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Author Topic: Kinjirareta Futari -Behind their backs- Chapter 1  (Read 8482 times)

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Kinjirareta Futari -Behind their backs- Chapter 1
« on: September 25, 2013, 02:35:15 PM »
I'm bored so yeah Thought about this a few hours ago but well, I'll just make the prologue.

The fic will have 2 Types/Seasons. Type-A and Type-B. Type-A will focus on the insides of AKB48 itself and Type-B will focus on the challenges one of the main characters would face, possibly resulting in her finding her fated partner. There are two protagonists, the main focus of the story. High possibility of there being pairings in this fic, but I don't know yet.

I'm doing this just for fun so it depends on my mood of the day. I'll just wait for feedbacks. I don't know when I'll update this since I'm focusing on the other fics but I guess I'll put in what's to come, so that I could drop off a huge load of ideas, to make way for the others.

Oh yeah, this will probably contain the usual pairings, I meant in Type-A. And it will also follow some famous events that happened inside AKB, showing us what actually happened (or might not have)


"From now on, you're going to be the Center of this group."

   The old man said, fixing his glasses while leaning to his chair telling the girl his wish. The girl was shocked. She didn't know what to do nor does she know what to make of it. She thought of many other things. Why her? Why not the others? There was nothing special about her. She was plain, normal and boring. If she was going to be the one on the group's spotlight, then people would find them very boring.

   She bit her lip and clenched her fist, thinking of her fellow comrades. They have been very nice to her from the beginning of the group. They were there for her when she needed it the most. They've been comrades in arms, teammates... They were a family. A family with the same dream. She didn't know how they would react to the news. She was already aware of the frail balance between them. 'The nail that sticks out, shall be hammered in', she believed in that phrase more than anyone. She didn't want to be that 'nail'.

"NO!" The girl shouted, rejecting the man's offer and ideal. A mere thought of her hurting her friends brought tears into her eyes. No, she was already crying.

   The girl sobbed, crying like a child, while still looking at the man in front of her. Even though she was scared, she knew very well of the man's stubbornness. He had told her and her comrades to believe in her since the start of the group. She didn't want to disobey him then, but her comrades are far more important to her.

   Another man sighed a knowing sigh. He knew the girl far more than the other man ever would. He knew the girl would turn down the offer. She wasn't the type of girl who would like to stand out. He then eyed the other man and gave him a signal with his eyes, telling the other man the he was going to leave the two alone for the time being.

   After the man had left, the girl was finally tired of crying for about 10 minutes or so. She then looked at the man, teary-eyed after looking down. But what she saw wasn't she expected.

"You WILL do it, Maeda." the man ordered.

   The girl, Maeda Atsuko, was speechless. She didn't say anything but rejections from the start. She truly didn't want to be of such. She would do anything and everything in her power to get off of the deal, because not only did the man want her to be the Center, but he had also made a condition for her.

"You will become an assassin."
"I WON'T!"

   She shouted, her mind made up. Even though that man has taught her many things, but it was the first time that he said to do something far more than she could handle. Killing is an art, but she wasn't an artist.

   Seconds became minutes, and the silence grew to more than what they would've thought. The silence was killing her, she was used to the silence but when there was silence with one of the man she trusts the most, then the silence was a lot more uncomfortable. She then looked down, not looking at the man. Her mind has already been made up.

"I see..."

   The man sighed, crossing her arms as her looked down and leaned to his chair. That was a sign of victory for Maeda but then she didn't know what was coming to her. She looked up and then saw a smile on the man's face. But the smile... wasn't the smile she wanted to see.



   Maeda shouted, trying to break the iron bars open as she shook them hardly, hoping for them to let her out, but that wasn't the case. It was dark, she could not see anything but the beads of light coming from the opened door far from the corridor. The man tried to pat the girl on the head but was stopped from Maeda's attempt of biting his hands off.

"Feisty, aren't we?" he joked, earning a glare and a scowl from the girl. He then continued after the comment, "I want you to stay in here, think of all the possibilities." he explained, "Though you can only come out once you've agreed."

