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Author Topic: Oneshot stories! (1.Naamako)  (Read 2520 times)

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Oneshot stories! (1.Naamako)
« on: February 18, 2016, 12:32:32 PM »
NaaMako one shot!  :)

Nana Pov 

I live alone as my parents passed away when I was at a young age. I was with my grandparents until they passed away a few years back. Now I'm all alone in the apartment. Let me introduce myself, I'm Okada Nana and I'm a third year high school student. Apparently I have 2 lives.

1. Student by day.
2. Yankee by night. (But not the bad ones.)

My grades are not that bad but it's not that great either. The friends meet up at night are just my family. They treated me like their sister. We don't get in trouble. We don't steal, we don't do drugs, but we do other things like fight, smoke and drink. We usually fight with those who bully the innocent.

Today was just a normal day where I was in a library studying for the up coming tests. I was just hanging out with Miki. Oh talking about Miki, Nishino Miki is my one and only friend. She was the only one who was not scared to approach me. Apparently I look very scary? Miki has other friends in this school but she prefers to stay with me. Anyways we were studying at the library. After a few hours we got tired. We decided to call it a day. I went home to put my books down and I went to meet my 'family'.

"Hey guys..." I said.

"Why do you look so down?" Megu asked.

"Nothing, just studying for the tests are tough." I replied.

"You don't have to study really hard you know, you already kinda have a job secured." Megu said.

"I wanna prove that I'm worth working there or even better work somewhere else." I said.

"Oi! So you don't want to work at takamina-san's hotel?!" Yuiri said.

"No! It's just that...... I feel very bad. She has already provided me with so many things. I just don't want to feel like a burden." I explained.

"Fine. Do what you want." Yuka said listening to our conversation.

The job secured was being a waitress at the hotel. The person who created the 'family' is Takahashi Minami. She runs a very big hotel and she is very nice. But she can't tolerate any bad behaviour that's why we are not the 'bad guys'.

We were just hanging out at the club like normal. After a few hours I got tired.

"Megu! I will be going home first!" I shouted to her as the music is blasting loudly through the speaker.

"Okay! I will leave my phone on sound mode and when you reach home please notify me!" Megu shouted.

"Yes mom!" I jokingly replied.

"Now go! My child." Megu playfully said.

As I was walking to my house, I heard a little bit of ruckus. I thought it was odd and it was already about 1-2 am in the morning. I decided to go and check it out. As I was walking down the long dark alley way, the noise started to get louder. As I started to get closer, I saw about 2 girls getting surrounded by a lot more guys. I hid at a corner and looked at how the situation goes. I messaged Megu saying that I'm in trouble. I don't think I can take out so many guys at one go. After a few seconds I got a reply from her saying that she brought about 4 people with her and they are reaching soon. That is when I decided to take action.

"HEY! What are you guys doing!" I shouted. The guys turn around and smirked.

"Well hello there... Perhaps by any chance you would like to join us." Man 1 said with a stupid smirk still on his face. I saw there were about 9 guys.

"How about...." I pretended to think.

"No..." I said. I decided to run and ram against Man 1. Apparently he did not expected that and he got the impact. I managed to break into the circle where the 2 girls are. I did not manage to see their faces as I quickly grab their hands and ran out. I managed to do that as the guys are stunned. After a while they started to run after us.

"Nana! Slow down!" One of the girls said. 'Why is her voice so familiar? How does she know my name!?' I thought. I managed to pull them in front of me.

"Keep running and don't look back. Quickly go!" I said.

"But-" girl 1 said.

"Just go!" I cut her off. I heard them running away. That's when the guys caught up.

"Let's play a game shall we." I said. At first only a few started to attack but slowly it became harder to defend. My energy is starting to drain. I rest my hands on the wall for support. 'What is taking you so long Megu!' I thought. That was when I let my guard down. One of the guys managed to land a punch in my face. I tasted the metallic flavour in my mouth. 'F***ing hell! I split my lips!' I thought. He started to punch me but I used my arm as a shield but the force was to strong and my arms was starting to bruise. When the guy wanted to punch me again, something hit him from his back.

