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Author Topic: The Syndicate- Part 2: The Job  (Read 1615 times)

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The Syndicate- Part 2: The Job
« on: January 30, 2017, 07:27:32 AM »
“Welcome to the Hakata Inn.” The woman greeted in a kimono lined with pearl-colored butterflies.

“Ah so? Where’s the bar? I need a drink.” He lowered his glasses showing the brown eyes with the slicked back hair. “You don’t look too shabby. How about one with me?”

“I usually don’t drink with customers.” She snickered. “It is better to be a greeter.”

“I’ll drop fifty for your services.” He boasted, showing the cash in front of her.

“Fine.” She bowed her head forward, pointing to the next in line to greet guests.

The dimly lit room was usually occupied during the peak hours after the usual arrival times but with the special accommodations, it was hard to allow a person to come in during their closing hours when she clattered in with the bartender with the long, chestnut- colored hair wiping the glasses. Walking up to the table in the back, she pointed the finger up to the bartender as she started the drink. Reaching into the pocket, she found the vial and poured into one glass. Filling it up as usual, the bartender shot a glance when the man walked up to the bar.

“Like the face. Why you look so angry?” He teased.

“I wanted to know how much you were willing to pay for the drink. Chihiro is quite ditzy so I was trying to track her down.

“Oh the expensive one, cutie.” He sneered. “Get her one too.”

Her smile slid to the other side of the face when Chihiro walked up and passed the drink over to him before grabbing hers. “Come back to the seat, you’ve had a long ride.”

“Natsu! You got everything… refilled?” The voice called out when seeing the customer with Chihiro. “What is she doing?”

“He was the guy who laid down money for the prime suite with the large hot spring pond.” Natsu informed her. “I need more sake, Aoi.”

“Ah sure.” She nodded, returning to the back as Natsu turned to the two in the dimmest part of the room.

He watched the first sip and timed it with the stop watch. Natsu turned back and turned on the sound system with the enka blasting through the room. She sighed upon the fact that she had to give up premium whiskey to the guy but upon striking the three minute mark, she forced a grin. Chihiro laid him on his back, showing the frustration to remove the button with his body convulsing before turning onto the floor to continue the process when Aoi walked out to see the body slowly turning stiff.

“He asked for the good whiskey?” Chihiro asked.

“Yeah.” Natsu quipped, staring upon the body.

“This is horrible.” She moaned.

“Watered down thirty-five. He didn’t pay up front.” Natsu reported, kicking the body.

“Want me to call Madoka?” Aoi questioned when they nodded in unison.

Natsu hovered over the body and slipped her hand into the pocket to grab the items from the location. She scooped it up, placing it into a bag upon the chance she had before the stern-faced woman with her blue jumpsuit walking in with Aoi behind her. Taking the bag to the back, she opened the computer to the template uploaded on the screen before changing the name on the title line and printing it out.  Natsu turned to the drawers behind her and slipped on the black gloves as usual. Folding the letter into the self-adhesive envelope, she turned back to the computer to type in the address and printing it out on the label before pasting it onto the item.

She pushed the item through the slit as Madoka had seen it slide into the tray while she held the scissors in her hand cutting down the seam of his pants through the underwear. Aoi viewed from the other side from a distance while Madoka had turned back and slipped on the red apron with her goggles on top of her head, slid it down as she revved up the mechanical saw. Cutting through the flesh and tendons, Aoi grew amazed by that fact before catching it in the bucket below.

Madoka slipped off the items before moving the item to a faucet to wash it and admired the work closely with a smile. Placing it into the clear bag, she found the wandering eyes to view what was being possessed.

“Is it necessary?” Aoi asked.

“It’s part of the job.” Madoka informed her. “We have to be thorough.”

“Here’s the box.” Aoi pointed upon the construction when Madoka shook her head.

“You have to always remember to not have any fingerprints on them.” She growled, wiping off the exterior with the rag.

“I had gloves on when I put it together.” Aoi argued when she finished the cleaning of the holder.

