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Author Topic: Beats of Love [SayaMilky,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] - chapter 16 (18/07/17)  (Read 107786 times)

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Comments / chapter 15)
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I love the story!!!

But I sense some problem from the mayuki couple!!!! BUT I want to see super serious Yukirin mode.

It Will be so much interesting!!!! Lol she has a Ninja sense :lol:

I don't really understand: Miyuki discovered that Sayaka IS the Sayaka or not?

Thank you so much!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 15)momo's comment
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Hello~ Mo-chan is here ~ :hee: it's been long time I didn't comment here  :glasses: Okay~ Commenting time~ even though I was forced to  :onioncheer:   
Like a spotlight had just lit on her, Yuki stood like a pole in the middle of the hallway like she just caught doing a crime. Rena had totally spot her on with that question. She can’t avoid the question anymore since she really wanted Rena to know the truth anyway. Now that the trigger has been pushed, Yuki decided she must gather the courage and answer Rena’s question and betray Jurina’s trust for once in her life. It’s now or never, she thought.
Oh shit!  :mon wtfmm: Yuki dun fall her puppy eyes ! :mon scare: Yuki?  *pokes* Yuki?  :mon suspect: just pretend you didn't hear her question like you always do to Mayu :mon psst: YUKI DUN YOU DARE BETRAY JURINA  :mon fierce: :mon evil:
With a deep breath, Yuki turned around to face Rena. Oh, how wrong she was. The desperation shown from the pale girl had drained all of the leader’s strength. She felt guilt overwhelming her being; for deceiving Jurina and for prolonging their misunderstanding. She felt like running away. She’s not the one at fault for their years of dispute and she’s not gonna be the one making it worse now. No. She can’t do this. Not her!

 :mon noodle: Yuki is gonna make Rena more curious if she keep being silent like this  :mon corn: Rena is really hurt by this  :mon exhaust: and she still doesn't know anything about what happened to Jurina..she's trying so hard  :mon cry: wait.....what am I doing..?  :mon duh: I'm not gonna fall for your puppy eyes Rena!  :mon pissed: not after how Jurina suffer because of you!  :mon geek:

“Uh… Umm... Ahaha. Rena, you thirsty?”
what....  :mon duh: Best excuse I ever heard  :grr:
Hmm, I need to figure out what the target’s problem is and mission will be accomplished. This would be fun!

“I’ve told you before, I’m not coming back. Stop calling me all the time!”

Yuki raised a brow. She wondered why the voice sounded so similar with her lover. Is this Mayu’s long lost and can never be found twin?

“No! Don’t you even dare try to involve Yukirin into this!”

Yuki almost let out a squeal with her founding. She never thought this person with the same voice as her Mayu would know another person with the same nickname as her.

What a coincidence! I bet Mayu would be thrilled to hear about this fascinating and miraculous discovery.

“Leave her out of this! Fine! I’ll follow whatever you want. Just... leave Yukirin alone.”
Hm? I wonder If we're going to stay stuck in WMatsui problem for too long cause I'm curious about Mayuki too :mon dunno: Mayuki need drama too!  :mon lol:
Like the cogs had finally started spinning, Yuki immediately caught on who the stranger she’s been spying on really is. She can never missed that desperate voice of her lover. No… she had already realized who it was from the beginning. Being the “Yuki” she is and not wanting to make herself worried or getting suspicious of Mayu’s random phone calls countless of times, Yuki attempted to be a ditz about everything and act like the fool she is.
Am I reading it wrong or Yuki is really stupid?  :mon heh: mhmm? No I was wrong  :mon noprob: Yuki is not really stupid as always wants to show she's avoiding things and pretends that she doesn't understand  :mon pick:
Mayu quickly ended the call without waiting for the other caller to finish. She let out a deep sigh, unaware of a pair of arms about to attack her from behind.

“Don’t move.”



“OWW!! No please stop don’t hit me anymore!”
STRIIIKE  :mon blowhorn:  :mon lol:
“Who told you to sneak on me like that?” Mayu blamed Yuki, causing the latter to pout with tears already forming on her eyes. Seeing her Yukirin in her vulnerable state, Mayu immediately felt sorry. “It doesn’t hurt that much… right?”

“Yes it does.”

“Liar. You don’t have balls.”
Tsk tsk tsk Mayu's romantic lvl is zero :bigdeal: I can tell you dun need balls to understand the pain...  :fainted:
“What if I do? You wanna check if I’m lying?”
wut!?  :mon wtf: Yuki is transgender  :mon closeup:
“I’ve seen that place many times, I can see it through your pants.”

Yuki gasped, crossing her hands in front of her… thing. “Stop using your x-rays vision on me, Superwoman!”

Mayu rolled her eyes with Yuki’s nonsense sputtering. She’s got enough headache with the endless phone calls, she’s not gonna add more with Yuki’s antics. “Whatever. You can go back and talk with Rena all you want. I’m out of here.”
Ah she's not  :mon duh: No fun!  :mon suspect:  I think Yuki you should stop....I don't think it's the right time for joking  :mon psst:
“Wait, you were there?” Mayu stopped on her track as she realized her slip of tongue. “You were listening... weren’t you, Mayu?”

“No, I didn’t. I was just passing by. It’s none of my business anyway.”
Yea right you didn't  :on drink: Oups She did you should watch your sides before answering your phone Mayu~  :whistle:

“I need to go.”

“No, Mayu! Stop!” Yuki pulled her, “I’m sorry with what happened earlier, Mayu… but you’re the only hot lady for me.” She keep her eyes on Mayu’s, the thing she always does whenever she wants to express her feelings to the grumpy manager. “I love you.”

“Yeah…” Mayu leave Yuki hanging, not catching the fallen face of the always aloof Yuki. It’s the first time she didn’t get the four words reply, and her tingling ninja sense is telling her that something’s about to go down between them soon.
EHHHHHH WAIT I WAN'T READY FOR THAT  :pleeease: why Mayu is acting that way  :on cloudeye: You're the only one for Yuki don't gooo  :fainted:
Sayanee’s POV

As soon as the panic-attack started, I hurried my pace to Jurina’s room, not caring the yelling from the nurses for running and skidding the corner like a mad man in the hallway.

“JURINA!” I slammed the door open, only to see a grinning Miyuki waving at me and a pissed off Jurina crossing her arms like a spoiled brat.

“Uh… is everything fine?” I asked in between my pants.

“Did you just ran your way here?” Miyuki asked with a disbelief look.

“Well, yeah! I thought something bad happened to Jurina so I ran here.”

“Why are you so silly, Sayanee...” Miyuki lightly chuckled, “Next time, make sure to listen till the end instead of rushing your ways through things. Just look at you now.”

Sayanee kakkoi~~~  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: She's so cute~ She was really worried about Jurina  :mon inluv: :mon inluv:
I sit on Jurina’s bed, a hand lightly punching her arm. She winced, her face confused. “What was that for?”