   She then heard footsteps, telling her the man was about to leave. "OI!" she tried to reach to him but couldn't. The iron bars were in the way. After the door closed, what came was darkness. She didn't see anything. No trace of light, not even fresh air. All she could hear was some sort of machine which was probably responsible for giving her the chance to breathe and also the drippings of water.

"I'm... gonna... stay here...?"


   Three days have passed. The man appeared before her again. He would come once a day, to look at her progress. Whenever the bead of light was shone in front of her, it felt as if she was going to turn blind. She squinted and recognized the presence of the man standing in front of her.

"You still alive?"

   He asked jokingly, putting on an irritating smile which obviously pissed off the girl. At the least, the man had given her a loaf of bread and a glass of water each day. It was hard for her, but at the least, that could get her to live. She was asked the same question each day on the man's visit to irritate her more.

"Surprising, huh?"

   She grinned evilly. The three days had already changed her entire mind and personality. She was far more vigorous than before, because she had learned that this was her fate. She let all the things happen to her but she wasn't satisfied yer. The sarcasm caused the man to smile as well.

"I knew that this was the right choice..." he said, nodding to himself.
"Then let me out already, dumbass." Maeda mocked, for her personality has grown into something not fit for her job.
"No can do, Maeda." he scoffed, but Maeda wasn't affected. She sighed and thought of something.
"What happened to my spot? Didn't anyone realize that I'm not there?" she asked.
"You've been temporarily replaced by your Doppelganger." he spoke the truth.

   Maeda was shocked. She didn't believe that there was somebody with the same look as her. Fans should have realized the difference between her and the Doppelganger by now but why didn't they? A feeling of disappointment grabbed her chest as she slumped back into the corner of her cell, thinking of what she did to deserve such treatment.

"Just one word can get you out of here, Maeda." the man said again as he realized the girl's situation.
"No." she replied immediately, not giving the man the time to negotiate much.

   The man sighed and then left, leaving the sad state of the girl, who was down for the count but her will still lives.


"A week already..." Maeda said, not to anybody but herself.

   She had found a certain comfort for talking to herself. She wanted entertainment. And what else could she do? She couldn't sing since her voice was far worse because of the crying nights and also the fact that a certain fear was building up inside of her for not seeing light at all. She was then feeling insecure of herself. She didn't remember at all of how she looked like, what she acted like and who she did this for. For what was she here? She didn't know but she was almost collapsing already.

"I wonder if everyone still remembers me or not..."

   A week had already made her forgetful of most things. What did her friends look like? Does she have any friends? Who did she mean by anyone?

   Insecurity and depression hit her yet again as she hugged her cold body, trying to become as small as possible in the corner, the corner she had loved so much. Tears started to roll down her cheeks from her already red eyes. The red eyes that had become of such because of her crying far too much. She had cried for at least 4 hours per day. She was a girl. It was obvious to say that her heart had grown weaker than normal.

"It's... dark..."

   She stated the obvious thing she had been saying for almost a hundred times per day. She bit her lip, realizing the darkness surrounding her had made her lonely and cold.

   Another reason why she did such was because she didn't want to forget how to speak. She was afraid of the society outside. But in all honesty...

"What DID the outside look like...?"

She has forgotten even that.


   How much time has passed? Three weeks? A month? She didn't know. She didn't care. She had lost everything. Her voice, her words and her mentality. Her eyes had became lonely, dark, fragile, unknowing, even. She didn't move. All her strength had left her body. She didn't even want to move a muscle. A false hope she had grasped.

"You still alive?"

   The irritating question yet again, but this time, he was sounding a bit more serious than usual. Maeda didn't even care. She didn't answer, she didn't wave, she didn't make a comeback. All she could do was stare at the brick wall next to her, her one and only friend.

"I suppose it's time." he opened the cell, letting the girl out, but she didn't move. "Let's go." he nudged her.