"Ouch!" He turned around. Apparently it was Megu who threw the wooden plank. There were Yuiri, Saya, Mariyagi and Yuka. Some of the guys went towards them and they started fighting. I joined them after a few a seconds. When we finally beat the crap out of the guys.

"What took you so long?!" I said

"Sorry we kinda lost our way." Yuiri said. I sighed.

"Anyways let's go home. I tired after the fight." Mariyagi said. When we started walking out of the alley, someone rushed towards me and hugged me. I got a shock and stood there while the rest just throw glares at the girl who hugged me.

"I'm glad you are fine..." The girl said.

"Ermmmmm....." I said. The girl looked up, the girl was Miki! No wonder her voice was familiar.

"Hi... Hehe..." I said while rubbing the nape of my neck.

"Do you know her Nana?" Yuka asked while still glaring at Miki.

"Errr... Ya she my friend in school." I replied.

"Hello! I'm Nishino Miki! Nice to meet you guys." Miki said enthusiastically. All of them rolled their eyes.

"This is Mariyagi, Yuiri, Megu, Saya and Yuka." I introduce each of them to Miki. All of them had the look of disbelief that I just introduced them.

"You- !?" Yuka said as she playfully to tackle me. Miki stood there shocked. The rest joined her and started to tickle me as I was in Yuka arm. I couldn't stop laughing. They stopped attacking me when they heard a giggle. We all turned to the giggle. I saw I girl I don't recognise. Miki recovered from the shock.

"Oh ya I forgot! This is Kojima Mako! She is my childhood friend." Miki introduced.

"Hello. People usually call me Kojimako. Nice to meet you." The Mako girl said.

"Thanks for saving us anyways." Kojimako added.

"Yup! Thank you everybody." Miki said while bowing.

"I'll see you in school Nana! Let's go Kojimako." Miki said. I just waved my hand. When they started to walk away, Kojimako turned back and smile at me. I smile back while blushing. That is when the teasing started.

"Awwww.... Looked who has found a crush." Yuka teased.

"No..... I'm going home. Thanks guys for helping out." I said.

"No problem you are one of my precious family member" Mariyagi said emphasising the word precious. I started to walk off and shouted "I hate you guys". Saya playfully replied "I love you too". After taking a bath, I laid on my bed. I started to think about the Kojimako girl. 'She's so cute... She is kinda pretty too...' I thought. 'What am I thinking!' I got rid of my thoughts and tried to sleep.

The next day ~

I was walking towards my locker in a zombie like state. Well, I reached school very early today. Because I can't really sleep well as I keep on thinking about Mako. I can't seem to get her out of my mind. I was walking when suddenly I bump into someone.

"Ouch..." I said as I started to feel pain from the bruise on my arms.

"Are you okay?" The person asked me.

"Yup I'm fine... Err don't worry about it..." I said while rubbing my arm trying not to show that it was painful. She extended her arm to pull me up.

"Thanks" I said and her hand accepted. When I stood up I saw her face. It was Mako! I felt myself blushing.

She looked at me weirdly before asking "Are you sick? Your face is kinda red.".

"I'm fine. So..... You study here?" I asked.

"Yup I started attending this school since last year." She explained.

"Oh... Why didn't I see you around then?" I asked.

She looked away and replied "It was because everybody is kinda scared to approach you.".

"Well... Am I that scary?" I asked.

"No... Not after last night." She said.

"So before that you thought I was scary too huh... But I thought after last night shouldn't I be even scarier? " I asked.

"N-no! Just that I was shy and thank you for saving us last night." She said smiling.

"Oh cool and welcome. So friends?" I asked while extending my arm.

"Friends." She took my hand and shake it. That was when she saw that my arm had a huge bruise.

"Oh no! You're injured!" She exclaimed.

"Nah... It's nothing. I'm fine!" I said.

"No let's go to the nurse room." She said while dragging me along.

"But there is no nurse in school so early in the morning." I resorted.

