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Author Topic: The love of between the new transfer student and student president (sayamilky)  (Read 10773 times)

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Interesting chapter, the moment of truth is approaching I hope sayaka is fine, I wonder what miyuki will do with her relationship..
Thanks for the update, I'll be waiting for more.

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Chapter 8: What happened?

“E-erm….is it just me or Miyuki looks very angry now?”

“No not you, she is very angry now.”

“Tell me more about Yamamoto Sayaka.” Yui and Maachun now seated opposite of Miyuki trying to think of ways how to explain to her. “The Yamamoto Sayaka you see now is not like the one 10 years ago. Ever since he was chosen to be the student council president, he had the mindset to be serious in whatever he does. To him, he may have thought any wrong decision made could harm the student council so he has been refraining from doing. The renovation in the dorm was because he couldn’t stand living in the same room with a girl for a long period, so he took the opportunity to do large scale renovation.”

“But looking at another view, he’s not comfortable staying in the same room with a girl. That was before both of you got together, but whatever we tell you won’t disperse whatever doubts you have now. You need to experience this yourself to know who he really is.” Yui gave a realistic answer which kept Miyuki in her thoughts. “I understand, I think I would want to get some rest now.” After Miyuki left Maachun and Yui could only heaved a relief that Miyuki didn’t continued to pursue for an answer. But this time even the both of them had no idea what is Sayaka doing, all they can do now is to stop their work from piling up.


“Milky you need to believe him, isn’t he your boyfriend?”

“But….I don’t understand now what he is trying to do, he seems to disappear again.”

“You need to rest, knowing how Sayaka is he would come back fast. He’s the most serious guy I have ever seen, especially to work but worst to relationship. I think you have enough stress for today, you should sleep today.”

“You are right….maybe I should catch some sleep for now.” Ricchan who was worried for Miyuki went to bed with her. All of them was worried for Miyuki for having such boyfriend who disappear after confessing, Maachun and Yui keep calling Sayaka who’s phone is always off.  Even with Ricchan accompanying her Miyuki still feels lonely, crying herself to slepp as she feels abandoned by Sayaka. The next day, even though she didn’t sleep in her dorm just one day but she feels tired already, but she drags herself to school. “How is she Ricchan?” Ricchan simply sighed and Maachun knew it isn’t good at all but they can’t do anything but to leave her alone for now. “Class please settle down, homeroom is starting.”

“Sensei do you mind letting me to use your homeroom time to talk to the class?”

“Yamamoto-kun!” A voice startled the teacher and she turned around to see that Sayaka was standing at the door with his right hand bandaged. “Sensei I need to speak to the class about some things that happened recently, that’s why I came today.” The teacher nodded in understanding after talking to the class left the class to Sayaka to do what he wants. “Yagura-san I can walk by myself there, so please let go of me now.”

“Nope, you fell yesterday I can’t afford you fell again.” Hearing that Sayaka was embarrassed, starting to feel shy and was rubbing his nose again but Miyuki saw it and it ticked her off. “Anyway, there’s a few things I want to say. Shiroma-kun I need to see you later immediately, I got the permission to let you off from school today. So don’t run away. I know everyone knows about Oshima-kun has been expelled from school, I just want to give a stern warning to anyone who tries to start a rumour about it or even dig up why he was expel, to not do anything stupid. The last is that we have a new transfer student who may come within these few days, so Watanabe-san please be kind as he/she would be your new seatmate. That’s all from me.” Sayaka didn’t look at anyone when he’s talking which ticked Miyuki more.

“I don’t need both of you to help me out.”

“I-I just want to help you!” Shiroma and Fuuko is supporting Sayaka to went to his next destination even though he only hurt his hand, which the three of them walked like a three-legged race. Since he cannot stopped them from doing all these, Sayaka let them do whatever they want until they reached the student council room. “Fuuko get me some tea while I talk to this monkey.”

“Do not bully him!”

“I know.”

“So any explanation to what happened that day?” Sayaka started to interrogate Shiroma as the latter was afraid of looking into his eyes. “He was bullying Fuu-chan, so I…..hit him.”

“How did he bullied?”


“You need to speak up about what did he do, Fuuko don’t speak up!”

“He tried to do some indecent things to Fuu-chan in school!”

“If it happens outside the school, that is ok?”

“No! Fuu-chan is my girlfriend why would I let him touch her inappropriately?



“That’s the kind of answer I want to hear from you.” Sayaka now quietly drank his tea which Fuuko and Shiroma don’t understand what Sayaka is doing. “He needs to train to be more outspoken in front of me, did you forget you are one of the student council members? You too also Fuuko, I am always out of tea without you around. “…..Let me give you more tea now then.” When he was drinking tea and it started leaking out from Sayaka’s mouth and wet his uniform.

“I go get some tissues.”

“Remove your uniform.”


“Is dirty and is not like I never seen you naked.”

“That’s different!” But Sayaka still listened to Fuuko and remove his uniform which then….”Sayaka!” Miyuki barged into the room with Maachun and Yui seeing Sayaka unbuttoning his shirt. “Miyuki! This is not what you think!”

“Then you know what I think?”

“I just dropped some tea on my uniform and Fuuko say I need to remove my uniform that’s why I did.”

“Jerk.” Miyuki gave Sayaka one tight slap and walked out leaving him dazed. “What are you doing Sayaka? Chase after her!” Fuuko was nudging at Sayaka who was motionlessly sat down looking at his tea. “Not now….that is the least thing I want to do now, it is going to make things look ugly also.”

“Yamamoto! You know how difficult Miyuki took just to stand next to you! You know how much effort she makes just to make you fall in love with her?” Maachun could not stand how heartless Sayaka is with Miyuki, finally broke the final straw and grabbing the collar of Sayaka. “Shut up. You don’t know anything about us, don’t say a thing.” Maachun stomped out of the room with Yui behind chasing him, which Sayaka did not say a single word and started on his work. “Fuu-chan let Sayaka-san be alone, I think he has a plan.” Shiroma pulled Fuuko out and when Sayaka thought he is alone, his mind is full of how to talk to Miyuki while she is being so angry now. “Might as well look how the renovation is doing now.”

“Ah! Yamamoto-kun!”

“Sensei.” Sayaka greeted the principal politely as he was being called. “Have a seat, it has been some time since I visited your office.” Sayaka gave him a cup of tea while waiting to see what he wants to tell him. “You can relax for a while; I just think that you needed some advice given how things are presented now.”

“I don’t understand what are you saying.”

“The simple renovation of your dorm has been done; I return you your keys. Is it bad for you to stay in one room with a girl?”

“I think it is unethical for a guy and girl to be in one room for long period.”

“Even though she’s your girlfriend? You need to be more open-minded; you are just so old-fashioned.”

“I-I-I’m sorry.”

“No one is blaming you for anything, but girls generally are more sensitive. Maybe you think is nothing but their thinking is way different. If you cherish this relationship, please cherish her.” When the principal left, Sayaka was left alone to think by himself.

“Open the door Miyuki, I know you are in there.” Sayaka knocked against the door which was Ricchan’s dorm whom Miyuki is temporary staying in. “S-Should I opened the door?” Miyuki shook her head. “Miyuki…I need to have a word with you privately, and in order for me to do it, I need you to open this door.” Miyuki silently stood up which Ricchan was afraid what was her next step, she watched her taking a glass of water towards the door. “What do you want to say Mr Rationale?”

“Uhm…M-Miyuki…you are being hostile now, I think we have some misunderstanding in between us recently. I think I have a lot to explain and I think it would be if you could put down that gla- of water…..”
“You can talk to someone who can stand your rubbish! You jerk!” Miyuki splash the water on Sayaka and slammed the door in front of his face. “That could be worse….is it because of it’s late at night that I am interrupting her sleep? Hope she would feel like talking tomorrow.”

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Chapter 9: New transfer student

The next morning, Sayaka as usual an early riser but took more time to prepare himself for school with an arm bandaged up. Which he left his room and stood outside Ricchan’s door waiting for the girls to leave the dorm, he begins his morning routine of reading his book while waiting.

“Miyuki! Let’s leave…..oh….Sayaka-san…”

“Erm…Hi! I need to talk to Miyuki urgently now.”

“I think I will leave you guys alone; she’s getting cranky with every second passed.” Sayaka silently thanked Ricchan while locking the door. “Ricchan I’m ready! What do you want?” Miyuki tone got harsher when she saw Sayaka in the room. “I need to talk to you; I can’t do that when you are avoiding me and it needs to be urgently.”

“Why do I need to avoid you? I did nothing wrong and the one should avoid is you.”

“It was just a misunderstanding yesterday, Fuu-chan is just helping me. I have an injured arm, see?”

“It’s not only that…you left the date early and you disappeared after that, I’m your girlfriend remember?”

“I didn’t forget about it, but there were more urgent things that I needed to settle.”

“You mean Fuu-chan~ right?”

“E-er….are you jealous?”

“Jealous?! Shouldn’t I be? When a girl was going to stripped my boyfriend half-naked!”