“A punch to get you back to reality.” I grinned at her as she gave me another frown. “Buddy, you know how much we’re worried for you. You think we like coming to this foul-smell antiseptic bleaching kinda place with only white walls every day? And those lifts… I’ve been imagining meeting a cute doctor or a sexy nurse, maybe get their number one of these days but nooo!!! I only see a grumpy, fat nurse with an old lady strapped on a wheelchair.”
Hey! Sayanee dun be so rude to people  :mon lmao: :mon lmao:
I let out a defeated sigh while eyeing Jurina, a small smile appearing on her face. “Not to be rude, but they smelled like puke!” I made a gagging face which managed to made her laugh.

“You see... if this place is hell for you, then it’s a lot more worse for all of us. But this is for you, kiddo.” I nudged her arm. “So hang in there for a while. Just for another day so we can all leave this hole and stay in the comfort of our studio and sing our songs all day long!”

I don’t know what I’m babbling about but it somehow worked. Jurina was staring deep on her blanket, but I know, with that small smile, she was just trying to keep her anger in and try to make it easier for all of us with her stubbornness. She’s just a gullible kid trying to make her way through life’s never-ending forest of cruelty. I pat her hand, showing my support for her. Raising my fist in the air, she bumped it with her own, ending it with our own signature of face-making expression. It was Yuki’s idea, and gladly, Jurina complied to it.
Finally~ Jurina is smiling~  :wriggly: At least Jurina still have friends she can rely on them  :on drink: Sayanee is the best!  :on GJ: :on woohoo:
A small chuckle came from Miyuki, making my heart flutters from that cute sound. “I bet you’re proud with yourself, huh?”


“You’re smiling… and it’s a wide smile, too.”

I almost choked on my spit. If only she knew why I was smiling, I bet she’ll think I’m a creeper. Trying to hide my heating face, I cleared my throat. “Well, that’s what friends are for.”
Hummmm you want her to know~  :mon lol: :mon lol:  it since Sayanee seems she won't tell her so Maybe Yui needs to tell Miyuki  :kekeke:
“This is too hilarious!” I laughed while slamming my feet on the ground, not wanting to pay for breaking the already cracked table.

“Stop it, you guys. That’s not nice. Who knows her foot might really be cut… PFTTT HAHAHAHA!!!” Yui made a serious face as she tried to stop us but soon burst out into another laugh.

Paruru was covering her mouth from another endless giggle fits with Miyuki shaking her head albeit her body shaking from trying to hold in the laughter. Even Paruru’s scary sensei was smirking at the flustered Takamina.
Poor Takamina  :mon lmao: they shouldn't laugh at her like that :mon lmao:
Her eyes widen. I don’t know why, probably because I sounded like a jealous asshole at the moment. Heck, I am right now! Yui never seemed to be interested with Miyuki before and for her to call Miyuki with some other things to talk to didn’t sound right for me.
Yup! you sound like a jealous ashole  :on spit: Stupid Sayaka is so dense  :mon duh: How can Yui be interested in Miyuki while all her attention is on you  :mon ehh: :mon exhaust:
A hand hanged on my neck, pulling me away from Miyuki and Paruru. “Chillax. You’re clearly showing your feelings for her to see, dude. That’s not cool.”

I huffed in annoyance, “Of course I need to keep my cool when someone decided to call her to talk about some other things.” I quoted the last words.
wow She's hella jealous  :mon lurk:
“Just tell her.”

“Easy for you to say.”

“Try it.”

“I’ve told you it’s not that easy.”

“You haven’t tried it yet, so don’t say it’s not easy.”

“I can’t even bring myself to look at her that time we were supposed to have a double date. I can’t stop looking at her in guilt even for a second, Yui! What if… what if she doesn’t swing this way? What if she’s straight? What if she… she feels disgusted with me? What if she hates me…?” I buried my face in my hands, “I was so determined to run away that time… gosh! You don’t know how grateful I was when Jurina dragged us out of there for her rescue plan. I felt like such a dick…”

Just do it Sayanee~ Miyuki will just feel betrayed , think you're a liar, avoidind you and maybe stop talking to you  :mon noodle:
“You know... we have a lot to think about actually.”

“Like what?”

“Well… we do have Jurina to worry about.”

“With that Airi?” Yui wiggled her brows while letting out a deep sigh, “I don’t think Jurina will ever forgive that guy. With what he had done to her in high school… even I feel like killing him already.”

“Now that’s what I’ve been waiting to hear...”

My eyes suddenly widen, the familiar creepy voice sounded from the corner behind me. Yui snapped her head to my back, her eyes trembled from the sight, her lollipop felt down on the floor with her mouth gaping wide.

:mon wtf: *glup* Rena always appears in wrong times first Yuki and now Sayanee  :mon scare:
“Oh, no worries. It’s only Chukara…” She made a cute pose but quickly changed to a freaky one as she held the broken pencil in front of my face. “Only if you tell me about them!”

Yui and I exchanged looks as we wondered about this “them” she’s asking about, “W-who?”

A sickeningly grin appeared on her face, “Jurina and Airi.”
I-I-IT'S....GEKIKARAAAAAAA  :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
Rena’s POV

“Airi… did that?” It was a whisper, but they slowly nodded to my question. I felt my chest heaving, my breath slowly deepens as the truth was finally revealed to me. It was too much… What Airi did to her. It was too much! And her I am… thinking I was trying to fix things but I only made it worse. I only hurt Jurina more than she had suffered…

Kami-sama, this is too much! Jurina didn’t deserve any of this!
Yeah you're a total idiot Rena you were only drowning Jurina more and more  :mon pissed: :mon pissed: :mon annoy: :mon annoy:
“Jurina, she…” Sayanee paused, her face paled as she resumed. “...once tried to kill herself.”


“It was too much for her. To lose so much pride… and losing someone so dear to her at the same time.”

I gripped my fists tightly, knowing fully well what Sayanee was trying to say… trying to blame for Jurina’s changes these years.

“She once tried smoking… using drugs, getting drunk every night. But Yukirin, thankfully, caught what she’s doing and we managed to stopped her. That’s when she resorted to taking pills and cutting herself. She was so determined to end her life back then, both of us almost break together with her.”

“W-when… did this happen?”