"I know how to treat wounds you know." She said while smirking. Now I had no choice but to follow her.

"So what you doing in school so early?" I asked while walking. We reached the nurse office and she let go of my hand.

"I just couldn't sleep and I thought I would come to school to study." She said while finding the medication.

"Oh... Me too.... Want to study together?" I asked.

"Sure! But let's treat your wound first. So if you wouldn't mind...." She said trailing off.

"Sure, go ahead." I took this opportunity to look at her closely.

After a few minutes she shouted "Done!". I was startled with her loud voice.

"Aren't you hungry?" I asked.

"Kinda but it fine." She replied.

"So do you want to eat anything?" I asked.

"Well, I was thinking of the cafeteria just now." She replied.

"Okay then let's go!" I took her hand and start dragging her. She was shocked at first and she looked like she is going to fall anytime soon but after a few steps she managed to walk properly to the cafeteria. When we finally reached the cafeteria.

"So what were you feel like eating just now?" I asked.

"Well I was thinking about those vending machines toast since the stalls are not opened yet." She explained.

"You do know those are not healthy right. How about I share  my bento with you?" I offered. She looked shocked. After a while she blushed and looked away. Then I realised what I said and thought 'Damn it! What did I just said?! F*** now she's thinking I'm a weirdo.'.

"If you don't mind then... Okay." She said.

"Eh?" I exclaimed.

"As expected you didn't mean it." She said sadly.

"No! It's not that. It's just I didn't expect you to agree. If I had minded why would I ask in the first place?" I explained. She smiled at me, I took out my bento and shared it with her. After eating, we went to the library to study.

"Do you want to eat lunch together later?" Mako asked.

"Sure! Do you want to ask Miki to join too?" I said.

"Of course!" She replied enthusiastically. We studied until the bell rang so we went to our classes respectively. During lunch I went to my usual spot and sat down. That was when I saw Miki and Mako walking towards me together.

This routine just happens everyday. Before we knew it was already half a year after we met. As I was sitting at my usual spot waiting for Miki and Mako. Well I kinda stop fighting when I've met Mako. Whenever I go to school with bruises she would look very sad, and I don't want her to look sad. 'Am I falling for her?' When I was thinking to myself when suddenly I saw Megu running towards me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Help us! We are overpowered by the gangs!" Megu exclaimed. That was when I realised that she was panicking.

"But you know me... I don't fight during the day anymore." I said.

"But we really need your help only Yuka and Yuiri is there!" Megu said.

"Argh... Fine!" I quickly texted Miki saying that she wouldn't meet her for lunch and ran out of school. While running I quickly called the others. When I reached there I saw Yuiri and Yuka were beaten up quite badly but they were still standing. When the guy wanted to attack again, I ran and hit that guy on the face. Apparently the gang did not expect any backup and let their guards down.

"Hey! Leave them alone! You f***ing sore losers! Attacking those who are weaker then you." I said angering them.

"You fight with me and leave them alone." I added.

"What do we get in return if we beat you up like f****ing crap." Guy 1 says.

"Then I would....." I didn't know what to say. They started attacking me, the first attack was unexpected but I manage to fend them off with Megu's help. Yuiri and Yuka was just sitting there watching. They stopped after a while.

"Hey that was f***ing unfair she was thinking!" Megu shouted. The guys smirked at her and they started to attack again. We were winning as some of the guys were already injured. The other guys started to get impatient. One if them took out a knife and ran towards me. I did not expected that but my reflexes were fast and dodge the attack but not totally. The knife had contact with my skin and did a very deep cut at my forearm. I took the knife from him and threw it far away. Megu was stunned on her feet but quickly recovered. They started attacking again. This time Yuiri and Yuka joined after that short 'recovering' period. Now was left to 5 guys standing. One of them is the leader.

"Not bad. You girls survived those attacks. But the real thing starts now." He says smirking. The other 4 started to charge towards us. We were trying to fend them off. We tried our best but these guys seems to be too strong! Yuka and Yuiri looks like they are going to pass out soon. Megu and I are still going strong but it was quite though to fend 4 people together. After a few minutes which seems like eternity, we were all going to pass out soon.

