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Author Topic: Tell Me | WMatsui OS (Update)  (Read 37099 times)

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Re: Mayuki OS~ (Again)|| Did I Love You, Again?
« Reply #20 on: August 19, 2014, 09:26:56 AM »
Yokatta, Mayu and Yuki is back together forever  :on gay:

Wmatsui moments are in here too  :wahaha:

Thanks for the sweet OS, see ya soon  :tama-bye:
Kami Oshi is Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena and Jurina

WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: Mayuki OS~ (Again)|| Did I Love You, Again?
« Reply #21 on: August 25, 2014, 02:13:32 PM »
your own love story, eh?  :grin:
mayuki! and there's lil' bit wmatsui! XD
and "the great cyborg Mayu already
affected by clingy kissing monster Jurina"
thanks for your story  :twothumbs
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

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overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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WMatsui || When Love Starts Attack
« Reply #22 on: September 09, 2014, 04:32:12 AM »
MaYuki x JuRena : hehe, I really like to make someone die actually, but I want a happy ending here~
                            Thank's for reading my fic!  :shy2:
Siren : thank you for reading~ i hope you will like this one  :hee:
sastio13 : well, but mine has a sad ending  :on lol:
               thank you for reading~

hello everyone~ i'm back!
it's been a long time since my last update to this forum, kinda busy here, hehe
this one is a wmatsui fic, hope you all like it

sorry for wrong grammars and typing,,



I’ve once ever feel about being in love, and be loved. But I thought, maybe that will the first and the last. Because, I’ve surrender about it.  I hate being hurt. And now, I’m definitely will never and ever, fall in love with someone else, again.


“Ehh, do you heard about Sukita-senpai has a new girlfriend?”
“Ahh, that girl must be lucky!”
“Yeah, I wonder how it feels being Sukita-senpai girlfriend~”

Another day in school. I hate being here. Just look at everywhere, I’m surrounding by many people. They’re laughing, smiling, gossiping, and exchanging joke together. It’s like a one complete society. And me? I’m the one who will just talk when it needs. The one that will just sit on my seat, reading a books or maybe doing nothing. I’m an unsocial person.

“Ah, Rena-chan, ohayou!”


There, there she is. The girl that many people said was my twin, but we had a very different personality. She’s a princess, always smiling, being like a ‘hime-sama’ everywhere she goes. Well, her parents was one of the family that own this school, the Matsui family. And me? A quiet person, you may see me like a ghost in this class. No one ever cared about my appearence.

But not for her.

“Ohayou, Jun-kun”

“I’ve told you to stop calling me that. It’s annoying.”

“But if I call you ‘Matsui-kun’, that will be kinda funny. I’m a Matsui too, you know that, right?”


I fixed my eyeglasses,

That girl. She always make me being class attention. I don't understand why she always calling me like that even if I act like this. She’s annoying me too much. And look, that make the entire class say that I act like this on purpose to gain her attention.

“Look, he do it again. Huh, how can he keep doing that thing.”
“Maybe he think that he’s the one who can be with her.”

See? She make people think I had some feeling for her! Like, how can that happen? I’ve swear to my self to never and ever fall in love again. I can’t make another mistake happen, like that time.


“Do you ever think about me?”

“Ha, who cares about you? Just go away.”

“B-But, I love you.”

“Sorry, I never love you.”

Flashback End

“Oi, sensei already come.”

“Ah, okay.”

How can I keep remember that day?! This is ruined me.


I hate rain. Ugh, why it’s still pouring down?! It’s been rain since 8 AM and now it’s still pouring down. I’m stuck in here now, in this place called ‘school’. But actually it’s kinda comforting me. It’s look like I’m alone in here. Huh, I don't care. As long as there’s nobody will disturb my ‘comfort’ state. But, how long I will be here?

“Jun-kun? You’re still here?”

That voice, and that style to call my name. There’s just one human in this world calling me like that except my mom. Ha! I know it! It’s ‘the annoying but looks like a hime-sama’ Matsui Rena. I’ve remember it well since she always greet me in the morning like that. Hmm, maybe not just in the morning, everytime she meets me, she’ll call me like that. So annoying, right?

Ara, she’s still here too? This is rare. A hime-sama usually always go home as soon as the bell rings. Or maybe her club had something to do, no, no, the last club already go home.

“I thought, I’m the one who left here.”

“I think the same to.”

She took a sit beside me. So, she’s actually waiting for the rain stop too,huh? What a concidience. Hmm, she’s kinda more quiet than usual. How can I say this, but, she’s more... Gloomy, I think?

“Ano, Jun-kun, actually, I always want to be like you.”


“I want to be like myself. Doing something that I like even when people around me never like that. I want to do that. And then, when I saw you easily can do that, I feel jealous.”

A Rena-sama who’s one of the school princess jealous to me? Whoa, this is new. I thought she just really like to tease me.

“My status made me must keep being a talkactive person. But actually I’m a little bit shy to others, especially boys. I just doing the things that my parents say to me, and I don't want to make people talking many things about...”

“Do anything that you like. Don't think about what will others said to you, you are yourself. If you keep doing this, maybe it will be the reason why people keep talking about you.”

I suddenly cut her words. It just, she’s too much thinking about her parents and people. At least sometimes she must think about herself too. She need to think about herself more. If she just thinking about people, she’ll never be able to experience the thing that she like.


“I said do anything  that you like.”

“A-Ah, I don't know if I could...”

“You can do that, of course you can.”

She keep silent after hearing my words. Uh, what just I said to her? I tried to hide my expression while fixing me eyeglasses. Stupid me. Fortunately the rain already stopped, we must go home as soon as possible.

“Ano, Jun-kun,eto... since you’re never like it when I call you that, I just want to ask you, is it okay that I call you Jun-kun?”

“Well, you’re true when you said that it’s weird to call me Matsui when yours was Matsui too. Maybe it’s fine.”

“Yokatta, I’m afraid that you will angry when I call you Jun-kun. So, you can call me Rena if you want to. I don’t force you to call me that.”

She stood up,

“See you tomorrow, Jun-kun.”

She’s going with her bicycle, huh? I thought somebody will pick her up with a car or something else, she’s really a simple hime-sama, ne? Just like the others said about her. So that’s why she’s waiting for the rain stop. Hmm, maybe I must go home too, it’s almost dusk.