Inserting it, they found the address sticker and pasted it onto the side with the letter added. Closing the flaps on the table by twisting it, they rolled out the platform to the back with the other two waiting as it loaded into the car. The men nodded before driving off to Aoi and Madoka as they returned inside to the bar where the rest of the team was sitting by the bar.

“Lucky he didn’t go upstairs.” The blonde woman, Anna, smiled when she turned to the other woman.

“I didn’t mind as much because it would have been cleaner to dispense the body.” The raven-haired woman, Sakura, rolled her eyes. “I guess elegance works over sex appeal.”

“You guys have to stop it.” Chihiro snickered. “It is part of our job.”

“The mail person should be here soon so I’ll head to the mail area.” Madoka reported, walking off as Natsu glanced around.

“I’ll clean up the mess he made and our split should be quite hefty.” Natsu snarled when she had seen the figure in the front with her arms crossed and glaring at the crowd.

“Tamashiro Masahiro.” The voice breathed. “Good work.”

“What do you really expect that all are pedophiles?” Natsu scoffed at the figure.

“Easier to attract them like a moth to a light, Matsuoka.” The voice informed her. “What else is up?”

“Nothing else Sashihara, we just have to look around to clean up the scum Tokyo had left behind. Maybe Osaka needs a task force.” Natsu answered with the shrill when she approached the bar.

“The only thing is… Tokyo has been in serious trouble since finding most of the police officers have been in the bribe game. That’s why we work how we work although setting up the drivers wasn’t a good thing too so you guys have to pick up shop and head back to base.” Sashihara informed her.

“I’ll call in my superior and we’ll be back by sun down.” Natsu nodded with the ears perked up had gotten the message, leaving Madoka to get the relay from Aoi as they started the cleanup work from the trap.

Bleaching out the blood from the back was the hardest and with the front wiped of the attempts given of their cover would be exposed until the end when the smell filled the room. Scrubbing down the area, the pickup part was the easiest when they threw the items into the dumpster and walked into the car where the last member had sat with her body resting in the seat.

“Haruppi got the easiest job.” Chihiro snickered.

“I had to do it because Sasshi sed so.” She slurred. “If I wasn’t there, it would be hard to know if the guy had come or not.”

They all nodded in unison when the elder woman stepped in with her phone. She murmured the few words before hanging up to glare upon their eyes when the car drove out. She glanced outside before letting a breath out.

“The direct orders is to cease our operations. We got our message through and we need to go back to headquarters to see what the deal is for the time being.” Sasshi reported. “Simply it may involve going a bit deeper.”

The words caught them by surprise although the torture tactic was enough for them in the interim although timing would have been better if they could clean it out although they saw the black cars surround them. Sasshi scoffed upon the tactic when the phone call came through to her as she pressed the phone up to the ear. Surprisingly they created a box along the freeway when she got off and scanned the outside again.

“It’s protection. Midnight we are heading to Tokyo to seek out the truth.” She informed the group as the long ride was ahead and dozed off with the images still within their minds.

The five forces were working in tandem in the separate areas, wanting more with their stretched out resources. The local police weren’t the issue as much as the upper branches had been wiped out of the people, given to the newly trained members who participated through a program that sought them out through various ways most were cash strapped people from broken families, easy to peel them off but hard to get them away from the program as it slowly grew to the syndicate. Sasshi had been responsible for gathering them giving them a good group but with the seven, it was the cream of the crop she could show off when they entered into the tunnel before taking the sharp right to the closed off section of the road.

“I’ll keep you guys informed of anything that pops up.” She waved before entering further into the darkness as the separate pods had led them to their white rooms with the closets filled of clothing needed on missions.

The rare find was the black suits each had tailored to their bodies and used on the official business when they saw an envelope on the different parts of the plane with a note to carry the badge and weapon in the carry on at all times. Covering the bases, they set their clocks for the alarm before departing as they shut their eyes for the moment.
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Re: The Syndicate- Part 2: The Job
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2017, 06:33:45 AM »

“They should be arriving soon.” Glancing at the watch on the wrist. “Rie! Sayaka!”

