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Author Topic: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Five 9/26  (Read 11556 times)

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Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Four 9/15
« Reply #20 on: September 15, 2011, 08:50:27 AM »
Wellllll.. Now is my turn: my head hurts and I definitely have no idea what is going on!! Lol

Anyway, welcome backkkkk :deco: :deco:

Ok, guessing time: is Takamina's fiance Mocchi?? If so, I'm gonna laught myself to dead  :rofl:  :rofl:

I need to read it again and save my spot here (in advance) LMAO

It's good to have you back.  :deco:

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Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Four 9/15
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Thing become more and more interesting

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Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Four 9/15
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SAVED. Will edit later.

Damn, I would be lying if I said my head didn't hurt by the end of this. Sh*t just got confusing. XD

Back to detective work.

Coffee Shop -> Maeda law firm:
-For now, Taka sees Atsuko as the complete opposite of what she really is... :rofl:
-Those family investigators finally caught up and have kidnapped WMinami after Yuko escaped/ditched them for her make-believe-perfume-gf (aka Haruna). lol.
-They end up at Mariko's law firm w/ some explaining to do.

At the Race Track:
-Turns out that Chiyuu AND Mariko had attended the wedding that never happened.
-Takamina's fiancee is an actress. Tomochin said coworker so I assume Chiyuu's an actress too? She said it was work-related so...(or I could be interpreting Chiyuu's profession wrong, and she's just another business relation like Mariko is? lol).
-Will Atsuko finally run into Taka soon (as she's finally heading over to Mariko, right)?

Back at Maeda law firm:
-Mariko is Miichan's lawyer (maybe TakaMii's family lawyer in general...but then again this is Taka's first time meeting her).
-NO MARRIAGE = NO INHERITANCE. Let's see how important that inheritance really is though, me thinks Taka is already feeling Love>Money w/ the whole Atsuko thing.

Dept. Store/Perfume section:
-Takamina's fiancee (Name: ???) is definitely actress/celeb material from her presence.
-She goes to visit Haruna...her "best work friend" who is currently making her living as a perfume saleslady. Sounds like s/t happened in the past and Taka's fiancee is taking the place for w/e Haruna did? And by "best work friend", maybe Haruna was an actress too at some point? OR she still is and she's just playing perfume lady as real life practice for her "character" in some script... /O_O\
-Haruna spots Yuko coming so she makes distance...WHY.
-Yuko spots Taka's fiancee (to the latter's surprise that Yuko knows Haruna)--there's some ex work rivalry between them so I guess Yuko's an actress too? *(So many actresses that I'm starting to get paranoid that this is all wrong and there's only 1 actress and that is Taka's fiancee). /O____o\

I...I just don't know. I barfed up whatever my brain was coming up with. :nervous

Are you incorporating Ray (dark hair, shades) into this web? B/c I can't think of any other AKB member that fits that part yet that doesn't already have a role...

But this is getting juicy. Your web is being woven quite well so far.

There's definitely more to Haruna than meets the eye. It'd be pretty funny if it was her that was actually supposed to marry Taka at some point.

Thanks for the update. :twothumbs ...I may have confused your readers even more if they are reading this comment...
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Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Four 9/15
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I thought the other woman was Ray but then I thought that didn't make sense so I guessed Mocchi, now I don't know but how does Yuko play into this since she knows this mysterious woman?

Will wait for future updates~!

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Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Five 9/26
« Reply #24 on: September 26, 2011, 01:52:29 PM »

Lalala... I'm just gonna leave this here.

Thank you for reading! Replies to come soon <3

Chapter Five

Maeda Law Firm

Miichan and I looked at each other, frowning slightly at the distressing yet expected threat.
There wasn’t much I could say really. Expected because it’s my father’s money and he can do with it what he damn well pleases. And distressing
because… money is money but everyone knows you’re kind of screwed without it.

That being my honest belief I think I surprised even myself with the next statement, cool as it was, to come out of my mouth.

“There’s more to life than money.”

Miichan and Mariko-sama turned their gazes towards me.

 Surprisingly it seemed that both of them had smirks on their faces as if they were both thinking they had the upper hand.

“You’d be surprised how much of it you need to hold on to love,” Mariko-sama delivered easily.

I saw as Miichan’s smirk dropped immediately while Mariko-sama’s held stable.