Bored, another boring day at school. My days in school always feel boring. Even walking to the gate feel boring. Just like what I told. But when I start walking at the corridor, many people gathering in front of my class. Hmm, is something happen? The girls starts gossiping about what just happen. But unfortunately I can’t hear that. Huh, I hope this wont take a long time.

“Rena-san, please accept me!”

“Ano... I’m sorry, I...”

Ah, so there’s a guy trying to confess to Rena. But somehow Rena looks really scared to him. Her skin looks so pale while her expression, I don't know how to say this but she’s looks really frightened. When that guy start to holding her hand, her expression immediately changed. She looks want to cry right now. Uh, I don't like when girls start crying. I start walking in the crowd and took her,

“Sorry, but you’re scared her. And I need her now, so excuse me.”

“Who are you? Hey, we’re not finish yet!”

I brought her to a quiet place so she can calm herself down. She really need to calm down right now. After we arrived to that place, she immediately weakening her legs and burst in to tears.

“You don’t need to cry.”

“But *sniff*, I-I don't know how to thank you *sniff*”

“You don't need to thank me. Just stop crying.”

But, she’s not stop crying. So I tried to calm her with wiped her tears then hug her.  Her tears soaking through my uniform.

I’m not a guy that can calmed a girl and doing that sweet things. I don't know what to do. This is the first time I’m doing this.

“O-Once again, t-thank you.”

She’s finally calmed down. Finally.


“D-Did it’s fine if I being like this to you? I-I mean, you’re never like it when I’m being close to you and I’m afraid that it will disturb you.”

“No problem at all, just calm yourself first.”


I don't know why but since then, Rena became more close to me. Well, she’s not that bothersome. Sometimes I’ll ask her about the lesson on the class, especially math. That thing always freaking me out. And fortunately, one of the smartest people on the highschool – Rena conveniently want to teach me about that.

We’re on our way to our home; actually our home just a few blocks away each other. As always, there’s no one want to starts the conversation. So we just walked quietly even with this awkward atmosphere surrounding us.

“A-Ah, we’re here, Jun-kun. Thank you for accompany me today.”

“Yeah, as always, no problem at all. See you next week.”

I start walked again,


Suddenly she start calling me again. Hm, is there’s something wrong?

“A-Ano, this weekend, would you go to the summer festival with me? I-It just if you don't have anything to do and you want to.”

Summer festival? Ahh, I don't realized that it’s summer already and the summer festival already held. Can I go?

“I think I don't have any important thing to do this weekend, maybe I can go there with you.”

“Really? I’ll meet you there at 7 PM, okay? See you tomorrow!”


I hate this. I hate being here. And I hate wearing this outfit. How can my mom force me to wearing this today.


“Can you go to aunty home tonight? She kinda need you tonight.”

My mom said to me while she’s prepairing lunch for me and my dad. I myself was watching tv in the living room. Hmm, going to aunty home? Ah, today I’ll go to the summer festival with Rena.

“I had something to do tonight.”

“Eh? With whom? Ah, today was the first day of the Summer Festival, ne?”

“You don't need to know it.”

My mom start chuckled when hearing my answer. She walked my direction,

“What a great time to test that Yukata that you never wear before, Jun-kun.”

“Wh... What? Now way!”

“Come on,  just this once, okay?”

Flashback End

Huh, I hate using this Yukata. It makes me being the center of attention.


“R-Rena? Y-You...”

I-I’m stunned. Her yellow Yukata with that flower design really suits her, while her way to tied her hair made it perfectly looks beautiful. Somehow it describe her personality.

“J-Jun-kun? Anything wrong?”

“N-Nope, I’m fine.”

My face getting hotter when her face became really close to mine. I tried to hide my flushed face with advoiding to see her face.  How can I advoiding her beautiful face?! E-Eh, what just I said... This is not me. I can’t being like this. Come on, Jun!! Be just like yourself!

“Hmm, you’re not wearing your glasses today...”

“I-I’m using my softlens right now.”

“Souka. Let’s go then,,”

We really enjoyed our night together. Ahh, It’s been a while since I had fun like this. I can’t ever think that she’s actually this fun and cute! I never expected this!

“Today was a fun day, Jun-kun.”

We were sitting on the grass beside a river across the place that the festival held. We’re really had fun and we’re really tired because of this.  So we tried to search for sit and watching the sky. And, we found this place.

“Yeah, I feel the same too.”

We silently watch the sky. No one tried to start for a conversation. But then she’s going to somewhere buying a cotton candy.


A guy that maybe in the same age of me suddenly appear. Who is him? Ah! He’s the guy that confess to her a few weeks ago! What is he doing in here? Trying to stalk her?!

“E-Eto I don’t want to stalk her, it just we’ve accidentally meet here. Don’t worry, I don't have any bad thing to do.”

He start to sit beside me,

“I’m Airi, Furukawa Airi. And you...”

“Matsui Jun.”

“Ah! The one that people said Rena-san twin. It’s really nice to meet you.”

“Tch, anything you said.”

“Haha, you’re funny.”

Huh? It’s new that people laughing because of my act. He’s... Weird?

“You kinda close to Rena-san, I envy you.”

“Like I said, anything you said.”

“You know, stop trying to hide. You have a chance, so do it. Unless you want to feel broken for a long time and then make a mask for yourself. Again, you can’t make a same mistake twice. Do it. You don't want to feel that pain again right?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know it soon or later. I’ve to leave now,  Ja ne!”

He suddenly just go away then at the same time Rena came back bringing a cotton candy on her hand. Ehh, just one?!

“I’m back~”

“You just bought that for yourself?!”

“Of course! You don’t said that you want it too.”

“I never told you that I don’t want it.”

“Mou~ okay then, let’s share it together!”

She tossed the cotton candy to me while giving me ‘maybe’ her best smile that I never seen before. That smile maybe the brightest smile I ever seen from her.

“Come on, it taste good!”

“Nope, I’m fine. Just eat it by yourself.”

“Okay then~”

We surrounded with silent while Rena was ate up her cotton candy. Then, we just sit silently while watching up the sky that was really beautiful today. The moon looks great with stars shine brightly. I never thought the night sky will be this beautiful.