“I knew it was a bad idea…Fuu-chan insisted it and you shouldn’t be jealous of her, she’s a family…and I only can explain to you if you calmly listen to my explanation.”


“Fuu-chan….there’s no way I would date her you know, especially when she’s a family against a crush I have 10 over years. She’s my cousin and she’s my secretary, milky….” When Miyuki finally sat down, Sayaka starts to explain. “H-How did you know?”

“Know about what? About your lie? I knew long time ago before I confessed to you, I wanted to keep it a secret or maybe tell you when our relationship is stable. But this situation now does not help it, I will tell you why did I left early. It is related to why I have an injured arm and Oshima getting expelled.”

“Tell me then.”

“Oshima being perverted is not new to us, but he likes to reach his hands to new students and transfer students. This time he chose to reach his hands to Fuu-chan who happened to have a date with Shiroma-kun, who happened have a date somewhere near us. I got injured for interfering the fight when Shiroma-kun was protecting her, so I was hospitalised getting my wounds treated while getting the case being settled. I think I should tell you one more thing but…..we are getting late for school.” Sayaka got up to leave. “I know this is too much to handle for you, I need you to trust me that I will never cheat on you because no one likes a boring guy like me. I got to go now; the new transfer student is waiting for me. Don’t tell Maachun and Yui what I told you, they are believing I am ill-treating my own girlfriend.” Sayaka caressed Miyuki’s face before leaving. “I really hate when he is right, so much for being rationale.” Miyuki stood up and to leave for school also. “I’m sorry for being late, I got held up while trying to get Miyuki listened to my explanations.” The new girl nodded while getting herself seated. “Have you told anyone about me getting transfer here?”

“I didn’t and I think Miyuki might think I am hiding something from her.”

“Then I think is time for them to know.”

“You’re right and I have a little surprise for you girls also.” Sayaka led the new girl to their classroom and got her to wait outside the classroom. “Class I need your attention. Our new student is here and I need everyone to welcome her, please come in Shimazaki-san.”


“Nice to meet everybody, I’m Shimazaki Haruka.” After a short introduction, Paruru asked where is her seat where Sayaka pointed out the empty seat next to Miyuki. While he sat where it used to be Oshima’s seat. Miyuki and Ricchan couldn’t contain their happiness to see Paruru transferring here, which all of them couldn’t focused on the studies except for Sayaka as a straight As student.


“Yui! I guess Sayaka really knows how to keep a secret.”

“What has he got to do with it?”

“Yui remember you said that you were going to tell him about me transferring?” Yui sheepishly nodded and not telling Sayaka. “Sayaka contacted me through my old school apparently there was a student wants to transfer to Tokyo and therefore I got a chance to transfer here.” Everyone was shocked by Sayaka being so secretly helping Paruru about her transfer. “Shimazaki-san…I’ll bring you to your dorm, Miyuki you will need to pack up also. Kondo-san you too.” Everyone was puzzled by the girls packed up according to what Sayaka said.

“Isn’t here…”

“I broke down the dorm to two separate rooms since there is space for me to create another room, come on in everyone.”
Everyone was impressed by the structure of the room, there was three beds lined up side by side. With a big wardrobe next to it and a study table, with some furnishing of pink paint and table lamp on it.

“I think now is the time to say surprise?”

“All this took only three days? That’s very fast if you ask me.” Maachun voiced out after seeing looking around. “This time we need to talk Sayaka-chan.” When Miyuki turned around she couldn’t find Sayaka. “He left……he mentioned about having the meeting.”

“Without you guys?”

“Yup! Only once a month, we have to sit out of the meeting. Only the president and secretary can attend the meeting.” Maachun explained to Miyuki about the meeting which seems to anger her more. “Only the president and secretary?”

“Yup! Although we have never seen the secretary before.”

“Yagura Fuuko….is the secretary.”

“How did you know?”

“Wait….did you say Yagura Fuuko?”


“We have never seen her before but Sayaka mentioned about her a few times, like when he was out of tea.”

“Yui…..stop talking…..look!” Maachun and Yui have never seen Miyuki so angry before, and they were so afraid and took a step back. “Where are you guys going! Come back here!” Miyuki went after the guys who ran away before Ricchan and Paruru can hold her back, but she couldn’t find the guys. She decided to go the student council room to find them, but she heard a familiar voice and stopped by the door and eavesdropped.

“I want to break up with Milky.”

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wait wait break up?!?! i need the next chapter asap

thank you for your updated

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Chapter 10: Breaking-up?!

“What nonsense are you talking about?!

“C-Calm….down! Put down the books…..listen to me first.” Fuu-chan raised the books and cornered Sayaka who ran out of the room. “Miyuki! Come let’s go! Fuu-chan is going to kill me.” Sayaka has never thought why Miyuki was there, he pulled her and ran towards the rooftop instead.

“She would never find us here.” Sayaka has collapsed down on the floor from running. “Why were you outside the door?” Sayaka after catching his breath finally asked her while they sat down. “No reason….”
“Anyway, I think this is a good time for us also, we never had alone time together since we were together. There’s something I also want to tell you, actually is more than one thing.” Miyuki sat closer to Sayaka which the latter tried not to look too shy.

“I know there is some tension between us or at least that’s what I think. I know I have never showed you how I care about you, when I say I like you I mean it. It’s not about how long I know you, it’s a gut feeling you gave me. I know I am a very disappointing boyfriend you might have met so far, I didn’t mean it. Recently of these events, I didn’t mean to not tell you. I didn’t want you to worry about me, plus I want to surprise you also. But I think it’s been more of a scare instead; this would be the last one I promise you.”

“Then why did you want to break up with me?”

“W-well….I have this feeling you might say I don’t love you anymore.”


“I-I kind of miss your hug in a way.” Miyuki deliberately sat on top of Sayaka but the latter hugged her from her waist startled her because of his sudden actions. “I’m not letting you go anymore milky.” Sayaka closed in the space between them but Miyuki chose to do it faster but grabbing his neck and pulled him closed instead. Miyuki enjoyed the moment that Sayaka initiated the kiss for the second time. “Can we do it when there ‘;are others?”


“Wait for me! Sayaka-chan~” Even though Sayaka unwilling to let Miyuki cling against him in school, but he still hangs on a smile on his face. “Where did you go just now?” Sayaka forgotten about what happened just now and came back to the student council room. “U-uhm….with Miyuki….in….the rooftop.”


“Why do you look so excited?”

“Me? No….So you guys made up?”

“Yup!” Sayaka had a big smile on his face while looking through his document, while Fuuko put down a document for him to read. She put up a sad smile on her face instead. “Inter-school meeting?” Sayaka felt puzzled about the sad smile on Fuuko’s face. “You have to go alone; this is just the student president to attend the meeting.”

“So? When do I have to go?”

“This weekend you need to travel to Akihabara.” Sayaka nodded and left the room instead, she walked to the Miyuki’s dorm. “Sayaka-chan! Why are you here?” After knocking the door, Miyuki opened up and she immediately hug Sayaka who was startled by her actions. “N-nothing, I just want to ask you something. A-actually,…..i-I need to go already. Erm….bye!” As Miyuki led him in, he saw Maachun and Yui along with their girlfriends were studying. Being too embarrassed and shy to ask Miyuki out, he decided to ran away instead. Miyuki who had no idea why did he sudden ran away closed the door and flopped onto her bed. “Didn’t you say, you guys made up? Why did he seem distant with you?”

“You tell me, one moment he is being very nice and sweet and the other pushes you away.”
“You girls don’t understand Sayaka at all, you known Sayaka so long can’t you tell why is he acting this way?” Maachun asked Miyuki whom seem puzzled by the question. “What do you mean? Wait….you mean he wants to ask me out?”
“Are you guys even dating? You guys act like teenagers seriously! Don’t you noticed why he enter the room, he was scanning the room but he saw us. Which he wanted to turn away instead.” Maachun and Yui couldn’t believe that these two act like amateur in dating as if they had never date someone before. “Oh! You mean he wanted to have a word with me! I go find him then, bye!”

“Yui we need to look after their relationship, Sayaka needs to be teach on how to have a long and stable relationship.” Their girlfriends glared at them which they shut their mouth and continuing to study after getting warned to not get involved into other people love life.

“Miyuki? What’s wrong? Come in.” Sayaka who was packing was surprise by Miyuki’s visit. “You packing? Where are you going? Huh?” Sayaka back away from Miyuki as he sensed about the anger building up in her after seeing him packed. “M-Miyuki! This is not what you think! You need to listen to me first, please…..”


“The thing is I would need to attend a meeting which is outside of school, so I would be away for three days at least.” Sayaka got Miyuki sat down with one hand and had her listen to him speak. “Three days? Who are you going with then?”

“This I, s the thing I wanted to tell you just now, I-I erm….want you to go…..with me…..” Sayaka who finished his words looked into the other direction, he was so embarrassed he felt the whole face heated up. But he knew Miyuki is looking at him and beaming. “W-what?”