   Maeda sighed, and once she stood up, the room temperature became colder than the usual. Even though it was cold, the man's sweat dropped, feeling the giant presence in front of her. The eyes which he never even realized. The eyes which looked so frail, so fragile, so lost, was the eyes of something far more terrifying. The eyes of a killer.

Once Maeda stepped outside the underground chamber, seeing the light from a light bulb after such a long time, her eyes became blurry, it might've been that she was going to turn blind. The light was too bright for her to take.

"..." she squinted her eyes, even though she feels the pain in her eyes, she didn't falter. She only moved forward.

"Here." the man showed her a picture and also a paper containing an address.

   Maeda looked at it and then after a glance, she left. She didn't run but slowly walk towards the exit. She was greeted by people she had never remembered, or was it that she had forgotten them? She didn't know and she didn't care. All of that didn't mean anything to her.

   She then stepped outside, greeted by the night and moonlight, and also the bustling noises of vehicles.


"Go with the usual." a man said to his subordinates, closing the briefcase, slowly and gently.
"By your orders, Godfather." another man bowed and left to take care of the errand that had befell him.

   The man, lighting his cigarette, leaned on his chair and looked at the spinning fan. He followed the movement of said fan and found himself dizzy from all the spinning. He then smoked his cigar and after a few puffs, he extinguished it by stepping on it after spatting it to the floor.

"A life of a leader never gets easy..." he remarked and covered his face with his hat, sleeping on his chair.

   What he didn't know was that there was someone watching him. A figure of darkness, fading itself in the dark, used to it's every nature. She then moved closer to him, not making any sound, footsteps nor any of the movements which would wake the man up.

   She raised her knife and without second thought, she slashed down, chopping the man's head off, with the man's blood spreading all over the room, the ceiling and more importantly, her blank face. She thought of nothing but to kill. She needed to kill the man for some reason. For what reason? She didn't know. Biting her lips as she looked at the headless man in front of her, tears came out, finally realizing that she had killed a person right that moment. And because of that,


   As if letting all the pain, the loneliness, the pressure, the sadness, the regrets, and all of the things that had befell her for the last few weeks, she screamed out to nobody but herself.

And thus she disappeared from the yakuza's nest.


   After telling the man that she had done the job, she took a bath, cleansing herself from the blood, the regret and the past. She sighed and when she got out of the bath, she was greeted by a fairly short girl, who was tying her hair up in a ponytail. She didn't know who that was but for some reason, unlike the others, she felt her mind still remembered the girl fairly well.

"Minami?" she greeted. Her first word in the outside.
"... Put your clothes on." Takahashi covered her blushing face from looking at her friend's smooth skin and developing body.

   Maeda put on her clothes and while she was changing, she was molested by a certain person that came out to her from behind.

"Yuko?" she asked, not really minding the perverted girl who was rubbing her chest.
"'Evening, Acchan~" the already accustomed girl showed her goofy smile to Maeda.

   Takahashi sighed and grabbed the older girl away, lecturing her of to not do such unsightly actions in public. In the whole lecture, Oshima was drooling and rolling around on the floor, not minding the even madder Takahashi who had her foot down. Takahashi, embarrassed at herself for the girl's unsightly behavior before and after, wrestled the girl, hitting her at places which caused the other girl to grin and wrestled each other to the death.

   Seeing her two friends going at it so seriously at each other, Maeda laughed a laugh which made the other girls stop their actions. They saw the smile which was missing from the Maeda they were with for the time. They were happy as well. The smile of the girl was something special to them. It had been one of the reasons of why everyone in AKB48 could try harder than they already can. They smiled at the smiling girl, knowing that the girl has turned back to the usual Maeda whom they knew and loved from the depths of their hearts.

After that, they would never have guessed, that the girl would become an undeniable existence within the group, making the others starting to hate her in any way possible and also that the girl... caused a murder scene known by the yakuza as 'The start of the the Dark Assassin's legacy'

The start of the bashing, the pain, the pressure, a far more darker age than what the fans had thought. The secret of AKB48, and the growing relationship of two individuals...