“A few months after you guys fight.” Sayanee wipe the tears forming in her eyes. “I was never there from the start so I never knew much about the old Jurina. But after I got into the band, I was the only person that Yuki put her trust to take care of Jurina. From what Yukirin told me, she was never the same since then.”
where are you all this time Rena!  :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks: Jurina was suffering all by herself :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks: if wasn't Yuki and Sayanee there for her they fear the worst.  :fainted: :gyaaah:
I really want to be angry at Sayanee right now  :mon uggh: :mon fire: She dares to betray Jurinaaa  :mon mad: I take it back when I said Sayanee is the best  :mon annoy: ....But still Sayanee was there for Jurina so I forgive her for this time  :mon runcry:
She paused, taking in a deep breath to calm herself. “It took a long, harsh, hard time for us… but it was worth all the pain when Jurina decided to stop and change for the better. She’s a different girl, broken and all… but we were really glad she survived it. We’re really glad she’s still alive and living with us today.”
I think Rena's going to  :dunno: Nah she's on Gekikara mode  :ding: it's not time for this Rena should find Jurina nowww  :pleeease: :pleeease:
“What?!” Yui shouted in the receiver, her face fell even more from the phone call. “Alright, just stay there. Both of you wait for her there. No, don’t tell the nurses. We’ll do what we can.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Jurina…” Yui rubbed her forehead in exasperation, “She ran away. Again.”
Jurina that stubborn idiot kid!!! She's not even recover and she's running away already.  :on thumbb:
My legs are already shutting off so I took slow steps towards her while trying to control my short breaths. It wasn’t a long hallway, but it felt like it’s taking a long time for me to reach Jurina.  As I got nearer, I can hear another voice talking to her. This voice… It’s definitely Airi. No doubt about it since his room is just around the corner. Suddenly, the thought of Airi talking to Jurina angered me.

What are they talking about?

Don’t Airi have enough of hurting Jurina?

Can’t he just leave her alone?

Jurina has suffered enough already!
YES! that's it Airin should pay come on Rena! save your girl !!  :mon blowhorn: :mon blowhorn:
A laugh sounded from Air-... no. Saying his name already sickens me. I gritted my teeth from the mocking sound. I tried to heightened my hearing, trying to catch what they’re conversing about.

“Don’t be so butthurt about it. It was just a kiss!”

“You do more than that.”

“Really? Wait, let me remember… Ah, yes! There was some tongue-action involved, although reluctant.” He giggled again like it was a fascination for him. “And those groping… Wow…! Now that I think of it, you do have a nice body. It made me regret not doing it to you that time.”
what are you doing Rena gooooo  :mon beam:
My legs are starting to give way but I pushed myself to reach Jurina as fast as I can. I can see her trembling state, even is she tries to hide it. I can see it…
what  :mon duh: :mon duh:
“And look at you now! You’ve turned into an attractive young lady with a great body!” He snorted annoyingly, “Too bad you’re a dyke.”

“Shut up.”

“Oh? Is the knight about to cry? Oh no… this is such a heart-breaking scene. I think I’m about to weep too, hahahaha!”

Damn legs… why can’t you be stronger than this?! Don’t fail on me at this time… Keep walking faster, will you?

“Let me ask you something... Did you know why I dated Rena before?”

My heart starts palpitating again after I heard what Airi said. I was only a few steps away from Jurina but I decided to stop and listen to what he’s going to say.
Rena is gonna hide there for too long?  :on drink:
“It was a bet I played with my friends… To see if you’re really a gay or not.” Jurina’s knuckles were turning pale white, she’s holding herself from lunging at him. I, on the other hand, felt like I was about to passed out from this… from the truth. The true color of what Airi, the douchebag, is. He wasn’t playing with me. It was Jurina from the start… That thought made my insides boil in resentment.

“I don’t really like Rena. She was plain. Too much plain for a man like me. You, on the other hand, were the talk of the school. All guys were fantasizing about you, imagining themselves dating you and be the first to bang you. You’ve got the look and stuff guys need, Jurina. It’s just… you’re gay.”

He whispered the last word with such venomous tone, clicking his tongue in annoyance. I can see him leaning closer to Jurina, his eyes filled with disgust. I wanted to pull Jurina away from him, but I know I need to keep it in. I need this. I need the truth. I closed my eyes to gather my will of not running to Jurina and pull her away from him right at this moment.

“We put another bet, to see if anyone can take the lesbian girl’s first kiss. Seeing I have the upperhand, I put my plan on play.” His low voice was sickening, I felt my stomach turning and churning. “So I used Rena on you, being the knight who’s always protecting her princess from the shadows, and made that deal with you. Still remember the deal?” He got closer when Jurina remain stoic, whispering to her left ear in a gross voice. “I got to steal your first kiss. In return, I’ll break up with Rena.”

I stopped myself from banging my fist on the wall beside me. It was excruciating, but knowing Jurina was doing this for me makes it more painful than it already is. Now I know why Jurina resorted to… that. God, what have I done?

“But then I thought, where’s the fun in that? Why not kill two birds with one stone? So I devised another plan, this time concerning your “disgusting love” with your so-called bestfriend.”

I blame myself silently for being a stupid and naive girl. All this while she’s been trying to protect me, but what did I do...?
SHe's not moving  :mon noodle:
“I told Rena to meet me at the place we’re gonna… make love.” His eyebrows wiggled with a devilish smirk. “I never thought my plan was gonna succeed. But Rena, being the diligent girl she is, appeared just in time to watch our “sinful” scene. Bulls-eye! And you friendship with her just… crashed. Braack!”

He animated the breaking scene like it was a playful thing. The stinging on my eyes didn’t stop when I met Jurina’s figure. She was trying so hard to stay calm despite all the painful things he said to her. Jurina’s vein was already showing on her neck and forehead. I think mine is too, considering my anger has been building up greatly from when Sayanee’s revelation started. I can’t wait to silent this jerk…
Rena is gonna start moving when Jurina will try to kill herself again  :mon pick:
“Are you done?” Jurina asked back, a smirk on her face. That caught me surprised. I waited for her to speak.

“All I can say from this is…” Jurina crossed her arms like she had already won, “You’re the one that’s gay from the start.”

“What…?” He let out a mocking laugh, “Is that it? Everyone can see I’m gay. What’s so surprising about it? Pfft…”

“You’re gay since school and you’re denying it.”

That managed to drained the colors from this sick guy. His mouth opened and closed like a fish, no words coming out as he was caught dead on from Jurina’s accusation.

“You’re using me to deny your feelings. Isn’t that right, Airi?” Jurina’s smirk has gotten wider as the jerk’s jaw tensed. “To think the leader of the jock, a popular and cool guy like you is a heterosexual… now that’s more revolting than anything else. You’ll lose your fame if the whole school knows about that.”

He grunted, eyes looking everywhere to avoid Jurina’s stare.

“I never cared about those fame in high school things, but others still love me for who I am. This made you to be so envious of me cause I’ve got nothing to lose even if, let’s say, everyone knows I’m a lesbian... Am I right, Airi?
Pffffft  :on spit: :on spit: nice Jurina  :ding: Airin I mean the asshole is speechless  :hiakhiakhiak:
“Then I’ll tell Rena about your disgusting feelings for her.” Jurina keep mum and the dick-face guy made it like he just got a pawn to turn this deal over to his side. “Better yet, I’ll just tell Rena that you were the one who seduced me cause you’re jealous of our relationship.”

“Keep Rena away from this. It’s just between you and me.” Jurina’s arms by now had dropped to her sides, the clenching of her teeth showing just how angry she is right now.

“And let you ruin my life? No way in hell!”

“You’ve ruined my life so much, you think I won’t do the same to you?” Jurina said it full of remorse, her eyes filled with tears waiting to slide down her rosy cheeks. Oh, Jurina… Stop it. Stop hurting yourself so much for me. I’m not worth it....

