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Title: Unknown [Gone] Ch.14 22/05/2012
Post by: Sok on November 20, 2011, 10:00:55 PM
Hey guys. I was working on "The Deal" XD but ending up writing a new different fanfic. :hiakhiakhiak:

Hope you like it. :on woohoo:

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Chapter 1

In life there are hardships.  The fact or emotions that are left after those hardships show how well one handled them.  During those hardships some people may believe that everything will be fine and that worse things will not occur.  They just act like nothing is happening, but when that attitude becomes a problem the only way to resolve it is to face it and try to find the better side of it.
My best friend’s only family, her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, through the whole process my family and I were there to support her. And throughout that she still kept her light hearted attitude toward everything and smiled. She never showed her sadness or worried. I was with her when she finally broke down.
We were in the waiting room waiting to signing in when the doctors had come towards us and notified her about her grandmother’s passing. She held it in until we had reached her apartment, once in she dropped to the floor and started crying and screaming. I dropped down next to her and hugged her; I wanted her to know that I’m here for her. I heard her choke on a sob I quickly tighten my hug on her. We were like that until she had finally calmed down. She told me that she would be alright.
It’s been a week since her grandmother’s death and also since I last heard or saw her. My family and our friends and I are attending the funeral. I turn and see her standing with a picture of her grandmother in hands. She has red swollen eyes, seems she been crying nonstop. But there’s something different about her, I don’t know what exactly changed but I can feel it. When she no longer had the attend to greeting everyone I approached her. I was about to call out to her when one of her male friends came and stood in my way. “Hey, um do you wanna go on a date with me sexy?” “ugh, NO! Can you not see we’re at a funeral and not at a club?” What a jerk can he sense the feelings in this place? UGH! “Oh? So if we go to a club then you’ll accept?!” “N. O. NO! Now go away!” When I turn my attention back to her, I find she’s gone. I look and ask around but nobody seems to know where she went.
Title: Re: Unknown (still thinking about a title)
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I wonder which pairing is it
Title: Unknown [Gone] ch.2
Post by: Sok on November 21, 2011, 12:03:47 AM
Chapter 2

“Hey, Atsuko-nee?”
“Hm? Oh! What’s wrong Mayuyu?”
“Did you see her?”


After not being able to find her I ask my parents if they knew where she was. “ Mom, Dad, have you seen Minami?”
“What do you mean she isn’t she greeting the guests?” My dad answer confused.
“No Dad. I already look for her but she’s nowhere to be found.” I had tried to hide my worry but it seems I failed because my mother noticed.
“Don’t worry, Atsuko. You’ll see her at home. Okay?”
Oh that’s right. My parents took custody of her since she’s still underage and has no family. Then I’ll just wait until we get home.

*At home*

“Honey Did Minami come with you?” Dad asks mom.
“No, I thought she went with you. So I brought Mayu and Atsuko with me. Why?” Mom asks dad worried.
“What’s wrong honey?” Mom approaches Dad begins to calm him down.
“What’s wrong Dad?” Both Mayu and I asked in unison. Concern written on our faces.
 “It’s just that when I got home I went to Minami’s room to check if she was already here. Because you said that she wasn’t at the funeral. But when I saw that she wasn’t in there, I guessed she had gotten with you guys to come home. But as your mom said she’s not with you.” He looks down and you can tell that both my parents are worried about her. Then I notice Mayu isn’t next to me anymore.
“Mom! Dad! Atsuko!” Mayu comes running from Minami’s room screaming and panicking.
“What’s wrong?” I asked confused.
“It’s. It’s.” She keeps repeating.
“WHAT IS IT MAYU?!” I yell at her, which causes her to straighten up and clear her throat.
“It’s just that none of Minami’s things are in there anymore.” She said it with a matter-of-fact tone. That pissed me off.

“WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?”I said it with angry bitchy voice.
*gulp*” I-I-I sa-said that none” *gulp* “of Minami’s belongings are in her room. She seems to have come by and took them” Fear was sensed in her voice.
“What?” I still kept my tone from before.
“Atsuko, don’t talk that way to your sister.” Dad said but I ignored him and kept glaring at Mayuyu.
Oh God I’m gonna be murdered by my older sister and right in front of our parents. Mayu thought. *cough* “Well, the only thing I found was this note written to us by her.” I immediately took the note and noticed Mayu tense up the moment we made contact. I turned towards my Dad and see my mom glaring at my dad.
“Honey?” She uses her scary yet calm voice that gave both me and Mayu chills.
Mayu’s thoughts.
So this is where sis got her scary from. Note to self never ever angry these two women. Or might be the next unsolved murder case.
“Y-yes?” Fear can be sensed in his voice. (poor dude, got too many strong scary women)

“May I know how you missed the fact that Minami’s things were gone? When you just said you had gone into her room?” That scary yet calm voice again.
“Yeah, Dad! Especially when the note was taped to the door, it was the first thing you notice before opening it.” That’s my little sis. Mayu glared at our dad and her voice icy and cold.
 Dad was surprised by Mayu’s voice that he stuttered. “I-I’m s-so-sorry.” He then started crying. We left him and went to the kitchen, we sat down that the dinner table and read the note.


To the Maeda Family:
   I am truly sorry, but I cannot stay with you.
   I’ll be okay. So don’t worry. Peace out.
   See ya whenever I can see ya!
            Minami Takahashi

What the hell? All three thought. Is this really our Minami? They tilt their head to one side. Mayu and Atsuko end up hitting their heads together.
“Is this really Minami’s writing?” Mom asked with disbelief in her voice looking at the note.
“Yes it is Mom. You know her writing. But I understand where you’re coming from.” Mayu answered mom also looking at the note in disbelief. 
“This really is Minami’s hand writing but the words and sentences the writing itself doesn’t go with… how do I put it?” I said unsure.
“Her style!” Both mom and Mayu answered with a matter-of-fact tone.
“so what do we do now?” Dad spoke with a broken voice from the doorway.
“Oh! Honey~” Mom responded with a sweet voice that made my dad smile but then quickly turned into a frown. “Done crying?”
Ouch! That’s gotta hurt! Both Mayu and Atsuko thought making a ouch face to their father.
“Hey! You two!”
“Yes, Ma’am?!”  Oh Shit! We’re dead meat. Both Mayu and Atsuko thought.
“Well, the only things we can do is wait until she come back. But knowing Minami she will be attending school which starts up in 3 days. Right?” *sign* that was close. Both Mayu and Atsuko thought.
“Yes, mom” both Mayuyu and I reply.
“Good. Knowing that there’s no way she won’t attend school. I’m sure you’ll see her there. Okay?”
“okay mom.” We said and left our parents to have their own chat.
“You think she’ll be okay? Atsuko-nee?” Mayuyu asks me worried.
“I hope. Hopefully mom’s right and she attends school on Monday.”

End of Flashback
“Did you see her?”
“No, She didn’t even call in.” Both heave a sign.
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Nice...sounds interesting!please do continue

Poor Takamina :cry:

Lol at Atsuko's dad, I kinda feel sorry for him:P

I can't wait to know what will happen next!
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Oh! It's interesting!!! XD
But poor Minami :(
I want to know what happen next :panic:

Please update soon :bow:
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What happened to Minami????
ROFL poor father!!! Alone with scary women xD
Title: Unknown [Gone] ch.3
Post by: Sok on November 22, 2011, 07:25:12 AM
Sorry for the wait.

Chapter 3
Minami’s POV

After crying my eyes out in my best friend’s arms, I told her I’d be fine. After she had left *ring**ring*
“H-he-hello? Minami speaking.” My voice cracking with every word.
“Hello? Hello, Minami?!” A man spoke over the phone.
“Yes, may I help you with something?”
“It’s me! Your father!” the man was excitedly.
“Ehhh?! Excuse me, but my father’s dead.”
What a disrespectful man.
“No, Minami. I’m alive mom just… I mean your grandmother told you that to protect you.”
“What do you mean?” I’m confused. Grandma told me my dad dead in a car accident.
“Mom told you that I dead in a car accident so, you wouldn’t have any contact with me. She wanted you to make your own choice.” My ‘Father’ explained.
“What do you mean my own choice?” I’m hella confused now.
“Okay. Here’s the thing I’m an undercover agent. I don't work for the police directly I work for the Chief of defense, so you would have been in danger if mom hadn’t said that I was dead in order to take custody over you. Ya know corrupted cops and whatnot. Do you understand somewhat?” There’s worry and honesty in his voice.
“Yes, I understand. Please keep going.”
“That’s great to hear. Mom was right you are an understanding person.”
 “Grandma did?” I surprised by his comment.
“Yes! It’s not like she hide you from me, who do you think paid for all you girls things. If I remember correctly neither one of you works.”
“Oh! So you’re the person that grandma always talked.”
“Yes. She’s told my so much about you, including the fact that you resemble me.”
“Hey! It’s not my fault for having boyish features.”
“I know.”
“Great now that we got that cleared. What’s choice I have to make thing?”
“Oh, that? You can either choice to stay with the Maeda Family or come with me, but that means you’ll be in danger.” Seriousness showed in his voice.
“What do you mean by come with you and danger?” I asked concerned.
“Well by coming with me you are stating that you want to become an undercover agent. BTW your grandma was a retired undercover agent. One of the best if I may add.”
“Yeah. It’s like the family business. In fact you used to have five uncles until a week ago, but by were assassinated.”
That cannot be grandma only gave birth to one child and that’s dad.
“What?!That cannot be you’re an only child”
“Your right, but they were trained by mom as was I. So we became brothers.”
“Oh. So I would continuing the family business if I go with you?”
“Yes, but you won’t be alone.”
“What do you mean?”
“Your cousins, their daughters will be with you cuz I’m taking care of them.”
“Also underage I see.”
“Yupz. Well you have until your grandmother’s funeral. Give me your answer by then. Bye.” *chick* dial-tone.

Did he just hang up on me? Well more importantly. HOW DA HELL AM I GONNA REACH HIM? He didn’t even give me a phone number.

At the Funeral

I haven’t slept in about three days and cried all night last night.
I’m standing here with my grandmother’s picture in hand. I then process to greeting the guests, I stop when I see Atsuko coming towards me but she’s stop by one of my guy friends’ friend. I was about to call out to her but stop when I felt a hand on my shoulder turning me around to see someone who looks a little bit like me.
“Hello, Minami. My, how you’ve grown.” “Hello? And you are?” “I’m your father.” Big Grin “Dad?!”
“Yes.” Nodding “BTW can we go somewhere private?” “Of course, follow me” “Okay”

We’re now in my room at the Maeda Family’s home. “So have you decided?” he asks eagerly. “Yes!”” Great, so what’s your decision?” “I’m going with you.” “Are you sure? What about the Maeda Family? Won’t they be worried?” “Don’t worry Dad I’ll leave them a note.” We got all my stuff and left a note. We arrived at the airport and sat in our seats until our plane took off. “Btw Minami do you know how to fight?” “Yes. Why?” “That’s good.” “Wait. Why?” “U’ll know when we get there.”
Crap I’m starting to regret my decision of continuing the family business.

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she's running away to run the family business... LOL..  :lol:   Secret agent... nice!!!  :twothumbs
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Wow!!! :w00t: Takamina as a Secret Agent!!! XD
It's cool!!!! :thumbsup
I want to know who are those Takamina's cousin is XD
I can't wait to read more about this!!! :thumbup
This is gonna be so interesting :peace:

Please Update Soon :bow:
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More and more interesting ^^ but Acchan!!!!
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whoooaaaaaaa, sugeeee~ takamina the secret agent  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :w00t: :w00t:

now i got the feeling her cousin is yuko?!  XD XD
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could it be takamina cousins are yuko, miichan, mariko, haruna, sae ?

let guess... please update the next storyline... thank you.
Title: Unknown [Gone] ch.4
Post by: Sok on November 23, 2011, 01:03:07 AM
Hello, everyone I just reading a few updated fanfic which inspired me to write. :shifty: :shy1: I hope you like this chapter.  :on GJ:

Chapter 4

Atsuko POV
“Oh, Maeda-san. How may I help you today?”
“Ano.. sensei have you heard anything about Minami?”
“Oh you don’t know? I thought because she was staying with you and your family you would know.”
“Would know what?”
“She quit school and went overseas to continue her education there. So you nor your family knew about this?”
“Oh now I remember she had mention something like that. Sorry sensei.”
“Oh that’s understandable, well with everything that happened that is.”
“Yes. Well if you’ll excuse me I have to attend class.” “Oh by all means go.”
Why didn’t you tell me you were going overseas Minami. Aren’t we best friends? I would have gone with you if had just asked me. I can’t stand not being able to see you or hear your voice. I miss you so much.


“Okay we’re here, Minami.” They enter a huge mansion. Once inside Minami was hit with an unknown object. “Hey! WTH!” Then she was about to be attacked again but dodged it turned around to up cut the attacker but they were now a safe distance from her. “Wth?!” “What? Never know when you’ll be attacked, ya know.” Replied her attacker. “Oh btw I’m Haruna Kojima. Nice you to meet you.” She bows. “O-oh I’m Minami Takahashi, but you can call me Takamina.” She was about to bow when she sensed another presence she turned graded the person by the shirt collar and flip them hard having them land on the cold hard floor with a loud *Thump*. “Who are u? N what do u want?” “Whoa! easy there tiger. My name is Minami Minegishi. Everyone here calls me Miichan. Takamina can you let go now?” “Why?” “Cuz there’s someone else behind ya.”Miichan said with a smirk on her face. Takamina does a 180 managing to dodge the hit then did a round house kick which connected with the back of the person’s head but didn’t knock her down. “Hehehe. Is that all you got?” Takamina’s thoughts How can someone withstand a hit as hard as that? Is she a Demon? Nah, maybe she’s high. She is giggling, so that’s possible. Her father’s thoughts: Wow! She’s talented. Mom you were right she’s a great fighter, just hope she can keep up with these five.
“Rena! Stop it and introduce yourself.” Out of nowhere two more figures approach them. “Sorry” the one named Rena bows to Takamina. “My name is Rena Matsui. I think I got a little too excited. Hehe” She scratches the back of her head while slightly sticking out her tongue.

“A little? Are you sure Rena? It seemed to me, like you wanted to kill her!” Miichan deadpanned. “Anyways, I’m Yuki Kashiwagi.” Wow she looks like a princess just like Rena. Better be careful around them. Minami thought. “And I’m Sayaka Akimoto, the oldest.” Whoa she looks strict, seems my fails will be unacceptable. Takamina thought to herself. “Wait the oldest?” “Yes, by three years.” “By 3 years…so you’re 17?” “Yes. Btw Haruna is the second oldest, 15, Rena and Yuki are your age, 14, and Miichan’s the youngest, 13.” “If you have any more questions you’ll have to wait until trainings over.” Dad added after Sayaka was finish. “Wait. Training?” *Fail face* “Yes! You have to train before you can go on missions with us.” Haruna answered. “Oh. Okay.”

Lesson # 1(Trainer Sayaka & Miichan)
Sayaka’s speech before the actual lesson:
Reflexes are the way your body behaves when it needs to act without thinking. They can be either natural reflexes (such as quickly recoiling your hand when you touch something way too hot) or taught reflexes (such as not dropping that very expensive or precious Starbucks just because it is too hot). Training your reflexes may be successfully accomplished through endless repeating of the movements. During this process, the constant actions to certain stimulus will be converted in subcontinent triggered actions (reflexes).
Actual lesson
“Sayaka, I understand all that but why does that have to do with Miichan straddling me on the bed and handcuffing my wrist to the headrest, my ankles to the footrest and to top it all of Miichan holding a whip in hand, huh?” “Well that’s easy.” Sayaka answers. “Haruna please explain.” Miichan asks Haruna. “Well people’s reflexes can either be natural or taught, so we’re going to teach you how to escape from multiple restrictions.” “Thus explaining why you are in your current situation, right Haruna.” Miichan added. “Oh! Yeah! And we also thought it would be fun to torture you, Takamina.” all three had a devilish smile aimed towards Takamina. “Wait. Wait. Wait! that’s not fair! Three against one isn’t fair!” “Well your enemies aren’t going to tell you what they are going to do to you. You know.” Yukirin speak was a matter-of-fact voice. “That’s true. Well all of us except Haruna can get out of those. Just try it…unless you wanna have us torture you. That is.” Rena added innocently and tilted her head at the last word. “No!” “Then you have 6 minutes to get outta those.” They all turn to face Minami’s father. “What r u waiting for? Do you not mind being torture?” he added which made her quickly learned how to pick locks and figure out what were the escapes. Good thing that I’m a quick learner. and once I do something I tend to remember how to do it. “Wow.” They all said amazed. “Uncle I didn’t know she could pick locks.” Haruna said. “I’m more amazed by the escape routes she formulated in such a short.” Sayaka added. “Wait! How did Takamidget get out of me straddling her without me noticing” They all turned to Miichan who was still in her position on the bed. “Whoa didn’t even see that coming” They deadpanned. “Ok. That’s enough let’s go to lesson #3 since she already learned how to formulate escape routes. Miichan call her to come back.” “Happy too.” “Sayaka, I’ll leave her and everyone else in your care. I have a mission related to the assassination of your fathers. Okay?” “Okay Uncle.”

Minami’s thoughts: Are they chasing me? Is it clear? I can’t believe I’m already out the mansion gate. *ring**ring*
“Yo! where are u? It’s time for your next lesson, better be here in 3 minutes. If you know what’s good for you.”
“Oh I’m in front of the mansion gate. I’ll be right there.” *chick*   

“What the?” Miichan said. “What’s wrong?” Yuki asks concerned. “She’s in front of the Mansion Gate.” “What?!” They all say surprised. “That’s about 4 miles from here.” Haruna said. “Wow, that’s faster than you Yukirin.” *smack* Rena deadpanned and Yuki smacked her for that. “Of course, She was in a hurry to protect her purity from Miichan, hahaha” Sayaka added making everyone burst into laughter.
“What? Did I miss something?” Minami said panting and confused to why they were laughing. “Oh it’s nothing.” Haruna replied. “O-okay. Btw where’s my dad?” “Oh he had a mission relate to our fathers’ assassinations and left. So I’ll be taking care of you.” “Okay.”


I'll update ch. 5 sometime by thur. 11/24.
 :on woohoo: :on woohoo:
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WOWWW!!!! taka so versatile...  :ding:  so cool!!!!  :glasses:

can't wait for the next lessons...  :on lol:
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 :w00t: Takamina so cool!!!!!!!!

I wonder what the next lesson will be XD
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Wow! Takamina is so talented!!!! Just so KOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! :inlove:

Haha.. she surprised everyone with her talent!!! XD

I can't wait to read about the next lesson!!! :thumbsup
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Wow gg Takamina!
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Waa! That was fun! Takamina sure is quick!

Thank you for your update!  :bow:
Title: Unknown [Gone] ch.5 & ch. 6 Part 1 Nov.24
Post by: Sok on November 24, 2011, 04:19:27 PM
Hey guys I'm updating two chapters. I don't know when I will be able to update either of my fanfics. :?