[Kinjirareta Futari -Behind Their Backs-]

   As if by fate, the two had encountered each other in a cruel moment. A gun was aimed at the taller girl, as the shorter girl glared at her, realizing the figure after the lights adjusted into her eyes. Their mouth gaped open as they looked at each other, an awkward, uncomfortable, unbelievable moment due to coincidence. The shorter girl didn't lose her poker face, she gulped and faced the reality in front of her.

   The two pairs, the forbidden relationship.

"Nice to meet you, Matsui Rena." she feigned ignorance of the reality in front of her.
"Maeda.... -san?"

   The two built their respective group mentally, rebuilding it from the fallen aspects which destroyed the girls. And their destiny, was only a gunshot away.


So how was it? Kinda weird I guess?
The title doesn't actually mean anything perverted~ But yeah, it's for Atsuko and Rena.
Chill, it's not actually AtsuRena.
I ship WMatsui more XD
And as for those who realized, yes, this fic has something to do with my other OS's. So ya'll get it =w='' It's gonna be a wee bit dark...
It will also have something to do with real life events, such as the dome concerts, the stage failures, the variety shows, anything that's AKB-related that I could remember, thus how I got 'Acchan rejecting the offer to become Center and crying afterwards'
Don't be down, AtsuRena fans XD
Anywho, tell me anything that could help me improve this, suggestions or even hate comments. Yeah, I'm such an M XD Until next time, folks~
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Re: [AtsukoxOO, RenaxOO] Kinjirareta Futari -Behind their backs-
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2013, 04:44:20 PM »
Honestly, I'm really interested in this story that you've written. I've always like dark/killing story that involves romance *shrugs*

So, I'm a bit confused, Atsuko is AKB Ace and part of the yakuza clan? Aki-P is her godfather? What? lol  :?

Judging from your icon picture and little note, you're an Atsuyuu shipper, but since you stated "usual parings" does that mean it'll be Atsumina, Kojiyuu, MarMii, TomoTomo, Saeyaka, Mayuki, and Wmatsui?

Hope you would update soon, and if this is an Atsuyuu pairing, then please don't be offended If I stopped reading :)
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Re: [AtsukoxOO, RenaxOO] Kinjirareta Futari -Behind their backs-
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readin this makes me want takayuu...... but i would love it if its atsuyuu
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ALL THESE HUGS ... i want one :cry:

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Re: [AtsukoxOO, RenaxOO] Kinjirareta Futari -Behind their backs-
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2013, 05:09:41 PM »
It's as if my eyes are getting blurry...

such exhausted eyes from crying....

I couldn't seem to comprehend what I was reading.. as my eyes kept on battling from the beckoning awaited slumber...

"could it be...? could it be...? that...

I've had enough seeing Acchan's name for today....?

My heart is broken..

My atsumina feels.....

such devastating reality fills-in....

*closes eyes

*saving spot for a proper comment later on *sigh
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: [AtsukoxOO, RenaxOO] Kinjirareta Futari -Behind their backs-
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Lezperv, yes that was what I was plannin. Acchan is an assassin. Yes I was planning Atsumin2

Jenzy, sorry but I never tried WMidgets so I can't promise ya dat...

TD, don't be. It was a shock to us all... I still support her though just as long as she's alive. She's my idol... but I think I'm also gonna take some break for a while... but even so,just proves to show ya she's grown a lot. So I'm probably going to settle the score by thinking some more. But I'm still gonna ship the hell out of her with the others when I get back~ I believe that she would be far happier with them~

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Re: [AtsukoxOO, RenaxOO] Kinjirareta Futari -Behind their backs-
« Reply #5 on: October 14, 2013, 03:56:10 AM »
wow this is so exciting I like dark fics  :ding:

I really want to see what will happen between acchan and rena  :on study:

please put some atsurena moments  :pleeease:

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Kinjirareta Futari -Behind their backs- Chapter 1
« Reply #6 on: October 19, 2013, 07:01:54 PM »
Angeldarke, AtsuRena shipper?! YES! A COMRADE!!!! *high-fives* I'll try to put a lot of moments between them, but it won't surpass more than close friends, though.