“I think I’m in love right now.”

Rena said bluntly while looking at the sky. I keep silent.

“A-Ano, Jun-kun, did you ever fall in love before?”

“Once, and I’ll never fall for that again.”

She keep silent for a while,


Then, I continued my word,

“Stop when you can. You can’t stop it when you’ve fall to deep. So maybe now is the best time to stop.”

“But unfortunately, I think I’ve fall to deep, to you.”

She whispered the last 3 words that she said just now while chuckled softly. I immediately look to her after hearing her... confession. D-Did she in love with me? W-Wait, is she cry? I raised my hand to put her hair back to her ears, but then, she advoid my touch.

“A-Ano, I think I must go now.”

She stood up then running back to the crowded. Did I do a wrong stuff? I’m being honest about my self, right? Am I said the truth to her?

“Do it. You don't want to feel that pain again right?”

I thought about what just Airi said to me before Rena came here just now. Uh! All these things confused me!


I start running to chased Rena. In this crowd place, how can I find her easily?! Okay, just use my instinct. She cant being here, the quiet place with just a little people being there. Ah, that park! She may be there. Huh, finally, she’s really here.

“Huh... You don’t need to running here. I’m searching for you to entire festival.”

There just heard the sniff from Rena,

 “Stop crying.”

I crouched in front of her, put her bangs to her ear and wiped her tears. I hug her thightly while Rena was cying in my arms. I don't know what is this, I just don't want to see her tears flowing down to her cheeks, it hurts me. It hurts when seeing her crying like that, and it more hurt when knowing that she’s crying because of me. I-I don't know. Is it the ‘real’ love that everyone told me about?

“I can’t hold it anymore. Y-You’re really nice to me. And then, I was fall in love with you. It just happened to fast. I never thought that it was love. But somehow, you make me understand that it was love all this time. I tried to believed in it. I-I’m sorry, Jun-kun, for making you worried about me.”

She break our hug and then wiped her tears. She put a forced smile on her face, trying to hide her true feeling right now. Her eyes, it tells the truth.

I pulled her for a kiss. It was a quick kiss thought. W-Well, I stole it from her. Then I saw that her face was a red as a tomato. I chuckled softly,

“Why are you laughing? Y-You stole a kiss!”

“Well, just look at your face right now. You’ll know it.”

She pouted when hearing my words. But then she facing the ground,

“T-That kiss, what was that mean?”

“Would you be my girlfriend?”

Her face keep looking to the ground. But then I saw tears start flowing to her red cheeks,

“Ehh, why are you crying?”

“I’m too happy because of this...”

I chuckled while she’s pouting when heard that I was laughing at her. Such a kid,

“So, your answer?”

She hit my shoulder,

“Of course it’s yes, you baka.”


well, the ending kinda hanging,, sorry if it's not that good,,

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Re: WMatsui OS!|| When Love Starts Attack
« Reply #23 on: September 09, 2014, 09:21:20 AM »
Aww, don't worry its a sweet ending  :love:

Yeah nice job there Jun  :w00t:

Thanks for the Wmatsui OS heheh  :lol:

See ya soon  :peace:
Kami Oshi is Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena and Jurina

WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: WMatsui OS!|| When Love Starts Attack
« Reply #24 on: September 09, 2014, 10:09:29 PM »
Omg ur OSs is so gooood!!!!!

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Re: WMatsui OS!|| When Love Starts Attack || Replies and Poll!
« Reply #25 on: September 30, 2014, 02:58:31 AM »
Siren : Thank you very much!
Kirozoro : Thank you~


hello all, long time no update in here, i'm sorry~~
i thought about making a new os here, but unfortunately i dont know what pairing,,

so i make a poll, please vote it!

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Re: WMatsui OS!|| When Love Starts Attack || Replies and Poll!
« Reply #26 on: September 30, 2014, 06:07:16 AM »
why there is no crack pairing option? :cry:

well.... I'll just read whatever you make~ chocholate-san :cathappy:

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Re: WMatsui OS!|| When Love Starts Attack || Replies and Poll!
« Reply #27 on: September 30, 2014, 08:01:43 AM »

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Re: WMatsui OS!|| When Love Starts Attack || Replies and Poll!
« Reply #28 on: September 30, 2014, 12:28:48 PM »
Just a replies~
MaYuki x JuRena : I'm sorry  :nervous
                                  I just make a usual pairing that I often see, you can say it to me if you want another pairing   :D
MaYukiIsLife : I'm right heree~

I'll dissapear again :on gay:

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Re: WMatsui OS!|| When Love Starts Attack || Replies and Poll!
« Reply #29 on: September 30, 2014, 12:43:11 PM »
I just make a usual pairing that I often see, you can say it to me if you want another pairing   :D
Hmm... you take request? :mon huh2:

maybe I'll say it after you done your new os~ :cathappy:

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Re: WMatsui OS!|| When Love Starts Attack || Replies and Poll!
« Reply #30 on: October 01, 2014, 07:16:42 AM »
I just make a usual pairing that I often see, you can say it to me if you want another pairing   :D
Hmm... you take request? :mon huh2:

maybe I'll say it after you done your new os~ :cathappy:
with my pleasure~~  :hee:

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Always || Mayuki OS~ || Keep polling guys!
« Reply #31 on: October 26, 2014, 01:37:50 PM »
it's been a long time after my last update .-.
I'm really busy in this month and for the next month, so maybe I can't update like usual :err:
But, for my apologize, I've make a Mayuki fic~  :wigglypanda:

Ahh~~ I really love this pairing!

Anyway, sorry if there's any wrong grammars and typing,


“I wasn’t do it purposely!”

“Well, thank you then, but now look at my sketch book! Argh, you ruined it!”

“You should thank me because I’ve saved you from that stupid car!”


This morning Yuki is in a rushed state. she woke up late and her bike is in the workshop because she slipped and smash against a wall a few days ago. Somehow in these few days she got a bad luck and it drive her crazy just to think about it. The wind is a little bit strong today, ‘curse that stupid wheater forcaster. I can’t trust her again.’ Thought Yuki while keep walking. Suddenly, she saw (maybe) a girl with a hoodie walking in the middle of crowd but all of sudden that girl cross the road while on the other side a car is drove with a high speed.

