use on Tomo if she does something weird.
"It's my life, Atsuko." she says, still averting her eyes from me.
"It's MY house~" I made a confident statement.
"No, actually, it's mine." this time, someone said so as she entered. It was Mariko. "And why are you here, Tomochin?" she asked and I let go of Tomo as she bowed to Mariko.
"Good evening, ma'am." she greeted Mariko.
"Oi oi, didn't you always go around with me yelling "Mariko~" with Atsu here?" Mariko facepalmed as she heard Tomo being so formal.
"Anyways, I'll be living here for quite some time. Aunt's orders..." Tomo said, hinting a certain person who always does as she pleases.
"Mom, huh... This is gonna get annoying..." Mariko sighed.


"And so~" I said to the girls as I introduced Tomo to them. "This is Itano Tomomi. My childhood friend~" I hugged her intimately as she rolled her eyes, sounding 'urgh...' like she's sick of it. "Please look after her from now on~"

   All of them were frozen in place as I rubbed my cheek against Tomo's. Tomo of course actually didn't mind since she's already used to my clinging on her while the others didn't see me cling to others much, unless Sae-chan. But that's because I'm the closest to Sae-chan in the school.

"Err... Acchan... seriously?" Takamina looked at me in disbelief, as she eyed Sae-chan.
"Hm? Yeah? I guess?" I didn't know what Takamina was going after.
"Haha~" Sae-chan finally spoke, though her eyes are looking a little weirder than usual... It... hurts... "So that's your friend~" she took out her hand and offered it to Tomo. "Nice to meet you, Itano."

   When Sae-chan said that, Tomo looked like she realized something. I don't know what she realized but she chuckled a bit and looked at me back.

"Hm? What?" I probably looked confused since I don't know what actually was going on. Tomo sighed in return.
"I see..." she says as she had a smile on her face appeared. I recognized that smile really well. The smile in which she has something planned inside her head. The smile that I sometimes have when it want to do something explicitly evil. "Ne, Acchan~" she wrapped her arms around mine as she winked at me for some reason.
Okay... That's weird. She linking her arms with mine is already weird but she also used my nickname. She usually has too much of her pride to do that. "Yeah?" I just answered her with a question.
"Didn't we have something to do today~?" she grinned evilly as she traced her index finger on my arm, causing me to blush uncontrollably by my childhood friend's childish but cute action.
"Eh? Did we?" I asked, confused and embarrassed at the same time.
"We did~" she showed her fangs, which means she's already at the climax and is waiting for my next reply.

   My chest skipped a beat not because of my childhood friend but the awkward silence and smiles of the others and also... the sadness in Sae-chan's face.

   My eyes opened wide as Sae-chan forcibly got up and I could see tears falling down her eyes.

"I- I have something to do!" she ran away before I could even say anything.

   Realizing the situation, I also got up and chased her for whatever reason she was sad.

"Wait up, Sae-chan!" I chased her, not looking back at the others, because that was the first time I saw her cry in front of anybody. The first time I saw her sad face. And what I'm more scared of was... that sadness was probably... caused by me...


   I ran and ran, chasing her as she ran from me. I kept chasing her, my chest already beating at an impossible heart rate. One because of the unusual activity I'm doing as I'm not much of a sporty type and the other being the unusual feeling I have in my chest. What actually was it? What did Sae-chan do in which not even any one of my closest confidantes could?

"Sae-chan!" I shouted, half-ordering her to slow down, yet she paid no heed. She kept running, probably even faster.

   As I chased her, my vision became blurry. I couldn't see well. I was reaching my limit.

"Sae..." As I finally almost lost my consciousness, I collapsed.

   I could hear someone shout my name.


   Thus I lost consciousness.


   I slowly wake up from my slumber, feeling something wet on my hand. I lifted by eyelids with great difficulty. I finally looked at the one who caused the wetness.

"Huh...?" I recognized her and she quickly rose her head to me and a bright smile appeared, replacing the tears that was on her cheeks.
"Atsuko!" she immediately hugged me and cried as she ruffled my hair, worried. "Thank god... Thank... god..."

   I realized I was in the infirmary at school, since I fainted just outside the school. And also... She was crying because of me... I, with the blushed cheeks appearing on my face, hugged her back. Then, I though of something evil...

"... Who... are you...?" I asked, playing dumb.

   She was of course surprised. Her face grown worried of what she had done. Until, she finally thought of something... She looked downwards as she answered.

"I'm Miyazawa Sae..." Sae-chan answered and I almost chuckled by how serious she sounded. Just when I was about to prank her, "Your... lover..."

   Eh? What?

   I didn't know what she just answered. What did she just...