“Ah Yui! ETA in two minutes.” Rie replied with a smile as the light flickered above.

“I had wondered why you had asked Sasshi for help.” Sayaka glanced up at the pitch black sky.

“She supported me while I working through the system. We were all trained under Yuu-chan and went through the same rigorous effort to toughed our spirits.” Yui explained to Sayaka when Rie pointed up at the dot. “Okay, let’s get the rest out here.”

They watched the guards lined up while the plane pulled in for the landing upon the dark skies. Yui scanned the areas within the darkness for any other witnesses on such a random time when the door opened. The staff pushed the stairs to the entrance as they all walked out in their suits hurriedly to the group and into the car waiting for them as Sasshi bowed to the woman. “You shouldn’t do that. Get inside.”

In such a matter, Rie had pushed three in one car and three in the other while the first one drove off followed by the second. Yui and Sasshi had taken the last car, leaving the other two behind to finish up the debriefing for the mission as situated. Sasshi’s eyes scanned around such elegance that she had asked for down in Fukuoka but never received to the ire of the head to her left when she poured the amber elixir in the cup.

“One or two?” Yui asked, holding the tongs.

“Two.” She quipped in return as they held the cups up to each other before taking a sip.

“The plane ride was okay?” Yui asked.

“Thanks to the offer you gave us to bring in our best recruits. I left Ota with the rest to do reconnaissance.” Sasshi replied, lowering the cup to the lap. “I didn’t tell them their goal.”

“I hoped you didn’t but since law enforcement could be fickle with the yakuza, I could take advantage of such opportunities.” Yui smirked.

“Doing the dirty work is such a thing for you guys.” She snarled when Yui stared upon her fellow woman. “They can adjust to the compromised positions but…”

“But?” Yui raised her eyebrow.

“Just like you, I worry more than I show so it could expose them in the long term.” She informed her when she nodded with a grin.

“I have the right people in the front although the old ones love the night shift.” Yui snickered. “The money is right. Just wanting to trap some for the dough to seed the effort.”

“What do you mean by old?” Sasshi tilted her head.

“Honestly… our superiors still come by but we can’t give them access to what they want to do to the scum.” Yui sighed. “They can satisfy but can’t finish it off.”

“You need my people to do their job. Although I shall give you their files.” Sasshi pulled the briefcase out when they turned into the building. “Is this the hideout?”

“I’ll place them as needed so my thought is what you want to do for the night.” Yui winked when a scoff came from the female.

“My body is tired and allow them to rest for now. We can’t have them at half speed to do work. Inform me of your plans.” Sasshi answered as she stepped out of the car when the guards had escorted them into the elevator going down to the path where the main room was white with a couch and two televisions in the first room they saw and proceeding was the six paths from the center when they all went their separate ways as Sasshi walked back to the main room and then into the open elevator with the guard inside to take her up to the next floor where Rie had sat quietly when she glanced up.

“Long time no see.” She greeted.

“Same.” Sasshi sat, lounging back onto the chair. “Who’s running the finances?”

“Nakamura Mariko.” She quipped. “Yui runs the tight ship and chose her right hand.”

“What about the digital side?” Sasshi pondered.

“Watanabe Mayu. She just got married to Kashiwagi Yuki.” Rie informed her.

“Those two needed their own room with their antics.” She laughed.

“The last part is the security.” Sasshi thought.

“It went to Nagoya for the time being. Yui had risked her life on it because physically we don’t have the bodies to protect so we had asked for assistance.” Rie announced when the shadow came from the back.

“Kitahara-san… You forgot about Osaka’s job.” The woman came into the light. “Yamamoto Sayaka, at your service”

“Sayaka is implying the front.” Rie hummed. “Weirdly they are only meant to escort…”

“Somehow we do more service than needed although some are a bit weird.” Sayaka nodded, sliding the bottle of water to Sasshi. “I’m interested in why Yui had asked Fukuoka to come as well.”