“Oi, watch out!”

She pushed that girl from the road then the girl fall down. Unfortunately, now that girl is mad with her because Yuki help her.


“Now what can I do with my assignment?!”

“I don't know! It’s your fault, you’re the one who careless! If I wasn’t help you back there, so you’ll die and can’t collect that assignment!”

The girl in front of Yuki sighed, it looks like she don't know what should she do for the assignment that she must collect to her sensei in 1 week. But then, she look again to Yuki and realized something.

“You’re from... Akihabara High School?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Can you be my model for 1 week, please!”

Yuki stunned. She don't know what should she said to that girl. Yuki herself is true about that wasn’t her fault. But seeing the girl in front of her begging that she become her model in a week, she feel pity to her.

“I really don't have anything to be my model right now, and the sketch must be finished in 1 week. Your school is near mine so maybe you can help me with this thing. But I can’t force you too, sorry.”

Again, she showed her that pout and puppy eyes again. Definetely Yuki will fall for that pout of hers.

“Okay, I’ll help you with that stupid assignment of yours.”


Today Yuki must go to a park near her school. Since yesterday when she agree to help that girl, the little brat always called her every hour in the evening until night. So she’s doing this heavy heart just because the girl always disturbing her day.

“Tch, where’s that brat?”

Right after Yuki said that, she saw a girl with a gray hoodie covering her body and her face sitting under the tree. Well, it looks like that girl is sleeping. The weather right now is a good one too. When Yuki take a look closer to the girl, she find out that the girl is Mayu.


She still sleeping soundly.

“Guh, It can’t be helped, maybe I can wait for her in a couple minutes more.”

A half an hour later

“Uhh, is it already dark?”

Mayu just awake from her long and deep sleep. She didn’t realized that the sun began to sink and the girl who wait for her to wake up already sleeping. Mayu looked to her left. There, she saw Yuki; sleeping quietly while her hand holding a book. It seems like she’s fall asleep when reading that book while wait Mayu to wake up.

“She’s really calm when sleeping, huh? Just look at her when she’s awake, you can’t believe that this is her.”

Mayu took her sketch book then draw Yuki while smiling to herself. ‘I never regret that I choose you for my assigment, Yuki.’ Mayu thought.
Right after Mayu finished her draw, Yuki awake.

“E-Eh, it’s already dark?!”

“I don't want to disturb you, so I just wait until you awake.”

“Ahh, I must go home right now!”

“Okay then, wanna ride?”


“I’m asking if you want a ride to your house, I always bring a bicycle.”

Yuki thinking for a seconds, ‘S-So she will give me ride to my house? Is it alright? I mean... She looks really tiny and well, maybe she’s a middleschooler. And then, how if she’s one of a yakuza who stole a girl?!’

“Don’t be afraid. I can do it. Just believe me, and I’m not that bad girl in your mind right now.”

Something snapped in Yuki’s head,

“Ah! I’ll ride it and you sit behind!”

“E-Eh? No, no...”

“C’mon!! Where do you put your bike? Ah, is it this? Okay come on!”

Yuki took the bike and sit on the front, while Mayu just followed what Yuki said and sit on the back.

“Yosshaaa! Here we go~”

Yuki start to pedal the bike with full power while Mayu who doesnt know that Yuki will start pedaling the bike almost fall down then she hit yuki’s back.

“Oi! Calm down, you almost make me fal!”

“Ah, Really? Sorry, it’s been a long time since I playing with someone.”

Yuki start to slowing her paddle.

“Eh? You don't have any friends at your school?”

“Yeah, you can said that. I’m not that sociable person.”

“So I’m your first friend after a long time, ne?”


Mayu just keep silent hearing Yuki response. Same as Mayu, Yuki herself did the same too. They just enjoyed it in the cold of night. Even know the weather is cold, they both fell warm as Mayu hugging Yuki from behind. Yuki slightly blushed knowing that Mayu hugging her. She being this close to people except her own family. And then, she just know Mayu for a couple days, even their first meeting not that good.

“We just be friend for a week, huh?”

That one thing is the only one that Yuki and Mayu keep thinking. They just be friend in a week, just because of Mayu’s assigment. But for now, they just forget it and let the things move forward.


“Oi, I’m your model and I can’t see your sketch. I just want to see it for once~”

“No way! No, no , and no. It’s still undone and it’s reaalllyy bad. Maybe you will throw it just after see the sketch.”

“I’m not that kind of people. Just show me it this once, pleassee~~”


“Huh, anything you said. I’ll definitely look your sketch.”

It’s already 3 days before the assigment be collect to Mayu’s sensei. Yuki already know a little more things about Mayu. She’s a highschooler in the prestigious school near hers. She’s at her first year of highschool while Yuki is at her second year. And she’s a hardcore otaku, don't like when someone touch her bangs, and don't like vegetables.

Yuki really want to see the sketch, but Mayu refused. Well, what Mayu said is the sketch is undone, really bad that make Yuki will throw the sketchbook just after she saw it.

But it just to make Yuki don't want to see the sketch.

Actually, the sketch is already done, even Mayu already has many sketch of Yuki on her sketchbook. And the result is not bad, it’s really beautiful. Mayu is one of students that has the best score at art class and of course her sketch is beautiful.

“the sun begin to sink, I must go home now. Wanna go along with me?”

“No, fine. I want to finish something here.”

“Okay then, Jaa~”

After Yuki begin to pedaling her bike to outside of the park, Mayu opened her sketchbook.

“Huh, if only I had that strenght...”

Mayu thought while her hand keep searching for the page that she want to see. There, it the first sketch that Mayu make, the sleeping Yuki. There is a sentence at the bottom of the sketch.

“Even from the first time I saw you as a friend, I know I already fall in love to you. But I keep it to myself. As my love to you just increase day by day, I start to realize, that we just be friend in one week, and I just feel that it just a second for me. It’s stupid and sound cheesy, but I think I love you.”

It just if I had the strenght...


