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Author Topic: You’re The Only For Me ~BlackGekikara~  (Read 1943 times)

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You’re The Only For Me ~BlackGekikara~
« on: May 09, 2014, 03:18:57 AM »
You’re The Only For Me

Part I

Another boring day for me, I lazily get up in my bed and went to my personal bathroom. After two hours of picking my clothes for the day and organizing my bedroom, I went downstairs to grab my breakfast made by my personal maid or I can say butler because of her boyish yet handsome feature and one of my trustworthy allies and my best friend, Matsui Jurina. How ironic, we have a same surname but were not bloood related.

“Neh, Ren-kun, ~Morning…” Jurina said with her bright cat-smile and handle me a chicken spicy meal

“Morning, Jurina, It smells good usual..” I said to her with a smile and start eating the delicious food

Several minutes later…

“Going again to that store?” Jurina asked as she broke our comfortable silence and I sligthly choke making her chuckle

“W-What? Y-Yes, No-I mean…” Jurina cut-off my stammering and she let out a laughed making me pout. I always loose in Jurina’s teasing

“Sorry ~Ren-kun, It’s just fun to tease you, hahaha…!”

“Anyway, kidding aside, just ask her out for goodness sake! It’s been a month you’re eyeing that Yuki-girl from afar! Be the man ~Ren-kun!” Jurina complaint and I just only sighed..

Jurina is right. It’s just that all of my self-esteem and guts disappear in a blin of an eye when I saw her beautiful face in the bookstore. I just know her name because of her badge when I bought a manga that time.

“~Hello?! Back to the world ~Ren-kun!” Jurina said and shrugging my shoulders violently and I immediately turn to her

“I don’t really now what to do…..Jurina” I confess my love problem although it’s emabarrassing. I know she can help me.
Jurina and I are like day and night, were opposite I attitudes, traits but were both smart when we are in college.  She’s the flirty type and have so many girlfriends and flings although she’s only a GIRL while I am the Cold-quiet type of guy who likes reading so much. Jurina also say that other’s girls in our campus also admire my appearance and incredible intelligent that I only ignore because I’m not interested with it. But Mind you, I’m the same hopeless romantic guy that didn’t have a girlfriend since birth while Jurina have a pretty cute girlfriend named Watanabe Mayu who also have interest in Anime. We call her Mayuyu or Cyborg because of her stoic cute face and super high IQ but she’s also down to earth person like Yuki-girl. I’m happy too because when Jurina starting to date Mayuyu, the playerness of Jurina disappear in an instant when she fall in love with Mayu at the first sight. I guess, Love is so powerful that anyone can change their bad habits to become a better and deserving person to their love ones. That flashback of mine give me a little confidence and inspiration.

Mieleno Kashiwagi Book Store

So here I am in front of the book store that my long-time crush work. After Jurina’s lecturing and tutoring how to ask and date a girl I want.
As I enter to the store, the usual two big man greeted me who always give me a weird look every time I visit the store. I greeted them back with a small smile and proceed to the manga section but before that, I glance to the cashier only to met nothing. No one sit in her counter. I furrowed my brows. Even if she’s not in the counter, I will hear her humming while she arranged the book in the shelf but today I hear nothing but an eerie silent.

“Excuse me, Mister…” One of the man say and I turn to him glaring

“A-Ano, a-are you by chance looking for Kashiwagi-hime-sama? The man stutter and ask me

“Kashiwagi?” I repeat

“Yes, I mean the girl in the cashier and owner of this store. Kashiwagi Yuki-Hime-sama”

“Kashiwagi Yuki. What a beautiful name. It suits on her.” I said in a whisper but why this man know who I am looking for? Am I that transparent

“How do you know I’m looking for her? I sharply ask making the two shiver

“I-It’s just we observe you every time you visit here, you will look at her before and after you leave

“Is that so?” I said and put my hands in my pocket

“Yes sir” The two reply in unison

“Hmmm, why is she absent now?

“Because she’s taking care of her two-year old baby boy” I was shocked and disappointed at the same time because she’s already owned by someone she love
“Are you okay sir? You looked really pale and can pass-out anytime…”

“Yes, I’m fine. Thanks” I said and leave the store.

I don’t what to feel right now?  I feel so sad, it’s a strong emotion that I feel for the second time after my brother’s death. I sighed
I just stroll down until I saw a mini isolated park near at the store. I sit in the bench and closed my eyes when suddenly I hear a very familiar voice

“Excuse me, Can I sit with you?” That angelic voice. I opened my eyes to only see her and her son sleeping inside the stroller. I think she went in the market based on the many paper bags with her.

“S-Sure….” I said nervously and she only smile like an angel

Several minutes passed,

“How’s your day, Matsui-san..?” Yuki-girl asked me

“It’s fine..” I awkwardly says

“Kashiwagi Yuki….” She introduce herself and she give me her hand and I took it carefully. It’s so soft like a jellybean

“Matsui Ren… Nice to meet you Kashiwagi-san… But how do you know my name?” I asked nervoulsy and she starts rammaging her bag and handle me my name card


“This card slip in your wallet yesterday” She inform me

“I see.. Thank you..” I  said and silence passed

“I think I should go…” Yuki said and ready to leave with her son

“W-Wait Kashiwagi-san, As a thank you, Ahm…I know we were just met but care to join me for dinner? My treat..” I asked her nervously while blushing madly. Shit! Why so embarrassed now

“I’d love to” Yuki said and smile….

End of Part I

A/N: I hope it will be a good one.  :nervous Thank You for reading  :)

I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: You’re The Only For Me ~BlackGekikara~
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 :on GJ: yeaahh of course this is good  :tama-bye: :tama-bye: :tama-apeshit:

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