“Why, you…”
oh I almost forget about Rena if I didn't read her name again  :cool2: Rena is sure taking long time hiding there  :shifty: :shifty:
A hand raised as the coward rascal tried to hit Jurina. That’s when I decided to come out of my hiding place and for once be the hero of my shining knight. I grabbed his hand just a distance away from Jurina’s beautiful face, holding it in place with my sudden strength that came out of nowhere.

“Wha… Rena?!”

“Don’t you dare lay another hand on MY JURINA. EVER. AGAIN!”

With a strong swing of my long leg, I let it land straight on his balls.


I raised my elbow high in the air, screaming loudly like that karate kid film as I put all my anger into the thrust, landing it on his back.


With another last blow, I gathered all my frustration and send my foot flying to his face, throwing him hard on his back with a broken jaw.

FINALLY REANAA  :farofflook: Yes!! it's not enough he should take mooore  :mon mad: :mon mad: :mon fire: :mon fire:
I let out a breath of relief, all of my frustration flew away from the blows. No wonder some people like to hit others when they’re mad. Remembering the person behind me, I turned around with a smile… only for it to falter.

Jurina was crying.

Her tears were running down her cheeks like waterfall with no sign of stopping. Her eyes, they showed of regret and agitation, the swirls of turmoil clearly shown on her dilated pupils. Her face was pale, if I touch it I know it will be as cold as ice. Her shaking hands and legs were apparent for me to see.


I tried to reach her, to tell her that it’s okay. That I’m here. That she can lean on me. That she can trust me with all her secrets. That I actually do love her… but before I can touch her, she turned on her heels and ran.

That’s when I know how rejection actually felt…
oops I told you Rena you were hiding for too long it wasn't a good idea  :mon sundae:
I like this chapter so much. I guess we're gonna take a break a little bit from WMatsui to understand more about others characters background  :hee: I think Rena should suffer before having Jurina. It would be unfair. Jurina went through of many painful events  :smoke:
I'm waiting for the next chapter  :on gay:
I'll comment next time? maybe? maybe not?  :dunno:
 :mon bye:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Comments / chapter 15)
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*saves spot :love:

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:farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook:

Jurina was crying.

Her tears were running down her cheeks like waterfall with no sign of stopping. Her eyes, they showed of regret and agitation, the swirls of turmoil clearly shown on her dilated pupils. Her face was pale, if I touch it I know it will be as cold as ice. Her shaking hands and legs were apparent for me to see.


I tried to reach her, to tell her that it’s okay. That I’m here. That she can lean on me. That she can trust me with all her secrets. That I actually do love her… but before I can touch her, she turned on her heels and ran.

That’s when I know how rejection actually felt…

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Comments / chapter 15)
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Wow!! haaattttooo!!! LONG TIME NOT READ THIs!!! hahaha..thx god for make me unexpectedly remember my password..hehehe.. :cow: :deco: :cathappy:

Thx a lot for the awesome update!!  :inlove:  :twothumbs gonna wait for more!!

Rena..RUN!! RUN after Jurina!!

LOL..I wish churi learn about the truth soon..make Airi suffer!!  :twisted:

Happy2~ happy~ sayanee!! ganbare!! XD
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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Comments / chapter 15)
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16 pweeeeeeeeeeeessssssse

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Comments / chapter 15)
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I know you guys had  updated this for long time, but sorry for not having time to read it immediately  :bow: :bow:

tsk tsk. We thought u didn't read. hahah~ just joking. :P haha~ thank you for loving this fanfic. this baby need loves.  :deco: HAHA. try to guess where we from.  :D
hahaha~ wellllll...... when you commented this comment, we just finish writing. hahah. ALL YOUR QUESTION WILL BE ANSWER. hahah~ and why is yuki at your house?   :on shady:
Oh don't worry, I will  :deco:  :mon inluv:
I bet you guys are from a place filled with those goddess pairings, so that you guys can write about them soooooo great like this  :mon geek: hahaha  :on gay:
Ah, about yuki .. it's not like you imagined .. it's just .. RUUUUUUUUN!!!  :mon santa4:

Okay now I will start commenting this chapter

“No, Mayu! Stop!” Yuki pulled her, “I’m sorry with what happened earlier, Mayu… but you’re the only hot lady for me.” She keep her eyes on Mayu’s, the thing she always does whenever she wants to express her feelings to the grumpy manager. “I love you.”

“Yeah…” Mayu leave Yuki hanging, not catching the fallen face of the always aloof Yuki. It’s the first time she didn’t get the four words reply, and her tingling ninja sense is telling her that something’s about to go down between them soon.
NOOOOO   :gyaaah: what you guys will do to this pair  :fainted:

*SayaMilky scene*
Ahhhh~ they're too lovey-dovey  :on gay: I feel like dying in pleasure  :shy2:

*cafeteria scene*
This scene is so funny, I can't stop laughing  :rofl:  :mikilaugh:

“I can’t even bring myself to look at her that time we were supposed to have a double date. I can’t stop looking at her in guilt even for a second, Yui! What if… what if she doesn’t swing this way? What if she’s straight? What if she… she feels disgusted with me? What if she hates me…?” I buried my face in my hands, “I was so determined to run away that time… gosh! You don’t know how grateful I was when Jurina dragged us out of there for her rescue plan. I felt like such a dick…”

“But you don’t have a dick.”

“No, I don’t and that makes me more of a coward than I already am!” I grunted in annoyance. “Why are we even talking about dick…”

“Yeah. Let’s talk about va-” I clamped her mouth as quickly as I can. I gave her my glare, opposing with what she’s about to say. She pulled away, rubbing her lips to rid of any of my sweat from my clammy palm.
THIS CONVERSATION IS REALLY HILARIOUS  :hiakhiakhiak: Oh please Yui :mikilaugh:

“Sayanee, truthfully… I don’t know what else to say to you. But I know, things will work out in the end. Whether it’s bad or good, you just have to brace yourself and fight for your love. You know what they say, love conquers it aaall~.” She said in a sing-song way. “And don’t forget about me. I always got your back, pal! Call me for your “seducing-Milky-and-making-her mine-to-forget-about-Matsui-Sayaka” plan or just come crying to me whenever you feel like it, okay? I’ve got a year's supply of box tissue in my place.”

It was a short speech, but boy it gave me some strength already. I gave Yui a grateful smile, poking her cheek as she proudly puffed her chest out from her awesome words.

“Now that’s what I’ve been waiting to hear...”

My eyes suddenly widen, the familiar creepy voice sounded from the corner behind me. Yui snapped her head to my back, her eyes trembled from the sight, her lollipop felt down on the floor with her mouth gaping wide.


Turning around slowly, my view turned into this shaky-like state like you’re having vertigo as the sight of Rena snapping a pencil in her hands made me convulsing to the core.
*gulp* You better run for your life!! Gekikara is here!!  :mon runcry:

“Oh, no worries. It’s only Chukara…” She made a cute pose but quickly changed to a freaky one as she held the broken pencil in front of my face. “Only if you tell me about them!”
Oh it's just Chukara  :kekeke:

*Jurina-Airi conversation*
THAT BRAT!!  :on shady: :scolding:

“Wha… Rena?!”