It’s the day that Mayu collect her assigment to her sensei. And of course it got a best score from all of student, as expected from her.
But until now, Yuki still don't know what did Mayu make for her assignment. What make Mayu don't want to show her sketch to Yuki? Is it that bad?  Or maybe Yuki is not that good to be her model? Yuki has no idea why Mayu keep insisted to not showing it to Yuki.

Today, they make a promise to come to the park where they always doing Mayu’s assignment. Mayu said it to say goodbye to each other.

“Ah, you’re come, I thought you wont come.”

“What a good greeting from you Mayu, and hello too.”

They both laughed,

“So, it just to say goodbye to each other, ne?”


Mayu answered Yuki’s question while Yuki sat beside Mayu.

“Time flew really fast, I’m not realize that it’s already a week.”

“I’m not realize it too. I think I will miss your big reaction, Yuki.”

“But, Mayu, do we really need to stop seeing each other? I mean, we can keep being friend, right? There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“I don’t know. Maybe we need that.”

Mayu said that while looking down to the ground. Thought, she’s the one who need to stop seeing Yuki.

“What wrong about being friend with me?”


“Then why we must stop seeing each other?”

“I-I... I must go.”

“Oi, Mayu!”

Mayu running to her bike then start to pedaling her bike. She don't care anymore, she just need to go away from Yuki. She can’t hold it anymore. She wiped her shedding tears while keep pedaling her bike.

I must stop seeing Yuki.

Meanwhile with Yuki, she still left dumbfouned. She can’t understand what was happed between her and Mayu. It just happen in a second and, she’s gone. She can’t see Mayu again. She start to calling Mayu,

“Sorry, I may in busy right now~ please leave a message!”

She close the call. But then she realized that Mayu had left her sketch book at the park. The book that she really want to see.

She opened the book and found the first page is her sketch. The second, third, fourth, and the next is still same. It’s all about her. And it’s not like what Mayu said, it’s really beautiful. Until the last page, she realized something.

Mayu being like that because it hurt her.

Mayu love her.

Then, a paper fall from the sketchbook.

It’s an angel from her back. Her black long hair hang loosely. Her white wings opened widely. Her right hand holding an archer’s bow and an arrow, while her face looking at the back.

It’s her face. It’s Yuki’s face.

Then, she look at the back of the paper.

“All I can see is just her back. Her beautiful back. Even if I keep trying to get her, I still can’t reach her. Her arrow keep reaching my heart, it hurts, but I never prevent it to shoot my heart.

If just I had that strenght to say that...

I love you, Yuki.”

Yuki call Mayu again, but the respond is still the same one. But now, Yuki leave a message.

“Mayu, is your love for me is true?”


A few months after that day, Mayu and Yuki stop to contact each other. Yuki always call Mayu, but Mayu always reject her call. From the bottom of her heart, Mayu want to meet yuki again, but she can’t.

Until this time,

Mayu was sitting on a chair at the cafe near her school. She just don't have something to do and decided to just spend her time in the cafe.
But then, she think she found someone who looks really familiar to her. As the girl begin to nearing her, she realized the girl who’s pedaling the bike slowly is Yuki. Unfortunately, Yuki is seeing her too. Yuki start to pedal the bike faster.

“Mayu? It’s good to see you again!”

“A-Uh.. I must go now.”

Yuki hold her hand,

“No, you must explain all of these to me, clearly.”

“B-But, I...”

“It just, I really miss you, Mayu.”

Seeing Yuki looked hurt, Mayu can’t say no. Until now, her feeling still the same like the last time they meet.

Mayu took a sit back to her seat and Yuki sit in front of her. They keep silent until Yuki start to talk,

“The words on your sketch book. Is it true?”

Mayu keep silent, her face just looking to the ground.

“Your love to me, is it true?”

Somehow Mayu’s eyes become teary and she can’t hold it anymore. All the pains that she had keep it by herself, she can’t hold it anymore.

“Yeah, It’s *hiks* it’s all true. I really love you, and I can’t hold it back anymore. I’m so stupid to keep it by myself. I’m such a coward. A coward like me doesn’t worth for you.”

“But... How if I said, I love you too, even with that short one week time, do you believe it?”


“I said, I love you too.”

“Do you?”

“From the bottom of my heart, yes I do.”

Mayu’s brain still prossesing all of the things that happen right now. Then she realized, from all this time. All that she need is just that strenght.

“So if you said that, would you be my girlfriend, Mayu?”

Mayu stop crying, wiped her tears and looked at Yuki while smiled,

“Always, Yuki. I always want to be your girlfriend all this time.”


How is it? Please comment!

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Re: Always || Mayuki OS~ || Keep polling guys!
« Reply #32 on: October 26, 2014, 03:10:33 PM »

It is

What make yuki fall in live with mayu?

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Re: Always || Mayuki OS~ || Keep polling guys!
« Reply #33 on: October 26, 2014, 04:54:38 PM »
its been a while since i read it a fic from you..

finally able to catch up and i love all the fic!

but there's one question remains...

in your previous wmatsui fic, what is airi's character? for some reason, his words when he advise jun is quite...something for a side-character who had been rejected..

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Re: Always || Mayuki OS~ || Keep polling guys!
« Reply #34 on: October 27, 2014, 01:14:35 AM »
So cute~~~

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Re: Always || Mayuki OS~ || Keep polling guys!
« Reply #35 on: October 27, 2014, 07:28:52 AM »
gek geki : ah, i'll make a yuki POV if the story is kinda, well... hard to understand  :nervous
               i'm sorry!
Kairi65  : he's, a playboy with a kind heart~
Kirozoro : thank you very much!

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Re: Always || Mayuki OS~ || Keep polling guys!
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Welcome back  :mon thumb:

As usual great os and the ending is great too  :mon dance:

Hope u write another WMatsui os soon  :mon fan:

See ya soon, Ja ne~  :mon bye:
Kami Oshi is Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena and Jurina

WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: Always || Mayuki OS~ || Keep polling guys!
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So sweet :deco:
but why I cry :mon waterworks:

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Always || Mayuki OS~ || Poll result!!
« Reply #38 on: October 30, 2014, 11:28:06 AM »
Siren : thank you for ready my fic!!
MYJR : thank you!!

Hello all~ the poll is closed today, and the result is....