Hope you like it.  :lol:

Chapter 5

Lesson # 3 (trainer Miichan & Haruna)
Miichan’s speech before practicing:
Always treat every firearm as if it were loaded. No ifs, ands, or buts. Even if you know the gun is unloaded, still handle it as if it were loaded. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction away from others more importantly us. In a direction where a negligent discharge would cause minimum property damage and zero physical injury. Even the most experienced gun handlers like Haruna and I break this rule sometimes. It’s more dangerous when people don’t even know they’re doing it. So the safest direction to point the gun is always downrange. If you don’t know what downrange, it’s as long as there aren’t any people it’s downrange! Always keep your trigger finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you have made a conscious decision to shoot. Always be sure of your target, backstop, and beyond. You want to be aware of what’s in your line of fire.
Actual practice
“Miichan I understand what you said but why are you handing me a small gun? Can’t I get a medium size one?”
“Haruna would you please explain to our midget cousin here why she’s getting a Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol.” Miichan asked Haruna in an even voice. “Well, that’s easy. It’s cuz of your small stature of course.” Haruna deadpanned. “Hey! That’s not fair. Just cuz I’m small doesn’t mean I can’t handle shooting a normal size gun!” Minami argued back. “Yeah, yeah, Takamidget. Just shoot the damn gun already.” Miichan said with a let’s-get-this-over-with-so-I-can-eat-my-cakes. “Okay.” “Minami remember to always be sure of your target, backstop, and beyond. You want to be aware of what’s in your line of fire. Now point at the target and shoot when you’re ready.” Haruna instructed.
While Takamina was getting ready. “Sayaka what do you think?” Yuki asked. “I think she’s going to do well since she did great enough in the first lesson to skip the second lesson.” “I’ll disagree with you Sayaka. I think she won’t be able to handle a gun.” Rena argued. “I’m with Rena. I think she might accidently kill one of us.” Yuki added.
Few seconds later they heard a gunshot and a *KAAAA*. “Minami! Wth! You nearly shot me!” Miichan yelled. “I think the recoil was too strong for her to handle. We need to create guns suited for her stature.” Haruna murmured. “See told ya!” Rena said excitedly. “Btw, guys do you know what made that Kaaaa sound?” Yuki asked all of them. “Don’t kno..” Miichan was answering when a big bird hit and landed on her. “Miichan!” they all called. “Bakamani! YOU’RE DEAD! Yuki and Rena give Minami her next lesson!” Miichan yelled. “Okay!” Yuki and Rena answered with a devilish smirk. “Wait what about my gun lessons.” Minami asked. “It’s okay, we’ll continue later. But your next lesson still deals with guns.” Haruna said and also gave an evil smile to Minami.
Lesson #4 (trainers Yuki & Rena)
Yuki’s speech: …
“Wait! I can’t do that!” Minami yells to Yuki, but Yuki gave Rena the signal to begin. “Minami! Listen if you don’t dodge then you’re dead!” Rena yelled from the mansion second floor balcony. “Oh! Btw Takamina, Rena’s using real bullets, so yeah you might dead if she hits you.” “What?!” Minami begins to panic and runs around in circles. “Oh. It seems your training has began. Yuki, Rena I’ll be joining you in training her.” Miichan said already pointing her gun at Takamina. “Wait! What?! No fair! What have I ever done to you?” “Are you really asking? You shot nearly shot her a little while ago.” Haruna reminded Minami of what she did during their training. “Oh. That. Sorry?” Minami said. “Well anyways I’m joining too.” Haruna added with a grin. “Sayaka! Please help me out here.” Minami begged. “Sorry, no can do. Besides its good training for you in case you ever have multiple enemies shooting at you.” After Sayaka was finished Minami heard *p-tafffff*
And felt enormous pain in top right shoulder. “AHHH! WTH!.” She yelled to Miichan. “Hey! Have you forgotten you’re in the middle of training, here!” Yuki retorted. “Yeah! And lucky for you Sayaka is having us use rudder bullets instead of real ones.” Miichan added. “oh btw that’s for nearly shooting me! Bakamina!” In that moment Minami sensed a shift in her cousins, they were no longer playful and relayed back but instead hungry for blood, hungry for her blood. After 5 straight hours of running away from them, she had finally managed the skill of dodging (more like predicting where and when it will come) bullets. Minami’s thoughts: Oh God what have I done to earn this punishment? And passes out. After this lesson it took her 2 months to Fully recover before her last lesson.

Lesson # 5 (Trainer Sayaka)
Well let’s just say she didn’t have an easy time learning varies martial arts and fighting skills. She got a few broken bones. After 4 months to once again full recover, she had mastered most of the martial arts and fighting skills, as well as how to shot a gun (with a lot of modify done to varies sets of firearms/ guns by Haruna and Rena, so she won’t be blown away each time she fired.) 

Please tell me if it's confusing. Here:

Chapter 6 Part 1

5 years passed

Minami where are you? It’s already been 5 years since you unexpectedly disappeared. I hope you’re safe wherever you are. I love you.

It’s already been five years since Minami had joined her new family and the last time they heard from her father. She found out a lot about her new family members. For example Sayaka is a master in most martial arts; Aikido, Judo, Chanbara (sword fighter), Karate, Kendo, karate, mixed martial arts. She’s also the informant of all our missions (gathers all the information needed to do the mission) and goes undercover alone most of the time in order to get more info. Haruna is the seductress, weapons expert, bomb expert (more like bomb crazy manic), and racer/ drifter. Rena is a level 3 spicy food lover, a speed demon and computer genius; hacks, creates virus, navigates when they’re in a tight spot, and also creates legal documentation for them. Yuki is also a level 3 spicy food lover, a speed demon, but she’s the main actress of the group (she does most of Miichan’s crazy ideas) and sometimes the seductress in the group when Haruan’s busy (bombing). Both are speed demons so they can’t handle when they have to sit in passer seat of Haruna’s Lamborghini Sesto Elemento or Sayaka’s  Pagani Huayra. Miichan’s a weapons expert, mastermind of crazy stupid ideas that work most of the time, likes to tease/ taunt the enemy, doesn’t like speed that much and loves cake (in every mission she has a cake with her. I mean she actually carries a cake with her during missions). All five have at least an advanced understanding of weaponry and martial arts including Takamina. She’s able to get out of tight spots and formulates plans very quickly and the seducer of the group.

Red 1-Takamina       Red 2- Haruna   
Green 1- Sakyaka     Green 2- Miichan   
Blue 1- Yuki              Blue 2- Rena         
No3b- Red 1, Red 2, Green 2
Backup- Green 1, Blue 1, Blue 2.

“Red 1, what’s ur location?”
“Blue 2 do you copy? Red 2, Green 2 and I are located in an abandon warehouse near the abandon coal factory.”
“Red 1! What the hell are you talking about? Don’t you see all those armed man! We’re surround! Hello? Unless ur blind?”
“Green 2, Calm yourself the hell down and stop screaming into the damn mic.” Blue 2 heaves a loud sigh
“Blue 2? Sorry.”
“Well if we can’t get out I can just blow this place to kingdom come” Red 2 says with a huge grin.
“NO!” all members tell her. “Red 2 we are to rescue Tomomi Kasai not to kill her.”
“Okay fine. Btw Blue 1 what is your position?”
“I’m chilling in a tree pointing my custom made M24 bolt-action sniper rifles at the room that contain Ms. Kasai. I also have a good view of a escape route I’ll give the coordinates to Blue 2. Do you copy? Over.”
“Yes, Team no3b out.”

“Green 1, Do you copy?”
“Blue 2, I’m in position. I’ll take care of these guys now. Over” Green 1 pullout a mask put it on and set three flash and smoke grenades on in the main center of the Warehouse. She and team no3b took this chance to knock out or kill every one of the Guards in there. While Yuki shot (headshot) the guards guarding the room. Red 1 went to the room with Green 1 & Green 2 securing the pathways (making sure the coast was clear) while Bomb crazy Red 2 placed bombs in critical areas of the building.
“Ms. Tomomi Kasai?” Red 1 asked the hostage.
“Mommy? Is that you? Chiyuu~”
“And we’re not your mom.” Green 1 replied.
“Who’s Chiyuu?” Green 2 asked turning to Red 1.
“Don’t Know and Don’t care! You guys just get her the hell out of here before Red 2 blows the whole place up with you in it.” Blue 1 & 2 said in unison in a panicking voice over their transmitters.
“What?!” all three yelled.
“Tomomi’s confuse. Chiyuu~” Tilting her head to one side pouting.

Hoped you liked it. please comment if any Questions. Thank you :kneelbow: :byebye: :byebye:
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“Mommy? Is that you? Chiyuu~”
“And we’re not your mom.” Green 1 replied.
“Who’s Chiyuu?” Green 2 asked turning to Red 1.
“Don’t Know and Don’t care! You guys just get her the hell out of here before Red 2 blows the whole place up with you in it.”
LOL...  :lol:   this is funny~~~
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Ehhh!!! 5 years?!!! Poor Acchan...
Lol Takamina's training hahahah!!
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Takaminas training is so LoL!
5 years had passed....Acchan still thinks of her  :cry:
Saving Chiyuu hahhaha! I wonder how old she is cute!

My fav part in cap 5:

“Miichan I understand what you said but why are you handing me a small gun? Can’t I get a medium size one?”
“Haruna would you please explain to our midget cousin here why she’s getting a Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol.” Miichan asked Haruna in an even voice. “Well, that’s easy. It’s cuz of your small stature of course.” Haruna deadpanned. “Hey! That’s not fair. Just cuz I’m small doesn’t mean I can’t handle shooting a normal size gun!” Minami argued back.
“Btw, guys do you know what made that Kaaaa sound?” Yuki asked all of them. “Don’t kno..” Miichan was answering when a big bird hit and landed on her. “Miichan!” they all called. “Bakamani! YOU’RE DEAD! Yuki and Rena give Minami her next lesson!” Miichan yelled.

My fav part in cap 6.1:

“Ms. Tomomi Kasai?” Red 1 asked the hostage.
“Mommy? Is that you? Chiyuu~”
“And we’re not your mom.” Green 1 replied.
“Who’s Chiyuu?” Green 2 asked turning to Red 1.

Hehe Haruna blowing up the place can't wait to read it in the next update :twisted:

Thank you Sok you making me laugh hard again!  :thumbsup

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Thank you Everyone I'll try an update Ch 6 Pt. 2 somewhere this week if I can get internet connection.

I think  :bingo: :hee: :hehehe: that pt. 2 will be funnier.

Once again thank you. :byebye: :byebye:

Also so Should I have Meetan as the Chief of Defense? Or just keep it unnamed?
Please comment.
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Also so Should I have Meetan as the Chief of Defense? Or just keep it unnamed?
Please comment.

Yes please! Meetan going all hentai over the girls and get beaten up by them would be so fun...
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Waa.... Poor Takamina.. scary cousins :lol:

 :shocked 5 years have past??!!! XD I was a bit shocked :)

Acchan.. missing Takamina for 5 years.. :cry:
Hope they will see each other soon :oops:

Tomo~mi's questions are funny :lol:

Hope you can get internet connection XD
I'll be looking forward to the part 2 :thumbsup
 :bow: Please Update Soon
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Hey everyone I finally got a good connection. I already updated one fic out of my three fics.
Hope this you find Ch. 6 pt 2 as funny as Pt. 1. :lol:
Sorry for some miss use of words.

Chapter 6 Part 2

“Finally we’re back home~!”
“Um. Thank you for rescuing me girls. My name is..”
“We all know Ms. Tomomi Kasai. After all we were hired to rescue you.”
“Thanks again. And please call me Chiyuu. Chiyuu~” Chiyuu says with a smile.
“Okay will do.” Miichan answers.
“now that the mission’s over. I’m going to my room to rest.” Sayaka says. “Rena please write up the reports. Thank you.” Takamina asks. “Okay. Will do.” “Chiyuu you’ll be sleeping in the guest room across from my room.” Haruna informs. “Here I’ll show you.” Miichan. “Okay.” They left. Now the only ones left in the living room are Yuki and Rena.
“Rena do you need help?” “no, I’m fine Yuki. But thanks anyways” “Man, today sure was crazy.” Rena’s already done writing up all their reports. “Yeah. But I think haha that Minami haha had it worst haha.” “I think your right. haha”


Red 1-Takamina       Red 2- Haruna   
Green 1- Sayaka     Green 2- Miichan   
Blue 1- Yuki              Blue 2- Rena         
No3b- Red 1, Red 2, Green 2
Black ops- Green 1, Blue 1, Blue 2.

“Tomomi’s confuse. Chiyuu~”
"Hey guys that's not the only problem we got. It seems that the cops have just arrived. You all gotta get the hell out of there before you get caught." Blue 1 informs. “Blue 1 is right. I see at least 5 patrols cars. I’ll tell you their exact positions. There are 3 patrols cars located near the abandon coal factory with 10 armed men in suits.” “Wait! Blue 2, did you just say 10 armed men in suits?” “Yes, Red 1. It seems these cops are trash and working with the mafia. We ne..” Before blue 2 could finish Blue 1 cut in. "Blue 2! You have 15 armed suits near your location.” “What, I can handle them. Perfectly fine. Ya know that.” “Yeah Blue 1. Blue 2 can beat them to and inch to death without any help” Green 2 calming said with a hint of fear. “I know that, but we need her to find an escape route for you all. So I'll be going to where Blue 2 is and helping her." “Okay. You do that Blue 1. Red 1 over.” "Red 2 do you copy? Where the hell are you?" Red 1 says through the transmitter. "Red 1, I'm near the front entrance. I got a plan for Red 1 and Green 1 with the hostage to get to our randevu. Green 2 do you copy?" "Yes. Red 2. What's the plan?" "Green 2 come meet me in the office on the left side of the front gate. Once we're done we'll go meet you guys at the randevu. Red 2 over." "Ohoho, wonder what she has in mind." Green 2 said to Red 1 and Green 1 and left them before they could answer her. "Are your teammates crazy or something? Chiyuu~" "Not really sure how to answer that." Both Red 1 and Green 1 replied in unison looking at Tomomi unsure themselves.

Red 2 & Green 2
“Okay Green 2, here’s the plan.”
“Red 2, you got nothing. Do you?” (taking this chance to eat cake with Red 2)
“Yup. Green 2 you know me so well.”
“Of course! Red 2. Now let’s go wild or in your case crazy.” (they finish the cake and begin their ‘plan’)
Green 1, Red 1 & Chiyuu
“Blues do you copy?”
“Yes.” Blue 1 replies “What’s your location?” Blue 2 asks.
“We’re now in the basement.” Green 1 answers.
“Ugh! Spiders!” Tomomi screams and takes out her I-phone to record.
“It’s okay Ms. Kasai. They can’t hurt you.” Red 1 tries to calm her down.
“Yeah, I know that, but I’m talking about you. You have an Australian House Spider on your left shoulder and it’s huuuuuge. I can’t believe you don’t feel it.” Tomomi deadpanned pointing at the huge spider.
“AHHHHH! Green 1! Get it off me. Get it off me! GET IT OFF MEEEE!” Red 1’s pancking cuz of the huge ass spider on her shoulder but staying still as a statue. Don’t wanna upset huge spider now does she?
“Wait, What?! I ain’t good with huge ass spiders!” “just please Get it off me.” “O-o-okay.” Green 1 gets a 4 by 4 that was laying around and hit the spider like a pro baseball player off of Red 1’s shoulder meanwhile Tomomi recorded the whole thing with her phone.
Blue 1 & 2 don’t know what’s happening. “Guys I found an underground tunnel which leads to the abandon coal factory. It’s one Red 1 away from your location, it should be…” “Hey! Blue 1 don’t use my height as a measuring stick.” “She’s not, it’s actually one red 1 away from where you’re standing. It should be under the words one Red 1 painted on the wall.” “oh.”*fail face*
Red 2 & Green 2
“Green 2, you have to stop eating your cakes.”
“What? But I just started on this one.” Suddenly an armed man walks in. Green 2 instinctively smashed the remanding of her cake onto the man’s face while Red 2 shot him with her custom .22 Marvel Custom Gun in a fatal spot.
“Shit, Red 2 you forgot to use the silencer on your gun!” Green 2 said in a panic. “It’s okay. It’s more fun this way.” Red 2 replied with a smirk. “Okay. How about we play a game.” “Sure. Whoever kills the most and gets to the randevu first wins the other’s share of the payment.” “You’re on! Any weapon can be used.” Green 2 yelled back as she ran to her targets. “You should have said that.” Red 2 devilishly smirked.
“Red 1 do you copy?” “Yes, Red 2. What’s wrong?” “Where are you now?” “We’re in an underground tunnel under the coal factory. Why?” “Thanks over.” Red 2 killed five man when she was making her way to the 3 parked patrol cars near the abandon coal factory. She placed something under the cars and began to make her way to the randevu.
While Green 2 had already killed ten man. Now she was fighting five man after taking their guns. She keeps taunting her enemies occasionally smacking them and calling them big over grown monkeys. “Oh I should be going now. N claim my winnings. Byebye~” She took out her Para-USA GI Expert, shot them and left to the randevu point.
“Oh Green 2 you’re finally here. I see you managed 15.” Red 2 says. “Yes. And I see you managed 6. Sooo, I’ll consider this my win.” *BBBOOOOOOMMMMMMM* * “Wth was that?” Tomomi asked. “Sorry Green 2. But it’s my win.” “Hey! That’s not fair you used bombs!” “It counts. You were the one that said we could use anything!” “Fffiiiiinnnnneeeee, you win. Good bye babies! I’ll see you in a week.” Green does a sad and crying face. “Don’t worry. You still have plenty of cakes to least you two weeks.” Red 2 comforted Green 2. “Oh, yeah! I forgot.” “What’s going on? Chiyuu~” “No idea.” The two Blues, Green 1 and Red 1 answered her.
On their way back Tomomi showed everyone the recording. Throughout the whole thing everyone was laughing at what happened to Minami (well except Minami). “Hey! It’s not funny.” Minami yells. “We know it…it’s..” Haruna starts but can’t hold back her luaghing. “It’s just too funny!” Miichan adds laughing her guts out. “How could have not notice something that big and huge on your body?” Yuki asked trying her best to hold her laugh but failed. “Yeah Yuki’s right. How could you not have noticed?” Rena said laughing your head off, “It’s like 1/3 of your body!” Miichan and Haruna deadpanned in unison.

End of Flashback[/font]

“Now that I think about it.” Yuki said.
“We shouldn’t have made fun of her.” Rena finished.
“Yeah. Well anyways let’s go to sleep.”
“Yeah. Good night, Yuki.”
“Good night Rena.”
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Expecting Yuki X Rena~ (
Title: Re: Unknown [Gone]Ch. 6 Pt. 2 Nov.27
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Pfffffbwahahahaha! Hilarious!  :rofl: 

Thank you again for your update!
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Hahahahah what a crazy team!!! And Takamina how didn't she feel that spider?! Lol I love this fic
Title: Unknown [Gone]Ch.7 Nov. 30
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Thank you everyone for reading. And thank you to all the writers cuz your fics inspire me to write.

Chapter 7

The next morning
Everyone is in the living room waiting for Tomomi to wake up, so they can all eat together. “Hey! Can someone just wake her up? I’m huunggrrrryyyy!” Miichan told the others. “Well if you’re that hungry why not wake her up yourself.” Haruna retorted, she really doesn’t like hungry Miichan. “Buuutttttt I don’t wannnnaa.” She sits up straight and looks at Yuki and Rena. “You two go!” Miichan commanded pointing at Yuki and Rena who gulped and looked at each other. They too did not like hungry Miichan. She’s scary when hungry we should go. Both thought and left in a hurry to avoid angering hungry Miichan. “Miichan you should’ve gone yourself. You’re the one who’s hungry and complaining.” Takamina said finishing reading over the reports Rena had typed up for their mission yesterday. Then a loud *slap* “Itaiiii!” *Thump* “Kyaaaaa! Get out!” *smack* coming from up stairs.

