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Author Topic: Konoe's OS: Mayuki AU Reboot 11/28/21  (Read 52005 times)

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Re: Konoe's OS: Wish Granted (Mayuki) 10/31/13
« Reply #20 on: October 31, 2013, 12:20:05 PM »
Hi... I really love your last OS, Mayuki are so cute together!!! >.<
So sweet.

Hmm.... please write WMatsui OS too. :D

I'm your fan now. :P

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Re: Konoe's OS: Wish Granted (Mayuki) 10/31/13
« Reply #21 on: October 31, 2013, 12:22:35 PM »
I love all of your fic..

Mayuki...Mayuki everywhere  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Can't wait for another story..

And I want WMatsui story too..  :grin: :bow:

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Re: Konoe's OS: Wish Granted (Mayuki) 10/31/13
« Reply #22 on: October 31, 2013, 03:47:03 PM »
moar moar moar moar moar moar moar moar moar moar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please please please please please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :cow: :bow:
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Re: Konoe's OS: Wish Granted (Mayuki) 10/31/13
« Reply #23 on: November 01, 2013, 02:36:37 AM »
Nhyaaaa *die out of fluffiness

This was sooooooo awesome and cute~ :3

Give us more o/ thank you for this :D

And yes I agree, mayuki's duets are something else ;D

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Re: Konoe's OS: Wish Granted (Mayuki) 10/31/13
« Reply #24 on: November 01, 2013, 02:48:47 AM »
oow sweet~ LOL



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Re: Konoe's OS: Wish Granted (Mayuki) 10/31/13
« Reply #25 on: November 01, 2013, 02:38:10 PM »
Hi Konoe! I actually read your OS on my phone which is ..uhm not so handy in this forum phone's screen's too small my eyes hurt a lot, anyway I found myself enjoying the OS so much to the point I endured reading til the end, GOOD JOB! looking forward to your future works  XD

PS: yes I am :D you're as well! wow  :lol:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Konoe's OS: Wish Granted (Mayuki) 10/31/13
« Reply #26 on: November 01, 2013, 05:34:13 PM »
Mayu did all that to gain Yukirin's heart.  Although I guess it seemed weird that Mayu was observing the chaos rather than physically helping her out :nervous
Random Thought:


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Re: Konoe's OS: Wish Granted (Mayuki) 10/31/13
« Reply #27 on: November 02, 2013, 03:16:23 PM »
Atsumina is my OTP

but i cant deny that i love too Mayuki...

thanks and please do another OS....

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Re: Konoe's OS: Wish Granted (Mayuki) Replies
« Reply #28 on: November 03, 2013, 08:10:00 AM »
@gibson-mayulover: Thanks and I hope more ideas will strike my head because for now I only have one idea.

@Koneki: Hehe.  :luvluv2: :luvluv2:

@ZorxCemoon: Zorxie-chan you almost scared me! Thank you for the compliment. :shy2:

@anakpanti: You're making me blush. :shy1: As for WMatsui, the truth is I don't ship them but you make them so adorable in your fanfic that I can't help but fangirl on them too.

@olive29: Thank you :lol: But I guess WMatsui is a bit impossible. I even know nothing about SKE. (I'm too busy admiring, staring, worshipping and fangirling on Mayuyu)

@mayuki_daisuki: Well, I'm making something right now but it's not yet halfway done. I don't know how to end it yet.

@BbSis: Are my OSs really that fluffy? XD I guess that reflects my age... :mon dunno: I can't seem to write something very serious....... yet. I hope that time will come.

@kurogumi:  :hee: :hee: :hee:

@imteedee: It's nice to hear that. :shy1:

@kuro_808: Yuki had a boyfriend which is normal to the eyes of people. She just can't interfere in Yuki and Yui's relationship because she wants an abnormal relationship(to the eyes of the adults) with Yuki. Mayu is also not sure if Yuki loves her the same way so she can only watch and wait.

@Archer1992: Thanks. Mayuki has their own charm.

I'm a bit sad because school is about to start tomorrow and my schedule is tiring.  :(

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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 1 (Mayuki) 11/10/13
« Reply #29 on: November 10, 2013, 03:41:03 PM »
Back To Me Part 1

Awkward silence has filled my room. Why wouldn't it be if you are alone with your ex-girlfriend who broke up with you for another girl? This is all Oshima-sensei's fault. That teacher is known for making enemies become friends. She is also good at matchmaking people so she is really popular to the girls with zero confidence in love. A meddling adviser if you ask me.

“Ma-Watanabe, let's think of what genre we will write first.” The girl sitting beside me said. I just nodded in response.

Oshima-sensei, the English teacher, gave a project done by partners. The project is to write a two-shot love story using the proper prepositions and conjunctions. This project is too easy but Oshima-sensei is kind to the dumb students so it can't be helped. She also added that there should be a very detailed description of the last kiss. I swear this teacher just wants to read an original fanfic instead of the usual 5-page essay.

“How about... Hm.... Uh... Magical.” Yuki said.

“You mean fantasy.” I said coldly.

“Yeah... Fantasy.”




*knock knock* My mother went inside my room with snacks and placed it in front of us, at my study table. “Mayu I bought chocolates and Yukirin-chan eat as much as you can there are more of it at the kitchen. Mayu take care of the house, okay? Your dad and I will be back tomorrow in the afternoon. Goodbye.”