“You finally said it! Good job!” Miyuki couldn’t control herself and kiss him which he felt her jumping onto her, which he used the other hands to hold onto her to prevent her from falling down. “So you’re answer? Not going?” Sayaka was teasing Miyuki who immediately came down and hit him. “Going! But will sensei agreed to it?”

“I got the permission before telling you, I don’t plan to ask you before getting the permission.” Sayaka who became serious answer her question. “Before leaving I need to go to the hospital to remove my cast first.”

“Of course! But where is your place of meeting?”


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Thanks for the update, I've been waiting for it.
This keeps getting better and now that Sayaka has finally fixed her problems with Miyuki, I hope they both strengthen their relationship more  :twothumbs
I will be waiting for the next chapter!

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Chapter 11: Going to Tokyo

“WHAT! Sayaka and Miyuki are going to Tokyo together?”

“Yup! Sayaka is going to a meeting so Miyuki accompany him to go.” All of them cannot understand why Fuuko was so happy about. “I’m sorry about Fuu-chan, she’s abit excited about Sayaka having a girlfriend. “Who are you why have I not seen you before?”

“My name is Shiroma Miru, she’s my girlfriend. Sayaka has forbidden me to meet you guys, that’s why you guys haven’t met me before.” Maachun and Yui nodded their head in agreement and left. “Fuu-chan Sayaka-san told us not to tell them, why did you tell them?”

“They need to know isn’t it, especially Miyuki-san. If she knows what kind of sacrifices, he is going to made, she or they would never forgive us.” Miru nodded his head and prepare for school with Fuuko.

“Finally, the cast is out~” After leaving the hospital, Miyuki happily pulled Sayaka’s hand making him running also. “Stop! While don’t we get some ramen before boarding the train?” Miyuki dropped her head down which Sayaka can only shook his head, he held onto her hand and pulled her to the direction of the train, which Miyuki finally looked up and beamed at him. “I’m not stopping you from fooling around me but I want to hold your hands for now, but if you want to fool around then I shall remove my hands then.”

“Eh??? Sayaka-chan~ you cannot let go of my hand like that~” Sayaka immediately held her hands while shaking his head. “Are you happy now? Can we go? I am very hungry now.”

“Ok!” Even Sayaka wanted to stop Miyuki from fooling around but he has to confess he enjoys seeing Miyuki fooling around him, at least to him he gets to see Miyuki acting like that and only him. “After having their lunch, they board onto their train to get to Tokyo. Once they reached, they head to their hotel to get some rest. “Hi, I have book 2 rooms for 3 days 2 nights. Here is my IC.” The staff took their IC card and went to check for any booking under their names. “Sir, I do have a booking under your name for 3 days 2 nights but for a room only.”

“For a room only, are you very sure?”

“Yes sir, I have the confirmation email with me too under Yagura Fuuko-san.” Sayaka weakly nodded when he heard Fuuko name. “Hope you enjoyed your sir.” Both Sayaka and Miyuki nodded their heads and took the room card. “Miyuki, I need to call someone, wait for a while.”

“Are you going to call her?”

“It would be quick I promise.” Sayaka immediately rushed to a corner to call Fuuko while Miyuki was upset about Sayaka calling Fuuko. “Moshi moshi!”

“It’s me Fuuko.”

“Sayaka! So where are you now?”

“I’m in the hotel waiting area.”

“Why didn’t you rest in your own room?”

“Yagura Fuuko! You know what you did right? I told you to book room why did you book only one?” Miyuki turned around and saw Sayaka face was red with anger and wanted to walk towards him. “Oh! You mean this! Since both of you are dating why must you spend so much money to book another room, this is your chance to be with her. Don’t worry I book the room with two beds, you should enjoy your stay there.” Sayaka immediately end the call after hearing what Fuuko said, making him feeling flushed with embarrassment. Which he started to touch his nose again.


“Oh! M-Miyuki….what’s wrong?”

“I’m tired!” Miyuki immediately drag Sayaka to their room, ignoring Sayaka calls for help. “Miyuki! Wait first….let me check the room first.” Miyuki pushed away Sayaka and make her way to the room but abruptly stop after seeing the structure of the room. “Miyuki this is not what you think! I asked Fuuko to book 2 rooms separately, this is not I booked! Trust me please!” Sayaka kneel down begging Miyuki for forgiveness after seeing their room is a honeymoon suite. “What about the toilet then?”

“What toilet?”

“Look for yourself.”

“E-rm I never asked for this! Miyuki you have to trust me!” Sayaka was going crazy by the structure of the room with a heart shaped in the middle of the bed made up of roses, with only one bed in the room plus the toilet walls being transparent. “Sayaka-chan~if you want to watch I can always do it for you~” Miyuki had purposely whispered into Sayaka’s ear which cause his ears to turn red and started to have nosebleed. Afterwards he felt giddiness and fainted in the room. “I was just kidd- Sayaka-chan? You really fainted? I finally know what is your weakness hihi~”

“I can take his photo now and make it his home screen~” Miyuki then try to find his phone which she started to figure out his password. “Guys like him will only use password related to him and easy for him to remember like birthdays.” Miyuki tried all ways to form combination for passwords which she failed to unlock it, she also tried her birthday which also failed to unlock phone. Finally she unlocked after trying the combinations of both their birthdays, Miyuki thought it would never unlocked but she was surprised the combination works. Which caused her to blushed a bit, then she saw the home screen was saved none other but herself. She decided this would be a secret that she would kept herself and left the room while waiting for Sayaka to wake up.

“W-where am i? Miyuki? Miyuki!” Sayaka jumped out of bed after remembering that he was with her in Tokyo in a hotel, after he calmed down he saw a note on the table stating where is she. He decided to unpack first and wear a new attire and went out also, but he forgot to leave a note to tell Miyuki where he is going. Unknown to him, when he left the lobby Miyuki spotted him.  She decided to stalk him as he didn’t even remember to call and inform her where he is going or remember to bring her.

Sayaka looked around his surroundings afraid he might get lost and make some notes so when he is going back he would remember. After following Sayaka for a while, Miyuki wondered where is Sayaka going but going to follow him. After some time Sayaka reached the renowned place during the night; kabuki-cho of Shinjuku. Miyuki who used to live in Tokyo for some time, was very sure of where were they but she just don’t understand why Sayaka is going to this place. But Sayaka didn’t really go in but wondered around the place until night time, Miyuki got really hungry following him but she decided to find out the truth and followed him in.

Once night time, Sayaka took a deep breath before entering. Afraid of the place, Sayaka lowered his head and continue walking for 30 minutes. But when he reached one of the shops, he timed himself before stepping in but he was pulled out before he could take another step. “M-Miyuki?”

“Sayaka-chan~ Care to explain?” When Sayaka looked at Miyuki smiling at him silently, his heart had stopped for a moment. He knew he was going to get kill by Miyuki, but it does mean he didn’t see how the surroundings looked at Miyuki. Without thinking he kissed Miyuki right in front of all of the men looking perverted at Miyuki, afterwards princess styled carried Miyuki. Which he made a run of out the place without giving Miyuki any time to react, once out of the place he pulled her away to get back to the hotel.

“Why were you there?”

“Why can’t I? You went there too!” After returning to the hotel, Sayaka can’t help but questioned Miyuki. But she answered back in a rude attitude which angered him further more. “I have my reasons to go there, that place is not suitable for you girls to go.”

“Your reason? You just don’t like me! You think I am not pretty enough and I don’t have a good body!” Miyuki took the pamphlet out of Sayaka’s back pocket and threw it in front of her face, which Sayaka stoned for a while thinking about why Miyuki suddenly burst out in front of him. He finally understand why, she always feel insecurity about their relationship. He calmed down and made Miyuki sat down with him, which he held onto Miyuki and caressed her face. “I’m sorry about leaving you alone today, I won’t ask you to trust me. I will tell you why I went there instead, Oshima Akihiro-kun I heard he was working there part time.” Miyuki immediately looked at Sayaka which the latter nodded. “Since the meeting is here so I thought I could made him not to forget about studies, I already have in plan to have him study in Tokyo. Anyway, I have something else I want to tell you also.”

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Thanks for the update

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SayaMilky on a trip together sounds so lovely, it's too bad that Sayaka keeps acting like a fool with her :smhid
I hope they can have a good time together as a couple..

Thank you and I will be waiting for the next chapter! I hope you keep updating the story.

 :bow: :bow:

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Chapter 12: Having fun together

“What do you want to tell me?”

“I think I told you before that I am a very boring person, but I would never despise a girl for her looks or body. Plus why would I look for another girl in that place when I have a girl would have my heart in her palms, letting her teasing me non-stop. I would like her teasing and her smile also. You shouldn’t jealous of any girls especially Fuuko, she’s my cousin and she got a boyfriend.”

“W-who said I was jealous?” Miyuki immediately turned away from Sayaka who stood up and prepare to leave. “I will take a stroll around the hotel, you take your bath first.” Sayaka who turned red while facing the door. “Silly boy~ Once I locked the door, you won’t even see a thing~” Sayaka turned around and saw only whiteness around the walls of the toilet, which he grabbed a book to read while waiting for Miyuki to bathe. “Sayaka~ you can bathe already.” After some time Miyuki finally finishes her bathe and came out drying her hair, Sayaka who have become engrossed in his book didn’t hear Miyuki’s voice. “Sayaka-chan~”

“M-Miyuki? Anything wrong?”