Up stairs
“So we just need to wake her up and have breakfast.” Yuki said to Rena who just nodded and opened the door. There laid a sleeping sexy cute princess. “Chiyuu~ it’s time to get up.” Rena said while getting to closer to Chiyuu who suddenly graded Rena by her shoulders and now Rena is on top of Chiyuu. “Tomochin, let’s …” Tomomi then wraps her arms around Rena’s neck. Rena looks at Yuki and asked “Who the Hell is Tomochin?” “Maybe it’s her pet dog or something?” Yuki answered with a shrug. “Who cares! Just wake her the f*** up. Before hungry down there thinks of eating us for her breakfast instead.” “Good point.” Rena said nodding her head in agreement with Yuki. Then Chiyuu’s grip on Rena tightens pulling her in for a kiss. Rena starts to panicky and tries to get out of Chiyuu’s grip but for some reason she can’t get out. “Tomochin you’re not getting away this time. Chiyuu~” “Sleep talking are we?” Yuki said trying to hold her laughter. “OI! I’m not Tomochin! I’m Rena! Now let go!” Rena yelled at the sleeping Chiyuu. “You’re lying! Tomochin kiss me!” They’re now 4 inch apart. “OI! Yuki don’t just stand there! HELP ME! Damn it!” “Nah you can handle it” “Shit! OI! OI! Oi wake the f*** up!” Rena yelled. *SLAP* “Itaiiiiiiiii” Chiyuu pushes Rena off her. Thump Rena lands on her butt hard. Tomomi then grads a lamp on the side drew next to the bed “Kyaaa! GET OUT!” and throws it at Rena but she dodged and hit Yuki instead. *SMACK*

Down stairs
“What The Hell?!” Miichan, Haruna, Sayaka and Takamina yelled looking at the stairs. Footsteps can be heard coming down the stairs. An embarrassed looking Tomomi was the first to walk down while Rena helped Yuki, who had just gotten hit with the lamp, come down. “Hey what happened just now?” asked Takamina. No one answered. “So how about we go eat now?” Haruna broke the silence. “Great! I’m hungry!” Miichan jumped up from her seat forgetting the yelling from earlier. “Yeah!” Tomomi, Rena and Yuki said in unison trying not to answer Takamina.
After eating everything went back to normal and now they’re all sitting in the living room. “Oh I almost forgot.” Sayaka said. “What is it?” they asked. “Oh it’s just that your bodyguard will be picking you up today.” “Oh, yeah!” Tomomi yelled happily. Rena turns and whispers to Yuki. “Do you think it’s this Tomochin thing?” “I hope. And sorry about not helping you earlier.” “It’s okay. I would’ve done the same, ya know that.” “True.”
“Hey! You two! What are you talking about?” Miichan asked wanting to know the details. “Nothing!” they both said. “Oh, okay.”
“Oh seems your bodyguard is here.” Sayaka said. “Yeah!” Tomomi jumps from her seat and runs to the door and opens. “I’m so happy you ca…. Oh. It’s just you Sae. Where’s Tomochin?” She sticks out her head to see if Tomochin was outside. “Oh, sorry Chiyuu, but she didn’t come in fact she’s no longer working as a bodyguard.”  Sae said to Chiyuu in a comforting voice. “WHAT?! But she’ suppose to be with me forever.” Chiyuu said in a disappointed voice looking at the ground. “Anyways Sae follow me I’ll like to introduce to you my new friends.” Sae nods and follows Chiyuu into the living room where everyone was talking about normal things. “Hey guys this is my bodyguard Sae Miyazawa.” “Hello, I’m Haruna Kojima.” “I’m Minami Minegishi. Just call me Miichan.” “Matsui Rena” “Yuki Kashiwagi, you call me Yukirin.” “Minami Takahashi. Just call me Takamina.” “Hello, I’m Sayaka Akimoto. I’m the one you spoke to earlier.” Sae blushes slightly when she sees Sayaka. “H-h-hello. Thank you for saving my friend here.” “No problem.” The group said. “A-anyways it’s time for us to leave. Sayaka would you mind giving you email and such. I-it’s just case she goes missing.” “Sure. Here. And you can contact me whenever you want.” Sayaka smiles to Sae and Sae blushes and turns away.  “Okay. We’ll be going now. Bye.” “Bye.”

A few hours later
Near the mansion. “Hello, Sir. We’re ready.” “Good now kill them all. I don’t want them on her side.” “Yes, Sir. But won’t it be better to hire them instead of killing them?” “No! They won’t accept to kill just cuz.” “I understand sir.”
“Hey guys I’m going out to buy some cake! Anything you want?” Miichan yelled out to her cousins. “Yeah!” Takamina yells back from the study. “Okay! Then go buy it yourself! See Ya!!” Miichan was slightly opening the door when she notices several men outside the mansion. “WHAT THE F***!” Miichan Screamed loud enough for everyone inside the mansion could hear. “What’s Wrongs?” Everyone asked. Rena and Yuki came running out the computer room, Takamina came running from the Study, Haruna came out from the kitchen, while Sayaka came out from the garage. They all went to where Miichan was. “Hey! You two why are you so sweating with both your hair and clothes messy. Were you two having s…?” Miichan was cut off by Takamina. “Miichan! What’s wrong? WHY DID YOU SCREAM?!” Takamina asked blushing a little at Miichan comment to Rena and Yuki. “Yeah, you never scream like that unless you are hungry or something’s wrong. We’ll tease them later.” Haruna said worried but also interested on what Rena and Yuki were doing in the computer room. “Huh? Oh! It’s just that we been found out.” Miichan calming responded. “WHAT?!” They all yelled. “Yuki, Haruna check the surroundings. Sayaka, Rena and Miichan get our vehicles and weaponry ready. And meet back here in 5 minutes.” “Hai!”
5 minutes later
“What’s the current situation Yuki, Haruna?” Takamina asked. “Sir! We’re surrounded!” They both said. “I already told you that!” Miichan yelled. “Okay. Anyways we’ll just use our emergency escape routes.” Takamina ordered. “And I’ll blow up the whole mansion with everything in it to make sure they don’t use anything against us.” They all look at Haruna who is excitedly smiling at the thought of blowing everything up. “Well. She does have a point. Beside we’ll never be coming back here.” Rena said convincing everyone. (Rena and Yuki are no longer messy) Everyone was now going to the garage to get into their vehicles. “Okay. We already have the vehicles ready with a few weapons in Haruna’s, Yuki’s, and Rena’s cars. I put all our equipment in the RV so Takamina you have to leave your Pink Pagani Huaya.” Sayaka said. “What?! Why don’t you drive the RV and I take my Pink Pagani Huaya.” Takamina argued, that’s her baby.  “No! Miichan can’t drive due to her being underage and whatnot.” Haruna yelled. “Also the fact the she can only handle high speed crazy driving when you’re the driver. Besides I’ll be distracting them to give you enough time to get away.” Sayaka said. “Okay. I’ll do it. Everyone call me so we can meet up somewhere.” “Okay!” “Hey! Haruna aren’t you going to set up your bombs?” Asked Rena and Yuki before getting into their cars. “Oh, that! I already set them up and they’ll be going off any second now. Why?” Haruna said in a calm and relaxed voice. “What?!” “Everyone get out now!” Miichan yelled getting into the RV. “DRIVEEEE!!!!!!!! Takamidget! DRIVEEEE!!!!!!!!” Miichan yelled at Minami’s ear. “Okay. I don’t wanna die too ya know!” She yelled back not wait for the garage door to open. She broke through the door so hard she pulled the door right off the handles so that now the whole inside of the garage is exposed and the others can get out without waiting.   
 They get far away from the Mansion when they hear the huge explosion, showing that Haruna had just blown it up. Then suddenly several car come out of nothing. * bratatatat* *dakkakakaka* *p-taff* *p-taff* *p-taff* * bratatatat* *dakkakakaka* *p-taff* “Why they shooting at us. What have we ever done to them?” Miichan asks Takamina while she herself shoots at them and sees that her cousins are doing the same..  *ping* “Oh that was close.” Haruna says shooting down the two cars following her. *ratatatat* “Who the Hell carries a machine gun with them!” Rena yelled trying to avoid major damage. Yuki comes from behind the cars shooting at Rena and stoots a bullet into their gas tanks causing them to explode. “Dude is that a bazooka?” Miichan asks Takamina who is busy driving and avoiding damage to the RV which has all the equipment they use for missions. “What?” “Oh Shit! They’re aiming at us!” * schhwaff* *tzing* “MINAMIS!” They’re cousins yelled.


Hope it's interesting.
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Cool~ (
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Hahahahah Chiyuu was talking in her sleep and almost kiss Rena!!!
Ohoho Rena and Yuki what were they doing~
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 :rofl: Chiyuu so cute! Dreaming about Tomochin I wonder why she quit...hope that she will
be joining "Takamidget" group later  XD

Oho! RenaxYuki  :wub: Love is in the air  :lol:

Thank you for your update it was hilarious as usual.
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Here's Ch. 8. I hope it's not boring.

Chatper 8

“MINAMIS!” They’re cousins yelled. The RV had just run off a cliff. In order not to get hit Takamina swerved to the right but ended up driving off the cliff. After seeing their cousins’ drive off the cliff they stop and got out/ off their vehicles and started shooting their enemy not caring about their lives. Shooting and destroying everything in their way. No one was left alive. “Hey! Guys! CAN YOU HEAR US?!” Miichan and Takamina yelled as loud as they could. “Minamis?” “MINAMIS!!!” “Yeah! We’re okay! And the RV’s not damaged at all. We’ll head to the city first! Call us when you enter the city limit.” Takamina yelled to them. “OKAY, SEE YOU THERE!” They yelled back getting back into their vehicles.
Takamina and Miichan reach the city and go into a café to eat and wait for their cousins. “Breaking News! The most wanted man by the NM police, Takahashi Hinoto, has been shot and killed today. He was wanted for many unsolved kidnappings as well as murders. It’s said that he trained six people to continue in his footsteps. They don’t know their genders but assume that they’re men.”
“What?!” Both Minamis almost shout. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Haruna comes in with Rena and Yuki walking beside her with Sayaka walking behind them. “Look at the TV News.” Miichan said patting the sit next to her. While the others read the announcement on the TV. “Uncle’s dead.” Haruna, Yuki, Rena and Sayaka said in a sad voice.
“We have just been informed that the police have found Takahashi’s home but were attacked by six females. They are now searching for these females. They report that these six females are connected to Tomomi Kasai’s kidnapping which happened a week ago. She’s now safe at home. The police will put up their pictures once they receive them. That’s all form your trusty news channel.”
“…” “We better get out of here.” Miichan said already out the Café door when her cousins truned to face her. “Hey! Wait for us!” Leaving the Café they went their safe house but found that cops were already there waiting for them. “Shit!” Takamina said stopping a block away with the others parked behind her. *bezzzzz* “Hello?” “Yes! Minami Takahashi?” “Yes this is her. How may I help you?” “Oh, I’m not the one in need of help, my dear you are.” “How do you know that?” “I’m the Chief of Defense of Japan. Call me Meetan. I was asked by your father to help you. So I am. There a private plane waiting for you and your cousins near outskirts of the city near an abandoned coat factory. Don’t worry it can carry all your vehicles including the RV. From there you’ll be flown here to Japan and brought to me. Okay bye.” “Wait! How can I be sure you’re not an enemy.” “Cuz you saved someone important to me. And I’m just paying you back. Bye.” Hangs up. “Takamina, who was that?” Asked Miichan curious. “Someone who’s helping us leave the country.” “What do you mean?” Miichan confused and tilts her head. “We’re going to Japan. Tell the girls to follow me.” “okay, Rena, Sayaka, Yuki, and Haruna. Follow us. We’re going to Japan.” “Okay.” 2 hours later they arrive, they drove the vehicles into the plane sat in their seats and take off.

Somewhere in Japan
“Acchan-nee!!! Wait up!” Mayu shouted after her sister.
“Oh. Sorry Mayu.” “It’s okay. But lately you’ve be spacing out a lot and getting into more fights.” Looking at all the guys they had just beaten. “Is there something bugging you?” Mayu asked worried her sister’s increase for blood. A year after Minami disappearance Atsuko began to change into someone violent and filled with anger. “No.” Atsuko tells Mayu and whispers to herself. “It’s just that I miss Minami. And fighting is the only way to fill that hole in my heart.” “Did you say something?” “No. Nothing. Anyways let’s get out of here before the cops come.” “Yeah.” They ran away from the sense. After running for about 20 minutes they stop at a Danso Café, which Mayu has been dying to try. “Atsuko-nee? This is..” “Yup. The café you’ve wanted to invited.” They order their foods. “Oh my gosh! The waiters are so hot! Even though they’re female.” Mayu says to Atsuko who just smiles at her sister fan-girling over the waiters. Their food arrives shortly and they begin to eat. After they’re finish they pay and leave. “Hey, Mayu want some starbucks?” “Hell yea!” They enter starbucks and order their drinks. After a few minutes they get their drinks and sit down facing the TV. “Breaking NEWS from NM. Earlier today the NM police shot and killed Takahashi Hinoto. He was wanted for many unsolved kidnappings as well as murders. When they went to Takahashi’s home they were attacked by six females who are connected to the Kidnapping of Tomomi Kasai’s which happened a week ago. She’s now safe at home. The police have put up their pictures on their website. It’s said that they are now hiding here in Japan. Here are the pictures with the names of the criminals. Haruna Kojima, Sayaka Akimoto, Matsui Rena, Yuki Kashiwagi, Minami Minegishi, and last their leader and only male member, Minami Takahashi.” Atsuko and Mayu choked on their drink when they saw Minami’s picture. “Minami?” They both looked at each other confused and worried. “Wait. Did they just say male?” Mayu asked trying to hold her laughter. “Don’t you dare laugh at my future husband.” Atsuko said with a cold deadly voice. “Sorry. But what’s up with the News?” “I don’t know but we have to get to the bottom of this. Minami isn’t someone who capable of fighting. She’s weak.” “I totally agree. She never passed any of her physical education classes.” “Okay. Let’s go home Mayu before the girls start to get worried.” “Okay.” 

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Takamina and the others are going to Japan!!!! XD

“Wait. Did they just say male?” Mayu asked trying to hold her laughter. “Don’t you dare laugh at my future husband.” Atsuko said with a cold deadly voice.

I was laughing here :lol: But  :wub: I love the part where Acchan said Don't you dare laugh at my future husband. It's so :inlove:

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I can't wait to see Takamina back to Japan and when she and Acchan meet~ I wonder what will happen XD
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Acchan & Mayuyu as a sisters~ (
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Meetan!  :)

  Here are the pictures with the names of the criminals. Haruna Kojima, Sayaka Akimoto, Matsui Rena, Yuki Kashiwagi, Minami Minegishi, and last their leader and only male member, Minami Takahashi.” Atsuko and Mayu choked on their drink when they saw Minami’s picture. “Minami?” They both looked at each other confused and worried. “Wait. Did they just say male?” Mayu asked trying to hold her laughter. “Don’t you dare laugh at my future husband.” Atsuko said with a cold deadly voice.

Pffff! Bwahahah  :rofl: "only male member"
I can't wait for them to meet!

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Chapter 9

“We’re home!” “Welcome back Acchan and Mayuyu.” “Hey, Marichan.” “You did what?! NO! Now that they messed up you want me to clean that mess up! FORGET IT!” Someone yelled from the second floor. “Why is Yuko so angry?” Acchan asked. “Oh it’s just that her Dad hired some guys to get some things done, but they ended up messing up. So now he wants Yuko and her group to finish the job.” “Oh.” “Hey! Mayuyu let’s play!” “Okay Jurina!” “So Marichan how are my parents?” “They’re okay. They no longer have debts so if you and Mayuyu wanna leave, you can, since you haven’t been anything major yet.” “Nah. We both like it here. Besides we can’t go back there.” Acchan said in a sad voice. “Acchan it isn’t your fault that happened.” “I know but still.” “Oh you’re home!” Yuko yelled jumping from the second floor into the living room. “Yuko is it possible that you’re related to a flying Squirrel?” Marichan deadpanned. “Dunno. Well anyways I’ll be out for a while.” “How long is it this time Yuko?” Marichan and Acchan asked. “1 week, I think. Not really sure.” “Fine, be careful.” “Okay see ya!” Yuko goes to the garage and gets into her car.

Yuko and her group

“Hello, boss.” They all say. “So what’s the job this time?” “Have you guys watched the News about NM?” “Yeah.” They all say. “Well our job is to kill those girls. And don’t worry I already know where they are. Just follow me like always.” She led her group to the abandon air strip near Tokyo and waited until they arrived. “Boss, are you sure they’ll land here?” An underling asked and was shoot by Yuko. “Anyone else wanna question me?” “NO! BOSS!” They all screamed afraid of Yuko. Then the plane is spotted.

Six cousins on the plane

“Wow! This things cool! How did you get this in such a short time?” Yuki asked. “It’s from actually the Chief of Defense.” Takamina said honestly. “And which Chief of Defense?” Miichan asked afraid it might be the one she and her cousins have met. “Meetan! The Chief of Defense of Japan.” “OH GOSH. WE’RE GONNA DIE.” Miichan, Sayaka and Rena yelled. “NO! WORSE WE’RE GONNA BE DEFILED! WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO MARRY!” Haruna and Yuki screamed panicky running around in the plane. “Hey, what’s wrong? Have you meet her before?” Takamina asked confused about the situation. “YES! N it was SEXUAL HARASSMENT!” “What?” *ring* *ring* “Hello?” Takamina puts the phone on speaker was everyone can hear, her cousins freeze on the spot. “Hey Takamina. I just wanted to tell you that there’s a group of ex-cons waiting for you.” “Ex-cons? Are they here to escort us to you? Meetan.” “No, they have nothing to do with me. They’re there to kill you. I suggest you check your email and upload the maps I sent you.” “Maps? What are they for?” “They show you the way to safely arrive at my home without others noticing you which is very important right now.” “Wht do you mean?” Miichan asked confused. “Oh hello girls. We need to catch up, but that’ll need to wait.” “Hey answer the question Meetan.” Sayaka orders. “Ok, well your pictures have been posted and cops are looking for you as well as the strongest mafia family in Japan. So you need to take care of those ex-cons first then come to my home and I’ll fix everything so you can live as men.” “Men?” “Oh did I say men? I meant to say women since you’re all still girls bye.” Hangs up. “So, any ideas?” Yuki asks. “I have an idea.” “It’s doesn’t have anything about blowing up things does it?” They all asked worried if Haruna’s idea was blowing up the plane they are in. “No. I’ll distract our enemy while you guys safely go to Meetan’s and once I’m done I’ll join you. That way we’re not all killed and they think I’m alone.” “Great idea!” Miichan shouts. “Yeah why can’t you think about safer plans like this?” Sayaka says. “It’s fun seeing you panicking.” Haruna says smiling to everyone. They all sigh. “Okay, but put something on so they thing they got the wrong plane.” “Okay.” Haruna finishes changing. “Wow, you look like a guy.” “Thanks. I’ll be going frist.” Haruna then leaves.

Back to the landing area where Yuko and her men are waiting

 “Okay boys they’ve landed. Get in your positions.” When they were about to go to their places a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento comes out of the plane and parks in front of the group. “Woooow. That’s an awesome car.” Some of Yuko’s men (ex-con) said admiring the car. They don’t notice the tall figure getting out the car. The tall figure takes out a gun and shots them. “Hey! Don’t just stand there kill him!” Yuko shouts at her men, “Boss! U sure this is the right plane?” “Yeah aren’t they girls but there’s only one guy!” They are taken down one after another. Yuko becoming uneasy cuz her men r all dead. “So you’re the boss.” “Yes. I got to admit you’re skilled but not skilled enough to kill me.” Yuko jumps forward landing on the figure. “You’re dead now!” “You wish sweetie.” The tall person says pulling Yuko by her collar and sending her into the bodies of her fallen men. Yuko’s thoughts: : Woow! This guy’s my ideal type too bad I'm into girls. She gets up and charges towards the ‘man’ cause him to hit the door of Yuko’s car. ‘He’ kicks her off and punches her right side of her faces. Yuko’s now pissed seeing blood come down her lip. She gets up and tackles ‘him’ to the hood of her car. She is now on top of ‘him’. “Hey now let’s see what’s under that cap, sunglass and mouth mask. Shall we?” Yuko says putting her hand on the cap, but suddenly the ‘guy’ flipped them around so that ‘his’ now on top. ‘He’ holds both her wrist above her head with one hand. ‘His’ thoughts: Oh God! I never thought I would have to seduce a girl, well good thing she’s hot. I just hope it works like it works on men. 
“You know up-close u’r very attractive.” ‘he’ whispers into Yuko’s ear seductively. “At first I thought you were an actress.” Seductive voice. “T-thank y-you. But don’t think I’ll fall for you” Yuko said the last part in a cold voice. “Oh? Really? Then why ya stutter?” “N..” Before Yuko could retort, ‘he’ quickly pulled down his mouth mask and sealed her lips. Yuko responded to the ‘his’ sudden kiss even though he was an enemy. She could no longer hold back her lust, she wanted to deepen their kiss but ‘he’ still held her wrist. When ‘he’ break the kiss she groan in protest, but that was short lived when ‘his’ lips were back onto hers. She moaned into ‘his’ mouth as ‘his’ tongue invaded her mouth, he slipped his free hand under her shirt to her back and up towards her neck. ‘He’ then took out a messaging needle out of ‘his’ bracelet and prick Yuko on her upper back which caused Yuko to nosebleed and faint. ‘His’ thoughts: Yes! It worked. Good thing Miichan wasn’t here or else she’d tease me to no end. Looks at ‘his’ watch. “Time to meet up with them.” 