I hope I can write it soon , please wait for it ~

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By My Side || Wmatsui OS (Based on poll result~)
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Hello all~~

I'm relieved that the os didn't took a reaallyy long time  :nervous
since I hold another 2 long fic and another os on my laptop right now, and the homework, and... preparing for UN *indonesian people will know it  :on lol:
I'm reallly busy and I thought I can't made it,

but I made it!! :farofflook:

so here it is!
please forgive me for any grammars and typing that wrong and if the story isn't that good.
well, here it is, douzo~~


Winter has arrived. Snow starts to fall down; pouring earth slowly. But even in this kind of weather,a little girl still sitting down on the bench at the park. Her face become redder because of the cold weather.

But then, a girl with boyish appearance approaching her,

“Rena-chan, wanna build a snow man?”

The little girl that the boyish girl just called ‘Rena-chan’ raised her head to see the boyish girl face. The boyish girl showed her best smile to her.

“Come on, let’s become friends to the snow!”

The boyish girl took Rena’s hand then pulled her to the snowfield at the park.

“A-Ano, Jurina-chan, I-I’m sorry. I-I don’t know if it’s alright...”

“Of course it’s alright! We’re friends right?”


“Rena! It’s time to get up!”

Ugh, is it morning? I try to search for my glasses. Ha! Found it! Then I strech my body for a while and walking to the window. So it’s already winter, huh? So that’s maybe the reason I got that dream again. Every first day of winter, I’ll get that dream. That dream when for the first time someone, or who I called Jurina,  being my first best friend.

She’s a smart, pretty, and cheerful girl. So of course, many people will love to hang out and befriend with her. And me? A clumsy and quiet person who doesn’t had any friend. It’s kinda weird to know that a girl like her want to befriend with a girl like me. She always said, ‘we never need a reason to befriend with someone!’ and so, that make her the first and last friend  I ever had in my life.

But since we go to the middle school. We kinda not get along really well. She choosed a different school with me. Well, I forgot to say that she’s a rich girl. So she goes to an elite school while me, of course I’ll choose a normal school. Since that time, I can’t contact her anymore.

And now, I’ve already in high school, a ‘normal’ high school. I know you all will never expected me in a prestigious school. It just a normal high school. Futhermore, I don't like to be in a famous one. I’m not that smart and rich, so a normal high school is enough for me. Then, being away from Jurina is kinda good too. I can escape from the reality. That I had something for her.

I love her.

I’m not really sure when is the first time that I realized, that I love her. It’s been a long time since we’ve become friend. Even know my feeling for her was just a kids feeling. I know it’s real. Even if we’re just a 6th grade on a primary school, I’m sure it’s true. This feeling, from that time until now, it’s still stayed in my heart.

“Rena? Are you already awake?”

“I’ll go to downstair in a couple minutes mom!”

I start prepare my self for going to school.  Huh, another same day. Wake up, took a bath, prepare my self to go to school. But maybe, the different right now just that the snow already fall down.

“Do you still remember me, Jurina?”


“I heard that our class will have a new student! I heard she’s really beautiful and she’s from a rich family! It’s really rare to see someone from a rich family want to be in to normal school.”

“and then, it’s really rare to see there’s a new student in the middle of semester like this, ne?”

The girl in the class keep gossiping about that new student. Well, it’s true that it’s rare to see there’s a new student in the middle of semester. So maybe this girl is from an important family.

“Class, please sit to your own seat. We had a new classmate now.”

Sensei come in to the class. Ah, so it’s true ne,,

“You can come in now.”

So then the new girl entered the class. Eh, wait,, is it true? Or maybe my sight become worse than before?

“Please introduce yourself.”

“Matsui Jurina desu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu ne!”

Matsui... Jurina?

“Uwah! She’s the daughter of that Matsui Corp. owner!”

“Is it true?! I never know that she’s ‘that’ beautiful!”

“Silent please, Matsui-san, you can sit over there, beside the window and Matsui Rena-san. Class, I’m sorry I must go back to the office, maybe I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I-I can’t believe it!! She’s here! She’s really beautiful... W-Well, she looks like a boy when she was at elementary school, so it’s surprised me to see her became this beautiful. Her short boyish hair became this long.

“Matsui Rena? Rena-chan? Ehh, it’s really you! I never know that you’re in this school!”

Jurina suddenly running towards my direction then hug me thightly. E-Eh, s-she remember me? I-I thought it just me who keep remember about her. I-I’m... how to say it ehh,  I’m really happy!!

“Psstt, is she had some relationship with her?”
“Maybe? She has a same surname with Matsui overthere.”

N-No, people keep talking about me and Jurina. W-What should I do?

“J-Jurina, w-why are you choose this school instead of that prestigious school? I-I thought you always f-following your parents.”

“It’s because of you of course! You always said that you don't want to be on a famous school, and that make me curious about a normal school. But I never know that you’re in this school too! I’m really happy!! You don't know that these 3 years I’ve been waiting for you on that park.”

E-Eh, but I never saw her whenever I passed that park.

“E-Eto, J-Jurina, our classmate keep looking at us right now. C-Can you release y-your arms from m-me?”

“Yada~ I really miss you!! Why are you never going to that park again at these past 3 years? You know that I love you, right?”

Uwah?! A sudden confession?!!

“Are they a couple? I never know that the daughter of Matsui Co. owner is liking a girl like her.”

“Maybe that Matsui just want to take her money and then dumped her.”

Yabai, they start gossiping again. I-I’ve already familiar with these kind of thing like gossip or bullying. But for Jurina, she can’t get that bad gossip, she’s the successor of Matsui Co. If her father know about it, who knows right? Maybe her father will force her to go back to her old ‘famous’ school or even studying abroad.

“Stop it.”

Suddenly Jurina stood up,

“Stop saying bad things about Rena-chan, she’s my friend and I trust her. She never doing bad things to me. Instead she always show me many good things to learn.”

J-Jurina, you make it worse!!

“That Matsui already brainwashed her, I think.”



The class ended, so now is the break time.

And Jurina can’t stop being near me.

I start walking to the park bringing my bento while Jurina still following right behind me. As usual, I sat on a bench near the tree in the middle of the park.

“Rena-chan, why don't you eating inside the class like the other? It’s really cold at outside you know. The snow already fall down.”