“Your turn to bathe~”

“Ok, my book please.” Miyuki shook her head and pointed the toilet, Sayaka could only listened to her and finished bathing. Afterwards, came Sayaka next crisis. He didn’t know where or how can he sleep tonight. “Sayaka~ sleep here.” Miyuki pat on the side asking Sayaka to sleep on the same bed with her, being a guy he refuses to sleep on the same bed with Miyuki chose to sleep on the couch. Knowing how serious Sayaka is and how rigid he is, Miyuki didn’t continue to pester him and chose to sleep.

Being an early bird, Sayaka had woken up and freshen up himself. While waking for Miyuki to wake up, he dress up and continue reading his book. After some time Miyuki stirred around and finally woke up, but Sayaka was not disturbed by her waking. He was used to be engrossed in his reading and forgot Miyuki is also in the same room as him. “Sayaka~ I’m hungry~”

“Let’s go then.” Sayaka immediately closed his book and went out with Miyuki to have breakfast, and for the first time he initiated holding her hand. Miyuki felt it weird for him to do it, but she knew it was his way of comforting her that he would not let go of her hand.  “What to have for breakfast?”


“Again? I don’t want~”

“Then sandwich?”


“Miyuki I need to attend the meeting later, why don’t we eat something casual first?” Miyuki reluctantly agreed to eat something casual and accompany Sayaka to his meeting. Which afterwards while Sayaka went for his meeting, Miyuki wonder around the school. As it has been long time since she came back.

“Long time no see Sayaka!” Before Sayaka could say anything, he was given a crushing hug which causes him to give Yuu a punch in the stomach. “Strong punch as usu-al.” Yuu nearly collapse after receiving a blow in the stomach. “Anyway we are actually waiting for you before we head for the meeting, since all of us know what the agenda of this monthly meeting is about.”

“Yeah! Don’t worry, we will be right behind you to help prove your innocence.” Sayaka was grateful as they enter the conference room, as usual Sayaka was given questions that was difficult to answer. But he kept his cool and answer all the questions with the straight face, leaving Yuu and Kai in awe. “That was fantastic! Now everyone can shut up about you not helping a fellow student, even though you went to such a dangerous place behind your girlfriend’s back. And come to worse you don’t even get to talk to him.”

“Thanks for summarizing it for me, I am going to get Miyuki.”

“What! No! We are going for a boys’ date!” Yuu had pulled Sayaka back to put his idea in front of him. “Our girlfriend is having a girls’ date and I don’t intend to disturb by going in to take away my girlfriend so in return, we will go for a boys’ date.” Sayaka and Kai gave a shock and in disgust expression to Yuu while stepping away from him. “No! I’m not talking like holding hands or kissing! I’m talking like guys having fun together and no girls.”
“No girls? How can you have date without girls? Don’t tell us we are going for some bird-eye view of girls?”

“Kai you do know me well enough that I am indeed having this idea, since are done with the meeting and we are dressing casually. Let’s go!” Yuu dragged the two guys into the café. “Why are we in the café?”

“This is a popular spot for girls to come after their shopping and there are three girls there in the corner, what a beautiful scene right?” Kai and Sayaka sat down after getting the drinks for three of them. “You already have Haruna as your girlfriend, not enough?”

“No! But we do need to enjoy looking at other girls too some time.”

“So does that mean Haruna-san is not pretty enough for your perverted lust?” Sayaka asked but got a glared from Yuu, then Kai nudged him to look at the corner where Yuu is looking at. Then her realised that the girls there were all their girlfriends. “Yeah……if nyannyan hears about this, you will spend the night in the corridor for at least a month.”

“She won’t know if you guys don’t tell her, and I’m guessing you won’t tell?” Sayaka didn’t speak up as he was busy reading while glancing at Miyuki time to time, while Kai rolling his eyes at him. The girls were busy enjoying each other treats and looking through each other shopping bags to see how the dresses look like. Unknown to them, someone is there and stole all of their belongings. Kai and Sayaka stood up ignoring Yuu who was still goggling at the girls, had ran out of the café seeing the thief ran out also. “Where did these two went?” Seeing the girls still chitchatting, Yuu was still enjoying the view of the girls.

“So….are you going to spit out the items or are we doing it the hard way?”

“W-what are you talking about?” Seeing both Kai and Sayaka standing in front of him and not panting, the thief got panic as the chased him down. “I-I’ll put down please spared my life!” Sayaka motioned the thief to get going before he and Kai collected the belongings of their girlfriends. “Where have you guys went?”


“Then where are you going?” Seeing Kai and Sayaka walked towards the table of ladies there, he tried to pull them back but they shook him off. “Be careful of your belongings before anyone can have a chance to steal your stuff.”

“Sayaka!” Seeing Sayaka in the café as her was a surprised that Miyuki excitedly shouted which Sayaka lovingly pet her head and dive for a kiss ignoring whether are there people looking at them, Miyuki cooperate as he pulled him closer. “Kai!” Kai simply gave a kiss on the cheek instead which both are shy. “The cake is delicious here!” The guys took a seat beside their girlfriends as the enjoy the cake their girlfriends fed. “Where is Yuu?”
“Him? Oh? He was bus- I’m here! Nyannyan~” Yuu cut before Kai could continue his words, leaving Nyannyan suspicious of Yuu weird actions. “When are you guys going back?” Yuu changed the topic making Haruna more suspicious of him. “I thinking of going back to the hotel now, but we are leaving tomorrow. If you want to continue to shop, call me once you are done.” Sayaka stood up but Miyuki clinging onto him to leave with him making the rest jealous of their closeness, as they also leave the café too. “You should stay in the café to spend more time with the girls as you hardly see each other.”

“I would but my boyfriend here is missing me, so how can I leave him alone in the hotel?”

“W-What are you talking about? Why would I miss you?” Sayaka stammered as he shook off Miyuki. “But you would always be in my mind.” Sayaka held onto Miyuki’s hand and interlocked their fingers while giving a light kiss on it. Miyuki felt fascinated how can a boring person like Sayaka turned into a romantic hopeless fool, but at the same time she can’t felt but wondered whether he acts the same way to his ex-girlfriend.

“What are you thinking?”

“About your ex-girlfriend.”

“Kei? Are you two even friends? I didn’t know even.” Miyuki pinched Sayaka very hard causing him to scream and rubbing his sore arm, seeing Miyuki stormed off he secretly cursed himself and chased after her. “I’m very sorry, I didn’t know mentioning her is a taboo. If you want me to tell you how much I love you, I will tell you as much and show as much love as you wished.” Sayaka had made Miyuki facing him as he kissed her forehead, both cheeks and lastly her lips. Usually Miyuki would stop Sayaka but Sayaka this time round snake his hand around her not letting her escape as he continued. “Please don’t make me see you cry or getting mad, I hate it since it would make me look bad.” Miyuki break free of the hug and pulled Sayaka towards their hotel room.

“Miyuki! What’s wrong?”

“I don’t like here!”

“Here? What’s wrong?”

“Yes! I don’t like people seeing us like that.” Miyuki answered as she continued to pull Sayaka. “Then let’s continue in our room, I don’t want to sleep in the couch for tonight. No sensual just cuddling.” Sayaka princess styled carry Miyuki giving her a light kiss and run towards the hotel instead.

“Too fast! Sayaka!”

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Aww Sayaka finally fell for Miyuki's charms, it was time for them to behave as a couple and Sayaka to stop behaving like a fool XD
I wonder what will happen from now on...
Thanks for the update, I will be waiting the next one.

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Chapter 13: Going back to Osaka

“Where are you going?”

“Toilet? I need to bathe.” Miyuki showed Sayaka the toiletries, which he gave a small ball to Miyuki. “Use this, a bathe bomb with Sakura flowers smell. Once the water is ready put this in, then wait for everything to dissolve then take your bathe. “Sayaka explain as he prepared to leave. “Where are you going?”

“There’s gym in the hotel, I go there for a quick exercise there. While you take your time for bathe, I won’t go anywhere, ok?” Miyuki nodded as she entered the toilet while Sayaka make a run for it. Looking at the time, he raced down to the nearest jewellery shop. “Do you have anything to represent a couple?”

“Sir you mean like couples’ rings and necklaces?”

“Y-Yes….something like that.”

“Do you know your girlfriend ring size?”

“Yes, size 7 but we are still schooling so we can’t really wear it.”

“We can provide you with the stainless-steel necklaces to put the ring, any engraving?”

“Yes…. SYMY :heart: 07140919 please make it quick.”

“Sure, half an hour sir please have a seat.” Sayaka pay for the items and took a seat but can’t help feeling anxious about it. He walked around feeling restless finally the items got ready, he raced back into the hotel.”

“Sayaka? I thought gym have shower rooms?”

“Err…..but I didn’t take my clothes so I have to come back to bathe, I go in first.” Sayaka went for a quick shower as he wanted to show the necklaces to Miyuki. “That was fast! Are you sure you shower already?”