With that my mother went away. Yuki used to visit my house when the two were still dating so Mom knows her. But Mom didn't know they were together that time. I never told Mom that I like girls and it's exactly the same situation with Kashiwagi.

I took a sip of the juice and realized its watermelon... Mom really likes Kashiwagi. She rarely makes her own daughter's favorite juice and instead makes a dark green vegetable juice saying it's delicious. Who is she kidding?

“Oishi.” Kashiwagi whispered.

“It's your favorite after all.” I said. “Let's go with fantasy.” I added.

“Un.” After answering me she suddenly released a small yelp.

“What's wrong?” I was surprised with her yelp.

“No. Nothing is wrong.” Her expression was really funny though.

“Since you suggested it. Do you have a plot in mind?” She shook her head. I opened my laptop to look for ideas. She moved her chair closer to me to read what I was reading. This is actually the closest contact we had after our break up since 2 months ago. She always smells good.

After a while Kashiwagi came up with an idea. “How about a prince fell in love with a fairy and....” I just went along her plot. I just want to finish this fast without any arguments. During the time we had a bit of writer's block, I noticed that her glass is already empty while mine, only a quarter was consumed. I ate before going home because I got tired of waiting for her finishing some errand from a teacher so I am stuffed. I didn't even eat the chocolate mom gave to us.

“Do you want more juice?” I asked her.

“Eh? No, I'm fine...” She looks like she wants to drink another one though. It's her favorite too I'm sure she wants another glass of watermelon juice. I ignored her and took her glass to fill it with watermelon juice downstairs. It's not like I'm doing this because I know she wants another but because I want to have some space from her. We have been there for almost two hours and I need a break.

I came back after 10 minutes with her glass. “Thank you but I said I'm fine.” She said as I placed her glass in front of her. Something is wrong with her. Why is her face pink? Blushing from my kindness?

“You ran out of ideas at the same time you ran out of juice. I figured the juice might help your brain to work again. And that will be the last glass. We ran out of watermelon juice.” I reasoned out and sat down. I was right. After she took a sip she kept on giving ideas excitedly while I type what she says and organizes it.

We were almost done with the story and the only thing left to write is the last kiss and the happy ending. It's really awkward to write the detailed last kiss with her so I told her I will do the rest.

“But I want to help.” She said.

“It's alright and you helped a lot with the story.” ‘Don't be stubborn now Kashiwagi.’ I thought.

“But.. Okay. Fine...” She gave up easily. I guess it finally hit her that it's awkward to write the kiss with your ex. “Before I go, can I use the toilet and drink some water?” Is it me or her face has gotten redder? She did have two glasses of watermelon juice so her bladder must be full already. She is probably just embarrassed.

“Sure. You know where to go and what to do.”

After she went out of my room I started to reminisce some of our memories. We were freshmen when I first saw her at the entrance ceremony and I fell in love at first sight. She was really pretty looking at the cherry blossoms beside the auditorium and the scenery helped in making her more beautiful. I was really happy that we were at the same class. I used this as an opportunity to get closer to her. She was really fun to be with and her voice soothes me too making me want to be with her even more.

*Flashback more than a year ago*

“Mayuyu, you don't need to help me. I'm fine.” Yuki said while trying to get the broom from my grasp.

“Your cleaning partner is absent so I'll help you in her stead.” I said while gripping the broom hard so that Yuki won't be able to snatch it away from me.

“Okay, you can help but I will treat you something after we are done.” Yuki said and started cleaning.

“You don't need to do that. I love cleaning anyway.” ‘I actually don't like cleaning but for Yuki, I will love it.’

“Still. I want to repay you somehow.” ‘If it means that I can spend more time with you, then why not?’ I thought.

We finished cleaning and went to a nearby convenience store to buy taiyaki. We moved to the park to eat in peace.



“Do you like or love someone at the moment?”

I didn't expect that. “I love someone.” ‘It's you.’

There goes her over reaction face. I guess I am not obvious that I love her. “Eh?! Who is it? A boy or a girl?”

“A girl and it's...” What should I do? Should I tell her that it's her or tell her it's a secret?

“It's? Who is it Mayuyu?!” She held my shoulders and started to shake it. Why is she so eager to know?

“I'm noot tellin you un..less you st-stop sha..king me.” With that she stopped shaking my shoulders but she didn't remove her

“It's.. Promise first that you won't stop being my friend.”


“Promise first or I won't tell you.”

“Okay, fine. I, Kashiwagi Yuki, will remain as Watanabe Mayu's friend even after she tells me who she loves.” Yuki said and placed her right hand close to her heart.

I took a very deep breath. I will confess now. I will not run away. It's now or never! I looked at Yuki seriously. “I love you Kashiwagi Yuki and I am sorry for having this feelings for you!” I closed my eyes and bowed down expecting to hear
something bad or nasty from her.

“I'm sorry Mayu. I.. I can't stay as your friend anymore.” I knew it. Haha my first confession is a failure. Goodbye Yuki. Ah! This hurts a lot! I can already feel my eyes has started to get watery.

She made me face her but I looked away. She held my cheeks this time. “I don't want to be your friend because... I want to be your girlfriend.” She smiled sincerely.

”Eh?!” Does that mean?!

“I love you too Mayu.” She pulled me for a kiss.

We were so happy back when we were still together. But everything changed when a new school year started.
Every year there are always new students and one of them is Miyazawa Sae. Although she is from the other section I saw Miyazawa and Yuki talking once. It seems that they knew each other.