“Don’t you dare lay another hand on MY JURINA. EVER. AGAIN!”
She said "MY JURINA"  :nya:

With a strong swing of my long leg, I let it land straight on his balls.


I raised my elbow high in the air, screaming loudly like that karate kid film as I put all my anger into the thrust, landing it on his back.


With another last blow, I gathered all my frustration and send my foot flying to his face, throwing him hard on his back with a broken jaw.


“I wish your balls the worse of crush and may your dick shrunk in grief, bastard!”
EAT THAT YOU JERK!!  :knee: :kickass:

I tried to reach her, to tell her that it’s okay. That I’m here. That she can lean on me. That she can trust me with all her secrets. That I actually do love her… but before I can touch her, she turned on her heels and ran.

That’s when I know how rejection actually felt…

JURINAAAAAAA!! why you ran away  :pleeease: I can feel Rena's pain  :err:

Uwaaaah, can't wait for the next chapter!!  :panic: :panic: Great job as always, authors  :on GJ: Please update as soon as you could~~ I will wait here patiently~~  :on drink:
See you~~   :byebye:

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Comments / chapter 15)
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Oh my!! I need you to update please!! This is to good to stop now, I want moree!
I will be patiently waiting for the next chapter :3

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Comments / chapter 15)
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Where's the next chapter?

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Comments / chapter 15)
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Every couple has its own problem.
Atsumina and Yuiparu is doing great though.
I hope SayaMilky and WMatsui can cope up with theri feelings soon.
Discovering the wonders of your vague imagination.
Taeny, Atsumina and SayaMilky <3

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Author-tachi? I'm still waiting for the update :whistle: 
Ganbatte with whatever you guys do now~  :onioncheer:

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Waiting patiently for an update  :cry:
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Chapter15 was so awesome. Loads of truths were revealed (well not all)
Will be waiting for the beloved Chapter 16.
Hehehe. I'm a person who can't help but love AKB48 Group. I'm a silent reader please treat me well. I'm the kind of person who gets crazy over my favorite pairings

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I just found this last night...
And barely sleep, staying up til morning to finish all 15 chapters...
Then growl in frustration when I saw that I couldn't read the next chapter yet...
As much as I love YuiParu, you made me fall in love with SayaMilky through these chapters, Author-tachi.
The other pairings are really interesting as well...
*Kami-sama, please give the authors lots of love and time and ideas so they can update this fic soon!*
I'll be waiting for the next chapters... :kneelbow:

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I love this fiction!

Wmatsui more.  :heart:

Can't wait for the next update.
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Heyoo!! Well....I'm a silent reader, looking forward to this fic
You know, Everytime I see Sayamilky scene, I start making some happy idiot expression(not asking?) Alright....
i'll wait the update  :thumbup

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Hello. Just found this fanfic 2 days ago and was enchanted by it. Really love every part of the story, from the beginning up to the latest chapter. But really?!!! Did you guys really had to leave us hanging in the last part?!! I was wrecking my brain when I went through the last 2 pages of this forum and just to find that it was filled with only comments (not that I hated it but because I was really surprised by how long 2 of them were), and I can't help but feel incomplete.

I bet the others fill the same way, or not. But any way, great story. I was amazed as how each chapter was being developed.

I got a lot of things to say since I read the whole series in 2 days cause of how I was amazed by it.
So first of, I was confused at some story linings that I had to re-read them but was able to understand what was happening.

I got shocked at the fact that Airi was included and that she was a guy in the story, not that I minded it, I was just surprised. Also later to find out that he was actually gay, real mind-blowing.

I was also surprised at Yui and Paru's character. It slightly had a different vibe from their usual self like Paru being a stalker and Yui having feelings for Sayanee, nevertheless, still expecting to see how the two (or more Yui) will developed feelings with each other.

I personally was waiting for the scene were Sayanee will finally reveal everything to Milky but the moment they met Tank and Yurina at that restaurant, I knew you guys weren't planning on the whole big reveal yet. And also at the hospital. Still waiting to see what will happen by the way.

Plus since there is already a mention of some AtsuMina scenes, any chance for KojiYuu? Just asking here. Or maybe you guys gonna add some more characters? This is just out of curiosity.

Lately I've been into fanfics that involved SayaMilky and YuiParu pairing. And so far its hard to find good ones. So I was really happy to have found this one. I've read most of the ones I can find and now I'm in need of reading some more of them.
(This one is just me ranting. You can ignore it if you want.)

Finally I really enjoyed both of the work you guys put into this story. Really hope you guys update soon. I wanted to say more but I forgot most of them. I might end up ranting on others instead. But I wish you guys good luck and hope you guys are well and stressing too much about what to write or are having troubles in life.

Really wanna say thanks for all your hard works so far and keep it up. I'll continue reading your fanfics, if ever they get updated.  :deco:

Thanks again.

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Comments / chapter 15)
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Wow think I'm kinda late to the party here. Just wanna say great job on the fic! I originally read it for mayuki but you managed to pull me in with wmatsui, sayamilky and yuiparu's plots :) Great stuff! Looking forward to the next update!

Thanks for writing such a great fic!

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 16)
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The sky was still dark, the only way to tell apart if it was early morning or night time was the non-existent presence of a single human on the road. Everyone was still sleeping, except for this chic-looking lady. The light crunches sound of heels meeting with the wet asphalt filled the quiet, dimly lit side road, together with the voice of a ghastly-looking Sayaka talking on the phone. She hadn’t had enough sleep; she can’t sleep to be precise, and the early call of a worry-wart grandma like Mayu just screams distress on her face.

“No… she’ll be fine. She’s Jurina, not a 9 years old kid.”

She took light steps up the stairs of the dark and lone hallway, directly to their studio. The jingling set of keys woke up a stray cat taking a short nap on the dirty floor mat, albeit not getting any response from Sayaka who should have been shocked by the loud yowling and hissing of the black feline.

“Yeah, yeah… I’ll ask them. Don’t worry, she can take care of herself.”

She threw the keys on the table, letting out a deep sigh as the call ended. Jurina went missing again after the... third? Fourth? Sayaka loss count, and that goes to the author too. (tehee) She should be worried but after many times of running away, Sayaka decided that maybe Jurina really do need some time alone to get her mind straight and running away must have been the only way for her to find the peace she deserved. Exactly like she is right now…

The sky was still dark outside so Sayaka opted to let the windows closed for the time being. The short walk was cold so letting in some air from outside would only make it worse for her. Sayaka plopped down on the creaking couch, her eyes wandering everywhere around the room with nothing in her mind. She was hoping she could get some eye shut here, or maybe do some composing and lyrics writing. But none of those appeared in her head. There was nothing. Her brain was in shut down and she can’t think of any voluntary act that would wake her brain. Nada.


