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Re: Unknown || Chapter 5
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long time no update~~
finally i can get an internet access .-.

like i said in the previous reply, i'll post the next chapter of this fic first and then my other fic since i'm not updating thing for a long time XD

well, douzo!


Yuki POV

  The last day here, ahh~ there’s so many people I want to visit before I leave! Hmm, maybe the first will be kids on the music room.

  “Let’s meet again someday, Yuki Nee-chan!” all of the kids said with Yuuma while he’s stand up at the center.
  “Ehh, you all made this??” I asked them
  “Yes!  He told me that Yuki Nee-chan will leave today, so we made this farewell party!” Naoki said

  “Arigatou..”  I said to them

  “Ehem..” Yuuma said
  “You too, Yuuma. Thank you so much.” I said
  “It’s nothing. I just want to make some surprise for you, and these kids really helpful.” He said while fixing his eyeglasses then put his hand to his white coat pocket.
  “It’s really something for me! I mean, this is really rare to see so many people concern to me. Thank you so much!” I said to him while hugging him
  “N-No problem! Beside, Naoki really want to make it too.” He said.

  “Yuki Nee-chan, let’s play! You too Yuuma Nii-chan!” Naoki said while drag me and Yuuma.
  “Haii~ Haii~” I said. So we played together. The kids choose what game to play and I and Yuuma will followed them. Yuuma really close to them. He looks like Mayu when it comes to kids, they both really love kids.

  “Ah, Rena will come a couple minutes later, I should back to my room.” I said to the kids.
  “But we still want to play with Yuki Nee-chan~” The kids said.
  “I’ll go here whenever I can, okay? Don't be sad, I’ll come here often.” I said to them.
  “Yeah, if she doesn’t come here, I’m the one who will bring her here.” Yuuma suddenly said while pat some kids.
  “You sure??”
  “Of course I do.”

  “Okay then! So, see you next time Yuki Nee-chan!” Naoki said.
  “See you next time Yuki Nee-chan!”
  “Hai! Take care of yourself guys!”

  I exited the room with Yuuma.

  “The kids really like you.” Yuuma said while chuckled.
  “As much as they like you.” I said to him.
  “Except for Naoki.” Yuuma said. We both laughed.
  “Yeah,you’re right.” I said.
  “Okay, let’s prepare yourself.” Yuuma said

  We walked to my room. Then, I took a shower, changed my hospital outfit to a white one-piece dress. This one-piece dress is the dress I was wearing when the incident happened. It’s kind of flashback for me. But as Mayu said to me, I can’t stuck to my past. There’s a long way waiting for me out there.

  “Ah, Yuki, you’re ready?” Rena said. So she’s already here when I took a shower.
  “Yeah, but, where’s Yuuma?” I said while looking around the room.
  “He said that he has something to do now.” Rena said
  “Why? You missed him already?” Rena said teasing me.
  “N-No, of course no, we just meet a couple minutes ago.” I said to her.
  “Haii, haii~ so come on, Jurina already waited for us.” Rena said then pulled me out of the room. We reached the ground floor, I can see Jurina waiting for us on the car.

  “You two really took a long time just for going down.” Jurina said. She looks annoyed.
  “Gomen ne. We can go now, right?” Rena said to Jurina. She cupped her cheeks with her hand then kissed her forhead gently. They looks like old couples, maybe I should tell them to get marry soon.
  “Just think that I’m not here, okay?” I said to them.
  “Hey, don't be like that, you know her, don’t you? She’s a child trapped on adult body.” Rena said.
  “Whatever you said, Rena..” I opened the car door and get into the car, then rena followed me. Well, she’s at the front with Jurina and I’m at the back.

  Huftt, home sweet home. This place is not change at all since all these 4 years. And, ahh, the piano! That thing never moved and touched at all I think. It’s still as clean as usual. May be the maid don’t want to make this piano looks dusty, since they know about my relationship with Mayu and we both really love this piano. Many memories starts here. Even the photo frame of me and Mayu that she put on top of the piano still there. I reach the photo frame from the piano. Really nostalgic.

  “Yuki, you don't want to go to your room?” Rena said from the stairs,
  “Just go first, I’ll go there in a minute.”

I put back the frame photo back to it’s first place. Seeing her in there with her smile really made me miss her. I can’t say that I’m not miss her, I miss her, so much that made me think if I die with her, it’s okay. I just want to be with her. If she’s here, everything will be fine, always.

“Sumimasen, Yuki? Eh, Yuki, you’re crying again?”

I snapped from my thought. E-Eh, I’m crying, again? How can I... W-Wait a second, is that Yuuma?

“Hey, I’m sorry there’s an emergency so I said to Rena I’ll go here later. Then I going here and the maid said to me that you’re inside so I came and now I found that you’re crying, what’s wrong? Is it Mayu or something make you cry?”

He’s running to me then put his thumb to my cheeks, wiped my tears. I start crying again and throw my arms to him, crying on his shoulder.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He said while stroking my back. I keep crying,
“I-I Miss her so much, Yuuma. *hiks* I can’t to not keep thinking to her, it’s hard. A-And, I’m not ready for it. She’s too precious for me.” I said while crying,
“I miss her too, Yuki. I miss her too.” He keep stroking my back, trying to calm me down. But everything he does to me just make it worst. He and Mayu, they’re siblings. Everything he does just feels like Mayu’s. And it made me can’t forget about her. Everytime he does something to me, always made me think about Mayu.