   Questions played all over in my mind. I didn't know how to react then. But for some reason, my heart was beating strangely. Far faster than before. I didn't know what I actually think of this, but for all I know, I feel kinda happy...

   Then I realized it... This feeling... Was something I had all along. Something I already knew but played dumb. Something I never accepted. Something that everybody else realized except me, myself...

"I... see..." I said, and Sae-chan immediately covered up.
"Haha, that was a joke, obv-" before she could finish,

   I kissed her. Deeper than what I ever did with Yuko or Tomo. This is the kiss that answered her feelings.

   She was at loss as well. She pushed me as lightly as possible.

"A- Atsuko! T- That was just a joke!" she says but I pulled her towards me again, kissing her passionately.

   At first she was struggling but as time passed, she accepted it. Even taking the lead. She pushed me back onto the bad, me lying on it as she got up on the bed and traced her fingers on my cheeks. She smelled the aroma from my hair and I smelled hers. I traced her fingers on her face and positioned herself for her eyes to meet mine.

"You don't even need to say it, Sae-chan. You don't need to say anything."

   Her eyes shot open as I said the thing I thought in my mind. Tears started to fall from her eyes as she kissed me yet again. Finally, I became hers and she became mine.


   We walked outside of school as I linked my hands with her and snuggled up to her. Many of the girls would kill for the chance to snuggle up to their great 'Miyazawa-san' so I wonder what kind of things would happen if we say we're going out? So I asked Sae-chan.

"Oh. It's going to be fine." she answered.
"Hm? How so? Your fanclub would skin me alive!" I remembered the horror when Yukirin went to school linking arms with Sae one day... Brr.. How they tortured Mayuyu by confiscating her favorite manga...
"You might not know this, but you're pretty popular, Atsuko." she says, as she chuckled a bit.
"Eh? Seriously? But I'm normal, you know." I asked for an explanation.
"Didn't you walk around and some girls were squealing 'Goddess Maeda-sama!' or 'The cold Beauty!'?" she says and I remembered.
"Wait, that's just their way of bullying me." I defended.
"Atsuko... Sometimes you're just too much of an airhead..." she pouted and got reminded of just a few hours ago.

   Seeing the cute pout on her face, which most people would say doesn't suit her but it actually did. If I could get a picture of her right now, then nobody in this school could ever call her 'cool' again, and would call her 'Sae-chan' instead. I chuckled and placed a kiss on her left cheek. Even though we just did something way more indecent, she still blushed madly.

"But even so, I'm yours." I gave her my greatest smile.

   As we passed the gates, we could hear a few chuckles as they saw us. I looked at my surroundings to see my friends, even Tomo were eyeing us weirdly.

"You were supposed to be straight, huh~" Yuko teased and I blushed
"Woot~ Omedeto~" Mayuyu also joined in.
"Sae-chan..." Yukirin looked at Sae-chan and then me. More like she GLARED at me!
"I knew these two would make a great couple~ Right, Paruru?!" Yui-chan smiled at Paruru.
"Heh. I guess so." Paruru winked at me, which was really rare.
"Omedeto, senpai!" Rie-chan congratulated Sae-chan and me.
"Well, we were actually waiting for this to happen since last year..." Akicha added.
"May you two have a great marriage!" Sasshi joked.
"Wait, we're not getting married, you know!" Sae-chan blushed madly again as she tried to fix whatever is in Sasshi's head.

"Took you long enough to realize, Atsuko." Tomo smirked as she patted my head, tiptoeing since she was a little too short. I bend down a little, used to her constant 'sister-like' traits.
"You didn't have to be so harsh on that play, though..." I said, dissatisfied by what she did to Sae-chan.
"Sorry, okay? It was for your own happiness, anyways." she chuckled.

   Sae grabbed my hand all of a sudden and dragged me away.

"Argh! These guys are teasing us too much!!!" she shouted at particularly no one as I giggled at their antics.
"Because Sae-chan's too cute~" I hopped on her back.
"Eh?! Not you too, Atsuko?!" She looked behind and just as she did, I placed another kiss on her right cheek.
"Yup, Sae-chan's cute~~~!!!" I said as I looked at her flushed cheeks yet again, the embarrassed Sae-chan is the cutest!


   SaeAtsu~ I love them just as much as I love... MariAtsu~ XD

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Realization [SaeAtsu}
« Reply #18 on: September 08, 2013, 05:45:35 PM »
I LOVE SAEATSU too ! ~~~ so... ugh.. my heart.. :heart:

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Realization [SaeAtsu}
« Reply #19 on: September 08, 2013, 07:44:10 PM »
Ah!!!! My AtsuYuu heart is pumping like crazy!!!! Motto!!!!!
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