“Of course! Now I just want to rest on the bed.” Sayaka climb onto the bed lying down with his arms spreading across the bed, Miyuki lay her head on top of Sayaka’s arm and cuddling him. “Errr…Miyuki I want to give a trust and a promise, so you know how much I love you.” Miyuki looked puzzled but once Sayaka showed her the necklace, she bounced up. “When did you?” Miyuki was looking at the engraving of the ring. “The words…..”

“I love you, if any girls want to take me away, they will have to take this away from me.” Sayaka put on the necklace for Miyuki and letting her put the necklace for him. “Then I will check whether did you remove the necklace every day.”

“Of course but first you owe me my kiss for giving you a great gift.” Sayaka gave up being logical rationale but being a romantic hopeless fool in front of Miyuki. Miyuki jumped onto Sayaka’s lap and pulling him in for a kiss but Sayaka has becoming better in dominating Miyuki when she always sudden attack him. Sayaka had slowly place down Miyuki as they continued kissing, their fingers intertwined with each other Sayaka had turned naughty wanted to taste more of Miyuki. Instead of just short kisses but has changed to French kiss, Sayaka who can’t just only taste Miyuki’s lips but also her hands, face and her neck. He wanted to mark around her neck but thinking how Miyuki would get teased so he went for her collarbone, giving a light bite. “I’m tired.” Sayaka collapsed after their kiss but he didn’t removed himself from Miyuki but cuddling while he felt asleep.

The next day, Sayaka was the first to wake up but he tried to get up but Miyuki was lying on top of his arm, he got her to lie on the pillow. But her arms and legs wrapped around him, he removed them and finally got a chance to get up but heard a voice. “Going anywhere?”

“Not really, you continue to sleep I will pack the bags first.” Sayaka tucked Miyuki in while giving her a kiss on the forehead as he freshen up and started to pack his bag and Miyuki’s bags who have got lot more when she came back with multiple shopping bags. He even went to buy breakfast and had time to do some reading and take his coffee. After some time Miyuki woke up, Sayaka put down his book and went towards her. “Sleepyhead are you awake?”

“I thought you were reading?”

“No! I was just waiting for you to wake up.” Sayaka denied being caught reading, Miyuki found it cute that Sayaka was changing for her. He even put down what he was reading to Miyuki’s side. “Breakfast is ready also.” Sayaka placed the breakfast in front of her and sat across her. “Is there anything on my face?” Sayaka simply smile and shook his head. “I was thinking that why there are guys out there like looking at their girlfriends eating feeling satisfy or like to look at their girlfriend.” Miyuki motioned him to move closer and sneak a kiss on him, but she didn’t know that she had trained him into a wolf. Sayaka immediately got the upper hand and deepen their kiss, even when Miyuki tried to stop him but no avail. “Never sneak attack me again, you know I’m a changed man now. I love kissing my girlfriend especially if she threw herself to me.”

“But not in school right?”

“Perhaps so.”

“Then I will do everything in front of everyone so you can’t do anything to me.” Sayaka don’t even to laugh or cry about Miyuki’s words. Miyuki dragged him towards the station stating they were going to be late. When they reached the school, it was already night-time already. “I need to have a word with the principal while you go back first.” Sayaka gave Miyuki a goodbye kiss while he brought his luggage to the principal.


“I missed my bed~”

“So how was Tokyo?”

“Fine but I got a gift from Sayaka!”

“Eh! Got engraving and it represent both of you how romantic!”

“Maachun and Yui needs to learn how to do surprises like that.”

“I am really very tired now, let me sleep first.”

“Sayaka! You’re back!” Sayaka gave Yui and Maachun a group hug as they saw each other. “So Yamamoto-kun do you want to tell them yourself?” Sayaka nodded as he faced them. “I have thought about it, being student council and everything seems I am handling very well but we do need to hand over everything to the next batch. So I have decided to step down as being a senior member to provide help when they need it, what about you guys?”

“Are you sure? You think Shiroma is ready for it?”

“That’s why I was thinking that both of you to support him like I would support him behind his back.” Maachun and Yui went into deep thinking as they went to return to their rooms. “Sayaka we respect your decision, we decided if this is what you want and as long as we are all in the student council we would support Shiroma. But have you told Miyuki?”

“Not yet…..but she would be tired now, let’s talk about this tomorrow in the assembly.” All of them agreed as they head back to their room to rest, Sayaka could only imagined how much sadness she would feel when he sees her. She could only look at her photo and fell into sleep.

As the next day was the weekly assembly so the whole school must attend it in the morning, so Miyuki forgot to call Sayaka, as she was rushing for time. “Morning Teachers and students today is my first time speaking up in the hall. From today onwards, I would replace Yamamoto Sayaka and would be your new student council president.” The girls hold Miyuki down when she was shocked to hear the news, she tried to look around to find him but couldn’t find and she left the assembly.

“That’s all for today’s assembly thank you.”

“How was my performance?” Once Miru got off the stage Sayaka was there, and he heard his performance. “Not bad for the first time but you will get better next time, better tell Fuuko I didn’t verbal abuse you but praised you.” Miru nodded as he saw Sayaka left. Due to weekly assembly, all students would not have any school on that day. Miyuki went to her room and was sulking, none of them had any idea how to please her. They were hoping Sayaka would come down soon to help, but because of transferring of leadership took some time Sayaka was in the office clearing his stuff and didn’t answer the call.

Once he was done with everything, he saw numerous call and text asking him to come back to the dorm. “What’s wrong? And why are you guys outside my room?” Sayaka was wondering until he tried to open the door. “Who’s inside? And why is it locked?” The guys pulled Sayaka way for a quick talk to tell Sayaka that Miyuki was in the room crying all day, then Sayaka sprint away to get something. “What is wrong with these two?”

Once Sayaka was back with a bag full of treats, he slowly opened his door. “Miyuki~” All of them shuddered as they never heard Sayaka’s voice like that. “What’s wrong? Come on talk to me, hit me or anything.” Sayaka didn’t closed the door when he enters the door so they were all peeking to see how Sayaka is going to handle. “*sniffs* W-Why d-did y-you quit……*crying*”

“It’s not a sudden movement or anything like that, it’s time to hand it over to the juniors to deal with it. I never told you about this, I am feeling the guiltiness now. Stop crying, I bought you some comfort food too see.” Sayaka was caressing Miyuki’s face to wipe off her tears, he never knew Miyuki would cry over this matter and to put the blame on herself. She hopped onto Sayaka to wanting him to comfort herself. “At least on the bright side, I am no longer busy with school but I can spend more time with you.” Miyuki shook her head, Sayaka ran out of ideas suddenly stood up and got Miyuki to sat on the table. “If anyone were to blame you, I will defend for you. No one can put the blame on you or me regarding this.” Sayaka had make sure Miyuki was looking at him talking when he stood up, Miyuki nodded but she still feels the sadness and wants more comfort from Sayaka. She puckered her lips, without any thinking Sayaka captured it. Miyuki being Miyuki had known Sayaka long enough that with some seduction he would not be able to stop himself.

Indeed with Miyuki seductive playing with Sayaka, he went in for a deeper kiss. His hands could not just station at the side, they were roaming around her body. Without thinking he went to unbutton her uniform one by one but stopped when he heard a cough. “Sorry! I think we need head back for sleep.” They all ran away and closing the door. 

“If I never see this today, I never knew Sayaka was that skillful in kissing. Here we are thinking that how innocent their love will be.”

“Seriously? You guys don’t understand Miyuki at all, she can seduce anyone easily.” Maachun and Yui look at each other thinking are they not good-looking to be seduce by Miyuki. “So….you did it on purpose right, you knew they were watching right?”

“No~ But you are the one that cannot control yourself.” Once Miyuki was done with her words, Sayaka scooped her up to his bed. “I am not done though, I am going to taste more of you and I think I am going to like it. This is your punishment for trying to seduce me.” Sayaka had dived into kissing Miyuki more who’s enjoying the punishment Sayaka is giving her. 

*Sorry in advanced if there is anything out of context* :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

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Chapter 14: Jonishi Kei

"What are you doing Milky?" Paruru and Ricchan saw Milky looking at the mirror intensely on her collarbone as she was buttoning up, so they got curious. "Look at this!" Milky showing them the red tiny spots she's been seeing around her collarbone. "These are marks of love from Sayaka-san, don't worry about them since they disappeared after a few days and are called love bites by the way." Milky recalled the happenings from yesterday can't helped but blushed, she quickly dressed up to prepare for school. "Where's Sayaka?"

"Oh...... he's in the classroom now with Kei....." None of the guys looked at Milky, but upon hearing the name Milky got heated up. "Milky wait first let's believe in Sayaka first before we make any conclusion, we all know what kind of person Sayaka is." Paruru and Ricchan stopped Milky from berserking. "I won't do anything unless I see them doing anything intimate." Milky now marching to the classroom with the rest trying to catch up to her. "So what do you have to tell me in the early morning."