Takamina and the others
“I hope Haruna’s fine.” “She’ll be okay Takamina now stop worrying. Oh we’re here!” Miichan Says pointing at the mansion.
They enter the mansion and are welcomed by Meetan. “Hello girls. Where Haruna?” “She’ll be here in a little.” Takamina informed. “Oh.” Meetan says disappointed, but that’s short lived. *knock* “Oh, Haruna! Welcome!” Meetan hugs Haruna and gropes her assets. Haruna pushes her back and slaps her. “Don’t touch me!” “Sorry, it’s just that it’s been sooooo long.” Meetan says while doing groping motions toward Haruna and Yuki. “Mom! I was told you wanted to talk to me?” “WHAT R U DOING HERE?!”


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Waaaa! :panic: Sok made my wish come true!
Meetan is so hentai! * groping

“Wow! This things cool! How did you get this in such a short time?” Yuki asked. “It’s from actually the Chief of Defense.” Takamina said honestly. “And which Chief of Defense?” Miichan asked afraid it might be the one she and her cousins have met. “Meetan! The Chief of Defense of Japan.” “OH GOSH. WE’RE GONNA DIE.” Miichan, Sayaka and Rena yelled. “NO! WORSE WE’RE GONNA BE DEFILED! WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO MARRY!” Haruna and Yuki screamed panicky running around in the plane. “Hey, what’s wrong? Have you meet her before?” Takamina asked confused about the situation. “YES! N it was SEXUAL HARASSMENT!”
“Wht do you mean?” Miichan asked confused. “Oh hello girls. We need to catch up, but that’ll need to wait.”

Hahahaha panicking girls! :lol:

O__o Yuko is connected to Acchan and the rest? Woooowwwww
Yuko and Harunas kiss was  hot hot hot!

“Hello girls. Where Haruna?” “She’ll be here in a little.” Takamina informed. “Oh.” Meetan says disappointed, but that’s short lived. *knock* “Oh, Haruna! Welcome!” Meetan hugs Haruna and gropes her assets. Haruna pushes her back and slaps her. “Don’t touch me!” “Sorry, it’s just that it’s been sooooo long.” Meetan says while doing groping motions toward Haruna and Yuki. “Mom! I was told you wanted to talk to me?” “WHAT R U DOING HERE?!”

LoL Meetan....she have a kid? I wonder who....the only candidate I could think of was YUKO tough*smirk
Thank you for your update as always there is no time for me to stop laughing while I'm reading this...
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kojiyuu.. that kiss.. jaja yuko going to think that she likes boys now jajaj so funny..

Im waiting for atsumina moment :D
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Hahaha 'the only male' this part killed me hahaha!!!
Kojiyuu making out at a plane area, oh~
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OMG! This is getting so interesting XD
I wonder what happened to Acchan and Mayuyu... :?
The kiss between Haruna and Yuko was :wub:

Are they gonna start living as a 'man' like what Meetan said at first?? :inlove:
I wonder who Meetan's child is :?

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Chapter 10

Meetan Mansion
“WHAT R U DOING HERE?!” The six cousins yelled surprised. “Mom? What’s going on?” “MOM?!” “Wait! Chiyuu, are you saying that this pervert right here is your Mom?” Haruna, Rena, Yuki, Sayaka and Miichan asked, while Takamina was confused.  “Yes! N she isn’t a pervert.” “That’s right, sweetie.” “No! She’s the king of perverts!” Yuki, Haruna, Miichan, and Rena yelled. “No, I’m not a pervert. I just like doing skinship with attractive women.” Meetan says while getting closer to the said attractive women. “No. That’s call sexual harassment not skinship, Meetan.” Sayaka said blocking Meetan from getting closer to her cousins. Takamina standing there like a statue still not understanding the discussion. “Ah, come on. I help you get out of the country and I’m protecting you from the people chasing you.” “Mom’s right.” “Chiyuu! Stop calling me mom! It makes me feel old.” Chiyuu murmurs to herself. “U’r my mom, so I can call u mom. N about you being old. There’s no way people would think you’re actually my mother. You look like you’re in your 20’s.” “Wait, Meetan. Is Chiyuu really your daughter and not you brainwashing her to think she’s your daughter so you can do things to her.” Miichan says keeping her distance from Meetan. “Yes. And I would never touch my daughters that way! Would you like to watch the video of me giving birth to her?” “NOOOOOO! DON’T DO IT!!! I warn you it’s not something you wanna see.” Sae shout from behind Chiyuu, shivering from remembering the video. “Sorry, Sae that u had to go through that.” The cousins sympathized. “Hey it’s your fault for not believing that I really am Chiyuu’s mother.” “Yeah. Mom. I mean Meetan looks too young to be my mother. Even though she’s 42 years old.” The six cousins were surprised by Meetan’s actual age. They had thought she was 26 not 42. That’s a big age gap which also explain she was old enough to have Chiyuu. “Did you just tell them my age?” Meetan said giving a murderous glare to Chiyuu. “Yes! Yes I did!” “Why y…” “That was for letting Tomochin leave!” Seeing her daughter’s sad face calmed her down. Meetan went to Chiyuu and hugged her. “Tomomi~ I’m sorry. There was nothing I could do to stop her. She had to leave. Her brother needs her more than you do right now.” “Her brother?” Tomomi~ said looking into her mother’s eyes. “Yes. She got a call the day you were rescued. Knowing that you were okay, she came to me and told me she had to leave to take care of her brother. I don’t know any else other than that. Tomomi~” “Thanks mom. It really helps. Knowing why she left.”
“OKAY! U two can stop with the Mom Daughter moment now!” Miichan yelled getting between them and separating them. “Bad move Miichan.” Yuki, Rena and Haruna said when Miichan interfere the two. “What?” Miichan asked confused until she understood why her cousins had said that. Meetan had taken her interfere as a sign; she quickly went into action, groping Miichan’s assets. “AAAHHH! Get her off of me!” “No way in hell.” Yuki, Haruna, Rena, and Sayaka said emotionless. “Come on guys let’s help her.” Takamina said getting closer to Meetan and Miichan and since this is her first time meeting Meetan she didn’t know what to except. “Oh! You’re cute!” Meetan looked at Takamina with hunger and lust in her eyes. “Maybe on second thought you keep Miichan.” “Too late!” Miichan said escaping from Meetan’s hold and pushing her towards Takamina, who automatically grad Meetan by the shirt collar and flip her over her left shoulder having her fly and land on a expensive looking place of Furniture with a loud *Thump*. 
“Nice job, protecting yourself Takaboy.” Miichan said clapping while the others nodded and clapped. “U should know Meetan is both S & M.” Tomomi said while exiting the living room. Everyone except Takamina took this as a sign to get the hell outta there.
About a few minutes later Takamina understood what Tomomi had said, but Meetan had already regained her strength. “Now Takaboy, shall we play?” “NOOOOOOOOOO!” She said running for her life as Meetan chase after her. She felt relieved when she saw a tall woman with black hair standing in the Hallway about 500ft away, but that was short lived. “Mocchi! Help me get this midget!” Meetan yelled to Mocchi who turned and suddenly smiled. “Can I play with her! She’s totally my type!” “That’s my oldest Daughter! Why can’t Tomomi be more like you.” “NOOOOOO! NOT ANOTHER ONE! HELP MEEEE! SOMEONE! ANYONE! SAVEEEE MEEEE!!!!”
Somewhere in the mansion in a protected room from Meetan
“Hey girls? Are you sure u shouldn’t be helping your cousin out of this mess?” Sae asked worried for Minami’s mental and physical being. “Nope! She’ll be fine.” Miichan said taking a bite of cake. “Yup she’ll be okay as long as it’s only Meetan chasing her.” Haruna and Rena said gulping down their liter size sodas. “Well that’s if she doesn’t meet my older sister Mocchi.” Tomomi said taking a bite of her cake. “Oh right Mocchi is similar to Meetan.” Sayaka deadpanned. “Wait!! Mocchi’s your older sister?!” The cousins asked surprised. “Yes. She’s older than me by 3 years. You didn’t know?” “NO! Why would we?” “Wait then that means she’s Meetan’s oldest daughter” Yuki says now worried about her short cousin. “Yes. Well outta both of us. She’s more like mom than I am.” Tomomi says taking another bit of cake. “Well at least it’s not us.” Haruna says taking Miichan’s cake. “Hey! That’s mine!” “you already ate five WHOLE cakes.” “Fine.” 
“Okay, now I think we should save her.” “Go ahead Sayaka. But don’t think we’re going to help.” Haruna said while Miichan, Rena and Yuki nodded sitting comfortably in their seats. “So you’re willing to sacrifice Minami to my mother and sister?” “Yes!” Yuki said getting up from her seat and walking towards the table to get the last slice of cake. “Rena! Don’t do that. Yuki almost dropped last slice of cake.” Miichan said worried about the cake. “Yuki here, sit on my lap so you don’t have to walk across the room.” “Thank.” Yuki sat and made herself comfortable on Rena’s lap also sharing the cake with her. “HEY! So you’re not going to help me?” Sayaka asked already at the door. “Oh, oh hell no.” They all deadpanned. “I’ll help you!” Sae says leaving the room with Sayaka.
About 20 mins later they come back, clothes ripped, hair messed up, and a Minami with lipstick marks all over her face and neck, ripped clothes and ropes and handcuff on her wrist and ankles. “It looks like you had a good time. Takaboy.” Miichan said wiggling her eye brows at Minami. “Dude, what the hell happened to all of you?” Rena asked looking at the state the three were in while she played with Yuki’s fingers while Yuki rested her head on Rena’s left shoulder watching their intertwined fingers. “Hey, are they dating?” Sae asked watching the two. “Oi. That’s not important right now.” Yuki retorted, wrapping Rena’s arms around her waist and snuggling closer to Rena. “OI! We don’t even know the answer to that one. And we’re their cousins. Now Answer the question.” Miichan shouted. “Which one?” Haruna asked knowing there are two questions flowing around. “Um…let my think to which one.” Miichan said. “I wanna know about Rena and Yuki. Chiyuu~” “No! What happened to you three?” Miichan shouted pointing at Sayaka, Sae, and Minami. “Sorry. We kinda interpreted them in the middle.” Sae says lying on the floor. “Yeah. We saw Takamina tied up with varies ropes and chain, it kinda took a while to free her.” Sayaka said callusing on the floor. “Miichan your training was kids play compared to them.” Takamina said limping to the bed and then falling on it. “You guys should rest. I’ll fill you in tomorrow. But first back to Rena and Yuki. Chiyuu~” Tomomi said turning to the said people. “Yeah. We’ve been curious to way you two always take showers together and what happens during our missions when you two are alone together.” Miichan said stepping on Takamina. “Itai! My hand!” “Oh sorry. Didn’t see you, Midget.”  “That’s noe of your business Miichan.” Yuki said releasing some pretty dark aura. “Yuki’s right Miichan. We don’t need to know.” Haruna and sayaka said seeing that dark aura around Yuki. “Yeah I agree. Sorry I asked. Hehe” Miichan said bowing. “What are you guys talking about?” Takamina has no clue about the twos behavior with each other. “Hey! Answer my question. Chiyuu~” Tomomi pouted at the two. Now Rena’s dark aura was leaking out a little. “You know there’s no need to answer. Good night.” Sae said dragging  Tomomi with her out the room. “Nooooo~ I wanna know! Chiyuu~”

Dorm (Yuko’s mansion)
In the living room two girls were running around. “Save meee!!!” “Jurina! Get back hereeee!!!!” “No!” “Stay still!” “So you can kill? Mayu. NO THANK U!” “I’m not going to kill u. I’M GOING TO TORTURE U!!!” “ACCCHHAANNNNN!!!! SAVE MEEE!” “No! She’s my sister.”
“Hey, what’s up with all the noise?” “Marichan! Please help me.” Jurina runs behind Marichan for safety. “What’s wrong Jurina?” “Mayu wants me to be her subject for torture!” “No, Jurina. I just wanna experiment on you. With will cause you lots and lots of pain.” Mayu said giving Jurina an innocent smile, that spend chills up her back. “No! Last time u gave me two broken hands, a dislocated shoulder, broken leg, dislocated pelvis, dry throat and a slight concussion.” “Wait didn’t that happen last month?” Marichan asked. “Yes!” “Mayuyu was the one who did that to you?” Mariko asked confused “Yes! She lied to you when you asked what happened.” “Well she didn’t lie to me she lied to..” Before Marichan could finish Mayu ran straight behind her and Jurina. “Mayu. I need to talk to you upstairs in my room.” Acchan said in a dry, cold and upset voice. She had come down to get water but overheard their chant. “A-acc-acchan-nee. I ca…” “No excuses Mayu. Now come to my room now.” Still in that tone of voice. Mayu was moving oooohhh soooo slowly towards Acchan.
When Mayu was just 10 ft away from Acchan the door burst open causing her to jump into her sister’s arms. “AAHHH! S.O.B! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS SH**! THEY GOT AWAY! WORSE! I GOT A NOSEBLEED FROM HIM!” The all looked at Yuko who was pissed.“Yuko what’s wrong?” Marichan asked concerned. “And why did you say got a nosebleed from him?” Acchan confused. “Yeah, you’re into girls. In fact you never looked at a guy the way you look at girl.” Mayu and Jurina said confused to why Yuko would get a nosebleed from a guy. “I’M GAY! I LIKE GIRLS!” Yuko shouted. “okay we know that. So what happened to get you this pissed?” Marichan asked. “You know my dad asked me to finish up what his men couldn’t do, right?” “Yes.” “well, I waited at the place where they were landing and they landed. one! One single guy took out all my men. In less than 15 mins.” “How many men did you take?” Mayu asked. “All of them!” “What?!” They all yelled. “Yeah. I was shocked at how quick they were falling.” “Yuko, you took all 120 with you?” Jurina asked. “Yes. Didn’t I say all my men?” “Yes, but for all to be taken down that fast.” Acchan said. “Yeah, but what’s worse is that the guy that took them down gave me a nosebleed.” “How?” They all screamed. “He kissed me.” Yuko whispered softly, but Marichan still heard it. “OH ho. So he did that to you, Yuko?” Yuko looked stocked. “Did what?” Acchan and Mayu asked. Jurina not quite getting it. “Oh, no need for you three to know. Unless Yuko wants to tell you.” “Okay. Yuko tell us.” Mayu commanded. “Mayu, I think its best you don’t know, unless you’d like me to show.” “No, it’s ok. Yuko forget I ever asked.” “Great now let’s go to sleep.” Jurina, Yuko, and Marichan left to their rooms.
 “Mayuyu. Don’t think you’re free from your punishment for lying to me.” Acchan said in a very sweet voice and since Mayu is still in Acchan’s arms there’s no way she’ll be escaping. “Now let’s go.” Acchan carried Mayu up to her room. That night there was screaming and crying coming from that room. “Good thing I sound proof Acchan’s room.” Yuko said falling asleep. “Thank you.” Both Jurina and Marichan said also falling asleep.

The next day In Meetan’s Mansion
When Miichan, Haruna, Yuki, Rena, Sayaka, and Minami wake up, they feel different and their head feels light. “NOOOOOOOO! MY HAIR!!!!!” “MY NAILS!!!” “I KNEW IT!!” “YOU’RE REALLY A MAN TAKAMINA!” “NO I’M NOT!!!”
“Oh, you’ve awaken.” “Meetan! What have you done to us?!!” they yelled.
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Yea!! Thanks for the Update :thumbsup
It's so funny and interesting XD
Takamina and her cousins become a male finally!!! :wub: :inlove:
GJ Meetan :thumbup

Thanks again for the Update :peace:
Please Update Soon :mon cute: Can't wait to read more now that they've become 'men' XD
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Acchan so scary XD Poor Mayu LOL :lol:
Yea!! They are now women disguise in men?!! :wub: :inlove: :twothumbs

Can't wait to read more :thumbsup It's getting so interesting :thumbup :thumbup

Please do update soon :bow: I need the next!!!!
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Rena & Yuki so lovely~ (

Please~ Please update soon~ (
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OMG ahh my stomach   :hiakhiakhiak:
The more I read the more I laugh poor Takamina and the cousins didn't help out either hahaha
Sayaka the most mature one did what she had to but her and Sae  state after the rescue... :on lol:

Chiyuu~ is Meetans daughter? That was like --->  :shock:
Hahah giving birth video  :lol: neither I want to see that.

But Mocchi being her daughter wasn't surprising tough hahaha.

Like Chiyuu~ I want to know the relation between Rena&Yuki heh
It seems Mayu&Jurina could be the couple  :luvluv2:
And Mayu being an S she might got it from her sister hehe.

Thank you for your update and thank you for adding my favourite Meetan in the fic.