Oops. Sorry Miichan looks like we lost.

Before I could morph my face into an apology my cousin took the opportunity to make me wonder just why anyone would ever believe he was actually an adult.

“I think we’ve had enough of this you… you… lawyer fiend!,” he shouted while pointing at Mariko-sama accusingly. “Minami just run I’ll hold her back!
It’ll be easy, she’s old!”

Against my better (and less retarded) judgement… I did as she told me.

“I am not that old!,” I heard Mariko-sama say. “Guards! A midget is running your way stop her!”

Please don’t ask me why I ran, it’s not like I have any idea… nor did I have the brain space to think about it either. People were chasing after me and my legs are kind of short.

I did however manage to catch Miichan’s rather solid bid at helping me out over the office-wide intercom.

“Uh uh… No I’ve changed my mind, don’t stop her. Let her run free! Free as a bird!”

“Yes ma’am,” the guards radioed back before Mariko-sama could berate them.

“Can’t you tell my voice apart from this idiot’s? So stupid!,” she demanded to know as I dodged yet another pile-of-paper carrying assistant. “I’ll give you a hint, mine is the angrier one! Stop that midget!”

“Yes ma’am!,” I heard again as footsteps resumed behind me.

“No! It’s the more the charming and less crazy sounding voice! Let her run!”

“Uh… yes ma’am?”

“I’m going to fire you all!”


Thanks to all the Miichan induced confusion, I was just about to successfully outrun the strangely plentiful guards posted in the law firm when five more materialized in front of the final doorway before me.

Come on life! What was I supposed to do, jump over them?! I would probably have trouble jumping over them if they were all sitting down!

With nowhere to go since the chasers had caught up and the materialized randoms still standing in front of me, I was quite literally surrounded.

You know, I’ve got to tell you, there are moments in life when you figure out what you’re made of.

To be honest I really hope that that wasn’t one of mine because I pretty much just stood there, really stressed out and began freaking silently in my head.

But maybe… I’m not really sure but … maybe that was an important moment for someone else.

Suddenly a roaring metal beast stopped directly in front of me, tires screaming as they came to a stop.

Even as the scent of burning rubber hit my nostrils and even with the rather big group of large, armed men surrounding me all I could see was that figure draped over a jet black motorbike.

“Move!,” she growled at them with authority.

That was honestly surprising enough but what got me more was… the fact that the did.

Seeing me in the middle of the parting sea of guard guys, the rider merely cocked their head towards the back of the bike and extended a black gloved hand towards me.

 Well now, I wonder if there was a better time to arrive as a knight in shining armour.

I was pleased with the way the guards reacted to me, I wonder if they recognized who I was. No matter, that was a pretty sexy growl if I do say so myself.

But I can’t believe that sister of mine. Really? Did she really need to send out ALL the guards?

Look at my poor cutie standing there all flustered. Actually… I kind of like that look. Meh, I’ll thank Mariko-neechan later.

Time to get the girl on the bike now… and off later.

I felt her hesitate for a moment as she stared at my hand. Oho, is that you playing hard to get?

I smiled behind my darkened helmet as I leaned a little off my bike to extend my arm just that little bit further.

“It’s pretty easy actually. All you have to do is trust me,” I said to her.

She did.

And we were off.


Race Track

“Could you please stop leaping off things! It doesn’t impress me!,” Tomo said as she stood in her usual pose reserved for ‘being around Tomomi’ moments.

“What makes you think I’m trying to impress you?,” the younger girl asked with a barely hidden smirk coating her words.

She stopped what she considered light exercise and sauntered slowly over to the blushing girl.

“What? I… I don’t think that!”

“Really? Then what would you say if I told you that I was?”

“Nothing! Because I don’t care what you do. Alright? Go ahead and do dangerous things for no reason. I don’t care!”

Tomochin huffed and cursed her slightly pink face for being so honest.

‘At least I can still speak,’ she thought with annoyance. ‘What good are my fangs if I can’t use them… damn this girl why does she make me so flustered?’

“I have to do something with myself you know,” Tomomi said as if in answer.

Tomochin’s eyes widened and her cheeks coloured just that little bit more.

“W-what? You heard that?”

“Heard what? I just mean that it’s been a while since our last movie ended. I have to stay skilled. It’s the only thing that keeps me safe.”