“Well, the class was always,... I don't know, I just don't like it. So I prefer to being in here compared to class.”

She nooded softly then following me; sitting on the bench.

“Well, this park looks alike the park that when we first become a friend, right? Ahh, you like being here because of it~”

God, I’m busted.

I keep silent

“Rena-chan, how about we’re going to that park today?  It’s been a long time since we go there together, ne? I miss playing there!”

Ahh, so she miss that time too. I thought I’m just the one who still remember that.

“Okay then.”


Huh~ finally, time to go back to home! I opened the shoes rack door and find a letter above my shoes.

“Stop being clingy to Jurina. Do you think you’re that great, huh? You just be a burden for her. Just go back to your self, Jurina never needs you. Do it if you want you and Jurina safe.”

That’s what written on that paper.

Well, maybe it’s true. From elementary, I just become a burden for her. I always got bullied and she always help me. I always alone and she’s the one who want to befriend with me. She always give her time for me, and what can I do is just standing there, watching her. Even I can’t say anything to her.

That writer who make this letter is true. I should go away from Jurina. At least, I still can see her from behind. Even if it just her back, even if I can’t see her face.

“Rena? Why are you still here? Is there something?”

I hide the letter and start put on my shoes.

“I... Nothing, a-ano, I think I can’t go to that park right now. I just remember that I must doing something right now.”

“Okay then, do you want me to accompany...”

“No, I appreciate your kindness, but I’m fine. I must go now.”

“Huh, okay then, take care on your way Rena-chan.”

And since that day, I always avoid her.

Everytime I saw her when walking to school or even at school, I took a different way or  turn back. Everytime she invite me to go to park, ,I said that I’m busy or have another work to do. Everytime she tried to talk to me, I will make an excuse to avoid her. But she keep clingy to me.

Being like this, even thought it’s for my sake and hers, it still hurts.

I’m on my way to go to my locker. As always, it’s already quiet;since I always go home after everyone already go to their home. It’s always...

“Oi, Matsui.”

Eh, somebody calling me? It’s rare...


I turn my back to see who’s calling me. There’s 2 girls, both of them has a long hair and tall figure. Who are they?

“How stupid, just look at you, I can’t believe that Jurina-san wants to befriend with you. You’re just a normal girl. There’s nothing special on you. Do you brainwashed Jurina-san? I think that’s true.”

“Yeah, you’re nothing when compared to us.”


“I still confused, where she got that power to brainwashed someone, selling her body?”

No, no,...

“Stop it.”


“you both talk like you know everything about me and her. Now listen to me, she never brainwashed me, she never doing something stupid like what you both doing right now, she even higher than you. And the last one, she never sell her body to me! How awful, maybe it’s you both who do that.”


“Now go, I don't want to see your face, again.”

They both immediately leave me with Jurina. T-That’s... I’ve had always being bullied from elementary, but that one is the first time I got bullied bluntly. And that’s, scared me. I tried to hold back my tears, but slowly it starts to flow down to my cheeks. Jurina immediately running to me.

“Hey, are you okay?”

I don't replied her words, I just keep crying.

“Stop crying, okay? It’s already fine now. They’re never disturb you again. And if they keep doing it, I’ll be there for you. Everything will be fine.”

“I’m sorry Jurina. *hiks* I always being a burden to you. If just *hiks* I had that strenght, to protect my self, I don't need to bring you into a mess like this. *hiks* I’m really sorry.”

I keep repeating ‘sorry’ to her, even know that she already said that it’s fine. I just need to keep repeating that words. I’ve made her always worrying about me. Even she worrying about me more than her own self. I’m such a bad friend.

out of the blue, Jurina suddenly peck me right on my lips. M-My first kiss...

Jurina stole my first kiss?!!

“Hehe, now stop crying, okay?”

She starts to caress my hair. Like the old days, her way to calm me down always same. Telling me everything will be fine, and starts caressing my hair. This is make me feel, nostalgic. Remembering the old days. When she will always being my hero, even until now.

It made me realize, I really miss her. I miss her so much.

“When you have nothing to do, let’s go to that park ,okay?”

While keep sniff, I nodded softly to her. She showed her wide smile to me.

“Now, let’s go home~”


Today, I and Jurina are going to the park. Well, she insisted me to go there, so I just following her. And, actually I’m enjoying it. Walking with her, side by side, while arms brushing every second. And then, her cheerful personality make it’s never being bored to walking with her.
Now, we arrive at the park.

“Ah~ I miss the time when we always playing in there. And, just look at it, it’s still look like 6 years ago!”

Jurina excitedly running all over the park while her wide smile never left her face. I just silently watching her from afar. It just, I really love to watch her like this. I know we’re just friends, and when she said love to me, it just a friendly love. It’s love as a friend, love as a best friend. I know I can’t have her as my girlfriend. So the last thing I could do is, always make her happy, while looking at her from afar like this.

“Rena-chan? Is everything okay? You seems always spacing out everytime we’re together.”

But, actually I never ask her about that words. She never talk to me about that either. Maybe, just maybe...

No, I’m just imagining things. She just love me as a friend. That’s it, she just love me as a friend.


But ask her about it will not be a problem, right? I’m just, curious.


“Ah-Eh, Jurina?”

I snapped from my thoughts and realized that Jurina’s face is just a few centimeters away from mine. Uwah... Even I can feel her breath right on my lips. I know my face will looks really weird now.

“Mou, you’ve been ignoring me for... I don't know, 10 minutes?”

We sit with that position about a seconds, without talking with each other, just looking at each other. When seeing her from close like this, she looked more beautiful. Really, really beautiful. then suddenly Jurina took of my glasses and put it beside me.

“You should wear an contact lense, you look really beautiful without that glasses.”

She’s.. She’s praising me?

“I-I mean, I-It’s not like you’re not beautiful with that glasses. I-I mean, y-you always look b-beautiful with everything y-you wear.”


Uwahh, I believe my face is just as red as a red tomato. She’s really praising me!

She immediately stood up while... fixing her hair? I think there’s nothing wrong with her hair. As always, it’s look really soft. Ahh, now I have this feeling that really want to touch her hair, and stroke it gently. Come on, Rena! Don't imagining things to much!