When we heard 'They are over there!'. We thought it was our friend but no it was the police! Apparently they only handcuffed the guys. When they did a full body check, they found that there were guns on them. When the police was walking towards our direction I asked "why are you only arresting them?".

"That's because your friend over there called us and told us that the guys were bullying you." The officer replied.

"Who?" I asked. He pointed to the direction where a girl was sitting on the bench with her head hanging low. I walked towards her and said "Hey, thanks for calling the police. I really appreciated it. But how do you know where we were?". When she looked up it was Mako!

"I saw you running out of school. I thought you were just skipping. But when I saw your face panic after that I decided to follow you and found out that you were going into a alley I decided to see and I saw your friends badly injured that's why I decided to call the police." Mako explained.

"Thanks, I really appreciate it." I said sincerely.

"Yes thank you." The others said sincerely.

"Your welcome." Mako said with a smile. She saw my cut and exclaimed "You are injured! Let me treat your wound!".

"Nah... I'm fine." I said.

"No! It's not. It's a very deep cut you can't afford to have it getting infected. My house is nearby. I can bring  you there." Mako said.

"How about Yuiri and Yuka? They are both injured badly too. How about school also?" I asked.

"School ended like 5 mins ago. If you guys want -" Mako got cut off by Mariyagi.

"It's fine I will just bring them back. You two just go ahead." Mariyagi said.

"Since when did you guys arrive!?" I said with a very amusing tone.

"When the police left?" Mariyagi said in a very obvious tone.

"Yup so just go ahead." Saya said.

"Okay then we will go first." Mako said grabbing my hand and drag me. I gave the others the 'help me' look but they just smirking while waving at me. I gave up and walk with Mako. But this time she didn't let go of my hand. She just kept holding it. When we finally reached her house she opened the door and rushed in. I didn't even have enough time to put my shoes properly before getting dragged into her house.

"Ojamashimasu" I said.

"It's fine nobody home yet." Mako said. I nodded just standing at the living room don't know what to do but to observe her house. Her house has a very homey feeling. I guess I've been living alone for so long at a plain house that I forgot how it feels like to truly feel like home.

Mako saw me standing from the kitchen and said "Take a seat! Why are you still standing?!". I didn't want to make her worried so I just sat down. I started to think 'why do I not want to see her sad? Why do I want to make her feel happy? I really think I'm falling for her.' I thought to myself. I got broken out of my train of thought when I felt a sting on my arm.

"Ittai!" I said unconsciously.

"Sorry! Does it hurt that much?" Mako asked sadly.

"No! It was just I was off guard then I felt the pain so... Not your fault." I rambled out.

"Hehe... Okay. You're cute." Mako said giggling. I blushed after that comment.

"This is the 7 time you have treated my wounds... Since 6 months ago." I stated.

"At least you cut down in your fighting so I don't need to treat that many wounds. But you still have to be careful." Mako said glaring at me and then soften her gaze.

"Why are you treating me so nice? What did I do to have this treatment?" I curiously asked.

"Well, you saved Miki and I and.......... We are friends so I thought that this is the least I can do." Mako explained.

"But I only saved you guys once." I said confused.

"You didn't just saved me once. You saved me before when I was younger. Well, I almost got hit by the bullies. I guess you don't remember it anymore." Mako said. I started to recall that time when I was younger.

"Don't tell me... You are the girl that the bullies wanted to use a beer bottle to hit!?" I exclaimed.

"Yup. Since that day I've always thought what would have happen if you didn't stop them. So I kinda owe you my life. Hehe..." She said.

"That was nothing. That was because I can't stand cute girls being bullied." I said. Then realised what is said. 'OH SHIT! I just said that she was cute!! OH F***! Now she really would think I'm a werido! F***!' I thought.

"You think I'm cute?" Mako said blushing. 'Nana compose yourself.' I told myself.

"Of course! Well, that is one fact I know." I said. Mako blushed even more.