“Oh, come on! Not again?”

Grumbling to herself, Sayaka raised the phone to her ear, not even checking who was on the line.

“Look, Mayu… I’ve told you-... Hello?”

She checked the phone again, only to realised it was actually an incoming message. The wrinkles on her forehead met in the middle as she read the name of the sender.

From: Milky
What are you doing right now?

She never expected Miyuki still wants to be in contact with her after she ditched her on their supposed double date before. All Sayaka could think of was Miyuki would be pissed. But this text is too neutral for an angry woman. She took a small breath to gather her strength and send her reply.

From: Sayaka
I thought you’re mad at me?
Why are you up so early?

From: Milky
Why would I?

From: Sayaka
I ditched you on our first date

From: Milky
You’ve got an emergency, right?
We can do it another day~
And you still haven’t answered my question! Hmph! (`3`)

From: Sayaka
I’m at the studio.

From: Milky
What? So early??
What are you doing there?!
Are you alone?

From: Sayaka
I can’t sleep.

From: Milky
Why not?

From: Sayaka
I’m scared I guess..

From: Milky
The great Sayaka is scared? That’s new hehe
Why are you scared?

From: Sayaka
I’m scared that if I sleep...

You’ll run away and disappear from my mind.

At Miyuki’s apartment...

She wanted to squeal loudly, she really do.. but the wall of her home is really thin, she might woke up the grumpy landlady living downstairs. Her face was etched with a wide grin; the corner of her lips could almost reach her ears.

“Wait… should I really be happy for taking away his sleep?”

Miyuki contemplated for a while, shaking her head to rid of the bad thoughts before sliding her fingers expertly on the phone screen.

From: Milky
Won’t you get tired?
Go get some sleep now!

From: Sayaka
Won’t YOU get tired?
You’ve been running on my mind for days..


Miyuki screamed, shrilled, shrieked, whatever thing she’s doing on her pillow to muffle and contain the giddiness she felt with Sayaka’s lame pickup lines. It was cheesy and old, but she likes cheese. It’s been a while since they’ve been flirting with each other… since Sayaka started acting strangely and stopped texting her. Well, not entirely stopped but they rarely keep in contact lately and it’s driving Miyuki crazy. She misses Sayaka.

From: Milky
Go. To. Sleep.
I’ll sleep too so we can meet in our dreams~

With a smile, Miyuki stretched her arms outwards before getting out of her bed to prepare for her morning breakfast. It’s still early and the sun hasn’t even peeked out of the horizon yet but her stomach was already rumbling for food and Miyuki has no intention of making her body upset. Not her stomach, of course. She was brushing her teeth when her phone beeped.

From: Paruru
Where’s my pendrive?!

She rolled her eyes, the image of Paruru’s ugly melon-pan pendrive on top of Mayu’s table in the studio floating in her head. She reminded herself to get that later today or else, she’s gonna face Paruru’s wrath. Just as she was about to put the gadget back on its rightful place, another message came.

From: Sayaka
“If it’s a punishment for my selfish heart
Then losing sleep does not matter at all for me
For I have sinned much more
That the pain was a mere half of what guilt did to me.”

Miyuki stared confusedly at the text. It was still too early for her head to process the deep meaning of the poem Sayaka gave to her. She was about to text back when her ringtone blasted throughout the silent room.

“Did you know you just disturbed my sleep?”

“You’re not sleeping. I saw your last seen. Now where’s my pendrive??”

“It’s still early in the morning, Paruru. Spare me!”

“And I need my pendrive before noon today. So where is it?!”

“Calm down... It’s in Mayu’s office. I’ll get it this morning and give it to you later.”

“I need it ASAP!”

“Okay, okay! We’ll meet for breakfast at the usual place, how’s that? My treat!”

“Free food? Are you for real, Milky? Did something happened?”

“You want breakfast or not?”

“Meet me there at 9!”

Miyuki’s POV

“It’s really cold…”

Thank goodness I wear the warmest jacket I found in the closet. This is all because of Paruru. If not for her pendrive, I wouldn’t have the need to drag my cute ass out of the room. But it’s my fault in the first place for failing to remember to bring it back. Ahhh... how nice it would be to be snuggling in my bed right now.

I reached the studio without facing any trouble, except for the cold air. Puffing out air to warm my cold hands, I took out Mayu’s spare keys and open the door. It was dark inside. Well, of course… no one’s here early in the morning except for m-..


I saw a ball of figure curling his or her body on the oh-so-not-really-comfortable couch. Seriously, they need to replace it ASAP. There’s even a hobo taking a nap there now… Wait, this hobo is somehow familiar. Where have I seen this chin before…


I slowly approach the silently sleeping Sayanee, careful not to make any noise. She looks so peaceful and tired. Maybe she’s up all night working on the band’s song, not to forget the troubles they’ve been getting recently and Jurina disappearing again is not helping at all. Speaking of Jurina… where have you gone to? Everyone’s worried about you so please come back.

I let out a sigh. It’s not really my problem but somehow it affected me so much like I was actually a part of the Beast Wings family. The sudden movement of Sayanee caught my attention. She was shivering for a bit so I took off my jacket and wrap it on her fragile body. I crouched beside her, pushing off the stray strands of hair covering her slightly sunken eyes.

“Poor Sayanee… It must be hard for you too.”

My hand continued to move around without a destination, unconsciously stroking her bangs, her straight eyebrows, her sharp nose, her pale rosy cheek, her pink lips, and her long, pointed chin, the only prominent part of her body that never ceased to amused me. I think her chin makes her look more cooler, though. I think… okay? My eyes wandered off to the phone clutched tightly on her hand, like she was hugging and defending it from the evil hands of whoever took it from her. It looks like she’s hugging a teddy bear in her sleep. Awww… how cute can you be, Sayanee?

Speaking of phone, I’ve never ask Sayanee for her number. I have others, but why not hers? I mean, we’re already comfortable with each other to have our numbers exchanged, right? We’re already friends… right? Oh, how silly can I be... Well, I’ll just do it my own way, sneakily took her phone and put my own numbers in there. Perhaps I can surprise her later. Hehehe…

But I don’t want to wake her up now. I’ll just take the pendrive first and take her phon-

“No.. don’t go...”


“Sayanee? Are you awake?”


Okaaay… she’s talking in her sleep. How cuuuutee~! Maybe I should record this moment and cherished it all by myself. It’s not always that I have the privilege to actually see the cool and calm Sayanee acting like her true, adorable self. I have actually made a good choice in choosing my favourite Beast Wings member.

Sayanee had started mumbling to herself when I took my phone out. Just as I was about to press the record button, a tear dropped down her cheek. My hand paused in the air as I watch another dropped down, followed by another. That’s when I realised there were trails of freshly dried tears on her cheeks. She must have cried herself to sleep.


It was a small whisper but I can make out what she said. I frowned deeply, her face was showing a pained expression like she was deeply hurt by something… or someone. I wanted to comfort her but that would only wake her up.