After two months of the new school year Yuki started to become distant. She was always in a daze. She even avoided going out on a date with me. I don't know what happened to her so I forced her to talk to me after school at the rooftop because if this continues on it might lead to our break up. I was wrong. Very wrong. I wanted to talk to her to keep our relationship strong but it lead to our break up.

“Mayu, I'm really sorry. I.. I love somebody else.” She said. Tears are falling from her eyes.

“Why? I tried my best to love you. I always choose you then why? Was it not enough? How did you fall in love with someone else?” I said. My tears have started to fall unstoppably too.

She only whispered a 'sorry' and ran away from me. I was left there at the rooftop, crying myself out from the pain. Was our one year relationship not that strong for it to be broken so easily by you?

The next day we ignored each other. After a week I found out that she is dating Miyazawa. So it's her, huh? I can't believe you replaced me with a girl who looks like a boy. You recovered really fast. You like her that much that you didn't even bother to wait for a month after breaking up with me? I really hate you Kashiwagi Yuki.

*End of Flashback*

Why am I remembering something sad? I looked at the clock. She has been gone for 15 minutes and hasn't come back in my room to get her bag. Does it really take that long to drink water and use the bathroom? I went downstairs to check on her.

“Kashiwagi?” I saw her standing beside the working table at the kitchen.

“Mayu..yu..” She faced me and kissed me out of nowhere. I pushed her away but she kept on pulling me closer to her trying to kiss me. Wait... She smells of alcohol. I looked at the table and saw an almost empty one liter bottle labeled as mineral water.


“Mom what are you doing?” Mom seems to be transferring a gallon of liquid to a litter of plastic mineral bottles.

“This gallon can't fit inside the refrigerator so I'm transferring it to the plastic bottles.”

“Is that sake?”


*End of Flashback*

‘MOM!’ I screamed mentally. I unconsciously let my guard down so Kashiwagi used this opportunity to push me into the wall and kiss me aggressively. I didn't know she would become a kissing monster when she's drunk. I fought the temptation to kiss her back because I know she will regret this when she is sober so I took the nearest object that I can use to hit her head. I hit her too hard that she fainted.

I placed her at the couch and ponder what I should do. She can't go home because she is too drunk and I will get blamed for it. I have no choice but to do this.

I called someone at the phone. “Ah! Moshi moshi Watanabe Mayu desu.” I said with enthusiasm.

“Mayuyu?! It's been a long time since I heard from you! How are you dear?”

“I'm fine Mama-rin. I called because I wanted to ask permission for Yukirin to sleepover at my place to-Urk.. T-tonight..” What the! Kashiwagi bite my neck and she is hugging me very tight from the back! She woke up fast.

“Are you okay sweetie?” Oh crap!

“Yeah, I'm fi-fine. I just got bi-bitten by an a-ant. No worries.” I laughed nervously.

“Oh. By the way, I thought the two of you had a fight because it's been a while since you visited here.” I didn't bother to push Kashiwagi away because it might make some unnecessary noise. But her bite really hurts!

“No. I was just busy with some stuff that's why I wasn't able to find time to visit.” I am really sorry for lying to you Mama-rin.

“Oh. I really miss you Mayuyu. I hope you can visit us sooner. Can I talk to Yuki?” Hgnh... Kashiwagi is nibbling my left ear. This feels too... Argh! Do not lose Mayu!

“Yu-yukirin is taking a bath. She didn't know that I called you. I wanted to ask permission to you personally because I miss Mama-rin.”

“You are such a sweet girl Mayuyu and permission approved. I will text Yuki that I approve so that she will believe you. Have fun with Yuki sweetie. Bye bye~”

“Ehehe. Bye bye~” This time Kashiwagi is sucking my neck. Who does she think she is?! A vampire?!

“Kashiwagi stop it!” I pushed her away but her grip on me is too strong. Okay... So she won't release me. Fine! I faced her and pulled her closer for a kiss. While she is too busy exploring my mouth, I slowly push her towards the couch. Now that I'm on top of her, I removed her hands from my curves and successfully handcuff it with a scarf. I am so smart. I sat on her abdomen. “You are really dangerous when drunk.”

“Mayuyu! Take it off!” She struggled under me.

“No way. You'll harass me again if I let you go.” I placed her hands on the top of her head.

“Take it off! I want to touch you!” ‘She is not thinking that I am Miyazawa, right? She just mentioned my nickname. Maybe she still likes me. Yeah, right. Wake up Mayu. She doesn't love you anymore.’ I stared at her, she stare back and slowly calm down. I studied her face very well. It's been a long time since I looked at her beautiful face this close. I leaned closer to close our gap. The kiss was very gentle unlike the kisses that happened a moment ago. I slowly broke away. I was about to get off her when I saw her eyes pleading for another one.

“I can't give you more. Just sleep Yuki.” I just wanted to be clear. I only kissed her because I forgot how it feels to kiss someone. I only did that so I can write something for the project. I didn't kiss her because I want to, understand?!

“I want to sleep in your room.”

“Okay.” I helped her to get up and removed the scarf in her hand because it looks like she won't harass me anymore. She held on me for support. I took off her blazer and placed her at my bed. Feeling exhausted of what had happened, I ate the only chocolate left that Mom gave a while ago.