"These days you have changed a lot don't you think so?" The gang stood outside the door listening to the conversation, Milky getting worried that Sayaka might dumped her. "Really? That credit would be thanks to Miyuki, I have changed to think that as a student my life shouldn't be surrounded by school only. Why are you so concerned about my life?"

"Sayaka let me be frank with you, she's not suitable with you. She's a tramp or seductress that she can't lived without a man." Upon listening all of them were angry but they saw Sayaka didn't changed any expression upon hearing someone commenting his girlfriend in this way. But they didn't see is that he was clenching his fist on his side. "Are you done with your words? Don't you feel thirsty?" Sayaka closed his book after finished reading and stood up to face Kei. "I don't understand why are you so concerned about this, I'm not pushing all responsibility to others. I can be replaceable any time and nobody stays in the high school forever so there's a need to let the juniors to learn how to take up responsibility."

"One more thing I don't want to address this since this is about my lovelife but seems like you are very curious about this and I should inform you, we have broken up already and Watanabe-san is my girlfriend. Keep your hands off my life!" Sayaka used all his force to hit the table which causes it to split into halves and he walked out of the classroom. "One more thing......if you continue to be like that the one will be a tramp is you, I will go get a new table." Kei was shocked by Sayaka's brute force when she was bad-mouthing Miyuki. "Go get Sayaka you are the only person can get his senses back, we will handle here." Miyuki immediately rushed to the student council room where he may be. Sayaka flopped onto the couch lying down closing his eyes while trying to calm down, he felt another presence soon and decided to see who is there.

"Feeling better?"

"T-Thank you......... you saw that?" As soon as Sayaka sat up Milky jumped next to Sayaka side and cuddled him. "i think Jonishi-san is right about you stepping down." Sayaka looked at Milky in surprised. "Even though you may have planned this for some time but nobody knows except you, to us it is a rash action for us." Sayaka thought about Milky words as he kept quiet. "So don't worry about this, and do what you think is right and good for the school."

"What about you? I may not be able to be with you all the time since I would be occupied by schoolwork, don't come crying to me saying I neglect you."

"As long as you don't do this with other girls I can tolerate." Milky kissed Sayaka who gladly accepted the kiss as he deepens the kiss. "Thank you Miyuki." Milky didn't answered but beaming at him. "Let's go on a date later after school, just the two of us with nobody disturbing us." Miyuki excitedly jumping up and down happily as she hears Sayaka wanting to spend time with her, seeing they are going to be late. Sayaka pulled Miyuki back to the classroom not forgetting to carry the table he's supposed to carry, as everyone starts to pay attention to class but Kei who is determine to break them up kept glancing over to Sayaka and Milky saw that but she had no idea why was she glancing over to Sayaka time to time. Milky tried to hide the fact she was unhappy that Sayaka is getting unnecessary attention from other girls. Once school ends Milky can't even find Sayaka in the classroom as everyone is moving around.


"Kei what do you want from me?" Sayaka could only sighed upon hearing Kei's voice. "I just want to apologized for my rude words this morning if it caused you any unhappiness, you aren't this petty about this right?" Sayaka nodded as he agreed, Milky saw Sayaka and Kei walking out together and tried to get near to know what they were talking. As they were approaching the stairs Kei had suddenly lose her step and was falling Sayaka who saw that tried to catch her before she left ended up pushing kei away and rolled down the stairs and hit his head. 'Sayaka!"

"Get away from my boyfriend!" Maachun and Yui heard Milky's shouting rushed over to see Sayaka unconscious and called for an ambulance. "Milky! the guys called ambulance already, we will inform the teachers and you stayed with Sayaka." When the teachers came along with the medic they immediately took Sayaka away on the stretcher and gave Kei medical attention as she sprained her foot while she fell. The rest of them immediately rushed to the hospital while waiting for the doctor to explain to them about Sayaka.

"Yamamoto-san family?"

"I'm his girlfriend." The doctor begin explaining that Sayaka has incurred a small wound on the back of his head but any further injuries can only wait for him to wake up. Everyone stood beside Sayaka as he slowly waking up and opening his eyes. "W-Where am I?"


"Who are you? Where am I? Maachun? Yui?" The guys looked at each other for a while before trying to understand what Sayaka is saying. "She's your girlfriend Sayaka don't you remember?" Sayaka shook his head in disagreement. "Do you think I don't know who my girlfriend is? Where is Kei?"

"I'm here Sayaka." kei pushed Miyuki away as she caressed Sayaka's face and placing a kiss on his face. "Who is she? Anyone can tell me?"

"She's someone not important, she lost her way I will send her out." Sayaka nodded as he laid back to rest. "Don't worry about Sayaka since I would be taking care of him now, seems like he lost his memory of you. Should we sad or happy?" Milky wanted to rush into the room but was stopped by the rest. "Let's talk to the doctor first and see whether did Sayaka having amnesia." Milky could only nod her head and followed them, which Kei looking smug that Sayaka is back to her side once again.

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Chapter 15: True love can't be forgotten easily

"Yamamoto-san has been discharged already, is there anything I can help?" The doctor-in-charge was surprised to see the gang was there. "We came to clarify some things, Sayaka shouldn't have any major injuries due to the accident right?" The doctor nodded. "But he can't even recognized his girlfriend, could it be due to this accident?" The doctor was lost because of Yui's last sentence. "Yamamoto-san's girlfriend? Isn't she Jonishi-san?" Now the gang was surprised by the doctor's words. "Sensei what do you mean? His current girlfriend is this Watanabe Miyuki-san."

"When I make my rounds previously, Yamamoto-san told me his girlfriend was Jonishi-san and he asked for discharged. I gave him clearance since he was fit for discharge and all his tests were fine, seems like he may have suffered some internal injures from the fall." All of them waited for the doctor to continue. "Seems like Yamamoto-san suffered amneisa but he can remembered things from the past not the recent ones, this is only temporary but we can't tell whether how long will Yamamoto-san recovered from that since it varies for people." All of them left the hospital with a heavy heart upon hearing the news. "Now is all clear Yui and I may have some idea what happened. Sayaka's fall may not be as simple as we think, how can Kei be at his side when he fell and be readily prepared to be at his side. As if she have everything under control."

"Then her next plan will involved you Milky, to get rid of you and be with Sayaka again."

"We will prevent this from happening but Milky you need to try to get Sayaka remember you." Milky weakly nodded as from hearing Sayaka forgetting her was scary but to hear Sayaka would be hanging around Kei is more frightening, all of them quickly rushed back to the school to find Sayaka but Miyuki was stopped by Kei who was at the doorstep of Sayaka's room. "I have nothing to talk to you." Kei snickered at Milky after glancing Sayaka is asleep." I just need you to remove your necklace only, just like how I removed Sayaka." Kei threw their memento of love harshly on the table which Milky wanted to snatch away but Kei snatched back as well as hers, Milky can't help but start to tear up. "Why are you doing this?"

"Why? How can you ask me why? Sayaka is mine even though we broke up, I have ways to make him come back to me but you came in the picture and now he is so in love with you. I can't let this happen so I came with a little plan and true enough I got what I wanted, so now your little love is locked up without Sayaka memories you can't get back with him." Kei simply threw the necklaces into the drawers and left the room laughing leaving Milky weeping, Sayaka who was awaken by the loud noises in his room, was surprised to see Milky in his room crying. "Do you need any help?"

"I-I'm fine......."

"Y-You're not fine, you're crying so sadly how it be fine?" Milky wanted to leave the room to cry but Sayaka was holding her hands and not letting her leave making her no idea how to get out of the room. "Previously we have met in the hospital right?" Milky nodded as Sayaka got her to sat down on one of the chairs. "Do you always act so kind with the other girls? Your girlfriend could be jealous if you do this." Sayaka simply smiled upon hearing it as he went to get Milky a glass of water. "Kei and I are at the brink of breaking up anyway, I don't understand why I'm acting this way to you? When I saw you cry just now I felt myself wanting to cry and to beat myself up. So what's your name?"

"Watanabe Miyuki."

"Watanabe Miyuki......we have met somewhere right?" Sayaka's head was throbbing in pain when he heard Milky's name as he clutches his head Milky who was worried about him, stood up and helped him to massage his temples. Sayaka no idea whether he is feeling under the weather or not but right now he wants Milky to accompany him, his hand as if used to do this started to caress Milky's face. Milky who was stunned when Sayaka does that and ran away. When Milky ran away he saw faint imagines there was someone cuddling with him but he can't remember anything. Sayaka wanted to find Milky who was stopped by Kei as she was entering. "Where are you going Sayaka? Is time for your medication."

"I felt stuffy and wanted to go for a breather."

"You just got discharged so is better for you to rest for today first." Sayaka doesn't understand why he felt disgusted by Kei's kindness and wanted to run away. "You're can head back first since I would be sleeping once I take my medicine." Sayaka pushes Kei out afterwards which he came to a conclusion, he wants to see Milky now. Without any thinking Sayaka as if he knows where Milky could be and rushed down. "Sayaka tried to kiss you and you ran away?"

"I was scared so I ran away."