“I’m really sorry…”

I don’t want to intrude into her personal life so I decided to leave Sayanee to her own dreams and go back to my business with Paruru’s pendrive when her mumbling made me stop.

“Don’t go.. please, Milky… Don’t leave me..”

Paruru’s POV

I took a small sip of my hot drink, my seat facing directly to the door so I can stare at Milky and gave her my infamous salty glare when she arrives. The ticking of my wristwatch was so loud, as if it was asking, begging me to look at it every second until Milky actually appear in front of me. People say it’s rude to keep checking your watch when you’re on the table, but there’s no one sitting with me anyway. So I can be rude whenever I wanted to, even to my lovely yellow watch. And because of Milky, I’ve been talking nonsense to myself since I woke up.

“It’s already five minutes past 9 and I don’t see any Milky here except for this hot chocolate milk I’m drinking. Ugh… she’s late.”

“Chill. She’ll be here.”

Oh, now I’m talking to an imaginary friend. What’s more? It appeared as Yui… only that it looks real. So real and cute and cool and squishable like a bread... I think she really is my lovely Yui. Wait… Yui is here?


“What? Don’t you want me here?”

“NO! I mean, yes! Of course I want you here..” Did I saw a smirk just now? “But usually it would be the other way around.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know… I’m doing the chasing while you run off to anywhere or hide in places you think I can’t find.”

“It’s obvious that you missed me and I’m here now. Besides, I don’t want to be the reason of someone going gaga over not having me by her side.”

“Pffft… is that your polite way of saying you miss me too?”

“As if!” Yui threw a used tissue paper at me before waving to the waiter. “You’re not eating?”

“Waiting for Milky. She’s buying me breakfast.”

“Oh?” She grinned, using her cute smile to charm me. “Does this free breakfast include your partner?”

“What partner? I came alone.” I ignored her pout when the waiter arrived at our table. I gestured him to Yui, the latter sighed in defeat before making her order. I slowly sipped my milk while sneaking a glance or two at Yui. She was wearing a baby pink shirt underneath the red plaid button down top. It was simple and casual but it never failed to make me fall for her again and again.

Oh my…

Have I really fallen in love with this weird and cheapskate person? Yeah, she’s so cheap, she ordered the cheapest meal in the menu. Can she even get full by that? She’s lacking nutrition.. no wonder her brain is so screwed.

“Is that enough?” I voiced out as the waiter left us, his face was in disbelief just as I was.

“A toast and plain water? Ehh… it’s enough to last me till dinner.”

“What?” I slammed my cup on the table, “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I am.”


“Don’t worry about me. I’m still alive, right? That’s all that matters.”

I wear my salty face at her cheeky smile as I raised my hand for the waiter’s attention. I know I’ve been tricked by her sympathetic face of a cool Yui acting like she’s the least bothered by her cheap meal. I ordered a decent meal; not too cheap but not too expensive for Yui to scrape off my purse from money.

“Just because I like you, it doesn’t mean I’m going to buy you food each time we meet.”

“HA! So you really do like me, huh?”

“So much, that even you can’t resist appearing before me all the time.” I smirked, which caught her speechless with my comeback. “Admit it. You like me too, don’t you Yokoyama Yui?”

“Yeah, I like your hospitality towards a great person like me.”

Her response resulted with a shake of head from me. Still denying it, but I know my game. It’s Paruru, I’m not called salty for nothing.

Just then, my eyes turned to the door at the sight of Milky coming in with a frown on her face. Don’t tell me she’s bringing bad news…

“Hey, sorry I’m late.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked, which she ignored after taking a seat on our table.

“Oh, hi there Yui. Didn’t see you there.”

Yui blinked a couple of times, raising an eyebrow at me. Milky was not even giving us a glance as she scanned the menu book, which was really odd. Yui mouthed some questions which, fortunately, I understand.

Did you fight or something?

Hey, don’t blame me on this. Why, though?

She seemed different. Like not the usual Milky.

I don’t know! I just met her today!

Aren’t you guys BEE EFF EFF?

Doesn’t make me her guardian.

“You guys do know that I’m right here, right?”


“Ahem.. Err..”

“Uh, umm… yeah, yeah. We were just…”

Yui and I exchange words of eyes to make up some excuses when Milky suddenly shoved my beloved melon-pan keychain in front of my eyes.


“O-Oh. Thank you. You didn’t really have to-”

“Yui, can I talk to you for a moment?”


Yeah. That was Yui’s gulping that sounded really loud for both of us to hear and I don’t think she can survive this morning facing the wrath of a boiling Milky, pun intended. Oh boy, I wondered if I can run away from this..

Jurina’s POV

I rubbed my eyes at the penetrating rays of the morning sun. Blinking a couple of times to adjust to the bright view, I looked at my watch.

7.30 AM.

No wonder. I guess I cried myself to sleep last night. Thankfully I wore a thick jacket or I’m sure I’d freeze to death. I got up with a stiff back, thanks to the cold tiles of my mother’s grave. Yeah, you’re not mistaken. I fell asleep on a graveyard. It must have been scary but I’ve been doing this for the past years, never have I encountered a stray, wandering lost soul of the dead. Don’t even start with zombies, though.

I cracked my neck left and right, before stretching up and crack some more bones. It was a really good sleep, probably because my mom is here with me.


It has almost been a few years since I’ve visited her. It was always a ritual for me to visit her grave on my birthday to celebrate together. I’ve never skipped even a year since her death. It makes me guilty for abandoning her due to my own selfish reasons when she was always with me, spending her time with me when she was alive. I was so stupid to succumb on my own problems and ignoring her.

Reaching for the bottle of sake on the side, I poured a cup for her and another for me. It’s funny how much time flies, considering the last time I got here, sparkling juice was the only thing I can bring. Now, here I am, with a bottle of sake legally bought from the store. How many years has it been, huh?

I gave her a toast, not before apologising for the nth time since I got here. Though, I think she had probably accepted my apologies long before.

“I missed you, Mama…”

Just as I muttered those words, the cup dropped down from my trembling hand, spilling its contents on the grassy ground, together with the flows of tears running down my cheeks. I thought there was no more tears for today, but I was proven wrong. Even after all these years of crying, after all these years of trying to be strong and apathetic..

“Why do I have to be such a coward, Mama?”

As if she was answering me, a hand touched my wet cheeks, wiping away the tears flowing down my eyes. I raised my head, my eyes widening in surprise at the person in front of me.

No, it wasn’t the ghost of my mom.

It was the pale face of her.

Of Rena.

“That’s because you’re Jurina.”


“Your mama Jurina, my Jurina, is always a crybaby... isn’t that right?”

I don’t know what I was feeling the moment my eyes met with Rena’s gentle pair. There were all kinds of rushed emotions overwhelming my whole being, even I can’t understand my own self. But all I wanted to do was buried my head into her chest, and that’s what I did.

I wailed, cried myself out even more as she hold me tight in her arms, rocking me as if I was a child asking for a mother’s attention. How I wished this wasn’t just a dream that I need to wake up to, and Rena’s comforting words and gentle warmth just proved it’s not.