"Thanks... I think you are pretty." Mako said now her face is totally red.

"Hahahaha!" I laughed so hard.

"Eh!?" Mako said bursting in anger. She started to walk away, that was when I realised that she had already disinfected the cut and even wrapped the bandage nicely. So I instantly felt bad. So I stopped laughing and went to find her at the kitchen trying to put back the first aid kit. She was abit to short to reach the cabinet so she used a stool. After she is done she went to wash her hand. That was when I decided to sneak up on her, wrapping my arms around her waist with her back facing me, giving her a back hug. I don't know why but this feels so right. I usually don't do this to anyone. Not even Megu.

So I whisper in her ear "Thank you, I really appreciate it.". She started blushing. She was so cute. I couldn't hold it in I kissed her cheek. Her face became pale.

"Are you okay? You look pale. Are you sick?" I said worriedly.

"I can't go on like this any longer." Mako said seriously. I had a confused face. She ran towards me and hugged me.

"Mako?" I called. She still didn't look up.

"Are you okay? Are you gonna faint any moment? Do you need any medicine? Do you want me to cal-" I got cut off by Mako with her lips on mine. Wait!? With her lips on mine?!?!!? What the F***! She's kissing me... She is F***ing kissing me?! What should I do?! After a while I still stood there stunned.

"Expected... You don't feel the same." Mako said dejectedly. She looked up with tears brimming her eyes. She started to walk away and said "You can leave if you want. If not forcing you to stay...".

"What if I don't want to leave?" I said. "What if I do feel the same way?" I added.

"I don't need you to pity me. I don't want to be pitied on." Mako resorted.

"No. I'm not pitying you. I really like you. No! I love you!" I said.

"Ha! Like I will believe that. All I know is that you treat me like a friend, like sister. So I won't expect you to retur-" Mako got cut off by me when I crushed my lips against hers. She was shocked at first then she returned the kiss. We broke apart and I asked smiling "Since when you liked me?".

"Since the day I knew you were in the same school..." She said shyly.

"Why are you so cute!" I exclaimed as I went to give her a hug that surprises her till she trip, thank god I pull her into my arms just in time.

She was darting her eyes as fast as a bullet train when I pulled her off my chest.

"Why are you so shy right now, who is the one who confessed to me first." I tease her

That's when her whole face turned like a tomato. "Ermm.. Err..AHHHHHHH stop teasing me!"

I pull her close and rest my forehead on her's. "Alright, I'll stop teasing you for now. I'll continue tomorrow." I turned around and started to walk out.

"You're leaving soon?" Mako quickly arrange her medical kit before running towards me.

"Let me sent you out!" Mako quickly wore her shoes. "Let's go!" She gently pulled me towards her. She held my hand and intertwined our fingers together. But she asked “I'm not very sure yet can I have some time?”.

“As long as it's you I don't mind.” I said sweetly. She smiled.

After a few weeks ~

Although we are closer then before, we are still not together yet. As I decided to give her some time to think through.

As time goes by, I started to feel uneasy. To make it worst, Mako is getting closer to her club-mate and that girl I tell you, this is pissing the crap outta me. I know they are friends plus they are in the same club but I can't help but to be jealous.

Let me list down the things that makes me pissed off:

1. She hugged her, she F***** hug her. I wanna stab her so badly.

2. She is so reliant that every hour and every minute she need to find Mako. Can't you do it yourself that little piece of shit.

3. Last and foremost she say "I LOVE YOU" right in front of me RIGHT INFRONT I TELL YOU!!! That F****.

Takashima Yurina, my eyes will be on you. Watch out.

Mako is having her club activities right now so I'm waiting for her. I was thinking of eating dinner with her until that girl..THAT GURL decides to ask Mako out before I can and in order to prevent anything from happening. I request to join in too MUHAHAHAHA!!

Now I'm gonna keep an eye on Mako, I'll make sure that girl stay 500 feet away from her when I'm around.