[Kinjirareta Futari] -Behind their backs-

[Chapter 1]

"Oi! Don't you think that there's something wrong with this guy's brains?!" A tall, muscular black man said as he punched the smaller, weaker man.

"You dare defy me, Bobby?!" The shorter man said as he punched back the taller one.

"Friggin' Hell! you're not even great enough to be defied, Brian!" Bobby punched the man again, this time on the stomach.

   Now this is an amazing sight just as I entered the house. What ARE those idiots doing? Punching each other in the face for no apparent reason? Hell, what even happened to these guys? I looked at the one in the corner of the room, drinking tea ever so calmly. I sigh and take the cup of tea from the man named Vergil.

"Oi!" he stopped once he saw who I was.

"What's wrong with these idiots?" I asked as he's taken aback but he just shrugged it off. I then drank the cup of tea, looking at the fight the two were having.

   Luckily, these guys don't even care about stupid things like kisses or so. Well, they are perverted but that's another things. I grabbed whatever the hell was on the table, a baseball bat, probably Brian's and hit Brian with it. Bobby stopped his actions and glared at me but stopped once he saw that I was present.

"What ARE you two doing?" I asked, and they flinched.

   Bobby scratched his cheeks and tried to come up for an answer as he used his other hand to help Brian up. Brian wasn't bleeding, thank God. They explained that Brian was chatting with his girls like usual and then Bobby came to the refrigerator and got a glass of beer. It actually belonged to Brian so he snapped, punching Bobby in front of his own girls. It was shared property so Bobby punched back. Then Vergil came to check things, but found that the girls were terrified as they embraced each other on the couch. Vergil then skillfully led them away from the house and when he came back, the two were still fighting so he decided to have tea.

"Seriously, you guys?" I stared amazed at the fools.
"I blame Vergil for not stopping us!" Bobby and Brian said, almost in unison and pointed at Vergil.
"You two lovebirds~" came the tease from Vergil as the two glared at him.
"Me and him have nothing alike!" The two said in unison again, almost as if they planned this. But they didn't.
"This is amusing." both Vergil and me said. We made eye contact and high-five each other.

   Vergil is a pretty interesting fella. He's always got the time and skill to do something amazing, but he never does it. He's lazy. Not to mention he's always optimistic about things. Not to mention really nice and intelligent. One time the others were talking about important stuff and I saw that he wasn't listening. I asked him about what our last conversation was, he answered perfectly. He's pretty cool and handsome. He has stylish black hair and distinct red eyes. So many of the girls would think he's so handsome. But then again, he was actually an orphan. He came to Japan on a trip and was left here by his parents. He had to do dirty work for a living, since he's an orphan, and he needed to survive. He sharpened his skills while living in the forest. I met him one day when I reached his cave. Luckily, he understood Japanese. I have no idea how though. He almost killed me, but thankfully I brought a torch with me. Because of his circumstances, I brought him in to the home when I was 16. He grew up fast and has become used to the real world, but there are still sadness in his eyes every time he sees a mother or father with their child... He excels in making plans and is a good reinforcement once he grabs a sword. He may use a sword, but his skills are second to none. Highly praised. He said that he actually found a sword left by someone in the forest and trained himself with it.

   Brian is from America and he came to Japan to study. Was his reason, but in actuality, he just wanted to fool around with girls. He's got stylish brown hair and blue eyes, and wear some cool shady glasses. He also has a great sense of fashion and sometimes help me pick some clothes. Because of his killer style and sweet word play, he always play with girls and fools around with them. Asking their number and such. And he always succeeds. He's got a lot of current girlfriends. A playboy, as you may say. I met him when I was walking around Shibuya. He stopped and asked me my number for no reason. Yeah, he hit on me. I was bored that time, not to mention he didn't know that I was an Idol, so I followed him to his home, which is the place the three are staying at the moment. When I entered, his tried to attack me, yes molest me. But I pretty much owned him. He's pretty weak. When I was stepping on him, I noticed that his PC was showing something interesting. Like a weird hacking program of such that I've never seen. I told him some things to do. Like, hack the traffic, enter some of my friends' browsing history and stop the elevator of a certain five-star hotel. He did such and it worked. I was impressed. So I recruited him, though he wasn't satisfied. He turned out to be a great asset to the group, despite his player personality. I did hear something from Vergil about him. His house was burned down the day after he left for Japan. His parents were not found anywhere. He looked lonely sometimes so I guess it was because of that.