"But at least we know that Sayaka have lost his memories but not his feelings, we still have chances to get Sayaka back." Milky looked at Yui full of hope until she heard a knock on the door. "Sayaka?" Everyone was surprised that Sayaka knew where they were. "I want to talk to Watanabe-san." Hearing Sayaka called her this name had made Milky remember he used to called her that. "Sure.......let's go then." Milky followed Sayaka to his room and sat down back the same chair she sat previously. "What is the thing you wanted to say?"

"R-Right......I'm sorry for startling you just now, I didn't know why I was acting this way." Milky who wanted to find out whether Sayaka who lost his memories still have the same feelings as her decided to bait him, she stood up and shushed him started to wrapped her arms around him. Sayaka now who was stunned by Milky's actions stoned for a while as Milky's hands starts to retreat Sayaka scooped her up onto the table. "You know the table is for studying right?"

"I what?"

"Your girlfriend is going to get angry if she finds out." Sayaka simply smiled at Milky as his hands naughtily wandered around Milky's body and they passionately kissing each other. Sayaka who's sanity had been lost in their passionate acts, all he was thinking was to pleasure Milky who is now enjoying all the attention she is receiving. Tired of sitting on the table Milky pushed Sayaka down on the bed as they continued, quickly Sayaka had dominate Milky once again as he was on top of Milky and doing naughty things on her. Soon they fell asleep on each others' arms, the rest who was curious about what happened peeped into the room to see both were messily dressed and knew what happened. "With this we can confirm Sayaka's body and mind hasn't forgotten Milky but the real trick question is how to get Sayaka to remember Milky."

"What are you guys doing here?"

"This the same question we can ask you too Jonishi." The moment Milky came out of Sayaka's room buttoning her shirt Kei burst into anger. "What were you doing in there?" Even though Kei knows but she still doesn't give up. "For the record, I'm his girlfriend and what can we do in the bedroom?" Milky snickered at Kei as she stomped away. "So he's asleep?" Milky blushed for a while as she nodded. "Amnesia or not Sayaka still can't forget about you or your body but is a good start since Jonishi knows about this we can safely say we can get Sayaka back soon. Sayaka who was once again woke up by noises first to find Milky has left the room and was smiling by himself, as he was rubbing his neck he could swear he was wearing the necklaces. He started to ransack his room and after some time he found two necklaces of the same kind in his drawer and took a look inside, as soon he saw the initials his head starting to throb in pain as he starts to remember the memories  with Milky. He also remember how he fell but he decided to keep quiet first as he knows how to get back at Kei who made him let Milky cry.

"Yamamoto! What brings you here? I heard you have hurt yourself."

"Thanks for the concern but I want to seek approval to use the assembly area." The principal started laughing and Sayaka was startled by him. "You finally understand the feelings of young love but why you need the hallroom?"

"To tell the whole school about how I feel." Principal gave his approval which Sayaka immediately get into action in preparing his event and not forgetting to get hold of evidence of Kei harming others. "Anybody saw Sayaka? He isn't in his room." Milky suddenly think that Sayaka who lost his memories maybe just interested in her body. "Don't think too negative about it, we are sure Sayaka will remember you. Tomorrow we have a day off after the assembly then we can get Sayaka to go on a date with you." Ricchan who was cheering Milky up wasn't too sure whether is she right but could only prayed that Sayaka remember everything.

The next day everyone was seated in the assembly area then all doors were shut which surprised everyone, Miru and Fuuko didn't know what to expect was silently watchin the stage where Sayaka told them he needed no help from them, which then Sayaka walked up to the stage. "Greeting everyone, I'm sure everyone was surprised why there's was an assembly. There's two agenda I wanted to address and the first I want everyone to look at the video. Sayaka managed to find a cctv captured Kei pushed him down the stairs which Kei was so stunned that she stood up. "Jonishi Kei........are you this surprised to see this? Pushing down people the stairs you could kill someone! This is unforgiving and the teachers are investigating this matter so don't think you can run away."

"But thanks to you I can address the second issue now. Watanabe Miyuki!!!" With Sayaka sudden outburst Milky had no idea what to do. "I haven't been a good boyfriend lately.......I really like you a lot and no matter what other says to me you're my no.1 choice.  Forgive me." Sayaka suddenly brought out a bouquet of 999 sakura flowers and kneel down, everyone was woohooing which Milky on the other hand was so embarrassed pulled him out. "What are you doing?"

"Confessing my love why?"

"Just because we make out hours ago does not mean anything." Sayaka placed down the flowers and started to laugh at Milky's words. "Do you really think a make out session can make me confess like that. This isn't like you Watanabe-san, you seems to be the one who has hurt his head rather I am." Milky watched all Sayaka's movement and she was sure the old Sayaka is back. "W-Wait a minute! Maybe I'm wrong but you regained all your memories?"

"Too slow aren't you? Here I thought of been romantic to you for once and you spoiled it my lady."

"I didn't know about this! When did you gained back the memories?" Sayaka didn't say anything but started kissing Milky instead. "Let's go go for our long waited date and I tell you everything."
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Chapter 16: First Date

"So both of you are going out now?" Maachun and Yui seeing SayaMilky in their casual clothes and preparing to leave. "But Sayaka surprisingly is wearing some decent clothes for a date, since it's usually a suit." Maachun got a gkare from Sayaka when it's about his fashion. "I had to change his clothes since he nearly wore like a elementary kid to go out with me, he has no fashion sense at all." Sayaka can't even rebut on what Milky has said and let her continued, but she had pulled him away before they dragged them on. "Where are we going for now?"

"Let's do something i always want to try~ there's a video rental shop nearby, let's take a look!" Sayaka had no idea why Milky wanted to go on a video rental shop since they could just catch a movie in the theatres than watching some old movies in the rental shop. "Let's watch this~" Surprisingly Milky chose an English movie which Sayaka thought she wanted to learn english and thought it was a nice choice. But soon he had regret his choice of coming here with Milky. "M-Miyuki........did you choose this movie knowing the contents of the movie?"

"Yup! Isn't this a good movie where you learn english and we can cuddle together while watching the movie?"

"This is your favourite pastime?" Milky nodded while her eyes never left the movie, Sayaka on the other hand started to feel his throat getting dry and feeling restless whenever the main leads are kissing, he tried to retract his hand away and to adjust his position. Milky who felt his movement and moved towards him, then Sayaka started to move to sit further away from Milky. "Where are you going Sayaka?" Sayaka who got caught in his act of moving away from Milky was starting to sweat. "It must be uncomfortable for the both of us to sit like that so I'm trying to be more comfortable here." Milky didn't say anything but letting Sayaka do whatever he wishes, Sayaka knows this is one of Milky's ways to show that she's upset. "Are you feeling upset?"

"No....why would I feel upset?"

"You are definitely feeling it because I'm trying to create space between us?" Milky still didn't said anything and her eyes were looking at the screen. "'s just that we hardly have any time alone together like that and it's awkward for me so i acted this way......" Milky didn't said anything but bit his arm. "Are you a dog?! It hurts like hell!" Sayaka was rubbing his sore arm and didn't realized he was hurting Milky through his actions, by the time he saw Milky shedding tears she had scoot over to the other side of the couch. "W-Why are you crying? I-I-I-I-I didn't know....."

"Sayaka.......all this of you liking me is fake right? You just wanted someone to accompany you that's why you asked me to be your girlfriend right?"

"W-What are you saying?! I really like you that's why I wanted you to be my girlfriend, I'm not that pathetic in need of girlfriend to ask you to be my girlfriend. It's just that the atmosphere her with the movie and just the two of us here, all sorts of naughty ideas are hitting me real hard. I feel like wanting to do all the shameful play with you but it would make me like a pervert, this is not I want when I'm spending my time with you." Just nice the movie were showing people were making out, which makes Sayaka gulp further. "You're my boyfriend! I want to do all sorts of things with you, can't you just be truthful to me? If you don't like me to cuddle me just tell me you're uncomfortable, I don't like you trying to be nice to me and pushing me away which makes me feel worse even more!" Sayaka never knew his kindness is always hurting Milky everytime, his actions acts faster than his thinking. He got Milky to sit on his legs while facing him. "I don't want to act like a pervert when I'm with you........but with our makes me want to have more and it makes me want to kiss you even more. What should I do?"

"You're my boyfriend what's wrong being perverted with me? Why do you think we're are here pure to watch movie?" Sayaka upon hearing those words and it totally broke his last sanity to not do naughty things with Milky. Sayaka who didn't immediately dived in to kiss Milky but starting to pamper Milky fingers with kisses, which Milky starts to feel butterflies in her stomach. Sayaka saw Milky was starting to feel restless but continue to linger kisses in other places like her forearms and elbows which slowly to her neck and collarbone. "S-Stop p-playing with me........" Sayaka simply smiled at Milky as he placed her on the couch once again as he starts to continue lingering kisses on her neck while his hands were exploring her body, which Milky starts to feel breathless and she was starting to blush. It wasn't like the other times when they were making out as if Sayaka was trying to stimulate her.