And I just can't wait for your next update!
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Thank you everyone for reading. Hope it isn't confusing. I was somewhat, well mostly influenced by what I watched today.  :mon sweat: I hope you enjoy.  :D I'll try to update as soon as I can.  :mon rush:

Chapter 11

“Huh? Don’t blame me. This was Sae and Tomomi’s idea. I had nothing to do with it?” Meetan retorted. “What?!” “I asked Tomomi and Sae to come up with a way to help you. And this is their plan.” “Yeah. Don’t blame mom, I mean Meetan. It was mine and Sae’s idea. Chiyuu~” Tomomi said. “Yeah. And this is the only way people won’t recognize you.” “Well we were planning on making Takamina a woman because the news said you were the only male member in the group. But that might cause people who know her to recognize her.” Meetan says trying to hold her laugh. “Wait, did you just say that they think Takaboy is the only male member of our group?” Miichan asked to make sure she didn’t misunderstood. “Yes!” Sae, Tomomi, Meetan, and Mocchi shouted. Then everyone broke out laughing, except Takamina. “Hey! That’s not funny!” “Sorry, but it is.” Sayaka said holding her stomach. “Anyways, haha, um you don’t look like yourself in fact none of you do. So you girls will have to live as men outside this house until I discover who’s behind the corruption of the police and the Mafia. But you must always ware your disguise outside the house. Meaning take you wear it from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. ” Meetan said calming down like everyone else. “So that means we have to still like this until their found.” Takamina says sad. “Yeah.” “So where are we going to live?” Miichan asked now understanding the seriousness of their situation. “You all can stay here, if you want. And I hope you can assist me like you have been doing. I really need people I can trust right now with this problem.” The six cousins look at each other then smile and say. “We’ll stay here and help you.” “Good. Now since you’re Japan it’s mandatory for you to go to school.” “What?!” “Yay!” Tomomi and Sae screamed. “But we already finished our schooling two years ago, well Sayaka finished 4yrs ago, and I finished 3 yrs ago.” Haruna complained. “Yeah.” Yuki and the others agreed. “Yes, but we’re in Japan and you’re still underage except for Sayaka and Haruna.” “Man, now I wish I was as old as you two.” Miichan said. “Hey, that better be a complement.” Haruna and Sayaka yelled at Miichan. “Yes.” Miichan replied afraid. “Good.”
“Okay back to the subject. We’ll all attend school including Sayaka and Haruna, we will just change their age. But how are we going to get accepted?” Takamina said forgetting her common sense. “Bakamina why do we have to attend?” “It’s better that way, no ones left feeling jealous.” “Takamina did you forget Rena can create legal documentation and hack into the school and add us.” Yuki said smacking Takamina over the head. “Itai! Oh you’re right. I totally forgot.” “So the only thing you need is new names, so I can create your documents.” Rena said open her Laptop. “Okay now that I know you’re settling I have to leave for a couple of weeks with Mocchi.” Meetan said grading Mocchi. “Another one of those serious boring meetings?” Mocchi asked bored. “Yes, they want to talk about the case dealing with these girls.” “Okay, we’ll see you later. Bye” Mocchi said walking out with Meetan. “They really understand each other don’t they.” Haruna says looking at the mother daughter duo. “Yeah.” Tomomi says sitting down next to Rena to watch her work. “Okay so your names?” Yuki asked sitting herself on Rena’s lap still allowing her to use her laptop. “Wait! what school are you going to attend?” Sae and Tomomi asked. “Huh? We’ll just randomly choose.” Rena said creating her’s and Yuki’s documentation first. “No! You have to attend my school, please. Chiyuu~” “Okay. What’s your schools name and I’ll add us after I’m done with our papers.” Rena says typing. “It’s 48 High School. Chiyuu~” “Wth?” the cousins yell. “What type of name is 48 H.S.?” Miichan asked. “Don’t know. That’s how it’s named but it’s a co-ed. Chiyuu~” Tomomi said shrugging her shoulders. “It’s cuz there are different groups in the school. You know like in Hana-Kimi with the three dorms competing against each other.” “What do you mean?” Sayaka asked confused. “There are 3 groups that have 48 members each, and compete against one another; AKB48, SKE48, and NMB48. The group you’re put into doesn’t depend on your grade, age, looks, gender or year. Whatever group you’re put into you can’t switch out to another one unless there’s an open spot in which you have to be selected by the principal and majority of the members in that group. Keep in mind the three groups compete against each other. So right now there are 5 open spots in AKB, and one spot open in SKE.” “So the reason it’s called 48 H.S. is cuz the group have the #48 in it.” The cousins asked. “Yes. Btw we’re in AKB48. Chiyuu~” “So, who’s the one that’s going into SKE48?” Miichan asked hoping it won’t be her.
“I’ll be.” Rena said. “No! Let Miichan do it.” Yuki said pouting at Rena. “Too late. I already added us to the school.” Rena said smiling. “What? But we didn’t even give you our new names.” “You were taking too long. So now here are your new names.” Rena replied. “So I made up your names. Haruna is Airhead, Sayaka is Gorilla, Miichan is Gachapin, Takamina is Man, Yuki is Hottie, and I’m a monk.” “What?!” The four cousins shouted and stayed still due to the shock of their new names. It seemed they were debate whether or not to Kill their two cousins while Sae and Tomomi started to laugh uncontrollably. “So how do you like your new names?” Yuki asked holding her laugh. “Yeah, they all go well with you.” Rena said trying to hold her laughter but ended up biting Yuki’s neck. “Ah! Mmm. Rena, mmm not now.” Yuki moaned. “Sorry.” Rena said licking the area she just bite. “Wait! What was that moan for? Chiyuu~” Tomomi stopped laughing and started paying attention to Yuki and Rena. “Moan? What moan? Do you know what she’s talking about Rena?” Yuki asked Rena. (Note the other four are still debating whether or not to kill or torture these two) “Sorry I don’t.” “I think you’re hearing things Tomomi.”Yuki retorted innocently. “Yeah, I think it’s cuz of Tomochin.” Rena added. “Yes! I totally agree, unless you don’t remember what you nearly did to Rena last time, Tomo~mi?” Yuki said in a cold voice.
“Anyways guys. It was just a joke. Here are your papers. And we must always call each other by these names starting right now.” Rena said giving Sae the legal papers to hand them to her cousins. “I’m Haru Kojima.” Haru said relieved. “I’m Miikun Minegishi, Alright!” Miikun screamed happy. “”I’m Sayako Akimoto. Hey you only changed the a to an o.” “Yeah. Wasn’t really trying to come up with names. Besides that’s just on paper have them call you Gorilla, Sai or something. Now I’m hungry.” Rena said taking out melon bread and a soda. “My name’s Yun Kashiwagi.” Yun said happy with the name she choice. “Mine’s Ren Matsui.” “And yours Takamina?” Haru asked. “Tai Takahashi” “Sounds cool and goes with you well.” Sae says patting him on the back. “I also think Sai goes well with you, Sayako.” Sae blushes a little. “T-thanks. I’ll go with Sai then.” Sai said also blushing. “Okay, now that Sae and Sai are a couple. It’s all settled. We’ll start in three days.” Haru said leaving the room. “Hey we’re not a couple!” Sai yelled. “Yet.” Sae whispered. “Ok, I’ll get blueprints of the school.” Miikun says also leaving the room. “Well, I think we should take out all our equipment from the RV. Don’t think, Tai?” Sai asked Tai. “Huh? Ah, yeah. Sae, Chiyuu can you help us and show us where to put our belonging.” “Yes.” Sae says opening the door for Tomomi who stiil sat next to Rena and Yuki. “Wait! I wanna know why Yuki moan! Chiyuu~” Tomomi said looking at Ren. “Ren! What did you do that made her moan? Chiyuu~” Tomomi asked cutely. “Hey! No flirting! I don’t want what happened last time!” Yuki shouted and glared at Tomo~mi. “What? That wasn’t my fault! I was sleeping.” Tomomi replied innocently with a cute pout. Sai, Tai and Sae were still standing at the door waiting for the princess until Sai decided to interfere by carrying Tomomi of the room. Ren tried to follow put he was held back by Yun who was still sitting on him. “Hey, Yun we have to help them.”  “No Ren, you were flirting with Tomo~mi!” “No I wasn’t.” “Ren and Yun, you two stay here.” Tai said pulling Tomom~mi always as soon as Sai put her down. “Tai’s right. Right now you aren’t Ren or Yun but Rena and Yuki. So Yuki go easy on Rena.” Sai said locking the door behind him.
“NOOOOOO~ YOU CAN’T DO THIS!!! BLACK YUKIRIN! SOMEONE! ANYONE! Hehehe.” “NO! You don’t get to come out and play today!! It’s my turn.” “Nee? Hehe.” “Gekikara, NO!!” “Hai.”
“Hey what’s up with the moan earlier and just now the giggling and Black Yukirin? And Gekikara? What’s Gekikara spicy food? What’s going on between those two? Chiyuu~” “Um” Sai and Tai look at each other. “You don’t wanna know. In fact we don’t even know or ever wanna find out. It’s better left alone. Trust us.” They both replied. “Is it like their play names? Chiyuu~” Sae is blushing like mad. “Um…you can say that, but it’s more like their dark, cruel, insane and violence side comes out.” Miikun says with cake in hand. “Hey! Where you get that cake from? I mean where did you come out from?” Tai asked eyeing the cake. “What do you mean? Chiyuu~” Tomomi tilts her head cutely. “Let’s just not ask anymore Tomo~mi.” Sae says. “Why? I wanna know what’s going on between those two! Chiyuu~” “Girl, do you ever shut up with your questions?” Haru asked taking the cake from Miikun (Tai is still eyeing the cake). “Hey! That’s mine.” Miikun pouted. “No, not really, but that’s only when it’s something interesting. Chiyuu~” Tomomi smiled at them. “Oh boy.” They all sighed at Tomomi’s answer. “So, details please. Chiyuu~” “Sorry, but we got no clue what goes on with those two when they’re in closed doors.” Miikun and Haru retorted. “What?! Sai, Tai details now. Chiyuu~” “Sorry, even though we’re cousins we have no idea what type of relationship they have.” Sai respond while Tai just nodded. “That’s no fun.” Tomomi said then shrugged her shoulders and skips to where the RV is with Sae in tow. They thoughts: This girl’s dangerous; she asks way too many questions and tries to find out every detai then her character changes. “Hey, hurry up. Chiyuu~” This girl is seriously confusing.
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Hey, new reader here.  :)

Just dropping by to say that I really like your story so far, and it may have to do with the fact of having some awesome YukixRena in this. Lol! I love these two to bits, but it's a really rare pairing to read.

I hope you can update again soon. Can't wait to see how this develops. 
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so funny! i want the next chapter!!! please!!
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Yuki & Rena so Hot~ (

Yuki so cute in this fic~ LOVE it~ (

Please update soon~ (
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This is getting very interesting and funny at the same time.
I see GekiBlack together  :twothumbs best pair every, they are both just so..... scary in a way keke

And already some KojiYuu brewing, I wonder how Yuko will take it when she meet Haruna again haha

please continue. :twothumbs
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I agree with Chiyuu! We want to know what is going on between those 2!!!
It seems Chiyuu hide something hehe
I like Rena, Yukirin, Acchan amd Mayuyu's dark side ^^
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UPDATE!  :hee:

What? But we didn’t even give you our new names.” “You were taking too long. So now here are your new names.” Rena replied. “So I made up your names. Haruna is Airhead, Sayaka is Gorilla, Miichan is Gachapin, Takamina is Man, Yuki is Hottie, and I’m a monk.” “What?!”

Pfffft! Bwahahahaha :hiakhiakhiak: ROFL! That was hilarious and Rena saying "and I'm a monk" what the?!
A hilarious as always and not innocent Chiyuu~ asking about Yuki&Rena relationship again... I wonder if she wanted to have experience to use it on Tomochin?! Even the cousins doesn't know about their relationship and both seems to be S&M this time Yuki being S BLACK MODE ON!

I'm so exited when they're going to begin in new school  :drool:

Thank you for your update and again you never fail to make me laugh so hard... :kneelbow:
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jajajja the nicknames sounds so funny.. but i think that you should be use their persona names kai, kuu and riku :D
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Thank you everyone.  :kneelbow: For reading.

@Haruko- I have something else in mind for Persona. You just have to wait a while to see what it is.

I'll update the next chapter by 12/16.
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Sorry if it's boring or confusing. Hope you enjoy.  :lol:

Chapter 12 Part 1

Meetan’s Mansion
“So we’ll see you in school.” Tomo~mi and Sae said leaving. “Hai!” “Sai, what’s the mission from Meetan say?” The five ask. “It says that there will be a robbery this evening. It’s important that we prevent the thieves from stealing the half naked lady statue.” “What?” “Seriously how much can that statue be worth?” Miikun asked taking a big bite of his donut. “550,000.” “That’s not that much.” Miikun said chewing. “US” Miikun choked. “550,000 US Dollars?” “Yes.” “Okay, so will need to plan this out, but we need to go now cuz we’ll be late for school if we plan it out right now.” Tai said exiting the Mansion. On their way to school. “So we need to find a place in school where we can plan our missions without anyone finding out.” Yun said with his head on Ren’s shoulder. “Yes, but there are no rooms or places we can use without other students entering.” Miikun said looking over the blueprints he got. “What do you mean?” Ren asked. “Every room in the school is opened to students to use but you must always get permission two weeks ahead of time.” “Oh.” “Anyways we’re here. We need to greet the principal first before we go to class.” Sai said getting out the car.
At the school
“Hey! Girls!” “Huh? What’s up Lovetan?” “Did you hear we have six new male students joining today!” Lovetan exclaimed excitedly. “No.” “What? Well that’s understandable since you girls are always doing something that doesn’t do with school.” “Okay, Lovetan we understand, but you also live with us.” “Yeah, but I stay updated.” “Back to the Topic.” Mayu said. “Oh. Well unfortunately for all the girls who want to have them in their class, they’re all in class A year 3.” “What? But there’s never been more than two people added to our class.” Yuko exclaimed. “Yeah, but that’s not all.” “What do you mean?” Acchan asked. “It seems that 5 out of the 6 are in our group Acchan. And the other one is in SKE with Jurina and Kumi.” “What? But they have to be accepted by the principal and members before joining.” Marichan replied. “I know but that’s what happened.”  They all sigh. “Well, it’s not like they can change anything. Students already serve us.”
Principal’s office
“Hello boys.” The principal greets the six ‘boys.’ “Hello Mr. Akimoto!” They greet and bow towards the principal. “That’s not necessary girls.” The six froze. “Oh, don’t worry. You’re all safe here. You should’ve called me first before you girls hacked into my school system.” “Oh, sorry. But how did you know that we’re girls sir.” Sai asked. “Oh don’t call me sir, just call me Uncle. After all you are my niece Sayaka.” “Eh?!” “You’re my younger brother’s daughter. And may I say that you look exactly like him when he was young. In fact all of you look like your fathers when we were in school.” “Thank you, Uncle. We think?” “Anyways, Meetan has already filled me in about your current situation. So no need to worry. I already saw that Ren added you to a group, and Ren I have given special privilege to you.” “What do you mean?” “You are part of both AKB and SKE.” “That’s great!” Yun said jumping up and down. “But that only depends if I want you to help SKE rank up or AKB.” “So Sae and Tomo~mi told us a little about the groups, but what do they get when they win?” “Well it depends on the reward I want to give them. Sometimes it’s a week off from school, no homework or projects for school, trip to somewhere, or something they’ll enjoy.” “Do you give cakes as rewards?” Miikun asked with a big smile. “No.” Miikun’s smile instantly disappeared. “Even better, ALL YOU CAN EAT FOR 1 DAY AT THE FAMOUS CAFÉ.” Once Miikun heard that it seemed he went to heaven and came back down. “Awesome! AKB WILL WIN IT ALL!” Miikun yelled rising his fist in the air. “Well that depends on the school’s top team, Rappapa.”  “Rattata?” Tai said. “Pappapa?” Miikun said while doing punching moves. “Chahhaha?” Haru just wanted to joke. “NO, R-A-P-P-A-P-A. RAPPAPA!” “Ohhh. RAPPAPA.” The cousins said in unison. “But what do you mean that it depends on them?” They all asked. “The high ranking members in AKB and two top members of SKE are the members in that team, giving them power to choose whether or not to share the reward with the entire group (AKB, SKE or NMB) or keep it for themselves.” “What?” “So you better be careful or you’ll end up as their slaves or worse their rivals. Btw don’t flirt with the members from Rappapa.” “Why?” “Cuz there are many male students who will hurt you just to get their attention. Well that’s enough about the groups now off to your class.” “Hai!”
Class A yr 3
“Boys and girls today we have six new students joining our class.” Whispers can be heard from the students. “Oi. Isn’t strange that 6 students are joining our class?” Yuko asked silencing the whispers. “Yeah sensei, they never let more than two new students join our class cuz it’s for honors students.” “That’s true, Maeda-san. But all 6 are honor students and because this is the highest class they were placed here. Now, let’s introduce them.” The teacher let’s all 6 in. “Hello, I’m Sayako Akimoto but call me Sai.” “He’s so mature~” Some girls in the back. “Haru Kojima.” Haru said with a gentle smile. “Sooo handsome.” Girls whisper. Yuko’s thoughts: He looks familiar. Mariko’s: Is Yuko checking out a guy? Has she turned straight? No, no way. “Miikun Minegishi!” Miikun winks at a few girls. “Kyaa!” “He’s cute~” Mariko’s: He’s too flirting. But that Haru guy is handsome, maybe there’s reason why Yuko’s checking him out. “Yun Kashiwagi, pleasure to meet you.” “Kyaa~” “He’s hot!” Girls whispering. “Ren Matsui. And no we’re not dating anyone.” “Kyaa~” Cool~” Yun glared at Ren’s statement. “Tai Takahashi, nice to meet you.” “Hope to be friends with you all.” The 6 say in unison. Girls drooling over them while guys are thinking what’s so special about them *smirk* they don’t know what’s coming to them once class is over. Acchan’s thoughts: Tai looks exactly like Minami when she put on a black wig and pretended to be my boyfriend. And he even has the same last name as her and mole on his left cheek. Can it be that she’s in disguise cuz of the whole wanted by police? I have to find out.
“Okay boys have your seats.” “Where do we sit, dude?” Haru asked bored looking around. “Oh, sorry I forgot you don’t have sits.” “Nah it’s cool. So where do you want us to sit? Or do you wanna take your naptime now and let me teach to the class for the rest of the day?” Haru said monotone. Everyone started laughing. “Um, no thank you.” “You sure? Cuz you look like you’re died tired. Why not let me teach and you take a nap, you’re old you need your naptime.” Haru added. A few students were laughing their guts out. “That’s enough. I’m not that old.” “Well, you look like you’re in your 50’s, Dude It aint my fault.” Haru retorted. “Haru sit next to Shinoda-san.” “Who’s that? Dude? Young lady? The janitor? The lunch lady? Oh please let it be a cute girl. Or maybe a geeking guy that’ll do my school work.” The students were laughing at Haru remarks. “Oh, please sweetie. Stop with the remarks.” “Oh ho? And you are? Miss Supermodel?” “Well, thank you. I’m Mariko Shinoda, but call me Marichan. I’m the person you’re sitting next to.” “Oh? Well lucky me. I get to sit next to a hot mature supermodel. You got a boyfriend?” “No, you got a girlfriend?” “No.” Haru sits down and continues to chat more like flirt with Mariko while Yuko gives him death glares. “Yuko stop staring at him.” Marichan said and went back to flirting with Haru. “Sai, you’ll sit next to Sae.” Sai goes to his seat. “Miikun you’ll sit next to Atsuko.” “Okie Dokie.” “Tai sit next to Erena, Ren next to Yuko, Yun next to Kasai.” They sit and pay attention to the lecture. The six cousins’ thoughts: How are we going to get a room for our missions? Who are the members of Rappapa? Man, this lecture’s way to easy. Well gotta make it seem we’re learning.

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“Rattata?” Tai said.
Haahahah Pokémon!

ROFL! Haru was so hilarious! And flirty too! Yuko seems to be jealous hahaha!
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Oh, will Acchan figure out that Tai is Minami? Interesting
I like flirting Mariharu ^^
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Please update soon~! (
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This is getting really interresting in every chapter :on lol:

please update soon :kneelbow:
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lol thanks for the update!!
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So Rena's going to be shuttling back and forth between SKE and AKB? Interesting. I think I'm sensing some kind of competition brewing between her and Yuki. As in, who among them can make the other more jealous, lol. I wouldn't put it past their dark nature to do something so... sadistic to each other. They are, after all, Gekikara and Black Yukirin. They both like it rough. :lol: 

Meanwhile, Acchan's already suspicious. I wonder if they can really pull this off.

Thanks for the update!
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Wow!! It's really getting so interesting XD
Acchan is starting going to find out about that Tai is actually her Minami I think :w00t:
Acchan always knows her Takamina although she is in disguise :wub:
Atsumina~~ :wub: :inlove:
Can't wait to read more :twothumbs

Thanks for the update :thumbup :thumbup
Please update soon :mon cute:
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Thank you everyone, your comments inspire me to write. HOPE THIS ISN'T LONG AND BORING. Sorry for any misspelled words.