“Uwah! This is so strong! What?! WHISKEY CHOCOLATE?! MOOOOOOMMMM!!!!” I shouted and sank on the cold floor. The only culprit who made Kashiwagi drunk in different ways is Mom. No wonder Kashiwagi's face was red a while ago. She ate 11 of these! I see, so right after she drank the sake she thought that the taste and after effect was still caused by the chocolate and continued to drink the sake still thinking it was water. Kashiwagi, you idiot! You shouldn't have eaten the chocolate in the first place!

I turned around only to find Kashiwagi unbuttoning the only upper clothing left and her socks on the floor. “What are you doing?!” My face feels so hot. 'She is so se-Argh! Don't even bother to say it Mayu!'

“I want to strip. It's so hot.” She was halfway done unbuttoning the buttons. ‘Oh my gosh! I-I can see her..her cleavage!’ Before she finished I stopped her.

“Button it back because I will set the temperature lower.” I took the remote and set an appropriate coldness but Kashiwagi is still not buttoning it back.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked.

“You button it back yourself if you want. I'm too tired.” She lie on my bed with her arms spreading. ‘This girl.’

“Y-you will c-catch a cold if too m-much of your s-skin is exposed to c-cold.” I said while buttoning her blouse with my shaking hands. After I finished buttoning it back she suddenly pulled me for a hug.

“What is it this time?” She is so hard to handle when drunk and not to mention unpredictable too.

“I love you Mayu.” I wanted to cry because those words felt so real. She used the same tone when she said that to me many times before. ‘Does she go to the past when she is drunk?’ I want to get off her arms but I at the same time I want to stay and feel her warmth a little longer. I miss this so much that it hurts knowing this will be the last.

I broke away from her hug after I made sure that she is asleep. I also finished the story and printed a copy for passing then I changed into my pajamas and went downstairs to eat and sleep at the couch.


For Part 2, I will try to finish it on Wednesday but if I didn't update by that time then maybe Friday. XD

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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 1 (Mayuki) 11/10/13
« Reply #30 on: November 10, 2013, 05:01:12 PM »
i knew it!!!

i blame sae for this unfortunated even



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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 1 (Mayuki) 11/10/13
« Reply #31 on: November 10, 2013, 06:06:45 PM »
*sigh* poor mayuyu suffering so much, bakarin is drunk lol
thanx for this  :cow: :bow:
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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 1 (Mayuki) 11/10/13
« Reply #32 on: November 10, 2013, 06:25:21 PM »
Am I the only one who LOLed on the alcohol thingy?  :lol: Oh dear, dumping Mayuyu cause of another girl is sure annoying, Nonetheless, It's already cheating meeeh~ I hate Yuki for that  :doh:

Few things got through me while reading this OO-shots story...

1. Is she worth it to be accepted by Mayuyu?
2. Mayu is sure loyal to Yuki  XD
3. Well, we know the truth shall prevail when one is drunk  :P

This Mayu POV cracked me up!  :lol:

gonna wait for the update!  :thumbsup
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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 1 (Mayuki) 11/10/13
« Reply #33 on: November 10, 2013, 06:50:03 PM »
ooooo yuki why you left her in the first place  just go back already.... really interesting way to get drunk someone...chocolates  8)ho ho ho ho ho!!!!!   waiting for the next one  ^_^

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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 1 (Mayuki) 11/10/13
« Reply #34 on: November 13, 2013, 12:20:22 PM »
comeback to me

to me



looks like yuki had her reason why she broke up with mayu,and it's involved sae

maybe she regret,but she show her inner desire LOL

what will mayu do and yuki do after this

will yuki remember what happen? LOL

mayu was really cold,she really know how to handle this kind of situation


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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 1 (Mayuki) 11/10/13
« Reply #35 on: November 13, 2013, 03:21:05 PM »
Yuki have a reason right!! T^T
Yuki belongs only to Mayu XD

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 1 (Mayuki) 11/10/13
« Reply #36 on: November 14, 2013, 04:49:36 PM »
yuki drunk is so dangerous  :panic:  but i like it  :lol:

im sure yuki forced to broke up with mayu XD

Whatever it is please update ASAP  :lol:
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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 2 (Mayuki) 11/15/13
« Reply #37 on: November 14, 2013, 05:29:59 PM »
@gek geki: :lol: I feel the same thing whenever Sae gets in Mayuki's way on fanfics. But I feel sorry for her too because she is often used as the "villain" in Mayuki fanfics.

@mayuki_daisuke: Mayuki Forever! :mon beam:

@imteedee: I'm glad somebody said it's funny. XD I guess Yuki breaking up with Mayu got the biggest impact.

@mikaellitsa: Even I haven't taste Whiskey Chocolate yet. I'm sure that is very expensive. I used an anime as a reference (Hyouka) :P

@kurogumi: What's up with the singing? XD

@mo-chan: She said her reason... that was what she thought that time. Don't worry. I suck at making drama anyway.

@FairyNyan: Dangerous, right? :D. You happen to comment while I was typing the replies. XD

Back To Me Part 2

“Heavy...... Huh?! EH?!” I woke up finding Kashiwagi sleeping on top of me. But because I was surprised I pushed her away and she fell from the couch.

“Ow...” She finally woke up.

“You! Why are you sleeping here?!” I even let her sleep at my comfortable bed alone while I sleep in this small uncomfortable couch.