But then, that question appear again in my head. About that love words from her. Asking about it never be a problem, right?

“J-Jurina, ano...”


“Y-You often said that y-you love me, w-what love is it?”

“I-Of course it’s because we’re friend! Friends must love each other, right Rena?”

Right, it’s because we’re friend. There’s nothing more between us. This is stupid. I shouldn’t being like this.  Of course it’s because we’re friend! She will never love someone like me, right? She’s rich, kind, smart, cheerful, and beautiful girl. Even thought there’s nothing perfect in this world, I think she’s the only one that perfect in this world. And me? I’m just an ordinary girl, with an ordinary skills, and common life. I’m just dreaming things.

“Rena, hey, you’re spacing out again.”

“S-Sorry, I must go now. I just remember that I need to cook for dinner.”


I just run away without waiting her answer. I run as fast as I can. My tears starts to flowing down to my cheeks. It’s awful, when you hoped for something that you already know I can’t be happen. You know you’ll be hurt, but you just pretend that it’s alright and keep that feeling for a long time. It’s sounds really stupid, right? But somehow, until now, I keep do that.

I reach my house. I took out the keys, open the door, get in, and close it. After I locked it, I put my forehead to the door. Crying silently at it, as if the door is someone that I really want to hug right now. Maybe right now and until tomorrow ends, I can’t face Jurina again. I’ve lost my courage right after running to come to here.

“Rena-chan, what’s wrong?” Mom approached me with her worried face, no, I don't want to make someone worried about me again.

“It’s *hiks* It’s nothing, mom. I’m fine.” I tried to forced a smile, but I think I failed. Mom just looked more worried.

“Come on, tell me about it. There’s nothing that a mother can’t do to their kids.”

So I tell everything to mom. I really mean ‘everything’ in here. From my love to Jurina since kids and until now, about how she’s become my classmate again, about how she always be there for me everytime, about how I think that maybe she will love me to. And she’s hearing me silently while hugging me and stroking my hair gently. When she hearing my stories about Jurina, she sometimes chuckling and I keep pouted whenever she’s chuckling.

Actually I’m a little afraid to tell about my love stories to mom. Since I and Jurina are both girls. Maybe she can’t accept it, and like at the films, she’ll kick me out from house. But, I believe at mom, I believe that she’ll never do that things to me.

“Mouu, it’s not funny mom.”

“You don't need to be perfect to loving someone. If he/she really love you. They’ll accept you whoever you are, what ever your job is, or what kind of person you are.”

“And when you love someone, no matter how rich they are, how smart they are, what gender they have, it’s never be a problem. As long as you love him/her deeply from the bottom of your heart.”

“I happy that it’s Jurina. Even if you both girls, it’s not a problem. Since kids, she always tried to protect you. Even it’s not rare to find that if she’s carry you on her back when walking to house because you’re fall to the ground and your knee is bleeding or sometimes you’re too scared to even walking.”

Mom said while chuckling. She pulled off our hug then patted me gently.

“Don’t hold it all by yourself, okay? I’m always here, and Jurina always there for you.”


Even if mom said that I musn’t hold it all by myself, I really can’t tell it to Jurina. I really lost my courage since the last time I talked to her. Since that day, I start to avoiding her again. At the morning, I choosed to be silent all the time, and well, other ‘so called’ classmates always tried to talk to Jurina, so it’s really helped me. At break, I choose to be at the rooftop since Jurina never know that place. And when the school over, I immediately took my bike and start pedaling as fast as I can so she can’t followed me.

But one day, she start to know the rooftop and found me being at there.

“Found you.”

I heard her voice while I turned back to see her face. It’s been a long time since last time I really look to her face clearly. As always, she looked really beautiful. While the wind keep blowing, she keep walking approaching me.

“Why you avoiding me again, Rena?”

“I’m not avoiding you, I just...”

I looked to the ground. I can’t faced her. I’m too ashamed to face her.

“Just what? Rena you start to not pay attention to me, you’re never look at my face and just ignore my words. That time I just think ‘is your book really interesting that made you ignoring me?’ but then, you start to going anywhere that I don't know where it is and when school over you rushed to go back to your house.”

I just keep silent

“Since middle school I always want to be in the same school as you, but my parents always make me being in the school that they choosed. I’m give up. But then suddenly my mom said that I can choose my school for high school if I don't like being there. So here I am now, I never know that you will be here too. I’m really happy that make me can’t stop smiling.”

“Time flews, we become like the old days. But then that time, you ask me about the word ‘love’ that I always said to you. I’m afraid if I tell you that, you’ll avoiding me like this. I’m afraid that you’ll never want me to be your best friend again. You’ll think that I’m disgusting to love a girl.”

Wait. S-She love a girl?

“ ‘I love you, Rena! I love you not as bestfriend. I love you deeply from my heart as a girl who catch my heart.’ I want to tell you that. But my brain hold me to said that and my mouth just said like what my brain prosessed. Then you run away like that and I can’t forgive my self to tell you lies. Since kids, you’re the one that I love. You’re the one who I always want to protect until the end of my life. I always want to be your guardian, to protect you from everything. You just like my angel, Rena.”

She touched my chin and then lifted my head. She connect our foreheads together and put her hands to my waist.

“Please, don’t go away again. I-I don't know what to do anymore if you’re not by my side.”

She peck my lips,

“Stay on my side.”

I pulled her for a kiss. At first she’s not reply it but then she reply it with passion, and lust. It turned to be a long passionated kiss. Both of us want to dominated the kiss. But then, because the lack of oxygen, we pulled off.

“That’s, the same words I always want to tell you.”

“I love you too, Jurina.”

She suddenly hold my shoulders,

“So we’re official now?”

“Of course, you silly.”

“Yatta!!! I love you Rena!”

“Hmm, hmm...”

She pulled me for a hug, then we’relook into each other eyes. She hold my cheek and pulled me for another kiss. It’s not like the same kiss we shared just a few minutes ago. It just a sweet kiss with our love poured into it.

“I’ll be here for you, for eternity. I’ll protect you no matter what happen.”

“Then I’ll be here to give you courage, to always being your strenght.”

This time, I’ll be brave. I might not have that power to protect her too. But I’ll be her strenght, I’ll be her happiness. For the rest of my life.


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