Forgot to tell the color of their hair. Minami’s is black hair, Miichan’s light brown hair, Haru’s black hair, Sai’s dark brown hair, Yun’s is brown hair, and Ren’s reddish brown hair. Their hair color changes, when they’re on missions. Hope it’s not confusing.
Chapter 12 Part 2

“It’s lunch time, everyone.” The sensei announced. “Yes!” The sensei’s thoughts: Haru-san is trouble can’t let him make fun of me anymore than he already did. Man, and here I thought he was going to be an airhead. Sigh. “Oi! So what are we going to do about the place?” Yun said with his arm around Ren’s shoulders. “Don’t know.” Sai said. “how about I go talk to Marichan and ask her about the school system and see if I can get some info.” Haru said once he spotted Marichan. “Good idea, and I’ll go talk with my wifey.” Miikun happily said. “Wifey? Who? Since when?” “Oh, Maeda Atsuko, the girl I sit next to. We hit it off really well and now she’s my wifey.” “Wow, you work faster than Haru.” They all laughed. “Hey! I aint trying to seduce Marichan. I’m just trying to know her better.”  “True, if Haru was serious. She would already be seduced by him.” Ren said. “But I’m more surprised our Gachapin here. Seduced such a beautiful girl.” Tai said looking in Acchan direction. Tai’s thoughts: She’s so beautiful. I wish I could be close to her. I wonder if she has a boyfriend. Her name reminds me of my old childhood friend. I wonder how Acchan’s doing. It’s been five years she most of forgotten about me.“Okay we’re off.” “Seems we’ll just sit here and eat until they come back.” Sai said and started eating his lunch.

“Hey! Wifey!” “Oh hey Miikun, what’s up?” “Nothing. Just wanted to eat your lunch. I mean eat lunch with you. Hehe” “Sure.” “Hey! Acchan aren’t you going to tell us what’s this wify thing is about.” The girls asked. “Oh, hello I’m Miikun and that’s my special nickname for Acchan.” “What?!” “Oh, its fine he’s just playing around and it’s kinda fun having a male friend.” Acchan said eating her bread. “What?! Are you serious?” “Yeah, he isn’t like other guys.” “Yeah!” “Oh, Miikun these are my teammates in the team Erena, Yuko, Lovetan, Jurina, Kumi, Marichan is the one with Haru and my younger sister Mayuyu.” “Hey, I’ll see you later. I’m going where Marichan is.” Yuko said running off towards Haru and Marichan. “Hey, why is she in such a hurry?” Kumi asked. “Is it cuz Marichan is talking to a boy?” Jurina replied. “No, I don’t think so. She’s never acted like that before.” Mayuyu responded. “Maybe it’s cuz she’s attractive to him. He is handsome.” Lovetan added. “Not possible.” Erena said in a matter-of-fact tone. “Why?” Miikun asked. “She’s gay. That’s why.” Acchan answered. Miikun’s thoughts: Sh**! I hope Haru isn’t discovered. But on the other it makes it interesting. There’s no doubt that Haru is handsome so he won’t be found out unless she undresses him. “Oi, Acchan why did you say that his different.” Erena asked returning to the topic. “He doesn’t give off the feeling of wanting something other than friendship.” Acchan explained. “Yeah, Acchan’s right I aint like other guys. I’m just after the food. So can I have your lunch Lovetan?” Miikun said and smiled at Lovetan. “No!” “Aww. Come on. You know you want to give me some.” Miikun did puppy dog eyes. “No!” “BTW Miikun.” “Yes, Wify.” Miikun said looking at Acchan. “Do you know the other five guys?” “Huh? Yeah, they’re my cousins. Why?” Miikun said as he took a slice of Lovetan’s burger. “Hey, Miikun?” “Yes Mayuyu?” “What’s up with those two?” Mayuyu said pointing at Yun and Ren. “Oh, you mean Yun and Ren?” “What’s the guy’s name who’s being sat on?” Jurina asked. “Oh, that’s Ren and Yun is the one sitting on his lap.” “Are they gay?” Lovetan asked. “Huh? They’ve always been like that since we were kids. It’s like Ren is Yun’s personal human chair.” Miikun replied. “Oh, anyways would you mind introducing us to them?” Acchan said cheery. Erena, Lovetan, Mayuyu, Jurina, Kumi and Miikun choked on their food. “What?” The girls shouted. “You never liked hanging around with guys, before.” Erena said. “Yeah, what’s so different about them?” Kumi asked. “Um, I got to agree with the girls. It’s not a good idea.” “Why Miikun?” “They…They…they got issues!” “Oh? And what type of issues Miikun?” Acchan smiled evilly. “Ya know Acchan I don’t like that smile of yours. So I better be going. Bye!” Miikun was gone in seconds already sitting with his cousins.   

“Marichan!” “Oh, hey Haru. Is there something you need?” “Yes! I wanna know about the school.” “Oh, in that case I’ll be happy to help you.” Marichan said and smiled. “OI! Don’t flirt with my girls!” Yuko came and high kicked Haru but he dodged it. “Your girls? So you have a girlfriend?” Haru looked at Marichan. “No, she’s just our team’s leader. She doesn’t really like sharing attractive women.” “Oh, then I still got a shot with you.” Haru smiled seductively towards Marichan and she replied with a smile which earned him a kick on his right leg. “Itai! WTH! Midget!” Haru out busted. “Didn’t I tell you not to flirt with my girls?” “Yes you did, but I wasn’t flirting I was merely speaking with her. Jeez.” “What? Don’t you know it’s dangerous to flirt with Rappapa members? Or did the principal not warn you?” Yuko said smiling devilishly. “Oh, so you’re Rappapa. Nice to know that. So Marichan where were we?” Haru said turning to Marichan. “Hey! Aren’t you listening!” Yuko shouted trying to punch Haru but Marichan stepped in front of her punch. “Yuko, he’s just wants to know about how the school system works.” “Btw are you like the student council or something?” Haru says and spots Miikun running towards their cousins. “No, there’s no student council here.” Marichan informed. “Oh really? That’s interesting so their room is free?” “Yes, but no one’s dumb even though to challenge us.” Yuko said proudly. Haru’s thoughts:We’ll see about that midget. Now that I have a closer look at you, you’re that woman that was waiting for us with all those man. Wow! You got shorter! But you got some assets. What do you mean?” Haru asked confused making it seem that he didn’t understand. Yuko’s thoughts: Is this guy an airhead? Well he sure looks like one, so it’s possible. “No, what Yuko meant was that by joining the student council, well scratch that there’s no council. By reviving the council the members will be challenging our power and we won’t let that slid.” Marichan said in a serious tone. Haru’s thoughts: I sense a strong hatred from these two. Is it possible they don’t like being powerless and not in control? Well better tell the others that I found us a playhouse. Maybe I should seduce Marichan. “Well ladies, thank you for telling me, but I’m still a little confused. Unfortunately I need to go. Bye.” Haru smiled to Yuko and Marichan.

At the table with all six Cousins
“So did ya find out anything?” “Yeah. Rappapa’s leader is a midget but taller than you. And the one who was there at the plane site waiting for us.” Haru deadpanned. “Hey! Something useful.” Tai shouted. “OI! That’s useful. We now know who their leader is. Wait she was there?” Ren asked confused. “Yeah when I was done with her men I fought with her. Good thing she hasn’t recognized me.” “Okay that’s great! We now know their leader and members.” Miikun said taking a bite from the pizza slice Tai was swaying around. “Hey! That’s my lunch!” “What do you mean by the members?” Yun asked. “Well…” Miikun was cut off by an announcement. “New transfer students please come to the principal’s office. I repeat new transfer students come to the principal’s office. Immediately.”  “Oh great. It’s our first day and we’re already being asked to go to the principal’s office.” Tai says in an annoyed look. They all turn to Haru and glare at him. “What? Don’t blame me! I didn’t do anything! Anything!” Haru shouted rising both his arms. 
On their way to the principal’s office Miikun informed them of who the members are. “Hello, Uncle.” “Hello boys.” “Is there something you need Uncle?” Sai asked noticing Sae and Tomo~mi sitting. “Did Haru get into any trouble?” Miikun and Tai asked. “Hey! I told ya I didn’t do anything. Yet.” Haru protested noticing Tomo~mi and Sae. “What are you two doing here?” Haru asked. “Oh, they were telling me how many students have complained about Rappapa always taking the rewards and doing whatever they want as well as using the rewards to have the other students do what they tell to do in order to get a share.” “Oh. Why don’t they complain to the student council?” Yun said. “There’s no student council. Yuko said that there’s no one dumb enough to go against them. So there’s no council.” “Haru right. It’s been like this since Yuko created Rappapa.” Akimoto said. “Well, no need to worry, Uncle. We’ll take over the council room. In fact I’d like to create our own team to compete against them.” Haru said with a big smile. “What?” His cousins, Tomo~mi and Sae shouted. “You sure Haru?” Akimoto asked hoping he was joking. “Yes, besides by creating two teams we can do our missions under the one without others finding out. Cuz we’ll have our own room which no one other than members and Uncle can use and enter keeping it a secret from the rest of the school. And use the student council one for the competitions in the school. We’ll be the members of both teams but no one other than us will know that. It’s the perfect cover!” Haru confidently explained. Everyone was shocked by his reasoning, especially his cousins. “What?” “What you guys told me to think up plans that don’t involve blowing things up. And that’s what I came up with, unless you want me to exp…” “NOOO! We’ll do it!” “Great! Sae and Tomomi will be in the student council as well.” Haru added. “What?! Why?” “They’ll cover for us when we’re not in the student council or here at school. It’ll make it easier for us to complete our missions under the other team. Oh that reminds me we’ll need new names for that team as well as different styled wigs, so they don’t suspect us.” Haru explained. “Good point.” “We’ll do it too.” Sae and Tomomi say. “Okay, seems you’ve all made up your mind so I just need you to sign these papers for the student council and these for the other team, write the teams name down as well as the names You’ll be using under it.” Akimoto said. “How about you go with Persona? Chiyuu~” Tomomi says. “Why?” “Cuz you’re all in disguise, hiding your true selves and will be secreting doing missions. Chiyuu~” “That’s good. Persona it is. And done you all can use the room, here are keys for each of you. Now be careful. Oh and there’s a hidden room within the student council room. I’m sure Ren can open it for you.” “Thank you and we will.”
“Okay guys. How about we check out our student council room?” Yun said jiggling the keys. “Well, we still have 20 minutes left before class starts.” Sae said. “Yo, Sae and Tomo~mi? Why is lunch so long?” Tai asked. “Huh? Oh that’s the reward NMB won. They decided to share it with the whole school instead of just their group.” Sae said as Yun opened the door. “That Milky girl sure is nice. Chiyuu~” The cousins’ thoughts: Milky? What kind of name is that?

Next update will be their mission. Team Persona's mission to protect some statue. Wonder who they'll be facing? :mon huh:
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Yay...... an update...... i want more of this.......... please update next... thanks
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Oh! Update! Yea!! :w00t:

Hoho~ Student Council vs. Rapapa XD
It's getting exciting and I can't wait to read more about it :twothumbs

Thanks for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
Please update soon :mon cute:
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please update soon
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Oh Yuko is not happy at all lol
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An update~! Cool!
I think I'm a bit confused, though. If I'm understanding this correctly, aside from masquerading as boys, they're going to be disguising as Persona? A disguise on top of a disguise? Lol, that's a bit... complicated, isn't it? Will Persona only be composed of Takamina, Haruna, and Miichan, or will the others get to join as well?
Yuki and Rena... I see that dressing up as boys hasn't exactly stopped them from doing their thing (whatever that thing is). Hahahaha!
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Thank you everyone for your comments. The next update will be about their mission.

@gekikarabuACE- You're right, it's a little confusing. You are correct they will be A disguise on top of a disguise so Yuko and the others don't realize them. All six cousins will be in it. Riku will still be the leader.

Thank you once again. I'll try and update by New year's.
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It's getting really interesting XD
Wow! Haruna is not like an airhead at all :w00t:
She's going to revive the Student Council :D

Can't wait to read more :thumbsup
Please update soon :bow: :bow:
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Thank you everyone. Hope you like it. There will be 2 parts. The 2nd part will be their mission.

Chapter 13 Part 1

After entering the student council room, Ren opened the hidden room, where they found most of the equipment they use for missions well except for weapons. Looking around in the hidden room Miikun found a letter. “Hey, guys look.” “What is it? Miikun?” “It seems it a letter about today’s mission.” “Well open it, idiot!” Haru said smacking Miikun upside the head. “Oh that’s mom’s writing. Chiyuu~” “Okay.”

Hello, boys and my cute daughter,
Well if you are reading this it means you have joined the student council. Which is great, now I have already put equipment that you mostly use for your missions    except weapons. There is a long box on the table, which contains six different style wigs and a blueprints of the mansion where the statue is being held. There’s a ball being held today in the same mansion but it will be held in the main hall, the statue is located north of the Main hall near the woods. I would suggest that two of you go undercover as guest just in case, the invitations are inside the box. Now I would like you to protect and prevent anyone from stealing this statue. Ren you will need to hack into the security system there. And please DO NOT LET HARU BLEW IT UP. INFACT NO BOMBONG AT ALL!!!!!!
                                                                                                                                                     Good luck  :mon bye:
            P.S. Don’t die on me.

“Well that’s no fun.” Haru said opening the box and taking the two invitations and handing one to Ren. “Ren and I will attend the ball.” “Alright.” The others replied. “Okay, so what are the names you guys will use while you’re undercover as Persona?” Sae asked. “Well, obviously I’m the leader Riku.” Haru said putting on his wig. “Hey! Why the hell are you the leader?” His cousins shouted in protest. “Cuz I’m handsome and I was the one who thought of creating it. NOW NO TALKING BACK TO YOUR LEADER.” They each said their ‘Persona’ names. “Kuu. Desu~” Miikun said putting his wig on. “Kai, Yosh!” Tai said. (note: they wear the same wigs as in Mendol and look the same.) “Ruka.” Sai says putting on a black with sliver & green streaks wig. “Black.” Yun says putting on a black with red & blue streak layered wig. “Spicy~” Ren says to his I-pad. “Huh?” the others say. “Oh, sorry. I’m asking where I can find the spiciest food near school.” “Black.” Riku says in a cold voice. “Understood.” Black approaches Ren and smacks him hard across the face. “Gekikara! Hehe. But Spicy for short. And I was looking up a place so could go on a date Black. Geez. I’m trying to be romantic.” Ren said putting on a black with red & blonde layered streaks wig. Kai’s, Kuu’s, Ruka’s, Tomomi, Sae, and Riku’s thought: Eating spicy level 4 food is romantic? In what way? They’re both crazy.
“Sorry, Gekikara.” Black hugs Gekikara and Gekikara take this opportunity to press his lips against Black’s. It started of slow and gentle and becomes rough and passionate. “Oi, I know they’re both girls but seeing them as guys and kissing is hot!” Sae comments. “Now can you tell me what’s going on between these two? Chiyuu~” Tomo~mi asked cutely. “OI! You two stop!” Kuu and Kai yelled trying to separate the two. “OI, Black and Gekikara get a room.” Riku smirked. They broke their kiss and looked at Riku. “Get out!” Gekikara hissed. “And problem solved.” Black gently added going back to kissing. “Okay I think we need to give these two some privacy.” Ruka said pushing everyone out the door. “Noo~ I wanna see~ Chiyuu~” Tomo~mi said struggling to stay. “No!” Everyone yelled dragging her out the room.
“Why? What’s up with those two? Are they dating? Are they lovers? Are they friends slash cousins with benefits? How did they get together? I wanna know! Tell me! Maybe their way can help me get with my love. Chiyuu~” Tomomi asked. “Can you just shut up about them?” the others asked. Tomo~mi pouted cutely. “NO!” She smiled brightly at them. “You know what? I’d rather be harassed by your mom than be bombarded with questions.” Riku replied. “Same here.” Kai said resting his head on the table. “I rather be in a crazy high speed car with a bomb crazy Riku driving it than answer you.” Kuu said. “I’d rather become a gorilla.” Ruka said causing everyone in the council room to laugh. “Okay, Chiyuu I think it’s best if you asked them rather than their cousins.” Sae says. “No!” “Why not?” “Cuz they’re scray. Chiyuu~” “Then stop asking.” “Okay. Chiyuu~ Btw you all look so different with your new wigs. Like members of a boy band.” “Thanks.” Black and Gekikara said coming out the room. “Anyways we already prepared everything for the mission.” Black informed. “But our weapons are still at Meetan’s mansion, so we’ll need to hurry and get our weaponry ready.” “You already hacked into the system?” Kai asked. “Kai are you stupid or something?” Kuu said. “No.” “Then why you asked such a dumb question.” Riku asked. “Of course Gekikara already hacked it.” Ruka replied. “Okay let’s go to class.” They were about to open the door and step out when Tomo~mi spoke. “You guys do know you’re still in your Persona disguise.” With that she skipped to class. “Oh S***! I totally forget!” The cousins yelled. “Man, its hard keeping up one disguise.” Miikun said. “Yeah, and on top of that having a disguise on top of a disguise. It’s too much work.” Haru said. “Yeah! And whose bright idea was it?” they yelled. “What? You shouldn’t have agreed to it then.” They all glared at Haru. “What? It’s not like I forced you. Besides you could have just accepted being in the student council. Jeez, how slow can you guys be?” Haru retorted. Haru’s thoughts:Jeez and they call me the airhead. They should listen more to what people say and think about what they mean by it.


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BlackXGekikara making out yay!!!
Chiyuu I'm still with you, wanna know what happens between them!
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Pfft! Chiyuu~ LoL with all her questions again  XD

Rena&Yuki can be totally romantic in a wrong time  :lol:

I wanna know too how they got together  :twothumbs

Can't wait for your next update!

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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Waaa~~ Their Persona disguise XD
LOL disguise on disguise :lol:

Thanks for the update :thumbup :thumbup
Please update soon :mon cute: Can't wait to read more :D
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Hello everyone. Thank you for all your comments and thank yous.
Hope Part 2 isn't confusing or boring. I pick links so you can see their outfits and masks and statue. Sorry for any misspelling. Didn't really have time to check for errors. 

Well here it is:

Chapter 13 Part 2
Riku’s suit  ( &  Riku’s mask  (
 Gekikara’s suit  ( & mask (
 Black’s suit  ( &  black’s mask  (
 Kuu’s suit  (
Ruka’s outfit  (
 Kai’s outfit (
 Ruka’s, Kai’s & Kuu’s mask  ( their go in order.

School ends and it’s time for their mission
“Oi! Why do we look like we’re attending a Wedding?” Kuu complained. “Just in case someone from the ball wonders off somewhere or enemy shows up it’ll look like we’re from the ball.” Kai said. “Besides yours is the only one that doesn’t look so formal like ours.” Black said. “Yeah, you’re right.” “Okay, so Gekikara has set up all our equipment and transmitters. Black you are in charge of the security system, Kuu and Kai you’ll be doing your part and Ruka will be your guard and reason.” “Black, I set up a program that will tell you if someone else has hacked into the system and you know what to do after.” “Yup, play evil tricks.” “Good, now Gekikara and I will be leaving.” “Oi! Wait! You’re forgetting this.” Ruka said handing them a mask. “What’s this?” Both Gekikara and Riku asked in confusion. “It’s a masquerade ball.” Ruka informed. “What?!” Gekikara and Riku shouted. “You have to wear masks, and just in case there’s trouble I brought masks for each of us and back up for you two.” Ruka said giving the rest their own masks. “What? We have to wear them the whole night?” They asked. “Yes.” Ruka said in a serious tone. They all heaved a sigh. “Let’s go.” “Wait! You have to put them on first.” “Fine.” They put on the mask as they all look at each other they all stopped and stared at Gekikara. “Scary.” They all said out loud. “I like it. It goes very well with me. Hehe” Gekikara replied. “No!” they all shouted. Ruka handed him another mask  same as black’s mask  ( “Here, put this one on for the ball and put that scary one away.” “Okay.” “Wow, you two look like twins.” Kuu commented. “Yeah, well Black’s the good twin while Gekikara’s the evil one.” Riku deadpanned. “Okay, enough let’s get going.” Kai said pulling Kuu with him for their part.