“Eh? Mayu?” Confusion is very evident on her face.

“Do you remember what happened yesterday?”

“Eh? Etou... We were making the project. Ow... My head hurts… that's all I remember..” She grabbed her head in pain.

“You were drunk yesterday. You ate 11 balls of whiskey chocolate and almost finished one liter of sake.”

Kashiwagi's eyes bulged. “What?!”

“Do you want me to repeat? I said you ate-“

“No! What I mean is how did I drink sake? I was sure I drank water yesterday.”

”No. The liquid inside that bottle is sake and not water. Did you forget that we have a dispenser here?”

“Ah.. Is that so. My bad then.”




“I'll go home. Sorry for causing trouble. Are my things still at your room?” I nodded and waited for her to come back.

“Thank you for having me here. I'll go now.” She was about to walk past me but I grabbed her arm.

“Stay for breakfast.” She looks surprised with my statement.

“Thank you but-“

“We need to talk.” I said firmly.

“I'm sorry but I have something to do.”

I looked down. “Yuki. Please ease my mind. I won't hurt you or anything. I will accept it. Just tell me why.” My grip on her arm got weaker.

“Mayu...” Yuki was hesitant but agreed. We only ate cup noodles in silence for breakfast since both of us are frustrated chefs.

“So let's start.”

“I don't know how to start. Which one do you want to know?”

I took a deep breath. “Do you know Miyazawa before?”

“Yes, in fact we are childhood friends. She is my first love. We were always playing together since we were babies until the 6th
year of elementary school. Her family moved into another place. I never got the chance to tell her my feelings.” I feel pain all over my chest. She loved Miyazawa way back that long.

“When I saw her back I... My feelings for her came back. I'm really sorry Mayu. Please forgive me for hurting you.” Guilt. That is the only thing I can see on face. I can feel her sincerity that she didn't mean and also didn't want it to happen.

“We are not perfect. I sort of understand you now. But I am really mad how our break up happened because you left me hanging and then I found out you replaced me right away with her.”

“I know. I am really sorry. What can I do so that you will forgive me?”

“Let's just go back being friends. I have to forgive you or else it will be harder for me to move on, right Yukirin?” I reached out my hand for a handshake. “Let's be friends again.”

She reached out for my hand and shook it. “Un. Thank you Mayu.” This is the first real smile that I received from her after 2 months.

“Okay! Now that our business is finish, you can go home now.” I want to be alone right now because my tear gland wants to work.

I lead her to the door and the only thing she said was “Eh?!”

“Why 'eh?!' Didn't you said you got something to do? Now go.”

“I did say that but...” She looks hesitant and shy to say her next words. “Can I hug you?” 'I did not expect that.'

“You don't need to ask for that. We're friends, right?” I gave her a friendly hug.

“I'll be going now then. Thank you very much Mayu. See you at school.”

“See you.” 'Goodbye my first love.' I thought as I watched Yuki walk away. 'I guess things had become better. I can't let my anger and frustration stay at my heart for too long. It's bad for my heart and mind.'

I thought things will return back to normal after our last conversation but Yuki would always look away whenever our eyes meet and when I tried to talk to her she is always in a hurry and it has been happening for 2 days. We just became friends and she started avoiding me already. What is wrong with her? Did she regret accepting my friendship? I will not tolerate this behavior of hers so I decided to catch her on her way to school.

*The Next Day*

Aha! There she is. So her she never change her time in coming to school. We used to walk to school together back when we were still together. Good thing her girlfriend doesn't walk her to school. I tapped her shoulder and greeted her.

“Ohayo Yukirin.” I flashed my cyborg smile.

“Mayuyu?!” As usual her eyes were bulging from the shock.

“Let's go to school together it's been a while.”

“I-I can't. I need to hurry maybe next time.” She was about to walk away from me but I managed to grab her arm.

“I know you are not in a hurry and you are too obvious that you are avoiding me.” I said with authority. “What's wrong this time?” I let out a tired sigh. Red spread throughout Yuki's face.

She struggled on my grip and tried to break away. “Nothing! Let me go Mayu!” 'If she is stubborn then I'm more stubborn.' I pulled her closer, so close that we can almost feel each other’s breath. I ignored the close proximity.

“I'm not planning on letting you run away this time. I am not going to let go of you unless you tell me what's wrong.” I maintain my serious expression and I hope she understands that I am very serious.

Yuki sighed and took a few steps back. “Can you tell me what I did when I was drunk?” Base from her blushing face it seems that she remembered everything.

“You sexually harassed me.” I said in deadpan tone.

“I DID NOT SEXUALLY HA-!” I covered her mouth quickly.

“You idiot! Someone might hear us and misunderstand.” I whispered as low as possible. Yuki removed my hand on her mouth.

“That's because you were exaggerating!”

“No I'm not. You were clearly forcing a kiss on me even if I kept on pushing you away.” Yuki's face gotten even redder.

“B-but you responded to my kiss twice!” Okay... So she remembered everything CLEARLY.

“See. If two are doing it, it means the other has consented. I clearly did not sexually harass you.” She looked like she won but I'm not going to let that smirk stay on her face any longer.

“But that was to distract you. Remember while you were busy kissing me I manage to handcuff you with a scarf.”

“Then how about the kiss after that? I am sure you initiated that one.”

Hm... I don't want to answer that. I got to change the subject. "What does this sexual harassment got to do with you ignoring me?"