“Honestly, I have brought in the team that has funded Tokyo the front.”  She notified the woman.

“Sayaka… everything was built upon what we wanted to have when the rumors of the police force had tested the public’s tolerance. The underground rules don’t apply although the elders have done a great job to erase what has happened with just the assassinations but we needed a further cover up and though satisfy the needs for them as well.” Rie illustrated the years of work before getting them on board. “Sasshi was part of the cleanup team before giving her to Fukuoka to calm the critics there.”

“Thirty million to be exact for protection and funds to start. The six are just the tip of the iceberg.” She educated the group when they heard noise from the back. “Could they be back?”

“Probably.” Rie moved her head when the path had lit up with the group walking by with the dresses barely covering their behinds.

“Sashihara? Is that you?” The voice struck her when the eyes lit up to the shorter woman with her arms extended. “Wow they brought you back into Tokyo.”

“Retired from field work, Oshima-san?” Sasshi snarled.

“Well as long as something is in me, I have my work cut out for me.” She laughed. “I need some water though, my voice cracked.”

“Anyone good?” Rie asked.

“Nah, the drunken, sweaty, businessmen who can’t have sex with their wives because their stomachs are way too big for their dicks to do any damage.” Yuko grinned, pulling the last empty chair on the table. “Yui finally had given it a go after taking out…”

“Forty members, middle management of the yakuza. Send the dismembered parts to the families for ransom.” She answered with the eyes growing in size. “Best way was to the bosses.”

“Surprisingly those kids never bothered trying some on for size.” Oshima nudged the woman.

“Hard to get them back when they want a drink.” She sighed. “I’ll head into my quarters for the night.”

Sasshi knew Yui would contact her somehow, having Rie guide her to the room for her when the light blinked on the screen to Yui and the rest of the group behind her. Their eyes glared directly at her when she felt the alcohol settle in her stomach. Placing her hands behind the back, she nodded to her.

“Would you be willing to get some others to come up here?” Yui asked.

“The job only requires them to succeed.” Sasshi quipped when Yui slid her eyes to the side.

“That isn’t the only thing but it would be nice to get more bodies for selection.” Yui breathed. “If we don’t rotate them, it’ll be hard to continue the flow.”

“Unfortunately, the problem would lie in training. We can get you the bodies but the issue will be what you want them for.” She replied firmly when the group talked behind her.

“I see. Well, the issue would be putting you on the front line to entice them. I know you… don’t have enough assets to get them into the business.” Yui replied to the comment when the concerns grew upon the mind especially with the idea of service.

“Under the table. I’ll do the jobs needed with the money although the targets have to be someone who can ace the job.” Sasshi exhaled upon the training from the start. “The elder agents can do that perfectly.”

“I was thinking of someone on the team to join. She doesn’t have the background that matches so I’m wondering what exactly your hiding.” Yui smirked with Sasshi turning her back.

There was the one requirement that she failed upon entrance while the others were slow, she was the worse among all the performing players. Sasshi had asked to work upon her standards to overlook the process but with the pawn moved in the direction, she lowered her eyes. She knew that the one she needed to sacrifice would have been the best choice if not for her to work on what was needed from them in the interim.

“Sure. Miyawaki is yours. However, the first night… get me into the action. I want to know how it is working on the floor.” Sasshi grunted before turning off the screen.

She threw herself on the bed, staring up at the ceiling upon the thought of using her on the job. It was simply the reason to keep her with Anya for moral support since they had entered together as a pair. The perfect answer from Anya had saved the physical flaws she possessed. Average on intelligence but had high marks in the training beyond the endurance side with the torture test. Her body felt numb to throw a member at Yui however, it was her or to bring in a new blood with little experience in the field. The eyes refused to give in upon the thoughts and settled to search through the room for comfort in her decision.
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