Masquerade Ball
We’re in position.” Both Riku and Gekikara said. “Okay, I got you on screen. Hey, why are you two separated?” Black asked through their transmitter.  “Just in case something happens.” Rkiu replied. “It’s better to make people think we’re strangers so no one suspects.” “Besides, we don’t really go well together.” Riku added. “Okay. Oh btw Riku, Kai and Kuu are having a little trouble with the assignment you gave them. Want me to help them out?” Ruka said over the transmitter. No, there’s no need. Now only talk to us when the enemy arrives. Over.” Riku said. “Okay, Over.” Ruka and Black said.  Okay, now to socializes. Thought Riku. This is boring! I wanna go on a date with Black. Gekikara thought. “Hey handsome.” A woman with black shoulder length hair in a dress ( and mask ( said standing in front of Gekikara. “Hello beautiful. How may I be of services?” “Oh, you’re very well mannered. It’s hard to find man like that at these things.” She said. “Oh really? Well that’s a shame; I thought it was natural for a man to be polite to such a beautiful young lady like yourself.” Gekikara replied and smiles sweetly at her. “Aw~ You’re so cute.” “Beautiful, would you do me the honor of dancing with me?” “It’ll be my pleasure.” They start to dance.
Riku’s thoughts:Nice job! Gekikara I never knew you had it in you. I bet you can be great a seducer. While Riku was watching Gekikara and the girl, he was bump into. “Oh, terribly sorry. Are you alright?” Riku asked. “I’m the one who’s sorry. I was the one that bump into you.” A tall short brown haired woman said. Riku’s: She looks exactly like Marichan. Excuse me for my  rudeness but you are very attractive in that dress ( and mask (” “Well, thank you. And you yourself are very handsome in your suit and mask. You go very well with me.” “It’s as if we are destined to be together.” “Ah~ You’re so cheesy~” “Yes, yes I am.” “Hey, you get away from her.” “Huh? And you are?” A short woman in a elegant short white dress in a mask ( went in between Riku and the short brown haired woman. “I’m the woman you kissed.” “Eh?” Both Riku and the tall woman said. The short woman wrapped her arms around Riku’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. Riku’s thoughts: uh ho. It seems that this chick is Yuko, man how the hell did she recognize me? Wait, I have a mask on and different hair, so I’m safe. Wait. If this is Yuko then that’s really Marichan and the chick dancing with Gekikara must be one of their members.  If my suspension is correct then their group is here to steal the statue. But then again I might be wrong, since this a ball they could have come with their parents. Unless they’re doing the same thing as us and making it seem as if they’re not up to something. I need to keep an eye on them.
“Riku! What do you think you’re doing?” Yelled a woman in a black and red dress wearing mask ( Riku immediately broke the kiss with Yuko. “I’m sorry, wasn’t really paying attention. Besides she’s the one that kissed me.” “It’s okay, anyways mother wants to see you.” “Oh okay.” Riku turns to Yuko and Marichan (Marichan is glaring at Yuko for the kiss). “Sorry ladies but I must leave you now.” “It’s okay.” Marichan said. “Okay let’s go.” The female graded Riku’s hand and led the way. “BTW who are you?” Riku asked. “It’s me. Chiyuu~” “Oh, didn’t recognize you. Btw you look hot!” “Thanks.” “Ur Welcome. And thanks for saving me. I thought I might be found out. Also I think I know who the thieves are, but I’ll wait until they go into action.” “Oh that’s good. Anyways I lied about mother.” “Really? But it said so true. Wow, you’re a good lair.” “Thanks, I learned that from mom.” “I can see. Anyways since we don’t have anything to do, let’s dance.” “Sure.”

Yuko & Marichan
“What the hell was that?” Marichan asked upset. “A kiss.” “Yeah I know that but why?” “I wanted to make sure it was him.” “Who?” “The guy from the air site. You know the one that gave me the nose bleed.” “So, was it him?” “Yup, it’s him alright. But I got to admit he’s very good looking.” “Yeah he is, anyways back to the plan. We have to be careful.” “Yeah, yeah, I’ll go seduce Riku and you go check the place.” “No, you go check the surroundings and I’ll go seduce Riku. Lord knows what you might do to him.” “What? Just cuz I’m into women doesn’t mean I can’t seduce men.” “Yeah, but you’re too short for him. Besides he’s my type. Bye.” “Wait, no. Damn.” “Yuko, we’re all in position. I just need to hack into the security system.” Yuko’s thoughts: Damn, Marichan! I know I’m gay but still. Why do you have to get him? You know how hard it’s for me to be interested in a man. In fact he’s the only man in my entire life I’ve ever been interested in. And now we have to start our mission. *sigh* being the leader sucks sometimes. . “Okay. On my signal we’ll start.” "Okay" “Yuko, you should wait. There’s no need to rush.” A man with short long brown whispered into Yuko’s ear. “Tomo, you’re back! And ready to work!” Yuko hugged Tomo and put a commutation transmitter in his ear. “Yup, anyways I think it’ll be best with we get some scapegoats. You know to pin the blamelcome back Tomo.”   [/color]
Thanks, anyways Acchan already has hers, now Mariko-sama is getting hers. I’ll get the girl that’s with the guy Mariko-sama is getting now you have to find one.” “What? Oh I see a hot w…” “No, Yuko it has to be a man.” “What?! Ah~ Fine I’ll go find one.” “Good.”

Kai & Kuu
“Uuuurgggghhhhh!” Kai and Kuu breathed out while panting. “Oh Lord!” Kai said panting. “Please help us!” Kuu shouts also panting. “Hhhhhuuuuuuuugggggg! Hhhuuuu.” Both breathed out. “Damn! I need a break!” Kuu yelled frustrated. “Me too.” Kai said lying down on the floor with Kuu. “WTH! Why’s it soooo heavy?” Kuu yelled. “I don’t know? The other one wasn’t as heavy.” “Where’s Ruka, didn’t I tell him to come help us?” “Yes, yes you did but since Riku is the leader and gave him the order NOT HELP US! He’s not going to.” “What?” Kuu shouted. “Yeah! Can’t Riku see that we’re not as tall or strong as those huge muscular guys walking towards us with guns.” “Wait! Did you just say guys with guns walking towards us?” Kuu asked Kai as he got up. “Yeah, (takes him a few seconds to understand their problem) Oh S***!” “No duh! We need to get the Fat lady out of here. And quick.” “Yeah, but first we need to hide and think about a plan to get rid of those 1, 2, 3, 4….8. 8 guys with guns.” Kai and Kuu run and hide behind a pillar. “Great, what are we going to do? We left our guns with Black and Ruka.” “Just hide! They are coming!” They left the statue ( Kai and Kuu watch the men.
“Okay guys, the boss want this statue in perfect condition.”  “I don’t think that’s possible sine it’s missing its head and arms.” “That’s how it’s suppose to look. Geez don’t you know anything about art?” “No.” “Okay, let’s just get this and go.” “Yes sir!” “Urghhhhhh” “What’s wrong?” “Sir we need help.” “Yeah this thing weights too much for us.” “Okay, you two help this two.” “Yes sir!” “UUUrghhh!” “Sir we need more help!” “What? Okay the rest help.” “Yes sir!” “Man, this is the heaviest lady I have ever lifted.” 
“Wow, I can’t believe it.” Kai said. “Yeah, all does muscles for what? They can’t carry even carry that statue, when we carried it just the two of us for 2 miles. Man, it’s taking all 8 of them to carry it.” Kuu laughed but not loud enough for the men to hear him. “That’s it!” “What it?” Kuu asked confused. “They’re all busy with the statue to fight us and they can’t just drop it to fight back.” “Oh, now I get you.” “Okay let’s go.” “Great.” They first take out the ones in the back by choking them with wire. The men in front feeling the weight stop and put the statue down but are shot by Kai and Kuu in the head with silenced pistols. “Okay we need to get rid of their bodies.” Kai said as he dragged two bodies. It took them 10 minutes to drop the bodies into their old stolen van. “I’ll take care of them after we get that lady back in place.” Kuu said going back with Kai. After another 20 minutes of dealing with the statue they finally were done. “So Kuu go now and I’ll go to…” Before Kai finished he hear heels. “Kuu get out of here now!” “Why?” “Someone’s coming and you need to deal with the dead bodies still.” “Oh okay, be careful.” Kai’s thoughts: Man, I hope it’s not their back up. “Um. Excuse me, but may I help you?” Her thoughts: What? Mayu said this place was clear, so why is there someone here? Did she and Jurina hack the right system? “Oh, what’s up blondie. Shouldn’t I be asking you the same question?” “You’re right but unlike you I have permission since I’m friends with the owner.” Her thoughts: Hmm. Friends with the owner huh? Maybe I can use him. “Oh, so you mean showing me around?” She asked and showed her dimples. “I’ll love to.” Kai said and showed his own dimples. “Really?” “Yes, not let’s go to the ballroom since that’s where the party is being held.” “What?” She said disappointed. Her thoughts: Well at least I have my scapegoat.

Black & Ruka
“Oi, is there anything strange?” “No, eve…wait! Someone’s hacked into the system.” “Really?” “Wait! There’s another hacker..” What? There’s two?” “Yeah, and it seems it’s a different group from the first one.” “Really, where’s the location of the first?” “No, take care of the second one. I want to have fun with the first.” “Okay.” “Second’s location is 4miles from here they’re in a black limo.” “Okay, I’ll be going now.” “Okay.”

Back to the Masquerade Ball
Gekikara’s still dancing with the girl. Gekikara’s thoughts: Can someone tell me how I got stuck dancing? I’m getting tired yet this girl wants to keep dancing. But then again Riku ordered me to stay and keep an eye on her since she’s a member of Rappapa. He also said that it’s possible they are the thieves. Damn! Doesn’t she get tired of dancing?!
Riku is enjoying dancing with Marichan who seems to be enjoying their closeness. Riku’s thoughts: Wow, Marichan knows how to move. I swear if I wasn’t straight I’d totally hit that. What am I saying? I’m a guy right now so it makes sense to be attracted to her, right? Wait, am I consider gay cuz I’m really a woman or straight since I’m a man right now. Ugh! I’m bi, that’s the easiest and less complicated answer.
Marichan’s thoughts: I feel like I know him. But why? And from where? Ah~ forget it. It’s nice to meet a man who doesn’t want me for just my looks. On the other I do want him cuz his looks, he’s so yummy looking. I really don’t wanna use him as a scapegoat.
“So um how’s your brother?” Chiyuu asked while dancing with a short long brown haired man. “Huh? What do you mean?” “Tomochin I know it’s you. So you can stop faking.” “Huh? What do you mean? And you know my name?” Tomo asked confused. “It’s me. Chiyuu~” “Chiyuu~ wha…” He was interrupted by something soft on his lips, Chiyuu was kissing him gently but passionately while they dance. They broke the kiss when the need for air was getting painful. “Tomochin *pants* you don’t *pants* know how much I’ve wanted to kiss you.” Chiyuu said as she catches her breath. “Me too.” Tomo smiles at Chiyuu. “Really?” “Yeah.” In that moment Acchan, Yuko, Marichan and Tomo received a transmission from Mayu. “Guys, we got a problem. The Yabakune family’s men are here.”  “What?!” Yelled Yuko through her line (Kai’s looking at her as if she’s crazy) while Acchan, Tomo and Marichan stilled quiet.  “Yeah, we need to get that thing now before they do.” Lovetan added. “Not only that but it seems that there’s an outside group that has managed to steal the system.” Mayu informed. “What you mean?” Acchan whispered so Gekikara won’t suspect.  What she means is that they have control over the cameras in the building and are playing trick on our system. So we don’t know whether it safe or not.” Lovetan explained. “In other words we’re blind in this mission. You have to handle it on your own. We’ll try to hack into the outsider’s system but that may take a while.” Jurina said.  The members inside thought: Damn! We need to do it quick. They took their dance partners: Acchan took Gekikara, Yuko took Kai, Marichan took Riku, and Tomo hesitated before taking Chiyuu.


Thank you for reading.

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Takamina and Yuko???????

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woah! They're getting the wrong partner! Acchan took Gekikara?Yuko and Kai?! Mariko and Haru?! except Chiyuu and Tomochin aww <33

Update soon as you can please! Yuko! You need to think if a good plan now! <33
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Hey everyone sorry for the long wait. Haven't gotten a good internet connection.

Hope It's not boring. Sorry for any misspellings.