“Eh? Well... That is.. I feel embarrassed looking or talking to you knowing what I did.” Yuki said and tried to look anywhere avoiding eye contact with me. I wanted to tell her that if she feels that way maybe she is guilty for sexually harassing me but I chose not to to avoid being questioned to the kiss I had initiated.

“Just forget about it. It doesn't have a deep meaning right?”

“It does... not have a meaning.” I ignored her delayed response.

“See. I forgive you besides it was Mom's fault why you got drunk but you know, that chaos might have been avoided if you didn't eat the chocolates.”

“Your Mom gave it to us so I thought I should finish the chocolates as an appreciation of her kindness.”

“Yukirin...” She also likes my mother until now huh. I clap my hands and said “Okay! This topic is officially closed. Let's get going now.” We both exchanged smiles and head to school.

After a week I heard a shocking news, Miyazawa and Yukirin broke up. I entrusted Ha-chan to comfort Yuki but she said Yuki doesn't need it. Still worried about Yuki, as a friend I tried to comfort her by lending my shoulder to cry on but instead she invited me to a sleepover.

“Mayuyu! Welcome back sweetie.” Mama-rin gave me a warm hug, the hug that can always make me feel comfortable.

“It's been awhile Mama-rin.” I brought out my brightest smile.

“Cute as always. Yuki is waiting at her room and just call me if you girls need anything, okay?”

“Un.” I headed to Yuki's room and thought of what I should do to cheer her up. “Yukirin, I'm here.” I saw Yuki looking outside the window, she looked lost. I sneaked behind her, poked her left shoulder and when she turned her face to the left I kissed her right cheek.

“Eh?!” How cute. She's blushing. “Mayuyu! Don't sneak up on me like that!”

“But this is better than the last time, right? I mean unlike last you slapped me HARD.” I can still remember the pain on my cheeks 5 months ago.

“That's because you shouted 'boo!' into my ears so suddenly that you surprised the hell out of me.”

“Ehehe...” I scratch my not so scratchy head. “By the way I rented two movies. Want to watch it?”

Yuki's face lit up. “Oh! What did you bring?”

“The most awesome anime movie of 2012 Nerawareta Gakuen and one of the most epic movie this 2013, Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters!” I am so excited to watch the two especially NeraGaku.

Yuki giggled. “You still love anime Mayuyu?” She patted my head. This feels good. It's been a long time we were like this.

“Yes. Why you got a problem with that?” I crossed my arms to show a little displeased aura.

“No. Not at all. Let's watch the anime because I haven't seen the first Percy movie.” Yuki took the anime dvd and opened her laptop to play it while I went to her bathroom and changed into my pajamas. We are both sitting on her bed while watching the movie. As the time passed by, Yuki leaned on my shoulder. This really feels nice.

“This is nice.” Yuki said.

“I know right. The graphics are really beautiful especially the background and the seiyuus did a magnificent job portraying the characters. I'm starting to like Natsuki's seiyuu. I heard that her seiyuu only had one experience in seiyuu work that time. She is very impressive to be this great. Her voice is so expressive but not as beautiful as the great Hanazawa Kana.” I said with so much enthusiasm. I can't help it, it's anime after all.

Yuki laughed. “I'm not talking about the movie but I'm not saying it's bad. It's really nice but I was talking about us. You know, those days when we were really happy. This brings back good times.”

“Don't tell me you missed dating me.” I teased Yuki for fun but it seems that my statement created a heavy atmosphere. “Uh... Kenji is so dense, right? He doesn't realize that Natsuki loves him.” I tried to change the atmosphere by talking about the movie but it didn't help a single bit.

“Maybe I do miss it.” Yuki whispered. I don't know what to say back so I just keep my mouth shut and focused on the movie.

“I don't understand myself anymore. My feelings kept on changing.”

“Don't tell me you broke up with Miyazawa because you love somebody else.” Yuki didn't answer anymore. Her silence always means yes. “Yukirin, maybe you should be single for a month first. Maybe your feelings for that someone might disappear right away too. That way you can avoid hurting yourself and that person.”

“I'll wait for a month?”

“I guess it's better if you wait 4 months with that you can be sure.”

“4 months? Isn't that too long?”

“No, it's not long if your love is not real.”

Yuki removed her head from my shoulders and faced me with an angry face. “Why are you assuming that my feelings for that person will vanish right away? For your information, my break up with Sae-chan is mutual because we both love somebody else.”

“Really? Who does she like?” What's up with these two liking another person so fast when they are dating each other?

“A mascular girl from the Feminine Club.” Feminine club? Such club exists? I never heard about that club before.

“What about you? Who did you fall in love this time?” Yuki froze in her position and blushed hard. “Yukirin, if you are not ready to tell me then it's fine.” I returned my attention back to the movie because the truth is I don't want to hear who it is.

“It's you. I love you Mayu.”

“.....” Is she playing with me?

“Ne, say something.” Yuki tugged the edge of my t-shirt.

I sighed. “Yuki please don't play with my feelings. I will ignore you if you do that again.”

“I am not joking!” Not believing in her words, I ignored her. “Fine. 4 months right? After 4 months I will confess to you again
and show you that I still love you by that time.” Yuki declared.