“I don’t know why you would choose to go into such a dangerous profession. Why couldn’t you just have gone into acting?,” Tomochin said, trying not to couple that statement with a sigh of relief. ‘I actually though she heard me,’ she added in her head. ‘It’s not like you’re not good looking enough.’

“You sound like you’re worried about me,” Tomomi replied with a pleased smile.

“Of course I’m not! I just – I just think you’re taking the spot of a less good looking but more capable stunt person.”

“So you think I’m good looking?”

 “You know I really don’t like how this conversation has gone at all. In fact I think I’ll leave now.”

Tomochin felt the wordplay battle slipping away from her and turned on her heel with a huff. She was about to continue huffing all the way home, and
would have if she didn’t feel that touch.

Suddenly Tomomi was upon her, hand laying gently on her arm.

“Don’t leave,” she said softly.

Tomochin looked at the other girl, eyes cast to the floor as if she was truly apologetic.

“Don’t touch me so easily…. Baka,” Tomochin said even as she stopped her walking immediately and took a seat on one of the nearby benches.

“You’re right you know. Maybe we should stop postponing the inevitable and just get into the serious things,” Tomomi said as she took a seat next to her.

“I’m still not going out with you. No matter what Acchan says, I don’t think we match that well at all,” Tomochin said noting the fact that Tomomi sat close but not too close to touch.

She frowned at herself. ‘Am I noticing that because I want her to be touching me right now? This world has gone crazy. Where’s Acchan… leaving me here with no one to blame. Such an Acchan thing to do!’

“As much as I’d love to continue arguing that point, since it does hold a place in my heart, it’s someone else’s we should be worried about right now,” Tomomi replied with a wry smile.

“You’re not talking about Acchan are you? With that rich girl? Who says they’re in love?”

“I have a feeling. Those two… will understand each other. They’re pieces of the same puzzle.”

“You’re probably wrong.”

“I might be wrong. But if I’m right, getting closer isn’t going to help them. They’ll just make each others problems worse.”

“You sound like you’ve thought about this,” Tomochin observed aloud.

“Hey I’m not just a pretty face you know.”

“Well that just isn’t fair.”

“So you do think I have a pretty face?”

“Just shut up!”

“Listen, just because Atsuko seems especially determined to win the girl this time doesn’t mean things will go smoothly for them. There are too many complications to count. It might even be better to help her give up.”

“Is that what you’re going to do? Help her give up something you think she wants so badly?”


“Even though it’s best for her?”

“That’s right.”

“Why? Because you’re an idiot?”

“Because I’m her best friend.”

“To me you’re still mostly an idiot. But to her, that's exactly what you are.”


Maeda Law Firm

It seems that due to their intercom wrestle, two very respectable young people somehow ended up tangled atop an expensive desk in one of the country’s best law firms. Regardless of whether a reason still existed or not… neither wanted to give up the win.

 “Are you planning on getting off me anytime soon?,” Mariko-sama asked with a frown.

 “You’re the one that’s on me! You get off!”

“What are you talking about? You’re obviously the one that’s on top of me! Are you really trying to argue this stupid fact with a LAWYER?”

“If you were such a good lawyer you wouldn’t need to be screaming at me right now!”

“Sometimes, there’s only one way to get through to an idiot like you!”

“You’re the idiot! The OLD idiot!”

“What are you doing still on top of me?”

“It is you who is on top of me!”

Moments later, their great intellectual battle was interrupted by the ringing of a cell phone.

Miichan frowned as his ringtone reached his ears.

“Dammit,” he sighed as picking up the phone would result on him relinquishing his reach for the intercom.

“Aren’t you gonna get that?,” Mariko-sama asked him.

“Umm maybe I could if you weren’t on top of me.”

“You’re on top of me!”

“I don’t think that’s true.”

“Your phone is still ringing.”

“I can’t get it right now alright?!”

“Alright. I’ll get it then,” Mariko replied as she reached into his pocket for the vibrating object.

“Hey… what? Don’t touch me there!”

“Hello?,” Mariko-sama said sweetly into the phone as Miichan’s cheeks turned bright.

“Miichan?,” the other line asked cheerfully. “Why do you sound like a girl? It’s Yuko! I left you earlier when you and Takamina were having weird issues
with some guys?”