Chapter 13 Part 3
“Black! I’ve taken out the men from the first group, but it seems they already have men inside looking for the statue.”
“That’s fine, Kuu and Kai can take care of them.”
“Alright. Wait! Kuu what are you doing out here?” Ruka yelled as he spotted Kuu. Kuu turned to see who yelled and saw Ruka.
“Ruka! Don’t yell! You want us to get caught.” Kuu shouted back as he ran to Ruka.
“Answer my question why are you out here? And where’s Kai?”
“Well, we ran into some guys during our part, and we couldn’t just leave their bodies lying around, we managed to take all the bodies into the old van when a woman from the party came. Kai ordered me to take care of the bodies while he takes the woman back.”
“Okay. At least you already took care of the guys that were inside.” Ruka said.
“Kuu, Ruka we have trouble. There are still about 20 men inside the restricted area.” Black informed as he saw many men in different areas in the area where the statue is located.
“What?!” Kuu and Ruka shouted.
“Not only that, it seems the other outsider is trying to override our system. I’ll need to log off and shut down the security system. So I won’t be able to tell you what’s going on.” Black informed.
“Wait, there are two outsiders?” Kuu asked confused.
“Yeah, the other outsider was just using the cameras and watching while the first went into action.”
“Well they were, seems they’ve gone into action. Uh oh.” Black said.
“What’s wrong?” Ruka asked while Kuu take out a slice of cake and started snacking on it.
“They seem to be dragging Kai, Riku, Gekikara and Chiyuu?”
“Hey! Stop eating during missions!” Ruka said and smacked Kuu’s cake.
“Hey! I was eating that! Why Can’t you be like Riku and join me?” Kuu shouted and puffed up his cheeks as his eyes teared up. “That was my favorite type of cake.”
“Kuu! Ruka! Did you hear what I said?” Black asked upset. Who the hell does that girl think she is? On one can touch my Gekikara. “Um, yes?” Both Ruka and Kuu lied.
“Kai, Riku, Gekikara and Chiyuu are being dragged by four people that are heading towards the area with the 20 armed men.”
“Oh Shit!” Kuu said.
“Let’s get going.” Ruka said and started running.
“Yo, Black what’s there location?” Kuu asked running.
“Hallway that connects the garden and mansion on the southwest side, it’s very close to your location. Also the men have gotten the Statue, I’ll be going off line now I’ll meet you in there.”
“Wait! What about…” Kuu shouted through the transmitter but Black had cut their lines.
“Shit, we better get there before Black, Gekikara or Riku go crazy.”
“Yeah, I’m scared of Gekikara when he’s fighting. He’s like the Death god, takes his time in beating you to death while Blacks the Angel of Death, puts you out of your misery in seconds. While Riku is just plain crazy.” Kuu said while running.
“I totally agree. We’re here.” Ruka said as he spotted the group.
Yuko and her group
They drag Kai, Gekikara, Chiyuu, and Riku to the restricted area. They left their partners and gathered together.
“Yuko what’s the plan?” Acchan asked. “Um, um… wait! Let me think.” Yuko said while thinking of something. “Yuko! You haven’t come up with anything yet?” Mariko asked. “We’ll steel the Statue and put the blame on those four. But first put their fingerprints everywhere.” Yuko said. “What? I can’t do that.” Tomochin hissed. “Why not?” Acchan asked which let’s-get-this-over-with-I’m-sleepy face. “Cuz, cuz they’ll think it’s weird that we’re having them touch things.” Tomochin reasoned. “True, that’ll be weird.” Yuko agreed. “Let’s just knock them out and then put their fingerprints everywhere.” Acchan said. “Ok, we’re going with Acchan’s idea.” Mariko.
“What were you talking about?” Riku asked. “Yeah, you’re being too secretive Tomochin.” Chiyuu pouted cutely at Tomochin. “Tomochin you know her?” Mariko asked ‘him’. “Um, yeah.” “Screw it! Just do it!” Yuko ordered and her members knocked all of them out. Kai, Riku, Gekikara, and Chiyuu went down for the count. With their scapegoats out, they took their masks off. “What?!” All four shouted. “Hey, Mariko are these three guys idols? Or members of a boy group?” Tomochin asked looking at the three guys. “No, not that I know of.” Mariko replied while Yuko just undressed Riku with her eyes. Yuko’s thoughts: Damn! He’s so fine. I just wanna…wait! Wait a moment, I’m GAY! I like GIRLS!!! I don’t like guys. It’s not in my being, then why am I attracted to this guy and Haru? Is it cuz they both have feminine features? Wait! This guy gave me a nosebleed, I need to get revenge. “Hey, Tomo isn’t she the girl you used to work for as a bodyguard or something.” Acchan asked recognizing Chiyuu. “Yeah.” Tomochin flatly said. The whole time they were talking they didn’t notice that the 20 men who were there had noticed them and surrounded them. They already have the Statue.
“Oi! What are kids doing here so late?” Their leader said. “Huh? And what’s a grandpa like you doing pass your bedtime?” Yuko replied. “Hey! And what’s a ten year old doing wearing her mother’s clothes?” Another man said. “What’s a 50 yr old doing wearing his teenage son’s clothes?” Yuko remarked. “Really? Why is a grown man like you wearing teenager clothes? It’s disgusting.” Tomochin added. Mariko and Acchan were holding in their laughing. “Oi! What a pretty boy like you doing with these hot girls.” A third guy asked. “Cuz I’m a pretty boy surrounded by hot women. Why?” “Haha, Dude what the hell was that? Couldn’t you come up with something smart and witty?” Acchan asked laughing. “Yeah, for example what’s up with that snake tattoo on half of your face and the nose piecing? What are you? 19?” Mariko added. “Nah~ He’s actually 48.” One man said. “What? Damn you’re younger than I thought?” Yuko remarked. “Okay, now I’m pissed off. Boys kill them.” The leader shouted as his men followed his orders. They begin to fight while the ones carrying the statue continued to their van, Acchan, Yuko, Mariko, and Tomochin each fighting 5 men. They were doing well until more men came out of nowhere. “Shit! There’s too many!” Acchan shouted punching the 5 guys from earlier knocking them out as 6 more ran towards her. “Acchan’s Right! There’s too many for us.” Tomochin shouted punching two men in their ribs and breaking three others arms while 8 more ran towards him. “Yuko! Call our back up!” Mariko said pulling one and throwing him towards the 6 more that were coming at her, she turns back continues to fight the other 4. “I can’t! Remember they’re busy with computer stuff! Besides Mayuyu cut off our lines so there’s no way in contacting them.” Yuko shouted as she tackled 3 guys to the floor but was then jumped on by 5 men.
Ruka and Kuu had arrived the moment the 20 men’s back up showed up. “Oi, you think we should help?” Kuu asked hiding with Ruka. “Nah, let’s just watch and see what happens. Besides I don’t see Kai, Gekikara, Chiyuu, or Riku anywhere.” “Good idea.” Kuu said and took out cake. “Kuu, I’ve always wanted to ask.” Ruka said staring at Kuu eating his cake. “Hm? What?” “Where do you get those cakes from?” “I buy them at the Cake Shop where else?” Kuu asked confused, it’s common sense to buy cake at a cake shop or store or home-made. “No, I mean where do you take those cakes out from? Whenever we’re on mission you always pull cakes out of nowhere.” Ruka rephrased his question. “Oh, that. Well Riku taught me. He said if I organized my cakes neatly, I would be able to fit them all into my bag with my weapons.” Kuu explained and Ruka made a what-the-f**-why-would-you-do-that face. While they were talking they didn’t notice that someone was thrown towards them causing them to soften the persons fall. “Ugh, that’s gotten hurt tomorrow.” The person on top of them said rubbing his butt. “Oi! My cake!” Kuu yelled as he glared at the guy while he glared Ruka noticed that the guy was one of the 4 people that were fighting the group of men the other 3 were now breathing hard and looked exhausted. “Okay, Kuu I think we should leave since they aren’t here.” Kuu realizing what was happening quickly agreed and got up. “Sorry for interrupting.” Kuu said. “We’ll be leaving now.” Ruka added but was stopped when a gun was fired at them. “You aint going anywhere.” Kuu leaned closed to Ruka and whispered. “Can I shot them?” “Yeah, but I’m out of ammunition. Can I barrow yours.” “Now that I think about it both me and Kai left our weapons back with Black.” Kuu said. “Great.” Ruka whispered back.
“Oi! What you two whispering about?” One man yelled pointed his gun at them. “Okay you 15 take care of those 3 women and the one on the floor over there.” The leader ordered. “Boss, can we have fun with them first?” One of the 15 asked. “Yeah, but then kill them.” “Okay.” They said in unison and approached the 4 women. “Boss what we do with the 3 guys on the floor?” “Kill them. In fact kill all 6.” “Yes, sir.” The men turned their attention to the 3 that were on the floor but found nothing. “Sir! They’re gone!” “What?!” Everyone shouted except Ruka and Kuu who looked at each other knowing full well who the 3 were.
“Hehehe… Ne…okotte iru? Hehe.” A chilling voice echoed throughout the hall. “Yahooo~ Let’s party! Hehehe…YAY!” A cheerful and giggling voice echoed. “Oi! Which one of you bruised this beautiful face!” An angry and powerful voice echoed as he pointed at Acchan’s bruised face. “Kai! Gekikara! Riku! You’re masks!” Ruka and Kuu yelled as they saw that their cousins no longer had their masks on. “Oi! okotte iru? Hehe.” “Yo~ That doesn’t matter. Let’s just have fun~ YAY!” “You’re dead for messing with such a beautiful woman like her!” Kai yelled and pointed at Acchan.
“Accahn? You know that midget?” Yuko asked. “No, I don’t think so?” Acchan’s thoughts: He’s kinda cute. I wonder if I know him? “Well it seems he knows you.” Mariko said. “Maybe he’s one of our stalkers?” Yuko added. “Yea, maybe, well let’s just watch what they’ll do.” Acchan said.
 “What? You kids think you can take us?” the men said and laughed. “Hahaha! You think you can keep up with us old men?” Riku asked laughing. “Hehe…there’s no way you can beat us.” Gekikara said giggling and biting his nails while cracking his neck. “We might be young but we’re more experienced than anyone of one.” Kai stated. “Why y..” He didn’t finish since Gekikara quickly charged at him and punched him causing his jaw to snap out of place, then quickly processed in disabling 17 more (breaking bone, dislocated things and what-not). While Riku quickly tackled the men who were approaching Chiyuu, once they were on the floor and he quickly got up. “Sorry, but there’s no way I’m letting you touch my princess.” Hearing this Tomochin and Yuko felt slightly jealous. “Thanks Riku.” Mariko said and hugged Riku. “Yea, sure. Get out my way!” Riku said as he pushed Mariko out the way while he fought the 15 men. Riku got close to the men and shoved a massage nail in a pressure point in their necks causing them to pass out and become temporally paralyzed just in case they woke up then quickly went to check on Chiyuu. Kai was letting his anger out on anyone that got in front of him; he took out 16 and hit Gekikara hard in his stomach. “Kai! You dumbass!” Gekikara shouted and hit Kai back causing him to fall onto the floor holding his side. “Gekikara! I think you break my ribs!!” Kai shouted holding his right side. “It’s your fault! Never ever hit me unless you have a death wish!” Gekikara hissed back as he went back to beat the rest who were now running away for their lives. “Shit! See what you did!” Gekikara yelled at Kai. “Gekikara! Chill! It’s not Kai’s fault they want to live another day.” Ruka reasoned as his helped Kai and supported him. “Yeah! You’re scary when you fight!” Kuu shouted and ran to hide behind Riku who was carrying Chiyuu bridal style. “What?!” Gekikara yelled at them upset. “Geki, that’s enough!” Black said as he quickly stepped next to Gekikara from 2 meters and smacked some common sense back into him. “Sorry. I got addicted to the blood.” “Yeah we can all see that.” Kuu replied still hiding behind Riku for protection. “Well that doesn’t matter anymore since we failed. They took the Statue.” Black informed. “What?!” Everyone shouted except Riku. “They took the Statue?” Riku asked with an evil smirk. “Yeah, while you guys were busy fighting.” Black added. “How far are they?” Riku asked. “Um, about a 1 mile from here. Why?” Black answered confused, they messed up they’re mission. “Riku what’s that got to do? We failed.” Ruka asked. “Yeah.” Kai said still in pain. “And it’s our first time failing on a mission.” Gekikara added. But Kuu smirked sensing what Riku was up to. “You didn’t, did you?” Kuu asked. Everyone else was confused, while Acchan, Mariko, Yuko, and Tomochin were shocked, confused and lost to what just happened and to what their conversation is about since they thought their scapegoats were just normal people, so they just still quiet. “Oh, yea~” Riku sang as he pulled out what looks like a Mp3 but really is a remote control. “Oh, shit!” He cousins shouted as they recognized the device. “No! Riku!” “Bad Riku!” “You can’t!” “Auntie well harasses us!” “Wait! Wouldn’t that just case us more trouble if she found out that instead of protecting, we destroy it?” Kuu asked. “Yeah, but I’m bored! And I haven’t boom up anything in a while, so yeah~” Riku said and pressed the bottom. Few second you could hear a loud explosion, shaking, and then the fire alarms in the mansion went off. “Uh oh, I think I might’ve caused some damage to the Mansion.” “Run!” Yuko shouted getting far away from the crime scene with her team following closing behind. “Isn’t that?” “Yup!” “But who’s the guy?” “That’s Tomochin my old bodyguard.” Chiyuu informed. “Okay, now that you’re wake still want me to carry you?” Riku asked with a gentle smile. “Of course, who wouldn’t want a handsome man to carry them? Chiyuu~” Chiyuu cutely said. “Alright, let’s go take our midget cousin to the hospital. I really think Gekikara broke a few of his ribs.” Ruka said lifting Kai’s shirt revealing a purple bruised area on his right side where his ribs are. “Yup, most likely since he passed out.” Kuu informed as he slapped Kai’s face. “Okay, let’s get out of here before the cops come and investigate.” Black said leaving while pulling Gekikara by his left cheek. “Oi! Black! Let go! You’re going to rip my cheek off!” Gekikara whined as he struggled to get free. “No! You caused a lot of trouble so you need to be punished.” Black coldly stated. “Uh oh. Someone save me~! I’ll do your school work! Just save me from evil Black!” Gekikara begged his cousins. “No, next times don’t send one of us to the hospital.” Ruka sternly stated. “But it was Kai’s fault! He punched me! You know I wouldn’t hurt one of you unless you provoked me.” Gekikara reasoned. “True, besides Kai was randomly striking and beating anyone who got in front of him.” Kuu added. Black stopped and let go of Gekikara after they had reached their vehicle. “Fine, you’re off the hook.” Black said disappointed.
Yuko & her team’s van
“What the hell just happened?” Tomochin asked reaching the van. “We just lost $550,000 US.” Acchan screamed. “That Riku guy just had to blow up our money.” Mariko added. “Well it seemed to me you didn’t mind it at all.” Tomochin smirked. “Hey! I’m not. It’s Yuko! She’s been drooling over him since the ball.” Mariko quickly replied. “What?!” Toomochin and Acchan shouted surprised. “What? Is it illegal for me to chech someone out?” Yuko asked. “Yes!” Acchan, Tomochin and Mariko shouted. “Why not?” Yuko pouted. “You’ve never ever ever paid attention to men that way.” Mariko said. “Yeah, in fact you have never ever been attracted to men before.” Tomochin added. “You only go after attractive and beautiful women.” Acchan added. “MMMHHHHH!” Sounds were coming from their van. “What was that?” Yuko asked. “Don’t change the subject.” Mariko said. “MMMMMPPHHHH!” *bang* *tap* *tap* *bang* “Wait! Don’t youhear that?” Yuko asked again. “Yeah, I think it’s coming from our van.” Tomochin said opning the back doors. “What the hell?!” Tomochin and Yuko said. “Mayuyu didn’t I tell you to not play with Jurina during our missions!” Acchan scolded Mayu. “Acchan, I don’t think it’s Mayuyu’s fault since Lovetan and Kumi and she’s also tied up.” “Yeah, I agree with Marichan. It seems someone else did this.” Tomochin added. “Hey, Acchan can I play with Mayu?” Yuko asked showing her dimples. “No.” “What?! Why not?” Yuko pouted. “I don’t want you as my sister-in-law.” “What? But I’d be an awesome in-law!” “NO! I don’t want you at all.” Mayu yelled once Tomochin took the gag out her mouth. “Why not?” Yuko asked sad. “You’re my Oshiri Sister.” Mayuyu pouted. “Oh yeah~ I forgot since we haven’t hanged out in a while and talked about you know what?” “Yeah, butts. Anyways can you free us?” Lovetan said. “yeah” “Thank you.” “Let’s go home.” Yuko said getting into the driver sit. “be the way why were you tied up?” Mariko asked. “Where’s the Statue?” Jurina asked. “Blown up.” Acchan stated. “What?!” “Yeah, the third party was bored and decided to blow it up.” Tomochin added. “Well, how about you?” Yuko asked still eyes on the road. “This hot handsome guy showed up out of nowhere, and opened the back doors and in a flash tied us all up.” Kumi informed. “Yeah, he was so fast that we didn’t even notice him tying us up until his put the gags on our mouths.” Lovetan explained. “Not only that but he completely destroyed our computer equipment.” Mayu added.” “Can’t you just clean it, reset it or whatever you do to save the data?” Yuko asked. “Yea, but we can’t since the guy use some super elite virus on our computer system causing it to delete all the data saved on it and the data that was on backup system was also wiped clean.” Jurina explained. “Damn, he must be smart with computers.” Acchan said. “Yeah.” They all nodded.

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Thank you to everyone-who's commented and left thank yous.

Chapter 14

Takamina = Tai
Haruna= Haru
Miichan= Miikun
Rena= Ren
Yuki= Yun
Sayaka= Sai
Just in case some forgot.

Next Day
“So, is everyone clear on what they need to do” Tai asked. “Yeah~ It’s not that hard~” Miikun said waving to Tai as he entered Tai’s gray Ferrari.
“Miikun’s right, it’s not like we haven’t done this before.” Sai added as he got on his green Yamaha and rode off.
“Sai’s right. This isn’t our first time and won’t be our last.” Yun said sitting on his blue Yamaha before starting the engine.
“Yeah, anyways Yun race you to school.” Ren challenged starting his yellow Yamaha. “You’re on!” With that they jet.
“OI! YOU NEED TO WEAR HALMETS!!!” Tai yelled at his two reckless cousins.
“Let them be, Tai. And chill out a little.” Haru said patting Tai’s head as if he was a little kitten.
“Yeah, you’re right.” Tai said giving out a long sigh.
 “Yep! I’m always right about chilling, anyways see at school.” Haru yelled as he drives away in his Lamborghini.
Tai stood there thinking about yesterday's mission and why he reacted like that. He didn't understand why he was so protective over Acchan. Did he know her? Why should he care if she got hurt? He was so confused, he stood in his spot thinking and trying to find answers to his questions until.. “OI! BAKA!!! STOP DAYDREAM!!!! AND GET YOUR ASS IN THE DRIVER SEAT AND DRIVE ME TO SCHOOL!!!!! BEFORE WE’RE BOTH LATE!!!!” Miikun yelled from Tai’s passenger seat throwing a knife at him.
“YAH! You almost hit me!” Tai shouted shocked that Miikun just throw a knife at him. Luckily he has fast reflexes or else he would be dead with a knife in between his eyes right now.
“WHATEVER!! LET’S GO TO SCHOOL ALREADY!!” Miikun yelled, upset that his throw didn’t hit his target.
“Sometime I think he really wants to kill me at times.” Tai mumble getting into the driver seat. “I do cuz you always waste too much of my time.” Miikun deadpanned punching Tai on his left arm. “ITAI!” “DRIVE!! Or we’ll both be late to class.” Miikun shouted smacking Tai’s shoulder hard. “ITAI!! OKAY! OKAY! Geez~” “You better not drive like a grandmom.” Miikun warned. “Then you better hold on.” Tai said, drives like a crazy person out of the Mansion and towards the school. "OHGOD!!!!! SAVE MEE~!!!!!" This was the first Miikun screamed his heart out with Tai's driving, as he was scared as hell that Tai would crash into something.

At school there’s a big up roar. Students and teachers stop in their tracks inside and outside the school as they hear and see four amazingly cool vehicles pulling up to the school parking lot. “Hey, aren’t they the new transfers?” “Yeah.” “WOW~” “They’re so cool~” The people say as they stare at the four, but turn their heads when another amazingly cool car was coming but this one was driving at max speed towards the parking lot then drifted into the empty space next to the Lamborghini. “WOW~” Everyone shouted and clapped.
“Impressive.” Haru said once Tai and Miikun got out the car and joined the group. “Yep, very impressive.” Miikun said wryly smiling and patting Tai’s back before he throw up his breakfast.
“Wow~ this is the first time Miikun's thrown up due to your driving." Haru smirked at Miikun. "Shut up! I had a full stomach! I rather driving with Tai! Than anyone one of you crazy speed DEMONS!" Miikun shouted pointing accusingly at Haru, Yun and Ren.
"Well, at least this time you didn’t total our vehicles.” Yun stated. “Guess it was luck.” Sai shrugged walking towards the class. “Nah~ I think it’s cuz he wants to impress that Acchan chick.” Ren stated walking to class with a bored face.
“True, that’ll make it easier to destroy Rappapa and get info on that mafia if they are involved with them.” Haru causally said.
“That’s why I did it. To make myself look cool.” Tai said smiling.
“Yah~ Sure~” Miikun said rolling his eyes at him.

They get into their class. Haru goes to his seat and notices Mariko spacing out. “Hey, what’s up?” He greeted. “Huh? Oh. What’s up?” She replied with a small smile. “What’s wrong?” He asked a little concerned. “Just thinking.” She stated. “About? If I may ask?” “This guy I meant yesterday.” Haru’s thoughts: Guy? Oh~ She’s thinking of me. “What?! You aren’t cheating on me, are you?” He faked pain and sadness in his voice. “No~ besides we aren’t even together.” Mariko stated. “You wanna be?” Haru flirty smiled. “Sure, why not?” Mariko smiled that model smile at him.

“EW~ dude~ he’s at it again~” Miikun whined. “Who’s at it again?” Acchan asked confused. “Haru. Why does he always have to flirt with that giant? Why cannot he flirt with Yuko?” Miikun whined laying his head on the desk. “Well, for your information. Yuko’s gay and hates guys. Besides they make a hot couple don’t you think?” Acchan replied. “Yeah, but I think him and Yuko would make a cute yet sexy couple.” “True.” Acchan said nodding her head. “Oi! Wify be the way why do you keep staring at midget?” “Midget? Oh you mean Tai?” “Yeah~ him. You aren’t cheating on me are you? Especially with someone shorter than me.” Miikun pouted. “No~ it’s just that he reminds me of an old friend.” Acchan said with sad eyes. “Oh~ sorry.” “It’s okay.” She gave him a small smile. “Would you mind telling me about this friend of yours?” Miikun asked a little shy. “Yeah.” They continue to talk until class ends and its lunch time.

“Hey is it okay with if I have lunch with you and you cousins?” Acchan asked leaving the class with Miikun. “Yeah, sure.” Miikun smiled. “Thanks.” They go and get their lunch and meet up with them. “Marichan what are you doing here?” Acchan asked surprised to see Marichan with Haru and the rest of Miikun’s cousins. “Eating, what else? And you?” “Same.” She replied sitting down next to Tai. “Guys this is Acchan. And Acchan you already know who’s who right?” “Hai.” “Great! Midget! Move!” Miikun said towering over Tai as he ate his lunch not bothering to turn around a face Miikun. “Why find your own seat.” Tai answered continuing to eat. “No, I want the seat next to my wife.” Miikun Stated trying to move him with his butt. “No.” “What?!” Miikun shouted. “Oi, Miikun stop being such a brat and leave Tai alone. What’s wrong with you today?” Yun said as he looked at them. “Yun’s right, beside Tai was already sitting there.” Sai added. “No~ I wanna sit next to ACCHAN~” Miikun whined and pouted. “Argh! You’re sooo annoying!” Ren shouted as he slammed his hand on the table startling everyone. “If you wanna sit next to her soo bad, here have my seat.” Ren continued in an angry and annoyed voice as he glares at Miikun. “hehe, it’s okay Ren. There’s no need, just continue eating.” Miikun replied in a small voice scared of Ren. “No, I’m not hungry anymore.” Ren said and started walking away. “Ren, where are you going?” Tai asked concerned as he looked at Ren. “I’m going to meet the members of SKE. After all I’m a part of their group.” Ren replied Tai in a calm tone. “Okay.” Tai smiled at him. With that Ren walked away. “Tai if I didn’t know better I would think you and Ren were a couple. Chiyuu~” “Oi! OHMYGOD!! You scared me.” Tai answered holding his hand over his heart. “Hey! Ren’s mine!” Yun stated glaring at Tomomi and Sae. “That’s why. Only you are able to tame Ren when his in a bad mood but Tai can calm him down. So~ maybe~” Sae teased. “You wanna die?” Yun stated in a cold voice while glaring at Sae. “No.” Sae replied hiding behind Sai.

Yuko & crew 
“Hey, how come Acchan and Marichan aren’t with us today?” Kumi asked looking around for the two. “Don’t know.” Lovetan replied. “They’re with the Transfer students.” “How you know Tomochin?” Yuko asked surprised. “Have you forgotten, we share the same class?” Tomochin said staring at Yuko. “Oh yea~” “How is it possible you’re our leader?” Jurina stated. “Easy, I take care of all of you. Or have you forgotten you’re living in my mansion?” “Sorry boss.” Jurina said looking down. “Okay, that’s enough. What we need to focus on right now isn’t where Astuko-nee and Marichan are. But who the hell was that smoking hot guy that tied us up and destroyed our data yesterday!” Mayuyu shouted. “Right, so Yuko any ideas?” Lovetan asked. “I’m blank.” Yuko replied with a shrug. “Surely, how can you be our leader when you don’t try and come up with plans?” Kumi stated. “Let’s just go with the flow then attack them once they reveal themselves.” Yuko suggested. “I totally agree with Yuko. Let’s sit back and watch the show.” Tomochin said sitting back and chilling. “Hey! You two are older! You’re supposed to set good examples for us!” Kumi shouted at the two chilling and drinking their drinks. “Wait! When did you get fan boys?!” Jurina yelled shocked when she notice six guys around Yuko and Tomochin’s lounge chairs with big fans fanning them. “Cuz they’re hot!” The six stated and continued fanning. “Okay~ that’s beside the point.” Yuko waved her hand dismissively. “Okay Yuko if you’re not going to come up with a plan to find those guys than we will.” Mayuyu said. “Go ahead. And when you found out please tell me how that tall handsome guy with red streaks was.” Yuko shouted as the four younger girls left.
“I can’t believe that they’re all so relaxed and happy when the statue we worked so hard to steal was blown up! Like nothing!” Kumi shouted as they walked. “Not only that! But Yuko as in YUKO!! She seems in to be interested in a guy!!” Lovetan stated shocked. “Yeah, that’s rare in fact that’s never happened before.” Jurina added shocked and concerned. “Not only that! Marichan told he’s the guy that blow up the Statue!!” Kumi added. “Yea~ I just hope we can find out who they are before anyone of us fall for them.” Mayuyu stated as they entered their Rappapa room.
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