Mama, how I wished you were right here too…

Yukirin’s POV

“Uh-huh. Mhmm. Yes. Sure. I will. Don’t wet yourself too much, okay? Thanks, Renacchi.”

I let out a deep sigh, shaking my head dejectedly as a pair of eyes watched me from the stinky couch. I don’t know what time she got here, but just as I thought I’ve arrived at a crime scene of Sayanee’s death, she had woken up when I decided to pounced on her “fake” cadaver.

“So?” She asked me with hopeful eyes, “What did Rena said?”

I let out another sigh, before flipping my hair towards her face and made my most epic Beyonce face. “She found Jurina!”

“Oh my god, finally!” She let out the breath she’s been holding in for I don’t give a damn how long. She should be dead, anyway. Boo hoo for my crime scene..

“Where did she found her?”

“The graveyard.”


I almost flipped the table on Sayanee’s dramatic outburst but decided to keep my calm.

“Is she… she’s with her mom, isn’t it?”

“It has been years since she last went there.” I answered with a sigh, remembering the days Jurina would mention about visiting her mother’s grave but never went to. “She always go there with Rena back in the days. But after the fight and all, she stopped going there.”

“Is that so… That’s why Rena knows where to find her.”

“It’s really hard seeing two hearts being away from each other due to foolish reasons.”


“Especially for our solo-ist here.” I flopped down beside Sayanee, wrecking her already wrecked bed hair just for the sake of annoying her more.

“W-What are you saying?”

“How are things with Milky?”

“Haa?? Eh, w-what are-”

“Dude, I’m tired of your drama. Just kiss her already.” I gave her my lovely smooch which she avoided miraculously.

“What the heck, Yukirin?!” She tried pushing my beautiful face away, how dare she. “Me and Milky got nothing with each other?”

“Oh really?” I stopped teasing her before putting on my pondering face, “Then, can you tell me why was she admiring your face while you were ranting out to her in your sleep before making her storm out of the room with a deep frown so suddenly?”


“I don’t know. You guys seemed to unknowingly fight with each other with you sleeping and Milky widely awake. It’s kinda cute, no?”

“Stop with your nonsense, Yukirin.” Sayanee actually just dismissed me like I’m not the leader of the band. How disrespectful of her to an elderly like me.

I let Sayanee to her own thoughts while I’m drowning on my own when the mention of a name made me pout.

“Where’s Mayu anyway?”

“Don’t know, don’t care.” Was what I replied.

Honestly, that was my honest answer. Mayu has been missing since the day I confronted her as a 007 agent trainee in the hospital. I didn’t know if she was mad at me or if she’s actually really mad at me. Yeah, there are two types of mad there and you don’t wanna know the meaning of both. I can sense something is going on between Mayu and someone but I can’t seem to pinpoint what. Heck, why is everyone being so sad lately? Am I the only one being so optimistic? No wonder they say to better live your life being lonely than die in sadness, or was it something else? Hmm…

Mooo~ Mooo~~

“Whoa!” Sayanee looked at me with her wide eyes, probably shocked at the cow sound. “What was that?”

“It’s the mail.”

“Ha? Seriously…? A moo-ing sound, Yukirin?”

“Hey, it was Tani’s idea. Don’t judge me just because I look like the crazy ones.”

“But you are…”

“I am, and you should be proud of it.”

“Eh, why me?”

I opened the door, revealing an old man in a postman uniform.

“May I help you, Jii-chan?” I put on my most chill face but the man just gave me his blank look.

“Is there a B-.. what is this, how do you pronounce this… Uh, Kiss Things..?”

I raised a brow before snatching the mail from the man’s hand.

“Jii-chan! It’s spelled Beast Wings. BEAST WINGS. Haven’t you heard of this?”

“No? What’s that, a comedy troupe or something?”

I rolled her eyes before giving him the most charming (fake) smile, “It’s the greatest band your grandchildren and their descendants are going to fangirl to when they are born into this world, heck the first thing they’re gonna do is to cry our songs out of the womb!”

“...I’m not married yet.”

“Then quickly get married, Jii-chan. Bye and thank you for this.”

I quickly slammed the door on his face. Ha! That’s for not knowing of our band, like what, he’s from the 80’s or something? He probably is though, and I’m being rude to him. Why am I not feeling guilty about this?

“What’s that?”

“Probably an invitation for a free buffet.”

Sayanee got beside me, waiting patiently as I slowly and carefully tear the envelope open.

“Can you please be quick?”

“What’s the rush? YOLO, man. YOLO!”

Sayanee rolled her eyes at me. After succesfully and pain-stakingly opening the plain white paper, I pulled out a rather contradicting piece of card filled with flowery decorations and floral-scented perfume.

“What’s this? Someone’s getting married?”

I don’t know why but my hands were starting to get clammy as my chest pounding loudly, deafening my hearing and blurring my vision. Okay, that’s not what actually happened but I do feel uneasy with the invitation. We looked at each other before reading the bold and italic wordings of cursive writings on it. So glamorous whoever made this.

We cordially invite you to the 30th Anniversary of the Watanabe Empire.
In conjunction with the event, we would like to request the


to perform at the Grand Ball Night to further entertain our guests.

We hope to see you there!

“Watanabe Empire?” Sayanee sounded beside me, “Are they perhaps related to Mayu or Miyuki somehow?”

I gave her a blank stare. I’ve heard of the Watanabe Enterprise. They are one of the country’s most recognised and successful leading entrepreneurs, mostly known as the rising Shark of the Far East for their ruthless and strict etiquettes with their partnerships.

I never know about Mayu’s family; she never told me about it or she’d rather avoid the question if I ever asked about them. It suddenly dawned upon me that I don’t really know Mayu that much to even call her as my special person. What kind of a person am I?

“But they might not be related. I mean, what is Mayu doing here with us when she has all the wealth and luxury the life could offer if she is ever related to this Watanabe Enterprise, right? She’s not that dumb.”

The words slowly registered into my head.

Is this why she’s been missing lately?

A nudge brought me back from my reveries. I snapped my head to Sayanee who gave me the expectant look, “Right, Yukirin?”

“Ah, yeah…” I slowly nodded, still in my dumbfounded state. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“So are we going or not?”

“Why not?” I didn’t expect myself to say that, but I know I need to trust my conscience right now. “We’re not going to miss this pleasant opportunities.”

I smacked her bum with a grin, trying to pull myself back into reality. I need to trust myself, and with that I need to trust in Mayu too. Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do.

“We’re seriously going?”

“You’re kidding me? We’re not called Beast Wings for nothing! Of course we’re going!”

“Alright! I’m gonna call the others to meet here.”

“Yeah, you do that. I’ll deal with Mayu later.”

I know I’m not the one who should be deciding this. Everything must go through the manager but Mayu’s been MIA, it’s common rule for the leader to take charge… isn’t it? Well, I hope everything’s going well.. Right, Mayuyu?

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