“We will see. Good luck.” I deadpanned.
After that Yuki started to become as clingy as before. We hangout almost every week and those hangouts felt like a date. It feels like we are dating again except we don't kiss lips to lips. Why did I specify lips to lips? Because she often steals a kiss from me like from my cheeks, nose, ear, forehead, hands, and... neck. This continued for almost 4 months. I never took her words seriously that day but as the time passed by she never stopped acting sweet to me and my feelings for her started to grow again.

Only a week is left and Yuki invited to meet me at Tokyo Tower and said "I will wait for you outside no matter what until you arrive!" I laughed at her determination because I'm sure I won't let her stay outside in the cold weather for too long. But not everything goes according to plan.

While I was on my way to the station I came across a teen giving out fliers but got ignored by the people. I felt a little pity so I accepted her flier but just when she was about to let go of the flier she gave to me she collapsed. Since I was the person nearest to her I took the responsibility to call an ambulance and ended up accompanying her to the hospital. I texted and tried to call Yuki about what happened but she is not answering.

“Watanabe-san?” The doctor interrupted my thoughts.

“Yes?” I stopped texting Yuki and placed my phone on my pocket.

“Do you know the patient?”

“I'm sorry but no.”

“Is that so. Then we will search her wallet or phone to contact her parents. But while we wait for her parents to arrive can you please stay? We need a guardian for the patient.”

“Eh? Can't a nurse do that?” I stayed here for 30 minutes already and I am late.

“I'm sorry but we are very busy today. There are many patients with high fever coming in. We need someone to look after her to tell us if she has woken up or tell any other strange occurrence. Please Watanabe-san.” The doctor even bowed.

“If you put it that way then it can't be helped.”

The girl was asleep the whole time I was there. I was really worried about Yuki. I kept on calling her but she won't answer and she doesn't reply to my texts. After an hour the parents of the girl finally arrived. They wanted to thank me but I told them I am already late with my appointment. I rushed outside and ran all the way to the station.

Unfortunately I barely catch up the train and had to wait 15 minutes for the next one to arrive. Knowing Yuki I'm sure she has been standing there for more than an hour and the fact that it has been snowing for a while increased my worries for her.
I didn't waste more time. Right after I got out from the train I immediately called a cab and asked to take me to Tokyo Tower as fast as possible. Sadly the traffic was really heavy that I had no choice but to run all the way to my destination. Almost reaching the goal I finally can see Yuki's figure which was looking down sitting on a bench.

“*puff puff* Yuki...” I went in front of her panting really hard but she hasn't seemed to notice my presence yet. She doesn't look well at all and she looks extremely pale. I removed my gloves and touched her cheeks. I almost flinch back when I felt her icy cheeks. Good thing my body is warm from the running I did.

“You're so cold! Can you still move?” I grabbed her hand to lead her to stand but she hugged me very tight.

“Mayu! I thought you will not come!” Yuki's voice was trembling and I felt something wet on my neck.

“Sorry I'm very late. Don't worry I'm here now.” I patted her back to calm her down.

“Baka Mayuyu.” Yuki said softly. I patted her back to calm her down. After a while she stopped crying. I tried to push her away so that I can see her face but her hug on me is too tight.

“Can we stay like this for a bit? You are really warm.” Yuki said.

“Okay but only 5 minutes. You need to eat something hot.” After 5 minutes we went inside Tokyo Tower and found a noodle house.

“Yuki why are you not replying my text and not answering my calls?” I asked. We sat at the very corner of the restaurant and I am sitting next to Yuki while drying off her hair with my handkerchief.

“I am scared.”

“What are you scared of? Didn't you even think I got caught up into something that's why I was trying so hard to contact you? You could have been frozen to death waiting for me out there!” I didn't mean to raise my voice but just the thought that she might have died because of me scared me.

“Sorry... I was scared that those messages contain you rejecting me. I don't know what I'll do once I read those because just thinking about it my heart hurts a lot.” Her eyes started to get teary again but before she can start crying I grabbed her cheeks.

“We spend a lot of time together in the past few months. Did I ever reject your invitations and touches? Do I look like I'm not enjoying our lone time?” My voice was gentle this time. I want her to feel that she shouldn't think about those.
Yuki didn't answer and looked away from me. “Do you think my feelings for you won't be as alive as before?” I continued and this time she looked back at me.

“Is it?” She asked like a child.

“No.” Hearing my answer she looked even more down than before. Just when I was about to finish my sentence the waiter arrived with our ramen. I tried to say something else like the ramen is delicious but I she ignored me. I thought she wants to eat her ramen peacefully so I stopped striking a conversation.

After eating we went to the main observatory in Tokyo Tower. The scenery of our location was really good since it's already dark. The whole city was coated with white and the lights illuminating from the houses, stores, building and moving cars were mesmerizing. Despite the beautiful scenery Yuki was still sad.

“Yuki, about what I was about to say before the waiter arrived.” Yuki flinched. I quickly went in front of her and hugged her
tightly. I whispered in her ear “My love for you right now is not as alive as before because now I have become crazier for you.”

“Eh? Does that mean?” Yuki pushed me just to see my face clearly. I just nodded and completely broke the hug.

“But we are not together yet. You said you will confess to me this time. I'm waiting for you Kashiwagi.” I said in a demanding tone.