   Bobby was a military guy. He was sent to Japan from America. Because of the experience he has, he is more stronger than the three, well not me. He's a dark brawny man, with a clean bald head. His size is about 200cm or so. Dunno since I didn't count. So he's the tallest of us four. He was sent on a mission to kill me, but because of certain things, he decided to help me instead. I don't know why but I'm very grateful to him. He thought me a lot of things. From how to use weapons, how to escape the enemies, and he even became my exercising buddy. Though he's too damn tall! He has a lover in America but he never talks about her much. Info from Brian said that his lover is a model-like girl. Stunning, amazing and intelligent at that. She's a good woman. Perfect for Bobby. But I don't know why Bobby doesn't want to talk about her. I would've been proud if I had a girlfriend like that. Well, except I'm straight.

"So what did he say?" Brian asked, suddenly tired from all the argument.
"We strike at midnight. I've got work in a couple of minutes so I want you guys to ready the weapons." I said, affirming the mission.
"Quick and silent or the fun and dangerous pack?" Bobby asked, smirking.

   The others looked at me, pleading. I sighed at their oh-so obvious thoughts, but crushed their hope.

"Quick and silent. You guys can have fun some other time." I said, chuckling and left the disappointed guys behind towards my job.


   I took a deep breath as I listened to the status of the others. 28 men, about 4 men per room. Bobby and Vergil are already fighting them at the meantime. Not really fighting, but killing them one by one in silence. The house is a japanese-styled house, as per usual Yakuza would have. The head is some fat old man so I can probably kill him without much resistance from them. I took my briefcase and checked the contents inside it. I literally dropped my jaw.

"OI! I said silent and quick! Why the hell are you giving me a friggin loud Desert Eagle and why the hell didn't you bring a Silencer?!" I raised my voice at Brian who was in the van with me.
"Blame Vergil, not me." says Brian, not really caring as he watched the screen of the CCTV from the Yakuza's hideout which he hacked to get access.

   I groaned and hit him in the head. Then I stepped outside to finish the mission.

"Good luck, Aneki." he bid behind me and I raised my hand, bidding farewell for the moment.


   3 guys left. Brian and Bobby are busy hiding themselves. I looked around the house to see nobody. I could actually use the Grenade method but there's too many people in the neighborhood. I went to the back of the house and still nobody.

"CLEAR" the voice from the walkie talkie said, it's Bobby.
"Roger" I said silently and aimed the gun at a certain spot on the sliding door.

   I waited for the signal.


   I shot at the spot, and came the sound of someone tumbling on the other side.


   I shot again, this time at another particular spot and it seemed as if it was hit.


   I hid the gun in my bag and continued to walk away.

   I don't actually know why Vergil said those. It's like some sort of rule for him. Bobby would say something simple but Vergil, having been influenced by Brian's commands, started to use those instead. I have to hit that guy on the head for influencing him like that when I get back in the van.


   I stopped my movements and strained my ears to hear the sound of rustling in the bushes at the corner of the house. I jumped on the wall and walked on it at the direction of the bushes, making sure to tiptoe. Using my eyesight, I searched for any movements. I waited and waited until the person came out and grabbed her. I then pinned her to the ground, my pistol pointed at her.

   I couldn't believe my eyes. Just the luck that I want. Just what I want. MY VERY LUCKY DAY. I gritted my teeth as I glared at her, not lowering my guard as I stepped on her hand lightly, making sure that she couldn't escape but wasn't in much pain.