“*Hiks*” It was my first day of high school. I was crying on the coridor of class. All of the students and teachers already go to their home, meet their parents or their wife/husband. And me? Being all alone here, waiting for someone coming here, like it will happen thought.

“Hey, why are you still here?”

There’s a sound of a girl that ‘maybe’ calling me. But then I raised my head to saw her, and she was there, in front of me. She’s looking at me with worrying face. Then, she speak again,

“Why are you still in here? Don’t you need to go home right now? You’re parents already waited for you, right?”

After that, she’s sit in front of me and then holding my hand, but I throw her hand away.

“Shut up, you don't know anything about me. Even I never know you. Just go away.”

But then, she smiled.

“If you really insist, I’m Watanabe Mayu. It seems like we’re in the same class since I saw you in the class this morning. But if you’re not remember about me, that’s okay thought. So, your name?”

I wiped my tears and again looking to her face. Cute, that’s my first impersonation when seeing her face. She has a long straight hair. Well, even know that she used a hoodie, I can see her face and her hair clearly.

“Kashiwagi Yuki.”
“Ahh, a beautiful name. Yuki, can I call you that?”
“Whatever you want.”

I sniffed and then wiped my eyes. She’s still smiling even know that I don't care about what she said to me.

“Do you had a problem? You can tell it to me if you want.”

I look again to her. She looks really convinced about her words. So then I began to tell her my story,

“I’m bored at home.”
“That’s it?”
“My mom and dad never back to home. They always going everywhere. They said it was for bussiness, and even holiday. They seems like never cared about me. And seeing all of the students here with their family on the ceremony this morning, I envy them.”

And then she replied my words,

“Of course they cared for you! They’re your parents. I believe every parents in the world always cared about their child. My father always tell me about it. So maybe for now your parents really busy with their work.”

“If you don't want to go to your home, so let’s go to my home instead. I promise you it will be fun!”

Flashback end

“Yuki? Eh, Yuuma-kun, is there anything happen just now?”

Rena suddenly came. We’re snapped from our thoughts then hiding each other face. Trying to not seeing each other.

“Is there anything I missed?” Rena said and then grinned,
“N-No, not at all, Rena-san.” Yuuma said.
“Ara... Okay then, let’s go upstairs. I’ve wait there for maybe 5 minutes and you’re not coming. Let’s go.” Rena start walked first while I and Yuuma followed her behind.

We finally arrived to my room. Ahh, this room not changed at all, same like another thing in this house. Maybe because mom and dad rarely come here so the maids just keep all the things here as same as usual. My room was always be our treasure, yeah, I and Mayu, other than that piano and a side of Mayu’s room that we called ‘Mayuki’s Room’. My room is fulled with our photos and many things. We both really loved to spend time together and took some picture and then bought something to be our collection, it’s always been really fun spended my time with her.

I saw Yuuma was saying something to Rena, I can’t hear it. But then Rena nodded and then walked to my direction.

“Yuki, how about you stay in my apartement for a while, until your parents came?” Rena said while her hand was holding my arm.
“Eh? Is that fine? I mean, how about Jurina? I don't want to bother you two.” I said.
“Of course it’s alright! Back there You and Mayu always come there. Don't mind about us.”

“Well, okay,then?”
“Yes! So let’s prepare your stuff.”


“We’re here. Just think that it’s your own home.” Rena said after she opened her apartement room. It’s big, I think. We can see the dining room and the kitchen on the right side of the room. While the living room, bathroom and the bedroom on the left side. The center of room fulled off many picture of Rena and Jurina, and some of our picture, me, Mayu, Rena, and of course Jurina.

Well, do you ever thought about how they can be together?

Actually, Rena is one of my friend back there, my first best friend that also my cousin. And Jurina, she’s Mayu’s clingy kissing monster best friend. One day, we eat lunch together, and I don’t know why Rena and Jurina was like hiding each other face. Rena keep face her lap, while Jurina try to looking around. It’s kinda cute to see Jurina acted like that. She usually really clingy to everyone, but when she saw Rena, her face suddenly blushed and then she’s really quiet. While Rena, the same as usual. She’s a shy girl and really quiet, usually she’s just say a little words in the crowd, Jurina really affected her now and she’s talking more to people.

“Oi, come one, lets go to your room. I still keep that room as yours and Mayu’s. The things that you keep there still in the same place, don’t worry.”

Rena opened ‘my’ room. Since I and Mayu really like to come here, Rena gave us a room in her apartement. Actually that’s one of the guest room, but because we’re always coming there every week, she said that we can use that room as ours.

That room still looks as usual. A room with white paint, then a big photo of me,  Mayu, Rena, and Jurina. One cupboard on the left side of bed, and then a small desk right beside the bed. The bed is a king size bed, so it’s fit me and Mayu in there.

“Still the same one, right?” Rena said,
“ Yeah, it’s perfectly the same one.” I said to Rena,
“It’s already dusk, I’ll come here tomorrow. Rena, call me if something happen, okay?” Yuuma checked his watch and then looked to me and Rena.
“Sure, you’re her doctor, of course I will.”
“Okay then, see you tomorrow.”

Yuuma exited the room,

“So, Yuki, take a rest, okay?”
“Okay, Rena.”

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Re: Unknown || Chapter 5!
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wanting more of it

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