Milky wanted to push Sayaka's hands away but she was losing her strength as he suddenly was kissing her and both his hands were roaming her sensitive areas, even when Milky was hitting him Sayaka didn't moved at all and continued his way. "Let me please you and make you comfortable Miyuki~" Milky knew she had let out a perverted wolf within Sayaka and gave up struggling to let him have his way, but with all the stimulation making her feeling restless. After some time they left the video rental shop hand in hand which Milky was beaming with a big smile and Sayaka was red in embarrassment seeing his works on Milky's body. "W-Where should we go next?"

"Let's do something you like also!"

"Something I like?" Sayaka immediately thought was another make out session but the truth was a book cafe, Sayaka now scratching his neck in embarrassment because of his dirty thoughts. "You were thinking dirty things right?" Sayaka widen his eyes when hearing Milky said it and thought how she could read his mind as she came back with two cups of coffee. "Your face answers all my question already, but I'm tired already. We can continue this later?" Sayaka now pretends to read his book upon hearing what Milky said as he tired not to think of it, Sayaka this time was holding hands with Milky while reading so she doesn't feel left out. Milky who appreciates this small gestures as she cuddles his arm and her head lean against it as she play her games in the phone. Sayaka who was grateful to Milky giving him such a time to do this when he hardly gets it done in school, the next moment a figure standing in front of them had Sayaka dropped his book. "Long time no see Sayaka......"

"Rena?! Should you be in Nagoya? What a surprise....." Sayaka was so surprise that he unknowingly let go of Milky and stood up. "I came with someone else for a coffee break, mind if we join?"

"Not at all! Let me buy you a drink too!" Milky started to feel jealous because of one women that Sayaka wasn't awkward with. "Sayaka is this your girlfriend?" Sayaka sheepishly nodded his head as he was questioned. "Milky this is Matsui Rena and she's my fiancée." Upone hearing this Milky banged the table which got the customers in the cafe to look at them, Sayaka then got her to sit back down again. "Maybe is too much for us to leave you no details of our engagement."

"Yamamoto Sayaka! You have a fiancee and how could you lie to me and make me fall in love with you?!"

"Miyuki can you listen to us for a while first before making a conclusion? Rena and I are not getting marry at all even with our engagement." Milky now is confused about Sayaka's words. "Maybe let me explain to you Watanabe-san, Sayaka and I are engaged but is due to our parents' wishes. We aren't going through this marriage together as I have a boyfriend already and he's on his way here, Sayaka and I have decided to persuade our parents to dissolve the engagement and for it to happen he would need a girlfriend that would please his parents."

"I didn't want to get you involved in this because I wasn't sure whether are our feelings in the same page, since we started dating not long. But I can tell you that I definitely have no romantic feelings with Rena, if there is and it only can be you." Seeing Sayaka's determined face and Rena explaining, Milky starting to trust them on this. "Rena-chan!" A guy came in running and starting to snuggle with Rena. "You! You are going to steal Rena-chan from me right?"

"Jurina! Sayaka has a girlfriend now, is this Watanabe-san!"

"She's so would she date this boring guy?" This time Sayaka was protecting Milky from Jurina's advanced. "We seems to have interrupted your date, let's meet up together Sayaka. Jurina and I have something important to tell you tomorrow in your school." Rena then dragged Jurina out when he's about to take a photo with Milky. "I'm tired already....." Sayaka leaned against the chair he was sitting and trying to get drunk by his coffee. "Who's that guy?"

"Matsui Jurina the student president of Sakae branch and Rena's boyfriend."

" spoil our date, I didn't know this would happen." Milky didn't blamed Sayaka at all since she wasn't telling Sayaka all the secrets she holding too. "Everyone has a secret that they refused to tell so don't worry, tomorrow you have a long day so let's head back to rest." Milky on the other hand comforts Sayaka about their disturb date as they head back. "I'll see you tomorrow." Milky puckered her lips since it was night time and everyone was in the dorm,  Sayaka looked around before capturing her lips. "S-See you tomorrow......"

"I could die because of this if we do this do this everyday......."

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Chapter 17: Wmatsui

"Today has no meeting?" Yui and Macchun who was joining their girlfriends after school usually has duties, but today they seems to be very free. "Sayaka decided to free us up since there's a very special person he's meeting now." Through Maachun's explanation, they understood why the guys seems so free. "Milky-chan!"

"Jurina? Why are you here?"

"Rena-chan and your boyfriend Sayaka is now talking privately, since Rena-chan afraid I won't express it well." Milky was surprised by the entrance of Jurina as he came in and approached Milky with the skinship, where Maachun and Yui starting to peel him off her. "Don't worry I would never do anything to let down Rena-chan, plus if I done anything Sayaka would kill me since before I came he already warned me." Seeing Jurina sitting down as if he was the owner of the place had ticked off both Yui and Maachun.

"So........what's the matter Rena?" Sayaka had send off everybody since Rena wasn't comfortable talking with the presence of outsiders but Rena still sat down in silence looking at her tea, Sayaka went to fetch her a fresh cup as her tea turned cold. "It got to do with Jurina right?"


"Maybe when you're more comfortable talking to me then we can talk about it Rena." Rena held onto Sayaka to prevent him from leaving as she begin to talk. "My parents knew about Jurina........they wanted me to break up with him as they think he was unfit to become my boyfriend since they thought him as someone who was not serious in things."

"Looking at him for first impression, I can understand your parents for saying this."

"They warned me if I continue to keep this up, they will hurriedly marry me off to you. The engagement papers that our parents signed I brought it with me along." Sayaka was shocked that Rena was doing this to get out of the engagement, seeing the two original copies of the papers with her Sayaka who wanted to get out of it agreeable to help her. "Is this the only reason why you came here? There seems to have another reason why you came."

"Is about the school alliance, he knows that Tokyo and Osaka had joined forces and wants to join. But the school committee thinks without the alliance they can survived alone." Sayaka knows about the rejection that Sakae branch had gave a year ago and thought it because the president wasn't interested, but now is the rest of the school is against it. "Don't worry about it, these two matters solving it is very easy."

"What do you mean by easy?"

"Let's find Jurina first shall we? I'm afraid what he will do if we are alone for so long." Both of them left the student council as they walked towards the dorm as Jurina might be there as the only person he knows is Milky, and true enough he was there chitchatting with the girls while the guys were glaring at him. "Jurina!"

"Rena-chan!" Upon hearing Rena's voice, Jurina quickly ran towards her like a trained puppy. "So what have you girls have done with Jurina?" Sayaka now sitting down beside Milky, the seat previously Jurina was sitting down. "So what you guys talk about?" Milky who was cuddling Sayaka asked about. "That's why we are here, it's time for some tea break. I know a good place let's go." Sayaka pulled Milky away as Rena and Jurina follows them. "Sayaka!! We are here!" As the four of them arrives at the cafe, Yuu was shouting to get their attention which Takamina had to put a hand over her mouth to shut her up. "Stop disgracing us can you? This must be Jurina and Rena."

"This is?"

"Oh......I'm Takahashi Minami aka Takamina and this is Oshima Yuu or you can call him Yuu. We are from the Tokyo branch and since there seems to be some issue so Sayaka had asked us to come over to discuss about it." Upon hearing this both Jurina and Rena nodded their head. "About the school alliance because Jurina is now the school president and that's why we need to address this with the presence of you." Now Jurina seriously looking at Takamina and Yuu since it's a topic he was trying to avoid as everyone told him not to join the alliance. "From what we gathered from Sayaka and Rena, we want to address this matter that joining alliance seems to be something extra. But this alliance where we make important decision together like we have monthly meetings to talk about the happenings in the school on how to improve them, we usually don't make any decisions for other schools but we discuss to come up with solutions together."

"Plus it would be fun right? Meeting different people from other schools to help you grow, plus we go trips together often."

"Stop lying Yuu, the last time we went is because you wanted to go and dragged us along." Takamina and Sayaka hit on Yuu's head which the latter rubbing on the sore part. "Rena-chan what do you think?" Jurina looked at Rena who didn't speak up at all. "I think it would great to join since we get help when we need it, especially we are stuck and they could provide ideas to help us too." Jurina which then decided to join the alliance with Rena who also thinks is a great idea to join, Takamina brought out the agreement for Jurina to sign which one matter has been settled. "For the next matter which I think Sayaka is the only one that can settled it for you."

"I know that's why I wanted to suggest for a trip down to Nagoya, which we could have fun and to break this engagement matter too." Sayaka verbalised his thoughts while looking at Milky. "So it's settle, we will discuss about the dates later and maybe Sayaka you might have to be there first since this engagement thing might be able to settle as easy as we see." Sayaka nodded in agreement as all of them left the cafe to head back to their own school. "Are you sure you want to break this engagement? You and Rena seems to in sync everytime you guys talk."

"That's the reason why we want to break this engagement, we are friends and we have no romantic feelings with each other. Even if w got married, there are chances that we will cheat on each other but with you I don't want to cheat." Milky now wondering the reason of him unable to cheat. "'s you that I love, if there was an end to it I would want it to be infinity."

"Me too~"

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