"Nice to meet you, Matsui Rena." I decided to lie, to cover up my own appearance, hoping she didn't realize who I was.
"Maeda... -san?"

   Her voice was weak. Like she couldn't believe her eyes. And my luck literally went over the roof when the person I killed was brought out by Vergil.

"Yo Aneki!" Vergil said, not realizing the situation I was in.

   I glared at him, meaning that I wanted him to leave us alone.

"Ah... Condolences." he said and rushed away.

   I sighed at the fail team I have and focused on Rena.

"What is the meaning of this, Maeda-san?" she asked.

   She was trying to keep her cool, but her voice was shaky and I could see that she's doubting herself at the moment. She couldn't believe it. I wanted to play this as a joke, but realized that...

   ... It's better to just kill her now.

"I'm Maeda Atsuko. An Assassin." I introduced myself to her and she was shocked.

   She was gritting her teeth, her fist tightened, and her eyes were glaring at me. I could see there's tears in her eyes, probably from fear of being killed.

"What are you going to do to me...?" she asked, biting her lips thereafter.

   But she didn't look me with any pleading eyes. Not even the eyes of remorse. She wasn't feeling angry at me at all...


"FINALLY! IT'S OVER!!!" I shouted and glomped Minami as per usual.

   She rolled her eyes and checked the list for anyone who wasn't there. Then some of the SKE48 members also came to us. It was our usual AKBINGO! recording. If I recalled, their names are Yagami, Matsui Rena and Matsui Jurina. One of the girls came to me and bowed her head.

"Eh?" I asked, confused.
"I- I'm glad for this chance to work with you, Maeda-san!" she bowed deeply, and said loudly.

   The others looked at us weirdly and I only laughed wryly. It's the first time anyone did that to me. I scratched my cheeks and helped her stand up straight.

"I- It's a pleasure to me too." I said, even though I don't know her name.

   She realized it and introduced herself.

"I'm Matsui Rena! And I really really respect you a lot, Maeda-san!" she said, eyes sparkling for some reason.

   Another girl came. I remember her because she's 12. The other Matsui. Matsui Jurina. She then grabbed Rena and dragged her away.

"Thanks!" I shouted to her, smiling and she smiled as well.

   My first fan in my kouhais, Matsui Rena.


   I could feel the grip on my pistol has loosened quite a bit, and my feelings of sadness were going to be unleashed in the form of tears. I wanted to kill her, but why can't I? She's the junior I liked the most. She's so honest with herself and also very loveable.

   Then I remembered something from before. I needed someone else to take care of Bobby and Brian. Someone that could stop their fight. Rena is scary when she gets mad...

"You." I said, gripping my gun tighter, but the sweat on my palms is making it hard.

   She looked at me confused.

"Want to be my underling?" I asked, smiling.

   I know the chances of her and becoming involved in killing is slim, but I'll take the chances. Rena has too much sense of Justice. And from what I know, she would never like to get her hands dirty and stained. Rena's a good girl...

"SURE!" she said.
"I know you don- Wait, what?"

   Even I was surprised. How could she accept so easily?

"I want to know what kind of person Maeda-san actually is." she said, confidently.

   I became quite embarrassed but managed to form a grin.

"Fine by me." I grabbed her hands and helped her up.
"Thanks..." she said, as she got up as well with me. "For giving me a second chance to live."

   Well, I can't really say that I didn't have the guts to kill her, do I? I'm fine with killing someone I don't know, but killing my own junior is something I could never do.

   I smiled and grabbed her hands as I led her to the van.

[To be Continued]

   Wew. Managed.

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Re: Kinjirareta Futari -Behind their backs- Chapter 1
« Reply #7 on: October 20, 2013, 01:25:48 AM »
Ah... Akb is a cover for assassins group...?

Or just Atsuko?

And Rena is going to be Atsuko's assistant

What kind of job would Rena be doing?

What's going to happen next?

Would the others know about akb other cover?

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the interesting new story

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