Yuki giggled and turned serious. “I know I let go of our relationship once because I was blinded of my first love. When I got drunk at your house I was trying so hard to figure out why I was so hungry for your kiss.  Why do I want to keep you all by myself? Why did I think like that about you even if I love Sae? Then I realized that I still love you. After that incident I can't stop thinking about you. I wanted to confirm my feelings so I tried to do more intimate with Sae but... I can't. You will always appear on my head. Images of you and me doing it flashed instead of me and Sae. All this time my love for Sae was not real. I was just letting my unsatisfied past feelings control me.” Yuki took a deep breath before continuing and held my hands.

“I am really stupid to let you go. I love you Mayu. Please give me another chance to love you with all my might.” Her speech is too long but it made feel assured that she won't leave me this time.

“Let's go back as lovers. I love you too.” Yuki's happiness was very obvious. Seeing such an adorable face I pulled her for a kiss. Finally I can taste her sweet soft lips again.

“Mommy what are they doing?” An innocent child asked.

“Ichiro-kun you shouldn't disturb them. Ah! Look a ufo!” The mother said in a panic tone. There were some people whistling too. I forgot this place is a tourist attraction; of course there are many people around us. We pulled away feeling embarrassed of the scene we showed and immediately ran away from that place.

We are sat in a bench near the 2nd floor's restroom. “Oh my gosh! That was really embarrassing. Why did you kiss me there Mayuyu?” Yuki was still blushing.

“Well.. It's your fault! Y-you were so adorable that I wanted to kiss you...” Oh great! I admitted it in front of her.

“Mayu.” My face heated up even more when I saw her giving me a loving look. “Here.” She put a necklace that has a beautiful graving of a rose with her name to my neck.

“This necklace will serve as a reminder of our restart and will be the witness of our love.”

“Yuki.” I'm really touched at my girlfriend's actions.

She handed me another necklace with my name. “Will you put it on for me?”

“Sure.” Can't my girlfriend get any sweeter than this? I held her soft hand and enjoyed this moment with her.

*After 6 years*

Yuki took me to Tokyo Tower Main Observatory at night for our date. But there was something strange with the buildings at the center, it was dark. I remember before coming in Tokyo Tower we passed there and  the windows of those buildings were still illuminating but when we went up to the main observatory they were dark or probably closed.

Seeing the strange occurrence I turned my attention to Yuki but she told me to just look at the scenery. The scenery still looks pretty and the city lights were still mesmerizing but those dark buildings are making it less beautiful.

A few moments a light slowly illuminates the rooftop of the buildings. It's a flow of light that has a specific path. I realized that it formed words in cursive. When the big words formed a sentence 'Will you marry' the people at the main observatory finally get what's going on. There is a proposal happening.

“Wow! The person who thought that is so romantic. The girl is very lucky.” I said. I was very excited to see who the couples are but Yuki on the other hand was silent the whole time. The people around are also hype up and excited.

My heart started to beat fast as the name of the girl was slowly revealed.






Yuki blocked my view to the lights. “We have been together for 7 years. There was a time I left you but because of that I noticed how much you mean to me. I was very happy when you accepted me back at your heart and I promised to myself back then that I will never let you go again. As the years we spent together passed by, my desire to be with you forever grew. I have always wanted to ask this to you for a long time.”

Yuki slowly kneel down and opened a small red box with a golden ring. I looked back at the lights that was asking a question to me and noticed that the words are now inside a dialogue box which was pointed towards Yuki who was surrounded by the orbs of lights from the city. The view that I see now is the most beautiful ever.

“Will you marry me Mayu?” Happiness is not enough to describe what I was feeling when I heard those words straight from Yuki's mouth.

The people cheered saying stuff like “Say yes!” “Yeah!” “Accept it girl!” “Go for it!” “If you reject her I will snatch her away from you!” The last guy pissed me off a bit. I turned back to Yuki and smiled.

“Mou, just like your confession your proposal speech is too long.” We both giggled. “But that makes me fall in love you with harder.”

“So, what's your answer? I'm waiting Watanabe.”

“A little impatient, aren't we?” I took a deep breath and looked back at Yuki with love. “Yes, I will marry you Yuki” Yuki stood up to hug me. The audience clapped and shouted congratulations.

I pushed her a little to see her face. “And here I was, thinking that I'm the 'guy' in this relationship.”

“You always treat me like a princess. Give me a chance to treat you as a princess too.” Yuki said while I caressed her face.

“KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS!” Yuki and I blushed to the crowd's chant. Surprisingly Yuki obliged to the crowd and pulled me for a gentle kiss. The crowd's cheer got louder.

“When did you get this bold?” My face feels so hot right now.

“I'm just super happy that you accepted it. The people supported me too so might as well give them a little gift as a thank you.” Yuki winked at me.

“I love you.” Yuki's playfulness vanished in an instant and replied “I love you too.” We kissed again but this time it's longer.

The End

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I tried to look for a FACEPALM emoticon and found none so I guess I'll settle my feelings with this :mon yoyo:

Really Yuki?  :lol: Yuki is sure lucky Mayu accepted her, and YES the Golden RULE of romantic relationships!  :thumbsup It could've been more exciting if Mayu played tricks on Yuki as well, like trolling her with someone but yeah, she's just 'that' loyal :V



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mayuki forever!! lol  :lol:
yukirin became such a romantic in the end, kawaii~  :cathappy: :heart:
im sorry but when ichiro-kun asked what they were doing i started giggling then :P ... the mum said the funniest thing, "ufo" i started laughing my head off! :rofl:
the ending was so sweet :deco:
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