Miichan sighed, annoyed that he couldn’t even break out into his ‘Oh Yuko’ pose due to certain entanglements with certain older people…

“Anyway I just wanted to call and tell you that I’m gonna go for it! In exactly one minute… give or take because I don’t know how long this phone call is
going to take… I’m going to march over to my perfume girl and officially make her my girlfriend! Well ok not officially because…”

“Does your friend ever stop talking?”

“No… she’s kind of like you in that respect.”

“Because I’m pretty sure I should date her a little bit first before I ask her to marry me. I mean date me. Wait, was I talking about her being my

“She’s messing up the order of events in her head.”

“I don’t even think she remembers that she’s still on the phone right now.”

“You want me to tell her something for you?”

“Yeah just tell her not to get arrested.”

“Miichan are you still there? Well if you are I hope you were listening because this is a very important moment in our lives ok? I’m gonna go and ask my
perfume girl if she wants to sleep with me. That’s all bye!”

“Wait wait wait!,” Miichan shouted.

“Geez Miichan, now you say something,” the squirrel huffed.

“Tell her! Tell her not to get arrested!,” Miichan continued.

“I don’t think telling her that is going to allow her to avoid the inevitable.”

“Just tell her!”

“Fine what’s her name?”

“Yuko. Oshima Yuko.”

“And this perfume girl…”

“I don’t know her. Just some girl that’s working at that famous department store.”

Suddenly Mariko-sama brought the phone deftly to her mouth before speaking some seemingly sincere words.

“Good luck, Oshima Yuko,” she said before immediately hanging up.

Miichan sighed, not even bothering to question her actions.

“Whatever. But if she gets arrested I’m totally calling your ass to defend her.”

“Speaking of my ass, you  should really get off me now it’s getting numb.”

“Tch, acting as if you didn’t like it.”

“Get out of my office.”

“Gladly! You’re the one that kidnapped me by the way.”

“I kidnapped your cousin.”

“And I helped her escape,” Miichan said proudly as he finally lifted himself off the desk and pretended to dust off.

Mariko scoffed as she hopped off and did the same.

“Did you not hear the ridiculous motorcycle noises outside earlier?”

“What about it?”

“You still think you helped your cousin escape? You did no such thing. Idiot.”

“You’re the idiot!”

“Get out of my office!”


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Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Five 9/26
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 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Mariko-sama and miichan's squabble are so freaking hilarious!!!!
Tomochin still tsundere :P

and Atsumina!!!! are they going to elope :P jokes... i wish they are :lol:

very nice chapter!!!

update soon

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Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Five 9/26
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Badass Acchan ;D. LOL. Now they've met! Woohoo! I wonder if Takamina will go all flustered once she learns that it's her beloved Acchan who saved her. Looks like Acchan asked Mariko-sama to kidnap Takamina for her LOLOLOLOLOLOL.
Like I’m the most calm... Like, it must definitely be because, Like when we enter, I’ll be hurrying. But Because Junjun is older, I can calm down? I don’t really know, Like I just absolutely want her there beside me. Whenever we go abroad, if Junjun is absolutely not beside me, I absolutely won’t go. Something like that. -- Tanaka Reina about Junjun.

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Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Five 9/26
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This is getting interesting with Acchan being the badass one, with Tomochin and Mariko as her sisters.

Plus the forever posing of Acchan, Mariko and Chiyuu!!! HAHA I can just imagine them posing whenever they stop moving.  :twothumbs

I wonder where Acchan is going to take Takamina.... and MariMii moments are always so  :heart: and funny  XD

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Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Five 9/26
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Tomotomo!!!! <3
LOL Marimii, thay are lucky that nobody get in the room when they were in that position

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Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Five 9/26
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I know MariMii is mostly entirely a fanfiction pairing, but damn do I LOVE THEM! Glorious. :rofl:

And Yuko. Please. SLOW DOWN YOU INSATIABLE LOVE-STRUCK BEAST (but DO go for it). :thumbup

TomoTomo~ ahhh "stunt person", why didn't I think of that option! Of course that makes sense!! :doh:

AtsuMina~ what are you guys going to do now~~? :deco:

Looking forward to more. :thumbsup
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Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Five 9/26
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excited to read this story!! can't wait for  acchan to talk to takamina  :deco:

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