"Nana-San! What do you want to eat?" Yurina asked in a cheerful voice

"Tokatsu Ramen with ice green tea, how about you Mako?" I quickly divert my attention to her.

"I'll take the same as her too." Mako smiled sweetly at me, I swear I wanna pinch her cheeks they look so cute!!

"Then I'll take the same too." Yurina close the menu and called for the waiter.

The air of loving atmosphere turned to an hellish one after she said that.

Nana, calm yourself down. For the sake of Mako, relax~

When our food came, Yurina has been sharing food with Mako. This literally fuel my competitive side as I unconsciously keep stuffing my tonkatsu slices into Mako's mouth. Until I realised that I was choking her I quickly stopped.

"Sorry sorry!" I speed pat Mako's back till she cough.

"Nana.. *Cough cough* did anything happen to you today?" Her eyes were staring straight into mine.

"Nope." I avert my eyes. Crap she's good at catching my lies.

"Nana, are you.."

*ring ring*

My phone rang, I excused myself and went out to listen.

"Takamina-San! You're looking for me?"

The sound of wind at the other side of the line was loud.

"Nana!! We have a big issue here! Megu is being held as a hostage!! The Yabakune's got her!"

Before I know it I was running to Yabakune's hideout.

Grabbing a metal pole and a broken glass bottle from the near by garbage area. I stormed into their hideout and started bashing their henchman. I didn't care how many people was there, I just wanted to whack them so badly. How dare they do this to Megu!!

Okada Ayaka came out from the shadows. "OKADA NANA!!" That screamo while calling my name fuel my inner desire to sew up her mouth.

"Okada Ayaka, where the F*** did you hide her?"

I try to keep myself calm and compose who knows what she'll do to Megu.

"Call Yurina to come here." Ayaka voice turned to monotone.

"Why should I?" Nana lit up her cigar while being an ass towards Ayaka.

I can tell Ayaka is ready to kick my ass when her facial expression changed.

We fought our ass off but Ayaka is playing dirty as she have backups behind me. We started fighting straight away. Even though I have a broken beer bottle and a steel rod, I was still on the losing end. That's cause maybe... I'm the only person! Against 30 over people?! We were fighting when I accidentally let my guard down. One of the Yabakune hit me in the eyes. I got dizzy for a moment. Before I could even get rid of the dizziness I got hit in the back. This made me fall to the ground. They started to surround me and started to whack merciless.

I was going to pass out soon when her attack suddenly froze on the spot. She decide to ran pass me. Curious, I turn back and look at her.

"Yu-chan!!" Ayaka's voice changed to a high pitched one which sent chills down my spine.

I swear my jaw literally dropped after I heard that cheesy name. Worst, that person Ayaka called is Yurina. Holy cow..

"You have come to see me?" Ayaka's eyes were shining I tell you, like a puppy who see it's owner.

"No, I came to see Nana."
I feel the area turning icy cold.

"Why do you want to find me?"
I was really puzzle cos why would she find her love rival? What is her intention? DID SHE CAPTURE MAKO OR SOMETHING?! Okay, nana.. Calm down.. Relax~

"What is it?" I coldly reply her while trying to stand up.

"I have something to tell you." Her body language tells me she's uncomfortable did my nightmare of Mako really happen?!

"I really li-!" before she could finish I went unconscious. When I woke up, I was at the hospital. I got a little bit dizzy. I closed back my eyes and let the dizziness fade. How did I get here? I saw that my left arm was casted. I saw so many writings on the cast. One of them was standing out.

"Get well soon! I really wish you were with me in school. <3"

A grin started to form on my face. So after I was smiling from ear to ear. Looks like Megu was released. I was reading the rest of the message. When the nurse came in. She started to ask me questions. I thought that she looked familiar. I decided to ask later. Half way through the questions, the doctor came in and called "JURINA, I need your help with the other patients."

"Okay, just give me a moment." Jurina said and she went out.

"OMG IT'S JURINA SEMPAI! She's one of the best fighter in our group! I can't believe I'll be meeting her like this." I finally remembered!

As I was re-adjusting my left arm the door creaked opened.

"Jurina-Sempai! can you.." My words traced off at the sight of Yurina who is standing awkwardly at the door.

I stared at her with a puzzled looked. Yurina who can't the silence broke it by saying something shocking "How are you feeling Nana-San?"

Woah, that's caring of her.. I though she's assassinate me or something since I'm injured..

"Uhm, I'm fine." I replied her coldly to only get her screaming like a mad woman.

"What's wrong" I was so confuse in this situation that I literally stare at her like...What the hell is she doing?...

"I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! NANA!" She suddenly scream

"NANAAAAAA?!" What the hell? Is she high on drugs or she's wants to challenge me?

"Do you still remember what I said yesterday? She asked

"What about yesterday?" I shoot her back with a clear cut answer.

"I'll say it one more time.." She clenched her fist and shouted "Nana-San! I LIKE YOU!! NO LOVE YOU!"

"Huh..?" What the hell did I just heard. It took me 5 seconds to adsorb.

"WHATTTT?!" I scream too

It seems she's waiting for an answer, I recomposed myself before give her a proper answer.

"Sorry, I can't accept that. I have someone in my heart."

Suddenly the shadow outside the door caught my eyes as it slowly fade away.

'Is that Mako? Did she heard it?' Worried, I got up from my bed and ran towards the door and slammed open the door.

I can hear Yurina call me from my room but I totally ignore her and went to grab the tiny figure that's running away.

"Don't go, come with me." I forcefully dragged an awkward Mako to my room and wrap my right arm around her.

"And that person is right here." After that I tipped toe to suit Mako's height and touch our cheeks with each other. Mako cheek blushed until very red. I thought it was cute and wanted to pinch her cheek. I was dragged out of my thought when I heard a chuckle.

"I knew it... I just thought that I had the chance. But nevermind I wish you two the best." Yurina said. She started to walk off.

I decided to run after her and gave her a hug and said "I know you would find someone better.". She smiled at me and walked off. I started to walk back to the room.

When I reached the room, I stared straight into her eyes trying to analyse her emotions. She is still avoiding my eyes, I can't help but feel a piercing pain that went through me.  Mako, please don't give me that look.

“Are you angry with me chasing after her?” I asked. She still didn't say anything. I felt so hurt and I wanted to walk out. I gave a dejected sigh. Mako suddenly rush towards me and hug me.

“Mako?” While saying that I hugged her back.

“Baka!” She hit me on the shoulder. I winced as the injury was still painful.

“Sorry.” She said and help me towards my bed. But i’m glad that she turned back to happy self.

When I’m back in school, me and Mako continued our usual routine as per normal. We still see Yurina and I have became friends with her, at first it was awkward but slowly we begin to warm up to each other so we’ll have dinner with her sometimes.

Today was just me and Mako so we decided to take away our orders at a cafe and head to my house to eat instead.

I went to my fridge and took out the cake that I bought yesterday and I decide to share with her.

“Nana..” Her eyes were focusing on me

“I have something to say.”

“What is it?” I mumbled through my mouth full of noodles.

“I love you, can you be mine?”

I choked on my noodles when I heard it.

“Nana! Are you okay?! Drink some water!” She quickly hand me a cup of water and I quickly drank it in one shot.

“Can you say it again?” I cough a little

“I love you Nana. Let's date and let me be yours.” She said it without hesitation.

Mako’s voice was swirling in head. It took me awhile before I process the entire conversation over and over again before I got up from my seat in throw my arms around her.

“Finally the word I have been waiting for.” I whispered into her ear still hugging her close to me.

I pull her away from me and said something so cheesy that I can't believe it myself. "I’m already yours when you have confessed to me.”

I lean my forehead on her as I told her that and I give a small peck on her button nose and plant a quick kiss on her lip.

“And Thanks for accepting who I am let’s be together forever and ever no matter what happens.” I smiled brightly and Mako with teary eyes jump onto me with arms around my neck.

“I’m glad that I met you.” She said before returning a kiss.

The End.
With my ghost partner!  :D XD
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